Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Have a Table, We have Multiple Chairs, but We have no Ladder: Scores of Blacks Brawl at NoDa in Charlotte

Knowing what we can expect on "The Day the EBT Card Runs Out" is a powerful privilege and advantage in strategic planning, all courtesy of World Star Hip Hop and the black people who graciously post videos of Blacks Behaving Badly (BBB) without a seconds hesitation. 
Screen shot comes courtesy of this video at World Star Hip Hop

There's a reason 65 million guns have been purchased since 2009, coincidentally the same year President Barack Obama was inaugurated. And when you watch this video, it is the powerful display of Spontaneous Blackness that has served as the catalyst for convincing Americans to buy guns and ammo. [Brawl at NoDa venue spawns YouTube video, no arrests, Charlotte Observer, 2-27-13]:

A brawl at a NoDa venue in Charlotte has spawned a YouTube video of the fight and a police investigation but no arrests. 
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police responded to the disturbance call for a large fight at the NDemand venue at 617 East 28th Street around 2 a.m. Monday but found no one with visible signs of injuries. 
But a video posted on YouTube shows several people throwing chairs and other items at each other from across a large room. 
Detectives are using the video to help with their investigation but hadn’t made any arrests by Tuesday evening. 
People at the venue and involved in the brawl have been unwilling to cooperate with officers – either by giving their accounts of what happened or identifying people in the fight, police said. 
A CMPD spokeswoman said the venue had been the site of some kind of fashion show Sunday evening. 
Witnesses told WCNC-TV the fight broke out at an after-party for the Carolina Awards Ball 2013, with about 150 attendees. 
The party featured a competitive fashion show that led to the brawl, NDemand owner Charlene Henderson told WCNC-TV. 
“It was a very sore loser at a fashion show. And it just happened to escalate,” Henderson said.
Read more here:
That's not a buffet table...
What do you even say to a video like this?

The familiar "Whites do it too..." refrain? Maybe...'it's 2013, how are there still people who are stuck in such bigoted, prejudice thinking as to perpetuate negative stereotypes'?


It's incredible how quickly an all-black gathering/event/celebration/awards show/picnic/alumni event/funeral can "escalate" into an orgy of violence normally reserved for a Hollywood movie -- be it of the comedy/horror/action/drama/tragedy genre, it doesn't matter.

America isn't a country anymore; it's one big McDonald's Play Area - you know the one, with the slide and ball pit for kids to play in - where black people are allowed to engage in 365Black behavior without any repercussions.

Odds are your redistributed tax dollars are paying for it.


WarriorClass III said...

The common denominator in each of these most violent cities in America is black people. It has nothing to do with welfare - more whites are on welfare than any other group. It has nothing to do with education - white kids go to the same government indoctrination centers that black kids go to. It has nothing to do with slavery - most white people came to American colonies as indentured servants, which was usually a life sentence. It has nothing to do with intellegence, or lack thereof - there are more stupid white people in the US than the total black population of this country. And it has nothing to do with racism - more whites are discriminated against in this country due to their color than all the discrimination against blacks since since the founding of the colonies. It has to do with one thing and one thing only - blacks are lazy, violent people that would rather shoot someone than get a job and work for their money.

rjp said...

Never seen so many homosexual negroes in one place.

LMAO at the one in blue spandex with the gunt that chucks the table across the room.

minority's suck said...

is this the obama reunion? what would the nearest social/welfare office look like with some serious cut-backs you ask, well this video is just a small sample I bet! I wonder how many of these vermin claimed a bad back or some sort of body ailment on their disability form? and I wonder if mrs. blowbama would scold the giant fat black lady!(for her poor eating habits) oops did I just say lady, ladies don't throw folding tables at others! soon white America we are going to see more black dysfunction when the gravy train stops rolling and the bills come due! and I for one can't wait till blacks pay their own fucking way around this country! lazy bastards! GODSPEED WHITES AND SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

OT: The GOP is dead, dead, dead. Now what?


Black GOP, yes, GOP candidate Paul McKinley wins Jesse Jackson Jr. seat. in GOP primary.

The vote counts—added up across the Kankakee, Cook, and Will County Board of Elections and the Chicago Board of Elections—show McKinley squeaking out a narrow 23-vote victory against fellow Republican Dr. Eric M. Wallace. Total vote counts show 955 votes for McKinley and 932 for Wallace.

His platform is Street Repentance: "Imma ex-offender tryn to prevent the next offender..."

He served a sentence in prison. What the HELL??

Anonymous said...

Off topic- Anyone read about the victim of a lye attack getting a face transplant? Guess what? White victim, Negro husband (Herbert Rodgers) though you would have to do some independent investigating to find any info about the Negro husband. I know, I know "YT dun be doin' it too!"

PDK said...

That large Negress appeared to know a buffet table like the back of her hand.

I’ll guess all that furniture was paid for by whites, if there was any food that was probably paid for by whites too.

I believe this display; among other realities, reflects, quite accurately, the way a more tribal cerebrum acts if the objects being destroyed belongs to another, especially, if they be of another tribe.

I’m sure the blacks would not, could not, have been stupid enough to show their real nature before they ate their, undoubtedly, white paid for, free food.

At least I hope not, for the way that large Negress looked, she could be starving to death, because she looks as though she is wasting away to nothing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That she beast was the only man there. Notice how she caught that chair flung at her.

All blacks must be on the "down low". Just like Obama.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are not the problem.

We all realize that they are too stupid as a group. They are just the pawns being used to destroy the White race.

Anonymous said...

Tell me, what does the "N" in NDemand stand for?

Not the "N" word? Really?

countenance said...

Louis Farra-CLOWN says these are natural soldiers and war scientists who need land. Hell, they can't handle a multipurpose room. What makes you think they can handle acreage?

So CAL Snowman said...

And you blacks/white liberals wonder WHY black communities/nations are complete and utter shit! This video is just a microcosm of the larger black world. From the hundreds if not thousands of videos like these on the internet we can extrapolate what the conditions of their communities and neighborhoods must be like. These people have NO RESPECT for the property they trash because they do not pay for it. You blacks and white liberals fail to make the connection between pride of ownership and personal responsibility with safe, pleasant, economically viable communities. Little kids create a mess and expect someone else to clean it up because they have no responsibilities, they are just little kids. Similarly the blacks just trash everything they are given because they are little kids with no responsibilities. Most upscale restaurants prohibit small children and toddlers. The reason is obvious, no one wants to pay a lot of money for a good meal only to have it ruined by screaming children. The upscale restaurant is attempting to provide a relaxed, enjoyable dining experience. Similarly Whites want to live in nice neighborhoods and live our daily lives without screaming blacks and browns. Like upscale restaurants we used to be able to prohibit them from ruining our fine dining experience. Freedom means being able to say "No Children, White Adults Only." What do you liberals and non Whites NOT understand about that?

josh said...

Is Big Bertha a male or female?

Anonymous said...

Let me ask any middle of the road or even liberal readers of this website if they can give URLs for similar fracases initiated by White people. We can include dust-ups at entertainment events, fights at store openings, flash mobs, post-game melees, drive-bys, urban pillaging, whatever.

Seriously, how often do Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Amerindians, etc., engage in such behaviors? Perhaps SBPDL is reporting events involving blacks out of context? If so, let us see the evidence.

“It was a very sore loser at a fashion show. And it just happened to escalate,” Henderson said.

I can understand a riot over athletic shoes, but a fashion show? A fashion show!

What is this country coming to...?


Anonymous said...

This is how they select the chairman of black history month.
Big-N-Black just wanted to table the committe's motion.

10mm AUTO said...

A nice change of pace from the usually numbers heavy analysis of budgets, cities, crime and demographics. Thank you Paul.

Here we have the exotic homosexual negro in the raw. Just as violent and unstable and bizarre as the heterosexual, but with a fashion sense. The large Sherilla was impressively catching chairs in midair and throwing tables (!).

On the feminine side, who else but a Homobuck would wear a White Fox fur wrap, a black suit jacket with white trim and sequins and Army woodland camo pants?


Californian said...

OK, a few articles back there was a quote by MLK to the effect that if the USA were to spend $50 billion on the underclass, then such running amok as we see in the video would cease. Well, the USA did spend that $50 billion, and a heck of a lot more public and private moneys. And implemented the usual laundry list of civil rights + war on poverty + government-academia-corporate minority preferences and etc., etc., etc. We all know the drill.

Plus we have Hope & Change in the White House.

So why are these behaviors continuing?

And not just busting up a fashion show, but the high rates of criminal violence, the illegitimacy, the school drops outs, the race hustling, the city trashing?

Well, we know why.

These dysfunctions have little or nothing to do with the much vaunted socio-economic-conditions-legacy-of-slavery-segregation. They have everything to do with the nature of BRA.

Here's one other odd thing: you'd think that all this havoc would lead mainstream conservatives to stand up and say, "We told you so!" The welfare state, the social engineering, the liberal dominance of institutions, Obama in the Oval Office, have all resulted in a totally dysfunctional demographic. But of course, conservatives will not speak that truth even at the moment when they could turn the situation around.

Well, I suppose George Wallace is smiling, somewhere...

Anonymous said...

any news on trayvons parents?

Anonymous said...

WorldStar HipHop

Reel [and real] news 24/7

all the news the shits wont print.

Bobby said...

"Sore loser at a fashion show" Fashion shows have winners and losers? I thought it was just a, you know, show.

Black people are so narcissistic that they post these videos for the world to see. Any normal human being would be ashamed. Their irrational pride in themselves drives me crazy, such as Jaimie Foxx declaring blacks to be "the most talented people in the world". He and the BET crowd actually believe that.

I hope that every DWL in the urban centers of this country gets to experience first hand one of these violent flash mobs of "youths". These people aren't going to just peacefully wake up; they need a bucket of water dumped on their head like a passed out drunk.

Anonymous said...

Jeez! And black women gripe about how even their own kind doesn't want to date them! Can you imagine being in a relationship with these loudmouthed, FUPAfied, VERY overgrown children? ugh...makes my skin crawl.

A lot of people on racially aware websites are very negative towards white women, even though it was white men who brought africans here in the first place, and white men who mated with african women, spawning descendents like Michelle Obama and Malcolm X (both of whom have/had white ancestors through their black female ancestors.) But I just have to grateful for white women. They are too sheltered and too nurturing, they see black people as being like lost puppies they need to take care of; but at least they aren't BLACK WOMEN. You rarely/never see white women screaming and shouting and throwing tables in public.

Anonymous said...

the NoDa area in charlotte is like atlanta's little 5 points NoDa stands for north davidson arts district.

Anonymous said...

WarriorClass, I must disagree with you. We are not all the same. Every ethnic group has it's uniqueness and oddities. Blacks as a whole, are the least intelligent of races and have the least impulse control. They tend to be more irrational and violent. Some of the other issues you brought up are true, but the bottom line is that anywhere in the entire world that you find clusters of blacks, esp. where they are the majority, you will find destruction, corruption, high crime, on and on. Normal people don't want to live there. There are some things we can't change, even though not all blacks behave like the majority do. If you'll notice, they don't want to live around the other blacks either.

Anonymous said...

BNlack women are soooooo jealous of white women. They wear wigs to cover up their nappy hair so they'll look more white. Black men almost always would prefer a white woman to a black, so that just makes them hate us all the more. For the most part, white girls who date black guys are stupid and usually desparate, being fat and bleached blonde.

Pro-Civilization said...

I thought y'all should take a look at this:

"Shawty Lo (Feat. FunHouse Jai Jai) - Duffle Bag"

There is much material for future anthropologists

Please make SPBDL into multiple hard copies in case they take it down, future historians need to KNOW what happened.

Pro-Civilization said...

Dear Paul Kersey,

I appreciate very much what you do. I beg of you to do a feature on this video. It is the most disturbing instance of savage behavior I have ever seen.

A black man begins to hit a boys white girlfriend and her friends IN PUBLIC at a mall, and other blacks join in. The proud white boyfriend, defends his women, who stop him from absolutely pulverizing the black man.

Right now the women are holding us back. Please show this, and spread this.

"You Can't F*** With Me: 2 Knockouts At The Same Damn Time In Detroit!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

White women are slammed all over the place these days and I am tired of it. Really tired. What kills me is the venom of hate spewed at us and the double bind we are put in. If we work, we neglect our kids. If we don't work outside the home, we are privileged and spoiled. I don't see white women sheltered so much as not stooping as low as black women who despite all their bravado, put up with an inordinate amount of crap just to hang on to a man. And their men are not much to hang on to coupled with the whole DL scene, guys who line double chocolate gnomesayin'?

Ok and Oprah. God I hate that cow. I am so glad the white lesbo Ellen beat Oprah out towards the end there. The Big O and Steadman- dude who gives a rats butt.

Whitney. God grrrl. She really crapped out man. I won't say more because I don't want to speak ill of the dead.

I still can't believe Ryan spouts about tapping coon poon. C'mon dude really? That's is something should be D L man!

Statistically, there are more white single mothers in this country and many white women work their arces off, yet all we hear about from the libtard media is the 'strong black woman ' anthem. Don't even get me started on the glorification of the shims and she males such as Rupaul. It's like if you are just a run of the mill white girl, well, you are chopped liver.

Beauty pageant my arce, by the way. More like a carnie side show meets Jurrry Springer plus Maury. Fake hair, paste on nails, painted on eyebrows, glue on eyelashes. Yuck man.

I miss models like Christy Brinkley - nice white girls who are not bitch slapping their maids like Naomi Campbell.

Bring back nice white women. Please put back the crack ho's with the tangueray k?

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

Anonymous said...

It wasn't white men who brought Africans to America. IT was Hispanic slavers.

12 million Bantus were shipped out of African by the Hispanics. 11.5 million went to their Hacienda to mine silver, since the Hispanics killed off all the natives.

ONLY 1/2 million were shipped, by Hispanics, to America, of which the first Black Slaves were purchased by a Black plantation owner.

I'm so sick of us White Men being blamed for African slavery when it was the Mexicans and Cubans who created the slave trade.

At least the Chinese had the sense to castrated all their Bucks that they imported in China. But, I believe they bought their Zulus from the Islamic Arab traders who also did the castration. But we never here about that, do we?

Anonymous said...

I just realized that I have the same desires of a Black man.

I want a white woman and I want to live with white people.

Damn. I never thought I had anything in common with them.

Jim said...

Apparently, you folks the Miss America Pageant of 19$&.

Anonymous said...

@rjp bwahaha! gunt! I am laughing my ass off haven't heard that in a while. Ahh I love language.

Anonymous said...

Comrades learn to speak ebonics:

Dan said...

A table wielding Shamu? Wtf!

Anonymous said...

great moments in she-boon history: in the first 15 seconds, a she-boon throws a table & then catches a chair thrown at her & (apparently) throws the chair right back - all in the first 15 seconds. another great moment (well, 15 seconds) in black history!

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a photo years ago of a Black guy swinging a cactus, and the photo had meme words on it along the lines of "Have you ever been so mad that you started swinging a cactus?" It would be great to make a picture of that land whale woman with the meme words "Have you ever been so mad that you start swinging a table?"

Imagine how ridiculous this scene would look if it were any other racial group. But with Blacks it's completely normal.

I feel like the Comedian in The Watchmen. Whenever anybody thinks out loud about the problems we have in this country all I can do is laugh. The truth is so obvious, but most idiots out there can't even imagine it. All I can do is sit back and laugh at everything.

Jay Santos said...

They are just different than most everyone else. Not in a good way.

I've moved a bit and I've spent my whole life periodically looking for places to live, rent or buy, that were apart from black people. Millions and millions of white Americans have done the same. Their lives complicated by the need to find a way to avoid people that act like this. Act like this and worse. Negroes don't have a problem with this kind of behavior. To them it's high drama, a good thing. They thrive on chaos.

Dan said...

Shamu so mad she swing a table!

Dan said...

I feel like agent Smith mostly. I Re watched Matrix three with that Zion dance party monstrosity and I decided to cheer on the machines. Fuck it, if we are reduced to that heaving sweaty pile of shit just snuff us out.

bubo said...

In reality, the so called "United" States was on the clock the minute some asshole decided that blacks would make good farm equipment. Slaves should have been a stop gap until better options could have been been procured. At the very least the bucks should have been gelded.

Now we're overrun with blacks,silly liberals and conservative inc.

A black seamstress just got enshrined next to Washington and Jefferson today. I won't cry when the end comes.

JB said...


I gotta say, that White Mom person's rant was the funniest comment I've ever read on your site.

Best to You and Yours

Dan said...

Hypothetically if there was a matrix... Who would actually end up realizing it was a simulacrum run by machines? Mulattoes and blacks + a Maori Sergeant Major type?

Or would it be hyper aware paranoid whites? Honestly, the blacks would be too thick to notice the anomalies. Liberals would be too worried about making everything fit in. Communists would just think that this is the only possible world. So who is left? People slack jawed in horror at the spectacle.

Anonymous said...

What this video didn't show was Big Shaniqua climbing up to the roof and swatting down airplanes.

Anonymous said...

Those tables are heavy! She may be obese w her knees rubbing together but she is Strong!

Californian said...

Please make SPBDL into multiple hard copies in case they take it down, future historians need to KNOW what happened.


All of SBPDL should be backed up on discs and with hard copies.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a real bongo party. It would take my mom and sister a year of special forces training to act like that and they would be going through the motions-their heart wouldn't be in it.

Anonymous said...

she sure throws a table like it was a frisbee

bubo said...

As the late Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture under Nixon once said.

All the colored wants is

1. a tight pussy (or man's butthole)

2. loose shoes

3. warm place to shit

That's the upper limit on their cognizant abilities in my estimation.

Warrior said...

A truly disturbing video. That black giantess in the video picked up that table like it was a paper plate and heaved it at her opponents, they fired back with a direct hit with a chair to the head and she shrugged it off like she was king kong!
4 dead women in Tulsa last month, the victims white, the 2 suspects black. 5 dead in Denver this week at a bar, they were white the 3 killers black. the media portrays these black killers with absolutely no coverage nationally. but if the roles were reversed, ie; the victims black and the killers white then their would be holy hell to pay.

Anonymous said...


Brandon said...

Does that woman catch the chair thrown at her, on the fly, at 0:16 in the video? That's a pretty good grab; almost like she has experience with this kind of thing!

Anonymous said...

Journalism: dog bites man - not news. Man bites dog - news. Blacks killing whites - routine - just blacks being real. Whites killing blacks - unusual.

Anonymous said...

Pay attention to the ease with which these jungle creatures transition to mayhem, then back again. It's in their DNA, the tendency to become animals at the drop of a ... chair.

Even the most intelligent negro is still a negro, just more intelligent, so I suppose capable of quoting Yeats whilst slamming some YT head against the curb.

All negroes are creatures of the jungle.

Don M said...

Off Topic, but tangentially related:

There is a fantastically whimsical article over at Conservatism Inc website 'Kosher Thinker' lamenting the "disparate impact" of gun control on blacks:

Money paragraph 'raight hurr':

"Nineteenth-century racists phrased Mfume's position a little differently: "Let a negro board a railroad train with a quart of mean whiskey and a pistol in his grip and the chances are that there will be a murder, or at least a row, before he alights." As the Klan might put it, the instant you put Negrotown Saturday Night Specials into the hands of black people, those blacks will (to use Joe Salazar's words) "pop out those guns and pop, pop a round at people."

Hey Conservatards! Negroes do exactly that!

Ok, here's the quote that's going to make you gag. Don't puke on your keyboards!:

"The truth is that law-abiding black people in rural areas have needed firearms to defend themselves from the Klan, while those in inner cities need them for self-defense against the gang members of all ethnicities who turn their neighborhoods into war zones."


Anonymous said...

I think they're actually enjoying themselves. And that's why they're so dangerous to be around.

Stephen said...

Come on Paul. You know you at least chuckle at my comments you don't publish.

Mr. Ken said...

The day is coming...and faster than you may think. With massive cuts to the DOD, thousands- if not hundreds of thousands of high paying-"set aside" jobs will be eliminated forever. Do nothing,just show up positions all over the USA and world will be eliminated forever. I, for one-can't wait. Consultants, "contractors", specialists at nothing special will all be out on the street, the dole finally cut off. No more making six figures just for showing up late and leaving early. I love it.

Anonymous said...

There are literally thousands of videos of blacks behaving like warring tribes of monkeys engaging in a free for all. It's not called a chimp out for nothing.
The best advice is, as always, stay away from black infested areas and black events. You never know when the inner chimp will manifest itself but the probability that it will is sky high.

Pat Boyle said...

I'm reading Jared Diamond's latest book "The World Until Yesterday". In this book Diamond tries to make the case that primitive people in New Guinea, South America and Africa have much to teach us. I don't accept his conclusions but his examples are illuminating.

He relates how all these bands and chiefdom's are always right on the edge of a blood feud. The Neur of the Sudan and the New Guinea highlanders erupt into mindless killings over almost any minor event. In their way of thinking if your child runs out into traffic and is killed by an oncoming car, you should drag the innocent driver out and beat him to death. Or if you can't catch the driver perhaps he has a cousin you can kill or a neighbor. I'm not making this up. This is an example that Diamond gives as something we can learn from these people about how to deal with each other.

Primitives erupt over trivialities. They go from zero to murder in a heartbeat. No black flash riot you see on YouTube is at all unique. It's just that such actions have heretofore been confined to jungles and forests. This is just a video of tribesmen acting normally. The only thing that is unusual is that it is inside of a modern building not a jungle clearing.


Anonymous said...

interesting diamond observation, Pat. sadly, diamond's ol' guns, germs, steel book made me gag about 20 pages in, wherein based on mere anecdotes he claims high IQ for all new guineans & then tosses out a century's worth of consistent IQ data (indeed vilifies it) for all else. so his rule is if he likes the hypothesis no data are needed, if he doesn't like the hypothesis, it doesn't matter how much data exist. jon haidt's done wonderful research that tangentially explains how & why IQ-deniers exist (& why some hypotheses are accepted with no data, & some are rejected despite tons of data).

Gayle said...

Rick Snyder will announce takeover of Detroit on Friday:

Anonymous said...

"Sherilla" I am still giggling like a 10 year old kid who just got a Red Ryder lever action BB gun with this thing on the stock which tells time on Christmas morning. I intend to use that one. Plus, she had some mad table throwing and chair catching melee skills.

It's comical. I will stick with my M1A scout. Chairs and tables are less effective. Good stuff brother, keep up good work Paul.


Californian said...

"The truth is that law-abiding black people in rural areas have needed firearms to defend themselves from the Klan, ...

Question: does anyone know how many blacks were actually killed by the KKK back in the "day?"

How does it compare to the number of drive-by killings committed today?

...while those in inner cities need them for self-defense against the gang members of all ethnicities who turn their neighborhoods into war zones."


You mean those multi-ethnic gangs you might see on television or in the movies?

Perhaps the author of this statement would care to move into an inner city and show how one uses firearms to defend oneself against those gangs.

Californian said...

Dan said...Hypothetically if there was a matrix... Who would actually end up realizing it was a simulacrum run by machines? ... Or would it be hyper aware paranoid whites?

The Matrix is a good enough metaphor for the situation in which the Western world finds itself these delusional days. Most people seem to live in an illusion, and treat Those Who Can See as off the charts.

On one level, The Matrix movies were meant as an allegory for the delusions which enslave people by a system that drains their lives. And it does give us a nifty term, "Take the Red Pill," to sum up dispersing the delusion and seeing the world as it is.

RedMoonProject said...

Considering the fact that a lot of these people obviously haven't been missing any meals, perhaps it would be a good thing for those EBT cards to run out.

Anonymous said...

I have met few things as vicious as a black female.

Anonymous said...

The way to keep the throwing of tables and chairs down is to put food on the tables and have work for anyone standing.

JOSH said...

Great picture for the first page of the NYT:Shamu--which seems to be the concensus name for the big gal in blue--on the front page throwing the table with the headline:STOP TABLE VIOLENCE

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ February 27, 2013 at 4:25 PM said...
"A lot of people on racially aware websites are very negative towards white women, even though it was... white men who mated with african women, spawning descendents like Michelle Obama..."

Isnt that the exception rather than the rule? Miscegenation laws historically were initiated due to white women and black men. For example the case of Pace v. Alabama, where the SCOTUS ruled Alabama's miscegenation statue was constitutional, it was a case of a white woman and a black. In addition isnt it convenient that you omitted that Barack Obama's mother was white.

Anonymous said...

Even more WSHH, where black women think its a good idea to fight with bleach:

And a black mob beat and stone 3 men, one to death:

Anonymous said...

Black men will tell you that they're even scared of black women. Is it just me or is it rare that you ever see a black man in a fair fight? Seems it either a gang of blacks (6-10) attacking one or 2 victims, or if there's only a couple of blacks trying to victimize one person, they run like little girls if you so much as turn and yell "Boo" at them? They seem to only want to shoot very outnumbered victims or rape and murder couples and old people.

Kil said...

Multi-racial gangs:

Anonymous said...

"A black man begins to hit a boys white girlfriend and her friends IN PUBLIC at a mall, and other blacks join in. The proud white boyfriend, defends his women, who stop him from absolutely pulverizing the black man. " - And she did the right thing, he'd probably be charged with excessive self defense or something if he truly laid into the guy.

Annie Oakley said...

White Mom - I enjoy reading your comments. Keep on posting please.

I, like yourself, do not understand the vitriol aimed at white women like us who are racially aware. We didn't start the fire, but we're damn sure helping to put it out.

Did you ever hear of Molly Pitcher? She fought alongside the men in the revolutionary war. Her first husband died and she was given an honor by the US for her heroism.

I've asked my husband, who's as racially aware as I am, why all the vitriol against white women like us on blogs. He doesn't get it either. He said he would have never married a lib, or someone who wasn't white.

We went into one store last night to find a much needed item. It was full of groids. Not the college educated groids but the ghetto trash. We came in and we left. We could feel the energy in that store. It was pure evil. It was full of sheboons who reminded me of the prowling animals at night in the country. Just lying in wait for a weak prey like a small deer or a small animal like a fox.

Tonight, we find the same item at a store that has mostly white customers. The difference was night and day.

When I go into a retail store that is full of blacks, you normally also encounter surly black cashiers who would cut your heart out if they could get away with it.

These hood rat black wonks are stupid, dangerous and completely full of themselves. I avoid them at all costs. I refuse to make eye contact with them (but I do have them in my peripheal vision in case they act up.

Anonymous said...

A centuries old mistake comes to fruition. I, for my part, am leaving the US for good this summer. I just hope everything can hold together until I'm out. MauiMan

rjp said...

Annie Oakley said...

We went into one store last night to find a much needed item. It was full of groids. Not the college educated groids but the ghetto trash. We came in and we left. We could feel the energy in that store. It was pure evil. It was full of sheboons who reminded me of the prowling animals at night in the country. Just lying in wait for a weak prey like a small deer or a small animal like a fox.

I went into the Harlod Washington Library one day thinking I could kill a few hours.


It was nothing more than a much larger version of the Red Line CTA train.

Bums passed out using books as head holder-uppers. Young bucks circling looking for anything unattended that they could steal.

After about an hour I decided to leave as I didn't want to completely drain my laptop battery since I couldn't find a place I could plugin.

I wanted to stop in the washroom on the way out to urinate, but the smell that flowed out as soon as I pushed open the door was just too vile.

Homeless negroes live on a diet of easily shoplifted things. Packaging has to be small, and they have to be able to open it without a can-opener. Sardines are a favorite from what I have seen left on steps and in alleys.

Imagine what your shit would small like living on a diet of sardines and similar types foods.

It was bad.

I left and called someone to sign me into a building so I could piss.

Anonymous said...

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