Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Civil Rights 2.0 Coming: The Collapse of Public Schools and the Consequences of Disciplining Black Students

Are we on the verge of a push for Civil Rights 2.0, or is this just another manifestation of the perpetual revolution that has been ongoing since the great victory over restrictive covenants in 1948 (Shelley vs. Kramer)?

Disciplinary actions required in school systems across the nation [Federal Probe Targets Uneven Discipline At Seattle Schools, NPR, 3-7-13] primary result in individual black students being expelled or removed from class - when aggregated together - display a community collectively out of control.

The Eurocentric nature of laws governing proper behavior hurts non-white kids in NYC Publics Schools (Source: CS Monitor)
100 percent.

President Obama is paying attention [Obama admin pressures schools into racial disciplinary quotas, College Insurrection, 10-13-12], with his administration attempting to implement a tiered, race-based school discipline policy.

It’s because of the white man’s Eurocentric rules, discriminating against black (and brown) students, that we find ourselves in this situation.
The Eurocentric nature of laws governing proper behavior hurts non-white kids in LA Unified Schools (Source: CS Monitor)

A school system awash in white privilege, where black (and brown) students are disrupted from learning at there own pace. [Big City Discipline, CS Monitor, 3-31-13].

The Obama Administration issued an Executive Order to establish a government panel in July of 2012 to explore why blacks are disciplined at rates higher than other races [Obama backs race-based school discipline policies, Daily Caller, 7-27-12]:
His July 26 executive order established a government panel to promote “a positive school climate that does not rely on methods that result in disparate use of disciplinary tools.” 
“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”
Well, the Eurocentric American public school system has finally been put on notice, with black students in South Bend, Indiana uniting to demand the creation of a black student services department that will find out why such discrimination (translation: disciplining unruly black students) exists. [South Bend schools get call to action: Some seek creation of black student services department, South Bend Tribune, 6-176-13]:
"I'm here because silent voices can't be heard," Gladys Muhammad said. "We're tired of discriminatory practices." 
One by one, Muhammad and a group of others approached the podium at a recent South Bend school board meeting to speak to the board and administration. 
Among these African-American community leaders' concerns is the disparate number of black students who are identified as special education, as well as the suspension rate of African-American students here. 
In April, The Tribune published a series called "Learning and teaching in the midst of race, special education and discipline" that described the district's recent citation by the Indiana Department of Education for the disproportionalities. The sanction requires that 15 percent of the school corporation's $6.1 million federal special education grant -- which amounts to some $900,000 -- be spent on early intervention services for struggling students in an effort to ultimately avoid labeling them as special education. 
But Muhammad and others are coming forward to ask the school district to do more. 
They'd like a black student services department to be created. 
It could be similar to the district's bilingual services department, they said.

Know this: in the New York, LA, Houston, Chicago, Dade County (Miami), Clarke County (Nevada), Broward County (Florida), and Philadelphia public school systems, white kids are a clear minority of the students enrolled.
Yeah, its the same in Chicago

And they are an even smaller minority of those students who are suspended.

Imagine 2050 has already happened in these cities/counties, with no racial nirvana/utopia/heaven created; the inverse is true.

It’s time for a divorce.

The white man’s law is too restrictive for most black (and brown) people; conversely, the quality of life – or lack there of - black (and brown) people create in formerly majority white cities is tantamount to a regression to the mean that makes life for white people incredibly difficult.

In the absence of whiteness, darkness prevails.

 And as we see in a nation governed by Black-Run America (BRA), our public school system is little more than a day-care center – in many urban areas, a heavily armored day-care center – for the unwanted detritus of the black/brown community.

Here’s the problem with the American Public School System in a nutshell:

  • The Bell Curve is real – racial differences exist
  • Black males/females mature faster than their racial counterparts
  • Lacking in future time-orientation, blacks engage in violent acts at far greater rates than their racial counterparts (no concept of risk/reward)

It’s time we learn to embrace white privilege; once its gone, you are left with 2013 Detroit.


Anonymous said...

off topic....just keep killin Whites off:

The Netherlands and Belgium seem to be in a race to the bottom of medical ethics. Early in the week, Belgium was ahead by a nose. Its Parliament reportedly reached a consensus on expanding controversial euthanasia policies to include access for gravely ill children. But the very next day the Netherlands broke clear and lunged ahead.

The Dutch press reported an even more startling development on the euthanasia front. Distress felt by parents of a dying newborn is a justification for killing their child, declared the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG), which represents doctors in the Netherlands.


So...let me get this straight. The Negro DEMANDS to attend the same schools as the racists blue eyed devil....BUT....once he gets there he doesn't like the way the racists, blued eyed devil runs the school.

He wants an education (they say) and he wants the same opportunity as the rayciss Whites but when he attends the SAME school as the rayciss Whites, he doesn't like the way the rules are played out.

Hmmmmm. Let me get this straight. The Negro wants to attend the White school since it is supposed to be better BUT he doesn't want it to be run any different than the black school he previously attended. At the pre-Brown-vs-Board of Education school, he could run, jive, jump, slap ass, chimp-out , etc but that is not permitted at the White Cracka schools? Dat be rayciss.

Maybe, Sambo, it wasn't the school.

One has to ACT WHITE to attend a White school and to achieve like White students? Dat be rayciss. Why, Sambo just thought that if he attended (now and then) a White school then he, too, would achieve just like dem Crackass White students since it is the building that creates the education, right?

There is at least 50 years of SOLID evidence that the black is so different than the White. The evidence now is irrefutable. No matter where, or how, the "gap" exists. It is genetic.

Turns our out great Grandparents had Jim Crow and Separate schools since they KNEW the Simians could not act White. THEY AREN'T. Duh.

Anonymous said...

As long as the majority of crime is black on black no one is going to care...if there were 20 shootings of blacks on whites in Chicago over the weekend it would make national news.

You can't hide shit like that from the media.

Anonymous said...

Equal rights plus comrade. It is the only way to overcome da lebacy ov da ebil slabery.

Anonymous said...

We gotta go back to the Wizard of Oz: "You don't need a brain; here's a diploma". Because of quotas and all, who has to learn anything?

Anonymous said...

This fine young brother was probably suffering from PTSD due to harsh discipline at the White man's schools.


Anonymous said...

Amen: "The Bell Curve is real – racial differences exist"
very true, yet school liberalcrats pretend that education makes people smarter. it's a sham. so many white female teachers think highly of themselves for helping the poor li'l "underprivileged" "disadvantaged" "at risk" ghetto nigroes. help doesn't help. it's a waste of time. good instruction spreads out the bell curve - the stupid gain very little, the smart gain a lot. good instruction makes the achievement gap bigger (& does nothing to the ability gap!)

Anonymous said...

I am the assistant pricipal in a Georgia high school with a 60% black student population. Fully 85% of my discipline cases involve black kids. Go figure.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

Wait - this could be good. Wouldn't a "black services" thing be akin to blacks asking for segregation?

Anonymous said...

The sooner the divorce, the better. Let the Chinese have a round with them.

Unknown said...

They just aren't human, they can not perform nor act like humans

Anonymous said...

It would a group demanding more concessions from whites and less accountability from blacks.

Anonymous said...


Melanie said...

Segregated schools would solve this problem-with no whites and blacks in school together, no one could complain about disparate and unfair punishments. This would beat the heck out giving a white kid the same punishment for talking in class as is given to a black kid for pulling a knife on a classmate.

But of course the blacks won't have that-they don't really want to solve any problems, they want to continue to find ways to hold whites back and extort more money from us.

That's why I say-homeschool, homeschool, homeschool. Your kids shouldn't be the government indoctrination centers anyway, much less forced to deal with violent blacks and browns who are already, as you say, more mature physically for their ages and bigger than the white kids (who are using their growth energy towards their brains).

There is no sacrifice to large to make to homeschool your kids. The public indoctrination centers have your children for at least 7- 8 hrs a day--no amount of dinner table talk can overcome the propaganda, and once they become teens, forget it-peer pressure trumps all, especially parental guidance. If all the "cool" blonde cheerleaders are "dating" the dusky football players, tour daughter is going to want to be one of the cool kids, no matter what you say, and the peer pressure will be supported by propaganda from the teachers and administrators. In fact, your kids may learn nothing of reading, writing, arithmetic, un-revised history, etc, but they will learn the enrichment of die-versity and the vibrancy of every race except whites. The only thing they learn about whites is that we are the root of all evil.

Homeschooling is the answer, it's worth any sacrifice a family must make.

Anonymous said...

If you have white kids in public schools, for God's sake pull them out and homeschool them. Live on less, but find a way. These schools are daycare centers for single black women. And they will be demanding more "desegregation" and white people's tax dollars to support this mess.

Our city schools are on summer break and there are literally packs of gang-clothed young black males wandering around the streets, loitering in the malls and parks, all day and all night. They are completely unsupervised and unruly.

I just caught two youths breaking into my neighbor's garage last night at 2AM. The police don't care and hardly respond to calls. They are everywhere.

Homeschooling is not always easy, but it is better than having your kid's face ripped off by public school blacks who are protected from suspension.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...

there are literally packs of gang-clothed young black males wandering around the streets, loitering in the malls and parks, all day and all night. They are completely unsupervised and unruly.

... They are everywhere.

That's impossible. They are only 13% of the population.

Lorraine said...

Amazing the lies that are told by the press and the government, yet I look around and it seems to me that the USA is underwater in groids and turds.

We are not being invaded, we have already been invaded and are now occupied. Just as SA is undergoing white genocide, so are we... It is not obvious to many because they have been brainwashed.

Hold onto your guns.

White Mom in VA

Harry in Pa. said...

What simply galls me to the point of distraction is that a game-changing (85%+ let's say) majority of whites are not of like-mind with the commenters here or other decidedly race-realist sites. Indeed, after all the hellish punishment they have taken from every conceivable quarter from business outlets everywhere to media, academia, and that vast entity called government on every level how is that they have not awakened as if responding to a fire-bell in the night? I ask again, how is it they have not responded to the death-knell sounding everywhere? Truly I am between two minds for my racial kind - desperate concern and bitter contempt. Race trumps in the end and like gravity I am pulled inexorably there, and I hope seemingly against hope that there will a point of fight-for-your-life wakefulness and BRA will be plowed deep and long like the fallow-field that it has become.

Anonymous said...

Sheeit ain't need none of that crackerman's edumacashun pimp daddy obama gonna give me welfare check and sail fawn. Dem crackas gonna pay for it all since dey owe me for da lebacy ov da ebil slabery.

Anonymous said...

Next on the agenda~ Obama will insist that just as many whites be in prison as there are blacks so da black race don't look so bad in comparison. To accomplish this, Dontavious who robbed a store at gunpoint and got 5 to 10 in prison will share a cell with an ebbil YT (also serving 5 to 10) who ran a red light and caused an accident.
As Ive said before (too many times) blacks are all about image over substance. If they can make others look as bad as they are, then they feel better about themselves while ignoring the reality that they're actually far worse than others- doesn't matter if others looking bad is all artificial and contrived, a grand pretense. Dem darkies gots to pretend! That way they can deny reality while screeching that dey is jes like eberbody else and other people be doing bad things too at de same rate.
It's sickening but that's the way niggers "think." They have to drag everyone else down to their level to feel good about themselves- there's never the concept of raising themselves up and stopping all their crap so they don't look so bad~ instead, it has to be covered up somehow, explained away or blamed on everyone else while trying to drag everyone else down into their gutter existence.
It's Niggerocity at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous poster about the important role that good,healthy shame plays in the conduct of White people.Black behavior is often selfish,vain,violent and outrageous.Fuckheads like Sharpton and Jackson are nowhere to be found when blacks chimp out.Rightfully criticizing a nig's behavior invariably turns racial,always from the nig's end.Bad behavior in public places must be confronted,it is the only way forward.Coal burners and oil drillers should be ragged on harshly.Just because they don't care about anything doesen't mean they get a free pass.It is up to each and every one of us if we want a better tomorrow for our heirs.It won't be easy but it definitely can be done.Starting now.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....By not disciplining unruly youths we will prevent less urban teens from dropping out of school. By putting aside SPECIAL EDUCATION programs and really trying our hardest we can bring their grades up so they can graduate with a high school diploma.

By spending additional billions of dollars the Dept. of Education will allow the VIBRANT AT-RISK DISADVANTAGE URBAN OLDER TEENS and YOUTHS from POOR and BROKEN FAMILIES graduate. With additional help of Corporate Grants we can have the average black student graduating from high school around the ages of 30 and 35 years old. The motto for this program will be BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

By all of us pulling together plus another 10 to 12 years of Junior College the highly educated black student will be able to join the work force by the time they are 40 to 50 years old.

Anonymous said...

“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order.

Well, I wonder why the schools African-Americans attend are less safe? And I wonder why they disproportionately experience school discipline? It must be the evil white racists are making them less safe and framing the black students for the lack of safety, resulting in disproportionate discipline!

Bob1313 said...

Jesus fucking Christ can we get this meltdown going so we can thin out the groid herds, I've had enough of these narcassistic morons, to death with them all

Lorraine said...

I hear you. I don't get I either. Maybe it is because I am from Canada or maybe because my grandmother was a race realist as she would use the n word in front of me. I don't know but I am glad to be aware that groids suck.

Now our dear leaders are down with the brown. Ryan and McCain's son are all about groid mashing and Jeb Bush married a beaner. The multicult Kool aid 'grape drank' is intoxicating apparently.

Groids are just gross.

White Mom in VA

Lorraine said...

More and more people are talking this way. I think homeschooling parents should demand vouchers just as parents who send their kids to private school demand vouchers

White Mom in VA

Californian said...

Two or three decades back, there was a considerable demand among Americans for law and order. We got things like three strikes, mandatory minimums and assorted wars on crime and drugs. The result was the incarceration of increasing numbers of blacks (since, after all, they were breaking the law at much higher rates than anyone else).

This shows that there is (or was) considerable demand in America for rational policies. It was simply a matter of finding the issues which to push, and law and order was one of them. Conceivably, this could be done again.


...the real problem with law and order is that it does not face the racial aspect of crime--violent street crime is being committed by blacks disproportionately. It sidesteps this reality. Meantime, DWLs go into overtime about blacks being incarcerated at high numbers as a result of (yep) "racism."

The thing is, as blacks grow in numbers and exploit their political clout, law and order falls apart as an issue which whites can use to at least keep the lid on. Jailing more blacks takes them out of the voting booth as well as the AA jobs, thereby undermining black political clout. Blacks have this alliance with DWLs who provide the ideological smoke and mirrors to turn society's defense against crime into "oppression."

Crime is becoming a form of urban guerrilla warfare, perhaps a reversion to tribal violence. Sometimes this is quite overt, as in the race hustlers labeling urban riots as "uprisings," or Beat YT Night.

Perhaps if the Obama administration goes too far, there will be a backlash. Or perhaps the ideological delusions will disintegrate in the face of black hyper-violence. But again, it goes back to having Americans understand the racial aspect of crime.

Californian said...

Harry in Pa. said... I ask again, how is it they [white Americans] have not responded to the death-knell sounding everywhere?

Well, there have been some Americans who have stood up. Usually, it has been on single issues such as opposition to affirmative action, or stopping the illegal alien invasion. But the elites in this country use the courts to undo any positive achievements. Without high level leadership (and money), it's difficult for populist movements to gain traction.

Still, you make a good point. Why do people accept the disintegration of their country and civilization?

Mr. Clean said...

Ex New Yorker said: By all of us pulling together plus another 10 to 12 years of Junior College the highly educated black student will be able to join the work force by the time they are 40 to 50 years old.

....where he will work for less than a year before attempting to "retire" on a disability claim or a lawsuit for scriminations and shee-it.

Anonymous said...

Join the workforce. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaah thats a great joke.

Jefferson said...

I live in a zip code where Black people make up only 2 percent of the population.

So the public schools in my zip code are actually pretty decent.

The majority of Nonwhites in my zip code are Asian.

rex freeway said...

The Obama Administration issued an Executive Order to establish a government panel in July of 2012 to explore why blacks are disciplined at rates higher than other races [Obama backs race-based school discipline policies, Daily Caller, 7-27-12]:
Earth to Obama, Negros are disciplined at a higher rate because they offend at a higher rate. Period. Wrap your smaller than the average white brain around that. And if you and the DWL's that impowered you cant, then it is time for civilized America to take charge and restore order to this nation you seek to destroy. There is NO other way. It's not "racially biased". It's not "White privilege". Stop the blame game and accept responsibility for your actions.

Anonymous said...

Discipling black students in school is like telling some group of mouthy blacks in a theater, "Will you please be quiet?" Instant chimpout as you is not recognizin' and respectin' dey cultcha and sheeit. Why we gots to obey da rules of common courtesy and decency when we is black and special? Why are black people getting told to shut da hell up in da theaters mo' than other people?
Why cain't you accepts da fact that we gonna behave like a bunch of hyperactive twelve year olds and quit repressin' us wid all dose rules? It be raycism and discriminashum! MMMM!HMMMM! Dat's right!
Bottom line~ Nigga's are gonna nig and anything that attempts to stop them is going to result in a tantrum accompanied by accusations of racism/discrimination and disparate treatment. It doesn't matter if it's in school, on the job, in public places or on the street.
A nigga's gotta nig, gnomesayin'?


note to blackie, START TRYING AND STOP CRYING!!! if we were to separate the races in schools and gave the blacks the best teachers nothing, nothing would change. i'm negro fatigued to the damn maximum level! we must act if we are to save our white country! p.s. I can't fucking stand liberal/progressive white people either. and speaking of progressive the company for insurance. did anyone notice that in these new rate suckers commercials you don't see the black rate suckers on the wind shield? is this because they don't want to profile the black persons big lips. or would they not want to be called racist progressive people that made fun about the blacks big lips? either way they are pussies for not putting all races in their rate sucker ads. anything to save blackie from embarrassment and the truth. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

There is an element to this conversation that I don't see discussed anywhere but it is there anyway. It is the elephant in the room. That element is that society at large, the productive, orderly part of society, doesn't need black people anymore. In this day of automated and highly technological production, their services,(such that it is), is no longer needed. In the days of slave based agriculture they had a purpose here. In Jim Crow days, they had a purpose here. Since it's demise, they have floundered from one thing to the next. They are a burden, a drain and little more. One day, when they become less affordable due to conditions, that element is going to be realized by the other races at large and there will be actions taken to throw off that burden to society. Woe be it unto those who are black in that day.

phil g said...

So we go through all of these fantasy actions of studies and quotas because DWLs refuse to see with their lying eyes the reality of black and brown social dysfunction.

School desegregation, while tragic, has at least provided all of the data necessary to prove the incompatibility of white and most black and brown students.

The DWLs just cannot or refuse to comprehend that it is not racism or bigotry that cause white's to flee black and brown invasion, it is simply basic, practical self interest. Any rational human knows that a large number of blacks and browns will cause significant deterioration of your school and community. Blacks know it to, which is why you won't see an educated, civilized black family anywhere near a large black underclass population.

phil g said...

In a sane world a policy might look more like a program that would objectively evaluate and identify black kids with ability, desire, work ethic to school with white kids and remove those blacks from the loser environment of their black peers and let them educate and associate with white kids. Since there's likely not much that can be done with the remaining black kids, school them to their capabilities with their own kind and keep them separated.

Anonymous said...

I think it is funny that the schools are run by black affirmative action hires in some cases, and THEY are also expelling black students at higher rates than white students. Young blacks are very unpredictable and troublesome to deal with. The black parents howl about racism, but it is their own black people running things.

I went to an inner-city elementary project school in the 1980s. There were lots of poor blacks with severe behavioral problems and impulse control issues. There were security guards and a few psychologists on staff. Most of the black kids were abused, beaten, and starved at home. They came to class filthy, sometimes with parasites like roaches and lice in their clothing.

School is nothing more than glorified daycare for blacks. It is a way to keep them off the streets, roaming around and destroying society's things. We pay a very high price to live with this population.

Blacks have a difficult time following the White man's rules. He finds them oppressive, and he is unable to express his natural blackness when he feels the urge. He can not make sense of the complexity of rules, and it drives him mad. Rules keep blacks from terrorizing and intimidating whites, something that gives him great satisfaction.

And the traitor DWL helps blacks sue Whites for violation of blacks' "Civil Right" to destroy our civilization.

*I have always said that if black Americans could have harems, multiple wives, child sex rings, or own black slaves and servants, they would do all of it and not bat an eye.

Anonymous said...


Paul Kersey, check this out:

Chimps with cell phones

Yep. Give a chimp white man's technology and they use it for violence. Surprising? No. Despicable? Yes.

Just like the niglets, I mean 'teens' who use their 'bamafones and online social media to form mass chimpouts to steal, maim, harm businesses/non-blacks.

Proceed with caution. Negroids ahead. The negroid in your mirror is bigger than he actually appears.

Anonymous said...

P.K. and SBPDL community just found a page detailing daily crimes against whites in South Africa. There is a pop up and java has to be enabled. Some reports are not for the squeamish.


Anonymous said...

OT: Elbert Guillory "Why I am A Republican"


A big black victimologist rant.

Republican party = "Slavery is a violation of the rights of Man". It is all about black people.

The Democrats are the party of "Jim Crow" and "KKK", slavery, and white Southerers against "social justice" and "civil rights" for blacks. Overseers who control us by making us dependent on them.

I don't think he wants real freedom. Freedom is violent, messy, and dangerous. Freedom failed for blacks.

If blacks really wanted to be free, they would say no to the government teat. And they won't.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Re: Elbert Guillory

We saw what happens when restrictions on blacks are removed during Hurricane Katrina in NOLA.

Blacks being self-reliant means civilization collapses in one day.

One day.

Of all the projects I'm working on, "The Day After Katrina" is my favorite one.

My opinion on which city in America has the worst black population goes as such:

1. Milwaukee
2. Chicago
3. St. Louis
4. Detroit

Pat Boyle said...

There is an up side to all this. Let me mention a simple fact: Public schools are not inevitable.

Public schools are one of the social reforms advocated in the Communist Manifesto. Marx and Engels wanted to collectivize not just the means of production but also the schools.

No one believes that public schools provide the best education. All private schools including Catholic schools and Home Schools routinely produce better results than public schools. But of course many young couples can't afford private school tuition and don't have the skills or the time to educate their children themselves.

For these parents we could easily provide them with school vouchers. But the entrenched public education forces have managed to thwart the public's will so far.

Give parent's some choice and overnight a plethora of effective and safe private schools will spring up all over America.

Already many white parents with school age children makes their life decisions based on school districts. In Oakland we have an affluent white city within the city. Piedmont houses costs maybe twice as much as comparable houses across the street that are not in Piedmont. That means that those on one side of the street can send their kids to a nice safe and stable public school. Those on the other side of the street will have their kids bussed down to the ghetto. Naturally they don't do that but rather pay tuition for private schools. That means that real estate prices in Piedmont are much higher. An Oakland house also carries a hidden expense - private tuition.

So the crisis in public school violence is not all bad. We must remember that pubic schools are not an American idea. The Founding Fathers would have opposed such an idea. Privatizing the school system will not end all the education debate but it will provide better education cheaper - of that there can be no substantial doubt.


Anonymous said...

Pat: Parents "don't have the skills or the time to educate their children themselves."

Get over yourself Pat. This is a lie and as sorry-assed excuse for parental laziness.

White kids always learn what they need to without any adult intervention at all and with very little money. They learn best when left alone. Heard of unschooling? It works. I celebrate adults who stay out of the way. No adult even needs to be present for this miracle to take place.

Start trusting them.

Adults don't have to erect a tyranny and set up little desks and lesson plans in order for white kids to learn. They do it by their own nature.

Adults are very limited, have prejudices and pre-conceived notions about things, and greatly interfere with child's natural learning and capacity to explore. Adults muck things up.

The schooling children is a BS concept and makes adults feel like they are doing something important when actually they are not.

Free your mind.

If public school is not the best option for white kids, then why the hell would any responsible parent choose it???? Laziness, that's why.

Anonymous said...

This falls under the adage of a Democrat being a Republican that hasn't been mugged yet.

The DWLs of whom you speak live in exclusive neighborhoods, and attended exclusive prep schools, to which they now send their own children. They happily pay more taxes because it helps "the poor." They have no idea what their taxes go for, because to them, Blacks are as real as the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.

Those of us who have to take the Subway with them, work with them, stand in line at the DMV while they try to figure things out, and, yes, send our kids to school to sit next to them and get beaten up by them of COURSE have a much better idea.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous June 18, 2013 at 7:52 PM-

They don't do any better than they do because they aren't capable of doing any better. Just consider-the mean white IQ is 100, the mean American black IQ is 85. African black IQ is even lower. American blacks would be also if not for a variety of factors. Even with those factors, it's still only 85. They are simply incapable of meeting white standards. They are incapable of living in a white society without supervision. They have more latitude in this country regarding their behavior than any other group, when they require the most supervision.

So, of course they lower everything around them to their level. They are incapable of anything else.

rjp said...

Check the spam trap for my post.

rjp said...

“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”

98% of African Americans couldn't handle "challenging college-preparatory classes"

Among these African-American community leaders' concerns is the disparate number of black students who are identified as special education, as well as the suspension rate of African-American students here.

85 IQ is special education. Sorry .....

Black males/females mature faster than their racial counterparts.

Which is why few whites get collegiate sports scholarships.

Lacking in future time-orientation, blacks engage in violent acts at far greater rates than their racial counterparts (no concept of risk/reward)

And f**k LaTrina in the stairwell.

Melanie said...

Homeschooling is the answer, it's worth any sacrifice a family must make.

Maybe our futures are setting up the home-schooling co-ops I have suggested.

Anonymous said...

Sheeit ain't need none of that crackerman's edumacashun pimp daddy obama gonna give me welfare check and sail fawn. Dem crackas gonna pay for it all since dey owe me for da lebacy ov da ebil slabery.

Obama & Pat Quinn must be handing out extra money this morning - Chicago Police Call for Barricades as Crowds of Blacks Storm Chicago Public Aid Offices this Morning

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, thanks for your terrific work. A day w/o SBPDL is just not as interesting. Looking forward to "The Day After Katrina".

Harry in Pa. said...


Interesting response to my plaintive comment. Yeah, you had to throw another blanket over my already dark mood with a reference to SA. I would not have vaticinated 23 years ago that the Boer would sink to the present level of suicidal cowardice. Stunning, staggering - but I better drop this line of groaning for now or SBPDL may can the comment.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line~ Nigga's are gonna nig and anything that attempts to stop them is going to result in a "tantrum accompanied by accusations of racism/discrimination and disparate treatment. It doesn't matter if it's in school, on the job, in public places or on the street.
A nigga's gotta nig, gnomesayin'?"

oh come on you know yall got some white niggas and ignorant as f#%k.

ricpic said...

There is no hope for whites without separation. But we all know BRA won't allow that. What might make separation or secession possible? A massive economic implosion. Under conditions of severe societal stress there is a chance that the intolerable will no longer be tolerated and whites in at least some parts of the country will demand separation and then be willing to fight for it. I see no other way for it to happen.

Melanie said...

@ Bogolyubski; Harry in PA-

In the short term, as eternity goes, I'm probably the most pessimistic commenter here, because of my belief in dispensational, pre-millenial Biblical prophecy. In the long term, I'd say I'm the most optimistic (not to be flippant, but-God wins).

I believe that we're living in the End Times, but as date-setting is unBiblical, the end times could last another hunfred years, I can't see it lasting longer, if that. America was the land of hope and freedom, the last hope for many. America is in decline, a fast decline now. America isn't relevant or even mentioned in Biblical prophecy, that seems to mean that we've lost our status as a great power. (It can happen, just as Britain-I know that there must have been British stationed around the empire who didn't believe it right up to the very day).

I don't mention this very often because Christians, even the racially-conscious lkind who've survived under the radar for years, aren't very popular here. But I do believe things are going get horrendous for America. The persecution Christians in other countries have suffered under for years-well, American Christians are finally going to get the chance to get a taste of that, when we've been smugly, from the comfort of America, praying for those "other" Christians, and thinking we were special because we had it so good. All that's about to change. I won't go into the fact that God will redeem His own before the very worst of the evil days come-The Tribulation. Things can get pretty bad before getting as bad as the time of the Tribulation.

Anonymous said...

It just isn't the same thing.Be honest with yourself.

bubo said...

Have they ever thought of just not acting like common niggers?

I've seen schools in Africa where the students were all dressed neatly and attentive even though they were probably 10000000000 times poorer than american blacks. Why? Because there is no YT safety net. There is no bigmouth rabble rouser to make excuses for bad behavior. And most of all, they would probably be savagely beaten if they get out of line.

50 of so years of soft touch liberalism has made blacks virtually ineducable.

Pat Boyle said...

I was attacked for supporting lazy parents. That was bizarre.

My ideas on education are very conventional. I think American education was never very controversial until the public schools took on the task of educating black kids alongside white kids.

There were no articles about failing schools of the school crisis in the early nineteen fifties. A lot of Southern conservatives opposed school integration because they said it would lower learning standards and increase deportment problems.

And of course that is exactly what happened. There were decades of civil and legal strife over forced integration. None of academia, the press, or the national opinion makers had any doubt that integration was good and moral while segregation was backward and hateful. Everyone who opposed segregation is still hailed as a cultural hero. And those who defended segregation are portrayed as villains.

But school integration has been a disaster. None of the benefits that were suppose to obtain with integrated schools have occurred. And all of the drawbacks of which we were warned have come to pass.

Marxists like Melissa Harris-Perry argue that the traditional family should have its children taken from them and raised by the state. But until that happens parents will want to protect their kids. They will resist state sponsored efforts to stick their children in a dangerous and ineffective school room.

Just a little support for Home Schooling and School Vouchers and the public schools in many areas will collapse overnight. Everyone knows this especially the Teacher's Unions.


Anonymous said...

Very good points,it cannot happen soon enough.We are probably a comedy show for the rest of the galaxy.

Anonymous said...

many whites simply cannot comprehend the fact that most blacks are racist against whites, they naively believe that if they are nice to blacks blacks will like them, most blacks will NEVER like them not matter what they do, ever hear a black compliment a white city or company on how nice it is????

Anonymous said...

As soon as a few of them get together,forget about decent,civilized behavior.They are outrageously loud in the most solemn situations-it is always about them and their need for attention.Far too many whites have put up with their rude,inconsiderate behavior-in the name of diversity-for far too long.I say simply calling them out on the most obvious exclusively toad behavior would be a great start.Stick up for fellow whites when these problems present themselves in the public theater.All this shit happens because we allow it.Let us move forward confidently-this is our century!

Anonymous said...

Or ONE shooting of a black by a white

Anonymous said...

Blacks fought all through the sixties and seventies for racial equality. When they achieved it they found out that they still cant compete. So now they want play with a handicap in school, employment, crime penalties, credit ratings, and everything else they are not eqivalent at. We are being required to blacks in the front of the line in everything these days. Whites will have to work twice as hard as blacks in urban America. But dont be disheartened that should not be to hard from what I've observed. Let's just give each of them $100,000 when they hit eighteen and see how it works out, it may be even good for the economy.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

The part that is so insane is that many christian groups have been sponsoring the many Somolians and other African refugees. Their desire to do the christian thing is bringing the downfall of theiir own religion. In the medieval times people recognized the importance of not allowing other religions to prosper in their homelands. Religions were created as a way for the more knowledgable humans to keep others under control lest they be damned to hell or burned at the stake or both, if they found the right religion in time they could be lucky and just be decapitated. Unfortunately a good part of the world still works in this way.

Baltimore Watcher said...

6. Kansas City and Baltimore are tied

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

This is one of Obamas big projects to get rid of private and parocial schools. His speech in Ireland against Catholic schools revealed this. Though he never went to a public school as a child he knows that kids in a church school or a private school have a big edge over public schools. The public school system is a major employer of black middle class and good democratic union members. The public school system is nothing more than another give away program that is full of fraud, embezzlement, and mismanagement. I believe that private schools give much more bang for the buck than taxpayer funded schools.

Anonymous said...


It saddens me to hear you are a Dispensationalist. You don't know how wrong Darby was with his dispensational theory? Because it really is merely a theory.

I won't get into that right now, but I am further disturbed by your belief that America is not mentioned in Scripture. Amerika is the Beast of Revelation. Amerika is the end result of the Greco-Roman empires. You know, a little bit iron, a little bit clay like the feet of the totem-man from Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The mix of the Roman soldier and the Greek philosopher. It's smacking you right in the face and you deny it.

Amerika hasn't lost it's power. No other country is stronger and everyone will play along like they are doing right now. Don't you see? It's global now, baby, and there is no stopping it. The elite will not allow it.

My fellow dispensationalist brethren would tell me we would be raptured before the Tribulation. Yeah, don't hold your breath.

I was told Jesus could come any day. Then I studied the Bible and found out this is not true. Jesus wants us to prove our love for him by going through the Tribulation.

Of course, in the end God the Father triumphs but why did His Son suffer on a cross if not to show us what true love is? We are obliged to follow Him.

American Christians see themselves way too detached from reality. Just read the description of the Beast in Revelation, how it sits on many waters and is inhabited with all nations and it's world wide commerce. How can it not be Amerika?

This also has at least something to do with education, in that, I never learned of the Bible in school and never learned the Truth in my Lutheran church as a child. Study of Scripture in school would do most people a world of good. We don't do that anymore, now do we?
- Markus

Anonymous said...

With one stipulation-leave the US and never return ,if they do it is open season,a bounty will be paid-X dollars alive,4X dollars dead.

Anonymous said...

Quit wasting your time reading 'meaning' into the 'bible'.The new testament is all that applies,the old testament is a book of fairy tales designed to scare young children and dumb Bible-belt southerners.The Bible has some useful lessons and advice,mixed with a truckload of bullshit.The day- to-day functions of the greatest civilization in history is going down the sewer and the Bible won't save us.All caring Whites must stick together as a unit ,demand/force political change,and hold all people responsible for their actions.The standard will be middle-class White values.You know-honest,clean,intelligent,resourceful,proactive,decent,thinking beyond the next 5 minutes,etc. I do much appreciate this site,and I do respect your opinions. Signed,R

Anonymous said...

“African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline,” said the order, titled “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence.”

African-Americans don't lack access to these things, they CREATE unsafe schools,act up much more causing themselves to be disciplined. They also behave in such a way that no decent teacher wants to teach them because the teacher fears for his/her life and even if a teacher is good, they can't teach effectively because the students are so lousy.

Anonymous said...

"the old testament is a book of fairy tales designed to scare young children and dumb Bible-belt southerners"

When the bible was designed, Southerners in the US didn't exist as the USA didn't, so how was the bible designed to "scare American southerners" who didn't exist at that time? What about dumb Northern Catholics? Geez, what a dumb comment.

Discard said...

Anon at 8:25 AM says that White kids learn all they need without any adult intervention. Yeah, sure, they all just discover trigonometry and transmission repair on their own.