Monday, April 29, 2013

Jason Collins Discriminated Against? The 2013 NFL Draft and the Plight of the White Wide Receiver

On a day when the establishment media and the cabal in charge of policy-making in the United States laud NBA journeyman Jason Collins for "coming out" as a homosexual, publishes a piece by Paul Kersey on the only true form of discrimination left -- that against whites in America. [The 2013 NFL Draft: Ryan Swope, Conner Vernon Latest Casualties Of War Against White, VDare, 4-29-13]:
Connor Vernon -- the 'wrong' race for the NFL? Maybe he should pull a Jason Collins...
The Senate is out of session this week and the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill on hold, but the war against the historic American nation continues—even in the National Football League. 
This was the weekend of the NFL Draft, a media spectacle featuring the 32 franchises supposedly scrambling to pick the best college football athletes in the country. This year, the Draft was expected to be watched by some 50 million people. 
[NFL Turns Its 6-Month Season Into a 12-Month Business, CNBC, April 26, 2013]The NFL isn't just a sports-entertainment empire that generates many billions of profit per year. It's also a wonderful distraction—anopiate for the masses, if you will—from such frivolous news as the Gang of Eight’s desire to turn all of America into California. 
But it's more than that. It's another battlefield in America's long war against her own people. 
The 2013 Draft provides another example of anti-white discrimination that goes all but unmentioned by the fanatically PCsports journalism establishment.In the NFL, there is no such thing as “white privilege”. There’s systematic anti-white bias, as I’ve documented here. The NFL's studied indifference to its lack of white players contrasts dramatically with the attitudes of other professional sports leagues accused of having too few blacks. Major League Baseball (MLB) has no problem conducting studies to try and figure out why so few of its on-field employees are black. Incredibly, even the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) has seen accusations of being anti-black, with the Minnesota Timberwolves attacked for being “too white” for daring to have 10 of its 15 players be non-black in an 80 percent black league. 
The NFL itself has undertaken a more than three-decade long quest to promote more black quarterbacks, with Rush Limbaugh being one of the casualties of the war. 
4.3 speed (second best 40 time by receiver at NFL combine)? Not good enough, Ryan Swope. Not good enough...
White players are actively discriminated against in most professional sports, but especially football. Let's take one example: the stereotypically black position of wide receiver. In the 2013 Draft, of the 254 players selected, 28 were receivers (11 percent). Of those 28 receivers selected, only one was a white athlete—Texas A&M’s Ryan Swope, who ran the second fastest 40-yard-dash for a receiver at the NFL Combine, at 4.34. 
He was selected in the sixth round, despite being one of the top receivers in college football, projected as a third or fourth round pick. 
Another overlooked white receiver: Conner Vernon, the record-setting star from Duke University. He wasn’t drafted, although he was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Oakland Raiders. This means he will be forced to compete for a roster spot.

Read the rest at and be sure to send it to your friends who swear-by-the-fact the NFL plays the "best athletes."

Remember -- everyone now considers Jason Collins "brave" for coming out of the closet as a homosexual, though no such social stigma exists anymore for such a move. In fact, he's more of a star - a media personality - now then he was before he came out as gay.

Before, he was just another tall black guy in the NBA. Now he's a tall, black, gay guy in the NBA.

But a guy like Connor Vernon? He's a just a 'white boy' trying to play a black man's game -- or, at least it is artificially kept a black man's game....


Anonymous said...

My preference is to go back to White Leagues & Negro Leagues. I don't watch sports anymore, but I will occasionally watch if a basketball team has 4 white starters. that's so rare, i only watched BYU in the NIT semifinals. yet, statistically, if people were plucked randomly, most teams would have at least 3 white guys, & maybe 1 black & 1 hispanic or asian. the probability of getting a team with 5 black starters randomly is easily p < .001

Anonymous said...

Whites don't care. Dumb white sports fanz just LOVE their groid Gods. They don't want to see white kids on the field; they see whites every day.

Sports ... a family-friendly form of cuckold porn.

Jim said...

You would think that since the NFL is a Capitalist organization, it would make decisions based upon what is best for the "bottom line".

What's in it for the NFL to Affirmative Action in more blacks?

Since I am no longer a fan of the Negro Felon League, maybe I am missing something.

Anonymous said...

Black College Beach Weekend at VA Beach ends in mass violence. Media completely censors what happened.

A Virginia Beach, Virginia party organized by fraternities at historically black colleges ended in rioting, three shootings, two stabbings, and three hundred calls to police. However the media is intentionally censoring who was the perpetrators of the violence.

In every media report, the perpetrators are described as “college students.” It is being completely censored that these were people from black colleges.

countenance said...

Jason Collins "came out" to extend his career. He's a 34-year old journeyman center, a 7-foot even 255 pound hunk of useless whose "career years" was averaging in the neighborhood of 6 ppg and as many rpg. Now, if no team signs him, the whole league will be "guilty" of *-phobia.

I've been saying all along that the reason no gay current pro athlete in a major sports league wanted to come out was not fear of his teammates, but fear of the media, in that all anyone would want to talk about is sex and not his play. Well, that theory fails with Jason Collins, because no reporters were really ever next to his locker to talk about the game.

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

As someone who still follows sports to a small degree and having grown up in the Boston area, I have been primarily a Boston-New England sports fan most of my life.

In basketball, a great game invented by James Naismith, a white man, back in 1891, the Boston team, the Celtics, was my team. However, when the Larry Bird era ended in the early 90s I was through with basketball. Larry Bird was a white man and a sensationally great player.

Basketball has so many black players because, in particular their gene pool here in America produces a high amount of run fast, jump high athleticism, a preponderance of fast flex muscle I presume. Blacks are ultra-protective of “their” sport as blacks are just not very competitive in the white man’s culture of civilization in most, non-sport venues. Mostly blacks have a higher % of representation in the entertainment industries. Obviously they have an under participation in industries that require a higher IQ. How many blacks work at NASA’s Houston control station?

I still however follow the Tom Brady led, a white man and one of the greatest of all-time quarterbacks, New England Patriots, which by the way is still mostly white, as also, by the way, were the Celtics back in the Larry Bird era. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be through with football once the Tom Brady era ends in New England as I was through with basketball once the Larry Bird era ended.

I was not aware of the Conner Vernon story; I wish him luck in his endeavor, but if it the Oakland Raiders get him, he’ll be playing for a loser team. I suppose though a shot is a shot, may as well take what is given.

In another recent NFL story an Alan Gendreau, a kicker, is trying to become the first openly gay player in the NFL. I can imagine the locker room joy he anticipates if he makes it.

The NFL sent out some message about gay rights policy.

All members of the liberal democrat alliance, white liberals and all minorities, the losers of our world, are protected by the liberal ideology ensconced in the entire white world as the zeitgeist morality we all must bow our heads, and conform to, this is, in my mind, both the fulfillment and materialization of, the 2 centuries old, liberal concept reflected by the adage “The white man’s burden”.

The would be winners of the world, non-liberal whites, have been yoked to the losers of the world’s wagon, and must by liberal ideology decree, itself powered by totally enfranchised democracy, sacrifice ourselves and our own, for their betterment.

I always thought it wrong to physically beat a gay because he was gay. However, gays seemed to misinterpret “being let out of the closet” as having been “let out of the cage”. Among other realities, they should have the good graces to keep their hands to themselves.

Further, I’ve both heard and read statements by gays demanding old white republicans to stay out of their bedroom. However I see it differently, I see not that old white republicans are in their bedroom but that openly gay people use open society as their bedroom. Who really gives a rats bazinga what they do in their own bedroom as long as they keep it to themselves. Further, gays and blacks have the highest rate of STDs. This is a huge problem their irresponsible behavior can “dump” on the collective, at great price on the collective, how’s about a little maturity?

Liberalism and liberal ideology have our culture by the testicles. Liberalism is immaturity, and this means all who embrace their personal responsibility to mature, non-liberals, must pay their bill, no matter what the cost.

Another casualty of this war has surfaced. Black, rich athletes, marrying a white, pulchritudinous women; Michael Jordan just snagged one.

Both liberal and black ideology intends to sell out, or meld to, our white gene pool. Our young girls and women are being conditioned to this end. Insanity! Thank you.

Bogolyubski said...

Slightly OT, but take a look at this video about an incident at a soccer match in Russia. See the groid? Even Russia, not even part of the EUSSR, is apparently importing groid players for sports-opiate-entertainment. Every single white country on earth is being targeted - every single one.

PDK said...

As a side note on gays in sports, Alan Gendreau, the openly gay kicker hoping to get hired in the NFL, will probably stand to make millions in advertisements by our liberal, ideology controlled culture. The LMSM quite possibly will make ideological hey out of this reality.

On the other side of this same reality however, Tebow was knock around a bit for small, but open displays of his faith in Jesus.

Translation, Christianity and Jesus, not so good, openly gay man in hetero-men's locker room, wonderful.

Our children are going to be indoctrinated into this liberal insanity. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I have no loyalty to any football team. I watch football when I want to do something mindless, but I do make an effort to watch the Super Bowl since it is a family get-together. I enjoy the family together rather than watching Nigerians run around.

So, when I am around a game, I always pick the team with a White QB. If they both have Blacks, I don't watch. It makes me sick. If they both have White QBs then I go for the team with the most WHITE players on the field. At times, I am pleasantly surprised when the majority of the players are White. That team I favor.

I choose all my activities according to race. Race First. And, WHITE RACE FIRST. It is why I never watch Basketball since they all deny the opportunity for White players to play. The NBA is the most racist organization and shows how much they hate the White player. IT is pure HATE.

Baseball is just a bit better. They prefer Hispanics over White players, but at least 90 aren't Negroes.

Football is anti-White. We all know that.

Anonymous said...

Conner Vernon is on youtube being the victimized by a defending player running on to the field behind the line of scrimmage and this playa purposely knocks him to the ground and gets high fived by a fellow defender when the officials do not see what has happened.

rex freeway said...

Ryan Swope should be picked by denver. He will be a perfect fit in their line up. One of the few teams that surround a White QB with White players for the most part. Hell, think of the money and head aches that teams would be relieved of if they were groid free.

Dissident said...

Hey sports fans, you may enjoy this race realist website.

The home page even features our very own Paul Kersey's article on sport.

Caste football showing the inherent racism against whites in sport..

PDK said...

Paul, congratulations; I just went over to the web page offered by Dissident, they seem to have a number of your articles.

For what it is worth, I've noticed how unusually high the number and ratio of black football players that get into trouble with the law, or run afoul of the law is, especially when compared to whites and the overall ratios of each.

In fact, if I remember correctly, in last years off season, of the 34football players transgressing the law 32 were black, 1 white and 1 Pacific Islander. Thanks.

bubo said...

The only thing I heard about Ryan Swope during the draft was that teams were concerned with his history of concussions and thusly not worthy of being drafted. That's the excuse anyway. Seems to me sometimes these teams pull this stuff to get a guy they actually think can play for much less money.

I did notice the first two picks were both white left tackles who, big surprise, were lightly recruited coming out of high school.

rjp said...


I have no loyalty to any football team. ....

So, when I am around a game, I always pick the team with a White QB.

I have been saying for a couple of years now "Always bet on WHITE". Most people probably think I mean the white jerseys.

I have never watched much sports on TV, other than day Cubs games in the 80s and 90s (then I moved to Chicago and quickly developed a hatred for most of their fans - someone else said the exact same thing to me, "They're assholes"). Company tickets to Cubs games were great seats, Row 2, and gone to a game here and there with a girl using them. NASCAR is the only thing I watch with any regularity, maybe a race a month. I just don't care much for sports in America.

One reason I figure I have never been a huge sports devotee is that I don't understand the concept of team. "We're number one!" "No, you are a fan. How are you number one?" I was a fairly good baseball player as a kid. Had someone ever taken the time to instruct me on which pitches were better percentage multiple base hits, maybe I would have played in high school or college. But I was always second string to a coaches son who I played better than and gave up.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to all the gays coming out in professional sports.

That's going to be off-the-wall insanity watching American sports fans cheering on their black, gay teams.

The question is no longer when will Whites say "enough is enough." The question now is just how far over the abyss you can take a nation while they cheer it on.

Ride that bomb Strangeglove! Yeeehaaaa!

Anonymous said...

Northern Scandanivian Lutheran here.

White receivers are becoming more common place at higher levels. The current NFL crop is far more talented than those of ten years ago, and they keep getting better. Of course, don't forget Don Hudson and Steve Largent.

There's something to be said about these white coaches and "negro fever" when it comes to recruiting. I recall a somewhat local Community College Football program who was fairly competitive recruiting local white players, who meshed well in the *gasp* white monoculture, which meant they were lawabiding and actually attended classes and had academic standards. Then new coaches came on board, and started "diversity based" recruiting which meant ghetto trash. It started with one or two, but pretty soon, the roster looked like SEC teams. I knew some of the white guys who played when it was about half and half. I was interested in their experiences, and they were willing to share. They say you learn life lessons in sports; I guess it is true. Some of the more notable things they shared: First, the black guys acted really tough and were totally disrespectful of property and "boundaries", but were easily spooked if you got in their face and stood up to them, i.e. confrontation by perceived show of force. They were paper tigers. Second, they were complete babies if they didn't get to start even if they weren't the best at the position and didn't deserve it. They were like children. And they stuck together. If Datrovan didn't get to start at Defensive End, Laquetin, Termichael and Kwamish would lobby the coaching staff and act like they weren't going to play. This type of "agitating" was completely foreign and, quite frankly, beneath the white players. Playing time, in their mind, was based upon skill on the field, and not shakedowns.

I am sure that this sort of behavior and undeserved sense of entitlement is quite common amongst black players at higher levels of college competition, particularly at the skilled positions like running back and receiver, which tends to produce (attract?) the most flamboyant and needy of personalities (and the lowest Wonderlic scores). I suppose that for college coaches they have learned its easier to maintain the status quo (and collect their multi million dollar paychecks) then deal with whining skilled players who see YT taking their roster spot. I mean, could you imagine any white coach recruiting a black tailback in some ghetto if he has Danny Woodhead starting? Not going to happen.

At any rate, to be fair, the "SEC" style teams were more competitive, but not by much. Unfortunately, the off the field shenanigans, like drugs, crime, etc. coupled with the academic infractions in a small town was too much for the community to handle. "Fatigue" had set in, relatively quickly. The community was not receiving millions of dollars from the football program, but crimes that the community had not experienced became common.

In the end, they got rid of football altogether. I remember some piece of ghetto trash whining in the paper that if it weren't for football he'd be selling drugs or in prison in an effort to save the team. Well, at least he was honest. Sadly, community college football, which allowed rural, small town working class whites to attend school, learn a trade, and play competive football is something we cannot have if we are to have "equality".

Anonymous said...

if you like PK, you might like:

Anonymous said...

The NFL is run on group think and CYA. Just like in the old IT world where no one ever lost their job by going with IBM, most of the coaches and GMs won't risk their jobs by going "white". I drafted the black receiver/running back/corner back, how was I to know he wouldn't work out?

Anonymous said...

The best eras are 1970s and 1980s football and the great Boston Celtics teams with Larry Legend.
Isn't that ironic a team of groids running around in tank tops that say Celtics on them.
All the fellow members of my tribe are tuning out in record numbers.
We still love the legends from the 70s and 80s but won't have anything to do with contemporary sports.

Anonymous said...

In every media report, the perpetrators are described as “college students.” It is being completely censored that these were people from black colleges.

Teens become youths become college students. Those crazy carefree young people!

It is Orwellian.

Anonymous said...

From the moment the Jets acquired Tebow, the morning show on WFAN in NYC (Boomer & Carton) went on the attack. Led by anti-Christian bigot Craig Carton, he even hatefully mocked the Christian families who would travel to watch Tebow in training camp. For some reason Esiason felt it necessary to nastily chide Tebow when he called Boomer "sir" during an interview. Carton said that Ray Lewis (a former suspect in a double homicide) is a better Christian than Tebow, who he called a phony Christian. You can imagine how overjoyed he was when Tebow was cut, calling him God's son and joking about starting a ministry. Let's get this "straight", the gay basketball player is to be praised and the Christian player is to be mocked. People like Carton would say it's because Tebow is a lousy quarterback. I'll tell you that there was a huge anti-Christian component to it.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to thinking, you pick a white person. Hence, most physicists are white. When it comes to running and jumping, you pick a Negro. Hence, most running backs and wide receivers are black.

Anonymous said...


Clinton and his creepy [african baby adopting] daughter tweeted to 'applaud the gay groid'.

[or perversion, if ya will].

I saw on CNN.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous April 29, 2013 at 7:33 PM said: I look forward to all the gays coming out in professional sports.

That's going to be off-the-wall insanity watching American sports fans cheering on their black, gay teams.

MLB has less than 10% negros, NHL has virtually none. I don't see either of them embracing sexual deviancy in the near future, and I don't see their players or the fans as a group even tolerating open homosexuality.

NFL is thoroughly negro infested. But again, I don't see the players or the fans as a group welcoming flamboyant sodomites. Football used to have a solid Christian element in many high school and college programs that would be incompatible with homosexuality, I don't know if that is still the case.

The NBA... well, who cares. It is just monkeyball. Or now, it is "gay" monkeyball.

rjp said...

Mr. Clean said...

MLB has less than 10% negros, NHL has virtually none. I don't see either of them embracing sexual deviancy in the near future, and I don't see their players or the fans as a group even tolerating open homosexuality.

Out at Wrigley, gay day.

Wrigley is a stone's throw from Boystown and lots of homos at every game. I limit have always limited beer consumption at games in order to avoid using the restrooms. It has these stainless steel circular sinks in the mens room. When I walked in my first time there and saw a bunch of men standing in a circle around it urinating, it was too much. Looked like some kind of homosexual courting event. Wasn't until later somebody told me they were the sinks.

Anonymous said...

Look, it's homomerica. From here on out the only way to prove you're not gay is going to be to hold a penis in your hand. It has become the ultimate test of the alpha male. If you don't, you obviously have issues and are thoroughly closeted.

All sports will be clamoring over each other to get them on their teams, to prove they're all thoroughly heterosexual.

At this point, if you're not rabidly pro-gay, you are gay.

Anonymous said...

Old-line SEC fan here. The Caste Football site isn't worth much anymore. The "Jews are behind it" crowd has pretty much ruined it.

Mr. Clean said...

rjp said: Out at Wrigley, gay day.

That appears to be something organized by the sodomites themselves, not an official event recognized by MLB. I specifically referred to "fans as a group" to designate the entire body of fans, not just bands of deviants here and there.

rjp said: Looked like some kind of homosexual courting event. Wasn't until later somebody told me they were the sinks.

My knowledge of Wrigley is limited... maybe the renovation I heard about will include better bathroom facilities? I believe the modern stadiums were built with plenty of urinals so that guys wouldn't use the sinks.

Anonymous said...

A guy who was not that good basketball player and near the end of his career comes out cheered on by the media where he will perhaps get a job as an analyst a guy who made the most of his talent leading the Broncos to the play offs gets ridiculed all the time.
I guess he does not look like DaMarcus Russel.