Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"More blacks, equals more crime; Less blacks, equals less crime" -- The Reality of the Gun Control Debate

Demography is destiny. 

In the case of the debate on gun control, we only need to look at the history in the city of Chicago for validation of this claim. 

No, it's: "More blacks, More crime; Less blacks, less crime"

In Al Capone's Chicago was 95 percent White, you learned that as the black population grew in Chicago, so did the crime and murder rate. It was in 1982 that the passing of one of the toughest gun control measures in all of America went through in Chicago, largely because of the insane rates of black crime in the city. 

Chicago, by the early 1980s, was almost 40 percent black -- which was the sole reason Harold Washington would be elected the cities first black mayor in 1983. 

You see, demography is destiny. 

Even in the gun control debate. 

Chicago's politicians made it illegal to have a new handgun in the city with the 1982 ordinance (only overturned in 2010); now, because of almost-exclusively black violence in the city of Chicago, Jesse Jackson is hoping Homeland Security/TSA can come save the day [Jesse Jackson pushes new 'Occupy' plan: Have Homeland Security occupy Chicago with armed TSA agents, Natural News, 2-4-13]:

Don't say we didn't warn ya, but now the long-anticipated plan for armed TSA agents to patrol U.S. cities has been invoked by none other than Jesse Jackson. 
Today he called on President Obama to unleash "Homeland Security" on the streets of Chicago, a city racked by murders and violence even though it has the strictest gun laws in the country. The only group within DHS that has the manpower to "occupy" a U.S. city is the TSA, a widely-hated government agency which has already begun running roadside checkpoints across the country. 
Jackson's call is essentially a demand that DHS send in armed agents (TSA with guns) because the situation is so bad in Chicago that "something must be done." 
But how did the situation in Chicago get so bad in the first place? 

"How did the situation in Chicago get so bad in the first place," asks Mike Adams of Natural News in the above quoted piece. 


The Great Migration of black people from the South imported crime to the city at rates not seen before they arrived and remade much of the city in their image (poverty, misery, and blight). 

It had nothing to do with 'banning guns' or the "More guns, equals less crime" canard -- it's simply "More blacks, equals more crime and less individual freedoms and liberties for everyone else" and "Less blacks, equals less crime and more individual freedoms and liberties."

That's the lesson of Chicago, where demography has been destiny in denying citizens their Second Amendment rights because black people have a propensity to engage in criminality and murder at rates dwarfing whites. 

What was crime like in Chicago before the black presence in the city (with crime, murder, poverty, and blight all produced by this racial group requiring greater government attention) required police state tactics to combat? [Will Today's Gangs Get Capone Treatment?, Chicago Tribune, 10-3-1993]:

The glamorization of Al Capone-era Chicago is just about complete. A gangland museum dedicated to the Capone days is doing brisk business, the Untouchables seem destined to go on forever in both TV and movie versions, and now a line of Capone-era trading cards is being marketed.

The trading cards-they are called "Chicago Mob Wars: Ness vs. Capone"-will contribute to the feeling that the gang-war days in old-time Chicago represent a nostalgic, action-packed past. And all of this raises some logical questions:
Fifty years from now, will Chicago's-and America's-1993-era street gangs be glamorized and marketed as a nostalgia item? Will the gangs that patrol our streets today be accorded the same affection and respect as the Capone-era gangs are?

"People are much more afraid now, and they should be," said Al Wolff, 90, the last surviving member of Eliot Ness' Untouchables. "As bad as the Capone-era gangs were, people were not afraid of them. You could sleep with the windows and doors open, and no one would bother you."
Wolff, who now lives in Cincinnati, said there will be nothing to glamorize about today's gangs. "These gangs now are much more dangerous than Capone was, and it's only going to get worse. In Capone's day, the average citizen had nothing to fear from the gangs. I was not fearful then, but I am now."
Rio Burke, also 90, was married to one of Capone's top lieutenants, a man named Dominick Roberto. "The gangs in Capone's day weren't anywhere near as dangerous as the gangs are today," she said. "Capone and his gangsters, they did their killings among themselves. They killed other gangsters.
"Today, the gangs don't care who they kill. Children, families-it doesn't matter to them. The only drive-by shootings in the days of Capone were aimed at specific gang members. The average citizen had no reason to be afraid of Capone or his gang members, but today the average citizen has every reason to be afraid of the gangs. The gangsters today are much worse people."
She said that in the days of the Capone gang, "I felt completely safe. Like I was in my mother's arms. Today I'm afraid to go around the corner. There is nothing good about these gangs."

George E.Q. Johnson, 76, is a Chicago attorney whose father was the federal prosecutor who put Capone in prison. "I am a little bit amused by the Capone museum and all the Capone memorabilia," he said. "I can't help being amused by it even though my father hated Al Capone, and everything that Capone stood for.
"But if they were ever to build museums and tourist attractions about today's street gangs, it would make me vomit. There is no parallel between the gangs on our streets today and the gangs of the Capone era. The needless, cruel, random killing that goes on today-say what you will about Capone, but his men were skillful people who didn't bother the average citizen. Now? Listen, my father was never afraid of Capone, but he would be awfully stupid if he weren't afraid of the gangs today. And my dad wasn't a stupid man. I know I'm afraid. There's something to be afraid of out there."

Powerful quotes about the difference in Al Capone's Chicago (95 percent white) and the Chicago of 1982 (40 percent black), where rates of black violence were so great that gun control measures - usually a tool used by dictators before rounding up dissidents - were enacted as an attempt to cut down black murder rates. 

Of course, even greater police state measures were mandatory as madness gripped the 99 percent black areas of Chicago in the early 1990s, especially the infamous Chicago Housing Authority Robert Taylor Homes [Taylor Homes Hit With Iron Fist, Chicago Tribune, 3-31-1994]:
Responding to scores of reports of shootings, special squads of 16 officers and two sergeants have begun patrolling the hallways and stairways at the Chicago Housing Authority's Robert Taylor Homes, Mayor Richard Daley announced Wednesday.
As the emotional level of outcry-from citizens and public officials-continued to rise, U.S. District Judge Wayne Andersen hastily called a hearing to state that he would allow systematic, apartment-by-apartment searches by police under certain circumstances.
Tanicia Harris, an 8th grader who introduced the mayor to the pupils, said she had seen CHA security guards cower at their posts when gangs attacked, and that a family member of hers had been shot at earlier in the week.
"Kids can't walk the porches at a certain time because the gangs might shoot at them or something," Harris said in a quiet moment. "They're shooting at kids and putting them in fear. We need to have sweeps. They're killing my friends. Don't people understand what's going on?

Before it was torn down, Robert Taylor Homes were 99 percent black -- the granddaughter, grandsons, sons, daughters, nieces, and nephews of those black people who made up "The Great Migration" calling it home. 

The conditions there... uniquely black, require extraordinary police state measures to control. 

Demography is destiny, especially in the gun control debate. 

But it all comes full-circle when reading Carl T. Bogus, from the Roger Williams University School of Law paper, titled GUN CONTROL AND AMERICA’S CITIES: PUBLIC POLICY AND POLITICS

It is here you learn the power of the simple phrase -- More blacks, equals more crime; Less blacks, equals less crime." Bogus writes:
Handgun violence is a special plague on the African-American community. Blacks compose only 12% of the United States population, but 39.3% of murder offenders and 49.5% of murder victims. 
 It is, however, a mistake to think of gun violence as a black problem. Zimring and Hawkins have made two especially revealing observations about this issue. 
First, they compared how United States homicide rates would compare to other high- income nations if all U.S. black offender cases were excluded. 
 Although this would cut the U.S. homicide rate nearly in half, the U.S. rate would still dwarf those of all other high-income nations. 
 It would still remain well over twice the Canadian rate, nearly seven times the British rate, and eight times the Japanese rate. “So,” Zimring and Hawkins write, “the total exclusion of offenses attributed to blacks would not alter the distinctive position of the United States as an industrial democracy with extraordinarily high rates of high-lethality violence.” 
 Second, they looked at the black and white rates with respect just to city-dwellers in five major U.S. cities, and found that this markedly reduces the discrepancies between the white and black offender rates for both robberies and murders. 
 They write: “So a major element in the explanation of the larger concentration of violence among African-Americans is the fact that they more often reside in cities where violent crime rates are high generally.” Not only are blacks more concentrated in cities but they are disproportionately concentrated in economically impoverished areas with failing schools and other problems. It is the interaction between handguns and socio-economic problems that is so deadly.  
Gun violence places an especially heavy burden on people living in the inner-cities and, as the black victim figure so clearly illustrates, on black America especially. As painful a question as it may be, we must nonetheless ask: Would we, as a nation, be as complacent about gun violence if whites were suffering from gun violence as much as blacks?
Mr. Bogus didn't break-out the Hispanic/Latino rate of gun violence in America. But Mr. Bogus did forget to mention that black people are the causes of the economically impoverished areas with failing schools and other problems. It's the interaction between black people and handguns, who have socio-economic problems because of the conditions they have created within their community making outside investors/entrepreneurs shy away from expansion in black urban areas, that makes black communities so deadly. 

Demography is always destiny. Never more so then in the gun control debate, where personal freedoms are laid to rest once the black population in a city reaches a certain percentage. Then, gun control is the first step to dealing with high rates of crime/robberies/assault/murder. 

The next step is door-to-door warrantless searches, as happened in 99 percent black Robert Taylor Homes in Chicago in 1994.

The final step is Homeland Security/TSA turning the city into a locked-down police state, at the request of Jesse Jackson (when he isn't protesting legal firearm sales).

Demography is destiny. It was behind the gun control ordinance based in Chicago back in 1982, and it's behind the call for Homeland Security/TSA today.


So CAL Snowman said...

"Handgun violence is a special plague on the African-American community."

"So a major element in the explanation of the larger concentration of violence among African-Americans is the fact that they more often reside in cities where violent crime rates are high generally.” Not only are blacks more concentrated in cities but they are disproportionately concentrated in economically impoverished areas with failing schools and other problems. It is the interaction between handguns and socio-economic problems that is so deadly."

Seriously how does Carl Bogus look at himself in the mirror everyday? I cannot comprehend the mindset of these indoctrinated individuals. Even when I was a liberal democRAT I understand that Mexico was a toilet because it was filled with Mexicans. So the reason black people are the victims of so much crime is due to their geographic location? I guess violence is just a naturally occurring commodity or a function of the weather patterns that just happens to be located wherever black people congregate in large numbers. It's just an unfortunate set of circumstances. The weather in Laguna Beach calls for sunny skies with highs in the mid-70s; the weather in Chicago is looking like murder with a touch of late afternoon armed burglary and assault, while overnight patterns indicate that looting and raping will occur sporadically. Those poor blacks are just victims of all that violent weather, hopefully most of them are inside when it hits. This is madness. How can the africans be expected to take personal responsibility (not that they ever would or could) for their actions, when the establishment media continues to blame their geographic location and inanimate objects like "failing schools" for their current sate of being?

Anonymous said...

The only way to put a stop to black violence is to adopt the harshest possible measures- namely, going in and blowing their damn heads off and then blowing the heads off the rest of them when they start rioting because their cousin Lamarcus the murderer, drug dealer, rapist done got shotted and it be racism!
No amount of talk will stop their violence nor will delusional social programs or appeals to reason. They don't care what society thinks or wants or how they're viewed. Nor do they care about getting a ten dollar an hour chump change job when they can earn thousands per week dealing drugs or sit at home chillin' and living off of welfare, ebt, section 8 and other handouts.
They will never conduct themselves as civilized people nor be an asset to any nation.
The only way to get a handle on the situation is to slap them down so damn hard they can't get up again. Otherwise, everything will remain on repeat mode and grow worse year by year as has been happening for decades.
The choice is simple. Take the "easy way out" and let things go on the way they are and continue the spiral down into a third world toilet of a nation or make the harder choice and put a stop to their bullshit once and for all and have a future as a nation. It really is that clear.

Anonymous said...

Pk you are incredible. You take many of the anecdotes, which many of the race realist crowd discuss, and you dig out the most relevant data and testimony to provide a solid empirical base to the common knowledge that anyone with an ounce of honesty already knows about race.
On top of the obvious knack for discernment and skills in quick topical research, your writing also proves to entertain and inspire, and you do it every day.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

amen, So CAL Snowman - when you ask blacks to take personal responsibility, the democRATS say "you're blaming the victim!" - even Bill Cosby gets lambasted when telling blacks to take personal responsibility. as the 2nd commenter says, taking the harshest possible measures is the only thing that works - e.g., look at the few successful black dictators in africa. it takes stern measures to keep the uncivilized/uncivilizable in line. slavery/jim crow worked - & the few that could earn it thru personal responisibility - became free men.

PDK said...

Agian, in my humble opinion, gun control is first and foremost about destroying our Constition as liberal/democrats do not want a Republic, but rather, a socialist democracy.

Gun control is the next big step to destroy our Founding Fathers America, as say, the Immigration and Reform Act of 1965 was a big step, in the destruction of America, direction.

Secession into a white nationist, free enerprise Republic, owned, operated and controlled by non-liberal whites is the only viable, long term solution I see. Thanks.


If we as a nation, could get blacks to exchange their unatural weaponry, hand guns, assualt rifles, shotguns and other rifles, for their more natural stone age spears, we whites would stand a better chance when confronted by them, and further, at least hopefully, black on black violence would remain just as deadly.

Mr. Rational said...

Mr. Bogus didn't break-out the Hispanic/Latino rate of gun violence in America.

Mr. (aptly named) Bogus can't break it out, because the FBI UCR data lumps Hispanic and Latino offenders (but NOT victims!) with Whites.  Thus, US White offender rates are greatly exaggerated.

The only way to put a stop to black violence is to adopt the harshest possible measures- namely, going in and blowing their damn heads off and then blowing the heads off the rest of them when they start rioting because their cousin Lamarcus the murderer, drug dealer, rapist done got shotted and it be racism!

I fear that you'd have to take the suggestion of Dick the butcher (Henry the Sixth) before you would have a prayer of finishing that job before they came to finish you.  You'd probably have to add most of the faculty of the humanities departments of every university in the USA, and every "diversity" officer in every private corporation.

Anonymous said...

The traditional race/gun statistics that Mr. Bogus probably uses are flawed because they include large proportions of "unknown/unsolved" homicides. Where the race of both the murderer and the victim are known, blacks are more than 2 times likely to kill white people, but you would come to a dramatically different conclusion by viewing Mr. Bogus's claimed statistics. The reality is that most of the "unsolved/unreported race" murders happen in black neighborhoods/cities, be it the government themselves masking the statistics or they go unsolved because of "stop snitching" beliefs. Of course, it's damn convienient that hispanic rates also get melded in many of the statistics into the white category.

The bottom line is you cannot compare the United States to other nations. In fact, amongst white Americans, it is rather remarkable how low the Homicide rate is in view of gun ownership. The societal cost is a few white people per hundred thousand people commit a homicide. What is lost in this, is that how many of 2 per 100,000 homicides are to secure life, liberty, and property from criminals, most of which are black and hispanic?

In other words, Mr. Bogus's point essentially paraphrasing, "remove all black homicides and white Americans still are X amount more homicides per 100,000 than nation Y" wholly misses the mark.

The question as I see it as follows: what would England's (or Japan's for that matter) homicide rate be if we replaced their largely white and asian population with corresponding numbers of random blacks and hispanics as in the United States. So for example, what if we replaced 16 million white and asian Britons with 6 million randomonly selected African Americans and another 8 million randomnly selected Hispanic Americans? Now consider what would happen to America's homicide rate with a sudden replacement of 16 million white and asian Brits? Perhaps just posing the question is to answer it. Could you imagine what would happen to England on such a small island with such a horde of diversity, without guns to protect themselves and property? I am reminded of a cross between the Nation of Haiti and the 28 Days/Weeks/Months Later movie series.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I saw the Jesse (race card) Jackson clip where he wants the DHS to save Chicago from all this nasty gun violence. Never did he use the B-WORD (blacks) in reference to who was doing all the shooting. It seems now the B-WORD is as forbidden to use as the N-WORD. Soon the words "youths, teenagers and kids" will become taboo. They will be called PERSONS as in "Today six persons beat, robbed and raped a senior citizen after breaking into her home."

Jesse the Jerk also mentioned that people who believe in the Second Amendment were all "terrorist" because it was their fault that this gun violence was taking place.

I just read on YAHOO that Kansas State was getting ready to sign a 300 pound Ghetto Gorilla football player, but he just got arrested for a violent armed robbery in January. As I read the story I just started laughing. It seems that I am living in a world gone mad.

Harold Westerling said...

I get down on my knees every day and thank God for this blog...this shining beacon of truth...this island of enlightenment in a sea of idiotic denial. Who else but PK would have the courage to state the blatantly obvious? I know there are some other sites that do, but this one just seems to pull it all together for the one-two punch of brutal honesty...something every thinking person in America could use.

Keep it up are sustaining all of us during these most trying times!

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. I've been reading the "blacks are main victims of gun violence" trope forever. Thanks for the quotes from people with personal knowledge of Capone-era Chicago.

Bogolyubski said...

SoCAL Snowman:
Seriously how does Carl Bogus look at himself in the mirror everyday? Looks like the most-appropriately named Professor Bogus might be a shill for Conservatism, Inc.

Whether he is or not, it goes back to the point I made about Ed Morrissey the other day. Since there were few comments on that thread, here it is again:

"Morrissey isn't a moron, Paul. He knows about the demographic mix of Emmanuelville and he's lying through his teeth. For damned good reason, too. If he dared to tell the truth, he'd be out of a job in less than 24 hours. No more career prospects - ever. Washed up and cast out here in the cesspool with folks like Larry Auster.

What is Conservatism, Inc.? It's the media version of Republicans, owned by the same folks who own the Republicans. That way, they can say to the conservative idiocracy:

You see, it is still a free country - there is a real opposition to the Lame-Stream/Drive-By media!

I'm calling bullshit. Conservatism, Inc. is a controlled opposition. It's fake to the core and operates under the same equalitarian assumptions the open Marxists do. Look at what happened to Derb and Buchanan last year if you don't believe me or think I'm exaggerating.

Theordore Dalrymple (pseudonym) described the situation we presently live under here in the Banksta Banana Republick quite exactly around a decade ago:

Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Bogus no doubt likes his comfy Law Prof. job. If he dared to tell the truth - which he might very well know already (or could find out with some rather basic research) - he would lose his job, tenure or no tenure. Look at what happened to James Watson when he made a mention of the verboten subject: He was forced out of the institute he actually founded. Now, just who has this frightening level of control? Blacks? Housenigga Hussein and Eric Holder?

MuayTyson said...

Way Off Topic.

I was thinking how I am in a constant state of disbelief of the modern Western world. I vasilate between anger, depression, and just incredulousness. How do Liberals think? Why do they think the way they do? Why do so many Whites want to self destruct?

I remembered a show I watched about Toxoplasma and it's effect on rats. Rats have a genetic fear of cats and cat urine. A lab raised rat that has never seen a cat for multiple generations will still show signs of fear and anxity when exposed to cat urine. That is until it is infected with the Toxoplasma parasite. Now the infected rat will take more risks and even seek out cat urine and by proxy cats.

Apperently the lifecycle of this parasite includes making rats take unnatural risks increasing the odds of being eaten. This passes the parasite from rat to cat and so on.

Humans to can be affected by this parasite. If you think of Liberals and you think of why they behave the way they do is even social credit enough to explain their complete lack of reality?

I really wonder if this parasite can be held accountable for Liberal behavior.

Here is a study I am curious to know what you all think.

There are many more studies maybe there is an answer?

lenzap said...

“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

Anonymous said...

"Blacks compose only 12% of the United States population"

That may be true but at that percentage when the US hits the half million mark there may be 60 million blacks in the US of A.
Even though blacks kill each other at great rates and abortion is maybe higher with blacks they still seem to out reproduce white people. Blacks are more aggressive in general and will always out-reproduce others.
When we were propagandized about zero population growth in the sixties and seventies, it seems that the only people who took that that to heart were people who could read and understand fairly well.
The only ones who don't practice zero population growth are blacks, well because that would be genocide.
The great society program is a total failure. The evil results of unintended consequences.

Lord Drek said...

Black family suing because guy in a rabbit suit at Disney park wouldn't--in their words--touch their children. They were offered $500(!) AND day passes, but naturally, they're after as much as they can get, as well as publicity. I guess every negro has his day.

Don M said...

lenzap said...

“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

Yep. Just look at Chuck Hagel. Now his confirmation vote has been postponed over a "sexual harassment" issue that occurred between staffers, Hagel wasn't even involved!

Chief among the tormenters who are employing the Alinsky method against him are the Pink Palmetto Princess, Lindsey Graham and Juan McAmnesty.

Bogolyubski (Moi dorogi brat,) you are 100% correct. The Republicans are nothing but controlled opposition. Controlled by whom? Well, there is a reason they are called Those-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Anonymous said...

Black preacher in Indianapolis calls for return of Jim Crow:

"Harrison said Indianapolis malls might need to consider banning unsupervised juveniles."

Anonymous said...

This is so true. They only understand and respond to violent and aggressive actions. The children will need to be housed in a boarding school and deprogrammed so they can assimilate into normal society.

Anonymous said...

Banning black people would be a much more effective and responsible way to reduce crime than banning guns.

Anonymous said...

*and its effect*

Anonymous said...

Then don’t you know that when the TSA or whomever starts arresting and killing a vast majority of black perps Jackson will be yelling ‘discrimination’

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rational: When the crunch comes, I doubt that the faculty you speak of and diversity officers in corporations would do more than squeal in protest. They're little more than talkers and would run away when confronted with a fierce and determined opponent who was not impressed nor susceptible to their verbal garbage. The same goes for the majority of libtards~ their forte is simply running their mouths. They'd never commit to taking a stand where they actually had to risk anything of consequence themselves.
In that regard, remember the words of Desmond Tutu of South Africa on the subject as even he knew the nature of libtards: A liberal is someone who will support you as long as they have nothing to lose/there is no risk to themselves.
Not a direct quote as I can't recall the exact words but the meaning and message is the same.
OF course, the SA libtards did have a lot to lose but were too stupid to know it and suffered the consequences just as libtards in America would if they ultimately achieved their goals and dragged everything and everyone down along with themselves.
Can anyone honestly imagine an army of libtards? They won't abandon their ivory towers at the universities and the run of the mill coffee shop libtard would never risk spilling his double mocha latte with foam.

FYT said...

"Jackson's call is essentially a demand that DHS send in armed agents (TSA with guns) because the situation is so bad in Chicago that "something must be done."

So, because blacks cannot live as a free people, we are all to live under a tyrannical federal government that posts armed agents on our streets?

These fascists will use black dysfunction as a reason to enslave white people.

10mm AUTO said...

I am afraid I agree. I don't say this with a happy heart, because it means that many paths are closed to us, legal and moral issues aside.

Further, the Mexicans are the new blacks, with every effort being made to drive the black back and make room for the "Hispanic". Instead of driving them back to mexico, they will now share in our health care system, our educational system, our political system and our labor pool as low level workers. Why? They are more controllable, or so the squids think.

In actuality, what we will end up doing is carving off a large section of the USA as Aztlan with little or no fight.

But back to the negro; it will never be possible to disarm the Orc and peaceably coexist. Given their nature and that it IS a function of their nature, there is no "fixing" this in the cultural realm, at least in ways that are remotely acceptable (for example the negro might be disarmed and pacified by the re-institution of slavery and chemical sterilization negros here in the USA, but it is impossible to see the political order having the political will to do so.) Given the situation as it exists, I must agree with the commentators about a Northwest Homeland. If it has gotten this bad in a mere 30 to 50 years, imagine how it will be in another 30, or 50! Where vast areas of the Country are "no go" zones or, more likely, the local warlord must be paid to cross his "turf". Detroit is a shock because it "turned" so quickly, but as Paul points out MANY more cities are on the tipping point and our legal system is run by orcs who deny legal rights to Whites. I don't like Hate crime laws as such, but they are there to spit in the White man's face. They are political patronage. Their protection is denied to Whites but happily used to hammer Whites as "racist". The White who shoots a black in Self-Defense is loaded with charges including hate crimes on a citizen WHO ALREADY is one of the least violent and therefore is 1) not familiar with the "legal system" and 2) has to use his own money to defend himself and 3) finds jail a horror with the loss of freedom, loss of his business, professional licenses and possibly his family. This is the type of person who "pleads" while throwing $100,000 on the table for a private lawyer.

The Orcs, on the other hand do not find jail too bad, have vast experience with the system and its free lawyers, may have a huge number of prior convictions and they and their nestmates know how to play the system and are assured that their will be racial "marches" and protection even if they are guilty, like the Jena 6.

Jorg Zimmerman is a perfect case in point.

I don't see improvement, I see continued degradation in our racial position. Even our political class seems complicit in our demise.

Physical segregation is the only way.

Mr. Ken said...

TSA patrolling the streets...come on. Take a good look at the screeners the next time you fly. Do you really think these are qualified police officers? Hardly. In fact, most of them are overpaid mall cops with little or no law enforcement background. Give me a break.

10mm AUTO said...

A quick asides. The article on parasite behavioral change is interesting MuayTyson, I have noticed the same change in people who have had dental work to remove latent infections. One such example is a woman who had drank for 30 years (mean drunk) and it was found that she had a very old wisdom tooth infection. It was removed and she quit drinking the next day. Evidently the poisons from the infection were causing her to self-medicate. This has also been seen in people who have had blast wounds in combat where they try to "save" the limb and latent infections ruin their lives till they finally remove the limb and the person recovers, a changed person!

Second aside: Has anyone noticed the increase in police shootings where the Officer is shot in the face, head or neck? The negros are switching targets because they are looking to go around the body armor. I have maybe 30 examples in the last 6 months alone. Here in one from a day or so ago. (See: )

Mr. Rational said...

Can anyone honestly imagine an army of libtards? They won't abandon their ivory towers at the universities and the run of the mill coffee shop libtard would never risk spilling his double mocha latte with foam.

No.  They will just agigate to have you thrown out of your job, vote in prosecutors who will jail you for putting down the mobs, and otherwise make you suffer for saving their sorry asses from the orcs.  They will employ the press and the state against you, not anything personal.

This goes double if their personal well-being depends on Diversity, Inc. or snivel rights.  If you don't want to be the next George Zimmerman, you either have to be anonymous or have somebody willing to deal with the ACLU and NAACP and USDOJ CRD on your behalf... in some way that does not ruin you with legal expenses or emotional trauma even if you serve no time and pay no settlement.

We live under the Second Reconstruction, without even the excuse of armed rebellion against over-reaching authority.  Our institutions are run by genocidal anti-Whites.  The further this goes, the easier and easier it is to understand lynching.

Tom said...

"Handgun violence is a special plague on the African-American community. "

Libs are endlessly clever in their ability to deflect blame and hide the truth. Calling indiscriminate killing by blacks a "plague" implies that it's just an unfortunate condition that just happened to poor unfortunates, with no accompanying responsibility of course. Thanks to this site and maybe a few others that are getting the truth out. I hope it's not too little, too late. Whites need to wake up.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Jesse Jackson Jr is headed to prison for misuse of campaign funds.
See Bill Kelly for how the sycophantic Chicago media covered up for Jesse Jr so he would go to jail over attempting to bribe his way into Obama's Old Senate Seat.

The old Rev Jackson has fought the implementation of Stop,Question and Frisk, Crimestat and Broke Windows law enforcement techniques for decades.

Now JJ wants TSA and HLS involved in policing Chicago because he believes it will mean a boat load of federal jobs all coming under Affirmative Action guidelines, which means lots of do nothing jobs for "his people". The real policing will still have to be done by Chicago Cops. I would not doubt that JJ thinks hiring "ex-gangbanger" to help keep young ones from killing each other would be a great idea.


Chicago will very quickly be suffering a new GREAT MIGRATION.

The State of Illinois passed driver's licenses for Illegal Aliens. Combined with Illinois's very generous welfare benefits, driver licenses will be a huge incentive for illegals from across the country and the world to flock to Chicago.

Blacks are already being displaced from the labor market and several traditionally black neighborhoods in Chicago. Tensions between blacks and Hispanics will only get worse.

josh said...

A comment on the TSA:When Daley put Jody Weis-an FBI guy and Non-Chicagoan--in charge of the cops,he attacked the cop culture. White guys who had extensive knowledege of the gangs and their doings and who had implemented programs and tactics to counter them,were shitcanned.(They tended,like Joe Cronin,the best man on gangs in Chicago,to be Irish.There may have been some ethnic fuck you-ism involved.) The knowledge these guys had was thrown out. The cops moved away from Special Units---whiteys getting together:bad.--and put those cops among the general force.The struggle between those who like specialized "elite" forces and those who hate them is always in play in military and para-military settings.McCarthy comes from NYC where they have a great system of stop & frisk. Its highly effective. It would be fun if they tried that here. So the Chicago cops hamstrung themselves and now Jesse Jackson--facing a lawsuit alleging that he forced a gay man to touch his Lil Jesse--wants the moronic buffoons of TSA to patrol the streets. Then we'll just have ANUVVA gang to worry about!! Screw n*****s!!

Anonymous said...

I am hispanic and regularly visit this site.
The term "hispanic" has to be done away with once and for all, and people from central and south america be designated as either white, native, black, meztizo, or other. Doing so would lower the white crime statistics significantly, and also predictably raise the black numbers.

If america became 1/2 black and americans emigrated to say Norway, would white americans want to be blamed for the crimes the black americans will invariably commit there?

Californian said...

MuayTyson said... I was thinking how I am in a constant state of disbelief of the modern Western world. I vasilate between anger, depression, and just incredulousness. How do Liberals think? Why do they think the way they do? Why do so many Whites want to self destruct?

James Burnham, in his "Suicide of the West" has an analysis of modern liberalism. Broadly, he sees liberalism as an ideology developed in response to the Decline of the West. Following World War II, Western elites lacked the will to power to maintain Western civilization in the face of communism and third world revolution.

So liberals invented a fantasy world in which retreat becomes advance, and the enemy becomes friends. In this worldview, the ethnic cleansing of white people from Rhodesia or Algeria or Detroit or Paris suburbs becomes an advance for democracy, social justice, universal brotherhood, and the rest of the "good" stuff. Look at how liberals demonized white South Africans, yet turn a Nelson Mandela (a convicted marxist terrorist) into a messianic figure.

Call it Stockholm Syndrome on a global scale.

Burnham also points out that liberals are motivated by irrational impulses, especially "guilt," which morally disarms them. The decline of religion has something to do with this, since religion has been a means to deal with guilt and other irrationalities. Liberalism, being secular, channels guilt into surrenders of power and privilege.

Look at the Amy Biehl family. They were more than willing to sacrifice their child in the name of liberalism. (Not even Abraham was allowed to do that in the Old Testament!) Effectively, liberalism plays to liberals as a quasi-religious experience. They can assume moral superiority even as the real world comes crashing down about them. Look at the number of South African white liberals who worked to end apartheid, only to wake up only after the full horror of black-majority-rule was in their faces (and then they ran for the hills).

Most liberals, though will not wake up. (Some apparently have, judging from posts on SBPDL.)

For blacks, third worlders and out-and-out communists (and I suppose today, Muslim), liberalism has a completely different meaning. They may use the lofty rhetoric but their objective is political power. They know how to "play" liberals by talking about "tolerance" and "equality," and by exploiting liberal guilt, but this is a cover for cynical power grabs -- look at how the NAACP and its comrades promote de facto black supremacy via rackets such as affirmative action, MLK worship, etc.

One question is, why has the opposition to liberalism been so ineffective? The USA did had a supposed conservative revolution with Ronald Reagan. But during his presidency, the situation continued to disintegrate.

It's worth getting a copy of "Suicide of the West" because it is one of the single best analyses of liberalism out there. Burnham has inspired many paleo-conservatives and race realist intellectuals. The book was written in the early 1960s, yet is even more applicable today.

Californian said...

One other point that Burnham makes is that liberals tend to be the personality type which Machiavelli terms "foxes," people who work by manipulation. This is opposed to the "lions," who work by force. This is why so many liberals can be found in universities, media, bureaucracies, NGOs, etc.

This is opposed to the "lions" who might be found in the armed forces, police departments, gun clubs, and even the old line two-fisted labor unions.

I have observed this personally about people who buy into the liberal party line. To be uncharitable, they seem to be wusses. Underneath the lofty rhetoric about equality for blacks, liberals are afraid of blacks. Blacks after all have high rates of violent crime, do form gangs, and are flash mobbing as well as burning down entire cities. Blacks, by their mere physical presence, can dominate wussy whites.

So liberals invent a magic world in which blacks are really the victims, to be "saved" by liberals via education, welfare and positive role models on the telescreen.

Look at the movies where a white teacher goes into the ghetto and brings order to inner city youth; or takes a black kid into their home and turns them into a champion athlete or star pupil. It's the old Noble Savage routine.

It's a cover for being afraid.

Another example: liberals tell me that the reason they want gun control is that they are afraid of gun owners. They want protection not from the criminals, but against their law-abiding gun owning neighbor who might cap off a few rounds in the heat of an argument. More fundamentally, that law-abiding gun owning neighbor has more personal power than the liberal simply by virtue of possession of a firearm. Thus they must be brought low in the name of equality.

This is why you have to look at the politics behind gun control. And the psychology. No matter how much you quote the NRA stats on firearms safety, you are not dealing with the real issue--that the foxes fear the lions.

It goes back to liberalism being an expression of irrational impulses. The dilemma becomes, how do you restore rationality to a society which is going bonkers?

Anonymous said...

And Obama says"Exellent,our plans are comming together nicely".

Anonymous said...


Dorner is wanted in the killings of Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, who were found shot to death in their car at a parking structure Sunday night, Irvine police Chief David L. Maggard said at a news conference Wednesday night.

Dorner, 33, implicated himself in the killings with a multi-page "manifesto" that he wrote that included threats against several people, including members of the LAPD, police said. They gave no further details on the document or its contents.

Early Thursday morning, officers guarding a target in the manifesto shot and wounded two women in Torrance who were in a pickup.

Report: Police shoot 2 in search for ex-cop Dorner
Ex-LAPD officer: Killings "a necessary evil"

Quan, 28, was an assistant women's basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton. Lawrence, 27, was a public safety officer at the University of Southern California.

The killings brought mourning and disbelief at three college campuses, Fullerton, USC, and Concordia University, where the two met when they were both students and basketball players.

Police said the U.S. Navy reservist may be driving a blue 2005 Nissan Titan pickup truck with a Department of Defense sticker on it. His last known address was in La Palma in northern Orange County near Fullerton. He is believed to be carrying multiple weapons, including rifles.

Dorner was with the department from 2005 until 2008, when he was fired for making false statements.

Quan's father, a former LAPD captain who became a lawyer in retirement, represented Dorner in front of the Board of Rights, a tribunal that ruled against Dorner at the time of his dismissal, LAPD Capt. William Hayes told The Associated Press Wednesday night.

Randal Quan retired in 2002. He later served as chief of police at Cal Poly Pomona before he started practicing law.

According to documents from a court of appeals hearing in October 2011, Dorner was fired from the LAPD after he made a complaint against his field training officer, Sgt. Teresa Evans. Dorner said that in the course of an arrest, Evans kicked suspect Christopher Gettler, a schizophrenic with severe dementia.

Anonymous said...

Dont think for a second that these liberal white writers and commentators dont know the truth about black crime and disfunction. They know exactly where the ploblem lies. They do want ever they can to swithch the blame to whitey. They accomplish this by disinformation and withholding information. They hope that they will be concidered crusaders for the cause and be looked favorably on by their new rulers. These poeple are the worst kind of cowardly traders, the kind that would stand by wimpering while some negro raped his wife, begging for them not to hurt him. "Please dont hurt me, im like you I understand, your just a victim of white privilige. I hate whitey too."

Anonymous said...

Rampaging Black Racist Cop Targeting Whites:

"Those Caucasian officers who join South Bureau divisions (77th,SW,SE, an Harbor) with the sole intent to victimize minorities who are uneducated, and unaware of criminal law, civil law, and civil rights. You prefer the South bureau because a use of force/deadly force is likely and the individual you use UOF on will likely not report it. You are a high value target."

Anonymous said...

Thats wonderful the TSA is made up of a majority black and immigrant workforce. The back ground checks of these employees was way less stringent that those of legitimate law inforcement agencey in an effort to put more of Obamas people to work. Putting guns in the hands of these people and turning them loose on American cities is ridiculous and danegerous. It will be like Somalia with warlords controlling parts of the city.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, this thing gets better and better!

This is the complete on-line rant from the rampaging black liberal copy on the loose in CA:

Download it now before it disappears from the internet.

I love the long rant against assault weapons, not realizing the irony of us needing assault weapons to protect ourselves from ramping black military trained psycho cops!!

SwampThizzle said...

Mr. Bogus, LOL! It isn't enough for the guy to be clearly full of shit, his name has to literally be Bogus. Who says there is no truth in advertising anymore?

Off-topic but awesome: a black family (named Black - you just can't make this stuff up) is suing Disneyland because their children were perceived to be snubbed by [the guy or girl in a fuzzy costume playing] the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland. Paul, please do an article on this one. If I were you I'd call it "One Pill Makes You Larger..." but hey, that's just me. Feel free to use it.

Anonymous said...

Having the TSA patrolling place like Chicago and Detroit might be a good way to thin 'em out. The TSA agents that is.

Anonymous said...

If I were to theorize about the cop gone wild from a conspiracy angle, i'd assume he's used to fill a gap. The subject is approached from 2 sides 1- gun crimes are committed by black youth. 2- gun crimes are committed by crazy white men who are racist.
This cop just adds something to the collective conscience about more ' legitimate' people being unable to control themselves thus necessitating more gun control.All bases are being covered.
Notice in news that they're asking people to cower before this man .You'd think that the police would ask the public to arm themselves and be prepared if they lived in the area.

Pat Boyle said...

I presume that most readers know about the way the FBI classifies crimes by race, but I'll repeat it again in case someone has missed it. It is very relevant.

The FBI considers there to be only three major races: white, black and Asian. So if an illegal alien from Mexico or Guatemala commits a crime in Los Angeles he will probably be classified as white.

This is why you get analyses like the one quoted in Paul's article by Bogus that point to all the white crime. Most of those criminals are not white at all. They're Mexicans. In the past few years violent crime in Southern California has skyrocketed from illegal aliens. To the FBI this looks like a sudden surge in white crime.

The Pew Hispanic Center says that 40% of all federal prisoners are Hispanic but in the Uniform Crime Reports almost all of them will be classified as white. Almost three quarters of all these "Hispanics" are not even American citizens.

The most violent peoples are the blacks. Next most violent are the predominantly Amerindian Mexicans and other Latins. At the bottom are the East Asians and just above them are the Non-Hispanic whites.

The FBI has chosen a set of data conventions that hides the gulf between whites and blacks in crime. It is commonly said that blacks commit about six times as many violent acts per capita as whites. Not so! The real difference between blacks and non-Hispanic whites is more like ten to one.


Ivan .M said...

Anon [February 7, 2013 at 10:55 AM]: "I am hispanic and regularly visit this site.
The term 'hispanic' has to be done away with once and for all, and people from central and south america be designated as either white, native, black, meztizo, or other. Doing so would lower the white crime statistics significantly, and also predictably raise the black numbers.

If america became 1/2 black and americans emigrated to say Norway, would white americans want to be blamed for the crimes the black americans will invariably commit there?"

Your closing remark emits the odor of apologetics.

Sure, I acknowledge that Hispanics of different ancestral compositions vary in their cognitive and behavioral traits. Being Hispanic myself (I'm of a brown mongoloid phenotype), I know as much anecdotally. Crime data from Latin American countries has validated these experiences.

At the end of the day, however, Hispanics in the United States largely think and act as one tribe when power is up for grabs. The several nationalities among Hispanics may see themselves as separate from one another on a daily basis, but dangle some largess in front of them and they band together, Whitey and all other nonhispanics be damned.

Like it or not, estranged from or sympathetic to our parent group, you and I are co-ethnics here. The white readers of SBPDL are not interested in excuses or attempts to deflect responsibility.

Either give a sincere indication of your will to help reign Hispanics in, or oppose their massive and increasing presence altogether. Anything else is just a cop-out.

whisker child said...

To Ivan M:

We've tried in vain to throw them out- see California's Prop 187, overthrown by an activist judge.

Obama just put in writing, an order to put into place non-enforcement orders on the US/Mexican border.

The bastard wants them here.

Anonymous said...

Disneyland is getting clogged with them and Disneyworld will soon follow. Next the rides will be racist and the lack if black cast members will be racist.

Anonymous said...

Most TSA workers in Chicago live in the hoods.

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill, De'Iversitee kills!

Anonymous said...

Ivan .M: I see your point and would have to agree that an attempt to subcategorize hispanics by race, though making some hispanics feel better, would not contribute to a solution to the problem. I suppose it was a bit of solipsism on my part to assume that hispanics would cease to identify themselves as such even when certain political interests attempt to pander to them.

As far as reigning them in is concerned, that would require me being politically active within the hispanic community, a community which I have absolutely no interest in. I vehemently oppose an open door immigration policy; all borders should be guarded mercilessly, and Puerto Rico should be removed of its common-wealth status. I've had to live around members of my "parent group" and know well enough that I'd rather not.

Anonymous said...

Banning blacks? Lol. What will that do? We have a black president. An African American man is part of the Supreme Court Justices. You people have so much unreasonable dreams for America. If you want to ban blacks because of crimes, you're definitely simple minded. We all know that America is the land for a new life, of course. America is safe; it's just the people who are ungrateful. The many little crimes that blacks commit are so minor compared the the Sandy Hooks Shooting, The Columbine High School massacre, The Colorado shooting, etc. Let's not forget that whites rob, burglarize, shoot, and steal also. Not even just whites but other races as well.

I just don't understand how you people let Blacks get you so angry that you'd want to ban them. You're giving Blacks a reason to stay. I've showed this blog to many Blacks and they all laughed at it. Oh, and guess what? They're all successful. You're giving Blacks, like myself for instance, another reason to be more successful; a reason to show you people that not ALL blacks commit crimes.

It's one thing bash on ONE person for something unethical but it's another thing to bash on A RACE for doing unethical things. No race is greater than the next. I just don't understand why people fail to realize this statement.

-17 year old African American

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a quick point:

Black killers make up more than half of the "known" murderers. We also know that black people are killed by black people around 95% of the time.

So I think its fairly safe to say that that 39.3% of murder offenders number Bogus mentions is wrong and its more than likely 50% or greater.

AnalogMan said...

I just don't understand why people fail to realize this statement.

-17 year old African American

Yeah, I know. I remember when I was 17 years old, I also knew everything.

Anonymous said...

All you have to do to have your racists little minds blown is look into the history of the Cabbagetown neighborhood in Atlanta.

Get back to me when your assumptions are upended.

Good luck to y'all. Try to remember Mark Twain's truism as you continue to digest this blog: "There are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies, and statistics"

Anonymous said...

I looked up Cabbagetown- a community originally built by a German Jew in the early part of the 20th century around a cotton packaging plant that fell on hard times in the 70's and 80's. Revitalized by white people who are the historic residents. They have a Chili Cook off and Bluegrass festival called Chomp and Stomp. Saw lots of photographs of nothing but white people.
It's great to see one area that groids haven't been able to invade and destroy.

Anonymous said...

Experience, truth and wisdom are what we work with. The stats only strengthen our case.

Melanie said...

@ the 17 yo "African-American"-

There are a disproportionate amount, to their population, of black (not "African-American", you bozo) serial killers and mass murderers, they just aren't trumpeted by the media. If you'd invested half the amount of time in informing yourself that you have beating your chest and engaging in apologetics, you'd know this. But I know that's a forlorn hope, that you'd inform yourself first before speaking.

Ban blacks? What about the simple, Constitutionally-protected and God-given right of freedom of association? The right to self-segregate for so-minded whites? Blacks do it, every race does it-only whites are forbidden. Why would that be? Why do blacks try so hard to deny their "oppressors" the right to stay away from you? Wouldn't that be a good thing for you, for your "oppressors" to voluntary remain apart from you? Is there any good reason you wouldn't want them to be able to do so, in their own communities?

Melanie said...

You know what's amusing, Anonymous at 9:29 AM? I didn't even bother to check the link, because I already knew that there would be information which put it into perspective, that this dummy just seemed to believe no one could find or see. That's the way they operate-if they just yell, harangue, beat their chests enough, they seem to believe that people have no way to find out the details and see the whole picture. As if someone will just take their word for it, or be distracted by their bravado, or something. When the information is out there, just as with black serial killers and mass murderers. They're so used to white/media self-censorship, that they seem to have come to believe that people don't know or can't find out. They're so used to whites and their complicit media just biting their tongues and not speaking the truth.

Now I'll go look up "Cabbage town", and get the whole truth.

Anonymous said...

"...No race is greater than the next..."

The white race is indeed greater than the black race.

-Sweep the leg-

SwampThizzle said...

Good luck to y'all. Try to remember Mark Twain's truism as you continue to digest this blog: "There are three types of lies. Lies, damn lies, and statistics"

@Anonymous Moolie Fucktard 8:12AM: That was 19th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who said that. Twain merely popularized it. But no worries, I don't expect you to correctly attribute that quote because it involves reading stuff and going to school.,_damned_lies,_and_statistics

SKIP said...

", I don't expect you to correctly attribute that quote because it involves reading stuff and going to school.

Swamp Thizzle! I am guilty of that too, I didn't know that was not Mark Twain and had just heard it attributed to Twain. I didn't read Twain and don't care for his works but I did a report in school (when all were doing Twain) on the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and one on WWII by Liddel Hart, just never got into Twain...I DID get an A on both of them with some criticism for such a long book report. OH! thanks for the enlightenment.

SKIP said...

"Saw lots of photographs of nothing but white people.

Wanna see nothing but White people?? Watch as the Special Operations troops prepare for an outgoing mission here in Afghaninstan and also the same happened in Iraq etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

If I was not a full on convert already, this post alone would of done the trick. Also to the regular posters on this site, and the author, thank you. And know that there are many sm. Town avg. Joe factory workers , like my co-workers , and myself that are reading every article, and comment. We are aware , and at the ready. Many of us are making our feelng known , by the ways we spend our earnings, and the establishments we suppot. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

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