Sunday, April 21, 2013

"White in Philly" -- The Sequel

Articles come along once every so often, that - were they widely distributed and allowed a fair hearing on national television - would change the narrative.
In the shadow of liberty, the cracks threaten the notions of 'freedom' whites fought centuries over


The 'White in Philly' controversy has inadvertently exposed, for those willing to take a peek through the looking glass, a people held hostage.

A civilization held hostage.

In most situations of this nature, the side taking hostages normally has demands. The other side will send in negotiators in hopes of ending the conflict.

Well -- in our situation, we must realize there is no negotiation.

We are supposed to look upon the decline of our cities - our civilization - without protest and smile.

Luckily, not everyone believes in smiling through the decline [Mayor changes tune on black violence discussion: Rebukes author for citing crime problems after calling for conversation, WND, 4-20-13]:
If blacks can criticize whites, then whites should be able to say the inner city “needs to get its act together.”
That was the bottom line of “Being White in Philly,” a controversial article written by Robert Huber and published in Philadelphia Magazine.

What followed was predictable. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said the article was a “sin” and an “incitement to extreme reaction.” The mayor called upon the Philadelphia Human Relations Commission to “rebuke” the magazine and Huber.
But not long ago, Nutter was calling for a “national conversation” about racial issues: “Black on black crime is not an isolated problem. It affects every member of every community. This is a national problem with national implications, and there needs to be a national conversation.”

But what are the actual circumstances of crime in Philadelphia?
Over the last two decades, the city has lost 32 percent of its white population, or 263,254 people. During that time, crime was a major concern.
In the late 1990s, blacks were 43 percent of Philadelphia’s population and 76 percent of the alleged murderers (see chart below). Whites were 52 percent of the population but just 5 percent of alleged murderers.
White and Asians aren't the ones making Philadelphia dangerous...

Today, blacks are 42 percent of Philadelphia’s population and 83 percent of known murder offenders. Whites are now 37 percent of the population and 4 percent of known murder offenders.
The chart comes from a report titled “Murder Is No Mystery: An Analysis of Philadelphia Homicide, 1996-1999,” which was released in 2001 and provocatively asked:
If this went on in your own neighborhood, would you stay? Would you go out at night? Would you consider leaving the neighborhood, or even the city, if you could? Of course you would.
A quarter of a million whites did indeed leave.
As for race and crime in Philadelphia, most murders in the city were intraracial, black-on-black crimes. Of black murder victims, 95 percent were killed by other blacks.
However, the report pointed to a major, noteworthy exception: “Caucasians and Asian Americans, on the other hand, were both more likely to be murdered by an individual of another race.”
Wait a second... who is killing whites and Asians in Philadelphia?

Such disparities are rarely mentioned in the national conversation about race but would tend to validate the concerns expressed in Huber’s piece.
A WND review of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Murder Analysis for 2007-2010 and Murder/Shooting Analysis 2012 reveals startling demographic data that affirm the crime trends found a decade earlier in the “Murder Is No Mystery” report.
Between 2007 and 2012, there were 1,987 murders (an average of 331 murders per year) in Philadelphia. Of those victims, 80 percent were black; 11.2 percent were Hispanic; 6.9 percent were white; and 1.7 percent were Asian.
Only 64 percent of these crimes had known offenders (1,290 of 1,987), with 81 percent of known offenders being black; 7.2 percent white; 10.2 percent Hispanic; and 1.2 percent  Asian.
Because of the “no snitchin’” culture, “defendants charged with murder, rape, robbery and serious assaults were walking free on all charges in nearly two-thirds of all cases” in the city, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. In 2009, Philadelphia had the lowest felony conviction rate of all large cities in America. Soon after taking office, Nutter put in 250 video cameras across the city, in part to compensate for witnesses’ refusal to cooperate with investigations.
According to a WND review of the 2012 Philadelphia Police Murder/Shooting Analysis, of known offenders in 1,083 shootings in the city between 2011 and 2012, 88 percent were by blacks (956). Hispanics represented 102 of the shooting offenders (9 percent), while whites made up 2 percent of offenders in shootings (22) in Philadelphia during that same period.
Current trends nothing new
Historically, racial disparities in crime are not simply products of the 1960s. In 1950, Philadelphia was predominantly white, with blacks comprising roughly 20 percent of the population. Even then, disproportionate levels of criminal offending existed.
“Patterns in Criminal Homicide,” written by renowned criminologist Marvin Wolfgang, was hailed as the most thorough study of homicide at the time. Wolfgang studied every homicide in Philadelphia between 1948 and 1952, and concluded that many were caused by trivial insults and petty arguments (162).
Wolfgang showed that the white murder rate in Philadelphia between 1948 and 1952 was 1.8 per 100,000 people, while the black rate was 25.6, or 14 times the white rate. By the mid-1970s, the white murder rate increased to 2.8 per 100,000. The black murder rate, meanwhile, increased to 64.2, 23 times the white rate.
Wait a second. Black murder rates in Philadelphia were much, much higher before the introduction of the "Great Society" of the 1960s (you know, the 'liberal plantation")?

 Actually, W.E.B. DuBois documented how the black population in Philadelphia back in the 1880-1899 (only three percent of the population) were engaging in criminal acts that far exceeded the white rate -- even those southern European immigrant rates...

Black crime, and the fear of black crime, is turning Philadelphia (America's first national capital city) into... Detroit.

And white people are only supposed to smile as civilization surrenders to anarchy and chaos.

Murder is no mystery in Philadelphia.

It's no mystery in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Dallas, Orlando, Nashville, Chicago, or Indianapolis either.

Civilization is held hostage, and the situation in Philadelphia shows no negotiations will be tolerated.

But as history shows in Philadelphia, black crime has nothing to do with policy.

It's... nature.


Anonymous said...

Blacks don't have the courage to have an honest discussion about race.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

I wanted to go to USA, New YOrk especially, but really when I read all it I dont know if tehre is a place to go in USA? Portland? What else? French tourists do either NYC or LA and LAs vegas...IS canada better?

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

In france, if you go there, go to paris but dont go in the north of paris, stay in the center. Except PAris, Bordeaux is a pretty city, Strasbourg too, the other big city arent pretty.

Anonymous said...

All of these damnable facts and statistics and scary maffs and charts -n- lions and tigers and bears and stuff.►►► RACIST!

So, basically, what I take from your article, Paul, is that blacks have always been a menace to society here in the USA. *color me not surprised*


I wish I could make some safe suggestions. So much of the USA is weaved bad city/good nice town/bad town city good hood/bad hood. Hopefully someone here can give you a heads up. I've never been to New York. I've been to Chicongo (never again). The Norwest is beautiful and there are some very white areas and some unsafe 'other' *ahem* areas. The bigger the city is...that's when the demographics spell out a bit more danger.

Blacks will definitely prey on foreigners if you end up accidentally on their 'turf' so please, do your homework. I'd bring a friend or two if you can. Be safe.

-=Northwest YT=-

Anonymous said...

Check out this website's list of the 15 "most offensive" movie characters. But the one that really knocked me out of my chair was the last one, capped off with the statement (quote):

" all (the) black characters...are shown to be lazy, bumbling idiots who are dragging the United States down."

Sounds like a pretty accurate description to me. Unfortunately, the website has no allowance for comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frenchy, check out Branson City Missouri. Great, mostly white city with a wild west theme, and casinos. I'm moving out to the Ozarks, I'm headed for remote country where I can farm a little crop, and raise some animals. I've lived around blacks my whole life, and I'm done. I'll be out of here(St.Louis) by next year. I'm building my own house with some inheritance money.

The first poster has it right, we'll never have a discussion on race, blacks just want to beat us over the head, while having a gushing, anti-white, liberal jerk-fest. I'm so sick of seeing 16-30 year old mudsharks, I'm 23, and 5'7, I get NO attention from white women, I'm so lonely I'm about to start dating a Korean girl, and I can't stand interracial relationships. What the hell is wrong with these young white women?!?

-One pissed off Irishman...

Dan said...

Manhattan is safe enough, as long as you stay around the southern end of central park.

LA has virtually no blacks. Go to Santa Monica, Century City, Pasadena.

The niggers are all in the Altadena area or near USC downtown.

rjp said...

blancdeseinesaintdenis, every major city in the USA used to be safe if you stayed in the white tourist and business districts. Now it is not so. I have never been to NYC so I can't offer any advice about it.

I live in Chicago. Chicago used to be safe, and still is as long as there aren't a bunch of black youths around. But that can change in a very short time as evidenced by our recent events (Michigan Avenue thugging). But that doesn't mean that because there is no large group out and about that there will be no problems as even a group of 4 or 5 can be a major problem once they get their group testosterone level up.

One must be vigilant in any American city and aware of their surroundings. Pay very close attention if the ethnic make up of an area starts to darken. If a black you don't know starts calling you or trying to make conversation in a public place, he wants something. Don't ask street corner loafing blacks for directions. Don't make eye contact, but don't obviously ignore, and don't give the impression you are discussing them because they will naturally assume you are dissing (disrespecting) them. Blacks prey on stupid whites and tourists.

Canada probably is safer, but then it is whiter. Lots of safe places in the USA, all has to do with the demographics. Also avoid any place that has a black event going on at the time of your visit. Myrtle Beach nice, Myrtle Beach during black bike week equals hellhole.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous blancdeseinesaintdenis said: I wanted to go to USA, New YOrk especially, but really when I read all it I dont know if tehre is a place to go in USA? Portland? What else? French tourists do either NYC or LA and LAs vegas...IS canada better?

Largely off-topic to the article, somewhat off-topic to your comment, but On-topic to SBPDL (I think):

I can't speak to NYC. I did the tourist thing when I was a kid, and I haven't had a business reason (or personal desire) to go there in about 18 years, even though I live less than 100 miles from it. I am quite familiar with Philadelphia, but oddly, I can't speak to it as a tourist destination for someone coming in from overseas (air travel, hotel, local transportation, etc.). Philadelphia is infested with negros, but it should be tolerable for white visitors, in the (white) business, historical and entertainment areas such Center City, South Philadelphia, Olde City, etc.. Still, never let your guard down, especially at night.

I've been to Vegas itself three times in the past 5 years, appears to be primarily white, with no shortage of European visitors. The city is based on tourism, I doubt they will allow that to be endangered by monkeyshines. Ask OJ Simpson.

I have heard some things about the city of NORTH Las Vegas (it is a separate town) having problems with negros, perhaps someone else could illumine.

I flew in to Vegas last September, and drove up to Yosemite park (long but peaceful drive), for a week of camping. Three days of that was spent in the valley, in a large group campground (200+ people). The first two nights, I shared my campsite with two German couples, the last night was shared with two young couples from New Zealand. I was in the minority, I think, as an American.... lots of white non-American tourists, including French-speaking. The entire week in what I think is America's most popular national park, and I saw ONE (1) negro worker (AA hire), and ONE (1) negro couple as visitors. That's it. Despite the concentration of people in the campground (and the fact that all toiletries, food and odorous gear MUST be stored in UNLOCKED bear-proof lockers, not in tents OR cars), there was no fear of theft, no inappropriate noise, no arguments, no fights, certainly no shootings. Everyone was polite. I mused on this as I was there, as it was truly a microcosm of what entire cities or countries could be without the negros....

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

Long years ago, our Hindu professor of physics explained something to us that at that time, I didn't believe possible, and over time, I've seen it again and again.

"You will find..." He stated, "that there are always those, who, when faced hard with the data, the experimental and math proofs, disdain the truth, and for emotionalistic reasoning."

Translation: "When the facts do not conform to the theorem, discard said facts."

Fact: What is the most likely cause of death of a white male in the USA?

Answer: Cardiovascular disease.

Fact: What is the most likely cause of death of a black male in the USA?

Answer: Violence.

Oh, yes, whine all you want, cry and say it's blatant racism. Is it? When the math states the facts all too clearly? When the statistics add and add and add? And to what conclusion?

PK's hypothesis holds water: Where the majority of a city is black, it tends to slide into the sewer most quickly. Name the city that's mostly black, and study the stats for yourself.

I've been to court, friends. As a juror and last year, as a victim. Yes. The majority of those Not white. Not Hispanic. Black.

Face facts or shut the f up. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but...

Facts run counter to my 'feelings'...and facts hurt my wittle 'feelings' when they don't shore up my beliefs in said feelings...therefore, facts don't exist...they are existential enemies of my...'feelings' and only my 'feelings' can create new logic out of whole cloth.

'Feelings' for the win, Alex.

Give that loser, erm, I mean 'non-winner' a gold star before we hurt their 'feelings' for placing last (I mean 'first' because up is down, right is left, bad is good)!

-=Northwest YT=-

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Yes, blacks committed murder far in excess of their percentage of the population before 1960.

There is a point that the "White In Philly" article missed and that Derbyshire missed. The people in the Philly article lived close to blacks or in a "mixed" neighborhood.

Most black on white crime is perpetrated in white areas. Black criminals have no hesitation in hunting for prey in places whites think they are safe.

This means any city or town that has any blacks is not completely safe, especially after dark.

Anonymous said...

"Blacks prey on stupid whites and tourists."

Blacks prey on stupid middle class whites and tourists.
There is no black crime problem in Italian, Russian, Polish, Mexican neighborhoods of Chicago.

Melanie said...

@ blancdeseinesaintdenis-

It really all depends on what you're looking for in your visit-bright lights big city, a taste of "Americana", excitement, solitude, the glory of American landscapes, or the most cosmopolitan experience. Avoiding the groid and staying safe goes without saying.

I know deep south states (such as my own, Mississippi) are undoubtedly not the vacation experience you (or, frankly, most anyone) have in mind. In my area-the Gulf Coast-we do have a small tourism industry mostly based on casinos and seafood dining.

Here's some irony for you-most deep south states have more negros per capita than northern or western states. Yet, all told, we have less of the mob, looting, or violence problems than many of those states-obviously excepting southern cities such as Atlanta, New Orleans, or Birmingham (or even my state capitol, Jackson MS) which are completey run by and given over to negros. In many of the very small rural majority-white communities, you'd think it was still 1950-whites own everything, all the white kids go to private schools, separate white and negro proms are maintained, old black men and women still say "yassuh" and "yas ma'am" to respectable whites.

On the other hand, there's nothing worth coming all the from France to see in those areas, unless you just want to confirm with your very own eyeballs that such places exist in the year 2013. We really don't try to advertise, or "boost" these areas, the last thing we need is to bring the microscope of the MSM on them so they can destroy a way of of life that's been working perfectly in its own way for over a hundred years. The quickest way to get that attention is to get uppity ideas about growing your small town into some industrial or tourist mecca. No, it's not ideal, but it really comes to down to what the people most value. These people value, to put it clumsily, values, and passing values down through generations.

Dissident said...

This is for the young Irishman that's frustrated for lack of decent American women.

25 years ago when I was in my teens, I too, sensed a frustration seeing nice looking girls dating outside their race. They did this mainly, because at the time, it seemed cool and fashionable to do.

Fast forward 25+ years and just today I saw a roughly 20 year old girl pushing her two twin mulatto offspring through the park. In a way I felt sorry for her, because I sensed that she was lonely and unhappy--she looked that way, anyhow? Her chances of meeting a upstanding white guy will be slim, once they go black we don't want them back, typically speaking.

I feel for her children stuck between two identities and two races.

The best thing that you can do is to get FIT and MANLY. Learn to treat women with respect, but project POWER and CONFIDENCE always. Women like to be taken care of and if you get your body and your mind in good shape, you will have a good woman in no time flat.

Start weight training and biking, climbing, paleo-fitness and hit the books and become a multi-skilled man of the world.

Ignore these stupid manosphere blogs, they're filled with narcissistic players and idiots.

Bottom line: It's a competition and you've got to sell yourself. When buying a car you look at fit and finish and reliability. Sell that to a woman and you'll be alright.

Bogolyubski said...

At the end of the day, it is important to keep in mind who is framing the non-discussion of issues. Remember that BRA is a massive, genocidal looting scheme. While it's true that groids benefit from BRA, there is another, largely hidden group who benefits even more. The massive wealth-transfer is largely going to the coffers of the squid oligarchs, secondarily to the high-level nomenklatura in charge of administration of the project, the groids are third or even fourth in line here.

Keep in mind that while Mr. Kersey and others in the "Dark Enlightenment" make very little money, have to do all their own promotion, advertising, etc., an openly genocidal member of the nomenklatura like Tim Wise flies all of the country for paid speaking engagements - often funded from student fees paid by the parents of the indoctrinated whites attending the universities and colleges where he is invited to lecture (probably for at least 10K per appearance). There is a massive infrastructure in place which is supported by BRA - so any attempt at an honest discussion would be nipped in the bud. While one will see asshats like the very appropriately named Nutter foaming at the mouth, keep in mind that Nutter and his bros don't own the infrastructure. Destroy the ones who own and operate the infrastructure and the whole thing would implode in two weeks' time, if that.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I have been kinda bitching and moaning today because we have another snow storm heading our way. But reading stories like this always cheers me up. 81 % blacks killing 80 % blacks is ALWAYS GOOD NEWS. I hope this trend within the black community continues. This makes the old KKK boys look like boy scouts. Remember the guy that shot some people because his neighbor fucked up the Kool-Aid. He missed the guy he was shooting at and hit the people in the background. Bringing an AK-47 to bitch about your fried chicken order does take the prize. I want to read more stories like this.

The writer should do a story called "BLACK IN PHILLY" and all the welfare mommies can talk about their "chilluns an babies be gittin shot an sheet" by other welfare mommies children and babies. Blacks killing blacks is not racist. It is only racist when a white person talks about it.

Remember back in the old days when America was still kind of a free country and the blacks would get upset if someone used the term COLORED PERSON. Now they want to be called a PERSON OF COLOR. These people are nucking futs. Blacks killing each other has always met with my approval. Who pays for the funerals. To me it is money well spent.

Anonymous said...

To the French tourist guy: I am a born and bred New Yorker, although I no longer live there. New York City these days is extremely safe and pleasant (especially northern Brooklyn), so long as you stay situationally aware (as any traveller should do at all times). You will be fine if you stay in Manhattan south of Columbia University, especially around Tribeca and the Village, and in the northwest parts of Brooklyn like Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights and Carroll Gardens. Places like Queens and Staten Island aren't worth seeing anyway, unless you care a lot about baseball. Every person on Earth should get to experience the indescribable beauty and pleasure of Central Park in springtime. If you haven't rolled around in the grass in Strawberry Fields (preferably with a pretty girl) and then eaten a hot dog on the steps of the Met on a nice warm day, then in my opinion you haven't lived. My big complaint these days about NYC is that it's just too damn crowded, and it has way more foreigners than it has actual New Yorkers.

Portland and Seattle are nice places too, but they are pleasant rather than cosmic.

Anonymous said...


Excellent advice. Might I add that we all should try to stay as fit as possible. When I see obese white women with black men it just makes me ill.


Your advice was spot-on. Appreciate all of your posts here btw!


The points Paul makes here are so glaringly in your face. I feel bad for any multi-culti indoctrinated white person who feverishly wants to believe that we are all equal until they wind up in the wrong neighborhood and get a full-on mugging/raping/murdering by 'reality negro' the anti-hero.

More harm than da hood.

-=Northwest YT=-

Melanie said...

From what I've noticed over the years (and what attracted me to my husband), it's men who truly have other interests of their own other than women, or even, or especially, the particular woman in their life. That doesn't mean that they never have time for their woman, or that she doesn't come first in the big picture, but they have time for their own life, friends, and interests, and any woman who won't accept that is the kind of woman who would suck the lifeblood from them and then toss them to the curb for the man having tried to be what the woman "claimed" she wanted.

I don't mean that silly "manosphere" stuff either-that sounds like men seeking how to have a life that will draw women. When what they want to do is actually have such a life, because they're interested in life itself, not as a means of drawing women.

Now, being out of the singles scene for a thousand years, I couldn't say if the women I see in popular culture are representative of American womanhood. In my small circle, they're still all pretty traditional.

JB said...


Thanks for another gem. Keep up the good work.

If I were to advise blancdeseinesaintdenis on where to visit here, I might recommend the Badlands. Just my two cents.

Oh, and I had a bitter chuckle at your first poster here who said:

"Anonymous said...

Blacks don't have the courage to have an honest discussion about race."

Heh. Another anonymous poster from the Nation of Cowards weighing in, bemoaning the lack of courage on the part of black people.

I assume he's using the word "honest" ironically.

Anonymous, please.

Best to you and yours, Kersey.

Big Bear said...

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

I wanted to go to USA, New YOrk especially, but really when I read all it I dont know if tehre is a place to go in USA? Portland? What else? French tourists do either NYC or LA and LAs vegas...IS canada better?

It depends on what you are looking for. History? Not a whole lot nationally in the Northwest, since we've only been settled for a little over a century. Portland and Seattle are nice places to visit. Full of white liberal collectivist cheese-chasers, but few blacks. LA is great if you stay near the ocean. Vegas is very tourist-oriented...lots of Euros and Asians.

I would take Mr. Clean's advice and hit the National Parks. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mt. Rainier...I could count on one hand the number of blacks I've seen there. There is an international flavor and little worry about theft, etc. I live in Idaho and about the only places I go are the Pacific NW and North California. Hit the backroads and visit the small towns. There is something for everyone there.

Canada...I've never been to Quebec. Toronto has been overrun by Muslims in the last 20 years. When my mom went to college there in the 50s, she couldn't recall a single black or brown face. Western Canada is like the Pacific Northwest: wilderness and white people.

Anonymous said...

I used to work two blocks away from Treyvons school in Carol City Miami. At lunch I'd put the Kel-Tec in my pocket and venture to Wal Mart or Home Depot. The "natives" would walk around proudly displaying "NO SNITCHING" shirts. I mean, it was a big fad three years ago. One day I had lunch at the Quizno's across the street from Carol City High, a teacher had repremanded a student earlier. She was shot 7 times as she left. No one saw anything. Didn't take much detective work to get him.

Whiskey said...

The people who run BRA are off hand, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, all the guys on Sandhill Road, John Malone, Rupert Murdoch. Carlos Slim ...

And millions and millions of White people who work as college professors, K-12 teachers, government administrators, various "minders" (social workers, probation officers, arguably teachers, cops, firefighters, and so on). Most of White America's wealth is tied up in getting paid to mind, babysit, jail, treat, agitate, and talk about Black people.

By contrast, the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, and transportation industries are minor.

It is not "squids" (The Gates Foundation is out in the open about how only non-Whites need apply for their scholarships). No one is hiding this, they are shouting it from the rooftops. And they find plenty of takers because a comfortable, non demanding living can be made basically minding, babysitting, jailing, and treating Black people. Plus there is all sorts of status whoring to be had, in the eternal status jockeying.

White society is very, VERY unstable, a person's status and standing and friendships and social networks can collapse at the slightest faux pas. Which is very different than years past, when family, accomplishments, and existing networks determined all that. A person can rise sky high or fall to great depths and be untouchable.

Hence the fear.

And of course there is the role athletics play. I am indebted, and here I have to thank Paul Kersey, for bringing forward "Scoreboard Baby" and its story of the total corruption College Football plays in the Opiate of America. Dropping football for F1, Rugby, FIM Superbike, IndyCar, was the healthiest thing I've done in years.

But the real enemy is most ordinary White Americans who believe fancy lies instead of plain truths. Just watch any commercial on TV. Any at random.

Anonymous said...

Ex Lincolnite here:

Bogolyubski: Once again a great comment. It is nice to see people who are awake.

I think the real outrage from Nutter is that he knows he doesn't control his city. Probably most suburban whites in Philly only venture into the city at night once in a while and then to the Phillies game and back out.

And that is killing center city Philly because the dirty truth is that BRA doesn't survive without white taxpayers. And as the white tax base fades away so do the cities that white people built. The decline has been happening for a while. And now we get to see the end of it.

Yet, there are a lot of really brain dead DWLs out there too. I don't go much for the white pride stuff, because most of the white people are kool-aid drinkers too. All we can do is keep to ourselves and remove ourselves as much from the lamestream as we can.

Once again, a hat tip to Bogo... You are the man!

Anonymous said...

Who cares, stay out of the negroid menace cities.


Stay out of them, don't do your business with them. If you live there, fine a way to move out. Eventually the entire city will be overrun just like Detroit, and they will eventually stop blaming whitey for everything and the only thing they can blame are the blacks who will be left to kill each other.

It'll be the perfect storm.

Anonymous said...

Outdoorsman here:

"And white people are only supposed to smile as civilization surrenders to anarchy and chaos."

It's the squids who smile while the simians rampage. They did more to open the zoo cages than anyone else. The opinion of Whites pro or con is not even worthy of notice in squid-owned BRA.

Mr. Clean said...

Big Bear said: I would take Mr. Clean's advice and hit the National Parks. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mt. Rainier...I could count on one hand the number of blacks I've seen there

I didn't advise to hit the National Parks, I merely mentioned a recent trip to Las Vegas and Yosemite in response to blancdeseinesaintdenis's mention of overseas travel into Las Vegas, and cited my largely negro-less experience. I don't know if he/she is into outdoors/hiking/camping/etc..

That being said... if you ARE into outdoors/hiking/camping/etc., then I certainly do recommend the National Parks for a fun, negro-less vacation, and Las Vegas is a great springboard if you are coming from far away. I am not sure how the air travel would work from overseas in terms of convenience and cost, but within the UNited States, you can find deals into Vegas (including nonstop), as it is a major international airport. Decent hotel rooms in Vegas and rental cars can be had cheaply. There is a 24-hr WalMart Supercenter near the airport, where you can conveniently pick up supplies for your wonderful, negro-free national parks adventure!

When I flew into Vegas about five years ago, I hit Death Valley, Grand Canyon (south rim), and Zion national parks. Yosemite, etc. is reachable in about 7 hours, and I believe that you can hit Bryce Canyon and other areas in Utah in about that time from Vegas. The drives are easy and scenic, especially if you come from back East.

Anonymous said...

Orange County Ca has no blacks. Enjoy the beach in Laguna Beach or rent a condo on the ocean in Laguna Niguel, Del Mar, Newport all white, all safe.
Fly into John Wayne

Anonymous said...

LA? Really. Around the airport? Compton, Elsegundo?

Anonymous said...

Or any free event in any major city or suburban area. Blacks will travel miles and miles for any event in any town. The stopped having carnivals in a lot if suburbs because it was all blacks from the city robbing folks and making trouble

Anonymous said...

For those that want to visit the US, we do have some really nice beaches. Great thing about that, is most blacks are terrified of the water and most beach towns are very pleasant.

Irishman: I am about your size, but have built strength and confidence through working out my body and mind. PK has an article about Cross Fit. Give that a try, great for you and opportunity to meet girls who are driven. Hardly any blacks do it either!

As Melanie said, being able to respectfully treat a woman and be confident isnt that hard, but for some reason lot of guys are either too stubborn or stupid to figure that out. Maybe its a Southern thing...

Good luck to all of you out there, lets continue to grow this site!

Proud North Carolinian

- you wouldnt happen to be an Irate Irishman would ya?? Awesome site

Californian said...

"You will find..." He stated, "that there are always those, who, when faced hard with the data, the experimental and math proofs, disdain the truth, and for emotionalistic reasoning."

This is so especially with DWLs whose immersion in their egalitarian ideology is total. "Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide."--James Burnham

Melanie said...

My husband and I spent a month in Mexico (Guadalajara, a mountain village which seemed to be owned by one man, Mexico City, and a short time in Acapulco. This was during the era of the "cocaine cowboys", and even then I swore I'd never go back. I certainly wouldn't now even if they paid me.

App 20 yrs ago my best friend and I drove to Seattle where one of my sisters and her family lived at the time. We were only there for a few days, so used three of them to take the ferry over to British Columbia to stay at a bed and breakfast. I adored it, being at the time in an Anglophile stage. We had tea at the Empire, wandered among the rose gardens most of the day, and window shopped. The only part which was less than stellar was being literally overrun on the sidewalks by hordes of Asian tourists. They would walk past the two of us in a very aggressive manner, knocking us off the sidewalk. We were good Southern girls, non-confrontational, but finally we'd had enough. We adjusted our (very heavy) backpacks loosely to one shoulder, and the next time they did it, we swung into them with the backpacks with all our might and knocked them off the sidewalk, just for a change of pace. Then we high-tailed it into a nearby bookstore, doubled over with laughter at our audacity. (I know, you can roll your eyes)

I loved going though Wyoming et al, all the "big sky country" -I really understand why it's called that. Unfortunately, we had to put wet towels in the windows-my pale Scots-Irish (no comments from the gallery) skin was being burned to a crisp (I've never sunbathed in my life). The dry heat! The BIG SLOW fat black flies! And how I prayed for one little cloud, there seemed no escape from the sun! As beautiful as the gorgeous sky which seemed to have no horizon was, I was never so glad to return to humid heat in my life.

That was the trip when I finally took it to heart that "the grass is always greener on the other side". I did love the Pacific Northwest climate-so perfect for growing roses, a hobby of mine. But I finally learned-maybe becoming middle-aged played its part-that there's no place like home. The only other place I could even remotely consider living out of Mississippi is the most remote holler in Appalachia. I love it up there.

Anyway, I can't do much traveling alone anymore, since suddenly developing a severe case of gephyrophobia (fear of bridges) in middle age. No traumatic event brought it on, it just happened out of the blue. Well, there's not many places to go, even locally, where you don't have to cross bridges. I can grit my way across the ones I've crossed all my life, but no others, and especially not those which go steep in the middle, or are long (no Pontchartrain), or are very narrow and have low or widely-spaced sides.

I didn't feel so bad when I read of a jet pilot who has this phobia!

Californian said...

Tourism in California:

The San Francisco Bay area can be fun. Berkeley has a street scene but risky. Oakland is largely no-go. Further south to Monterrey and Santa Cruz good and sort of secluded (though the latter has lots of granola crunchers).

Central state: keep to the coast along Route 101 and lots of very nice small towns such as Pismo Beach and Santa Maria. You'll need a car. Central Valley--largely agriculture.

Los Angeles: transportation is problematic. A rental car is necessary. There's a subway system which goes nowhere in particular, though does access Hollywood. Downtown is being gentrified, but borders on low-life zone. Beach cities got good stuff though expensive. You might be able to wangle a movie studio tour. Disneyland down in Orange County.

National Parks: lots of impressive scenery, especially Yosemite.

Bogolyubski said...

The people who run BRA are off hand, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, all the guys on Sandhill Road, John Malone, Rupert Murdoch. Carlos Slim ...

This is essentially a squid roster, by the way - with the caveat that it is by no means complete or all-inclusive. I would add Lloyd "Doin' Godz Work' Blankfein, Michael Bloomberg, the Wal-Mart heirs, Theresa Heinz-Kerry, Sheldon Adelson and the House of Saud to your list just for good measure.

Whiskey's rejoinder about the nomenklatura who serve and enable the squids - who impose BRA for them - is really worth taking a hard look at also. It's a good point, too. The hard fact is that even in totalitarian societies, the elite do not rule things on their own. They set the agenda, and as Whiskey mentioned, these monsters don't even hide their genocidal objectives. Neverthless, they need lots of willing hands to impose this agenda on a whole civilization.

So, the first principle to remember is that these folks are utterly monstrous. They are therefore in no position to make any moral claims whatsoever. All moral arguments made by them, or their shills, should be rejected a priori. This is actually pretty obvious once your eyes are open. As with the statement to groids that We owe you nothing!, we likewise must make a statement to squids and their nomenklatura lickspittles that Liars have no moral rights or claims upon us!

The monumental task we face is convincing enough white folks that they need to stop listening to the stream of lies which emanates from these monsters and their mouthpieces. How can the emotional and moralistic arguments which have been made in favor of BRA be exposed for the lies they are and ultimately destroyed? These lies have penetrated so deeply that they've become a type of ersatz religion with many whites, with all the posturing and status-whoring Whiskey mentioned.

Bogolyubski said...

Thinking about this a slightly different way, consider the remark made by the lying POS Sam Donaldson recently: It's our country now!

How can we convince most whites to take him at his word? In other words, the day most whites realize that it really isn't their country anymore - and has not been for a long time is the day at least some might start to disinvest themselves from the racket. What would squid central do if tens of millions of middle-class white folks just stopped paying altogether - their taxes, their loans, stopped sending their kids to indoctrination centers, turned off the jujubox? The racket would implode in very short order. If it imploded thoroughly enough, the squids might even turn upon their pet savages - or flee while the nomenklatura was left at their mercy.

Anonymous said...

Dan said...

LA has virtually no blacks. Go to Santa Monica, Century City, Pasadena.

LA has lotsa poor, black, latinos, middle eastern...yuk
Including Bev Hills, where voting ballot is in farsi.

Anonymous said...

displaying "NO SNITCHING" shirts??

Ex-Brooklynite said...


NYC in Manhattan south of 100th street (and there's little you'll want to see north of it) is perfectly safe. Despite liberal equality talk and blather, NYC's police stop and frisk black men regularly, checking for guns. This keeps the criminal element out of the main parts of the city. And it has also pacified many of the violent areas of Brooklyn.

Avoid East New York, Bushwick, and a few areas of the Bronx. The rest is your playground.

Anonymous said...

Really? I wouldn't give you a nickle for NYC. You are like aliens. But I share your distaste for the negro. That we have in common and why we should do well on a foxhole.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....A good place for tourist is Mount Rushmore and the area around the Black Hills. There is a nice little tourist town on I-90 called WALL that is a real nice attraction for families with kids. Do a search on WALL DRUGS. Nice little towns in the Black Hills like Custer, Hill City and Keystone. A really great antique train ride at Keystone. Motels are really expensive on I-90. About $250.00 a night, but cheaper just a few miles off the interstate.

NEVER HAVE SEEN ANY BLACKS anywhere in that area except a few tourist. No blacks means no crime. Lots of bikers in the Summer, but they are not mugging and raping people. The Black Hills area remind me of how America looked before the junk food joints took over. 300 miles in any direction from Mt. Rushmore has ONLY WHITE PEOPLE. I think this will be where the Phoenix will rise from the ashes. A new day is coming.

So CAL Snowman said...


I would highly recommend a white water rafting trip down the Colorado River in Arizona's Grand Canyon. I also recommend California's Big Sur as it is possibly the most beautiful place on earth for camping and hiking. Vegas is fun, just stay on the Strip and you will be fine.

Whiskey said : "It is not "squids" (The Gates Foundation is out in the open about how only non-Whites need apply for their scholarships). No one is hiding this, they are shouting it from the rooftops"

In a way I agree with you, White people are doing this to themselves. HOWEVER, without the "Squid" controlled media, BRA would never and could never exist. And make no mistake, the Squids control ALL Mainstream Media. ALL OF IT.

" Most of White America's wealth is tied up in getting paid to mind, babysit, jail, treat, agitate, and talk about Black people."

I do not agree with this statement at all. According to President Reagan's landmark 1984 Grace Commission Report regarding the Federal income tax : "100% of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal Debt ... all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services taxpayers expect from government."

White wealth is tied up in supporting the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the IMF, it is not consumed by all things black. We sit here screeching about how our money is being redistributed to the blacks and browns, but in reality it is being redistributed to the Banksteins.

As for F1 racing, I haven't watched since the mulatto half breed, Lewis Hamilton, claimed he was penalized during a race because he is black. The headline is even deliciously ghetto:

Is is 'cos I'm black?

Dissident said...


"And millions and millions of White people who work as college professors, K-12 teachers, government administrators, various "minders" (social workers, probation officers, arguably teachers, cops, firefighters, and so on). Most of White America's wealth is tied up in getting paid to mind, babysit, jail, treat, agitate, and talk about Black people."

I hate to say this, but I think you're astutely 100% spot-on with that comment. Can you imagine the civilization we could have if not true.

YT is noting more than a babysitter for people that are typically nothing more than spoiled brats and bullies.

We expend our precious energy to take care of and coddle and nurture races of people that absolutely hate us. What a statement of fact.

As each day dawns and passes into night, I await the day that it all collapses, so that we can rebuild it once again. This time; though, without the dead weight of white guilt and manic liberals dictating our every whim. We must make it so.

Anonymous said...

A commenter on a previous post suggested Spokane, WA to White Mom as a suitable place to flee WDC. Having been there I do agree it is a nice place, however, I came across a comment on CNN's website that has me intrigued. The CNN commenter, in smug DWL snakiness, used Spokane as a rare example of a Whitetopia with higher than average crime rate. I checked out the website,, and found the following info:

Total Pop 196,000 (2000 census)
% White - 96
% Black - 2

2006 Overal Crime Rate - 6500 per 100K (national average = 4480 per 100K)
This is rare and very odd for a 96% white area.

I think Big Bear mentioned that Spokane is a University town and has it share of diversity. So it has me wondering if the crime here is being inflated due to the 2 to 4% diversity of the area? Does anyone know how to find the breakdown of crime by race for a specific town/city?

BLONDE said...

In BRA, White elites are an endangerment to our community. Anti Racism Must End.

"If the White community had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening."


Anonymous said...

So Nutter was once on a soapbox calling for a dialogue on race relations but as soon as anyone speaks the unpleasant truth, he chimps out and tries to shut them up. That is as predictable as sunrise and sunset.
The call for a dialogue on race relations by a black is simply done so they can gain attention and seem "concerned." On that level, it's just more "looks at me!" behavior.
However, if anyone should be so foolish as to respond to the "request" and seek to have an honest dialogue, they'll simply be shouted down, screamed at and demonized as a horrible racist.
The offer itself is as fake as a vase of plastic flowers.
Any such "dialogue" is just used as a launch pad for more demands for gibsmedat, social programs and transfers of wealth. It's a con job and a hustle.
You're simply supposed to attend, swallow the "black perspective" hook, line and sinker, blame yourself for all their problems and dysfunctions and then open up and empty out your wallet and leave.
Of course, when the money is all spent and they need "mo' money," another black asshole will call for "da dialogue on da race relations."
Here's my contribution: Fuck off, nigger!


again the black so-called leaders are hiding the facts from all of the residents of kill-a-delphia! don't look now! and it's not just a black problem. anything to place blame somewhere else. next thing you know the blacks will be telling us that these are whites dressed in black-face or some other fucking lie these spooks dream up! and on another note they are saying now that the older brother bomber was thrown out of the mosque because of (READY) some martin luther king rant! that's another muslim lie. gee, I see a pattern with blacks and smelly swine muslims. just blame it on whitey for everything. hell blame the white man even when there are none left in the city you are currently destroying. it's truly fucking amazing how this is being pulled off with a straight face. hey mr. nut-bag, fuck you and your jungle bunnies too! philly sucks, and your people are the down fall of your city. mr. nut-bag what's the end goal? all whites out of the city! then idiot who will you blame then for your peeps black dysfunction? GODSPEED&SEGREGATION NOW!!!

MuayTyson said...

Hey Young Irish,

Let me first second what Dissident said, create yourself. Look in the mirror and give yourself an honest evaluation. Put yourself down on paper how do you stack up education, financial, skills, abilities? You do not have to be everything just what you enjoy and what works for you. When you decide what you want to be then go do it.

As far as women goes, I have been to over 20 countries and plan to go to more. I happened to marry a Korean woman we have an OK relationship but an interracial/intercultural relationship is not for everyone. In all honesty I would not do it again I would stick with my own race.

Eastern Europe is a wonderful place to meet women. I actual met a very nice Hungarian girl on a bus to England. If I did it again I would not do any internet stuff but save up and go on vacation. Bulgaria would be my choice. Good luck.

Lorraine said...

Those of you who gave me feedback re: where to move, thank you.

Been researching... At some point just have to poop or get off the pot so to speak and bolt.

Blacks have wrecked this country. The Mexicans and the Musturds are next. There is an article on Amren about how white Europeans are fleeing the continent as more muzzieturds move there. Of course the white elite and their Bankstein pets don't care, they can hide behind their security gates for awhile.

Yeah working in Amurkistan is a bitch. Diversity and mutlicult trainings at work. Then there is the getting to work that is the issue/ fending off unemployed groids or groids who are miserable that they have to work. Then paying gas or public transpo fare.

I have worked from home the last few years but then diversity and its glorious flagella had to creep into my homespace via section 8 sistahs and wild groid teens wilding at parks that were new and now have been destroyed.

Gentrification was/ is just a ploy to suck out money from the middle class.

So, I have to fight to be free. I have to reflect on Rapsail's musing of courage. I will have to develop the courage to be 'poor' by Amurkistan standards, that meaning I don't have the flat screen TV nor the 1.1 million dollar home, BUT I will be rich in that I am free. I am rich in that I am independent of the so called comforts which are really 'trappings'.

Leaving the DC plantation.....

White Mom

Mr. Rational said...

I second the recommendations for Yosemite, Zion, and Bryce.

Wall Drug is the ne plus ultra of tourist traps.  I had a buffalo burger there, it was very good.

Anonymous said...


So, Blacks are killing other Blacks.

So what.

When we Whites endured the "White Man's Burden" and attempted to keep order in the Tribal Areas, the Africans screamed "dat be racyss!!. So, we left and took with us the White Man's, order, controls, rules, regulations....and let the monkeys lose.

So, they kill each other. (Yahn) Good. The more they kill, the fewer we have to feed. I like what they do in Chicago where they don't enforce gun crimes. This leaves the monkeys on the streets to kill more monkeys. If I didn't know better, I would say the Whites that still control Chicago WANT dead Black man.

Excellent. Keep up the good work. If we Whites went back in and cleaned up their mess, it would only result in more of these apes living, breeding and raping White women. I can not thank enough the City Governments of Detroit, Chicago, Phili, etc. Thank you for allowing the Black Man to be free at last, free at last, thank GOD ALMIGHTY they are free at last.

Free to Kill Each Other.

Anonymous said...

To the French guys who asks about visiting America.

Basically, DO NOT. You have to know your way around each city in the US, even small ones, since very US city has a Negroville.

If you are White and end up in ANY OF THESE TRIBAL areas you are seriously at risk of being killed. I am not joking.

I have traveled all over the South Eastern US and would never enter any city at night without knowing where I am going. Any time I sense that I am entering the Tribal areas, I find a way to reverse. Even in day light.

Travel for White People is not safe anywhere in America. We even have places we call "no go" if you are white. Always have your gun with you and never, EVER take any street with the Negro name: Martin Luther King. NEVER

Mon ami, my advice is 100% accurate and I am not kidding. I always carry a gun. Actually 2. One in the car and one in my brief case. I keep my car doors locked at all time and am ready at all times to drive fast as hell. Blacks will come up to you car to steal it. They usually through a rock into your face so keep the windows up at all time.

America is a horrible place to travel. No that you have infected your country with Arabs and Africans, you will see why we kept the Animals under slavery.

Mr. Clean said...

Ex New Yorker here: A good place for tourist is Mount Rushmore and the area around the Black Hills

About 12-13 years ago, I camped at a nice state park near Mt. Rushmore, as I made my way out to Yellowstone. Mostly local people at the campground, they were the friendliest bunch. When they noticed my PA license plates, I ended up having numerous invitations to stop by the other camp sites for food or a beer.

And of course, no negros...

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 5:05AM said: So Nutter was once on a soapbox calling for a dialogue on race relations but as soon as anyone speaks the unpleasant truth, he chimps out and tries to shut them up. That is as predictable as sunrise and sunset.

I wonder if Nutter's "outrage" at the article is just an act. He may be putting on a show for his negro base, and attempting to divert them from the fact that he is (to his credit) going to make cuts to the city budget. This includes doing unpopular things such as closing the negro kennels known as "schools".

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
To the French guys who asks about visiting America.

Basically, DO NOT…

It's important to be safe, but I can't agree with this advice. If you're absolutely committed to traveling to the U.S. it can be done. The recommendations for the national parks, particularly in the western U.S. are a good bet. Tremendously beautiful.

However, if you wish to travel to American cities, do be careful. Negro crime is at unprecedented levels. If they find an individual traveler or even a small group of foreign white visitors, the chances of being attacked by a negro mob is real. America has become much like Zimbabwe, with an African strong man running the government and security forces targeting whites. The economy and currency have nearly collapsed and large farms and industrial enterprises are being given to friends of the black leader.

One trick that my white friends and I use when going outdoors, is to apply a black shoe polish to our hands and faces. We cover our hair with hats and wear sun glasses. If you take that simple precaution as well as wearing t-shirts supporting black slogans like "NO SNITCHING" or "OBAMA, YES WE CAN", then you may be able to pass through the negro areas without a problem. Still, it is a dangerous country.

Anonymous said...

Blanc, je recommande une visite a Montreal ou a Quebec, (la ville). Les habitants sont les descendants des premiers pioniers francais au Canada, ils sont des francophones, et en plus, la Province est tres belle!

Anonymous said...

"negro kennels known as schools" -Mr. Clean


'Negro kennels' about sums up jails and 'schoǾls' for the black populace.

The zoo-keepers [I mean 'teachers' and 'wardens'] would say: "It's a nice place to watch a chimp-out but, you wouldn't want to pet one and don't attempt to feed them."

-=Northwest YT=-

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

A great "Merci" for all of you, really you give me a great virtual flight over the USA.

I dont think i should learn this advices in travels books for tourists which are politically correct.
I have looked on Google map for South of New York city, branson city, yosemite park...I discover too that there is the side of USA to avoid, in fact st louis, new orleans, birminham, atlanta are all on the same corner of the USA, it really looks like Souith Africa, the most dangerous cities are where there were the most slaves...
it doesnt give envy except in fact to see these little cities evoked by melanie where old niggers are conditionned to the way they live 50 years ago (can you give me some names of these cities by exemple?).

What is strange is that Los Angeles is not named by us as a criminal city, althought, for French, L.A. has the reputation with chicago to be dangerous, it s the city of the West coast rap, of 2 pac, dr Dre, the Crips! All a legend in france for all our niggaz!

I think the ideal trip should be Boston to see the celtic roots (I'm from Irish descendnat who go to Bretagne), then to see Wall Street, central park, times sqare then a small city in Mississipi then Las vegas, the yosemite park, yellowstone and finish by seattle. It will make a big trip but I think i will o only one time in your country.

For the man who talk about "no go", in france it is called "zone de non droit" where whites fly and police dont come anytime. Really I'm sure you think France is more sure than USA, be very careful if you go to a city with more than 50 000 unhabitants in france, the white hunting is opened when the night falls.

I remember 3 years ago, a young american has been killed in bobigny only because he was white and american. Arabs hate you more than they hate french because USA is in war in Irak and support Israel.

Really a great idea to exchange greatings with you, bye.

Mr. Clean said...

-=Northwest YT=- said: The zoo-keepers [I mean 'teachers' and 'wardens'] would say: "It's a nice place to watch a chimp-out but, you wouldn't want to pet one and don't attempt to feed them."

Ironically, the schools DO have to feed them, but they do NOT attempt to TEACH them. Just like a kennel...

Melanie said...

@ blancdeseinesaintdenis said...
Smething about the way you phrased the words "little cities evoked by melanie where old niggers are conditionned to the way they live 50 years ago" made me give a literal hearty LOL, not at you, I'm not sure why :)
The areas to which I refer could hardly be dignified as "cities", even small ones. They're not even towns, or villages, or anything as cohesive and formalised as that. They're more small communities outside the marginally larger towns, usually the county seat, which themselves are often the only thing worthy of the designation "town" in the entire county.

They are truly rural-lots of farming acreage-when I drive through, depending on when and exactly where, I can see acres of soybeans, or cotton, or large hayrolls. The families are spread out, and very insular, and often wealthy enough to send their daughters to school in Switzerland to be "finished"-believe it or not, in the year 2013, there are still people who have their daughters "finished" in boarding schools. I actually worked with one of these daughters before I married, and her family wasn't even one of the super-rich. She was sent to be "finished" in Switzerland, her Christian name was "Chloe", and and she made certain that we all knew that the correct pronunciation was as "sh-low", not "klo-ee".

They still have small, exclusive "coming-out" cotillions, and the girls are still called "debutantes". They still believe in shunning publicity-what well-bred person needs to have the attention of the hoi polloi?

They live out in the county, and form their rules to their liking.

Then there are the middle-class white families who live in these areas, and send their kids to private school, and are often admitted entrance to the "club" simply because there are so few families, that there wouldn't be anyone to be superior to if the really rich didn't admit them.

The areas in which they live often don't even have formal names. In these areas, you will see the really well-to-do and the really poor, not too much in-between.

The boondocks of Bovina, near Vicksburg MS, is one of the more middle-class areas of this type. Also, Yakima, also near Vicksburg (pronounced "yacht-knee", I don't know why). Many rural areas in the Delta-there will be a large family estate/farm, surrounded by poverty, with perhaps a few middle class families making inroads if government jobs become established there. Most of these places are too out of the way and too sparsely and widely populated for government offices to be feasible.

A few communities in the "Free State Of Jones" (Jones County, in which Laurel MS is located, also the small communities of Ellisville, Hot Coffee-these I remember off the top of my head. This is more mid-state, the really wealthy communities are in the Delta region).

I note that it's possible to remain a member in good standing of this elite even if the family is not wealthy, as long as they manage to have enough money to do the things which are "done", come from families which belonged, and don't sell all the land off. If they sell off all the land, and make enough money, they usually leave to go become small fish in bigger ponds.

Discard said...

Regarding Southern California: Mexicans are not the immediate physical threat that Blacks are, but they ruin the world nevertheless. Newport Beach is looking to ban fires on the beach, ostensibly because they pollute too much. In fact, the real issue is Mexicans coming down to party and leaving mountains of trash. Mexicans are taking over Anaheim, home of Disneyland, Angel's Stadium, and the L.A. Ducks hockey venue. And they have taken Compton from the Blacks. Anyone who says there's only 11 million wetbacks is a liar.

Melanie: I've read that Orientals and Sikhs are colonizing Vancouver, British Columbia. It's apparently not going to be British for long. BTW, I've also read that Seoul is one big rugby scrum and nobody says "excuse me" for running into you. Good for you, teaching them some manners.

Baltimore Watcher said...

Disinformation troll is full of disinformation.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

. Lots of bikers in the Summer,
thats Sturgis, SD

josh said...

Re Muzzies,I read an interesting article in a magazine called Currents re the collapse of science in the muzzie world. It seems many A-rabs in the Middle Ages revered Aristotle and the Greeks. Massive amounts of Greek scholarship (or schollaship,as the blacks would say) were translated into A-rab.(Thanks,Arabs!)They accomplished a lot,esp in medicine.Then Islam reared its ugly head. To understand the world,they said, is to predict what is going to happen.If you do that you are insulting Allah,because everything that happens happens cuz Allah SAID its gonna happen.One winner used the example of rain:To say rain falls because water evaporates and rises,well,heh heh heh,thats blasphemy! Rain happens cuz Allah SAYS rain gonna happen! So gradually they were turend away from examination of the world and into endless blubbering about Islam. Point of all this? They havent changed! Theyre still nuts and they dont belong in Western society thay will always bring violence and conflict. (Same goes for negroes,of course!)

Anonymous said...

Negroes don't want any conversation on race. It would reveal they are an utterly unredeemable blight on civilization. They certainly do not want a scientific one. It would reveal they are actually homo Erectus, not Sapiens.

A zebra is not a horse. A coyote is not a dog. A negro is not a human. That's the only conversation on race worth having.

K said...

That was brilliant. So true.

K said...

Up until the 70s blacks were kept out of East Coast Italian neighborhoods by force. I remember reading about one neighborhood with a large population of Wise Guys where any black foolish enough to enter and try his hand at crime was immediately grabbed up by 20 or 30 local men and thrown from the top of a particular five-story building.

K said...

I disagree with your last point. In the total absence of whites, blacks and DWLs then simply blame whites for leaving and taking their tax dollars and economic activity with them. Detroit politicians and their media flacks have been doing this for years. The liberal worldview is already divorced from rationality and logic as it is, so the lefties will never run out of ways to blame whites and absolve blacks.

K said...

This black disingenuousness is simply a logical function of the fact that truth and reality are deeply "racist", that is, they contradict blacks' deeply held delusions about racial realities. Therefore, the actual truth must not be allowed to surface in any discussion of racial matters. When blacks say they want the truth, what they really mean is that they demand further affirmation of the usual saccharine fantasy of absolute human equality where all black failures are due to white racism and oppression.

K said...

Spot on. In its most basic, purest form, islam is the carefully articulated reverence for insanity in preference to reason. It's not by mistake that the entire arab world produces a grand total of about 10 scientific patents each year.

Dieter said...

Where I grew up,it was a suburb of Boston any Blacks wearing sneakers aka "Felony Shoes" was taken care of in a very aggressive manor.They would not come back to our "Hood"

K said...

The so-called islamic golden age was simply the narrow time in which the arabs were able to exploit the advances made by the civilizations they had conquered, before they destroyed these civilizations completely. A new movement in archeology has been finding that wherever the invading arab armies triumphed in the middle east, virtually all economic and cultural life disappeared shortly thereafter and only reappeared in greatly diminished form some 200 years. Scientists who have examined soil strata beneath inhabited areas from Greece to Israel are finding a common dead zone of nearly empty strata that exactly corresponds in time to the aftermath of the arab invasions. If you examine the work of the famed arab scientists of the middle ages, you find that the best scientists those were the least islamic, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

muslim low IQs

'I read an interesting article in a magazine called Currents re the collapse of science in the muzzie world'...

Google :
inbred muslims
lack of Nobel prizes for muslims
Europe pays for inbred, sick muslim babies.

low IQ muslims



I had seen a whole paper comparing jews/muslims w regards to Nobel prizes, etc

Anonymous said...

As a paid firefighter, I resent your remarks. Where is MY check for "running" BRA as you stated?
Every single firefighter I know is non Union and against BRA. We chose a profession that is 95% White for a reason.

Anonymous said...

My husband, early in his career, was an assistant to the Athletic Director at Fordham (in the Bronx). Part of his job was to delicately explain to the black basketball team freshmen during Orientation that when they went to certain Italian neighborhoods, they were ALWAYS to 1). Wear Fordham basketball gear, and 2). Be accompanied by a White friend.

Man, those were the days.

Anonymous said...

As a white woman married to a white guy for 23 years, I can vouch for this, Irish guy. Calm, mature confidence will get you to where you want to be. One thing to add, don't drive like an idiot. Even on a first date, a girl is sizing you up as possible husband material. You might be driving to dinner and a movie, but trust me, she's picturing a couple of car seats in the back. Don't weave in and out of traffic, don't run red lights, and don't even THINk about complaining about other drivers (it should go without saying that hand gestures are verboten). When you go out to eat, you pay, but if she seems to be using you as a meal card, of course you dump her. Don't piss and moan about the money you spent, consider it an investment in finding the right girl.

Doktor_Kuhn said...

For French tourists I recommend the following US towns: Nashville TN -- it's very White and negroes look very uncomfortable with all that cowboy music. Fort Worth TX, which has good museums and art galleries, bars, restaurants etc. Alexandria VA -- right across from DC, some racial element but better that DC. Charleston SC, taken back from darkie house by house and block by block. The guided tour guides don't mince words. City Hall alone is worth the visit. And the churches are excellent. And my personal favorite ( because I live here) Fredericksburg VA, close to 5 major battlefields. It's old, has good architecture and everybody will tell you which hoods to avoid.

Anonymous said...

White "Racism" = "Bad"
black racism = Always FAR WORSE

black "race" = Black Hole, that swallows all life,light,sanity, normalness,and civilization,down into it, and replaces it with....NOTHING