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Smothered and Covered -- The Underground Atlanta "Waffle House" Fiasco and the Black History of a Failed Entertainment Complex

Underground Atlanta is one of the great failures in modern mixed-use commercial real estate development. Located in the heart of black Atlanta, suburban residents have long stayed away from this economically untenable part of downtown Atlanta because of the perception of it being a "high-crime" hangout for black people.
20 percent surcharge for customers eating at the Underground Atlanta location -- to pay for security to keep the establishment safe from high rates of black crime

Mayor Andrew Young invested more than $100 million in the 1980s to try and refurbish Underground Atlanta - what he dubbed "public-purpose" capitalism - in the process creating a much needed entertainment in the heart of the city. More importantly, it was an attempt to create some form of tax-revenue; with the city being 66 percent black (and most of these citizens subsisting on public handouts), the tax-base was eroding quickly.

Tamar Jacoby "Someone Else's House" spent an entire chapter devoted to the scheme; Jacoby notes that Mayor Young pumped the money into Underground Atlanta as a way to enact massive affirmative action-backed capitalism and help black laborers and black small business owners get a foothold into the complex. Twenty-seven of the original tenants were minority-owned business, all receiving low-interest loans. Most didn't pay them back, and before the new Underground Atlanta was five years old (it reopened in 1989) 21 of those 27 original minority own business had gone out of business.

Some of the great quotes from that chapter that outline the hilarity of the racial push to make Underground Atlanta an artificial experiment in beating back the Visible Black Hand of Economics include these:

"We needed an entertainment  complex," said business leader Lawrence Gellerstedt, Jr. "But why would you built in in the black-controlled heart of the city, where all the crime was?" (p. 467)

"All the citizens of Atlanta," said one Constitution editorial, "which need we say again is 66 percent black, stand to gain from a completion of a refurbished Underground Atlanta. Those who stand to benefit most directly include a host of marginally employed and unemployed menial laborers who live in the shadow of downtown. Many of those laborers are black." (p. 470)

the more white Atlantans feared to come to the complex, the blacker its clientele grew-- and the more this frightened those whites who did come. Word got out that Underground was... "too black" -- and this perception began to take a toll on leasing. 

Meanwhile, the crime grew worse. Nuisance harassment blurred into the genuinely frightening, not just in the neighborhood but down beneath the ground in the complex itself. According to insiders, management began to cover up unpleasant incidents. "The worse it got," said one journalist, "the less it was reported. They didn't want to frighten white suburbanites, though of course people were frightened anyway." (p. 489)
Flash-forward to today. Underground Atlanta is still dead, though the black-controlled city of Atlanta still hopes to infuse white tax-payer money into the complex, electrifying back to life -- the Frankenstein monster of inner-city consumerism [City to tackle the Underground dilemma again, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 12-31-12]:
As thousands of revelers descend on Underground Atlanta tonight to celebrate the new year, city officials are vowing a new focus in 2013 on how to make the 12-acre attraction more appealing when there’s no plummeting peach to cheer.
It’s a daunting challenge. How to invigorate Underground has long flummoxed City Hall and frustrated many who wander the site’s subterranean halls.
The annual New Year’s Eve celebration - arguably the only time when Underground lives up to its promise as a community gathering place - provides a televised showcase of the venue’s potential.
Underground Atlanta -- Too Black To Fail
But most other days, Underground remains faint shadow of the vision for a regional entertainment mecca promised in the 1980s when millions in public funding was devoted to redeveloping the complex.
Why not just ban black people from the complex and perform merit-based lending to potential merchants instead of government mandated loans to minority tenants that are never repaid? Overnight, outside investors would flock to Underground Atlanta, as would white people.

Instead, the city of Atlanta (controlled by government officials and public servants who are almost entirely black) watches as Underground Atlanta continues a slow death and remains a hangout that is is exclusively black.

And it is that black clientele that is responsible for the Waffle House Fiasco of 2013 -- because black patrons of Underground Atlanta engage in crime at such high rates, a surcharge is being added to Waffle House patrons to pay for private security. The cost of doing business in a black entertainment complex [Waffle House smothers customers with security surcharge at Underground location, 2-15-13, AJC]:

Myrtice White and Cynthia Delaney took MARTA from their jobs at Peachtree Center to Underground Atlanta to do what has become a tradition for many Southerners – breakfast at Waffle House.
The excitement ended when the bills came.
“Normally, this is about $10,” White said. “I just spent $16.”
Delaney shows off a cup of grits and a sandwich. $8.
“This is a $5 meal,” Delaney said. “I think the prices are high. But I would rather pay more if it means I am going to be safe.”
The Underground Waffle House opened with great fanfare in 2009, bringing one of the city’s favorite restaurants to the heart of downtown Atlanta.
It’s now believed to be the first and only Waffle House in the country to charge customers a 20 percent surcharge on all checks. The extra money is being used to pay for an off-duty police officer to help secure the 24-hour facility, which serves up its fare in one of Atlanta’s high-crime areas.
Pat Warner, a spokesman for the Atlanta-based chain, confirmed that the charge was established in mid-December to help address security needs and offset those costs. He said there was not one incident that prompted the move.
“It is mainly for crowd control,” Warner said. “That area has a lot of traffic and there is not a lot open around there late at night, so we felt it was needed.”
Warner added that while other locations have added security in the past, they have never included a surcharge — at least at the company-run locations. Warner would not disclose which hours security usually works — presumably overnight — but the fees remain in place all day.
“The Georgia Restaurant Association supports doing whatever is prudent to ensure the security of our most valuable assets – our customers and employees,” said Kelly Hornbuckle, director of marketing and communications for the organization. “The GRA also supports the individual right of any restaurant to charge whatever it deems necessary and appropriate, especially where safety is concerned.”
But Ron Paul, a Chicago-based restaurant consultant, was baffled by the decision, which he says he has never seen before.
“If I were consulting them, I would have advised against this,” said Paul, president of Technomic. “Why not just raise the prices? Customers know that a Big Mac in Midtown Manhattan is going to cost more than a Big Mac in Kansas. If they are so worried about crime, why open a restaurant there?”
Located on the top level of Underground, the Waffle House is slightly smaller than other locations, but is still full service. Daily foot traffic in the area, across the street from the Five Points Marta Station, is constant. But so is the crime.
Last year alone, in the police beat where the restaurant is located, there were 260 major felony crimes reported, according to the Atlanta Police Department. But that is actually an improvement from 2011, which witnessed 351 such crimes.
On Friday morning, two diners were greeted by a waitress, who pointed at a black and yellow card on the table.
“Y’all read this?” she asked about what amounted to a disclaimer.
“All orders at this Waffle House will include a 20 percent property management surcharge,” it read. “In addition to local sales tax.”
The same sign is plastered on the door and is also included on the check.
They ordered two All-Star breakfasts, a Coke and cup of coffee. The total was $16.93. At the nearby Georgia State University Waffle House, which opened in 2010, the total bill would have been about $18.28 with tax.
At Underground, it was $21.93, not including a tip.
“That makes me not want to come back and eat here,” said Mignon Yarn, who didn’t realize the surcharge was for security. “I’ll just go to another one then.”
On their way back to work, White and Delaney walked back to the MARTA station.
Will all of the charge prevent them from coming back?
“Probably not. It’s understandable and downtown,” White said. “And I love the Waffle House.”
 Underground Atlanta has been smothered, covered, and chunked by both the black-controlled city of Atlanta and the black patrons of the entertainment complex who make it unsafe to potential white customers and drive away businesses because the cost of doing business in a majority-black dominated are too great to making a profit.

Is Jim Crow starting to make sense? Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis can be saved, as can Underground Atlanta -- just ban black people.


rjp said...

Some highlights from the Wiki entry for Underground Atlanta:

On April 8, 1969, "Underground Atlanta" officially opened with new restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and music venues installed in the old individual storefronts. At the time, Fulton County was the only county in the state of Georgia that permitted mixed alcoholic beverages to be served, provided that men wore coats and ties in places that served them. As a result, Underground Atlanta quickly became the center of downtown Atlanta nightlife. ….. The heyday of Underground Atlanta lasted for only half a decade. When neighboring DeKalb County relaxed their restrictions on alcohol consumption in the early 1970s, new bars sprouted up in other parts of the city, generating competition.

Why drive into Atlanta when you can drink else where …..

The dress code restrictions were dropped and fights began to break out.

Street thugs don’t generally dress up …..

The construction of the MARTA East Line beginning in 1975 tore out several blocks of clubs and eliminated parking. Crime became uncontrollable and the area was considered dangerous. In 1980, Underground Atlanta was closed. A few businesses struggled to stay open, but by 1982, they left and the area was once again abandoned.

Who would have figured crime travels via public transportation?

Underground sat mostly dormant for most of the 1980s. Vagrants occupied several of the historic buildings, some of which were consequentially destroyed by fires. In 1982, newly-elected Mayor Andrew Young vowed to reopen Underground as part of his plan to resuscitate downtown Atlanta. During this time, some of the clubs that were destroyed by the MARTA construction eventually won a claim for damages from federal mass transit authorities and used the money to help revitalize the area a second time. An expensive $142 million renovation conducted by The Rouse Company began in 1987. This included $85 million in city municipal bonds.

On June 15, 1989, Underground Atlanta reopened as more of a modern shopping mall than an entertainment district. Its 140 tenants included the retail outlets Sam Goody and Olivia Newton-John's Koala Blue boutique, as well as a reopened Dante's Down the Hatch in the Kenny's Alley section. Although the historic buildings and architecture remained a major draw, some critics felt that the now-sanitized district had lost its original charm and lively atmosphere.

In 2004, in an effort to keep Underground Atlanta from closing a second time, the city passed an ordinance allowing bars in the complex to remain open and serve drinks until 4:00AM -- a last call 90 minutes later than the rest of the city had recently been restricted to.

Yeah, because keeping “da clubs” open longer than other nearby clubs isn’t going to cause any problems in a place surrounded by black infested ghettoes.

Nor is giving blacks the right to essentially drink out of a paper bag, which is what was done when:

Patrons were also permitted to take their open alcoholic drinks from bar to bar. By 2005, annual visitation in Underground averaged around 6 million people.

All they need to enjoy their private bottle is a cup.

Anonymous said...

Blacks just can't keep their hands off whites. Period.

The whole Afro-groidian culture is really an example of a lack of psycho-sexual impetus control. Really. These people just cannot keep their hands to themselves or keep their minds from coveting for a second. This missing piece in their psychological makeup is what holds them back. The fact is they cannot live side by side or among whites or other cultures for that matter because they will always resort to stealing, raping, and just a general parasitization in character.

I have shared with you all that I have picked up some extra group work with black women who are jailed at the DC jail and who are addicts. It is amazing the sordid sexaulity and interpersonal and intrapersonal violence that permeates this community. Even those groids whose families are well-educated - one of my client's mother was a teacher and her father a professor. She is now 48 and just finished a 9 year prison sentence for overdosing her 10 month old daughter on methadone. This woman is/was a full on junkie from the black middle class.

Sexual abuse by relatives and parents. You name it, it is in this group. It is not poverty. It is not a lack of money. It is what these people ARE.

Black employment is the emperor's new clothes...they simply do not work.

Black beauty is fake. It is wigs, extensions, fake eyelashes, tons of makeup, nail salons, and other cheap flash such as over price "Bebe" clothes

The black middle class is propped up by taxpayer money. Without it, there would be no black middle class. A fantasy.

Our government has to come to terms with the fact that there is not a damn thing we can do with these people, but it will not because it is bought and paid for by elites who want slave labor. Now Ammerican groids have bought into the entitlement complex so they don't want to work, which is why the jails are full. What next? Well let's ship in a bunch of sand niggers and assorted turds to be the next wave of slaves. In time, this will prove to be a failure as well. Cheap is expensive in the long run. Question is, who pays? YT does. We pay via 20% surcharges at Waffle Houses and by a sundry of other ways of which we may not be aware.

Why the farg should I have to pay for the elites' slave labor that at their core is so characterologcially bankrupt that they cannot inhabit any area with out destroying it via theft, drug addiction, sexual misconduct, and various other issues? Why is that MY responsibility and expense?

It's not and I refuse to pay.

Again, the power of the purse my friends. Screw the underground at Atlanta. Better yet. Screw paying your mortgage. In fact, screw paying for ANY remnant of this farce called Amurkistan, this great integrated society. This joke called integration is being paid for by YT's hard earned money, and let's face it, it is become harder to earn a living today, let alone being able to live in a place that is safe, secure, and that has decent schools where you can send your kids.

WDC is a turd painted gold. It is consciously trying to price out the black undertow via exorbitant rent and housing prices. My take on this is why the hell should I have to pay out the nose just to be free of groids and their bullshit, and in fact, I still have to deak with them because there are still ranks of them here with gimme jobs and other freebies. Fuck them.

BRA is only as powerful as we allow it to be. Just stop paying into it. Don't go to the Waffle House. Don't go out anywhere. Keep your purse strings tied and just see how fast this gold turd called Amurkistan starts to crumble.

White Mom In Turdburg, Capitol of Amurkistan aka WDC

Anonymous said...

white mom in 3rdburg, capitol of amurkistan aka wdc:
right on - i love what you said: "It is not poverty. It is not a lack of money. It is what these people ARE." i hope i remember to say that the next time some idiot is blaming black crime on poverty. thank you for that! -- panjoomby (brian)

Anonymous said...

Either ban black people or simply rename it "Undertow Atlanta".

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I am not opposed in any way to Mayor Young's plan to build a high dollar "hunting ground" for the poor and oppressed youths of Atlanta. It must have been a blessing to have such a nice place in which the youths could stalk their prey. A lot of money was wasted, but the increase in crime helped to bring riches to a lot of the hard working criminal class. The suffering and oppressed black people should always have a FANCY PLACE where they can rob, steal and beat on each other.

Jordan Appleyard said...

I'm surprised Kersey didn't use this article I mailed to him 3 weeks ago.

[b]Mom Pulled Gun At Conn. Chuck E. Cheese's[/b]

(Yes, it was a Negress)

Gayle said...

I quit reading AJC back when it stopped allowing comments below its articles.

There was too much truthin' goin' on. Gotta stop it in its tracks, doncha know.

Anonymous said...

off topic

jesse jackass'es son

Anonymous said...

SBPDL – the only race-hatred™ site on the web whose comments section mandates the use of a thesaurus. Where to begin? I have been extremely busy with work (and my hellish commute in my metal coffin) the last few weeks, but that’s what productive white people do, so no apologies are necessary here, I know. I mean, all of my gilded, white privilege aside, of course… It has been all I can do to keep up with the reading, let alone comment. At times, it feels like I have added a graduate-level course to my already full schedule. To that end, the quality of the comments and discussion has been brilliant, with PK’s barrage of well-researched articles leading the way. I am very enthusiastic about the number of new commenters, as well. I would love to see the analytics for the domain.

With regard to the present subject, Underground Atlanta is a filthy, dangerous cesspool that the City dusts off once a year for the drunken morons that feel the need to congregate for a couple hours on New Year’s Eve. Majority black, of course, with TNB and chaos all around, where someone is usually shot afterward, over a life-or-death matter like an iPhone or a weave that has become displaced. That place is a true hellhole, and its proximity to complete squalor makes it absolutely insane for white people to patronize (as if there is anything there TO patronize). I find it strange, however, that the DWLs don’t congregate there to mingle and reap the rewards of the vibrant diversity they insist taxpayers subsidize. Hmmmm – must be too busy to drive the 35 miles south from North Fulton County from their gated country club communities in John’s Creek. “Better schools,” you know…

Of special note was 10mm AUTO’s “Brady” hypothetical, which really struck a nerve with me. All I have to add with regard to what I personally experienced is that it all happened on an exponentially-faster scale, in less than 5 years. BTW, another confirmed arrest from the Section 8 crib across the street from my old place – this time for false reporting of a crime. There must literally be 30 different people living there. Thank God we got out when we did without being crime victims, ourselves.

What I really wanted to share, though, was my reaction to viewing Ken Burn’s “The Dust Bowl,” which I caught this week on the Proletariat Broadcasting System. I highly recommend it to SBPDL readers, as I know everyone here (aside from CF), will be able to grasp the jaw-dropping contrast versus the current entitlement society of BRA. I found the contrast between the prevailing attitudes of the white, agrarian settlers, in light of incomprehensible conditions (including mere survival), completely shocking versus the current reality of black entitlement circa 2013.

One story involved a farmer, his wife and their 10 children. The father died of dust pneumonia, which killed thousands during the dust bowl era of the 1930s, including many children. The widowed wife was forced to make due, and literally sheltered her family in a greenhouse or shed. 10 kids! Further, in light of starvation and poverty the likes of which present Amurkistan society cannot comprehend, these rugged, self-sufficient individualists literally refused to accept gubmint assistance. And to be clear, that assistance in 1935 consisted of, here’s a 20 lb. bag of flower (from which women made bread, then dresses for their daughters from the bag itself), or a bag of rice or some butter or milk. It’s not like they were given a pallet of assorted Marie Callender microwave dinners or a pre-paid Costco card.

Anonymous said...


Yet these white Americans had pride to the point that they would rather work all day for a sandwich than take a handout from the federal government. They didn’t trust the government and they didn’t want to be beholden to it. Family took care of family, then church, then the local community, THEN the federal government as the last possible resort if starvation was imminent. These people saw FDR for exactly who he was rather than the liberal historian-sanitized savior that allegedly broke the back of Great Depression via holy government spending. Yet these people were maligned as being ignorant, uneducated or worthless. I’m not doing nearly as good a job at conveying the dichotomy vs. BRA, so I highly recommend viewing the film for the full impact. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the film’s peripheral insight into the social consciousness of the period was what hit me so hard as a race-realist, compared to our ongoing dissection of BRA.

It was literally hard to believe that they were talking about the same country in which we find ourselves today. Could you imagine what the entitled, lazy, inner-city groids (I’m specifically thinking of the ones with which the Metro Mall security guard tangled on the viral video) would do if, instead of handing them an EBT card that is magically refreshed each week with hundreds of white taxpayer dollars, if you threw a sack of flour on their doorstep, and maybe some butter or milk and eggs? Go make yourself some bread, asshole. Instead, these ignorant, parasitic leeches have one of the highest standards of living on the planet while they are able-bodied and bound by nothing more than their pathologic laziness and lack of individual motivation or responsibility. They want to be the foreman without ever having pounded a single nail, as another poster so aptly noted. Or just sell drugs, instead.

And get this – IF you took the government help, your name was required to be published in the local newspaper for all to read! Could you imagine if we did that with Section 8 or EBT/TANF/WIC? As others have noted, we have taken all stigma away from public assistance. And these people lived through the greatest man-made environmental disaster in the history of the country.

Now why it takes a British filmmaker to document American stories is completely beyond me, because he is almost assuredly a flaming libtard socialist and BRA flag-waver. I suppose Hollywood is too busy preparing the next flick portraying a sanitized negro, to be played by Denzel Washington, whose love interest is a blue-eyed blonde…

Further, contrast the struggles of 1930s Oklahoma with the absolute helpless ineptitude displayed during Katrina, and you have the essence of the difference between whites and negroes. I have said this a million times since 2005, but if I were a dirt poor black person living in New Orleans in 2005, with no transportation (not even a bike), but knew a gigantic hurricane was coming, and that I lived in a city that lies below sea level, I would have pursued a simple course of action. I would have started walking north, and not stopped. Of course, that would be such a difficult decision to have made given the legacy of salvery and Jim Crow…

Anonymous said...

With regard to CF – I’m done. I’ve spent 10 times as long attempting to decipher his comments as all others. Aside from hijacking all discussion on a race realist site to a “yeah, but the federal deficit is the REAL problem,” and posing all manner of incoherent questions to commenters yet refusing to respond to any of OUR questions and engage in an adult dialogue, I see no reason to waste any more of my valuable time on a futile cause. I agree that responding to trolls is worthwhile, as their ravings are representative of real-world “dat be rayciss” arguments, as Californian has advocated, but arguing with CF is as futile as the taxpayer money being poured into Underground Atlanta. From now on, I’m ignoring his incoherent rantings, as well as anyone that attempts to engage him. At this point, I think all of our energies are best directed elsewhere. There are too many super-intelligent people contributing here to waste time on his intellectually-hollow “arguments.”

Finally, in light of “controversial” blogs disappearing, etc., and Google’s tendency toward tyrannical suppression of free speech, I wondered if we shouldn’t have a backup plan for a means to communicate in case SBPDL were to suddenly go dark. Kind of a like a fire drill, where we all meet at a pre-designated location so we can count heads? I don’t see that happening due to the measured, academic nature of PK’s work, but I also like to think ahead in terms of what’s coming when the SHTF, as we all know will happen. Who knows what will be codified as hate speech in Dear Leader’s second reign I mean term.

Gwinnet Gladiator

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but can Obama convert as a Catholic by the time of the March conclave to pick a new pope?

Anonymous said...

@ white mom:

Yeah, let's not go out. Anywhere. Let's lock ourselves in our homes and watch daytime television and post stuff on the internet about how bad things are. Some life, huh? That of a bitter recluse. We should be going out! This is our country! We're still the majority...for now. White people need to stop being such pushovers and start asserting ourselves. I'm not saying we should go out in the traditional sense, i.e. a corporate shithole like Applebee's followed by a Hollywood propaganda piece. But we could patronize local businesses owned by our fellow whites. We should be able to shop without feeling intimidated. Buy a gun, learn how to use it, obtain a concealed carry permit, and lastly, and this is very importan, CARRY IT. I agree with you in the sense that we should not monetarily support BRA (or anything that works against white interests for that matter). Keep your money local, in your own community, keep it white. And definitely don't stay holed up in your house all day waiting for the "day of the rope" or for when TSHTF or some other abstract occurence that always looms on the horizon but will probably never materialize.

@ Paul Kersey:

Statements about making it illegal for blacks to own guns or banning blacks from businesses or locations do more harm than good. Sure, to the majority of your readership the initiatives make sense. But to the average white person out there who works 40-50 hours a week and suspects something is askew with our integrated society but can't quite put his finger on it, such forceful and blanketed statements come off as radical and, frankly, extremely racist. And that's not how this war is going to be won. Our goal is to grow the number of Those Who Can See, that's why your SPBDL project was and continues to be so important - it eschewed the blatant racism and hateful symbolism that many other race realism sites embraced. It presented the salient points in a manner that wouldn't make you embarrassed to suggest the URL at a cocktail party. Let's not lose focus of that.


Ulick Varange

Anonymous said...

Re: The power of the purse. It is not necessary to default on loans and taxes to make your voice heard. Everywhere I go, I avoid the negro cashier and wait in longer lines for the white cashier. Modern POS machines keep a tally of how many each cashier servers, and those who have fewer customers get fewer hours.

my name is bob said...

2 things,

1: When will Waffle House come to the west coast? I spent time on the east and would prefer Waffle House over Denny's any day when in need of cheap, quick breakfast.

2: Eff blackface, why not go for "blackbody": She gets away with it because she is technically "African," as in national birthrights in the same way I am a U.S. citizen by birthright, and also, she brings in much needed revenue to continue the white genocide against her familial ancestors. I want to appreciate their artistic style, but the "Detroited" landscape at the beginning is just disturbing. Knowing what I know, and who is responsible for the "upkeep" of what was left unto them.

Those dumb motherfuckers had it made. A perfect city that functioned with plumbing; fresh, potable water from the taps; a functioning sewage system; a navy with subs, nukes. They produced their own locomotives . And, law & order was provided, while there was "plenty" for all who put forth the effort without being communist. Rhodesia was right next door like Mexico is to me. Damn the agitators and the commies! Those re'tards would still be up shit creek without a paddle if they hadn't been introduced to the wheel by those "pale faced cracka's".

I met quite a few South African women in the 90's when they and their families were getting out while the getting was good.

The blade runner's pad looks pretty nice. I wonder how that place compares to where I've been. I'm sure I would still not be safe walking home from the bar with a few beer buzz there. Unless I had a crew on my back or a few dogs and well trained wild boars.

It must suck having to live in total constant fear of savage natives. Living in South Africa as a White, one can have a perception that it is like a human invader trying to destroy the Na'avi. Hope I spelled that right for the nerds.If it weren't for the agitators and their own savagery, Africa could be a chill place. I know there are beaches there that are better than what I have here in SoCal. It is just unfortunate that they use them as toilets, as shown in the vice guide travel to Liberia.

bubo said...

Being underground with a bunch of blacks doesn't sound ideal. Imagine being caught up in some TNB and not being able to escape because you're underground.

Yeah, I think I'll pass.

bubo said...

From Yelp,

Well, there were hobos and gangsters in the Waffle House and 2 cops. But the cops were completely ignoring the obvious drug talk and overall indecent behavior...I have no idea what I ate because I was so nervous I couldn't concentrate on anything but making it out alive.

... it smells in here like someone might have pissed on the ground here years ago, and the smell still lingers.

... the most crazy cracked-out homeless people started making their appearances & disrupting our meal. One pulled up a chair & stared at us as soon as we got our food. After ignoring him, he SAT at the booth with a couple behind us. Asking for money or a meal.

AnalogMan said...

Single White Mom, I worry about you. You're publishing far too much identifiable personal information for your own safety. Not just about who and where you are, and where you plan to go, but about what you've done and plan to do.

I see the media are still debating about whether Robert Zimmerman is a racist or not. Not about whether he was justified in killing that useless negro, but whether he's a racist. There's no evidence that he is, but can you imagine if it came out that he was White Mom, or AnalogMan? He'd be finished. You may have a squeaky clean record, but anybody can easily run afoul of the law in the present tyranny, and then your online record may come back to haunt you.

Please be discreet. You're all your kids have. You can't afford to go to jail. (I'm different, I have no dependants, and don't live in America).

Anonymous said...

White Mom In Turdburg,

You couldn't be more correct. A good example is black sports millionaires who go belly up financially when the NFL money stream ends. I know of one who had a retirement party that had to have cost $10K exactly a month after he began to default on his mortgage. Foreclosure looms. If I had been lucky enough to have had his income between the ages of 22-30, I could have supported myself for 500 years.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are the syrup on the waffle of The Apocalypse.

Don M said...

"The worse it got," said one journalist, "the less it was reported. They didn't want to frighten white suburbanites, though of course people were frightened anyway."

There it is folks, all of 'Murkistan explained in two sentences.

Now the $64K question: "Why didn't 'they' want to frighten white suburbanites? Because white suburbanites are the ones who are needed to pay for everything.

White Mom is right: Once we refuse to pay for everything, ESPECIALLY the things we've been brainwashed to believe are mandatory (mortgages, student loan debt, credit card debt, taxes, etc) this house of race-cards known as BRA collapses.

Go White Mom, go!

Anonymous said...

DWL Enemy of White People David Horowitz thinks that white Republican need to show minorities that "we care about them", and that we have to "defend" them:

"The bottom line is this: If Republicans want to persuade minorities they care about them, they have to stand up for them; they have to defend them; and they have to show them that Democrats are playing them for suckers, exploiting them, oppressing them, and profiting from their suffering."

"Large populations of the African American and Hispanic poor are concentrated in America’s inner cities – Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Harlem, South Central Los Angeles. In these inner cities the unemployment rates are off the charts, the school systems so corrupt and ineffective that half the children drop out before they graduate and half those who do are functionally illiterate. They will never get a decent job or a shot at the American dream."

Go For The Heart: How Republicans Can Win

Anonymous said...

"I see the media are still debating about whether Robert Zimmerman is a racist or not."

Robert Zimmerman is NOT a racist (anti-White racist maybe). In fact, he hates America because a few people owned slaves hundreds of years ago.

Anonymous said...

"Redevelopment" is the new craze in the republican party too.

OT but related:


The republicans are proving that they love black people just like the Democrats do. They are shaking you down and spending your children's money to end "fatherlessness" and "community breakdown". They are trying to buy minority votes and prove how much they love black people.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!

Here is their new "anti-poverty" campaign, funded by taxpayer dollars and globalist foundation money.

Check out the site for the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise. On of their affiliated "headquarters" community centers jut received a $3Mil publicly funded redevelopment makeover, with new a fitness center and a sparkly new basketball court for the troubled youths:

Check out the comments.

The man who runs the CNE says that blacks are "marginalized" and "the victims of liberal welfare programs".

Rubio and Ryan's big mugs are all over the website. And "community leaders" means black preachers (who all voted twice for Obama). These republicans are mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

White Mom is right: Once we refuse to pay for everything, ESPECIALLY the things we've been brainwashed to believe are mandatory (mortgages, student loan debt, credit card debt, taxes, etc) this house of race-cards known as BRA collapses.

So she will be a hungry, bankrupt, single-mother with no credit score, no husband provider, AND homeless too? Or possibly in jail? Yeah. That sounds like a great idea.

You think BRA will collapse just because you are not paying your bills?

Have you read the David Horowitz piece yet? Even the republicans are ramping up on the racial grievance rhetoric. They aren't saying "Single White Mom in Turdville, we love you!!" .

No. They are saying "Noble black people, we love you!!".

Get real.

They will defund the military and the white people's pension and retirement funds before they will let their precious BRA go down, trust me.

The blacks will be living in carpeted condos eating lobster and you will be out in the cold. Get real.

Anonymous said...

No area infested with blacks can be "saved" nor can it be made attractive to non-blacks as everyone is all too aware of the crime rates and the typical ill bred behavior they will encounter at the hands of the inhabitants.
One may as well put up posters showing black thugs, ghetto fabuluous ho's, run down buildings and sleazy conditions and have the poster declare "This Vaction, Visit Beautiful Niggertown! Be the first on your block to be assaulted, carjacked, mugged, shot, stabbed, raped, or killed! Free parking! Bring the kids!"
If you're really lucky, you could get caught up in a "Beat Whitey" flash mob of feral teenapers. At the very least, you can run into a ghetto sow who starts screeching and showing her ass and has to be tazed.
How on earth can Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Tokyo or any other area compete with that?

Anonymous said...

"Single White Mom, I worry about you. You're publishing far too much identifiable personal information for your own safety. Not just about who and where you are, and where you plan to go, but about what you've done and plan to do."

LOL. Of course she puts herself at risk. No surprise here. She set it up that way, thanks to the lie of feminism.

Since the single white mom does not have a loving white husband to provide physical and spiritual protection for her and her children, other men in society feel COMPELLED to step in and protect her and provide assistance. And she might just like it. Because she gets special treatment. (And women are natural attention whores.)

She is running an enormous shit-test on ALL men.

I think that women who make this selfish choice can never find success or financial stability. Single motherhood goes against nature, God's laws, and Western Civilization, which stands upon the formation of traditional families.

This is the manipulation of men's natural tendencies and is not fair for anyone, including the men who already have a family to protect and provide for. It also puts single mothers on a pedestal and makes them heros, which sends a terrible message and causes a breakdown of society.

Sorry, I can't defend what she is doing to her kids.

Single motherhood BY CHOICE puts women and children at risk and should be discouraged by society.

Anonymous said...

I have another real-world anecdote from my long list of items to share. Bear in mind that, although this is an actual situation, of which I have personal, firsthand knowledge, it means nothing in the broader context, and does not justify drawing any larger conclusions. It is merely an “isolated incident” involving a black “youff.” My even sharing it wit anywon be rayciss.

I used to work at a Plaintiff’s law firm in Arkansas, where I briefly lived at one point. In the course of working there, we handled a case for a car accident “victim” in Pine Bluff, which is located about 45 minutes south of Little Rock. (Note to PK – if you would ever like to document crime and corruption in BRA in a smaller town, Pine Bluff, AR is a treasure trove of black chaos and dysfunction.) He got rear-ended by another driver or something, with minor injuries and damage. I think he went to some b/s doctor where the law firm “recommended” treatment for certain clients, where medical bills were not pursued for collection while a matter was in litigation, per a backroom deal.

As an aside, Pine Bluff is a poverty-stricken black hellhole. As such, being injured in a car accident is the best thing that can ever happen to a black person there, so a lawsuit will almost inevitably be pursued. Knowing this, lawyers unethically send “runners” around to the homes of accident victims to pass out business cards or discreetly communicate a “recommendation” for legal assistance. This is the same concept of the “ambulance chaser,” but this is how the scheme actually operates. This is pretty much grounds for disbarment in all 50 states, but there is intense competition for the business, so an accident victim there will likely be visited by several runners.

So the day finally comes for this dude’s deposition. He showed up in jeans and his best, gigantically oversized football jersey. FYI, his actual first name was Antjuan. Allow me to paint a picture for you – a healthy, lighter-skinned young buck, between 20 and 22, about 6’3”, with the build of Kobe Bryant. He was clearly strong as an ox and able bodied in every way, including driving himself all the way to our office, alone. Mentally, he was a stone’s throw from retardation, and I believe a high school dropout. I seriously doubt he could read very much. Thus, no bakkaball scholarship for him, so this lawsuit was his only chance to add hydraulics to his 82 Caprice Classic (figuratively speaking, of course).

Well, in his deposition prep, the white defense attorney had leveraged their superior resources and done his homework, and tore him to pieces (you and I pay for this racket with insane car insurance premiums). In a line of questioning aimed at quantifying Antjuan’s monetary damages as a result of the accident, it came to light, to the shock of our attorney, that Antjuan received a monthly SSDI check (you and I pay for this racket via the IRS’ wealth redistribution a/k/a BRA). I believe a quote from his transcript was, literally, “Uhhhhh, that’s where I get muh check.” Antjuan had concealed this from us in his new client paperwork and subsequent interviews, and only revealed it during the deposition when placed under oath, and boxed into a corner by the attorney for the insurance company. Thus, the deposition had to be abruptly paused while the issue was sorted out with our “client.”


Anonymous said...

As it turns out, Antjuan was running a little disability scam. At the direction of (I believe it was) his mother, he claimed to have “poor eyesight.” Impossible to fake that, I know. As a result, he was already receiving lifelong disability payments in his early 20s. This dude should have been working on a dock somewhere or as a mover or something (I bet he could lift 100 pounds with one arm). That would have been possible with even limited eyesight (and intellect), but we know that was never going to happen. Instead, he was gaming the system for probably close to a grand a month to play video games and watch internet porn and get high and spawn niglets - passing his immense virtues on for the next generation to enjoy. I actually just did some quick math, and at a more conservative $850/month, he would be paid $10,200/year, which would add up to $459K over 45 years. Now I know that’s a stretch, because he probably got shot within a year of his case (likely by Sumdood), but you get the picture. Plus, pile on Section 8, EBT and selling drugs, and he probably could have driven a Ferrari.

Anyway, as a result of this admission in the deposition, we were forced to immediately drop him as a client (called “punting” a case), and dismiss his lawsuit with prejudice (meaning it cannot ever be re-filed) in exchange for the defense attorney not reporting Antjuan’s gravy train ticket to the federah gubmint. Thank God that I have nothing to do with this type of legal work anymore, but that’s where everyone has to get started (even people like me that are blessed with gilded white-privilege).

In one more anecdote, also in Pine Bluff, a lawyer and I went to a pre-trial hearing, which also included 2 defense attorneys from 2 different firms. Everyone made the drive to attend the hearing, WHICH WAS SCHEDULED BY THE JUDGE. Unfortunately, there was no judge. We waited for over 90 minutes. It later came out that the judge was out playing golf in the middle of the day, while his courtroom sat empty. You know, because the court system hardly has any work to do and can afford to be closed to the people’s business in the middle of the work week. Oh, and this doesn’t matter, but the judge was black. Gnomesayin?

In a positive move for me, I was offered a job about a month later by one of those defense attorneys without so much as an interview, simply as a result of my interaction during this case. I graciously declined as I was already planning a return to Atlanta (stupid, STUPID!!), but knew I was doing something right. Of course, I have all the advantages of white privilege, so my road is always paved in gold. Individual results may vary in BRA.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Watched a black ebt card get used in front of me to buy $91.00 worth of crab legs and such.. Poor woman had to put out $3.00 in cash to pay for the paper towels she also had bought.
Can't wait for those damn things to go dry.

Anonymous said...

So do you have kids? Are you helping to boost the white birthrate? Are you walking your talk?

I am not an attention whore and frankly do not give a rat's butt what you think of me.

If you want to continue to be a sucker to the system, that is fine.

As a counselor and a teacher I helped many kids. Some from two parebt homes, some from single parent homes.

Your stance is divisive.

White Mom

Anonymous said...

I am not hungry or starving not are my kids friend. If you default on your mortgage, there is legally not a damn thing that can be done to you.

Cash is king my friend. Trust and believe that.

White Mom

Anonymous said...

"DWL Enemy of White People David Horowitz thinks that white Republican need to show minorities that "we care about them", and that we have to "defend" them:"

David Horowitz (TWMNBN) is a "former" Communist. As with any "former" communist or Democrat, he should be disregarded. The problem is that whatever reason they had for being a communist or Democrat stems from a character flaw that time does not heal. A perfect example are the neocons.

Anonymous said...

"They will defund the military and the white people's pension and retirement funds before they will let their precious BRA go down, trust me. "

If the military is defunded, how would gangbangers get experience with high powered weapons and assault tactics? How will the fags and dykes get executive leadership experience outside the homophobic corporate world? How will the security of America's favorite democracy, loyal ally and all-around best buddy Israel be preserved? Who is going to deliver CARE packages to Somalis? Who is going to search for Kony? By the way, whatever did happen to the search for Kony, the object of the DWL 2 minute hate early last year?

PDK said...

Gwinnett, to me DF is a passed out drunk laying on the sidewalk, whom I necessarily have to step over. This is exactly what I do when I see that white colored groidhead of his.

Such a chump, and worse a black chump.

Anonymous said...

"I seriously doubt he could read very much. Thus, no bakkaball scholarship for him..."

I don't think poor reading skills or mental retardation would necessarily preclude an athletic scholarship. He be a fine stoodent-afflete and sheeet.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 7:53 a.m.
Very telling anecdote you delivered.I also like your mention of "Sumdood".Keeping alive the specter of "Sumdood" is the only way we are going to bring him to justice,this pernicious assaulter of our black youth!
Thanks again for your totally plausible example of their disfunction.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

The Gwinnett Gladiator nails it. I bet all of us have nice little tales to tell, all of which paint the picture of life in BRA.

Ileyne said...

@AnalogMan said...
Single White Mom, I worry about you. You're publishing far too much identifiable personal information for your own safety.

Thank you, AM, for mentioning this.

@SWM: I don't have time to scroll through and locate it, but wish to address the post in which you describe, in some detail, circumstances and pathologies of certain members of your Metro DC women's therapy/support group.
Too easy to track, SWM, given the detailed data sets you provide concerning individual group members' psycho-social, socio-economic circumstances and behavioral presentations.
To the point: publishing this much confidential information, especially by such detailed inference, is not only unprofessional and unethical, it comes very close to a breach of HIPAA patient/client confidentiality guidelines.
Please reflect on these things. Protect yourself and those in your care.
My words are offered in good faith.

Anonymous said...

Communism, i.e. taking money from people that earned it and giving it to people that did not, always fails in the long run. If some kind of venture is economically viable then some private individual or group will do it on their own. This happened all the time back in the day when this country was free. Private roads and highways, private bridges and railroads, private shopping centers and sports stadiums. If the government must get involved in the enterprise that means two things, its not self sustainable or there are insiders looking to soak the taxpayer. Its usually both. And today's BRA economy is so corrupt with Byzantine regulations and so burdened with taxes and hidden costs that private business almost has to partner with government to operate. I think the Mafia calls that a protection racket.

Bogolyubski said...

Underground remains faint shadow of the vision for a regional entertainment mecca promised in the 1980s when millions in public funding was devoted to redeveloping the complex.

This is an important sentence too easily overlooked. BRA is first and foremost a looting scheme. Once upon a time, the notion of using public funds (tax dollars) to finance a private development met stiff resistance from taxpayers. That was back in the days of yore of course. Now, there are all manner of means by which taxpayers get to foot the bill for "entrepreneurs." It also illustrates an important principle of crony capitalism - which constitutes much of what is characterized as "free enterprise" here in the Banksta Banana Republick. TIF districts and other such schemes are a means by which the connected get to socialize their risks and costs while privatizing profits. Often, the profit is simply from "redeveloping" the property in the first place.

Such rackets were made even sweeter by the notorious Kelo decision form the Supreme Council of Ayatollahs, authored by constitutional rocket-scientist (and Conservatism, Inc. poster-girl) Sandra Day O'Connor - appointee of St. Ronaldus Maximus himself. The decision (for those who might not know) allows the unlimited seizure of private property under "eminent domain" doctrine by unelected (and unaccountable) boards, who then hand it over to connected developers, real-estate racketeers, etc. - all perfectly legal as long as they say "its for public benefit" (even if the only real beneficiaries are pals of the pols).

Bogolyubski said...

I see the media are still debating about whether Robert Zimmerman is a racist or not. Not about whether he was justified in killing that useless negro, but whether he's a racist. There's no evidence that he is, but can you imagine if it came out that he was White Mom, or AnalogMan? He'd be finished. You may have a squeaky clean record, but anybody can easily run afoul of the law in the present tyranny, and then your online record may come back to haunt you.

You must be referring to the "White-Hispanic" octaroon (=1/8 black) George Zimmermann, whose show-trial is approaching. It will likely rival those of Stalin in its demonstration of the "rule of law" (snort) prevalent here in the Banksta Banana Republick.

Bogolyubski said...

Rubio and Ryan's big mugs are all over the website. And "community leaders" means black preachers (who all voted twice for Obama). These republicans are mentally ill.

No, they're not mentally ill. They are lying, psychopathic genocidal traitors - members of the nomenklatura who do the bidding of their squid masters. This stands as yet additional proof (as if any more were needed) that the Republican Party is a controlled "opposition" party whose primary purpose is to suck up and deflect money, time and energy from those who have the potential to self-organize and form a real opposition. The fact that these folks are still in charge after an electoral disaster stands as yet another example of why my longstanding assertion about them is not refutable.

Anonymous said...

Analog Man-

Not worried, but thanks.

Name is Pointless:

Um, thanks for concern.

Really the info I share describes about 75% of the black female population in DC. Many variations of needle(s) in a haystack.

White MOm

Brandon said...

"As it turns out, Antjuan was running a little disability scam. At the direction of (I believe it was) his mother, he claimed to have “poor eyesight.” "

Gwinnett Gladiator, how did he do this? As far as I know, you have to be blind in one eye and have 20/200 vision, corrected, in the other eye just to qualify for discounted train tickets, much less get free money from the government.

20/200 is so severe that you basically can't read the top line of the eye chart. Where my eyesight is, 20/60, is the worst of all worlds: no disability discount, but also no driver's license. So people like me have tax money taken to support a giant infrastructure that we're forbidden from using, and all the jobs in suburbia and without access to transportation are thus off-limits to us. We have to live in the inner city, which is either (1) insanely expensive, or (2) riddled with crime. There is basically no place in America for a middle-class white person who can't drive a car. I'd gladly take "disability" money in exchange for being put in this position!

Discard said...

Brandon: There are jobs in White suburbs. There are also states that allow people with 20/60 vision to drive, provided it is correctable with glasses. My wife drives every day, wearing thick glasses. Find a better place to live and move.

Californian said...

You need amped up security to eat waffles in Atlanta?

For waffles?

In an American city!

In Rhodesia during the last days of the war, just about every store you went into had a security guard. They were largely checking for bombs in bags. But aside from that, there was a sense of order on the streets. You didn't have to be concerned about being mugged or carjacked. The biggest threat was land mines on the roads, but as long as you drove on paved streets, there wasn't much of a danger. I'll also note you'd see the occasional family walking about with firearms, but even then, no one seemed to need to use them very much outside of the operational zones.

The thing that gets me (once again) is how the USA today is in a situation which is worse than a country under guerrilla-terrorist attack. Yet just about no one seems to think this is an extraordinary situation.

I imagine it is "business as usual" for BRA.

AnalogMan said...

Seems I've been censored. Can't be bothered to Bowdlerize and retype. In Brief -

Bogolyubski @ 3:19: You must be referring to the "White-Hispanic" octaroon (=1/8 black) George Zimmermann

Quite right, sorry, senior moment. Robert is his brother who has recently been in the news arguing that brother George is no racist.

Anon @ 7:48: Of course she puts herself at risk. No surprise here. She set it up that way, thanks to the lie of feminism.


Single motherhood BY CHOICE puts women and children at risk and should be discouraged by society.

I can't argue with any of your points. Great comment. I posted a long comment on why you're correct, but why this is not the forum to pursue it. Apparently I offended the moderator's sensibilities. Never mind...

Ileyne said...

@White Mom:
Really the info I share describes about 75% of the black female population in DC. Many variations of needle(s) in a haystack.

Disagree, and stand by my admonition.
No stranger to this subject, I've served as a female Level 1 Trauma physician for >20 years among the same troubled, frustrating inner city demographic as WDC and Chicago.
I'm mystified; why do you not understand or acknowledge the possible legal/professional implications of divulging detailed information about those under your care?
As recurring, and seemingly identical though diagnoses and case presentations may be, there is no such phenomenon as a needle in a haystack medical scenario with un-identifiable patients, given enough coordinating geographic, diagnostic, and situational forensic data. [Which you provided].
Legally, ethically, professionally, your revelations exceed HIPAA prescribed boundaries enforced by most states' standards of practice. On a personal, moral level, I view it as a betrayal of those entrusted to your care, regardless of your opinion of them or their lives.
You might review HIPAA guidelines.

Brandon said...

@Discard - I thought the limit was 20/60; my eyesight is 20/70 with glasses/contacts (I'm at 20/180 without them), and at 20/70 I don't think any state will let you drive. I long ago moved to Asia where we can take the train every day, but I do miss my home country.

Antjuan in our story probably isn't even acting out the scam he's pulling. Even at 20/70 (my eyesight) you sometimes need help reading a fast-food menu behind the cashier. Blind in one eye and 20/200 or worse the other is so severe that it should be very easy to prove whether he can see or not. I suspect that he didn't even go through with pretending to have eyesight problems, and that someone just faked the form for him. I hope the SS program tests his eyesight every year until he's caught.

Anonymous said...

To be clear, too, the admission in the deposition strongly implied that it was total b/s, so I would agree that it was probably a paper-based scam. Probably facilitated by one of those fine, artificial black middle-class gubmint servants.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Dear Name is Pointless:

It is pointless to argue with you. Your post is pointless. If you take what I wrote or did not write personally, that is your issue that you need to explore. Again, I did not offer specifics( age, DSM IV presentation, ethnicity, address). K?

I do enjoy my job and my clients. You have mentioned in prior posts that you wish to quit your ER job. Perhaps it was a prior post. Anyway, it appears you are projecting your own dissatisfaction with your job onto me.

You have a personal issue with me. You do not like that I have defaulted on my mortgage. You do not like that I am boycotting my student loans. My choices. My life. Now own your own unhappiness, if that is issue here.

Believe it or not, I do have a sense of honor. I would never attempt to undermine a person's credibility on this board or anyone outside of here because frankly I am busy working, tasking care of my kids, and having a life. The attitude you have put forth on your response is divisive and that is exactly what is wrong with White America.

I am now going to disengage from you. I respectfully ask that you do the same. Food for thought:. Please google the article titled HIPAAand the Criminslization of American Medicine.

Now do refrain from addressing me.

Thank you.

White Mom

Annie Oakley said...

White Mom:

I’m so sorry that so many of these posters seem to want to denigrate and hurt you. I applaud what you’re doing. I have no problem with it at all. More white women should be as racially aware as yourself.

Rather than attacking YOU personally, some commenters should stay focused on the REAL problem. Worthless negroes.

I live in the Appalachian mountains. Before I met my husband I had plenty of suitors in the area. These were REAL men. Men who can hunt and skin a deer, trap game, fish and skin it that night for dinner. You won’t find any skinny-jean wearing EMO freaks that pass for white men where I’m at.

You might want to think of relocating to the Appalachian mountains. Up high the non-whites don’t go there. Many are spooked by the windy mountains or rolling hills. Plus there aren’t a lot of welfare handouts and very little apartments. Section 8 is hard to find in many small towns. Hell you can buy a house cash for dirt cheap.
Back in the 80’s and 90’s many white women moved to the cities to find jobs and careers. Many of the white men stayed in the area. Some never married. They led a quiet simple life, owned a farm or a business, maybe had a few girlfriends, but nothing more.

That’s where you come in White Mom. I personally know of a few men in my area who are white, well off and would have NO problem dating and marrying a woman with kids. No problem at all.

However, regarding the negro problem. I avoid them like the plague. I refuse to have a negro cashier. I’ll go to the self-checkout first. I buy produce from local farmers and farmers markets. We do not have cable. We have a few channels from our antenna and that’s about it. It’s free. We’re starving the beast by being frugal whites who only trade with whites. It’s fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! It is hard to be a pioneering White Woman in mainstream America.

White Mom