Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Your History, Your Way" -- Walmart Goes 365Black

"Your history. Your story."

This is the moniker to Walmart’s black centered campaign to kick start a passion for the teaching of black history 24-7-365black. Here’s more on the campaign:
Walmart goes 365black, finding a BlackAtlas from American Airlines and riding My Black Journey via Amtrak along the way
Walmart “History Teaching History” is an ongoing national educational and community-focused campaign that gives African-America heroes a platform to share their considerable knowledge and keys to success with young, aspiring hopefuls.
The video for this campaign features Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, and Thurgood Marshall… hardly black people who accomplished anything other than being the first black individual to accomplish something white people had been doing for many years (in fact, basically invented – save for the ability to induce white guilt, which is MLK’s specialty).

Sadly, Walmart left out the story about the failed attempt to keep open one of its stores in Tuskegee, Alabama, a powerful tale of the Visible Black Hand of Economics in the fabled hometown of the Read Tails themselves, the Tuskegee Airmen. 
The story of the Tuskegee Airmen provides much of the fuel which keeps Black History Month aloft, an admission made in the book, “Freedom Flyers: The Tuskegee Airmen of World War II” by J. Todd Moye. It contains a hilarious admission about the depths of actual black history -- definitely don’t jump into the deep end of this pool, for the depth of black history wouldn’t fill a kiddy pool:
Unfortunately, in collective memory the Tuskegee Airmen’s story was in danger of becoming too precious to withstand critical inquiry. This reality became all too apparent on the January 31, 2007, broadcast of Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.” Speaking on what he called “Black History Month Eve,” Larry Wilmore, identitied as the fake newscast’s “Senior Black Historian,” braced himself for February’s commemorative period. Wilmore joked that Black History Month served the sole purpose of “making up for centuries of oppression with twenty-eight days of trivia,” calling it a time when the American “bow our heads in solemn reverence for Harriet Tubman and the Tuskegee Airmen.” As if on cue, four days later the Coca-Cola Co. ran an advertisement during the television broadcast for Super Bowl XLI. In the advertisement, “Tuskegee 1941” served as one of exactly six moments worth celebrating in the combined history of black Americans and their preferred soft drink. 
 “Tuskegee 1941: Pilots prove heroism has no color,” ran the legend next to the image of a Coke bottle. But if the extent of the public understanding of the Tuskegee Airmen had progressed from complete ignorance to “Blacks can be great pilots” or “Blacks can be heroic” over the previous sixty years, it had not progressed much at all. Wilmore’s satire struck deep. By the time he spoke, the Tuskegee Airmen had come to represent a feel-good story that Americans of all races and ethnictieis could tell themselves during the one month of the year when they were encouraged to think of black history as American history. The oversimplication of their experience threatened to reduce the Tuskegee Airmen to a collective cliché. The “Never lost a bomber” myth packaged their experience neatly and made it safe for mass consumption – just the thing for Black History Month. 
 That the news of the lost bombers broke shortly before the US Congress honored the Tuskegee Airmen with the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor that body can award to civilians, was fortunate. When more than 300 of the original pilots and members of the support crews gathered in the Capitol Rotunda in March 2007 to receive the honor, the emphasis in the speeches from President George W. Bush, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and other was on the Airmen’s record in helping their country overcome white supremacy, not on the (mythical) record of the 332nd in combat. “I thank you for what you had done for African Americans, but more, I thank you for what you have done for America,” Powell told them. “You caused America to look into the mirror of its soul, and you showed America that there was nothing a black person couldn’t do. “(p. 176-177)

Well, nothing a black person except run a city competently – a city that was already built like one of those starter cities in Sim City.  A city, mind you, that elected a Tuskegee Airman its first black mayor…

The sole reason the Tuskegee Airmen were being honored by the US Congress in March of 2007 was because of the depth the (mythical) “Never Lost a Bomber” narrative had penetrated the American psyche.

That’s it.

Hilariously, "The Tuskegee Airmen and the "Never Lost a Bomber" Myth" by Daniel Lee Haulman, shows the Nubian flyers had already lost bombers in their first few missions, a fact The Chicago Defender – perhaps the most important black newspaper in all of American history – lied about on March 24, 1945 in an article titled ‘332d Flies Its 200th Mission Without Loss’.

He writes:
“On March 10, 1945, the respected and widely read Liberty magainze published “Dark Angels of Doom,” an article by influential black journalist Roi Ottley about the 332nd Fighter Group in combat. Ottley wrote that “in more than 100 combat missions in which the Red Tails have given escort cover to their ‘Big Friends’ – the long-range heavy bombers – they haven’t lost a single ship to enemy fighters!” By then the 332nd had flown more than 130 bomber escort missions, and had lost bombers on only six of those missions. But the group did not fly 100 missions before losing a bomber. In fact, the group lost bombers during its first few missions. (p. 1)
So yes, we can look in the mirror and smile knowing what the Tuskegee Airmen did (black people, selected for their intelligence, were able to be trained to fly planes in a segregated unit of the Army Air Force) and that it was a Tuskegee Airman himself, Coleman Young, who presided over the destruction of Detroit.

And it was black people who drove white people out of the city through violence and property devaluation, that kept electing every four years after 1973 and through the mid-1990s the same Tuskegee Airmen whose true legacy is the destruction of Detroit. 

So yes, Gen. Powell... black people are capable of destroying what once was one of the world's greatest cities. And a Tuskegee Airmen was at the helm for the start of black-rule in Detroit. 

There's your black history Walmart and schools won't teach. 


Anonymous said...

I have no White guilt


Anonymous said...

Paul did we ever establish whether the untrained Luftwaffe fliers shoot down more Red Tails than they lost to The Greatest Amerikkkan Heroes?

Anonymous said...

Ah, the merciless, implacable irony of it all...

1) Dusky "heroes" flying airplanes (not an African invention by any standard),

2) escorting bombers on their way to bomb two-thousand year old monuments of European civilization into ashes and rubble,

3)with engines and other components made in Detroit,

4)which was handed over lock stock and barrel to the dusky ones, led by one of their aerial "heroes",

5)who converted Detroit into piles of ashes and rubble without needing bombers.

Shall we call this "Zen and the Art of Affirmative Action?"

Is there at least a haiku in this somewhere?

rjp said...


Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market at
1424 W 47th St, Chicago, IL

opened, it was a big news event here in Chicago because it was going to sell groceries life fresh fruit and vegetables to poor black people in a crappy neighborhood in Chicago.

The video was great.

Instead of greeters, the store had armed security guards.

PDK said...

The white man’s burden; a concept that has been around for centuries, and is as old as cohabitation with the black, sub-species of human, has already cost the white more than any white could possibly have seen in the earlier days of said cohabitation.

The smell of liberal ideology and it’s socialistic, immature, mother hen idealism emanates from the concept with all the magnitude of that smell from the old town dump. Not only does the burden reflect the liberal ideology it helps advance the cause of liberalism which ultimately is the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy. A two tier world with a few ruling elites, themselves, enjoying the power, fame and fortune of elite leadership, and the great unwashed masses, everyone else, suffering under the great weight of tyranny, poverty and misery.

Blacks occupy lowest man on the cultural totem pole everywhere in the world they exist. The reason for this is not exogenous, other people, but endogenous, themselves. Blacks are such failures in the higher cultures of civilization because their gene pool produces a human fit for tribal life but not fit for higher civilization. Further, blacks prefer to dump the blame for their incapability in the “higher than tribal cultures” existence upon whites, rather than mature, and admit to themselves it is their own fault, and the fault of their own gene pool.

Tribal existence finds a harmony with nature when a tribal sub-species of human is of smaller intellect and of greater reproducing capacity than its counterpart, civilized, sub-species of human. Quantity over quality is demanded in part by the higher numbers of an earlier death, as by disease, starvation or spears, suffered by tribal people.

Both white liberals and blacks embrace the black illusion that it is evil whitey persecuting them which causes them to be losers. This is the excuse that releases blackie from his responsibility to mature and be the best that his nature allows him to be in the white, higher culture of civilization world, which the black intellect is ill-equipped to handle.

However, the black incapability problem plays well for liberals in their pursuit of superiority over non-liberal whites, which unfortunately, comes at the expense of whites and the white gene pool. For white liberals, nation states, free enterprise and Republics are evil. Only socialist democracies, and eventually a single socialist democracy, with themselves, the God complexed narcissistic liberals ruling everyone else is acceptable to them.

Civilization began 10,000 years or so ago with the achievement of agricultural and animal husbandry. From here city-states arose with a King ruling the land. It was the King, the man in power who had to decide between sacrificing his people for his selfish gain, or sacrificing his selfish gain for his people, and further, it is from here that comes the ideas of liberty and tyranny.

America’s Founding Fathers gave birth to liberty and a free enterprise, nation-state Republic. This and the white man’s rule made America the richest, most powerful nation-state ever known on planet Earth.

Liberals, using their loser cohorts, blacks, browns and Islamics, have not only begun destroying our most powerful nation-state, but also transmogrifying said state in their loser socialist democracy. Allowing this process to continue will result in tyranny poverty and misery for the masses.

However, the liberals and their allies have achieved power by larger numbers in our fully enfranchised democracy. Therefore only secession by non-liberal whites, outlawing all others can save the white gene pool and it’s naturally arising culture of liberty, wealth and happiness. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Uh, what made the Tuskegee air"boys" possible?

Good, moral, honest, and necessary RAYCISSM. Yep, dear reader. If it wasn't for segregation, there would be no myth to honor.

So, are we not all honoring the Segregation that made this possible, since if there was no Segregation there could be no such myth. Duh. But, oh, we can't say that.

Imagine how goofy this entire story is. So Blacks can learn to fly a plane. And your point? Now, if we trained real monkeys to fly a plane, THAT would be amazing. So, are we to be really really proud that Blacks can learn to do this? Did we (deep in our hearts/minds) expect them NOT to and thus we are so happy for them that there is one more thing they can learn from the White race.

So blacks can fly a plane INVENTED by Whites. Good for them. But let us point out that if the Blacks were left in Africa, there would never, ever be any planes to fly.

White people invented that. And, a world without White people would be just like starving, fly infected African today.

So CAL Snowman said...

Anonymous said :

"Is there at least a haiku in this somewhere?"

White face builds heaven
Black face demands White heaven
Heaven becomes Hell

Anonymous said...

I notice the comment above that clearly shows the sickening irony of all this:

We furnish planes (invented by Whites) so Simians can help bomb Whites.

I am afraid we Whites are F'n dumb.

Now the Simians want to take credit for it. They want to pat themselves on the backass like they achieved something that was really made possible by both White Americans and White Germans.

Anonymous said...

Gaze into this crystal ball and see the future of America.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason for me to avoid Wallie World as much as possible. However, it's getting to be ridiculously hard to avoid supporting businesses that go out of their way to support a (minority) group that will NEVER give to society more than they take.

At least with private business, my participation of monetary support (via doing business with them) is mostly voluntary; it's when the Imperial FedGov does the same using my tax money to finance it, that pisses me off royally.

Anonymous said...

Vomit. Just, vomit.

Anonymous said...

Can they mention the massacre in 1804 of 5000 whites in Haiti during racist history month ?

But then maybe this was political correctness of the day, and these whites are the deluded white liberals of there day. History has a habit of repeating itself such as Zimbabwe, and now South Africa - when the whites that built up the place have been driven out or killed. When the time comes white patriots should show the liberals, the blacks and hispanics zero mercy expell them out of our countries - they shouldnt be here, blacks should move back to Africa and look for Affirmtive Action in Zimbabwe or South Africa. Ask the ANC police force what they think of other black foreigners. They hate you even more than we do.
We will never have peace with these scrounging scum, offer them deportion or drive them into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Savage time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The thing that is so exasperating about programs like this is: what is America getting in return?

OK, so Walmart does its black history thing. In return will we see blacks actually inspired to go out and do positive things like invent new stuff (which presumably would be sold in Walmart)? Live up to ideals of civic virtue instead of following the path of politicos such as Marion Barry? Cutting their illegitimacy rates by 50% (which would still be above that of white people but it'd be a start)? How about just staying in school so they could learn more about history, anybody's history?!

Or will this just be one more program along the lines of Head Start and Teach for America and affirmative action and forced busing and Section 8 and free laptops and MLK Day and etc? Another program begun with the noblest of intentions which then goes crashing down in the face of cold hard reality. The reality of skyrocketing rates of black illegitimacy and violent crime; the reality of the failure of blacks to compete in an open market for education and business; the reality of Detroit and Birmingham.

That's the thing about BRA: nothing ever changes.


Despite the epic record of failure, despite the endless moneys blown into the stratosphere, despite the pillage of entire cities, there is always some new program which -- this time -- is supposed to succeed and bring about the promised land.

If Walmart's program led to some great renaissance of black interest in history and learning, it might have a point. But I wonder if Walmart's gurus believe they can change anything, anyway. The program may be just so much PR to keep their consumer base in line.

When is this sh*t gonna end?

Mr. Rational said...

Is there at least a haiku in this somewhere?

Tuskegee Airmen
Help to bomb the Nazi horde
Back home, bomb Detroit.

Jay Santos said...

I too have a dream. A dream where all the endless, nonsensical puffery of black achievements will cease. A dream where the world will return to even a fractional sanity. A world where every movie no longer must have a negro as the lovable protagonist and a cruel, hate-filled white person as the villain. I dream of a world where major retailers don't axiomatically chose a negro as their trust worthy spokesperson. A world where every college decides it unnecessary to pander to the tiny minority of their students whose skin happens to be black. A world where every single goddamn news event is somehow twisted to reflect blackness by the lunatics in the media. This is my dream. What's yours?

Anonymous said...

I looked into the Tuskegee Airmen P-51 Kill ratio awhile back. As far as I could learn, they had about a 1:1 ratio of kills to losses in air-to-air combat, while the overall USAAF average P-51 kill ratio against the Luftwaffe was about 6:1.

And by mid '44 when the TAM got their P-51's, the Luftwaffe was only a shadow of its former self.

Anonymous said...

That is just hilarious! Hey homies, show us how to be dope!

Anonymous said...

@ 2:10 PM,

Hillarious!! Although we both know it wasn't meant to be funny.

homophobe said...

would you feel the same way if it's about wommin's herstory or gay/lesbian history? i.e famous women or gays

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when business go 365Black:

The used to be a nice mall on the West side of Indianapolis, It started going down hill years ago as the climate changed.

PDK said...

I don't do WalMart unless I have, I choose to support the compition. I call WalMart the unfriend of the consumer.

Of course they have a reputation as being the cheapest store in town, so you will find plenty of Mexicans there.

Yes sir, waffle the smell of bargain under the nose of a brown and he'll follow you right off a cliff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good got damn.

Let them Have 'Wally world'...the whole disorganized mess is worthy of a black run 'mart'.

I avoid Wal-mart like the plague. It's so effin' disorganized. You have a whole section devoted to 'groceries', then you have 'clothing', and electronics etc. Fred Meyer did all that on a smaller scale and it's still annoying as f*CK.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they're doing this because they realize that their sales are doing poorly. But fuck them either way.

Anonymous said...

Black history Munf? Please! If I want mythology, Greek mythology is far more entertaining as is Greek history and accomplishments.
What have the niggers accomplished in the past two thousand years other than proving themselves parasites and a burden upon the world?
All this black history munf crap is just so Shitniqua and Dontavious can walk around with their noses in the air thinking they're more than just a failed sub human species with no history worth mentioning. They rely on black invention myths, lies and claims of accomplishments that never happened.
Black history is a mud hut and cow piss showers, witch doctors and savagery.

Jim said...

Anonymous said...
The thing that is so exasperating about programs like this is: what is America getting in return?

It's not what America is getting in return, it is what Walmart is getting in return.

This entire program by Walmart is to pretend the company really gives a rat's ass about black history. Actually, it is sucking up to a large customer base. God bless Capitalism.

Anonymous said...

The only black history I ever want to see goes like this:

There used to be blacks.

Now they are history.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...
The only black history I ever want to see goes like this:

There used to be blacks.

Now they are history.

There used to be 19th century tractors.

Now they are gone.

Anonymous said...

To be able to secede from this excuse of a country peacefully.

White Mom

Anonymous said...

Getting more blacks into Walmart doesn't sound like a profitable strategy to me. Or maybe the ad is just Walmart kissing 0bama's butt again.

All this talk about the Tuskegee airmen got me thinking - why didn't those men come back from WW2 and teach other blacks the valuable, marketable skill of flying an airplane? Surely those guys could have found a rich, white, liberal sap to fund a little post-war air school somewhere. And did any of the Tuskegee guys build a lucrative career from their valuable experience because lots of white guys did.

I think all this overblown talk about blacks achievements just makes them unhappy because it leads whites to have unrealistic expectations of blacks. The country would be better off if we brought back our simple manufacturing jobs and cut off welfare. The lower IQ crowd would get real hungry and then have a job they could actually accomplish that paid them just enough for the necessities. Blacks seemed much happier when they had to work hard just to stay fed or maybe they were just too tired to cause trouble. Either way it's better for America.

JB said...


Another one for the record books. Keep it going.

Seems to be a lot of venting from your commentators. Like people are reeeeaaaly getting angry. Fed up. Exasperated, even.


I resemble that remark.

But anyway, I wonder what kind of long, hot summer we're going to have...

Best to you and yours.

Bogolyubski said...

BRA - a hell that never ends.

This is indeed a horrendous account of life in the "Rainbow nation". You know what the most striking - and depressing - thing about this is? How the majority of whites there still support the regime that is slaughtering them! They would have every moral right to resort to using any means - no matter how ruthless or underhanded - to destroy the regime there and its supporters, whether actual members of the government or foreign bizniss and duranties in situ who prop it up through looting and lies.

Duranties who work for BBC, any Amurikan or EUSSR Ministry of Truth division are soft, perfectly legitimate targets. Other legitimate targets include any police, magistrates, bureaucrats, etc. (though these will have security). All clergy who refuse to acknowledge the genocide are likewise legitimate targets.

Yet there is no resistance - only some whining to official human rights groups who largely laugh in the faces of the victims. Whites there just keep on bending over. Even where it is directly obvious they're being targeted for extermination - they refuse to give up their belief in equality über alles. I seriously doubt there is any comparable documented case of mass insanity in world history. It's not just South Africa (which merely serves as the most dramatic example) but every single white nation on earth (except one - where many of the native appear to be white).

Moondoggie said...

Now that is the kind of Black history I would like to see also !
Great comment. I have a dream.....

Anonymous said...

I take it from the advertisement pic that Negros have now invented knitting?

Anonymous said...

Reading all the comments about the anti-white polices in Europe, Austrailia, South Africa, and of course in the USA, any doubt in anyones mind the plan is to replace and eliminate us? White Liberals do you think you are safe? Aren't you smart enough to see you are being used. We are going to survive and prosper, what about you? Come on I know most of you democrats and independents are not of the looney communist crowd. Time to man up and protect your family and your country before it's too late. You know who you are, just take that first step, you feel so much better getting rid of that guilt trip you have been brainwashed with over time. Things are heating to be of RIGHT side of history. Open your eyes. Thanks

Anonymous said...

And what is walmart getting in return>>>>>>>>>>>Your fat tax and China raffs at us while they sell their tainted garbage to the dumbass, 'poor obese' masses in the USA.

Effin' A! Remember when 'YT GUILT' of days of yore was about the 'starving', hongry chirrens? Now we have hongry, hongry hippos, once able bodied but now riding around in motorized skooooooterz and paying for more "Fatten me up" sheet at the checkout wiff da EBT (and ten chirrens from 8 dif baby daddys...yes, some land whales get laid and WHY they do is beyond thinking).

And, China? Turn up every got dang ting you own and try NOT to find a 'made in China' effing label.

Lock, stock and barrel and right in front of our ever lovin' eyes.

Good grief. I don't even have the energy to cry any longer.

City resident said...

How about a Nobel Prize in medicine for Dr Conrad Murray? He certainly deserves a place in the history of black achievement. Here's a guy who had a total patient load of one person and managed to kill that one patient. That right there demonstrates superior medical skills.

Annie Oakley said...

I refuse to shop at Wal-Mart. I occasionally shop at Target, it seems whiter.

There are plenty of places to shop that are far safer and whiter.

For example, I go to Bed Bath and Beyond. Many of the kitchen items I need is the same price there and nicer staff.

We just went to one the other night. Only one negro in the entire store and it was an older negress. Their staff is polite. Plus with their 20% coupon you save money.

Costco is another store that is mostly a white clientele. It appears Sam's club caters to the negroes. If you go to Costco early am, you'll either see business shoppers or older whites. At night about an hour before closing time, it's mostly white.

There is a restaurant supply store here in our town that just opened a while back. During the day it's all restaurant owners (mostly white or Asian). At night mostly older whites. The place is immaculate and the store personnel and management are the ultimate professional.

Last but not all least Amazon. I've been buying from them for years. Many times, no shipping. Just click and in one week, your product is at your doorstep. No dealing with grand mal chimpouts, beggars asking for money outside, screaming Mestizo children or any other type of nuisance.

No, I don't work for any of these companies. But in BRA you must adapt or you'll go nuts.

Anonymous said...

off topic...harlem

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes black history, such accomplishments! Speaking of firsts, lets explore the first black male student at the formally all female Peace College in Raleigh, NC. This college was so desperate to please BRA, they must've forgot the backround check. Oops! Be sure to read the comments.

Same thing happened at UNCW several years ago. In the new super liberal Chancellor's rush to add students for bigger budgets, they let a black over-aged freshmen in, with MANY red flags, who killed a White girl, then raped her, then called her father to tell him about it. All on the last day of class!? Thank God that he "fell" 10 stories while handcuffed shortly after. Wilmington doesnt mess aroud.

Thanks for everything you do Paul, hope site traffic is record high. And to all the other posters. PDK, you sir, are the man!

White Mom, keep it up. Stop by good ol NC sometime. You dont have a sister do you?? All joking aside, best of luck and thank you for your contributions!

-Proud North Carolinian

Anonymous said...

Here are some links to that heinous murder at UNCW. I was a student there at the time. Eve Carson would suffer a similar fate, and there are many others unfortunately.

-Proud North Carolinian

Anonymous said...

Why don't they change it up a bit and use the 761st for once? there were other segregated black units for them to choose from.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this would be of any use as inspiration for an article, but Wisconsin is apparently making inner city school volunteers wear "white bands" as a reminder of their alleged "white privilege".

Anonymous said...

businesses pander almost as bad as universities. they're on the pander-bandwagon (panderwagon). bank ATM's take hours from our lives over the years thru the extra 30 secs clicking for Spanish or English. we give & give for vibrant diversity & what we get is higher taxes, more crime & less freedom & opportunity (except maybe to fleece the blacks, a la walmart).
Loved the haikus, gentlemen.
& Jay Santos's dream should be written on statues & disseminated far & wide. It is a great dream.

Anonymous said...

I live in australia. We dont have wally world. But often when i do go to the mall you see no blacks. You might see thousands of people and no blacks. Indians yes, asians yes, arabs yes.but for the most part its 90% white.

10mm AUTO said...

Reddened Rump in Wind

Far below Buildings crumble

A Baboon can fly

Pat Boyle said...

The standard Black History explanation was that the racist whites assumed that blacks couldn't fly very well. That's probably true. Racial prejudice does occur. For example there were some whites who were sure that blacks couldn't play basketball as well as the Jews who had dominated the early leagues. They were wrong. Blacks are of course real good at basketball. Hitler thought that blacks couldn't run as fast as Aryans. If he actually thought that, he was very, very wrong.

So I'm sure there were many whites who were convinced that blacks couldn't fly.
Is there any reason to believe that blacks by virtue of their racial characteristics are generally less well fitted to be fighter pilots? Yes and no.

I can't be a fighter pilot because I wear glasses. But I believe blacks have better eyes than whites not worse. By my quick calculation 46% of white Americans have myopia while only 38% of blacks do. This shouldn't be too surprising when you consider that myopia is correlated with IQ. You would expect lower IQ blacks to have to wear glasses less frequently.

Could it be that blacks have slower reflexes? This is a tricky one. Blacks obviously have good major muscle group reflexes. This allows them to have excellent batting averages. But blacks have worse reaction times than higher IQ whites and Asians. Reaction times are also correlated with IQ.

There are other specific fighter pilot skills which seems to involve the ability to track objects in three dimensions. I don't have this ability. That's probably why I can't hit a damn skeet either. Are blacks better or worse at this specific skill? Don't know. My guess is that there is no racial difference.

There is one last quality that a fighter pilot needs - heart. Not just anyone can routinely engage in a duel to the death everyday at work. You have to be very brave and very aggressive.

Are there differences in bravery among the races? Probably yes.

John Masters the famous novelist was a WWII commander in the Pacific theater. He once said "the average Japanese soldier would be a Medal of honor winner if he were on our side". The Japanese fought to the last man on many islands. They seemed to have been personally braver than Americans. But our side had plenty of heroes too. Many British units fought to the last man and both the Germans and the Soviets refused to retreat at Stalingrad and Kursk. Americans also refused to step back at Omaha Beach. In any case there was more than enough personal bravery from members of the advanced races.

How about the blacks? Anecdotally black Africans are cowardly. During the colonial wars the blacks used to drive up to the battlefield in reverse. They wanted to be able to retreat faster.

It isn't just level of civilization. Stories about primitive whites include berserkers and Vikings. In general the more primitive the whites the more fierce their warriors. Just the opposite seems true of Africans. Before Shaka, the Zulu just made ineffective gestures at each other in warfare.

Victor Davis Hanson has a number of books on the 'Western Way of War' by which he means the European or white race way of war. Since the time of the Greek hoplites Europeans face forward and fight their enemies directly. They look them in the eye and stab them in the belly. Bravery matters. We need some solid research on racial differences in courage but for now in our collective ignorance I'll have to conclude that blacks are the least brave of the major races.

So were the Tuskegee Airmen brave enough? Maybe not. As I wrote last week, after the operational orders changed and our P-51 fighter groups were told to engage the Luftwaffe directly, the black Tuskegee Airmen were the least successful group fighter group. They persisted in the close escort role even after Doolittle reversed priorities. There is a case to be made that the black Tuskegee Airmen were reluctant to engage the Nazi fighters because they weren't brave enough.


Don M said...

Anonymous said...
"...White Liberals do you think you are safe? Aren't you smart enough to see you are being used. We are going to survive and prosper, what about you? Come on I know most of you democrats and independents are not of the looney communist crowd. Time to man up and protect your family and your country before it's too late..."

They're not going to wake up, Anon. These are the ones that even when 'Murrika' turns into South Africa will still be looking towards that racial utopia, always just over the horizon.

Even more frustrating are the Conservatards who believe that voting for CONservatism Inc-sters is going to save their hind ends. Do a little sparring with any of them on their sites and you will quickly see what a lost cause they are.

Here is the issue, though. The brain dead White Liberal Zombies are just OPFOR, same as the groids, simple as that. The Conservatards will purport to be on our side as times get tougher, but will in fact constitute a corrosive fifth column among racial realists.

Anonymous said...

I was in Wal-Mart (China-Mart) last night to buy 2 cheap fishing rigs for my 2 little brats (which I love to death), but I know they will break or lose them in a week.

What a pig pen. First, I thought I was in Mexico and was surrounded by Aztecs. I think my kids and I were the only white people in the building.

Stuff was everywhere. Looks like they have nobody to put things back, or the Mayans were trashing the place faster than the few working whites could clean it up............typical.

And this was at 6 pm last night. Not like it was 2 in the morning.

I am glad now that we have all these Wal-Marts. The Mexicanos and Africans go there. That leaves Target to us whites. They will go to save 5 cents. I'll gladly pay $5 more to avoid the people of color.

Wal-Mart is going to die. They can't raise prices. They can't get people to work there and I'm sure the shop-lifting must be outrageous with all those people who go there and are entitled.

Anonymous said...

No surprise, on Vista:

Anonymous said...
= Wisconsin is apparently making inner city school volunteers wear "white bands" as a reminder of their alleged "white privilege".


So CAL Snowman said...

Black History Month and Black History in general is NOT for black people, it's for us evil White devils. You really think the average black "hoonah" student gives two shits about Thurgood Marshall or George Carver? No, black history is all about guilt tripping Whites into believing that our racism and oppression kept blacks from achieving greatness. It's nothing but pure propaganda from the Ministry of Truth reinforcing the ingrained beliefs of the "equality" of man. I expect sometime in the future if the USA is still functioning as a third world Marxist dictatorship, that we will see Latino History Month and Asian History Month.

Pat said :

"So I'm sure there were many whites who were convinced that blacks couldn't fly.
Is there any reason to believe that blacks by virtue of their racial characteristics are generally less well fitted to be fighter pilots? Yes and no."

For one thing they never invented airplanes nor ANYTHING MECHANICAL (in africa) so that would seem to indicate that their brains do not have the aptitude for this type of activity. I would think that having a basic understanding of the principles of flight and aviation mechanics would be necessary to become a fighter pilot. Furthermore fighter pilots fly in squadrons with specific orders and tactics. This requires the ability to function cohesively as a group and the ability to obey orders, (no air chimp outs). Dog fighting (in WW2) required an intelligent mind that understood attack angles, correct air speeds for said attack angles, proper evasive techniques, etc. Fast reflexes and good eyesight will only do so much against an extremely intelligent and skilled enemy pilot. Just about any asshole can be taught how to take off and land a plane, not just any asshole can competently engage in air to air and air to ground combat.

Anonymous said...

I haven't shopped at Chinamart in over 5 years. Got a gift card one xmas and used it at the wallyworld gas station. China has probably made enough tanks, guns, missiles, ships, aircraft and uniforms off all the dimble dumbfucks who shop there.

So CAL Snowman said...

Anonymous said :

"I am glad now that we have all these Wal-Marts. The Mexicanos and Africans go there. That leaves Target to us whites. They will go to save 5 cents. I'll gladly pay $5 more to avoid the people of color."

I had to burst out laughing when I read that. Where do you live good sir? Here in CA, the mestizo invading hordes have completely taken over each and every Target in the state. If you are White in CA and need to go to a big box store for something, you feel like you are in a third world country every single time. Your precious Target is safe . . . for now.

Anonymous said...

Let the groids have Wally World.

The "food" sections of their "superstores" are loaded with GMO cereals, growth-hormone-soaked, factory farmed meats pressed into yard-long tubes of fat, gristle, and pink slime; HFCS laced junk foods dripping with MSG; and other horrific (and brain chemistry altering) culinary delights that are provided courtesy of big-agra and its supposed Murkin-government appointed "watchdogs," who are actually on its payroll.

Murkin "food," as exemplified by the fare to be found at Wally-World, is as frankensteinian and UGLY as Murka itself. Let the groids feast on it so there will be fewer of them to bear arms when the regime goes for end game and full-blown white genocide.

Anonymous said...

Murder is bad, but racism is worse!!!

Dan said...

The Huscarls fought to the bitter end at Hastings. Stamford Bridge was also an all or nothing killing.

With the Zulu at Islandwana we saw a battalion of whites stand against 10,000-14,000 savages. They all fought to the end and inflicted so much damage that the Zulu were finished.

wyatt mann said...,_Science,_Literature,_and_the_Liberal_Arts

Anonymous said...

Don M, I am just trying to goad them into a response or at least get them thinking for a change. I think we have a chance to change a large segment due to what we read on this site. They all can't be blind forever. Some are just lost in the wilderness democrats that don't realize what they are doing. And yes I agree we have too many so-called conservatives willing to sell us out when the times get tough. Like right now with those little sissy's,turn coat mccain and graham.

As for the socialist-communist liberals, F them. They are a lost cause and we all know it. I hate them with a passion that burns within me everyday because their actions are destroying western civilization as we know it. DTAL

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but wow, just wow, no responsibility here, oh pleas help us

Mutant Swarm said...

These people need a HUGE dose of our opinion:

The Race Card Project

Read some of the comments, then fire at will.

Conservative Language Institute of America said...

The first step in taking back the country is to take back the language. He who controls the language controls the debate; he who controls the debate controls the society.

Create conservative memes and slogans. They must be terse, pithy, and rhetorical. Then repeatedly use them to saturate the masses. The intent is to liberate whites from their fear of being considered racist.

- Cultural identification comes from racial identification.
- Evolution does not stop at the neck.
- Whites do not cause black failure, black failure is endemic to blacks.
- Whites owe blacks nothing. (first uttered by Paul Kersey)
- PC and “white-privilege” are leftist thought-control.
-Reality is racist.

Anonymous said...

Here is a black man fighting for your gun rights and freedom. And getting destroyed by the left for doing so.

Mr.Ken said...

More lie "misery teaching misery".

Anonymous said...

Go to Africa and you see black history repeating itself 24/7.

Pat Boyle said...

The Myth that the Tuskegee Airmen had never lost a bomber isn't even the point.

You have to consider the dates and the escort policy.

There was a reason for all those B-17 and B-24 missions. We were trying to clear the skies over Omaha Beach of the Luftwaffe. Roosevelt and Churchill knew the invasion could not succeed if the Germans had air superiority.

The whole operation followed the policy of the Pointblank Directive of July 14,1943. The famous Red Tail Tuskegee Airmen only began to fly P-51s in July 1944 - after D-Day. This was after the point of the campaign (D-Day) was past and almost a year after the height of the conflict.

The three American Air Corps generals, Doolittle, Spaatz, and Anderson changed escort policy in early 1944. In late 1943 we had been in very big trouble in the skies over France. We nearly called off daylight bombing in October 1943 because we were losing so many bombers and fighters. The Nazis were winning.

At that time the policy was for the escort fighters to stay close to the bombers. But in early 1944 we had a different problem. We were bombing the factories but the German fighters would no longer engage our fighters in the air. The Germans tried to preserve their fighter planes and pilots. They increasingly relied on flak for defense against our bombers.

Doolittle and Spaatz wanted the Luftwaffe to come up to challenge our fighters. This would allow us to shoot them down. They decided to attack Berlin to draw them up.

Berlin was not the site of aircraft or ball bearing factories but it was of great psychological value. If we bombed their capitol the Bf-109s and Fw-190s would be forced to defend. And we could shoot them down clearing the skies for D-Day.

So our escort fighters were ordered to not to stay glued to the bombers anymore. The purpose of these raids was now to engage the enemy fighters. Our pilots were told to leave the bombers and pursue the Nazi fighters. Formerly a Nazi could attack a bomber group using up most of its ammunition and fuel. It would then just land and re-equip and launch another attack. After the policy change the American fighters followed the Nazis and destroyed them while landing or on the ground.

During most of this the Tuskegee Airmen were not involved. They did not escort bombers during the height of action in October 1943. They were put into the long range P-51 Mustangs only after the major point of the operation was over.

The Pointblank Directive was a success. The skies over Omaha Beach had been cleared of Nazis. The war entered another phase. Everywhere in Europe the Allies had achieved air superiority. We won the war largely because we first won the air war and the air war was over when the Tuskegee Airmen Red Tails were formed.

The Tuskegee Airmen were put in Mustangs for a mop up operation. The heroic bomber escort missions had been won by white fliers almost a year before black pilots flew. And these black fliers had the worst record at air combat of any American group.

I've posted my references before. Look them up or trust me.


World_War_Me said...

I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is about 50 miles south of BUURRMIN-HAM. Like most folks who participate on this blog, I do my shopping online, so I hardly ever go to my Super Walmart. Last time I was there, it was like walking into Mexico. 60% stocky brown people. That was it for me. Short stocky brown males have no reservations about staring you down. Well, staring me horizontally, since even at 5'2" I am still on the same eye level with them, and even taller at times. I glare back. My sister warned that I'll get shot one day if I keep it up, so I never returned until recently.

I went a couple of weeks ago because the head doctor at the Eye Care Center is a family friend and an excellent eye doctor. Instead of hanging around the waiting room, I went to the books section to buy something to read. The Black History Month display was one whole aisle, back and front. The rest of the fiction, bestsellers, nonfiction, and young readers items was confined to a small side isle, with magazines on the other side. In addition, the tax preparation kiosk was lined up w/ black people. The staff at the registers and at the Eye Care Center was 90% black. I didn't see any mexicans. Thus, perhaps due to Gov. Bentley's stricter immigration laws, this Walmart has gone from mexicanized to ghettoized. Not that I'm complaining about Bentley's immigration policy!

It finally hit me why they built the sparkling new Super Target, the sparkling new Home Depot, and the brand new upper middle class shopping center on the COMPLETE OPPOSITE side of town from the Walmart. How could I have not have seen it before? Also, the one mall that was across the street from the Walmart, referred to by the locals as the "ghetto mall" is mostly empty of stores.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here is a black man fighting for your gun rights and freedom. And getting destroyed by the left for doing so.
March 15, 2013 at 6:22 AM

Well, duh. Nig cops know the real truth and he doesn't even look full nig which is probably why he has two semi-coherent brain cells to rub together.

And, what's with the your gun rights craptasm? It's OUR as in OUR COUNTRY, OUR FREEDOMS or are you some douchebag foreigner poking your nose where it doesn't belong?

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 11:43 a.m. said -

"... are you some douchebag foreigner poking your nose where it doesn't belong?"

Well, I'll put my hand up for the foreigner part, but frankly, I think you need to look a little closer to home for the douchebag.

Is that you, Paul? If not, who appointed you gatekeeper of this blog?

The war we're in is not some provincial skirmish. It's world-wide, and the stakes are racial survival. America is the crucial battleground, but all White people have a stake in the outcome.

If you want to control the guest list, start your own blog. I think you'd find it lonely there.

AnalogMan said...

Paul, I posted a comment about Anon @ 11:43 a.m's hostility and incivility to foreigners posting on this blog. You chose not to publish it. No problem, your blog, your rules. But just so there's no misunderstanding, am I to take it that you agree with him? You prefer foreigners didn't post here? Because I don't force myself in where I'm not wanted. Just say the word, and I'm gone.

Please clarify.