Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guns, Blacks, and Steel: Michael Moore Compliments White People on Their Safe Communities

Oh Michael Moore. You had to put your foot in it, didn’t you? [MICHAEL MOORE: 90 PERCENT OF GUNS OWNED BY 'SCARED' WHITE PEOPLE,, 3-23-13]:
"Did you realize that over 90% of the guns in this country are owned by white people in the suburbs and in rural areas? Ninety-percent of our guns are not owned by African-Americans, hispanics, minority groups, they're owned by white people. Now what are these white people so afraid of out in the suburbs? Are they thinking little red head, freckle-faced Jimmy down the street is going to, you know, kill them? Mug them? I don't think so. Are they afraid the guy next door is gonna break in and steal their t.v.? No, because they know the guy next door makes $50-60,000 a year. So poverty and racism is pretty much the same answer for a lot of our other problems.
In pointing out white people create safe communities, his attack on white gun-owners was actually quite complimentary.... Michael Moore, whitey owns guns because they know dangerous minorities kill people
Ninety percent of the guns in America are owned by white people (if we are to believe Jim Carrey, white people with incredibly small dicks – right?) who cling to their guns, their religion, and the idea America is actually still a nation, right Mr. Moore?

What are these white people so afraid of out in the suburbs surrounding once thriving cities?  Where peace and tranquility is something a massive police presence has to enforce/create, but the natural state of being… but that’s to white-bread, bland, and boring for people like Michael Moore.

Why not let two New Jersey cities, 4.9 percent white Camden and 11.6 white Newark supply the answer as to why white people are armed in America?

You see, Camden is home to something the police dub “community guns,” which pose a great danger to the stability of the 95.1 percent non-white city

Following last December’s gun buyback, which netted a record-breaking 1,137 firearms and by all official accounts was a great success, New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa stated that the effort had also claimed some “community guns.” 
However, while the attorney general stated the buyback saw “plenty” of such weapons purchased off the streets, the number of community guns remains greater than ever, according to Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson. 
Speaking last week, Thomson explained that community guns are primarily used in the city’s open-air drug markets, in which dealers, lookouts and others hide firearms within the immediate area, in order to retrieve them in case something goes wrong. 
“It can be a revolver or a shotgun — but mostly a pistol — and they’re hidden in high grass, abandoned houses, the wheel well of a car, or anywhere that’s in the general area of the criminal operation,” said Thomson. “It could also be just put in their pocket, and passed along to another person at the end of a shift.” 
While Thomson said any estimate on the number of community guns in use at any given time would be “pure speculation,” the chief said officials know that their use has increase based on the number of shootings that have occurred over recent years. 
“It’s impossible to tell how many, but we know there are more now than before, because of the number of shootings — flagrant shootings — we’ve had in the area,” he said. “Even many criminals don’t feel safe, and are using them because they feel the need for protection. 
“You have predators out there who are working their way down the food chain.”On the same night that Camden County Freeholder Director Lou Cappelli noted during a public meeting that the shooting rate is already double that of last year, Camden City saw its 12th homicide of the year Thursday, when 33-year-old Terrell Jackson, from Collingswood, was found shot dead in the street. 
Last year, Camden broke its previous record with 67 homicides.

Not a lot of white people committing crimes and partaking in the “community gun” fade in Camden, eh Focker?
Jim -- "I Love You Phillip Morris" killed your career. "Cold Dead Hand" was you pissing on the ashes

But what about Newark, a city where a massive black riot in the 1960s convinced white people it was time to vacate the city and search for safer communities to live out their lives? [Booker Mulls Mandating Armed Guards, Curfews For Newark Businesses After Recent Violence
The recent bloodshed at a Bergen Street bodega and an IHOP right across the street from busy University Hospital has Newark officials again talking about curfews and armed security. 
“Irvington closes their bars an hour before we do. East Orange closes restaurants at 10 p.m., so why in Newark [do] we let folks kind of have their way and go a lot later?” Newark Mayor Cory Booker asked. 
Booker vetoed a measure last year that would have mandated late-night establishments have armed guards, citing the cost to local businesses, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported. But Booker appears to be changing his tune after recent incidents. 
“We also want people to be safe and we’ve got to strike the balance,” he said. “We need to start talking, questioning that. And if you want to stay open later, maybe there should be certain requirements.” 
Booker called the latest violence “unacceptable” and urged the public to get involved. 
He said officials must “come up with some rational ideas about how to create more safety, but also to deal with the compelling interest of allowing people to make a profit.”

You know the only rational idea for making the city of Newark safer? It has nothing to do with enacting wartime measures (curfews, checkpoints, police/security in every business, cameras, drones, etc.), but with simply replacing the non-white population that makes Newark so unsafe with… white people.

Michael Moore was correct when he said white suburbanites aren’t afraid of their white neighbors, but that the fear of “what lurks in the dark” is the reason they cling to their guns.

And what “lurks in the dark” of most urban areas of America is dangerous black people, a most compelling reason to pack heat and own a gun.

So yes, were the white suburbanites to replace the current population of both Newark and Camden, each city would instantly become safer.

Course, property value and business would return, meaning tax-revenue would be collected allowing Camden to actually have a police force again…

But, what was it Michael Moore was saying again? What was it Jim Carrey was so upset about again?

Oh, that’s right – dangerous minorities might kill people, but white people aren’t supposed to notice.

And if they notice and buy firearms for protection, they do so because of penis envy.

Funny – there seems to be no correlation to penis size and the ability to build or even maintain a civilization.

Camden and Newark were once nice, thriving, productive cities (merely a reflection of the type of community the individual contributions of the white majority could create)  – until riots and the displacement of the very people who created those conditions.

Today, the conditions of both cities are merely a reflection of the individual contributions of almost entirely non-white people.

And white people living in suburbs within driving distances of these cities own firearms, knowing their neighbors won’t engage in a home invasion or mugging of their family, but the current inhabitants of Camden and Newark are only an hour car ride away from doing so.

Actually, the answer to almost all of our problems is losing the fear of pointing out the reality of black criminality -- and that "poverty" has nothing to do with it. 

After all, we are constantly told by the left that more white people are on welfare then non-whites; that being the case, why aren't white people disproportionately committing crimes as blacks are doing? 


Anonymous said...

Yet another has-been celebri-tah (his last two films flopped big time) who has to say "bold", "outrageous" things to stay in the so-called "public eye".

Wonder how many groids slapped down their *cough* hard-earned money to see 'Sicko'? LOLZ

Anonymous said...

Hey, hey Michael Moore! Wassup Baby!

Check it Mike, if you can't grow a proper beard then let it be. Also, you look like and old dyke.

Wow, this douche is throwing out all the stops! If ya don;t like evil/rayciss/white-dedilbz then separate. Take you're section of the country for you and the minorities you avoid, and leave the rest for white debilz.

Anonymous said...

According to the lawter, his client is innocent, word:

I wonder if they'll get worked up about his the way they got worked up about Bob Zimmerman Jr's tweets:

Berek Halfhand said...

I notice that Mr Moore lives in the entirely white district of Torch Lake, Michigan, and employs at least one armed guard.

BTW PK, your stuff is great, but run it through some kind of edit for the basics. Don't spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim, my penis is bigger than my Glock...............but I would rather pistol whip the Africans than F'm

Pat Boyle said...

The first time I heard Pavarotti sing live - he was thin. The first time I saw Michael Moore on screen - he too was thin. But he was still ugly. Like they say "Beauty is skin deep, ugly goes all the way to the bone".

I saw Moore's first film "Roger and Me" in the movie theater. It was widely hailed in San Francisco. If I had only known.

Even at the time it seemed wildly unfair. Roger B. Smith had taken over at GM and attempted to turn it around. GM was in big trouble and Smith employed heroic measures to try to save it. He is considered today as a failure but he didn't just sit on the sidelines and watch it slowly sink.

He did some things which angered the leftists. Moore was from Flint and Smith closed the old and obsolete Flint plants. Smith introduced automation and industrial robots in an attempt to address the Japanese challenge. He moved plants from Michigan to the right-to-work South. He created the Saturn and built in Tennessee. He partnered with Toyota for a plant in Fremont California.

At the time Smith was criticised for being a 'bean counter' rather than a 'car man'. But GM was losing money on the cars created by previous generations of 'car men'.

The black workers at GM didn't like him much. They had come north and finally gotten into the UAW when he moved the plants out from under them and replaced them with robots. Coleman Young was one of those black UAW members.

Moore was unfair and unscrupulous from the very beginning. The premise of the film was that he, Moore could never get a meeting with Smith to discuss Moore's grievances about Flint. But we learned later that that was a lie. Smith was very approachable. Moore had never even requested an interview. Moore was also sued by a former friend for character assassination through a wildly distorted and fallacious segment about him in the film.

All his sins were there from the very first.


Anonymous said...

All this from a clown that runs around with ARMED guards and if I remember correctly, one of his security detail was popped trying to bring a gun onto a plane. What is ole Mikey afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Any black neighborhood is filled with guns. Most carry one in their cars.

If asked, Moore would say that white people have nothing to be afraid of.

The question he won't be asked is, "Why do you, Michael Moore, live in an all-white neighborhood.?"

Pat Boyle said...

This may seem off topic but it isn't.

Don't pay attention to the raging gay marriage debate. It's a distraction. Gay marriage doesn't matter and will soon be forgotten. Gay men will soon get the right to marry. But it will change nothing.

Here's the question you should ask yourself. If the house next door becomes empty - who do you want as a neighbor?

If it is a pair of homosexual men what happens to neighborhood property values? What happens to the neighborhood crime rate? What happens to local public school test score?

Gay men having sex is disgusting to think about. So do what I do - don't think about it. But you just can't ignore black neighbors.

The gay couple next door won't hurt your local public school - they don't have kids. They won't rape your wife and daughter. And gay men are preternaturally interested in in interior and exterior decorating.

In San Francisco when the gays invaded in force in the eighties you could mark their progress by the fresh paint on the houses. They took over the tired and run down Castro neighborhood and made it all 'frou-frou'. They renovated the movie theater and opened little shops and boutiques.

Compare that record with downtown Detroit.

Gay men are not gay - in the sense of being happy. Middle age gays want to be normal and accepted. They want the satisfactions of children and grandchildren. But they wont get them whether their unions are called marriage or not.

The simple truth is that homosexuality isn't important. When gay men marry in states where it's allowed those unions don't last long. Gay men continue to be promiscuous and subject to a heavy venereal disease load. The change in terminology does not produce a change in behavior. How could it? Marriage is an institution designed to promote family and progeny.

The whole gay marriage frou-ha-ha will blow over. Also homosexuality is almost certainly a disease. I believe it is a parasitic disease of the mother (toxoplasma gondii) that attacks the fetus in the womb. Maybe I'm right or maybe it's a bacteria or virus that's responsible. In any case, homosexuality is a temporary condition for humanity. Race isn't.



Anonymous said...

Outdoorsman here:

That disgusting fat slob Michael Moore should be shot in the face by 60 IQ niggers like that poor baby in Brunswick Georgia, Anthony Santiago. Then he may perchance understand why some white people "fear" groids, even though he may have to be buried in a piano case.

Jerri Blank said...

Michael Moore is many things, but stupid he is not. He is simply being willfully ignorant. He's too intelligent to make an assertion that it's safe to walk the streets at midnight in Toronto but not in Detroit and not understand the huge, glaring difference between the two cities. He's oh so close to actually coming right out and speaking the truth, but he just can't bring himself to do it: blacks commit crimes disproportionate to their numbers in society.

White Americans may own 90% of the guns, but they probably only account for 15% of all violent crime. When it comes to stranger-on-stranger random crime, and not heat-of-the-moment spats between family or lovers, you can almost always be guaranteed to find a young, black male shooting and killing someone for something as little as a chain or a pair of shoes, and sometimes for no reason at all.

JB said...


You seem to have picked up some interesting literary stylings since your last post. Your literary voice is a bit...different, for some odd reason.

Maybe it's just me.

Best always to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Albertosauro: Gay men are 99,9% liberal and love pushing for "inclusion" and "diversity" which is Anti-White.

Gays are Anti-White. Period.

Anonymous said...

Outdoorsman here:

Put another way, this disgusting fatbody's point is simple: "White people, you've got it coming." That includes you and everyone of your loved ones.

Why isn't this buttery renegade of the shrunken testicles (a side effect of obesity, BTW) lining up to take his share of racial "punishment?"

rjp said...

No, because they know the guy next door makes $50-60,000 a year. So poverty and racism is pretty much the same answer for a lot of our other problems.

I am originally from West Virginia the top part of the state, the "finger". I grew up in a holler, nearest neighbor was a half mile away. Everybody had guns, most people weren't middle class. Guns were for hunting, they put food on the table, a deer is 100-150 pounds of meat that doesn't have to be purchased. West Virginia is one of the safest states in the country, but also has one of the highest rates of gun ownership.

Wonder why?

From Wiki: At the 2010 Census, 93.2% of the population was non-Hispanic White, 3.4% non-Hispanic Black or African American, 0.2% non-Hispanic American Indian and Alaska Native, 0.7% non-Hispanic Asian, 0.1% from some other race (non-Hispanic) and 1.3% of two or more races (non-Hispanic). 1.2% of West Virginia's population was of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin (they may be of any race).

“Irvington closes their bars an hour before we do. East Orange closes restaurants at 10 p.m., so why in Newark [do] we let folks kind of have their way and go a lot later?” Newark Mayor Cory Booker asked.

The Liberal answer to everything, legislate business out of business.

And if they notice and buy firearms for protection, they do so because of penis envy.

Funny – there seems to be no correlation to penis size and the ability to build or even maintain a civilization.

The big black mah-dikk is a myth.

Bogolyubski said...

Check it Mike, if you can't grow a proper beard then let it be. Also, you look like and old dyke.

He could be Generalissimo Janet's sister. How did this worthless, talentless, lying piece of hypocritical crap become a one-percenter? Why on earth would anyone regard anything he says other than with laughter and derision?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I am wondering when Michael Moore will be on DANCING WITH THE STARS. Then the world will know if he can shake his booty.

Jay Santos said...

I like the Hollywood and entertainer types who just keep their mouths shut about political issues. The mouthy leftists show an odd combination of insecurity and aggressive superiority.

Moore and Maher are especially loathsome, but I guess I've got to add Carrey to my list.

Anonymous said...

People that live in desirable places want to defend their homes and communities? will wonders never cease?

Lily White said...

There seems to be something in the far left's makeup that they can't bear the idea of whites being able to defend themselves if they're attacked by black thugs. They love criminals, but they absolutely ADORE black ones.

So CAL Snowman said...

God damn right I'm not afraid of White people but rather "what lurks in the dark." If this ass clown was in any way serious he would be addressing the massive amounts of violence being perpetrated on and below our Southern border. Look at the carnage in Mexico, Mr. Moore you weasel eyed bastard. Then look at how many mexicans have invaded OUR country. It's only a matter of time before that level of savagery begins in the Former United States. More than 30,000 people die each year in Mexico and Mexican citizens ARE NOT allowed to own firearms. Gun control is really working out for Mexico right? How am I supposed to feel safe and secure in my OWN country when millions of mexicans have invaded and brought their culture with them? Like I said before, I will be buried in Southern California, none of this pansy ass running away to the MidWest or the NorthWest Front.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

Anonymous said...


OT but some examples of your favorite group of upstanding American citizens:

1. Nevada has expelled Steven Brooks from its legislature. The first ever expulsion. He looks like Jesse Jackson Jr. What a coincidence.

2. Houston has some nice baby mama on baby mama action. I love the family values of these fine, upstanding people.

Anonymous said...

I've been getting too depressed by reading about the sickness we live in and haven't read any sbpdl articles for a while. Came back and read a few today. Nothing worse than the whites who are openly laughing at the suffering of whites who want nothing but a prosperous and safe life.

This is what we're afraid of Michael.

homophobe said...


lesbians do have children. And bisexuality among teen girls is skyrocketing. Many lesbians have written books like Same Sex in the City where they brag about seducing impressionable young women into lesbianism. And pop culture and singers are promoting lesbians for girls.

Many lesbians are radical feminists and queer activists who are obviously subversive.

Anonymous said...

OT: Who's on welfare?

americathedead said...

"Funny – there seems to be no correlation to penis size and the ability to build or even maintain a civilization."

Actually, there may be:

Whiskey said...

I think Jim Carrey saved his career. The thing to understand is Hollywood is not really about making money, it is flattering the key agents, stars, and execs in Hollywood who make and break careers.

That's why reliable moneymakers like say, Jason Statham, and Adam Sandler, who both could be conventional liberals for all I know, don't much play, respect, or casting in prestige films because they are not the "correct" ass-kissers. Carrey kissed the correct ass, so like Ashton Kutcher, Shia LaBoeuf (Spielberg has a hard on for him), Sam Worthington, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (good as a comedic kid actor on Third Rock from the Sun, sucks as male action lead), we're stuck with him. See also Colin Farrell, Will Farrell, Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, and that Zoolander guy.

Meanwhile guys like say, Adam Baldwin, or Nate Fillion, or Damien Lewis, are stuck on TV. Not being the natural successors to action-leads like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, or Willis.

Yeah Carrey will get plenty of work. Because Hollywood ... wait for it ... HATES HATES HATES the Audience.

Mr. Clean said...

1) Who cares what Moore and Carrey think? I don't know why SBPDL even gives them the exposure.

2) Whites own guns because, unlike most negroes, they legally can.

3) Protection against criminals is only one reason why whites own guns. They hunt. They target shoot as a hobby. They load and experiment with their own ammo. They collect firearms. Many are (combat) veterans. Whites understand the 2nd amendment. And on and on.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice these moonbats live in lilly white areas and have packs of armed bodyguards? Must have really, really, small.......

Anonymous said...

Agree wholeheartedly. I used to think differently but I have since changed my mind to thinking that homosexuality is in fact a manifestation of mental illness. It is somewhat sociopathic and many gay men hate women.

White Mom in WDC

Jay Santos said...

From Drudge

Sports Website Mocks 'Exceedingly White' People Celebrating Win at NBA Game

Sure it's a minor insult, but you do begin to see a pattern in the media. Do they all get on a conference call each day to discuss ways to try to stick to white people? No. But they all come from the same schools, where they're indoctrinated in this stuff. And I think there's another aspect to it that involves white females, really angry females. Maybe they didn't get that prom date, or the guy never called them again after that night of passionate romance. Just a theory. But something is ramping up this anti-white stuff. And it does sort of coincide with increased female control of news. I don't know, otherwise it seems inexplicable.

In case it is really sour white females who are contributing to this stupidity, I offer you, your alternative, negro romance. Read it carefully.

Those horrible white men

Anonymous said...

Hail Hail the new Rhodesia. Armed guards? In a glorious hopetopia we don't need armed guards the immaculate dear leader messiah will keep us safe with his magic scepter and his SS security force.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon (responding to Albertosuarus)
Gay men are 99,9% liberal and love pushing for "inclusion" and "diversity" which is Anti-White.

Anon is most likely correct. He might be exaggerating about the 99.9% number, but the shapers of gay opinion are no friends of YT.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are to the White Liberal Establishment what a stupid and ill-behaved, but super talented, running back is to college football fanatics.
As long as he's making spectacular plays(voting 95%+ democrat with large turnout) which brings the team on-field and financial success(winning elections and gold-plating the liberal economy) the fans(White liberals) will be engaged in endless excuse making, cover-ups, and distractions.

The White Liberal Establishment owes so much it's wealth and power to the 85 I.Q. vote that they're going to continue to be just as greedy and irrational as the Nebraska football nation was regarding Lawrence Phillips in 95.

Back in 2004 here in Central Florida we had a black parole violater recruit 3 punks to break into a
home and bludgeon 6 innocent people to death with baseball bats. The Deltona Massacre could have been prevented if just one person in the house would have had a gun.

I have a suggestion for blubberbutt, carrey, and the rest of liberal establishment.
If you're truly concerned about gun violence, then let's start an aggressive and sustained campaign to greatly reduce sexual-reproductive irresponsibility in the inner cities.
Clearly, this would do infinitely more to reduce gun violence than clumsily mocking a Great actor or stupidly mocking White families concerns about home invasions.

Fat chance!.

Anonymous said...

The only thing keeping me alive at 25 is the comforting knowledge that the pendulum will swing back, and boy will it swing back hard. I want to live to document it.

Anonymous said...


I bought the book for research into anti Whites [bought used, so he wont see any $ from me]....
I did not read much of it.
I dont think he is so smart.
or witty.


Anonymous said...

Moore was from Flint

Moore is from Davison one of the many errors in the film.

Californian said...

You know what gets me about Michael Moore. There was a time when he appeared to be interested in the decline of the working class in America. OK, maybe he was a fraud from day one, but at least he was talking about the de-industrialization of cities and the abuses of power in DC.

And today?

He's just another marching member of the DWL anti-white coalition. It's something for any American to consider: you really can not trust a DWL.

bubo said...

Some old crusty negro city councilman, who was arrested last year for bribery, was arrested for getting involved in this hoodrat babykiller drama down in Brunswick. Sounds to me like he was trying to intimidate or influence a witness to keep quiet.

This is a story the media would dream about, if it didn't have their favored race starring in it.

Anonymous said...

These dumbass race traitor useful idiots will be first against the wall when TSHTF. All sides hate traitors because they can't be trustd and will sell out cheap.

Anonymous said...

Reading these articles always gives me a sense of catharsis, but reading the comments often sadden me at the sick partisan divisions that exist within our race. I think many of you are in too much of a hurry to string up the "libruls/libtards" as race traitors. That innate desire to "get along" is one of the things that keeps us above the undertow, and you can't be too quick to cleanse our own without giving them a chance to wake up on their own.

Dissident said...

Slightly off topic, but:

YT sports analyst tries making a joke and gets shot down.

YT needs to know that in the Wide World of Sports, that he is nothing. He is the token Caucasian and needs to relegate himself to accepting that status. YT needs to understand that in the WW of Sports that he will only say what he is allowed to say and nothing more.

Foolish Caucasians and their futile attempts at appeasement and Negro worship.

Sports is the domain of the black man silly boy .

Dissident said...

White Mom, is that you?.

Watch this proud white lady give it to the multicult. Bravo!

I'm going to message this lady and tell her about SBPDL.

Nonhumans said...

Dude, you always come with fresh and spot-on information that is always relative to the articles and discussions. Can I, kindly, ask what you are reading? Where are you finding this stuff?

Thank you, in advance, and also for your insights. Your posts are very informative.

Bemused stare said...

The real crime I see here is that a generation of people see this Carrey creature as having some relevance.

YIH said...

Moar lulz from our old friends at World Star Hip Hop.
You wouldn't think a cable company office would need a security guard... But you'd be wrong.
Also when I came across that video it seems one of them has finally admitted the truth!


if as jim carrey says " WHITE MEN have a penis envy" if this is what lib-turds think the average white male is thinking about and wishing about has got to be the dumbest thing ever! do these penis envy whites want to know how they "stack up" against wet-backs also? give us a break lib-fags you can come up with something that has a little more teeth than that. what about this libo's do your pet blacks have BRAIN ENVY? or what about a "JOB ENVY" or a "FATHER ENVY" that would be something of a last resort to piss off your PETS! meaning if this body extension is all your filthy liberal mind can get a dig in, dig on, or a ha! ha! moment than that is as petty as your PETS! michael moore needs to grow up not out! hey mike, fuck you and your kind! you to jimmy GODSPEED&SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish

The Civilized Savage

As forward progress slows, the civilized man begins to fidget aboard the iron train. Looking out at the lush jungle, he begins entertaining thoughts of becoming a savage again. For the most part he knows that he cannot actually turn savage. The awareness that he will have to give up his comforts to turn savage is embedded too deep within him. The savage does not understand that going feral takes twenty years off his life expectancy and kills half his children. And even if you explained it to him, he would not care for the savage does not believe in the future, only the present. It is this knowledge of the future that burdens the civilized man who longs to turn savage. It is this knowledge that he is determined to destroy to be able to escape once and for all from the iron train and into the jungle.

Anonymous said...

Well here you go. White man Doug Gottlieb on all black CBS sports panel must apologize for "giving the white man's perspective":

rjp said...

Great video Dissident

Anonymous said...

I have to question the sanity of the leftist libtards and the way they equate preparedness and owning a gun with fear and penis envy.
I wonder what bizarre perspective they would have to offer as per owning a fire extinguisher and smoke detectors? I own those just as I own a gun and for the same basic reason~ to be prepared for an unfortunate reality/possibility:
Guns to defend the home in case of a burglary/home invasion and the other in case of a house fire. There's no fear involved at all~ just a realistic assessment of the possibilities/potential for either and sensibly planning ahead for any eventuality.
Of course, libtards won't obsess over fire extinguishers and try to assign some absurd motivation or reason for owning one as they will with guns.
Perhaps they need to examine their obsession with gun ownership, get to the bottom of their neurotic fears and quit projecting all their mental garbage onto others.

Unknown said...

I don't know where Moore gets his statistics, but say that they're correct: 90% of the legal guns are in the hands of white people, who represent about 60% of the population. Assume that the other 10% are distributed among asians, hispanics, blacks, and others according to their population. Thus, the 13% that is black have 13/40 of the 10%, or about 3% of the guns.

So blacks have 3% of the guns, and whites have 90%. That means whites have 30 times as many guns, in total, that blacks do; and comparing this with other statistics:

- Blacks overall commit about 2times the number of murders as whites; thus, a gun in the hands of a black person is 60 times more dangerous than a gun in the hands of a white person. (This ignores the illegal guns, but that's part of the point of this analysis.)

- Blacks commit over half of all murders. So, take away just the guns of the blacks, and you've lowered the murder rate by over half.

-per the WaPo data, blacks commit murder 10 times more often than whites on a per-capita basis. per Moore and the above analysis, whites on a per-capita basis are(90%/60%)/(3%/13%)= 6 times more likely to be armed. This corroborates the WSJ data that an armed black commits 60 times as many murders as an armed white.

10mm AUTO said...


Superb Comments. The real pity is that there isn't a choice in your neighbors. When the brain damaged homos move in next door, you sigh and hope they aren't too militant. If they are flaming, you sigh and call your real estate agent. Plenty of people, like an elderly couple, would be fine living next to a pair of fruits. Hell half will be exchanging recipes with them in a few weeks

If they are negros, you call your agent to sell the house quick before you lose another $10,000 in property value.

Either way, it is stress.

Pat Boyle said...

To those of you who rose to attack homosexuals for their politics - calm down.

My post was about priorities. There are lots of issues that compete for your attention. Paul Kersey has focused on the destructive effect of black people moving into previously all white neighborhoods. I was just suggesting that Paul is right and that that is a much more serious problem than gay marriage.

I'm against gay marriage. I just don't think it matters much.

Gay predators who try to recruit young boys and girls think they can convert them from heterosexuality (normal sexuality) to homosexuality. They can't.

Parents also worry that gay activists who now have license to promote the gay lifestyle in public schools will permanently turn their children in homosexuals. They can't. They won't.

Mostly what these efforts do is just revolt the kids. Man-on-man sex is very obnoxious to most normal men. On the other hand woman-on-woman sex is quite popular in pornography with heterosexual men. Most straight women however find it icky.

People don't become gay through recruitment. Homosexuality is determined in the womb. At least in the male brain the INAH3 nuclei of the hypothalamus are transformed in the second trimester. This has been known for more than twenty years now (see Simon Levay).

The infectious theory or "Gay Germ" theory comes from Paul Ewald, Henry Harpending and Greg Cochran. My only contribution is that I have suggested that the specific germ responsible is the toxoplasma gondii parasite.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this particular parasite I will give you a brief rundown. First of all you could very well be harboring the parasite in your own brain. In some human populations 40% have it. Normally it doesn't do much if you have a healthy immune system. But it is known to cause schizophrenia in humans and also make people into bad drivers.

Humans are not the intended host - cats are. When a parasite gets into the wrong host all sorts of odd things can happen. This cat friendly parasite quickly kills sea otters. It only mildly effects humans. Pig worms don't hurt the pig but give humans trichinosis. Raccoon worms make humans blind (always thoroughly cook your road kill).

The normal life cycle of T. gondii is to pass out of the cat with its feces. The mice eat them and become infected. The parasite invades the mouse's limbic system and makes the mouse brave. The mouse no longer flees from the smell of a cat and so the cat finds it easy to catch and eat the infected mice. The life cycle continues.

It is thought that the bad driving seen in humans infected with the parasite is another manifestation of parasite induced bravery. The parasite is known to invade the hypothalamus and amygdala in humans. The very structures that determine sexual preferences in human development.

This hypothesis is very easy to test. Every mother of a gay man should have antibodies to the T. gondii parasite or else I'm wrong.

If you don't like this hypothesis, don't argue with me - run the tests.


Bogolyubski said...

Rev. Bacon:
I don't know where Moore gets his statistics, but say that they're correct: 90% of the legal guns are in the hands of white people, who represent about 60% of the population. Assume that the other 10% are distributed among asians, hispanics, blacks, and others according to their population. Thus, the 13% that is black have 13/40 of the 10%, or about 3% of the guns.

So blacks have 3% of the guns, and whites have 90%. That means whites have 30 times as many guns, in total, that blacks do; and comparing this with other statistics

The alleged 90% refers to legally owned guns. It is a virtually irrelevant figure in any discussion of guns used to commit crimes. The far more important figure in any such discussion would be who is in possession of which percent of illegally owned guns. This is a typical example of the type of semi-buried lie or deception used by leftists when engaging in their single-sided "debates" with other "conservative" leftists in the "free, demokratische, society".

FatBoy has been lying for a long time. In his "documentary" Bowling for Columbine for example, viewers were given the impression that the USA is one big open-air gun market where banks in places like northern Michigan will hand anyone opening an account a shotgun. That's a complete lie. For anyone to obtain the shotgun offered as the promotional incentive, they had to go through a Federally-licensed FFL and pass the NICS background check, along with any state-level checks required before receiving the gun. Even today, 15 years after the bogus film and with at least 14 years of refutation of the lies therein, DWLs - especially women - regurgitate the lie as if it were true.

Anon whines:
Reading these articles always gives me a sense of catharsis, but reading the comments often sadden me at the sick partisan divisions that exist within our race. I think many of you are in too much of a hurry to string up the "libruls/libtards" as race traitors. That innate desire to "get along" is one of the things that keeps us above the undertow, and you can't be too quick to cleanse our own without giving them a chance to wake up on their own.

There are actual race-traitors, anon. There are some whose crimes are so serious - such as those who enable monsters like the two in Brunswick, GA to escape all justice - that the only just thing for them is a speedy dirt nap. There are plenty who are never going to consider changing their evil ideology. There are others who'll drop the PC crap when it stops paying so well.

Anonymous said...

I replied to you on the thread re: the supermarket re: social media.

Thank you for opening my eyes. You were spot on.

White Mom

YIH said...

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news but Lawrence Auster has passed away.
As per his request the site will remain 'up' permanently but no longer updated.
And yes, it was from him that I found SBPDL in the first place.
Rest in peace Mr. Auster.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the link to Lawrence Auster's website. I'd never heard of him before but I've bookmarked his website because it looks like there's a lot of food for thought there.

I really wish Michael Moore would find himself stranded alone in the worst part of Chicago or some other "diverse" urban area on a Friday or Saturday night about midnight when things really get hopping. Heck, even broad daylight at that Atlanta mall that the poor guard has to keep tazing people at would do. I don't imagine a mouthy, fat white man would last long in either situation. That's my dream for Moore and others of his ilk.

Bogolyubski said...

BTW, for those who might not yet be aware, Lawrence Auster died early this morning. While I did not always agree with him, he was a wonderful writer with unique and brilliant insights. If he'd remained a leftist (as in his youth) and never converted to Christianity (the one sin for which there is no forgiveness - ever - among TWMNBN), he would have likely been living in the high style of a Matthew Yglesias or much more (unlike Yglesias, Auster had real talent). Auster may well have sacrificed a very rewarding career as a literary figure or high-level duranty in the great squid empire for his devotion to truth. Requiescat in pace.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker again....It seems to me the core of Michael Moore's problem is that he does not appear like the kind of guy that gets laid very often. This guy IS NOT a "chick magnet". He looks like the type that show up at Star Trek conventions. He has the sex appeal of a wet wash rag.

Anonymous said...

Lacking Nunavatians (Who have the same murder rate as gun free Mexico!) if the US were able to get rid of its blacks it could get rid of their guns but as Obama's thuggish offspring aren't going anywhere neither should Jum Carrey's or Michael Moore's bodyguard's guns because you never know when you will be attacked as George Zimmerman can testify.

robins111 said...

I once was in a discussion with a Canadian anti-gun bimbo.. she blathered that nonsense about penis compensation.. I responded, that most gun owners, didn't obsess over their wedding tackle, but I had observed that the Canadian feminist anti-gun crowd, apparently had themselves reamed out, till it was like an 8 guart pail of grease.. maybe they were the problem...

Mr. Clean said...

Ex New Yorker again: It seems to me the core of Michael Moore's problem is that he does not appear like the kind of guy that gets laid very often. This guy IS NOT a "chick magnet". He looks like the type that show up at Star Trek conventions.

Moore has made enough money off of his liberal propaganda films to allow him and a whole convention center full of trekkies to be set up with women for life.

Anonymous said...

You may not want to post this, it's sort of vulgar, but as I recall from high school gym class, obese guys appeared to have short dicks because they had several inches of fat covering their crotch. All the money in the world won't make up for that handicap. So Michael Moore once again sublimates his horniness with a few cheeseburgers.

Anonymous said...

Mikey also misses another choice thing to add to his mirth:

Whites account for 99.99999741 percent of all LEGAL guns.

Case closed!

-21st Century Cicero

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore resides in Torch Lake, Michigan. According to census data, Torch Lake is over 94% white and just 0.7 Black. This is a fact that should be trumpeted all over the internet. Moore purposely chooses to avoid diversity while attempting to use it to shame his opponents. His power is entirely derived from a refusal by his critics to call him on his hypocrisy.

Invariably, whenever a DWL makes charges of racism against whites, it is in order to advance themselves socially. They never practice what they preach. Call them on it and remove their power to use race as a weapon.

Kersey should do a major article listing celebrities and DWL politicians who live in rich, non-diverse neighborhoods while preaching diversity for others (Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Tim Wise, George Clooney, most of Hollywood, etc). I think it would be a landmark article that would immediately disarm much of the critics.

Discard said...

Anon at 9:57 AM: It would be a lot simpler to make a list of diversity preaching celebrities that Do live among the Darks. Here it is.

Easy, no?

tired of America and its a-holes said...

U r an ass why dont you f your sister since thats what you re known for anyway..

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore doesnt realize that he is hurting his case with his own words in another respect.

If white people own 90% of the guns in this country, wouldn't you think that most gun violence would be perpetrated by white people?

This entire site shows consistently over and over again that cities with a HIGH % of black people commit a HIGH % of crime. You'd think it would be that way with white people too. It just isnt though, is it? So, Mr. Moore, your accusations of "who is whitey afraid of?" I think you just answered your own question.