Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"He Was Legend": Charlton Heston vs. Arnold on Guns and White America

Charlton Heston's gun room
Charlton Heston was the true last action hero. It's interesting that Arnold Schwarzenegger was once in discussion to star in a "I Am Legend," remake, a role that eventually went to the Will Smith. Even better, Heston had played the same role of the last man on earth in "The Omega Man."

Latest PK column at Vdare explores the evolution of Arnold's politics versus those of Mr. Heston [Schwarzenegger Vs. Heston: Gun Control As An Attack On America’s Founding Ethnicity, 2-2-13]:

Gun control seems likely to figure as much as amnesty in President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Vice President Biden will certainly get his wish (“we’re counting on all of you, the legitimate news media”) for campaigning coverage from the Main Stream Media.  And now the Administration can also count on Arnold Schwarzenegger, who recently announced his conversion to gun control [Arnold Schwarzenegger On Gun Control: 'Leave No Stone Unturned', By Natalie Rotman, Huffington Post, January 17, 2013]

It’s worth contrasting Schwarzenegger’s sickening scuttle with the contrary evolution of another movie action hero, Charlton Heston, who began as a liberal and a supporter of “Civil Rights”—when most of Hollywood was afraid of getting involved—and ended as five-term President of the National Rifle Association. Indeed, Schwarzenegger seems finally have taken to heart the early advice of his Jewish publicist Charlotte Parker:
One person she advised avoiding was the forthrightly conservative Charlton Heston, who since The Ten Commandments had brought Moses-like authority to his political conventions. While Schwarzenegger’s political ideas weren’t that different from Heston’s [my emphasis—PK], and it would have seemed natural for the two conservative stars to stand arm in arm, Parker’s protective instinct was to keep Schwarzenegger away from the National Rifle Association’s Hollywood poster child. If Heston appeared as the same event, Parker insisted, Schwarzenegger must never allow himself to be photographed with Heston, or, she warned, he would become marked as a right-wing ideologue.
Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, (2005) by Laurence Leamer, P.164
But back when Schwarzenegger preparing to take on the role of his life, Conan the Barbarian, director John Milius told him to hang out with Hell’s Angels to research the type of character he wanted Schwarzenegger to portray. And, Schwarzenegger biographer Leamer writes:
His natural sympathies were with those living on the wild fringes of American life. He fancied that these self-conscious outlaws were the torchbearers of a kind of liberty that those in corporate/bureaucratic America had long forgotten or considered mere indulgence. He was a skeet-shooting hunting control. He had, by his count, about fifteen guns in his house, including not only shotguns and pistols but an Uzi.” (p. 133) [my emphasis—PK]
Charlton Heston’s final book, The Courage to Be Free (2000), offers remarkable insight into the very different personality of the man who played Ben Hur. He wrote about his experience during the L.A. Riots of 1992:
Police couldn't stop the riots in the wake of the Rodney King trial verdict in Los Angeles. I know. I was there. I was at home in the Los Angeles area when those riots broke out just a few miles away. And I was armed. Like everyone within a radius of fifty miles of those riots, I was concerned when I realized that the Los Angeles police Department could not, or would not, control the carnage and vandalism.
The fear ran so quickly and so deeply throughout the Los Angeles basin that even my liberal friends were frightened. My phone rang day and night. As TV news choppers hacked through smoke-darkened skies over L.A., I got a phone calls from firmly anti-gun friend in clear conflict.
"Umm Chuck, you have quite a few... ah guns, don't you?"
"Yes, I do."
"Shotguns and... like that?"
"Could you lend me one for a day or so? I tried to buy one but they have this 15 waiting day period..." (p.73)
One can only guess that many of those who called Heston asking for guns had been clients of Charlotte Parker.
In The Courage To Be Free, Heston did not hesitate to draw a moral about the attack on America’s founding ethnicity:
The message from the cultural warlords is everywhere, delivered with the arrogant swagger of absolute confidence. Summarized, it is this: Heaven help the God-fearing, law-abiding, Caucasian, middle class, Protestant (or even worse evangelical) Christian, the Midwestern or southern (or even worse rural) hunter, apparently straight or admitted heterosexual gun-owning average working stiff, or even worse still male working stiff, because not only do you not count, you're a downright obstacle to social progress. Your tax dollars may be just as welcome and green as you hand them over, but your voice deserves no hearing, your opinion is not enlightened, your media access is virtually nil, and frankly mister, you need to wake up, wise up, and learn a little something about your new America.
And until you do, why don't you just sit down and shut up! (p.5-6)
Sounds like the anti-white MSM chest-thumping after Obama’s 2012 re-election.

Read the rest at Vdare, but comment on it here. Even better, try and put this article in gun/2nd Amendment forums. 


Jim said...

PK: I love your Blog, but I beg to differ with you on Charlton Heston. First of all, he was just a mere actor, not an action hero. Remember Jamie Fox? I remember Heston addressing freed Vietnam POW's at the
White House back on the 1970's. Then-President Nixon was present. Heston compared the POW's sacrifice to Nixon's "sacrifice" when he went to Vietnam to shake the troops' hands.

I fondly remember when director Michael Moore tore Charlton a new as***le in the film Bowling for Columbine. How did our Action Hero handle this interaction? He retreated indoors.

I put Mr. Heston in the same category as Henry Kissinger and John Wayne. END OF RANT!

Other than that, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Since the N-Word and the B-Word (black) are no longer used by the controlled media I think the next taboo word will be the G-Word. Since the word "gang" will make a certain per cent of the population look bad the word will have to be changed. Some of the words I think would be a good replacement are....







My favorite of course is the word "club". Such as in....

"Five people were shot tonight in the downtown area, but police say it was not club related."

"Three people were shot today during the funeral of a teen club member. The shooters were members of a youth organization from the South Side."

The bullshit gets weirder by the day.

PDK said...

What happened to Arnold is what’s happening to America, and has been happing since liberalism first rooted itself here, at least since early in America’s gilded age, but further, perhaps as early as the first American or colonial, who espoused “noble courage”. Over the scores, liberalism has gain fellow worshipers, others who chuck their personal responsibility to mature, remain immature, and make the collective bear the burden of that cheat of nature.

One may easily see the difference of Charlton’s California to Arnold’s California, from republican state to democrat state, as reflective of the difference between the two men, and worse, this manifest materialization is now the microcosm of America as it passes to the control of the liberals.

Liberals have forged an alliance that outnumbers non-liberal whites. They purposely keep our southern border open and encourage brown migration to enhance the liberal voting block of our totally enfranchised democracy.

Taking our guns away is really about destroying our Republic, a land ruled by a written law, to make room for a socialist democracy, a land ruled by the law of majority vote from a fully enfranchised democracy. Unfortunately, those who most want a socialist democracy are either the immature or the incapable. It does not take much afore thought to see what laws they will vote in.

The liberals have forged an alliance which itself is an alliance of losers. Either immature, low IQed, or both, these people represent the worst of humanity but demand to rule all of us.

The alliance, white liberals, (the immature), blacks, (lowest IQed and immature), browns, (Low IQed and immature), Islamics, (low IQed, insane and immature), and Amerindians. These people are the people who most rely on non-liberal whites to both survive and survive with more than most other humans on the planet. However, that is not enough; they want to be in charge. One look at California, white liberals and browns, Detroit, blacks, or the Middle East, Islamics should display all anyone of matured and sane mind needs to see to understand that this alliance intends nothing less than to push America up over the precipice and down into the abyss, where all Americans, we ourselves and our posterity, shall be forced to slog through their slough of tyranny, poverty and misery.

The sagacity of our Founding Fathers has been usurped by the liberal highwayman of past and present. I believe America is now the big train juggernaut, hi-balling rapidly towards a final destination, ruination.

Since liberalism has our culture in its political control, and further, is favored by the aid of their liberal ambience and zeitgeist, I can see no viable alternative for those who still cherish the Founding Fathers culture of a free enterprise Republic, its associate of liberty, wealth and happiness, and a continuing on of both the white gene pool and white race, other than through secession.

A separating out and away from the alliance by migrating to Republican states, declaring independence and forging a new Constitution protecting us from liberalism and those of the alliance is the prescription.

Do us non-liberal whites have the moxie to take the cure. Our posterity hopes so. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


12 blacks beat pregnant black woman in BRA Undertow Subdivision.

So, the blacks are "sick of it", blacks beating each other in the subdivision. Wonder if this used to be a whitopia before the black mamas moved in with their government housing vouchers.

I bet these people are calling for "someone needta do sumpthin' 'bout this vaaaaallance!"

Anonymous said...

I think the pictures of his supposed immense gun collection were long ago exposed as a hoax.

rjp said...

Anonymous, sorry but you accidentally used another soon to be taboo word:

"Three people were shot today during the funeral of a teen club member. The shooters were members of a youth organization from the South Side."


Anonymous said...

Going Galt. It's really the only solution in a world gone mad, where the true string-pullers are "they who cannot be named", even in the bravest of publications. When people cannot draw simple historical connections between, say, Karl Marx, the Frankfurt School, the Russian Bolsheviks, the creation of Israel, and then the Politically Correct/Communist movement in the USA, hope seems dim. To me it is a very clear, very obvious, straight line that draws right through the center of those things I named and all fingers point to one common enemy. But he cannot be named. And when one tries, he is called all manner of names, and disregarded as crazy and irrational. And all those who privately believe the same, are too cowardly to step up to his defense.

And so there is much futile wailing and gnashing of teeth, but little hope of victory.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. No collection of thoughtful, informed commentary would be complete without the usual last-minute kick to the ribs of the unconscious body of rationality from our friends in the antisemitic conspiracy industry. Wherever the rot and dysfunction of what our society has become are being exposed by intelligent minds, they'll show up too, scrambling over each other like offal-covered vultures at a stinking corpse in their eagerness to show us that they're just like us, except for this little fixation they have that the world is secretely controlled by Jews and their enablers.


Anonymous said...

I remember the effects of the Rodney King riots vividly. I was working at an office in San Francisco then. We left work early due to fears that the riots were spreading. I got on a BART packed with frightened white people on our way back to the suburbs of Contra Costa County. There was an eerie, oppressive silence on board. Very little conversation, especially not about them and what they might be planning to do to us. As the train passed over Oakland, we kept an eye out for snipers. Finally, the train passed through the Oakland Hills tunnel and emerged into the bright sunshine of Orinda, and we were back home in the safe, sane, pleasant Land of the White People. A muted cheer actually swept through the car. For a few minutes, we had let the societally-enforced mask slip and acknowledged that large areas of our country no longer belonged to us, but were filled with a hostile, alien mass of enemies who wished us ill. Those 25 minutes of mute fear and apprehension it took to travel from San Francisco to Orinda were simultaneously one of the most nerve-wracking and bleakly honest experiences I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

"I fondly remember when director Michael Moore tore Charlton a new as***le in the film Bowling for Columbine"

Fondly? Heston was already in the early stages of Alzheimers, and was ambushed by Moore, who pretended to be doing a "friendly" interview.

It was a set-up, and it was despicable, typical of fatass Moore.


Anonymous said...

Chuck Heston


Anonymous said...

"and a continuing on of both the white gene pool and white race, other than through secession..."

Um. So what happened the first time? You had a white gene pool and white race, but you let that be destroyed. What makes you think you can save it again?

Just curious.

MuayTyson said...

" Anonymous said...

"and a continuing on of both the white gene pool and white race, other than through secession..."

Um. So what happened the first time? You had a white gene pool and white race, but you let that be destroyed. What makes you think you can save it again?

Just curious."

It is simple, it was the slow boil of the frog in the pot.

Altruism is a strength but it can also be very dangerous. Whites ability to work together and see each other for the contributions they can make big and small is a strength. Our good will has been used against us.

As a small child if I knew how far the US was going to the evil Left I would have done somethings differently. We have no choice in the time we are born or the circumstances we inherit it is how we handle it that makes us men.

The Anon who was working in San Fran, had one man stood and told the truth and acted as a leader people would have followed.

People are fickle and it is not by chance that most are followers and not leaders. A society where all are leaders is bound to fail too much in fighting and jockying for the Alpha position. It is just at this moment our leaders have failed us.

We need some new leaders and PK is one in his own right. Maybe he will be a leader in information and someone else will be a physical leader.

The more I think the less I can blame my nieghbor our good will was used against us but with out good will we would just be another Third World republic of violent sociopaths trying to get ahead.

lenzap said...

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy -- willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddently bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

`Rudyard Kipling

PDK said...

@ 5:15:

By outlawing the ilk of the alliance, white liberals, blacks, browns, Islamics and Amerindians, that of course are those who vote democrat, those who vote for a socialist democracy.

There are other important steps, for example no welfare for blacks, browns and Islamics.

Harsh, always imposed penalties, including the death penalty, for criminals.

The type of things that make members of the parasite alliance people move away and stay out on their own. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that larger calibers are better at one-shot stopping power, but if we could convince moderate America to own and learn to use .22, say the Ruger semi-auto, then .... when the groids go nuts, there will be many whites with a firearm, and contrary to popular wisdom, the first one to land a shot in a gun fight wins more often.

Anonymous said...

@Jim...you enjoy a race-realist blog but you also admire Michael Moore?

I would check the label on your meds...because they are obviously not working.

Anonymous said...

To Jim:
Read this about your hero:

Jim said...

Dear Anonymous: Thank you for your concern about my meds. Please send me a list of everyone you want me to hate. Because, gee, I want to think just like you.

I may even change my name to "Anonymous".


Mr. Ken said...

"She was just there," Michael Ward, 18, told police after he was arrested...and now, for your disregard of human life, law, and decency- you "are just here". In prison for the rest of your life. For cold blooded murder.

Anonymous said...

Why the next pope should be African


Jim said...

Well, there goes the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

" Please send me a list of everyone you want me to hate."

I don't give a fuck who you hate.

"Because, gee, I want to think just like you."

Good. Perhaps you can begin by not worshiping vile, white-hating lefties like Moore.

"I may even change my name to "Anonymous".

Even as "Jim" you're still anonymous, so what fucking difference does it make??

Carol said...

"He was a skeet-shooting hunting control."

Ok you lost me. What does that mean?

SKIP said...

"Even as "Jim" you're still anonymous, so what fucking difference does it make??

NO ONE is anonymous when on a computer in their name, the IP as most of you savvy people identify who the thing belongs to and da gubmin do kno dat