Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Losing is not an Option: The Future of America as Sao Paulo, Brazil

America's future... today. The slums of Sao Paulo, Brazil
The latest Paul Kersey at is a look at the type of climate take will take hold in America if the Amnesty battle is lost.

 If We Lose: America's Dystopian Destiny offers a glimpse into a world where the elite, the ruling oligarchy of such nations as South Africa and in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, are able to protect themselves - and their interests - from the teeming masses outside their heavily armed gates:

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” a.k.a. Amnesty plus Immigration Surge is nothing less than full-out bipartisan assault on the historic American nation —pressed by an Obama Administration determined to Elect a New People; and a Hispanicked Republican Establishment suffering from ADD (Adelson Dollar Disorder), Bush dynastic delusions and/or madness. As “anti-racist” activist Tim Wise notoriously prophesied in the midst of the momentary Conservatism Inc. jubilation after the (Tea Party-fueled) November 2010 mid-term election:

You need to drink up.

And quickly.

And heavily.

Because your time is limited.

Real damned limited.

The clock that reminds you how little time you and yours have left.

Not much more now.

Tick, tock.

Tick, tock.



I know, you think you’ve taken “your country back” with this election—and of course you have always thought it was yours for the taking, cuz that’s what we white folks are bred to believe, that it’s ours, and how dare anyone else say otherwise—but you are wrong.

[An Open Letter to the White Right, On the Occasion of Your Recent, Successful Temper Tantrum,, November3,  2010]

Similarly, after Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment blew the 2012 election. Sam Donaldson gloated to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:
The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was 'We want to take back our country.' Guys, it's not your country anymore— it's our country.

[Sam Donaldson Tells Tea Partiers 'It's Not Your Country Anymore - It's Our Country',, December 24, 2012]

Read the conclusion at VDare to see what a country looks like when Sam Donaldson's class - as he has been nothing more than a mouthpiece of the ruling elite his entire media career - assumes control and scurries behind heavily armed barricades.

You can have a gated community or you can have a country.

It's that simple.

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countenance said...


I want to congratulate you.

When you first started doing SBPDL, you seemed to be a bit insouciant or dismissive of the Hispanic immigration issue. People who are stuck with blacks either don't grok Hispanic immigration as a problem or actually want it, because Hispanics are better than blacks. (Not harder to improve on the lowest common denominator).

However, this post proves that you understand the issue as well as anyone now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that this is off-topic.

Black kid beats white boy to death in Philadelphia school

City resident said...

We've been told for years now that Brazil is a country that's going to be one of the emerging success stories, a country that's destined to join the lineup of first world nations. It would seem logical; the country has lots of natural resources on it's large territory and a sizable number of educated, capable people. The problem is it can't overcome the undertow. The social problems are too great, the underclass is too large. They've resorted to dictatorships and death squads to try to terrorize the underclass yet it's only gotten worse. Kidnapping is a huge cottage industry in places like Rio and elsewhere. Eventually the talented and capable part of the population will decide it can't live like this anymore and jump ship to the US and other countries. Many seem to be doing just that. Sort of like how people here move to the burbs to get away from the undertow, only on an international scale. One lesson is that once things shift in the wrong direction there's no going back; the undertow becomes too strong and too complete for civilization to continue.

Anonymous said...

When blacks take over a city, you wind up with Detoilet/Mogadishu. When hispanics do the same, you wind up with Tijuana and the barrio.
In both cases, the motive is to dispossess the inhabitants that built the city and take control of everything they can.
However, hispanics have the capability to do this on a statewide and even a regional basis through illegal immigration, sky high birth rates and the support of suck up politicians who push for amnesty. Then, of course, you have the open borders/muticultural retards in the mix as well as the "politically correct" who scream racism and xenophobia anytime someone points out the problems inherent in the situation as they ignore the hispanics' racist shouts of La Raza (the race) and their ethnic solidarity of purpose.
As is, Texas is a prime example with 7 out of ten births being to hispanics. Additionally, vast numbers of hispanics feed off of the system (nationally)just as blacks do and all on the taxpayers' dime....or dollar.
The mestizo's that flock to the USA aren't capable of creating a first world environment anymore than blacks are and only replicate the third world environment they came from.
There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. I guess their visions of having mexican restarants to go to, ethnic festivals to attend and mariachi bands to listen to overwhelms their common sense. They wind up with the barrio and MS13 and look around themselves with clueless bovine stupidity asking, "Huh?! Whut happened?"
You happened, you clueless fucktard. That's what happened.

YIH said...

It's going to be interesting in 2016 when the Olympics comes to Brazil. Will the 'die-versity' be sanitized as it was in London last summer?

Anonymous said...

Paul Kersey (nor Charles Bronson) for that matter, did not dislike Jews. It's easy to blame the fall guy, Sheldon Adelson, but judging the disproportion of Jews to the world population, it would be very silly to succumb to the belief that fall men like Adelson are at the top of the hierarchy.

I am disappointed in you... Like all Whites who oppose multiculturalism, I am always enchanted int he begining, posessing the same ideas but about my own people, but then I am let down when I see them stumbling into the same pitfall of Jewish scapegoating.

Anonymous said...

Whirlwinder says:

Americans would not understand that Brazil is a barracded nation. The haves live behind heavily fortified defenses and have armed guards patrolling the parking garages to their high rises. Living in a single family dwelling is an invitation to extinction. The 'favelas' are where the poor live and there is no running water or sewage so the higher up the hill you live, the longer will be your life expectancy. This is coming to America with the socialists/marxists in charge. Viva nuevo America!

Pat Boyle said...

Speaking of dystopian futures, I recently rented the Sci-Fi movie "Dredd". The city of the future which we are encouraged to fear and loath is in fact rather more attractive than your picture of Sao Paulo or Detroit.

You know you are in trouble when the worst vision the writers and producers of a horror movie is more pleasant than reality.


Anonymous said...

chicago is like brazil the rich white libreals live in the loop while getto blacks live in the surring area

Dan said...

Mega City One has some good qualities. The comic strip is a long running classic.

oogaboogaman said...

I will give the blacks this. While the whites who still believe in the gay old pedophile and teabagger parties are holding their little protests, the blacks are robbing the border brothers left and right, who won't go to the police. Just a suggestion nome sayin.

PDK said...

Ahh, Sam Donaldson, he was the one who shortly after the 11/6/2012 election declared, “We’re in control, it’s our turn now”. That is such a typical liberal and Negro mentality. The translation of course, “You guys may have created the goose that lays the golden eggs, but we got her now, and we are going to rip her apart and take what we feel justly belongs to us”. Yes, this is a fair representation of the dementia born out of liberal immaturity, and black stupidity.

Brazil, would that be the same Brazil one Barac Hussein Obama gave 2 billion American taxpayer dollars to that they may now drill for oil in ocean water where we will not let our American capitalist drill? Or would that be the other Brazil, where a year later BHO on a vacation in Brazil, stated to the Brazilians, “We, meaning America, look forward to buying your oil”. BHO, half black, all liberal, and Sam Donaldson’s kind of a guy, an anti-American Messianic socialist and closet Islamic.

“Isn’t a fully enfranchised democracy wonderful” and what would our said FED be without minorities from a more r selective gene pool. That is the type of gene pool that produces quantity over quality, more individuals but with lower IQs. Boy, with their help I’ll bet us evil, non-liberal whites can be shown the path to greatness now, yes I truly do.

A more r selective gene pool favors quantity over quality. That is, it will produce more in number but will do so at the expense of a higher IQ. On the other side, a more k selective gene pool will produce a higher IQed individual, but will do so at the expense of numbers reproduced.

This is an extremely crucial reality to understand because when the two different gene pools come into contact and live in close proximity nature’s equilibrium is distorted.

For whites and the white more k selective gene pool, quantity of numbers is not as important to survival because quality of a higher IQ maintains the survival rate. Conversely, for the blacks and browns, born of a more r selective gene pool it is the quantity of numbers that maintains the survival rates by trading shorter life spans, born of lower IQs, for greater reproductive rates.

Long before Rudyard Kipling’s 1899 poem, the idea of the white man’s burden was brewing in the minds of liberals. The burden itself is the caretaker’s responsibility, whereby whites take responsibility to care for the lower sub-species of humans. This opposed the nature of life where a superior species or sub-species displaces the other, resulting in one species only.

Because blacks and browns, which in contact with whites should have been outcompeted into extinction, are cared for by whites, their population demographics change. They still out reproduce whites, but they no longer die off at the appropriate earlier age. This is very dangerous for whites. I believe we should even allow Africans to starve to death, as cruel as that may sound, because that is the way of their nature in equilibrium.

In America, I have noticed over the years that blacks have hovered around the 13% number since the civil war. I believe blacks intuit themselves as parasites that must not kill the host but rather must parasitizes the host appropriately until they merge their gene pool with the hosts, which would be the white gene pool, right Kim K?

Ever since Roe vs Wade, abortion has kept the black 13% solution in its proper place.

However, since the liberal/democrats will not allow America’s southern border to be protected as they agreed with the Simpson/Mizzolli Act of 1986, the browns are invading and increasing the parasitation of whites above the 13% solution, very dangerous territory.

Ultimately a single gene pool, combining the black, brown and white, is targeted. They get plenty of positives, we only get negatives, and therefore I hope we remove ourselves from this “hellhole” of white liberal, black and brown people’s creation before it’s too late. Thank you.

Jay Santos said...

Good article PK. The immigration situation is just simply national suicide. America does have a future, a future as a kind of chillier Mexico with skies full of DHS drones.

What has made it more difficult to reverse has been the sheer number of interest groups, sometimes with very dissimilar motivations, but all resulting in huge waves of non-Eupropeans. Consider Minnesota with a black population of 21.1%, where I understand the majority of that 21% have been brought from Somalia. Church groups behind that one, with other for profit players involved in scamming Federal funds. So you have a weird complex mix of altruism, greed, incompetence and attempts to consolidate political power driving the whole nightmare.

It will not end well.

Dissident said...

Actor Adam Carolla calls the liberal progressive out in this exchange. Listen to the Lt Gov. as he tries to sidestep the real issues with typical liberal rhetoric and talking points. Carolla explicity mentions race as an issue.

Adam Carolla takedown of liberal California Lt. Governor.

Anonymous said...

OT International News:

Black socialist pope to follow black socialist president?

"Turkson, who is from Ghana, has taken “social justice” to the global level, arguing for a “global financial authority” to solve the world’s economic problems.

For this reason, left-wing “progressives” backing Obama hope Turkson will be the next pope and use the Vatican in a global campaign against capitalism."

Is he the last pope before the end?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Adam Corolla vs. Gavin Newsom, Lt. Gov. CA

More whites need to have these conversations with stupid liberals!!

"Why are blacks and hispanics more likely to use check cashing places...yada yada yada....."

LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this article. I have been screaming about what is coming since I was a child, now what I knew was coming is materializing before our eyes.

Where the FUCK are the lefty environmentalists on what this third world flood means to America and the west? Their whole movement was BULLSHIT.

The reality is that even the third world scum who are flooding in will be no better off here than the hellholes they have fled--and we certainly will be entering a living hell of an existence, if you can call such misery existence at all. They are doing one hell of a job turning our once fair land into a cesspool of nightmarish proprtions.

It's exactly like "The Camp of the Saints" but far worse, because it's fucking really happening live in 3D NOW and not in the pages of some dystopic work of fiction.

Anonymous said...

Bush isn't delusional, this will benefit the Bush family. Everyone else on the other hand, not so much.

Anonymous said...

"I believe blacks intuit themselves as parasites that must not kill the host but rather must parasitizes the host appropriately until they merge their gene pool with the hosts, which would be the white gene pool, right Kim K?" - Look at the actual numbers, and not the percentages. holding their percentage steady was a monumental undertaking in the face of the largest demographic shift in history.

"Where the FUCK are the lefty environmentalists on what this third world flood means to America and the west? " - Green on the outside, red on the inside.

Bogolyubski said...

Where the FUCK are the lefty environmentalists on what this third world flood means to America and the west? Their whole movement was BULLSHIT.

They're in the pocket of the squids, of course. Go to VDARE and look up the story of the Sierra Club's abrupt transition from being neutral and slightly opposed to mass immigration to being wild-eyed advocates of open borders. All it took was a donation in the tens of millions from some squid in charge of a hedge fund.

Mexican cartels have been despoiling the "protected" sequoia groves of Northern CA with pot farms and meth labs for a decade. The DWL lefty enviros have been quite silent about it, naturally, just as they were largely mute about the massive-scale pollution which went on in communist states. DWL "greens" are really just watermelons. Green on the outside and red on the inside. Like every other leftist movement, the supposed objective of environmentalism is really a lie - merely a cover for the real objective.

Whiskey said...

Its already too late, all across the Western World.

Capital (think big service type industries like Tyson's Chicken, Chipotle, Wal-Mart) want dirt cheap labor. Most societies are failures because of corruption, unwillingness to cooperate, violence, brutal oligarch rule, anti-education attitudes, etc. Mexico is dead last among OECD countries in per-capita book consumption. It has the worst outcomes per student for literacy and general knowledge.

Hence an endless supply of dirt cheap labor to supply Chipotle and do the dirty, dangerous work of chicken slaughtering for Tysons. All at substandard wages and safety measures.

Meanwhile those with hereditary positions can get even more "clients" to serve profitably with more money created out of thin air to be social workers, "advocates" and so on for the very, very poor. Who increase all the time.

Liberals get easy vote harvests, and get to drown middle class Whites who insist on honesty, small government, non-enrichment in government service, and the like in a sea of Black and Brown faces.

This happens even in places with almost no Jews and certainly no Jews with influence, and heavy anti-Jewish feeling (Scandinavia, Spain, Iceland).

This process is a function of the growth of the state and semi-hereditary positions within it and allied organizations: NGOs, crony capitalist Fortune 500 companies, the media, and the like. In Mexico teaching is a hereditary position, if your heirs don't want to teach they can auction off the position. Really.

All this is at heart is the age-old problem of aristocracy or oligarchy. Stripped of Red Symbolism, there is not much difference between Fidel or Hugo and say, Pepin the Short or Theobald the First.

The White Middle class poses an existential threat to hereditary government/media/NGO/Corporatistan, so it must go to save the Colors of Benetton. That's all it is.

Anonymous said...

Similar pundits gloated when Hitler took over. "It's OUR country now!" And where are they today? How does history remember them? Are they not Quislings? Keep that in mind.

Whiskey said...


Because the millions and millions of people already here are not going to be thrown out, and their relatives WILL come here, America as a nation is already lost. Over. Dead. Done.

As dead as the Roman Empire in the West was when Alaric sacked Rome in 410.

We won't secure the borders, certainly not with Obama as President. So we can expect a few 20 million or more Mexican immigrants to come in in the next few years.

Subconsciously this is what those Doomsday Preppers are all about; they know it. As do the makers of Zombie, Plague,and other movies.

The question is, to what extent can ordinary people do to stop this? The answer is nothing. But they can prepare for the aftermath.

Gated communities can survive for a while. At least. And that's something. Ordinary people lack the numbers, the power, and the money to effect real change. Any more than anyone could challenge the corrupt, inept, and autocratic Emperors of the late Roman Empire.

As for Dredd, the whole point is that the place is a horror, to the degree in which a guy like Dredd is needed. That total fascism is required in a multicultural environment, in which nothing green grows and people live in giant urban towers that are remarkably ugly and run by gangs, where the Judges respond to only 6% of all murder calls.

The one good point about America is the land. We have more of it, and many places are too cold, with too few urban areas, to appeal to the Mexodus.

Anonymous said...

Not all of the white race realists are like that. But I agree that a disappointingly large proportion of otherwise apparently sane, intelligent individuals in the race realist movement appear to have adopted their ideas about Jews directly from Mein Kampf.

Don M said...

Anonymous, thanks for mentioning "Camp of the Saints" This book had an enormous impact on me. You can read an English translation here for free and it is a fantastic read.

I found it amazing how prescient the writer was. It was written almost 40 years ago and yet the descriptions of the Leftists and Liberals is so perfect they could have been penned yesterday.

The wife is beginning to push to have children. We are both nearing the upper limit of where that is feasible. I know White Mom in Turdville would say go for it, but the thought of bringing a child into a world-wide Sao Paulo fills me with a deep depression. How would anyone enjoy growing up and living in an environment where they were a reviled minority and blamed for every social ill?

I won't spoil the ending for those who haven't read "Camp". Suffice it to say that the protagonists meet their fate gallantly, laughing and joking amongst each other. They make their stand as men of the West, at the end of history and gleefully flip the bird to the slobbering communist horde.

I don't know. At this point, maybe that is the best outcome we can hope for.

Anonymous said...

There are already large barrio shanty towns without running water or other city services in parts of Texas and elsewhere in the Southwest. The favelas are already here. They're just not acknowledged or talked about because their existence state propaganda and the delusions of the liberals who control the American public dialogue about our wonderful new multicultural America.

Funny how life for the elites in Brazil sounds quite a bit like the life of whites in the progressive new Rainbow Nation of South Africa, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Bazinga!!! Incidentally, I've lived in the Oakland Hills myself. I have less than fond memories of falling asleep every night of the year to the sound of far-off gunshots echoing over the Flatlands. I don't imagine anything has changed.

A friend of mine who used to live near UC Berkeley once came home to find an expended bullet sitting on her kitchen's window sill. It had had just enough momentum left to make a small hole in the window pane and come to rest at the edge of the sill from wherever it had been fired from. Naturally, bullets coming through windows is such a relatively common event in the Oakland-Berkeley area that she didn't bother calling the police.

Hope and Change! Progress! Forward!

Anonymous said...

Which is why I got licensed in the Dakotas and trying for Wyoming.

Cold , remote, mountains. May try Salt Lake city too

White Mom in Turdville

Anonymous said...

Minnesota has a black population of 21% now? Good God, that's horrible! I had no idea it was getting that bad. I guess I won't bother going back there to see the places where our family used to live. I'd probably be heartbroken.

It was always understood among Mid-Westerners that parts of Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio were black ghetto hellholes, but never, ever Minnesota. Minnesota was the pristine and unpolluted Great White North, it was Norman Rockwell's America, it was almost a kind of geographical picture postcard of safe, quiet communities and sturdy Scandinavian farmers.

I hate America 2.0.

Anonymous said...

He'll probably be the last Pope before the end of the Catholic Church, at least.

Anonymous said...

And to add insult to injury, our liberal betters keep telling us that this nightmare represents progress and moving forward, a vast improvement over our benighted past, and then scream down anyone not completely blind to reality who tries to point out that we are in serious trouble.

America has gone insane.

Bogolyubski said...

I find it interesting that the oligarchs in Brazil like to fly choppers to work and shop. Apart form the armored types used by militaries, choppers are not impossible to bring down even with the humble AK-47 (as we found out the hard way in Vietnam). Those inside one which goes down aren't too likely to survive either, even less likely if they happen to go down in one of the slums they fly over. The oligs there must have an operating agreement with the local gangs.

Anonymous said...

Don't think like that. Your kids won't be surfs. Right now my son goes to a diverse school as this neighborhood in DC is turning over to white...DC is losing blacks and Hispanics BUT it is getting really expensive. Anyway, that's what the elite, the squids, and other Libtards want for everyday whites to do,,,die out. Well my genes aren't dying thank you. I laid it out at my kid's school at the beginning of the year with his teachers and classmates that he will not be bullied. People thought me crazy but I did not care. Your kids will motivate you in ways that would never dream of. Kids bring hope and optimism. My kids keep me going and fighting. If I did not have them I would not know what to do. Have your kids and network with other like minded parents. You are alone and this site shows you that.

White Mom in the District of Craptopia

Anonymous said...

Paul's article mentions that police stations in the Rainbow Nation of South Africa are now protected by private security firms. Well, small world: the same is true of police stations in Muslim immigrant areas of Sweden. Otherwise, the stations and police cars would be attacked and destroyed by local residents. At least two of them have already been bombed.

You would think that the fact that even police officers are no longer safe inside their own stations in our new rainbow utopias of equality and social justice would be one more warning sign to us of the dangers posed by mmulticulturalism. But then, you wouldn't be a liberal, would you?

PioneerPreppy said...

It's a race. One thing has always kept the Northern White tribes above all others and that was the climate. No time in the past have the Southern Blacks and Browns ever wished to colonize the Northern Latitudes until cheap fossil fuels allowed it. Whenever they pushed too far North they always got defeated even when numbers told victory was assured. Some of that was IQ, leadership and the White ability to cooperate etc. but a huge chunk was simple climate.

You will never see shanties such as you have pictured in Northern Climes. Ghettos certainly, but poor housing costs infinitely more in energy and resources the further North one goes. As our available cheap energy declines so will this mass colonization as Northern Liberals will not be able to fund such places.

Whites just need to survive until nature turns the tide for us but that doesn't mean it is a sure thing so we need to help her all we can until then balance is returned.

Jay Santos said...

Dissident said...

Adam Carolla's takedown of liberal California Lt. Governor.

The future sure does look bleak. But at least we have Carolla, Rand, Sessions and PK.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure about your last paragraph, Whiskey. I was in Alaska a few years ago, and was shocked and dismayed to notice large numbers of obvious illegal alien Mexicans working in the local hotels, restaurants, and fishing industry even up there. (!!!)

They're everywhere now. Wherever America is, there they are too. And their numbers are growing exponentially even as we speak. It's over. The liberals who control our political process now will never allow us to roll back the tide, or slow it down. America is toast.

Personally, I'm looking to marry a Canadian and get the hell out of here before it's too late. I've heard that Canada doesn't take crap from illegal aliens, and I hope that this claim is true.

Anonymous said...

I've mentioned this before, but I've always wondered if the decaying Roman Empire was full of DRLs (disingenuous Roman Liberals) who kept telling everyone, largely successfully, that the accelerating rot and decay were actually progressive and forward-looking trends for social justice and human equality.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me. Meant to say that this site shows you that you are not alone.

White Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Paul. What you do is damned important. You must know that, though.

rjp said...

Anonymous March 6, 2013 at 4:01 PM said...

I've heard that Canada doesn't take crap from illegal aliens, and I hope that this claim is true.

You've been lied to.

PDK said...

The Mexicans believe they will inherit the Earth. In America, a leading Mexican organization is La Raza, that means the race.

Many Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal, are turned from bettering their lives as new Americans to participation in La Raza, and other organizations pursuing the reconquista of 9 American SW states. They now have the numbers in California.

These people are pursuing the mythical Aztland. Because of white liberals, Mexicans just may achieve what would otherwise be, illusion.

Our white gene pool is under attack. It is our most precious and valuable resource.

Think secession for non-liberal whites only, America herself is already the proverbial, dead man walking. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to inject some hope here because things do seem bleak, but this time too shall pass and we will survive because we are smart and savvy. I have to believe this. We feel hopeless because we feel out of control but you all have to begin to go rogue in your thinking. Stop buying into the system and stop being doomsday. I have complete faith that we will prevail. I would be interested in learning more about the progress with the county in Georgia that is thinking of seceding from Atlanta. From that we begin to carve a blueprint for action regarding secession.

Gayle said...

Because you can't have too much of a good thing:

Birmingham City Council committee endorses city-wide human rights commission

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A Birmingham City Council committee this afternoon endorsed a proposal to create a city-wide human rights commission to address discrimination in employment, housing and accommodations.

The proposed commission would investigate complaints of violations of human rights, report to the City Council and make recommendations.

Anti-discrimination rules would be expanded to include "but not limited to, discrimination by reason of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, disability, source of income, and place of residence or business."

The ordinance was endorsed by the Human Rights Task Force, which includes Equality Alabama, PFLAG of Birmingham, Birmingham Peace Project and other groups.

Mr. Rational said...

Where the FUCK are the lefty environmentalists on what this third world flood means to America and the west? Their whole movement was BULLSHIT.

The Sierra Club and other organizations were anti-immigration and pro-ZPG during their early years.  It's only recently that they've been bought off by big-money, pro-third-world-immigration interests.  David Gelbaum is reported to have the Sierra Club by the financial short hairs.  There was a battle for the leadership of the SC some years ago on just this issue, and the anti-immigration faction lost and was purged.  The dissidents can be found at (Sierrans for US Population Stabilization).

Don't mistake the organizations for the ethic.  Real environmentalists are still anti-immigration, and there are a lot of them (including myself).  I am not a member of the Sierra Club.

10mm AUTO said...

Don M. Said:

"I don't know. At this point, maybe that is the best outcome we can hope for.

March 6, 2013 at 3:03 PM"

Don, don't give up! Come up to the NorthWest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) and have those KIDS! As a father of 4 boys I can tell you that they are the hope and the motivation to make it all better. Don't Wait! Look into some option like the Northwest Imperative or Northwest Front for information and support. There is nothing truer than the fact that things get bent out of shape and the people have to set them aright. Just because White Flight was a delaying tactic and it is nearly burned out does not mean you should give up. Choose your fate, don't die on the vine, killing the endless generations of grand children and great grand children who want to BE and will never exist unless you want it to be true. There are millions of us and more waking up every day. What started as a trickle has become a wave and will build to a Tsunami. Don't let the bastards win just on propaganda. FIGHT NORTHMAN!

"Hold your ground, hold your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of woes and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you Stand, Men of the West!"

Anonymous said...

Going back to an environment where climate decides all would first require the complete destruction of the technology and civilization that we have spent the last thousand years developing. Either way, the mud people and their liberal enablers will have won.

Anonymous said...

So typical. They can't create jobs, stability, or prosperity, buy by god can they crank out those spurious "human rights." Which, of course, will only be enforced against whites, because blacks are the most intolerant and bigoted people on the face of the earth.

Birmingham is the future of America writ small.

Jim said...

I would like to address two comments posted.

1: According to the US Census, there are 5.4% blacks in Minnesota, not 21% as stated in a comment. BUT, when I saw videos of the black riot in the Mall of America, where in the f**k did all of those Negros come from in a state with a 5.4% population of toads? We're they bused in from other parts of the country?

2. Who gives a crap who the next Pope will be? I am as concerned about that as I am about who will be the next King or Queen of England.

Regarding the Cardinal from Africa being elected
Pope, I am not too concerned. Many African Catholic priests integrate a form of Voodoo and other Afrocentric customs into their practice of Catholicism. Sound familiar? See Haiti.

This, plus all of the other BS regarding the Church is why I consider myself a former Catholic.

Don M said...

Thanks for the inspirational comments everyone.

God, I hope that someday soon the 60 year Negro Uplift Project and the Squid funded, Gay Ol' Pedo sponsored "Invade the World-Invite the World" policies will be regarded periods of national madness, a la Prohibition...

Won't be holding my breath, though.

Jay Santos said...

Jim said...
I would like to address two comments posted.

1: According to the US Census, there are 5.4% blacks in Minnesota, not 21% as stated in a comment.

Yea, that's my mistake. I looked at google summary and think I took a number expressing % of MN immigrants that are black, which was listed at 21.1%.

Nevertheless, the % of blacks in MN is greatly influenced by the Somalis that are being seeded into that state for reasons that no thinking person could comprehend.

Moondoggie said...

The eradication of the white middle class in all western countries is the goal of the leftist-liberal communists. You can't have world government without destroying the white middle class. That is why all this suicidal "stuff" is happening. Whiskey is absolutely correct. Amen. The liberals are in reality totalitarians. They strive for a dictorship to take hold. If you have liberal friends or family shun them. They are your enemy. The funny thing is most of them are just useful idiots, not knowing they are to be used and then abused after the dictators come to full power. Such mindless fools. We are actually seeing suicide in progress. We are trying to save them but, they are too brainwashed to see, that they too will be destroyed. If you are a man and especially a white man and you are a liberal, a special hell is awaiting you comrade.

As the white kid said to Cam Newton...." I am just warming up my arm"

How many of you need to be warming up your arm?

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Sao Paolo looks like the megaslums of Africa with taller buildings at the center of town. What a disaster. Coming to America!

Tired in Ohio said...

Moondoggiw said; "If you have liberal friends or family shun them. They are your enemy."

Truer words could not have been spoken. If you know any lib, disengage from any dealings with them. I've went so far as to quit providing services to anyone with this poitical belief, and I sure as hell won't do business in their establishments. The ARE the enemy.

Tired in Ohio said...

Moondoggiw said; "If you have liberal friends or family shun them. They are your enemy."

Truer words could not have been spoken. If you know any lib, disengage from any dealings with them. I've went so far as to quit providing services to anyone with this poitical belief, and I sure as hell won't do business in their establishments. The ARE the enemy.

Silent Running said...

The one good point about America is the land. We have more of it, and many places are too cold, with too few urban areas, to appeal to the Mexodus.

I've seen way too many shitskins tromping along in frozen climes to put much stock in the Ice People argument. The same technological knowhow that has enabled Caucasians to survive in harsh winters (mentioned by Anon) has also enabled us to fill the open desert with people. Wherever Caucasians go, this technology will be available, which means shitskins will continue to do exactly what they're doing now: follow us no matter where we are, to the ends of the earth, likely even after a race war. Gaia will not be saving us. She bids us save ourselves.

Apart form the armored types used by militaries, choppers are not impossible to bring down even with the humble AK-47 (as we found out the hard way in Vietnam).

When I went to the Air Defense school at Ft. Bliss, we were taught that if we were driving in a convoy and the convoy was attacked by helicopters, the best bet was to dismount and open fire with small arms. Part of the reason is that choppers at that altitude are hard to track with Stingers and the backblast causes issues in close quarters, but mainly it's because it would take a heavily-armored helicopter indeed (like the Hind) to stand up to standard small arms. Apaches, Cobras and Blackhawks are regularly brought down by AK-47s.

The oligs there must have an operating agreement with the local gangs.

Right. They have an operating agreement not to be shot out of the sky, but kidnapping and mutilation are acceptable as per the terms of the agreement. Or maybe the gang-leaders rightly identify those in the choppers as their meal ticket, and forbid their child-soldiers from wantonly opening fire on them. I know, crazy.

Silent Running said...

Don't mistake the organizations for the ethic. Real environmentalists are still anti-immigration, and there are a lot of them (including myself). I am not a member of the Sierra Club.

Same here. The schism within the Club was what introduced me to Edward Abbey, who went on to destroy the notion that environmentalism is the special property of the left.

Genuine conservatives and rightists need to question the script whenever they're confronted with it. If you're anti-environmentalism because your enemies are ostensibly for it, you're just as wrong as they are.

Anonymous said...

Let it burn to the ground and enjoy the collapse. Sorry 47% that glorious rainbow utopia is somewhere off in the future but your poor downtrodden youfs will enjoy it. (not really)

Anonymous said...

Having lived in brazil , including São Paulo I've seen it up close. They don't have much in government programes so the poor (mostly full blacks) steal a empty peace of land and slowly build. Starting with tents, then bricks they build. Steal electricity and water from their neighbors. They live rent free and free of paying any utilities, no property tax ect. If you have kids you can get food assistance But its not much. The reason they don't shoot the helicopters out of the air is because there is no money in that and would bring the federal police. They want money. They steal, kill, and kidnap. Guns are outlawed but every thug has one and will kill you in a sec. Most brailians are great people and I love it there (outside the big city's ) I go to cabo frio every few years to visit my wife's fam. I highly recommend it.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]If We Lose: America's Dystopian Destiny[/quote]

Mr Kersey:

1) Who is "WE"?
** We Americans?
** We who are hard working and non-criminal?
** WE White folks?

2) What does "LOSE" mean?
** If there were 535 "Rachel Maddows" in the US House and Senate - would this be a VICTORY for you?

It seems, sir, that you are in a predicament similar to the "Black Liberation Army". The "kind White folks" who agree with your sentiment are spread throughout the nation.

In order to achieve maximum effect for your control over the land, culture and economics - you are going to have to stake out a few states and then keep the "bad element" out AND - come up with a working system that maintains the economic engine when you reach the point where THERE ARE NO NEGROES to serve as the underclass in your scheme.

WHO are you going to blog about after this? Just the weather in Harrison, Arkansas?

dread baught said...

Anonymous March 6, 2013 at 10:02 AM


"I am disappointed in you... Like all Whites who oppose multiculturalism, I am always enchanted in the begining, posessing the same ideas but about my own people, but then I am let down when I see them stumbling into the same pitfall of Jewish scapegoating"

Who assisted the ANC into power to exact the destruction it has, who is advocating for non white immigration in australia and the USA? Who pushes for multiculti?

Answer me this

sherlocke said...

Semantics and sophistry dear watson

Elementary I would say

chimpolis said...

In japan and south "THERE ARE NO NEGROES to serve as the underclass in your scheme."

And it seems to be doing ok

Shaiti and zimshitwe on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

CF asks "who are you going to blog about after this" in reference to a white homeland absent "underclass" negroes and their dysfunctions.
I'm sure there'd be plenty to blog about as the black infested areas descended into Haiti like 3rd world conditions once all the white tax money and artificial supports were removed from the equation. Of course, once blacks regressed to the mean and created Haiti in America, he could amuse us with all the "it's whitey's fault we failed and live in shitholes of crime, corruption, widespread violence and poverty!" Just as happens now, right?
No doubt there'd be numerous articles on the efforts of the defense forces to deal with across the border raids by hordes of feral negroes. After all, there wouldn't be enough DWL's left to support them with all the gibs they've become accustomed to. Just like Detoilet, the tax base would be gone. Just like Detoilet, the "police" would issue warnings to anyone entering the area that they had to do so at their own risk as the police couldn't provide protection. The infrastructure would collapse to a level that is unimaginable.
In other words, we'd read about it just like we read stories about what happens in the 3rd world shitholes of Africa except we'd have a Zimshitwe right next door.

Anonymous said...

It is over. It's just that there are some patriotic clingers who won't accept that...more power to ya. It'll take a passel of bullets and guts to bring down the brownies. I've made my plans to move on to a much whiter land...socialist, but white. Good luck with the defense of the good old USA...or whats left of it. MauiMan