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"Letter From an American Gulag" -- The City That Started it all, 50 Years Later

It was almost 50 years ago when Martin Luther King, Jr. sat down to write his “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.”

Birmingham was a 61 percent white city then; today, Birmingham is a 74 percent black city.

Recently, David Sher – the proprietor of the blog “Birmingham: The Comeback Town” – published a letter I wrote to him. Though he refused to link to this site, I’ll gladly give him the benefit of an increase in traffic by linking to him.

The Birmingham City Council (7 of 9 members) saw the male members wear 'hoodies' in honor of Trayvon Martin... before they made him an honorary citizen of the 74 percent black city
What Birmingham must “come back” from is beyond me, since the glorious civil rights revolution ushered in an era of peace, tranquility, economic prosperity, and a business bureau incapable with keeping up with the demand of outside corporations (scared off by those evil white bigots/segregationists) to invest in the city.


Oh – that’s right: Birmingham is no longer the “Magic City”; it’s the “Tragic City.”

Or, as the mayor of Bogota, Columbia found when he toured the 74 percent black city in 2012 – “one of the most depressed areas I have ever seen” [Sustainability consultant tours good and bad of Birmingham, 2/16/12, Birmingham News]:
Hopping aboard a bike, for­mer Bogota, Colombia, Mayor Enrique Penalosa took a six-mile ride through the good, the bad and the ugly of Bir­mingham in advance of today's Sustainable Smart Cities Confer­ence. 
After biking through depopulated portions of Titusville and Elyton, marred with abandoned and burned-out houses and grim housing developments, Penalosa was aghast. 
"What I saw today was one of the most depressed areas I have ever seen," he said.
He suggested that residents in the sparsely populated areas be bought out to make way for a "crazy" project -- something on a massive scale, a veritable new city of five- to 10-story buildings that could accommodate 20,000 new residents, packed with parks and streets reserved for walkers, bikers and buses. 
"Something has to be done that is a shock. There are great opportunities to be radical," he said.

It tells you something about the state of a city when the mayor of a city located in a third-world nation (with extreme levels of poverty and violence) classifies Birmingham in 2012 with having “one of the most depressed areas I have ever seen.”

But he’s right. Something radical must be done in not just Birmingham, but in all of America. Too many cities are collapsing under the strain of the reality of racial differences, with the population that build and sustained a city (white) replaced with one whose culture and proclivity for violence drove said population away.

Since the election of the first black mayor of Birmingham in 1979 (Richard Arrington), the city has operated – like McDonald’s - under a 365Black initiative, with each political and economic decision being cast under the prism of, “is this good for the black community?”

Not the whole community, but only the black community.

Hunter Wallace of OD has documented the embarrassing Birmingham City Councilman Steven Hoyt’s racially-motivated decision to vote down funding the lily-white Honda Indy Grand Prix:
“Councilman Steven Hoyt questioned why a majority black city should continue to give money to the event run at the Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. 
“I’ve seen nobody, nobody who looks like me make any decisions with Barber sports. None. Zero,” Hoyt said.”
How can such rhetoric be used in the enlightened age of 2013? We’re on the precipice of gay marriage, by God, and for a cretin like Hoyt to utter such divisive language targeting a predominately white event (which brings a much needed economic shot to the metropolitan area) is cause for national outrage!!

Not quite.

Councilman’s Hoyt’s decision to view the allocation of city funds through the racial-tinted contact lenses registered not a blip on the national scale – 50 Years Forward in Birmingham means the elected black officials are given carte blanche to run the city as they see fit.

After all, this is a city where one year ago the male members of the 9-member council (all black) wore ‘hoodies’ to show their solidarity with one Trayvon Martin; one that same day, the council (7 of 9 members are black) voted to make Trayvon Martin an ‘honorary citizen of Birmingham’; where two years Mayor William Bell bestowed pop-star Rihanna with a key to the city of Birmingham (telling the Birmingham audience awaiting her concert “we fixing to get crunk in this place/we fixing to throw down/I’m a rude boy”); and spending $10,000 of city money to rent out the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex so Kanye West and Jay-Z could rehearse for their 2011 tour.

No, the conditions of 74 percent black Birmingham have been immune from criticism thanks entirely to the political capital those civil rights protestors (led by men like Martin Luther King and Fred Shuttlesworth) earned back in the 1960s.

But it is in the ruins of Birmingham, where the echoes of a once-proud civilization are heard on a quiet day beneath the crumbling façade of still immaculate early 20th century sky rises, that truly represent why the “Magic City” symbolizes the battleground for a rebirth of western civilization.

Once, Birmingham was a city (founded) run by white men who dared plant seeds in a civilization whose branches they would never have the honor of seeking shade under; today, Birmingham is a city run by black individuals who collectively have based every decision on short-term improvements impacts.

All the while the fruits of the civilization whites created grows rotten, festering under the incapable hands of those who inherited the city when their progeny vacated Birmingham to its new black majority.
Forever stuck in 1963 -- an actual memorial found in Birmingham's Kelly Ingram Park

Let us now just post links to stories and quotes that illustrate life in the currently 74 percent black city of Birmingham, where elected officials proudly judge every decision they make on how it well best impact the black citizens.

Let’s start with the new $64 million minor league baseball stadium, whose triumphant opening day was held April 11 (with the type of hysteric euphoria normally reserved for greeting a returning, victorious military). It was nothing more than a jobs-program for connected black companies [Birmingham's ballpark building team now in place,, 9-4-11]:
Construction of a new $60 million downtown baseball park is projected to create 500 jobs with a payroll of more than $18 million. 
The construction and de­sign team for the new base­ball park next to the Bir­mingham Railroad Park is in place and includes more than 61 percent minority firms, and most companies are based in Birmingham. In all more than 50 companies, suppliers and contractors are expected to be part of the construction, design and development of the project, officials said. 
"The baseball development is about more than just a new recreational facility," Birmingham Mayor William Bell said Friday. "It is about jobs and economic development and growth for our city. The push to use local and minority business owners will infuse capital into our local economy and put individuals to work on a project here at home that we all will benefit from."
 How about the city council attacking a nonprofit group for not having enough ‘black faces’ on its staff? [Operating budget set for members' vote, Birmingham News, 6-23-2008]
Council members again discussed their list of commitments to nonprofit groups including Vulcan Park. Councilman Steven Hoyt, a frequent critic of the park's management, said he still had problems with the operation and racial diversity of the staff. 
 ''Sometimes we just need to get folks' attention, and the only way to do that is adjusting our giving until they get it right,'' Hoyt said. While the council did not cut Vulcan's funding, park officials will be invited to meet again with the council to answer Hoyt's issues. ''Still, it is a city park,'' said Councilwoman Valerie Abbott, who reminded the council that private donors raised $17 million to restore the attraction. ''I don't think we can pull the rug from under our own city park.''

Unlike the $64 million baseball stadium, plans to build a ‘dome’ stadium to lure bigger events to Birmingham have never come to fruition. Though, were they to find funding, contracts would find their way to black- (how can a black-owned business have ‘minority’ status in a 74 percent black city?) owned businesses:
The Birmingham City Council should have the final word on the selection of a firm to design the downtown dome, or the council won't pay for the project, five council members say. 
"Maybe they need to do it by themselves," said Councilman Steven Hoyt. "Birmingham is the one putting the most money in, therefore it needs to be a consensus of the council." 
Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex board members on Dec. 17 unanimously chose Kansas City, Mo.-based HOK Inc. to design the $500 million domed stadium. 
Council members Hoyt, Carol Duncan, Joel Montgomery, Roderick Royal and Maxine Parker say they are outraged that an out-of-state architectural firm was awarded a $20 million contract by the BJCC board and no local or minority companies were selected to help with the work. 
The BJCC should come before them before spending money that comes from city coffers, they said. 
"They are not going to get my vote if they don't include minority architects in this project," said Hoyt, chairman of the council's economic development committee. Hoyt said he would discuss the issue at his committee meeting Jan. 8.

In a city which has banned licensing new payday loan, title pawn, or check cashing stores (what one council member called the “only growth industries in the city”), plans to create a minority-centric group to handle recruiting outside corporate investment in the city have been pushed: 
A Birmingham state representative proposes legislation to create a group dedicated exclusively to recruiting and expanding business within the city limits. 
While there are existing business groups -- including the Birmingham Business Alliance -- state Rep. John Rogers said Birmingham's economy suffers in part because it lacks its own chamber of commerce. 
"We've got businesses in this town who can't make it, and if we can create a business council that can help them, they can make it," Rogers said. "That helps the whole city."Several suburban cities, including Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Hoover, Homewood and Bessemer all have smaller chambers of commerce in addition to their participation in the larger BBA.  
The bill, which is currently being advertised, would create the new organization, allocate funding and set up the board. While Rogers said his group would not compete with existing groups such as the BBA, he said the city needs an advocate for its own specific interests. Rogers said this new group would be "for Birmingham, by Birmingham." 
"People who really operate those councils don't even live in Birmingham. They will be concerned about Birmingham, but they live in Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook and everywhere else," he said. "Everybody develops every other area, and Birmingham seems to be lacking." Birmingham City Councilman Steven Hoyt said Rogers' idea has merit.Hoyt has been a critic of BBA, saying the organization lacks diversity and focus concerning Birmingham, specifically smaller, minority-owned businesses. 
"Our best effort is to grow Birmingham on all sides, and there doesn't seem to be any focus in growing North Birmingham, Ensley, Woodlawn or any of those areas," he said. "Our focus should be on Birmingham proper, since Birmingham is one of biggest contributors to those entities."

For those who believe Councilman Hoyt’s views aren’t shared by other members of the 74 percent black community, take a look at this 2009 event at the Five Points West Library where mayoral candidates (all black) debated the importance of basing city contracts on how it will help minority businesses. Or, read how when he appointed a white man to a board, his black constituents complained about his abandoning his “commitment to diversity”[Birmingham mayoral forum participants tackle issue of minority contracts,12-2-09, Birmingham News]:
The seven candidates to be Birmingham's next mayor who participated in tonight's forum at the Five Points West Library drew the questions they were asked from a hat.  
But they had a pretty good chance of drawing a question dealing with the city's utilization of minority-owned companies.  
Moderator William Muhammad, co-chair of the Committee to Develop Birmingham, which hosted the forum, said most questions focused on that topic because the organization is striving to ensure that more of those businesses -- which they refer to as under-utilized businesses -- are given city contracts.  
"Our main goal is to reduce the level of poverty in the city," Muhammad said after the forum. "If we could move the focus on equal opportunity for black businesses, those businesses tend to hire blacks, who live within the city, and we can reduce that poverty."  
The candidates -- Steven Hoyt, William Bell, Scott Douglas, Jason Sumners, Jody Trautwein, Harry "Traveling Shoes" Turner and T.C. Cannon -- appeared to agree there is a need to increase the number of contracts going to minority-owned businesses, though they differed on the best way to do that.  
Bell pointed to a measure implemented during the time apartheid was in effect in South Africa. At the time, Birmingham passed an ordinance prohibiting the city from doing business with companies doing business with South Africa.  
That ordinance, he said, also called for companies doing business with the city to employ "a good cross-section" of the community. That measure has never been enforced, Bell said, and if elected that is something he will change.

If black people in Birmingham call the “liberal plantation” home, they do so willingly.

And how is the nation of South Africa doing in 2013? About like Birmingham in 2013…

Even in the face of natural disaster, the Steven Hoyt views decisions by the majority black City Council of Birmingham through those racial-lenses [Councilor wants info on tornado cleanup subcontractors, My Fox AL, 10-23-12]:
Could one of the most powerful Birmingham city councilors be taking Mayor Bell to court? 
Council President Pro Tem Steven Hoyt said today he's willing to sue Bell if that's what it takes to get a list of subcontractors who did tornado cleanup work for the city in the wake of the April 27 tornado. 
Hoyt says he suspects minority-owned contractors didn't get their fair share of the contracts and work after the storm and he wants to see a list of the subcontractors hired by firms that won the cleanup contracts from the city and FEMA. 
"I'm just trying to see what economic impact this had for the folks who were victimized," Hoyt said Tuesday. "Because number one, FEMA wants some of the money they spend to go back into these communities, and I wanna see what kind of real economic impact it has had." 
Mayor Bell's office declined comment today but has said in the past that they worked hard to include minority-owned firms in the storm cleanup work.

Better yet, read how Mr. Hoyt found using stimulus money “debt” to engage in $106 million in bond transactions was questioned because of the lack of work with ‘minority’ firms:

The city will also refinance $67.5 million of existing debt. Finance Director Tom Barnett said the city could save about $3.5 million by doing so. Councilman Steven Hoyt Monday objected to the new process proposed by Barnett because he said it limits smaller minority firms. The city normally selects the bond team and insists there be minority representation, but without that process, there's no guarantee of diversity, Hoyt said. 
"I want full participation in every aspect we can have it," he said. "There is little to no minority participation in that process because minority companies don't have the billion-dollar capacity. The issue is to have inclusion as much as we can on the buying and the selling." 
Hoyt the said the issue is not about a handout or favoritism, but enabling minority companies to grow their capacity for larger transactions. That can only be done through partnerships with larger companies, Hoyt said. 
"I'm not looking for somebody to write a check," Hoyt said. "I'm looking for people to be able to participate from start to finish."

There is not one city in America where a white councilmember (or white mayoral candidates) speak openly about how legislation or city contracts will benefit white people or the white community.

After all, it’s 2013… that doesn’t fit in line with the progressive thinking that dominates the intellectual classes.

But let’s end on a happy note. The letter sent to David Sher was nothing more than an acknowledgement that the conditions found in the 74 percent black city of Birmingham are a reflection of the people who both politically run and who live in the city.

It is on p.238 of There's Hope for the World, the self-serving autobiography of Birmingham’s first black mayor, Richard Arrington,that these words are written:
"Like cities worldwide, Birmingham continues to face serious challenges, and just as progress in those cities ebbs and flows, so will the same happen in Birmingham. But Birmingham has turned the corner and its future as one of America's progressive medium-sized cities is assured. In the chamber of the Birmingham City Council, on one of its walls, is the following slogan: "Cities Are What People Make Them."
 The slogan reminds me of Shakespeare's words from Coriolanus, Act III: "What is the city but the people?"

Perhaps it’s the most dangerous idea imaginable, that ‘cities are what people make them.’

Looking across the nation, is there one majority black city (outside of Washington D.C., which is now the Disingenuous White Liberal capital of America) that is attracting outside investments – be it from corporations or from people interested in relocating there – and that isn’t losing population?

What does that tell you about the type of communities black people create?

It was almost 50 years ago when Martin Luther King, Jr. sat down to write his “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.”

Birmingham was a 61 percent white city then; today, Birmingham is a 74 percent black city.

So, Mr. David Sher of “Comeback Town” (I’ll give you a link, so people can check out your site - be open minded, if you will) and Councilman Steven Hoyt -- "What is the city of Birmingham in 2013 but the people?"

In Birmingham, just like at McDonald's, it's 365Black all the time. And it is for this reason, the state of Birmingham must be classified as in need of being a 'comeback town.'

Fifty years later, does the condition of 74 percent black Birmingham not offer stark evidence as to why some people were so strenuously against the movement led by Saint Martin Luther King? 


PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

W.C. Fields had a standing joke for short people, he simply queried, “Is that man standing in a hole”. One not in the know may query similarly about blacks, “Is that man feigning stupidity”? No that black is not feigning stupidity, in fact, that black is feigning intelligence through the black, jive talking, malarkey of which all blacks subscribe to.

One may wonder how an entire people of such low IQ, blacks, could bamboozle an entire country of other people blessed with a much higher IQ, whites. How can the sub-species of human which represents the low man on the IQ totem pole hold such a powerful sway on the collective of a higher IQed people?

Liberalism and a fully enfranchised democracy, that’s how.

Two days back here at Paul's blog, I believe it was Pat who talked about the Earps and Doc Holliday having been republicans whilst the cowboys with the Clantons and the Mclaurys were democrats. Unbelievable as it may seem, I used to watch a program about America’s Wild West back a dozen years or so ago and have not forgotten this fact. Further, one of the speakers at the 2013 AmRem conference, the great Roger McGrath, hopefully with his great voice still strong as ever, was one of the historians on that weekly, Wild West program.

All this may seem trivial; however, Americans should come to understand a republican is for our Republic first. A Republic is the written law of the land called a Constitution. A democrat is for a democracy first, a democracy is the rule of a land by majority vote. Our American Founding Fathers gave us, their posterity, a Republic, not a democracy. The white liberals hijacked our Republic via achievement of a fully enfranchised democracy, which by the way took near a sesquicentennial to achieve.

The Earps were on the side of law and order, the Constitution, as both Virgil and Wyatt were, Deputy US Marshals. The cowboys, led by the Clantons and Mclaurys were thieves and bullies who got their way by having the numbers, democracy, to bully all others. Further, the famous “walk down” by the Earps and Holliday on that fateful day, October 26th 1881, to the OK corral was made possible by what I call, the “courage of moral resolved achieved”.

Republicans today come across as a castrated bull, near useless. They have been rendered near useless by the liberals who, through their fully enfranchised democracy achieved, have become the power by the numbers, and further have therefore corralled the thinking process. This is the same situation that the Earps and Holliday walked into back about 1879 Tombstone.

For those Gary Cooper buffs, his 1953 movie “High Noon” reflects this ugly, nasty situation, where the populace is to fearful to stand up to those evil beings who have achieved power and move against the written law of the land, the Constitution, while the single individual must seek out and garner the courage of moral resolved achieved, that the equivalent of the “walk down” phenomenon may actualize.

Today, it seems to me that trying to save America, the diverse in gene pools and cultures, is useless. Back in the Westerns the town could be liberated and saved from the evil powers that hold a town hostage via fear when a St. George would finally manifest. However, there is too much wrong with diversity of gene pools and cultures to make the effort to save all of America worth it.

Only through a seceding out and away from the power of a fully enfranchised democracy, and it’s entailment of the alliances of diversity of gene pools and cultures, can we who seek out the courage of moral resolve achieved for said secession, find vindication to our quest to begin anew, void of the evil that both wrought and brought ruination to our free enterprise Republic, itself the purveyor of liberty, wealth and happiness.

Our white gene pool and race hangs in the proverbial balance. Thank you.

Bogolyubski said...

He suggested that residents in the sparsely populated areas be bought out to make way for a "crazy" project -- something on a massive scale, a veritable new city of five- to 10-story buildings that could accommodate 20,000 new residents, packed with parks and streets reserved for walkers, bikers and buses.

Bwhahahahahha! "Crazy" is indeed the word. Yes, that's the ticket! This is the kind of out-of-the-universe thinking that's really needed, because it's really, really new and has never ever-ever been done before!! Oh, wait...

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

Paul; I sent your buddy an email. It was an old commented I post here at SBPDL a month or so back.

I updated ever so slightly.

They received my comment and are currently moderating it.

This was the comment I sent:


Trayvon`s parents, on the march again, scamed whitey for more than a million lately, and further, did their part to continue the illusion that blacks are losers because whitey, the evil white man, persecutes blacks relentlessly. After all what is the lower IQ black people supposed to do? Admit they are incapable of participating in the white man’s higher culture because the black gene pool evolved to produce a sub-species of humans designed for the lower culture of tribalism, a more animalistic form of culture that necessitates a more animal form of human. Are they supposed to admit to themselves that the very eggs and sperm of the black people are a reflection of their more animalistic, tribalistic gene pool, and therefore can never produce a new generation capable of the white man`s higher culture unless they can meld with the white gene pool?

Trayvon Martin, the adulterated black punk on the common black path to prison time, was on the prowl in another tribe’s camp, sizing up what he could pilfer for himself via expending his nefarious means of support with B&E burglary . This reflects the nature of his being as his genes, themselves a product of the black gene pool, created him to be a more animalistic sub-species form of human.

When the LMSM immorally misreported George as a white man who pursued and murdered a 12 years old looking, black, “child” they elicited the black illusion that the white man persecutes blacks, and it is here that once the truth the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth came out that the black illusion was exposed for all to see, leaving all blacks in a difficult position. For now the black illusion, that blacks are only losers because the evil white man persecutes them is at great risk, and therefore all blacks must protect, defend and support their illusion, or admit to themselves, and the world, that they are losers because of their own genes and gene pool.

Whites did not enslave blacks, blacks enslaved blacks, it is in the nature of their gene pool to do so. Whites liberated blacks, not once but twice here in America. The payback for slavery of the blacks is not because whites enslaved blacks but because whites liberated blacks from their own enslavement. Apparently, no good deed goes unpunished.

Liberating the more animalistic, sub-species of human from their own enslavement in a higher culture has consequences. Detroit and Birmingham are two examples of those consequences. Whites may as well have gone to the zoo and opened all the cages.

White liberals, blacks, browns and Islamics, America, is doomed. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The council members wearing the Trayvon hoodies and making him an "honorary citizen" is like something out of a nightmarish fantasy novel. Meanwhile whites are raped/murdered/robbed/otherwised abused by blacks every day, do they get any honorary awards or protests, or even a tenth of the mainstream news ranting about their sufferings as much as Martin got? Yeah rhetorical question, but still. I'll stop hating Black "culture" when Blacks stop acting like spoiled, chauvinistic retards.

Dan said...

It occurred to me that MLK is your Mugabe.

Dan said...

Back then the party affiliations didn't mean what they mean now.

The Republicans at that time were all for sucking up to blacks.

The real clash was Town v Country on a miniature scale.

Gayle said...

Haha! Somehow I missed the whole Mayor of Bogota embarrassment. Must have been one of my periodic boycotts of after I got banned once again.

Too funny.

Dan said...

I think the bogota mayor was saying to move all the blacks out of the city.

Bogolyubski said...

Reading David Sher's posting of your letter was hilarious! The dumbass Niemoller quote (which had nothing to do with anything said in PK's latter) was just icing on the DWL crapcake.

It would be interesting to know which vibrant nieghborhood Mr. Sher (co-CEO of AmSher Receivables Management, partner in Buzz12 Marketing) resides in? Is Mr. Sher a one-percenter? Nothing like the whiff of hypocrisy, mixed in with some self-righteous sanctimony. Can anyone say carpetbagger?

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. So Sher lives in Vestavia Hills? According to Wikipedia, this suburban city is over 90% white and under four per cent black.

The DWLs never let you down. Sher doesn't live in the city he loves so much. He makes his home in the whitest place he can find.

rjp said...

Bogolyubski beat me to my first thought when I saw his comment on:

He suggested that residents in the sparsely populated areas be bought out to make way for a "crazy" project -- something on a massive scale, a veritable new city of five- to 10-story buildings that could accommodate 20,000 new residents, packed with parks and streets reserved for walkers, bikers and buses.

Robert Taylor Home, Cabrini Green, while they were built with no first floor commercial space, they were build to be open and with flora. There was football field size space between the buildings, and I am sure they probably had trees at one time, but we all know, black people respect nothing.

Cabrini was white workers homes when it was built. It was surrounded by small businesses. By the time I moved to Chicago, the only thing that surrounded Cabrini was boarded up buildings and some store front churches. In 2010 they killed the only store owner left around some of the still occupied units. I haven't been down the street in a few years (I live due East), but the last time I was there were still a few buildings standing, a year or two later I saw a Tribune sob story about the last person moving out.

rjp said...

David Sher, co-CEO of AmSher Receivables Management, ...

Killer credentials. AmSher is a nationally recognized collection and receivables company licensed to conduct business for our clients in all 50 states. We are American Collectors Association International PPMS quality certified. We insist on complete compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. And our client support is second to none. Whether you need front-end receivables or back-end bad debt collection, we have the services that will add some shine to your bottom line.

He's a fucking collection agency in a majority negro city. It may be a very profitable business, I do not know.

Anonymous said...

Paul , I always read but never write. Your comment crushed whatever argument they could muster... Thank you my unknown friend.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here ...

PK replied at that other site, and the follow up was " ... with racist overtones."

OK. Let's get this straight. They say, "That be rayciss" and we say, "Yes, it is racist. It's also realistic."

And then there was the crappy "It's poverty." Yes, poverty just happens and blacks got pushed into geographical zones where poverty happens and the blame goes on poverty, not the groid.

We say groids are the problem. There is no overtone. This is the message.

"De turrible, turrible legacy ob de slabery is de nigger."

PDK / Kelto-Scandic Secessionist said...

Paul, they do not appear to have posted my comment yet, I'm a bit increduled. I am fearfull that they may not appriciate my honest effort, however, perhaps they simply have not gotten to my comment yet.

Anyone else out there at Paul's send a comment to Sher and not recieve some form of recognition? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nobody mentioned Pinalosa's agenda 21 reference. fuck that shit & fuck the UN.

Anonymous said...

Treyvon "No Limit Nigga" Martin an Honorary citizen of Birmingham? Not at all surprising. Blacks will celebrate anyone with excessive melanin who makes any form of public scene whatsoever.I mean that literally.

Negros will praise another thug felon for months simply for being funny while tweaking on hard drugs.

Whatever happens in Birmingham,be it destruction or chaos,we can be sure that this criminal and white-hating mayor will have streets named after him on which blacks will shoot each other in a few years time,in celebration of their victory over the evil white man.

So,let us all give a congrats to B-ham! You guys made it! You successfully regressed to the black mean! I say you ditch the name Birmingham and all of its whiteness and rename the place Afrocentria,Land of the African Amurkan Crunk Mutha Fukin G'z!

Jay Santos said...

The Birmingham City Council ... male members wear 'hoodies' in honor of Trayvon Martin…

Wasn't this moronic stunt also done by the "black congressional black caucus"? Negroes are capable of truly aggressive stupidity and this is quite an example of it. What, 95% of any negro crime caught on video involves the thug using the hoodie, and these government clowns think it's funny?

Only the deep and terrible legacy of slavery could produce such behavior.

Anonymous said...

Aww, Paul. You big ol' meanie! You made D. Sher wee-wee himself.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Sometime last Winter I spent all night on the computer watching the CONSUMERS crashing through the doors on BLACK FRIDAY in the malls and shopping centers across America. Thousands of morons beating the holly shit out of each other so they could save a dollar on an electric can opener and a fucking cell phone. Stupidity a la mode on a massive scale. These were whites, blacks and beaners all doing their best to be PRICE CONSCIOUS CONSUMERS looking to get the best deal of the day. These people are a reflection of the state of mind of the average American.

A giant food chain of people with the one idea of what can I get for myself. On the top of this food chain of self gratification we will find our friends from Africa. Truly the kings and queens of gibs me dat. They are the top turds on a pile of shit.

If the blacks and dumb whites will shit-kick each other for a cell phone, what will they do when the lights go out or the earthquakes start. They will KILL EACH OTHER for a can of spam.

Find a safe place away from the madness coming our way. GET OUT OF THE CITIES. Living in a house trailer in Wyoming is safer than being in or around a big city filled with blacks. I would rather starve to death out in the middle of nowhere than be murdered in a mall parking lot for a can of spaghetti-os.

Anonymous said...

Buzz12 has its office in Meadowbrook AL. About 3 miles from Shoal Creek Golf Club, and over 15 miles outside of downtown Birmingham.

The two YT principles of the firm first met each other at the Starbucks in Vestavia, see the "about Phyllis Neill" page.

All four employees are YT. You can see their pictures.

Odds are they don't know shiite about what goes on in the city, because they darn sure insulate their lives and their business from the city itself.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you read the response on Sher's website concerning your post. The reason Birmingham has problems is because the whites left with all the money years ago. How do you counteract that? Please write a post someday soon on how other minority groups within the last 100 years that were badly discriminated against have since picked up the pieces and become mostly successful. All of this despite the white men who wouldn't invite them to their country clubs and private parties.

Anonymous said...

I think white people have every damned right to pack up and leave with their money.

What is this collective 'the money' bullshit, anon?

Anonymous said...

I posted a response on Sher's blog, he apparently deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Red tails, django, Jackie Robinson....these type of movies will continue to come out to reinforce evil whitey and perpetuate white guilt. Random thought as I just saw an ad on my cell for Jackie the movie. Enough already. Is it just me or is it becoming overkill?

"1951" said...

If he's the "David Sher" that lives in Vestavia Hills, AL, he lives in a city that is 90.4% White, 3.8% Black or African American, 0.2% Native American, 3.8% Asian, 0.10% Pacific Islander, and 1.0% from two or more races. 2.5% of the population of Vestavia Hills are Hispanic or Latino of any race. (Source: US Census 2010)

To sum up: Mr. David "I Loves Me Some Black Folks" Sher lives as far away from de black folks he loves as he possibly can.

Gee, I wonder why?

YIH said...

A sample of what appeared just below the 'Pkersey' comment:
April 11, 2013 at 3:30 pm


Those were just the first two sentences. And yes, the entire post is all caps.
And right after it?
David Sher says:
April 11, 2013 at 3:51 pm

Todd & Mike (above), Thanks for your very thoughtful post.

And an all caps post is thoughtful. Uhh, yeah, okaaaayyy...

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notices:
PK replied at that other site, and the follow up was " ... with racist overtones."

Hate facts be rayciss!

Really, why do they even bother to type? Just set up and endless loop - the automatic answer to every argument, every fact present, every question:

Dat be rayciss!

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous April 11, 2013 at 7:43 PM-

And it seems that Sher and his money followed right behind them.

rjp said...

Anonymous @ 7:43 PM said...

The reason Birmingham has problems is because the whites left with all the money years ago. How do you counteract that?

Paul should tell them:

Go ask Bobby Jindal. Go ask the Vietnamese fisherman in Louisiana. Go ask the descendants of the Chinese who built the Transcontinental Railroad. Go ask the Japanese who were interred during WWII. Go ask the "No Irish need apply" in Boston. ....

Unless whites support negro endeavors, they are racist?

Minority set-asides, affirmative action, welfare .... the white money has never disappeared. Black people won't invest in black people, the talented 2% know 98% of black people are worthless and they keep their money to themselves.

Bob1313 said...

PK, below is the comment I sent the moron, worked to hard for him not to publish it, so I'm posting it here for posterity.

*Good Old Vestavia Hills.........................

Mr. Sher as liberals always do fails to tell "all" the truth, remember liberals like Mr. Sher always think they're smarter than everyone.Knowing how people like Mr. Sher think made me wonder about the demographics of Vestavia Hills. I bet that the Vestavia hills school district and the city in general probably didn't have a whole lot of African Americans. Check out the demographics from wikipedia below:

As of the census[5] of 2010, there were 34,033 people, in 13,388 households residing in the city. The population density was 1,753.5 people per square mile. There were 14,952 housing units. The racial makeup of the city was 90.4% White, 3.8% Black or African American, 0.2% Native American, 3.8% Asian, 0.10% Pacific Islander, and 1.0% from two or more races. 2.5% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Mr. Sher there has to be a mistake correct? there's no way you would tell others the wonderful benefits and advantages of our African American friends while at the same time avoiding them like the plague, that wouldn't be possible would it? I'm sure Mr. Sher has lots of African American friends and neighbors, after all the African American population of Vestavia Hills is ALMOST 4% surely that has to count for something..................right?

Well this misunderstanding can't possibly be correct, after all Mr. Sher knows a true racist when he sees one, at least that's what he called Mr. Kersey, so in hopes of clearing up any possible misunderstanding I headed over to the Vestavia Hills School website. Surely I'll see pictures of studious young African Americans brightening the Classrooms of Vestavia Hills high right along side Mr. Shers children, call me shocked and quite upset to see only 1 African American, a teacher, in the 10 rotating pictures on the schools website and to boot the mascots knickname is "rebels"....

Well oh well do I spy with my little eye quite the HYPOCRITE by the name of Mr. Sher, I know and so does Mr. Sher that he DOES NOT have the testicular fortitude to actually post this letter to his site, if he does congratulations your're now officially on the road to becoming a normal thinking person.


Jay Santos said...

This is off the specific topic, but probably of interest to all the trolls. It's a story of a negro Fed Ex pilot, who when driven by the terrible legacy of slavery, was forced to murder the crew on his flight.

Unless we address this horrible legacy of slavery and finally and completely provide help to all our negro citizens, we can only look forward to this kind of righteous, murderous response from these gentle negroes.

Negro on a Fed Ex flight wants to hep his chiitrin

Bogolyubski said...

So Mr. Sher, the great anti-rayciss hand-wringer and moralizer, turns out to be a debt-collector. Inquiring minds want to know: Who is this carpetbagger collecting for? Who is he collecting from? That would be a very interesting study indeed.

Makes us wonder if Mr. Sher's elite income is coming out of the hides of the very folks he likes to white-knight for. I expect Mr. Sher is quite fond of BRA. There's a very high possibility that Sher and his connected cronies are some of the biggest recipients of all that money which is endlessly sucked into the bottomless pit of BRA's economic black hole (dat be rayciss, too). The stench of DWL hubris really just sort of hangs in the humid southern air like the smell of a rotting, maggot-encrusted corpse, no?

In the magic city, it's really midnight in the garden of good and evil, except the good is long ago gone with the wind.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon writes:
Odds are they don't know shiite about what goes on in the city, because they darn sure insulate their lives and their business from the city itself.

Au contraire, odds are high they know very well what goes on there, which is why they likely live in a music less vibrant locale than the magic city itself. If they have chillens, I'd be willing to bet they're attending a very expensive private academy too.

Anonymous said...

With the black vote and black consumerism empowering and enriching the White Liberal Establishment, we're not going to see much Racial Realism from the DWL's; instead, we're going see reality denial and a lot of pathetic black ass kissery.

Consider the case of Jennifer Granholm.
The former Michigan governor is of obvious Scandinavian descent and a Harvard graduate, yet she felt compelled to prostate herself to black America by ceremoniously donning a hoodie to show solidarity with a low-life POS punk who ambushed a nieghborhood watchman and would have killed him if Zimmerman hadn't defended himself.
The fact that her type of behavior emboldens black thugs who will rape, rob, mug, and murder innocent Whites is of no concern to her power hungry mind. She's now a prime candidate for a Supreme Court nomination under obama.

The DWL's have, also, resorted to the ludicrous idea that White flight is to blame for the conditions in Birmingham and other black run cities.
The fact is that blacks recieced a huge windfall of unearned wealth, particularly residential housing stock, when their behavior pushed Whites out of the city areas. All that blacks needed to transform these cities into great successes was the essential bootstrapping mentality which primarily consists of industriousness, thriftiness, civility, and - extremely important - sexual/reproductive responsibility.

Sub-Saharan Africans and their descendants didn't evolve anything close to the mental strength that people who were engineered by natural selection to survive the brutal Northern Winters did. Whites built up their cities to their standards and blacks pull the cities down to their sub-Saharan african standards.

White people aren't responsible for any black dysfunction. What White people are responsible for is giving these mentally weaker people a material quality of life hugely better than American black's distant relatives in West Africa.

Dan said...

What other minority was handed the keys to a first world infrastructure and dismantle sand pissed on it like the blacks in B Ham did?

PDK said...

Anonymous @ 7:43:

Thank you for your courage to stand before all unmasked and uncloaked. Most who come to SBPDL to take a dump and run simply refuse a moniker for others to address them, but not you Mr. liberal ideology, and we all are thankful for that.

I myself wonder what group of non-whites anywhere in the world built a truely succesful city or nation-state other than whites.

Perhaps you Mr. Liberal Anon could return and enlighten us. Thanks.

bubo said...

Where does Birmingham's revenue come from? The Feds? The tax base must be decimated.

Whites create, blacks destroy. Might as well be called the first law of civilization.

And that asshole DWL can cram his collection agency straight up his ass.

Melanie said...

In 1969 Americans (white males) were the first humans to ever step on the moon. Every single human who has stepped on the moon is a white male. I will never forget the thrill of watching those fuzzy black and white pictures, and a nation bursting with justifiable pride.

In 1972, the lunar missions ended.

We had more important things than science and the furtherance of knowledge to invest in, such as feeding the burgeoning parasite class and trying to teach them to write their names and count to 20.

I could cry to think of the potential of the human race, and it must be admitted, particularly white males, which has been wasted on supporting absolutely nothing worthwhile. The young men know it, whole generations have come up in which the best of them invest their courage and ingenuity in things like big wave surfing. I get as thrilled as anyone by watching the heroic spirit of these men, but their field of action has been so reduced by the divestment of an entire nation in the heroic pursuits which brought us together as a nation.

Why? Because we have to babysit the blacks. We can't do the things we were doing in 1969 because we have to babysit a dead-end race.

Anonymous said...

wow mr.sher is extremely in denial of facts, why when white people want clean safe cities we are called racists,mr.sher i for one do not hate black people,im just tired of the trail of destruction and death they tend to leave behind them but you are living in a dream world if you think poverty alone is responsable for the ruin of almost every major city in america,i grew up a poor white boy i didnt steal,mob or murder anyone DO YOU THINK ALL THE MURDERS IN DETROIT,CHIGAGO,BIRMINGHAM ARE COMMITED BY RACIST WHITES PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND AWAKEN LIKE P.K.AND THE REST OF US royal oak dude...

Bemused stare said...

Radical indeed. Cleaning these cities would require stuff last seen in the Warsaw uprising.

Dissident said...

The black council in hoodie are reminiscent of Klansmen.

Black murder rates state by state..

Here's the accompanying visualization on a state by state breakdown .

Anonymous said...

For negroes and DWL's to complain that cities taken over by blacks are impoverished because white people left and took all THEIR OWN WEALTH with them is a glaring admission that blacks are incompetent, incapable and a dependent class of parasite that feeds off of white money. It's an admission that they CANNOT create their own wealth or a civilized, independent and healthy city when left on their own.
Funny. It used to be that if you were judged as being too mentally incompetent to provide yourself with food, clothing and shelter, you could be committed to an insane asylum~ especially if you were a danger to yourself or to others. Oh....wait. What are the stats again on black criminality and violence?
And these things are allowed to run free?

Dan said...

The whites there literally handed over a first rate infrastructure.

That the blacks proceeded to trash the place is not white-y's fault.

Mooching apes.

Anonymous said...


The black tide that engulfed major cities like Birmingham, Newark, Memphis, St Louis , Chicago,Philadelphia ,Detroit and Atlanta has not left the suburbs uncovered. The black tide rose into Conyers Ga when from 1996 and "The Lost kids of Rockdale county were a nationwide phenomenon, (95% white county )to Heritage High shooting in 5/1999 89% white county to the full moon tide surge of the 2000-2010's when county flipped from 85% white to now 85& black and 15 %white / hispanic. The result: 50% property devaluation . payday stores , all manufacturing fled, abandoned neighborhoods. fiscal crisis in school and city government. Blacks elected to sheriff and head of city government

Today schools measure themselves by how many kids are given detention, Oss or ISS. Teachers count crimes against them and know school board will do nothing. The only tool left is to state "rule # nine of handbook. If a student interrupts class and education of others can be kicked out for 2 weeks." A recent student at a middle school had to be extracted like a bad tooth from the halls and took 3 officers, one who was injured when he was kicked in knee by the savage student.

Such is the reality of life in a former whitetopia of the Eastside of Metro Atlanta ,Ga which of course now has the largest black bullseye in America.

former D.C. resident, living happily in Mississippi said...

Dissident, all those guns we whites in the South own are apparently a real deterrent to crime afterall. I noted groid murder rates are very high in gun grabbing states. "What's up with Mississippi?" None, no, nadda, PC here and a gun behind every blade of grass for every man woman and child! Loved that scary e-mail PK!

Ray Scissom said...

This is war.


I'm so happy to see that we are getting more people submitting their wisdom and experience at this blog. I think this will be a turning point in this welfare state formerly known as the United States of America. as we all know here @ SBPDL blacks and latinos are fucking LAZY!(slowly creeping in on whites too) and that laziness goes from generation to generation just like the blacks on welfare. lately there has been questions asked about what we can do about the country right now. and to that question I will add get more readers to this blog so that we can point out the real facts.
we need a campaign to go after the future of this country "the white children" that's a good way to get our future leaders of the country to learn about race realism. just look at 1930's and n.korea right now they are teaching their young to stick to their race. in a violent world that's because of liberal/commie teachings and violence is a big part of America's future! like it or not it's coming to our neighborhoods real soon. so why not teach the white children what they will be able to do in the near future! just one of many things we can do to try to turn this situation around.
the one thing our young white adults must do is get that bullshit affirmative action off the books. that should be job #1 for any whites that want an even future! and tomorrow is another day to throw our ideas around. GODSPEED WHITES&SEGREGATION NOW!

Anonymous said...

(CENTURION here....)

I'm going to give myself a name here so my random comments can make sense.

I wish to respond again to Black Apethyst and any other uppity negroes who read and post here: Above all we may say or argue, I don't give a damn what you have to say. Sorry. Shut up. You had your time. I don't care to read or hear a single damn thing you have to say.

You always find some way to twist some half-truth as a defense for something you wish to express. BUT, you (your race) always refuse to debate the very things you bring up. You blame the White Man for all your ills but never THANK the White man for taking you out of the open latrine of Africa. You don't thank us for feeding you, clothing you, protecting you from cannibalism, from being actually eaten alive if you walk 10 feet into the African Jungle.

We bought you from your 16'th Century version of Silver Back Sharpton and Jesse 'gimme da man's money Jackson....your African daddy sold you for beads and a brass pot to shit in. If not, Toby would have been served medium rare........

We, the WHITE MAN, is the only race that didn't cut your nuts off with a dull Damascas blade knife. The A-rabs and Yellow Man sliced off your dicks before they purchased you with porcelein vomit bowls and Yemen Hashish. And you dare to insult the kindest race that ever lived, the White Man?

It was the WHITE MAN and only the WHITE MAN that outlawed slavery of your nigglets. Today, the jivin' Sambos of Somalia still buy and sell children. The Arabs still buy and sell children and women.

Then you retards find a way to get to the White Man's Heaven and insult us? Listen Ms. uppity negress...WE DON'T CARE ANYMORE.

Anonymous said...


I must say, I really love this blog. It is the only place I can let it rip. I stopped posting on AMREN since they do not like the truth. God forbid you may mention those who one may never mention. I think those who we may never mention actually own and control AMREN so as to own and control everything.

Here we can be a bit more honest and as bad as we may sound here, it is really far more pleasant than the violence that must come since we are not allowed to have a meaningful dialogue about race or those we may not mention.

Remember folks, if you can't talk to somebody about a problem that MUST have a resolution, then the only choice (which isn't a choice) that you and that other person have in resolving the problem is:One of you must kill the other.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Paul Kersey,

Have you read this article (below)?

The New Roma Ghettos
Slovakia's Ongoing Segregation Nightmare

The parallels are hauntingly...'familiar'.

Then, I read the facebook comments on the article and this particular one stood out:

Radoslav Kotrík · City University Trenčín

OK, come to a Slovak village nearby a Gipsy Ghetto and try to live with them for a couple of months....small robberies, excrements all around, a very small chance to pick up vegetables and fruit from your garden - they will "disappear" you wanna escape? OK, one can live...however, nobody will buy a house in the neighborhood of gipsies....having a daughter? a chance of rape is pretty high....trying to explain these acts are against the law? Who cares? Most of the ghetto gipsies are living just for a day. Indeed there are civilized gipsies, however, this is a huge problem like in the other countries = Czech rep., Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania.... An average Slovak family (both parents working) with 800EUR income a month are fed up of seeing the gipsies living from the social security system, getting 1000 EUR because of 10 children...I have to stress the fact these people have never worked! They have never paid a EURO to the social security system. It is still common the gipsies are getting accommodation for free....see pictures from LUNIK 9, a district of Kosice, the second largest city in Slovakia....blocks / flats are destroyed...some block have been collapsing...done by gipsies, not by tornados....all around excrements, trash, rats.... when somebody is saying "A", should say "B" too. I am not racist at all. However, the gipsy problem is a huge problem Europe will have to face in a decade or two. April 7 at 12:27pm

Things that make you go...hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Um, former Bogota Mayor guy, please don't ride your bike through an amurkan black ghetto again sir. You seem like an OK guy Mr. Penalosa, it would be a shame for you to survive Colombia only to get "offed" in da hood.

Anonymous said...

For the Olympics Brazil is moving undesireables out of its city, but they are disappearing

Lorraine said...

I am soooooo there. My son is with my parents and I am packing to get the hell outta here. I have seen a mob of 'youfs' congregating in a school perking lot in the evenings. Every night the group gets bigger. Something is going to happen around here. Random reports..., some groid stabbed some beaner at like 6 pm at a nearby Chipolte over a space in line. I keep hearing and seeing more stuff.

DC is shutting down a bunch of elementary schools. Those little turds will be shipped out to schools in nice DWL hoods. Redistricting in neighborhoods which means tax based gibs for baby groids.

The writing is on the wall for me

White Mom in WDC

10mm AUTO said...

Anonymous said...

Paul, you read the response on Sher's website concerning your post. The reason Birmingham has problems is because the whites left with all the money years ago. How do you counteract that? Please write a post someday soon on how other minority groups within the last 100 years that were badly discriminated against have since picked up the pieces and become mostly successful. All of this despite the white men who wouldn't invite them to their country clubs and private parties."

I have tried, along with many other to leave a measured and clinical response on the website, to no avail. White flight, increased crime, school deterioration, is irrelevant to this guy. I am sure he is astonished by the number and quality of comments he received but he has no interest in race realism or actually understanding the problem. It is the terble, terble, legacy of slabery.

Anonymous said...


I, too, left a comment on David (squid?) Sher (squid) web site.

What a mealy mouthed anti-White race traitor that guy is. Apologizing for the Blacks inability to run a White created city. Duh.

I have read the comments, above, stating how he has an all White company in an all White area of town far, far, away from his beloved negroes. Typical White "N" lover.

Here is my comment on his post:

I believe a person who defends the Black community should live in the Black community. If you think that race is not real and that being Black is not the reason itself for the City of Birmingham, then move yourself and your family into the city.

Live there. Work there.

Race is a factor. It is the factor. It makes absolutely no difference where the Black race settles, anywhere in the world, and we get the exact same results anywhere in the world. 100% of the time. The Black race can not create nor maintain an industrial society. They de-industrialize any location they take. This is world wide, and as somebody who was born, raised and lived overseas (having been in over 60 countries) I have experienced and seen it first hand.

Mr. Sher, where do you live? I assume you live IN Birmingham. How many employees do you have and are your top positions occupied by…? Whites or Blacks? Give us the breakdown of your employees and the position they hold. Since Birmingham is 80% Black, I would assume 80% of your employees are Black as well and 80% of your top management is held by Blacks. This would only make sense due to the fact the intelligence of Blacks is the same as Whites and the only reason you don’t have this 80% is…..racism.

Millions of Whites today no longer buy the lie of “equality”. The lie “All men are created equal” was invented by a White racist slave owning plantation owner who did not consider the African to be human. Only 3/5 man. Yet, we use this phrase, coined by a racists, to intimidate and beat the White Men who created Birmingham and left it to the African who, as I pointed out, destroyed it.

I don’t care is Blacks want Birmingham, just as long as they STAY there and not move into my White areas. I don’t want to live with Blacks. I am a racist. I prefer to live and work with White people but the problem is that Blacks prefer to live and work with White people and that destroys the White culture and world. Take away your forced integration and bring me back forced segregation before the violent blacks and white start the race war.

Anonymous said...

On the local PBS station in Chicago, there is a guy named Geoffrey Baer that produces videos showing the history of Chicago and surrounding area. Whenever he shows a blighted area like South Chicago, Harvey or Gary, Indiana he always blames it on "White Flight"

Of course being PBS they always blame whitey for all the problems of the world.

Anonymous said...

This post:

Lorraine said...
I am soooooo there. My son is with my parents and I am packing to get the hell outta here.


I have been reading here for a long time. It seems like you have been "packing" for a year or more. You must have a lot of stuff. Where are you going to go to? I can picture a huge convoy of blacks following you down the highway. They are going to stay with you no matter what.

Anonymous said...


For the comment mentioning the city in Slovak.

I can't stand reading somebody talk about race, and how a race or two destroy everything, and then they end their story with: "I'm not a racist".

Well, you stupid fuck, you have that very problem you whine about BECAUSE you aren't a racist.

Only racism solves race problems. If you didn't have the gypsies in your country (racism) you would not have these (race) problems. So, to STOP the problem (race) get that race (racism) our of your country.

How do you say "dat be rayciss" in Gypsy? Probably "Dat vee Raycess"

Or shut up and embrace the diversity.

P.S. Just who or what are Gypsies? The pictures I see makes them look like Italians. Some of the babes are hot. Why is there this problem? They should be easy to assimilate (have sex with since I wouldn't mind some of them......ah, to be a dirty old man is really fun!!) and thus blend them into the Southern European look and nobody would no the difference. What is with them?

Mr. Rational said...

In case Sher doesn't publish my comment on his blog, I am reproducing it here.  It is in reply to a very PC DWL, as you can see from the quotes.

Birmingham’s problems in inner-city neighborhoods like West End are primarily issues borne of poverty, not of race.

Please explain why dirt-poor Vietnamese boat people worked minimum-wage jobs and pooled their savings to establish themselves as independent fishermen on the Gulf coast in half a generation, while Black people with Affirmative Action, minority business set-asides and a large part of the $15 TRILLION in welfare spending since Johnson's Great Society can't even swing hammers to keep their neighborhoods in repair.

When they left, the city suffered, not because all of the white people were gone but because most of the money and education were gone — money and education purposely and systematically withheld from blacks and poor whites.

What do you mean, "systematically withheld"?  What did the Blacks do with all the money and education they were given?  Next year marks 60 years since Brown vs. Board of Education, you know.  A Black person can get into a university with an SAT score hundreds of points below a White admit.  When they get out, Affirmative Action and diversity preferences open all sorts of jobs to them that are closed to Whites.  28.3 percent of Postal service clerks and 26.4 of Postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators are Black, and Blacks hold more than 80% of the jobs in the Chicago Transportation Authority.

Where is this "systemic withholding" going on?

Integration convinced bigotive whites to leave previously affluent neighborhoods like Highland Park for the over-the-mountain villages.

In Detroit, it was robbery, rape, arson and murder that made the city Black.  Coleman Young was elected on a promise to make Detroit safe for Black robbers (disbanding STRESS), and that is exactly what he did.  Can you say that Black Detroiters did not get EXACTLY what they deserved for their votes?

I won’t say much more because I get the sense that this conversation won’t bear any fruit.

Yes, all these "hate facts" cause enough cognitive dissonance to render the "anti-racist" mind catatonic.  Following them to the inevitiable conclusion makes you a Very Bad Person!  If only you could have your own Huck Finn moment and tell yourself, "All right, then, I'll go to Hell!", you could be free.

PS:  I didn't catch those typos when writing it, and of course Sher's blog software has no preview.

Anonymous said...


Yep, my post was deleted by the Anti-White N lover, DAVID SHER.

Damn, is that man stupid.

Lorraine said...

Wrong. Have only been posting here since Oct 2012.

You know there are things like schools for the kids, work, rent,... Takes time

Do you have children? Have you a clue what it takes to raise them within the multi cult of divrrshitty?

Bogolyubski said...

Ray Scissom notes:

Latest groid atrocity

This is war.

Yes it is, but not quite in the way you might think. It's a one-sided war against whites. I expect there might even be coordination from the regime and its various minions in DHS, FBI, etc. They're wanting someone on our side to fire a revenge shot in a big way. The Repukes in the Senate just caved on gun control and will likely allow passage of a bill which no one has even read (fill-in-the-blank legislation). The Repukes in the House are no better. They're already using ridiculous pretexts to confiscate guns in NY state and the Marxists running Colorado have now put up a bill to remove any local sheriff or police chief who refuses to enforce federal gun laws - also giving the Feds carte blanche to enforce them within CO. So, it's a war alright - a completely one-sided one.

Bogolyubski said...


Yep, my post was deleted by the Anti-White N lover, DAVID SHER.

Damn, is that man stupid.

No, he's not stupid. He's a genocidal ideologue, which is much more dangerous than stupid. There is really only one solution for folks like David Sher, carpetbagger debt-collector for squids who lend fake money to fools. Put him out of business. He's very likely a dual-citizen anyway, so if things go completely in the tank he can always land in the homeland - a place where blacks are being deported.

bob1313 said...

It Appears the that our DWL friend Mr. Sher has decided to just shut down his little slice of paradise website, rather than face the music for being a gigantic HYPOCRITE.

OK's who the next victim for real world reeducation/hypocrite exposure?

Pat Boyle said...

Someone asked me a couple days ago to describe my Mellon Foundation sponsored multiple regression housing analysis of Washington DC. It is quite a challenge to write a math oriented reply that won't bore the hell out of the regular readers of Paul's blog and still be relevant to the daily post.

Here goes with a simpler case.

Understanding the importance of race can be thought of as an "Analysis of Variance" (ANOVA) problem. There are good software tools available and today's personal computers are plenty powerful enough. The specific relevant technique is called "Stepwise Multiple Regression". Skipping the math the only thing you need to know is that this is an engine to sort through a mass of data and return a list of the relevant 'causal' factors in rank order of importance with quantitative estimates of their importance.

This technique is widely used in market research. What's important for this readership is that - as far as I know - it is never used in most social issues because of race.

If you as a car company wonder why the public does or doesn't buy your cars you do an ANOVA. Is it the age of the customers? Does your car appeal to only the young? Is it price? Is it reputation for reliability? Or is it something else?

To answer the question you gather up all of your data and feed it into the hopper of your Stepwise Multiple Regression software. The answer you get back is in the form of a list with the most important factors first and the less important factors listed in decreasing order. Moreover it gives you a quantitative estimate of each factor's importance. This is a measure of 'explained variance' expressed as 'r squared'.

For example price might come out on top with that factor (independent variable) explaining 35% of the variance, next might be something else at 23% of the variance, and so forth until you have the factors that explain nothing.

In social issues like business success or educational achievement there are also a host of relevant variables. For example crime is at least partly caused (or correlated) with income. Rich people don't do burglaries. But how important is that? How much does income matter in explaining crime?

In the New York Times they usually write the 'poor' when they talk about the causes of crime. That means they are promoting income level as the cause of crime. They and most of the TV news shows refer to 'teens' to describe rioters. There is something to that of course. Pensioners with arthritis don't run around the streets at night. But where is the factor of race?

And where is the ANOVA?

I had a job once to analyze the factors that accounted for success in a government jobs program. I will date myself when I tell you that I did this on a Commodore PET. The Stepwise Multiple Regression software was in the public domain. All I did was rewrite it from an HP BASIC dialect to a Microsoft BASIC dialect.

This was before the PET's tape drive worked. I input all the data through its little chiclet keyboard and kept it running for five days. At the end of that week I pressed the key that produced the result.

Then I threw the results away. The only factor that mattered was race. I certainly couldn't report that if I wanted to keep my job.

The Main Stream Media and the government refuses to do this kind of analysis today for the same reason. In almost any social problem or phenomenon race will explain the majority of the variance. But the press likes to keep it vague so it can attribute outcomes to almost any other factor.

To make this really simple. If there are failing neighborhood markets in an area you will hear the pundits attribute it to lack of public transportation or some other minor factor and ignore that local blacks shoplift. Doing a quantitative analysis reveals the truth. That's why they aren't done.


bubo said...


I believe most Roma gypsies are descendant from Punjabs in India and Pakistan.

From what I've read they are a big problem in terms of crime. People in Italy seem to REALLY dislike them.

Pat Boyle said...

Slightly off topic.

Melissa Harris-Perry, a mulatto news anchor on MSNBC is in the news because she stated that "your kids aren't your own". She attacked the idea that parents should be responsible for their own children. She specifically endorsed a collective approach to child rearing - sort of like Hillary Clinton's famous "It takes a village to raise a child" remark.

No one seems to be noticing that that is an African village. Collective child rearing is a specifically African approach. I guess Obama really is making a difference.

Rushton's r-K theory points out that Africans invest very little time and effort in child rearing. Parents in Africa foist off their progeny to others as soon as possible and get back to producing more children.

Grandmothers usually get the kids as in the Obama family case. The fathers abandon the kids if they even know which ones are theirs. Children in African villages wander around in age specific groups with little or no adult supervision.

Whites and Asians follow a different strategy. They have fewer children and invest more resource into them. Melissa Harris-Perry is advocating the more primitive earlier reproductive strategy practiced by blacks. She's probably also attracted to the the Marxist-like collective connection too.


Anonymous said...

"P.S. Just who or what are Gypsies?"

The Gypsies originally migrated from India to Europe about 1500 years ago:

Gypsies arrived in Europe 1,500 years ago, genetic study says

They look more Indian ('dot' not 'feather') than Italian to me .

Anonymous said...

The writing is on the wall for the white race. I was watchin anews program yesterday, it was estimated that Europe will lose over half of the caucasion population of working age within sixty years because they are not reproducing. I assume America is no different. Unfortunately blacks and browns arent

slowing down any. Also china and japan arent faring any better.

Mich Mike

Pat Boyle said...

I used to know a little about the Check Cashing industry. When I was the head of data processing for a California county welfare department I worked with a check cashing company on their automation needs. I can't remember much about it now. I don't remember why we were involved. I think it had something to do with the Pick Operating System.

I do remember being impressed with their security set up. This company set up shops across the country in standard strip malls or shopping center store fronts. Except that inside of the standard commercial spaces they installed their proprietary steel inner shell. Their technology was a bullet proof steel box.

The public came into a regular store-like lobby but all the staff worked inside this steel box behind a regular sheet rock wall. I guess at some point someone had broken through the wall of one of their stores from the side so they developed these armored shells.

I found it fascinating. You would never guess any of this from just looking at the stores from the outside, but they were really rather High-Tech.

They were like that Kurosawa samurai movie that inspired 'Star Wars'- The "Hidden Fortress'.


tssorrells work said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
World_War_Me said...

I am a Tuscaloosa, AL resident (50 miles south of BURMIN-HAM), and I absolutely had to reply to this impotent retart. Here is what I wrote to him (I don't see it being published.)

My post to Sher is dedicated to PK, the commenters of SBPDL, and my Alabama ancestors.
Paul Kersey @ SBPDL SPEAKS THE TRUTH! Your argument posted here is whiny and, quite frankly, pathetic - a plea to emotions compared to PK's strong case complete with facts and inconvenient truths.

WARNING: Stop now if you don’t want to read the words of your replacement generation who resents being brainwashed into yours and Saul Alinsky's version of reality in the Alabama public indoctrination system.

Why don't we hear from those of us who are tired of racist, anti-white rants (and antics) of the consistently black leadership of Birmingham, whose parents and grandparents were raped by the Birmigham tax system to pay for 50 years of useless anti-poverty and anti-crime programs, projects, education, etc. into the pockets of Civil Rights (TM) industry.

I'll tell you who's a virulent racist, Mr. Sher. How about this divisive rhetoric vomited out by one of your beloved councilman, Steven Hoyt:

“I’ve seen nobody, nobody who looks like me make any decisions with Barber sports. None. Zero,” Hoyt said.”

That's just for starters.

Oh, and I love how you threw in, in a melodramatic afterthought, the usual ad-nausem reference to Adolf Hitler, Nazis, and concentration camps. How positively clique. Wow, you're really taking a stand here! You are soooo brave!

Here's what should really scare the hell out of you, David Sher. You older white liberals are being replaced by a younger generation of white people in the surrounding Birmingham areas who are wise to you and the anti-white sanctions you and the black tribal rulers of Birmingham so merrily practice, then congratulate yourselves about.
First they came for the whites, and I did not speak out–
Because I hold whites in contempt

Then they came for the white-hispanic Zimmermans, and I did not speak out–
Because Trayvon be innocent, yo! See my hooded sweatshirt?

Then they came for me – an anti-white liberal - and there was no one left to speak for me.

World_War_Me said...

Also, anybody notice how incredibly HORRIBLE Sher's website graphics are? I hope he loses business for his advertising company thanks to this shitpile of a website.

Dan said...

Sher will be in a condo in Hong Kong or Tobago before they ever come for him.

World_War_Me said...

YIH, good catch on the ALL CAPS being a "thoughtful post" in Sher's world. GAWD, Sher is such a condescending ass kisser!

Anonymous said...

OT: GL Piggy- Ghetto black woman throw her baby down to smack another woman for "dissing" her baby on the bus:

Lorraine said...

So true re Amren. I posted a response there that I would not touch a purple penis with a ten foot pole and it was moderated?

So we are so censored that I cannot say I would not do a groid?

White Mom in WDC

World_War_Me said...

Bob1313, that comment you sent to Sher pointing out his hypocrisy is great. Let's see if he has the balls to publish it. So far, it looks like he's only publishing comments which are flattering to him.

Lorraine said...

So true. Having worked in urban schools and interacting with many groid parents, the whole village thing is alive and well. I mentioned it before in this blog that these groids take commuuuuuinity to the next level. They have no sense if boundaries and minding their own goddamn business regarding child rearing. This is why Child Protective Services is jammed up the wazoo with petty and downright fraudulent reports.

Groids want to apply their template if boundary less patenting and have whites abide by it. No thanks.

This is also why sexual abuse is rampant in the black community, but again it is glossed over.

There is the white idea of community with boundaries and fences and doors. Then there is the cluster fuck of community aka communism that is rampant in the groid commuuuuuiunity.

Sorry, but my kids are MY kids. Butt out turds!

White Mom in WDC

Lorraine said...

' it takes a village' to take your money,

White Mom in WDC

Lorraine said...

There is no hope for this people. As you point out, they worship and glorify the thug life and big pimpin.

White Mom in WDC

PDK said...

Pat, not to be picky, but r K selection theory was the brainchild of E. O. Wilson from the 1970s. Phil picked up on it and did a remarkable job of it.

Further, Phil was the opposing force to Steven Jay Gould, a liberal, who used and abused E. O.'s theory to advance liberal ideology in an aroundabout way.

I make mention of this as a month or so ago you slighted me for not mentioning Rushton. In my polite reply I pointed out that I had mention both Phil and Jansen back in Oct.-Nov. a few times here at pauls blog, however, I saw no reply to my reply.

I do however remember you felt slighted, when I said "someone here mentioned..", I remember you stated, yea, that was me, Pat. So today I made sure to give you credit for what you spoke of a few days ago, which by the way I spoke of a few months ago, strange. But I see no mention of thanks for the mention.

Just wondering if I missed something or if you carry a grudge or something? Thanks.

PDK said...

Anon. @ 9:35:

Sorry for sticking my nose in but it gets my goat when someone who hides behind "anon" feels hifalutin enough to pick on someone like white mom who has the courage to post a moniker.

It is the perogative of immature children to throw stones and then run and hide behind mommy, but surely this stratigy is below non-liberals, is it not? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, "It takes a village" in this sense is code for, "It takes YT tax dollars" to 'share the wealth' with the non-whites.

Melanie said...

I vaguely remember reading some article about an anthropologist named Colin Turnbull who studied an African tribe called the Ik, during a famine in 1965-1966. The healthiest people (young adults) would put their children out of the hut and not allow them back in. They did the same with their elderly. They didn't feed them-indeed, if a weaker person acquired food, the stronger would snatch it from them and not only eat it, but laugh and take delight in doing so before them.

They defecated on each other's doorsteps, including Turnbull's. Turnbull described sex, for the Ik, as simply a way of getting rid of semen.

His findings (and indeed this anthropologist himself) are said to be controversial. Not that his findings were untrue, but the context in which he placed them-ie, behavior of a displaced people during extreme famine.

I can recall instances of other races behaving horrifically during famine, but I can't recall in my admittedly scattered reading, of the people of any other race, as a whole society, losing their capacity to love and nurture. Of them taking absolute delight in the extreme distress of the weaker, and going out of their way to inflict it upon them.

I can recall the lengths Chinese mothers went to during famine, to feed their children, and if that became impossible, to "mercy-kill" them in order to end their suffering. But never of them as an entire society being devoid of the capacity to love their own children.

Anonymous said...


Albertosaurus, your ANOVA post was fascinating.

Maybe you can give some factual basis to my "theory" that there is a 1.0 correlation between any increase in Black population, in any given area, and the resulting increase in any social pathology.

I would venture to add the increase is definitely geometric and in higher Black density,exponential.

I would also venture to state that every single increase in any social pathology can be attributed ALL to the black race. In other words, increase in crime/rape/drugs will only occur (and always will occur) whenever Blacks enter the area.

In other words, you can take a lilly White area (I love that insult, really, it sounds so peaceful and clean) and add Jews, Asians, Arabs, and other non-White people and find very little statistical increase in social pathology, BUT, when the African is added............ BANG !!!

Melanie said...

@ Centurion-

I think that our French commenter might take issue with that.

Mr. Rational said...

Albertosaurus, your ANOVA post was fascinating.

There is suddenly no mystery in Steve Sailer's ability to find all this "remarkable new" stuff about race and everything.  There is nothing new about it, only that the Internet lets it have an audience.

And a chiclet-keyboard PET... my goodness, those were the really early ones.  RAM cost an arm and a leg, too.

Cool Cowlick said...

"P.S. Just who or what are Gypsies?"

Read R. A. Lafferty's story "Land of the Great Horses" to find out the true origin of the Gypsies.

There' a wikipedia entry on it.

Anonymous said...


I just posted 2 more comments on the Anti-White HATE blog of Mr. David Sher. One has already been deleted but his one is still there. I am responding to some hate filed anti-White guy names TODD who speaks like he has been in some college "sociology" course. I wrote:

*TODD: (above)

Poverty does not create the Black race. The Black race creates poverty.

The absence of the White Man doesn’t create poverty. The presence of Black Men create poverty.

When the White left, to avoid the crime, the rapes, the shooting, the school assaults, they left an entire city. With the absence of the racist White Man, the Black Man had the opportunity to advance with out the oppression, hate and chains of the White Man, but what happens? Every social pathology known to man increased. Not decrease, but increased.

Life (less social pathology) was better for the Black Man when the White Man “ruled”. This Highland Park was wealthy due to the PEOPLE who built it and maintained it. Highland Park did not create wealthy racists White people, but rather racists White people built this Highland Park.

Why, after the Whites left and the Blacks moved in did this area become destroyed?

Culture does not create a race. A Race creates a culture.

(back to me live here). I know this post will be deleted as soon as Nigger Lover David reads it and has a stroke.

Everybody here should pile on this guy and keep posting on his site. He needs to learn that we Whites will not back down anymore. Those days are over. Today, is a new day and we are proud to be racist.

Anonymous said...


Using key boards was old tech? I remember using punch cards. Really, I do.

I used to solve math problems until we got 4 WANG calculators. Pretty red lights. They were so expensive they were bolted to the table in Math Lab.

Oh, for any Africans reading this, a Math Lab is where White students would go to do a thing called homework.............oh, forget it, I don't have time to explain that........

Jay Santos said...

Ray Scissom said...

State to seek death penalty in beating and burning murder

This is war.

There is a very important kind of historical point that has to be understood when you look at any of these stories of negro hyper-violence. In 1959 two white ex-cons murdered a family of four on a Kansas farm. Truman Capote's 1966 book In Cold Blood turned these murders into a cultural touchstone of sorts for decades. In 1969 members of Charles Manson's little group murdered seven people at two locations in Los Angeles. The murders were considered gruesome at the time, lots of stab wounds, some gun shots. To say the Manson murders were a mere cultural touchstone is to seriously understate their cultural importance.

Now thirty years later, I can reference dozens of far more grotesquely violent murders and murder/torture/kidnappings that have had almost no publicity, all perpetrated by negroes. Even an event as unsettling as the recent Newton, Connecticut murders, pales when set against the Zebra killings. It's thought that as many as 60 white men and women were murdered or tortured then murdered by negroes over a period of two years in California alone.

The media thirsts for horrible crime. It sells. Yet the media works constantly to ignore or obfuscate these stories involving astonishing negro violence. The idea that the whole of the media will ignore this stuff, despite the significant financial benefits to them, just underscores how dedicated they are to protecting the negro and at the same time, endangering the non-black population.

bubo said...

LOL, according to older hippy looking female DWL, downtown Birmingham is just as safe as the virtually all white suburbs.

Of course she skews the statistics to make things like vehicle burglaries and property crimes count the same as rape, assault, robbery and murder.

Then again, if they weren't disingenuous they wouldn't be DWL's.

I don't know anything about Birmingham, perhaps the downtown area she talks about is practically abandoned, like Detroit.

Anonymous said...

In lighter (or 'heavier') NBB (Negroes Behaving Badly) news:

Woman Allegedly Uses Spaghetti Sauce Cans As Bombs To Rob Bank

Dat big ol' heffa jus' tryna git her rappa-rations!

Anonymous said...

Here's my comment on Mr Sher's blog. Thought I would post it here to further highlight his moral cowardice and hypocrisy, as he is bound to delete it. OTOH I am sure that Mr Kersey strongly encourages "Liberals" (I can only use this word in quotes, as I don't believe there are any genuine ones) to post here, he (and we) fear no-one.

*”White flight” is a phrase that describes the phenomenom, observed worldwide, whereby white people leave towns or cities where large black populations have settled. White people do this because of what is known as the “black undertow”, worsening schools, unsafe public areas, deteriorating services. This is especially true for whites with families, who want their children to be happy at school and to be able to visit the park without being robbed. Of course it goes without saying that whites are racist bigots to want to live in peaceful and safe neighbourhoods with good schools, and to mind being robbed and beaten up. “Liberals” are usually the first to move away from black areas, of course. For instance, a “Liberal” journalist, working for the mainstream media, and writing all the usual dishonest things about Race, will thus earn a good salary, and will be able to afford to move as far away from blacks as possible. Ring any bells, Mr Sher?

Anonymous said...

Actually there have been anumber of tales leaking out of N Korea of whole villages resorting to cannibalism.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Back in the days of segregation blacks came from 80% 2 parent homes and 70% graduated.

Now that this problem is solved 70% come from single parent families and the graduation rate is ?

Anonymous said...

Actually there have been anumber of tales leaking out of N Korea of whole villages resorting to cannibalism.

Mich Mike

Dead or alive?

So sad. Those people are so controlled down to the minute shit that they must be afraid that a fart will be a death sentence.

JB said...


Another late comment, but when I see someone who posts something like this:

"someone like white mom who has the courage to post a moniker," I just have to either laugh or push down my rising gorge.

Ah, yes, the courage to adopt a pseudonym to hide behind, but at least we have a handle now.

The Nation of Cowards Marches Forth! Onward to Victory!


Keep up the good work.

Best to you and yours as always. said...

"just another disposable white person"

This phrase reminds me of Autumn Pasquale who was dumped in a trash bin after being murdered by two black boys.

whisker child said...

Remember folks, that Columbian ex-mayor is AGENDA 21!

So NO, they don't need a project like that. Black Americans can succeed or fail WITHOUT Agenda 21.

Californian said...

When the White left, to avoid the crime, the rapes, the shooting, the school assaults, they left an entire city. With the absence of the racist White Man, the Black Man had the opportunity to advance with out the oppression, hate and chains of the White Man, but what happens? Every social pathology known to man increased. Not decrease, but increased.

Nicely stated.

Californian said...

Race is a factor. It is the factor. It makes absolutely no difference where the Black race settles, anywhere in the world, and we get the exact same results anywhere in the world. 100% of the time. The Black race can not create nor maintain an industrial society. They de-industrialize any location they take. This is world wide, and as somebody who was born, raised and lived overseas (having been in over 60 countries) I have experienced and seen it first hand.

Again, nicely stated.

One of the values of SBPDL is that it gets people together who create good arguments for race realism.

whisker child said...

Actually, I read that the Southern Poverty Law Center worked AGAINST white native fishermen in the Gulf, in favor of the Vietnamese.

There was a book about it. Potok's or the other one.

Anonymous said...

It's overkill, just like North Korean propaganda...

Anonymous said...

Sher's posts reek of prog sanctimony. I dare him to walk the city core-even the UAB area-after dark... and no concealed carry.

By the way... anybody know if Sher has a carry permit, like Boxer and Feinstein? Inquiring minds want to know....

Vermont carry and open carry would solve a lot of Birmingham's problems. Much as I hate that mummified bastard Ulyanov, you can't make an omelet without breaking yeggs...

Mr. Rational said...

The comment count on that post remains at 9.  Sher is too cowardly to approve any comment which questions the tenets of PC head-on.