Monday, April 22, 2013

Echoes of Ichauway Plantation: The White Business Community of Atlanta Covered-up the Black Atlanta Public School Cheating Fiasco

You've no doubt entertained the notion of a vast conspiracy of well-connected men being behind major decisions in finance, business, or real-estate so that "they" can manipulate events to improve their companies bottom lines.
Coca-Cola's Atlanta headquarters... how many e-mails came from this building in support of Beverly Hall and the Atlanta Public School (APS) system, when the "cheating" scandal was being covered-up by Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce?

So that "the right kind of people" will see their considerable financial holdings only increase, their power drastically increased, and influence continue to mature.

It was last year that VDare published a piece by Paul Kersey detailing the extent to which the city of Atlanta has always been run by white businessmen who wish to avoid the stain of racism at any cost -- the "right kind of people" long-time Coca-Cola President Robert Woodruff would have loved to entertain at his beloved Ichauway Plantation. [The Atlanta School Scandal After A Year: Chamber of Commerce a.k.a. Conservatism Inc Doesn't Want To Know, July 11, 2012]

A long day of horseback riding, quail hunting, and a Coke or two and you'd have the opportunity to get the blessing of the 'old man himself -- as long as you were prepared to accept black political rule (and cover-up any incompetence).

As more and details emerge from the almost entirely black Atlanta Public Schools (APS) fiasco, like the taste of a flat Coca-Cola, the reality of white people covering-up for black incompetence is still hard to swallow [Business leaders pushed pro-APS report despite flaws, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 4-22-13]
In 2010, business leaders backed by the Metro Atlanta Chamber touted a Blue Ribbon Commission report that downplayed cheating in Atlanta Public Schools.

What they didn't say is that some commission members knew the report was flawed and incomplete.
New documents and interviews from the files of the governor's task force on cheating suggest that business leaders were eager to limit the perceived damage to the city's image — and even its housing values.
The AJC found that:
  • Commission leaders had misgivings about the independence of the Blue Ribbon Commission, which promised a fair and unbiased inquiry into the cheating allegations, right from the start because it contained a key ally of former school superintendent Beverly Hall. 
  • Auditors hired by the commission to investigate produced a report using methodology that commission and chamber officials worried was flawed. Indeed, the initial draft of the report to the commission had so many problems that the commission's chairman, himself an experienced auditor of a major auditing firm, called it “garbage” in his testimony to investigators. 
  • Despite their private concerns about the commission’s independence and shortcomings, chamber and commission officials nonetheless attempted to sell the commission’s report discounting systemic cheating at APS and exonerating Hall as independent and authoritative. 
  • The commission's chairman told investigators that he and some other commission members did not believe the commission’s report vindicated Hall, as she subsequently claimed it did. But they did not say so publicly or express how “incredibly disappointed” they were when Hall claimed vindication.
 The legacy of Robert Woodruff casts a huge shadow over the city of Atlanta. In the decision of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce to try and "cover-up" the systematic black cheating in the Atlanta Public School system, those sons and daughters of connected capitalism displayed the type of business acumen that could only be gleaned from stories and lessons their parents (and grandparents) learned while staying at Ichauway Plantation.


And have a Coke!


Baltimore Watcher said...

Is anyone surprised by this? DWL folk know no bounds in what they will do and lie about to uphold te Ministry of Truth's (TM) message. They will adopt inferior negro children prone to a life of rape, crime
and societal decay, watch their own children die at the hands of feral negro beasts who mimic humans enough to fool a few, and then rationalize away the motive and crime as some legacy of slavery or oppression by the white man.

They will die through quiet genocide, and do it smiling. They will ask to be disarmed, letting themselves become sitting targets for feral negros using illegal stolen weapons who will not disarm.

Cognitive dissonance has become a state of being for them, they do not question it or think about it.

Some animals are more equal than others, and they approve of that.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

I actually am drinking a Coke right now. Though this story leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Bogolyubski said...

One of the massive disconnects among middle-class or non-elite whites is the notion - widely promoted by lying shills like Limbaugh, Hannity and other Conservatism, Inc. mouthpieces - is that biznisssmen like Mr. Woodruff and his Chamber of Commerce pals are "entrepreneurs" who "made America great". They are nothing of the kind. They are plutocracts - swindlers and looters who use their complete ownership of the political system to consolidate their ever-increasing control over all economic activity in the nation. They need destroying.

Anonymous said...

Corporate types are interested in one thing: profits. They have their gated communities in their exclusive suburbs. Their kids go to private schools. It's nothing to them what ordinary people have to deal with in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, or Los Angeles. They care as little about ordinary people in the US as they do about the workers in their Chinese factories.

One pissed off Irishman said...

I don't drink coke anyway. There was a story about a woman finding a mouse in her can of either coke or mountain dew I can't remember. Either way the response from the company was priceless, it went something like this.

"The claim that a mouse was found in a can of our product is false; any biological organism that would have set in the soda for that long would have dissolved into genetic mush, the state the organism would have been found in would have prevented the plaintiff from readily identifying the "mouse""

You can use coke to clean you cars battery. I only drink Water, Tea, Milk, and a select few Juices. I've been a boxer(Welterweight @ 145) since I was a kid, so I'm a bit of a health freak. Every time I drink soda my gut hurts for half an hour. I'd just stay away from if if I were any of you.

-One pissed off Irishman

Anonymous said...

Have a coke and a smile and don't notice the negroid going full-metal retard right behind your sorry @ss.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....This school cheating bullshit is massive. Last Winter I read a article on this sight or one like it that went into detail about the scam. From Atlanta all the way to California. Also a lot of cheating in Texas. The Dept. of Ed. is being run by a BUNCH OF LESBIANS so I don't give a shit what happens. America is falling apart one brick at a time and the stupid fucking people are so asleep they don't even see it. They deserve what they get. Now the Boy Scouts want to let fags sleep in tents at night with young children. America has become a colony again and is ruled over by scumbags and criminals. The people are a bunch of brain dead fucking morons. Bye bye American pie.

Anonymous said...

CENTURION here: I have no real need to trash Coke, based on racial issue, since I stopped drinking "soda pop" 30 years ago.

This article does not surprise me. Coke has gone the way of McD. They appeal to the last of the people stupid enough to consume their swill. Fewer and fewer Whites, with an education, go there and consume this stuff. White trash, trailer trash, and lazy Whites eat that crap and drink brown sugar water. Plus, the crap really isn't cheap.

Today, I can tell the young are rebelling against the Brands of us old folks. In the past, there was political and sexual rebellion, but since all that has been done (been there, done that) they now want to make a new world with new products. Coke and McD are so 70's. They aren't cool AND so many Whites instinctively know they are Negro foods. Like, pet food.

There are so many other drinks out there. All the vitamin waters, sports drinks (again, not Gatoraide. That is negro swilll and they even have ads showing hideous sweating Negros drinking it. That is revolting to most Whites. Hear that Madison Ave?). You also have the Rock Star and Monster style drinks that appeal to young Whites. etc. etc.

Coke is a joke. McDonald's is Negro Diet. And, you will notice that their attachment to the Negro diet is what is killing them. They should IMMEDIATELY go white. Pepsi did a good job in the past with old "Pepsi Generation" ads showing hot white chicks. Sales almost beat Coke. If Pepsi was smart they would aim for the White Chick market with really good ads. But, all those White girls would only encourage the Bucks to buy Pepsi...damn. But the Rock Star style drinks are aiming for the White market since I see that type of drink heavily promoted at NASCAR tracks.

Oh, there is some advice for young men looking for pro White women...go to NASCAR races, and hang out at the Country style bars and events. Women there do NOT like Blacks and many of them make an conscious effort to go to Pro-White (racist) events since they are so sick of being hit on by Sambo. Soon, I will do a comment for you younger men about women. Let us just say that: What a woman SAYS she wants in NOT what she wants thus you have to be WHAT she wants almost without here knowing what she really wants. It is ALL BASED ON FEELINGS. I'll compose my post in WORD and then copy/paste it to this. It is part of my Journal to My Children. Advice from daddy. (if my brats want my money they will have to read/hear my advice!!!!)

Whiskey said...

PK -- this is not anything new. The founder of the KKK, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, disbanded the KKK when it conflicted with his business interests raising capital from Northern financiers.

Atlanta's few White major business leaders bowed to political and financial reality. IF they wanted to raise capital and expand, the political price was allowing Black rule over the White majority in the Atlanta metro area and covering up the resulting dysfunction.

Atlanta's White business leaders via wealth and power had no problems with this, like Forrest before them their wealth and power protected them from personal Black street violence and the cost of Black political misrule (corruptly run government, miserable schools, etc.)

This points out the systematic failure of the South: the inability to develop internal sources of capital to finance internal expansion. From the beginnings of the Virginia Colony, and the establishment of Charlestown, the South depended on first London, then Philadelphia, then New York City, for capital.

As a Westerner there are many things I admire about Southern Culture. But systematically city after city in the South has been unable to develop a significant and indigenous financial and manufacturing culture.

There is a book featured in the Financial Times last weekend, it was about how some Asian nations succeeded and others failed. The key was land reform -- intensive small farming both reduced food imports and recycled savings into financial institutions under national control and national industrial champions ruthlessly advanced, failing ones discarded and good ones self-financed through native banks.

Atlanta's White business leadership lacking indigenous financial means had to knuckle under.

Whiskey said...

Bogolyubuski -- Entrepreneurs are neither good nor bad. They simply are. They perform a necessary function. If the society has all the incentives, and domestic arrangements, they are positive. If not, they are negative.

The United Provinces (the ancestor of the Netherlands) during the revolt from Spanish Hapsburg rule knew they must develop internal financial resources and their own merchant fleet to gain and KEEP their independence from a huge dynastic power. That meant deliberate policy to align financial houses, merchant shipping, and so on with the interests of the state and the political leadership, engaged in a life and death struggle with the Hapsburgs.

Expecting people to be moral supermen is fool's errand. That is why decisions about money, culture, power, and so on are so vital and must be constantly reassessed and focused.

Pretty much all capital required for IT development comes from Sandhill Road, and that is true globally. The FT is full of stories of British and European IT companies that sold out to Silicon Valley because no other global place has the money. And London, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Munich, and Stockholm, all major European development centers, all have their major IT firms (example: Skype) sell out to major firms like Ebay or Microsoft.

Anonymous said...


Companies like Coke, CNN, RaceTrac, and I believe a major Air Line (Delta?) and being held hostage by the Africans.

Think what would happen if any of the large Atlanta based companies wanted to leave? Angry African Protests. They will unite (as they do) and shrill and dance and jive all in unison to guilt trip such a company. These "White" led companies are scared and the Blacks Tribal leaders know it.

How will it play out? Eventually one company will bolt. It will be a form of Corporate White flight. They will use excuses like cost of living, travel time, air too hot in summer, need for renovations, etc. etc. ...anything but the racial element. Then another company will, etc.

Another trick is a slow attrition. They open a large branch office, for research, accounting, etc but over time the new White location gets the increase in new employees while the Atlanta Headquaters sees attrition with no new hiring.

The future of Atlanta is Detroit. Ugly, empty, lifeless and dead. It can be no other way. Even the most jaded Negro Lover Liberal has some residual survival instinct. It may be as little a SOCIAL survival instinct and when he/she sees the other "high net earning" Whites moving their companies out, he/she will follow to stay in that social circle. Of course everybody will know, but nobody will say. Don's ask, Don't tell.

It will happen. The Black Tribal leaders will say "we don't need no honkey ass companies" (while they jealously eye the soon to be empty mansions in the former rich White suburbs..........)

Some of these Negro Lover CEO's will actually attempt to start the diversity infection again in the new location, but over time the "new" locations will have a higher and higher concentration of REAL White people (racists) and the idiots who bring their pet Negro will find more and more hostility.

In the end it is Violence.

eah said...

They might as well go ahead and cheat -- that way we'll save money. See, with poor test scores will flow more money -- per the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) bullshit. Black academic underachievement is a black hole for money.

Anonymous said...

Man Bogolyubski just when I figured you have shot your wad you come up with another great post.


Anonymous said...

So is everyone who posts on the comments section of SBPDL articles an anti-capitalist doofus? Yeah the system ain't perfect, woopty-doo. Churchill said "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." Companies like Microsoft and Coca-Cola got big originally because of entrepreneurial effort. Yes the intrusion of business into the American political process is often unwelcome but I don't see how "destroying" big capital is going to help anyone. Unless you're one of those anarchist "destroy the system to rebuild it anew" types, which would cause mass death and hysteria. If that's the case then I'll leave y'all to your delusions.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I don't think Paul is advocating against capitalism. I think he's shining the light on the sheer fucking idiocy of whites covering up black 'tardation.

Get it, man? Whites are basically bending over backwards to try and lift blacks up to white standards and if blacks fail, they try their damndest to make it look like they aren't and it ain't stickin'.

Nature/Nurture. Nature always #losing with regards to blacks.

Black people are a backwards race that are so deplorable in nature that Darwin and Atlas shrugged.

-=Northwest YT=-

Anonymous said...


The way to keep Capitalism and Free Enterprise (they are different things) from going bad is very simple: End or limit the concept of a stock corporation.

In other words, only allow family run companies. One person, and one person only can control 51% and he/she passes this on to another. This solves so many of the evil of today's corporations. Nobody is accountable, the management has no long term interest, the management is going to rip off the others, even the larger non-family members will assist in looting the industry, etc. etc.

This is why in Ayn Rand's ATLAS SHRUGGED ever company was individually owned. Then there is a care for the long term survival and reputation of the company. The company is the extension of a man or family that cares about it and care to pass it on. Today's corporation have no such interest.

This would also limit the ultimate size. It would be self limiting since how much can one man or one family control (other than the Rothschilds)? Rather than 3 BIG US car companies, there would be numerous family ones like in the 1920-1930 that offered far more selection and choice.

Sure, the "laws" of economics encourage economy of scale, etc. but what I propose is making life worth living and stopping the evil or corrupt, unaccountable and cold corporations that have no soul.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....A lot of posters mention the pig shit liberals living in their GATED COMMUNITIES. My wife lived in South Florida before she moved up here. She would work all year so she could go back in the Winter. I would join her for a few weeks in Jan. or Feb.

EVERY gated community I saw had blacks working security at the front entrance. Her parents had a condo in Century Village near Hollywood. Every entrance had dumb black women with fat asses for security. Would that make you feel safe. It's all a joke.

When the race war starts do you think these "guards at the gate" will turn away a mob of their black brothers. These places will become hunting grounds and the prey will be fenced in with steel bars. It doesn't matter where a gated HUNTING GROUND is located, do you think a few guards can stop a mob of savages from getting in. Rather than keeping the coons out, the yuppie liberals will be fencing themselves in. They will then become a caged community. I do believe the day is coming when the cities will become killing fields and infernos. Large parts of America have been turned into jungles. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

This web site does much valuable work.

You should not confuse business with conservatism. Coca Cola was a huge supporter of Jimmy Carter.

Most of the older corporations are not run by those who originally conceived of the product or services the founders envisioned.

They are run by lawyers and accountants. Two rather amoral professions.

Anonymous said...

@Baltimore Watcher: It's a mistake to characterize the Southern elite as liberals. They are far from it. They are realist, capitalist and they are not going to jeopardize their wealth and power for racial solidarity. Frankly the South was every bit as class stratified as it was race stratified.

Many wealthy Southern Whites view poor Whites marginally better than Blacks.

Besides they need Northern finance and goodwill and one way to lose it is to appear openly racist towards Blacks.

So they tolerate Black political incompetence in order to maintain Northern finance. This is different than the Detroit model where the Whites simply decamped from the city and Blacks destroyed what was left.

No approach is better than the other it's just different.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...

So is everyone who posts on the comments section of SBPDL articles an anti-capitalist doofus?

No. But the scope of the lies we've all been subjected to for decades will make many begin to question most anything.

Anonymous said...

I need help commenting on these.

DRIVING WHILE WHITE: White man killed by black teens in suburbs, attempted carjacking 'gone wrong'.

Media censors race.


Anonymous said...

Screw Coca Cola.

Buy store brands like I do.

Taste the same to me, and markedly cheaper.

Lorraine said...

So true. It is a colony again and most people don't even recognize that we are one of the many colonies under the umbrella of globalization. Forget workers' rights. Forget having a voice in government. We are all serfs on the big multicultural global manor fiefdom,

My sister had three boys and we both agree that we would never let out boys do overnight trips with the Scouts or anybody, the Scott's are just the arm of the Gay Old Pedophile party.

White Mom in WDC

Moondoggie said...

By dumbing down all past and future students, this gives cover to the business community to demand more visas, cheap 3rd world labor, so that they can pay lower wages.

When the time comes, the elites will have their day in front of the judges.

I think we all know that at some point violent conflict is destined to happen in this country and perhaps all other western countries. I often wonder who will be fighting who. Black vs whites, whites vs all races, Blacks vs hispanics, christians vs muslims, buddist vs hindu, liberals vs conservatives , democrats vs republicans, communists vs capitolists, rich vs poor, south vs north, cities people vs country folk, young vs old,well.... I have finally come to the conclusion us whites will be fighting all of the above. We must prevail, or we will be no more. It really is that simple.
If the white race does not survive and remains leaders of the world, this old world won't be worth living in. Time to stand your ground and prepare.

Anonymous said...

I do have something to say on what the multi-culti's did to capitalism though; it made people not give a flying fuck any more about screwing their fellow man for a buck because the more watered down a homogeneous society is, the less empathy there is for ALL.

The influx of other cultures who often don't want to 'meld' into our 'melting pot' created dissension amongst the ranks. Neighbors became more suspicious and less 'neighborly' and children can't walk out at night any longer.

Yeah. Great work, 'Diversity'!

Take your got-damn diversity and shove it up your 'collectivist' for thee but not for MEEEEEE asses.

-=Northwest YT=-

Bogolyubski said...

So is everyone who posts on the comments section of SBPDL articles an anti-capitalist doofus? Yeah the system ain't perfect, woopty-doo. Churchill said "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." Companies like Microsoft and Coca-Cola got big originally because of entrepreneurial effort. Yes the intrusion of business into the American political process is often unwelcome but I don't see how "destroying" big capital is going to help anyone.

Nice parrot of the Limbaugh/Hannity and Conservatism, Inc. BS. Plutocracy, banksterism and corporatism do not equal "entrepreneurial effort", "capitalism" or anything resembling it. Folks like Gates and Woodruff are thieves, swindlers and looters. That's bad enough, but a nation can survive them. This crop of squids has gone quite beyond mere theivery, swindling and looting in their insatiable lust for power, however. They have rigged both the political process and the economic system itself well beyond any hope of "reform". It should also be obvious by now that they're also willing to carry out genocide - even openly boasting of it. Treason and genocide are both major capital offenses - grave crimes against humanity. They have violated the most basic civilizational compact to its core. We therefore owe them nothing either - except death and destruction. Time to raise the black flag.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I just found a great web sight called
"SSRI Stories". It is about all the violence taking place by people that are on PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS like Prozac and Ritalin. 66 school shootings in 12 years plus massive violent crimes and suicides. THIS SIGHT IS A MUST READ. When they quit the drugs they get even worse. When I find out someone is on these drugs I stay away. They are more moody and freaky than the people that use ASPARTAME. World Net Daily also has a good story about people using these mild altering toxins. Something like 23% of the population are on this crap. I wonder how many blacks are on anti-depressants. The world is going fucking crazy and our rulers are PSYCHOPATHS.

JB said...


My gawd. A hint of militancy from the Nation of Cowards?

Time to raise the Black Flag? Does that mean the bug spray?

Does that mean anything at all, except the empty venting and hollow threats of tiny, dickless anonymous and pseudonymous posters?

Talk talk talk, no walk walk walk...Jaw jaw jaw, and no war war war.

The echo chamber grows and grows here, whilst keyboard commandos masturbate away, fulminating in their impotency...

Cowards, please.

Come out, come out, wherever you are, and let the sun shine on your face.

In truth, our time is NOW, and nothing will get done until good people finally buck up and say,


No more hiding and lying and skulking and being afraid of the truth, or being ashamed or afraid.

Goddammit, Kersey, Truth Needs No Defense.

But the Nation of Cowards cowers,
and cowers, and cowers...balling their hands into fists at the corners of their eyes, wrenching them, going, whah, whah, whah, instead of using those fists to right that which is wrong.

This is getting sickening. Summer is coming, the day is getting late, and the time for true action is nigh.

But as long as The Nation of Cowards runs in neutral, as long as "anonymous" holds sway, NOTHING will be done, except, of course, the burying of their dead.

Sigh. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. That's understandable.

But it is INFURIATING to me that the Huns are at the gate, and the Nation of Coward's response is typetypetypetypetype...

We could turn this around in about a month..But NOoooooo, Bluto, WE'RE AFRAID...

Thus, The Nation of Cowards.

God Help Us.

God Help Us All.

Best to you, sir, and yours.

Do you still speak with an Aussie accent?

Anonymous said...

PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS? oh nooooooooo.. Well maybe i'll just hammer a bottle of jack daniels and stick a fucken 44 in my mouth.. Or maybe I could take a prozac and feel like maybe i've got something to live for today..

Come on man.. Do you know how many people feel that way?? The world is crazy and numbing yourself to it, is the only way to get through a day for some people.

Anonymous said...

Shorter Echoes:

A company that sells caramel colored high fructose corn syrup for more than the price of gasoline is as moral as a school board that rigged test scores.

Anonymous said...

"Many wealthy Southern Whites view poor Whites marginally better than Blacks...."

Is there even a true Southern elite class left? I agree that your comment is accurate in regards to past attitudes, but didn't old Southern elites just die out? What's left of the group?

rjp said...

Reply to Ex New Yorker here...

Aren't we always told that "dey was a good person, dey jus off der meds"?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....For a long time in NY my favorite weapon was a crescent wrench. On the handle I wired on a metal clamp and clipped the wrench inside a leather vest I wore. One night standing on McDougal Street in Greenwich Village somebody came up behind me and grabbed me by the neck. He said "Police officer, don't move." He reached around me on my left side and grabbed the wrench. When he asked why I had it I told him it was for self defense. He held it up so his partner sitting in a cop car across the street could see it. They both laughed and he handed it back to me and we talked for a couple minutes.

So about a year later I'm sitting in this greasy spoon diner on Second Avenue. Some guy comes in and sits across from me at the table and says "Hello, do you remember me." When I tell him no he says "I'm the cop that jumped you that night in the Village." We talk for a bit and he tells me what happened in the diner five years earlier.

This was his story....A bunch of black guys were running a hamburger joint that was a front for selling smack and coke. The cops sent in a undercover black cop to make a buy. The cop had a wire and and dopers took the cop into the kitchen and patted him down. They found the wire and tied the cop up. The cops already had a bug in the kitchen and could hear the dopers talking about killing the cop. He said "We got our guy tied up on the kitchen floor so we just went in shooting." I forgot what the body count was but they saved the black cop.

I ran into the cop a few more times and we always had some interesting conversation. He was a great guy. New York had THE BEST COPS. New York's finest. To me they were all hero's and saved my ass a couple times.

Jay Santos said...

Ex New said...
...Something like 23% of the population are on [psycho-active drugs]…

...our rulers are PSYCHOPATHS.

Your rulers are highly medicated and many could turn out to be psychopaths. Someone like Mike Bloomberg is normal? Anthony Weiner? Charles Schumer? John McCain? Harry Reid is medicated, Nancy Pelosi is medicated, there can be no doubt about that. They may all be on psycho-active drugs for all we know. And I'm not suggesting this as a joke.

You apply for a cash register job at Walmart and they'll test you for a variety of drugs. The Senate, the House, no test at all. Government bureaucrats, no test at all.

I think it's the biggest untold story out there. What we are going through as a society could be the result of a vast array of psycho-actives the elites are prescribed.


when dose Beverly "aunt ester" hall go to jail? this was fraud and it was signed off on. these pigs both black and white. except the black one had the blessings of the white one. so you can't call me a racist sitting behind my coke/cola walls! looky what I have done for the poor black children! and I knowingly help mrs. hall steal money cause by rights she didn't earn that 1 million dollar bonus. and do you think the lying mrs. hall lives in da ghetto. well we know that isn't going to happen anytime soon. maybe she lives next to mr. Atlanta himself the ceo of coke. and im sure that mrs. hall lives around mr. coo-coo himself teddy turner another fine southern ngr lover! I sure that liberal pig is in this mess somewhere. what about the taxes that were taken from hard working whites to prop up the numbers for mrs hall and friends to knowingly steal from the people of Georgia! to line their pockets and at the same time fuck her race. this sucks this ngr fatigue! don't it? GODSPEED&SGREGATION NOW!!! p.s. have you guys seen the liberals running in Denver when their pets got angry with them? what bitches!

Anonymous said...

The receiving department at my job is run by a DWL coalburner who fired a white man who worked there for twelve years and demoted the other white man to put two young negro bucks in charge. The department runs like shit now and I'm constantly habing to pick up their lazy slack. The whole place got an email from her about how fantstic the department was running now and it was validated by all the DWL and "diverse" managers. This woman just wants to hump her way to genocide.


this just in off topic but spot on black dysfunction. mr. charlie rangle house of reps (D) new York harrlem district Charlie the black man who's been in office over 30+yrs. is playing the race/victim card. chuckie was caught not paying taxes on some property in Puerto Rico or not reporting money to the congress something of that nature. now he's a black victim and is suing the white man J. Boehner and six others for censure. another black leader who can't take responsibility for his/her actions. gotsta blame some body cause it ain't this ngr! godspeed&segregation now!!!

Anonymous said...

Way off topic, just wanted to share.......I was watching the imigation reform talks on the tube yesterday. Can't believe my eyes & ears. Those people do not live on this planet, let alone in this country, by the way they talk. Anyway, my wife was at the gas station down the street and saw a mexican pay for 100 dollars in lottery tickets with cash, then 2 redbull energy drinks with a EBT card. She knows the lady working there. when she brought it up, the clerk said the card had a 600 dollar credit on it. Just tares me up. Frigin' tares me up!

Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here.
Just a quick off topic aside...

>>The founder of the KKK, Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Forrest was not the founder of the Klan. He was not even in the original founding membership. It was founded months before he is alleged to have joined. I say "alleged" because there is some doubt as to if he was ever actually even a member of the organization.

Anonymous said...

Just hope some of these mental retards that have been given "an education" aren't piloting your flight to paradise or that business trip you are on. How about that delicate brain surgery you must have when Reginald Jones III is the surgeon? Charles Holden the negro now is charge of NASA says we won't be going back to the moon, you better believe it.

Anonymous said...

Santos said: No. But the scope of the lies we've all been subjected to for decades will make many begin to question most anything.

Amen to that my other loving friend.

Anonymous said...


2 concepts on my mind from reading the latest comments:

The KKK and General Nathan Forrest. I think the person of interest here is some guy named Albert Pike. There is a statue of him in Washington D.C. and he has something to do with slavery, the KKK and the Masons. This is all from memory, but he was one weird dude and I can't believe he has a statue.

Second, one of the brilliant moves of the squid to keep the Blacks on their side is this idea of making the top person in any organization a BLACK. Here is the game. The CEO, etc will be black but he will not be expected to do anything. He is just the token getting lots of money and perks while all the work will be done by the VP and departments run by White Men. Here, you get the Blacks to rule, get them horrendous amounts of money and keep the White man as the servant and slave. Very, very, clever.

Law Firms already do this. They must have token African partners in order to get Government contracts. Now these Legal Apes don't do the work. They strut around, show up in group photos, go to meetings, but the actual work is done by Whites elsewhere in the office who will never, ever be promoted.

I see this all the time since over my life I have dealt with many law firms. There is always one big stupid smiling Negro "partner" and his job is to help get the minority contracts. Everybody knows this except the idiot suicidal White who vote for such policies.

These are the firms which bill the Government $550 an hour or do the lobby work for corporations that need a Big Black Buck legal partner in the mix to gain access to other African headed departments in the gov. It is really sick. You don't gain access to Holder's Department of Justice unless you prove you have African partners. The GOv doesn't give a shit if the apes do nothing at all. What does the gov care about paying the legal bills? It is the White Man's money.

Anonymous said...


More on the "Black" legal partner topic above,

About 35 years ago, when I was young and hung, I spent a few weeks in the Cayman Islands on "vacation" (looking for women...pre herpes, pre guys today have no idea). I spent some time with a really nice American girl who worked in one of the private banks down there. She had been down there about 8 years but had worked previously FOR the IRS in an IRS center in Pennsylvania. Supposedly at that time there was one of those huge centers where you send you 1040 so the Rothschild family can tax you.

Anyway, between tequila shots and playing in the shower, she told me story after story concerning the incompetence of the Black workers, most being Big Black Women, at that IRS center.

Lost files, lost reports, destroyed papers, files disorganized. She flat out told my the field reps couldn't do their jobs since the back office was one huge African induced mess. Her advice was: "if you ever get audited just stall and stall and eventually they will lose your stuff or a new field rep comes on your case(HIGH TURNOVER) and he won't know what to do. Stall and then settle for 10 cents on the dollar.

Now that was years ago when AA was starting and there wasn't this mass of Black Gov Workers. Maybe today with computers there isn't this problem, but then, these same "ladies" have to do the data processing.

Cool Cowlick said...

@ ex New Yorker:

"mild altering toxins"? Think you meant "mind".

Typo aside, that SSRI Stories is a good informative site.

Baltimore Watcher said...

Thanks for the heads up, friend. Will check that out.

Baltimore Watcher

Lorraine said...

Your situation exemplifies the issue white nationalism faces, which is the lack of unity among whites. I have to say young white females are really the pits these days. They always have this shitty pouty look in their face. I don't get it.

The backstabbing out there in the world of work is unbelievable, which is why I work on my own.

There is no collegiality nor comraderie between whites and again, the women are are many of the culprits. Do they get they are dooming their own race?

White Mom in WDC

Lorraine said...

The people know damn well what they are doing in Congress. In their minds they are the annointed elite who are low balling the white working Americans ' wages 'for the betterment of the economy' . They are turning the US into a third world country.

White Mom in WDC

SKIP said...

Not long ago, here in Afghanistan, I saw the first black pilot I have seen in the 10 years I have been in the muslim wars, he was right seat of an Mi-8. I wasn't scheduled to fly on it!! just loading it.

Anonymous said...


"I have to say young white females are really the pits these days. They always have this shitty pouty look in their face. I don't get it."

--It's their "game face," they need it to go up against evil-white-devils.

"The backstabbing out there in the world of work is unbelievable, which is why I work on my own."

--They do so enjoy the backstabbing don't they. And then when there is workplace violence they become babes in the woods.

"There is no collegiality nor comraderie between whites and again, the women are are many of the culprits. Do they get they are dooming their own race?"

--Indeed women are the main culprits. They love the fact that they are dooming their own race!

You see dear Lorraine, white women have been coddled way more than any other women EVER. White men, even those that understand this stuff, are still more inclined to excuse and coddle them and blame us for not "stepping up." Apparently white men must be super-human while white chicks are excused.

My my, would if all white women were like you Lorraine!

Anonymous said...

Time to boycott Coca-Cola.

Anonymous said...

Cola is Poison.


EVERY gated community I saw had blacks working security at the front entrance.


I know the horror stories of 'infiltrators'.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of worthless bitter race traiotr "liberated feminist" white whores I saw a killer shirt on www that I'm trying to track down it said:

You're not a diva, you're a cunt.

Discard said...

No need to buy that shirt, Anon at 2:13 AM, just buy a felt tip pen. Even my wife laughed at that.

Anonymous said...

It's Bolden not Holden! Damn near gave me a heart attack thinking the blacks stole another solid, centuries old English last name