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Great Moments in Black History: "Mirth and Girth" and Harold Washington

"Mirth and Girth" by David Nelson -- the Mona Lisa of our time

Harold Washington. Chicago’s first black mayor. At the time of his death in 1987, the New York Times described him as, “one of the most visible symbols of urban black political power.

  Rumor is he died wearing a bra and panties. Or at least a bra, for he was a morbidly obese individual. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. 

 The reason Barack Obama went to Chicago in the first place.”:

As Obama told the Chicago Reader in 2000, the reason he had returned to Chicago from Harvard Law School is that, “If you’re interested not only in politics in general, but interested in the future of the African-American community, then Chicago in many ways is the capital of the African-American community in the country. (p. 131, America's Half-Blood Prince, Steve Sailer)

When Harold Washington decided to enter the race for mayor of Chicago, he gave a speech at the Bethel A.M.E Church on the South Side of the city. He was trying to rally a black base:

“We’ve been pushed around, shoved around, beat, murdered, emasculated, destroyed,” Washington said. “There’s been an unfair distribution of all the goodies. No system works for us. We influence no institutions in this country except our own. We have no power. We have no land…
“We’ve been giving white candidates our vote for years and years, unstintingly hoping that they would include us in the process,” Washington said. “Now it’s come to the point where we say, ‘Well, it’s our turn. It’s our turn.” (p. 147, Fire on the Prairie: Chicago’s Harold Washington and the Politics of Race, by Gary Rivlin)

The night Harold Washington won the Democrat Primary, his almost entirely black supporters gathered together to celebrate their victory in upsetting Chicago’s political establishment and finally showing the full-power of the “Great Migration” in terms of electoral clout:

Thousands of people streamed into Chicago’s McCormick Inn on the evening of 22 February 1983. They filled one ballroom, then a second, and finally overflowed into the corridors. They burst into cheers and screams with every rumor of concession by the opposition candidates. “We want Harold. We want Harold,” they chanted until many of them were hoarse. Typical of the Washington campaign, the gathering was part celebration and part religious revival. There was a cash bar dispensing drinks and a jazz band playing music, but the throng joined the Reverend Jesse Jackson in prayer and sang “We Shall Overcome,” the anthem of their crusade. Even before the final results were in, the predominately black crowd, hugged, kissed, and congratulated each other. “We did it. We did it,” they shouted. “I couldn’t stay home,” one young black woman told reporters. “This is history in the making.” (p. 134, Chicago Divided: The Making of a Black Mayor, by Paul Kleppner)

Not only did they sing “We Shall Overcome” – but they danced in the Chicago streets:

Harold Washington, the subject of "Mirth and Girth" -- was he wearing bra and panties when he died?
When the polls were closed and all the ballots counted, the news stunned the city. Harold Washington had won the Democratic primary! Black Chicagoans went wild. They literally danced in the streets. Together, they had done the impossible. Black people throughout the country joined them in celebration. This was a Black victory, regardless of where black lived. The African descendant population was a national population and this was a national victory. (Black Politics After the Civil Rights Movement: Activity and Beliefs in Sacramento, 1970-2000, p. 105, by David Colvin)

A national population and a national victory – remember, black people had literally nothing to do with the building and maintaining of the civilization of Chicago. But once their numbers reached a near-majority of the Chicago electorate, they could take control of city hall electorally. The glory of the “Great Migration” and the sheer numerical – and monolithic – power of the black vote.
When Washington passed away of a sudden heart attack in 1987, Rivlin paints us a portrait of the black grief that fell across Chicago:

There was a hush in black Chicago. It was like people were dealing privately with Washington’s passing, like a death in the family. On one black radio station, the DJ said he would just play music because he didn’t fell like talking. A traffic reporter started to give a report on the rush-hour commute but interrupted herself to say it didn’t seem important at a time like this. A photograph in the Tribune showed a black cop at his guard post just outside the mayor’s outer office, wiping tears from his eye. One black radio reporter managed as best she could. She would break into tears, seek refuge, and then return to her post, like a good soldier. Other reporters, including several Washington had believed to be hopelessly biased against him, found it difficult to suppress their tears. (p 406, Rivlin)

Tears of sadness from the black community for Harold Washington. It could be argued Washington had reached sainthood within the black community.

Which brings us to the hilarious Mirth and Girth incident, where a black deity was besmirched in an act of visual heresy – and it was a painting all based on the rumor Mayor Washington was wearing bra and panties when doctors tried to save his life the day he died of a heart attack. Hilariously, three black aldermen, Ald. Allan Streeter, Ald. Bobby Rush and Ald. Dorothy Tillman, would push the story to international levels :

Harold Washington, Chicago’s first black mayor, died suddenly of a heart attack in November 1987, shortly after being re-elected. He had become a revered figure to the black community of Chicago – so much so that shortly after his death a poster went on sale in which a smiling Harold Washington is shown in the company of Jesus Christ floating above the Chicago skyline; the poster is captioned “Worry Ye Not.”
David Nelson, a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, did not think Washington deserving of deification, and so for his entry in the school’s annual fellowship competition Nelson submitted a painting intended (he claims) to portray Washington in a more human light. The painting, entitled Mirth and Girth and based on a rumor that doctors at the hospital to which Washington had been brought when he suffered his fatal heart attack had discovered that underneath his suit he was wearing female underwear, is a full-length frontal portrait of a portly  grim-faced Harold Washington clad in a white bra and G-string, garter belt, and stockings.
Nelson’s painting, together with the submissions of the other students, was placed on exhibition on May 11, 1988. The exhibition was open to students, faculty, and invited guests, but not to the public at large. The students’ works were to be judged by four experts. Mirth and Girth, however, was destined not to be judged – not in the expected fashion, at any rate. As soon as the exhibition of student work opened and visitors saw Nelson’s painting, it became the focus of outraged attention. A security guard was quickly posted in front of it to protect it from an angry crowd of students. The school began receiving enraged phone calls. School officials asked Nelson to remove the painting. He refused.
Word of the painting came to the Chicago City Council, which was in session. Alderman Bobby Rush prepared a resolution, which was signed by, among others, Aldermen Allan Streeter and Dorothy Tillman, threatening to cut off the City’s contribution to the Art Institute unless the Institute apologized for displaying Mirth and Girth. The resolution passed, together with another resolution, which requested that Art Institute to remove the painting immediately.
The aldermen whom we have named are three of the defendants in this suit, and are the appellants in this appeal. But they were not the first aldermen to arrive at the scene. Aldermen Henry and Jones arrived first. Henry brandished a gun, and Jones removed the painting from the wall and placed it on the floor, facing the wall. They left, and a student rehung the painting.

Then the defendants arrived. They took the painting down and tried to carry it out of the school, but were stopped by a school official, then diverted (carrying the painting) to the office of the president of the School of the Art Institute, Anthony Jones. When the painting arrived in Jones’s office, it had a one-foot gash, but it is not known precisely when, or by whom, the gash had been inflicted. The aldermen told Jones that they were there to carry out the City Council’s resolution to remove the painting from the Art Institute. The aldermen wrapped the painting in brown paper to prevent anyone from seeing it. According to one witness, Alderman Tillman threatened to burn the painting right there in President Jones’s office but was dissuaded by a police lieutenant whom was present, Raymond Patterson.

A police sergeant, accompanied by the three defendant aldermen, carried the wrapped painting to a police car. The scene was televised, and broadcast widely, confirming, if confirmation was needed, that Chicago had replaced Boston as the censorship capital of the United States.

Mirth and Girth was kept in custody until the evening of the following day, when it was released to David Nelson. The painting has not been repaired, exhibited, or sold. (Law, Ethics, and the Visual Arts, p. 608-609, By John Henry Merryman, Albert Edward Elsen)

Famed newspaper columnist Mike Royko had this hilarious take on the Mirth and Girth incident [Chicago Alderman’s Brain May Be a Museum Piece, The Dispatch, by Mike Royko]:

In Chicago, there is alderman named Ernie Jones. He made news recently by saying that female cops take too many days off because of their “minister periods.” Now Jones has turned his pea-sized intellect to other pursuits – art criticism and constitutional law. 
 Jones was one of the black Chicago aldermen who took it upon themselves to yank a painting out of the School of the Art Institute because it offended them. 
 By now, most Chicagoans know the story. A student-artist thought it clever to draw the late Mayor Harold Washington in women’s undergarments. 
 Someone called a black alderman, who spread the word among his colleagues and everybody went berserk. Several rushed to the Art Institute – probably for the first time – to seize the painting. 
 But fearing that students might splatter them with paint, they backed down and had the police confiscate the painting for them. 
 The police justified the seizure by saying that a painting of the late mayor in female undies might incite black citizens to riot. 

Some hilarious quotes from the Wikipedia page on the Mirth and Girth include these examples of extreme black solidarity in the face of one their idols being defaced. Organized Blackness can’t stand for jokes at their expense:

In a New York Times article published on May 13, 1988, Alderman Streeter reiterated his stance regarding the removal of the painting, saying that he would have "gone to jail to get that painting down", calling it "an insult to a great man and an affront to blacks".

 On May 16, 1988, Streeter appeared on the local public television station news program Chicago Tonight. He reinforced that Nelson had abdicated his "responsibility to his constituency" to "do what is right". In the segment, he reaffirmed that he believed the aldermen had "a law, the law of common sense, the law of morality, the law of decency [that] transcends the First Amendment"

Operation PUSH, an organization that pursues social justice and civil rights, threatened to impose "sanctions" on the Art Institute unless the Art Institute acted to prevent offensive portraits from being shown by students or contributing artists in the future.[27] Separately, the Illinois Alliance of Black Student Organizations called for racial parity with regards to faculty and student enrollment within the school.

On February 12, 1994, during a rally to raise money for the defendants' mounting legal bills, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan supported the three aldermen's right to seize the painting, calling it "an act of righteous indignation". Farrakhan referred to Washington as "a father figure for black people", and described the painting and subsequent lawsuit "a total disrespect for our feelings and our community"

Luckily, the story has a happy ending: Nelson v. Streeter went all the way to the Appellate Courts before the city of Chicago settled out of court with Nelson – who pursued the case merely out of principle.

Mirth and Girth – doesn’t that just describe the black experience in America as long as the tax-payer has provided the money (via confiscatory levels of taxation from white tax payers) to see the proliferation of black people through welfare, EBT, and Section 8 Housing?

Chicago might be the capital of black America, but one simple painting was enough to embarrass Organized Blackness and show how our Constitution means absolutely nothing to black elected officials when confronted by the truth – undressed. 

 In fact, they'll bring a gun to ensure truth is censored. 

Mirth and Girth: Just another Great Moment in Black History.


10mm AUTO said...

Seizing Art (or any personal property) at the point of a gun.

So typical.

MuayTyson said...

BRA the Emperor has no Clothes.

RedMoonProject said...

The School of the Art Institute might also be considered SBPDL. I went there for two years in the late 70s and there were few blacks that I can recall. The school was, and is, the place to go in Chicago for students who want to study fine art such as painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. (Graphic artists tend to pick Columbia College across the street on Michigan Ave). And since it is a private school, it is more expensive than the local state schools like The University of Illinois. At that time the school was still on Columbus and relatively small. I don't think that there were more than a few hundred students when I was there.

The incident with the painting was big news here when in happened and seen by many as high comedy. Just another excuse to point and laugh at our self-important aldermen and the surrealistic nature of Chicago politics.

Jim said...

Kinda reminds me of a "pretty" J. Edgar Hoover.

Sheila said...

You literally could not make up anything so asinine as black reality. Excellent post and interesting story. Good for Nelson - I hope they had to settle with him by making a large payment (of course, I realize it would be White people's money they'd pay with, but still . . . ).

oogaboogaman said...

I was driving on the Eisenhower Expressway today and passed by Malcom X community college, a school that has the black muslim black, red, and green flag alongside Old Glory and the city of Chimpcago flag. As I was driving by low and behold who did I see making repairs to the school's rooftop AC unit but a work crew of ebil, rayciss, white debils. I guess ol Malcom didn't want the AC unit sold for scrap metal.

Anonymous said...

Negroes are not capable of abstract thought, such as allowing freedom of speech where the message is distasteful to negroes, even though the freedom is more important than the message.

Negroes vote.

Mr. Rational said...

Format funkiness in post:

The double spacing that starts at "Mirth and Girth was kept in custody..." appears to be due to a spurious <h1> tag just before that paragraph.

Anonymous said...

Even if you don't care about race you NEED to care about leftist suicidal ideology. When a people live divorced from reality, they can only create a living hell wherever they go. Leave it to leftists, and in 100 years we may be letting black bears and gorillas vote. They'll be shocked when they behave only in their own interests.

Anonymous said...

Info on
piss Christ shit Mary
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,,,yeah right
good for Nelson for exposing black censorship, narrowmindedness, crime..
black solidarity.......

Anonymous said...

is bobby rush an x terrorist?

Anonymous said...

Once again, Blacks have zero respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment goes completely out the window the moment a Black third-rate municipal Tammany Hall political hack is mildly insulted.

Black teenagers in Southside Chicago shooting and killing each other with zero regard for life? White people's fault. Rescind the Second Amendment. Without debate or congressional approval. Just nullify it through "Executive Orders" and "Executive Actions".

They ("BRA", "DWLs", the mainstream media, finance capital) are willing to destroy time-tested civic institutions & political traditions and revoke rights in the hope of evading responsibility for the monster they created and nurtured: a crass-consumerist, violent, empathy-less, narcissistic, predatory, mindless Black America that is bankrupting us fiscally and morally.

The only solution is political devolution. States and counties have been stripped (or voluntarily given up) of their Constitutional authorities in deference to a strong Federal branch. Tens of millions of neoconservatives supported this. Only restoring power to local communities will change anything.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

This just goes to show the two-faced nature of the DWLs. And of course one is never allowed to criticize or attack any black person, because to do so is to attack the entire race of the groid bastards.

Just came from Seems that Obama and his cronies are trying to link we patriotic Americans with Al Qaeda again. They are going to try to have government censorship of any information that might be critical of the socialist black agenda being forced on us by the radicalized nigger Democrats and their kowtowing spineless Republicans. Welcome to Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 folks. The government is going to try to destroy us and destroy all alternative points-of-view. And don't expect the liberals to respect our First Amendment rights. Remember, just like this story, they exist outside the constraints of the Constitution.

Now is the time to prepare. Because our nation is being taken from us. And in four more years we might not have anything left.

Anonymous said...

Chicago "Revrun" church / bank goes belly up

Anonymous said...

Regarding these free speech trampling black aldermen--

The higher the monkey climbs the more you see of his ass

Anonymous said...

how much was he involved in the destruction of South Africa?

has he ever mentioned 70,000 dead?

Anonymous said...

Lived in Chicago at the time. Remember the incident very well.

The truth is the legacy of Harold Washington is that he has helped to push blacks out of Chicago. Under his administration, Chicago became a sanctuary city. In the last decade Chicago lost 9% of its black population. With the passing of drivers licenses for illegal aliens and heaven forbid another mass amnesty I would bet that another double digit decline in Chicago's black population is likely.

Discard said...

My guess is that the Aldermen were insulted by the size of the jock strap, which implied that Hizzoner was not endowed with 12 inches.

Anonymous said...

Chicago columnist legend Mike Royko's classic take on Harold Washington portrait fiasco.,2641171

Anonymous said...

No discussion of idiotic Chicago style censorship would be complete with out mentioning the sad end of the career of the great columnist Mike Royko when wrote his famous take on the educational atrocity known as "Black English" or Ebonics

Royko was attacked for his Ebonics article and forced by the PC tools at the Chicago Tribune to go on hiatus for a while. It was said that Ebonics kerfuffle caused Royko great distress at a time when his health was in decline.

In Royko's later years he had been worn down by the rise of political correctness attacks from feminists, Blacks, Hispanics and gays, the whole Gender, Racial and Cultural Marxist mindset infecting journalism,

Royko died of a cerebral hemorrhage 3 months later.

Anonymous said...

Blacks use any and every excuse and justification to get their way.

They're pretty resourceful, in a primitive way.

Anonymous said...

My father worked with Harold Washington and liked the guy due to his sense of humor. The one problem with Harold was he was a machine guy and ghost payroller. He was on corporation counsel of the City of Chicago and never really showed for work they sent him his checks. Everyone acts like he was this outsider and was more like Richard J. Daley than Jane Byrne and Michael Bilandic that followd Daley as he tried to control the city through patronage and friends.

fnn said...

>Royko died of a cerebral hemorrhage 3 months later.

Royko was a big drinker and cigarette
smoker to the end.

rjp said...

Laughing at oogaboogaman's comment because if you look at the course catalog for Kennedy King College:

They teach HVAC at the CCC's (City Colleges of Chicago).

So it would appear that CCC does not even trust it's own students to do repair on its facilities.

For those that don't know, Malcom X is just south of the United Center, close to the UIC Campus, and just across the highway from Rush University Hospital; Kennedy King is solidly in the ghetto.

Malcolm X course catalog:

Check out the course catalogs for some laughs and think about the idea that these schools are portrayed as a less expensive alternative to the first two years of actual college ......

Anonymous said...

fnn said...

>Royko died of a cerebral hemorrhage 3 months later.

Yes, Royko was heavy drinker and smoker.

He did try to change his behavior when he remarried during the last decade of his life.

But as these articles testify the battles with the rise of political correctness caused him much anguish.,2387376

The same PC idiot elitists who wrecked the newspaper business could not appreciate Royko.

The Tribune Company is almost as bad as the NYT in terms of Gender, Racial and Cultural Marxism. Under Sam Zell's ownership it is zealously pro-Open Borders.

Constructive Feedback said...

My, my - My Dear Friend Paul Kersey - you are being a bit petty in your maliciousness against "Everything Negro" these days.

YOU SAY - "The Negro had NOTHING to do with the (let me go back now and get the exact words so no one accuses me of stealing anything)"

[quote]A national population and a national victory – remember, black people had literally nothing to do with the building and maintaining of the civilization of Chicago. [/quote]

Mr Kersey - you are best described as a combination of "A White Man's Malcolm X" - in that you show (at least for my purposes) - Black people the consequence of not "Doing The Right Thing" and you are a "Reverse Santa Claus To The Negro". You doggedly watch Black people to JUSTIFY the coal that you deliver with NO INTENTION of bringing any toys.

You still are my friend.

The best way to counter your arguments is to FORCE STRUCTURE upon them.

If we look at the strata of people in Industrial Age Chicago - MOST SURELY you would not conclude that the POOR WHITE IMMIGRANT "class" of worker was "THE SAME" as the monied elite White.

Here is something that you might relate to.
Just imagine if YOU were an "intestine remover" at the "meat packing plant", Mr Kersey - you saw the beautiful White daughter of Mr Swift.

You understood that Mr Swift wouldn't THINK OF any Negro worker in his plant or anywhere else asking for the hand of HIS DAUGHTER - who he has refined as he spared no expense.

But wait - Mr Kersey - WHAT ABOUT YOU?????
The eggs in her body would not know the genetic differences between YOUR "superior sperm" and that of a wealthy elite White man.

NOT EVEN THE RICHEST OF NEGROES in Chicago - who made his money from "Numbers and Booze Running", however would even THINK about impregnating Mr Swift's daughter.

DO YOU claim that the "WHITE - WAGE SLAVE" of Chicagoland HAD great impact in forming the CIVILIZATION in Chicago - most assuredly distinct from the NEGRO WHO DID NOTHING but DRAW UPON the public trough?

OR is your "history" sufficiently accurate that MY FRIENDS on the board would accept it as they relied on the views of how TODAY'S NEGRO is as "Worthless" as the one's in the past?

YOU ARE A BETTER MAN THAN ME, Mr Kersey (Because you are White)

White people need to be educated about history with a strict discipline of THE TRUTH.

You fell short in what you are feeding ME and my friends here.

Did that Kennedy-Shriver family matron ever return your "FaceBook Friend" request?

Anonymous said...

"BRA the Emperor has no Clothes."

The Emporer HAD clothes. He gots dem from Victorias Secret.

Anonymous said...

"DO YOU claim that the "WHITE - WAGE SLAVE" of Chicagoland HAD great impact in forming the CIVILIZATION in Chicago - most assuredly distinct from the NEGRO WHO DID NOTHING but DRAW UPON the public trough?"

Where the fuck do you see this claim being made???

CF, I like you, but please, stop being such a annoying, whiny panty-waste.

Kersey's point was clear and concise...negroes had virtually NOTHING to do with the creation of the world-class metropolis that Chicago once was.

He makes no claims whatsoever pertaining to the integral role of every single white Chicagoan.

Which part of this do you find so fucking difficult to understand???

Mr. Rational said...

Said Repulsive Throwback:

The eggs in her body would not know the genetic differences between YOUR "superior sperm" and that of a wealthy elite White man.

This is what you get when you "educate" a pavement ape:  a more grammatical, slightly-prettified (because it's likely cut-and-pasted) re-phrasing of "muh dik".

Anonymous said...

"OR is your "history" sufficiently accurate that MY FRIENDS on the board would accept it as they relied on the views of how TODAY'S NEGRO is as "Worthless" as the one's in the past?"

Who cares what your friends think?

Present-day negroes are just as incapable of sustaining civilization as negroes in the past.

If you disagree, then please provide a few examples of places where quality of life IMPROVED after negroes took control.

isaiah14 said...

It is true that Harold Washington was wearing women's undergarments when he died. I worked with an individual who's family was in the mortuary business. He told me that his family picked up Washington and took him to the mortuary. As they were preparing Washington's body for the wake, funeral, and burial, they had to take off of Washington the Bra and panties that he was wearing. So it actually wasn't a rumor. Washington was wearing those items when he died.

HaroldC said...

We all appear foolish at different times. There is no way to avoid it other than living a hermit like existence. But there is nothing so foolish as to fear appearing the fool out of pride. What before the shenanigans of the Chicago alderman would have come across as no more than a provocative stunt to gain attention took on a more important cast the memory of which has lasted decades. I for one am looking forward to 2027 when King's memory and legacy can be properly discarded.

John Hebry said...

It is true that Harold Washington was wearing women's undergarments when he died. I worked with a man at the state hospital who told me that his family was in the mortuary business; and that they were the one's who picked up Washington's body, and took it to the mortuary. They were preparing it for the wake, funeral, and burial, and they had to take off his body the bra and panties that he was wearing. So it wasn't a rumor. Harold Washington was a transvestite, sort of like Guilliano of New York.

Anonymous said...

"It is true that Harold Washington was wearing women's undergarments when he died."

I'm sure there's a good explanation for this. Perhaps these clothes were needed for supporting his corpulent frame. Perhaps he was trying to reach out beyond the "black community" to the LGBTG vote. Perhaps agents of the displaced White power structure planted these articles of clothing on him to discredit his legacy among his constituency. Perhaps he was confused in his declining health and went to the wrong closet that morning. Or, he simply could have dressed in the dark and did not realize what he had put on until he suddenly had a heart attack.

See, plenty of reasonable explanations.

Dr. Shlomo Stenberg, Phd.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they'll find a reason to delay releasing the MLK files past 2027. My guess is that the reason will be the Republican budget cuts.

DNA overules said...

DNA at work again what is it with blacks and their inability to handle art that makes their black messiahs look foolish

Strange how black DNA reacted to the mirth and girth painting is exactly how the blacks reacted to "the spear" painting about jacob zuma in south africa last year.

One thing about DNA is its predictabilty of how blacks react to certain things.

Google the spear and read how the savages went totally ape about a painting, in typical black predictable DNA manner.

So nice when DNA dictates that they will behave the same, if the stimulii is the same, be it 30 years ago, and 15000 miles apart.

Don't you just love DNA.

Latest case for expected DNA resultant behaviour, jesse jackson jnr, whose DNA made him live upto what he is programmed to be, and as black DNA demands he did exactly what his black brothers do in africa and elsewhere when money is with in reach, albeit it illegal or gainfull.

Blacks will pimp themselves up, because the tribal chief always need the pimpiest stuff in the tribe.

DNA got to love it

Californian said...

CF said ... DO YOU claim that the "WHITE - WAGE SLAVE" of Chicagoland HAD great impact in forming the CIVILIZATION in Chicago - most assuredly distinct from the NEGRO WHO DID NOTHING but DRAW UPON the public trough?

Well, why not show us a world class city built by blacks without whites being involved?

I am sure you can draw from many examples in the USA, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are hyper obsessed with image and want only the best images to be portrayed or they have a fit. Case in point: The Eddie Murphy film, "Coming To America" where he plays a prince and we see images of his home in Africa which looks like a scene out of a Disney movie with extravagant palaces to live in and elegant coaches ala something one would expect European royalty to be riding about in circa 1800. The film (ludicrous and laughable fantasy that it was) received an Image Award from the NAACP. Any positive image-no matter how contrived, fantastical and absurd will be lauded and praised whereas any truth showing the dysfunctions, 3rd world conditions and all the other pathologies of blacks will be condemned. Truth does not matter. Da truf be rayciss!
If Harold Washington had been portrayed wearing a crown, royal jewels and European style royal robes and holding a scepter, blacks would have walked around all puffed up and feeling self-important and proud. The painting would have probably won an award. However, since the unpleasant truth was exposed, they can't stand it as it shatters the image they want promoted. Maybe the artist should have painted him wearing a military uniform replete with a double chest full of unearned and unwarrranted medals ala an African dictator? That too would have sufficed to promote false pride and a false reality for them to feel good about themselves over.
For blacks, image is always going to trump substance just as fantasy will always trump reality.

Anonymous said...

"The American public increasingly relies on the Internet for socializing, business transactions, gathering information, entertainment, and creating and sharing content. The rapid growth of the Internet has brought opportunities but also risks, and the Federal Government is committed to empowering members of the public to protect themselves against the full range of online threats, including online radicalization to violence."

Pat Boyle said...

The claim by Paul Kersey that blacks have had no positive contributions to the building of Chicago is, I suppose, hyperbole. I imagine that sometime in the last century there was some honest, productive black man who did an honest day's labor for an honest wage. Let's consider what Kersey really meant.

What is the biggest and most famous monument to the Jews? By current liberal reasoning it would be the Coliseum in Rome. It is known more formally as the Flavian Amphitheater. The Flavians (Vespasian, Titus and Domitian) got power by defeating the Jews. They imported thousands of Jewish prisoners to build their huge amphitheater. They worked them to death. None are known to have survived.

So should we consider the Coliseum a Jewish achievement because Jewish slaves raised the rocks?


The Coliseum like the buildings of Chicago was the product of architects and engineers. It hardly mattered who or what supplied the brute labor.

But today in Black History Month we have fools who will attribute the credit for a building to the brick layer not the chief architect and designer. This is so silly I can barely contain myself.

Blacks in America benefit from various subsidies. There is welfare (subsidized income), public housing (subsidized shelter), food stamps (subsidized food) and finally Black History (subsidized history).

Black people have had no record of accomplishment in America or anywhere else. Europeans and Chinese derive comfort when they contemplate the accomplishments of their ancestors. Liberal felt that was unfair to black people so they invented a whole mythical history of black invention and achievement. Millions of public dollars have been spent trying to create a history that black people can be proud of.

I had a black employee once for one of my various home based businesses. He told me with no trace of irony that his black African ancestors had had airplanes before the Pharaohs built the pyramids. Back then, he said, the blacks were the masters and the white were the slaves. Somehow the debased status of blacks today is all a terrible mistake.

I don't really care what loony history (or geography) an individual chooses to believe, but in this case the federal government spends millions of taxpayer dollars to promote this nonsense. There a better case to be made for a flat earth than a glorious black prehistory. The feds should be balanced. If we are going to have "Black History" then we should also subsidize those who believe in Lemuria, or "The Chariots of the Gods". Crackpots of every stripe should get federal bucks, not just the black ones.


Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]This is what you get when you "educate" a pavement ape: a more grammatical, slightly-prettified (because it's likely cut-and-pasted) re-phrasing of "muh dik".[/quote]

Mr Rats-On-Anal:

"Pavement Ape".

Unlike the "Average Negro" - I don't get upset with such names.
MY SELF WORTH is firmly WITHIN my own "center of gravity". This technique merely shows the heart and intellect of the person who traffics in such techniques.

I wonder if you believe that we are all products of "Evolution" and thus were all ONCE APES and MONKEYS?

I don't know if you and Mr Kersey were watching PBS last night as they detailed the "Black American Struggle".

I saw a little White boy beating up a little Black boy as he walked to school in a newly integrated school. I wondered if THIS would ever be seen as a "MARTA Train" attack in the eyes of Mr Kersey.

The key point, however, was the news that the "Average American Negro" has about 27% "White Genes" due to all of the "Nighttime Integration" as White men did their "Speed Dating" with Black women over time. Initial as "owners" and then as "partakers of forbidden fruit" - that made use of the "Imbalance Of Power" with the female.

"muh dik"?

I know of NO SUCH a phrase sir.

My KNOWLEDGE comes from decades of reading none but the BEST White and Negro authors!!!

Pat Boyle said...

I don't really care if Harold Washington was some kind of crossdresser. Or was he a transvestite? It makes for good political theater but it was Washington's policies not his personal quirks that made him such a disaster.

I always enjoy an opportunity to be broad minded and accepting. It makes me feel good. Most of the time I'm having to explain why I write so often about the total extermination of black people. Many people think a world without Africans is a bad thing and that anyone who speculates about such a world must be a bad person. I don't like to think about the possibility that I am a bad person.

So I like to indulge occassionally in a bit of "warm and fuzzy" liberal acceptance of personal differences.

In any case I've always been amused by black transvestites. When I first came to San Francisco, I lived downtown in the "Tenderloin". There were plenty of prostitutes on the streets but the most amazing were the huge, ugly, hairy black men who wore wigs and tight dresses. In heels some of them were taller than me (6'4"). They weren't very persuasive as women.

I believe I understand homosexuality but I sure don't understand any of this. But it is pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

Blacks are hyper obsessed with image

Another great cinematic example of this is the Black/Hispanic Underclass/Rapper obsession with the Brian DePalma version of Scarface. They absolutely love the image and swagger of Tony Montana above all else.

Whites and Asians watch Scarface and take away the preposterously over the top, tragic, comic, even satiric aspects of the movie.

I lived in Chicago for years. I have watched many times the hilarious WGN local tv edit overdubbed version of Scarface, with such immortal lines as “Where’d you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eatin’ pineapple?” and “This town like a great big chicken just waiting to get plucked.”

Once watched Scarface at a party in Edison Park with a bunch of Chicago Cops, Firemen and emergency room nurses. Dozens of folks were laughing themselves sick and shouting out the dialog and cracking jokes. "Hey, you think this time Tony is going to wise up and move to the suburbs and raise a family" Its a type of gallows humor similar to what you find among combat veterans.

Because they know that down in the hood, the gangbangers are watching the exact same movie inching and dying, literally. to emulate the movie's drug dealers' lifestyles.

Politicians in Chicago would complain that movies like Scarface actually caused murders to happen.

Truth is irony and satire are simply beyond the the underclass mind.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Kersey's point was clear and concise...negroes had virtually NOTHING to do with the creation of the world-class metropolis that Chicago once was.[/quote]

Anon -

More than your "affinity" I prefer your own intellectual honesty.

I DIRECTLY POSTED my dear friend Mr Kersey's exact words.

YOU may have read it as "VIRTUALLY".

Short of there being some "Invisible Ink" that is not visible to the Negroes who's "vision" has not evolved as such - I am not sure how you got that qualification from Kersey's statement.

DEAR MR KERSEY - COULD YOU DETAIL what the NEGRO DID DO - in this "Virtual Space" to assist with the Civilization of Chicago?

Besides offering the back of his head as the target for the rock that initiated the "1919 race riot of Chicago" as he swam into the part of Lake Michigan that was roped off for the WHITE FOLKS?,d.eWU

(I know. I know. When YOU bring up the "HISTORY" of the great MARTA train attack - you are posting a "security warning" for White folks.

When I point out history that includes "White violence" against Black people - I am trying to pick your pocket using "White Guilty".

To which one of your friends will say: "We don't own the Negro NOTHING".

You can't understand: I AM NOT ASKING.

bubo said...

Someone should get a stencil of that painting and put it up all over Chicago.

The blacks would probably think it was Fat Albert in drag or something now, though.

Anonymous said...

I visited an art and history museum in Atlanta a few years back that housed ancient Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Near Eastern, Ancient American, Asian and African art, and there is no way to deny that African art (there was no ancient African art. I guess wood and straw don't survive that long) of the early 1900s is more like kindergarten art than anything produced thousands of years ago almost everywhere else.

Technically, aesthetically, and in every way, the African art fell far short. The museum seemed to try to hide this fact by placing the African display on a floor by itself.

italian guy said...

"White people need to be educated about history with a strict discipline of THE TRUTH."
Fucking hilarious, an African talking about education lmao not only that, a black dares to talk about discipline? ahahah get out of the States, build a functional civilization with your brothas and then we will talk, don't try to cheat tough: no white people inventions (basically everything worth inventing in this world), good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

"If we look at the strata of people in Industrial Age Chicago - MOST SURELY you would not conclude that the POOR WHITE IMMIGRANT "class" of worker was "THE SAME" as the monied elite White."

No, but at least I can recognize working class and poor whites as my people. We are cut from the same cloth. They are still more intelligent than the smartest of blacks.

They may be poor whites, or dumb whites, but they are still whites, and are capable of cleaning up after themselves and putting their pants on in the morning and actually GOING TO WORK. I feel sympathy for them and help them when I can. I would even help the wiggers if they stopped trying to emulate blacks.

Also true for Middle-class Affirmative Action and public employee blacks, who hold the hood near their hearts. They can identify with the ghetto and the "strugglin'" and the welfare addicted underclass ghetto blacks who live there. You are all cut from the same cloth and have affection for each other.

That is understandable.

Anonymous said...

CF attempts to participate in this forum and CF's freedom to express is not questioned. The quality of its ramblings tell more than the words.

Anonymous said...

"I DIRECTLY POSTED my dear friend Mr Kersey's exact words.

YOU may have read it as "VIRTUALLY"."

CF, your fixation on semantics is annoying and irrelevant.

Here is a copy-and-paste from

lit·er·al·ly [lit-er-uh-lee]
in the literal or strict sense
in a literal manner; word for word
actually; without exaggeration or inaccuracy
in effect; in substance; very nearly; virtually.

Please note entry 4.

I understood Kersey's meaning quite well, and quite frankly, the word "literally" doesn't change his larger point.

If you're interested in a pissing match over "literally/virtually", then please do it somewhere else, with someone else.

Bogolyubski said...

Absolute comedy gold. Gee, I wonder how the artistic career of David K. Nelson, Jr has been in the past quarter century? If he's really lucky he might have a faculty job at a place like the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople. The tale of Mirth and Girth, which I think might be better characterized as the 'Olympia of BRA' is quite amusing.

First of all, note now those self-styled defenders of liberty, the ACLU, and the squid judicial system took two solid decades (1988-2008) to decide a case which should have been a very simple, clear-cut slam-dunk example of the state indulging in a blatant violation of the first amendment. Typical example of how the ACLU handles its "window dressing" cases (see we even fight the civil liberties of eeeevvviil rayciss YTs). I guess their hearts just weren't in it.

Also note how the Shitcongo Alderman William C. Henry was able to brandish a DEADLY GUN!!! with no response from Shitcongo's fearless badge gang or the blackrobes. Some are just a teeny bit more equal than others under the gun control regime in Emmanuelville - is the capital of Shitcongo, Crook County, People's Republick of Soviet Blagoyestan. I swear you just can't make stuff up this good even if you were a professional comedy writer.

Dan said...

My understanding is that 30% of black Ydna comes from white men.
15% of Mdna comes from women. I'd guess that white haplogroups are associated with higher intelliengence and a competitive edge.

Thus the preponderance of interracial rape being a black man on white woman phenomenon. Rape your way up the IQ tables.

The quantity of extra white Ydna can be explained easily enough. These genes make the mulatto a cut above his coal black retarded stepbrothers. Frankly I can see black females begging to Rick white men so that they have smarter offspring with prospects. What sane black woman would WANT a violent deadbeat to reproduce in miniature form? So my sense is that the Mdna is a result of Mandingo rape and the Ydna is about black women seeking better raw material in a desperate bid to escape their evolutionary dead end.

Constructive Feedback said...

Mr Kersey (and I say this will all seriousness) - You have assembled a band of White folks who reflexive viciousness to my skin color aside - warms my heart as I feel comfortable that our verbal jousts will no longer translate into my oxygen deprived body taking its last breath before being thrown into the lake.

THANK YOU Mr Kersey.

I still can't understand why HAROLD WASHINGTON has "damaged Chicago" - but (you know where I am going don't you) The Federal Reserve which can PRINT MONEY AND PURCHASE 1,000 Chicagos in one year's time (a $54 billion economy they have in the city) YET for no other reason that there AREN'T too many Negro Federal Reserve Board members distributed around the nation - you feel comfortable.

Tell me - Mr Kersey - do you believe that Harold Washington has done more damage than Tim Geither & Good Ole Ben Bernanke?

Anonymous said...

The Chicago race riots of 1919 were primarily caused by a 148% increase of the black population (in less than a decade) during the Great Migration and the subsequent competition for jobs and housing. It's no wonder that the white population resented the massive and intrusive influx when they saw their livlihoods and their neighborhoods so threatened. The whites fought back and attempted to drive the black parasite back into it's former lair and out of the city in order to prevent the ultimate demise of the city. Blacks flocked to Chicago to feed off of what others had created and resented any attempt to stop them. Ethnic Irish and other groups who'd lived in the city since the 1800's didn't want to see everything they'd worked and strived for shit on and ghetto'd by the blacks.
Just as blacks today try to invade and take over so it was back then as well.
As for the failure of the people of Chicago to stop the invasion and drive the parasite out, you can thank the government back then for intervening.
And we can all see the results of such actions on Chicago, Detroit and other cities today as well.
Thank you (black people) for turning our cities into crime infested third world shitholes just as your "cuzzes" back in Africa do.
Bringing black people to these shores was the most horrific mistake this nation ever made. The second most horrific mistake was not getting rid of them when their propensity for parasitism and destructiveness was so clearly and appallingly demonstrated.

Bogolyubski said...

Feedbag, you would do well to simply stop making an ever bigger fool of yourself and read the posts here in detail. The fact that you had no idea of what ABRA meant reveals that you likewise have no knowledge of what BRA really means either. I've explained the private banking cartel known as the "Federal Reserve" several times all on my own. Others have explained it as well. Why do you persist in acting as if we are somehow unaware of it?

Californian said...

I saw a little White boy beating up a little Black boy as he walked to school in a newly integrated school. I wondered if THIS would ever be seen as a "MARTA Train" attack in the eyes of Mr Kersey.

White-on-black attacks out of the Civil Rights Era are widely condemned by the media, even decades after they occurred. Massive black-on-white violence, well documented by PK, is systematically ignored by that same media, as well as academia, government and civil rights organizations. This is so even though black-initiated violence is much more massive than the violence of the Civil Rights Era, has claimed many more innocent victims, and continues unabated to this day.

The reality is that during the 1950s and 1960s, black violent crime rates were much higher per capita than white. Does PBS show documentary footage of black crime? Or the fights which broke out in integrated schools? Or black militants shaking down store owners and university administrations? Or does all that go down the memory hole?

Race hustlers can continue to flagellate Americans with the specter of an early 1960s church bombing. But they sweep under the rug the Zebra killings, in which black militants purposely targeted whites for murder in the name of anti-racism.

Look at the Long Hot Summer style urban riots. Just about every urban riot in America since Brown versus Board of Education has been the result of blacks takin' it to the streets. Care to tell us how many fullblown race riots have been initiated by white people over the last half century? Or how many cities have been wrecked by white people's violence? Heck, even Dresden rose again from the rubble--unlike the cities of BRA such as Detroit.

Then people ask why Americans are arming...

Anonymous said...

Constructive Feedback said...
"...Mr Kersey (and I say this will all seriousness) - You have assembled a band of White folks who reflexive viciousness to my skin color aside..."

WHO reflexive viciousness? WHO?

Talented tenth indeed...

-Sweep the leg-

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Washington was getting ready for a "date" with Coleman Young.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote] I've explained the private banking cartel known as the "Federal Reserve" several times all on my own. Others have explained it as well. Why do you persist in acting as if we are somehow unaware of it?[/quote]


It comes as no surprise that the focus on "The Negro" provides a bit of comfort to you.

(Does it appear that I get flustered by anything that is posted on this blog?

I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER ANY OTHER NEGROES!!! I have strong influence upon anyone who lives IN MY HOUSE - and even my wife and kids are near rebellion.

WHY do you assume that MY personal dignity and my "racial dignity" is a function of what some OTHER 'UNCONSCIOUS BLACK' MIGHT not have?

When YOU try and speak for all "White Folks" who stray - then talk to me)

MuayTyson said...

Got to love CF. He never misses the chance to say what should take 5 words to use 50.

Little hint CF, your convoluted way of speaking works well for Negro admiration but us post 80 IQ Whites can see through it.

Moondoggie said...

Don't you realize you are making "our" case with your silly incomphrehensible babble? Nothing like one of those "smart" educated blacks to tutor us on "our" misconceptions. I will say one thing, you are entertaining my brotha! Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

For "Constructive Feedback"
This story, from the 29 August, 1862 edition of the Memphis Appeal, proves that TNB is not new, and that Blacks, even when slaves, were vicious:
Negro Burned to Death--Rape and Murder of a Child.
From the Memphis Bulletin.]
We learn by a passenger on the steamboat Saline, who was engaged in the search for and present at the finding of the murdered body mentioned below, the following details, rarely equalled in horror and atrocity. Mrs. Bradley is a widow, residing at the foot of "Clarke's Towhead," near Walnut Bend, in Phillips county, Arkansas. She had one child, a sweet, pleasing girl of nine years of age. On Wednesday afternoon last she heard the child calling to her in an alarmed voice, and hastening to the door, saw a movement among the bushes at some distance off, whence the screams and cries issued. It was some little time before aid could be procured and a search made, but it become evident that the child had been carried off, and investigation showed that the guilty party was a negro youth of nineteen years of age, a slave of Mr. John Ashley, living in the same neighborhood. Next day the negro was found, but he utterly refused to tell what he had done with the child. Whipping and other punishment could only get from him an acknowledgment that he had left the little girl in the woods, where or in what condition be declared again and again no power on earth should compel him to tell. On Thursday and Friday the search was continued. The negro was taken along and chastised at intervals, but he still persisted in his refusal to make any revelation. On Saturday the party again taking the negro with them, resumed their search. While so engaged they met a band of guerrillas to whom they revealed the particulars of the loss of the unfortunate child.
The guerrillas was fired with indignation and swore vengeance to the utmost extreme against the negro. They bound him to a tree and proceeded to pile wood around him. When the boy found that death was near he told them the child was dead, he had violated and killed her, and her body lay in a certain spot they had several times passed in the search. It was between two cottonwood trees and covered thickly over with brush. This revelation made, the woods were fired and the negro was burned to death. The body of the little girl was found at the spot indicated. It presented a horrible appearance. There was a wound on the forehead apparently from a blow. On the arms and various parts of the body were dark bruises showing where the negro had violently held her in her vain struggles against his hellish attempts. Dark marks on her throat, showed that she had been put to death by choking. The condition of her person we cannot state on paper; all that fiends could imagine a barbarity, cruelty, and hellish villainy were apparent there. The excitement in the neighborhood is extreme, and the fate of the negro is pronounced to be only just.
Pg 176-177.

Dan said...

CF sounds like a few Rastas Ive known. Total fucking lunatics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but they don't run far, just to burbs. Once they are fed up with suburban cops and neighbors calling cops every minute they usually move back to city. Thank Groid!

Anonymous said...

And meat eater. He ate lunch at Billy Goat regularly too.
But sadly he was mocked and pursued for saying that the marbles in they mouths sounding crap that needs subtitles was not really a language.
Sadly every city/county worker and hospital CNA or administrator is lyal as a mutherfker to they fancy ass black languages askills. Frightening the foithold they have.

Anonymous said...

Hey now. That is the gentrified ghetto where urban pioneers buy pricey lofts because they enjoy the diversity of having to replace thier iphones every months and having the untreated mentally ill defate on thier stoops while guarding thier doors while they work.
Malcom X leases it's parking lot to UC for events as they are neighboors and all dem free courses bees expanseeve to a broke ass mofo. CCC just ultra glorified babysitying for adults who weren't shot by gangs and caint be ballers. No they can misstype your blood as CNA's at some of Chicago's finest hospitals.

Anonymous said...

He bees way classier than that, LaPerla! He did live in Hyde Park you know

Anonymous said...

Not copied as the common mistake of tense.
It should be ....those of a wealthy.... not that as it is more than one egg.

Anonymous said...

If he enjoyed that life they should have just left them on. So sad he had to be on the down-lo all his life dating ugly 300 pound chicks for show.

Anonymous said...

It recently appeared on his statue in Hyde Park

Anonymous said...

"CF sounds like a few Rastas Ive known. Total fucking lunatics."

LOLOL I like CF, he's a decent guy, an Allen West-type black man. I read his blog occasionally, it's really quite good.

He is a bit wordy though...

10mm AUTO said...

Anonymous said...

For "Constructive Feedback"
This story, from the 29 August, 1862 edition of the Memphis Appeal, proves that TNB is not new, and that Blacks, even when slaves, were vicious:
Negro Burned to Death--Rape and Murder of a Child.
From the Memphis Bulletin.]
We learn by a passenger on the steamboat Saline, who was engaged in the search for and present at the finding of the murdered body mentioned below, the following details, rarely equalled in horror and atrocity. Mrs. Bradley is a widow, residing at the foot of "Clarke's Towhead," near Walnut Bend, in Phillips county, Arkansas. She had one child, a sweet, pleasing girl of nine years of age...."

Thank you Anon for this tidbit.

Sounds like so many of the girls we have mourned, murdered by negros. Techniques, vileness of the crime, all the same. Autumn Pasquale, the 28 negro on young girl rape in Texas "With the black community standing in Solidarity with our falsely accused Brothers!", the rape murder of Eve Carson, Anne Pressly and so many others.

negros like cockroaches, will never change. Removal is the best answer.

10mm AUTO said...

LOLOL I like CF, he's a decent guy, an Allen West-type black man. I read his blog occasionally, it's really quite good.

He is a bit wordy though...

February 19, 2013 at 8:55 AM

Fine, he can date your daughter. I am sure you will be so proud. Just let me be free to protect my own away from lethal "diversity".

Anonymous said...

I recall that painting & controversy quite well. I worked for the City of Chicago at the time. Folks were angry. I went to the Art Institute of Chicago today to see the new Picasso exhibit. I have noticed through the years that blacks do not go to the Art Institute. It is very rare to see blacks viewing paintings. The only blacks around are the security guards or cashiers. I knew a person who worked there who stated that the Art Inst did so much out reach in the black community to increase black attendance, but it never worked. Another thing I noticed is that blacks are not into arts & crafts like white folks. When I go to Michael's craft store I see all these white women with children getting inspired to create projects. Embellishment is different than bling. Perhaps PK or someone can answer why blacks do not go to art museums or rarely are into arts & crafts.

AnalogMan said...

CF said: I don't know if you and Mr Kersey were watching PBS last night as they detailed the "Black American Struggle".

You're kidding, right?

Anonymous said...

"Fine, he can date your daughter."

1. There is an enormous difference between "I like him" and "I want him to date my daughter". Please change your tampon, and stop sounding like an hysterical whiny liberal.

2. I don't have any children.

3. CF has mentioned that he is married with children.

AmericanGoy said...

Excuse me.


So a work of art entitled "Piss Christ", in which photograph a Jesus on a cross is submerged in urine, was

"a winner of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art's "Awards in the Visual Arts" competition, which was sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, a United States Government agency that offers support and funding for artistic projects."

Because freedom of speech, you see, is an inalienable right.

But it seems that there are some animals that are more equal than others on this farm, in our "democracy"...