Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Suicide of Chicago Police Officer Ryan Healy - A Casualty of the Quest to Bring Law and Order to the Black Underclass

Few will mourn the loss of 38-year-old white Chicago police officer Ryan Healy, who took his own life in February of 2013. 
Imagine being a white cop in an urban war zone like Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, Birmingham, or St. Louis -- it's the equivalent of being in a 24/7/365 battlefield, where a black riot or lawsuit is only one simple act of "upholding the law "away...

In a city far more violent than the war zone of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (with black people responsible for 75 percent of the murders between 2003-2011), Officer Healy was exposed to a battle field on a 24/7/365 basis with no opportunity for leave. 

Cops in urban areas of America are engaged in a futile attempt to maintain some form of civilization, a thankless job when one act of simply stopping Spontaneous Blackness could either be fuel to start a black riot or set-in motion the wheels of Organized Blackness to boycott the city and call for your suspension.

For Ryan Healy, it was the wanton savagery he witnessed - the equivalent of being perpetually engaged on the front-line of conflict never ceasing or abating - that caused him to take his own life [For One Chicago Police Officer, The Job Became Too Much, Chicago CBS, 3-18-13]:

The Chicago Police Department is one of many around the nation that now accepts that law enforcement officers, like America’s combat soldiers, suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
Erin Healy Ross recalls her brother, 38-year-old police officer Ryan Healy.
“I received a text from him saying that he had decided to die and that he would be in the house,” she recalls.
Erin and Ryan’s father, a retired cop, raced to the officer’s house. 
She says, “I just remember my dad saying, ‘Do you know how many times I have been on this kind of a scene? But never in my life could I imagine that it would be my own son.’ And that was just heartbreaking.”
Her brother was dead from a single gunshot wound.
Healy worked out of the West Side 10th Police District. Toward the end, he told his family he was “overwhelmed” by what he was experiencing on the job: the bodies, the violence and especially crime’s effect on children.
He told his family those kids had no way out and no hope. Then there was the squad car accident that left him seriously injured in 2011.
“Some people can handle it and they go to work and they come home and they don’t think about it,” Erin says. “But obviously for Ryan, he did think about it.”
The family believes he may have suffered from PTSD.
The Chicago Police Department recognizes PTSD is real among officers and has programs to diagnose and treat it. There are also suicide-prevention programs, but the officer must come forward himself and ask for help. In the tough culture of law enforcement, that is often hard.
The black underclass in not just Chicago, but all across America is imploding in an orgy of violence.  Brave police officers like Officer Healy put their lives on the line day in and day out to perform the thankless job of rescuing civilization from the dehumanization conditions the black community creates in the Second City.

And they understand the current system in place offers only the continued perpetuation of violence, vice, death, and misery -- engaging the black underclass in Chicago is the equivalent of living through a zombie apocalypse, knowing the enemy is always on the hunt for you : black crime/dysfunction never sleeps and it will never stop, only fueled by the augmentation of the numbers of blacks in a community and society's refusal to acknowledge the problem.

It's a black "Tribal War" taking place amid the skyscrapers of the civilizations whites created in Chicago, with civilization being driven into smaller and smaller sections of the city to avoid the bullets randomly fired in black sections of the city[Chicago police sergeant: "Tribal warfare" on the streets, CBS News, 7-11-12]:
Sgt. Matt Little leads one of the teams in Chicago's Gang Enforcement Unit. There are about 200 such officers in the city-- versus 100,000 gang members.
"Almost all the violence we're seeing now is from the gangs," Little said. "When there's a shooting we'll respond to the shooting. We'll figure out where we believe the most likely area for retaliation is and we'll work that area trying to both prevent retaliation and possibly build a case on offenders."
CBS News rode along with Little's team as dusk fell on poor neighborhoods of vacant lots and high anxiety.
"The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain of command, there's really nobody keeping things in check," Little said. The leaders are mostly in prison -- or dead. Those left are young, reckless, and often terrible shots.
Sgt. Little is a decorated veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He said that parts of Chicago are comparable to what he saw in combat.
It's "tribal warfare," he said, "and as it continues to build unless we manage to interdict it, and manage to stop it long enough for the blood to stop boiling, the heat to die down."
This is the civilization where Officer Healy worked to uphold the law he swore to defend, a place where the "lawless" rule and the law is just another plot of the white-man to "keep a brother down and in his place."

A glimpse into life in 33 percent black, 31 percent white, and 28 percent Hispanic Chicago (it was 85 percent white in 1950), where huge sections of the city are off limits to white people because of the violence black people create in their communities. 

More to the point, Chicago is a city where 91.5 percent of the shooters escaped charges by the police in 2011, where a "no-snitch" code in the black community means law and order takes a backseat to black solidarity with criminals. 

This is a city where seven people being shot at Mr. G's Entertainment Center for the launch of a rap album (Rappers Lil' Mouse and King Samson) is hardly a reason to get excited, considering that as of March 21, 259 people have been shot in the city

Including a six-month-old black girl named Jonylah Watkins. 

And though white people (and all non-black people) choose to self-segregate themselves from the black population of Chicago for logical reasons - namely, to avoid being the victim of random violence and to actually be able to enter a connivence store/fast food restaurant without a frightened cashier hiding behind bullet proof windows - one white Chicago writer blames "segregation" for the shooting death of young Jonylah Watkins... the very type of "senseless" tragedy in the black community that convinced Officer Healy to take his life [Was Jonylah Watkins the victim of segregation-related violence?:Gangs aren't the only problem in Woodlawn, Chicago Reader, 3-20-13]:
"There's very strong gang overtones to this particular event," police superintendent Garry McCarthy said at a news conference last week. 
"This particular event" was the killing of Jonylah Watkins, the six-month-old who was shot in Woodlawn on March 11. Jonylah and her father, Jonathan Watkins, 29, were in the front seat of a minivan parked on the 6500 block of South Maryland when a gunman emerged from a gangway and opened fire. Bullets shattered the driver's-side window. 
Jonathan was shot several times, and Jonylah was struck in her left shoulder. That bullet tore through her body, exiting her right buttocks. The shooter, who McCarthy said was a black man in dark clothing, ran through a vacant lot and fled in a blue minivan. He's still at large. 
Her father was released from the hospital Thursday. 
Earlier reports said Jonathan was changing Jonylah's diaper at the time of the shooting. But yesterday McCarthy said those reports were wrong; Jonathan was in the driver's seat and Jonylah was in his lap when they were shot. 
Jonathan Watkins has a long arrest record, and police maintain he's also a Gangster Disciple. He clearly was the gunman's target, McCarthy told reporters at the news conference last week. "This is another tragedy," he said, "because no child, certainly not an infant, should be the victim of gang violence." 
Watkins has been arrested 30 times, the vast majority for misdemeanors. He's been busted repeatedly for trespass, marijuana possession, gambling, and drinking alcohol on the public way, and has also been charged with two assaults and two batteries. As is often true with misdemeanors, most of the charges have been dropped. He has two felony convictions: possession of a controlled substance, for which he received one year of probation, and possession of a gun by a felon, for which he got a three-year prison term. 
The perpetual focus on whether a crime is gang related ignores another common-denominator that's an even greater factor in Chicago's violence. Woodlawn is poor and black and has been for ages. Jonylah may or may not have died because of gang-related violence. She definitely was a victim of segregation-related violence. 
Woodlawn's segregation wasn't chosen by its residents; it was foisted on them in the middle of the 20th Century by the neighborhood to the north, Hyde Park, with the essential help of the University of Chicago. Assaults on the first blacks to move to Woodlawn early in the century, and the burning and bombing of their homes, only kept blacks at bay so long. Restrictive covenants then were used to try to contain blacks in certain parts of Woodlawn and keep them out of Hyde Park. The covenants forbade white property owners from selling or renting to blacks. After the covenants were declared unconstitutional in 1948, U. of C. used federal urban renewal money for projects that insulated itself from Woodlawn. 
Segregation combined with other forms of discrimination to concentrate the poverty in Woodlawn, and its residents continue to suffer from the legacy. The neighborhood's poverty rate is almost twice the national rate. It's even worse in Woodlawn's western two-thirds, from Woodlawn Avenue to King Drive. In the census tract that includes the block where Jonylah and Jonathan were shot, the poverty rate is more than two and a half times the national rate. 
It's not surprising that police point to gangs as the chief problem in segregated neighborhoods, since they struggle with them constantly. And gangs are certainly a key element in the violence. But if we want to have fewer of these tragedies, we have to probe beyond this symptom. Why are gangs so prevalent in poor, black neighborhoods? Why are so many young men there drawn to them? And why are men in these neighborhoods often inclined to settle grievances with lethal violence?
Restrictive Covenants existed because white property owners knew that the black population was far more prone to criminality then the white community -- and it was the black population that flocked to Chicago during "The Great Migration" to take advantage of the economic conditions white people had created in Chicago, while everyone flees the "blight" black people create in their own communities, when left to their own devices. 

There is nothing to dissect about the killing of six-month Jonylah Watkins, for she was born into the black slums of Chicago, where the cheapness of both life and property values is directly correlated to the almost exclusively black population found there. 

In Officer Healy's suicide, he was merely trying to escape the war zone black people had created in the city of Chicago, for on a daily basis he was forced to see crime scenes that resembled the battlefields of Darfur or the Sudan. 

In fact, the only time white people (outside of cops) in Chicago venture into the "blight" that black people call their community is via a guided-tour to the ruins of the former Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Robert Taylor Homes, which once served as an incubator of black violence:

The yellow school bus rumbles through vacant lots and past demolished buildings on a tour of what was once one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. 
For the woman with the microphone, the "Ghetto Bus Tour" is the last gasp in a crusade to tell a different story about Chicago's notorious housing projects, something other than well-known tales about gang violence so fierce that residents slept in their bathtubs to avoid bullets. 
"I want you to see what I see," says Beauty Turner, after leading the group off the bus to a weedy lot where the Robert Taylor Homes once stood. "To hear the voices of the voiceless." 
Chicago Housing Authority officials say Turner glosses over the failures of public housing. They say the 25,000 units being built or rehabbed are enough for the number of people whose buildings were demolished. 
"She is running out of bad things to show people," housing authority spokesman Bryan Zises said. "She is taking a circuitous route so she doesn't have to drive by the new stuff," including, he adds, Turner's own home in one of the new mixed-income communities.
On the tours, Turner talks about the strong, black women like herself who raised their children in the projects.
"This is where people lived, played, stayed and died here, just like in your area. ... Children played here," she tells the students, academics, activists and residents of Chicago and surrounding suburbs who take the tour -- most of them white and visiting a part of Chicago they've only seen on television or from the expressway. 
She downplays the years of violence, saying that all those news reports distorted what day-to-day life was like. 
"All the horror stories that you heard about in the newspapers, it was not like that at all," she said. 
But the stories loom over the tour. They are impossible to forget. By the time the city started pulling down or rehabilitating the projects in the late 1990s, each one had its own headlines that spoke to the failure of public housing in Chicago. 
At Cabrini-Green a boy was struck by a bullet and killed as he walked hand-in-hand with his mother. At the Ida B. Wells project, a 5-year-old boy was dangled and then deliberately dropped to his death from a 14-story window by two other children. 
And at Robert Taylor, where the illegal drug trade thrived, a rookie police officer was shot to death on a stakeout outside a gang drug base. 
Turner could even add her own story. She saw a teenage boy shot on the very day she arrived at the Robert Taylor Homes in 1986. 
Her approach had some on the tour shaking their heads. 
"Are they romanticizing these communities?" asked Mark Weinberg, a 44-year-old Chicago lawyer. "These were drug-ridden, violent neighborhoods where people wanted to live a good life but couldn't."
 Officer Healy is dead. 

He didn't die in the line of fire. 

He died because trying to police the black underclass in Chicago is the equivalent of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Like the zombies the survivors in the hit TV shot The Walking Dead must continuously guard against and fight, black crime/dysfunction is always just a page or phone call away for a cop in the Windy City. 


Anonymous said...

Officer Healy's problem and why he is dead is because he cared about the Africans. That was his mistake. He considered them worthy of law and order even though they don't consider themselves worthy of it. They're savages. They always have been and always will be.

Robert in Arabia said... Louis Farrakhan on Miscegenation

Anonymous said...

Rest in Piece, Office.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid white guy. He should have taken delight at the sight of blacks killing blacks.

I mean can you imagine any black guy committing suicide because he was distraught at whites killing whites?

White people sure can be stupid.

SwampThizzle said...

Good riddance to this pussy cop. Fun fact: I fucking hate cops. To those of you on this board who claim that police protect us from black savagery, guess again. Cops do more to protect black criminals than anything else, ensconcing them in comfy cells, thus precluding the possibility of justice ever being served. If there weren't always cops around to protect them after they committed some horrific act, most criminiggers would simply disappear as if by magic.

Extropico said...

The police officer described herein was exposed to the multicult virus. He should have taken the antiretroviral therapy of a commitment to fighting for his nation and bloodline. Instead he swallowed the immune system toxin of believing that a parasitical culture should be rightfully ingested by him and cared for as if he himself were not the host.

Anonymous said...

"The gangs have lost their hierarchy, so to speak, and without a chain of command, there's really nobody keeping things in check," Little said.

Well isn't that just a pity. How's about gettin' rid of these punks and let's never mind about their 'hierarchy.'

By the way, I like how they imply that "segregation" is causing them to kill each other. Are they gonna stop killing if whitey shows up?

Jim said...

It is very sad that this man took his life. He was in the trenches. Apparently, Officer Healy was a very compassionate and caring man. Seeing, daily, the result of centuries of white racism, took it's toll on this good man. We, in the white community, have no concept of what it is like to be a negro in an "inner city" in the US.

Hopelessness, poverty, discrimination, poor education, unintentional incest, lead paint, joblessness, low I.Q., drug and alcohol addiction, poor nutrition, single parent (mother) households, crime, corrupt local government, violence, handguns, hair issues, STD's, HIV, AIDS, Down Low (i.e, anal sex among males), improper dealing with feces (especially in swimming pools and stairwells), fast food, house fires, Korean groceries, not enough minutes on Obama phones, lack of public pay phones (why is that?), welfare inequities and lack of reparations. Oh yeah, police officers attempting to keep them civilized.

They really need to emulate Mother Africa. Then things will certainly change.

Thus, Officer Ryan Healy's demise. Who in the "hood" really gives a damn?

rex freeway said...

It's to bad he took his own life worrying over a race of people who wouldn't have helped him in his time of need. Negros ruin everything they touch. The end.

Anonymous said...

Depression is a mental disease, not a character flaw. I would hope that none of the vitriolic comments made about the officer are ever seen by any of his friends or family.

CPD is dysfunctional. It has no effective leadership and is more than willing to sell a police officer down the river for political reasons. How many of us when asked who we are respond with what we do for a living, not our name? Read some of the postings over at Second City Cop to get an idea of what's going on.

If someone is considering removing themselves from life, then please seek help before you do something irreversible.

Anonymous said...

Check out this story of black crime:

A baby died after the 13-month-old and his mother were shot multiple times Thursday morning on Brunswick's South End, and police say a search is on for a gunman estimated to be between 13 and 15 years old.
Police say the baby died at the scene.
Brunswick police spokesman Todd Rhodes said the shooting occurred just after 9 a.m. while the mother was pushing the baby in a stroller on London Street near Ellis Street. He said police were looking for a young black male wearing a long sleeve red shirt, 5-feet 7-inches to 5-feet 9-inches tall, with curly hair last seen running east on London Street. Police said he was with a second boy, shorter and wearing a black shirt and who looked to be a couple of years younger.

Bogolyubski said...

The supreme irony of this is that there will be no memorial services at the groid "churches" (who routinely hold lavish extravaganzas for dead gangbangers), no mountebank "preecah" hoppin' around in a thousand-dollar suit crying out to the Lawd. As for the sneering squid who sits atop the poop-pyramid of Shitcongo, it's just another dead cow - they're a dime a dozen, cheaper than a Cypriot legislator.

It's a complete waste. How sad Healy ended up giving his life for absolutely nothing. He poured it out for a bunch of worthless savages and a satanic squid. Another sacrifice upon the altar of equality. How many more will there be before white folks wake up? Tens of millions? Hundreds of millions?

Anonymous said...

"the equivalent of living through a zombie apocalypse, knowing the enemy is always on the hunt for you"

A few months ago I was out for a walk later than I ought to have been on a mostly deserted downtown block and a black guy was shouting angrily from across the street, giving me and anybody else who could hear what was apparently his vision of a post-apocalyptic scenario. "I can't wait till the lights go out! Get the gas masks out! I'm robbin' all you people, and if you ain't got nothin' I'll kill you anyway!"

Jim said...

SwampThizzle said...
Good riddance to this pussy cop. Fun fact: I fucking hate cops.....

I clicked on Swamp Thizzle's site. To describe his photo, he appears to have big lips, wide nose, kinky hair, mustache, brown eyes and skin of color. Betcha he wears a hat, tennis shoes and has baggy pants down around his knees (is that because he is Down-Low?).

Anyway, he is one low-life regarding his opinion on this police officer's demise.

Either that, he is a decrepit, white-trash loser just trying to stir the pot.

Sorry, but I feel emotional about this entire episode.

Anonymous said...

He gets no sympathy from me. I hope more liberals implode like this as they come to grips with the fruits of their labors.

Anonymous said...

PK posted this a couple months back:
"Hood Mother In Underground Atlanta Gets Tased -- What Depo-Provera Could have Prevented..."

It appears the security guard in the video has his own youtube channel with 40+ vids of him battling the thugs who occupy his mall.

Now it appears he got fired for being too aggressive (per a CNN interview today). Shame

Extropico said...

Anonymous said...
"Depression is a mental disease, not a character flaw. I would hope that none of the vitriolic comments made about the officer are ever seen by any of his friends or family."

First, I state RIP to the CPD officer, and blessings to his family. Many of us here are battle hardened combat vets in a race war to minoritize us in a nation we created.. and we aren't sad, we are very angry.

Second, depression or PTSD are not really mental diseases, but physical ones based on genetic predisposition to certain biochemical alterations or pathways. We don't have the technology yet to effectively treat it or other fairly common physical diseases misnamed as mental illnesses with nervous stomachs or spastic colons as the symptoms.

Third, the storyline contains specific evidence that he was saddened at watching all the "innocent" children die, indicating he was indeed brainwashed by left wing authorities into denying the race war against Whites and buying into some spurious notion of the eternal sweetness of those gun-toting children.

Blessing to the officer and his family, but beware of the forces working to blame YT for black crime, if you care about your survival and the survival of your kin.

10mm AUTO said...

Police get paid a great deal, have fine opportunities to change or go to desk work, have healthcare paid for, and can change to other work in a snap. For example, body guard, Security specialist for wealthy people, hotel and store detectives, etc.
I am sorry he ate his own gun rather than reach out to someone or use any of the many lifelines possible to him.

On the other hand, most people don't have such lifelines and still have to deal with the groid. Can you imagine the rage and hate the White father of a raped girl or shot or beaten son feels at the continued predations of these feral animals.

1. The Police say nothing else they get the Fuhrman treatment.

3. The media say nothing else their TWSNBN'ed editors destroy their career.

4. The family dares not say anything else on top of the evil the negro community will descend on them and break their career and their home/business like the Jena 6 case. Only once have I see Whites stand up for their own and it worked (SEE: )

White People are hemmed in and respond by flight, but even that is becoming impossible. Soon we are going to have to turn and fight anyway, damn them. We have spent far too much time trying to make peace and not fighting for the right when we could have asily won. Now we are paying the cost. As Sir Winston put it:

"Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves."

Our time of fighting is very close. I will stand for the White.

Jim said...

Jim again. Sorry, but its tough for me to get off this subject.

Regarding Officer Healy's PTSD and his eventual suicide, would it be out of order to suggest the CPD's leadership could, possibly, have had a minor role in the instigation of this tragedy.

I am sure you folks have viewed the following video of Chiago's police chief criticizing the entire White race and our entire history of the USA:

Ya think this bird's sucking up to the criminals may have some effect on the morale of the CPD?

Can we refer to McCarthy as an Uncle Tom or just some white guy kissing Rahm's ass?

Anonymous said...

too many nice people burn out giving their all to help black people - thinking blacks respond like they themselves would - but blacks do not. nice white people think they're doing the right thing, helping savages. we've tried to help the savages for hundreds of years. we're taking ourselves down with them. stop helping - it doesn't help! (never try to teach a pig to sing. it wastes your time & annoys the pig)

rjp said...

Jim said...

.... improper dealing with feces (especially in swimming pools and stairwells), ....

Funny that he says this today.

This morning I was looking out a window down into the alley behind the building in which I live. I see a white homeless mentally ill man, who lives somewhere in the alley, putting newspaper down on the ground between a couple of garbage bins. Next thing I know he pulls down his pants and fires a turd out of his ass like a rocket (yes this thing shot out) on to the papers he put down. He wipes himself off with a couple of other sheets he had set aside, then rolls everything up and deposits it in one of the garbage cans.

Point is, a mentally ill homeless man has more respect for the environment (alley) in which he lives than supposedly non-mentally ill blacks.

Officer Healy wasted emotional capital on people who couldn't give a "sh*t" about themselves.

Dan said...

Poor Irish lad. He should have signed up as a copper in Tipperary or something. Go back to being among his own.

I think the reporters are covering up some of the motives. If I worked 10 years trying to fix the streets and then realized it was total bollocks and a waste of time I'd think about doing myself in too. He's also witnessing too much violence without proper counseling from his comrades. They should have been telling him to quietly enjoy blacks getting killed. every black on black killing is a plus.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why a man does not walk away from such a thing rather than take his own life.

Anonymous said...

As I have shared before on this board, I worked as an educator in the ghetto for awhile. I saw too many teachers and other personnel take on the issues of the 'chillen'. I worked at the middle and high school level. Groids start becoming wild early on. There are a couple of groids in my son's pre-k class that are exhibiting early symptoms of groid dysfunction. You can't help these people. They are what they are, no matter how many times you shine that turd and paint it gold.

Public service professionals are expected to go above and beyond for these walking turds. If you don't 'play the game' well, your career won't last. I didn't buy into the bs so I met up with the dead end - now I do independent work and I am much happier.

These people are not worth a damn. Even when I was at a point of being committed to my job, I always kept this thought at the back of my mind...'it is them or me and it is going to be me'. No job is worth my sanity. I am número UNO.

Whites must release altruism for others and save it only for other whites. We must do this in order to survive. There is no other way. These turds will be called US citizens, but really, what does that term mean anyhow anymore?

The customer service mindset has ensconced itself in how groids deal with police, teachers, doctors, etc. The groids truly believe that their arces are gold and that we should all 'serve' them as their taxes 'pay for dat sheeit'.

That is where we are at white people! Is it them or us? Is it the groids? Is it the banks? Is it the Republucans? Is it your phony liberal neighbors?

Yourself, your family, and other whites are all that matter now. The times are cruel.

White Mom in the District if Craptopia

Melanie said...

The shame of it is, the very people for whose plight he was concerned to the point of burn-out and suicide, are as content with their lifestyle as they could be. Oh, they know how to mouth the right platitudes to get gibmes, and sympathy from a person they see as nothing more than another source of use, but that's it. If they really hated the lives they live, they of all people have more low-cost or free opportunities to better themselves and get out of that life.

But that would involve doing something as foreign to them as getting up regularly at a decent hour in the morning, and putting some real effort in to learn something. They may even have to learn reading and basic math first, before they can concentrate on more narrow studies targeted towards the job or goal they've chosen.

People do this everyday-people who don't have a tenth of the subsidies, people who aren't allowed to barely "slip by" with a passing grade when they don't understand the subject matter.

Maybe they're truly incapable. I say that's not the problem of whites, and it shouldn't be, especially after all these years. But they're here, and as far as I know, they're not going anywhere.

The practical solution would be to just warehouse them just as they were in places like Cabrini Green, and let them get on with life in the way they seem most comfortable with. As we've seen through the study done by the Memphis couple in a previous Kersey article, giving them vouchers to move and demolishing the projects just spreads the cancer onto innocent people who worked for what they have and don't deserve to bear the brunt of the left's social engineering. Someone has to lose, but why should it be those who played by the rules and did the right things, only to lose their security, possessions, and the good schools they have in part due to the good students they raised, students who want to learn and take it for granted that they must respect (reasonable) authority in order to have an environment conducive to learning? Why should they pay the price?

From the article I read from which Kersey's blog was taken, the project dwellers who were moved, using vouchers, into mostly working-class neighborhoods (sometimes black), weren't even all especially overjoyed to be there. They did the same thing in their new homes that they'd done in the projects, only now they had lost the sense of "community", such as it was, by being spread out amongst people they didn't know, people who worked and whose lives were alien to them.

Their own stories seemed to imply that they missed the projects and the "family-feeling" (they claimed) they had there.

This young cop lost his life because he couldn't accept the inevitable and the obvious-ghetto blacks are living the way they want to live. He, being a white person with a different standard, wouldn't have been able to accept that fact even if someone had admitted it.

Therefore, I blame the left who says all these people in the ghetto would be our next J Robert Oppenheimer or Madame Curie if only "they had a chance". He bought into the lie-took it onto his own shoulders-and found the weight was too heavy, as it is for anyone who tries.

The lies of the left killed this young cop who wanted to help.

Melanie said...


I have done a lot of reading at the Second City Cop site, and gotten an idea of what the cops at or near the bottom of the totem pole put up with. From what I can gather, morale is not good at all, and I suspect even worse than they let on on a public blog. Some of the things I have read that they have to put up-rules changing from one day to the next, lots of buck-passing, lots of favoritism-seem designed to break morale.

Melanie said...

White Mom, I agree. I have adapted the negro tribal structure to my white standards-first family and extended family, then close friends and neighbors, church family, then all "awakened" whites. But only whites. Just as negros push "Uncle Toms" out of the tribe, so do I push white anti-whites out of the tribe. If TSHTF and they want to rejoin, and their sincerity can proved, well, we'll need them.

Dan said...

It's a clAssic melt down for a decent white guy up means well. He just realizes that his entire working life was bullshit. You can't save blacks from themselves. The cops are just a cordon santaire that taxpayers have strung up around the coons. Every cop should be repeatedly reminded of this. You are there to defend white property, after all they pay your wages...

Anonymous said...

I get to see the groid apocalypse every shift.

Never would it cross my mind to harm myself, I simply do not see them as human.

rjp said...

Melanie said...

The practical solution would be to just warehouse them just as they were in places like Cabrini Green, and let them get on with life in the way they seem most comfortable with.


No one should be forced to live "with them".

There are fewer drunk panhandlers where I live in Chicago than there were when I first got here (1998). But they are still an annoyance.

Anyways, back in 1998, I am in Walgreen's in the liquor department (which was a separate room), and I thought to myself "Places ought to be able to legally build cages for these people to get drunk in, let them do whatever in there, sh*t, p*ss, pass out, whatever, just get them off the street."

Not that that would ever be allowed, but it would get them off the sidewalks and out of the alleys.

Anonymous said...

May God have mercy. To see so much pain, suffering, viciousness, evil and not feel like you can change enough of it to matter is a terrible cross to bear.

Anonymous said...

This post made me incredibly sad.

I have a lot of military and law enforcement in my family and those people are GOOD people. There are some crappy ones for certain and I've had my own ugly run-ins with 'the law' but, I can't hate on the men in blue. It's not a gravy job.

Jay Santos said...

I think the argument can be made that negroes are particularly savagely violent. I'm just in the initial stages of proving out my theory, but I'm confident even now.

Bogolyubski said...

Poor Irish lad. He should have signed up as a copper in Tipperary or something. Go back to being among his own.

Sorry, Dan. He might have ended up just the same in Tipperary or something, since Ireland itself has been inundated with Nigerians and other assorted groid parasites, thanks in part to the activities Migration/Defense Minister - a TWMNBN squid by the name of Mr. Shatter - who is naturally all gung-ho about Israel (but of course won't actually move there). Whiskey really crapped himself earlier on his claim that the master race had no influence in Ireland. Shatter is a major problem. I thought the IRA was willing to use bombs and bullets to get rid of foreign occupation in Ireland. So much for them.

Anonymous said...

A riot in Chicago that ends a few DWL lives because the CPD doesn't show up can be a fine learning experience.

Anonymous said...

The Racial Realist site, Unamusement Park, has a four part series on the democratic republic of Chicago - I mean Congo.
Forget about Literature, science, technology, etc. It's a vibrant carnival of pygmy sodomy, fistulas,
Cannibalism, and endless other charming acts of diversity. Reading the series gives a better understanding sub-Saharan Africans natural behavior which is locked in their DNA and not accessible to any social engineering.

You can get excellent examples of Whites natural behavior by watching these older movies which were made with no thought to appeal to a non-White audience.
Here's just a few examples of intrinsic whiteness on display:

1) Bright pleasant intelligent faces.
The slack jawed, tired, malevolent look so common in today's hiphop sleazyslop entertainment is
rare in older movies made exclusively for Whites.
2) Good dress and civility.
Looking like sh!& wasn't popular with White audiences, neither was unpleasant idiotic behavior.
3) Purposeful brisk movement.
It's fascinating how quickly White people walk and move their hands in these old movies. White people get a lot done in short periods of time. Blacks show short bursts of quickness in sports or dancing, but in the infinitely more important realm of everyday life they're much more sluggish.
4) Effortless quick articulate speech.
This is the contrast that's most striking to me.
Ginger Rogers, David Niven, Loretta Young, etc. display an easy verbal ability that's rarely seen from blacks. There's no head wagging, excessive hand waving, barking, or slurry speech so common with blacks.

Mixing northern Europeans with sub-Saharan Africans is a recipe for disaster.

bubo said...

A white 13 month old toddler was executed and his mother shot by two black boys approximately 13 and 10 years old. The police and media are of course calling it a random robbery.

This happened in Brunswick, Georgia.


officer Healy is dead because he chose to die. he could of went on leave or even quit! you people know my rants and I have know problem blaming blacks for just about everything that is wrong in the U.S.A. but this one I will not accept. suicide hurts the people behind. it's the biggest let down to a nine year old boy on a cold sept night.(me) and I leave it at that! GODSPEEDWHITES&SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

"Black crime/dysfunction never sleeps and it will never stop, only fueled by the augmentation of the numbers of blacks in a community and society's refusal to acknowledge the problem."

"Society's refusal to acknowledge the problem".....I wonder what it's going to take to turn that refusal around? Whats the tipping point going to be for YT? I hope I live to see the answer with my own eyes, and participate.

Anonymous said...

Cops don't own the jails. They arrest criminals. The courts decide the punishment. If white people demanded a return to segregation, cops would enforce the law and keep blacks out of white areas.

Anonymous said...

Also, many black criminals are roaming the streets right now. Why aren't they disappearing like magic? Cops won't even enter many of the black neighborhoods.

Don M said...

Its always sad when a white person snuffs out their own life needlessly, but that is as far as I can wring my hands over this.

Keep in mind, this guy would have gleefully slapped the bracelets on any of our frail and elderly parents or grandparents who tried to defend against feral blacks with so much as an ancient, top-break revolver in Chi-Congo.

And, that old white person would be lucky to make it to the station without getting tazed or "slipping and falling" into the cruiser's door sill.

Sorry you couldn't cope, guy, but I'll be saving the bagpipe rendition of "Amazing Grace" for my own fallen brethren when this thing kicks off.

Anonymous said...

The cop might have been a real right winger but when your surrounded by garbage eventually it takes its toll.
He may have had no sympathy for the negros but saw them self destructing and knew america would soon be like that evrrywhere.
I left america 10years ago. I quit america. I consider it lost to the negroids. I moved to a country thats 0.25% negro. Happiness abounds. Its a "lucky country"

YIH said...

Speaking of which:
Civil Rights Group Urges Fox to Cancel 'Cops'!
Why do they call it 'civil rights' when those animals are anything but 'civil'?
Money quote: Cops glosses over issues such as police misconduct and broadcasts "dehumanizing portrayals" of suspects.

"We're sending the message to Fox and to advertisers that Cops is not worth saving," says Rashad Robinson, executive director of ColorOfChange. [bold and italics in original]
OK 'Rashad', how is it even possible to ''dehumanize'' blacks?

Sun Tzu said...

The angry man defeats himself in battle, as well as in life.

SwampThizzle said...

Good riddance to this pussy cop. Fun fact: I fucking hate cops. To those of you on this board who claim that police protect us from black savagery, guess again. Cops do more to protect black criminals than anything else, ensconcing them in comfy cells, thus precluding the possibility of justice ever being served. If there weren't always cops around to protect them after they committed some horrific act, most criminiggers would simply disappear as if by magic.

March 21, 2013 at 2:23 PM

The angry man defeats himself in battle, as well as in life.

josh said...

A little good news from Chicongo: A negro alderman--a lifelong government piece of shit,aka a member of da black middle class!!--was convicted quite smartly (in 2 hours) by a jury yesterday!!William Beavers is a nog who used his "campaign fund"( and no doubt all the ghetto folks save dey pennies to contribute to his fund-NOT!)to go gambling and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a prototypical black pol who is doing his darndest to destroy,or should I say detroit--the city. A "liberal" columinst,an annoying better-than-you-pro-immigrant piece of shit named Mark Brown had stated that he "had a soft spot for Beavers,because he is a charcter". Aww sorry Mark your boy going to Negro University.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for this.

Anonymous said...

Above, someone says:

Depression is a mental disease. True. As one who suffered for 40 years with depression I realized it was a mental disease BASED on a diseases philosophy. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you have a way of thinking that is damaging to you, your body will either fight you (aggression, violence) or your body gives up.....depression. Yes, it is that simple.

I spent 44 years, since the age of 16, thinking and searching and reading but all I needed to do, which I realized about 4-5 years ago, was to reject and abandon all the CRAP AND BULLSHIT society feed me.

I was free of depression. This cop was full of lies. TOTAL BULL SHIT LIES? And what are they?

Brotherly Love
Helping the Poor
Protect others (only protect yourself and your children)
Give back to society
We are all equal
Blacks are just well tanned Whites.
Mexicans are poorly tanned Blacks.
Asians are just those who tan wrong

The #1 key to happiness (and ending depression) is:


Live with that thought. Act (intelligently) on that thought and you are immediately on the road to happiness.

Kradmelder said...

Blacks live by the grace of government. The police keep good and decent people from doing what is right and just to black savages.

While on the one hand blacks curse and despise the police for restraining some of their wickedness, on the other they depend on the police for their very existence. They play a sort of game in the middle, "what can I gets away with" when it comes to benigering. They torment whites with their crime, musick, and evil behavior but know whites will be punished severely when we fight back.

No snitching does not apply to YT. Blacks appeal to 'authority' every time their little black toes are stepped on or their widdle feewlings are hurt when any white person dares speak the truth to them or about them.

The police prevent White Americans from dealing justly with the cannibal savages.

Melanie said...


The cop might have been a real right winger but when your surrounded by garbage eventually it takes its toll.
He may have had no sympathy for the negros but saw them self destructing and knew america would soon be like that evrrywhere.

I left america 10years ago. I quit america. I consider it lost to the negroids. I moved to a country thats 0.25% negro. Happiness abounds. Its a "lucky country"

March 22, 2013 at 6:57 AM

The lucky country? Would that be Australia? It's a gorgeous country, from what I know of it, but don't they have their own "white guilt" problems re the aborigines, and Muslims, East Asian immigrants, etc? Plus, from what I understand-correct me if I'm wrong-they are becoming stalinist in their clampdown on free speech, not to mention no equivalent of our Second Amendment right. Wasn't there just recently some brouhaha about some radio host who made politically incorrect remarks about global warming and was hauled up before a commission or something, and forced to retract, apologise, something like that? I'm very sketchy on the details, but from that and other incidents, I don't get the impression that Australia is a bastion of freedom.

Assuming that the "lucky country" is Australia.

Not to mention, they have some of the scariest critters in the inhabited world! And you don't even have to go to the boondocks to encounter them. Those snakes are found even in suburban yards!

Anonymous said...

Let me elaborate on the Philosophy that cured me of my Depression.

I can only feel "me". You can only feel "you". I care 100% about me. You are your problem.

I wish you absolutely no harm nor illness nor misfortune, but I couldn't care less about you. I spend no time thinking about you. You should be spending 100% of your time thinking about you since you are your responsibility.

I, and my non-adult children, are my responsibility. I am not your keeper and you are not mine. I wish you know harm, but I want you out of my way unless there is some free trade we can enter where I benefit enough, and you benefit enough, that we can do business.

It is not my job to feed you. It is your job. If you can't and if you starve.............well, what has that to do with me?

I live for me. I live to DO MY BEST and just as you have absolutely NO RIGHT to harm me, I have no right to harm you.

My mental happiness is the MOST important thing. Not yours. I do not care either way if you are sad or not. You, if you are healthy, should not care about me. You can't. If you do you will be miserable and if you care "too much" you will put a bullet in your head since you are diseased.

Physical disease results in your death. Mental disease results in your death. Thus, don't be nor think diseased.

Think of it this way. If you want to be physically healthy there are things you MUST do and things you MUST NOT do. Well, if you want mental health there are things you MUST think (feel) and things you MUST NOT think nor feel.

Yes, it is that simple.

10mm AUTO said...

Bogolyubski said...

About Ireland. I agree. Here thousands put up with torture and prison for themselves and their family, set bombs and were spat on by the World for 30 years till they finally got the English out of Ireland and twenty years later they infect their beautiful land with thousands of Islamic/negroids who will be far more of a horror show than anything the British imposed on Ireland for the sake of "Diversity". Poor Ireland, God Bless her beautiful shores.

The Islamic horror is in the USA, notice the State Dept is willing to make deal to set people free, but when cooperation is not forthcoming the Jihadists take care of the problem. (SEE: )

and as to our Southern Border, it has become an international Joke...really. So scared are the USA reporters that they are willing to simply NOT REPORT violence (SEE: )

NorthWest American Republic!

World_War_Me said...

Don M said..."Its always sad when a white person snuffs out their own life needlessly"

You should check out You would be shocked to see the sheer number of "normal" ever day white people committing suicide these days. I've never seen one black person documented as a suicide mentioned on that site.

World_War_Me said...

"Keep in mind, this guy would have gleefully slapped the bracelets on any of our frail and elderly parents or grandparents who tried to defend against feral blacks with so much as an ancient, top-break revolver in Chi-Congo." I agree with that 100 percent, Don M.

World_War_Me said...

Sun Tzu said...The angry man defeats himself in battle, as well as in life.

-- Excellent! I love Sun Tzu, especially when we find his rules applying to everyday life, not just in literal war strategy.

Pat Boyle said...

Personally I worry about the police not coming to work on that day.

In Oakland many of the police live in Napa or one of the other suburban communities. They can afford it. One local cop made $250,000 last year. Under the contract they negotiated they could retire at age 50 at 90% of their top salary.

The city couldn't afford many cops at that price so the force has shrunk. Many other municipal services have suffered because of the excessive pay given the cops.

But Oakland is the third most violent city in the nation. Who thinks we can do without cops? The city pays for street violence in ways that aren't immediately obvious. Public shootings lead to more tax money going to the cops and less to the roads. A gang banger shoots another and there will be more pot holes.

Oakland as I written before is a city waiting for a race riot. The Hayward Fault is overdue. It will slip sometime in the next few years (mayby this afternoon). Most of the damage will be done to buildings filled with blacks. White people generally will be OK. They tend to live on rock while the blacks live on Bay Fill.

In the Loma Prieta quake the worst damage in the Bay Area was on the Oakland flat lands and the margins of the Bay. The epicenter for that quake was more than fifty miles away in the mountains The Hayward Fault runs right through the center of the city.

So I wonder if the Oakland cops will come to work the day after the quake. In the 1992 Rodney King riots the Koreans armed and organized because the cops ran away.

The cops here are hated by the blacks. Patrick Gonzales, a white member of the Swat Team, has inspired two websites that call him a murderer. He has been involved in a lot of shootings. He was even attacked for firing bean bags at some of the @OccupyOakland rioters. Oakland is very rich in radical black political movements. We have both the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims.

If I were Pat Gonzales I would think twice before I drove into post-quake Oakland. When the water goes, and the power goes, civic order will also go. There may very well be blacks hunting cops then. The cops who live in Napa may just decide to stay in Napa until things quiet down some. Napa, San Francisco, and the environs will have their own troubles. Maybe people will choose to stay closer to home and not run to help in the Great Oakland Race Riot.


SwampThizzle said...

Jim, you dumbass, that's a picture of Urkel. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Australia indeed. Was hoping someone took hints. Australia does have free speech issues and white guilt. However its more an issue of the elitist college types and the average joe.
On the st. With your friends say and think what you want. But when you step on a college campus the leftys run it so watch what you say.
Australia brought in negros a few years ago but they started commiting crimes so australia suspended its negro resettlement program.
Illegal aliens are put in off shore camps for years.
Aboriginals are largely left to themselves in the boonies
I will take snakes over negros anyday a snake offends me i lop its head off. Cant do that with negros.
Australia is 6 months away from a landslide win by the conservatives. The left is about to get thrown out in a big way.

Ileyne said...

Anonymous @ 4:49 PM said...He gets no sympathy from me. I hope more liberals implode like this as they come to grips with the fruits of their labors.

Police who work hands-on among feral blacks are NOT liberals, far from it.
You should hear their dark euphemistic language, what they say to us 'off the record,' as they bring in mess after bloody mess, perps or victims, from the ghetto.
The truth is, many cannot detach, and come to hate with a white hot passion that cannot be dropped at the workplace door when they leave for home and "normalcy." They tend to ruminate on the day's encounters. I find myself doing the same thing after particularly violent, frenzied shifts.
My guess: this poor man could not live with his festering hate, the dialog playing in his head. I meet a lot of good cops who are struggling similarly. Some say, "nothing in my training could have prepared me for what I see on a daily basis."
They tell me coping can come down to two choices: implosion [self-hatred, which leads to alcoholism, depression] or explosion [chronic irritability, slapping around arrests, verbally abusing family members]. Neither one is deemed acceptable.
My heart goes out to this suicide cop. Condolences with thoughts of loving kindness to those who are harmed by the loss.

Mutant Swarm said...

pat said...

Personally I worry about the police not coming to work on that day.

(Numbers added.)

1. In Oakland many of the police live in Napa or one of the other suburban communities. They can afford it. One local cop made $250,000 last year. Under the contract they negotiated they could retire at age 50 at 90% of their top salary.

2. The city couldn't afford many cops at that price so the force has shrunk. Many other municipal services have suffered because of the excessive pay given the cops.

Pat, don't believe everything the Sacramento Bee or the Oakland Tribune tells you.

1. Oakland P.D. Jobs has the current pay and benefits listed. The top step Police Officer, Entry Level pay is $98,088. If one of their guys made $250,000 last year, he was working overtime. He was doing the equivalent of his own work, plus that of 1.5 more officers. It seems the city is using overtime in place of proper staffing.

A lot of that OT was probably mandatory (Occupy retards, Oscar Grant shooting, etc.). This guy will burn out if he does this for...

2. The thirty years he has to work to get that 90% pension. To retire at age 50, he would have had to get hired at 21, or work until he had thirty years of service. And now it's 3% at 55, so the guys who want the full pension just got an extra five years to work. $735 per month will have been deducted each month to pay for that retirement.

The "excessive pay" is required to get people to work there. (If they're going into police work to get rich, they flunked the intelligence test.) And they still can't get enough people willing to wallow in the cesspool for 30 years.

You're right about those guys staying home after "the big one." They damn near declared martial law in 1989. This time around, Oakland residents are on their own.

Unknown said...

Savages is an understatement. evil doesn't even cut it.

Melanie said...

There is a particular Second City Cop blog entry, in which the comments from the "old-timer" cops are just amazing-and sometimes, I can't help admitting, hilarious-regarding the goings-on during their time on the job in the heyday of the projects (Cabrini Green, Robert Taylor Homes, etc). It's like another world-an utter dystopia-to learn that people in America could live this way, and of their own choice.

PO Arron said...

Ignorance is still alive and well. For your information Officer Healy worked in a Hispanic District. I'm sure you have something Ignorant to say about them also. You people will not be satisfied until we destroy the whole earth and everyone on it! Racism is something that the 1% use against us. To keep the 99% fighting between each other. All while they rob us all. Poor White Trash like yourself and every other person of color at the bottom. But you are too ignorant to comprehend that!