Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saving Milwaukee? Encourage Blacks to Leave

Do you recall the city where the term 'Oh, White Girl Bleeds A Lot' was uttered?
The desire for cheap labor drove businesses/manufactures to recruit blacks to Milwaukee in the middle portion of the 20th century-- poor future-time orientation has doomed 2013 Milwaukee to having some of the highest rates of black crime in America


Where in 2011 'dozens to hundreds of blacks' attacked whites at the Wisconsin State Fair.

A city with one of the lowest levels of black employment in the entire nation. Only Buffalo and Detroit have lower rates of employment for black males [Employment of black men drops drastically: UWM study of 2010 census data finds record low in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 1-23-12].


A city that is 40 percent black and 37 percent white -- where 45 percent of blacks and only 5 percent of whites were on food stamps/EBT in 2009 (well, residents of Milwaukee County).

Milwaukee, a city with one of the highest poverty rates in all of America (we should probably qualify this poverty, for it does have a color) -- where 41 percent of the black population is considered 'poor'.


A city where the police department has come under-fire recently because the only areas where criminal activity takes place is in areas devoid of whiteness [New Milwaukee police procedures address racial profiling, crime data, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 2-7-13].


A city where the most violent zip code (53206) is 96 percent black. Worse, almost every murder suspect is black:
The 2011 Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission is a review of police data compiled from Wisconsin’s largest city.
Milwaukee, with a population of just less than 600,000, is 40 percent African-American and 37 percent white. The 2011 Homicide Review Commission reports there were 86 homicides that year, with 93 percent of the suspects black males.
Overall, the homicide rate was 14.5 per 100,000 residents, and the nonfatal shooting rate was 79.5 per 100,000 residents. However, when broken down by race, “the homicide rate per black residents is 27.9 per 100,000 compared to 9.7 per 100,000 Latino residents and 1.7 per 100,000 White residents.”
Digging deeper into the Homicide Review Commission, the reality of gun crime in Milwaukee becomes transparently black. In 2010 and 2011, white people represented only one percent of nonfatal shooting suspects (p. 21). In 2010, there were 204 nonfatal shooting suspects, with blacks representing 88 percent of the suspects. Hispanics represented 15 percent of the suspects. In 2011, there were 183 nonfatal shooting suspects and blacks were 89 percent of the suspects; Hispanics represented seven percent of the suspects.


It's a dying city -- well, courtesy of a certain racial demographic that is becoming increasingly obsolete in the 21st century [Milwaukee's deep racial, economic divisions are challenges to rebirth: When Milwaukee's then-thriving factories sought the labor of African-Americans migrating from the South, roughly three out of four black families here were husband-wife. Today: 31%, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, April 16, 2013]:
The metropolitan region as a whole - Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties - ranks in the upper half of large metropolitan areas in per capita income. But beneath that level of relative prosperity lie entrenched poverty in much of Milwaukee and wide gaps in economic well-being between city and suburbs, black and white.
In almost no large metropolitan area is there a greater difference in black and white income. In few if any large metro areas is poverty as highly concentrated within the major city - 73% of the area's poor live in Milwaukee proper, compared with 64% of the poor in Columbus, Ohio; 53% in Oklahoma City; or 47% in San Diego.
"Milwaukee stands out as a place where the poor are quite isolated," said Sean Reardon, a professor of education at Stanford University who has studied the growth of income segregation in the United States.
This matters.
It most hurts the poor themselves, who often lack reliable transportation to tap job opportunities far from the central city.

But the effects arguably spill over a wider area. The poverty in the city presents a potential drag on the region's economic health and its attractiveness to employers, said Tim Sheehy, president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.
"It's dangerous for the economy of Milwaukee to look like a barbell, where you have concentrated wealth on one end and concentrated poverty on the other," he said.
Professor Chris Benner of the University of California, Davis said regions that are more segregated in terms of income or race tend to grow more slowly.
"There are a bunch of reasons intuitively why that may be the case," he said. "If you have a declining central city and poor infrastructure and a lot of broken windows and a lot of signs of poverty, it's going to be harder to attract new investment, harder to get businesses growing there. You've got all the loss of human capital, of high dropout rates and high levels of poverty and all those sorts of social dislocation that go along with that."
Those are among problems with which Milwaukee's black community has struggled. One result, and possible contributing factor: A decline in married-couple African-American families that has left Milwaukee almost without peer in the United States.

Fifty years ago, when Milwaukee's then-thriving factories sought the labor of African-Americans migrating from the South, roughly three out of four black families here were husband-wife. Today: 31%.
"This is shocking," said Danae Davis, chief executive officer of PEARLS for Teen Girls Inc., a nonprofit that seeks to help girls achieve in school, avoid pregnancy and pursue their goals. "Thirty-one percent. I would think we would be sounding the alarm."

...Wisconsin incarcerates black men at an especially high level. In fact, a newly released analysis of 2010 census data by John Pawasarat and Lois Quinn of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that Wisconsin had the highest incarceration rate, with one in eight African-American men of working age behind bars. No other state came close.
In 1970, Milwaukee was close to the U.S. average in terms of married-couple African-American families. During the following 10 years, the percentage here fell off a cliff, dropping much more sharply than it did nationally. The decline was so severe that by 1980, Milwaukee already was at or near the bottom of the country in percentage of black families with both a husband and a wife.
At the same time, the number of young-adult black women was increasing more rapidly than the number of young-adult black men. One possible but disputed factor: Relatively high welfare benefits during the '70s and '80s - as much as 50% more than in neighboring Illinois.
The existence - or not - of so-called "welfare migration" was heatedly debated, without resolution. But in any event, Milwaukee continued to be a major destination for poor African-Americans even after the area had shed tens of thousands of the factory jobs that previously had lured workers.
During the late '80s, some 6,800 African-Americans with incomes below the poverty line moved to Milwaukee from other states, demographer William Frey, then with the University of Michigan, found.
So -- long ago, business owners wanted cheap labor to drive down costs and increase profit margins.

Enter a migration of black people to Milwaukee.

Couple this desire for cheap labor with a 'generous' welfare system - those silly Midwestern sons and daughters of Scandinavia - and you have an incredibly combustible situation of poor future-time orientation by the founding white fathers of the city of Milwaukee.

Well -- do you now understand why Milwaukee is the city where the term  'Oh, White Girl Bleeds A Lot' was uttered?

If Milwaukee wants to 'move forward' and separate itself from loser cities like Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, Birmingham, Memphis, Buffalo, and Kansas City, it simply needs to offer the black population an incentive to leave and move back south.


It's that simple.

Black labor is no longer needed, and the costs associated with maintaining the black population (welfare, police, security, and - worse- the erosion of property value in majority black zip codes and subsequent loss of tax revenue) is threatening to claim yet another major American city's vitality.

There isn't one city in America with a majority black population (save Washington D.C.) that is attracting either outside capital - business - investment or productive non-black citizens who want to relocate there and raise a family.

The prior paragraph is a powerful reminder of the reality of inequality in 21st century America.


To survive as a city and stave off the same scenario that doomed Detroit, the city leaders of Milwaukee must find a way to encourage an out-migration of blacks.

If not, get used to the term 'white girl bleed a lot'.


Anonymous said...

Got lost in the darker areas of Milwaukee once. Had coffee (at least I hope it was coffee)thrown at me. Only sin was I was a white guy lost in a black neighborhood.

Funny they want respect but they do nothing to earn it.

Anonymous said...

The misinformation media keep telling YT to 'move along, nothing to see here' and if it wasn't for the Inernetz their lyin' eyes would have gained indisputable traction that no sane person could refute.

But facts are always racist when facts out people of certain races.

Backwards logic questions for the day:

How can you:

A. Say that 'race is a social construct' and follow up with [B.]
B. Call people 'racists' (if 'race' does not exist then this then racism is in and of itself a 'social construct').
C. The darker people of the world wanting and desiring lighter features including lighter eyes and lighter skin.

Seems blue eyes and fair skin are desired by the melanin enriched savages of the sun-gods.

And, the most egregious part is we pay for these breeding cockroaches.

*jazz hands and mumbles grumpily*

-=Northwest YT=-

Bogolyubski said...

Brilliant article, as usual. At one time, there were very few blacks in Milwaukee, but the go-to bizniss types just had to have the cheap labor back in the 40s and 50s. Now the remaining YTs in WI get to pay for that cheap labor - in taxes and blood.

A businessman will sell the rope today which will be used to hang him tomorrow.

Of course, when you're indoctrinated into the religion of equality über alles, it renders one fundamentally incapable of seeing the long term consequences of short-term decisions. That cheap labor was a lot more expensive in the long run. There were warnings about this even back then, but they were ignored.

Anonymous said...

The problem with saving Milwaukee (or any other city infested with blacks) is that you can only do so by killing someplace else.
Then, once Milwaukee experiences a massive revitalization due to the absence of blacks, the blacks will pour back in to feast off of whitey (unless they are prevented from doing so) and start the whole rotten process all over again.
This can all come to an end in three possible ways- 1.) sterilize ghetto blacks and vastly reduce their numbers 2.) repatriate them to Africa 3.) continue breeding them until they infest and destroy every city and have no place to go as everywhere has been transformed into a violent, impoverished, black infested shithole.
ok, a fourth possibility- a white homeland that absolutely forbids groids from entering.
Whatever the case, business as usual is national suicide.

Anonymous said...

When blacks are powerful enough to control a city administration and therefore free to create the conditions they want, they recreate a culture that mimics their African tribal roots.

A stable relationship between a man and a woman who work together to raise their children is an intolerable burden on them. They chaff at the restrictions in marriage preferring wanton promiscuity and letting strangers or relatives raise their offspring, which is why "it takes a village".

They hoot about "freedom" but the word does not signify the same thing to them as it does to us. For them freedom means release from the "chains" of White Oppression such as regular employment, keeping to a schedule, staying sober on the job, handling money responsibly, raising their children, treating the environment with respect, keeping their lawn, public spaces and houses neat and clean etc. To a black man, these ARE slavery because they are so contrary to his nature. Slavery is not something whites DO to blacks. It is implicit in Whites' way of living which blacks find unnatural and therefore intolerable--which is why these issues will never be resolved until blacks kill every White man and enslave (esp. sexually) their women.

Lorraine said...

This article exemplifies the stupidity of slave labor. Cheap is expensive in the long run.

Today the gang of 8 is thinking about bringing in more third world turds to do the jobs that blacks don't want to do. Or can't do because they have criminal records and no one will hire them.

These Mexicans of today who are illegally here and may be granted amnesty. Then they will be paid crappy wages. Their families will fall apart and the same social problems that plague the black community will plague the Mexican community. Then again I could be wrong.

White wages will be undermined AGAIN. This will put strain on whites to suck it up and deal. Then we whites who want our kids to get a good education will have to pay for private school or home school because now not only is Shitavious acting up in school but the teachers' time is diverted to help Rosa with her English that she really doesn't want to learn anyway.

Cheap labor is great for the elites who can hide in gated communities and send their kids to private school but it sucks for middle and lower class whites.

Amurkistan is one big multicultural fiefdom sweatshop. The infiltration of cheap labor via groid infiltration in the northern cities was the beginning of the destruction of white workers' unions. It was a masterful plan/ bring the groids in, destroy the credibility of the unions who MUST take them in, then pull the white middle class down with the groids and soon the Mexiturds.

To this I say a hell no. Screw the elite and this bought out federal government.

Nordic Caucusoid brings up protecting our elderly. It is only a matter of time before the groids start coming after them. I fear for my parents. They live in a state that us becoming dark and I tell them get out! The groids are becoming more predatory and the Mexican workers are invaders. Don't doubt that fit a second. Look, I'll put it bluntly, Mexiturds are a cheap workforce in nut only restaurant jobs, but in the sex line of work too. Forget about a twenty dollar holler, let's make it five. Human life and dignity are up for sale in this third world excuse if a nation. Sex slavery is here right at our borders courtesy of Mexihos.

Beating people up at fairs, bombing spurts events, raping and setting afire half retarded women, raping white women, killing babies. Sounds third world to me. Soon there will be no money period. Then what?

The elites are to blame and they must be dealt with. Storm Capitol Hill already!

White Mom in WDC

countenance said...

Wisconsin's white people are largely German-Scandinavian, and therefore show (at least historically) a "progressive" edge on race. Yet, even they can't avoid the accusations of "racism," "segregation," "disparate imprisonment," and the most laughable accusation of all, under-marriage. Newsflash: Nobody can make anyone get married, marriage is completely voluntary.

However, in Milwaukee's favor, George Wallace did well in the white parts of the city when he ran for President. His Milwaukee supporters sang "Dixie" in Polish when he was there for a campaign event, and GW himself said that "Dixie" never sounded better.

Discard said...

23% neither Black nor White? Hispanic, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....In the 60's and 70's I read everything I could get by the great GURDJIEFF. One of his most famous quotes was A MAN WILL GIVE UP EVERYTHING EXCEPT HIS SUFFERING. Massive suffering is the goal of black people. They live for it. They thrive on misery and the spreading of misery. The old saying MISERY LOVES COMPANY is why blacks invade other areas where success and happiness is a lifestyle. They destroy everything they find so they can fulfill their inner desire for more suffering. What is beautiful they will make ugly. Where there is posterity they will bring poverty. They turn success into failure.

The victim consciousness is taught to their children and passed down from one generation to the next. To stop living a life of suffering is called "acting white." They want jobs but steal from their employer. They want better schools but beat up and rape the teachers. They degrade their women by turning them into whores and welfare mothers. Their children murder each other in record breaking numbers. They live and thrive on the shedding of blood of their own people. All of this is done so they can live out their passion for more suffering and misery. I call this the JOY OF SUFFERING.

When the police try and lower the crime rates they call it PROFILING. They are breeding cannon fodder for the street gangs and inmates to fill the prisons. Their seeking of pain and suffering has no limits. With the free Obama-cell phones they can now film their pathetic and pitiful lifestyle in glorious color for the whole world to see. They take pride in the pain and misery they cause for themselves and others. The thrill of destruction feeds them in some perverse way. They are dead inside.

What adds to their glorious suffering is the white man who thinks he can solve the black man's problems. This is impossible and has never yet worked because the white mind does not think like the black person. The black mind operates at a complete different frequency. You cannot solve the black man's degenerate way of thinking with the white man's logic. Give it up. It is like trying to tune in to a radio station with a television set. It ain't going to happen. Don't waste your time. Let them grovel in their own little shit holes and don't interfere in their suffering and you will make the world a better place to live. THEY LOVE TO SUFFER. They live for it.

Anonymous said...

They've begun "section 8-ing" them out to the suburbs. I'm seeing more and more vibrant diversity in the local Wal-Mart and in the residential/rural area where I live where the professionals who work downtown move to escape the cultural enrichment of Milwaukee. For the moment, this is still Whitopia.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. As other commenters have indicated, there is nothing more expensive than cheap labor.

Anonymous said...

move from afreeka
work for government
rape 8 year old...
shit its legal over there?!

City resident said...

The problem actually stems from the massive migration of welfare recipients from Chicago to Wisconsin. Welfare benefits were better there and they could get section 8 housing easier. The pace picked up in the '80's. They didn't go to look for work, they went for the welfare. Thus, the migrants were of the dysfunctional ghetto variety, the worst Chicago had to offer. In this it appears the federal government may have encouraged it by letting them know section 8 opportunities were available there, which it's also done in sending them to places like Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Are people really waking up? Are people really listening (to sites like this)? I'm having serious doubts.

I love this site, but it just seems like a broken record*. An endless parade of black dysfunction, everywhere the same ... the same violence, the same failure and the same excuses. But everywhere I go, I see blacks! Every commercial! Every show! Posters, billboards, websites! Who's asking questions? As far as I can tell, whites have completely bent over to the black invasion. I see white girls - young, pretty ones - strolling with ugly black bucks all the time. Obama bumper stickers, (c)rap blaring from cars, white kids wearing jerseys with black heroes' numbers ... It's too f'ng much. I feel like that guy in the movie 'Falling Down'.

Face it: we're in serious trouble. We'll all be classified as 'terrorists' soon - count on it. Then who'll speak the truth about groids?

*Primitive circular object, used in the 20th century to store and play music

Anonymous said...

The article states, "it simply needs to offer the black population an incentive to leave and move back south." Being from Georgia I cannot disagree with this statement more. We have our own problems with them in Georgia...and Florida...and Alabama...and South Carolina...and North Carolina...and Virginia...and Louisiana...and Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Children aren't even safe with black teachers:

White bus driver suffer negro fatigue:

Damn, can't even get groceries without paying the negro tax:

Light Chases Darkness said...

Ever since I started reading SBPDL, a recurring theme has emerged. The American city, once the symbol of all that was great with America, is now being used as a tool to destroy America. From Birmingham to Oakland, and from Chicago to Houston and all points in between, the engine of the American economy is now powering the disingenuous goal of racial equality.
Additionally, as the nation becomes increasingly urbanized, the Federal Government sees an opportunity to extend its socialist grip on an ever increasing percentage of the population. Living in the cities simply makes the jobs of our enemies so much easier. City dwellers are far more dependent on the government than rural folks. And when the shit does hit the fan, urban area will be far easier to control.
Over one third of the US population lives in one of the 25 largest metro areas in the country. Our cities have become self-imposed prisons, our very own Shawshank. The corrupt and hypocritical warden (the DWLs) using a twisted view of morality to break the spirit of the prisoners. Boggs and the other bull queers (the Negro) always trying to rape us, and turning violent when we will not submit to the rape. We can engineer our own escape. We can chip away at the walls. We can crawl through a mile of shit to freedom if we have the will. Escape from the cities.
If you are able to live in a completely rural area, do it. Chances of the Negro living near you are greatly diminished because they are incapable of self-sufficiency. They NEED the WIC office. They NEED the Unemployment office. They NEED the Social Security office. If you must live in a town, Wikipedia is actually a good resource to help in your escape. Find yourself a town (preferably under 25,000 residents) where you would like to live and check the demographic data. Anything under 5% Negro population is probably a safe escape route (the area I have chosen has a black population of 0.2%).
The cities WILL fall folks, best plan your escape now…or in the words of Andy Dufrense: “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Dissident said...

Baltimore Beatdown!.

Breaking news: Black savages ravage another white person in Baltimore. News at 11.

Anonymous said...

@ Ex New Yorker

Those are some powerful observations about Negroes being addicted to their suffering. Thanks for updating Gurdjieff and bringing a new perspective to this mess.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is nothing but a bunch of has-been descendants of vikings who bred survival out of their culture. Blonde haired blue eyed wisconsin girls wantnothing more than a mixed-race child.... Call something a cheesehead long enough and theyll prefer woolhead. Familiariry brreds contempt - wisconsin dids need to make their daughters Proud again......they dont respect you. All you do is work in a factory all day, while her black boyfriend is gonna give her more than that. German last names will soon be associated with dark skin. Drunk, bratwurst chewing, grandfathers Of mixed race babies! Allof you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for more refreshing truth. Something positive that 'Those Who Can See' can do today is start spreading this and similar information to your friends and family. One thing that white people have been good at is evolving to survive and thrive. You can't stop us! People don't survive thousands of years of winters in Europe by being dummies.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the lust for cheap labor is the death sentence of the White Race.

No more. We hire each other, mow our own lawns, wash our own clothes or it is over for us.

This has to stop. And, we must have no immigration of non-Whites ever into White nations. None.

Anonymous said...

One of two things will happen.
They get bored because they don't work and invite thier friends over from the hood who mark a few robbery locales and survey the territory. If your local cops keep them harassed when thier lease is up they will move away. Burbs don't have the funds for the big city services they require.
The other scenario is they are welcomed. No one calls the cops when the shuck n kive hibba jibba rolls down thier street so more and more come and confitions detetiorate and they blame your racist town for thier living conditions. Uour neighbors start to move after a string of bresk ins. Time to find another house at least two yowns away w no cheap public transportation

Anonymous said...

This is so true. Whole families moved. I mean ontee cuzzins mama baby gmama for the benefits. Folks still move back and forth all the time between chi and wi. Catch heat here and then go up to wi for a couple years

Anonymous said...

Black teachers are like powerful city clerks. FBS (fat black and slow) but w all kids to boss harass and manipulate with BS about blacks invented everything first. Yeah rap, gang killin, takin pics in bathroom mirror w dollas in they mouths, reaching decibel levels few humans ever hear

Anonymous said...

"Funny they want respect but do nothing to earn it."
Groids consider respect to be a birthright and not something one has to earn or be worthy of.
To them, respect means not putting them on the spot or drawing attention to their dysfunctions, failures and crappy behavior and thus making them "look bad." No matter how cruddy they are as a person, that is to be ignored and they expect to be treated as if they were someone noteworthy. It has nothing to do with accomplishments or achievements. The concept of being worthy of something does not apply. Respect is owed, regardless.
They're like a foul smelling street bum in filthy clothing who walks into a high class five star restaurant with two dollars and still expects to be treated like the Mayor of the town despite the fact they're stinking up the place and can't afford anything on the menu.
See them for what they are and treat them accordingly and you be "dissin" them.
I think this relates to the concept of "bad mouthing" which was a West african concept imported with the slave trade. In many west african tribes, individuals were born into certain social classes and automatically owed allegiance and respect to higher class individuals. To say anything negative of such a person was a punishable offense. Respect was an entitlement conferred upon the "higher class" at birth.
Groids in America have a narcissistic and delusional view of themselves as the descendants of "kings and queens and sheeit" and see themselves as thus being entitled, owed and deserving of respect simply because they exist. You are to say nothing negative and treat them like royalty. Otherwise, they'll chimp out. It's simply one more of their cultural pathologies and has it's roots in African tribal customs.

Anonymous said...

This is not true. Rockford was rural in Illinois. The local county administers these programs and once they are on benefits they only need internet access to keep renewing thru the library or thier iphone they stole from your kid. They are everywhere a bus, car or train will go. Maybe Montana is still safe but otherwise some asshat will bus them right too you. Some smiling white churchgoer with thier PADS or BEDS program bringing them to your Starbucks and to wander your streets and linger in your parks.


wonder when we gonna get us some of that "pretend you tried farming once" money that the muslim 1/2 white president is giving out to the other half of his race. I hear it's a nice gonna get me a white girl! come hell or high water check. and what the hell is going on with these white women trading their souls to lay with apes. but on a happy note the one and only allen Iverson who made some 200million is broke. or so the papers say so. either way these blacks can't even do big money right. no wonder city council's like dertoit and killingham ,Alabama spend so much they can't f-ing help themselves! bet there's a study in there somewhere? protect the white elderly and GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...


The points some of you made, above, about Section 8 housing and easier Welfare being a reason Africans have moved into certain White areas is very interesting. The gov WANTS Africans to keep on moving into the few remaining White areas and are funding this, through the taxes collect by force from the White people.

We are paying for our own destruction. This does not bode well for us establishing a White area. The gov will notice and begin shifting the Welfare benefits to that area.

We can not escape. Most Whites have no idea what is going on and it may be too late if/when they wake up. We are marked for death and extinction.

Anonymous said...

The government is treating negroes as if they were the same as the mentally incompetent retarded/psychotic mental patients I used to work with. Supply them with free housing, social services out the ass, free food and utilities, disability/welfare checks (SS) and so on. The only difference is the mental patients had 24 hour a day coverage by staff to keep their psychotic butts under some degree of control. Yet negroes are allowed to run amok, breed out of control, and engage in high rates of criminal behavior as endless excuses are made for them. Worse yet, the government wants to spread them everywhere instead of containing them.
As I've often said, somewhere in the world multitudes of cuckoo clocks have lost their cuckoos. I may not know where the clocks are at but I know where the cuckoos landed- in the U.S. Government!

Anonymous said...

Cheap labor--where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah, why Africans were brought to North America in the first place. How did that work out?

Cheap labor--why the Chamber of Commerce-type Republicans are importing Latin Americans right now. How's that working out California?

Here's a novel idea. Hire a White Man and pay him what a White Man is worth, and you save on all the long-term problems of importing inferior people. You'd think the "limited government" Republicans could figure out where the huge growth in social(ist) spending is coming from.

After Civil War II concludes, let's remember this, White Men. Never again.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is that Section 8 vouchers are portable. So one can get a voucher for say their public housing crap hole imploding and use the voucher to move to the city of their dreams.

Either eliminate Section 8 or remove the portability feature.

Anonymous said...


Getting Blacks to leave? That may not be such a bad idea IF we ever get a White Man as President again, which I sincerely doubt.

I think Obama is he last "elected" President.

Can enough Whites wake up so we can have a really meaningful dialogue on RACE so that we can peacefully divide this nation (pay Blacks to return to Africa)..... or will the control be so complete that when Whites do wake up (and some day a critical mass will) we have to have a violent war?

That is the issue. That is what it will boil down to. We either separate into separate nations peacefully (will not happen) or we have a violent race war which we Whites will most likely win (depending on how many UN troops are brought in and if the US Gov will use nukes on the White in rebellion)

I give it no more than 20 years max. More and more Whites are waking up but the squid is moving really fast. It is a race in time.

Annie Oakley said...


If you’re worried about your parents, hire a white woman from either Craig’s List or some other venue (no agencies). Agencies will either send you Mexicans or Filipinos and will charge you out the wazoo for care, while they pay the caregivers $9 an hour. Better YOU pay the caregivers $9 an hour.

The majority of these non-white care givers steal from old people. I know. They stole from my mom many years ago. Hire a white woman, pay her cash and you don’t have to deal with agencies or the government.

You, see if you’re gainfully employed, BRA can come after you and pressure your employer to fire a racist. If you’re working for yourself, who’s going to fire you?

Any white middle aged woman who cannot find a job, should get certified as a CNA (many times you can get certified for free) and work for herself as a caregiver. Lots of times you can do a stay over and get paid for the weekend. Keeps money in your pocket and one less non-white trying to steal from grandma.

NewYorker – I love your posts as well. Blacks love to suffer, they do. They revel in it. They know deep down inside they are inferior beings that are only alive and thriving because of white guilt and white altruism.

Those days are coming to an end. Negro fatigue is in full swing all over the place. I hear it at the barber shop, the grocery store, the car wash. Whites are over it.

Tax sales are coming up all over the country. I highly suggest whites go to them. Many times you can get an old house (which many times are good purchases) for nothing, just the taxes. We’re going to a few next month. If something is the right price, we will buy it.

Buy a property without neighbors. That way you don’t have to worry about someone’s dog or kids trashing your property or moseying in your business.

WhiteMom is spot on with the stealth economy. It’s the only way we will survive.

Anonymous said...

Where in the Constitution does it say anybody should receive money for housing?


Where in the Constitution does it say the Federal Government is to provide food? Where?

Why can't all this be challenged by a smart attorney? If one person gets money for food or housing, aren't we all to get the same amount?

I see nothing in the Constitution where a person is to be provided with "health care", but they get it basically for free, but I read where the right to keep and BEAR arms is clearly stated, but I can't keep or bear arms in the nation's capital, but can get free food in this same capital.

Am I going mad? Why does a person get a free phone from the Government? Why?

Why am I forced (taking without compensation) to serve (involuntary servitude) diner in my own restaurant (private property) to somebody I don't want to be around (right of assembly, freedom of association), etc. but the Gov can give money to private corporations (GM)?

I am really tired of all this.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this "out-migration" from cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, etc, has - thanks to Section 8 - helped spread the "thuglife" to dozens of small Midwestern towns throughout Iowa and Illinois, places previously truly nearly as safe as Mayberry given their overwhelming whiteness, and these places now have bonafide ghettos, armed robberies, serious gunplay and drug dealing, etc.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, many DWLs in these communities are welcoming and embracing these folks, somehow believing that they've come "for a better life" when, in fact, they're simply setting up the walfare-taking, baby-making, slinging and banging lifestyle in communities wholly unprepared with how to deal with them.

The schhols in these places are suffering, the police forces spreading ever thinner, food pantries being stripped bare, and these new migrants decrying "the racicm" they're finding there when people are complaining about their behavior, comportment and lack of civility.

If these places are so racist, dear black people, why on Earth do you keep moving to them?

Why not stay in the big city ghettos where your "lifestyle" is common, accepted and unchallenged?

Wherever there is civilization, they will follow it, bleed it dry, declare everything is "racist" and then move on to the next place where it's lather, rinse repeat.

Anonymous said...

I read a nonfiction book once called American Dream. It was about three women who moved from Chicago to Milwaukee for greater welfare benefits, right before Clinton slashed welfare benefits. The book followed them for around a decade. Two of them actually became almost successful after they lost their welfare benefits...successful for blacks, anyway. They were earning an income on their own, if a meager income. The author of the book tried to stay impartial, although his liberal bias did show through here and there.

It was actually a good read because it illuminated a couple things: black people don't view work as being good for the soul (there is no concept of "work ethic" in the black community), and, given free money, black people will almost always fritter it away on frivolities. Every year these women would get a tax credit and every year it was gone within a couple weeks. They would spend it on new furniture, other things they didn't need. Also, they would get decent jobs and then lose them over preventable causes, like one lost a decent job because she let her family steal from the store, another one lost an EXCELLENT post office job because she was "depressed" and stopped going. Later on she would regret having lost that job, but it was too late.

Why am I writing all this? Because it's a crystal clear example of why leniency and unlimited welfare won't work in a diverse society. Welfare only works in a society where work is viewed as wholesome and extended welfare is viewed as shameful. Even if I won a $200 million lottery, I would still work at least part time, because I think it's good to work. Unlimited leisure rots your brain. If we want to reduce black crime, we need to turn off the spigot, tell them no, and enact a zero tolerance policy on bullshitters. It won't turn blacks into whites or even hispanics, but at least we won't be paying for their room and board anymore.

Dan said...

The cushy postal work isn't good enough? This will require surgery in the end.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by playing devil's advocate:

...given free money, black people will almost always fritter it away on frivolities.

White people have been the beneficiaries of much government redistribution of wealth, such as the Homestead Act, GI Bill, tax credits for owning homes, public universities, defense contracting, whatever. But if we look at the Big Picture, we'd see that when white people (generally) get this wealth, they invest productively: building industries, agricultural surpluses, suburbs, STEM advances, functional cities, etc. White people even landed a Man on the Moon.

Regardless of the merits of individual blacks, it appears that collectively they can not utilize the wealth they have been handed to construct anything that keeps them above water. At the end of the day, black-run cities tend to disintegrate. And the vaunted black middle class is propped up by government jobs and rigged contracts. This is bad enough for blacks, but the endless dysfunction drags downs the rest of the country.

There's a real memory hole here as DWLs ignore the record of epic fail of redistribution programs. These programs might work when dealing with a white demographic, but with blacks it's a proven record of failure.

In the bigger picture, has there ever been a record of black success in building a modern city or country? If blacks can not get it together after half a century of every redistribution and social engineering program imaginable, why would anyone think they can become functional in the future. Especially in a globalized world where unneeded populaces can be disposed of by transferring wealth and industry to other points of the world?

Anonymous said...

"The gov WANTS Africans to keep on moving into the few remaining White areas and are funding this, through the taxes collect by force from the White people."

Yes. And I have said this before, but I will say it again. THERE IS NO PLACE TO RUN!

If you can truly SEE, then you can see that the government is using black dysfunction to destroy white people, white neighborhoods, freedom, liberty, white wealth and bring us to our knees. And it is working. It is about survival now.

Once UN Agenda 21 is implemented in every state, all of you rural/suburban/homestead/boonies whites will be FORCED into the inner-city to live in mixed-use rental dwellings and take public transit with the black underclass. What will the learning curve be like for you? Gas will be unaffordable, county roads and highways will suffer disrepair, and the schools will be destroyed with low standards and diver-shitty. You will be forced to move, it is coming.

I have been urban homesteading for 10 years now. It's not easy. I think I am here to ride out the storm somehow.

1. I would rather live in the city near downtown in a a sturdy old house with a wood stove and rain barrels that has stood the test of time than in a crappy beige plywood condo in the cornfields that will lose all of its value after the next tornado or hailstorm rips off the roof. I dry my laundry in the attic and have access to rabbit, deer, and squirrel meat. Bike trials, wild edible plants, a canoe, and a huge creek that runs cross-city.

2. I would rather have my 1/2-acre fenced, organic food-producing heirloom urban lasagna garden than a barren clay pad with dry sod planted on top that will NEVER grow food because of decades of Monsaanto sprays and deer eating everything.

3. I would rather live near old, poor civil-right's era negroes who are being gentrified out of the inner-citiy by hipsters and DWLs than have to live with the "new" mouthy, entitled, college-educated affirmative-action negroes who want to be white people and take what you have.

Yeah, I'll have to lay low and fight like hell to keep my place here. But at least I am surrounded by savvy white people who are race-realists (racist gay white men) instead of a bunch of clueless, overfed, white-guilt compassionate Christians who are importing Africans by the thousands, running church missionary programs in the third-world, and trying to "reach out" to blacks to vote GOP/TeaParty, LOL.

These rural folks won't know what hit them until it is too late. My eyes are WIDE OPEN and I have food and ammo. I have urban survival skills. When TSHTF, they are coming your way, away from the ghetto. Living amongst them, I know the enemy better than most. I love my people, but I can't fix their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The only faction with less future time orientation than blacks, is elite white corporate types...

Unknown said...

Shhh! Don't ever talk about how white people sold out their own tribe for a few dollars more! I thank my ancestors for royally screwing us. Hope it was worth it. Hey, come to think of it my current to are still at it. Hmm, done in by my own in the past and present, now I know why I don't trust white people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 12:52; Tell me you are kidding? You are going to survive n the city? You little garden will be over-run in hours and everything stolen. Your old wooden house will be burned to the ground in 30 minutes while the Zulu's outside are just waiting for you to come out coughing and holding your sack of organic food.....

Do you think us country rednecks are stupid? You don't think we have not formed clans of family, extended family, etc who, when the SHTF happesn aren't going to go into Lager (Afrikans for forming a wagon circle) and be ready for these street punks and such?

We in the country have a lot more room to store ammo, food and supplies. We also have distance. Once the first idiot, jivin' prancing and stinking ghetto punks make it out of the city (if they do) it won't take long for them to find out what White Redneck Crackah Racyss Honkey Saxon defense feels like.

Most of us OUT of the city can't stand the city , the filth, the corruption. Many of us OUT of the city wan't nothing to do with it. Do you think we are stupid? Do you think we aren't prepared? These Xosha, Matabele and Zulu's won't last 30 days in the city and won't last 30 minutes on a country road.

There ain't no police here and most of the police are

Bogolyubski said...

I note that a number of our readers here are increasingly aware of Section 8 and its use to utterly destroy white neighborhoods. This is good and let us hope that more and more whites become aware.

Again, we must ask the cui bono? question: Who are the major beneficiaries of this program? Is it rap moguls or NBA bakkaball stahs? African-American real-estate developers and moguls? Saudi real-estate tycoons? No, it's the same white 'bizniss' folks who imported that cheap negro labor into Milwaukee back in the day, who bought that cheap negro labor from "Portuguese" slave traders in 1619, etc. There is certainly less future time orientation with the local-level operators than with most blacks, but the big players are well aware of the end results.

For those with no memory, the Repukes took congress for the first time in six decades back in 1995 and promised to "end welfare as we know it". Section 8 was not ended, but expanded. No Repuke even seriously considers curtailing the program. So, the de-facto white party, controlled by those folks who just gotta sell that rope, has done nothing but facilitate the massive destruction of the only asset most non-elite whites will ever own - their homes.

BRA is a gigantic looting scheme for the elite (either white or white-looking) to utterly pillage non-elite whites. Groids are merely their proxy soldiers. Few whites even comprehend this, preferring instead to believe in the mythology and outright lies broadcast by the Ministry of Truth.

K said...

True. Larger towns in Iowa are filled with black crime now. Apparently some local mayors even initially welcomed Chicago public housing transplants when they started tearing down the big projects.

I grew up in a small town in northern iowa and never even saw blacks. Nobody I knew had ever seen a black except on trips out of state.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker.....You should write a book on Black suffering...thanks for the great quote..Thomas Merton once remarked that gods of hate are easier to serve than gods of love.

rex freeway said...

Whites owe Negro's NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Those Nordic/Celtic men in WI are quite attractive, but their lives seem to evolve aound Harley Davidson, Hooters, & Farm &Fleet....They like hunting, fishing,sports and beer. If one is looking for a cultivated individual WI is not the place to reside...Groids have moved into once safe, small WI towns.

Anonymous said...

Section 8.....the enlighted ones refer to it as "SECTION APE"

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee has beautiful condos on the waterfront. Europeans were very interested in investing in Milwaukee....then came the real estate crash. There were talks of creating a China Town in Milwaukee for tourist. Milwaukee has great restaurants, and universities, but in the shadows the homeless feral fiends lurk.

Lorraine said...

Thank you for the advice. I will definitely look into the CNA. I worked in education for years and I am tired of the groids and turds trying to syphon the public trough for freebies. I won't go into what I do specifically but Ido independent work and that is how I like to operate.

Anyone white person who has a job is a target. The whole system is the US is on meltdown and will get worse. People will get nastier and stab you in the back.

I've hit one more year here in the DC metro area. I am on my way to VA, but it is going dark too. The whole East Coast will go brown into one megalopolis. Mountain areas and the West will be fine.

Stealth is the only way. BRA will come after your stuff man. Money, kids, car. When I go west, I am getting my money in a safe. People have mentioned Cyprus and SoCal highlighted the meltdown beginnings already.

It's a coming....

Thank you Annie Oakley

White Mom in WDC

rjp said...

Anonymous said ....

2. I would rather have my 1/2-acre fenced, organic food-producing heirloom urban lasagna garden than a barren clay pad with dry.

One half acre can produce a lot of food. It is about one half of the playing field for football (no end-zones). With an acre in a good area, probably enough in a good year for a year for a few people. People need to learn how to "can" or have a good size deep freezer.

Anonymous said...

Swillwaukee is the armpit of the earth along with Shitcago.
Scary Gary Indiana and Detroilet are tied for the anus of the earth.
All of em smell like a big pile of steaming dog turds and are best avoided.

Light Chases Darkness said...

"Anonymous said...

This is not true. Rockford was rural in Illinois. The local county administers these programs and once they are on benefits they only need internet access to keep renewing thru the library or thier iphone they stole from your kid. They are everywhere a bus, car or train will go. Maybe Montana is still safe but otherwise some asshat will bus them right too you. Some smiling white churchgoer with thier PADS or BEDS program bringing them to your Starbucks and to wander your streets and linger in your parks."

I understand that the gubmint does everything they can to make it easier on Sheniqua to gets hur gibmedat, but I have a hard time believing that your average Negro can figure out a computer on their own. That's why so many of these government offices are packed from open to close.

Spread out people. To borrow another movie phrase (from Saving Pvt. Ryan) "I wanna see plenty of beach between men. Five men is a juicy opportunity, one man's a waste of ammo."

We've all seen the chimpout videos on youtube. When the SHTF, the Negroes will see their "juicy opportunities".

Anonymous said...

They gotta have the drama or they get bored and stir it up. Idle hands......

rjp said...

Light Chases Darkness said....

... but I have a hard time believing that your average Negro can figure out a computer on their own. That's why so many of these government offices are packed from open to close.

And why library computers are all used by them all day long.

Big Chief said...

Don't send them back South--send them to Massachusetts or some other liberal hell hole. Better yet, send them to Zimbabwe . . .

K said...

I think this is yet one more arena where blacks' inability to associate cause and effect has left its mark. They want the 'effect' of being loved and respected without any consciousness of the need to engage in the productive or moral behavior that is the cause of that effect.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in both Chicago & Milwaukee...yes, that gives me a PHD in Negro History. It is interesting to read about the history of Milwaukee & Chicago. Both cities are named after American Indian words. The Potawatomi were trading partners & military allies with the French against the Illinois tribe & British. The Potawatomi tribe was the tribe responsible for the attack on Fort Dearborn in Chicago. The Treatty of Chicago...wonder if we could ever have a treaty with blacks. Perhaps we can move them to African reservations.

Anonymous said...

I find this very offensive not all African American people are poor,not all African American people grew up in a broken home or their parents on drugs or not all black people are uneducated this is the most absurd thing I have ever read I was born and raised in Milwaukee and I'm African American and I was raised right by my parents who were married and didn't have a nasty house and went to work everyday

Unknown said...

Blacks don't owe whites ANYTHING either!!! First off but all blacks in Milwaukee kill, take, steal, are poor, or are ignorant to the many lies and ignorance on this expect every black person to be the same but we are not and if you WHITES have such a big problem with us blacks being here...YOUR ANCESTORS SNUGGLE HAVE NEVER BROUGHT US... p.s. a lot of the things you love and use were made by black people..your rock music that you whites love so much was started by a black before you throw shade at another race have all of your facts intact and stop being so ignorant.. its not cute...p.p.s nowadays your children want to be black and be in the music videos you GET A LIFE and stop trying to tear down a cultures self only shows how ignorant and races you truly are!!!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Milwaukee and was born and raised. I am a Hmong female. The city indeed has its ups and downs. Growing up, I have lived with my grandparents in the "south side" of Milwaukee where I assumed was where the majority of the Hispanic population resided. Our houses was located on 12th and Haye and was smack dab in between two Hispanic neighbors on both sides of our home. Here, the only inconveniences I've experienced was having stuff stolen from our garage because we accidentily left it open, speakers with Spanish music being blasted out the windows facing our house and nosey kids who actually peeked through our open windows. Now I don't live in the "bad" north side of Milwaukee. I live in the far "north side" closer to Wauwatosa and I can't really complain. And with the regards for race, segregation is definitely apparent. When the black kids walk across my lawn compared to the white kids who stay on the sidewalk, I can't help but feel a little biased. I mean, of any ethnicity to walk through my backyard from my own driveway, I would certainly feel angry and violated. But out of all ethnicities, they were black! This isn't saying that all black people are poverty stricken, lazy, naughty, and disrespectful or are even in gangs... its just that so many of them give off this impression that it reigns prominently. Tbh I'd like to blame the parents, friends or even society for enforcing this stereotype and way of living. Definitely, morals are skewed and unrecognizable with the wrong guidance, influence and upbringing. I kid you not. I've attended public school from elementary to high school and it is rediculous! I've lived a pretty sheltered life and have never been exposed to as much swearing until I went to Marshall middle school. I swear, only five students were white in my grade, the rest were predominantly black. I'm not saying that my middle school experience was a bad one, it was just one that portrayed the variety of black people that reside in Milwaukee where some were nice, some were tolerable and some were outrageously rude. It wasn't until I attended high school at Rufus King that segregation became subtly apparent. It became easy to assume that the majority of "well dressed" white people who loved grouping up were all living around downtown Milwaukee. So when I see people praising Milwaukee's downtown with all its glorious attractions, I want them to consider that there is more to Milwaukee than just the attractive "surface." There is beauty throughout Milwaukee as a whole. The same goes for crime when certain areas get so much shame while the downtown is glorified as "safe." Now that itself is dividing the city when so many whites move out to congregate around the downtown area... it's unconscious division... As an asian, I haven't experienced as much discrimination which is a god send but I was catcalled and yelled at to get into someone's car. I WASN'T EVEN DRESSED LIKE A PROSTITUTE! So I feel so sorry for those of any race that become targets of close minded racism. It's hard to have pride for living in Milwaukee when there is so much turmoil going about...