Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Gun Control means Controlling Black Dysfunction -- By Any Means Necessary

Do you remember when the feckless Conservatism Inc. non-profit, Political Media, dared to propose a campaign aimed at blacks to get them interested in stopping gun control from passing?
American Thinker: "The KKK, NAACP, and Democrats agree blacks shouldn't have guns." Crime and gun homicide stats prove all three groups correct

It was to be called ‘What Would Django Do?’[After 'Gun Appreciation Day,' Organizers Invoke 'Django Unchained' for Follow-Up Campaign, Hollywood Reporter, 1-22-13]:
A controversial group's new effort dubbed "What Would Django Do?" looks to bring minorities to its side in the debate over gun control. 
The group is called Political Media, and it's the same entity that was behind Saturday’s controversial Gun Appreciation Day, which encouraged Americans to show up at various places with a copy of the U.S. Constitution and signs reading, “Hands off my guns.” Larry Ward, president of Political Media, a company that designs websites and organizes ad campaigns for right-of-center organizations, said hundreds of thousands of people participated in Gun Appreciation Day, crowding gun stores and gun shows and demonstrating at various state capitals nationwide.
One can only see this group peddling “WWDD” bracelets in the vain hope of encouraging black people to abandon any call for gun control – but remember, Django went around killing white people in the movie where he was unchained.

Not exactly the ideal question to ask black people to ponder, is it?

White Americans are more than twice as likely to own guns as blacks or Latinos, and more likely to oppose gun safety reforms, according to previously unreleased data from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers.The survey, conducted by the Center for Gun Policy and Research and initially released without racial breakdowns in late January, showed strong support overall for many of the proposals being discussed in Congress to limit gun violence. But the researchers broke down the numbers by race this week and shared the results with Salon. 
Overall, 22 percent of Americans were found to own guns, while another 11 percent live in homes with someone else who owns guns. Among whites, the number of gun owners is slightly higher, at 26 percent, with an additional 13 percent who live in gun-owning households. 
But only 12 percent of African-Americans and 13 percent of Latinos own guns. Just 5 and 7 percent of each ethnic group, respectively, lives in a household with someone else who owns a gun. 
Not surprisingly, this translates to a disparity in support for gun control measures, with whites being consistently more opposed to gun control than the other groups. For instance, support for reinstating the assault weapon ban is about 10 percentage points higher among blacks than whites. And 72 percent of blacks support banning possession of assault weapons entirely through a mandatory buyback program, compared to just 54 percent of whites. 
African-Americans are also more supportive of laws promoting safe use, such as requiring people to keep their guns locked in a safe while at home, and of proposals to restrict access, such as making people acquire a license from the local police before being able to buy a gun.

So, white people primarily use guns for defensive purposes (or purchase them with defensive scenarios in mind), while black people are in favor of gun control because blacks use guns for offensive purposes – such as for committing robberies, rapes, car-jacking, home invasions, or murders.

Thus, white people are against gun control: disarming white people means they become potential targets for those same crimes black people – who use guns primarily for offensive action – commit disproportionate to their percentage of the overall US population.
And just what might be the racial breakdown of these cities compared to the metro/suburbs? 

Richard Florida, editor at large of The Atlantic Cities site, has been kind enough to gather together to data for those US cities where gun-violence is the highest; and, yes, there is a dramatic correlation to race [The Geography of US Gun Violence, Atlantic Cities, 12-14-12]:
Cities have substantially higher rates of murder by gun, as [Harry] Moroz points out. New Orleans has the highest rate, 62.1 per 100,000, more than twice its metro rate. Detroit has the second highest rate with 35.9, nearly four times its metro rate, followed by Baltimore (29.7), Oakland (26.6), and Newark (25.4). St. Louis, Miami, Richmond, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., round out the top 10. All of these rates are considerably higher than their metro rates — in most cases more than double or triple, or in the case of Newark, nearly eight times its metro rate. 
On the other side of the ledger, Austin has the lowest rate of gun-related homicides (1.5), followed by San Jose (1.9), Portland (2.2), Virginia Beach (2.7), and San Diego (2.8). 
The rate of gun death for central cities ranges from a high of 69.1 in New Orleans to a low of four in San Jose. Detroit has the second highest rate (41.4) followed by Las Vegas (36.9), Miami (33.5), and Baltimore (33.1). St. Louis, Richmond, Memphis, Cleveland, and Philadelphia — all with rates above 20 gun deaths per 100,000 people — round out the top 10. All have a rate of gun death that is roughly two or more times higher than their metro rate. On the flip side, New York City follows San Jose with second lowest rate (4.9), followed by central San Diego (7.1), and Seattle (8.3). 
Race, unfortunately and tragically, factors into gun death at the metro level. The share of the population that is black is positively related to both the overall rate of gun death (.56) and even more so with gun-related homicides (.72). The pattern is similar for the share of the population that is comprised of young black males which is also positively related to the overall rate of gun death (.55) and murder by gun (.70).

The data paints a powerful picture – not “tragic,” in the words of Atlantic Cities – as to why suburbs/metro areas of major cities like Baltimore, New Orleans, or Detroit exist: as a way for white people to escape the high rates of black crime in the city, which only serves to drive down property value and drive away productive members of society.

What might be the racial breakdown of those cities with greatest rates of gun-related homicides? 
1.     New Orleans is 60% black, 30% white 
2.     Detroit is 82% black, 7% white 
3.     Baltimore is 63% black, 28% white 
4.     Oakland is 28% black, 25% white 
5.     Newark is 52% black and 11% white 
6.     St. Louis is 48% black and 43% white 
7.     Miami is 19% black, 16% white, and 64% Hispanic 
8.     Richmond is 50% black, and 39% white 
9.     Philadelphia is 44% black and 37% white 
10. Washington D.C. is 50% black and 35% white

Do you begin to understand why white people abandoned cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Richmond, St. Louis, and Philadelphia? What about Birmingham, the 73.4% black city, which harbors one of the most dangerous inner-city populations in all of America? Well, black people have a monopoly on gun violence, which has been the primary reason white people have abandoned the city [The killing years, Part One: Accused killers in the Birmingham area, and victims, often under age 25, The Birmingham News, 6-2-10]:

When people are murdered in Jefferson County, chances are the killer was a male under 25 using a gun. 
More than half of the accused killers in the county were 24 or younger, according to a Birmingham News analysis of homicides from 2006 through 2009.Nine times out of 10, the victims were shot to death. 
The percentage of homicides with defendants under age 25 who used guns in Jefferson County substantially exceeds the national average, statistics show.In Birmingham, where nearly three-quarters of the county's murders occurred, the disparity was even worse from 2006-2009. 
Black males were 80 percent of the homicide defendants in majority-white Jefferson County and 89 percent in majority-black Birmingham. The national average was 57 percent. 
>> More than 70 percent of the victims in Birmingham were black males, versus 43 percent nationwide in 2007, the only year a comparison was possible. 
>> Guns were used in 86 percent of Birmingham homicides, and 83 percent in the county as a whole, versus 68 percent nationwide. Birmingham's rate is higher among defendants ages 16 through 24.
Wait a second -- why are black people targeting white males and white females in Birmingham?
Do you get why cities have such violent rates of gun crime and the metro/suburbs don't? Yes, it's all about race.

Now, Conservatism Inc. is already proudly wearing those ‘WWDD’ bracelets, happily dancing the tune of the few black people who profess “conservative” views publicly.

Conservative African-American leaders spoke out against President Barack Obama’s call for more Gun Control on Friday, some saying the proposed measures have “racist” origins. 
“For black Americans, we know that gun control has ultimately been about people control. It sprouts from racist soil; be it after the, or during the infamous Dred Scott case where black man’s humanity was not recognized,” said Niger Innis, spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality at the press conference sponsored by the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. 
Harry Alford, the president of the Black Chamber of Commerce, praised the National Rifle Association in his speech at the event. 
“The National Rifle Association was started, founded by religious leaders who wanted to protect free slaves from the Ku Klux Klan,” said Alford. 
“They would raise money, buy arms, show the free slaves how to use those arms and protect their families. God bless you. Many of us probably wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the NRA.” 
Alford told The Daily Caller he agrees with Innis that gun control laws have “racist” origins. 
Some of the leaders argued that cities with the most crime have the strictest gun control laws. 
“How many children have to die, black and white, for us to come to the conclusion that most of the gun violence is in cities with the most gun control? When are we going to change our minds and put some common sense in there?” said Ken Hutcherson, former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Washington state.
That’s why the NRA was started? Good thing I’m not a paying member. There is gun violence in our cities, because black people are responsible for said gun violence.

An expansion of the suburbs/metro area of cities like Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, and Birmingham exist because white people must constantly abandon communities once too many black people migrate to the area.


Because they import the very conditions for gun-crime that whites abandoned in the first place, i.e., black people.

The data doesn’t lie.

Statistics don’t lie.

To paraphrase Mr. Hutcherson’s question: “How many black children have to die for us to come to the conclusion that most of the gun violence is in cities with a lot of black people? Perhaps gun control isn’t the solution, but controlling black dysfunction and working to eradicate the problem is the answer? When are we going to change our minds and put some common sense in there?”

Understand this: gun control is about thing, and one thing: controlling the ability of peaceful, law-abiding, productive members of the white population of America from legally procuring weapons that can be used in a defensive manner.

And we write “defensive,” we simply mean protecting their life, family, and property (be it private or commercial) from those who would do evil to others.

And judging by the statistics, “those who would do evil to others” are the very people gun control laws in big cities like Chicago, New York City, Milwaukee, etc., target… black people. 

The American Thinker recently lamented the NAACP, KKK, and "the Democrats" are all about 'gun control' as a way to control black people

Anti-Second Amendment journalist Robert Sherrill meanwhile admitted that the Gun Control Act of 1968 might as well have been called the Negro Disarmament Act of 1968: 
"The Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed not to control guns but to control blacks, and inasmuch as a majority of Congress did not want to do the former but were ashamed to show that their goal was the latter, the result was they did neither." 
The truth is that law-abiding black people in rural areas have needed firearms to defend themselves from the Klan, while those in inner cities need them for self-defense against the gang members of all ethnicities who turn their neighborhoods into war zones.  It is already illegal for gang members who are under 18 to own any firearms whatsoever, while it is also illegal for anybody of any age to possess a firearm during the commission of any crime.  New gun laws are not needed to change this.
The current 'Klan' is nothing more than a loose collection of organizations completely infiltrated by the FBI, with black people in rural areas being quite safe; The Gun Control Act of 1968 came on the heels of massive black riots, including one in Detroit (1967) that represented a true racial war -- disarming black people through a 'stealth' law made sense, when such actions would protect white property and business owners hoping to still live in major American cities.

Data and statistics don't lie; people do.

Real Gun Control means Controlling Black Dysfunction -- by any means necessary.


Anonymous said...

There is no way only 12% of blacks own guns or another 5% are in a house where someone else owns a gun. I think the real numbers would be the exact opposite. In the bad/black inner city I'd think every black has access to a gun or knows where to get one real quick.

Californian said...

‘What Would Django Do?’

Very funny, PK. This is a MAD magazine satire, right? There couldn't be conservatives this far gone who would actually promote such a slogan, right?

Seriously, this shows just how far mainstream conservatives have fallen apart. Then they wonder why they can not get any political traction. This kind of sucking up will never gain the respect of blacks. And it alienates any non-blacks who still have two neurons to rub together.

Anonymous said...

You can't control black "dysfunction"; it's just the way they are.

It's like saying a dog licking its own asshole is a "dysfunction" that needs to be controlled. Good luck with that!

PDK said...

In the great wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers, the 2nd amendment inclusion into the Bill of Rights was to allow the people, the citizenry, to defend itself against a government body gone evil, where the governing body turns tyrannical. For when a governing body forgets their job is to serve the people, and begins to think the people should serve the governing body, as say King George the 3rd of the 18th century, or more recently with America’s liberal democrats, the people’s right to rise up and defend their unalienable rights, necessitates the opportunity of availing weaponry. Therefore, the right to keep and bear arms.

American blacks by white standards are mildly retarded. African blacks by white standards are moderately retarded. The average IQs for whites is 100, for American blacks 85, for African blacks 70. There is, in my opinion, a correlation between gun responsibility and IQ. The IQ that fosters and promotes a lower, more tribal culture of personality is not up to the standard for firearms responsibility, but rather, only that of, at best, a Neolithic Stone Age culture’s weaponry, flint knives, stone headed spears, and bows and arrows.

To compound and complicate these matters, blacks are members of the liberal/democrat alliance, which among other realities, promotes and protects immaturity amongst its constituents. For a lower IQed, immature, and of course, liberal/democrat black dolt, to be allowed a fire arm is both a travesty of our humanity, and of our higher, civilized culture.

America’s liberal/democrats, want a new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, just as do white liberals everywhere on planet Earth. America is being transmogrified into a microcosm of that intended manifestation. This achievement necessarily demands and/or intends for a single gene pool, where all gene pools are “milkshake blended” into one.

White liberals are the cancer of the white race and gene pool. Blacks are the parasites of white culture and the white gene pool. They, along with the other members of the liberal/democrat alliance, intend to destroy our white, hard earned gene pool and higher civilized culture.

Only secession by non-liberal whites, for non-liberal whites only, into an isolated enclave can prevent the American liberal/democrat alliance, and or white liberals globally, from totally annihilating the white race.

The liberal democrat party is ostensively promoting gun safety by banning assault type weapons, but in reality is both beginning the dismantling of our Constitution and therefore Republic, and also disarming the citizenry from its Constitutionally given right to protect its unalienable rights from a tyrannical government attempting to conquer said citizenry.

America’s yesteryear greatness came from our Founding Fathers, the capitalist and non-liberal white people, no one else. Further, all others simply want to ruin and parasitize.

We the people…; secession, it is our destiny beckoning us on, Thank you.

10mm AUTO said...

As we are discussing negro dysfunction and guns, a question came up from a friend about stabbings and I made the jump to guns.

We have all seen that the species Homo Africanus seems to stab a great deal. I could fill page after page with cases of women and men stabbed by the groid 30, 60, 100 times; far in excess of what was sufficient to either kill or cause them to retreat. Many are stabbed even after they have lost consciousness either from pain or blood loss (this is especially true of White girlfriends). The street explanation is that they "lose it" and just keep stabbing beyond what any White would consider sufficient, prudent or acting without premeditation. I tend to discount this as being a side issue to the negro enjoying the experience of sticking a knife into a body and causing pain, but I have little evidence other than anecdotal to back that assertion up.

On the other hand, in shooting I have ample evidence that the negro fires more shots than Whites, even if he is connecting. Whereas a White defending himself tends to shoot just the minimum amount to render the attacker disabled or disarmed (and even more so tends to take someone at gunpoint without firing a shot) a negro will shoot and shoot and shoot. If he connects, he will blast away till the body is riddled (say 3+ shots) or "to make sure". While a White fires merely enough to stop the attack. I at first discounted this idea to the fact that negros are such poor shots and that emptying the magazine was mere desperation to get a random hit in. It is true that negros tend to fire "bursts", but even when they are hitting, seem to glory in the act. It may be why they like "da nine" (9mm Parabellum cartridge) over most weapons as these tend to hold more rounds in the magazine.

Check out this video (along with the black reporter trying to get the criminal an excuse cuz of his bad life). Even though you will need an ebonics translator, note his description of his killing. He shot them once or twice and then moved in for a finishing shots ON BOTH, even though they were wounded or dying. It is chilling. He shot the Whites because they were Christian and did not smoke and therefore would not give him a cigarette when he asked. I got lots of these cases, shooting over and over because they only had a dollar or two, or because the only had money in their ATM, or because they looked "disrespecting" or something.

( )

After you watch it, say a little prayer:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the negro.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil negros,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.

PDK said...

My guess would be that blacks simply steal guns and therefore "have" guns, but do not purchase them legally and properly, and therefore don't "own" many. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Caucasian control = Laws that white people have (almost always) adhered to throughout the USA.

Negro control = Laws that black people (almost always) break throughout the USA.

Therefore, 'gun control' is 'Caucasian control'.

So CAL Snowman said...

I don't even know what to say anymore. Everything is just spiraling out of control exponentially. I look at the liberals and the establishment left and I just shake my head in disbelief. Blacks commit the vast majority of gun crimes, and the liberal response is to disarm EVERYONE! It's like opposite day, every day. What I see in those people and that ideology goes beyond mere indoctrination, it's as if these people were programmed, like robots. It's like the liberals are all T-1000s (from Terminator 2) and we are all John Connor. They are programmed to destroy the foundations of Western Civilization and they cannot deviate from their programming. People like Tim Wise and the folks behind the Unfair Campaign are not humans in my opinion. They are some sort of bastardized life form that has been stripped of its ability to use logic and reason (just like a machine).

The liberals have lost their humanity, they are no different than a line of mass produced plastic G.I. Joe action figures. It's almost a hive mind mentality, where the directive comes from the top and is carried out by the hive members (no independent thought required). There is never ANY deviation in their words or thoughts. It's insane how they are all on the same page at the same time, unwavering in their support of the decimation of the White race. Compare that to the wide range of thoughts and ideas found here and other race realist sites. We are not all carbon copies of one another (like the liberals) and many of us attack and challenge the positions of other race realists (unlike the liberals). Perhaps the Matrix is more than a simple allegory, perhaps there are individuals that are programmed with a certain consciousness and planted in our reality. Hell it makes just as much sense as anything else in this circus.

JB said...


And EVERY means necessary.

God Help Us, that it's come to this.

We know what's about to happen.

God Help Us All.

Best To You and Yours.

Anonymous said...

PDK said...

My guess would be that blacks simply steal guns and therefore "have" guns, but do not purchase them legally and properly, and therefore don't "own" many. Thanks.

When guns are outlawed only negroes will have guns.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....All these polls are a bunch of bullshit. Like some street thug is going to admit that he has an illegal gun in his house.

Anonymous said...

In the absence of guns in the black community, I wonder what instruments of violence would take their place? I think Machetes and hatchets would be the more exotic weapons of choice. Speaking of Django, it reminds me of the story of Julian Carlton, a real "Django Unchained" story involving the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright's workers, servants, mistress and her children. It involved an 'educated' servant from Barbados, a hatchet, locked doors, and gasoline (what could go wrong?). It is a revenge story. It's one of the "Great Moments in Black History" that I wonder if Mr. Kersey has ever written about. It makes you wonder, how many more great buildings could one of the greatest modern architects created if he didn't have to scrape the hacked and charred remains of what use to be his friends and family off the floor of his summer home? Julian Carlton is also a good name to drop when confronted with the invariable response to black dysfunction that says, paraphrasing, "all races do it, look at white mass murderers."

In unrelated news, with regards to the Detroit Question, I was wondering who would be the first to come forward and blame Detroit's finanical woes, specifically, on those white people who fled to the suburbs, i.e. the first to posit the "white man's burden". It looks like Dr. Florida is the winner:

And now you know the rest of the story, GOOD DAY! /s/ Good Scananavian Lutheran

City resident said...

I don't believe whites own guns at a higher rate than blacks. Maybe in rates of legal registration but gun laws are irrelevant to blacks. There's all kinds of guns in their areas; there's never any shortage of them. Drugs are illegal also but they keep coming in by the ton. This idea that they can get blacks to see things their way and get them on their side is just lunacy.

Anonymous said...

So Cal et al:

I agree that nothing makes sense anymore. It's funny though, the last few days I have talked to two separate women who were open and quite up front with their distaste with how things are going here. One was mentioning how she openly tells off blacks in DC, another white woman talking about being an ex pat. That's the thing the Left and their pets the nigs, sand turds, and other third world wastes don't get, whites are not slave material because if our innate individualism. We won't be anyone's serf for long.

It is at the point now in Amurkistan when people will have to get their own justice. The cops are useless and in fact are the henchmen. Businesses don't want whites because we are savvy and people want serfs hat they can use and abuse, and hey, maybe if you are a female third world turd, a blowjob can be thrown in there too!

Get your own justice. That is the only way. You don't owe the government anything. You don't owe blacks or third world turds anything. There is nothing left to respect. This country is completely corrupt and the Feds want us disarmed so we will be powerless.

It is time to get powerful. Develop your personal power. We are already at war. Whites have been the objects of hate. As a clinician, I can share this with you : when someone objectifies someone else, they have done violence to that person. We have been violated via psychological, emotional, intellectual, and economic abuse. Are we going to take it? Are going to continue to be violated? Are we going to violate other whites whether we agree with their choices or not?

This is tyranny now. Make no mistake about it .

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

Gayle said...

This article brings to mind an interesting discussion going on over at View From the Right about anarcho-tyranny.

Although the conversation is nominally about conservatives and gay marriage, the discussion brings up so much that is pertinent to your article here, that I thought it might be instructive to your readers.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight. There are more whites than blacks, about 3-4 times as many. Whites own guns at a much higher rates than black, again about 3 time more, so roughly, there are ten times as many white gun owners as there are black gun owners.

Blacks using guns commit murder at ten times the rate as whites.

Give a gun to a black and he/she/it is one hundred times more likely to murder.

Anonymous said...

Right on. Self reports are notorious for being inaccurate. People either over report or under report- they always lie.

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

10mm AUTO said...

White Mom,

You bring up an interesting point. For some years now, Liberals have been saying that the Constitution is irrelevant, out of touch and should be discarded. What they fail to realize is that absent the Constitution, there is NO social contract, we can do whatever we please. In fact, the only thing keeping us from horsewhipping the Liberals out of town for their impertinence for trying tot tell us what to do is the Constitution. In fact, their trashing of it validates the idea that brute force is all the Federal Government has left, which merely depletes the already sweaty grip some of us still hold on the venerable document. What keeps men from going out and killing every negro in sight when a little girl is raped? The Constitution and the promise of justice it directs.

DWL and Blacks piss on the Constitution at their own peril. Safer for them to piss on the third rail with a grounding wire in their mouths than to break the social contract.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans murders are 90% black on black. Period.

The rate would drop dramatically if those were left out.

Anonymous said...

OT but, White Mom, keep posting here. You have a few detractors but those of us who can see know exactly what you are talking about.

There are some retarded woman haters from the 'player-manosphere' who wish to actually emulate black 'playas' but that's pathetic and only worthy of disdain.

Keep fighting the good fight (and, no, I'm not 'white knighting' a female for the tards who are obsessed with other men caring about women because they personally don't have a woman to care for). AHEM.

Anonymous said...

OT (kind of): Check out this gem of a story:

Not even sure how to respond. Amazing.

Californian said...

I don't believe whites own guns at a higher rate than blacks. Maybe in rates of legal registration but gun laws are irrelevant to blacks. There's all kinds of guns in their areas; there's never any shortage of them. Drugs are illegal also but they keep coming in by the ton. This idea that they can get blacks to see things their way and get them on their side is just lunacy.

I was going to make a similar observation. The article apparently covers only legally reported guns. Gun control would de facto disarm law abiding gun owners, and criminalize those who refused to disarm. This would have a "disparate impact" on white people.

Consider this: blacks have a much high incarceration rate than whites. Which means that a jail sentence would mean less to many blacks than to a lot of whites who want to keep their records clean. The proportionate risk for white people not obeying gun control laws would therefore be higher, and there would be a heck of a lot more to lose in terms of one's career, wealth, family, position in the community, etc.

You also figure that the gangs have networks set up to deal illicit drugs and guns. So a gun ban would be easier for them to violate. They have a system in place to keep themselves armed. White people do not, though underground networks might develop.

Where am I going with all this? Simply that gun control is really a de facto disarming and criminalization of white people.

But wait, there's more...[continued]

Anonymous said...

Californian said...


Look at the precedent of the war on drugs. Regardless of how you might feel about drugs, the "war" on them gave the federal government enormous powers (asset forfeiture, drug testing, roving wiretaps, posse comitatus junked, SWAT teams kicking in doors all across the Homeland, military intervention in the Andes).

If we have a war on guns, how much more power will the feds gain? What is going to happen when millions of Americans refuse to turn in their weapons? You wonder if the people running the anti-drug PSAs will start cranking anti-gun commercials. Gunowners will become the new "out" group.

As always, you have to look at the politics behind the thing.

It's been an article of faith on the left that the war on drugs was really a war on black people. (Never mind that black leaders such as Jesse Jackson demanded just such a war.) Look at who is in the White House (and I do not mean just the empty suit occupying a chair in the Oval Office). How many of these people see a war on guns as a means to take revenge against whites?

If as the article notes, it is white people who are mainly gun owners, then this is one more move to marginalize and criminalize white people. Within the larger framework of globalization, it removes an obstacle to transnational consolidation of power--local resistance will be difficult where there is no armed citizenry, or those citizens have become criminalized.

A major issue here is how will the gun lobby respond? Will we see a call for mass acts of civil disobedience?

OK, this is all over the place, just some random shots from the internet trenches...

Dan said...

Here is my white paper for a gun control regime sure to reduce murder by 1/2

Surround cities with over 20 %. Groid Populations. Put up razor wire. Then go house to house with sniffer dogs and metal detectors. Tear up everything to find those gats.

Homicide will drop precipitously. For about a year. Then the groids will rearm and start calling each other in huge numbers again.

PDK said...

10 mm and others on the scent:

What the liberals want regarding overall policy is a death to the nation-state, a death to Republics, and birth to a global, socialist democracy, and further, to achieve this goal via one nation-state at a time.

For those not in the know; a Republic is a writen law of the land called a Constitution. Nation-states ruled by a Constitution are called a Republic. This is what our Founding Fathers gave us, a Republic, not a democracy; further this is what our Republican party is supposed to stand for, however, castration by liberal/democracy has handicapped the republicans into impotency.

Liberal ideology wants a law of the land instituted by a fully enfranchised, democrat process. This will afford liberals the oppertunity to rule forever as the lower IQed, and the immature people of a nation and of the world are both greater in number and easy to sway through their irresponsible selfishness.

Majority vote, in our fully enfranchised democracy, has given we Americans two Presidential terms by the anti-American Messiah, one Barac Hussein Obama. A person not even born on US soil, and therefore unConstitutional fit for the Presidecy. For those who wish to know just how unfit Obama is to serve America, check out Joe Arpio and his cold case posse online.

America is already dead. Real Americans, non-liberal whites, had better wake to this reality before the power of liberal/democrats has snowballed into the proverbial juggernaut. Our white humanity is genuinely doomed. Secession my friends, please begin thinking and talking about it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You are right on there. Whites are being criminalized. White people are being marginalized as well. White menhave been marginalized via feminism and economic abuse. They have also been marginalized via the glorification of the back male. White women have been marginalized via porn, the glorification of the strong black woman, and by the idealization of gay men( hey, they have tighter butts ...). White people must unify, despite differences in our community such that this marginalization will not succeed and such that we do not criminalize each other.

It is a war on whites, no doubt about. A war on middle class whites.

The start of the breaking the de marginalization process is this site. By us hammering out responses to the articles Kersey posts every day, we will ultimately win and beat the beast. I am spreading the word about this site at parks and people will read it.

Someone brought up in this site how whites even having kids is looked at with disdain - all the reason to have more.

We live in a sick, corrupt place, that being Amurkistan. The key is secession. In the end it is our only hope. And we don't ask, we just do it.

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

Dan said...

The war on drugs was a very good way to get at Groid criminals. It might be hard to pin a murder on them. But that kilo of Coke? That cannot be hidden.

See how that works? You can bust blacks when you find them in possession and establish their N****r University enrollment. The drug war probably has kept the darkies off the streets in a way that normal crime never could have.

Dan said...

These are just GOP talking points. Boring.

SBPDL goes further. The GOP is just as Negrophiliac as the Dems.

Dan said...

The problem with the GOP is that they enthusiastically deindustrialized America and half the race realists on here applauded as he smashed union after union so that factories could move to China more easily.

Anonymous said...


White professionals have already been criminalized. The first to go were teachers, most of whom are middle class white women . Teachers have been marginalized and criminalized via union busting. Doctors and other healthcare professionals have been criminalized and marginalized via HIPAA as it breaks up the opportunities for healthcare professionals to collaborate and consult.., and hence unify. Other unions in blue collar jobs were busted, hence breaking the working class white men and their ability to produce income. It has all been deliberate.

The White family is being destroyed. Longer work hours, unlimited access to porn, unfair laws re: child custody leading to parental alienation. White families are being marginalized and criminalized.

Euro Christian culture is being criminalized and marginalized. Prayer taken out of schools. Hey eff it man, I say Merry Christmas.., you dont like it oh well!

Whites unite. Unite and overlook each others' flaws, differences. This is what the blacks did and they were making progress until the war on drugs came about.

The Mormons have done this with success. They essentially seceded without formally doing so. They built their own community and segregated themselves. Unfortunately, they have now succumbed to the New World Order crap. Follow their approach though.,..

White Mom

Anonymous said...

Guns are irrelevant to modern society. When Trayvon Martin's killer is brought to justice, there will be no need for guns. When the Supreme Court upholds the Voting Rights Act of 1965, there will be no need for guns. When the fiscal calamity known as sequester takes away funding for everything except the EBT card, there will be no need for guns.

Anonymous said...

So we stop buying from China.

The GOPs are idiots. Really. Just a bunch of gray haired DLs who are too busy whacking off to each other in their circle jerks.

They are so out of touch. They really don't get that their base is working whites. Screw turds, sand niggers, groids, and Latrinos.

Again, backstabbers. They stabbed working whites in the back so they could bring beaners here for cheap labor. So they could ship jobs overseas. Like typical sociopaths though, they burn out because they have crapped on so many people they have no relationships left or a community left. Unchecked greed is self destructive.

White Mom in Turdbille aka WDAc

Mr. Rational said...

When Trayvon Martin's killer is brought to justice, there will be no need for guns...

Eh... a bit too over-the-top to be a good troll.  Works as sarcasm.

PDK said...

In July of 08, I had my epiphany about America, and the death of America as it was before liberal ideology finally overcame the ideology of the higher IQed and matured white America, thusly conquering America, and both realized, and accepted, the need for two mutually exclusive countries.

It was here that I really found a liking for the Mormons as I recalled how they first separated out from the rest of America, and then subsequently sent out a call for all those of the spirit to follow and gather together that they might succeed in their most cherished and heartfelt endeavor. As I recall, people as far away as Sweden made the incredibly difficult and harrowing journey across the Atlantic and the frontier plains, to rendezvous with their destiny.

Woe that we of today had that spirit. If only our calling came louder perhaps we could hear and accept our burden as “providence” has laid it out as our challenge to embrace.

America the beautiful is no more. I remember being taught that song in kindergarten, circa 59/60, at 5 years of age. Unfortunately, a lot of liberal sewage has seeped into our zeitgeist since then, and the song would now bring a tear to my eye.

Madison Grant wrote a book entitled, “The Passing of the Great Race”. We of our time bear witness to this truth. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There is no conservative stance that an American Thinker writer can't spin as pro-black and anti-racist. To the extent that there is racial strife, American Thinkers blame liberals, who are "the real racists" to them. At least American Thinker has an open commenting policy. They could use some more race realists in the comment section, so I encourage people to go there to comment, but if you do then try to keep racial realism at an abstract level, or else you might get censored or banned.
Hal K

Jay Santos said...

Negroes, as a group, linger in an adolescent state for most of their lives, maybe their entire lives. Their IQ issues aside, their emotional intelligence is stunted relative to other groups. This prolonged adolescence explains their lack of impulse control, their tendency to violence, their self indulgence and lack of discipline, as well as their promiscuity. Stuck in an adolescent state, child rearing skills are a mess. The ability to postpone gratification is weak or non-existent.

Our culture is evolving toward youth worship and with that youth behavior. That could explain why negroes and their behavior seems to be so much more accepted than you might expect. Rather than revering the mature personality, the society is looking to the adolescent to set all its trends. And guess who is always a rebellious, out of control adolescent? That's correct, Jamal and Laquisha.

As to firearms, would you give your 16 year old son, who is slightly flakey, a new Sig P220? Of course not and negroes need to be kept away from firearms. It's not as if it's a new idea. Anytime someone suggests negroes should have weapons, counter that you think it's an excellent idea and we also need to make 9 year olds eligible to buy guns.

Anonymous said...

The Union's unrealisically high wage and benefit demands have been a prime accelerant for job losses and declining competitiveness. That has nothing to do with the GOP.

The U.S. has one potential bright spot in our economy that could greatly alleviate our decline.
We have the greatest fossil fuel reserves in the world.
Patriotic Conservatives are enthusiastically supportive of allowing this potentially great resource to be fully developed. Liberals oppose most of it because it's too dirty, too rural, too Red State, too White male, etc.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Guns are irrelevant to modern society. When Trayvon Martin's killer is brought to justice, there will be no need for guns. When the Supreme Court upholds the Voting Rights Act of 1965, there will be no need for guns. When the fiscal calamity known as sequester takes away funding for everything except the EBT card, there will be no need for guns.

February 28, 2013 at 8:09 PM

Your post was sarcastic humor, right? I get it.

To the forces of evil afoot in this country, I say this: You shall not have my guns. Period. If I'm to go to prison for owning them, I might as well go to prison for using them. But of course I wouldn't live that long.

I've lived a good life, and if I take ten of them with me before I die, I consider it a good thing. If a few of them pay the price for attempting to harm me and mine, perhaps the others will think about their lot in life.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Now, Conservatism Inc. is already proudly wearing those ‘WWDD’ bracelets, happily dancing the tune of the few black people who profess “conservative” views publicly.[/quote]


* He is NOT shooting at YOU (Not sufficient to justify your tribal outrage)

* IT HAS RELIEVED the need for YOU to shoot at THE NEGRO as was the case throughout history.

It all shows that FOR YOUR PURPOSES - THE NEGRO IS EXACTLY where YOU need him to be - as a NEGATIVE REFERENCE.

Hear where I am coming from on this one.
I AM NOT ASKING YOU to do a DAMNED THING for Black people.

It is CLEAR, however, that the NEGRO is the BEST THING that ever happened for your bete noir' - the DWL.

NOT ONLY is he a loyal voter AGAINST YOU...............his AILMENTS can be used by the DWL to justify the need to oust YOU from power.

Even when the NEGRO SHOOTS HIMSELF -- YOU get the blame via the NRA and gun laws.

IT WOULD BE BETTER, Paul Kersey IF YOU DID operate as if the BLACK MAN IS TOTALLY INFERIOR. That way you could ignore the BACKGROUND STATIC of "The Blacks" and focus upon YOUR EQUAL ENEMY - the Disingenuous White Liberal - who is standing up DECOYS for you to focus upon - all the while his glove with a long spike is dangling over your head - ready to tear you a new orifice in your scull.

LOOK UP RIGHT NOW Mr Kersey!!!!!!!!!!

MuayTyson said...

I can not say it enough I always enjoy the comments here. It is like Paul's posts are the catalyst to start and direct the conversation.

To the Anon about the manosphere people; I could not disagree more. I am married and have as complex relationship with my wife as anyone. Am I an Alpha? Honestly I don't know, I have always hit the gym and done martial arts, held Alpha type jobs and when I learned that "I" was more important than a girl friend or relationship I found I had more women than I really wanted.

The manosphere blogs are a direct reaction to the modern women and how to deal with her nothing more and nothing less. The reason there is so much cross over is that the media and all the Beta hippie DWL males. Almost by deffinition a Conservation racially realistic male is an Alpha. They do not allow the MSM to dictate to them that the dysfunctional black male is superior.

On just what are we to do on a social level; Man up. No not a trite slogan or or drive by Facebook post. Be a man!

Use the most classic deffinition of the term. Work or study hard, delay gratification, protect yourself your community and your family, do not compromise your principals for material gain or social capital.

The Libs and their Frankfurt training have succeeded in creating class warfare in Whites. Notice how a DWL Attorny will treat a White Construction worker? Do we ever see blacks do this? Hell the avarage black man has no job of note but even so at social functions he is treated with much of the same respect as a "professional" Look at Trayvon Martin's father Tracy Martin was a truck driver but still a big mucky muck with the Masons. Too long ago White men were like this. We have lost mutual respect for one another and must regain that.

Man up White men do not be afraid to be a man. Work on cars, hunt, be handy. Be educated with out appology after all it is all about attitude.

If I had it to do all over again I think I would join the Boy Scouts learn some useful skills that I can do with my hands. I am and was to much of a jock to bad I am not very mechanically inclined now I try to make up for it thanks to Youtube.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's spit out more fatherless children. Remind you of any certain race? Lets make more wiggers.

Think harder before making claims that don't stand up to logic.

Mr. Rational said...


Why?  So long as he is so grossly dysfunctional on any scale, he's a massive burden unless and until we can separate ourselves from him.  That is, from you, since you demand Whites "help" those beyond help.

* He is NOT shooting at YOU (Not sufficient to justify your tribal outrage)

Yes he is.  He's also robbing, raping, assaulting and a host of other crimes and parasitic acts.

It's time for the ghetto to get universal Depro-Provera and daily flights to Liberia.

Pat Boyle said...

Some of the blacks and violence statistics are deceptive. For example it looks like Oakland is significantly less black than the other high violence cities in the US. But that's an illusion.

It's an illusion caused by the placement of borders. Oakland has three roughly equal population segments: the blacks, the whites and the Hispanics. They don't however live in the same places.

The whites live in the almost all white and nearly crime free hills while the blacks live in the crime infested flat lands. The demarcation line is sharp. In fact the City of Oakland contains within it another city - The City of Piedmont. Piedmont is almost all white. On the crime maps Piedmont shows up as an island of lawfullness in a sea of crime.

If we were to simply redraw the political borders to coorespond to de facto racial borders we would have a white city next to a black city. But that won't happen because local taxes are virtually all collected in the white areas. In Oakland money flows downhill.


earthman92 said...

This is a truly pathetic spectacle.

All these NRA males gushing about their new negro news reader for NRA "news". "Oh, Oh, we're relevant now. We got a black!" " Can I touch him?" "Can I have your autograph Mr Cool Black Guy?" Of course I'm paraphrasing, but still the comments are vomit inducing.

POST MFers said...

This topic is the source of ALL of America's troubles. The topic is only covers part of the problems with our Constitutional Liberties. Because (Mostly Democrat) politicians and others who create policies refuse to identify who are the problems, who behaves badly, everyone must suffer. Violence in generally and unorthodox behaviors in particular - endemic within black America - are causal for government thieving liberties. Rather than using their own racially cribbed statistics, that reveals bad behaviors and violent crimes overwhelmingly originate within black America, politicians cower and create blanket (zero-tolerance) programs in a pathetic effort to curb the problems and prove they are acting to "do something". Blacks continue to behave badly and use violence to remedy their complaints - no what kind or how many laws are enacted. These liberty thefts disarm the law abiding and leave them vulnerable to criminals and further restrict their freedoms because politicians live in mortal fear of revealing facts that will be termed Racist. This phenomena of stealing everyone's freedoms to avoid identifying the perpetrators of violent crimes and destructive behaviors, and facing accusations of Racism, is ubiquitous and infects every aspect of society. Schools, the work place, shopping centers, insurance rates, health care, you name it and I'll show you higher costs and fewer freedoms - all attributable to destructive black behaviors and violence. This all stems from intellect - or the absence of intellect. Graph the IQ distributions by race, and overlay the crime statistics by race and they will match. The correlate between intellect and being unable to resolve disputes/frustrations rationally, peacefully is high - two sides of the same coin. We are so screwed. This will eventually blow. It began today. When the money Democrats (Recall Detroit was a Democrat City - as is every S___t hole city in America today) used to buy/bribe peace slowly evaporates and the tax payers increasingly are unable to pay more, a spark will ignite the mixture and who knows how it will play out. Every urban center in America will erode into a Detroit-esque disaster. God Bless you all. Be Prepared, or GET prepared. Do not let your families down.

Anonymous said...

The Powers That Be behind the push for gun control know that blacks and Hispanics won't be disarmed and they simply don't care.

It's not a mistake or an oversight that they're going after the militarily-useful class of guns that are hardly ever used in crime; it's on purpose.

The type of gun violence engaged in by blacks and Hispanics does not threaten the existing order at all. At most, it costs some hundreds or thousands of tax paying drones every year, easily replaced, but whites are the only group in this country with a sense of order and justice and they must therefore be deprived of weapons of military utility before they try to hit the "reset" button.

Put another way, with the abuses of the citizenry by those in a position of authority becoming so rampant even with the citizenry still retaining the power to shoot these petty and not-so-petty tyrants (although unfortunately they don't) just imagine the train of abuses they will feel free to engage in once the people have no means to resist?

Anyone debating with a gun control stooge needs to ask them what their plans are such that they need the people defenseless in order to implement them.