Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Can Georgetown Survive the Black Menace?" -- Why 'The Plan' Exists in Washington D.C.

Before the greatest conspiracy theory currently in the ‘application’ phase can be complete, the city-state of Washington D.C. (rapidly losing both its high crime rate and black population – hmm…) must still remain a war-zone in certain sectors ['Running gun battle' in Northeast leaves no victims, no witnesses, WJLA ABC7, 4-5-13]:
Hunter S. Thompson wrote about the horrors of 71 percent black Washington D.C. in his 1972 book "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72". Weird that as blacks leave D.C., crime/rape/murder rates drop...
After what one resident said sounded like a "running gunbattle" in Northeast early Friday, police have found evidence of multiple shots fired but no victims, no definitive witnesses.  
"It sounded like Vietnam." That's how one Northeast D.C. resident is describing the flurry of gunshots this morning that rocked their neighborhood to the core. "It seemed it was some kind of running gunbattle anywhere from 10 to 20 shots," says Anthony Duran, a resident.  
It happened early Friday morning in the 2200 block of Perry Street NE, shutting down the road for hours.  
Police are only saying multiple shots were fired. ABC7 saw at least 29 markers as they located shell casings and other pieces of evidence. 
Some residents say they saw activity, but nothing definitive.  
One resident who declined to give ABC7 his name, said he had to rent a car because the shooter put a bullet through his vehicle and police wouldn't let him move it:  
Police say at this point they have no victim, so if anybody was hit, they haven't showed up at a hospital yet.
 Northeast D.C. happens to home to primarily black people, who participate in the type of violence, crime, and mayhem that once ensured the city had a sizable black majority (it reached 71 percent black into the later portions of the 20th century). 

While the Vietnam War still raged, Hunter S. Thompson was in Washington D.C. to write, “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72" -- and just mere steps outside the actual Capitol building a war zone of a much different kind was found. 

A war zone black in origin. 

He starts off “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72"with an all-to-familiar look at black violence/crime/dysfunction found in every American city with a black population of more than five percent. In a chapter titled, “Can Georgetown Survive the Black Menace,” Thompson writes:

Life runs fast and mean in this town. It’s like living in an armed camp, a condition of constant fear. Washington is 72 percent black; the shrinking white population has backed itself into an elegant-looking ghetto in the Northwest quadrant of town – which seems to have made things a lot easier for the black marauders who have turned places like chic Georgetown and once-stylish Capitol Hill into hellishly paranoid Fear Zones. 
 Washington Post columnist Nicholas Van Hoffman recently pointed that the Nixon/Mitchell Administration- seemingly obsessed with restoring Law and Order in the land, at almost any cost – seems totally unconcerned that Washington, D.C., has become the “Rape Capital of the World.” One of the most dangerous areas in town is the once-fashionable district known as Capitol Hill. 
This is the section immediately surrounding the Senate/Congress office buildings, a very convenient place to live for the thousands of young clerks, aides and secretaries who work up there at the pinnacle. The peaceful, tree-shaded streets on Capitol Hill look anything but menacing; brick colonial townhouses with cut-glass doors and tall windows looking out on the Library of Congress and the Washington Monument… 
When I came here to look for a house or apartment, about a month ago, I check around town and figured Capitol Hill was the logical place to locate. “Good God, man!” said my friend from the liberal New York Post. “You can’t live there! It’s a goddamn jungle!”  
Crime figures from “The District” are so heinous that they embarrass even J. Edgar Hoover. Rape is said to be up 80 percent this year over 1970, and a recent rash of murders (averaging one every day) has mashed the morale of the local police to a new low. Of the 250 murders this year, only 36 have been solved… and the Washington Post says the cops are about to give up. 
  Meanwhile, things like burglaries, street muggings and random assaults are so common that they are no longer considered news. The Washington Evening Star, one of the city’s three dailies, is located in the Southeast District – a few blocks from the Capitol – in a windowless building that looks like the vault at Fort Knox. Getting into the Star to see somebody is almost as difficult as getting into the White House. 
Visitors are scrutinized by hired cops and ordered to fill out forms that double as “hall passes.” So many Star reporters have been mugged, raped and menaced that they come and in fast taxis, like people running the gauntlet – fearful, with good reason, of every sudden footfall between the street and the bright-lit safety of the newsroom guard station…. 
Getting beaten in Congress is one thing – even if you get beaten a lot – but when you slink of out of the Senate chamber with your tail between your legs and then have to worry about getting mugged, stomped, or raped in the Capitol parking lot by a trio of renegade Black Panthers… well, it tends to bring you down a bit, and warp your Liberal Instincts. 
 There is no way to avoid “racist undertones” here. The simple heavy truth is that Washington is mainly a Black City, and that most of the violent crime is therefore committed by blacks – not always against whites, but often enough to make the relatively wealthy white population very nervous about random social contacts with their black fellow citizens. 
After only 10 days in this town I have noticed the Fear Syndrome clouding even my own mind: I find myself ignoring black hitchhikers, and every time I do it I wonder, “Why the fuck did you do that?” And I tell myself, “Well, I’ll pick up the next one I see.” And sometimes I do, but not always…
There is a reason The Plan exists. 

Hunter S. Thompson detailed the reason (the genesis) this nefarious liberal plot needed to be kick-started in 1972... oddly, it was Disingenuous White Liberal writer Matthew Yglesisas - who was kicked around by blacks in 2011 - who shows how this plot will ultimately end

Gentrification, the elimination of crime (because, as Hunter S. Thompson showed, only blacks commit crime in D.C.), and the return of high property values to a city where blacks are little more than fillers in "service class":

service class, which spans workers low-wage, low-skill jobs in fields like food service and preparation, retail sales, clerical and administrative positions, and the like. 
Seven of the 10 top service class tracts are located within historically black neighborhoods within D.C. city limits, including four tracts in southeast and three in the northeast D.C.
To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson, "why the fuck are white people in Washington D.C. attempting to implement a plot to remove black people from the city?"

Because they no longer feel guilty about locking the door when a black bum comes up to their car (never would they dare consider giving refuge to a black hitchhiker!), nor do they care about giving change to the next one they see.

After all, that's what Prince George's County is for... a dumping ground the violent blacks of Washington D.C. 


josh said...

The "Scotch-Irish" have never felt guilt re anything to do with the black "race". That is the crap they put on the brainless dummies of OUR race! For so many years TV,newspapers,movies,talk shows,news shows,politicians & "activists" have whipped us with their Cat o Nne Tails across the back til the skin opened up about how we are Rayciss Whites and they,well they CARE because they have suffered,and they understand and they want to stamp out raycizzum,and sexism and Auntie-Scotch-Irishism! Its a complete complete crock of SHITE!! Theyre the lousy prick assholes that brought the africans over in the first place.Theyre the pieces of horse-hockey selling weapons to the Taliban,that killed that young girl that John Kerry is so saddened about. And "slaves" in America were treated like gold,by the white master scumbags,compared to the treatment afforded the dear negroes in Latin America,where the Scotch-Irish had their plantations,and made huge amounts of money. There is a huge untold story of the Confederacy,about how the Rebels were so embittered when they finally woke up and realized they were fighting and dying for the safe keeping of the well fed negro slaves and their rich masters. (NOTE: It was said in a pua forum(CH) that black women in the islands are hotter than the ones here.Suggested that pressure on the female led to a sexier appearance. The massive killing off of black males in the Caribbean plantations,and the use of the black females by the white masters,may have led to a selection pressure on the females to be sexy:Only the sexier gals got the resources.Just a thought.)

Lorraine said...

The only problem is that many blacks use public transportation and can just bomb on into the city.

Look, I live in DC. Sure there is gentrification and crime rates are down, for now. I also how accurate the reporting is as blacks are in many positions of power here and based on prior experience working in the public sector with many, I can say they gloss things over. It behooves DC to lie about crime. More stupid liberals with their useless jobs will be dumb enough to buy a 600 k home on the edge of the ghetto.

Just lately I have begun to notice more gaggles if unemployed, useless groid teens hanging in my NW neighborhood. Also, we have the sequester going on here and jobs will be lost. The gap between the DWL rich here and the ghetto turd poor will widen and inevitably, there will be strain and resentments boiling into anger. More reports of crime I have been hearing coupled with my own observations and experiences.

I really see DC as the microcosm of Amurkistan. The rich getting more wealthy and the poor expanding and becoming dependent on social services. The REAL minority is more socioeconomic in nature, the middle class or what I call the 'middle crushed'.

DC has gone through revitalization phases before; however, they are short lived. You can paint a turd gold but it is still a turd. DC, like Amurkistan, is a self serving entity. You either work at Subway or are a Fed. Us professional people ( docs, lawyers, clinicians, teachers) well we are invisible. We WORK but we are poor. Sm I poor by El Salvadorean standards no, by DC standards, yes.

I am getting out. My son is staying with my parents and I am closing shop. There is a culture of intimidation here where telling the truth is dangerous. No one wants to hear the truth, which is becoming an Amurkistan issue overall. Everyone knows stuff happens here, but the libtards engage in DWL denial. Hell, I just read somewhere that Detroit was rated a family friendly city now. Really?

I do not believe anything I read or here via any mainstream rag. I 'see' things for myself.

DC is a mini police state with REAL crime right under the radar while cops have questioned me about my son's sunburn- not lying here! Cameras ever there so you get fined if you fart sideways, but public schools are shutting down so you must pay 30 k a year for private school.

Elites+ Ghetto turds+ police state- middle class + gold paint = WDC

White Mom in WDC

So CAL Snowman said...

Just sitting here musing, I find it quite ironic and amusing that blacks are constantly squawking about freedom, as if they had any understanding of the word or concept. Blacks keep squealing about how they won their "freedom" with the Civil Rights Movement. The only freedom they won was freedom from each other. Living free means accepting and embracing personal responsibility and the choices one makes. Blacks do not want personal responsibility. They do not want Freedom. What they mean by freedom (in my opinion) is MONEY and material possessions. What they mean by "freedom" is the "right" to live high on the hog WITHOUT PAYING A DIME or working and saving towards the desired lifestyle. It's hilarious how you always hear blacks talking about how they are free and then wondering WHY they are poor, as if "freedom" somehow guarantees you a big house in the 'burbs with a fancy car.

It just sickens me that the word "freedom" has been so abused and debased that the word and concept basically means whatever the lowest common denominator in society decides. For blacks, freedom means that the government will send them a nice Welfare check each month and they can get a job because of their skin color. They honestly believe (in my opinion) that a huge federal government that takes care of them from cradle to the grave is actual freedom! I mean no wonder the Elites use these people as biological warfare against us. One group (Whites) believe that freedom means personal responsibility and no government interference, while another (blacks) believe that freedom means freedom FROM personal responsibility and freedom from having to provide for oneself (aka letting the government live your life for you).

Anonymous said...

Jane Fonda and the Michael Oher Act:


"Suddenly, Williams was taken from her inner-city neighborhood and found herself living in beautiful Santa Monica as the daughter of a screen icon. It was a shock for her, and there was more change on the way.
"I had no idea that, at the time, I was going to end up married to Ted Turner, and my black daughter was going to end up sitting at a table in a southern plantation, you know, being served by black people, the only black person at the table," Fonda said."

JB said...


Ah, citing the Good Doctor Thompson.

He was one of my formative influences back in the old days.

But anyway, WIDELY OT, but this site needs a break once in awhile, so I brought this:


Richard Pryor was also a formative influence when I was growing up.

I haven't watched any of Richard's schtick for quite some time, but watching this vid, I just laughed and laughed.

This man was unafraid, like Bill Hicks, (though Hicks is a magnitude greater, arguably) and did more for people with his truth than MLK, IMO.

I am of the generation, where, Good Grief, Richard Pryor is my most favorite African-American who ever lived.


On second thought, I'll put Richard right up there with Bill...but, eh, Bill edges Richard...


Best to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God, this is so terrible. SO embarrassing, my head almost exploded. What a traitor!



"If you don't judge my gold chains/I'll forget the iron chains" - LL Cool J.

Pat Boyle said...

I was born in Washington DC. I studied urban planning in grad school in Washington DC. I know something about these matters.

In a way Washington is worse than Detroit, Chicago or Oakland in terms of black people. Washington has no significant private industry much less heavy manufacturing industry. The blacks who came to Oakland to work on the Liberty Ships and the blacks who went to Detroit to work work in the auto factories had real high wage jobs for awhile. All gone now, but the blacks who came to Washington DC had much fewer opportunities.

Back in the fifties the poverty in black South East Washington was like what you would only expect to see in perhaps India. There were inhabited brick houses but these houses had no floors. The people lived on the dirt. They had no plumbing, central heating or electricity. They huddled around open fires on the ground - inside the houses.

Later in grad school I got a Mellon Fellowship to do a multiple regression analysis of housing in Washington. Everything was much better by then and today there is simply no comparison. Even Detroit today is nothing like Washington when I was kid.

None of that was any-body's fault. The blacks who came to Washington were certainly better off than they had been in the rural South. Real poverty has always been rural. And they were better off than they had been in West Africa too. Blacks today have it so much better than they did in the fifties it is nowadays hard to imagine.

This tremendous progress of course had little to do with their own efforts. My ancestors, the Irish, probably had had it worse. On the Mississippi they hired Irish in preference to blacks because when you lost a free Irishman in these dangerous jobs you just got another. Blacks were property and businessmen didn't want to lose their investments. Irish life was less valued than black life.

My people fought their way up from the awful shantytowns. Today the Irish have the same IQs and incomes in America as their former English oppressors. Blacks in large part never did advance. They rose through government largess and wealth redistribution. But its not the same, is it?

Blacks used to have it very, very bad, but that was well before Hunter Thompson 'discovered' the situation.


Anonymous said...

wonder how many elected pus sacs live in NE or SE Washington, D.C.?

I can answer that.


Pelosi, Schumer, et al, should be exiled to the 'hood.

Then we can talk "gun control."

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

I’m quite sure neither Richard Nixon nor John Mitchel would have given one huge, decent dump between them about black on black rape or murder. Richard was an American patriot. When he ran for the Presidency in 1968 he promised America peace with honor in Vietnam, a war started by the staggeringly stupid, liberal democrat, LBJ. LBJ started a war to halt socialist expansion in SE Asia while expanding socialist expansion here in America; buying the Negro constituency with a something for nothing at someone else’s expense, which in turn is right at home with a sub-species more tribal and animalistic such as the Negroid sub-species.

Years later, during the 80s, there were a number of Hollywood, revisionist movies where the black illusion of blacks being used and abused to fight the white man’s war, was promoted. Total bull and baloney, as one need only check the government stats to see 86.5 % of deaths in Vietnam were white, a true reflection of America’s white population, 86.5%, in the 60s and 70s.

In all probability, young blacks were safer in Vietnam than in WDC. However, 1), why would a Hollywood white liberal not seize the opportunity to further the liberal ideological illusion and agenda, “the white man is the cancer of humanity”, S. Sontag, and 2), why would a black fail to further the black illusion, that blacks only fail because of evil whitey’s persecution of blackie, and subsequently risk having to come clean, fess up and admit black failure is the result of the black gene pool and blackie himself.

It is near unbelievable to me that it would befall America, the greatest civilization the white world ever produced, and this from her infancy, to be the one upon which the “white man’s burden” would be placed squarely on her shoulders. Blacks could not have gotten any luckier if God himself intervened with a black divine Providence, nor could whites have gotten any unluckier if the Devil himself had machinated this unfolding of events.

However, here we sit with our fellow white liberals, forced to breathe deep their zeitgeist illusion of liberalism whilst headhunted for embracing realism instead. The day has dawned, though the hour may be early, for non-liberal whites to embrace secession, as those who embrace the liberal illusion, all those of the alliance, those who vote democrat, which includes blacks, have now successfully hijacked America via a fully enfranchised democracy and are transmogrifying her into an egalitarian, socialist, democratic state, with themselves at the top, and non-liberal whites floundering at the bottom, forced to slog through their liberal slough.

As with blacks, it is the white liberals who need the non-liberal whites, not the other way around. Time to disengage from the bind that holds the liberal alliance and we non-liberal whites together in a malignancy that is detrimental and pathological to our white culture, white race and white gene pool.

I for one would prefer liberty, wealth and happiness over tyranny, poverty and misery. Secessionary talk went on for more than a decade back in the antebellum. Our era may need the same time. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but here's proof race is just a social construct. Expeshully when it be about duh wimmunzez:


countenance said...

Pat wrote:

In a way Washington is worse than Detroit, Chicago or Oakland in terms of black people. Washington has no significant private industry much less heavy manufacturing industry. The blacks who came to Oakland to work on the Liberty Ships and the blacks who went to Detroit to work work in the auto factories had real high wage jobs for awhile. All gone now, but the blacks who came to Washington DC had much fewer opportunities.

But DC has one industry that attracts blacks and loves to hire blacks.

As for "The Plan," it doesn't exist just in D.C. The Prince Georges County "dumping ground" for Chicago is South Suburban Cook County, for Los Angeles is the High Desert and Inland Empire (and to a lesser extent, Phoenix and Las Vegas), for New York it's southern Westchester County and parts of Long Island, and for St. Louis it's North St. Louis County.

Whiskey said...

Slavery in the Americas was first and foremost, a Spanish and Portugese phenomena, facilitated by Africans who sold their fellows for trinkets and firearms. In North America it was NOT the Scots-Irish but rather old, aristocratic families of the old Saxon Kingdom of Wessex, preserving the manorial system: the Washingtons, the Lees, the Jeffersons. Again the trade was dominated by the Spanish and Portugese as the Amistad incident demonstrates.

In the Civil War, places with few Blacks generally fought for the Union: Eastern Hillbilly Tennessee, West Virginia, upland Mississippi and Alabama. Meanwhile, the Connecticut Yankee himself, Mark Twain, fought for the Confederacy for a few weeks. Before deserting after the first heavy battle along with most of his fellows. [Both Grant and Sherman's autobiographies echo this.]

Plantations were almost exclusively the province of the English from the Southeast, which remains to this day the most feudal and least modern. [See "Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America" by David Hackett Fischer for more details.] The Scots-Irish were in the backwoods with little possessions echoing the social organization found in the Scottish-English border regions: high violence, high clannishness, low investments in real estate.

Whiskey said...

To amplify above, Scots-Irish (Hillbillies) don't invest much in real estate, they are known for this and preferring high mobility above all else. But still prizing real estate ownership, just not investing much in it. By contrast the big manor homes of the Plantations echo that of the Southeast of England, while the more modest but still fine houses of New England echo that of East Anglia and Scandinavia.

As for Jews, they are highly urban, don't like investing much in real estate, understandable given high rates of confiscation and discrimination. If you think someone can take your land, you don't improve it much (Scots-Irish) or even invest in it (Jews). Jews in the old Deep South were mostly commodity traders, financiers, and export brokers in particular, focusing on cotton.

Real estate speculation and appreciation can only happen when property rights are respected, so buyers figure they can keep it. That's why London real estate is in demand and St. Petersburg, not so much.

Already we are seeing stories about Oakland and other areas using private cops to police "youths" to prop up the safety, which is a relatively recent concern.

Ultimately cities like Chicago and New York face a choice between Black voters and property values. That's why Trump is Republican/Tea Party, btw.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is watching groids feign innocence. Im in-owe-cent y'all Sometimes they get all upset about washing their hands or using sanitizer - in public. Same groids will neglect to flush and leave the RR w/o washing. Big deal about cleanliness. Hey YT, look at me be clean

Same groids get fussy about their food. 25 generations ago (1600's) they were eating each other.

It's easy to be an animal, so that;s what they be.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but is anyone familiar with John Hanson, the first black President? Had a convo today with a liberal who told me this....learned it in his college course.

Stephen said...

JB, Richard Pryor was a White wimmenz chaser. There is no such thing as a good (living) negro, and if there are any they have yet to be found and identified. To take some artistic liberty with A Teddy Roosevelt quote, "I wouldn't go so far as to say the only good nigger is a dead nigger, but I would say 9 out of 10 are and I don't care to know the qualities of the 10th.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

I like the part on the 'service class'. The problem is that and menial agricultural work is all that over 80% of the black population is good for, and crime, and popping out welfare babies that have no love in the home, and becoming gangbangers.

The rest of the white people use the service industry as one of transition to a better life. Niggers are stuck because they have been unable to live in civilized society. Again, there is a decided minority of non-feral blacks that make something of themselves, but that does not mean that the liberals (and Conservatism, Inc for that matter) can continue to allow the few decent members of the black race to paper over the vast dysfunction of the other 99%.

Deep down even the DWLs don't really want to live around the coons. Think about it. They will force Section 8 nests on suburban whites, but they will not live around them. That is the primary point to be made on the gun control front. The liberals want to disarm white people in the suburbs so they can force their Section 8 and minority rights shit on the people living there. Coons going on the rampage, and they do chimp-out from time to time, is something that is manageable if people are allowed to protect themselves. Without guns, the liberals will be able to re-gentrify AND pass the coons off on the middle class, without the whites being able to do anything about it.

Lincoln Nebraska just got voted the happiest place in America. I wonder how long that will continue, seeing that Somalian spear-chuckers are engaging in gang violence within one mile of the football stadium. A recent gang shooting led to the deaths of one and serious injuries to three other coons. Who do you guess is paying for their emergency medical care?

Anonymous said...

Albertosaurus - Can you talk more about the multiple regression analysis of housing in Washington. This is area of which is of large significance. Thanks to you for more detail on analysis. I two have Melon Fellowship award byt not study this much.

Annie Oakley said...

WhiteMom - I've never been to DC but I know of what you speak with the turd world invasion in large cities. For the last 29 years I've lived in cities that were mostly non-white.

You have the rich whites, the government workers who are white anti-whites or suck-ups to those of color, the working class whites are barely making it (but don't qualify for benefits) and the illegal mestizos and former meth heads who are getting some sort of government assistance.

Right now we still have those who are working in the above ground economy. I would venture to say right now the underground economy is 30%. That figure will get higher. Once it gets higher the anti-whites such as the SPLC and other groups won't be able to fire you as you don't have a job!

I like your analogy of a white stealth economy. To me that is huge. If you're not funding the beast, you're in control of your life.

My spouse still owns a home in Florida so we have to go back there from time to time. South FL is a shithole. It's full of illegal invaders, coke heads, meth heads, pill mills, arrogant squids from the east coast. The poor whites who are left are miserable.

Compare that to now where I'm in the Appalachian mountains. All white city. Small town. Can go to Wally World and not have to worry about Trayvon carjacking your ass. Plus this is an open carry state and many such as myself have permits. So we're not victims here.

Californian said...

I was at the DC AMTRAK station not too long ago. It's close to the US Capitol building. Walking outside the station you ran into the usual riff-raff (and no, I do not mean Congressmen!). No one seemed to pose a real threat, but it was disturbing to see panhandlers and people under the apparent influence besieging the station.

It makes you wonder. Given that this is going to be the first thing visitors see in DC as they get off the train, why doesn't the city government do something to maintain a minimum of civic order in the vicinity? Similarly, walking at night you saw various homeless people staking out benches for sleeping right in front of public buildings.

Again, what impression does this give to the casual visitor in the nation's capital? And how does this go over with foreign dignitaries?

It may seem trivial, but you start to see things like this as symptoms of a wider dysfunction among the governing elites.

AnalogMan said...

Josh said

... that black women in the islands are hotter than the ones here... Only the sexier gals got the resources.Just a thought.

I'm trying to wrap my head around that thought, but I can't do it. "Black" and "sexy" just can't inhabit my brain space at the same time. Is that what the PUA crowd think sex is about? What a sad bunch of neurotics they must be. No class, no taste at all. I must assume they are black themselves. It's well known that negroes will hit anything, pulse not required.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with violent blacks who are driven out of any area~ they have to be dumped somewhere and no one wants them or needs them.
Imagine the response of the inhabitants of any medium sized non black city if the residents were suddenly told, "Hey! Guess what? 20,000 feral, worthless, gibsmedat blacks are moving to your city!"
The astronomical fits the residents would throw would be epic and no one could blame them.
In my town, there was a recent story in the paper where a useless black woman (with 3 bastard children) was given a brand new house. Her facebook page was accessed and she bragged about how she could leave the water running in the kitchen as she didn't have to worry about paying a bill. She also bragged about sitting on the front porch (porch monkey?) smoking da blunt when da chirruns went to sleep. The outrage in the paper was instantaneous and she soon tried to block content on her facebook page so no one could see what a piece of trash she really was.
Comments had to be closed as the outrage was intense. The people and orgs behind the scheme to kiss the butt of the parasite and cater to it's "needs" caught holy hell.

Lorraine said...

The Plan really is to displace middle income and working class whites by dumping the TANF turds and Section 8 sistahs in surrounding suburbs that could be livable for non elite whites.

But as always, hates seems to be spewed the most at lower income whites from elite 'the sun rises on our arce' whites.

White Mom in WDC

Anonymous said...

Required reading: Gregory Hood "The New Mantra"


'This isn’t just oppression. This is stupid as well as sinister. It’s the banality of evil blaring a cacophony of mediocrity and mendacity from every television, movie screen, and celebrity magazine from sea to shining sea. Forget arguments about science, truth, and reason – just listen to the mute protest in your bones screaming at you that another world is possible.'

Lorraine said...

Everything you say strikes a chord with me. The classism between whites is a REAL problem and it manifests in many social ills, including putting up with groid dysfunction.

Appalachia sounds great to me!

I am from the Great White North originally and when I was a kid, our family would go to Miami for vacation. This was the 1970s. Then the Haitians et al started coming by boats and that ended that.

Yeah Amurkistan!

Lorraine said...

Just opposite ends of the same rotten apple the DWLs and shiftless groids,

Trickle down dysfunction.

White Mom in WDC

Jim said...

Someone please educate me.

A couple of months ago a contributer was explaining certain acrynoms and code words typically used on this blog.

One was the term "Scots-Irish". It was said to be a code for a totally different group. However, it is being used on this post in a different manner.

Please explain. I am confused enough as it is. Thanks.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Required reading: Gregory Hood "The New Mantra"


'This isn’t just oppression. This is stupid as well as sinister. It’s the banality of evil blaring a cacophony of mediocrity and mendacity from every television, movie screen, and celebrity magazine from sea to shining sea. Forget arguments about science, truth, and reason – just listen to the mute protest in your bones screaming at you that another world is possible.'

April 10, 2013 at 5:42 AM

You left off the solution:

“If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Anonymous said...

"That's the problem with violent blacks who are driven out of any area~ they have to be dumped somewhere and no one wants them or needs them. "

Not true in my experience. The DWL neighborhood revitalizer poverty pimps need the violent blacks desperately.

I live in a gentrifying neighborhood full of DWLs who are "giving the local poor minorities a voice" and pimping for govt. and foundation grants to redevelop the hood. We have several new public art project, bike trials, green spaces, urban gardens, and "affordable housing" tracts being built.

But oh no! The blacks are now moving north for better goodies, according to the census, to the white suburbs for the "good schools, good jobs and opportunities", and the DWLs are pushing for light rail transit and bus expansion to move them there.

The whites will be shocked out of their senses for a few years thinking 'we are all the same', and then the blacks will start the TNB and it will be too late. The decline starts and the whites flee, losing everything. The Republican voting block will be busted by the new black majority.

Now the DWLs will have a new project - assimilating the welfare blacks into the new white community and the cycle starts all over again until the suburbs are destroyed. They will need new social services branches and govt. employees to run them, more low-wage jobs, more low-income housing, school vouchers, stimulus money, free daycare, community centers, youth programs, basketball parks, crime prevention programs, summer feeding programs, sensitivity training, cultural awareness, minority business opportunities, etc. $$$$$$$$. Like always, CICF and the Ford Foundation will help fund this transition to destabilize civilization.

This is a billion dollar racket and the blacks are used as willing tools to line the DWL pockets and destabilize society. They will just move the dependent blacks again and start the whole thing over in a new community.

Anonymous said...

You left off the solution:

“If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Yes, but it won't be a solution for long. The blacks will surely follow. There is no place to run.

World_War_Me said...

"I just read somewhere that Detroit was rated a family friendly city now."

White Mom, maybe they meant "Manson-Family Friendly" LOL

Pat Boyle said...

I will post the story of my multiple regression analysis of Washington DC housing since I was asked but first I have to share something I learned last night watching TV.

I know why the Democrats are so hot for gun control.

Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil Earp were all Republicans. Doc Holliday too. Registered Republicans active in the party. Ike Clanton, the Lauries and Billy Clanton were all Democrats.

The OK Corral was a political event. And the Democrats proved that they weren't too good with guns at least face to face.

It's odd how all those Hollywood movies about Wyatt Earp seemed to have skipped over the political affiliation angle.


james wilson said...

Get your mind around this thought (it might take a while)--whites are pushing blacks out of D.C.

What passes for the cognitive elite now views government as the first choice of meal tickets, and D.C. is at the top of the food chain. Don't listen to what the DWL says but examine what he does, and give him credit for his ruthlessness. Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco are white cities. SF by pricing, and Portland by city planning (under various euphemisms). In D.C., the young DWL is driven by the market and extraordinary commute times into being a pioneer at the edges of the jungle, buying and renovating profitably.

The market in D.C. is simply far too expensive for the jungle to stay undeveloped. That is, until some further stage in economic catastrophe.

Lorraine said...

Of course. It's no secret. But do you think the chimps are just going to hang in their trees and not do a damn thing. Also, yes, DWLs are ruthless, but what everyone including the stupid GOP forgets is that they NEED a middle, professional class. Where are those people going to live?

Loudon County and Silicon Valley expanded rapidly. Mini mansion capitols but then where do he teachers live? Dentists? ????

Amurkistan is a deck of cards because the elected officials have forgotten the middle class. Look who is getting killed in SA, middle class white farmers.

Classism between whites is huge and there is a worldwide effort to abolish the merchant class. Why do you think the border patrol is not working in Mexico? Because the elites want fluid borders to fund their giant temp agency multicultural fiefdom. Fuck them.

I am no one' serf. My kids will not be serfs. I am ready to fight.

Anonymous said...

JB, you mention Bill Hicks. I knew they guy since he was 16. I was a bartender for 2 years at the club he and Sam Kenison started at.

Off stage he was the nicest guy. Off stage he was not controversial. Neither was Sam. Both were teddy bears socially but WOW on stage they let it rip.

I miss both of them so bad.

Anonymous said...

World_War_Me said...

"I just read somewhere that Detroit was rated a family friendly city now."

White Mom, maybe they meant "Manson-Family Friendly" LOL


That response was oddly apropos because ol' Cholly Manson wanted a race war.

YIH said...

Florida Autopsy: 31-year-old Female Beaten, Tortured, Set on Fire While Alive…. Suspect Confesses “I did it, I hate all White People”.
Photos (as if you couldn't guess).

Bogolyubski said...

BTW, along with Paul's absolutely seminal work in exploding the Repuke mythology about the "liberal Democrat plantation" being the root cause of negro dysfunction and barbaric criminality, it appears our colleague Unamused has produced a most interesting and informative article about the history of lynching, which stands in stark contrast to the mendacious narrative spewed out by the Cathedral and its minions in the edumacation racket and Ministry of Truth for the last eight decades or so. Talk about blowing up myths!

Reading this article is truly enlightening. We tend to think that negro criminality and BRA are recent phenomena when both were evident in the reconstruction era. The so-called "reconstruction" in the occupied south was basically a test-run for BRA. (Keep in mind that Federal troops occupied the former Confederate states from 1865-1877, only departing after being forced to by a political compromise from the chaotic 1876 presidential election which was decided in the House of Representatives.) In a precursor to D'Won's announced domestic homeland-security army, the carpetbaggers of that era established black state militia units whose members indulged their desires upon whites - especially women (and even children). Nearly all of the extra-judicial executions carried out during the era were a perfectly logical response to the escalating series horrific atrocities perpetrated by feral negroes. White preachers from the North actually urged the attacks upon whites and justified them. DWLs aren't anything new either.

Anonymous said...

What White Mom said. I just lived it, and realized I was still living it when I saw a Nigerian groid walking in my new neighborhood while leaving for work this morning (to pay how rent). To those of us that can see, it screams Section 8.

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:18~ Yes, the DWL poverty pimps need the violent feral blacks for "community development" but the majority of people (especially in conservative areas) have absolutely no use for either the DWL's or their groid pets.
That's why I've always said it's absolutely necessary to shun the libtards and make the social environment hostile and unwelcoming to them as they are what starts the rot. Shunning libtards is damage control.
So far, my area has done a great job (in that regard) on the street level. We have an 8% infestation of groids and damn few libtards as they view the area as "unfriendly" and "not recommended." Talk and act like a libtard and job opportunities suddenly dry up and mysteriously disappear. Groids have it worse. Additionally, the populace of the area is considered clannish. Even whites from other areas have to work hard to be accepted and it takes years to break through the barriers.
Can you say Appalachia? I knew you could!

Anonymous said...





I did a websearch and there was so
lil info

Lorraine said...

Dude just saw that myself!

White Mom in WDC

Asia said...

Its funny how you all think the blacks are the cause to all the crimes and blah blah blah but there are just as many crimes created by whites and ANY other race all the time. The fucking media just doesnt like to portray your shit, but theyre dicking all of you just open your eyes and stop being so closed minded. You think if there was " all white country" that all the crimes would be gone and everything would be peachy? Um no there will still be rapes, murders, suicides, and crimes. You people are so fucked up how can blacks be cicvilized with the nonsense you people BEEN doing to us for hundreds of years. But you took us from Africa!!! Which used to be the most wealthiest continent until the whites came and took our gold, raped our women, killed our men and children. Then took us to america, to become slaves,which didnt even belong to them! This government created all these diseases and gave them to the africans to try and kill us off. Some of you have some sick ass minds and when the world does end I will pray for you!

Mr. Rational said...

Its funny how you all think the blacks are the cause to all the crimes and blah blah blah but there are just as many crimes created by whites and ANY other race all the time.

No there aren't.  Blacks commit more than HALF of all violent crime in the USA, despite being just over 1/8 of the population.

just open your eyes and stop being so closed minded.

Why don't you take your own advice first?

But you took us from Africa!!! Which used to be the most wealthiest continent until the whites came and took our gold, raped our women, killed our men and children. Then took us to america, to become slaves,which didnt even belong to them! This government created all these diseases and gave them to the africans to try and kill us off.

Oh, that's why:  you're stuck in the grip of multiple conspiracy theories and other delusions.  There is no hope for you.

Let me tell you something:  if YT was smart, powerful and evil enough to create AIDS and all the rest, you would not have to worry about the future or even the present.  You would all be dead already.  You are alive, therefore you are wrong.

Californian said...

Asia said... But you took us from Africa!!!

You were taken from Africa? You personally? Someone forced you to come to the USA? Or was it someone who had a similar skin color centuries ago?

If you feel this way, have you thought of emigrating back to Africa? I am sure you would live a much more prosperous and freer life in Nigeria, Liberia, or Congo.

[Africa] used to be the most wealthiest continent until the whites came and took our gold, raped our women, killed our men and children.

And before white people came to Africa, blacks had created what kind of wealth? They built mines? Factories? Industrial farms? Roads? Power generation plants? Hospitals? Universities? And they recorded all of this with literate works?

Why can't Africans maintain this wealth now that they have majority rule? Congo was one of the wealthiest European colonies until black-majority-rule took over. Look at how whites created a prosperous country in Rhodesia, only to see it trashed when blacks took it over as Zimbabwe.

Detroit used to be the Paris of the West. Under black-majority-rule, the city has been thoroughly trashed.

Proud of that record?

What you do not want to face up to is that black peoples can not maintain, let alone create, the level of civilization that white people do. Perhaps this is the reason for the high rates of black violent crime, a lashing out of a people who are jealous of what others have accomplished.

Then took us to america, to become slaves,which didnt even belong to them!

Why are so many blacks migrating into America today, then? Why come to America where they will be subjected to the terrible legacy of slavery. Surely there is nothing wrong with black-majority-rule paradises like Haiti or Somalia. But your average black does know that it is where white people rule that you have a civilized life.

Have you considered what your life would be like if your ancestors had not come to America? Do you seriously think that your life would be better in a black African country?

Perhaps this is why Asia is expressing such anger. He/she knows that the level of civilization blacks enjoy in America can not be replicated by blacks on their own.

Anonymous said...

"But you took us from Africa!!!"

'Took'? You were SOLD, dumbass and by your own warring tribal 'bros' and if you hadn't been 'sold' by your tribal warrior foes, you'd most likely have ended up on the lunch menu.

Stupid fuckwit.

You should be kissing white ass for the luxury of living in a first world country and the people who fought to free your pathetic, useless, feral, backwards asses.

Anonymous said...

Run away you are not wanted anyway. Better look both ways when crossing the street on the way to your government job.

FranSusan said...

Asia, everything you said is nonsense. It just proves that blacks are as bad as everyone on this blog says.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of the comments written on this site, I am sadden by the amount of blind hate. Being a black man 56 years of age, I am proud of how my life have turn out.I served 21 years in the military.I am also proud of my country.No one white ,black or any race can take that away from me.

I have formed strong lasting friendships with people of all colors.My kids have completed college and have never disrespected anyone of another race.I am not
blind to the amount of crime and violences committed by people of my race. Unlike many on this site I realize crime and violences are committed by all groups of peoples.

Not trying to change anyone's point of view. I am just happy to enjoy life without needing a narrow outlook on life. I am able to see that each race has its eggheads and each race has it hard working caring human beings.

William in Ks