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Great Moments in Black History: Richard Scrushy, HealthSouth, and Black Birmingham

The HealthSouth Story: Richard Scrushy, black Birmingham, and the black defense
Few moments in black history are as important – and telling -  as the story of  HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy.

A white man born in Selma, Scrushy was once known as the ultimate villain of American capitalism – a real life manifestation of the Monopoly man. Once one the highest paid CEOs in America, Scrushy and HealthSouth would come under intense fire from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for accounting fraud in the early part of this past decade.

Money laundering, extortion, obstruction of justice, racketeering, and bribery – you name it, Scrushy as the head of HealthSouth was indicted of doing.

This story predates the collapse of 2008 – when your Bernie Madoff’s, Lehman Brothers, American International Group (AIG), and Bear Stearns captured all the headlines – and didn’t transpire in a sexy news locale like New York City.

No – the story of HealthSouth and Scrushy comes to you live from Birmingham, Alabama. And it involves a white man trying to cozy up to potential jurors from a city that was (and is) nearly 75 percent black.

You see, Scrushy understood the dynamics of Black-Run America (BRA) and he attempted to bestow black people and black churches with buckets of cash – all in the hopes of beating the SEC and the 30 indictments against him. He even paid to be a Christian talk show on a television program that caters to a black audience [Will the Real Richard Scrushy Please Step Forward, New York Times, 2-17-2005]:
The members of Guiding Light Church welcome Richard M. Scrushy, the ousted founder of the HealthSouth Corporation, with open arms each week to services, where he and his wife are among the handful of whites in a mostly African-American congregation. 
"I've seen him in services so often with members of his family," Pat Lowe, the wife of the Guiding Light pastor, said of Mr. Scrushy, who is married for a third time and has nine children. "I believe he is a man of integrity." 
Mr. Scrushy, 52, began attending Guiding Light not long before his indictment in 2003 on charges of overseeing a $2.7 billion conspiracy to defraud shareholders of HealthSouth, a chain of rehabilitation hospitals he started two decades ago. A spokesman for Mr. Scrushy said Mr. Scrushy had given money to Guiding Light, but he declined to specify how much. "He has always supported the churches he attends," the spokesman, Charlie Russell, said. 
It is not uncommon, of course, for someone in the public eye who has fallen from grace to migrate to a house of prayer. But Mr. Scrushy's new emphasis on his ties to Birmingham's large black population and his churchgoing ways have many people in this city asking, is it all part of his defense strategy? About 70 percent of Birmingham is African-American, and of the 18 jurors and alternates at his trial, 11 are African-American. 
The danger is that Mr. Scrushy's very public moves could backfire, especially considering that inside the courtroom his lawyers are following a different, and decidedly uncharitable, strategy. His legal team has been aggressively seeking to tarnish the reputations of Mr. Scrushy's former employees who are testifying against him. In fact, in late January, one lawyer, Jim Parkman, of Dothan, Ala., accused a former HealthSouth executive of being a heavy-drinking philanderer. 
In the months before the start of his trial on Jan. 25, Mr. Scrushy seems not to have missed an opportunity to portray himself as a friend of Birmingham's black community. His personal Web site describes his humble origins in Selma, Ala., "a town known as the birthplace of the civil rights movement," where he says he apprenticed with a brick mason and washed cars at a filling station. He also hired prominent black lawyers to help guide his legal strategy, including Donald Watkins, a lawyer and financier who successfully defended Birmingham's first black mayor, Richard Arrington Jr., in a government investigation into corruption allegations. 
These actions have astounded some former associates of Mr. Scrushy, who was known around Birmingham for the conspicuous display of his wealth before his problems with the law. According to a list of assets drawn up by federal prosecutors, Mr. Scrushy owns two Cessna jets; a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Rolls Royce Corniche; three Miros, two Chagalls and a Picasso; and several multimillion-dollar homes. 
"In all my visits to the executive suite at HealthSouth, I never saw a black person there, not among the executives, the doctors or the secretaries," said Paul Finebaum, a radio talk-show host and former business associate of Mr. Scrushy. "The first time I heard religion and Richard Scrushy mentioned in the same sentence was when I read about him going to Guiding Light Church. I think he must be running out of options."

Enron, Arthur Anderson, Worldcom… they have nothing on Mr. Scrushy. Nor did they dare consider playing the ‘black card’ --- the ultimate card to play in the judicial system in America. Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution summed up the Scrushy Defense in a hilarious column:

Let’s say you’re a rich white guy who — according to the feds — has cooked the books at his company to get even richer, inflating earnings to the tune of $2.7 billion. What do you do when the law comes after you? 
… Well, if you’re Richard Scrushy — founder and former CEO of Birmingham-based HealthSouth, a rehabilitation services company — you try to pass yourself off as a black man who is the victim of government persecution.

USA Today’s profile of Scrushy was even better [Former HealthSouth CEO Scrushy turns televangelist, 10-25-2004]:

When Martha Stewart was indicted, she turned to Barbara Walters for a sympathetic broadcast interview. When Ken Lay was indicted, he turned to Larry King. But former HealthSouth (HLSH) CEO Richard Scrushy, whose trial on charges stemming from a $2.7 billion accounting fraud is scheduled to begin in January, is reaching out to a higher power: Jesus. 
Since March, Scrushy and his wife, Leslie, have been hosting a half-hour talk show every weekday morning on a local independent TV station here. Although Viewpoint occasionally tackles subjects such as media bias and self-improvement, Scrushy's bread-and-butter topic is the Bible and the importance of following the word of God.  
To that end, Scrushy books a steady stream of local ministers and pastors as guests.Scrushy, 52, used to attend church services in Vestavia Hills, the affluent suburb where he lives. But last year, around the time of his indictment, he began attending the Guiding Light Church, a ministry across town that caters primarily to African-Americans. 
Early this year, Guiding Light purchased 12 months' worth of airtime for the show. Scott Campbell, general manager of WTTO Channel 21, would not disclose how much Scrushy's church paid, but he says about 5,000 Birmingham households tune in each morning. "This is a paid program, just like the Ginsu knife commercials," Campbell says. 
Critics of Scrushy's show see it as a cynical attempt to generate goodwill among potential jurors in the Birmingham area, which is about 70% African-American."I've never seen the show because I don't watch infomercials," says Doug Jones, the Birmingham attorney leading a shareholder lawsuit against Scrushy. "It's clear that it's a jury selection strategy, and I guess it will remain to be seen how effective it might be."

Never mind the doubters – Scrushy’s legal strategy of placating the black community worked: he was acquitted of all charges by a jury trial in nearly 75 percent black Birmingham.

CNN Money would profile Donald Watkins, Scrushy’s black lead-attorney, who crafted the black defense for a man whose indictments looked like a long prison sentence [THE MAN WHO SAVED RICHARD SCRUSHY, 7-25-2005]:
RICHARD SCRUSHY'S $2.7 BILLION accounting-fraud trial looked like a slam-dunk for the prosecution. All five CFOs who had ever reported to the former HealthSouth CEO copped guilty pleas and agreed to testify against him. Ten lesser company officials also pleaded guilty and agreed to testify. Yet the prosecutors threw up 36 airballs, failing to score with a Birmingham, Ala., jury on any of the three dozen counts. 
 What happened? Scrushy's lead attorney, Donald Watkins, would be glad to explain--and to continue the hoops metaphor. "They never expected a hard, full-court press throughout the trial, and that's what they got. It was unrelenting," says Watkins, who put together an unlikely defense team and unleashed it on what he calls the "overconfident" feds. Art Leach was the Designated Objector, contesting prosecutors' questions frequently and knocking them off stride. Jim Parkman was the cross-examiner whose down-home demeanor won over the jury even as he destroyed witnesses' credibility. 
 Watkins, of course, was the coach--and, it turns out, the perfect person for the role. His worldview was shaped by his youth in civil-rights-era Montgomery. Though the son of a university president, he knew the indignities of drinking from separate water fountains and the stresses of integration. Now 56, he was one of the first blacks to attend the University of Alabama law school in the 1960s. Even decades later, the emotions and fissures of that era's upheaval profoundly influence Alabama's dynamics--and, as necessary, Watkins's tactics. 
 And so he deployed a brilliant, if controversial, racial strategy in a city where blacks and whites still, according to Watkins, view certain things very differently. "Black people are more open to receiving their information in the courtroom," he says. "Whites will buy into the media hype put out by the U.S. Attorney and Justice Department for two years...." Watkins tried to maximize the number of black jurors--seven of 12 would be African American. He seemed to be speaking directly to those jurors in his closing argument, comparing the legal travails of Richard Scrushy (who--need it be noted?--is a wealthy white man) to the struggles of blacks in the 1950s and 1960s. Outside the court, the black community was wooed by Scrushy himself, who joined a black church, and preached or donated to other black congregations. Some of them sat behind the defense table at trial in what became known as his "amen corner." Critics saw that as an effort to influence jurors; Watkins asserts it was an unbidden show of support.
Though he would be convicted for later charges brought up against him, Scrushy beat the system the first time around. And all by playing the black defense: The Birmingham News off all papers questioned this strategy when it was first being reported in 2003 [Scrushy's charitable donations continue as trial approaches, 11-18-03]:
Scrushy and his wife recently switched churches, joining Guiding Light Church, a predominantly black congregation of 3,800 people that wants to build a new worship center, school and day-care center on 215 acres near Irondale. 
This year, the Scrushy foundation has also given money to Miles College Law School, part of the historically black university in Fairfield, and the Holy Family Foundation, which helps support St. Mary's Catholic Church, which is also predominantly black. 
"He's not acting inconsistently," said Watkins. "He has a long record of giving to a variety or organizations based on their need, not their racial make-up." 
Any appearance of attempting to curry favor as he faces legal trouble might backfire, said former Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer Chris Bebel, who is now with the Houston law firm Shepherd Smith & Bebel. 
"It could cause members of the African-American community to be resentful and to feel that Scrushy is attempting to manipulate them," Bebel said. 
Watkins said Scrushy doesn't need to create a favorable impression among blacks, who remember him for supporting former Birmingham Mayor Richard Arrington during the politician's battles last decade with federal prosecutors who unsuccessfully tried to charge him with corruption. 
"He has enjoyed a favorable impression with the black community since he stood beside Richard Arrington at the height of that man's troubles and said, `This is my friend,'" Watkins said. "So his giving isn't part of any litigation strategy. I would hope that jurors in any trial would discharge their responsibilities based on the facts."

So, a quick piece of advice to the next CEO of a major Fortune 100 corporation accused by the SEC of accounting fraud – paint yourself as a poor black man, merely persecuted by the man. The white man. Donate vast sums of money to black churches and poorly run black colleges. And by all means, go on TV as a televangelist. 

This has been another great moment in black history


Bogolyubski said...

Perfect example of the type of "entrepreneur" held up as a paragon by the idiot Limbaugh and his fellow fellators in the Gay Old Party. This is how one becomes a success in the rigged market of the Banksta Banana Republick. John Gatti had more integrity. It's even funnier that Scrushy managed to con a bunch of stupid negroes into supporting him (of all people) in court.

I have to agree with some of the others here: Mr. Kersey is on a roll. Each post for this month is even better than the last. SBPDL is having the greatest black history month ever. The Emperor's fine new threads are revealed over every day.

Anonymous said...

I made some money on HealthSouth before it collapsed. If you drive around, you'll still see their name on a fair number of health facilities. A few people expressed well reasoned, fact based criticisms of the finances of the company and I bailed at decent profit. I followed it for a bit and when I read how he got out of the noose, I said, "God that man's a genius, hell maybe I should have kept the stock!"

Anonymous said...

The Birmingham News is owned by Advance Media, part of the Samuel Irving "SI" Newhouse media empire based out of Staten Island New York City.

All the major Newspapers in Northern Alabama are owned by Advance and are hopelessly, comically PC.

DWL owned newspapers that can no longer tolerant take no prisoners old school non-PC muckraking columnists like Chicago's late Mike Royko who can rally the man in the street, have no other option but to sit on the sidelines and enable mass corruption.

By the way, Advance's Alabama papers along with the Times-Picayune in New Orleans are dying and only publish 3 days a week.

Jim said...


Have you got something against Capitalism?

This post is a slap in the face of every American service-person who has fought and died for our system of government, including BRA.

Just being being a smart-ass. It's about time you posted something.


MuayTyson said...

I have had the fortune or misfortune to sit in on 100's of trials criminal and civil. It is almost impossible with out a legal background to make an informed decision. Lawyers are trained and experienced hired guns they would make you question yourself on your own breakfast. I really think there should be professional juries.

I would also be for a simple high school equivalency test for potential jurors. But alas the disparative impact of simple knowledge. Blacks and Latinos would be few and far between if there were a simple test to be on a jury so you get the elderly and barely functional retards.

Here we have a story of just how easy it is to buy black America. A few bobbles some shiney chains and they will jump through any hoops you desire.

I'm not sure if I should hate or admire this guy? Here is a man who understands the new BRA he played the game and he was successful. I bet he goes home and laughs just how easy it is to fool the "Niggers". I also be that the blacks go home and laugh just how easy it is to fool the "Crackers".

I guess better to be a Symbiote than to be parasitised?

10mm AUTO said...


Not professional juries, no professional lawyers. No one should take a dime for the defense of a person; However, there should be far less laws to trip people up.

As to him using negros as a defensive tool, he was just exploiting (shamelessly) the negro "no Snitch" and jury nullification policy for himself. He spent 1 million on the lawyer and 1 million on the black jury pool.

That blacks are a low information exploitable and corruptible asset has been know since the first black chief said, "Hey we can trade you some of our tribe for those shiny metal things." After that moment, they were merely haggling over price. Unfortunately the used farm equipment we purchased didn't come with a return policy.

Anonymous said...

All things considered, is it possible the man is a throwback Caucasian, raised by groid parents with recessive white DNA?

oogaboogaman said...

Off topic, but there seems to be a good amount of SBPDLers from the Chimpcagoland area. Has anyone noticed the Bronzeville neighborhood , original Chicago Ghetto, sign from the Stevenson Expressway which has the silhouette of a WW1 era soldier on it. Is this supposed to remind the groids that if they try to loot McCormick Place, Chimpcago Auto Show, and Soldier Field, Da Bears, the army will be called out again ala the 1919 Chimpcago race riots?

Also, something I've been pondering, but have not done, since the false flag Newtown Shooting Gun Control push is agitation-propaganda. What if someone say puts posters in the bathrooms of the local mall, or anywhere where DWLs and blacks will chimpout, explaining real "black history". Or saying, Hey Whiteman this is who is going to kill you and run the gangbang train on your wife n daughter when you give up your gun with a picture of Obama's sons throwing up their gats n gang signs. This could be affective propaganda for our cause.

oogaboogaman said...

Also, in my humble opinion, from what I have observed on this website if anone trys their hand at this agitation propaganda plz leave out references to TWMNBN or Vampire Squids, although I don't diminish both group parts in BRA, mentioning them will make us seem like Nazis or those Alex Jones "kooks", as another poster has stated in a previous thread it is our job to awaken the average Joe or Jane six pack, dumbf***, 9 to 5 white American. These people can't recognize vampire squids but they should be able to recognize black criminality, parasitism, and dysfuntion.

Amen, Godbless, and watch out for drone hit squads.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Unrelated - the message is spreading. Check out what got posted on McDonald's -

Freedom is failure . . . close enough.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Richard Scrushy, he a good boy - he never dun nothin wrong

Anonymous said...

Jesus lives at the jail house cause that's where everybody finds him.

oogaboogaman said...

In reply to Bogolyubski. I couldn't agree more with you sir in terms of these "job creators" the Gay Old Pedophile party wacks off to. In my experience the worst are "restaurateurs" who own these greasy spoon hot dog stands and have American flags all over the place yet hire illegal aliens. Then these same people b**tch that Baffhouse Barry got reelected and that they're goin to have to pay for Obamacare, even though their 'workforce' voted overwhelmingly for BRA.

Oh well gotta love cheap labor, and making money by having no other tradeable skill besides cooking french fries. Same goes for landscaping and car washes.

Anonymous said...

Paul's Biggest Fan said...
Unrelated - the message is spreading. Check out what got posted on McDonald's

Laughing my ass off ....

Fredom failed

So did your education you ingant nigger.

Anonymous said...

We hire them because they are productive and you refuse to do that kind of work.

South Bender said...

My proud day in Black History Month is from today in 1992:

Ada Vernard of the near Northwest side of South Bend braved the icy cold and hung out on the porch waiting for her white neighbor to bring groceries back, so she could try to mooch whatever she could as it was being carried out of the car.
She managed to get two tomatoes that the neighbor accidentally left in the truck bed and waddled back into her home in glory!!
Black History Month: Brought to you by Da first of the munf

Anonymous said...

I was conflicted reading this story as well; yet in the end, this man played BRA against itself.

Nothing wrong with ' playing poor' while hiding your hard earned cash to trip up the Fed. The turds have been 'playas' for years.

Beat BRA at its own game.

White Mom in Turdville aka WDC

Mr. Ken said...

"We hire them because they are productive and you refuse to do that kind of work."....this reminds me of that tired old phrase..."They do the jobs Americans won't do." I have news for you, there are NO jobs Americans won't do. During the height of world war 2, America was out producing germany and their allies 5 to 1. White men were fighting and dying and white men and women were working around the clock, every night and day. Producing the supplies and equipment needed to not only survive,but win the war. Don't give me that crap "jobs Americans won't do." How about "jobs fat, lazy stupid ni**ers won't do, because it involves getting your fat, lazy a@@ out of bed early in the morning, working hard all day every day, to get the things your family needs."

oogaboogaman said...

In reply to Anonymous Feb 18th at 10:13 PM.

"We hire them because they're productive and you refuse to do that kind of work"

Oh really, just like all those lazy white men who work on the oil rigs and pipelines, as welders, electricians, working construction, repairing cell phone towers, as firemen, or soldiers in Afghanistan.

Let's be honest those that hire illegals play a part in supporting BRA. In Illinois, illegals are able to get drivers liscenses wich then allows them to vote. When these people they don't vote their 'conservative hispanic family values', but just like our negros they vote for who's gonna give me the most freebies hence Barry Obama.

Also, the real reason you hire them is you get cheap labor, a docile workforce who doesn't acknowledge such crazy gringo ideas like OSHA, safety\health regulations, and lastly when they get injured on the job you just send them to the local hospital where those lazy white people's tax dollars foot the bill.

oogaboogaman said...

Lastly, to finish off my rant towards the schmuck with the 'jobs Americans won't do argument'. Another reason these, ecspecially small business owners, like to hire border jumpers is they get an ego boost from feeling like the lord amongst his peasants on the hacienda. Working with his fellow whities just reminds him about a fellow US citizen, not quite as big an ego boost.

Anonymous said...

Baron Muchausen here,

came across this story. Balck nurse sues hospital because a paying customer (a man whose child was born there) requested that no black nurses touch his newborn. I don't blame the man but God help us all if this woman wins

Bogolyubski said...

Marx, while an evil squid (which is of course redundant as there are no non-evil squids), made the following observation about folks like the Repuke shill who parroted the line repeated so often by luminaries such as Juan McAmnesty, Jorge W. Busheron and Miss Lindsay Graham about how the Mexican invaders and bloodsuckers are just doing the work Americans won't do:

The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.

The anonymous parrot-idiot is likely not aware, but there are two major political parties in Mexico, both members of the Socialist International (followers of the author of the above quote). The Repuke lie that Mexicans are natural small-government types is exceeded only by the one about them being traditionalist Catholics. I do hope the beaners build a nice high gallows for you, even if you deserve one that doesn't work quite perfectly (though sufficiently).

Discard said...

Regarding the work that Whites won't do: Fuck you. When I was a young White man, I humped 50 lb sacks of gravel up a ladder for a roofing contractor. (Nearly flat roofs covered with gravel were fashionalble in SoCal back then) I stood at a drill press eight hours a day, putting thousands of holes a day into sheet metal. I cleared brush from hillside lots and cleaned metal chips out of automatic screw machines.
Until the Mexicans were imported, nearly every house in the country was built by White men, nearly every steer carcass was cut up by White men, and every car was repaired by White men. To this day, wealthy White liberals make a point of hiring White roofers, painters, tile layers, mechanics, carpenters, ad infinitem. Liberals with money want things done right, so they limit their Mexican hiring to gardeners and maids.
Just because you're too much a pussy to get sweaty outside of the gym doesn't mean that all Whites are as worthless as you. Now go suck some more dick.

WeMustSecureOurFuture said...

Regarding the comment about the balck nurse:

I work as a manager at a large hotel. On several occasions, while addressing the concerns of a black guest, I've had the black guest demand to speak to the black manager, even though there was no black manager visible. I figured the black guest saw that they weren't going to get the "gibsmethat" from me and decided to get the freebies from one of their kind.

Apparently it is okay for the blacks to demand that they are serviced by blacks but it doesn't work the same way when whites want to be assisted by whites.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:13:

Come out of the shadows and stick up your dukes...those words you wrote are fighting words and do not hold water.

This "entitled, single white mom" has worked since my teens. I worked at at sandwich shop for minimum waage at least 20 hours per week throughout college. Paid for my master's degree out of pocket because I taught full time and tutored and taught Saturday and summer school. Worked full-time while getting my PhD but had to accumulate debt. Paid off my first car within three years.

So throughout those years of being an educator, I dealt with alot immigrant students and "beaners" as students. No disrespect to these folks because they are being maniuplated by the elite and really don't know or care to know, but anyway I would not call them "hard" workers by any stretch of the imagination. Most of them were not engaged in the learning process and frankly could care less. Many could barely read and write, and yet you elitist douchebags expect me to teach these was like getting blood from a stone. Attendance issues, two month vacations back to "my country". Come on dude really? Look, you cannot get blood from a stone, but that's what you want working for you, ignorant people who cannot read or write a work contract and who will put up with dangerous work conditions so you can live a luxe office and get blow jobs from your "assistant", who is probably some third world made to order therapeutic slampiece for your narcissistic, entitled self.. Just like the former king of hacienda California Ahhhnold. Let me hire a cheap maid who will allow me to shag her in my wife's bead and then get pregnant, just so she can carry some rich elitist's gringo's kid.

I do work buster and how dare you say otherwise. I have relatives that have died in wars for this country so your sorry cheap ass can hire somoene for two cents an hour and disrespect your fellow citizens by allowing us to pick up the tab at hospital er's because you don't offer living wages and/or health insurance.

It is people like you that are sucking the money out of this country and have been since Reagan's trickle down econoomics took effect. You have been getting over for years, you and others like you.Why the hell should I pay my mortgage (an apparently at least 32% of homeowners agree with me in the U.S.) and continue to pay my student loanswhen business owners like you refuse to hire middle or working class we threaten you sir/madam? Your abuse of the morality and responsibility of working whites in this country is soon to stop my friend. A revolution is brewing, believe that. Enjoy being of kind of turd mountain, because that what Amurkistan is turning into Turd Mountain, if you don't get kicked off and/or choke on a turd first.

White Mom in Turdville aka WDC

Anonymous said...

Work White Men won't do?.
Work White Men won't DO?

I was in university at 18-mechanical engineering-I was married at 19 because my girlfriend,still my wife by the way,was pregnant.She had twins,for Christ sakes!.

I kept studying while earning money by servicing and fixing the cars of my fellow students,indeed,anyone who wanted a good cheap job done.

I got my degree which was only the start of my required learning,as it happened.

Raised three daughters,all done in a foreign country,in a foreign(to me that is) language.

This was not in the 20's or 30's but the late 70's and early 80's.

Fuck it,I should have gone to the USA and claimed to be a minority.

Not for a minute did I think I should run away from my duties.

My father,a stonemason in an era when his trade was dying,dug ditches,shoveled coal,swept streets to keep us fed until he could cold-chisel again.

Fuck it.We are idiots all.

Arthur said...

I worked as an auditor during the collapse of health south in 2005-2006 scrushy made sure many blacks were hired to fill slots even thoug most would go off shopping, try to get company to fly them across America to bf or gf, or just stay in hotel rooms, breed and report hours worked. 3 blacks were eliminated Ina NE location and I took their assignments ,complete in 6 months what they told their Hs bosses would take 2 years. One staff person black submitted worked 121 hours days fin one week and I came in one morning finding her sound asleep yet on the clock.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul,

Discovered your blog a few weeks ago. It's addictive. Quick question to all. What is a "vampire squid?" I can gather from the context. The elite. The multi billionaire banking families that formally purchased theis country with the Federal Reserve Act almost a century ago? The few thousand financial and media elite that are owed the so called "national debt." Or is it specific people, Soros? Murdoch? The people who put the Keynan Dark Knight in the Oval Office?

Also, 10 MM Auto, spot fucking ON with the historical reference to African chiefs. The Bantu are all easily bought. Shit, Scrushy overpaid. He could have bought the jury with shiny 22 inch rims and a nice chicken dinner.


Anonymous said...

OT: GOP and JC Watts, pandering to blacks and Hispanics, helping them score jobs in Washington and keep them. This is blatantly racist against whites. What is wrong with these people??

"Insight will join with the Black Republican Congressional Staff Association, the Hispanic Conservatives Congressional Staff Association and The Heritage Foundation to forward their agenda. Watts summed it up succinctly: “You want people in the pews that look like the pastor. If you look at the pastor, whatever color the pastor is is usually the color most of your people are going to be. … If you’re going to grow anything, there’s one central thing that’s important for growth: relationships.”

SKIP said...

Relative to blacks and muslims, a problem with muslims rioting and doing what muslims do is that muslims cannot be easily bought off, especially REAL muslims, not the fake black American converts. Blacks of any faith or creed or political leaning when threatening riot or other mayhem can be bought off with bling or by financially stroking their "leaders" such as jesse and/or Al. Black Americans don't blow shit up and themselves, real muslims do, real muslims can't be reasoned with, they don't feel pity or remorse and they absolutely will not stop!!! WAIT! I've heard that somewhere before!

Bogolyubski said...

@Pauly (asked who the vampire squids are):

The elite. The multi billionaire banking families that formally purchased theis country with the Federal Reserve Act almost a century ago? The few thousand financial and media elite that are owed the so called "national debt." Or is it specific people, Soros?

Your description of the vampire-squid elite is correct. As you mentioned, this would consist of those who own the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve plus various billionaires such as Soros, Buffet, Gates, the House of Saud, Carlos Slim, etc. - including those who own the media and the Hollywood propaganda machine. Whiskey (who pops in here from time to time) gives the number of squid families as 5000. It might even be less than that.

The media itself (not the owners, who are squids) - aka the Ministry of Truth - are part of what I refer to the nomenklatura. Other parts of it are all national-level politicians of both nominal political parties, the leadership of all major corporations and foundations, all Federal judges, the leadership of all major religious organizations, the upper officer-corps of the military and the leadership of all major academic institutions. These folks are the highly-paid servants of the squid elite and will invariably do as they are told, irrespective of lies they might state in public (Republicans are the best example of this).

Italian communist Antonio Gramsci proposed that the great revolution would not be accomplished in the west through violent overthrow, but via a "long march through the institutions". The long march is done. As one of the Ministry of Truth nomenklatura bluntly stated in the wake of D'Won's alleged re-election: "it's our country now". Indeed it is.

Melanie said...

@ Bogolyubski February 20, 2013 at 10:55 AM-

You are exactly correct about the "long march through the institutions", and that the march is finished. Once they infiltrated, and then took control of the military and the majority of "Christian" churches, the fat lady had sung. Those were just about the two most conservative institutions in America, and therefore the hardest nuts to crack, but they've finally cracked them. (Not to say that there aren't small pockets of Christianity which haven't succumbed, but those pockets were already outside the mainstream and had no influence anyway, as most of them have always been apolitical as a rule).

South Bender said...

@WeMustSecureOurFuture , I was working a Jewel on State Road 23 near Notre Dame in 1999, we had suitcases for sale of all the weird things, a group of blacks came in and started shucking and jiving all over the place, saw the suitcases and started yelling: "I want a WHITE MAN TO TAKE IT OFFS DA SHELFF" (they were up high) AND A BLACK MAN TO RING UZZ UP".
We didn't have any black cashiers at the time, and they were visibly pissed at paying the price that was on the shelf.