Monday, March 11, 2013

Dr. LoveStrange: Or How I learned to stop Worrying and Love the Sequestration

Sequestration: Black-Run America (BRA) only exists through the extortion of the American people's earning via taxation (and by the 1948 Shelley vs. Kraemer Act -- Restrictive Covenants being declared unconstitutional)

You ever flipped those black and whites books, published by the invaluable Arcadia Publishing house, that show what major American cities looked like in the 1920s – 1950s?

Major American cities where commercial and retail property values have collapsed, such as Birmingham, Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, Cleveland, Rochester, and Memphis are featured in the Arcadia Publishing books, offering a glimpse back in time to a world where these currently destitute cities were brimming with life.

Forgotten Detroit, Detroit’s Downtown Movie Palaces, Hudson’s: Detroit’s Legendary Department Store, Camden: Images of America, Birmingham: Images of America, Birmingham’s Theater and Retail District… these are just some of Arcadia’s titles offering you a free ride back in time… when Cleveland, Birmingham, and Detroit were run by governments interested in protecting the property and people who built and sustained the city.

Truly, Arcadia Publishing has collected the most seditious titles in all of publishing – understanding that life was once enjoyed in downtown Detroit (when it was a white city) instead of being something you take into your own hands when you visit the same city – 84 – 90% black today – might help you understand why such laws as restrictive covenants and even those vile Jim Crow laws were on the books… to protect the society and civilization whites had built and to ensure commercial and residential property maintained their value.

Why bring this up? Because the ideology that helped build and sustain the cities shown 70-90 years ago in black and white photos of Arcadia’s books was replaced with the governing philosophy of Black-Run America (BRA) – the very ideology responsible for giving us 2013 Detroit.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said Monday night that the $85 billion in cuts to federal spending, known as the sequester, will disproportionately affect blacks and other minorities, in part because they are more likely to work for the government.

"Sequestration will impact everyone, but it will have a particularly harmful effect on communities of color who were hit first and worst by the great recession, and have yet to significantly feel the effects of the recovery," Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) said Monday.

"Federal budget cuts under sequestration would quickly mean cuts to federal, state and local public-sector jobs, which disproportionately employ women and African-Americans."

Lee said in 2011, employed blacks made up 20 percent of the federal, state and local public-sector workforce, and that women were 50 percent more likely to work in the public sector.

Lee was joined by Del. Donna Christensen (D-Virgin Islands), who agreed that cuts to public-sector jobs would hurt blacks disproportionately.

"African-Americans are more likely to work in the public sector, where the jobs are going to be cut," she said. "We already have the highest unemployment, and will be severely hurt by the reduction in unemployment benefits."

Lee cited several other reasons why the sequester will hurt, from a study conducted by the Center for American Progress. That study said minorities would be hurt by cuts to long-term unemployment benefits, workforce development programs, early childhood grants, youth job programs, healthcare research and home heating assistance under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

Venturing over to the Center for American Progress and looking at the study cited above [Top 10 Reasons Why People of Color Should Care About Sequestration, 2-22-13] is a crash-course lesson in understanding why those cities Arcadia books profiles (the past glories of Birmingham, Detroit, Camden, Baltimore, and Cleveland) - where life was once plentiful, fruitful, and meaningful – have all collapsed:
Arcadia Publishing: Proving Detroit was once one of the world's great cities... what happened?

Sequestration will impact all Americans but will have a particularly harmful effect on communities of color, who were hit first and worst by the Great Recession and have yet to significantly feel the effects of the recovery.

2. Workforce development programs that are vital to communities of color such as YouthBuild and Job Corps face significant cuts. YouthBuild, a program connecting low-income youth to education and training, could be cut by about 8 percent under sequestration. Coupled with previous federal appropriation cuts in fiscal year 2011 by 37 percent, the program could see about one-third of its federal funding cut between fiscal year 2010 and fiscal year 2013. In 2010, 54 percent of YouthBuild participants were African American and 20 percent were Latino. Job Corps, an education and training program geared toward young adults, faces about $83 million in cuts in FY 2013 under sequestration. In 2011, 72 percent of Job Corps participants were people of color.
3. Cuts to critical job-creating programs such as the Build America Bonds program are also on the chopping block. Build America Bonds, which were created in the 2009 stimulus bill, provides incentives for infrastructure investments through the tax code. Since its inception, the program has helped states and cities fund thousands of job-creating infrastructure projects at lower costs than traditional tax-exempt municipal bonds. Build America Bonds could see budget cuts of up to 7.6 percent, however, if sequestration goes through. Build America Bonds benefit all Americans, as more than $106 billion of Build America Bonds have been issued by state and local governments in 49 states and the District of Columbia since the program started. Infrastructure investments stimulate employment in sectors that employ disproportionately high rates of workers of color, such as construction and public transit.
4. Federal budget cuts under sequestration would quickly mean cuts to federal, state, and local public-sector jobs, which disproportionately employ women and African Americans. In 2011 employed African Americans comprised 20 percent of the federal, state, and local public-sector workforce, and women were nearly 50 percent more likely than men to work in the public sector. According to the Congressional Budget Office, scheduled cuts in federal spending were the primary driving force behind slow economic growth projected for this year, meaning thousands of lost jobs and cuts to federal contractors. 
5. Early child care funding could be cut by more than $900 million, impacting the thousands of children of color who benefit from these programs. Such cuts will mean 70,000 children will be kicked out of Head Start, a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children from low-income families from birth through age 5. Sixty percent of program participants are children of color.

9. Since 2010 funding for housing has been cut by $2.5 billion, meaning any additional cuts would significantly hurt low-income families and communities. Many housing programs such as Section 8 Housing Assistance provide vouchers to low-income families for affordable housing in the private market. In 2011 Section 8 aided more than 2 million low-income families across the country. Data from 2008 indicate that 44 percent and 23 percent of public housing recipients are African American and Latino, respectively. 

10. As the nation continues to endure a cold winter, programs such as the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, which helps bring down the cost of heating for low-income households, are crucial. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helped about 23 million low-income people pay their winter heat bills, is in jeopardy of being cut in FY 2013. Low-income communities, which tend to disproportionately comprise of people of color, depend on such programs to make ends meet during these tough economic times.
Birmingham, Alabama (a now 74% black city) once had a thriving downtown, where retail and culture flourished... what happened?

Heading over the United States Department of Labor report (titled “The African American Labor Force in the Recovery”), you learn this:

The President's 2013 Budget: The FY 2013 budget is built around the idea that our country does best when everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share, and plays by the same rules. Because unemployment among African Americans remains unacceptably high and to provide security for African-American families, the President's 2013 Budget would:
                Invest in low-income youth and adults: The President is proposing a new $12.5 billion Pathways Back to Work Fund to provide hundreds of thousands of low-income youth and adults with opportunities to work and to achieve needed training in growth industries
                                  Support for Summer and Year-Round Jobs for Youth: The Recovery Act provided approximately 370,000 summer job opportunities through the public workforce investment system to young people in the summers of 2009 and 2010. Such programs not only provided young people with their first paycheck, but taught them life-long employment skills. Building on this success, the new Pathways Back to Work Fund will provide states with support for summer job programs for low-income youth in 2012, and year-round employment for economically disadvantaged young adults. This is particularly important for African-American youth who are experiencing an unacceptably high rate of unemployment of over 40%.
                                  Targeting Low-Income, Long-Term Unemployed Adults: This effort would connect the long-term unemployed, low-income adults to subsidized employment and work-based training opportunities. It builds off the successful TANF Emergency Contingency Fund wage subsidy program that supported 260,000 jobs through the recovery. This measure would be particularly helpful to unemployed African Americans, nearly half (49.5 percent) of whom have been unemployed for more than 27 weeks.
                Revitalize Distressed Urban Neighborhoods: The President's 2013 Budget provides $150 million for the Choice Neighborhoods initiative to continue transformative investments in high-poverty neighborhoods where distressed HUD-assisted public and privately owned housing is located, a $30 million increase from the 2012 enacted level. The Budget would provide grants that primarily fund the preservation, rehabilitation and transformation of HUD-assisted public and privately-owned multifamily housing.
                Put People Back to Work Rehabilitating Homes, Businesses and Communities: The President is proposing a $15 billion series of policies to help connect Americans looking for work in distressed communities with the work needed to re-purpose residential and commercial properties, creating jobs and stabilizing neighborhoods. Known as Project Rebuild, this approach will not only create construction jobs for African Americans who were disproportionately affected by the loss of jobs in the construction sector, but will help reduce blight and crime and stabilize housing prices in areas hardest hit by the housing crisis.
Target Investments to Modernize Schools Serving Low-Income Students: The President proposed a $30 billion investment in education infrastructure that will modernize at least 35,000 public schools and community colleges — investments that will create jobs while improving classrooms and upgrading our schools and community colleges to meet 21st Century needs. Funds could be used for a range of emergency repair and renovation projects, and modernization efforts to build new science and computer labs and to upgrade technology. These investments would not only help black workers get back jobs in construction, but help African-American communities get access to better education and help the next generation of African-American workers.

Go flip through one of Arcadia Publishing books on Birmingham, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Cleveland, Rochester, Camden, Milwaukee, or Chicago and see what life was like in the inner-city areas of these various cities back in the 1920s-1950s: urban areas we refer to as “war zones” today were thriving economic centers of activity, high culture, and growth.

No matter the money invested by the federal government to “fix” nightmarish “urban” settings in 2013 Baltimore, Detroit, Birmingham, and Memphis, the results will be the same as long as the demographics remain the same.

A neighborhood, a community, a city’s condition is merely a reflection of the character of the people who occupy it.

Arcadia Publishing offers a glimpse into a world where sanity prevailed, where freedom prevailed; the world of Detroit and Birmingham in 2013 is a reminder that freedom failed.

No matter how much money the government spends; no matter how many artificial black middle classes are created around the nation via public jobs; no matter the federal grants, set-asides, training, programs, or efforts to revitalize, rehabilitate, or modernize inner-cities and blighted neighborhoods... you’ll still be left with Detroit 2013 if the focus is on black empowerment through government assistance.

In the end, you can only laugh to stay sane.


Anonymous said...

sadly, i don't know what else can be done with blacks. they gotta be somewhere - congregating in areas that then deteriorate. they do an okay job of keeping themselves penned in. we need to prevent the government from forcibly spreading them around. a loosely quarantined ghetto policy may be about the best that can be done under a democratic-republic.

PioneerPreppy said...

The Feminist have so closely tied themselves to the Blacks there is no way this is going to end well. They are not going to cut the paychecks to these people and are just going to continue to demand more and more money until everything else falls apart.

Commissar Snowman said...

Privet! Kak dela comrades?

"In the end, you can only laugh to stay sane. "

Exactly. This whole thing is one great big joke, the sheer magnitude of which is unparalleled in human history. It's fucking ridiculous, Whites build the cities, literally carving them out of the wilderness and then abandon them. Blacks don't have to build a god damn thing, all they have to do is MAINTAIN the cities Whites built and they can't even do that. Meanwhile Whites go and build ENTIRE NEW COMMUNITIES and in the same time frame the former White abandoned city becomes a third world hell hole. And this is all supposedly due to racism and disparate impact?!?! No other ethnic group in human history has been given so much help by one group and failed so miserably. The fault lies not in the recipe, but with the ingredients.

But the BEST part is the fact that DWL's believe that Whites have "so much to learn" from diversity, as if the third world savages have so many useful things to teach us. I guess the first world Whites have NOTHING to teach the third world non whites. It's just absolutely insane. I often wondered why some people opined that Free Will was a curse. Liberals are an example of why that is so.

"Existence is random. Has no pattern save what we imagine after staring at it for too long. No meaning save what we choose to impose. This rudderless world is not shaped by vague metaphysical forces. It is not God who kills the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It’s us. Only us. Streets stank of fire. The void breathed hard on my heart, turning its illusions to ice, shattering them. Was reborn then, free to scrawl own design on this morally blank world."

-Alan Moore "Watchmen"

Anonymous said...

Santos last post on the prior thread with the link is interesting. Read the link. The Feds are fixated on this utopia where poor, rich, ghetto turds, Musloids, et al all live together in the same 'hood and everyone has an opportunity. The social engineers are had at work with plans to implement this vision or I should say hallucination with your tax dollars. Their goal is to strip away the powers of local governments and give more and more power to the Feds.

Section 8 has caused much carnage. Soon it will be mandatory to mash it with a groid and go coal burner or adopt a turdlet. Good God mang!

Our ability to self determine is being cut at every opportunity.

White Mom in Turdistan

rjp said...

Fighting over $85 billion in cuts to federal spending cuts when the country has had budgets for five years with $1,000,000,000,000 deficits.

We are broke at the local, state, and federal level.

At some point it has to be dealt with, can't just keep kicking responsibility down the road as the unfunded liabilities are going to explode very soon.

The only thing that keeps this country from becoming Greece is the US government's ability to tax productivity.

countenance said...

"At worst," (and it's probably not even that "bad"), all the sequester means is that the same Federal government that would get to spend $3600 billion before now only gets to spend $3515 billion.

They say not being to spend $85 billion would result in all these drastic severe cutbacks in all these goodies. Who knew the Federal government was so efficient that it could get so much out of $85 billion? That said, why can't the same Federal government bring us Nirvana from the remaining $3515 billion it can still spend?

The figures I dwell on more are $2845 billion and $848 billion. Those were the amounts of real physical American coin and currency in common circulation as of February 2012 (former) and August 2008 (latter). Ironically, that amount is currently increasing by the same $85 billion figure per month.

Anonymous said...


the creation of new cities in northern Atlanta suburbs... could become national news very soon.

Super-white majority cities

As a result of the unsavory politics in urban Atlanta, northern suburban communities acted to distance themselves. Beginning in 2005, many communities began the process of incorporating into cities.

These cities, after breaking away politically from urban Atlanta, have become so successful that a libertarian think tank, the Reason Foundation, has featured Sandy Springs as a model of effective government. The Economist has also applauded the northern Atlanta cities for solving the problem of unfunded government pension liability and avoiding the bankruptcy that looms over some urban areas. The new cities may soon be able to create their own school districts, which would free them even further from the issues besetting Atlanta.

The Georgia Legislative Black Caucus filed a lawsuit in 2011 to dissolve the new cities, claiming they were a super-white majority and diluting the voting power of minorities.

there is a social contract between the northern and southern parts of the county.

So when you allow powerful groups of citizens to opt out of a social contract, and form their own, it may benefit the group opting out, but it hurts the larger collective, he said.

Californian said...

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus said Monday night that the $85 billion in cuts to federal spending, known as the sequester, will disproportionately affect blacks and other minorities, in part because they are more likely to work for the government.

This is something that mainstream conservatives ought to consider: that any attempt to cut government spending will be labeled as (oooooh) "racism." How then do conservatives plan to pursue their limited government agenda as they tell us that they too are against (oooooh) "racism?"

Since white people (apparently) pay a disproportionate amount of taxes, does that mean that high taxes are (oooooh) "racist" against whites? Oh, wait, the Ministry of Truth reminds us that blacks can not be (oooooh) "racist."

Then again, why are blacks and other minorities employed so much by the government in the first place? Why aren't they using all those taxpayer supported programs to build their own businesses? And how many government jobs are so much make-work to keep people employed? The fact that the government increasingly relies on outside contractors to get jobs done is a symptom of a system which has too much red tape and feather bedding.

What it comes down to is this: as long as BRA is in effect it will be impossible to have limited government. Aside from the taxes, there are also the costs of the massive "equal opportunities" bureaucracy, the "diversity" agitprop, the bailouts of cities such as Detroit, the endless social programs which inevitably fail only to be replaced by even bigger programs and bigger programs, the constant race hustle lawsuits, etc. etc., etc. Add to this the costs of crime, illegitimacy and school dropouts which require even more government damage control (e.g., the prison-industrial complex). Plus the international costs to the taxpayer of the government providing support and relief for Africa and Haiti (AIDS relief, food, infrastructure, etc.).

More taxes, more regulation, more government.

Maybe this is the reason that the GOP can only run milquetoast candidates like Romney. The Republicans do not want to face up to BRA.

Mr. Clean. said...

rjp said...At some point it has to be dealt with, can't just keep kicking responsibility down the road as the unfunded liabilities are going to explode very soon.

You have to wonder if it is idiocy, or denial, or if it is part of an evil plan.

As has been said repeatedly, something that can't go on, won't.

Anonymous said...

This is an example of something that very few if any blacks could even conceive. Let's call it a requiem for white America:

Anonymous said...

"The only thing that keeps this country from becoming Greece is the US government's ability to tax productivity."

Greece is in the EuroZone and cannot unilaterally print money to cover its deficits. The US can - for now.

rjp said...

White Mom:

homophobe said...

"– might help you understand why such laws as restrictive covenants and even those vile Jim Crow laws were on the books… to protect the society and civilization whites had built and to ensure commercial and residential property maintained their value. "

I have a question for PK or anyone willing to answer.

In the past there were restrictive laws regarding homosexuals and no-gay marriage. Laws against gay sex, etc. Looking forward, based on PK experience with BRA, do you think homosexual marriage and gay liberation is as much of a disaster going forward as BRA was for detroit et al? entire generation of youths raised to accept homosexuals and even experiment bi-curious girls, lesbian gay romances and teens etc.

To what extent is BRA allow insights in a future of homosexual GLBT West?

How would a 95% GLBT city the size of Detroit fare in comparison to BRA Detroit?

Mr. Rational said...

i don't know what else can be done with blacks. they gotta be somewhere

Not if the failures are forced to use Depo-Provera, they don't.  Make the failures (ALL failures, of ALL races) put reproduction on the back burner until they have "uplifted" themselves.  If the females go through menopause first, hey... it saved a bunch of children from a life of misery.

This is an example of something that very few if any blacks could even conceive. Let's call it a requiem for white America:

Blacks would just do the same thing they did to Autumn Pasquale.

PDK said...

I believe it easier for a bad person to pull a good person down than for a good person to pull a bad person up. Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. When, in a fully enfranchised democracy, an alliance of the immature and the retarded, led by the God complexed, narcissists become the majority, sanity is voted out and insanity is voted in.

It is surreal when the alliance expects, demands and forces upon non-liberal whites the role of the white man’s burden, whilst said alliance misappropriately points the finger of blame at those same non-liberal whites, who in reality, are the causal agent for their luxuriously high lifestyle. Only the immature, the retarded and those who suffer both traits, can never fathom the great depths of this conundrum.

This is the reality of America today. The liberals, the God complexed and the immature, and their allies, the retarded and the immature have won. There probably is no saving our Founding Fathers free enterprise Republic at this point. The only viable solution is white flight followed by secession via a declaration of independence followed by an outlawing of everything that gave the alliance the power they needed to transmogrify our once great and flourishing nation. Only by never allowing the alliance their chance to steal our great collective good for their personal gain and vanity again would such an endeavor be worth the hard effort.

In South Africa a similar problem, though more advanced, is showing America her future. The white Afrikaners were so successful they raised the life expectancy of blacks from 38 to 61. Now after near 20 years of black rule the black life expectancy has dropped down to 52. Further, the retarded blacks are murdering off the white Afrikaners, the people who gave said retarded blacks a better life in spite of themselves.

Non-liberal whites should shuck the white man’s burden role, imposed by the white liberal, upon the non-liberal white. We are not our different sub-species keeper. They want their liberation from the non-liberal white man we should give it to them.

Non-liberal whites should not share the white creations with any other sub-species. Let the others live in their natural state as created for them by the nature of their gene pool. Whites created anti-biotics and foolishly gave them to other different sub-species of humans. In turn, those other sub-species of humans have so misused and/or abused our miracle drugs that they are being rendered impotent. Further, outright stealing of the creations of our investing capitalist by the more r selective, gene pool people of the world, the third world people, has removed the incentive to spend on R&D, and so there are no new miracle drugs in the pipeline, we, and our humanity is headed for a Malthusian apocalypse of old Testament, Biblical proportions.

At this point I could care less if all the more r seclection, gene pool humans suffer the horrendous deaths their gene pool leaves them prey to, including disease and starvation. They are thankless, clueless and prefer the death to the white race, rather than admit to themselves their envious immaturity is what drives them to kill the white goose that lays the golden eggs.

Why we whites should allow any other, lower sub-species to steal from our gene pool is beyond sanity and into insanity.

Let us non-liberal whites separate out from the alliance, secede, declare independence and leave those immature and retarded people to their own devices. At that point, never again should we afford those who ruin; their chance to ruin again. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@homophobe, 6:13 PM.

I guarantee that a city that is 95% gay would be far cleaner, safer, and better educated than a city that is 95% black.

I'm not the biggest fan of gays myself, but if you have to think twice about choosing them over blacks, you're an idiot.

Maybe where you live there are mobs of gay youths mugging non-gays and beating the shit out of them, flash mobs/flash robs, and disproportionately committing crimes compared to their numbers. I only see one group doing all that stuff, and it isn't the LGBT community.

Anonymous said...

The gay rights movement follows the template of the civil rights movement. This is not a coincidence. Sure, many of the followers believe in it but those at the top pushing the agenda see it as a way of saying FU to White hetero males.

The difference is that gay marriage is no threat to hetero marriage. That is just the nonsense spouted by the Christian right to get donations. The same Christian right that has caved to BRA and is caving to illegal aliens. The same Christian right that wants gays out of the military but then slavishly support Israel, praising the IDF which DOES allow gays in the military. The Christian right plays the same game on abortion calling it murder but almost always allowing exceptions for rape, incest, life of the mother. The name of the game is mailing lists and donations.

These "rights" movements are also designed to increase government control of us while distracting us from their real purpose. If people were to be left alone, most would associate with their own groups and BRA would collapse.

Anonymous said...

My Indianapolis Friends.. I posted last week of the flash mobs moving to Castleton Mall. I was there on sat 2 weeks ago and it was over run with "teens". Not a word on the news.. cops were called and they swarmed outa there like locus. Well.. looks like they came back again this weekend and brought their guns.. not a word.. I heard a 3 sec blurb about it on the news show on the way home.. I knew it was a matter of time..

Marion county is no longer safe... not even on the far north side. I'm starting to think living in Noblesville in 10 years isn't going to be far enough.

Jay Santos said...

White mom said….

Section 8 has caused much carnage. Soon it will be mandatory to mash it with a groid and go coal burner

Yea, actually I wouldn't rule out anything from the "liberals". There's nothing liberal, in any historic sense about them.

I read an interesting thing from Derbyshire. I guy I was never aware of until his brilliant essay on negroes some time back in Taki. But he explained that liberals were totalitarians. Ok, so far that's a connection we've all made. But he went to describe the liberal totalitarian philosophy as one without a center, without the possibility of a center. It is totalitarian, it is built on the extremes with no potential for a center. His example was that you either love big brother or you want to assassinate big brother. There is no potential for the subject to be indifferent to big brother. Well the same is true of negroes in the liberal authoritarian philosophy. If you don't support any amount of societal turmoil to somehow lift them up to some unrealistic state of power, affluence and maybe intelligence, well then you must want to kill all negroes. So you're a racist. There is no option for a center, where you're just indifferent to negroes as you may be to the Japanese. Substitute any of their other pet projects, gun control, gays in society and you get the same results.

Seems like an awfully obvious explanation for the way DWL's operate, but I've never thought about it quite that way before.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything that happens either from the hand of White man or mother nature that the Negros wont say effects them negatively. And they must be compensated monetarily. Ive never seen a race "whine" like the Negro.

Anonymous said...

Federal budget cuts under sequestration would quickly mean cuts to federal, state, and local public-sector jobs, which disproportionately employ women and African Americans.

Thus proving that the government, and the people who do her hiring, are both racist and sexist.

rjp said...

How would a 95% GLBT city the size of Detroit fare in comparison to BRA Detroit?

It would have no actual industry. It would be mostly lower wage jobs - food & beverage, call centers, clothing boutiques, and hair care.

It would have a horrible school system because the "free spending with other peoples' money gays" (AIDS) would not support it with their own.

There would be either be very great or very poor public transportation. A toss up based on initial "gay settlers".

The few that made good money would move out, the rest left would be left in a gay ghetto if gentrification didn't occur, and the city would crumble as the local traffic decreased.

Anonymous said...

Chicago already has two areas with this full range of people. Uptown and Evanston. Uptown has those residential cubucle hotels with the chicken wire tops and they have sec 8, and market rate condos as well as upscale homes. It's a neighborhood where u have to fight past beggars, bangers and homless just to get groceries and run back into your house before they rob, rape or shoot you

Anonymous said...

What would Detroit, Birmingham, Camden, etc. look like 30 years from now if blacks and darker hispanics were wiped out by a virus which attacked dark complected people?

Here's a realistic guess in a list form.

1) Nature and recreational parks would have replaced many of the more dilapidated areas.
2) Massive White Flight into the cities would have refurbished millions of structurally fine houses.
3) The cities would be far greener as countless millions of trees and shrubs would be planted.
4) There would be a great many new residential and office skyscrapers.
5) The crime rate would be very low.
6) Unplanned pregnancies would be very low.
7) There would be a baby boom because of the radically improved safety and quality of public schools.
8) Arts and entertainment would truly thrive due to the huge reduction of an economic undertow.

Basically, just imagine Vancouver and Toronto with even less crime and an enchanced economic and cultural climate.

Anonymous said...

A few connect the dots ...

President Obama “wants a detailed [West Bank] withdrawal plan from [Israeli] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” during Obama’s visit March 20th.

Previous presidents to oppose Israel so directly include one-term Jimmy Carter and the late JFK. It could be that Obongo's handlers are suddenly worried about him, and "his people" and are setting up a game of "you and them fight."

Homeland Security is buying 1.5 billion rounds of ammunition. Sound pretty insecure to me. Question is, will they wait until Obongo is deposed (see previous paragraph) to purge the groids from gubmint jobs?

The sequester is rolling along. Better to get the people out of the building and to take their keys than to have to deal with them once the EBT card runs out.

A paper present at the annual National Academy of Sciences, in Germany, details the link between global warming and standing waves, oscillation if you prefer, in the jet stream that do not circulate.
Rather, they set up in one place and droughts come to Russia one year, Kansas the next. The pattern is intensifying.

Food production will decline. Negroes will be hungry and out of work. Do the math.

Almost forgot, Trayvon Martin's 16 year old girlfriend is actually 19, she avoided the funeral but was not in the hospital, and the prosecution has to decide whether or not to charge their star witness with perjury.

Now do the math.

Anonymous said...

off top

Back to Article
CBC's Fudge Escalates Push for Obama Cabinet Diversity

By Jonathan Strong
Roll Call Staff
March 11, 2013, 6:41 p.m.

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo

Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Marcia L. Fudge is escalating her campaign to urge President Barack Obama to pick African Americans for his cabinet, publicly releasing a letter that slams the first black president for a lack of diversity among his closest advisers.

“The people you have chosen to appoint in this new term have hardly been reflective of this country’s diversity,” the Ohio Democrat said in the March 11 letter.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I feel like a black man trapped in a white man's body.

Q: Why?

A: Cuz, sometimes I git the sequestrations cramps real hard.

Q: Why?

A: Cuz 'sequestration' sound a lot like 'segregation'and dat be bad too.

Q: What if all of the little white dots on a tiny part of the planet kept moving away from the white dots on the planet and it was in cartoon form?

A: Dat woo be funneh

Q: You don't think it would be kind of sad for the white dots to constantly be trying to escape the black dots to live in peace on their own because the black dots constantly bring the white dots down?

A: Aww sheeeit, man. Dat be PAC MAN! Whot you mean bringin' whitey down? Da white man bring UFF DOWN! Ya'll damn crazy. SMDH!

Q: Well, can you answer me one last question before you take another hit on your crack pipe, there, homey-mm-kay? Btw, your lovely wife, 'Gennitalia LaFonda LaSpedda LaQueefa' just let your children run out in traffic again whilst doing 'the dougie' in front of an ice cream truck.

Anyway, on to the question. Why do you black folks who think white folks are all racists want to live with us after you become a majority black-ruled area/city/county/etc.?

A: We ain't that stupid enough to want to go live in our originating parts of Africa where necklacing and rape are routine and where slavery still goes on. If anything, you white folks is stupid for allowing us to breed out of control even with your 'planned parenthood' aimed at us. Think about that, white boi. We abort at higher rates than all other races in the USA and yet we have higher birth rates even WITH birth control and abortion. We f*ck like rabid chimps (us black guys monkeying around with chimps is what brought us AIDS) and our STD rates are through the roof (especially black women with herpes).

Fiction based on fact.

MuayTyson said...

To Homophobe an Anon,

Anon don't be so quick to be hard on homophobe he raises an interesting point. human do not live in a vacuum we live with each other and there needs to be governmental laws and also social laws or better yet called social norms.

Break a government law and the state will punish you break a social norm and the society at large punishes you.

I am torn about homosexuality and what it means for society as a whole. One of my best friends(no not a joke) is gay. In fact I have a few gay friends. None of these friends live what would be called the nuclear lifestyle and none are monogamous. Thankfully the people I associate with tend to be smarter than myself and none of my friends want kids and they enjoy their perpetual juvenial lifestyle. They party hard and they switch partners frequently.

Is the normalization of aberrant behaviors good for society? Does it depend on the behavior at question? Can a behavior be accepted with out being normalized?

I think these are all important questions and they have not been asked. If you believe the people who think our modern society is a gift from the Frankfurt School then the question would be answered with a "yes" aberrant behavior will eventually change and destroy a society from with in.

The social experiments for the last 60 odd years have been conducted with out so much as a glimps at the future. or a guess as to what might happen.

MuayTyson said...


let's not give the Frankfurt School such credit. Let's just assume that by happen stance society has changed to the point where all norms would be destroyed.

We are almost at this point. The only resistance is the fact that many of us are still driven by our genes and there are enough people who remember what a stable society looked liked.

When the next few generations pass and at the current rate of change let's just suppose that a very good percentage of people will identify with being gay or at least bisexual. I don't know say 20%. Maybe there will be a good percentage that will be totaly Asexual with no interest in sex or maybe only virtual sex, say another 5%.

Let's imagine that there are very few "pure" races kinda the coffee ole' that Liberals would like to see.

Imagine that there are few religious people. But in this void there will be a percentage that become ultra religious like our good friends the Muslims.

Imagine that younger and younger children are given rights as adults maybe we will use a bilogical marker instead of a chronological age so at puberty people are concidered adults each according to there biology.

The more I imagine these possibilites the more I fear a dystopian future not unlike Blade Runner. Instead of being a cool Harrison Ford future cop most of us will be people just trying to eck out a living.

This world will be Hell on Earth. Small factions would fight for control and cause daily acts of terror.

I see massive mental health issues where we breed psycho and sociopaths by the millions.

The top 1% or 2% will be ultra wealthy and be sociopaths in their own rights where they buy and sell the rest of the 98% for profit and pleasure.

This world is indeed possible no Liberal will tell you this is what they want but look at what all the permissiveness and multiculturalism has bred. Look at the middle of London. White girls are sold by Asian gangs. Blacks kill and riot with impunity.

I know I sound pessimisic but tell me we are not on our way.

Anonymous said...

"Marion county is no longer safe... not even on the far north side. I'm starting to think living in Noblesville in 10 years isn't going to be far enough."

--This brings up an interesting phenomena that I have noticed in the past few years. I'm not familiar with your area, but it seem that wherever I go in the U.S. that there are increasing numbers of black people. In places that you would never, ever see them in the past...there they are, hooping it up. I honestly think that their numbers have increased well beyond the 12-13% that most people cite. I think they are systematically being left out of census counts, and in real terms if you think that they have always been around that percentage, with all the illegal immigrants being counted now 13% of 300 million in real numbers is a lot larger than 13% of the 200 million (the US population 30 years ago)...especially relative to whites. I honestly dont think there is anywhere we can go at this point to escape. Problems have solutions...predicaments only have outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Suburbs secede from Atlanta. Fine. Now what are they going to do to keep the groids from flocking there and ruining it all as they tend to do?
Unless the groids can be prevented from rushing in to feast off of whites, the effort is doomed to eventual failure and becomes little more than a temporary respite from the destruction.
What the use of building a new mall (for example) out in the suburbs (to replace the one that negroes destroyed and made unsafe) when the damn groids will just abandon the mall they ruined and flock to the brand new shiny mall out in the 'burbs because "it be better!"
When the government itself is actively involved in feeding and breeding the groids and is determined to spread them everywhere through section 8 and force people to put up with the attendant crimes, dysfuctions and parasitism, then there is no hope.
The only way it will be stopped is through total secession which will necessarily result in violent confrontation. Unfortunately, the government is determined to push everyone's backs to the wall and leave those who wish to live in a civilized environment no other course of action. I don't think the average person wants this to happen but will be left with no other rational course of action.
Imagine for a minute that you were a farmer and your neighbor down the road began feeding and breeding rabbits and letting them run wild. Furthermore, the "neigbor" passed laws protecting rabbits and preventing you from putting up fences to keep the rabbits out of your garden. Additionally, the "neigbor" got laws passed making it his right to build rabbit hutches all around your farm and feed and breed even more rabbits. If you abandon the farm because the rabbits are consuming so much that you can't survive and move elsewhere to farm, the "neighbor" follows and begins the process all over again. At what point do you blow a gasket and not give a damn about the law and the "rights" of rabbits?
That's the position every community is in as regards the government and the spread of feral, parasitical, violent and dysfunctional negroes. Worse yet, the government and libtard church groups are importing more negroes from Africa.
The pressure is building and I think eventually a gasket is going to blow and the government has no one else to blame but itself.

Dr. Φ said...

Good article but . . . You totally stole my title from last week.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the situation will devolve to the governments 19th century solution to those pesky Native Americans....2 billion bullets? Think about it......

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! I've been saying it for awhile now, how the hell does their population stay at 13 percent for so long with the way they breed? I think most of it is lies, they don't want to scare white people. Although if you think about it how many shitara's can't put jamari on the census form, because he's not suppose to live there or he is wanted by the law. Fat black women probably to damn lazy to fill it out anyway.

Anonymous said...

We can complain all we want, but the future, sadly, belongs to these misfits that are so correctly characterized by this blog. And it'll only get worse as we continue to welcome the world to this country. Our country will continue it's decline for a long time.

Anonymous said...

"impacting the thousands of children of color who benefit from these programs."
Good. The era of gibsmedat has become unsustainable. What about the thousands of fathers of color? I heard a man today bragging in the lunchroom about how he had nine kids. I exclaimed "you must be well off to have such a large family". He replied;"Dey down't live wit me, fool."

Bogolyubski said...

Suburbs secede from Atlanta. Fine. Now what are they going to do to keep the groids from flocking there and ruining it all as they tend to do?

The answer to your question is: Not a damned thing. Did the school district secede as well? What about all the other regional governmental and quasi-governmental agencies? Can they stop some "entrepreneur" from building a guaranteed-income section 8 apartment building with manufactured money borrowed from the usual suspects and additionally funded via limited partnerships run by the local branch of the gay old pedos? It's a temporary solution which will be sucked beneath the black undertow in due course.

If they're really clever, they'll write the zoning laws to effectively outlaw all apartments - without explicitly stating so. That way it will take the usual suspects who (unlike everyone else) have bottomless pockets from which to fund endless litigation from catching on right away. (They'll eventually find a way to sue, though. Since they completely own the courts and the legal profession, the outcome of such suits is a forgone conclusion). Until sufficient numbers of YT wake up to the fact that the entire system is rigged from top to bottom, temporary delays in the onslaught of the undertow is the best that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are destructive in numbers. One thing this site continues to overlook is the ever growing poor white underclass. Together these forces merge with the growing Latino population and form an unstoppable rebel force. I live in Washington heights ny and every single Latino is state funded. Able bodied men paying for groceries with benefit cards. I have even seen Jewish mothers with 8 children and one on the way doing the same. It's not just the blacks. Yesterday I rode the subway home and there were only two other whites in the car. I encourage you all to look around. They've already taken the place. The USA as we knew it is gone. Im 29, burdened with student debt, can't afford a family right now, married to my job. Married to this city because there are few jobs elsewhere, so I'm also married to my 1300 rent in the ghetto where they all get section 8. Im not a privileged white who can run to the parents for help. It's all just so fucking pointless. So fucking pointless. So fucking pointless.

drew458 said...

20% of the various levels of government workforce?

I don't believe that for a second.
Try 30%, maybe even 35%.

And given that blacks are only, what, 15-17% of the overall population, and that at this point more than 1 in 5 people work for some part of some government... isn't this saying that a HUGE percentage, perhaps a stupendous majority, of blacks work for the government??

Yup. And nearly all the rest are on government handouts. Or in government jails. Or both.

BRA. Who's the slave now, White Bitch?

Pat Boyle said...

There are a couple trends that make the hollowing out of our central cities more endurable.

Yes, I'm going to be upbeat for once.

There is a similar old movie theater picture book for San Francisco. I was in my twenties when I lived in San Francisco. I went to most of those now closed theaters. I even went to the Chinese theaters (to see Kung-Fu movies) that didn't make it into the book.

Most of those old neighborhood theaters are gone but not so much because of urban decay as because of technological progress. First there was CinemaScope which required wider screens. The old theaters with Academy aspect ratio screens showed CinemaScope (2.35) movies letterboxed. Newer theaters had better wider screens. And the newer theaters had better sound systems too. So the new multiplexes showed a better product.

It became advantageous to take a trolley downtown to a Market Street theater rather than see a movie at a neighborhood theater. In those days there were also a lot of "grind houses" that showed triple or quadruple features. These were largely sleeping accommodations for the homeless (what we called bums then) rather than temples for cinema connoisseurs.

There was also a news only theater then. They showed newsreels all day. In the basement they had a mini-theater with a TV set. Home TV killed all that.

All gone of course. I see movies now in my Home Theater. I have a bigger screen than some of those sixties theaters and a much better sound system. I don't go to any big department stores either. I shop online with Amazon.

I used to practically live at the public library. I spent hours listening to opera records. All of those recordings and many, many more are now free on YouTube. I used to check out lots of books and wander around the stacks. Today I just buy books online and they are delivered to my door.

I just don't need the central city the way I used to.

Here in Oakland we had @OccupyOakland riots a year or so ago. I asked my neighbors if they had seen them. They all had, but only on TV. No one had seen them live. Most people around here haven't been to downtown Oakland in years.

So whites driven out of the central cities that they once built is not altogether a tragedy. White people can do very well without the central city at all.


Pat Boyle said...

Cutting government programs is a career specialty. I know. I used to do it for a living. Normal government workers especially elected officials just don't have the aptitude or skills required.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Blacks are destructive in numbers. One thing this site continues to overlook is the ever growing poor white underclass. Together these forces merge with the growing Latino population and form an unstoppable rebel force.

Nice troll.

Historically, poor whites were the barrier between persons of color and genteel whites.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic but this is stomach churning:

Wis. education officials want students to wear ‘white privilege’ wristbands

Sick. Lame. Depraved.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

Walter Russell Mead doesn't have the guts to mention that Detroit was destroyed by blacks. Kwame Kilpatrick was simply doing what other Negroes have been doing all along, and it's the masses of Negroes who elected him to office.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone who says there are white and latinos at fault labeled a troll? This is exactly why this movement is pointless. Blacks have help from other groups, deny this if you'd like. I encourage you to leave your town and take a look beyond your surroundings. Everyone is milking this system. I also forgot the large Muslim families in Brooklyn sucking the government teat. This country is being eaten from all sides. Also, nyc cops killed a 16 year old and the blacks of flatbush rioted at the police station things will continue to get interesting. Someone always comments about summer 2013 being one for the books. I believe it too. Keep watching.

Anonymous said...

If they are truly most impacted then we know it will not last. Some deal will be done because you can't let the blacks suffer. Oh the humanity!

Don M said...

White Mom: Soon it will be mandatory to mash it with a groid and go coal burner or adopt a turdlet. Good God mang!

If you read "Camp of the Saints" the multi-kulti communist government creates an office to do exactly that. It was called something to the effect of the Office of Demystifying the White Woman". Jean Raspail was incredibly prescient.

Here in 'Murkistan I think the Squids would simply locate that function as a department in "The Extraordinary Commission for Combating Racism (and White Privilege)". ECCRA.

The ECCRists would have the white women raped by groids before getting their "9 grams".

Californian said...

The more I imagine these possibilites the more I fear a dystopian future not unlike Blade Runner. Instead of being a cool Harrison Ford future cop most of us will be people just trying to eck out a living.

The thing that is odd is that it does not have to be this way. There is no reason that white countries have to keep pushing the policies that are leading to their self-destruction. Yet like lemmings, they march to their own destruction.


"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." -- James Burnham

Anonymous said...

Hey All,

Reading through the posts, I gotta respond to the guy. . . You know the one, the "so fucking pointless . . . So fucking pointless," guy. You get it, you are awake and will never drink the fucking Kool Aid again. We as a nation, and you young brother are at the end of the rope. That's when you tie a fucking knot. Get liquid. Cash and carry. Buy a rifle, pistol, and shotgun and learn to use them. Stock up on ammo and non perishable food. Clean water. Get fit, get hard, get ready. Whats the harm in the Old Boy Scout Motto? Be Prepared. And remember Rome collapsed for similar reasons. The savages destroyed a high civilization. Always do, then and now. And civilization rose again from the ashes in the East. Constantinople. Quality always survives, it's just messy. Blood and Fire times. We will make it, we always do.

Don't wait for a family either, get married and make babies! We are being out fucking bred by the third world mobs and Bantu tribes! We are behind and need to catch up.

We are the Vikings, the Colonists, the Crusaders who kept the Turks from over running Europe. We created the automobile, the airplane, the whole modern fucking world. The world is moved by determined, stubborn and fierce people. It's just time to move it again. 3 percent rebelled against England, and won. How many will take the fight to the Squids, DWL's and their horde of savages this time?

Their world is crumbling and ready to fall. Their massive empty soul crushing LIE is evaporating. Their world is fucking pointless. You called it just right there, but never forget . . .

You are not a part of it. Keep Your Head Up and get ready while there is still time.

God Bless.

JB said...


Another knockout. Keep it up.

Great comments, as always. Your anon at 1:15 PM was particularly pithy and inspiring. I've been using a close variation of that for many years now.

More commentators who are encouraging and inspiring with this kind of outlook would improve morale.

Always look on the bright side of life.

Like anon said, we built this, and we'll build it again, as ever.

And I had to laugh when he cited the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared."

I was a Boy Scout. Heh.

I have a copy of the Boy Scout Law taped to the front cover of my favorite Bible, so I see it every time I pick the book up.

"A Scout it loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent."

Rolls off the tongue, the Scout Law does. It's a good code to live by, that, and Be Prepared.

We Scouts got Moxie. We ain't gonna let 'em get us down. They've already lost, as a matter of fact. Mop-up commences next.

Things will get better. So much less useless clutter taking up space. Hang in there, I say.

Thanks for all your hard work, and best to you and yours, as always.

Anonymous said...

Excellent foresight. This could play out that way, and it would be wise for twmnbm(tm).

They are the creators of the best, and it's rolling out if their control.

I'm thinking impeachment may happen, along with your other visions.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Please, post more.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Don- thank you, googled it and looked it uk. Wow. Good stuff. Raspail was on it.

We have to get out the endure mindset that he talks about and get courageous. There is no other way to survive.

White Mom

World_War_Me said...

Anonymous at 3:05 AM:

Your anaolgy is perfectly apt, but for the sake of laughs, I hope you don't mind if I remix it a bit:

Imagine for a minute that you were a farmer and your neighbor down the road began feeding and breeding velociraptors and letting them run wild. Furthermore, the "neigbor" passed laws protecting velociraptors and preventing you from putting up fences to keep the velociraptors out of your garden. Additionally, the "neigbor" got laws passed making it his right to build velociraptor hutches all around your farm and feed and breed even more velociraptors. If you abandon the farm because the velociraptors are consuming so much that you can't survive and move elsewhere to farm, the "neighbor" follows and begins the process all over again. At what point do you blow a gasket and not give a damn about the law and the "rights" of velociraptors?

Ehhh, now that I think about it, neither of our metaphors are convincing enough to outdo the real thing. Rabbits are cute and cuddly and velociraptors are intelligent and have good personalities. I would vote for a velociraptor for public office any day over a republican or democrat, and I would rather live next door to a velociraptor than you-know-who. I would rather a velociratpor babysit my cat and dog. I would rather work for or work with a velociraptor than you-know-who. I bet velociraptors would make excellent employees: clever, focused, great eyesight, know how to open latched doors, etc. I doubt velociraptors would riot at the mall, no matter what boy band was there.

Velociraptors rule!

World_War_Me said...

"Don't wait for a family either, get married and make babies...we are behind and need to catch up."

I'm willing to do my part, but don't have a husband. Any volunteers?

JUUUUUst kidding...

(OR AM I?)

P.K., I apologize for the extreme levity of my comments of late. This's more than I can take sometimes. If it weren't for you, this blog, and the commenters here, I would be in a straight jacket for sure.

Mr. Rational said...

I'm willing to do my part, but don't have a husband. Any volunteers?

I'd consider it at least half-seriously.

World_War_Me said...

Mr. Rational, you are a credit to your gender.