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Camden: Death by Diversity

89 percent white in 1950, Camden is 4.9 percent white today.

In "Beyond the Ruins: The Meaning of Industrialization" we are offered a peak into the decline of white Camden (remember: the city was 89 percent white in 1940; 78 percent white in 1950; 59 percent white in 1970; today, it's 4.9 percent white)
Most accounts of urban decline have emphasized white flight, but have underestimated the ill effects of politicians dealing ineptly with growing minority populations. African Americans had lived in a largely contained area of South Camden as far back as the 1830s. As employment opportunities grew during World War II, their numbers increased dramatically following the pattern of most northern industrial centers. Even then, labor shortages encouraged Campbell's, among other companies, to import workers from Puerto Rico. By the late 1950s, these newcomers were facing the dual problems of declining opportunities for manual labor and increasingly crowded and inadequate housing conditions in the few segregated areas available for their residence... redevelopment plans worsened the situation by calling for uprooting as many as 14,000 mostly minority residents to make way for highways, new commercial facilities, and modern housing. Inevitably, these efforts provoked resistance, which grew increasingly militant in coincidence with the emerging black power movement. Determined to execute policies he believed were essential to the city's financial stability, [Mayor Al] Pierce (who thought he was destined to "save his city" -- a vision he had while flying aircraft over Germany during World War II) directed his police department to root out his opposition. Not only did efforts to convict black activists and their white religious supporters under phony charges get thrown out in court, a civil rights coalition managed to bring redevelopment to a halt through court action. (p. 146)

The mayor who replaced Pierce -- who failed in his religious vision of saving the city -- was Angelo Errichetti, who had this to say about the city he inherited (after large scale racial violence/riots by non-whites convinced whites it was time to abandon the city):
... the situation he inherited in 1973 was dire. Graphically describing his view of his native city as he made his way through the old [white] ethnic neighborhoods toward City Hall for his first day of work, he said: "It looked like the Vietcong bombed us to get even. The pride of Camden... was now a rat-infested skeleton of yesterday, a visible obscenity of urban decay... The years of neglect, slumlord exploitation, tenant abuse, government bungling, indecision and short-sighted policy had transformed the city's housing, business and industrial stock into a ravaged, rat-infested cancer on a sick, old industrial city." (p. 147)
No, it was the importation of Puerto Ricans via Campbell' Soup to work as cheap labor and the migration of black people north to work in industrial yards that destroyed the quality fabric white people had sewn together as a 'community' in Camden  -- it was diversity that unraveled the city.

The conditions white people created in Camden attracted non-whites to the city; the conditions non-whites in the city convinced white people it was time to abandon their city.

Today -- this is the story of a Camden, a 95 percent non-white city [America's 'invincible' city brought to its knees by poverty, violence, NBC News, 3-7-13]:
Inscribed on the walls of City Hall are the words of Walt Whitman, the great American poet who spent his final years in this city: “In a dream I saw a city invincible.”
But the decades since have not been kind to Camden. Today it is the poorest in the nation.
Directly in the shadow of the glittering skyline of Philadelphia, Camden has long suffered the indignities that poverty breeds. A drive through the streets of the 9-square mile city reveals a moonscape of crumbling infrastructure and abandoned homes, nearly 4,000 in all.
“I always think of Camden as the best visual aid in America to see what has gone wrong and what is going wrong,” said Father Michael Doyle, who has been serving the city’s poor from his Sacred Heart Church for more than 40 years. 
Camden was once a manufacturing boomtown, home to RCA Victor, Campbell’s Soup and the biggest shipbuilding company in the world. But once industrial jobs began drying up decades ago – as they did in so many other cities across the United States – many people left for greener pastures.
Then came a crushing blow: the race riots of 1969 and 1971, which left the city mortally wounded. In the decades that followed, civic corruption and mismanagement rendered Camden increasingly poor and violent. Three mayors have been indicted in the past few decades, adding to the sense of hopeless among residents.

Last year was the bloodiest in Camden’s history; the city of just 77,000 had 67 homicides. On average someone was shot every 33 hours.
“It was a tough, tough year,” said Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson. “And for a city as hardened as Camden is and has become over time, it buckled the city to its knees.” 
Distraught over the level of violence, the community erected crosses on the lawn of City Hall to try and draw attention to the crisis.
Thomson said crime rates have gone up because he has fewer cops. In early 2011, unable to fund its obligations, the city cut the police department in half, leaving roughly 200 officers to police one of the most violent cities in the country.

Chrissy Rodriguez, who lives on one of the most violent streets in the city, worries about her two young boys constantly. 
“My kids don't get to go outside. They don't get to play,” said Rodriguez. “And I'm not gonna let them ride a bike down the street … in the afternoon. People are getting shot.”
But it’s hard for people like Rodriguez to scrape together enough funds to leave. Roughly 30 to 40 percent of Camden’s citizens are out of work. Rodriguez has only been able to find a part-time job, which brings in about $700 a month. 
About 42 percent of Camden’s population lives below the poverty line, with the average income hovering around $26,000 a year. That is in stark contrast to the rest of New Jersey, where the average household income is $71,000 a year — the third highest in the nation. 
“America has decided to concentrate its poor,” said Father Doyle. “The wall around Camden is very high, it’s an economic wall. You can’t get over it.”

The “walls” of Camden hold in a population that is 48 percent black and 47 percent Hispanic.
The city is trying to revitalize. Old buildings along the waterfront have been turned into luxury condos. Cooper Hospital and Rutgers University have created stability on handfuls of blocks. And recently Cooper opened a medical school. Still, the main industry remains the drug trade and it’s been so bad for so many years that the city’s tragedies often seem to go unnoticed.
Recently, a former citizen of the city paid for a billboard near the Camden exit off I-676 that read, “Say something nice about Camden.”
 There were plenty of nice things to say about Camden when it was a white city -- it's now a present image of America's future, a glimpse of a city devoid of 'white privilege' and replete with the resplendent affirmation of black and brown power.

Corporate America and the church protected - and perpetuated - the destruction of white Camden.Black and brown crime then destroyed the Camden whites had abandoned. In "Camden After the Fall: Decline and Renewal in a Post-Industrial City" by Howard Gillette, we learn:
African Americans, whose presence was always limited in heavy industry, were less affected, but as their number continued to grow, they competed with whites for housing. Workers congregating in older and thus more affordable housing located near the city's industrial core had reason enough to leave when they lost jobs. Pressures to sell their homes gave them one more excuse to leave, however attached they might have been to their old neighborhood. During the 1960s another 28,000 whites left Camden. now, clearly, economic change was contributing to the metropolitan area's demographic shift, even before the civil disturbance of 191. 

Industrial employment continued to decline in the 1970s, though not as rapidly as white flight rose. By the end of the decade, two features stood out: Camden could no longer be considered a manufacturing center, nor was it a predominately white working-class city. For the first time, whites no longer constituted a majority of Camden but just over 30 percent. 

To the degree that racial and economic change were conflated in the public mind, subsequent reports of rising crime and social disorder, or what the Manhattan Institute's Fred Siegel calls "rolling riots," sealed the city's reputation as an undesirable place. (p. 43-44)
 Camden once was one of America's great cities, the birthplace of Campbell's Soup. But when the white population that built and sustained the civilization there was displaced (by Campbell's Soup importing Puerto Ricans - cheap labor - and the migration of largely unemployable blacks), Camden reverted to the type of civilization its new inhabitants could maintain.

Camden 2013 is a reminder of what transpires in the absence of whiteness.

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Anonymous said...

When I watched Rock Center last night when the idiot Brian Williams was going on about "all this poverty surrounded by all this wealth" and blaming White flight and deindustrialization for Camden's sorry fate.

I thought about this blog. Camden is kind of different than some of the other cities featured here in that Blacks alone didn't destroy the city. They had help from the Ricans.

Anonymous said...

I saw Camden for the first time last summer on the way to AC (usually take the Walt Whitman to avoid it) and I was in complete shock. I knew the entire city was a ghetto but I was completely unprepared for what it actually looks like. My area's ghettos, if the undertow all disappeared tomorrow, are completely redeemable with some cleaning and minor renovations etc. The entire city of Camden would need to be razed to become livable again from what I saw. They truly are a cancer.

Anonymous said...

CAn you imagine what it is like for the 5% of whites living there? You should do a post just on that. Let's take them as refugees to Minnesota.

HaroldC said...

There should be a opportunity for photo safaris into cities such as Detroit, Birmingham, Memphis and Camden. The guides would have to be armed of course and possibly even travel in convoys. Documentaries could be created to show what once was in comparison to what exists now. They are bits of Africa right here. No need to run the risk of a tropical disease or bear the expense or trouble of international travel when Africa is so nearby.

Anonymous said...

I always think of places like Camden or Detroit whenever one of the alphabet organizations that serves as an arm of those-who-are- not-to-be-named distributes literature with the slogan "Diversity is our Strength". It's as if they are talking among themselves: "Diversity is OUR Strength" (wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Negroes and Hispanics are the weapons those-who-are-not-to-be-named use to defeat those they view as their ancient enemies in North America, just as Gypsies and Muslims are the bludgeons used to defeat those they view as their ancient enemies in Europe. Fort hem, it is the equivalent of poisoning an enemy's well, or setting his house on fire.

Putting sole blame on the negroes and Puerto Rican mulattoes for the fate of Camden is tantamount to assigning sole blame for a murder to the gun- or knife used to commit it.

Those-who-are-not-to-be-named consider Camden a victory in the war they have been waging for millennia.

Anonymous said...

"No need to run the risk of a tropical disease or bear the expense or trouble of international travel when Africa is so nearby."

I'm not so sure about the risk of odd diseases being lower Harold.

Bemused stare

Jay Santos said...

I'd like to make a point that I'm sure I made on one or another of the earlier Detroit stories. I don't dispute the idea that negroes have lower IQs than other racial groups, and I certainly recognize that as a group they have a marked capacity for violence. I'll skip the inventory of characteristics. And I recognize that once their population exceeds approximately 20% in any place, experience shows that the place changes and not for the better.

Post-war America had an unprecedented advantage in our manufacturing sector. Much of the manufacturing base of many countries around the world had been destroyed. Our own automation and manufacturing capabilities had been honed during the war. So jobs were plentiful, with pay that allowed people to live what we've decided is a middle class existence. While that situation wasn't going to last forever, as Europe and Asia began to rebuild, it was a manufacturing head start that this nation effectively squandered toward the later half of the 20th century.

If those jobs had remained in places like Camden and Detroit and Gary, the situations there would have been better. Instead, the state contributed to the destruction of these facilities with tax policy, environmental red tape, currency policy, diminishing educational expectations and OSHA entanglements, to name a few. Add the trajectory of union influence on profitable, sustainable manufacturing and factor in the loss of any America oriented patriotism among the increasingly multi-national companies, and you'll have the dazzling disappearance of industry from our shores.

Did the characteristics of negroes contribute to the decline of these cities. Of course, but only after a certain point. After enough of the jobs disappeared, blacks became an accelerant to the city's decline. The riots, destruction and crime drove out productive citizens. Business departs, the tax base is gone, blacks take over the political power.

Why spend the time to make this point? If you're honest about the race issues in this nation, then you've got to be honest. Nothing as enormous as the death of these cities is caused by any one thing. Don't miss the state's hand in what is happening around us.

italian guy said...

" blaming White flight and deindustrialization for Camden's sorry fate"
Liberals don't even realize that by condemning white flight, they are admitting that without whites, civilization can't exist.
Whites should be free to live where the hell they want to, without getting accused of racism... personally i think separation is the only answer to all problems, but we all know that non-whites don't want to separate from whites even though they are oh so racist, jeez i wonder why.
There is so much i want to say about this argument, but i can't express myself as good as in my mother language.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine and her husband grew up in Camden as the children of Polish immigrants. Things were getting bad even in the 1950's. They were eight years old and would be attacked by wild negros on their way to and from school. They lived one block from the school.
Mr. Kersey does an excellent job reporting on the current state of BRA. It would be interesting to read reports of Negro pathology in the historical past, just to show that the blessings of diversity haven't really changed at all. The only thing that has changed is who rules America and what they've done to hamstring all efforts by civilized men to constrain Negro pandemonium.

Anonymous said...

@Jay Santos

The difference between Chicago or Atlanta, which had industry other than manufacturing, and Birmingham, Camden or Detroit, which did not, is that the former limp along and the latter are dead.

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? There is no great conspiracy - just stupidity.

MuayTyson said...

I love this site but I get fatigued reading it. I get fatigued reading the conservate sites. I am more and more convinced that a total break up of the United States and all European states is the answer.
Liberalism is a disease it is a disease of the mind it is dangerous and ultimately fatal to person and state. I find it harder and harder to tolerate the presence of Liberals and liberal ideas. The funny part is I am rather liberal for someone on the conservative side of the spectrum. I have an interracial relationship, I am an Agnostic, and I have a fair amount of gay friends. My personal behavior I do not advocate. I advocate a much more conservative social environment this is one reason I like Asia.

I have a service job I can't disassociate from Libs as much as I would like. I can say the are 100% full of shit and enjoy the solidarity as their only strength . They can not articulate their ideas nor support any of their points. It is a based on emotion it is a feminist ideology. Until Whites can create a masculine ideology we are lost.

Anonymous said...

It's true that bad economic policies such as high taxes, onerous regulations and the like will lead to or accelerate a city's downfall. However, if the population remains majority white and the government remains in white control, it does NOT resemble Hiroshima, Nagasaki or Dresden circa 1945.

I grew up in a small city in Upstate NY, not far from Rochester which SBPDL covered a few months ago. The political control is still in white (but incompetent) hands. It still looks nothing like Detroit or Camden. Resettled immigrants from Bosnia and Somalia are the only reason the steady population decline since the 1950's was recently reversed. I don't like the resettlement as all the Somalis and most of the Bosnians are Muslims. However, the Bosnians are white and from all accounts have reclaimed and maintained once dilapidated housing stock and have even created small businesses. Not so with the Somalis who are destined to remain permanent welfare clients once the subsidies run out for the (Christian!) religious organizations that brought them there. It is like an East/West Germany comparison.

Anonymous said...

truly brilliant:

PK's: "Death by Diversity"

Jay Santos: "...blacks became an accelerant to the city's decline."

MuayTyson: "Until Whites can create a masculine ideology we are lost."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Are you crazy? There is no great conspiracy - just stupidity. March 9, 2013 at 4:12 PM

The purposeful hopium-ing and dope-ium-ing down of the population is stupidity and not that far of a stretch as far as being a conspiracy.

Lowering education standards in order to allow those of 'lesser gray/white' matter to 'pass the muster' has become only one of a kajooie ('Kajooie being the 'new' 0bama-unlimited-dollah' [I've stopped counting in millions or billions or kajillions after 'DaWon' came into office to raise our debt into crazy-batshit-negga-rich-phere]), of ways to 'hep da negro rise above all da inequities caused by da ebil debil white man'.

Anonymous said...

I worked in Philadelphia for a time as a school counselor. Did 6 months at a charter school in Camden. Driving over that bridge to Jersey was interesting.

Camden is the poorest city in the U.S. or maybe Detroit outranks it now. Anyway, unions are big or were big in Jersey. Unions are good in theory, but as with organization, over time, corruption begins to rear its ugly head via nepotism and croneyism. Blacks jumped on the Union gravy train and were a part in its breakdown, which brought the fall of cities like Camden and Chester, which is in Pennsylvania. The economic issues we have today took decades to create and down Obummah is just a black pawn brought in to put the nail in the coffin so to speak.

White Mom in Turdville aka WDc

Dissident said...

Muay Tyson

I can wholeheartedly agree with you on your sentiment regarding liberalism. It is truly the product of deranged minds and a mass-psychosis and an abndonment of everything that is GOOD and MORAL and NORMAL.

What else can we can we call it? It is a backlash of evil proportions against the Western-Christian tradition.

I know many of you will cringe at that notion, but you cannot deny the Christian heritage of this once proud nation. Liberalism is the very antithesis of everything this nation was founded on, and it is a corrosive force on monumental scale. In a word; it is pure evil.

Liberals love to backslap themselves by thinking that they're so progressive and enlightened, they are sorely and emphatically deluded. They are diseased in their minds. Their minds are weapons to orderly societies anywhere. They should be labeled Biohazard and quarantined in some remote location, where they can only infect each other.

Anonymous said...

The whites that are left there are either coal burning women or light skinned hispanics or mulatos.

Anonymous said...

I don't see this ideology as masculine versus feminine or thought versus emotion. I see it as individualism versus communalism. The government's only strength is its number of employed members. Outside of that, nothing really. I see the US changing from a country that valued and rewarded an individual's hard work, will, exceptionality to a country where the ghetto standard, one size fits all mentality is endorsed and upheld as the way to go.

Emotion and thought are interlinked and overlap in passion, which I see as a potent combo of an idea with emotional support behind it. Our society is scared of passionate people. If you think on your own with some passion, God help you. The Government will cut you down, your neighbors will run away from you, etc. Groids like to eat, poop, and screw with reckless abandon but there really is no thought plus emotion equalling passion behind their actions. Musloids the same. It is line they are fruit flies are something.

Anyway, I see it as this society needing to steer away from this collectivity crap end getti g back to rugged individualism.

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

JB said...


An ugly thought:

We know what BRA does to this cuntry (typo, and it stays) and we know "they" are positioning racial group against racial group, for civil wars in ALL western countries that have imported the rainbow.

What if, instead of this being an endgame against us, it's actually the opposite: We've isolated our problem children in the cores of our major cities, and spread the infection into diffused patches, in order to more easily deal with the
things that will be dealt with.

Get this: We're actually doing "them" a favor by doing their dirty work. They want them gone, and they're going to use US to do it.

America has been arming up since last year, both the people and the Fed.

Draw your own conclusions, but I recall reading an anecdote about Vlad Tepes, the historical model for Stoker's "Dracula."

Vlad invites all the lame, the halt, the chiselers, the criminal dregs, the ne'er-do-wells and the various scum of his purview to a gourmet feast at a castle.

The skells show up all day, and when the last one enters, the doors slam shut, and are promptly barred.

Then, the entire castle is burnt to the ground.

Best to you and yours as always.

Moondoggie said...

Liberals lack the ability to discern. They lack the wisdom to learn from mistakes. They call themselves progressive but they keep trying the same old democratic, liberal, socialist, communist playbook over and over and over. They are anything but progressive. They truly are mindless, robotic idiots. I read where someone called them fossils. A good description. They are like a wind up doll repeating the same failed talking points and the same failed solutions. Having a conversation with them is exasperating. I can't do it anymore. They don't have the intelligence to conduct a rational discussion. They can't seem to grasp that their solutions have created the problems in this country. They are dumbing down the entire population and more importantly our children. They are a curse that keeps breeding. How did it come to come to this? As dumb as most blacks are I swear compared to some liberals, they make more sense. I will take common sense anyday over an educated fool. Perhaps our problem is common sense is not very common anymore. DTAL

Anonymous said...

In the current situation,. negroes go on rampages for no reason.

Negroes survive in Africa by eating the low hanging fruit. Negroes survive here using the EBT card or with government handouts/jobs programs. When the dollar loses purchasing power, as it may do any day, negroes will be presented with a situation they have never encountered, unless by the hands of other tribes in Africa, annihilation.

The problem for whites will be to stay out of the way of the riots and to let the government round them up and remove them. If Eric Holder and Obongo refuse to give appropriate instructions, then they too need to be removed through lawful, congressional action.

At no time should whites resort to extra-judicial action. Otherwise, it is a trap.

Anonymous said...

Bv here, I lived outside of Camden a while back, not only are the niggers there not ashamed to be from Camden, they love the fact that it's a murderous, drug infested shithole. On another, DWL note, the White town next to Camden, Glouchester City, did a VERY good job of keeping the niggers out, until they last few years, now the DWLs in the schools tell the kids they should be ashamed of what their parents did. Only a DWL would want someone to be ashamed in keeping their families and town safe and free of violent feral apes.

Anonymous said...

Brian Williams says that this Crissy woman was born in Camden, and yet she still has a foreign accent. Why doesn't she go back to Puerto Rico where she certainly belongs more than she does in New Jersey? Actually, she could go anywhere from the Rio Grande river to Tierra del Fuego and fit right in linguistically, culturally, and racially. About the dancing in the water tower: This is African culture, not American.

Anonymous said...

from elsewhere on the web:

But it sure sounds like we are different species evolving in splendid isolation for perhaps 20,000 (!) generations.
[at 15 years per generation] Not so surprising our psychological and physical makeup are so different.

Africans have very old and primitive DNA substructures. Science will eventually prove this but may not publicize the findings. Might upset the miscegenists.
It's clear that Europeans and sub-Saharan Africans have a common ancestor being though we can reproduce, but the genetic similarity is far less than the mainstream media would have us believe.
The genetic distance between the races of man is much greater than that between the breeds of dog, and anyone who has experience with dogs knows what a huge difference breed makes, not only in physical appearance but also in behavior and intelligence.
Any time you hear some idiot claiming that races don't exist or that we are all the same, use the dog example. Say, "So you are telling me Pit Bulls are the same as Golden Retrievers?". Sure they are both dogs, but they have very different temperaments, build, and strength.
Now back to race. Sure we are both humans, but blacks have very different temperaments, build, and are way more aggressive. And just as certain dog breeds are smarter than others, blacks excel with physicality, but not anything involving higher-order thinking. Would you call someone a "breedist" for suggesting that Pit Bulls are more muscular and more dangerous than Poodles?

Border collies and retrievers are the most intelligent breeds of dog. Afghan hounds are toward the bottom.
Scientists have no problem speaking about differences in dog intelligence. They are the same species, and they share more DNA than humans do. Yet they have different average cognitive ability....hmm

This isn't saying that all blacks have this type. Quite to contrary, all other studies have found blacks to flow from the same y-chromosomal Adam that has been traditionally believed to have lived around 125,000 years ago.
Yes, you're correct. There is no Neanderthal DNA in sub-Saharan Africans, except those Africans that have mixed with Eurasians. He was saying that some other species interbred with west Africans and used Neanderthals as a broad example. There have been a few studies that have found that west Africans have as much as 13 percent archaic admixture, but we don't know what they mixed with because we don't have the DNA to compare it with, like we do with Neanderthals and Denisovans.
So from what we know so far, we are all hybrids, but every race has mixed with different archaic

Anonymous said...

lineages. Eurasians are all part Neanderthal and Australoids are part Neanderthal plus Denisovan. And Congoids are mixed with something unknown, maybe something similar to homo heidelbergensis:

team led by Fernando Mendez, a researcher in Hammer’s lab, analyzed more than 240,000 DNA base pairs on the African-American’s Y chromosome. A comparison of the differences between the mystery genetic signature and previously known signatures led the team to conclude that the most recent common ancestor for the entire group lived about 338,000 years ago.
That goes further back than the fossil record goes for anatomically modern humans, Hammer said. “The fossil record speaks to 195,000 years or 200,000 years,” he said. It also goes further back than the previous date for the most recent common ancestor based on Y-chromosome analysis, which is in the range of 142,000 years.

Annie Oakley said...

I escaped mudville 3 years ago. Now my husband and I live in a small town in a house we paid 5K for. The both of us have put some sweat, blood and tears in this house. Little by little, it’s coming together.

There is no crime in this all white town, no murders in 10 years. It’s an open carry state. There are a lot of very good people here. There are no tattoos parlors, X-rated magazines or bars allowed in the town.

At night we watch the fireflies or the beautiful stars with my telescope. During the day we watch the redbirds or the blue jays dancing around our bird feeder. It’s a lovely sight.

Very very few groids here.

Why is that? Hardly any apartments here. It’s mostly single family homes. Now I know why small towns don’t want apartments. They’re a magnet for groids. There are 2 small apartment complexes here and they are full. Most of the people who live there have been there for years. They ain’t going anywhere.

There is a lot of poverty here. But no crime. It’s like Mayberry.

Here is the downside. Jobs don’t pay well, if you can find one. But once you find one, you keep it. You’ll have to live on minimum wage, unless you’re lucky enough to get a better paying job. You have to buy things on sale, clip coupons, shop at garage sales and stores like Goodwill. But you’ll make it.

Whites who have no debt and are willing to live on lowered standards, but with a safe life, will make it in these small towns. The trade-off is no car jackings or little Trayvons trolling the streets. The local law enforcement won’t put up with it. The sheriff told me when I first moved here, if someone is a low life they make life very uncomfortable for them until they leave.

White man. White woman. Wake up.

There are TONS of small towns like us all over the country.

Find them. Buy a house for next to nothing. Live with very little for a while.

Have an attitude of gratitude and abundance and you’ll do fine. If I can do it, so can you.

Anonymous said...

What 'diversity'? It's all Africans.

Isn't it funny how the meanings of words change over time?

Anonymous said...

The problem with liberals is what I refer to as brainlock.
As an illustrative example, let me offer the following: I worked with a few mental patients who wanted to go to local stores for the express purpose of shoplifting or attacking old ladies/children. We, (the staff) objected and said that we would not take them. The libtard in charge said, "everybody has a right to go to the store! We replied, "Yes, for shopping but not for the express purpose of committing crimes!" The libtard could only shrilly repeat it's mantra of "everybody has a right to go to the store!"
It simply couldn't progress any further in it's thoughts beyond point A (everyone's right to go to the store) to point B (and recognize the fact that going to stores expressly to commit crimes was not a right) and would just become outraged at how "unfair", "hateful" and "uncooperative" we were.
In the same sense, Libtards will get stuck/brainlocked on the idea that (Point A) diversity is good (negroes are wonderful!) and will refuse to see (Point B) the destruction they cause, the cities they destroy and the sky high crime rates they create. If you mention it and state that (for those very reasons) you don't want them around, they will declare you to be unfair, hateful, racist and a horrible right winger while shrilly repeating the mantra of "diversity is good!"
Quiet simply, they're stuck on stupid and you'll never get them past Point A to Point B. You could show them all the articles on this site, all the charts and statistics and the ugly reality and they'll still screech, "Diversity is good!"
You can't fix stupid.

Bogolyubski said...

JB (in one of the more interesting theories I've seen):
We know what BRA does to this cuntry (typo, and it stays) and we know "they" are positioning racial group against racial group, for civil wars in ALL western countries that have imported the rainbow.

What if, instead of this being an endgame against us, it's actually the opposite: We've isolated our problem children in the cores of our major cities, and spread the infection into diffused patches, in order to more easily deal with the
things that will be dealt with.

Get this: We're actually doing "them" a favor by doing their dirty work. They want them gone, and they're going to use US to do it.

America has been arming up since last year, both the people and the Fed.

Draw your own conclusions, but I recall reading an anecdote about Vlad Tepes, the historical model for Stoker's "Dracula."

Vlad invites all the lame, the halt, the chiselers, the criminal dregs, the ne'er-do-wells and the various scum of his purview to a gourmet feast at a castle.

The skells show up all day, and when the last one enters, the doors slam shut, and are promptly barred.

Then, the entire castle is burnt to the ground.

This, I expect, is what Destructive Feedbag fears in the deepest folds of his tiny simian brain (one hesitates to call them real thoughts). There is actually a little historical precedent for such a sudden, abrupt and total 180 shift on the part of despots and oligarchs. I rather doubt this is what is planned by our overlords here, though.

Seriously, what do you think all of the Tim Wise type of nomenklatura (academics, bureaucracts, lawyers, judges, duranties, etc.) who have made comfortable livings serving as the administrative priesthood for the cathedral erected by the vampire-squids who actually rule would do if such a sudden shift were ordered?

Would Timmy the TWMNBN and his buds suddenly stop hating YT with every fiber of their being? Such a flip would require not only the smashing of the groids and other assorted turds, but considerable slaughter of the ideologues who serve in all manner of high positions. It would not be anything near as simple as old Vlad's double-cross of the riff-raff. Still, it's not a total impossibility. Napoleon's abrupt rise to emperor in the wake of the French revolution is a good example of this kind of thing. The squids overthrew the Bourbon monarchy but flipped after things started getting really chaotic - voila! - entre Napoleon le empereur, who borrowed lots of cash to launch a series of invasions in short order. (War is good for biznisss, you know!)


my brother once told me they were replacing pipe insulation in one of the buildings left that wasn't public housing in camden. he said every morning on his way to the job site that they would get pelted with rocks and boards. I guess they were mad about the job thing but it wasn't no union building. it was done to chase the white man out of the city. also did you see the tsa guy spill the beans about employment requirements in this gov't agency? NO-HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA & NO-G.E.D. required either! funny thing is I bet those mid 90's rock and board throwers had their children and now they work for our great gov't. if in fact this country that I love so much doesn't collapse, we will be paying for blowbama's hire's for the next 100yrs. and doesn't that last line ring a bell?L.B.J. anyone. GODSPEED WHITES & SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

Over a dozen comments and nobody has yet mentioned de slabery. Won't SOMEONE think ub de terrible lebacy ub de slabery? It only ended 150 years ago! Surely de slabery is de explanation! We must invest billions of dollars to invent a time machine to trabel back in time and end de slabery and its terrible lebacy!! Just always remember: de SLABERY!!

Anonymous said...

OT: And then????

High Yella black female Brown Professor criticizes "Inclusive Racism".

“We now have visible outcomes of equality but obscured processes,” Rose said. “We’ve moved from excluding people as a mode of discrimination to inclusive discrimination.”

She explained that the system is still discriminatory, but society refuses to admit that and instead includes people from the groups who would be excluded in order to prove that the institution is not discriminatory. Although those few are included, the system remains the same.

“It’s a process by which the fundamental systemic modes of created equality are not equal, and those who experience the brunt are given marginal access as proof that the inequality is not happening,” she added."

Translation: Blacks can not cut the mustard when openly competing with whites in society. We must keep the grievance train rolling...

MuayTyson said...

Panjoomby, Thank you for the support and recognition.

Dissident, even as an Agnostic/Atheist what have you, I totaly agree. There is an undeniable for good or bad historical Christian legacy to this nation. But we must explore this from all sides. Was it prudent to force Native Americans into the Christian beleif system? Is the false Christianity of the black another way in which they are allowed to be parasitic? "We are al brothers in Christ you know." Recognition is important but so is regulation of our Chrsitian churches which will bring me to my next point.

White Mom, I could not disagree with you more. I am not placing a value judgement on the words feminine and masculine I am stating what they represent. I am a big believer in Yin and Yang and that there must be aspects of each to achieve harmony but when society becomes to Yin or Feminine there is disharmony. The West is too Yin or too Fem.

Emotion has taken over for reason not good for running a state. All things that are destroying us at the moment can be considered the expression of feminine emotion. All people are the same, we know this is not true. Mass immigration because everyone deserves a chance, again not good for boarders. Minority is more important than majority, the tyranny of minorities are destructive. Women need equal rights, this is perhaps one of the most insidious issue. Women have been always equal in their role as the Yin to the males Yang. Women wanted the same place in society as men there by replacing men. This is not equality.

Look at the studies schools have become more feminine. Little boys are drugged and marinalized in the class room. No longer do they compete for grades schooling is too feminine so females dominate a system skewed towards their interests.

Work, as I stated before women have pushed men out of the work force. This lessens the chance for men to make good wages and be the bread winner which is the more Yang role.Women unsutable for the work force have taken the government as the father figure in the house hold. Is this equality? Women are allowed to have their cake and eat it too.

Back to my point with Dissident. Christanity used to be a strong maculine religion. There were rules and it was difficult to be religious. One had to delay gratification for the reward in the after life. This is no longer Christianity has become feminine where everyone is included no matter what you do and we will all recieve a halo in the end. The strong church of yesterday is no longer it has been co-opted into the stronger religion of Liberalism.

MuayTyson said...

Off Topic,
I have been watching NOVA the Public Broadcasting System show. I know PBS is unashamedly Liberal but science is science.

I watched two great shows Mysterious Mummies of China and Unraveling the Neanderthal.

The first is about the discovery of red haired blue/green eyed europeans in what is now China. They brought with them technological advances and their discovery was hidden by the Communist Chinese. Makes you wonder what other governments hide to keep the narrative?

The second show about Neanderthals delves into genetics and there can be no question that races exists. The scientists even catagorize people by race and try to determine how much Neanderthal DNA is in each racial subgroup. Very odd if race is just a social construct.

Whites have the most Neanderthal DNA, then Asians, and last was an AA so she had just 1% had she been true African she may have 0%. This information is from a Liberal channel. How can the Libs deny that race exists? How can they deny that genes bestow certain abilites. If they can use genetics to determine that Neanderthals used verbal language why can't genes be used as evidence for other things?

This again is proof of the insanity known as Liberalism. A great non-political show on an undoutably Liberal channel proves that race exists YET they will deny the very evidence that they themselves have broadcast.

The theroy is we(humans) did not kill the Neanderthals but that over the course of thousands of years the Neanderthals became extinct because of absorbtion. So if one species can breed another species into extinction then it stands to reason that a subspecies can do the same and each race should be allowed self determination. Mass immigration is extinction and in noway be tolerated.If Whites are less than 10% of the population in the World we deserve a right to exist.

Anonymous said...

Meant to say it is like they are fruit flues or something

White Mom

Moondoggie said...

I believe the liberals in the government at the highest levels supported and pushed feminism for the following reasons;

Generate more taxpayers / more tax money to spend
take more control of children / so mothers have less influence in their upbringing
suppress the male role in society / so they have less influence with their familiy and society in general.

The evil people in our government and the media planned this upside down strategy to create what you see today. A totally disfunctional society more dependant on government. Liberals can't see this and yet instead of helping to reign in government, they want more. Yes they are a biohazard as someone put it. Liberals are the enemy, they are the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. To fix any problem you have to fix the Root Cause. How we go about it is up for debate and discussion.


Anonymous said...

@ Itialian Guy who said: "Liberals don't even realize that by condemning white flight, they are admitting that without whites, civilization can't exist."

HERE! HERE! Very good point, unless African mud huts and cannibalism count as civilization.

Lionel said...

I live in New Jersey about 2 hours north of Camden. There are 3 small "garden" apartment complexes down the hill from me, one and 2-bedroom apartments, mostly one bedrooms. In the last 10 years, there has been a near total demographic turn-over in those apartments, which used to be mostly elderly couples or singles and married couples without children.

Now it is all Hispanic-looking and chock full of kids. If I get stuck behind the buses, I count over 30 kids getting on or off at each of the 2 stops that serve those apartments and thats just the elementary school buses. There are kindergarten buses, middle school buses, high school buses and handicapped buses. Right now, the kids in those apartments must be still elementary schoolers.

But what happens when they get to middle and high school? What kind of threat are they to the rest of us in this town? Who brought them here? How many people are living in each apartment? We had our first murder in a long time at those apartments last year, 2 Hispanic men fighting about the wife of one of them.

What stands out about places like Camden is how very quickly these demographic groups can destroy a place. Within 10 years of taking over, whole cities are in such bad shape that they need "urban renewal." The message is surely that these populations must be controlled lest they get a foothold to run other groups out.

Anonymous said...

Muay Tyson-

I have a son. I have been a teacher, I know the education system and it's myriad of pitfalls.

Bottom line: a person should get hired for a job based on credentials, experience, and qualifications. Not because that person is black, white, brown, has a penis, has a vagina, etc.

I believe in rugged individualism. I believe in personal will to power. Problem is our country and its excuse of a government does not anymore which has led to hiring quotas etc with which I completely disagree.

How one manages his or marital relationship, childrens' discipline, and other matters is up to that person- I frankly don't give a damn,.

White Mom in Turdville

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

This video is very telling. It chastises whites for fleeing Camden after the race riots, but offers little in the way of solutions that aren't materially the same.

The Puerto Rican mother is introduced as someone with "no escape." Escape from what? A town that was being destroyed by its own citizens in race riots? If blacks hadn't rioted, would there be a need for escape? That's a counterfactual historical argument - blacks did riot, and whites fled as a result. Whites had an escape and they acted on it. How the story morphs from escape (from real riots) was bad to escape (from real crime) is good leaves me in slack-jawed awe.

I especially enjoyed the "drill team" in the water tower. "All of her graduates finish high school." No joke, Mr. Williams - the "drill instructor" maintains an environment where only passing grades are allowed to remain on the team. The "drill instructor" offers up "whatever the kids need," but cherry picks the kids. 300 applications a year - only a handful accepted. I suppose whatever her chosen few need is what she means - she'll leave the rest to their fate or BRA largess. The perceived successes of her team are meaningless because her entire system is rigged. She has a select few, but abandons those not worthy of her "team," to a different fate. Her methods are acceptable, but if we argue that the teeming masses should be left to their fate, we're "raciss."

The priest talks about the spirit of the poor - that was the same spirit that led to riots, urban destruction, and the criminal environment in which they find themselves. I see their spirit reflected in their actions. Crime in BRA is a choice - there are so many supports in place for the poor that there is no other way to see it.

I adored the song at the end. "The children of Camden are crying for help, but nobody gives a crap." That song has a title: "Gibsmedat." Stop killing, stop thieving, stop having babies you can't support without help, start paying attention in school. Tell you what kids - you break your own cycle...if you can.

Jay Santos said...

OT - I've seen comments here on just how disturbing TV has become. I haven't watched TV in what could be years. But the wife and kids are out of town and so I turned it on while I ate dinner. Holy crap, the commercials. I watched two episodes of Pawn Stars and I'd say during that time I saw maybe one commercial, for eye brow liner/extender whatever, that did not feature blacks. Every other commercial had as many blacks as non-blacks in it. I saw two black doctors selling different products. I wasn't taking notes, but it seems like every commercial has a black, a white and an Asian, with some adding hispanic or maybe Indian looking people. And the blacks are always so wholesome, dignified and clear-eyed intelligent. I'm amazed. I guess there's only upside sales potential in it for the advertisers, but if you haven't been paying attention to this stuff, it's just jarring. From the commercials alone, you would conclude that white Europeans are maybe 25 to 30% of the population. Or maybe that's true.

Panjoomby - thanks for the kind recognition.

Pat Boyle said...

Paul's article about Camden is depressing. But I'm sorry to say it will probably get worse yet.

Jay Santos gives 20% black as the tipping point figure. I think he just made that figure up rather than doing a detailed analysis, but even so it's probably about right.

The rational white family in a white neighborhood doesn't panic when the first blacks moves in nearby. Probably they stay put when blacks make up 10% of the nearby families. But when it hits 20% it's time to flee.

Whites tend to be tax payers and blacks tend to be tax consumers. Trade out one white family for one black family and you get twice the wealth loss. You need more police when a city starts to turn black but typically the city can afford fewer. That makes the process accelerate. More white flight. Fewer taxpayers. More crime but fewer police and it gets worse with each cycle.

That's why cities like Camden, Detroit and Chicago tumble so quickly. Once they pass the tipping point they start to slide downhill and there is no turning back.

Normally the establishment would just say to the remaining 5% white Camden residents - work harder - don't be so lazy - we have more poor people to support now so we have to raise your taxes. You rotten white people caused all this poverty back in the fifteenth century and now you have to pay up.

But of course the remaining whites are hardly the economic elite. Many will be old folks long retired and others will be scummy white trash. There will be very damn few prime taxpayers left.

Once a city has turned in this way there doesn't seem to be anyway back. The best the establishment can recommend is education. Obama wants more blacks to go to college. Sounds like a joke. A bad joke.

It may get worse - much worse. It may be that this current economic downturn is not just the bottom half of the business cycle. If it were the economy would eventually right itself in spite of the ham fisted economic policies of the Obama administration. But it may be that the economy has fundamentally shifted.

We have been in economic recovery for more than two years but unemployment is still high. We are experiencing what some call a "job-free recovery".

Corporations are making money and they are making products. They buy new equipment and machinery - but they do not hire workers.

Some of the reluctance to hire human beings is Obama's fault. Obamacare makes human workers even more unattractive and unionization does likewise. But most of it is simply that robots in industry have gotten so much better.

In this recession black unemployment is approximately double that of whites. When employers need fewer workers they can be more choosy. Blacks get chosen last - unless it is for a basketball game.

Obama and the feds will try to oppose these larger trends but must fail. Expect federal efforts to try to restrain the flight of taxpayers, but whites are literally fighting for their lives - they are highly motivated. They will manage to flee.

So "tipping point" theory implies that after a city turns 20% black it rapidly proceeds to 100% black. That's the future.

BTW I recently watched the dystopian Sci-Fi movie "Dredd" but I wasn't frightened by what I saw. Camden looks a whole lot worse than their urban horror vision of the future.


Anonymous said...

What sort of measures do you see the Feds taking slow or cease white flight?

White Mom

Anonymous said...

There is a direct correlation between Negro habitation and urban ruin. WHY??

I'll never forget the first time I took the Metro North from Grand Central up to Connecticut. Somewhere above Harlem, I was shocked to look upon razed ruins resembling a bombed-out city from WW2...Just mountians of bricks. This was back in the 80's, and again, I ask SBPDL readers why they think this is par-for-the-course for black population centers.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what other governments hide to keep the narrative?

Kenneshaw Man.

Californian said...

MuayTyson said...
Liberalism is a disease it is a disease of the mind it is dangerous and ultimately fatal to person and state.

Liberalism has become a pathology. Consider any of the following:
* The extreme guilt over "crimes" which people today did not commit (slavery-segregation-colonialism). What makes this all the more astounding is that it was white countries which abolished slavery in the modern world. Yet in an Orwellian inversion, whites are somehow being made responsible as if it still exists in the 21st century.
* The anti-rational trend toward immediate dismissal of any scientific evidence re race as "racism." Add to this the dismissal of statistics on IQ, crime commission, illegitimacy, etc., which do not conform to the liberal party line.
* The blather about "tolerance" and "inclusivity" compared to the actual censorship and exclusion of dissenters on race--not to mention the criminalization of such dissent in Europa.
* The failure to recognize reality even when it's square in their collective face: you'd think there would be some connection in liberal minds between the demographics of, say, a Detroit and the current conditions of that city. But, nope. Similarly, the failure of half a century of liberal policies to achieve equality for blacks also goes down the memory hole.
* The liberal claims to be for democracy and against corporate influence--versus the liberal practice of using the courts to override popular initiatives, and the acceptance of large amounts of corporate foundation moneys to finance liberal and minority racial organizations.
* The liberal claim that race-is-just-a-construct as opposed to the liberal obsession with race and the use of race as a determinant for gaining university admissions, employment, funding, and media adulation.
* The intellectual dishonesty of inventing increasingly bizarre excuses to explain away the failure of blacks to compete in the post-modern world.
* The liberal justification of behaviors in out-groups which would be totally unacceptable among whites. Regardless of any objective merits among Muslims, one would think that Islamic policies such as anti-secularism and persecution of religious minorities and women would cause some horror among liberals. Compare the liberal outrage over apartheid as opposed to the liberal opening of Europe to Islamic mass migration.
* The liberal glorification of the loss of Western cities, peoples, territories and genes as victories. Whether it's marxist terrorists seizing control of former white-governed colonies such as Rhodesia, or the destruction of metropolises like Detroit, liberals reinterpret these debacles into progress for "anti-colonialism," "rule of international law," "social justice" and "progress."

(I was going to go on with more, but what started as a brief post was turning into a thesis on liberal irrationality!)

Anyway, it's my last point above that is the most disturbing. Generally, an ideology justifies the expansion of a group's power, not its self-destruction. If you hitch your wagon to the liberal star, you are likely to end up in a city which has been turned into another wasteland. Sooner or later, there will be no where left to run. Which gets back to liberalism being a pathology.

It just may be that liberalism can not be dealt with by political means. There is something much more fundamental at work here. Which might mean that the answer is on a level above the level of normal politics. It all bears more analysis.

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." -- James Burnham.

10mm AUTO said...

"What sort of measures do you see the Feds taking slow or cease white flight?

White Mom

March 10, 2013 at 11:36 AM"

That's easy.

1. Increased taxation on land transactions (already happening). This increases the cost of White flight as you lose your down payment or get it back in inflated dollars.

2. "Resettlement" of other races in high White areas via pro-Zionist Churches and extreme racists politicians like Keith Ellison. This bombs White areas with human explosives of crime, Cultural dysfunction and starts the destruction of schools. Damage sneaks up on you and your community till hard to sell house.

2. Attacks (specifically lawsuits) against banks, loaning institutions, Title companies, Mortgage lenders by the FedGov, SPLC, NAACP, Anti-defamation league, EEOC, etc. for racism if lending standards not lowered, well, lowered if your are of the right color, which is not White.

3. Also suits against any town or city that tries to remain White as "racist", thus reducing the places to flee TO.

Anonymous said...

The question repeats itself: Why do negroes destroy their own neighborhood?. The answer has two parts.

Negros are inherently violent. When frustrated, negroes destroy anything that is close by, neighborhoods, schools, whites, whatever.

Negroes are genetically predisposed to live in the jungle, to take the low hanging fruit. There is no part of this genetic adaptation that includes the thought, "Did I do wrong?" because anything the negro does it right. Taking the low hanging fruit is right because it yields food.

The negro is incapable of living in civilization and of ever learning that this is so.

Silent Running said...

What sort of measures do you see the Feds taking slow or cease white flight?

A vast empowerment of an already empowered IRS, to start. SWAT-style no-knock home invasions based on incredibly flimsy warrants (already happening). Rules of engagement for law enforcement drastically loosened and penalties for misconduct watered down even more. Eventually, the federals may plead lack of space at prisons due to the influx of violent criminals and tax cheats/new law violators and begin utilizing FEMA camps to house what amount to enemies of the state.

Doing this would, of course, shatter the economy beyond repair. The resulting astronomical unemployment would see those whites not yet imprisoned with little left to lose, and their behavior would change accordingly. But the feds are people that want you to walk out on your balcony and fire a double-barrel 12-gauge into the trees when a couple of Obama's sons come by with Glocks. Their existence is so cloistered in D.C. that they might launch such an operation and expect success.

MuayTyson said...

"Muay Tyson-

I have a son. I have been a teacher, I know the education system and it's myriad of pitfalls.

Bottom line: a person should get hired for a job based on credentials, experience, and qualifications. Not because that person is black, white, brown, has a penis, has a vagina, etc.

I believe in rugged individualism. I believe in personal will to power. Problem is our country and its excuse of a government does not anymore which has led to hiring quotas etc with which I completely disagree.

How one manages his or marital relationship, childrens' discipline, and other matters is up to that person- I frankly don't give a damn,.

White Mom in Turdville"

WM, I don't wish to beat up on you. I do think you are selfish, I'm selfish too. I live in Asia my wife is Asian and I have always put myself before anything else. If I had to do things different I would like to think that maybe I would.

You never refuted my observation that Liberalism is Feminine and that feminisim and liberalism go hand in hand.

There are great jobs for women. I think teachers especially for younger children are better if they are women. Older children need a more masculine presence.

As much as you may value individualism(I do to) we do not live as individuals we live in the context of a community unless you live by yourself on a mountain somewhere. I would prefer to live and let live but that is impossible because I live in a world that is communal.

PDK said...

In my opinion, public unions are bad, private unions are good.

Public unions are huge cronism, accepting overpay and retirement packages in return for votes to the democrat party, the party that hates America and her free enterprise republic, but loves instead, the hoped for socialist democracy of tyranny, poverty and misery. Private unions struggle with capitalist untill the two reach a mutually agreed upon pay structure. Thanks

rjp said...

Annie Oakley said:

I escaped mudville ...

I am actively researching areas for relocation, Sheridan WY looks good.

Could you privately tell me to where you moved by posting to my blog

New posters are not automatically approved so it won't be made public.

pat said:

In this recession black unemployment is approximately double that of whites. When employers need fewer workers they can be more choosy. Blacks get chosen last - unless it is for a basketball game.

Blacks also are last to be choosen in a lot of cases to be laid off from corporations because of the need to maintain demographics.

Lionel said...

The problem with public unions is that there is no one negotiating for one side, the taxpayer side. The politicians are spending OPM (other people's money) and their incentives are to keep peace or even curry favor with public employee unions.

Johnny See said...

JB said...

An ugly thought:

We know what BRA does to this cuntry (typo, and it stays) and we know "they" are positioning racial group against racial group, for civil wars in ALL western countries that have imported the rainbow.

What if, instead of this being an endgame against us, it's actually the opposite: We've isolated our problem children in the cores of our major cities, and spread the infection into diffused patches, in order to more easily deal with the
things that will be dealt with.

Get this: We're actually doing "them" a favor by doing their dirty work. They want them gone, and they're going to use US to do it.

America has been arming up since last year, both the people and the Fed.

Draw your own conclusions, but I recall reading an anecdote about Vlad Tepes, the historical model for Stoker's "Dracula."

Vlad invites all the lame, the halt, the chiselers, the criminal dregs, the ne'er-do-wells and the various scum of his purview to a gourmet feast at a castle.

The skells show up all day, and when the last one enters, the doors slam shut, and are promptly barred.

Then, the entire castle is burnt to the ground.

Best to you and yours as always.

March 9, 2013 at 6:29 PM

Dear JB...
I have been pondering things a loooong while at a high level, and I have to tell you that I have been feeling this may be true for some time now. Obviously it must remain secret, but what better way to solve the problem and at the same time create relief and support amongst the beleaguered white masses?
We could spend quite a while breaking this all down, but I think you hit the nail squarely and I want to thank you for sharing that view.

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion, public unions are bad, private unions are good."

These are not your father's unions anymore. Your father's unions were simply communists. Today's unions also welcome diversity as well as illegals. Check out what the SEIU has been up to regarding illegals.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

White Mom

Pat Boyle said...

Some commenters seem surprised that a high proportion of black residents correlates with urban crime, poverty and decay.

They should read Lynn's "Wealth of Nations". This is a controversial book about IQ and wealth. All the usual liberal academics lined up to attack it as they have so many other books about race and intelligence in the past. But Lynn's work has endured.

Lynn just compiled all the IQ studies he could find. There were a lot of them - thousands. When you go about this systematically you find that a nation's GDP is closely related to the average IQ of it's people. The correlation is about .60.

This correlation is by far the highest ever found. A long time ago when I was an undergraduate I studied international development. There were all sorts of theories circulating as to why some nation's were rich and others poor. The famous sociologist Max Weber for example created the term "Protestant Work Ethic". He used as evidence the greater wealth of Northern Ireland (Protestant) to the rest of Ireland (Catholic). But Catholic Ireland revised their tax code in the 1980s and suddenly became much richer than the Protestants. This new economic vitality was called the "Celtic Tiger". Most people have yet to discard Weber's ideas but they should. The wealth difference had nothing to do with which religion produced the most industrious workers. Protestant Ireland was rich from heavy industry. When their equipment aged, they lost their edge.

The only factor that seems to matter in wealth is IQ. Nations with stupid populations are poor (and disorganized and violent).

American cities behave much the same way as nations. If they have smart citizens they are wealthy. With less smart citizens they are poor.

The only major corollary to this effect is "white flight". Blacks are about 13% of the population. So a neighborhood with 13% blacks should be only slightly more stupid and more poor. But there is this "tipping point" phenomenon. When a neighborhood gets to be about 20% black the whites start to flee. When this happens the average IQ of the city population drops like a brick.

The average IQ of someplace like Camden is about 85. That's lower than Mexico. It's about the same as Cuba or Puerto Rico. Camden simply doesn't have enough smart people to be anything but poor.

Please note that this has nothing whatsoever to do with culture, racism, or education. IQ in the modern world is mostly genetic. A city with a population with good IQ genes will prosper. Neither God nor Man can do much with people who have bad genes for intelligence.

Or as a great modern philosopher once said "You can't fix stupid".


Bogolyubski said...

Johnny See (responding to JB's interesting theory):
We could spend quite a while breaking this all down, but I think you hit the nail squarely and I want to thank you for sharing that view..

If nothing else, it would be amusing to see the expression of utter horror on Destructive Feedbag's face when the fire is lit. As I said before, the squids are certainly capable of such behavior. The question is whether their hatred of YT is so intense they'll go the other way instead.

World_War_Me said...

“Say something nice about Camden...or ELSE muthafukah!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Once a city hits the 50% black mark,the change begins. Hit the 40% mark and your in the red zone. Hit the 60% and you in the get out of town before your killed zone. Once the black horde starts to move,eveything dies.