Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Black Father/Son Duo in Memphis, Pull Out an AK-47 Over a Botched Fried Chicken Order

The reason why The First 48 was banned from filming in majority black Memphis... a father/son duo pull out an AK-47 over a botched order of fried chicken

Black elected officials in America can never condemn their black constituents, thus acts of Spontaneous Blackness with a firearm must always be blamed on outside forces. [Rep. Jackson Lee: ‘Don’t Condemn the Gangbangers’ - We Need Gun Legislation,, 4-15-13]:
While pushing for more gun control legislation on the House floor, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said, “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked.”
Jackson Lee took the House floor on April 9 to argue in favor of increased gun control legislation, “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked -- that are not enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that have strong gun laws."
“Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun legislation.”
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, but I must be real -- black gangbangers are still, individually, acquiring these weapons for malicious intent. That's why real gun control in American = black control.

Here's a recent example of a highly combustible situation: two black males, fried chicken, fast food, and an AK-47 -- which serve to show that regardless of how guns get in the hands of black males in America, sometimes they are acquired via greasy fingers [Men pulled AK-47 over chicken order mixup, Memphis police say,, 4-18-13]
Police have arrested a Memphis man and his son after the father allegedly brandished an AK-47 at a fast-food restaurant when their order got messed up.

The Commercial Appeal reported that the incident happened on April 11 at Pirtle's Chicken in Memphis. Police say the men - 45-year-old Antonius Hart Sr. and 19-year-old Antonius Hart Jr. - placed an order and drove off with it but returned complaining that they didn't get all the chicken they ordered.
The cashier said he would replace the missing pieces. Police say the men then demanded more chicken because they had to drive back to the restaurant. That's when police say Antonius Hart Sr. showed the cashier his weapon and the restaurant worker called 911.
The father is charged with aggravated assault and the son with facilitation of a felony.
According to CBS affiliate WREG, the duo didn't wind up eating chicken that night. The jail was reportedly serving Sloppy Joe's and carrots.
 America's major cities are being abandoned by both law-abiding citizens (those people who are taxed so that their earnings can be redistributed via the welfare to allow the proliferation of people like the Harts') and by legitimate business, because the quality of life in areas with a high black population is low and the cost of doing business is just too high.

Real gun control = Black control (Mr. Obama just wants to leave whites defenseless by trying to pass his version of gun control -- legislation completely blind to the reality of guns and race). Until this fact is accepted, every major American city is targeted for destruction-- By both black elected officials who protect black criminals and those poor, innocent black individuals who acquire weapons through illegal channels.

Black individuals are responsible for their actions, just as the black community that protects and coddles black criminals further aides and abets these individuals in eroding white notions of law and justice in their community.

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Anonymous said...

How amazing is it though that a black man in Memphis actually KNOWS his father?

Anonymous said...

This story is a great contender to the story about the AK and the chicken,of which Sheila is so adamant to pass the blame on to someone else.

For those who wish not to watch it,I'll explain the scenario. Detroilet,black passenger shoots black driver.Car crashes into pedestrian. Witnesses rob the bleeding driver with a gunshot wound to the head of about $10,000 worth of stuff including a rolex watch.

I assume they robbed the bleeding and suffering pedestrian as well if he had anything. Nobody really tries to help. At best they stand there,call 911 and gossip while they wait for the amber lamps to come and deal with the perpetrators/victims.

No gun legislation,no law could stop such depravity nor could any amount of wealth or education.

This is TNB. It's not new. It just looks new because it's happening in front of the backdrop of extreme sophistication provided by the more civilized races.

To borrow a cliche line from leftist bumper stickers-

If you're not outraged,you're not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

How amazing? He thinks that's his father, but it may be his brother for all we know. Or both. Gross.

Back to my planned comment, how typical of a nigger to bring an AK-47 to an obvious knife fight.

Anonymous said...

But seriously, folks. Whether it be a firearm or a knife, the problem is the facility with which TNB manifests itself, and I'm talkling about the demand for extra chicken cuz they had to drive back.

The bright spot is no one got raped. Yet.

10mm AUTO said...

My God! I am going to disagree with Paul! Gulp...

Gun Control is White control, to the benefit of blacks in BRA.

"Gun Control" laws already on the books prevent negros from having firearms in so many ways (background check, drug tests, cost, training) that chances are if the police and National Guard sweep the 'hood, most violent negros would be put back in their cages safely where they belong.

Only the Whites will obey the silly gun laws, because they don't want to go to prison, don't want a record that would cause them to lose their licenses or their job or their marriage. Negros don't care. Mr. Hart and jr. felt "dis'pected and sheet" so they wanted MORE chicken! When the restaurant was hesitant, why he would show them who was HNIC by pulling out 'da AK.

The mental disconnect between Whites and negros necessary for this story to be true is so vast, such a yawning chasm, that people have a hard time wrapping their minds around it, but this is not uncommon. He just "lost it". This is just a PUBLIC example. When Anne Pressly's face was beaten so badly that her jawbone was driven back into carotid artery, the negro who did it said "She fought and I just "lost it". When negro kids blow away a White pizza delivery driver, they often say that they "just lost it". When Nkosi Thandiwe gunned down those two ladies in the parking garage in Atlanta, he was fine till he just "lost it". I am sure that people who knew Mr Hart always thought of him as "a good one". I mean after all, he even knew who his son was! Some commentator probably said "I know a Good One!" (IKAGO) thinking of Mr Hart.

But the fact is, they are all the same. As sure as 96% of them voted for Obama, one day the forces of stress (Where be my Chicken!, Gibs me Dat!) and the terble Terbble legacy of da slabery will cause another poor negro to "lose it".

Firearms are the only thing keeping the minority of negros with their violence from ruling Whites. Let that soak in for a min. Let me say it again, Firearms are the only thing keeping the minority of negros with their violence from ruling Whites.

Gun Control is White Control for the benefit of BRA.

P.S. In the coming "disorganized civil unrest" your skin color is your Uniform and a negro with an AK is not there to help you.

Californian said...

Well, sometimes fast food drive throughs can be slow to get your order, but this is taking things to an extreme! (I bet, though, in the future your freedom fries will be ready by the time you pull up to the window.)

Dissident said...

This is for you Ex-New Yorker..

Thought this may jog your memory so you'd relate some of those awesome stories. Were you ever assaulted by a group of rabid Negroes?

Anonymous said...

If it was Africa, they'd be hatcheting each other over a botched/delayed fried monkey brain UNhappy meal.

Nom nom nom.

Anonymous said...

Off topic

Did you hear this story?

24 IRS workers in TN accused of theft
Feds say they stole jobless benefits, welfare, more

No pics just names. Can YOU guess the race?

Prosecutors identified the 13 indicted in federal court as: Angela Allison, 37; Jessica Davis, 35; Serina Gaither, 37; Teresa Jenkins, 46; Joanne Johnson, 46; Cynthia McKinney, 38; Angela Scales, 28; Dorothy Simmons, 35; Mary Weeks, 61; Evonna Yarbrough, 42, all of Memphis, along with Gale Baker, 54, of Cordova; Shari House, 45, of Jackson, and Talaria Mitchell, 35, of Southaven, Miss.

Anonymous said...

That much stupid, and violent and UGLY should not be allowed to breed.

Michigan Jim said...

Words fail when trying to wrap your mind around how unbelievably savage these nig**rs can be. An AK-47? Because of a mistake on a chicken order? Every year the stories get more jaw droppingly unbelievable. Please, I just want to live black free.

Anonymous said...

Two points. First, is there a negro that doesn't look like a retard? Second, if we were to have "sensible gun legislation", the negroes would be whining about all da brothers in prison cuz a da gun laws and sheet just as they currently whine about the drug laws.

Who says the negroes are untrainable? They learned very well from their TWMNBN teachers.

Jay Santos said...

While pushing for more gun control legislation on the House floor, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said, “Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked.”

You see this is gigantically important. The leftists, the negroes, they can say anything. It does not matter how outlandishly stupid it is, or whether it is a lie of unimaginable proportions. And at some point people are so deadened to it, that actual conversation is no longer even possible. This works out well for the left and their dusky allies.

Negroes, fried chicken and an AK, what could go wrong?

JB said...


Keep up the good work.

You have touched me deeply with this post, for it involves fried chicken.

I have studied Colonel Harland Sanders for decades, and have surpassed him (I refer to him as St. Sanders) in the preparation of this delicious fowl.

It is no mystery that there would be a Cat. 5 chimpout over being shorted a wing and a leg (a lie, of course) and coming back around with lethal force to exact satisfaction.

There are certain lusts that cannot be contained and I empathize with these two cheated, frustrated individuals.

When the Nation of Cowards finally convenes, I PROMISE that the Fried Chicken of Freedom will flow non-stop, until every belly is satiated with the best fresh fried grade A chicken you've ever had, St. Sanders notwithstanding.

I shall personally guarantee that, sir.

When are we getting together? I need about a week of lead time for prep.

Best to you as always.

SKIP said...

"Were you ever assaulted by a group of rabid Negroes?

is there any other kind of "group" of negroes?

Anonymous said...

Jay Santos said...

Negroes, fried chicken and an AK, what could go wrong?

Lesson: You don't mess with a hungry, armed, black mutha clucker!

I'm surprised they didn't revert to cannibalism and start eating the faces off of the servers.

The race of the faceless victims would be mentioned, the race of the face-eaters would go ominously UN-mentioned.

Gotta love PC double-speak.

The pictures of the perps are priceless. So much derp-derp-derp from the perp-perp-perps!

Armed and idiotic (and HONGRAY).

What next? A shoot out at the seedless watermelon stand because watermelon without black seeds be rayciss?

But, I digress...

Covering up their [black race] messes is getting harder and harder to do when the not so main-stream news outlets (and SBPDL and similar sites) keep shining a light on their blight on civilization. The Mao scream media scrambles to paper over their (blacks behaving badly) foul stench with anything --but-- the truth.

So, are this father and son duo both elder 'youths'?

-=Northwest YT=-

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here...For DISSIDENT.

Thanks for the video clip. The TA (subway) cops have it the worst. They are packed in with the animals.

To answer your question. I got hit a few times with wolf packs. About 1968 I got hit on Second Avenue by three of them. They were all brothers. I had just found a stack of 45 RPM records in a garbage can. They came up and grabbed the records. When I said something they started hitting me. Behind me were about six or seven garbage cans and when I fell down I went between the cans. They were trying to hit my face but I grabbed a garbage can lid and used it as a shield. I had cans on both sides of me so all they could do was kick my feet. The lid is what saved me. One night one of their bitches tried to slice open my friend Annie's face. I grabbed her by the coat collar just in time and pulled her away as the cunt slashed at her with a steak knife. Fucking animals.

In 1978 I got jumped late one night in Washington Square Park near the chess tables. There was four of them. By the time I knew I was going to get hit it was to late. I tried to book but the big one grabbed me on both shoulders and said "Don't move. I been lifting weights in prison for two years." He was strong and had a steel grip. They sat me on a park bench and searched me for ten minutes. They stole the four dollars I had in my sock and some pocket change.

Four spicks got me on tenth street and Avenue A one night. Two guys and two girls. I was going into a building to score some weed. They jumped me just inside the doorway and stuck two steak knives in my throat. The two girls stood outside as a watch. They said "We're junkies and we're sick. We need money to score." I gladly gave them the $40.00 I had. I didn't get cut.

About 77 or 78 I was with my girl friend in Central Park. Two friends show up with bicycles. I asked to borrow one for a short ride. This was on a Summer weekend and there is no auto traffic in the park. Just bikes. I'm cruising along going uptown and all of a sudden I notice there are no other bikers. It's just me and I am all alone. What I didn't know is I was in the upper area which goes into Harlem. Big mistake. Just ahead of me on my left were at least seven TEENS standing on a giant rock. As I got closed they started throwing rocks and bottles at me The rocks were the size of baseballs. I past through with out getting hit. The road I was on curved and started heading South. I ran into these little fucks a second time and now they were even closer. One beer bottle passed about six inches in front of my face. What saved my ass was these little savages didn't know about leading a moving target. Most of the shit landed behind me.

The PTSD started to set in those last few years living in NY. It got worst after I moved. PTSD is caused by living on the edge and having your brain pumping non-stop Adrenalin. The Adrenalin scars the brain tissue if you are living to dangerously. As I got closer to 40 the fear started to slowly creep in. By then most of the people I knew were dead.

Anonymous said...

This story is just dripping with stereotypes. "But of course, stereotypes are never true". (ha ha ha!)

Anonymous said...

democrat dis eugenics

they get paid to breed

That much stupid, and violent and UGLY should not be allowed to breed.

Anonymous said...

"The men then demanded more chicken."

Trying really hard not to laff too much here.

Mo' chicken! Month' chicken!

I blames de turrrrible, turrrible, turrrible slabery.

And its turrrible lebacy ub slabery. Turrrible.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 5:08 said

The bright spot is no one got raped. Yet.

I think you'd better take another look at that chicken. Just to be sure. Gnome sane?

Anonymous said...

I had this job about fifteen years ago and befriended a young Negro there.
One day he asked me for a buck to buy something off the food catering truck at break. I gave it to him and thought that was it.
Later in the week,to my surprise,he now demanded I give him a buck. I rebuffed his attack and he never asked again.
He had this attitude as if I were his pocket change. Or slave. This is what fills the Negro head; "it's our turn now".


shela Jackson is a black embarrassment to society just like the black senator that said if they put another military base on this island it might tip over. can't remember his name but you catch my drift though. also this just in, even though law enforcement said that the two suspects were white(bombings) well that is not true either. did you see the hook noses on those two and these public officials are so scared to say the fucking truth about race. again white people until we segregate this kind of chicken shit will go on forever. or at least till whites become the minority. and it probably won't happen then either. the white man is somehow the new fucking enemy of the state. and yet we are the only race that is fucking civil. you know the funny thing is that they are breeding white terrorists for the future. and that too is what they want. just another way of hunting down whites in a white country. muslims killed those 3 whites. period. and lastly the to spooks that somehow got jipped, well I don't believe it. you and I know first of all most blacks can't count anything but money. they ate those pieces as soon as their big ass boon noses smelled that fresh cooked chicken. GODSPEEDWHITES&SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker again.....About 1966/67 I had a friend that lived on 12th Street between Avenue A and B. He was a writer and lived in a building with a lot of Puerto Rican glue sniffers. He lived on the top floor and became buddies with his next door neighbor who was a hippie with long hair and beard. At night he would go next door and smoke reefer with the guy.

One day they are going down the stairs together and a glue head tries to mug them in the hallway with a knife. The hippie pulls out a police badge and sticks a gun in the spicks face and says "Drop the knife mother fucker and assume the position." He cuffs the guy and stands him back up. The hippie says "Hey fuck head I busted you last year. Don't you remember me." The doper says "Oh, I didn't recognize you with the long hair and beard."

My friend is standing there with his mouth hanging open. He says to the hippie "Your a cop." The hippie says "Yes"
"But we been smoking dope together for three months." The cop says that's no big deal. Half the cops smoke weed and the other half are boozers. They walked the spick to a call box and a squad car hauls him and the hippie cop down to the tombs. My friend comes over to my place and says "Hey man. You ain't gonna believe this one."

I knew this hippie chick with big tits and she comes over to my place one day and ask if I could do her boyfriend a favor. We go to her pad and just before going into the building she tells me he is a cop. We get upstairs and he tells me he's a homicide detective and he wants to know if I can get him some speed. When I ask why he tells me he can't work no more unless he is high. He says "You don't know what it's like dealing with these nigger bastards." I tell him I do know what it's like.

He used to get speed from the narcs but a lot of them got busted. This was during the Knapp Commission days. He said a lot of the homicide cops were using drugs just to get though the job. Nobody trusted anyone any more because to many cops were wearing wires and setting other cups up for bust. The guy was in bad shape. I couldn't help him. It was strange. I would see her on the street sometimes looking for drugs for him. A hippie chick living with a cop and trying to score drugs to keep him high. The world I lived in became weirder by the day.

Anonymous said...

"Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty, we are free at last".

Two more Negros who have reached the Promised Land.
The correctional crib where they'll be free from having to find a job, receive free meals, free medical care, free housing, free TV, ect.

Anonymous said...

Chicken is like catnip to these "people'. Dey lose dey minds.

Niggaz lub dem sum chickunz. Oh lawds.

Anonymous said...

Nordic Caucasoid: The black senator was democrat Hank Johnson of Georgia. Didn't you know islands were like canoes and could tip over if too many people were on them? Hank Johnson knows!

Anonymous said...


Your life experiences shake me to my core. I always wondered what NYC was in the aftermath of all the "liberations." It would be interesting to here more about the Puerto Ricans you've experienced.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:06 A.M.: What you view as an act of kindness is viewed by the negro as a right owed to him and your duty and obligation. There's no gratitude for your kindness as would be expressed by others. Instead, there's just an arrogant sense of entitlement and a demand that your "kindness" be eternally forthcoming while you receive nothing in return~ not even a thank you.
When you help a negro, you create a monster that demands you serve it and meet all it's needs, wants and demands for eternity or else it will be "offended" and become hostile.

Stephen said...

Can we also view Muslims as a threat after the Boston debacle?

Anonymous said...

The Memphis Animal Shelter is completely operated by retarded groids. Complete negro depravity caught on camera over and over. The cameras were installed due to repeated complaints from concerned white citizens because of the mysterous deaths of pets at the shelter. Of course the employees "don't know nothing". Several were fired and charged with animal cruelty. Many stories were carried on the ABC channel here. However, the City has now decided not to prosecute due to lack of evidence. Just sickening. 24/7/365 crime there with a great deal of it being "off duty" police officiers. A constant parade on the news of negros with that "blank look" on their faces.

Anonymous said...

Wild Brooklyn Melee...

Earl Turner said...

What's the point of being one if you can't act like one?

Anonymous said...

Another "teen" goes crazy...

Dissident said...

Ex-New Yorker deserves some kind of award for being alive.

Reminds me of Kurt Russell in Escape From NY.

One man must go in where NO MAN has ever gotten out!.

Melanie said...

Sheila Jackson Lee could easily be a cargo cultist. She ascribes power to inanimate objects, seemingly unaware that a human brain (preferably white, if you want it to work as intended) is the juju which makes the objects work. I could see her participating in some voodoo dance around a WWII era plane with most of the parts missing, believing that if only they dance long enough, scream loud enough, sacrifice enough goats, or get hold of a white man, they could make the plane fly them to The Promised Land..

Just like with the evil guns. Those innocent gangbangers were minding their own business, when the evil guns appeared in their hands, fitted themselves to their trigger fingers, and pulled back by magic. Had to be white juju. since it made the innocent gangbangers commit murder.

Oh, and that was Hank "Tip" Thompson, another fine melanin-enhanced representative from Jaw-ja.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous April 19, 2013 at 7:21 AM-

Those poor animals. They're being kept as sex slaves and torture subjects for those nigs.

Anonymous said...


Moral of the Story: Don't dis Sambo or Sambo Jr.

Anonymous said...


IT is time to seal the borders. We have 300 million here. We do not need any more people.

If we shut our borders 20 or 30 years ago we would have avoided just about every Towel Head terrorist attack including these two Muuuslim aholes.

We don't need ANY Haitians, Cubanos, Sambos, A-rabs, etc. NONE.

This country has gone insane and deserves what is coming. I welcome what is coming. Any confrontation will actually result in a White Win and the terror inflicted back on these sub-humans will teach them who is boss and who should rule the world.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
Wild Brooklyn Melee...

An awesome bit of video. You watch it and you feel like you're part of the negro tribal experience. You can picture them with zebra skin shields and pointy sticks. The best part is, it's right here!! You don't need to travel to deepest darkest Africa. It's here!!!! Finally it's all blossoming as our leaders have planned!!

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Any stereotype is based on reality.

Gayle said...

@anomymous 7:21 AM:

Truly, truly sickening. Why hasn't that place been closed or privatized????

If DWL's were forced to watch the videos taken in that shelter, Paul Kersey's job here would be halfway done.

World_War_Me said...

-=Northwest YT=-, I’m LMAO at “so much derp-derp-derp from the perp-perp-perps”. Lawdy, that’s funny.

World_War_Me said...

I hope the whites in Memphis do something to save those shelter animals. Nothing fills me with more homicidal rage than animal abuse. In fact, it was the Michael Vick story that transformed me from a DWL to a race realist.

Anonymous said...

Black woman with plastic hair and fake contact lenses makes racist crack about white people "soon will be wiped from the earth, LOL." after fertilizer plant explosion. Make it viral.


Anonymous said...


The tribal thugs & thugettes treat humanity inhumanely, one can only imagine how horrifically they treat/abuse animal. In fact, it's really an insult to animals to call their behavior 'animal-like' because they are far worse than animals because they are supposed to have a conscience beyond mere instinct.


-=Northwest YT=-

Mr.Ken said...

what's wrong? Is it not perfectly justified to show a fully automatic 7.62mm rifle, and threaten someone with death over a $12.00 order of fast food? Now whats wrong with that?
Certainly if the jigaboo at the drive through window made an honest mistake; and left out a wing or thigh..that absolutley gives a hungry wog the right to kill him, in a horrible, violent hail of high powered rifle fire. silly.

Mr.Ken said...

By the way, folks, I'm not buying this story from Boston. something smells there. and its not adding up.

Anonymous said...

Lifeforms hurt by the presence of black people:
Black people(especially the children), White people, Asian people, dogs, cats, wildlife, landscape plants, and endless others.

Lifeforms benefiting from the presence of black people:
HIV, Hepatitis B virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Treponema pallidum - syphilis, and many other wonderful organisms.

Anonymous said...

OT but related:

More TNB.

Laquavia Sharelle Wallace Arrested For Violently Yanking Penis Of Ex-Boyfriend

With a name like that you just know without even looking at the picture at the link.


"They're just like us! Diversity is our strength! I know a good one! Squaaawwk!" /sarc

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:35

Not to nit pick, but these animals
dont "breed". Breeding implies some selectivity and protection/improvement of the gene pool.

Fucking on futons for food stamps is not breeding....

Colonel "Bright Eyes" Taylor

Anonymous said...


Two comments about comments above:

If the "server" at the drive through who made this mistake was a "Brathah", and one of his fellow "Brathahs" came back with a White Man designed gun, and was going to shoot the Brathah, then we should all just leave them alone to settle the problem as 3 proud Black men should. I am totally multicultural and believe in DIVERSITY especially in cases of JUSTICE. If A-rabs wish to chop off hands and noses to settle accounts with ALLAH (peace be upon you) or if they want to strap bombs to little children and send them into Pizza parlors for Allah (peace be upon you), who am I as a racyss honkey, interfere?

If proud African Men wish to settle their Chicken wars with hacking and burning tires (necklacing), who am I to judge them fro White Racyss standards.

Furthermore, every time one of these "people" kills one, that is one less we have to deal with "when the time comes".

Now, as for the Black Negress who says Whites are going away? Well, Aunt Jemima, we Whites will be hear long after the riots start. We out number you, we are more clever, we are better at warfare and...... well, ......we just will be here. You need to worry about your fat black ass since without the White man providing for you and feeding your gullet, you don't have a chance in hell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Lifeforms hurt by the presence of black people:
Black people(especially the children), White people, Asian people, dogs, cats, wildlife, landscape plants, and endless others.

Lifeforms benefiting from the presence of black people:
HIV, Hepatitis B virus, Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Treponema pallidum - syphilis, and many other wonderful organisms.
April 19, 2013 at 11:18 AM

LOL! That was effin' brilliant!

I'll play along. . .

Non-lifeforms that are harmed by the presence of black folks:

Buildings (especially malls and quickie marts)
Education (K-12)
The English language
Music (Sorry, I don't consider cRaP 'music')
Dancing (No, shaking yo azz and groin rubbing against baboon butts is NOT dancing)
Math (oops 'maffs')
Donkey Hair (unbeweavable!)
Street signs
Concrete (sidewalks and negroes = DANGER)


Non-lifeforms benefiting from the presence of negroes:

Ghetto blasters
Jheri curl
STDs (oh wait...some of those cooties are life-forms.-My bad-)
Paternity tests (heh™)
Pimp limp wookie walk (ghetto fagulous)
Grills (gold teefs to da lay honky)
Bling (look! Shiny!)
Jail cells (tax payers shouldn't pay for dat sheeit)
Electric chairs (now that's more like it)
Low hanging skittles
Anything purple (threads/drank/weed etc.)
Sh'La'HaFuzyStujjF*!upped up names

Don't hate on Darth Negro! He don't know no betta. Use da force, Luke!!!!


Honestly though...

How in the hell nuts and lacking in self-control and patience do you have to be to fricking pull out a big ol' gun over a bucket O' cluck?

I'd hate to see how these idjits would react if a pharmacist mixed up their cough sizzurp with plain ol' benadryl®.

Oh da humanity (or lack thereof)!

-=Northwest YT=-

P.S. Not to sound Alex Jonesy paranoid but something about the 'guilty before proven innocent' Boston brothers doesn't smell right to me either.

10mm AUTO said...

Couple of quick notes:

1) notice how they are normalizing full military Stormtrooper uniforms, Covered faces, armored vehicles, automatic rifles and mandates from on high to lock down an entire city? Holy Crap!

Never saw it before in my life but have seen lots of criminals, men who killed far more people that this towel head captured by the "regular" police handing out fliers. Militarization of the police is now complete. House to house searches in armored vehicles-wow.

Why are they not using these tactics for cleaning out negro "gangs" (Militia). You can't tell me that MS-13 or the "Bloods" could not be swept out of a city and deported (and with the grateful thanks of the citizens) in a couple of weekends. I just read where there are National forests where Whites dare not enter because Mexican gangs use the forest to grow Pot and mess up the landscape and shoot hikers. There are parts of cities where Whites dare not enter for fear of negro murder. We need to end this crap, but we never will.

If these cops want to play dress-up, National Forest clearing is the perfect place to start, a free fire zone in the woods against foreign invaders growing drugs and murdering civilians. Which begs the question, who is paying the Governor or the Secretary of the Interior to look the other way?

This would not be happening if Whites had a Country of our own.

Anonymous said...

10mm AUTO said...

notice how they are normalizing full military Stormtrooper uniforms, Covered faces, armored vehicles, automatic rifles and mandates from on high to lock down an entire city? Holy Crap!

Spot fucking on. Something in the milk ain't clean.

New normative procedure protocol practice run: Controlled "scare quotes" explosive tragedy to not go to waste "scare quotes OFF". Total takeover/lockdown. Martial law deployed. Sheeple in full compliance.

Yeah. Something ain't fucking right!

Way too many sequential events over the last few years happening to just be co-inky-dinks.

Keep your powder dry.

-=Northwest YT=-

World_War_Me said...

The Lifeforms/Non-Lifeforms Harmed/VS Benefited by black people really cheered me up. Thanks, guys! I needed that catharsis.

Anonymous said...

Another white girl murdered by a black male. She was only 7. Gone is her potential to bear any whote children. Gone is her future contributions to society. Gone.


Jay Santos said...

10mm AUTO said...
Couple of quick notes:

1) notice how they are normalizing full military Stormtrooper uniforms, Covered faces, armored vehicles, automatic rifles and mandates from on high to lock down an entire city? Holy Crap!

Yes, holy crap! This stuff, the vehicles, uniforms, weapons, it's well established. It's not thrown together to deal with an emergency on 04/19. They are fully militarized. And it's never going to return to the old days. It's only going to grow in sophistication and grow in size.

Marc B said...

Jack Pirtles makes some of the best fried chicken, and this story is representative of the mentality of Memphis' majority population. A female black co-worker was just complaining to me about how low-class and ghetto blacks are in this town, especially the one's who brazenly try to pick her up all the time.

Californian said...

Let me say it again, Firearms are the only thing keeping the minority of negros with their violence from ruling Whites.

Here's a discussion I have had with middle of the road and liberal acquaintances: they'll ask why they should have any concern over blacks (or third worlders in Europa). They point out that white people are the majority, and how can a minority dominate a majority?

Nothing to worry about folks, is their attitude, move along.

I'll point out that violent minorities have always been able to dominate much larger populaces. It's not the numbers or even weapons, but the will to power. Look at the barbarian invasion of Rome. Look at a Cortez or Pizarro. Look at Europeans in 18th/19th century India. Look at a single sheep dog versus a herd of sheep.

You know what's funny? This argument seems to get through to otherwise DWLs. Maybe because they understand that underneath it all, they lack that will to power. But can not do anything about it. They believe that if they are nice to minorities, the minorities will be nice to them in return. (See the prior post on Solzhenitsyn.)

Which gets me to my point: there was a time when you could wonder why whites imposed segregation. It sounds silly, sorta, that a minority of blacks could be a threat to a majority of whites. Yet today we see how it has played out: the gangbanging, the flash mobs, the torture-killings, the Long Hot Summers, the AKs in the fast food line.

But there's more to it The group with the superior will to power ends up higher on the feeding chain, while other groups kowtow to them. It just may be why liberals redistribute wealth to blacks — like a decadent civilized people paying tribute to the barbarians circling outside the walls.

Remember that video which was bouncing around the Internet a while back, where the Norwegian policewoman explains third world immigrants sexually assaulting women in her country. Clearly, she can not deal with a group with a superior will to power. So she rationalizes their crimes (the perpetrators, she tells us, where from "traumatized" countries; I guess that makes it all right).

You can see this in modern liberalism as a whole. It is one vast rationalization machine bowing down before the "other" who has the superior will. And maybe this is why DWLs push for gun control. DWLs are doing the dirty work of their black overlords, disarming the sector of the white demographic which still has the will to power. Think about it. Why gun control? Why not gang control or flash mob control? Is it because to DWLs, blacks have demonstrated their will to power?

Gets back to my point about the dilemma being in part a weird psycho-sexual thing.

Which might also mean that if enough white people were to stand up and fight for their rights, then would DWLs back down?

This is one reason why the fight for gun rights is also a race realist fight.

Lorraine said...

I don't know why we did not start viewing them as a threat after 911

Actually, the muzzies have been terrorists forever and a day.

White Mom in WDC

Lorraine said...

When I walk to work through North Philadelphia, there gobs and gobs of feral cats as groids didn't bother taking care of them and would let them run wild.

Kind of like the kids I would see at 330 am out in front of my condo playing in the dirt piles.

White Mom in WDC

So CAL Snowman said...

This is crazy, if you haven't seen the pictures the ENTIRE city of Boston is on lock down right now.

Boston On Lockdown as the Entire City Is Told To Stay Indoors

Anonymous said...

Stephen said...

Can we also view Muslims as a threat after the Boston debacle?


Mr. Rational said...

I don't know why we did not start viewing them as a threat after 911

Some of us did.  Some of us have been re-arranging our lives to take the unearned money and power from Wahhabism and Islam in general ever since then.  Aside from a few people like R. James Woolsey, most soi-disant conservatives have outright refused to help and even gone the other way.


Only if you are willing to endure TWMNBN pointing at you and screaming "RACIST!".

Anonymous said...

They had better be happy a watermelon wasn't involved otherwise there would have been bodies all over the place.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous April 19, 2013 at 2:07 PM-

Who is the sick f*ck who taught that poor little white girl to refer to her groid murderer as "uncle"? It's bad enough that the poor innocent child was murdered by the groid, but some azzhole taught that baby to call the groid who murdered her, "uncle"? THIS is what people are doing to their innocent white children? Even if the poor baby hadn't been murdered, she'd never have stood a chance when she grew up. I wonder if it was her white real uncle, the one who was also murdered by the groid, who taught her that, thereby setting her up for danger from a groid at some point in her life?



"You can see this in modern liberalism as a whole. It is one vast rationalization machine bowing down before the "other" who has the superior will. "

Good rephrasing of James Burnham's dictum:

"Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. "

I Forgot said...

Back in the early 60s, before the massive wealth transfer from whites to black began, the weapon of choice for blacks killing each other was a straight razor. The killing that they are doing now, they were doing then too. For the same reasons, at the same rates and in the same places. The only difference is that now they can afford guns and, naturally, that is the weapon of choice over a straight razor.

Anonymous said...

to Toure: "Black America is plagued by gun violence? It's more like Black America is plagued by Black America."

Bogolyubski said...

Who is the sick f*ck who taught that poor little white girl to refer to her groid murderer as "uncle"? It's bad enough that the poor innocent child was murdered by the groid, but some azzhole taught that baby to call the groid who murdered her, "uncle"? THIS is what people are doing to their innocent white children? Even if the poor baby hadn't been murdered, she'd never have stood a chance when she grew up.

This is why some of us here are not terribly sympathetic to coal-burners. They are so self-absorbed and wholly indoctrinated with either self-hate, drugs, parental rebellion, leftist ideology, jungle fever, etc. that they willingly endanger their white relatives - including small children who have no means of defense. There really is nothing worse than a person who will wantonly endanger their own people to satisfy their selfish egos.

Anonymous said...

They probably met at a drug deal and start talking about who they know and where they been and low and behold they find out they asre related. Could have been a touching reunion worthy of the Oprah show.


Anonymous said...

This all sounds rayciss

Anonymous said...

Which one is the dad?? They look the same age!