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"Being White in Philly" -- Didn't Buzz Bissinger Touch on This in 'A Prayer for the City'


"Being White in Philly" was outlined not in 2013, but in this 1997
Known for having a large black population in the 19th century (3.8 percent of the total population in 1890 according to the book 'The Political Economy of the Urban Ghetto'), the "City of Firsts" attracted blacks via the Great Migration -- between 1920 and 1930, the black population of the city would rise 63.6 percent, from 134,229 to 219,599 (or from 7.4 percent of the population to 11.3 percent).

Today, Philadelphia is 43 percent black and 36 percent white.

Buzz Bissinger, best known for writing the book "Friday Night Lights," also wrote a non-fiction account of the decline of Philadelphia and the attempt by Mayor Ed Rendell to save the city.

He aptly named it a "Prayer for the City."

Already by his administration, "Being White in Philadelphia" was a no-win proposition.We learn on p. 191 the quagmire that was the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), an uncomfortable orgy of racial politics and racial patronage that made the public institution a political landmine waiting to be stepped on:
Both knew the degree to which the question of race swirled through everything, since the vast majority of those living in public housing in the city were black. Both knew, because they were white, that anything they did, regardless of how much managerial sense it made, was likely to be treated with suspicions and contempt and accusations of racism. These ideas, more than mere suspicions, were vividly expressed in a remarkably candid letter that the mayor received from John Paone, the executive director of the housing authority until he left under fire in the spring of 1992. 

Under the umbrella of confidentiality, Paone's letter told a sordid tale of the forces that controlled a public institution supported by taxpayer's money, a system of spoils in which three groups - tenant leaders, employees, and politicians - were guided by complete self-interest. 

Race, Paone wrote, was used as an effective cudgel: 

Another factor to take into consideration is that 95 percent of the all PHA tenants are Afro-Americans, they have been able to use racism as a weapon against successive administrations that have been predominately white and, thus have been able to frustrate reform. This is not to say you can't have a white Executive Director, but you must have a minority Board Chairman and a significant number of minority senior staff members, including a minority Chief of Staff. (p. 191-192)

The best part of Buzz's book Mayor Rendell (who was white) time in Philadelphia, is when he courted black clergy to stop the next Democratic primary from being a black-white bloodbath. "Being White in Philly" didn't start in 2013...:
Rendall courted members of the city's black clergy with a vengeance in the hopes of gaining their endorsement, and given the way they had related to the mayor in the pat, it seemed clear they were willing to listen. 

At a meeting the previous February in the Cabinet Room, 18 of the city's most powerful black ministers armed with a list of written demands had surrounded the mayor as he sat at the table. They knew how the game was played, for the first thing on their agenda was the statement that the "clergy here this morning is a cross section of denominations representing hundreds of thousand of voters." They said they expected the mayor's next appointments to both the Board of Education and the Zoning Board to come from their own list. They expressed their unequivocal support for the black police commissioner, Rich Neal (despite misspelling his last name)... They suggested that "serious attention be paid" to appoint an African American male as the superintendent of the city's public school system.  (p. 320)
The joys of living in a "Racial Democracy"...

Early in the book, Bissinger tried to strike a nostalgic chord, by mentioning the past glories of Philadelphia [well, the glories of white Philadelphia]:
It was still occasionally called the City of Firsts, and it was more than mere promotional gimmick, even though so many of the first had occurred so long ago that few who lived in the city were aware of them - the first public school in the colonies, the first American paper mill, the first stone bridge, the first botanical garden, the first volunteer fire company, the first American magazine, the first American hospital, the first American insurance company, the first American stock exchange, the first American theater, the first production of an American play, the first carpet woven in America, the first piano made in America, the first American corporate bank, the first daily American newspaper, the first circus, the first balloon flight, the first public building lit by gas, the first American-made lager beer, the first screw-propeller steamship, the first American minstrel show, the first Republican National Convention, the first American zoological society, the first American merry-go-round, the first women's suffrage demonstrations, the first telephone book, the first Salvation Army in America, the first black newspaper, the first revolving door, the first Automat, the first Girl Scout cookie sale, the first city wage tax.

It was perhaps a symptom of things to come that the last of the firsts occurred in 1938.... (p. 33)
 Now, Philadelphia is the "first" city in America again for something -- having its black mayor demand the 1st Amendment be scrapped:
In what is developing into an alarming challenge to free speech, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has requested that a state agency “rebuke” Philadelphia Magazine and the author of an article titled “Being White in Philly” for committing an “incitement to extreme reaction.”
One of the nation’s most prominent First Amendment scholars, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh, told WND that the Democratic mayor is supporting “outright suppression” of speech with which he disagrees.
The mayor’s letter claims that the article portrayed blacks “as an ethnic group that, in its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.”
Worst of all, from the perspective of free speech advocates, the mayor accused the magazine of “the sin of having allowed this article to be published.”

Philadelphia Magazine’s editor, who self-identifies as “center-left,” told WND he believes the mayor’s description is a “gross distortion of the piece.”
Volokh said the letter “shows that the mayor supports not just criticism of opinions that he disagrees with but outright suppression.”
‘Being white in Philly’
Nutter personally sent the signed letter to the Human Relations Commission last week, criticizing the article “Being White in Philly.” The Human Relations Commission is the official state agency that “enforces Pennsylvania’s anti-discrimination laws and promotes equal opportunity,” and “investigates complaints of illegal discrimination.”

The article, which has drawn national attention, collected a large number of Philadelphia voices who believe black crime, dysfunction and political correctness drove discussion of race underground.
Freedom failed in Philadelphia. 

Liberty lost in Philadelphia.
Democracy died in Philadelphia. 

"Being White in Philly" in 2013 is a glimpse into the future for what "Being White in America" will look like in 2020, with local governments forced to deal with inept black employees and corrupt black clergymen merely out for their own racial interests.

Equality has evolved in Philadelphia -- it means white people aren't allowed to have either self-interests or a voice in "The City of First's" (The Philadelphia Human Rights Commission has expressed "concern" with the piece "Being White in Philadelphia" from 'Philadelphia Magazine...).

And you wonder what life was like in the Soviet Union... shut your mouth whitey!

Funny though, Philly won't be the first city to be destroyed by the Black Undertow.

Detroit, Gary, Birmingham, Camden, Newark, Memphis, St. Louis, and Cleveland beat them to the punch.


Anonymous said...

I am a former resident of Filfthydelphia. Sad because there are good qualities about the city. It's history, it's proximity to other cities like DC, NYC, etc.. , and good restaurants. The groids and their general attitude hold it back. When you see some of the beautiful homes there that have been destroyed, you think about what life was probably like there before the turds moved in.

I worked in a number of neighborhoods there. One area was Germantown where there were cobblestone streets and beautiful stone homes. The sidewalks literally inundated with piles of dog poop because the groids would not clean up after their dogs. Strawberry Mansion and North Philadelphia were gorgeous, now pitbulls run free there and there are bands of wild cats. Just trashed. The groids there are scary and shoot at cops all the time.

I worked in the school system and there were stories of students ganging up on teachers. I heard one teacher got raped. One vice principal was shot.

Mayor Nuthead's reaction does not surprise me. When I worked in the school system, it was like any dysfunction in the school, and let me tell ya the school's are effed up there, was obfuscated and covered up. That is the groid way- cover up and don't snitch about dysfunction.

After 9/11, a number of Chinese moved from NYC to Philly, but the crime in Philly was so bad they moved back to NYC. Crazy.

I remember once shopping and some guy told me it was obvious I was not from Philly because I did not look angry enough. I guess being around groids in Phiily wears on a person.

White Mom in Turdville

Anonymous said...

off topic:
country music star, 6 million hits

black calls him 'boy' [he looks 25]
and gives him 25 cents

Anonymous said...

Holder helped release FALN killas.
Holder wont go after 'hate crimes' where Whites are victims.

Phillys Nutter [well named]
implies whiteys got no right -eys to
complain about phillys undertow.

Bogolyubski said...

Yes, the kommissars on the "Human Rights Commission" are looking into it. Only a matter of time before they'll be able to order publication stopped and books to be burned - probably to the cheers of Republicans. They can already do things such as this in the EUSSR and Canada.

First they came for the fourth amendment, but I wasn't a doper so I didn't care. Next they came for the second amendment, but I was scared of all those big noisy guns so it was OK. Then they came for the first amendment. Tick, tick, tick.....

Anonymous said...

Philly is an interesting case study. Yeah, the city is black-run, but not totally so like Detroit or Camden...the white and hispanic councilmen are just as corrupt. There is enough patronage to go around, and the mostly white trade unions still hold considerable power. The city has it's share of no-go areas, but also several sections of affluence. And frankly, they do a decent job of keeping the tourist area around Independence Hall safe for the tourists. They've even managed to attract a slowly growing population of what used to be called yuppies (I guess SPWLs is the new term). As long as most of the shootings are relegated to the ghettos, and the flash mob attacks are limited to once or twice a year, they are content.

Mr. Clean said...

A few of the comments that can be made....

Letter to PHRC: allow the author to feed his own misguided perception of African-Americans.... as an ethnic group that, in its entirety, is lazy, shiftless, irresponsible, and largely criminal.

"In its entirety", Mayor Nutter? No, just generally.

Since when are "African-Americans" an "ethnic group"? No, Mayor Nutter, black is a race, and a separate species.

Letter to PHRC: the poverty rate in the City of
Philadelphia is 28.4% and comprises not only African-Americans but Caucasians, Latinos, and members of other ethnic groups as well

Again with "African-Americans" as an ethnic group, along with Caucasians, Hispanics and others as "ethnic groups". So, the difference between blacks and whites is the same as the difference between Irish and Italians? PC-speak (and wishful thinking)....

Letter to PHRC: I ask the Commission to evaluate whether the "speech" employed in this essay is not the reckless equivalent of "shouting 'fire!' in a crowded theater,"

1. It's free speech, and besides....

2. There really is a fire.

Great show, Mayor Nutter, but you and I both know better.

Anonymous said...

No surprises here. There can be no dialogue on race and especially no criticism of blacks even when that criticism is so richly deserved.
It reminds me of a black sow who screeched at me one time, "You can't say dat! You white!" to which I responded sarcastically (while addressing other white people), "They think they're the speech police and that freedom of speech only applies to them and they should have control over everything you say."
Given the chance, blacks would criminalize all speech that doesn't praise black people and would inflict punishments and sanctions against those who dare speak the uncomfortable truth.
They won't say that directly but will try to institute such a policy claiming that such speaking of the truth is "inflammatory and disruptive of the peace."
Of course, at the same time, they'll be allowed to say anything they want (no matter how inflammatory) since they "be dealing with dem racist whitey's, da racist past, da history of black oppression and dis gots to be said!"
That's the black mentality- reserving all rights and privileges for themselves while severely restricting the rights of all others. That's the ultimate goal. Civil rights is just a cover story for the effort to dominate and control everything including speech.
Think of all the websites you can go to where black people can call whites honkies, crackers and every other racial epithet imaginable but if anyone dares call them a name, they instantly get banned. DWL's are definitely on board with the program to restrict speech to the favored few under the guise of political correctness.
Given the chance, blacks would even declare the printing of statistics related to black criminality to be racist hate speech as it "makes dem look bad and gibs people a bad impression."
For black people, here's a message from a white man: Go F*ck yourselves!


all these articles are enough to make me want to fight even harder for white rights! this swarm happens only if we let it! i'm all in! what say you? GODSPEED&SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

We call them "hipsters" in Austin.

- Baron Munchausen

hardscrabble farmer said...

Many years ago one of my first jobs was to deliver/repossess rental TV's. I was 17, it was Summer, MOVE was holed up at Osage Ave and I knew zip about race (having grown up in an all White rural area).

Since I worked alone there was no one to influence my perceptions, since I never had exposure to Blacks previously and no one had ever really discussed race in my family or amongst friends I had no baggage coming in.

I learned over the course of that Summer all I needed to know about them to last a lifetime- the stupidity, the callous cruelty, the base standards, the dereliction and degeneracy, the filth and decrepitude that was the norm in their homes and neighborhoods, but even more than that the pervasive indolence that defined them as a people.

One incident that stood out and which I can recall clearly to this day was sitting in my car eating my lunch on a blistering hot August day when a young Black kid on a bicycle sped past on the street and fell- hard enough that I heard the sound of his head hitting the pavement. He was banged up pretty bad, God knows he probably got a concussion, he was covered in road rash and he sat on the street crying in pain while literally dozens of grown men sitting on stoops drinking out of paper bags (something everyone seemed to do and something I had never seen before in my life) howled with laughter. No one helped him, no one showed even the barest hint of concern or human compassion. It was merely an entertainment, an amusing moment to break up the tedium of a hot Summer day.

I think that Philadelphia Magazine was beyond naive in publishing that piece. Nothing can be said about that race in the US today other than to praise it for whatever modest gain, or excuse it for it's multitudinous failures. We live in a time of universal deceit and the only acceptable response is silence.

Nutter isn't stupid- in fact he's repeatedly said as much in the past- but he knows he cannot allow Whites to say it. That's the paradigm and he's an enforcer.

Anonymous said...

Equality means that Whites have no say about anything ever.

Anytime I am hearing or seeing a black politician I know I am looking at a felon.

Unknown said...

I think Nutter needs to read the article. There is no chance that this was a random sampling of whites who live near blacks. It is a libtarded, sanitized version where all the raw, savage experience of white ghetto denizens with black-majority oppression has been neutered, whitewashed, or simply redacted.

I lived in the ghetto of West Philly in the late 80's, right near a crack house. The coroner turned up fairly regularly, but the cops were afraid to visit. I once called 911 (dubbed "Dial-a-Prayer" by local whites) because I saw, right outside my window, a man being robbed by another man at gunpoint. A drug deal gone bad, I assume. They never turned up. Never.

This article doesn't say how lazy the welfare-addicted blacks are, nor how savage the drug dealers are. My guess is that Nutter simply assumed that the article exposed those bald truths, because he knows them all too well. And if all of the evil reparations are ended-- welfare, government sinecures, and impunity from punishment for crimes-- the gravy train will end for American Blacks.

And people like Nutter will be out of a job. Of course he wants to shout this down.

Artist said...

I live within the Philly media umbrella and have been following this story. A Philly talk radio station had a cheery black guy on who is calling for what can only be an inquisition. They want the writer and publisher to come to a rally at a city park to engage in a "honest conversation" about race. The mayor and the human right commission will be in attendance. Everyone will tell wonderful stories of vibrancy and the magazine will recant.

The article details the experiences (some good some bad) and frustrations of whites living in Philly. It is a specific topic from a specific point-of-view. Yet the activist guest of the talk show and the mayor are decrying this article because it did not include the views of everyone, replete with stories of tremendous black success. It seems they want to preview and approve of everything written and said about race.

Philly hasn't yet crossed over into oblivion, but it's balanced on the edge. It does have a significant and growing population of hipsters, foodies, SWPLs, and upwardly mobile yuppies. Almost all of these whites live in deep denial of the reality of race. Meanwhile a cop friend tells me the reason the city is relatively safe is because of all the universities. There are several overlapping police agencies. If it were up to the city police crime would be through the roof.

Philly is also home to a very threatening New Black Panther group. I once saw their Facebook page which proudly displayed their arsenal. These are the same NBPs, friends of Holder, who blocked the polling place in 2008. They frequently call for the deaths of white babies, women & children. According to what I have read about the Zebra killings in California, the younger the victim the higher value the kill! Will the state disarm this group when the big gun grab starts? Ot will they just disarm whites?

Mayor Nutter also said last Spring that Romney should not be allowed in the city. On top of that, many polling districts posted a 100% vote for BHO, a statistical impossibility that exceeds election results in totalitarian hellholes.

It all reminds me of the occasional trolls who come to SBPDL. They have an entire industry criticizing whites, putting their views and theories forward, and calling for persecution and eventually violence. Yet we are not allowed to talk among ourselves.

SwampThizzle said...

Nutter? Dat nigga be crazay yo. Ha. We beez beatin' dem whiteys n we be puttin' dat shit on, your home for the best in contemporary niggershines.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 12:24 AM said Philly is an interesting case study. Yeah, the city is black-run, but not totally so like Detroit or Camden... The city has it's share of no-go areas, but also several sections of affluence. And frankly, they do a decent job of keeping the tourist area around Independence Hall safe for the tourists. They've even managed to attract a slowly growing population of what used to be called yuppies (I guess SPWLs is the new term).

You can thank 1) Mayor Ed Rendell and 2) Harrisburg/PA for that.

Ed Rendell just happens to be white, and is the only white mayor Philly has had in the past 29 years. Rendell focused on revitalizing the productive (i.e., white) parts of the city, such Center City, University City, Manayunk, etc., and did a good job. Under the previous mayor, Wilson Goode, the city was definitely headed down the crapper. As a conservative, I am certainly not a fan of many of Rendell's views, but if it wasn't for his two terms in the 90's, Philly would definitely look more like Detroit today.

Philly is subservient to the state of PA. A great example is that PA's largely pro-second amendment gun laws are applicable virtually across the board in the city of Philadelphia, despite the howling of the Democrats in the city. Attempts by Philadelphia to leech off of the state or the surrounding suburbs are eyed very warily by the state government. In short, Philly is kept on a leash. The tail does not wag the dog.

World_War_Me said...

Mr. Clean noted that in the letter to PHRC, Nutter asked "...the Commission to evaluate whether the speech employed in this essay is not the reckless equivalent of shouting 'fire!' in a crowded theater."

As a black person, Nutter should know all about shouting in a crowded theater, especially a crowded movie theater.

Marc B said...

"It is a libtarded, sanitized version where all the raw, savage experience of white ghetto denizens with black-majority oppression has been neutered, whitewashed, or simply redacted".

Have you ever been in an argument with a black before? The vast majority will scream over you in an effort to silence and intimidate you into backing down. That's how a black handles a disagreement with a White, and the black elite are no different, they just use other means to do so.

Nutter knows the score. Even the watered-down concerns of Whites regarding racial concerns are not to be spoken nor printed.

Discourse = Lecturing

Notice how the more reasonable, factual and even tempered a racial issue is delivered by Whites, the more likely it is to be attacked by the post-modern left and their coalition of non-whites. The vitriolic stuff is rarely censored because they think they can use it against us. You know you are onto something of merit when they threaten to silence or ruin you for presenting it.

World_War_Me said...

hardscrabble farmer, your story reminds me of a friend I had while in college who began working as a cable installer for our local cable monopoly. He was from Cullman, Alabama, a town founded by Germans and is very Catholic and white. He also had some eye-opening experiences, but unfortunately I wasn't a race-realist at the time and wasn't interested in his stories.

If I were capable of crying, I would shed tears for all those wasted years I spent as a DWL.

World_War_Me said...

Artist, your recollection about the Zebra killers placing value on the type of white kill is accurate. By order of points:

white men = lowest points (white men can't catch a break anywhere LOL)
white women = middle points*
white children = highest points

The point system was based on how accessible the victims were. The theory was that the harder to obtain, the higher the points you got for the victim. Whenever you got a lot of points (which represented a LOT of kills) you got "Angel" status.

In typical black fashion, the blacks recruited to do the killing were more interested in the title and status than the political statement of his kills. This frustrated the head black panther muslim imam because he himself was actually only interested in the politics and "making a statement" against whitey, and humorously, he would throw his arms up in the air and regard his own soldiers as retarded chimps.

*a zebra killer would get ZERO points for his kill if he raped or robbed his victim. The imam was purely interested in kills. Raping and robbing took away from the political impact, according to the imam, and was (*chuckle*) "contradictory to Islam's goals". No problem, though, the pawns would go ahead and rob and rape, but would lie about it to the iman, and simply report the kills.

The best part is that the groids who did the killing were ex-cons who just enjoyed killing. They really thought that they were smart enough to be political, and felt like they were doing something important. But, in reality, they were just too dumb. It was really simply about the joy of killing, to obtain Angel status, and to impress the iman. In fact, one gets the impression that these blacks were actually quite indifferent islam and to white people, except as objects to kill, rape, and rob, and even more indifferent about the long-term meaning of their "cause".

Interestingly, the only zebra killer who was 100% fanatical and dedicated to he "cause" and truly hated whitey was the mixed-race one.

What stand out in this book and really disturbed me (and it takes a LOT to disturb me, as a desensitized early Gen-Y member) was how they kidnapped one white guy, tied him to a chair, and cut off appendages one at a time. The club members formed a line, (about 40 blacks) and each took a turn with a knife taking a little toe, then another toe, up to the big toe, fingers, ears, genitalia, legs, arms, etc. Not ONE said, "Hey, guys, this isn't right!" or "This is whack!" NOBODY EVEN HESITATED.

This is what we're dealing with, fellow Whites, with blacks in power either via Justice Dept.-endorsed racist hate groups or harmless-looking political negroes like Nutter.

It's been about a year since I read the book (based on P.K.'s recommendation) so I'm sure to be fuzzy on some parts.

Sorry to divert the topic of conversation.

bubo said...

A friend of mine told me once about moving to Philly as a teenager and what he learned. He said the most important thing was to not allow yourself to get knocked onto the ground, because the blacks would kick you to death. He lived there in the mid 60's.

Anonymous said...

Political freedom is a European thing, to a large degree an Anglo-sphere thing. It isn't just blacks who have no appreciation for freedom, none of the other "minorities " do either, including the so-called intelligent ones that some people say make good immigrants. You can't have freedom in a multi-racial empire. So get used to it.

Californian said...

Notice how the more reasonable, factual and even tempered a racial issue is delivered by Whites, the more likely it is to be attacked by the post-modern left and their coalition of non-whites. The vitriolic stuff is rarely censored because they think they can use it against us. You know you are onto something of merit when they threaten to silence or ruin you for presenting it.

Which brings up a point.

The party line is that America has had a triumph for civil rights since the days of MLK. Yet we can see one of the most fundamental of civil rights -- free speech -- being increasingly marginalized, sanctioned and even criminalized when it comes to matters of race. And this by the same people who make a fetish out of "celebrating" the civil rights era.

There is a superficial contradiction here. The same people who talk about civil rights calling for censorship.

Then again, it reveals something deeper about the civil rights movement. It was not about the stated goals of equality under the law, but actually a front for seizing power. Rather than diminishing the repressive apparatus of the state, the civil rights movement has entrenched it.

A race realist movement might make the promotion of Free Speech a major issue. Put the DWLs/race hustlers on the defensive, force them to defend a growing system of repression. Cast itself as the rebels fighting The Man.

Artist said...

World War Me,

You got further into the book then I did. I didn't make it to the dismembered guy in the chair. I made the mistake of reading it before bed. Not only did it disturb my sleep, it made me so pissed off my wife couldn't stand it. I bought into the feel-good civil rights crap most of my life. Now I look around me and cannot believe what has become of this once great nation. On my bad days I will not say that the USA exists anymore.

I'm surrounded by SWPL types. They really believe the rednecks and hunters and rural culture constitute the "gun problem" in this country. The maryland gun law before Annapolis prohibits minor persons from shooting, a death blow to rural culture. I also have friends a relatives who are still fighting the Civil War. It's crazy!

Meanwhile, the gun culture in the ghetto is rarely mentioned. So when the gun grab starts who will be an easier target; law abiding whites spread out in the 'burbs, or densely packed dead-enders in the city. The dead-enders fear neither jail nor death while whitey has everything to lose. In WWII Japan did not fear death. Look at what that came to.

BTW, Bob Costas may be an a**hat, but when he did his spiel after the murder/suicide of the Kansas City Chiefs player the black NFLers objected immediately and shut his SWPL pie-hole real fast! That "honest conversation" lasted 48 hours.


Off-topic here, but has anyone noticed something? Obama told Medvedev he'll be able to do what he wants after re-election. We all know this is in regards to ballistic missile defense and the size of our nuclear arsenal. Over the past 6 weeks there has been more nuclear saber-rattling then anytime since 1983. Weakness invites aggression. This is not ever mentioned in the MSM. In the past it was issue #1. Now no one cares about anything of importance. We're a nation of zombies, our minds turned to mush by living the lies we have to live every day. A salient feature of totalitarian regimes is they force people to live a lie every single day. In the former USA that big lie is the race lie.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful every day to be a Pennsylvanian where not only can I go buy a gun in 15 minutes but I'm completely free to defend myself with it, which I suspect is going to be helpful when TSHTF

Anonymous said...

"Being White inPhilly" is a pro-race mixing (heterogeneous) sales piece that addresses issues the would need to be solved if blacks ever hope to cohabit with whites, even very tolerant whites, and not drive them away.

That the negro mayor of Philadelphia would try to suppress this article on the grounds it is hateful in a racial way means only one thing.

He is one really stupid, f***ing nigger.

Marc B said...

"Put the DWLs/race hustlers on the defensive, force them to defend a growing system of repression. Cast itself as the rebels fighting The Man".

That's exactly what I recommend Nutter do on another blog, to show his love of "Philadelphia Freedom" by going after the First Amendment. Let him expose himself as the authoritarian he really is.

YIH said...

OT: Here we go again...
C'mon everybody, sing it with me!
♫♫ Chuck-ER-Cheese... Where a nig can be a nig! ♫♫

World_War_Me said...

Artist, thank you for your comment. In retrospect, there was really no point to my rambling on about the more extreme disturbing aspects about the Zebra killings in my comment. It's not like folks who visit this blog aren't already wise to the ways of racist homicidal blacks. My comments would have been better served on a liberal blog, not here. Don't get me wrong, I know that's not what you were getting at in your comment, this is a critique of myself made by myself.

You really captured my sympathy when you stated how you're surrounded by SWPL types. I am in the same boat -- and I live in Alabama!! I will elaborate later, to see if you run into the same problems I do, but I got yoga class in 15 minutes!

rjp said...

The book World_War_Me is talking about is:

Clark Howard's Zebra: The True Account of 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco

It is a legal free download and I recommend that everyone read it.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...
I'm thankful every day to be a Pennsylvanian where not only can I go buy a gun in 15 minutes but I'm completely free to defend myself with it, which I suspect is going to be helpful when TSHTF

Are you sure PA is still like that?

WV is cash and carry, but everyone I know (including me) gets flagged for 5 days while NICS does their background check.

10mm AUTO said...

World War Me!

I have been waiting for Paul to do an article on the Zebra book by Clark. You are exactly right in your points system. At the end of the book, there were 15 operating "Death Angels" in San Francisco, many more if you assume that Death Angels were evenly spread over the various Mosques of NOI.

Currently the NOI draws recruits both prison or from its elite "Fruit of Islam" paramilitary ranks, which are the generation of niglets brought up in the faith. This is more secure that the old style of drawing from black scum in prison, though NOI is still big on prison outreach. The Smiley Faced killers are thought to be NOI Fruits getting their wings.

The BPP, NOI, Dr. Cone, Rev. Wright, and by extension, the vast majority of black churches that hold to the "Ten Points of Blackness" are all part of the negro hammer that will be brought down on Whitey when the time is right.

Here is a little palette cleanser:

All male NOI members are "encouraged" to take lessons, or practice drill or marching. The idea is to establish an elite black force that can carry out revolution and rule over a black city once things collapse. Notice the three grades of uniforms? The "Fedayeen" or female negros are the auxiliary, while the long coats are the political branch. The White gloved tight uniformed are the "Fruit", the killers. Against trained Whites, they are a joke, but against suburban Whites hoping the lights will come back on,well...the Fruit will slaughter them like sheep.

We need a Homeland of our Own.

Anonymous said...

I know it's done, I've seen it firsthand plenty of times, but maybe it depends on the store? When I got my concealed carry license they ran the background check for that in less than 5 minutes so I don't see why the sellers couldn't.

I would've thought WV would be even easier than PA! Is it like that even when transferring guns?

Mr. Clean said...

rjp said:Are you sure PA is still like that?

WV is cash and carry, but everyone I know (including me) gets flagged for 5 days while NICS does their background check.

I haven't purchased a handgun in some time, but see here.

"If an individual is eligible to acquire a firearm, the PICS background check replaces the former, mandatory five-day waiting period. Operation has shown that approximately 60% of the individuals attempting to purchase a firearm are approved within minutes."

rjp said...

Thanks Mr. Clean.

PICS must be the difference.

WV uses NICS (probably because the center is in Clarksburg, WV).

Kathy M said...

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World_War_Me said...

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