Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Behind Blue Eyes" -- The Brunswick Baby Murder One Month Later...

Sherry West was just a piece of trash, right?

13-month-old Angel Santiago, who had the "bluest eyes," was just the by-product of a 'mudshark' -- right?


No matter that  Brunswick City Commissioner James Henry Brooks - a black man -was arrested when he interfered on behalf of 17-year-old De'Marquise Elkins (one of the two black individuals accused of killing Santiago), telling his family they didn't need to talk to the police. 

How could De-Marquise (Marky to his friends) be a killer? His favorite television programs, according to his public defender, are cartoons.

Dominique Lang, a 15-year-old who is also charged with the killing of Santiago, doesn't quite have the gang-affiliations of Elkins:
Glynn County police investigator Roderick Nohilly, tied Elkins to gangs, including the nationally known Bloods and Crips.
Nohilly said Elkins has tattoos, including a tear drop under his right eye, commonly known to be indicative of gang membership, and a Facebook social media page believed to be Elkins’ contains references to gang activity. In the biography section of the page, Elkins states that he is a member of the Bloods, Nohilly said.
Elkins also has three burn scars in the shape of a triangle on his upper right arm.
“They represent the three places gang members end up — the hospital, prison or the morgue,” Nohilly said.
Remember -- 13-month-old Angel Santiago was shot at just a few minutes past 9 a.m. as his mother (a piece of white trash, right?) was pushing him in a stroller.

Oh -- and one of Elkins' many family members currently behind bars for their part in covering-up the murder of baby Santiago was just granted bail:
One of the people connected to the Brunswick Baby Murder case may soon be released from jail.

Sabrina Elkins was granted a $25,000 bond on Wednesday.

Elkins told the court she was on the "straight and narrow," until she was arrested.

"Sir, I was going to school in May to be a doctor," she said.

The 19-year-old sister of accused baby killer DeMarquise Elkins is now charged with felony evidence tampering.


Police say she and her mother, Karimah, tried to hide the gun police believe DeMarquise used to kill 13-month-old Antonio Santiago last month.

Police say the mother and daughter threw the weapon in a salt water pond about three miles from the crime scene.

The woman accused of helping to cover up the crime is the same woman who told Action News cameras the day after the murder that her brother was innocent.

On March 22, Sabrina Elkins told us, "My brother is locked up for no reason, and it's hurting my heart because he's locked up for no reason, period!"

Police say DeMarquise Elkins, 17, and Dominique Lang, 15, tried to rob the baby's mother. And when they didn't get what they wanted, police say they shot her and the baby. The mother, Sherry West, survived.

Now, a total of four Elkins family members are named in the indictment. DeMarquise, his mom, his sister, and his aunt, Katrina, who police say lied to them by providing DeMarquise with an alibi. 
A city commissioner and four of Elkins family members have been arrested.

Angel Santiago is dead.

 But Sherry West is just a piece of trash, right?

At least one member of the black community in Brunswick is apologetic. Pastor Ken Adkins.

Only 'he' seems to get what this murder represents:
 A profanity-laced video showing prominent Georgia pastor Ken Adkins is spreading across the internet.  Adkins can be heard screaming the n-word on what appears to be a cell phone recording. On it, he also disparages members of the Brunswick community. 
Embarrassed by parts of it, Adkins watched the video Wednesday night with Action News' Jamie Smith.
The pastor said his tirade was secretly recorded months ago in the barbershop next door to his church in Brunswick moments after he witnessed a drug deal in his parking lot.

Adkins told Action News, "I said to them, 'I'm frustrated.'  I can't believe there are people who would jeopardize what we built because they're stupid and crazy."
 All of America is Brunswick, Georgia.

Your wife; your sister; your mother could be Sherry West.

And the Department of Justice wouldn't give a damn.


Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Thanks for keeping up with this case.

If you think it won't happen to your wife, daughter, or sister, because you are from a higher social class than Sherry West, it most certainly can.

Channon Christian had fairly affluent parents and she was tortured to death along with her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom.

The justice department doesn't give a damn about what Nicholas Stix dubbed the Knoxville Horror either.

Anonymous said...

Killing our babies with impunity and the support of a sick and delusional media industry,
Planet of the Apes, this is how it began.

Dan said...

Megan Boken in St Louis.

Blam! Shot in the face by a Trayvon.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a black covering for another black? That's what much of this boils down to and it isn't pretty. Blacks talk of justice, respect and honor, but when it comes time to give someone else all of that in return they manage to come up short again.

Personally I avoid the groid and advise others to self segregate if at all possible. That way you stand a pretty good chance of surviving.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Twenty years ago with the Mexican gangs a tear drop tattoo meant that you had already killed someone. I don't know how it is with the Crips and Bloods. For the Elkins family to think that their sweet little cartoon lover should not be in jail is normal thinking for this type of person. To the black way of thinking killing someone is no big deal. Robbing people is an occupation and it's like having a job. This is how their mind works.

Stealing and robbing from someone and then shooting them if they have no money means you were "dissed". If they don't show you any respect then it is okay to kill them. That does not make it a crime. To them this is normal.

Had the shooter been alone he may not have pulled the trigger. He might have walked away. But being with another person (his brother) he had to "save face" so he shoots. By shooting someone in front of another he has earned RESPECT. He is now on top of his game and has proven that he is a man with "cred." He now has earned BRAGGING RIGHTS and that is probably why he got caught. He bragged TO MUCH.

Those years in NY is when I figured out how the black mind works. They are predators. That is their nature. Does the wolf feel remorse for stalking and killing the sheep. Does the black predator feel any remorse for stalking, robbing and killing another human being. That is their nature. They only feel regret when they get caught and then they always play the BLAME GAME.

"Dat not right. He din do nuffins. My boy he be good an shudent bees in jail an sheet cuz he sit at home an watches da cartoons. Den theys arrestted me an I gon to skul to be a doctor. Dat not right." In her mind this woman is telling the truth. It is not right because to them they did nothing wrong. This is how it is.

Californian said...

Ex New Yorker, thanks for the insights.

One of the assumptions of DWLs is that underneath the color-of-skin everyone is basically the same. But there are, as you indicate, many predators out there who see the world in completely different terms.

Anonymous said...

So true. They simply don't perceive reality or process inputs the way we do. It isn't just a matter of intelligence. Their brains are fundamentally different from ours.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker again.....Back about 1967 one of the worse crimes in NY took place. A young hippie couple had a pad over on Avenue B. The manager of the apartment building was a black guy. The manager and two other blacks somehow lured this hippie kid and his girlfriend into the basement where they chained them to a wall. They had already set up flood lights and had an 8mm movie camera on a tripod. These three guys then tortured these two kids to death while they filmed their gruesome deed with the camera. In those days an 8mm roll of color film ran for three minutes. They shot at least a dozen rolls of film posing for the camera as they went along. I can't remember where the bodies ended up but the kids went MIA.

Both of these young hippies had SUPER RICH PARENTS who lived in upstate New York. They raised holy hell and I can't remember if it was cops or private detectives that broke the case. The black super had a movie projector and watched the films at night with his two buddies. This guy was so fucking stupid that when the cops searched his apartment they found the rolls of film. Case closed. All three got life in Attica.

This crime was so gruesome that afterwards the cops had undercover HIPPIE COPS on the street. A lot of the hippies came from upper middle class homes and the niggers devoured them because they were easy prey. Now there were cops with long hair and beards stalking niggers. Each year the crimes committed by blacks just kept getting worse and worse. The JUNGLE MAN made the Mafia look like boy scouts. It was like being in a war.

Anonymous said...


Dude, your insights are amazing! For those who live comfortably away from this, how should you carry yourself in order to avoid trouble?

By the way, do you remember the name of this hippie murder case?

Anonymous said...

Found it:

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here.

Ex-New Yorker, can you give us the names of the principals in the 1967 case you referred to?

Whiskey said...

We are seeing more and more of the hard angry gangsta types here in OC. They are being driven out of Long Beach and South Central. My late sister was mugged by one of these guys, she was not very situationally aware.

Basically, I try as hard as I can to practice that situational awareness and watch myself. Limit being out at night (let me add, the crime here took place at 9 AM). Try and create distance. And if it comes to that, I'll fight. I'd rather die fighting than live begging.

There is no alternative. Ordinary White people have no protection or access to justice. No Civil Rights (though Amnesty according to Eric Holder is a Civil Right). White people can't have them, according to Holder. So we have to fight, not in anything but defense, because the government will ALWAYS be against us (we are the wrong color and class).

That's the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

I think all this shit will continue until we stop it. Until white people say fuck the Justice Department and take matters into your own hands.

I believe in law and order, but law and order only works so long as there are rational people living in the country. I am beginning to understand the need for lynching again. The only way to control the black population is through fear and intimidation. Everything we were told through the Civil Rights Movement was a communist lie.

Now we live in a world of our own making. We live in BRA. There are no laws anymore. Just the law of the jungle.

I used to work at a grocery store on the night shift. All the time we dealt with nigger kids shoplifting. Our night manager, who was also black, said we "needed to beat the nigger out of them." We would chase these kids down and beat the shit out of them. After six months, our store really stopped getting hit. The night cops on our beat would say, as long as you don't kill them, we don't care what you do. Would that the cops today were like that.

Anonymous said...

A teardrop tattoo means you killed someone. You don't have to be in a gang to have one.

Anonymous said...

I would never call a fellow member of my tribe white trash. Back in the elementary school we had some poor kids with cheap shoes and goodwill hand me downs. We tried to make friends with them and help them out by inviting them to supper or helping out with their lunch money.

Anonymous said...

Adkins is one righteous man. If the Lord can find nine others, he may spare Sodom.

Selling drugs in broad daylight in a church parking lot is just disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

I did look at 'atkins vid'..
all this is so sad.

10% of crooks do 95% of crime?
yet they let em out.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

For those who remember their 10th grade biology, blue eyes are a recessive trait, therefore to have blue eyes an individual must receive genes coding for blue eyes from each chromosomal set donated by each parent. Blue eyes are a product of the white, European gene pool, and further, I remember seeing a picture of baby Santiago and he looked very white.

As ex-NYer pointed out before me, I too learned a teardrop symbolized a murder by the individual tattooed with said teardrop.

I distinguish between kill and murder though most don't. In the Ten Commandments of the Judo-Christian faiths I believe the word kill, in "Thou shall not kill", was the only word for death of one human by another human and further that those of the day intuited the difference. Obviously, the God of the Old Testament had no problem with killing as we of today understand the word kill.

However, white liberals and their fellow minority ilk, those who vote democrat, prefer to euphemize words when it serves to benefit their cause, especially the cause of liberal ideology.

One of the black female criminals got released on bail in part presumably, because she claimed intent to become a Dr., no doubt specializing in brain surgery. Who in their right mind would allow a black, male or female, to operate on them, let alone operate on their brain?

In yesterday’s comment page someone stated Lincoln was a negrophile. Not true. Up to the near end of the civil war Lincoln believed our races to be mutually exclusive and further that we should not live proximal to one another. In the WH, Abe pressured and behested black elites and leaders to migrate out of America and into Latin America or repatriate themselves back in Africa in the nation-state of Liberia.

Abe had a standing joke for his fellow whites visiting him in the WH, Abe referred to the black "member" as best suited for stroking ones razor. Apparently, the "black myth" was known then as well.

Blacks can only be successful here in America and in the coming new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy by melding their loser gene pool to our winner, white gene pool. This is a good strategy for them, but a very poor one for us.

Our gene pool and our posterity are at great risk and peril.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Didya see where Michael Jordan got married? Yea it sure as hell wasn't any Shaneequa or LaTrina. Also there was some pat ourselves on the back circle jerk dinner for Comrade Barry the Chicago Messiah and I noticed there wasn't any vibrant diversity there, it was all whiteys.
All kidding aside I went to the cart-n-sack for some salad fixins after midnight and the black security guard was eyeing some vibrant diversities like a hawk. Dat be rayciss?

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

Words are extremely important as they are the verbal means to express a concept. In the old Amerindian language of Algonquin, if memory serves me correctly, the Amerindians of the NE America, SE Canada, they had but one word for the similar concept of long, horizontal, and tall, vertical, and one would intuit which meaning was intended.

The concept behind the American political parties of republican and democrat are the words Republic and democracy. A Republic is the written rule of law called a Constitution. A democracy is the rule of law by majority vote. The two are mutually exclusive, and further, a Republic is what our Founding Fathers created and bequeath unto their posterity.

The liberals and their ideology intend to transmogrify our American Republic into their socialist democracy. The former made America the greatest civilization known to human kind, the latter is a ruinous concept that eventuates into a loser state of tyranny, poverty and misery, and further, is the prerequisite of achieving the ultimate goal of the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, whereby government controls most, if not all, as their word "sustainability" and agenda 21 reflect.

Andrew Jackson began the democrat party because in the 1824 election he had been cheated out of the Presidency and being such a popular character with the enfranchised common man championed, inadvertently, the concept of democracy. I like AJ, however the word democracy back then did not necessarily intend the evil that the democracy of today symbolizes.

I assume those that comment here at Paul's blog, who further besmirch the Republican Party, to be in their young age of life and not in their middle age of life. This I believe because there appears to be a failing to comprehend this conceptual difference in our 2 major parties. In fact it took me awhile to comprehend this on my own, however, in my lifetime, with the singular exception of JFK, a dino, every Democrat has served the purpose of American ruination.

Though the republicans have become a useless, castrated bull, and this because the liberal ideology of the democrats have achieved the power of our national zeitgeist which allows not anyone to think outside their zeitgeist box, and further, forces all to think inside their zeitgeist box with the ruination of any abstainer via a social lynching and subsequent shunning.

In the 2012 election, Michelle Bachmann was the most conservative candidate but was shunned and thrown under the bus post haste.

Those who read PDK understand I believe the only future hope for a free enterprise Republic is via secession into a mutually exclusive nation-state. However, I see no real "fire in the belly" to this end, at this time. Hopefully things will begin to steamroll as America becomes insolvent.

Should however this not pan out, the only other viable option is to vote exclusively for conservative republicans. John McCain, though a bonafide American hero has become the proverbial, modern day adage of, "as useless as a bull with tits".

Perhaps allowing the liberals to ruin America will light the fire in the belly for secession, however only time will tell.

I believe the greatest ever, evil to materialize in America, was the achievement of a fully enfranchised democracy.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Ah beez goin-a skoo 2 be a doctor an sheeyit!"

Yeah. Right.


did i just read that she(ngr's sister) is on the straight and narrow? and i'm going to school to be a doctor? well honey black boo-boo the straight and narrow should be longer than 6 months! and as for the i'm going to school doctor bullshit, they must let any poor ngr study to be obama-care doctors. both of these two statements are total bullshit. like the sister's little douche bag brother. protect the white elderly, and GODSPEED&SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Dan said...

Lincoln was blowing smoke up race realist's asses. Lincoln ended up killing white men for the sake of blacks, ultimately. It's the simplest most complete explanation for what he did. What he said? Forget about his words examine the deeds.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero here:

Paul- sorry old man, we're a shade busy listening to this crap as of late:

Four kids dead. Where was Mom, pray tell?

But don't ask the local blacks about this story, no, for some odd reason, they can cough up some bizarre excuses for the girl.

And I mean, we're talking "The Outer Limits" kind of bizarre.

"Well, she trad to savem, but she got burnt doin' it, poor thang."

And defiant as always, in the grocery store, around some blacks, I speak my piece:

"Pray I am not on her jury. I will demand lethal injection. Shit! I'll even pay for it myself!"

Not one damned word of reply to that. Oh, the looks, but...a snarling old YT redneck...and you can just feel it....they know my ire is perfectly put.

Oh, this is but the tip of the iceberg. From low-rent apartments to those crappy mobile homes here and there, oh, yes, many are packed with single black mothers who are hatching rugrats at a rate a rabbit would envy. Do they mind these kids? Make them go to school? Church? they bother to teach something called....responsibility?

Sigh. Apparently not.

This is what's gone horribly wrong: The road to hell's all around us. By attempting to give this and give that, all that's been done is to toggle into creation a generation, now, a second one...that doesn't care about anything whatsoever.

And Gibbon, yes, said that was one of the big triggers to Rome's downfall.

And ours, yes, as well.

Dan said...

The GOP is a controlled opposition party. They like two things.
Cheap labor and invasions. Invade all invite all. Indeed the brown tide is something that can be directly linked to GOP measures. You are just here attempting to hijack an alt right website. What would mcCain or Romney have done with the Mexican tide? Boehner's daughter is marrying a frigging rasta. A spaghetti head rasta. All are race traitors.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. I found some web items about the 1967 "Groovy Murders." The names of the victims were Linda Fitzgerald and James "Groovy" Hutchinson.

None of the (vague and non-informative) accounts I looked at had anything about the killers. We don't have to wonder why.

SKIP said...

"Selling drugs in broad daylight in a church parking lot is just disrespectful."

Do it be da parishioners dat be buyin dem drugs O dey be sellin dem drugs?

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. I made a mistake in my previous post. I wrote Linda Fitzgerald when I meant Linda Fitzpatrick.

PDK said...

Dan; continue to vote democrat then; FDR the socialist and Joe Stalin's best friend, LBJ and his great society, Ted "chappy" Kennedy and the Immigration and Reform Act of 1965, Jimmy the coward Carter, Bill Clinton, Hillary, the closet feminist Clinton, John, Kerry first, America second, Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Janet, do nothing Napolitano and of course the magical Negro himself, BHO, the anti America Messiah.

Are you really implying America is better of with BHO rather than Mitt.

I realize republicans have lost their compass, but it is the liberal ideology achieving it's zeitgeist that stole said compass.

The liberal democrats are transmogrifying America into their socialist democracy. America is on a collision course with ruination, and walking the path to globalism.

Only a white nationalist, free enterprise Republic can restore America to greatness, and a place white people can pursue their happiness via living in harmony with their own nature. This will take secession, are you prepared to secede?

If not, republicans are the only viable option of preventing the coming ruination of America.

Take a good whiff of what your shoveling, do you really see Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton as the better option to Michelle Bachmann?

BTW, and I do appreciate white southerners very much, but the civil war started when Ruffian fired on Fort Sumter. It is possible secession would have succeeded were it not for that one act. Thanks.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

I have very little to add on-topic. She’s going to be a doctor… How much do you want to bet that she doesn’t even have an undergrad degree? I bet she hasn’t even completed Chemistry 101. However, with the Negro, just the mere statement that one might be considering taking a particular action is treated the same in BRA as already having completed it. Thus, the only thing preventing that woman from becoming Dr. Ben Carson by the end of next week was her being in jail for participating in a conspiracy to conceal evidence in a brutal murder.

I am considering mowing my yard today. Translating this concept to Negro/DWL “magical” thinking, I have thus, (1) already mowed my yard; (2) designed/invented my lawnmower; (3) own a lawn care company employing dozens of conscientious Negro workers in crisp uniforms that earn a “living wage” of $35/hour for performing lawn care service, along with 401K, matching contribution, STD and LTD coverage, medical, dental, EAP, etc.; (4) “invested” in “distressed” areas of my “community” with my unnecessarily large (and immoral) profits for the good of Negroes, and to fight evil, “white privilege.” I have changed the world for the benefit of the Negro.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend taking 90 minutes to view the documentary suggested by another commenter. It’s called “AGENDA: Grinding America Down.” It presents a compelling case for the collapse of the United States via forces from within as opposed to the violent revolution that Communists initially envisioned in the 1960s.

Honestly, it makes virtually the same case that Glenn Beck has been outlining for years in terms of relationships between individuals and various organizations and politics. Of course, anyone that frequents SBPDL is already aware of these types of things, which brings me to another thought with which I’ve been grappling.

Arguments like these are, inherently, moderately intellectual or academic in nature. Not Albertosaurus intellectual, mind you, but they require an understanding of historical events, major social and political movements, etc. We look for factual proof to understand our world and interpret trends. The problem is, the only people that ever see these arguments, whether this documentary, Glenn Beck’s work, or Dinesh D'Souza’s movie are people who already understand the problem. We’re never adding anyone new. Then we get more Juan McCains and just lose more elections. Of course, this is exactly WHY the founding fathers were smart enough NOT to establish a fully-enfranchised democracy – so that low IQ, low information, non-productive parasites who didn’t own property and weren’t capable of understanding the maintenance of a civilized, free society wouldn’t turn the country into the exact nightmare in which we are all living.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


We all already know who Frank Marshall Davis is, and Jeremiah Wright, and understand Progressivism and its masquerade as Communism, which only ends in mass poverty, misery, suffering and slaughter. The problem is that we tend to live and let love, but these people NEVER give up. The freaking Berlin Wall had just come down, and these people were still hard at work, as if nothing had even happened to slow their advance. Yet you ask a clueless DWL what the status of Communism is world-wide, and they think it doesn’t exist and isn’t a problem. North Korea is just a “crazy” dictator that can’t bother anyone else, and the Chinese are sanitized by the LMSM as “free-market” socialists or something similarly innocuous. The fact that citizens there aren’t permitted to own guns isn’t relevant. “Safety and security” is provided by the State.

They’re all Marx’ useful idiots, along with Negroes, who have been decimated the worst of any classification of American citizens. Shitavious is never going to see any of it coming, so that’s a lost cause if there has ever been one. Yet 90% of Shitavious’ ilk vote in lockstep for Communism.

In order to reach anyone new to the cause (whether you want to call it Conservative, Libertarian, Nationalist, Secessionist, Golden Dawn, Nazis – I have no clue!), at this late hour, I just know that SOME method has to be employed. How do you perform massive political transformation in 140 characters? Hope? Change? Change you can believe in? Yes, we can? What would our terminology even be? Preservation? Constitution? Keep America like it was? Hate Section 8?

If the curtain of Communism falls (completely) on the USSA, moving to the Pacific NW isn’t going to matter. So do we take up arms in the streets and pursue “revolution” to preserve the Republic? Can’t talk about that – DHS will be on your doorstep with the military/police (now one in the same). American police and soldiers will gun down fellow Americans in the streets. I understood that when I was 15 years old, and Clinton was in office. They had NO problem pulling Americans from their own homes at gunpoint in Boston. All that is required is an “emergency.”

It just defies logic that these ideals are in striking distance of toppling both democracy and the Constitution, and tens of millions of useful idiots are blissfully unaware because Dancing with the Stars is on TV. Of course, “defying logic” is just the core component of the Liberal disease.

Michael Savage had it right – liberalism is a mental disorder.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Dan said...

Lincoln was a Negrophile. Boenher's daughter is marrying a Rasta! The cycle is complete. JEB has brown children.

Of course the Dems are Halfricans already. Time to secceed from BRA (which the GOP are joint architect) and exist again.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, in looking at the black problem, I see where a group of people who are marginally retarded and of no significant contributor to society are warehoused at taxpayer expense (i.e. given government jobs). They are in positions that historically were safe in that if a black screwed up then the damage being done wouldn't be significant (i.e. lose a bag of mail vs a nuclear power-plant meltdown). That formula for a largely unemployable group worked for years.

Now with the Obama administration getting darker and darker, the 'out of their league' blacks make significant errors in judgement without being held accountable.

We've witnessed black run cities getting run into the ground by blacks possessing insufficient skills to administer budgets and plan for the future. Now blacks demand more for even less contribution.

As a society we teeter on the edge of the abyss if we don't regain ground lost to the liberals.

Dan said...

I cheered on Romney, as he's of British stock, but the country can't say no to a negro. The debit was itself the work of homogenous white populations in the North East. These people will stap any white in the back and the GOP will dogwhistle then applaud the betrayal.

Dan said...

The US can't be restored.

PDK said...

Then help with, and argue for, the secession movement for a new, white nationalist, free enterprise Republic, with limited enfranchisement, spread the word, I do. BTW, I concur. Thanks.

Melanie said...

Bailey O'Neill is already forgotten. An 11 yo beaten to death by a black thug, after months of bullying and torment by the black thug. The sperm donor of the black thug showed no remorse over what his spawn did. I don't doubt that if he'd said what he really thought, which is that he applauds his feral black spawn murdering a white child, the media and the broader public would not have blinked.

The parents of 11 yo Bailey O'Neill-all they did was send their child to the public school, for which they pay taxes at the point of a prison sentence, so he could get an education. Now they will mourn the rest of their lives bcause their beautiful boy was murdered by a worthless, useless waste of oxygen who was also sent to this government indoctrination/detention center. I daresay the black spawn murderer's father doesn't pay the taxes which Bailey's parents pay at the point of a prison sentence to get his evil spawn off of the baby mama's hands for a few hours. (Unless this a rare case where the sperm donor "raises" the feral spawn).

So, we have the white parents of the murdered boy forced to pay for the indoctrination of their own son, forced by law to send him there (unless they can manage the financial means to send him to private school or homeschool, and even then they must pay the taxes to ensure the murderer of their son attends, and eats his free meals).

It would be something if enough white parents refused to send their precious children to the government indoctrination centers and by hook or crook made other arrangements for the education of their children. We'd still have to pay the taxes, but it would be a huge hole in the dam of BRA if whites, in a wholesale manner, just repudiated the entire structure of the government indoctrination centers. Leave them to their primary task-the warehousing of future, not to mention present, black thugs, criminals, murderers. When they murder, make available to them as victims only each other.

So much good could come just from this one step-white parents as a majority rejecting government indoctrination centers.

It's too late for 11 yo Bailey O'Neill, but it's not too late for the next potential white child victim of black savagery and amorality.

It's sickening to realise that of Bailey had survived to manhood, he would have been accused all his life of being the "white male oppressor" of every other lifeform out there.

RIP Bailey O'Neill, 11 yo white child, victim of a useless black animal. We'll never know what you might have contributed to humanity. The black animal who murdered you has already contributed the most it could ever have been expected to contribute-the murder of a white male.

Please don't forget 11 yo Bailey O'Neill.

PDK said...

Dan, although the NE is the home of liberalism, it is the liberal democrat party that caused the debt. If you look up online the last 30 or so years, since 1980, you will see that when the democrats have 2/3rds or all the power in Washington, spending is 5 times what it is when republicans have 2/3rds or all the power in Washington, this even though republicans spend bigger bucks on the military and democrats "gut" military spending.

A huge part of spending by democrats goes to cronyism and the purchasing of votes via socialism, "vote for me and I'll take from him and give to you", and also of "vote for me and I'll take from whitey and give to both blackie and brownie".

Glad to hear you pulled for mitt. Thanks.

Californian said...

Every level of society, hiring, property rights, Education acceptance, firearm rights, legal rights, citizen rights, voting rights, privacy rights and on and on are being eroded or subverted to assist the "other", what we call BRA.

Good point. We've seen the massive expansion of state power in the interests of BRA, and the general loss of rights among whites. Yet black America appears to be on a downward spiral. Black rates of violent crime, illegitimacy, school drop outs, etc., etc., all indicate this.

America has tossed away its liberties and not gotten any security in return, as the man said.

There's another aspect, it's the police state measures increasingly needed to control the crime. Pre-civil rights revolution, there did not seem to be a need for SWAT teams, roving wiretaps, profile searches, "wars" on drugs, surveillance cameras up the wazoo, and etc. (An irony that is rarely appreciated: since the civil rights era, the average American citizen has lost an increasing number of their rights.)

Black-run cities in America appear to lose their civic virtues. Detroit and all that sort of thing. Their de jure governments run things into the ground. Their de facto governments of gangs and race hustlers complete the destruction.

You can also look at black-majority-rule countries, which mostly run the gamut from one-party state to human rights debacles.

But there's this odd inversion of reality wherein DWLs glorify black-rule and disparage white-rule. Even where the collapse of basic rights is in your face as in sub-Saharan Africa. Or their local public housing reservation.

All this should give white people pause if they have concern for such things as the Bill of Rights.

What's on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight?

Lily White said...

I'll never understand TNB, I suppose because my brain (thankfully) isn't wired that way. It would appear to be ever thus:

1) D'Shon will, say, mug a little old white lady. Jamaal will record it.

2) The two of them will brag to all their chums about what they did. "We done mugged a little ol' white lady!" Pats on the back all around.

3) They will upload the video of the mugging on a site such as World Star Hip-Hop. "See dere? We done mugged a little ol' white lady!"

4) Somewhere down the line, someone will point to the video. "Hey, those guys mugged a little old white lady!"

5) D'Shon, Jamaal, all their friends and their mamas will howl in indignation at being accused of the activity they were just bragging about. "Dat's raciss! Dey/we din't do nuffin'!"

6) Repeat ad infinitum.

A truly puzzling species.

PDK said...

Speaking of the deaths of white children and white babies as here today so many are, I remember a black I call little Shabaz, I think he works for who I call the big Shabez, Milque Zullo Shabaz.

I do not remember if I'm spelling their names correctly but I think it is close.

In any event I saw little Shabaz on a video 1 or 2 years ago, soap box preaching his black hate for whitey on a somewhat crowded street exclaiming, "I hate all crackers.

Further 4 or 5 months ago I read about his new important step of calling on the brothers or the black Muslims to go into hospitals and murder all the white babies.

One would think this ideology would be nipped in the bud, but being black, with old blackie Eric Holder, our country's number law enforcement man in charge, nothing was done.

One can only imagine what would happen to a white man if he said the same about blacks. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous SKIP said...

"Selling drugs in broad daylight in a church parking lot is just disrespectful."

Do it be da parishioners dat be buyin dem drugs O dey be sellin dem drugs?

I do not know but one thing I do know it is because of the terrible terible legacy of slavery.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

Adkins is one righteous man. If the Lord can find nine others, he may spare Sodom.
Selling drugs in broad daylight in a church parking lot is just disrespectful.

A store front church next to a Stylez & Cutz in an area that looks surrounded by Section 8 housing?

This is the "church":,-81.478539&spn=0.00053,0.000512&safe=off&fb=1&gl=us&hq=greater%2Bdimensions%2Bchristian%2Bfellowship%2Bbrunswick&cid=0,0,17605147959859891721&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=31.219038,-81.478539&panoid=nD81QPP_kvtv0owJeWP9zg&cbp=12,0.17,,0,13.31

And Stylez & Cutz is already out of "bidness" from what I can determine.

Stylez & Cutz 1999 Sac11, Llc
121 Easter Lane
Brunswick, GA 31525
Other Information
Entity Status: Active/noncompliance
Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company
Entity Creation Date: Mar 11, 2011
Days in Business: 779 days

Another Anonymous said...

All kidding aside I went to the cart-n-sack for some salad fixins after midnight and the black security guard was eyeing some vibrant diversities like a hawk. Dat be rayciss?

If a cart-n-sack is a supermarket, at my local supermarket, they follow me and leave the blacks that are grazing alone. I assume it is because I use my own shopping bag ..... meanwhile there is a negro in every aisle eating previously packaged food they have no intention of paying for, and another in the restroom guzzling whatever they grabbed out of the beer/wine/liquor department.

The best was the one time I made the mistake of going on "da fursa da munt". There were chicken wing bones on the floor by the self checkout. My phone was dead or I would have taken a picture.

I told a visitor to Chicago once "If you are at a bus stop and look down and there are chicken wing bones on the ground, it is going to a neighborhood you don't want to go to".

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Negro/DWL “magical” thinking, ..... STD and LTD coverage,...

STD coverage .... LOL .... I know what you mean. But considering a majority of blacks have STDs, it is quite funny.

Anonymous said...

how bout these:

Anonymous said...
So why, you may ask, is the Marxist-in-Chief so easy on Muslim terrorists?

Muslims in The White House

Obama’s inner circle! No surprise here.
This is scary and they didn’t even mention John Brennan who was sworn in (without a Bible). He converted to Islam a couple of years ago.

Obama’s White House Staff

Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser.

Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser – founder Muslim Public Affairs Council and its current Executive Director.

Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America.

Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

And of course, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett who many say is the real president.

Massive minority Farm Fraud by Barack Obama

Same thing as the Mortgage Lending Scam that crashed the Market.
Minorities have bad credit and therefore they are being "discriminated" against by the Banks. Once the spigot was turned on, all kinds Black and Female "Farmers" started applying.
Obama also wants to bring back the Mortgage Scam again as if it never happened.

Anonymous said...

If the races had been reversed in this incident--white shooters and black baby--there would have been national outrage. Al, Jesse, and company would be leading non-stop marches and demonstrations.

Anonymous said...

Blue eyes be rayciss because black people are getting glaucoma and cataracts because they want to have blue eyes:

RACIST eyes are blue eyes!

rjp said...

Melanie said...

Bailey O'Neill is already forgotten.

He is a consequence of his parents sending him to a 56% black school.

Californian said...

What's on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight?

Are you sure the name of the program isn't "Dancing with Someone Not Like Me"?

That program is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I want to remind the readers of this blog that you no longer live in a free country. Years ago when some of the Russian block countries fell I remember reading how ONE IN THREE people were informants for the Bolsheviks. When the people opened the files they found their neighbors were snitches. One guy's wife was an informant and was snitching on him. In East Germany the party members had automobiles and the informants were given washing machines and vacuum cleaners. What kind of person would inform on their friends for a vacuum cleaner. Take a good look around you at the people you live with. The Methodist preacher in town just told me he supports gun control and the NRA are a bunch of bullies. His wife bragged to me that she is a socialist. Will I speak to these people again. No way.

Be very careful who you talk to. The Dept. of Education keeps files on children. Years ago there was a thing called TEEN SCREEN. Look it up. I'm not sure if it is still in operation.

Back when I was living in the South West I had a broken arm. When I went to get the cast removed the doctor left me in one of his offices for awhile. I started to read what he wrote in my medical file and went into shock. "He has a rather shabby appearance and drives a beat up old car. He paid off his bill in TWO PAYMENTS so I suspect he may be involved with drug dealing." This was written by an orthopedic surgeon and is now part of my MEDICAL FILE. Of course we all know that dope dealers drive around in beat up old cars.

America no longer exist. It died with NAFTA and other con jobs. Take a good look around and think very seriously about who you can trust and who you can talk to. Be careful about what you say. It is too late to enlighten the brain dead. Remember, now you are now the terrorist.

Dan said...

Savage isn't his real name. It's a non de Guerre. He's just as bad as ANY other media whore.

The acceptable discourse is to be found someplace between David Sirota and Ben Shapiro. That's where the white man is allowed to argue, between two poles st up by hostiles.

Bogolyubski said...

Dan cries:
Lincoln was a Negrophile. Boenher's daughter is marrying a Rasta! The cycle is complete. JEB has brown children.

Of course the Dems are Halfricans already. Time to secceed from BRA (which the GOP are joint architect) and exist again.

It's way past time, but it is unlikely to happen. There are two main reasons:

1. There are too few of us who even understand the basics. The large majority of average whites have been indoctrinated in the religion of equality all their lives. The indoctrination has been widely present for the better part of the last century and has been delivered through schools, media, entertainment and arts, and even most churches. Whether they are "small government Christian conservatives" (except for overseas adventures to make the ummah safe for feminism, sodomy and "free-market enterprise" (banksterism), or utopian atheist libtard airheads, equality lies at the root their actual religious belief system. How do you form a country capable of not being crushed with just a hundred thousand people at the outside?

2. The squids and their state nomenklatura, including the entire military establishment, would ruthlessly crush any actual attempt by a state or group of states to leave the union. The only way such states could do so would be to make an alliance with Putin or China in advance of secession and actually have sufficient nukes in place to vaporize DC, NYC and other squid power nodes along with the willingness to actually kill a few million people. If it were even possible, Putin or China's price for such a commitment might be way too high, as neither gives as rat's ass about some white folks in the Banksta Banana Republick, who are likely just scorned as losers.

Bogolyubski said...

Gwinnett Gladiator:
I have very little to add on-topic. She’s going to be a doctor… How much do you want to bet that she doesn’t even have an undergrad degree? I bet she hasn’t even completed Chemistry 101. However, with the Negro, just the mere statement that one might be considering taking a particular action is treated the same in BRA as already having completed it. Thus, the only thing preventing that woman from becoming Dr. Ben Carson by the end of next week was her being in jail for participating in a conspiracy to conceal evidence in a brutal murder.

Not even a felony conviction would be enough to stop her from being awarded a medical degree in this day of BRA. The nomenklatura in charge of med-school admissions in places like Haaaavaaahd and Yale would view the conviction was evidence of high moral character indicating an ability to overcome da turrable, turrable legacy ob de slabery. Hell, she'll probably end up as surgeon general or head of the CDC under a future president, perhaps that of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice Commissioner James Brooks standing behind Adkins in video at the :39 remaining mark? Wonder if this was a City meeting, press conference, or Adkins speaking to his congregation.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

A repost from late 2012:

I am a realist, first, foremost and last. To be a realist, one must necessarily mature, those who fail to embrace their personal responsibility to mature remain the immature, and in our world the immature gravitate to liberalism. Liberals, the immature, deny reality, and substitute a preferred illusion in said reality`s stead.

Being a realist I am necessarily a racist, one who accepts the reality of separate races and the different type of human produced by the mutually exclusive gene pools. It is science itself that has made clear the truth of this phenomenon, it has made manifest what my own eyes tell me I see, that the difference between the organisms produced by the mutually exclusive gene pools are more than skin color deep, and in fact are cerebrum deep.

Science has shown the black gene pool produces an organism that is more “r” selective, where reproductive energy favors higher output numbers coupled with less nurturing by parents, and further favors, a less neotenous development of and by the individual organism.

Neotenous development refers to the slowing down of development, allowing the human cerebrum to become bigger and therefore more intelligent.

The white gene pool is more “k” selective, where fewer output numbers are couple with more parental tutelage, and an organism that has a longer neotenous development strategy, therefore creating a larger, more intelligent cerebrum.

This is further borne out by science as the brains of blacks on average are physically smaller than whites, and further IQ tests have consistently, over decade’s, demonstrated higher IQs for whites, or lower for blacks, by 15 points.

Clearly to my eye, the white cerebrum is capable of higher culture creation, and higher culture maintenance, while the black cerebrum demonstrates, quite clearly, incapability in either higher culture creation or higher culture maintenance. For example look at Detroit, a once thriving white metropolis, now virtually destroyed by a 90% black population.

As a realist, and as a racist, I would not move to Detroit. White liberals may besmirch me for my position here; however they will not put their money where their mouth is and move to Detroit. In fact, you will find most white liberals that preach from their false moral high ground, living in whiteyville, an exclusively white area with the occasional, token black.

Our Founding Fathers gave us, their posterity a Republic, a free enterprise, capitalist nation-state. Our liberals and their minority allies are destroying our Republic, usurping it with their socialist democracy, and further ultimately intend the death of nation-states and the birth of the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy, which further produces a world of tyranny, poverty and misery.

I see secession as the only hope for our Founding Father`s culture and its subsequent liberty, wealth and happiness. I see further the need to reduce our new nation-state Republics democratic process, by limiting enfranchisement to white males only.

I sense white liberals are cowardly afraid of living their illusion without we non-liberal realist carrying their self- created burden for them, but I no longer care about them. They have made their house and they alone should have to live in it.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting the Titanic.

If blacks are equal to whites, let them support themselves. Thank you.

Californian said...

5) D'Shon, Jamaal, all their friends and their mamas will howl in indignation at being accused of the activity they were just bragging about. "Dat's raciss! Dey/we din't do nuffin'!"

Why do they do this?

For one reason: it works.

There's the political angle. These attacks are becoming a form of armed propaganda. Armed propaganda was an insurgent tactic using violence to make a political point. Like guerrillas marching into a village, shooting a prominent supporter of the government, and then using propaganda to publicize the deed. These acts terrorize the opposition into paralysis, and rally support behind the insurgents. If a few guerrilla fighters get killed along the way, it's the price you pay for revolution.

Look at the bigger picture in the USA. The agitprop system supports the image of blacks as victims of (ooooh!) "racism," of segregation, of the terrible legacy of slavery. The black-on-white crimes play into the system: a "fighter" commits a violent act against an "oppressor;" the deed is publicized via the Internet (the latest agitprop front); YT is terrorized and the perpetrators become heroes in the eyes of their peers as well as gaining the fawning adulation of the DWL establishment--not to mention the award of community redevelopment dollars and public hero status ala Trayvon Martin.

Yeah, a jail sentence may be in the future for the perpetrators, but it's all part of the revolution, man. And if the recent activities of the Black Guerrilla Family in Baltimore lockup is any indicator, it also means more access to nubile females!

Things in the USA have degenerated to the point where we are seeing low level guerrilla warfare. It's not quite up to the efficiency of the Viet Cong, who at least had some kind of discipline. It's more like the chaotic warlord actions you see in sub-Saharan Africa. Bands of fighters conducting raids, establishing their cred via terrorizing civilians, and carving out territories to be ruled.

It is a reality that certain American inner cities have become no-go areas, under de facto gang control. And that the gangs are raiding into white enclaves. It might be worthwhile comparing photos of Detroit and Mogadishu (to be fair, I understand the Somalis can at least keep their telecommunications companies functioning!).

And, again, all this is happening after half a century of civil rights laws and war on poverty. Objective observers might note that the DWL-BRA regime has been a grotesque failure. Blacks are further from "equality" than they ever have been and the pathologies are exploding. DWLs cover this by amping up media positive images to invert reality. More magical thinking even as their cities disintegrate around them.

As for BRA's race hustlers? Maybe they sense that the armed propaganda is gaining ground. So why not continue the struggle?

It works.

PDK said...

The great irony of slavery is that blacks enslaved blacks, not whites, both back in Africa, and then here again in America.

In fact when the black slaves were brought to America our white colonialist ancestors raised them up out of slavery and into indentured servitude, the same as poor whites, and BTW the black indentured servants were paid real money just like their white counterparts.

However, blacks being blacks re-enslaved themselves, for those increduled check out Anthony Johnson online.

In fact our white ancestors liberated blacks from their own, self imposed slavery a second time at the expense of 625,000 mostly young white men in America's civil war.

Therefore, we whites here in America today are not paying for enslaving the blacks, slavery, but rather for liberating their lower IQed cerebrum in our higher, white man's culture of civilization, in which they are incapable.

How's Birmingham doing these days now that blacks have control? One would think we whites liberated the blacks by opening the cage door, and letting them out. Thanks.

Lorraine said...

So true. Tried to post earlier....

Look, informants have infiltrated many of the helping professions. This is why you see throngs of people going to alternative providers for medical care and doing homeschooling. My son's pre k school had an 'incentive' where if you allowed the teachers to do a home visit, the class would get an additional. twenty dollars on supplies. I mentioned this to my friend, a former educator as well. We both agreed this was a form of spying in the parents.

I've mentioned Child Protective Services before on this board. It is a method of extortion by the Feds. Schools ask your kids questions re: the home, parents, etc. I was reading somewhere by Malkin that now Bill Gates is working with that CORE program in developing a data information system that tracks info on kids and their families attending public school. It would track EVERYThing down to what time your kid farted in class. Suck and invasive.

Ok, I believe that we would not have the problems we have today if we allowed black people to discipline their kids. This is why integration is a mess and why it was/ is bad for whites AND blacks. I worked in the hood. Black kids and people approach discipline differently. And frankly, most working whites discipline their kids differently compared to Chadwick's parents. It is all part of a bigger plan: kids with no discipline wild out and become future prisoners- more money for the Corrections Corporation of America.

More young boys and adolescents, and girls too are being funneled into jails. White middle class people's families are the next targets and the blacks have no money left. They are just part if the domestic terrorism scenery.

I cannot tell you the number if times people have threatened to call CPS on me- my lovely neighbors ( I am glad I am leaving).

Earl Turner said...

Has anyone looked to see if Demarquise Elkins' MySpace page is still up? I remember seeing it and posting a link back when this murder first happened. His MySpace is every bit as incriminating as his Facebook page was, perhaps more so.

Facebook took his page down but not before bloggers across the country screenshotted everything they could find. I'm sure the prosecutors have a complete copy buried somewhere.

Also don't forget Demarquise's mother. She was stupid enough to provide an alibi for him to cops, saying he was with her and she cooked him breakfast at home when the murder happened. Cops knew she was lying right away because the foul sheboon WAS STILL IN JAIL when Demarquise murdered the baby!

Anonymous said...

Port Chicago

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Have to agree with Bogolyubski on the subject of secession. Ain't gonna happen. The US government is the biggest enemy of of the white race in the world today. The squid power structure is designed to forestall any effort at white independence.

The weltanschauung is stacked against the emergence of any reactionary sentiment whatsoever, however, as atrocities such as the Boston bombings and the relentless rape and murder epidemic by aliens in our midst continues apace, perhaps the bovine masses will finally awaken. I'm not holding my breath - too many "we are the world," multicultural diversity loving and equality Kool-Aid swilling products of public education and entertainment media indoctrination for that to likely occur.

The only, and I mean only, glimmer of hope I hold out is the emergence of a charismatic figure who could carry the message to the masses. But there too the threat would be immediately recognized and eliminated.

ANY movement towards secession would be crushed by the government of the USA and would make Lincoln's war pale by comparison.

Others on this thread have pointed out the perils of speaking out and have counseled against doing so. But we all must be willing to judiciously undertake some risks. Test the waters with your family friends and acquaintances. Don't attempt to sell the whole package all at once. Simply plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of those who are in any way receptive.

I've ALWAYS been receptive to the truth. ALWAYS been seeking answers. Had anyone with my current "dark enlightenment" or race realist views broached these topics with me it would've saved me years of blindly searching.

DO NOT mention the squids or TWMNBN. DO NOT go into hostile intellectual territory unless there is a reasonable chance of prevailing. Always consider the risk benefit analysis in all your discussions.

One of my favorite expressions is that we are importing our children's executioners. This seems to capture people's imaginations.

We are destroying our nation's delicate cultural ecosystem is another statement I make that seems not to alienate too greatly.

We are in danger of losing the unbought grace of life our ancestors worked so hard to provide for us.

Our cultural legacy is being fast destroyed on the altar of a utopian radical egalitarianism that will destroy everything within its wake.

THESE are the seeds I carefully plant. There are countless others but they all tend to be rather generic and designed to dissolve some of the encrustations of the relentless ongoing cultural indoctrination.

You simply cannot force an awakening. Either people are receptive or they or not. And if they are, your gentle probes may be just the sort of intellectual disruption to get the ball rolling.

I was at a medical conference several years ago when a woman was bragging about her academic and professional achievements. She really was quite a bore. Finally, I asked her if she had any children. She responded proudly that she had three. I then said, "A career is the most important thing in a woman's life that should take precedence over all else, and, IF A STRANGER HAS TO RAISE YOUR KIDS, WELL THEN SO BE IT."

She looked at me suspiciously for a moment to determine if I was kidding or not. And when she sensed what I was saying, she burst out crying saying she'd give up everything just to spend more time with her kids.

THESE are the sorts of people that are just waiting to be emancipated from their ideological slavery.

Bogolyubski said...

PDK notes:
As a realist, and as a racist, I would not move to Detroit. White liberals may besmirch me for my position here; however they will not put their money where their mouth is and move to Detroit. In fact, you will find most white liberals that preach from their false moral high ground, living in whiteyville, an exclusively white area with the occasional, token black.

This is nothing new PDK. I can remember folks like Limbaugh pointing out the hypocrisy of DWL-nomenklatura such as Tim Wise and Michael Moore two decades ago. Both of these lying asshats live in 97-98% white enclaves. I've been in the Torch Lake area of MI (Michael Moore's palace is there) and can personally confirm it being largely groid-free. It's also quite expensive.

The question which nobody seems to have a very convincing answer for is this: Why do lying hypocrites like Wise and Moore continue to enjoy credibility (and considerable wealth) among vast sections of the white populace in America? They, and the message they preach, should logically be completely discredited by now. They've been proved lying hypocrites so many times it's ridiculous.

Yet here we are in 2013, with both making moralistic pronouncements which are a) endlessly broadcast and promoted by the Ministry of Truth; and b) believed on some level by tens of millions of whites - especially women. I've spent much time on these pages explaining the nature of the ruling elite and their nomenklatura, but at the end of the day their insane ideology cannot solely be imposed from above. It has to enjoy a certain level of support from below or it could not stand for as long as it has. The only explanation I've read on these pages which sort of makes sense is the game-based one put up by Whiskey.

To paraphrase Stalin's snark about the Vatican, how many billionaires does our side have?

Lorraine said...

You are so right.

We have handed our kids over to the evil arms of the Feds. It is sickening what the public schools have become.

You mention risk and this important. To not risk to is to due a life if quiet desperation. I don't do quiet desperation. And I won't allow my kids to suffer in quiet desperation.

I used to tell new teachers that the kids that want to learn will seek you out. You don't have to find them. These people will seek the ones who 'see' out.

We must 'model' intellectual, spiritual secession. That is why I keep mentioning the stealth society. We can secede from within. It's a state if mind that will become a state of being.

Side note: the classism side is very important in this story. White lower class women are viewed as trash. It is sad and despicable, but that's what it is in Amurkistan. White working class women and men are the throwaways of this society and their kids are viewed as a burden, as nothing. I

Our ancestors took great risks do their kids could have better lives, this country had turned into a cesspool of sickos who sell out their own neighbors. I tell people all the time that if you can take the time to judge, you can take the time to help....,

This country 's elite, squids, nomawhatever have turned citizens against each other. We have become each other's judges in place of neighbors. This divide and conquer mentality is real and it has worked.

I have chosen a rough road of being poor so I can have kids. White women and men have been pitted against each other in this country. Think about it: marriage and procreation has become a status symbol. Why? Because only the rich and the connected can afford to get married and have kids. Connected and elite people only socialize with one another. Hence partnerships come from these meetings.

Meanwhile the rest of us middle and working class white trash have to muck through the mires of dating the indoctrinated masses of BRA. How the hell can you find a life partner out there let alone procreate?

Risk is important. It means you are alive.

For those if you on the board who wish to have kids and are having difficulty and who are maybe seeking non traditional means of having kids, look up RESOLVE.

Anonymous said...

Here's some of the crap I read on a Black Blog...

1. My ancestors were on this soil BEFORE Columbus.

2. Every invention that was created during sl@very was stolen by the sl@vemaster.

3. Every invention the white man has created was from the knowledge given to them by the Moors during their 700 year reign in Europe.

4. Skyscrapers, big screen tvs, toys and gadgets don't mean sh!t if you have a rotten soul, no family, and a sick body.

5. All of the above things are destroying the earth.

6. Africans had architecture and technology that superseded the Europeans BEFORE sl@very; the only reason why the Africans haven't done much since then is because they're too busy fighting wars that the European is instigating to steal their mineral wealth.

7. Without black sl@ves, America would be a bootleg Europe.

8. Without black sl@ves, your black a$$ wouldn't have been stuck on whatever the fvck caribbean island you came from.

9. Jamaica didn't gain independence from Britain until 1962, 100 years after American blacks fought for theirs (you guys sho love your masters I swear). Barbados didn't do it until 1966, and Trinidad didn't do it until 1962 when WE were having our civil rights movement over here. You people were d!ck riding our movement as usual. In case you don't remember, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed in 1865, a century before you sambos even thought about leaving the Queen's t!t.

10. Where are the political leaders in your native country? They're either still buck dancing for Jesus, the lightskinned ruling class, or some European tourists for a couple of dollars to pay their rent. You know there is s3x tourism in your native country right? If we didn't make progress here in America your a$$ wouldn't have any reason to leave whatever sh!thill you came from.

11. Need I say more?

Africans are delusional....

Anonymous said...

Good source of daily news:

Anonymous said...

"Our Founding Fathers gave us, their posterity a Republic, a free enterprise, capitalist nation-state."

I used to think this. Now I realize that the Constitution was a means to secure repayment of Rev War debt that was bought by the squids of the day for a song. Thats why they had to write it in secret and lie to get it ratified. Remember Patrick Henry saying "I smell a rat in Philadelphia."

BRA could not come into existence under the Articles of Confederation.

PDK said...

Bogo; the answer that I know of is that the Wises and Moores have become the flim flam man, masquerading as the rain man, selling liberal ideology back to their own kind who need to see support of their liberal illusion or face, what to them is the unfacible, the task of maturing.

For those purveyors of the liberal ideology, the Moores, they make a fine chunk of change without maturing, and further it is the collective of whites who must pay their bill.

In short they are selfish cowards who play we whites against one another, all the while laughing on their way to the bank.

Time to leave them to their own devices, it is their bed, let them alone sleep in it.

That translates to secession, leaving them behind. Thanks.

10mm AUTO said...

"If the curtain of Communism falls (completely) on the USSA, moving to the Pacific NW isn’t going to matter."

I am afraid I must Strongly disagree. Successful revolutions have been made in the past against far more ruthless enemies than the USA with complete success. Please note the USA leaving Afghanistan as losers (Again), the entire Middle East is embracing Islam and most Governments in the region already beginning to ignore the "Great Satan".

This utter transformation was done with a few ragged, low I.Q. men with AK's and a backpack full of Semtex. Colonial wars are expensive and the men that sue for peace are not the Generals, but the Accountants. Half the USA will be secretly behind us (hell a large number even liked Dorner and that was over in a week!), quietly hailing the North American Republic and hoping we win, either because they want to see succession succeed or because they want to join us or just because they are sick to death with "Negro fatigue." Meanwhile, La Raza is going to carve off the lower part of California, Nevada, Arizona and maybe a good chunk of Texas to form "Aztlan". (See: "The Brigade" by Harold Covington).

See, we have to win. This is for the species boys and girls. Whites are less than 9% of the Worlds population and our beautiful women of childbearing age are less than 3%. This is for a homeland for all Whites and Only Whites.

Whites will win because we can strike and disappear into the population better than that idiot Chris Dorner. We study their tactics, we have men back from Iraq who have seen how the counter system works and how to kill it. We are building networks, safe houses and secure communications nets. What we need most of all is for Whites to engage in their favorite Sport one more time (White Flight) and fly up here to the Northwest and look at the homeland. MOVE HERE and be free and safe For Good. Don't piss and moan and say "We are all going to die!" because if you do that, you surely will.

Ex Gladio Libertas! Northwestfront dot Org.

PDK said...

6:48; "no taxation without representation", was an expression that itimated the Crowns desire to cheat Colonial capitalist out of their fair share of the money they themselves had earned. That is both tyranny and socialism. That now famous adage came before the Revolutionary war. Thanks.

Mr. Rational said...

The great irony of slavery is that blacks enslaved blacks, not whites, both back in Africa, and then here again in America.

Even in the 20th century.  One thing that made me perk up my ears today was an aside in an NPR piece on musicology which noted recordings from Cuba sung in Haitian creole.  What are creole speakers doing in Spanish-speaking Cuba, you might ask?  They were slaves sold by the Duvailers to Castro's regime to work in the cane fields.  Yes, CUBAN Communists bought Black slaves from the Black rulers of Haiti, ALL of which occurred after the SCOTUS handed down Shelley vs. Kraemer and Brown vs. Board of Education.

And the Marxists have the gall to accuse White Americans of being "un-Fair" to Blacks!  The hypocrisy!

Cassie said...

What was Obama's response? Did he even bother faking his trademark. crocodile tears for a child that couldn't be 'his son'?

It's interesting that in England there has been zero coverage of this horrible case, whereas the Trayvon shooting was all over the media.

SKIP said...

"Do it be da parishioners dat be buyin dem drugs O dey be sellin dem drugs?

I do not know but one thing I do know it is because of the terrible terible legacy of slavery

And of course, white racism.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share this little story because of the woman who claimed to be in medical school or whatever she said, and the remarks about it in these comments.

Last year my pediatrician cousin had a black woman bring her sprog in for an appointment. The woman was dressed in all the negress finery: fake nails and hair, jewelry, etc. The kid was not sick, but he had missed multiple vaccination appointments and was way behind schedule.

My cousin tried to explain this to the mother, who was busy typing away on her iphone during the whole visit. The woman told my cousin that she had missed all of the appointments because she was busy in "medical school." This struck my cousin as pretty odd, so she nonchalantly asked about what specialty path the woman was following.

Without skipping a beat, the woman replied "CNA." This means "Certified Nurse Assistant." A community college/tech school can get you this certification in 2 years.

Same thing, right?

The point of this is that they lie, lie, lie to keep their ever-important "image" intact, and they are so ignorant that they will sit there and tell a real doctor that they are in "medical school" when in fact they are in community college going after an entry-level position where they will be wiping butts and checking blood pressure.


Anonymous said...

"Blacks" probably nursed your grandpa.....

Anonymous said...

With ghetto exxxageration she probably is in a professionalcollege for an 18 th month med tech degree. Then be hired by a doctor who wants diversity.
Fumny she can't sat medical school and that her lawyer also a halfwit black can't master english either.
Some of Chicago's top doctors have offices filled with these halfwit med tech sticking needles in your arm taking your vital signs and your childrens

Anonymous said...

Please note: CNA classes are offered by nursing homes in many areas.

It is NOT a two year program of training. It's at most a few classes.

I beg you - do NOT put any elderly relative into a nursing home where the hands on staff is black.

The black hands on staff in the nursing homes are outright abusing the most helpless white residents.

If you think your white elderly loved one will get decent care at the hands of young blacks who harbor extreme hatred for whites, you're kidding yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification, Anon. My memory probably fails at the "CNA" part, perhaps it was another shortened title of the same sort. What I do recall quite clearly was the two years of tech school part. :)

And no. My elderly family members will NEVER be subjected to that. Having lived in a black-dominated large southern city, I am familiar with the horror stories.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Blacks" probably nursed your grandpa.....
April 29, 2013 at 6:19 AM

People also drink cow's milk.

Your fucking point being...?

World_War_Me said...

Californian said..."to control the crime. Pre-civil rights revolution, there did not seem to be a need for SWAT teams, roving wiretaps, profile searches, 'wars' on drugs, surveillance cameras up the wazoo, and etc."

EXCELLENT point. I never thought of it that way.

I am a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, especially the educational shorts. When they riff educational shorts from the 1950s, to me it is like looking into a world from another planet, as I am Generation Y.

A Date With Your Family:
Johnny At The Fair:

TDK E-180 said...

Anonymous (April 28, 2013 at 7:31 AM):

"Carolina Cicero here:"


Four repulsive creatures dead; one behind bars. Thanks, I needed some really good news!

Anonymous said...

"4. Skyscrapers, big screen tvs, toys and gadgets don't mean sh!t if you have a rotten soul, no family, and a sick body." - even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Melanie said...

Anonymous said...

"Blacks" probably nursed your grandpa.....

April 29, 2013 at 6:19 AM

That's one of the many comforts of having a very large, tight-knit family-we have never yet been at the tender mercies of any 400 lb black "nurse" and never will be. The few times any family have been in hospital, I myself slept there every night and stayed during the day (taking shifts with other family members if available) to make sure of that. I didn't wait on any surly black "maintenance engineer" to clean, sweep, mop their rooms, or change their bedding, I did it myself. I probably knew more about where to find the clean linen and the cleaning supplies than they did, and what I couldn't find, I bought myself. My family members who have passed on, died at home, with family members who gave a damn seeing to their care. No nursing homes. My father died in hospital,after heart surgery, but I stayed there with him until the end, and his ex-wife, who was for a couple of years president of the nurses' association in our state, keeping on eye on him.

I don't need any spiteful remarks to have already known what treatment to expect in medical facilities from undertrained, underworked, overfed, and vindictive minority "caregivers". That fact was obvious for anyone with eyes to see, years ago. Thankfully, my large family has eyes to see and have made certain that none of our loved ones would ever be subject to being the helpless target of vindictive, hateful minority "caregivers".

NYC_DalaiMama said...

LOL at this website and at the whiteman now claiming victim status. You devils have raped, murdered and pillaged the whole planet. You are poisoning the food, the air and the water we breathe. You are evil incarnate, literally. Demons.
What about the fact that the parents had gunshot residue on them?
More likely than not, these two devils killed their own baby. Just like the case of the dominican nanny (who stabbed HERSELF multiple times in the neck...!), Where the mother killed those kids. Just like the devil who drove her own kids into a lake and said a black man took them.
You devils are incapable of love, you are one dimensional, hollow on the inside. You kill your own children just as you kill the children of others. Without remorse or care.
LOL at your pity party. You sound absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

what i dont get, is why they shot the baby? what do they have against a 13 month toddler? these animals belong on the electric chair.