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"Blacker in Philly": You Might Not Believe in Race, but Race Believes in You

"While I fully recognize that constitutional protections afforded the press are intended to protect the media from censorship by the government, the First Amendment, like other constitutional rights, is not an unfettered right, and notwithstanding the First Amendment, a publisher has a duty to the public to exercise its role in a responsible way. I ask the Commission to evaluate whether the “speech” employed in this essay is not the reckless equivalent of “shouting ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater,” its prejudiced, fact-challenged generalizations an incitement to extreme reaction."

- Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, in a letter dated March 13, 2013, to the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission. 
Black crime/murder threatens Philly, while Mayor Nutter calls for censorship of whites
who dare notice anything is wrong...

Robert Huber's "Being White in Philly: Whites, race, class, and the things that never get said" article in Philadelphia magazine has inadvertently showed the fragility of Black-Run America (BRA). Mayor Nutter wants the magazine "punished."

Without resorting to any discussion of IQ, Mr. Huber's piece is a powerful reminder that normal whites - even liberal, left-of-center whites - understand the importance of race and how it impacts every aspect of their life. 

Though many people will publicly say racial differences don't exist, their every action in life (both public and private) shows that they understand race to be far more than a social construct. 

The true "social construct" is, of course, the concept of equality. Thus, the importance of dialogue in BRA being a one-way street -- where white people are constantly told of their racist past and present, needing to completely atone for their white privilege to ensure a future where their children are permanent second-class citizens. 

Remember, it was only a two years ago when Mr. Nutter entered his Baptist church in Philadelphia and proceeded to lecture the black congregation for allowing black kids to terrorize the City of Brotherly Love via flash mob violence [Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’, Washington Times, 8-8-2011]: 

Mayor Michael A. Nutter, telling marauding black youths “you have damaged your own race,” imposed a tougher curfew Monday in response to the latest “flash mob” — spontaneous groups of teens who attack people at random on the streets of the city’s tourist and fashionable shopping districts.
“Take those God-darn hoodies down, especially in the summer,” Mr. Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, said in an angry lecture aimed at black teens. “Pull your pants up and buy a 'cause no one wants to see your underwear or the crack of your butt."

“If you walk into somebody’s office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won’t hire you? They don’t hire you ‘cause you look like you’re crazy,” the mayor said. “You have damaged your own race.”

Mayor Nutter was cheered for excoriating black youth for giving the city of Philadelphia a bad name back in 2011, calling for police state measures ("stop and frisk," as well as curfews -- normally reserved for nations at war or a city experiencing a natural disaster) to end the acts of Spontaneous Blackness threatening to destabilize commercial investment in the city. 

Because the black community, responsible for upward to 80 - 85 percent of the murderers in Philly each year, refuses to 'snitch' on their comrades, Mayor Nutter offered $20,000 per every homicide investigation to anyone who would talk and help the police solve crimes. No matter that thousands of black men rally to end crime in Philadelphia, it doesn't seem to stop

The Philadelphia Tribune, the oldest black-oriented newspaper in America, pointed out the violence in the black community dwarfed the violence found in an actual war zone (Iraq). 

But remember, it's the article in Philadelphia magazine which requires the Human Rights Commission to investigate...

Recall that W.E.B DuBois 1899 book "The Philadelphia Negro" was more damning when it came to pointing out the shortcomings of blacks in Philadelphia (then representing only four percent of the city's population). James Sanders, writing at the Huffington Post, pointed this out back in 2010 [How Far Have We Come: Are Blacks In Philadelphia Getting Left Behind?, 2/11/10]:     

Written before the turn of a new century in the late 1800s, Philadelphia's black community was relatively small -- just 40,000 people, making up less than 4 percent of the city's population (though Philadelphia had more blacks than all other American cities, except Baltimore, New Orleans and Washington, D.C.) -- and gathered primarily in what was called the Seventh Ward, what is now southwest Center City. His aim, he stated in the study's preface, was to examine the "Negro problem:" "Let me add that I trust that this study with all its errors and shortcomings will at least serve to emphasize the fact that the Negro problems are the problems of human beings; that they cannot be explained away by fantastic theories, ungrounded assumptions or metaphysical subtleties."
DuBois sought to humanize blacks, to a population that largely saw them as either genetically inferior or otherwise exotic. As he explains in the introduction to the chapter, "The Problem:" "In Philadelphia, as elsewhere in the United States, the existence of certain peculiar social problems affecting the Negro people are plainly manifest. Here is a large group of people -- perhaps forty-five thousand, a city within a city -- who do not form an integral part of the larger social group. This in itself is not altogether unusual; there are other unassimilated groups ...; and yet, in the case of the Negroes the separation is more conspicuous, more patent to the eye, and so intertwined with a long historic evolution, with peculiarly pressing social problems of poverty, ignorance, crime and labor that the Negro problem far surpasses in scientific interest and social gravity; most of the other race or class questions."
Today, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, blacks make up 46 percent of the city's population, some 662,809 people. And yet, many of the problems to which DuBois alluded in 1899 persist today. Predominantly black parts of town -- North Philly, and the so-called "Badlands," for instance -- are all too synonymous with crime and poverty. Too many black students drop out of high school, and give in to lives on the streets or in gangs.
Philadelphia may have come a long way since DuBois time, but in the same breath, many of the same problems persist. Thus, this endeavor: In a two-part series, City Paper will revisit DuBois' work in an effort to track the evolution of black society and culture in Philadelphia over the last century-plus, the good and the bad.
All men are created equal?
We shall see.
Of course all men aren't created equal in Black-Run America -- white people enjoy their lofty situations due entirely to the joys of white privilege, while blacks languish eternally in the churning seas of white racism and the foreboding currents of the "liberal plantation."

You see, there never, ever was a golden age of blacks in America, where crime rates were down, two-parent homes were the norm, and graduation rates were high and poverty were low.

Especially in Philadelphia. 

The book "Philadelphia's 'Black Mafia': A Social and Political History" makes clear of that fact:

The national, urban trends regarding population and unemployment were mirrored, if not accentuated by Philadelphia. Philadelphia's population declined in each of the relevant decades, 3.3 percent from 1950-1960; and 2.7 percent from 1960-1970. The city would experience a (more) drastic hemorrhaging in the 1970s when it lost 260,399 people, approximately 13.4% of its population. Conversely, Philadelphia's black population had increased substantially from 1940-1970. In 1940, AFrican-Americans in Philadelphia numbered 251,000 (13% of the city's population), and by 1960 the black population accounted for 26.4% of the city's population, rising in numbers to 529.000, a 111% increase since 1940. 
In 1950, the respective rates of unemployment for blacks and whites in Philadelphia were 11.7 and 5.4 percent. In 1960, the AFrican-American unemployment rate was 10.7 compared to 5 percent for whites. 
The socioeconomic factors enumerated above likely accounted for at least some of Pennsylvania's glaring criminal justice-rlated statistics illustrating disproportionate representation of African-Americans. For instance, in 1973, 61% of inmates in Pennsylvania prisons were African-American, though blacks accounted for just 9% of the state's population according to the 1970 census. Of these African American inmates, "69 percent were serving time for crimes of violence, 18 percent for crimes against property, and 12 percent for crimes against public order. "For each of the specific crimes of violence except kidnapping [i.e. murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, rape, statutory rape, lewd act with a child, sexual assault: force undetermined, robbery, and assault], black prisoners outnumbered their white and 'other' counterparts. (p. 69-70)
Let's be honest -- a city can recover from a fire.

A city can't recover from black crime.

This is why Mr. Huber's piece is so important.

It shows normal people realize the truth that dare not speak its not name -- the same truth DuBois pointed to back in 1899.

Though you might not believe in race, race believes in you.

And in Philadelphia, the reality of racial differences have been on display for more than three centuries. Why, just two years Mayor Nutter was a hero for pointing out the types of criminal activity white people refuse to engage in that represents just another night on the town for black youth...


Sefton said...

Michael Nutter has always been a race hustler in Philadelphia. When he was a councilman he represented the industrial wasteland of west Philly...and also Manayunk, a white neighborhood separated from the city by a river. Nobody in Manayunk would vote for this clown, yet he would keep winning and "represent" them because of the racial solidarity from west and north Philly. Manayunk has a thriving economy with many restaurants. The other neighborhoods resembled Detroit. Guess where Nutter would mug for the camera and make speeches? Manayunk. He would lecture the white taxpayers and would propose legislation aimed solely at them, like this: "The Clean Indoor Air Worker Protection Law." No smoking in public places and restaurants. How many restaurants are in west and north Philly? As many as Detroit! The whites in Manayunk are pushed around like the whites trying to break off from Atlanta, same story different city. According to Nutter whites have no say, period.

Anonymous said...

Ex Lincolnite here:

I like the ending of this post Paul. After all, it is just another night on the town for the average black youth.

And I would be willing to bet you that the white people of Philly have known for years not to go into black areas. But the coon is supposed to be welcomed with open arms into white areas.

The buck nigger in his element causing discontent. I will tell you that there is more and more crime going on in Lincoln Nebraska that is not being reported, because the city leaders are inept and unwilling to call a spade a spade. Just more proof of what happens when the races mix. It was just reported the other day that Lincoln Nebraska will 'welcome' in another passel of Somalis. What a great deal that is. I bet no one in the city has the guts to stand up to that. Thank God I'm gone.

All I can say is remove yourself from the problem of blackness in America. See what is happening in Chicago, Detroit, and Philly. Know that Jesse Jackson wants the people of Detroit to riot over their state takeover. In my mind, if Governor Snyder was smart, he would just let the niggers starve to death or kill one another.

Sorry for the digression. I haven't been posting for a while, but this article got my goat. I hope all posters are doing well on this site. One of the few places that makes me think America may survive.

Anonymous said...


Keep up da good work, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Black people can't stand the fact that people of other races see them exactly for what they are. Even more intolerable to niggers is that someone will dare say the truth about them.
Dey gots to protect their image of being Sweet Innocent Black Angels (SIBA's) and howl with outrage that someone (not black) said something negative about them. Truth doesn't matter. Either they want to shut you up or they want you to apologize for "disrespecting" them while they sit there playing the part of wide eyed (and innocent!) aggrieved children falsely accused of stealing candy.
It's just another nigger clown routine and a hustle. However, if they could make it a crime to say anything negative about them, they would.
Assholes and clowns, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...


People, people, you are losing sight of the true topic here!

We MUST discuss de slabery.

De turrrible, turrrible lebacy ub de slabery.

It only ended 150 years ago.

How can we hope to solve our problems and achieve Social Justice (TM) unless we continue to talk endlessly about de slabery?

I ask you.

Anonymous said...

Philadelphia is a tale of two cities. You have got the blue blood white folk who are ensconced in jobs that have been essentially given to them. For instance, in my very brief experience of working in business, I worked in a corporate finance department where a blue blood, who was dumb as dirt, but very polite, was given a job because his last name would bring business. The other Philly is ghetto black with some white trash sprinkled in there. The middle or professional classes spilt decades ago and live in the suburbs. When Mayor Wilson Good, the notorious black mayor who literally had bombs dropped in West Philadelphia, came into power in the mid 80s, the city had officially seen its glory days pass.

There is an area called the Main Line that starts in West Philadelphia and extends out into the western suburbs.
It's an area of the wealthy and connected. Well, thr part that is within city limits USED to be nice, then Eleanor Roosevelt shipped some of her dark friends in there during the thirties and now West Philly is what is, a neighborhood referred to by the black people themselves as 'the bottom'.

Look, Philly COULD be cool, but I see it as the microcosm of the greater macrocosm of denial that holds the country back from true greatness, that denial being we have got a black problem. I find it ironic that in the 'City of Brotherly Love' you have brothas robbing and beating people. When I lived there some dude got beaten on the subway by some nut job with a hammer and while he was getting beaten, some turd stole his cell phone. Yeah buddy, Amurkistan.

My condo, that I ditched, is nestled right next to Fairmount Park, a beautiful park! You can't go there though because there has been some turd rapist raping and killing women since 2002. I remember a gaggle of teen turds came running by my place one night yelling 'if you don't put out no pu$&y', we don'want you here'. Vibrant diversity shone brightly in that instance!

Ironically, there are good colleges in Philly, but once everyone graduates, they leave the city, this phenomenon is called the Philadelphia brain drain. Really, why would anyone with any brains stay in Shitadelphia, especially now that Mayor Nutjob will not allow white people to speak the truth and offer constructive criticism on how to improve the damn place.

Public transpo there is brought to you by SEPTA( southeastern PA transit authority) The saying goes in Philly no one takes public transpo in Philly Sep tha (SEPTA) niggas. Yeah.

I am not from there, I lived there, and I am glad I moved.

Oh, for more context, you should Google Al Alston and Brewerytown. Al is a character, a small time race hustler who is defiantly against urban renewal in Philadelphia, which is code for he doesn't want white professionals moving into the ghetto and buying and fixing up properties.

Ok enough.

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

Anonymous said...

Don't you understand, Paul? If these poor, deprived young people just had jobs, they wouldn't resort to these desparate acts that you speak of. These poor babies are dying for JOBS! If a few million jobs just magically appeared in the ghetto, then African-Americans would have HOPE. And with hope, comes CHANGE.

All Black People want is a job. That's all they dream about, every minute of every day. Just give them a chance.

/sarc /sarc /sarc /sarc /sarc .....

hardscrabble farmer said...

I agree completely with Mayor Nutter on this one, speaking openly about race is exactly like yelling fire in a crowded movie that happens to be on fire.

While it is difficult for me to comprehend the desire to curtail or even forbid free speech, I don't see how a multicultural society could possibly operate without that kind of restriction.

The Truth, as they say, is a racist.

Anonymous said...

Negro fatigue has set in. Will be away from this site for a while. Just sick of hearing about negroes, seeing negroes, having to put up with negroes ... not being able to ban negroes.

Anonymous said...

Please don't say "white trash". If I were rich or won the lottery, these are the people I would help. My father was killed in Korea, my Mom became "white trash" with her 3 dependent children. She was penniless, and we lived in Public Housing for a couple of years. She was more educated than most, got a job, and worked her way up in a company and we later did well, all 3 of us are college educated. I can't imagine anything worse than being stuck around blacks. A lot of poor white people are being led astray by ghetto culture, I would help them to go to private white schools so they could have a better chance to escape if they work hard.


just like the article says, mayor nutball pulled the rug out from those wilding colored mobs and he had a lot to say about it. it wasn't the same old song and dance either. now I guess election time must be this year for mayor nutbag so now it's back to the same old whitey did it mode! hey mayor nut-job go fuck yourself, with all that talk of editing out the black truth talk in the weekend city paper. how dare you take one of this nations rights away. hey mayor nutty lets see what you will say when we take away the rights to vote if on any public assistance. yea, just what I thought!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous

I apologize... I should clarify that I don't equate poverty or being poor with being 'trashy'. There is nothing wrong with being poor. By DC standards for whites, I am poor. I see trashy as a behavior, not something that is correlated with socioeconomic status.

I think you raise a big issue, that being that many poor whites are unable to extrapolate themselves away from the turds. It sucks. Now the folks in Appalachia were able to do that, but cities and burbs are different.

My moms side of the family was blue collar but they were neat, clean, and respectable. My grandfather was a bricklayer and grandmother worked in a pizza shop.

There is nothing wrong in being poor. Sorry if I insulted you.

White Mom in WDC

Anonymous said...

alas, jobs don't magically transform negroes into decent humans. jobs require conscientiousness - something negroes struggle with. i laugh when libs promote jobs as the solution - jobs are demanding, hard work & not fun - sorry negroes!
similarly, watching tv commercials of magic negroes at the office doesn't suddenly transform negroes into good workers.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, negroes only want to restrict the free speech of others while reserving the right to say anything they damn well please for themselves as if being black conferred upon them some superior understanding others can never attain. Everybody drop whatever you're doing! A black moron is about to speak and tell you what you should think, feel, say and believe! Refuse to listen and bow down to his or her royal blackness and you be a racist!
Blacks love to say that only blacks can understand the black experience and therefore no other race has a right to say anything about them. However, following that line of "logic" one could say that no one black can understand the experience of other races and therefore have no right to say anything about them- but, of course, they reserve the right to do so anyway.
Many of these stupid niggers believe themselves to be some kind of supreme moral authority that everyone must kowtow to and only their perspective on the subject of race or any related subject has any substance or validity.
Dat be why you not be allowed to speak, mofo! Dat's why you gonna be shouted down and told to shut up, honky! Your experiences don't matter!
Black Moses about to speak and lay down da truf!
Nutter is just another black fool with the narcissistic "Black Moses" complex. Wanting "diversity" on the newspaper is just an attempt to put "speech monitors" in place and wanting to have "dialogue" is nothing more than a shout down opportunity. If that don't work to force everbody to pay attention and worship Black Moses, then he gonna bring down da law from Mount Human Rights! Funny thing is, those "Human Rights" only apply to them- at least in their demented minds.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what we need. The White Left to be attacked by the pc crowd.Black's will really be doomed if the DWL's turn on them.

Californian said...

Though you might not believe in race, race believes in you.

Excellent line, PK. Should be on the SBPDL header.

countenance said...

When Michael Nutbar went ballistic in that black church a few years ago, I was immediately suspicious.

I got the feeling that Nutbar's act was just a pseudo-moralistic fan dance. It’s like the trashy neighbor parents who pretend to discipline their kids when they’re outside and everyone is watching them, but when they go in the house, the kids do whatever the hell they want and run as wild as they want to be, then when all the decent neighbors are asleep, the kids sneak out of the house, with their trashy parents’ countenance.

Nutbar is good at popping off whenever his precious people engage in serious mischief, but that’s all he does, pop off. You would think that at some point, the preaching would be backed up with some action, and the mischief would end. But it keeps going on, which makes me wonder if the mischief really bothers him all that much. When it happens, he gets another chance to pretend to be morally indignant toward his fellow blacks in front of the local and national media. To wit: The initial crime isn’t national news, but Nutter’s bloviation does make national news, per Drudge running with it.

Mr.Ken said...

If you want a good job, if you want a professional license, if you want to work in law enforcement or security- you must take and pass a drug test. Why is it that you can be eligible for free housing, food, fuel and monetary benefits- and no drug test?
I read in massachusetts, BRA, EBT cards can be used at liquor stores and casinos for cash benefits! What the hell is going on here? There should mandatory monthly drug testing before issuing any "vouchers". Also, these benefits should be distributed to the claimant in person, at the benefits office. No electronic transfers or deposits, yes, you have to get off your fat black baboon ass, take the bus downtown and pee in a cup in order to get your check, which you will sign for with a pen, after your identity is verified, along with the father(r) of your CHILLRENS.

Anonymous said...

It's because of elected blacks like this that propel
the black community into continued oblivion. It
will never change until ONE black stands up and
speaks the truth, that blacks are their own worst
enemies......the ultimate black leader, like Caeser
in the planet of the apes. As a white person I
patiently wait, locked and loaded, for the unrest
that will eventually come. Let's finish this off.

God bless you, Lancelot Link

Bogolyubski said...

Ex-Lincolnite (about Detroilet):
In my mind, if Governor Snyder was smart, he would just let the niggers starve to death or kill one another.

The likelihood of Gov. Snyder (Repuke, MI) being smart is roughly the equivalent of a pig sprouting wings. There is a reason the Repukes are known as the stupid party, after all. You're correct that the actual smart thing to do would be - nothing at all. Detroilet should be allowed to revert to its natural state. Devil's Night 24 x 7 x 365 - the Heart of Blackness. If they were really smart, they'd set up a perimeter around it no groids could escape. Make them live in their own cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, race crimes - and their punishments - is why nothing will ever change. This article proves decisively any investigation, and report of what is found; sans projection of any kind into the causal mechanisms, assures black america remains sacosanct and above reproach. Politicians buy appeasement - to lower the chance of riots and looting and destruction. Behaviors are central to this state. One political party bribes for votes. The other lives in fear of starting a riot... demonstration... negative press article. We are required to ignore what we have learned, what our senses tell us, the shared experiences of others, and to never, ever, follow the clues when looking for crime.

So CAL Snowman said...

This will never end until the mainstream media is destroyed. The mainstream media is the gatekeeper of our civilization and as such keeps us in perpetual subjugation. If human beings were digital devices, the media would be our program upgrades. All the pixels in cyber space are but drops in the ocean when compared to the omnipotence of the mainstream media. The msm is the hive mind controlling the drones we call liberals, blacks and browns. Without the hive mind telling them what to think and how to act, the liberals, browns and blacks are utterly powerless. It is the media hive mind that drives these people to act. Or to put it in a more sinister way, Skynet must be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

DeMarquise Elkins accomplice named: "Dominique Lane."

"He is an innocent victim."

Anonymous said...

This the same nutter who called out the poor downtrodden victim youfs of Philthydelphia for wearing their pants around their ankles and acting like dumbasses? Shhh...don't tell the ruff n' tuff youfs that loose pants originated in prison so butt buddies could have easy access.

Anonymous said...

Both parties are in her together. Both are looking for stupid, cheap labor so they bri g more turds in

White Mom

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much longer it will take before the taboo about IQ discussion will be gone...
I say, the sooner this topic is brought is discussed, the sooner the taboo will be gone...

SwampThizzle said...

I love how his name is Nutter, because that nigga's crazay, yo, gnomesayin?

Kylie said...

"Please don't say "white trash". If I were rich or won the lottery, these are the people I would help. My father was killed in Korea, my Mom became "white trash" with her 3 dependent children. She was penniless, and we lived in Public Housing for a couple of years. She was more educated than most, got a job, and worked her way up in a company and we later did well, all 3 of us are college educated."

Your mom and you kids were poor white people. That is NOT the same as being [poor] white trash. In fact, since your mom worked hard to provide for you kids and you all did well, I'd say you're the exact opposite of white trash.

White trash is strictly a matter of attitudes, not finances. There are plenty of rich celebrities who are white trash.

rjp said...

Dominique Lane looks like something straight out of Africa.

That story is interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

dominique be innocent yo!

Anonymous said...

Another reader pointed out this article on the killers of the 13 month old child. If you haven't read the article, it is really worth it.

You've got pictures of the two savages and they are right out of deepest darkest Africa. The older one has a clear chimpanzee like expression on his face as he turns to face the camera.

Then the article itself has plenty of family members claiming that the little savages are innocent and in fact they are victims. One of the grandmothers or some such complains about the racist remarks she sees in the news comments section. Now I hope none of the readers here are engaged in that kind of ignorant behavior. There is no need to bring up the subject of race or insult these young boys based on racial stereotypes.

Teens charged in toddler's killing appear in court

As another poster has pointed out, the issue here is one of jobs. If these two young men had promising job opportunities, if they could satisfy their need to work, to contribute and create, this would have turned out differently. I know that African-americans are the hardest working people in the world, they live to work and build things. You just will not find a group of people that have this kind of work ethic. They are simply driven in their desire for work. Yet this society provides them no jobs, no training and no opportunities. I want to see jobs created for the black community. Good jobs. Jobs that pay well and jobs that allow the community to reach its potential. Without these jobs, we will continue to see our young black men fall prey to the guns and drugs that are pushed into the black community. What is happening now in the African-american community is no different from the slavery they endured for centuries, living life in chains.

If this tragic episode of gun violence that took the life of this 13 month old child isn't the catalyst that makes the nation embrace and reach out to help these young black men, these boys that lack any job opportunities, then what will force us to really care about their plight? Sometimes I feel as if the slave holding era never ended and the nation still torments our citizens of African ancestry.

Caiden said...

Another city by yet another insane black man. The article wasn't saying blacks were bad, it just showed a lot of whites are nervous around blacks. If I remember only one said he was robbed by a negro.

SO really he could say the piece was about 'racist' whites, instead like every easily offended negro he waves his hands and screams "is there a problem here" because whites don't like worthless negroes threatening them. And he knows without the whites Philly dies like Detroit, an eternal ruin the lefties will claim is "getting better" because they spent billions in federal dollars on wider bike paths.

Anonymous said...

Facts, logic and jobs be RAYCISSS!

Moondoggie said...

One thing to remember about so-called white trash people...they are not going to rob you, rape you, or kill you if you happen to find yourself in their neighborhoods. In essense they are harmless and true patriotic americans.

The liberal communists hate these people. They treat any and all minorites better than our poorer working class whites.

I'll take being around "white trash" (no disrespect) over any educated, mouthy, negro.... anyday, anytime, anywhere.

They are our allies and we will need them when the time comes. These are the most resourceful people in our country. They do more with less than the rest of us. When the SHTF we will all be learing how to survive from these folks.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the world we live in why does it all was have to be about race can't we just be one as human beings

Beth said...

I'm really exhausted tonight - just one of those yt slaves workin' to cyber dey EBT cards of all the mommas of the jugearedjackass's sons...

Late this afternoon when I had to go to the mailbox place to sent out a letter to the IRS about my last year's taxes - THEY sent me a letter that says, "we have located your 2011 taxes." Then they sent me a $5,138. Refund. I knew it wasn't mine. I called them - they said, "It is probably a mistake and meant for someone else with th same name you have. Send the check back to us within 21 days or you'll end up with a penalty AND you'll have to pay interest." WT? Their mistake I pay...

No matter. Pulled my avalanche into a spot and went around the car to get the Baby. The wind blew my truck door in to the burgundy Caddy parked next to me, and don,t you know, the woman in the passenger's seat leapt out of the car to inspect for damages. Come to think of it, the wig looks a lot like the one Michelle wears.

The woman was all hostile and right there to ask me if I did any damage to her "boyfriend's" car. I moved the door a few inches and said, "Nope. And, oops." I lied. Tonight I don't feel bad about it at all. Probably won't feel bad tomorrow or the next day, either...

Anonymous said...

You see, there never, ever was a golden age of blacks in America, where crime rates were down, two-parent homes were the norm, and graduation rates were high and poverty were low.

Actually, there was. The late 1950s were the critical times. Black illegitimacy rates were about 20%, meaning that "two-parent homes WERE the norm". Graduation rates WERE high, and poverty WAS dropping. Crime rates were still higher than white rates, but lower than today.

All this changed in 1965. I suspect that white America did away with Jim Crow because it saw that blacks were steadily improving, under the close supervision and restriction of white law.

What has happened since 1965 is nothing less than an unmitigated disaster, for white society somewhat, for black society unquestionably. We cannot replay the tape, but SOMETHING blew apart all the progress that blacks in the USA had made towards civilization.

I can think of three possibilities. 1) The Immigration reform act of 1965 flooded the USA with new, poor people, undercutting black (and eventually white) working class men, making it impossible for them to support families and control their youths. 2) The War on Poverty would only pay out to women with children if no man was present, undercutting black men, making it impossible for them to support families and control their youths. 3) In 1965, the United States stopped being a Constitutional Republic, failing to issue coins in silver for the first time, encouraging the hypertrophic growth of DC and impoverishing everyone, especially black men, making it impossible for them to support families and control their youths.

I don't know, and we won't do anything as a country to fix the problem, whatever the cause. I just don't want black dysfunction to spread any further, and the white working class is now worse off, socially, than blacks were in 1965. They're coming next for the middle class whites.


Anonymous said...

Yes they are. Make no mistake about it. The white middle and/ professional class is under siege.

Brace yourselves but do not be intimidated.

White Mom

Mr. Clean said...

Off-topic, but across the bridge in Camden NJ, Gov. Chris Christie to announce state takeover of Camden schools.

This, after the city police force is dismantled and a county "metro" police force is created.

Wall it off, a la "Escape from New York".....

Melanie said...

@ Ex-Brooklynite-

But that just makes the point, really. Even in their so-called "golden age", under Jim Crow and segregation, black crime rates, illegitimacy, and other dysfunctions were still disproportional to their population as compared to whites. Since Jim Crow and segregation have been done away with, and every kind of program in the world to "level the playing field" has been implemented, and blacks have been given special privileges, their dysfunction has increased. If it were simply a matter of immigration, etc, then white dysfunction should have increased disproportionately, above that of blacks. Whites don't have set-asides, quotas, special scholarships and programs specifically for whites, and the kind of protection under the law against "racism" that blacks have, as a "protected minority".

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm rarely works , the way this is written, it does. I went back and reread this many times. I think this approach will get humans far. Surely , we must create black jobs.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Brooklynite here:


I think with another 100 years of tight legal supervision we could have eliminated most of the criminal and violent genes from the black race in America. It was an evolutionary pressure we applied, and the selection was for better-behaved people. Without a War on Poverty to pay for bastard children, the US suppressed the breeding of the worst.

Since 1965, we (well, THEY, the creators of BRA) have paid the short-term thinkers and most immoral in the black population to breed. And it has gotten worse and worse. Whites, too, at the bottom have suffered, and marriage has disappeared for the white working class, just as it did for the black lower and middle classes. Whites were once much more violent, but law enforcement and morality eliminated the short-term thinkers from our population. Now, again, with the crushing burden of BRA, only the rich and those getting a government check can afford to have children.

The only thing that ends this is the collapse of BRA and the obligation to fund it out of productive white wallets.

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over how nine out of ten black mothers whose thug twilight child just killed somebody for no reason will say "My baby is a good boy!" It literally boggles the mind.