Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Nothing is left, then, but concessions, attempts to gain time and betrayal"

In his famed address 1978 to Harvard, Alexander Solzhenitsyn had this to say about the loss of 'willpower' in the western world:
And yet -- no weapons, no matter how powerful, can help the West until it overcomes its loss of willpower. In a state of psychological weakness, weapons become a burden for the capitulating side. To defend oneself, one must also be ready to die; there is little such readiness in a society raised in the cult of material well-being. Nothing is left, then, but concessions, attempts to gain time and betrayal.
Flash-forward to a world where Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected President of the United States. We've seen a parade of gloating victors - Sam Donaldson's toupee couldn't conceal his glee at knowing their were enough minorities to dilute white vote -  not too busy wiping the falling confetti from their eyes to point out that white America is dying, and that the Republican Party is a fitting tomb for these sickly people standing in the way of progress (is that progress 2013 Detroit style or progress 2013 Seattle/Austin/Portland style?).

Take a look at these headlines.
 Of course, the death of the Republican Party would be the greatest political development in America in almost 100 years -- it's a party whose few bright leaders merely wade through the rising sewage (some even try and use buckets to scoop up what they can), while other members clamor over one another to undo whatever plugs have been put in place as a means of stopping the leak.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it powerfully in his address to Harvard -- "Nothing is left, then, but concessions, attempts to gain time and betrayal."

It is my belief that few sites on the Internet have been as important as SBPDL since it came into existence one drunken night almost four years ago.

But it is when a writer for Salon openly salivates at the thought a white American is behind the Boston Marathon attack that you realize not only is it, in the words of Sam Donaldson, 'their country', but that you are marked for extermination. 

The GOP is hated because it is seen as being 'too white'; those in charge of the GOP hate the GOP base, because they happen to primarily be antiquated in their whiteness.

To me, the Constitution of the United States of America is just a document; the Bill of Rights merely a piece of paper -- forged from the minds and hands of old, dead, white males, these documents are readily cited when it is advantageous to people like Salon's David Sirota, but in need of immediate amendment when it fails to protect some new freedom dreamed up from the scriptwriters of Glee

Detroit in 2013 is a hellish reminder of the reality of racial differences in intelligence, though this fact is an inconvenient truth to those cheerleading the decline of white America. 

Who knows if a 'willpower' to survive will be found -- if a spark ignites in some region of America that sets off like a powder-keg, forcing long dormant notions of pride, yes - pride, in ones race to come pouring out... 

No one is immortal. The bell will toll for all of us. But is it better to live a life full of concessions, attempts to earn a few more years on this earth, if you can no longer live them in the city of your youth?

Or, to put it bluntly, will you find a way to regain your 'willpower'?


Mutant Swarm said...

OT, but important:

Images of Boston Marathon Bomber Suspects

Some look like Middle Easterners, some look like special forces operators.

Anonymous said...

Lost in the discussion is the fact that Sam Donaldson and the writers of Salon are also white males.

The Illuminati and other evil sects have a saying: "Betrayal is the highest good". What traitors to our race fail to realize is that they will also be betrayed when the change comes.

How do I know that? It's happened in every Communist takeover, in at least 8 countries so far. People like Sam Donaldson and other sellouts all believe they will be part of the elite, after the change.

They won't be. They were just useful idiots, helpful during the time of destabilization necessary before the change. After the change comes the purge. The first to die, of course, are the intellectuals, the media elites, various politicians, and academicia. They know too much.

The elites will be people you've never heard of.

Once the change occurs a massive purge always comes. First go the elite, then the "useless eaters", finally the general masses. In other words, BRA is only useful up until the change: then things reverse and those revered protected groups will be eliminated quickly.

The boxcars are already ready. The FEMA camps are in place. Billions of rounds of hollow point bullets and millions of coffins are at the ready. All it needs is a spark.

So weep and howl you elite, you protected groups, you cultured snobs. Your time is now: enjoy it. Once the change you so hope for comes, you will be quickly betrayed.

"Betrayal is the highest good": a saying those you elites worship have enshrined.

And that's how BRA will end.

Unknown said...

When God died we became immortal. Except we didn't. The malaise of modern man is the denial of death. No fortune is too great to spend to protect our precious lives. Terrorism can only live because we won't accept a very small possibility of our own murder. Can you & do you meditate on the moment you may be called to cough up your life so that your people might survive. I wonder if I could. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

4 years ago, I somehow stumbled upon your site and I have been cheerleading ever since. This was one of the best posts ever. Thank you for all you do

Lorraine said...

I am from Canada originally but grew up in the Northeast. The city of my youth is trashed as members of various minorities moved in and made it unlivable. The downtown slowly died and people would no longer go shopping at night as it was dangerous, but really dangerous at any time.

It is the story of everyone's hometown in the US. After awhile, there will be no new places to start another city, another town center, another neighborhood.

I have shared with people on SBPDL that I am moving out of WDC. For months I have researched regions, towns, etc. I look up demographics. I look at census figures. Rents.

For awhile I was stoked about Salt Lake, until I saw it has an active gay community, imported turd communities from Afteeka via refugee resettlement, and like 20% of Mexiturds. SLC and the momos were the stalwarts of whiteness until in 1972 the let in the blacks. Now they have Mexicans and Somalis. The Mormons made the mistake of conceding.

So here is the rub, do I stay here on cursed East Coast that is turning browner by the minute so I can work or do I rough it in Wyoming?

I am just one little person with my two kids. Believe me though, the masses of turds want us dead or just to die out. I have had people of other ethnicities comment on my having my having two kids. It's like how dare I reproduce, you white woman! Believe me, I plan on having more. I will be poor but proud. I have decided not to concede just to have material things.

We are in a war. It is a matrix that we are up against but I hang on to the belief that if I maintain my faith in myself and in what is right, the white race will overcome this plethora of assaults against us. I am meeting other kindred souls almost every day.

I believe that race of white is what is right. I will not concede. I will fight this genocide everyday. Am I comfortable? No. I have expressed to others before that I feel like a refugee in my own country. I have felt this way for the past do many years. This is my country though. This is MY home.

I curse the turds and the illegals and whoever else who has no respect for this country. I never have, and I never will kiss their black, brown, or yellow arces. Like it or leave it turds. As I work in education, a libtard dominated field, I am sure this has caused me to have challenges. Oh well, I don't make concessions. Sorry, chocolate is not my flavor.

You can't eat ideals. Okay, but if you don't stand for something, you will fall fir anything. Stupid Amurkistanians voted O face in as most people today are cowards. Look, I'll say it here. I did not vote for him because is black, or half black, whatever. I do not need to know anything more. Experience has taught me well and I have learned white=right, black=whack. It is that simple.

Americans have to decide if they want their country back. I do. Those that do must take the hard way. This involves sucking it up through being alienated. Sucking it up by being poor. Sucking it up by realizing that by sacrificing now we make our kids lives easier. These bastards want my white kids to be pummeled, to grow up illiterate, and to 'share' all before the altar of diversity. To them I say a resounding no, never, and kiss my white ass!

White Mom in WDC

Anonymous said...

the elite hate white people with a passion weather its church business or government

Anonymous said...

Is the book Payback: Barack Obama's War on White America by Mr. Kersey and James Kirkpatrick going to come out ever? Or has the project been scuttled?

I'd like to know; that book looked good.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

Good terse post Paul.

I remember Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian author and defector to America. Unbelievable his specific message of courage fell on the American ears of a Jimmy “the coward” Carter Presidency.

What Alex is talking about in general, is what I call maturity. In fact, I believe all liberals, be they of the flock, the dolt, hoi polloi, constituents, or of the good shepherd, the God complexed, narcissistic-megalomaniacal leaders, the common bond for all liberals is immaturity.

I look at a Bill Ayers or Mike Moore and see them as children, still yelling and fuming at mommy and daddy that they do not have to mature; and further, with the attitude that if the rest of the entire race or world must necessarily pay the price, that will not bother them one bit.

Correct Miss Hanoi Hilton, Jane Fonda, the unapologetic, unrepentant, defiant, spoil rotten brat. Those young American men in uniform, defending your first amendment right to free speech can rot in the Hanoi Hilton while you seize your opportunity to pretend you think America is wrong at their expense, but not at your expense, where you put your money where your mouth is, and leave capitalist America to live in socialism.

Jane Fonda aka Hanoi Jane, has never apologized to the American men and women who served America in Vietnam, 58,225 dead, especially those who did time in the Hanoi Hilton; she is still immature, still a liberal. You can bet she votes democrat.

Blacks are low man on the human evolutionary totem pool. They possess the lowest IQ. But liberalism in its many expressions, abolitionism, feminism, Yankeeism, socialism, progressivism and of course liberalism, has, over the last 3 or more centuries, found a way to further the black sub-species, at the white sub-species expense, “the white man’s burden”, and this for the lowest of reasons, that of selfishly furthering their own immaturity by escaping natures charge to embrace one’s personal responsibility to mature, and via this social chess tactic, achieve unearned power, fame and fortune.

Secession from white liberals, the immature, and their alliance with every minority loser group, pursuing their superiority or survival at non-liberal whitey’s expense via a fully enfranchised democracy is the last bastion of hope. Ultimately, those of the alliance are after our gene pool.

Solzhenitsyn talked about continual making concessions rather than fighting for what is one’s own. Every liberal would rather drop to his knees and submit rather than stand on their feet and fight unless they can fight a friendly they have gained an edge on, and therefore face not fear.

Unfortunately, liberals are conceding our Founding Fathers free enterprise Republic, our white race and most horrific of all our white gene pool rather than embrace their personal responsibility to mature; we may as well be selling our babies at birth to the highest bidder.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

danaigh said...

This post by PK has to be the most brutal statement of our times I have seen anywhere to date. It goes to the bone of the issue; i.e. our planned demise. Talk about zombies!

It is still hard to grasp that people like Donaldson, et al are gleeful of the annihilation of white people. From whence did this hatred arise? Did world history get rewritten? (Yes, even now).

But I have seen his mindset among those I meet daily. When/if the backlash comes 1.6 billion bullets will be as vapor to another demographic.

The reality of our intended demise has been seeping like a dark shadow among the younger generation. They know the enemy is often that nice smiling teacher. But none are fooled.
How deadly this is becoming.

PDK said...


Sir Winston Churchill said " those who appease the crocidile, hope to be the last eaten".

I believe liberals think that the crocidle will eat only once they have passed, so why should the immature liberal give a rats basinga? They live their lives for their benefit and further, do so at the expense of others.

Blacks think this way because of their low IQ, white liberals think this way because of their immaturity, they are therefore both as dangerous as a coiled rattlesnake rattleing. Thanks.

JB said...


Now yer talkin'.

I've been incommunicado for the past few days. I've had a little...squid problem.

But HOT DAMN, what a post.

The problems are political, so the answers are political. Obviously, "there's not a dime's difference" between the two "parties," and hasn't been for longer than you've been alive.

New times call for new politics, and new political leaders.

Fucking Ay, sir, this site has had an impact. As I have said before, you are placed, potentially, at a fulcrum of history.

Let us not squander this opportunity.

The Nation of Cowards is congregating and fulminating. Imagine a bold, new third (fourth? fifth? sixth?) grass-roots party with the courage of its' convictions, willing to face the truth of the matter, willing to quit hiding and lying and skulking and feeling afraid and ashamed, spouting truth from every corner.

We can reform this nation. We, The People, can reform this nation.

We can write a Constitution. We can enforce it. It's just a Matter of Will.

Determined Will.

We didn't start the fire, but we can sure as hell put it out.


Best as always to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Another memory from the Big Apple. This is about 68/69 and I'm hanging out on the Lower East Side by the Free Store which was a place set up by the city for the hippies to hang out at (the feds controlled the hippie movement). This car pulls up with California plates. Inside the car is a biker chick and two bikers. On the passenger side of the car the front window had two bullet holes in it and also two holes in the back window. The car stops right next to me and I look inside and see the biker chick. She is wearing a cutaway and her tits are hanging out because she is feeding a baby.

The driver gets out of the car and he is wearing a cutaway with a Hell's Angel patch on the back. Below the patch he had a San Bernardino rocker. He had arms like a weight lifter and had a necklace with about 20 human teeth hanging around his neck (when the California Angels shit kicked someone they would pull a tooth as A souvenir). Hanging on his belt was a crescent wrench and on the other side was a pair of pliers. He also had a dog chain hanging on his belt. This guy was a bad motherfucker.

Now for about 3 or 4 weeks there were three tall jive ass black guys hanging around trying to get some of that FREE LOVE PUSSY from the cute little hippie chicks. They claimed to be Black Panthers and they were watching out for the brothers and talking all this revolution bullshit. Meanwhile the motto of the Panthers was "He who talks don't know and he who knows don't talk."

These guys are standing on the sidewalk when the Angel goes toward the doorway. He walks right through them and slams into one guy knocking him aside. The jive ass jigg says "Yo motherfucker what you think you doin." The Angel stops and WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING BEHIND HIM he reaches back and grabs this fucker by the shirt collar. He lifts him straight up into the air and sets him down in front. He pulls him within two inches of his face and says "Where I come from we kill niggers like you." The three jiggs did the Be-Bop-Be all the way down the street. It was one of the coolest things I ever saw. I could write a book.

Anonymous said...

On WVON, Voice of the Negro, in Chicago. People were calling stating the Boston bombing is what whites deserve for slavery and all white evils have come home to roost. Like they were not part of the US because of slavery..huh? Do blacks, even black muslims, think for one second Arabs, Iraqi's and Iranians don't think they are Americans and hate them too? Like El Queda will be friends with them because if Farakan anc slavery?
Shocking ignorance! Terrorists hate all Americans!

Anonymous said...

Secession Mr. Kersey....secession

Jay Santos said...

"Nothing is left, then, but concessions, attempts to gain time and betrayal."

[white Europeans] are marked for extermination.

Glad to see you back PK and this is a fine piece. American white people, well maybe all white people, have indeed lost their will and their belief in their own history and capabilities. Five decades of concentrated, sophisticated propaganda can do that. It's going to take some very major events to reverse or slow what has happened. In the end, all the various forces that converged, accidentally or by design, to demonize American/European culture, will not live happily. Their fantasies will not turn out well, but then the wheel has already been invented, so they'll have that.

The opposition is confident. Their confidence in some quarters originates from aggressive stupidity. But stupidity can lead to supreme confidence. In other cases their confidence is based on real cunning intelligence. Ruthless, but smart. That's a real alliance there.

Sadly, you look into the eyes of the average white American male and they're beat. Either totally beaten down, or completely distracted by golf, football or something. I'm afraid it's going to take something earth shaking to wake them up.

Whiskey said...

The problem with White people is that they have no real racial identity or unity. They just don't. They're constantly at war with each other, and all sorts of White people really, really HATE each other: the Celtic peoples vs. the Scandinavians.

Scandinavian people want enforced collectivism, are utopian, rigidly enforce orthodoxy, see themselves as a beacon of light amongst darkness, hate other White people openly. They also hold no one but authorities should hold arms, only an elite few can run things, and that life was going to be rigidly controlled to the smallest aspect and that children need to be "broken to their will."

That's pretty much SWPL central. And a way of life totally alien and repellent to those who are Celtic in origin: holding arms/weapons, living their own life outside control of the community or big shots, isolation/low social engagement.

While the elite have had a lot, they are losing. Think about the last time you saw bumper stickers. Not just political ones, ones for bands, radio stations, etc.

Whiskey said...

What is likely to happen is that someone will get pressed too far, and snap. The question is, will that person find allies, protectors, and the like?

The strength, and weakness, is the terrible unity and groupthink of Scandinavian/Puritan peoples. Everyone has to do the same thing, think the same thing, eat the same thing, etc. That has given them strength beyond absolute numbers.

The weakness is of course over-reach beyond absolute resources; America is a big country. Obama is a lame duck. His political reach among Democrats is weak. They're more afraid of the NRA which will be there when Obama is gone.

And none of the SWPL lower elites or high elites actually believes their BS. They don't live among inner city Blacks or spend much time among them. They want an imaginary Black best friend, like Obama or Oprah, not a real one.

Somewhere, someone is going to refuse to bow and scrape, and call a guy like Nutter out. Publicly and on the internet, media, etc. And then there will be a fight.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker again.....For White Mom in Turdburg. Go to WYOMING. Cheyenne has a small number of blacks brought in from the Katrina Criminal Relocation program. Most ended up in prison within a very short time. Cowboy justice. There are some nice little towns along I-25 all the way to the Northern border. A lot of nice cowboy towns along I-80 going into Utah. Forget Utah. Any town along I-80 that has slaughter houses or meat packers has a lot of Mexicans because they don't hire Gringos. Stay away. You will be around white folks that are very naive about blacks because they have never lived around them. Be careful a about what you say. They think blackie is like what they saw on the COSBY SHOW.

Have a neighbor that does business in Casper which is booming because of the oil fields in the Dakotas. Lot of work in Casper. Business is good. All you see in this area are semi trucks hauling pipe and other gear to the oil fields. Don't go into the parts of Wyoming where the coal mines are. Lot of pollution from the mines. People are sick. Lot of cancer. The ranching areas are the best. Women are welcome in the West. No state income tax.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous April 17, 2013 at 5:44 PM said: The boxcars are already ready. The FEMA camps are in place. Billions of rounds of hollow point bullets and millions of coffins are at the ready.

No offense, but this and others like it come across as paranoid fantasies.

It doesn't matter how many guns, bullets, APCs, coffins, camps, boxcars, etc. there are purported to be, who are the personnel (boots on the ground) that will carry out this action? How many? Against a well-armed, firearm-competent population of 300 million plus? And this, in light of the fact that our First Negro was left high and dry today with his "bipartisan" "common sense" effort at gun control, occurring just four months after a horrific school massacre.

Anonymous said...


Mom in WDC,

You really might find Wyoming to be to your liking, but you should really look into the problems there as well. If you are willing to work at certain ag based jobs, you can make it fine there. There are also plenty of jobs in education, and they pay really well.

Wyoming is a mineral rich state. Gillette and Wright have coal. Casper and Glenrock have oil. With that comes money, with money comes drugs. You should know that the money is going to filter down, so even if you work in a cafe or restaurant job, the tips will come to you. Casper and Cheyenne will also have a lot of your up-scale amenities that you might want. Plus Wyoming has no state income tax which will save you some money there. Houses in Wyo are not the cheapest.

If you are willing to modify, I might suggest finding a place around Sioux Falls, SD. Almost all white. A good place, and much cheaper to live in than Wyo. Plus eastern SD is growing like a weed, and there is little crime to speak of. The small towns all have houses that people can live in or fix up. If you have any particular skills, like para-legal, nursing or any other job skill, you can get money from the state of SD to move there. There are a few Indians and some Mexicans, but nearly all of South Dakota is very civilized and is a state that welcomes new people. And perhaps 50 niggers in the whole damn state. SD also has no state income tax.

Nebraska is also a place to look. Any of the small towns in the Nebraska center are all ripe for the picking. You will go months and never see a coon. Omaha is jigified and so Lincoln is becoming, but the rest of the state is mostly white, and even the Mexicans are mostly civilized. Towns like Broken Bow, Ord, Valentine, O'Neill will welcome newcomers and will like young kids moving into their communities. Literally you could get your kids into an all-white school with only 10 kids per classroom! But Nebraska has a state income tax which is a albatross hanging around its neck! I think you have many options in this country. Real estate is cheap. You can live well and for not much money.

I wish you well. Know that the middle of the country is calling to you. And if you do adequate research, you can find the place you would most like to live at. I can say that if you don't mind being a few hundred miles away from the bustle of the city, then you can find a place to live in any of the three states I mentioned and you will be happy. The lack of violent crime and the civilized white people will refresh you, despite the fact that they might be dumb to what is happening in the country. The dumb whites will frustrate you, but they won't kill you. Besides, that's what we on SBPDL are for, to get you through the puzzling times and let you vent.

Anyway, good hunting for new digs. I am sure someone will represent Appalachia well. I hope you get out safe, and God bless.

Bogolyubski said...

Wow, talk about nailing it on the head. PK has summed it up quite brilliantly here.

Anonymous said...

Paul, your output has been prodigious lately but this post is your best yet. One thing to note about the speech Alexander Solzhenitsyn gave at Harvard (a great speech, full text is on the web) is that at the time, there was one specific group that was generally critical of it: conservatives. Some things never change.


epson said...

Here's another vile race traiter.

Her name is Arianna Pattek, and she worked for the admissions office at Georgetown, where she threw in the garbage white men's applications for the mortal sin of white privilege. Her definition of white privilege is truly Orwellian:

"If I saw an application from a white male that basically was just good test scores, and activities like chess club or math club or what not then it shows me this person is not interested in a diverse environment. Obviously he made no effort in integrating with minorities or to sympathize with them and is counting on male privelege [sic] to get in. So that kind of application should get ignored. In their place I admitted a female student. This goes doubly for math/science majors. [...] I'm happy to say that I approved nearly 90% of all female minority and 80% of all (white female applicants especially if the girls want to study math or science) while rejecting over 50% of white males this week and hope this trend holds out."

Bogolyubski said...

The post by Anon of 5:44 PM is quite interesting. I'd like to point out that the fact that all of the authors of the genocidal remarks listed in Paul's article are whites (or at least look white phyically). Donaldson appears to be the epitome of a useful idiot - not one of TWMNBN, but a white guy with an ancestry not unlike millions of other white guys. Lois Romano another one on the list, is certainly a one-percenter as the wife of Sven Erik Holmes, vice-chairman of KPMG. Paul Steinhauser (possible TWMNBN), Kevin Liptak (TWMNBN) and Ashley Killough of CNN are on the list of genocide advocates, as is the very white looking Jonathan Martin. The RedState gang appears to be quite white, with some TWMNBN added. It's editor in chief is Erick Erickson, whose surname is Scandinavian. Lastly, David Sirota appears to be one of TWMNBN.

It is particularly ironic to see TWMNBN advocating genocide - though they would all no doubt deny it vociferously. Still, they are not following the highest morality of the evil sects Anon mentioned. It's probably something more along the lines of tribal revenge for the events in Germany from 1938-45, or perhaps just the good old two-milleniae hate.

The white goyim in the list of genocidal traitors are the ones who are obeying this dictum "Betrayal is the highest good", so in an odd way I can actually see your point. If you really believe that the highest good a person can aspire to is betrayal, then the squids who call the shots would indeed take the next step once the change we've all been waiting for is a fait accompli and send those on this little list to utopia they've been waiting for, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity.

Anonymous said...

PK, You are a voice in the wilderness. Keep waking people up. It's very poignant to use Alexander as a reference point too. He lived through the nightmare we are approaching. Hope is not gone, it's not DARK yet . . . But it's getting there.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

We here in Eastern Europe spended 71 years, millions on victims and 3 generations to get rid from Soviet Union and communism.

Genetics is everything. Enemy knows it very well and thatswhy they pushing miscegenation so hard. Until white race and white genes are preserved, everything is possible and nothing is lost.

And about becoming minority. Well, war is not elemetary school math. Kasakztan was only 39% kazahs in 1989, today the number is 59% and rising

Similar process is going on in all former USSR and puppet countries. We becoming ethnically pure again.

So there are examples how opressed natives can rise up after long opression and reverse all bad stff incuding sending foreigners out.

So maintainig racial purity is most important. Until white race exists, everything is posiible. What happes, when happens, that is difficult to predict. USSR went down 13 years after the Solzenizen speech

Anonymous said...

it's similar to the craziness of the 1960's when there were frequent assassinations - only now it's not the left that's oppressed & trying to break free -- it's the right.
liberals have low sensitivity to threat - normal humans are sensitive to threat, along a bell curve-continuum -- medications for tamping down threat-sensitivity include religion & liberalism (altho the former replaces it with eternal threat) me, i prefer to be nervous:)

Anonymous said...

the same asshole minorities that are counting the days till the white man is out voted and out populated are not thinking ahead now are they? if that sad day comes and I guess it's a matter of two decades then these stinky lazy fuckers better have saved there old ebt cards cause it's going to be a fucked up place to live safely! with homeland security lying through her teeth about the border being secure, there will be just about all of s. America in thru the back door. feed these people minority fuckers cause the white man won't be picking up any tabs in the near future! the only good thing I can think of in this ugly case is at least i'll be dead! and that sucks too! but in a America that isn't run by real white people as opposed to liberal whites running her into the fucking ground. and i'm thankful that I didn't have children now! I wouldn't want to raise a kid that will be fucked over by stupid blacks and latino's at a moments notice because of some useless gripe about race. and did you notice mr. o'bumhole's reaction to getting something shoved down his big mouth. 20,000.00 gun laws already and this loser dictator wants a couple more laws that don't do nothing except steal our rights. to fucking bad barry! our bleeding non-liberal hearts don't go out to you . last thing those kids didn't deserve that no one dose but i'm not going to give up my gun rights cause YOUR KID DIED! and i'm not sorry cause we need our guns to protect our family's or our self from the sons of O'bumhole! GODSPEED WHITES&SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Lorraine said...

I think there is a segment of which you are talking. I also see many white guys who ate just doing their own thing and saying FU to the system.

That's the thing many minorities don't get about whites. We chill out for awhile, but when we have had it, we have had it!

Much of the oil field work is done by white guys and that's booming in the Dakotas.

Hell hath no fury like a white person scorned. Watch out turds!

White Mom in WDC

Dissident said...

Interesting that you brought up the enigmatic Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn's Banned Book .

The courageous DISSIDENT Solzhenitsyn, directly implicates 'those that shall go unnamed' in the Bolshevik Revolution. He wrote about in a book that has been essentially verboten.

He was a Christian and he felt compelled to tell the truth about what had happened in his native Russia. He is sadly missed.

Anonymous said...

"Lastly, David Sirota appears to be one of TWMNBN. "

He is a former AIPAC staffer and identifies himself as TWMNBN.

Anonymous said...

I encourage you all to visit and comment at Patriot websites like WesternRifleShooters, III Percent Patriots, TL in Exile...

These are fellow patriots that are the tip of the spear when the SHTF. They need your support and encouragement. Get Ready.

Don M said...

You know the phrase "Its five o'clock somewhere."

For TWMNBN its always 1939 somewhere...

Jay Santos said...

Ex-New Yorker said….

"Where I come from we kill niggers like you."

Great story. I can picture the entire event. I'm also ex-NYC, probably a few years behind you. Since I was a kid I thought the HA were about the coolest thing on the planet. Replace Obama with Sonny and you're back to America. Course if your story happened today, the negroes would drive by the Free Store some hours later and put 200 random rounds into the store front, killing one child 30 feet from the store.

rex freeway said...

I live in neighborhood almost devoid of the groid. Unfortunately, a "race traitor lives across from me. A White male, a Black female, a three "Zebra's". The oldest "Zebra" is 13 or 14. All of his friends are future wards of the state. None have ever been stood up to as far as i can tell. None of them try to pull rank on me anymore. Either from respect or fear. People need to understand that the vast Majority of groids have never heard the word "no", or the phrase "whites owe you nothing".What im getting at is White America needs to put their foot down, right now, and this trend will turn almost overnight. The government will do nothing but implode in on its self. The White America that understands me needs to stand up now or perish. I will NEVER say i give up. I will never "owe" the groid "one dime".

Cool Cowlick said...


Supposing that you do move to Wyoming, or rural Texas, or upper penisula Michigan:

Don't try it cold. Make contacts and connections in the area first, in the internet era this is much easier to do. Seek out preppers, survivalists, rural Mormons, grasslands farmers and ranchers, what are called 'smart rednecks'; rural folks with skills like electrician, welder, stonemason. Look for building personal relationship rather than strict ideologicial or religious sympathy.

Consider that you, as an educated urban dweller may actually have skills and knowledge that will benefit your new neighbors.

Check out people like John Wesley Rawles, or the housewife who writes the Paratus Familia blog.

Do not be put off by the fact that these people specifically reject white racialism. They are they kind of folks you want to live around and thay have skills you will need to know.

Good luck, but you won't have it unless you work your ass off for it.

Californian said...

Solzhenitsyn nailed it back in the 1970s. The problem in the Western world was (and continues to be!) a failure of will.

I've discussed what's usually termed the Decline of the West with various people I know, including those of the liberal persuasion. They see European decolonialization as a good thing. They see nothing wrong with France abandoning Algeria, even when it meant that Europeans who settled there had to flee from the country they had developed. Similar with Rhodesia and South Africa. They see nothing wrong with other white people being ethnically cleansed from these countries.

It's rationalized away with liberal sloganeering about "one-man-one-vote," "universal democracy," "mutual respect among peoples" and so forth. The fact that the post-colonial nations mostly turned into illiberal dictatorships or human rights fiascoes is swept under the rug. Well, I suppose a pleasant lie is easier to believe than an unpleasant reality.

Thing is, the retreat just did not end in Africa. The same failure of will has carried over into the inability of the Western world to defend its own frontiers. Now we have various third world entities staking out territories in ancient European cities like warlord bands. Meantime, American inner cities become no-go zones.

It's been a massive strategic retreat, from Indochina to the benelieus. Well, OK, maybe one can understand. Fighting colonial wars in far off countries is a bother. Better to throw a Rhodesia to the wolves than take a rifle out into the bush and possibly get killed by a guerrilla with an AK. Might take time away from that film festival or second college degree.

Here is the thing: now that white people in Europa and North America are being targeted, how do they react? We're not just talking about abandoning French or British settlers in Africa. White peoples in their homelands are being assaulted and deprived of their rights. Third world rioters are burning ancient European cities. Illegal aliens are being given legal privileges via AA and the like.

What's the response? More concessions.

Whether it's the Kerner Commission program over Long Hot Summer riots or the prosecution of a Geert Wilders, it comes down to giving in on everything. And the result? More illegal migrations, more demands, more riots, more violence, more surrender of territories, more abandonment of rights for white people.

And at every step of the way, liberalism telling us that there is nothing wrong, all we need do is make one more concession...


Lorraine said...

What a b$&@h!

White Mom in WDC

Lorraine said...

Thank you for injecting optimism.

People forget how resilient the whites are and how much we have accomplished in the face of adversity. We have always had much adversity being a minority on the planet, but we always pull through.

White Mom in WDC

Californian said...


Let me give you one example:

Some time back I was discussing South Africa with an acquaintance. He was a middle of the road guy. He had no illusions about the ANC being anything other than a marxist front. But he did not believe the USA should support the white government. I asked him, "What would you have done if you were a white South African?"

His response was illuminating. He said (I'll paraphrase): "I would have gotten out. I would have realized that the situation was untenable and I'd move myself and my family to some other country."

OK, fine. Given the outcome in SA, maybe that would have been the wise course, at least on an individual level.

Thing is -- today it has gotten to the point where Western peoples are running out of places to run. We have treasonable elites importing the third world into Europe and North America. We all know the score on that one.

Those Western peoples who once might have provided the warrior elite to hold back the tide are gone. I mean the South Africa, Rhodesian and Algerian whites (among others) who fought on the frontlines against marxism and third world barbarism.

Now who defends the West?

It just may be that the heartland is fine. It's just the decadent elites who are the problem. It just may be that with the proper leadership, the Western world could be rallied.

During the dark days of the late 1970s, in the wake of the communist victory in Indochina, and the Ayatollahs holding Americans hostage in Iran, and the USSR on the march globally, it seemed things were fairly bleak. Yet America rallied. The Soviet Union collapsed a mere decade or so later.

It's a matter of race realists providing leadership, intelligent leadership.

How would you get that middle of the road guy to stand and fight?

Think of Theoden's speech at the battle of Minas Tirath, or Aragorn at the Gates of Mordor, think about "Men of the West!"

Jay Santos said...

Californian said….

….Here is the thing: now that white people in Europa and North America are being targeted, how do they react? We're not just talking about abandoning French or British settlers in Africa. White peoples in their homelands are being assaulted and deprived of their rights. Third world rioters are burning ancient European cities. Illegal aliens are being given legal privileges via AA and the like. "

Your post is so well done. It places the relatively small things we deal with, whether a killing in Philadelphia or an absurd government set aside program, it places all of that in the right historical perspective and the right sociological trend. Very excellent. If you're not writing for a living in some way, you ought to be.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight: Republican politicians, who are white, hate the people who elected them, because they are white. Maybe this explains why they can't get anything positive done for their constituents. They don't belong in Congress; they belong in therapy.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as "too white". If I want ethnic flavor I'll go out to a restaurant.

So CAL Snowman said...

Really it's all about collectivism vs. individualism. What Solzhenitsyn lamented as a "loss of willpower" can be translated to mean a loss of Western Individualism. The conditions that we see manifested in the 21st century have a pronounced fear of individual freedom. The New York Times had an article lamenting that the latest Gun Bill was shot down in the Senate. Commenter after commenter kept repeating that the NRA and these Senators were "destroying our freedom" by not enforcing these laws! In essence they are bowing to the collective (the government) to protect themselves from individuals with guns. Never mind the fact that the collective has the biggest and baddest guns on the planet and has never shied away from using them.

The "loss of willpower" in the West can be seen in the struggle between the collective and the individual. The prevailing ideology would have Western Man believe that society and other forces beyond your control makes you who you are, i.e. the negro is violent and poor because society has made him that way (Jim Crow, Slavery, lack of hot pockets in the ghetto). In this sense "Free Will" does not exist. If an individual is shaped not by his own decisions but by society and other forces, then in the collectivist universe, free will does not exist. I believe that is the message that Solzhenitsyn is desperately trying to convey.

John Paul Satre said : "every single action and decision is made purely by free will. With no transcendent force “fating” what you do humans are left to make decisions that make who they are. Humans have no pre-defined purpose or future, by free will people make who they are. This goes with his belief of individualism, society or other forces don’t make who you are decisions that you make, make who you are.”

"Man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world and consequently defines himself afterwards."

If you have read any Satre then you have probably read the play "No Exit." I will spare you the details but it is suffice to say that the main idea was that Hell is not some fiery place lorded over by Satan, rather Hell is OTHER PEOPLE. What he meant by that is that as individuals we all experience (more or less) the same reality and how we impose ourselves on this reality has an effect on other individuals around us. Thus we all as individuals find ourselves in constant conflict with the social orders we have engineered. From this we can see how a collective top down order (the STATE) is the biggest threat to individual freedom. The State requires a "one size fits all" collective strategy that is completely antithetical with the notions of personal liberty. We see this "one size fits all" mentality with the Common Core standards being adopted nation wide. We also see it when politicians like Hillary declare "it takes a village to raise a child." The collective is easy to manipulate and guide while the individual is an unknown and therefore dangerous quantity. The individual is unpredictable and therefore a threat to the collective. This is why they fear the LONE WOLF scenario and why the Lone Wolf is often times so successful.

Big Bear said...

Lorraine/White Mom

Have you looked into Spokane?

Big Bear said...

White Mom I will elaborate further.

Spokane has to be the whitest metro area in America, and it is also 250+ miles from the next metro area. It has a small city feel. There are some universities here, so the Diversity Gang is around, but they aren't in control.

Coeur d'Alene across the border is Norman Rockwell meets the 21st Century. Clean, upscale, but reasonable rents and home prices. Women walk the streets alone at night. 99% white. There are no elected Democrats county-wide and the Republican party is full of Libertarians and Constitutionalists. Idaho does have a state income tax, Washington does not. Washington's perception as a Blue State is all Seattle. Counties east of the Cascades are predominantly red.

There are no blacks and nowhere for them to move. In Idaho, the Mormons are a big religious force and they aren't into moving in Somalians like the Lutherans and 7th Day Ads. North Idaho is populated by White Flight, mostly from SoCal, and usually by way of Seattle after they tire of the liberals there. Thousands of retired LAPD and LACSO here. Mark Fuhrman lives in Sandpoint.

If you like the wilderness, we've got it. An oasis in the Big Empty. It is possible to go days without seeing Blacks, and I can't remember the last time I ever saw a group of hooting Black teens here. Likely not in all the 40 years I've been here.

I've spoken to dozens of people over the years who relocated here for the exact reasons you want to relocate.

Californian said...

Your post is so well done. It places the relatively small things we deal with, whether a killing in Philadelphia or an absurd government set aside program, it places all of that in the right historical perspective and the right sociological trend.

You have to look at the politics behind the incident. Get the big picture. And then use that determine your strategy.

Anonymous said...

can someone get this antio white bitch fired?

can someone sue ..who got rejected?

Arianna Pattek
Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service, Culture and Politics
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Wackerfuss, atw2@georgetown.e

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous asks:
can someone get this antio white bitch fired?

can someone sue ..who got rejected?

Hmmmm..... let's see. Arianna Pattek. That might be one of them Mayflower names. Looks like she's not gotten the requisite nose-job yet. Could be 'Amish', too - you just can't tell with a beak like that and a name like Pattek.

If my suspicions are correct, she will never get fired - irrespective of what she did - even if it was actually illegal. (Though converting to Christianity, opposing feminism, globalism, etc. might get her fired). It's not as if Eric "My People" Holder's Dept. of Just-us is going to be concerned.

As for the notion of white guys whose applications were round-filed by the bitch filing lawsuits, it's a bit like the old joke about Satan's response when God threatened to sue him:

...and just where do you think you're going to find a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Soltzhenitzen was not a defector. He refused to leave the USSR to pick up his Nobel Prize for fear that he wouldn't be allowed back home. The Reds finally stuck him on a plane and kicked him off in Switzerland.
What a great man. He did not seek safety, but spoke out and refused to run.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

How ironic. Edward Gibbon, historian (History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) made a similar comment about what one of the key ingredients was...that allowed Rome to fail:

Loss of "civic virtue". His point was that, when, a society simply goes into "don't give a shit" mode, it is then signing off it's own death certificate. Such has, yes, been repeated throughout history, from the demise of Sodom up and

Painful, yes. Anything to shut the blacks up, and that, yes, is the same as Rome's attitude...and as fatal...