Friday, March 29, 2013

R.I.P Lawrence Auster

Lawrence Auster's work had a profound influence on shaping the political philosophy of SBPDL. Months ago, in a private conversation with him, I was able to convey my deep sense of gratitude in all that he had done to help promote and legitimize this site to his audience, but most importantly, what he had done to help shape my thinking about the world.

As the United States of America continues on its path to national suicide, those who remember the work of Lawrence Auster know we simply have one task at hand -- survive what is coming.

We only have to win once -- those who hate the civilization of the West must continue to wage a war against us from every conceivable angle.

We only have to win once.

At the end of the movie "Deep Impact," the president of the United States (played by Morgan Freeman) gives a powerful oration to those surviving humans who are tasked with rebuilding a world ravaged by a meteorite.

He says:
"Cities fall, but they are rebuilt. And heroes die, but they are remembered. We honor them with every brick we lay, with every field we sow, with every child we comfort and then teach to rejoice in what we have been regiven."
There will come a day when we find ourselves in a similar scenario, when the leveling forces of egalitarianism and what we've dubbed Black-Run America (BRA) comes to an end.

Lawrence Auster was there to act as a light house for those souls hoping to traverse the rocky waters of modernity, shining a beacon of truth in an epoch that values obfuscation of facts and the acknowledgement of any merit behind ideas that can labeled "intolerant" or "ignorant" to keep from debating them.

R.I.P Lawrence Auster.

"Heroes die, but they are remembered"-- and the day will come when we have the opportunity to teach children to rejoice in the opportunity they have been regiven, the day when being born white isn't the equivalent of having the Star of David placed upon you in 1938 Germany.


Whiskey said...

Larry Auster was a hero. Pure and simple. That's all that need be said. Other than, of course, he was an American hero.

As for why we needed him, today I was out (Good Friday) running errands. Not more than three blocks from my house I passed by (in my car) two Black women, fairly fat, dressed as hookers. This is in a residential neighborhood still majority White. About 200 feet apart, they were dressed in a zebra striped skin-tight pants suit and crop top (that one did not have the figure for it) and the other a gold lame hot pants and tube top.

The looked like a Movie depiction of Black hookers. I was gratified to see the local cops questioning one of them about 45 minutes later (she hadn't moved). But still, this should not be happening in the "nice, safe" place where I live. Which is ultra suburban, or at least was.

Larry Auster was all that stood against the idea that turning the suburbs into a hooker parade on Good Friday no less was a really neat idea. And for that, I am thankful.

Bogolyubski said...

Good tribute, Paul. Whiskey is correct. Auster was a real hero. Like most real heroes, Larry was the first to deny the appellation. It sticks regardless though. He started facing off with this evil back in the 1990s - long before I was aware of him. He'll be missed - sorely. I'm glad to see Laura Wood will be keeping VFR up.

Jay Santos said...

I had only seen references to Larry Auster. PK's recognition here certainly motivates me to look at his work. He was on our side, so may his soul rest. He's left a place that will get far worse with the path we are on. If he understood that, then he has been granted escape from this reality.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Where you have no truth you will find darkness. Today in America everything is nothing but lies and bullshit. In that type of environment the truth becomes what I call the BITTER TRUTH. Truth just is. It only becomes bitter to those people who believe in the lie.

Many times in the last few years people have said to me "Hey..You can't say that". To these people I spoke the BITTER TRUTH.

I did not agree with Auster on his religious beliefs, but what he believed did not offend me. He was a man who spoke the truth as he saw it. America is now run by liars in both high and low places. Being ruled over by liars is bad enough, but the real problem are those people that BELIEVE IN THE LIES.

I know you and Auster were friends and I thank both of you for the work you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I never had a chance to read Mr. Auster's blog. I am honestly just getting into this blogging thing. If he was an inspiration for you Mr. Kersey then I need to get over to that site.

My eyes have been opened wider and wider since I have come to this site. I am experiencing a vast array of feelings. A combination of joy at not being alone, contempt for BRA and its handlers, sadness over the loss of America, and an overall anxiousness. I attribute these feelings to becoming more aware of the precariousness of our white race's situation if people do not wake up.

I think my strongest feeling is contempt. I have a great deal of hatred as the American dream has been taken not only from me (us) but my children as well. I am pissed as hell.

My father states that he is angry but that he just cannot be bothered as he gets too upset.

I disagree. We have to be bothered. What do we do? Just hand over the keys? No. People like Auster and PK are beacons, a single candle in the darkness. I have been in situations where I had to fight something bigger than me alone and I fought the good fight. I was right, but it did not matter because I had no back up. No support.

It is our job to carry on and pass the baton do to speak.

White Mom in WDC

j said...


I am saddened by the loss of Mr. Auster, and I am sure you are as well. Be comforted, sir, that he sits at the right-hand side of the Lord.

He was a brave, brave man. Interestingly, one of your commentators, that bogolyubski (?) fellow said, "Auster may well have sacrificed a very rewarding career as a literary figure or high-level duranty in the great squid empire for his devotion to truth. Requiescat in pace."

That plays into the theme of my last few posts.

Mr. Auster apparently didn't cotton to the idea of the Nation of Cowards. He didn't play the game, and though he might have "lost his job" for his viewpoints, he hewed to the truth, as he saw it...the narrow path, as it were, and though it may of "cost" him, he lived and died an honest man.

Using his REAL name.

"Devotion to the truth."

He didn't lie, he didn't hide, and he didn't skulk like a cur with the yolk on its' face.

He had nothing to fear, because, dammit, truth needs no apology.

Which leads to my next point. To be honest, Kersey, I'm gobsmacked by the lack of reference or response to my last couple of postings. You ever-expanding cast of colorful commentators is avoiding its' responsibilities, I fear, and continues their citizenship in the Nation of Cowards. I am seeing a pattern emerge which is not healthy for your site. It's become a venting place, and an echo chamber.

We're all aware by now, thank you Kersey, of what the major malfunctions are.

Now, it is necessary to actually formulate SOLUTIONS.

POLITICAL solutions.

New times call for new politics, and new political leaders... Articulate, passionate, incisive, decisive leaders. People who want real positive changes, laying the groundwork for the future.

Mr. Auster made a difference, and we mourn our loss.

But let us take a lesson from his life: We can ALL make a difference...we can ALL live unafraid, and have the trust and confidence in ourselves, and the truth, that we needn't hide behind pseudonyms and aliases and niks and anonymous.

As far as I know, you coined the term "Disingenuous White Liberals", or DWL. Brilliant stuff. That's going to stick.

But, really, how disingenuous is it to continue to hide and lie and COMPROMISE one's integrity?

Auster didn't belong to the Nation of Cowards.

And neither do I.

Who's with me?

(But Noooo, Bluto, we're AFRAID!)

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Best to you and yours.

PS: I insist the new political party be called T-NOC.

danaigh said...

Thank God he is now free of the pain in his last days. I had a chance to correspond with him via his blog. He would not allow even a hint of an ad hominem attack in an argument.

Also he saw the pseudo-right for what it was...DWL light. May his soul now rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

extra extra:

Paul, an article?

Californian said...

Lawrence will be missed.

He fought the good fight.

Ileyne said...

Re: Auster: expected, but still sad, sad news. No more pain, Mr. Auster. Your words live on.
I will continue to visit his site, studying the archives.
A daily read on Auster's site, SBPDL, Amren, Vdare, and a few other race realist sites makes my day.
PK, you are a much needed voice that cries out in the wilderness. Thank you thank you thank you. The day begins and ends with your words and those of our astute bloggers ringing in my head.
I am pleased to report that my days among the dregs of sub-humanity have come to an end.
I love the profession, but not what it has become. Nothing, not even demanding savage hordes streaming through the door of every facility in Mexifornia can take that love away.
@Melanie: you asked in a previous thread, "how do you suppose all these urban negros, dependent upon public transportation, are going to find their way out to the boondocks where prepared whites have ensconced themselves?"
Agenda 21 has the answer to that one, Melanie. It's called "light rail systems" being planned or built everywhere. In the Orwellian future there will be facilitated access to the host dwelling boonies, no problem.
Congrats to Arizona for throwing the Marxist scumbags out.

SydneyTrads said...

Lawrence Auster has been an inspiration to traditionalists throughout the Anglosphere, right across the pond here in Australia as well. He is mourned, and he will be sorely missed. But now we have inherited his mission and must honour his legacy. It is up to us to continue his work.

lenzap said...

Auster struck me as somewhat enigmatic. Lawrence Auster on the Role of Jews in the Dispossession of White, Christian America

Anonymous said...

Onward to your reward Larry.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lenzap, Auster was "enigmatic." He dealt forthrightly with the JQ and yet would label as an "exterminationist" any who draw obvious conclusions from his commentaries on their negative impact.

He was, as are we all, a work in progress. For ages, he criticized as defeatist those who felt we'd passed the point of no return, only himself finally drawing that same conclusion just 18 months ago.

I believe his utter inflexibility in tolerating any deviation from his currently held positions served to alienate those who might well have otherwise been allies.

On balance his impact was positive and his passing should be mourned by those who value that which is true, beautiful and good.

Anonymous said...

Bogolyubski, you are aware that Auster would have vehemently disagreed with your views?

Anonymous said...

Happening in every white neighborhood in Chicago burbs. Suddenly where they never ever were they are loitering, squaking, pretending to shop and spreading thier filthy language and habits.
My guess is there was a pimp daddy not far behind.

Anonymous said...

...Wonder if Tyshekka read any of Auster's works.....

Full Auto said...

I always admired Lawrence's intelligent way of thinking and expressing his ideas in written form.

Lawrence was one of the saddest or unhappy fellows I have ever met. Perhaps he saw our future with more clarity than the rest of us?

Rest in peace my friend. We will miss you.

Anonymous said...

blacks never cease to amaze me

'suave' aka roman thomas...

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. I corresponded with Lawrence Auster from 2001 until his death. From time to time, he had blog entries concerning black on white crime. This was a major reason for Larry's unpopularity with Conservatism Inc.

Readers should find time to explore Lawrence Auster's View From The Right.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in ATL:

Silent Running said...

I discovered VFR right after I got out of the Army, roughly nine years ago. During that time I had many comments posted and many email exchanges with the administrator, not all of them pleasant. Larry Auster wasn't perfect. He supported the PATRIOT Act and other broad gov't powers in the name of security. A couple of years ago I realized that I no longer wished to see his particular brand of counterrevolution succeed and severed contact with the site, but for some reason I never stopped reading.

For sheer impact on his readers and utter refusal to back down from his principles, sometimes to the point of losing correspondents and friends, I don't think anyone compares to Auster. There's no doubt in my mind that he will become even more influential in the coming months and years, especially as the cracks in BRA widen. In that sense Auster will live forever.

Bogolyubski said...

Bogolyubski, you are aware that Auster would have vehemently disagreed with your views?

Absolutely. He would have likely described my "worse is better" approach as "nihilism". As some others pointed out, he was instinctively tribal when it came to pointing out the utterly poisonous role of TWMNBN. Of course the fact that even here we dance around using terms such as TWMNBN simply proves Voltaire's adage. Like groids, 98% or more of TWMNBN desire our extermination. The 2% who oppose it is a statistically meaningless number, as it is with groids. He could never face that reality. Despite the areas of vehement disagreement, Auster was still an important and heroic voice in the actual opposition.

Silent Running said...

You ever-expanding cast of colorful commentators is avoiding its' responsibilities, I fear, and continues their citizenship in the Nation of Cowards. I am seeing a pattern emerge which is not healthy for your site. It's become a venting place, and an echo chamber.

So "j" wants us to use our real names. Why not lead by example?

Now, it is necessary to actually formulate SOLUTIONS.

POLITICAL solutions.

Ah, you must be new here. A transplant from the Hannity show maybe?

As Anon mentioned, Auster himself recognized that the political system was essentially not viable in the last months of his life. For years he was stridently against secession, but finally accepted the possibility. At the end he recognized that the United States is no longer the property of the American people. I'd encourage you to take a page from his book and accept the reality we've been given.

But, really, how disingenuous is it to continue to hide and lie and COMPROMISE one's integrity?

So, "j", people living in a police state should not use pseudonyms when discussing topics the gov't considers verboten. Funny that every nigger that comments here says the exact same thing. Seems you have something in common.

Bogolyubski said...

Trial Junkie:
Trial junkie here. I corresponded with Lawrence Auster from 2001 until his death. From time to time, he had blog entries concerning black on white crime. This was a major reason for Larry's unpopularity with Conservatism Inc.

Readers should find time to explore Lawrence Auster's View From The Right.

Quite true. Auster was first rate on this issue. Got him canned from Horowitz's Neo-Trotskyite site FrontPage Mag. Horowitz, a "former" (ha-ha) leftist, has a groid daughter-in-law who rook offense at Auster's truthfulness (surprise!).

For those who might be mystified at my snark at Horowitz, DH was once an advisor to the Black Panthers. He got this white female a job as their bookkeeper so (surprise!) they raped her, killed her and tossed her body into SF Bay. Horowitz has been feeling the guilt ever since. At one point, he was even honest enough to come out with a book entitled Hating Whitey, which documents some of the zebra intifada. He even covered the Wichita Massacre fairly well. This is the era when he engaged Auster (who'd been purged from National Review during the Neo-Trotskyite putsch of the 90s for being against open borders) to contribute to FrontPageMag.

Then came 9-11, and all that was dropped to push the mostest important war evaaahhh!! - against them terrr-r-r-r-rsts! The supreme importance of making the ummah safe for feminism, sodomy and "free-market" banksterism trumped everything. Prophet Leon's great welt-demokratische revolution was at hand!! So, here we are a decade later facing an expanding totalitarian state here at home, with the system completely rigged from top to bottom. Non-elite whites bore the majority of the costs in lives and treasure for the Neo-Trotskyites' grand adventure in the ummah, while squids raked it in.

Silent Running said...

Agenda 21 has the answer to that one, Melanie. It's called "light rail systems" being planned or built everywhere. In the Orwellian future there will be facilitated access to the host dwelling boonies, no problem.

Dude, Seattle liberals can't even build an efficient light rail system, and the idea is wildly popular up there. The UN is unable to enforce its edicts in some of the most backward countries on the planet. It's a laughingstock, and the only nations that have the stomach for a protracted, high-casualty conflict are third world. I doubt the UN has the capability to even maintain the necessary logistics.

Melanie said...

@ nameispointless March 30, 2013 at 12:44 AM-

Yes, I know about the evil Agenda 21. Correct me if I'm wrong (not being sarcastic, sincere question), but how could public transportation ever be feasible in what I consider the "boondocks"-places so rural, remote, and inaccessible that it's difficult for even civilian vehicles to reach them? I know of places which are still like that not too far from the center of such towns as V'burg MS, and they certainly exist in Appalachia, places where you have to park and walk to reach your home, and even the small local communities are remote from such areas. Places where an individual must be able to be truly self-sufficient to live. Could such places ever be in danger of being accessible by public transportation, unless the government had a mighty will to make sure that not a single individual could escape the all-encompasssing reach of Big Brother?

Anonymous said...


Auster was more than happy to consider the pernicious influence of blacks and Muslims AS A GROUP, even going so far as to advocate their expulsion, but vehemently opposed to those who would apply the same analytical metric to TWMNBN labeling all who would dare do so as exterminationists. It was this glaring intellectual double standard which alienated many potential allies.

He gratuitously attacked many whose only sin was honest disagreement with his conclusions about TWMNBN.

BTW, I always enjoy your posts. Thank you.

Melanie said...

Oh, and sincere condolences on the passing of Mr Auster. I only learned of his website a few months ago, but I appreciated his reasoned, humane writings, and that he was one of the race realists who could understand that it's possible to reconcile racial realism with religious conviction. I will be working my way through the archives of his writings, and it will be interesting to see his evolution from optimism to pessimism about the future, as I am experiencing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The grinding calculus of universal suffrage can leave the thinking man with no other than a pessimistic outlook. Any other attitude is ludicrous in the face of ineradicable demographic trends.

Anonymous said...

PK, Condolences on the passing of your friend. Take comfort in the volumes he wrote. Rereading letters is like visiting one who has passed on.

This is a good time to reflect on the difference between race realism and ideology. Race realism is where we look at the evidence and draw conclusions, being careful not to let preconceptions affect our conclusions. Thus it is neither good nor evil to conclude that blacks destroy civilization, just real.

Ideology is where we apply the lens of preconceptions to the evidence and conclude that blacks need just one more chance, and another, and another, and an infinity. Ideology of a different sort was credited with Jim Crow laws. It is still to be discovered that race realism first led to Jim Crow laws regarding treatment of an entire race, but let us not discard the ideology of judging every man as an individual and allow that the 1%, or 1/2 of 1% who can work in our society be allowed to.

It is hard work to know when to be realist or when to temper realism with civility. Perhaps civility should be our ideology and everything else follow. Just because civility is hard to define and requires constant mental effort to apply, makes it all the better as a guiding principal. Religion and religious preference be damned.

Darayvus said...

Anon at 12:37 PM: sure it's a double standard, it's just not the standard you think it is.

Islam is tied to no race, unless it is Ishmaelite Arabs and there are few of those in the US - mostly western Saudis. Muslims have contributed exactly nothing to America except terror. It makes sense to treat them like Missouri used to treat Mormons, back in the day.

But Auster never said that blacks should be treated like a tiny minority of anti-Christian, heretic fanatics who might be relieved of their error. He preferred that blacks be kept to their assigned place and not permitted to molest whites.

"TWMNBN", likewise - although in their case, the religion of TWMNBN if strictly adhered to would result in their self-segregation anyway.

Anonymous said...

Gwinnett Gladiator here…on a rainy night in Georgia. Hopefully that will keep the groids inside and spare civilization their atrocities on this Easter eve…

I was sad to hear of Larry Auster’s death, but understand he had been suffering in ill health for a long time. RIP Mr. Auster.

And now the latest from the ATHell:

African groid arrestedfor stealing from Wal-Mart cash register while working as a cashier. Supposed to be charged with a felony. Note that this took place in Alpharetta, GA in N. Fulton county a/k/a Whitopia…

This onetruly has to be seen to be believed. MARTA (which we at SBPDL know to be a public jobs program for black people in Atlanta) is touting the release of a new smart phone app to report crime. The premise is to idiotic that I won’t bother saying any more about it. Fortunately, the GA legislature made it legal a couple years ago to concealed carry on MARTA if, God forbid, you choose to ride it and need some ACTUAL protection. Of course, if you DO have a gun, legal or not, the MARTA police go apeshitand take it away from you and arrest you. Then you can have a two year court battle to prove a point that you will probably lose, anyway. The actions of the legislature mean nothing. The same thing will happen with the feds come knocking at your front door. Try telling them about your Second Amendment rights when their M5 is pointed in your face and when you are laying with your face on the concrete… Our rights our violated with impunity, and only after the fact can we attempt to rectify the situation. When it’s too late.

I’ll merely point outthe indictment of 35 members of the Atlanta Public Schools debacle, as I know others have already addressed it. Of course, this is NOT a story about race! No conclusions can be drawn from this (or any other) situation.

Groid on groid murderin the glorious diversity of Dekalb County. FYI, Glenwood Road is a MEGA no-go zone for whites. And the quote from the mother of this budding genius with a Nobel prize practically within his grasp because he was about to graduate high school? Wait for it…WAAAAIT for it… “Family members told Channel 2’s Amanda Cook that the victim, 18-year-old Dominique Boyer, was in the wrong place at the wrong time™.” Wonder how many hundreds of thousands of white taxpayer dollars are flushed down the toilet for Section 8 along all of Dekalb’s heavenly-diverse Glenwood Avenue… But dat be rayciss. Cuz a duh terrble, terrble slabery.

Anonymous said...


In follow up to my earlier comment about the “faulty generator” that killed two negroes due to groid natural selection, the truth came out. “The reports seem to indicate that a faulty generator was being used in the basement to provide electricity and heat to the home.” No, no, no! This is discriminatory toward generators!! The generator was working fine. It was providing power to the groid nest that had no electricity (why, you ask? Dat be rayciss!), as well as emitting copious amounts of CO gas. It’s not the generator’s fault that it was placed in the hands of groids, who don’t understand the operation of the internal combustion engine. How many orange, gubmint-mandated stickers must that thing have had all over it to warn against doing precisely what they were doing? How much do you want to be that the groid neighbors were complaining about listening to the damn engine running and told them to shut it off and sheeit. That’s when a moment of brilliance struck Shitavious, at which point he thought, I’s gonna put dat beeatch in da basmint!!

Finally, for any of you that might like a little taste of Gwinnett County, GA, feel free to take a quick tour here. Notice anything? Anything at all?? Me neither…

@Californian – although Sondjata “addressed” your questions, simple as they were, I will attempt to translate them for the benefit of SBPDL readers.

"Can you name those black-run/black-majority cities which equal or exceed similar white-run/white-majority cities in terms of economic development, civil order, and educational achievement?"

“Speaking only under current time frames: Absolutely not and I don't expect to given certain histories.” [Black failure is a result of the horrible legacy of da slabery, even 150 years later with trillions of dollars spent.]

“However; There are documented cases of black run cities in the US that were burnt to the ground by angry white people.” [Ummm, WTF is she talking about?? I’m assuming it must be Devil’s Night in Detroitlet, which is widely known to be conducted exclusively by white people and merely blamed on black people? Or if there have been other black run cities (which limits the subject to 1965 and later that have been burned to the ground by white people, please educate us all on the specific examples of these events.]

“Not making excuses [not at all!] just pointing out that aside from ethnic conflicts among different whites, white people (in America) have never had the non-white population deprive them of liberty and property under color of law. [Ohhhh, but they’re working on, 24/7 for the last 50 years…]

Seriously, this is a rare admission of black failure in civilized society in Amurkistan, post-1965, by a black person. Yet Sondjata, who admittedly demonstrated some degree of intelligence, just circled right back to the same negro excuses for said failure, that never, never, never change.

Happy Easter to the truth-tellers of SBPDL.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Whiskey said...

Oh please. The idea that evil "Jew rays" or something is responsible for our situation is pathetic as blaming them for witchcraft, the Black Death, plagues, famines, wind storms, hail, etc. Its puerile and basically a ghost dance.

Its wrong because it is wrong: akin to prescribing bleeding to a man suffering anemia.

Universally, anywhere there are White people, the same stuff happens all the time. It is the elites, those Whites (mostly btw nominal ex-Christians) who climbed up the ladder first doing their best trying to pull it up behind them and drown the rest in non-Whites.

Bill Gates is a good example. So too, the late Steve Jobs.

If Jews had vanished in the Diaspora and never appeared, we'd be in the same boat. Technology, demanding a massive explosion in the size of elites, much LARGER than the old aristocracies, the rise of women and independence from men, displacement of the church by television, isolated suburban living, all function to annihilate old social ties, nationalism, and social solidarity.

The answer is not more ghost dancing blaming witches, but pushing technology to reconnect people, destroying as much as possible the new elites (like eradicating most universities with MOOCs), and reconnecting men and women via Game.

You can't cheat an honest man. You can't sell Eskimos snow. Or Arabs sand. You can't sell White people PC, Multiculturalism, White hatred if they don't just love it for a variety of reasons. Read Adam Carolla's latest -- his Mom (his family is Italian not Jewish) was Hippie 101.

That's where Auster came in. He understood as few others how White people's desperate need to feel better than other Whites feeds into this; only Steve Sailer really gets that besides Auster. Well, Paul K too.

Discard said...

Somebody said someplace that Zenster was Auster. Is that true?

Mr. Rational said...

How much do you want to be that the groid neighbors were complaining about listening to the damn engine running and told them to shut it off and sheeit.

How much do you want to bet that if the generator was on the porch, the neighbors would have stolen it?

Somebody said someplace that Zenster was Auster. Is that true?

Zenster's acerbic style and irreligious bent are so radically different from Auster's that I would only believe it if he stood up at his funeral and confessed it himself.

rjp said...

Gwinnett Gladiator said ...

MARTA (which we at SBPDL know to be a public jobs program for black people in Atlanta) is touting the release of a new smart phone app to report crime.

Ah the genius behind this app.

If MARTA is anything like the CTA, cell phones are the most popularly stolen item. So encouraging DWLs display of their cell phones on public transportation is just going to be overwhelming to blacks who won't be able to control there urges.

Rest in peace Mr. Auster.

I kept this VFR post open for some time because I felt it was a fitting testament to how many lives Lawrence Auster touched:

LETTERS FROM READERS (to Lawrence Auster)

I must admit I also enjoyed watching the thread grow as more and more people offered their respects to him.

He chastised me once a couple of years ago for my use of uncivilized language in response to a post. Every bit of correspondence after that was crafted with the utmost care, and almost every single one was posted to the thread in which I was replying.

RobertB said...

For Paul and a few others--

Lawrence had a very big turnout for his funeral. His family was there and my daughter exchanged emails and such with his niece and his family. She also recorded it and, if it proves to be presentable, I will post it here for all of you.

I had corresponded with Lawrence for ten years. In my early posts I used my real name--something for which I was punished a year or so ago. I could have asked Lawrence to remove the posts--indeed, I had Lawrence's home phone number. But, I couldn't do it. It would have been akin to Peter denying Jesus. I don't mean that Lawrence was God like or even a prophet, but he had become my friend and I could not, in good conscience, deny him--even over a position on a prestigious board.

Likewise, you will not find me on the thread of all the people thanking him and saying goodbye. I had already told him that I could not do so. You see, to do so would have been to give up hope and it is not in me to do that--to stop fighting for those things I believe in.

Lastly, Lawrence did admit the horrible affects that liberal Jews have had on America. He, like other conservative Jews I know, do believe that it will end badly for Jews in general and they are not afraid to tell other liberal Jews this. However, do you really think that a person would or could completely disown and advocate the banishment of their own?

Listen carefully here. Lawrence's own family stated at the funeral that they had tried to reconnect with him in his last years--he refused them. They didn't know why, but I do. They were liberal Jews, that's why. His whole world, his whole family and friends had become those he had come to know from his writings. His family was astonished at how large and committed were his readers.In the end, it was their eyes that were opened. Opened to the reality of their own family member--a man loved and revered by those looking for a voice to speak for them in the darkness that has become America.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

RobertB --

I regret that I couldn't make the funeral. It would have been nice to see you again and I was told by Peter Brimelow there was a nice turnout at the event.

Auster is a personal hero of mine and I will miss our conversations.

Sarah Auster Levy said...

Hey Whiskey- has it occurred to you that the hookers have moved into your nice, safe, white neighborhood because that's where their customers are living? Rather than blaming the poor working girls, maybe you should be blaming your neighbors for bringing them there.