Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Urban Ghettos: A revolutionary core within American society

100 blacks rioted in Brooklyn at a vigil for one of their comrades -- the "urban ghetto" inhabitants revolutionary fervor is growing
In 1984, Professors Daniel Fusfeld and Timothy Bates published “Political Economy of the Urban Ghetto.” Not once in the book did the authors surmise the conditions of the ‘urban ghettos’ might be due to the inhabitants of the community, but like in so many sociology books blamed ‘white flight’ for the economic climate – without asking themselves why wherever these frequent white flyers land they instantly create conditions in their community ripe for economic expansion.

But it’s on p. 258, the last page of the book, the good Drs. Fusfeld and Bates leave us with this chilling thought:
Economic and political gains for blacks and other minorities will come at the expense of other economic interest groups. In particular, lower-middle class income whites may feel threatened as the present underclass moves up. A political backlash and heightened racial tensions or conflict are probable effects of economic and political gains by blacks and Hispanics. Indeed, economic gains for them are a threat to the existing economic and political power structure in general. 
One is tempted to draw historical analogies. A traumatic social upheaval on the scale of the Civil War was required to break up the system of coerced labor embodied in slavery. The next pattern of coerced labor, sharecropping, debt tenure, was eliminated under the combined impact of three great social forces, the depression of the 1930s, the economic changes stimulated by World War II, and the technological transformation of southern agriculture. What will it take to eliminate the current pattern of coerced labor embodied in the ghetto economy? Will the majority of Americans willingly give up their favored economic position relative to the racial minorities of the urban ghetto? Probably not, unless they are forced to do so by a social upheaval that reorders basic economic relationships. In this sense, the urban ghettos represent a revolutionary core within American society whose presence will create continuing turmoil within the larger economic and social order. 
The “urban ghettos” represent a revolutionary core within American society, many of which provided important votes to President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, such as Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia; Detroit and Flint, Michigan; Cleveland, Ohio; Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Tallahassee, Florida; and in Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Though political commentary in America requires one to be blind to monolithic black racial loyalty in elections (be it on the local, city, state, or national stage), one can only wonder if those urban ghetto occupants – the very people responsible for the ‘blight’ in their community – helped push the election in those states to Obama?

But never forget that’s what the presence of ‘urban ghettos’ in places like Birmingham, Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Columbia (SC), Jackson (MS), St. Louis, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago represent.
A book from 1984 that warns urban ghettos "represent a revolutionary core within American society whose presence will create continuing turmoil within the larger economic and social order."

One hundred + black people rioted in Brooklyn at a candlelight vigil for a 16-year-old shot by cops (the black kid killed was pointing a gun at cops), throwing bottles at police and powerful reminding anyone willing to pay attention to truth behind the “revolutionary core” argument of the ‘urban ghetto’.

Kimani 'Kiki' Gray, the name of the 16-year-old gunned down, rolls off the tongue of the “urban ghetto” dwellers with the same efficacious anti-white (to ‘urban ghetto-ites’, the police are always a symbol of ‘white power’) rallying power as “Trayvon Martin.”

This riot should have been put down with the full force of the state, ifthe “state” truly was the white monster imagined by the “urban dwellers”; actually, the current incarnation of the state is the “urban ghettos” best friend.

After all, it tolerates the existence of blighted communities throughout America’s greatest cities – in fact, it redistributes tax revenue to ensure these communities can proliferate with EBT, Welfare, Section 8, free/reduced lunches, and the all important Lifeline phone (the Obamaphone).

Would the imaginary white monster in control of the urban police departments tolerate this – large swaths of major cities virtually uninhabitable for law-abiding citizens and for the investment of capital to start legitimate, tax-revenue producing businesses?

No. Of course not. But our society, which funds the “urban ghetto” tolerates this [6-Month-Old Girl Shot Five Times Dies
A 6-month-old baby has died after she was shot Monday while her father was changing her diaper. 
After several surgeries, Jonylah Watkins passed away Tuesday morning, Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks confirmed. 
Jonylah's father, identified by family members as 28-year-old Jonathan Watkins, is in stable condition. He was changing the little girl's diaper on the front passenger seat of the family van when the shooting occurred, police said. 
"The city of Chicago should be outraged that a 6-month-old baby could be shot and killed in our city," Brooks said. "It's horrific." 
Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said incident has "very strong gang overtones" and the father, who has an extensive criminal history, was the intended target. Police are pursuing several angles, McCarthy said, and urge anyone with information to call Area Central Detectives at 312-747-8380. 
"This is another tragedy, because no child, certainly not an infant, should be a victim of gun violence," McCarthy told reporters Tuesday. 
Brooks said the baby's mother, Judy Young, is distraught and in a lot of pain. "We're going to find who did this and make sure they are brought to justice," he said. "We're not going to be afraid. We're going to take back our neighborhood."

Why are these people even having kids? [Baby dies after she and dad shot: 'We have another tragedy in Chicago', Chicago Tribune, 3-13-13]:
Family members said the girl's 20-year-old mother was at work at a McDonald's when the shooting happened. She had been shot in the leg last spring while pregnant with Jonylah, they said. More than two dozen shootings occurred within a few blocks of Monday's shooting through 2012, city crime statistics show. But through February 2013, the area has seen far fewer shootings than during the same two-month period in 2012.

Down the street from the shooting site Monday, Sedell Brown, watched her grandchildren, 12 and 13, walk to her apartment from school. The two grandchildren live with Brown, 54, who doesn't let them play outdoors.

"It don't make sense how they kill people around here," she said.

A 365Black slaying...

No sane society would allow these conditions to endure. 

The only way to "take back our neighborhood" is to confront the people responsible for the conditions found in the neighborhood that "make playing out doors" a life-threatening scenario -- the "urban ghetto" community themselves. 

Chicagoland is, after all, a city where a white woman riding a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train was attacked by a black man brandishing a bag of feces and where a 72-year-old black man on his way to dialysis treatment was killed right in front of his home, shot as he waited for a ride to the hospital. 

Life in the "urban ghetto" is cheap - hence the reason for white flight and the avoidance by legitimate business owners from opening stores in these areas - and our government continues to transfer (via confiscatory levels of taxation) vast sums of money to ensure these communities are constantly replenished with fresh meat for the grinder. 

Funding the urban ghettos, which "represent a revolutionary core within American society whose presence will create continuing turmoil within the larger economic and social order."

They will explode again, just as they did in the 1960s. 

This scenario is reminiscent of the opening scene of Armageddon, where Charlton Heston narrates how a meteorite hit the earth with the force of 10,000 nuclear weapons 65 million years ago; he warns, "it happened before, it will happen again. It's just a question of when."

The black uprisings in places like Rochester, Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, parts of Chicago... they represented an "Armageddon" for the civilizations white people had built and sustained in those cities. 

The question of "when" the next uprising might take place is unavoidable at this point. It's just a shame there's one simple solution to the problem, which effectively destroys the "urban ghetto" once and for all. 

It's the equivalent of Bruce Willis' character in Armageddon destroying the meteorite just as it approaches the zero-barrier and saying, "We win Gracie."

And it's simply restoring the very legal protection on property that, when they were removed, created the mess we are in today. 


countenance said...

Brooks said the baby's mother, Judy Young, is distraught and in a lot of pain. "We're going to find who did this and make sure they are brought to justice," she said.

But when they do catch the suspect, the suspect's mother will get in front of the same media and whine about her "lil' boy" was a good boy and an "honna rowl" student who just happened to get caught up in the wrong crowd.

Anonymous said...

The blacks will be the downfall of America. Currently out of control and yet simultaneously coddled and protected in the media. I for one have had enough and will not stand for any more of it. Bring that crap to my door and I will respond accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should be just as worried about the barrio.


But since so many on this site think Browns will wipe out Blacks, then be peaceful allies with Whites, I guess there is nothing to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Another aspiring rapper, like the two lil rappers playn Justin Bieber, but this one wont see the bling.

City resident said...

The father of the dead infant doesn't seem to be cooperating and nobody so far has snitched. They don't care so why should we? The quoted clergyman has been getting publicized and promoted by some news channels in his quest for donations by engaging in some previous showboating stunts. Now he's insinuated himself into the picture in this case. I can see the media is trying to develop this well fed rev-rund into some sort of black leader, for whatever reason they may have, by always reporting on what he says or does. The mother has a different last name so I would guess she's another welfare recipient, as all of them are.

Anonymous said...

For insights into how and why BRA was created, see Larry Auster's long piece on TWMNBN and multiculturalism.

Truly a must-read.

Commissar Snowman said...

Anonymous said :

"But since so many on this site think Browns will wipe out Blacks, then be peaceful allies with Whites, I guess there is nothing to worry about."

Where in the name of Dostoevsky did you pull that out of? PK has never ONCE said that the browns will ally with the Whites once they are finished ethnically cleansing the blacks. I'm sure PK could create a sister site "Stuff Mexicans & Assorted Mystery Meat Don't Like" that would rival "Stuff Black People Don't Like" but there are only so many hours in a day. There is no way in hell that SBPDL would ever believe that the browns will ally with the Whites. SBPDL is fully aware of the brown menace, rest assured my friend.

-From the Desk of The Politburo Standing Committee

Anonymous said...

" What will it take to eliminate the current pattern of coerced labor embodied in the ghetto economy?"

This is the best quote in the piece, pulled from the 1984 book. Actually, friends, the coerced labor is ours, in the taxes we pay for what is really a ghetto partay. We have poured a trillion? bucks into what President Johnson called "mopping up pockets of poverty". What we really did was to unleash the demons.

Anonymous said...

The ghetto turds are getting more restless. Maybe a crazy summer in WDC. Maybe time to get moving or at least scram somewhere else temporarily.

White Mom in WDC

Anonymous said...

No, but by all means, let's continue pumping trillions of tax dollars into these ghetto sh*tholes in hopes that the parastic thugs will become become useful, contributing citizens. SICK SOCIETY. SICK, SICK SOCIETY.

J. Cutler said...

Welcome to Chicago

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

The ghetto turds are getting more restless. Maybe a crazy summer in WDC. Maybe time to get moving or at least scram somewhere else temporarily.

White Mom in WDC

March 12, 2013 at 4:11 PM

Three words for you, White Mom:


Every chance you get, go somewhere else on Friday and Saturday nights during this summer. Stay with friends, visit relatives, but get out of there.

JB said...


I noted one of your commentators mentioned "Larry Auster."

As I understand, Lawrence is dieing, as you are likely aware.

Dieing, but still blogging.


And, I think your White Mom commentator made a good point.

Best to you and yours.

Gayle said...

Though political commentary in America requires one to be blind to monolithic black racial loyalty in elections (be it on the local, city, state, or national stage), one can only wonder if those urban ghetto occupants – the very people responsible for the ‘blight’ in their community – helped push the election in those states to Obama?

Well, yes,of course. Have you looked at a 2012 county-by-county voting map? It's truly eye-opening.

Political insiders are quite assured, after this last November, that American urban centers will continue to have increasing electoral sway in national elections.

It's been a hard fact for me to come to, but if white people and white culture are to survive, then secession - in whatever form and through whatever means it finally comes - is the only answer for what used to be America.

I'm personally pushing the states' rights route, and hoping the more conservative states will be so unattractive to urban freeloaders that they'll shovel off to blue-state havens. I hold little illusion, however, that things will actually unravel quite as peacefully as this.

Anonymous said...

white people's fault for moving out!

"For Detroit, a Crisis of Bad Decisions and Crossed Fingers
Published: March 11, 2013


DETROIT — This city was already sinking under hundreds of millions of dollars in bills that it could not pay when a municipal auditor brought in a veteran financial consultant to dig through the books. A seasoned turnaround man and former actuary with Ford Motor Co., he was stunned by what he found: an additional $7.2 billion in retiree health costs that had never been reported, or even tallied up."


Anonymous said...

Hey dummy, we've been saying this for a while. Those who live near you, at least myself have given you major hints on the white areas that are safe but you are stubborn. The negro beasts change about now around at Patrick's day as the weather warms up and they go full ape. I've practically spelled them out here. The counties in MD are better in every way.

If/when you drop off due to this and an inability to be armed and defend yourself in DC, sorry. You can't live in the lions den and expect to not get eaten when hungry.

I truly don't think you understand yet, but when it's a rape or armed mugging you will learn these animals don't fuck around and have interanimal networks and prey on targets like you and your children.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the baby was shot in Woodlawn at 6500 S. Maryland Ave.

U of Chicago Hospital is at 5800 S. Maryland. No trauma unit, right?

Sent to Northwestern ...

- a concerned Maroon

Anonymous said...

There are rumblings that daddy knows who did it and won't talk. Also that the infant was used to conceal drugs. Pretty cold to change jr. Outside.
I am sure Rev. Brooks will showboat this like everything else. He ministers to gang funerals regularly, so I guess they money be green too

Anonymous said...

2013: Blacks will continue to rape, riot, burglarize, shuck and jive.

Whites will continue to complain on the internet.

Wake me up in 2014.

Anonymous said...

All things are cyclical, and history repeats. Are you ready for a 1992 in 2013? Katrina like chimp out, in all black cities?

I think this needs to be mentioned. Lately I have had an influx of people you would NEVER imagine OR think inquire about proper firearms ownership,, what my view may be about the impending economic bust as well as the artificially propped up markets.

These are people otherwise meek, liberal tolerant and leaning.... But as the gentlemen today put it, his sixth sense is pinging red alert with all this combined with the gun grab from "law abiding citizens" aka whites. An example was made of this fellows family member who lives in a diverse part of inner city Baltimore and as this fellow put it; "He thinks the people he lives around are just like him."

So essentially, his subconcious is picking up on these trends we speak of, recognize -- yet he is not quite able to define fully what it is, or unwilling to face fully. He knows, the subconcious speak indicates such.

This seems to be happening daily, and over lunch we went to get him familiar with handling a firearm in a store unloaded and break that ice.

Our current wait is 40-45 days for a firearms background check to clear. Normally it is 7. Does that give you any idea what the sixth sense of this nig havens white populace is feeling? That's unheard of, people see what's coming this summer with the nignorance in this article, as well as the general feeling in the air as of late.

Remember, we are warriors and have survived to pass our DNA on through societal collapse that make this seem like a cake walk. Prepare, network in person and online, make people prove their worth and forge unspoken alliances. Go shooting together, find each other ammo in calibers complimentary to each others tools, and network network network. Not much needs to be said, rely on the vibes you get and intuition. Our animal instincts are stronger, better and more evolved. The intellect allowed us to where we are, allowed us to master beast with mind, it will take us where we need to go. It will allow us to overcome and survive this beast.

As the subhuman will be subhuman, at least until evolution takes the work of the creator and moves forward, so shall we be as we were. We were built to last, that is our evolution and history.

Baltimore Watcher

Whiskey said...

I don't think covenants are sufficient, after all across the West, all over, an organic strategy by the elites happened:

1. Import lots of non-Westerners to create property churn, make downtowns amenable to "redevelopment" OK'd by non-White, corrupt voters/pols; create more demand for suburbs and ...

2. Create lots of voters for Steve Sailer's (tm) Hi-Lo team up. Votes for Global Warming make-work and boondoggles (as in California where Joe Average gets screwed but Sandhill Road gets more billions out of the Global Warming Solutions Act). As a plus, aspiring elites like Sandra Fluke have makework jobs where they can feel important and make lots of money.

TWMNBN aka "Jews" have nothing to do with it. Auster is flat out wrong. The Republic of Ireland is AWASH in Somalis, Africans of all types, etc. and believe me Ireland is nearly devoid of Jews. There's nothing in Ireland that Jews like, the Irish are not exactly friendly and welcoming either (the Irish people HATE HATE HATE the refugees sucking up their welfare systems and putting the Irish to the boot and second place). See also Scandinavia, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, all places notably devoid of Jews, hostile to Jews, and possessed of a pathological hatred of Israel and sentimentalizing of the Palestinians.

Now look at the places devoid of refugees*: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. Many in the EU, all of them even the most miserable, far better places to live than Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, etc. And they're all ex-Communists with lots and lots of Communists in and around the government.

*Excluding Roma of course.

Whiskey said...


The best analogy is non-Whites among Whites as Landsknechten. Mercenaries, sometimes formidable, often variable, they fought for whoever paid the most and were totally unsuited to peace (leading to their outlawing in the Peace of Westphalia) and a major threat to kings all over Europe. Particularly after the Sack of Rome.

In the US, Blacks are important as a source of mercenary votes, anti-White violence (keeping metro areas non-White and thus corrupt and easily maintained as vote manufacturies), and constant real estate churn from "diversity." In Ireland for example it will be Somalis, Nigerians, and other West Africans. In Denmark Africans of all sorts and North Africans.

This is nothing new, Swiss, German, French, and Italian mercenaries ran all over Europe from around 1450 or so to 1648 when they were finally defeated and crushed.

The Ghettos are likely to rise not in revolution but in aid of the new Kings in places like DC or London, as mercenaries. Expecting to be paid.

Anonymous said...

Oh really? PG county is better? Hey 'dummy', all the wastes that get priced out of DC move to PG, that 'county that is better in every way '. Oh and Baltimore is better too, I'm no.

Thanks for the love fellow white

White Mom

Anonymous said...

Postscript, the ones here in Baltimore and DC are NOTHING like anywhere else, you see here they are well connected and have resources plus political pull. I don't care where you are from, they're a special breed here.

We have the worst, perhaps save Georgia or Alabama, if not tied for least functional most inhuman feral savage negros.

Don't underestimate.

Baltimore Watcher

rjp said...

J. Cutler said...

Welcome to Chicago

The official welcome is:

Welcome to Chicago, Motherf*cker.

Anonymous said...

There are many counties in MD, many prince, princess and queen themed counties a reasonable drive from DC.

There is much better living. Unless you are 1/4mil a year type income or born into wealth you can't find safe places in either city.

Neither DC, nor Baltimore for me. I must visit both regularly for employment to feed my little white mouths.

VA has nice gun laws, but given how the last election turned out that may not be for long.

Open a map, use your mind. It is only your life, health and that of your children at stake here. You may have lived in rough places before but the animals here have control and are much more brazen than other places. I've been to nearly every city in this country and when I bring folks from Chicongo they are SCARED in our GOOD" neighborhoods. The only people I've seen adapt like home were Detroit natives or Kansas City folk. Seems their negros are much like ours and the level of racial tension similar.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

I agree. The groids here are special. Philadelphia groids are violent and dumb. DC in Bmore groids are dumb BUT they do have pull, that pull is weakening though as they get squeezed outta DC.

Thank you for your concer
White Mom

Anonymous said...

Whiskey you dumbass. The immigration minister of Ireland is Alan Shatter a Jew.

james wilson said...

The term "brought to justice" has no meaning in a society where death has a greater value than life.

Pat Boyle said...

The idea that lower middle income white people are threatened by blacks moving up is pretty funny. They should read Paul's articles.

The problem is the blacks are moving down - not up. The imputation that racial tension is caused by a character flaw in whites, is pretty patronizing. White people object to rapes, murders and the the destruction of their neighborhoods.

The only place where whites have consistently resented black progress has been in Affirmative Action cases and minority set-asides. White people do indeed resent it when less qualified blacks are given preferences. But few whites have much to fear from blacks in any fair economic competition.


Anonymous said...

Baltimore Watcher,

You make a lot of sense.


A citizen in solidarity with you

Anonymous said...

All quiet here in Detroit, our ex mayor Kwame is lookin at a minimum of 20 years in jail,no chimpout. Our white governor is about to appoint an emergency financial mgr. to take over the city, no chimpout yet. Oh yeah it's fucking freezing, they won't come out of their free housing and free heat until its 80 degrees outside.

AnalogMan said...

Second attempt to post this comment, apologies if it comes out double:

Anonymous said...

Whiskey you dumbass. The immigration minister of Ireland is Alan Shatter a Jew.

March 13, 2013 at 7:08 AM

Thank you for setting Whiskey straight on that, though frankly I doubt he was unaware. In fact, Shatter's portfolios are Defense and Justice, he has no business meddling with immigration but has appropriated the authority to push his own agenda.

Whiskey also mentioned Scandinavia, where, as I'm sure he knows, the immigration disaster is being aggressively promoted by Barbara Spectre, another of the chosen, and their media.

It doesn't take a huge population, just a few in influential positions.

Anybody interested in this developing disaster should read The Irish Savant. I recommend this article, and the blog generally.