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Great Moments in Black History: 98 percent Black Birmingham City Schools Get Laptops Designed for "Developing Countries -- Program Fails Miserably

There's not much else to say about life in Birmingham that hasn't been said already here at SBPDL. Black-run Birmingham has been a monumental, a testament to why men once took a stand against such eventualities back in 1963.

But they lost -- and in so doing, the entire Western World from Chicago to Johannesburg. to Paris and Sydney.

Considering that the conditions in 2013 Birmingham (73.4 percent black) are akin to a third-world - remember, "Cities are what people make of them" -  it should be of no great shock the city was the first to adopt a laptop program designed for 'developing nations' for its nearly 98 percent black K-12 public school population [Birmingham City Schools will be first in nation to get $200 XO laptops, Birmingham News, December 4, 2007]:
Birmingham city schools will be the first in the nation to receive laptop computers designed for children in third-world countries under an agreement completed over the weekend, Mayor Larry Langford announced Monday.
Langford signed a purchase agreement for 15,000 laptops from One Laptop Per Child, a nonprofit foundation whose goal is to provide every child in the world with access to technology.
"We live in a digital age, so it is important that all our children have equal access to technology and are able to integrate it into all aspects of their lives," Langford said. "We are proud that Birmingham is on its way to eliminating the so-called `digital divide' and to ensuring that our children have state-of-the-art tools for education."
Under the agreement, the city will buy 15,000 laptops for $200 each, Langford said. The $3 million deal will allow every child in grades one through eight in Birmingham city schools to receive a laptop, he said.
"Our students will have access to global thinking now," said Birmingham schools Superintendent Stan Mims. "It becomes a tipping point in the digital divide."
Langford has asked the City Council to approve $7 million for the laptops and a scholarship program that would give Birmingham students with a C average or above a scholarship to college or tech school of their choice. The City Council has not yet approved the funding.
The rugged, waterproof computers will be distributed to students on April 15, Langford said, and children will be allowed to take them home. If a computer is lost, the school system can disable it, rendering it useless, Langford said. Students will turn in their computers at the end of their eighth-grade year.

Kids know how: 

The machine, called the XO Laptop and dubbed the "$100 laptop," was designed by Nicholas Negroponte, the founding director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Laboratory. He set out to build a $100 laptop so every child in developing countries could have access to new channels of learning, said Jackie Lustig, spokeswoman for One Laptop Per Child.
The XO didn't make the target price and it sells for about $200, still far below the $500 price tag of most basic laptop computers in U.S. retail shops, Lustig said.
Langford said training for the computers will not be a problem, as they were designed for children to pick up on immediately.
"Get the computers, get them in the children's hands and get out of the way," he said. He brought back two demo computers from his weekend trip to Boston and said a 3-year-old went up to him at a restaurant and began teaching him to use the computer.
"Every child in this restaurant came up to me and within minutes, they were on Google surfing the Web," he said. Even though the computers are so easy to use, Langford said a consulting firm has offered to train students in all Birmingham schools.
Langford said he was asked to be the national spokesman for the program as other U.S. cities begin taking advantage of One Laptop Per Child.
 As Fox News put it perfectly:
If $200 laptop computers are good for kids in Peru and Mongolia, why not Alabama?
Birmingham's City Council has approved a $3.5 million plan to provide schoolchildren with 15,000 computers produced by the nonprofit One Laptop Per Child Foundation, which aims to spread laptops to poor children in developing countries.
The foundation says the deal marks the first time a U.S. city has agreed to buy the machines, which also are headed to such countries as Rwanda, Thailand, Brazil and Mexico in addition to Peru and Mongolia.
Indeed. If these XO laptops are good enough for Rwanda, Brazil, and Mexico public school students, those almost entirely black K-12 students of the liberated Birmingham City School system should have a step or two on those 'developing countries' -- right?

Almost immediately, the project ran into supply-management problems [Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford disappointed many students still lack laptops, Birmingham News, 11-6-08]:
More than two months after 14,000 XO laptop computers were delivered for students in Birmingham's elementary schools, most are still sitting in a warehouse waiting to be distributed.
Mayor Larry Langford said he is disappointed by the slow distribution of the computers in a project he initiated and hoped would be up and running by now.
"Those kids should have had those computers 30 days ago," Langford said. "A tool for learning sitting in a box, sitting in a warehouse. I'm just truly disappointed."
The city bought 15,000 XO laptops - originally designed for developing countries - earlier this year. Glen Iris Elementary School was the first to receive the computers for a pilot program in the spring. The pilot program worked so well that the Birmingham Board of Education agreed to distribute the remaining 14,000 laptop computers to the city's first- through fifth-graders.
 Then came the really bad news about the whole XO laptop program, normally reserved for "developing countries" though Birmingham was to be the first pilot-case in America: the almost-entirely black student population of Birmingham City Schools failed to even use them [Most Birmingham classrooms not using XO laptops much, but supporters urge not giving up on them, Birmingham News, 7-25-2010]:

Two years into the XO laptop initiative for Birmingham's elementary school students, a recent study shows only a fifth of the students who have the computers use them much in class.
More than $4 million has been invested in the project, but the city recently eliminated XO funding, at least for now, as part of its budget cuts.
But the initiative's supporters say that with the right teacher training the laptops can be useful in class, and they hope city and school leaders won't give up on the project.
According to a study conducted by an associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, about 20 percent of students reported using the laptops "a lot" in class, about 60 percent reported using them only "a little" and about 20 percent reported never using them. Just 31 percent said they learn more in class with the computers.
 And just what did that study quoted from above reveal about the pilot-program for XO laptop program - normally reserved for third world, developing countries - in Birmingham, Alabama? [One Laptop per Child Birmingham: Case Study of a Radical Experiment,Warschauer, Cotten, and Ames, 2010]:
The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) program is one of the most ambitious educational reform initiatives the world has ever seen. The program has developed a radically new low-cost laptop computer and aggressively promoted its plans to put the computer in the hands of hundreds of millions of children around the world, focusing on those in the most impoverished nations. Though fewer than two million of the OLPC’s XO computers have been distributed as of this writing, the initiative has caught the attention of world leaders, influenced developments in the global computer industry, and sparked controversy and debate about the best ways to improve the lives of the world’s poor. In 2008, OLPC launched its first major implementation in the United States with the distribution of 15,000 XO computers to students in grades 1–5, teachers, and administrators in Birmingham, Alabama. Imposed on the local school district by the Birmingham City Council, the program was mired in controversy from the beginning.

  The largest deployment of XO laptops in the United States to date occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, from 2008 to 2010. The former mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford, a contentious figure in Alabama politics, contracted with OLPC to purchase 15,000 XO laptops for children in the first through eighth grades (later this became first through fifth grades) in Birmingham city schools. Over 95% of the students in Birmingham schools are African American, and poverty levels are very high, with 80% of students qualifying for free or reduced-price lunch. The mayor stated that he wanted to eliminate the digital divide in Birmingham and to prepare children to be active participants in the information- and technology-based society that currently exists in the United States (Leech 2007).

 Much of this controversy was A total of 80.3% of the Birmingham students surveyed indicated they either never use the XOs at school (20.4%) or use them a little (59.9%). Only 19.7% of students indicated they use them a lot at school. This stands in contrast to our surveys in other districts, where a majority of teachers and students indicated they use laptops for a substantial amount of the school day on a daily basis. For example, fourthgrade students in Saugus reported using the netbooks a mean of two hours per day in school, while fifthgrade students in Littleton reported using the netbooks a mean of 1.8 hours per day in school. We suspect the classroom use figures reported by Birmingham students are actually overstated. Answers to other questions suggest that much of the reported school use occurs outside the classroom. For example, though only 20.4% of students indicated they never use the XO at school, 29.7% indicated on a separate question that they never use the XO in class. In Littleton and Saugus, students do not have access to the netbooks outside of class, so the reported numbers can refer only to school use in class. related to the mayor of Birmingham, a contentious figure in Alabama politics and the one who initiated the OLPC program in the city. The XOs were seldom used in class and broke down at a rapid rate. After the two people responsible for launching the program, the mayor and city council president, were imprisoned for unrelated corruption, the new city leadership faced financial deficits and cut off further funding for the OLPC program, leading to its demise. 

 In 2010, the Birmingham City Council cut off further funding for the XO program as part of a broader package of cuts made in response to budget deficits. Though XOs remained in the schools, the school superintendent moved the XO program “to a subordinate position” and began to emphasize other uses of technology (Birmingham News Editorial Board 2010). In spring 2011, Birmingham City Schools announced they were moving away from using XO laptops in the schools because of the continued lack of funding from the city council and problems with reliability of the XOs. The Birmingham program stands in marked contrast to other one-to-one programs in the United States, which have shown broadly positive results. Laptops are widely used in these programs on a daily basis (see, e.g., Silvernail and Lane 2004; Warschauer 2006), and educational leaders are satisfied with their impact on teaching and learning processes (Greaves and Hayes 2008). Though a small number of laptop programs have been discontinued either because of lack of funding or lack of impact on test score outcomes (Hu 2007), we know of no other large laptop program in the United States where the computers themselves are seldom used in the classroom. In the two other programs using netbooks and open source software investigated as part of Warschauer’s (2011) broader study, both districts experienced teacher and student satisfaction, improved learning processes, and gains in student test scores

 Birmingham, as a representative case-study in Actual Black-Run America (ABRA) shouldn't be considered in the same conversation as a Mexico or Rwanda, labeled a"developing country" worthy of XO computers for its K-12 student population; it's a failed state, whose elected officials should be jailed -- in the case of former Mayor Larry Langford, he is.

This has been another installment of "Great Moments in Black History."


countenance said...

One of the first thing African black boys did with the very first OLPC laptops ever made and given out was to surf internet porn.

I'm not kidding.

OLPC = One Lapdance Per Child.

italian guy said...

What did they expected? maybe they thought "hey let's give some laptops to black students, we will have black rocket scientists in no time!" ahah
Anyway, notice how they give for granted a technology that comes from white people, i guess it's like this for everything these days... when a non-white drives a car, it's normal for him, he probably don't even know that it's a white invention and the same goes for every modern technology ( about this argument: this video says it all, it's really interesting)
Ot: Negroponte is a surname made from 2 words: negro (etymologically identical to nero) wich means black and "ponte" that means bridge, kinda ironic.

rjp said...

The XO is Linux based.

I messed around with Linux (Ubunu) for a while and found it to be a pain in the ass because you just don't click and install as with Windows, everything requires command line installation.

I can't imagine how a 98% black school district could not grasp the idea that most of their students would find the computer too challenging to enjoy using.

And then thinking these little "students" had wi-fi available to use them at home was just stupid.

This was just another example of money being flushed down the toilet for blacks.

Don M said...

"The mayor stated that he wanted to eliminate the digital divide in Birmingham and to prepare children to be active participants in the information- and technology-based society that currently exists in the United States"

Judging by the shear number of videos on World Star Hip Hop, I am not sure there is a digital divide anymore. Negroes sure seem to be participating in the "information and technology based society" by disseminating terabytes of TNB in cyberspace!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.......I am not an expert when it comes to computers. I have only owned one for about five years. When I have trouble I go next door and borrow my neighbors nine year old kid. To operate a computer a person has to know how to READ AND WRITE. They are much harder to use than the free Obama-phones.

I think the computers were way to high-tech for the average Birmingham student. They should have been given something much more low-tech. All I can think of is something like free BALL POINT PENS.

PDK said...

So Cal S, thanks for the mention a few posts back. I came upon r and k selection of gene pools 30 years or so ago, I’ve never had a cause to speak of it until recently. Ironically, it was by reading Steve Jay Gould back in the early 80s that I got educated on that and also on Neoteny. I say ironically because Steven was a flaming liberal, and, a flaming liberal Harvard professor, who towed and promoted liberal ideology, and further, used his knowledge to advance liberal ideology. Further, I believe the r/k strategy was the brain child of E. O. Wilson from the 70s.

Recently I saw an old Hollywood movie from 1930. There was the white damsel up for grabs, and two white men, one the good guy the other the bad guy, vying not only for her, but also, for a cache of very valuable elephant ivory.

They had to go to Africa to get it; therefore black African natives were involved.

The good guy had a black native African as an ally, and he, the black, served him majestically. In the end, the good guy prevailed, and on the boat back to America, the good guy, damsel and her dad were talking.

The dad said the black natives could never assimilate to white culture, but the good guy refuted him, and, just then, the black ally came out of a door from behind them, in modern white man’s clothes, spoke a few English words, and all this implying that just given the chance, blacks could be the same as whites, except for their black skin.

This is typical liberal and Hollywood liberal ideology of our modern age, circa 1750 to the present; the white man’s burden and all that.

You further went on to point out your epiphany that liberals see what they believe and non-liberals believe what they see.

This I believe is correct. Further, I believe that non-liberals are those who embrace their personal responsibility to mature as nature intended, while liberals fail to mature.

Immaturity denies reality, and substitutes a preferred illusion in said reality’s stead. Therefore the real difference between non-liberals and liberals is the maturity factor.

In our modern age crisis, the crisis that essentially pits the matured whites against the immature whites, the former representing our Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic, against the latter’s illusion of a socialist democratic Utopia, and further, our white gene pool, and with both under parasitic assault by blacks and other lower gene pool and cultural aspirants, does truly hang in the balance.

As with most here at Paul’s website, I do appreciate ventilating, getting it off my chest, but much more importantly, I realize that humanity and our posterity’s future depend upon which phenomenon wins out.

Either they, the immature win out and all gene pools blend into one, with a socialist democracy reigning as our culture, which will produce a two tier structure of the God complexed, narcissistic few at the top, enjoying the highlife of power, fame and fortune, and further with the great, unwashed masses floundering about in tyranny, poverty and misery, or the matured win out, where we all live in harmony with our nature and live in a culture of liberty, wealth and happiness.

It is difficult for young to see beyond the smaller picture of one’s own life, with time and work though, comes the ability to also see the big picture.

Thanks for implying I gave something of value to you, and may, with God’s help, you and yours be graced with Godspeed in your endeavor to become the best your nature allows you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

After the Negro children cant grasp the concept of how to use a computer, they will revert to TNB and steal, destroy, lose, pawn, Their computers. They have no real use for something that they cannot mentally grasp. The only successful use will be to upload crime that they record themselves doing on free "Obama phones".

Anonymous said...

You can give them free lunches, computers, phones, scholarships, EBT cards, money, housing, cars, and in the end you will have broken the economic back of America and they will still be evolutionary dead ends. OH! We already do that. Carry on.

Jefferson said...

When I look at Birmingham, Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit for example, I thank my lucky stars that I live in a zip code where Blacks make up only two percent of the population.

Anonymous said...

How did that one go?...If you had 100 monkeys typing away on 100 typewriters for 100 years, eventually (somehow?) the works of Shakespeare would emerge...The only use blacks have for the internet is to look at porn and upload their phone videos to WSHH.

Anonymous said...

Here is the non-thought process:

White kids have computers.
White kids are smart.
Therefore give laptops to negro children.
Negro children will be smart.

Problem is, negro children are more interested in how to use laptops to do drive-bys.

Anonymous said...


I didn't know what the hell an XO was, had to look it up on the internet.

I like the hand-cranked one, is that the post-apocalypse model?

Jay Santos said...

"Every child in this restaurant came up to me and within minutes, they were on Google surfing the Web,"....

Indeed they were. Most common search terms:
1. howz to keell da crackers
2. wherez da white woman at
3. crack sales pozitions
4. who my daddy be

HaroldC said...

Technology is no more than tool making. There is nothing magical about it. Its use can only enhance what is already there. If there is no love of learning present computers will not instill it. Negroes are violent with or without firearms. Likewise Negroes are intellectually incapable with or without computers.

Anonymous said...

These technologies and institutions were not designed for heavily r-leaning groups such as Bantu. Like expecting Koreans to subsist hunting game half naked in African badlands, this folly will continue to fail, as will our society, for it is nothing more than social madness and prevarication - a cruel aberration which exists in opposition to natural laws which have shaped us as lifeforms over hundreds of thousands of years.

Leave it to some retarded lefties to assume a couple of feel-good platitudes about hope and free laptops could change such ancient cosmic machinations.

dbatch said...

How many computers will end up in the Pawn Shops in Birmingham. What a joke, except YT's are paying for this Greek Tragedy.

Melanie said...

I'll bet that the stu-ints are expert at uploading pictures of themselves dressed like thugs, with thug expressions on their faces, "throwing" gang signs with their hands. Or in the case of the females, looking over their shoulders while the camera focuses on their rear ends, or some stripper pose. I suppose they might as well use them for this, as it may well be their future careers. Our tax dollars at work!

Anonymous said...

The assumption is that the "thirst for knowledge" is universal. After all it is a fundamental tenant of the "Standard Social Science Model" that all good Blank Slate-ers learn in college.

Anybody who was once a well meaning naive liberal who volunteered to tutor "underprivileged" kids in the ghetto learns very quick that not all kids have the "thirst". In fact you will be lucky if one in 5 if not one in ten have "the thirst"

Yet many of these kids have the latest video game systems , big screen TVs and smart phones with expensive data plans and twittering up a storm.

A working class family can provide their kid with a used laptop running linux for around 50 bucks. In fact right now I am using a solidly built 17 inch 2005 Dell Inspiron 9300 I found on Ebay for $35 shipping included. Using Linux it runs just fine surfing the web. I spend every Christmas helping family and friends with the refurbishing of abandoned windows laptops by installing lightweight linux operating systems.

I know of Asian kids whose folks just came over on the boat making due with hand me down tech. These get Mom's or Dad's, or Uncle's hand me downs and these kids are ripping through Wikipedia like the Tasmanian devil.

Maddie said...

I'd really like to know WHY these computers are not being used. It's hard to get white people IOFF computers.

Is it because they don't have games? Is it because they are seen as toys, so they are not to be used during classroom time? Is it because they are NOT seen as toys, in which case, they are not interesting?

The distribution problems are typical of government bureaucracy, you see this all the time when it comes to distributing water, ice, sand etc.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the pawn shops are going to get a run on laptops.

Anonymous said...

P.K. tries to tell it like it is.
" After the two people responsible for launching the program, the mayor and city council president, were imprisoned for unrelated corruption."

It's no different today either. Check out a couple of more black history stars,
"Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife to plead guilty to fraud"

Anonymous said...

The DWLs explain negro dysfunction as a "legacy of slavery." Jim Crow was abolished decades ago; slavery years before that. Here's a proposal: Why not outlaw any discussion of slavery, Jim Crow or the "Civil Rights movement"? If the poor little negro doesn't know about slavery or Jim Crow, how can the "legacy" sustain itself? He will be free of this burden and undoubtedly reach a high level of achievement commensurate with their great talents. Banning discussions of the "legacy" could be patterned after Holocaust denial laws so popular in many "democracies." Our friends among TWMNBN have extensive experience in this area and I am sure they would be glad to lend a hand, particularly as it would further suppress any inquiry about THEIR role in the slave trade.

Anonymous said...

I want to take the time to thank Colored Feedback for his courtesy in having a distinctive avatar that allows me to quickly identify his blatherings and rapidly scroll past them.

Dan said...

Do not throw Pearls before swine. Lest they set upon you..,

10mm AUTO said...

Another example of negros trying to close the achievement gap with Whites using magic. Electronics are "magic boxes" to negros, rather than a device. Just as a "Grad-uashun and a degree" means a negro is educated.

It also represents several disturbing trends in education, the attempted uplifting of the lowest, when they should be steered into labor or construction vocational schools, the fanatical need for "small classes" so as to hire as many teachers as possible just to keep order and the lowering of standards so that the retarded and the blacks are in the same classes as the gifted. Why are we not uplifting the gifted (the best hope of the future) and having the less talented steered into vocational programs that would give them a useful income or if they are truly incorrigible, removing them so they do not damage others. Instead we make the school a "Little Penitentiary" with metal detectors, locked doors, private security forces, video monitoring.

(I find it funny that the schools have adopted the prison expression "lockdown" for when the school has a violent altercation. Sick.)

The achievement gap is genetic and all the laptops and calculators and video monitoring equipment in the world is not going to close it one bit. 85% of negros are below the I.Q. of the average White. More over, there are all the pathologies that afflict even the brightest (take for example the "word salad" or our resident CF), the inability to follow logic, the violent emotional outbursts, the racial solidarity and of course, the Extreme Rage.

Mr. Ken said...

More than $4 million has been invested in the project, but the city recently eliminated XO funding...where do you suppose the funding for this incredible waste of time and equipment came from? what a waste.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these laptops will be returned intact or otherwise. How much grape "drank" could be exchanged for one?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of diveristy in our schools, this one's a "must-read"
from the Irish Savant:

Anonymous said...

It is mentioned that about 80% of the kids used the laptops very little or not at all. What would be interesting to know is if those 80% do anything productive at school. If they didn't do work or learn without laptops they won't learn with them.

Who was that famous indian math wiz who found an old text book and mastered it? He didn't get a laptop and he's doing fine.

Anonymous said...

"Man, ah gots ta get me one uh dem computahs!. Dis way I can lookz at naked white wimminz."

Anonymous said...

I think the recipients would be more interested in what Ja'Qaures Cortez Wilson was up to in Birmingham.

Dan said...

You can make a fortune in building once you know how to make bricks stand up properly in a wall.

I don't understand why coins were not steered into construction in the US. What were Mexicans brought into installation jobs for?

10mm AUTO said...

There is going to have to be a terrible shift in our Judicial system. negros have finally taken the "no Snitch" policy to the ultimate level, the killing of a White girl with video surveillance confirmation and in racial solidarity two back jurors using jury nullification to release the black killer.

Story here: ( ).

Interview with the black juror is the usual "I didn't see nuffings", and the parents "He's a good boy and "there is more to the story." EVEN though the video shows him leaving her room STEALING SOME OF HER STUFF IN THE PROCESS AS SHE COOLS.

My God.

Just sick.

Anonymous said...

God only knows why they choose the XO laptops. The specs of the system would have been considered anemic 10 years ago. In addition, anyone who has ever worked in IT knows that support costs far more than the initial system price. Using a system which few if any people have prior experience with, along with not budgeting for support and training is just a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous said...

All Blank Slate-ers should be forced to volunteer to be a tutor in a truly multi-ethnic school system.

The ultimate experience is to participate in a library day. You goal is to take the kids to the library and have them pick out a book that interests them. For most of the black kids it is hard just to keep them under control. A few black kids will choose a book that is even close to their grade reading level. The Latino kids will be better behaved, but even the English speakers will rarely pick a book at grade level. The problem with the Asian kids? Having them choose just one book. I remember a Vietnamese first grader who started crying when the librarian would not let him check all three books on dinosaurs he wanted that were way beyond his grade level.

The hard truth that Blank Slate-rs deny is that it is so obvious the psychic rewards or pleasure different children receive from learning varies significantly and is not evenly distributed across racial groups

Anonymous said...

It is time for White America to let the whole rotten system collapse.

Anonymous said...

Computers in the classroom have never been worth the trouble, regardless of race. The idea of laptops for every student has been cooked up by computer companies as a way to sell a lot of hardware, software, and consulting. It's embraced by teachers and parents as some sort of a magic gadget to "make learning fun".

While often satisfying, learning can be frustrating and seldom fun. It takes work and some amount of intelligence (both student and teacher).

The computer is simply the latest magic bullet (can we say bullet here?). A computer is simply a tool. Giving someone a pen doesn't make him a writer no more than giving someone an airplane makes him a pilot.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:34

Each of the little darlings could have their own individual IT support rep and the idea would STILL fail.

josh said...

My first thought on reading this was,"Uh oh;negroes wiff computers =flash mobs." I am so happy that few of the blackies used their "cumputazz".I guess their love of books is just too strong!

nokangaroos said...

I seem to remember a study that early googling (below 15 or 16) impairs learning and brain development. In other words, it is going to be expensive and counterproductive, like every librul measure. Remember that definition of insanity?

Anonymous said...

I will say this in favor of Chris Dorner. When he was at large, California Highway Patrol ticketing activity totally disappeared on Interstate 5 in Southern California. I don't think it was because they were cornering him in the mountains 100 miles away. I think they stayed off the streets because Dorner was targeting cops. Once Dorner was incinerated in his bunker, the CHP wasted no time making up for lost time in raking in ticketing revenue.... er excuse me, keeping us safe.

Just like in Katrina, Rodney King riots etc., when TSHTF, the cops will look out for.....themselves.

Anonymous said...

The Indian was probably the physicist Chandrasekhar who figured out the no escape limit radius of a black hole.

Wonder what the no-escape limit is for a negro majority city?

Discard said...

Why does any kid need a computer in a classroom? If there is research to be done, it ought be done outside of class. Computers are just another education industry panacea, an excuse for more spending, and the lack of computers another excuse for failure. School administrators love them because they can claim to have accomplished something when they spend X amount of dollars to buy Y amount of computers. When it comes to computers, even Whites are cargo cultists.

Lily White said...

Anonymous said...

The DWLs explain negro dysfunction as a "legacy of slavery." Jim Crow was abolished decades ago; slavery years before that. Here's a proposal: Why not outlaw any discussion of slavery, Jim Crow or the "Civil Rights movement"? If the poor little negro doesn't know about slavery or Jim Crow, how can the "legacy" sustain itself? He will be free of this burden and undoubtedly reach a high level of achievement commensurate with their great talents.

That would deprive them of their favorite, handiest, most convenient excuse for failure: "Ah cain't learn nuffins in school/git a job/support mahself/obey da law/pull mah pants up cuz some great-great-great-great-great grand-somethin' or other o' mine was a slave!"

Anonymous said...

Reply to 10mm Auto

The defendant "Orange Taylor III" was convicted of first degree murder during a retrial.

Melanie said...

Not that they would listen, but it would be interesting to hear the excuses negros would come up with if someone were to point out that whites also have a "legacy" of slavery, serfdom, indentured servitude, exile to harsh environments such as colonial Australia for punishment for such crimes as stealing a loaf of bread, and yet have written almost the entire record of human achievement. I'd like to hear negros explain how this legacy not only didn't hold whites back, but didn't even prevent whites from for being responsible for all the major advances in science, the arts, etc, in the story of mankind. So their constant excuse of one short period of "slavery" and Jim Crow laws doesn't cut it. Russia practiced serfdom, really slavery by another name, until app the 1860s and even then the terms of freedom kept them tied to the land. Yet Russia is one of the most literate nations in the world.
Serfdom was practiced in Britain, yet eventually the most significant advances in science and literature were born in Britain.
Negros are going to rest on the excuse of slavery for eternity, because it's all they have to blame for their failure-really, their inability- to achieve on a par with the rest of mankind. The only reason they can get away with using this as an eternal excuse is thanks to the complicity of DWL.

But don't forget-while millions of tax dollars are being confiscated from white workers and redistributed down the bottomless pit of "uplifting the negro", many of the white workers from whom it was stolen can't begin to afford the things for their own children which their money pays for, for this hopeless, evolutionary dead-end race.

Starve the beast, anyway you can. Better for whites to live simply but in freedom, than to subsidise useless negros at the cost of our own slavery. It is completely honorable to refuse to take food from your own children's mouths just so this government can use your earnings to give negros all the things to which they consider themselves "entitled". Opt out of the rat race, let the whole damn thing fall apart. Whites have the ability to rebuild, and the first person who opens their mouth about "what about the poor starving negros" is booted off the island.

Anonymous said...

I remember going to the library in Junior High back in 1970...........until blacks started flocking to the library in the wintertime to have someplace to go that was warm and to "socialize." It got so bad that kids who wanted to go there to actually read/study couldn't get in for the most part. If you did manage to get in, you couldn't concentrate on anything for all the blacks babbling at high volume, running back and forth and getting into arguments etc. They'd grab a random book off a shelf and just walk around with it as a pretense for being there and then just lay it down somewhere when it was time to go. Drove the librarian nuts having to put everything back onto the shelves.
Finally, the Principal had to get involved and everyone was questioned at the entrance as to why they wanted to be in the library. Those that were admitted and were obviously not there for anything other than to ook and eek at each other were ejected.
It wuz raycism!!

Melanie said...

@ 10mm AUTO-

Apparently the judge has declared a mistrial. The "mother" of the murderous spawn, in an interview, gave the usual "my boy di'in do nuffins". He was just "in the wrong place at the wrong time", according to his sow of a "mother". But she added that she believes "this will make a better person of him". Not possible-beasts can't transmutate into humans.

I second your feelings-this is sickening. It's also sickening that we have these feral animals living amongst us, receiving the benefit of a trial which should be reserved for humans. They're animals, the concept of "justice" is just so much gobbledygook to them, or at best something they pretend to care about while using every loophole they can get from this corrupt DWL-ridden system to literally get away with murder. It's on video, for God's sake! Remembering the "flash" mobs in which people have been injured and killed, the slaps on the wrist-if that-which they receive for raping and murdering whites-we are truly on our own, and we better not forget it, while this government is in the process of trying to disarm us.

Freaking animals-beasts-evil freaking creatures. They are worse than useless-they're evil.

Bogolyubski said...

The above report on the murder case (from 2007) by 10MM auto and the consequent retrial (from 2008), shows the need for a zebra intifada wiki-type site where cases can be tracked and the outcomes (appeals, retrials, re-sentencings, parole) updated.

In a related item, I note that Cicero (creator of Big Lie on Parade) has taken his site down, leaving only a cryptic explanation. In other sad news, the invaluable Larry Auster appears to be dying.

Dieter said...

TNB at it's best,right in there with monkeys doing abstract art!

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous February 16, 2013 at 10:47 AM-

Thanks for that update, I am very glad that in this case some justice was served.

Johnny See said...

Dan said...
You can make a fortune in building once you know how to make bricks stand up properly in a wall.

I don't understand why coons were not steered into construction in the US. What were Mexicans brought into installation jobs for?

I used to build homes. I have built furniture. I weld, I machine, I can draw almost anything in plan format and anyone who understands the 'language' of drafting can reproduce what I drew. I fix gas and diesel engines, large and small. I even have a college degree. I am very happy to have these skills, and i love using them. I know I will probably never want for work and can at least work for food if need be.
One day I was watching a crew build a park, and a black fella came by and started haranguing the white supervisor: "Why da black man always gotta be da laborah?!? Why cant he be da supavisah?!?" The white supervisor shrugged and went back to supervising his black and mexican crew. Its just unbelieveable that some folks think a title conferred upon them instantly confers ability.
I am seriously considering changing my name to "Nick O'Siggers"

Anonymous said...


Read this AJC story on the Waffle House In Atlanta.

Affirms everything you have wriitten here.

Mr. Anon said...

"The rugged, waterproof computers will be distributed to students on April 15,...."

A fitting date. Remember on that day, when you send in your check to Uncle Sugar, what your hard earned money is being used for.

Jim said...

Regarding the EMU student murder, I remember murder which occurred in Baltimore soon after the 1968 riots.

An 80-something year old white woman was murdered by a black male and female couple. Some blacks on the jury would not convict them because the murderes were young and the victim already lived a long life.

They walked, and this happened 40-some ago. Nothing much has changed.

Anonymous said...

Of course they don't use them, I'm sure the teachers/babysitters themselves don't know how to use them.

"Howz yu tern dis muffugga onz?

re: the waffle house story...
lower on the page, in the "more news" section is a link..

"Three shot in Waffle House altercation; 1 man arrested"


Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding - seriously. This is a pretty forum for your racial inepitude or just stupidity!

Anonymous said...

...and speaking of appreciative African-American athletes on scholarships....

Pat Boyle said...

I explained this yesterday.

According to La Griffe du Lion the average IQ of blacks in hollowed out inner cites like Baltimore is only about 77. Brazil and Mexico each have an average IQ of 87. So, yes, a program aimed at Mexican of Brazilian kids will be to advanced for the kids of Birmingham.

After white flight comes black flight. Basically a black neighborhood such as those described by Paul Kersey (Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham) has been denuded of all it's normally intelligent people and many of the borderline stupid. The remainder are a very IQ depressed group. The kids will regress upwards a bit from their parents but not a lot.

I'm not surprised.


Norman N. House said...

Robert Oculus III vanished from the internet a few weeks ago as well. The site is still up, and his book is still available for free download, but he's no longer posting anything. It's weird...

Pat Boyle said...

The classic liberal always has another theory about the poor school performance of black kids and how it can be fixed. Computer instruction was popular about a half century ago. I guess people have forgotten that lesson.

Apple got off to an early lead in school computers. Back then they only had about 6% of the PC market. But lots of school districts received free or subsidized computers for their classrooms. The education industry expected computers to erase the whit-black performance gap.

In those days black under-performance was blamed on the expectations of the classroom teacher. The idea was that taking the teacher (mostly white) out of the loop would allow little black kids to be free of those debilitating white expectations.

It didn't work out that way. The smart kids in the classrooms (almost all white or Asian) were free to learn at their own pace - they zoomed ahead. Computers help the gifted not the slow. But apparently that lesson has been forgotten.

BTW I used to write learning software so I know at least a little about the subject.

The black Birmingham kids did not benefit from the computers. I'm not surprised.


ch said...

dbatch (February 16, 2013 at 4:27 AM):

"How many computers will end up in the Pawn Shops in Birmingham."

Too bad they didn't do this in Detroit. Then we might see a few of those computers on "Hardcore Pawn".

Charles E. Winchester, III said...

"98 percent Black Birmingham City Schools Get Laptops Designed for "Developing Countries -- Program Fails Miserably" "

No wonder. Birmingham doesn't look like a developing country... more like a developing scrap heap.

What a terrible waste of tax payer's money! I sure am glad I don't live in the USA (abbrevation for Useless Shambles of Apathy). A beyond belief ridiculous "country".

Charles E. Winchester, III said...

Jefferson (February 15, 2013 at 8:59 PM):

"I thank my lucky stars that I live in a zip code where Blacks make up only two percent of the population."

Do you really live in a zip code? That sounds strange! What's it like?

Jordan Appleyard said...

Funny thought.

What would happen if all the non liberal White people went extinct tomorrow, only the DWLs survived, and tried to enhance the minds of the Dark Masses to their educational levels, only to be returned with tsunami sized rage that those Negros felt like they all had to act like Oreos? :-P

Ileyne said...

@10 MM Auto:

Yes, but they got him second time around. What a f'ing scumbag

Ileyne said...

@d batch: "How many computers will end up in the Pawn Shops in Birmingham."

Didn't the article state that any computer missing or misused will be disabled? Not that I trust any oversight in the matter. Unless these worthless kids can sign on and post vulgarities on Twitter and Facebook, they won't be used for researching anything that smacks of academics.
Another bolus of our tax dollars flushed down the toilet when it could aptly be spent to uplift achievers.
Speaking of ripping off computers: we had trouble with housekeeping staff [all blacks] stealing laptops from the medical offices they cleaned at night. Though the computers were kept in locked drawers in clinicians' desks, these hopelessly feral creatures were not deterred; they broke the locks.
The l/tops contained private, confidential patient information, the reason for a strict "computers must be kept in hospital, not taken home" policy.
Needless to say, the computer lock-up policy had to be revisited.
A centrally located safe, an inconvenience.
We can't trust, keep anything secure, proper, or good when blacks are around. What good do these beings serve?
Thankfully, I have only 'til the end of this month, then I am DONE!

Anonymous said...

What hooey...everyone knows that blacks inventer sugar, baseball, jazz, blood transfusions, airplanes (The Tuskeege Airmen won WW II), gunpowder, space travel, Pullman trains...all inventions stolen by white racism. You guys are profiling.

Anonymous said...

And as you can see here blacks are very astitue when it comes to high technology, even in small towns in Alabama

Anonymous said...

In Cleveland, where my friend teaches, they gave the "disadvantaged students" Barns and Noble "NOOKS". The first day my friend reported he found one in a toilet in the boys bathroom! You can't make this shit up!!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot Facebook aka Thugbook

Anonymous said...

(Whites have the ability to rebuild, and the first person who opens their mouth about "what about the poor starving negros" is booted off the island.)

Melanie for president!!.......all in favor?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we've heard the r and k selective genes more than once!

Anonymous said...

Teachers usually do not -- or are not allowed to -- do discipline anymore. That means, they do not even look over shoulders to monitor in most "compputer classrooms." Students' main activities in these classrooms are looking up lyrics and looking at shoes.