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Al Capone's Chicago was 95% White -- Two Solutions to the Almost Exclusively Black Violence in Chicago

There is a solution to the violence gripping Chicago, which seems to be on the minds of many who are involved in Conservatism Inc. -- well; it’s a two-part solution.
Notice any trends that might explain rise of violence in Chicago?
(Source:Police and Community in Chicago: A Tale of Three Cities)

First, we must be honest about the role black people have played in making Chicago one of the most violent cities in America. No, not liberalism; black people and the dysfunction in their community, which drives away business, investments, and destroys property value. 

After all, were it not for the Great Migration of blacks to Chicago in the first place, a beachhead for black identity politics would never have been created which ultimately succeeded in giving us Barack Obama.

But how can one be honest about the role black people played in destabilizing Chicago’ delicate eco-system in an era when telling the truth is a revolutionary act?

By attacking those who peddle half-truths with a barrage of facts, which cast a dark shadow on the conditions found in 2013 Chicago and the lies used by Conservatism Inc. to deny reality.

Hot Air has been blowing a cold wind of lies over the truth about the black role in destabilizing Chicago, when they note the city is more violent now then when Al Capone was the number one gangster in town[Video: Chicago murders worse now than during Capone’s era, Hot Air, by Ed Morrissey, 2-4-13]:
Chicago still has one of the worst murder rates in the nation, if not the worst, but has the population of the city changed enough to vary the rate?  According to Boston University … no.  The Census population of Chicago in 1920 was 2,701,705, and in 1990 it was only 82,000 more at 2,783,726.  According to the Census Bureau now, it’s 2,695,598 — almost exactly what it was in Capone’s heyday.
Poor Mr. Morrissey can’t be bothered to look up those crime statistics or, more importantly, the racial breakdown of the city of Chicago during Mr. Capone’s lifetime. Today, Chicago is almost 1/3 white, 1/3 black, and 1/3 Hispanic – with black people monopolizing 3/4ths of the murders and Hispanics nearly 1/5 – but in the age of Capone, Elliot Ness, and Prohibition, would you believe Chicago was only 4.1 percent black?

Out of a population of 2.7 million people, Chicago was 95 percent white (non-Hispanic for those who don’t understand the tidal wave of Latinos is a recent phenomenon) in 1920. By 1930, Chicago had a population of 3.3 million people, with 6.9 percent of the population being black -- the rest was 93.1 percent white.

Yes Virginia, there is a racial correlation to the rise in murder rate in Chicago and the rise of the black population (source: Chicago Crime Scenes Project)
By 1970, Chicago was 64.5 percent white and 32.7 percent black; by 1980, Chicago was 43.2 percent white and 39.5 percent black.

But what drove white people out of the city of Chicago – the very city in which the industries and businesses they had founded and operated had been the magnet for attracting black migrants to in the first place?

Black crime, Watson. Black crime.

Indeed, the story of crime in Chicago – with the incredible evidence that points to a correlation of the rise of gun laws to the rise in the black population there – is a powerful reminder that individual liberty and personal freedom can only flourish in a homogeneous community/neighborhood/city/state/or nation.

Here’s the start of the evidence, courtesy of Edward McClelland of NBC Chicago [Opinion: Make Chicago As Safe As It Was During Prohibition, 7-20-12]:
It’s true that this year’s Chicago murder rate is unacceptable. But do you know what else is unacceptable? The murder rate that Chicagoans find acceptable. 
 Throughout the 2000s, we thought we were on a holiday from homicide. In 2004, Chicago experienced 448 murders, for a homicide rate of 15.65 per 100,000 residents. That was less than half the murder rate in 1990, at the height of the Crack Wars. 
 But it was still higher than the murder rate in 1929, the year of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, when Al Capone was the city’s crime kingpin and the streets were awash in blood as gangsters battled over illegal liquor sales during Prohibition. The 1920s saddled Chicago with international image for murder and violence that we still haven’t shaken off. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was so shocking it led the nation to reconsider whether Prohibition was worth the gang warfare it caused. 
 Here’s a list of historic murder rates, courtesy of the Encyclopedia of Chicago. 
Use this graph from the book Second City Ghetto to understand reason behind rise in murders in Chicago... Notice the drop after the repealing of Prohibition between 1930 and 1940.
    1920: 10.5
    1930: 14.6
    1940: 7.1
    1950: 7.9
    1960: 10.3
    1970: 24.0
    1980: 28.7
    1990: 32.9
    2000: 22.1
    2010: 15.6
Here is a chart of murder rates from 1870 to 2008.

We know that federal government’s decision to ban the sale of alcohol created the nightmarish conditions of the Capone Era in Chicagoland; but with the repealing of Prohibition, crime dropped. Yet the historic murder rate began to climb as the percentage of the white population in Chicago began to drop and the percentage of black people in the Second City began to rise… dramatically.

Only when black people began to serve longer,  harsher prison sentences (thank God for drug laws), did we see a reduction in crime/murder rates – or, perhaps those cats from Freakonomics were right about the abortion cutting crime theory.

Just look at the rise in the black population from 1940 to 1980 in Chicago, via the book Chicago Divided (Table 3: Racial Components of Chicago’s Population, 1940-1980):
1940: 8.1 percent black out of 3.3 million1950: 13.5 percent black out of 3.6 million1960: 22.8 percent black out of 3.5 million1970: 32.7 percent black out of 3.3 million1980: 39.2 percent black out of 3.0 million

Worse – the conditions black people created in Chicago necessitated an exodus by white people out of the city to the flourishing suburbs that they would create – and can only exist in a such desirable, alluring state if they remain majority white.

Much like the city of Chicago.

Property values dropped in heavily black-areas of the city; tax revenues from businesses dropped as whites created new economies in their suburbs, with black entrepreneurs incapable of replicating any new businesses in the communities that were abandoned to them.

The Reality of Black Crime in Chicago
Source: Police and Community in Chicago: A Tale of Three Cities)
So, herein rests the point of fact Conservatism Inc. refuses to acknowledge, but is powerfully stated in 2006 book Police and Community in Chicago: A Tale of Three Cities:
Figure 2.4 distinguishes between two general categories of crime: personal offenses and property crime. In every case, residents of largely African American areas came off worse, but the gap varied by type of crime. Figure 2.4 examines three types of violent crime: robbery, rape, and murder. Robbery rates are scaled at the left side of the figure, while rapes and murders – which are much less frequent – are scaled to the right. The immense concentration of the city’s violent crime in African American areas is apparent. Robbery and rapes rates there were almost six times as high as in predominately white areas, and almost three times as high as in Latino and racially diverse areas. 
 In 1991, 64 percent of all reported robberies and 66 percent of all rapes were committed in the city’s 121 predominantly African-American beats, which were home to 35 percent of the population. Murder, which was much less frequent, was just as concentrated; two-thirds of all of the city’s homicides took place in African American beats. The murder rate there was ten times that in white areas, and more than twice the rate in Latino and racially diverse beats. 
 Class made a great deal of difference in the risks facing the city’s African Americans. Homicide and robbery rates were more than twice as high in poor black areas as they were in better-off African American neighborhoods, but they were still the second most victimized cluster of beats. Homicide rates were 27 times higher in poor black beats than they were in white homeowner areas, where the murder rate was only three per one hundred thousand residents. (p. 36-37)

Now do you understand why white flight happens? Now do you understand why white people fought so hard to protect Restrictive Covenants and maintain the integrity of their community?

So when you read people blabbering on and on about how the violence in Chicago today is even greater than that of the Al Capone/Gangster Era of the 1920 – 1930s, just smile and nod, then politely point out the demographics of the situation.

The rise in black population and fall of white population
(Source: Chicago Divided)
And remember this – the government created the conditions in Chicago – Prohibition - where an Al Capone figure could rise and gangsters would then fight over turf for selling their banned alcohol, just as the government has funded the proliferation of the very people making Chicago a war-zone today via a redistribution of wealth of your tax-dollars (that’s what EBT/Food Stamps, Welfare/TANF, Section 8 Vouchers/Public Housing, and government employment represents).

As stated, there is a solution to the violence gripping Chicago, which seems to be on the minds of many who are involved in Conservatism Inc. -- well; it’s a two-part solution.

First, we must be honest about the role black people have played in making Chicago one of the most violent cities in America. No, not liberalism; black people and the dysfunction in their community, which drives away business, investments, and destroys property value. 

Second: immediately cut-off all EBT/Food Stamps, Welfare/TANF, Section 8 Vouchers/Public Housing, and government employment to the black community in Chicago and enact mandatory monthly Depo-Provero shots to those who desire being put back on government assistance, or offer a one-way bus/plane ticket back South to those black residents of Chicago who refuse such generous terms.

The only way to end the violence in Chicago is to end the government sanctioned transfer of wealth, which has artificially enabled a proliferation of the black community.

It is this community that is responsible for almost all the violent crime in Chicago; it is this community the government is actively seeking to augment; it is this community that must accept the blame for the dysfunction making Chicago almost as uninhabitable as Detroit.


Anonymous said...

chicago's ghetos need to be turn into park land and the rest of the city should be gentrified

Bogolyubski said...

Morrissey isn't a moron, Paul. He knows about the demographic mix of Emmanuelville and he's lying through his teeth. For damned good reason, too. If he dared to tell the truth, he'd be out of a job in less than 24 hours. No more career prospects - ever. Washed up and cast out here in the cesspool with folks like Larry Auster.

What is Conservatism, Inc.? It's the media version of Republicans, owned by the same folks who own the Republicans. That way, they can say to the conservative idiocracy:

You see, it is still a free country - there is a real opposition to the Lame-Stream/Drive-By media!

I'm calling bullshit. Conservatism, Inc. is a controlled opposition. It's fake to the core and operates under the same equalitarian assumptions the open Marxists do. Look at what happened to Derb and Buchanan last year if you don't believe me or think I'm exaggerating.

Theordore Dalrymple (pseudonym) described the situation we presently live under here in the Banksta Banana Republick quite exactly around a decade ago:

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Dual-citizen Sheldon Adelson and his fellow squids own the Republican Party, the Tea Party and Conservatism, Inc. Some pro-forma opposition to the leftist utopian agenda (typically revolving around taxation of the rich - who are nearly universally leftist, by the way) is permitted. Tell the truth about race, or why we're fighting a bunch of wars to make the ummah safe for feminism and sodomy - and one is promptly deemed to be a non-person and cast into outer darkness. Hey, but them fierce fuzzy-wuzzies just hate us for our freedumbs, right?

Oh, and just for the dumbasses who think that "squid" means "Jew", there are too many Jews to fill the limited ranks of squid-dom. There are non-Jew squids (Carlos Slim, The Bush Family, The House of Saud) and there are Jewish squids (Adelson, Soros, Bloomberg, Blankfein). Squid is not the equivalent of Jew. This is not the time or place to discuss Jews, but Jews as a group support and endorse the squid agenda by a huge margin (at least 90/100). Those who oppose the ideology are so small in number as to be statistically insignificant - much like blacks.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare send them back here! Y'all forced us to free them, you forced us to desegregate our schools and neighborhoods. You Yankees strutted around being all morally superior over us Southerners throughout the 20th century, especially in the 50s and 60s. Now you can damn well live with the consequences of your actions.


Anonymous said...

Looking at these tables, observing public behavior and being honest to oneself are more than enough info to understand the differences between the black races and all other human races.
The facts can't be denied and leaving your house is all that is required to see black behavior. So the only thing keeping people from admitting to, and doing something about black dysfunction is a lack of honesty.
If one were presented with stats about lions and watched lions in a zoo, would they think lions were aggressive strictly because of captivity, especially knowing that they behave similarly in the wild? How then can this same absence of thought be found without fail in every person under the age of 60 in the US, but only when speaking about race?
How do you 'unbrainwash' entire generations of people? What were the precise tactics used that allowed for such thorough control over so many peoples minds?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I do not think white people should be interfering in the ghetto lifestyle. We should not be infringing upon their rights to butcher and murder each other. It is just not right. Their fight for "civil rights" was a long and hard struggle and now they are FREE AT LAST. FREE AT LAST. They should be allowed to celebrate their victory from bondage any way they want. The dream of MLK has finally come true and the white man should not be dictating how to live that dream.

We should not be forcing our morals on other races. What have we gained from it? Nothing. If they enjoy killing each other that is not our problem. I am against harsh penalties for black on black crime. Why clog the courts with all this time and money spent on jury's and probation officers.

For rape and robbery it should only be a ticket with a small $10.00 fine. Kind of like a traffic ticket. Don't think I am being soft on crime. A murderer should get at least THREE MONTHS IN JAIL and then set loose so he can kill again. The other blacks will not object to this because it will go well with the "don't snitch" policies. The more guns that are in the hood the better. Who are we to judge others by our standards.

Of course no more free hospital visit for the wounded. I am not trying to be cruel. If you put free first aid kits on each street corner that will take care of those who got shot while waiting for the bus.

Nonhumans said...

Mr. Kersey, while I love reading your articles, the part about sending the nonhumans back down South, I feel, is a tad unrealistic. Where in the South should they be sent? Unless you mean to the epicenters of other already destroyed inner-city areas already boasting high levels of nonhumans (where their effects will be less than noticeable), I feel that this would unjustly disrupt and displace others of our own race.
I do agree with you on the shutting off the welfare, etc, to them. That, imo, would be the easiest way to undo them. They would starve, wither, kill each other (at much higher rates), or be picked off by humans (in the name of defense) if they attempted to loot in any fashion. Even better, though, this model would see the MSM and libtards completely unable to perptuate the lies they currently so freely spew. There, good sir, lies an entirely viable answer to this mess.

Anonymous said...

It started when the libs were able to get control of our schools, which was made possible on a grand scale with the creation of the dept of education. This allowed uniformity in education which leads to group thought process. It seems to have been well thought out and not by accident. Liberalism was taught as a way of being different "individulism if you will", but it was a sham to get kids to feel rebelious against the system. That resulted in children growing long hair experimenting with drugs ie hippies. Those who went to college and became teachers more intent on indoctrinating the youth. Soon everyone wants to be individulists and they pretend thats what they are, they assure themselves by alienating and poking fun at people who dont dress and talk and like they do. Nobody likes being alienated when they are young so they tell mom they need reebok pumps and start listening to Tupac. Fast forward twenty or thirty years and what was individulism is gone. The only individualislm that is left is what once was the norm, consevatism and logical thinking. Liberalism must shun and hide the truth in order to survive. The same tactics of ridicule alienation are used to silence the truth.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Black people don't like to tip.

Here's more proof

I read that whole article on there plus the source on reddit's athei

Anonymous said...

Every shortcoming and dysfunction in the black community is always blamed on others. Blacks will NEVER hold themselves accountable or responsible for anything.
Everything will always come back to blame whitey and then be used as a way to get money. Money which will make no difference at all and change nothing.
The answer is to write them off as they so richly deserve and let them die off. There is no other solution. Anything else will simply result in the same old conditions and the same old niggerwhine for the next 10,000 years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Black people don't like to tip.

reddit is an orgy of anti-white DWLs who are convinced all problems on planet earth are caused by Republican Christians.They are so convinced of it that they reblog the leftist MSM propaganda on reddit 24/7/365. Whenever some pathetic white liberal male raises his voice to me in person about 'white privilege' or 'legacy of racism' I tell them to get out of my face and cry about it on reddit because reddit is where all the white male liberals go to act tough. It's a shame my generation is so enthralled with reddit. That fact alone scares the shit out of me when considering the future of white people.

PDK said...

When I read the article what jumped right out at me was the, send them back south remedy that both Bama and Nonhumans have already pointed out. Bama is correct that with hindsight one can see that liberal do goodism of freeing the slaves but not removing them from our country was the biggest mistake since importing blacks as workers back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Though liberalism would never allow it, a decent solution would be to extract our fellow whites and the Orientals as well, from all the “Chicagos” of America and then wall them in. I liked the Kurt Russell movie “Escape from New York”, with Kurt playing Snake Pliscan, and I think a similar idea could work well with the colored problem of blacks and browns. I think that walling the black and browns in together, never allowing them out, with occasional food and medical drops to lessen their desire to escape would work nicely.

Further, we could then empty our prisons of blacks and browns by dumping them into these new walled in cities for people of color. Further, any black male, anywhere, outside or inside, convicted of raping and or raping and murdering a white girl or woman, or murdering a white man be immediately executed by the hangman with his rope and noose, where said black man shall swing by his neck until he is dead. No compassion, no understanding on our part, just delivering both a message and a warning, “harm those of our white race and pay the ultimate price”, period.

Hopefully, and more realistically, non-liberal whites will begin the movement of secession by migrating to republican states and declaring our independence from the democratic socialist white liberals and their Alliance, as they pursue their highly cherished, democratic socialist, Dystopia.

What was that old expression, good riddance to bad rubbish. Thank you.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Yeah...sorry about that. There was too much righteous KoolAid to drink. We didn't quite get it until it was too late. Stars and Bars, son.

Melanie said...

Thank you Anonymous, that's been irritating me a bit also.

I thought we whites needed to come together, but apparently even then it's still OK to bash the South and Christians? Even though I've explained and so has another poster here, that there are Christian denominations which never fell for the lie of Die-versity? And the South fought up through the 20th C for segregation? (And some states still do their best to hold on, even though it means choosing freedom over economic security). And even now Southern states are still subject to federal government interference due to the fight.

Melanie said...

I don't see why the South would be more to blame anyway, the South tried to hold back the tide, but meddling outsiders wouldn't leave well enough alone.

Melanie said...

White Mom's thoughts on disengaging from the economy however we can seem the most feasible. I know parts of it would normally be dishonorable, but the Revolutionaries didn't let that bother them when a greater principle was at stake, such as when they threw tea into the Harbor, or didn't pay the stamp act tax. I doubt their priority was making sure they honorably met their debts incurred to the motherland when they were fighting for their freedom.

Melanie said...

I'd say at least parts of the South have done pretty well on holding the line even now, considering many Southern states still contain the highest percentages of orcs of any states in the union. I still believe that though it's only symbolic, it's something that MS kept their flag in the face of national opposition, even one majority-orc county voting to keep it. Symbols are also under attack these days as the left has long known that controlling the "secular relics" also means controlling the propaganda. It's not for nothing that every two-bit town in the nation is pushed to have a MLK St. It's too bad that liberalism is finally infecting the universities in the South, but men will have their feetsball.

Melanie said...

I agree, as long as we can keep their violence and other dysfunctions from affecting us. That's a hard balancing act. Now Jesse Jackazz wants to call out Homeland Security because of orcs killing each other, but guess who that will be turned against, just like the issue of gun control. Everyone knows who in Chicago is doing all the murdering, and they don't bother with permits and background checks, but law-abiding whites there can't get guns to protect themselves.

Melanie said...

If racism is "institutional" with whites, then why isn't crime "institutional" with blacks?

Jefferson said...

I wonder what the per capita murder rate in Chicago would be if you exclude the south side ?

Would it be similar to Portland and Salt Lake City for example ? 2 cities which do not have a very high percentage of Blacks.

Anonymous said...

"one way bus/plane ticket" -

I'm trying to imagine a bus or plane full of blacks.

Anonymous said...

It's called the CTA Redline or Southwest out of Midway

Anonymous said...

"Imagine ... a bus full of blacks".

Spike Lee made a movie about that. Niggaz on Wheelz, I believe it was called.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what the per capita murder rate in Chicago would be if you exclude the south side ?"

The are a large amount on the West side, and a good deal on the North side too. Plus they like to go to the loop (downtown) and lake front to engage in mob action.

Laz said...

Don't you dare send 'em back south. We have enough problems with the blacks and the brown tsunami as it is.

Anonymous said...

I still do not understand why they were not sent back to Africa or even near by countries with black populations like Brazil, Haiti, Cuba.

Its a huge mistake and our enemies are using it against us.

Anonymous said...

The only place "south" where it would be reasonable to send any of the residents of south Chicago would be south of the border.

Anonymous said...

"or offer a one-way bus/plane ticket back South to those black residents of Chicago who refuse such generous terms"

I grow so sick of this guy. The Chicago newspapers of the 1800s were virtually all pro-civil war. I say that Chicago should keep its population. It got what it deserved. Paul Kersey = hack.

Anonymous said...

"offer a one-way bus/plane ticket back South to those black residents of Chicago who refuse such generous terms"

This guy is such a fucking hack. It was these same Chicago DWLs who participated in deconstructing the restrictive covenants he talks about. Fucking hack. They wanted civil war, they wanted civil rights, they got them. I say, the South (Antebellum) secede and send its minority population (black and hispanic) to the same libs who wanted them in the first place. If they refuse those generous terms, we turn one of their cities to ash every hour until they see the light.

Unknown said...

All of you RACIST BASTARDS are going straight to hell! I hope they have a great ALL WHITE crossfit gym waiting for you. You are all pathetic hiding behind your computer screens and posting your comments as anonymous. I can bet my entire retirement that none of you punks would ever open your mouths to say any of these things to a black persons face. At least back in the 50s and 60s the racist white people that you all are trying to emulate had the balls to say it to our faces. Each and every one of you are cowards that aren't worth the time you spent reading this comment. GO KILL YOURSELVES!!!! 💋