Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Memory Remains

A throw –a-way paragraph, tucked neatly at the end of a chapter in a book few people will ever read.

Few people have ever read.
Love thy neighbor? What if they drive down property values? Import crime and social problems?
But a paragraph that cuts directly to the heart of community development in not just Philadelphia, but for suburbs of major cities the nation over.

It is a paragraph that describes the “Black Undertow” phenomenon in exacting detail:
The development of black suburban enclaves recreates many of the disadvantages that accompany segregation within the city’s borders. John Logan’s study of black suburbs surrounding Philadelphia concludes that they are systematically different from white suburbs. They have more low-income families, a higher proportion of renters (as opposed to homeowners), more social problems like violent crime, and fewer resources. Logan’s sample of black suburbs had an average per capita tax base that was 30 percent lower in 1980 than white suburbs, and they carried an average municipal debt that was double the debt of white suburbs. In short, they had less money to cope with more substantial public problems. (p. 98, Philadelphia: Neighborhoods, Division, and Conflict in a Postindustrial City” --Published in 1991 by Temple University Press)
Of course, all disparities found in the standard of living between white suburbs and black suburbs can only be blamed on some form of ‘racism’.


You could be in Atlanta, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Memphis, Baltimore, Birmingham, Chicago, Nashville, or Indianapolis and the situation will be exactly the same. 

Either there exists a pervasive, nationwide conspiracy by white people to systematically hold-down black economic growth - combined with a dissoluble weapon, introduced in the water supply, that specifically targets certain genes exclusive to blacks causing them to act in a violent manner - or the conditions described in “Philadelphia: Neighborhoods, Division, and Conflict in a Postindustrial City” of disparities between black and white suburbs are just a natural outgrowth of... racial differences. 


Anonymous said...


To answer your question, if all this agony is the cause of White People (for numerous and varied "reasons") then it is absolutely critical that blacks get as far aware from us as possible.

We, the WHITE RACE are a damaging and toxic entity to the black race. We, the very existence of WHITES, has caused untold agony to the black race simply due to our proximity and contact with the blacks.

Africa was destroyed due to WHITE colonialism. Had we never stepped foot there, Africa would be better. Even the black people say that.

Had we never brought any blacks to America, they would have been better off. All churches and all people say that.

I demand that we, the vicious, cruel, nasty, horrid Whites leave the black man alone. We must STOP forcing them to live with us, near us, work with us, school with us since we are doing nothing but causing terror, death and destruction to the black man.

I have always been against holding the black race in bondage to us. Our constant presence is horrific. Why our government forces our presence into their lives is beyond me. The only reason I can come up with is that society, all religions, schools, etc HATE the black race so much that they let us lose on them to torture, hinder, destroy and humiliate them.

I never realized how much the United States Government HATES the black race.

Take a city like Chicago that does not arrest and imprison black men who illegal have and us guns to KILL other black men. Who is in charge of Chicago.....WHITE PEOPLE. They want the killing of black men. They let armed killer felons lose to kill and when they catch them with an illegal ASSAULT gun...they do not charge them and let them lose to KILL more blacks.

Leaders can't be that stupid therefore that is done intentionally. Chicago, Detroit, Washington D.C. want to KILL black men. Amazing.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hello, today in Istres, near MArseille, an Arab has killed three franch men, some witness say that he was crying Alqaieda during his shoot, the governement tries to say that he's crazy and doesnt kill in name of Islam...the governement tries to keep down the ambiance but the civil war in france will come quickly.

In fact no civil war, arabs and blacks fight against white but whites dont answer anything whether we are racists. So one day they will say to us "suitcase or coffin". Do you know that France has colonized Algeria, Marocco, Tunisia since 1800 to 1960 and one day, they tell french "suitcase or coffin"?They do the same here..They haven't accepetd us 60 years ago and france opens his territory to's crazy!!In france, if you want to see what is really france today,look at this,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45645796,d.ZGU&biw=1400&bih=925&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=HoB5UYvdH-Se7AaBnYHYDQ..

Anonymous said...

Ivan here.

Well, Centurion, you well hung, handsome, extremely intelligent, chick magnet, food spitting stud!

I have to agree wholeheartedly with the spirit of your post. If we are so f***ing awful, surely the least we could do as penance would be to remove ourselves from their midst. To stew in our own evil isolated from the wonders of black civilization! Why one could hardly imagine the heights to which civilization would be catapulted by the fuliginous masses were it not for the odious white man's influence.

One need only observe the soaring transcendentally beautiful condition of the Negro before we arrived to fully appreciate the extent of their superiority.

Anonymous said...

the West is committing suicide by idealism. we are encouraged to think magically, rather than realistically. we cannot engineer the black race into successes. they're lucky enough that we invented basketball, music & acting. other than that, they are failures. the US is an experiment. I'm ready to stop being experimented on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't have anything better to do than sabotage black economic development. If it weren't for me, they'd all be millionaires. Except for the ones that would be billionaires.

Anonymous said...

Without BRA government and those vibrant cultural enrichment zero skills affirmative action jobs there would be no black middle class.

Anonymous said...

lol@ Centurion and Ivan's follow-up!

I think it is our glaring whiteness that is bringing the black man down. We are obviously blinding them with our lack of melanin. They can survive the African sun on their yellow eyeballs but that white skin is just too bright which is that 'white privilege' cursed thing again.

Obviously, white and black should be peaceably separated just like night and day are. It's so unfair to the knee-grows that whitey has super reflective powers of whiteness that are causing them to not be able to learn, take care of themselves, have self-control or succeed and so all they can do is blindly go around raping, theivin', gang-bangin', rappin', humpin', makin' EBT babies and crappin' on everything they touch.


-=Northwest YT=-

Anonymous said...

There is a big problem going on which few people are talking about. as the illegal alien invasion continues the blacks who use to nest in their ghetto strongholds are being forced out of their won hoods and into the suburbs and beyond.

Lorraine said...

I am so over America aka Amurkistan. Talking to parents at the park again. DWLs are all mentally ill. Told some folks I am moving to VA. 'Wow you are leaving the city? ' 'this neighborhood is changing'

I feel like screaming ' no it's not you deluded fools! The more things change, the more they stay the same! Sure the houses here will look nicer, but there will still be black criminals lurking around. One heinous crime and you will all scamper!'

A grandmother chimed in about how her son's friend got mugged for a burrito from Chipoltle just around the corner.

America will never work because we are only as strong as our weakest link, the groids and turds. And they are a weak link.

There is no unity because everyone wants to get/ suck off of the white man.

No more. I am done.

White Mom in WDC

Anonymous said...

I'm sure some here have seen the show "Life After People". I propose a slightly different take "Life After White People" Imagine a country where all white people have suddenly vanished. One could make segments..30 days after white people..5 years after white people etc. Somebody good with a video software program could make some funny stuff with this.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....I had a friend that use to say "Blacks are like dogs. When they see something that interest them they will sniff it. If they can't eat it or fuck it, they will piss on it."

A quote from either Plato or Socrates, I am not sure which. "If you don't want bird shit on your wind shield, don't park your car under a tree."

Baltimore Watcher said...

I wish I had something intelligent to add to this, however I feel I am out of inspiration and simply going through the motions as other posters noted in the previous thread.

I'm waiting for things to get to the point of falling apart where the subjec matter discussed here is undeniable. Maybe it is a childish "told you so" mentality but I'm stuck with it.

Trying to talk to people is extremely difficult, I drop hints and drop the blog URL to folks on the fence. I've added a few converts.

I must say, I miss Zenster quite a bit. This place still has a wonderful vibe but I feel I am at the point of saying all I have been able to. I will be around and post, but may lurk more often than not.

If anyone is froggy, anonymous contact info would be in me blogger profile.

I feel something bug coming over the horizon, and others I know do as well, even those asleep can feel it sometimes.

Baltimore Watcher

JB said...


I want to to thank you for choosing NOT to publish my last comment.

It was ill-considered, rude, crude, and hot-headed, and would have been embarrassing were it to have seen the light of day.

Minus the bombast and cussing, though, I'd still like to emphasize that:

1.) I'm not "Constructive Feedback," which you can easily verify.

2.) I'm not a paid squid shill. That's laughable.

3.) I'm not a hypocrite, as I'm the only member of the Nation of Cowards here who has outed myself and used my real name, more than once. The lying and hiding and skulking and being afraid and ashamed days are over. Auster didn't hide, and neither will I, because the Truth Needs No Defense.

Thank you for your discretion, sir, and keep up the good work.

Best as always.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore Watcher, I miss Zenster too.

I've noticed quite a few folks asking about him but no answers that I've seen. :(

Hope he is doing well.

bubo said...

Savage attack on white 13 year old girl on school bus.

Also today a white teenage girl was jogging and a black male tried to abduct her off a busy street at 4 in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one am for the voluntary segregation. Growing up, our neighborhood was all white except for one Indian family (whose kids spoke perfect English and were treated just like the white kids.) And let me tell you, it was great. The biggest domestic "crime" was getting caught by your mom with Playboy magazine, or coming home from a high school party with a beer on your breath--or something like that.

The only REAL crime in the neighborhood was when black people rode their bicycles to our neighborhoods, broke our back windows (we were all at work or school and they--hard to explain--weren't) and stole our stuff. One of my mom's rings, from the Isle of Man and passed down though many generations, was stolen (among other things.) You remember stuff like that.

Though it does seem sad that we might have to move to a South Africa-style system of gated communities, with some sort of bunker mentality, and perhaps armed to the teeth. But if we don't completely self-segregate, gates it will have to be. The best gate was the Atlantic Ocean, but it might be a little hard to go back to that.

Don in PA said...

Anonymous said: "I'm sure some here have seen the show "Life After People". I propose a slightly different take "Life After White People" Imagine a country where all white people have suddenly vanished. One could make segments..30 days after white people..5 years after white people etc. Somebody good with a video software program could make some funny stuff with this."

April 25, 2013 at 4:49 PM

How funny. I setthis exact scenario to my boss at work (he is also among those who can see).

The 1st thing that would happen is all over the western world, the power would go out. It is whites who mine & transport the coal & oil. Who operate the power plants. Who build & maintain the entire infrastructure. With that, the factories, mall, stores, homes, et al go dark.

The 2nd thing that would happen is very soon, mass starvation would kick in on what's left of the world. White farms in north America, Europe, Australia, Argentina-southern
Brazil literally feed a large portion of the world.

The 3rd thing that would happen is that there would be barely any medicines left. It is white companies (think Bauer, Merck, etc, etc) that produce virtually all of the drugs (little thiks like insulin, heart medications, etc).

The 4th thing that would happen is complete economic collapse in the remaining world. The economies of east Asia are dependent on the west as a market for their goods. We go, there goes china, Japan, south Korea. You get the picture. The oil shiekdoms go to, no market for their oil.

So let's see. Likely within 1year 90% of the remaining human population is DEAD. No power, no food, shaniqua cannot get her insulin, so she's dead too. All remaing economies have utterly collapsed. A dark, squalid, miserable world..

That seems to be what they want?!

Anonymous said...

Although the blacks are a part of the problem, they government is using the blacks as a diversion from through the real problem immigration. Millions of south americans are taking the long trek to the Mexican border, the enormity of the situation isn't realized until you see it with your own eyes, Thi push to the border is illegal to film, as one would suspect. Can you lmagin the overload of our system when this flood of humanity makes to America. Along with gaining control of our educational sysytem, another agende for comunism to take control was overloading the system by getting as many people to rely on government for their sustinence. It's been no secreted they laid out their plans in the fifties, but very few took heed. Then whether planned or coincidental Obama fell into their lap, what evil elation they must feel at this gift.


hey black America, we are tired of your race calling only whites racist. we are tired of the complete beak-down of the black race. we are tired of bailing your parts of our cities out. we don't want a thank-you. all we really want is for your race of humans to comply bye rules and yes regulations that are for every race/american to up-hold. to those people that race hustled you into believing something else is your problem not ours. sometimes life isn't fair black people but with a solid WORK ethic you can earn/save your way into something a little better if you only TRY. hell, i'm not perfect. but i'm not CRYING either. so to sum this all up. I would say to the black community "STOP CRYING AND START TRYING!!!GODSPEED&SEGREGATION NOW!

World_War_Me said...

Sort of on topic -- check this out, SBPDL gang:

Yesterday my doctor prescribed me Propranolol to treat my occasional stress-related migraine headaches. A Wikipedia search of this med disclosed this interesting tidbit:

"Oxford researcher Sylvia Terbeck gave volunteers the beta-blocker propranolol. The volunteers scored lower on a range of psychological tests designed to reveal any racist attitudes than a group who took a placebo. The region of the brain called the amygdala is involved in processing emotion, including fear, and many psychologists think racist feelings are driven by the fear center. Propranolol inhibits the amygdala."

HA! Two problems with this:

1. This absurd implication by Sylvia Terbeck that racist feeling are fear-driven and not fact-driven. How insulting to us race-realists!
2. I hope this stuff doesn't brainwash me into being a good multi-cult comrade complete with Junior Sex League sash!

Hell, if it weren't for this multi-cult hellhole of a world around me, I probably wouldn't have stress-related migraine headaches in the first place!

Anonymous said...


Uh oh. They are giving you the blue pill!

I hope it works out for you though. Keep de-programming yourself here and if we notice a change, we'll let you know. ;)

Regarding immigration and the Commies trying to destroy us from within. Yep. It's the only thing that makes sense since bringing in a bunch of turd-worlders isn't going to do shit for the unwashed masses here or there.

Immigration, world poverty and gumballs.

Discard said...

World War Me: The stress of acting out the lies of multiculturalism is responsible for most, non-organic mental illness today.

Californian said...

Discard said... World War Me: The stress of acting out the lies of multiculturalism is responsible for most, non-organic mental illness today.

This is an interesting point. You wonder how much insanity arises from people having to go through the mental convolutions to believe in the ideological foundations for BRA? You also have to look at how patently insane much of DWL policy actually is.

This bears further discussion...

Shaunantijihad said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the first poster. As a bleeding heart liberal, I humanely suggest that the only way we Whites can ever stop oppressing other races is to have exclusively White only nations so that others do not have to live in our oppressive presence.

Anyone who opposes this must therefore be a vicious anti-Black hater.

SKIP said...

"2. I hope this stuff doesn't brainwash me into being a good multi-cult comrade complete with Junior Sex League sash!

It COULD however prevent you from ever again being able to own a weapon, ammo, sharp pointy things or blunt instruments, vote, drive a car etc. etc.

Charles E. Wincester, III said...

bubo (April 25, 2013 at 11:42 PM):

"Savage attack on white 13 year old girl on school bus.

Also today a white teenage girl was jogging and a black male tried to abduct her off a busy street at 4 in the afternoon."

So much for the marvellous advice about staying out of trouble by not rambling around alone at night, under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or medicines.

ericcs said...

Because DWL's have essentially created a state-sponsored suicide cult in place of what used to be traditional white society, and since progressivism itself has no inherent limits on its ever-encroaching agenda, then I think whites have one blindingly obvious choice left...

Adopt the Cloward-Piven strategy, and turn it back on the DWL's. Support a police policy that blatantly and directly says, it will no longer attempt to arrest, investigate, or in fact do anything about blacks who may be suspected of being involved in a crime. The point of all this? Let blacks run completely amok, let them chimp out without any formal restraints. Inevitably, blacks will commit crimes against DWL's, while meanwhile traditionalist whites will protect themselves with guns, including hopefully banding together in self-support-self-defense groups. The leftsts will become victims, and conservatives will live to ultimately rule the day.

I just don't believe there is a political solution any more. We live in a leftist tyranny, where there are so many rules and regulations from the almighty State that EVERYONE (and I mean you too) is ALREADY in violation of something, and in which enforcement is completely politicized (if you come to the State's attention, and you're on the wrong side of the political spectrum, then the State will come down on you and ruin your life).

Cloward-Piven, folks, and blowback against the DWL tyranny. I think it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

An American, Barbara Lerner Spectre has made it her mission to push multiculturism in Europe to "save" it.
Whiterabbitradio has made a hilarious spoof of those who push Diversity. Do a YouTube search for "anti-racist hitler"'s brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero sez:

Hmm. Life after whites disappear? One day should do it:

0-6 hrs: A trip here, a trip there and the entire electrical grid nationwide goes dark. Such takes out Canada and Mexico, too. Oh well...

7-12 hrs: Every fission reactor either shuts down, SCRAMS or goes Pripyat.

12-24 hrs: Entire military defense system is gone. Blacks can whine as foreign invaders...invade...

And that's just Monday. Enjoy!

AnalogMan said...

CE Winchester said -

So much for the marvellous advice about staying out of trouble by not rambling around alone at night, under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or medicines.

It's good advice.

Are you one of those geniuses who smoke because they "have to die of something"?

Robert in Arabia said...

Non-smokers never die.

Discarded Host said...

Californian: Regarding lies and mental illness, I think it was George Orwell who wrote about the damage done by forcing people to repeat lies. To dodge the synthetic guilt of "White privilege" and the like, people take on the real guilt of knowing deep inside that they are hypocritical grovelers. Evil.

Melanie said...

The scenario "Life After White People" has pretty much played out in the Congo. Read the "Congo" series at the blog "Unamusement Park" , and also read the Time magazine article from the Fifties regarding the Congo at that time. (The link to the archived article is somewhere at the same blog). It was predictable, but interesting.