Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tequila Sunrise

There's a scene at the end of Tim Burton's 1996 Mars Attacks (for those unfamiliar, the movie is a comedy where... martians attack earth and destroy most civilization) that seems apropos today.

What a wonderful image (courtesy of Mars Attacks) of America's future
On the steps of the ruined United States Capitol Building, those few remaining American survivors gather together in Washington D.C. to celebrate the victory over the martian invaders.

With the military all but destroyed (meaning no US Military Band to serenade those attending the victory with patriotic songs), the only musicians that could be mustered in a short amount of time to commemorate America's defeat of the martians is a mariachi band.

Grandma's got the right idea, covering her ears as the mariachi band plays the Star Spangled Banner
The mariachi band plays the United States National Anthem (it should be known the author of the National Anthem, Francis Scott Key, was a member of the American Colonization Society). 

It seemed funny then.

Today, it seems fitting.

Remember the Alamo.

Remember James K. Polk, the greatest president in the history of the United States of America.

Stand against Amnesty.


Gayle said...

Rubio doesn't seem to be giving any interviews today where he has to answer for his oh-so-unfortunate moment of truth on Univision this weekend:

"First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.”

What a lying whore.

Anonymous said...

Join up with NumbersUSA and send faxes to al your traitorous congressmen.

countenance said...

I want to congratulate you, PK, for really coming around on the Hispanic/immigration question. Time was, not so long ago right here on SBPDL, you somewhat dismissed the immigration question for the matter of the Hispanics are better than the blacks.

Now you seem to realize that HRA is just as bad as BRA.

Jay Santos said...

Of all the potential disasters that this country faces, this one is the big enchilada. To begin with, the 11 million number so assiduosly adhered to is a fraud. The number will turn out to be much larger, maybe double, possibly triple.

The real disaster is that this will be irreversible. Much of what Obama has done could be reversed, ripped out and burnt. But not this. Even if later attempts were made to limit the number of "relatives" these legalized illegals could bring into the country, it would take years, by which time the numbers will have swelled again.

Your culture will change, the political landscape will change forever, the economy will change and there will be nothing short of civil war that you can do about it. The legacy of Obama will further scar your life and that of your children and grand children.


just like the first post said that marco rubio is a lying latino whore! just think that little bitch is going to team up with his own kind. that fucker is just a lighter version of a ngr! anything that's good for their race and fuck America's needs. we don't need 30 million more spics that are going to act the same way the ngr's do in this country. give-me, give-me! so tired of the lies and the racial bullshit! but as we all know here at SBPDL we the white race are the fucking enemy. and didn't ole barry boy say two weeks ago that the war on terror is over? so why barry are you spying on your tax paying Americans if the war on terror is coming to an end? oh yea that same terrorist can just walk over with the law breaking spics on the boarder that is wide the fuck open. hey marco you got played by democrats that also fucked your chances at the white house. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

How about for every Mexican we legally let into the US,Mexico has to take 2 of our toads?! Tatoo 'no return ' on said toad's forehead and pay a bounty on all toads that try to return to the US? Sign me Ronny Nonny

Anonymous said...

does trhis surprise you?


Dfens said...

I would like to second the remarks of countenance. My working hypothesis is that BRA is an instrument of the elites to control us. Other than the dim-witted celebrity who marries or adopts a negro, the elites care not a whit about them. They are safely esconced in the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Cambridge and Chevy Chase. Likewise, other similar movements (Hispanic Run America, Gay Run America, Feminist Run America and Immigrant/Refugee Run America) are sponsored by hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Only 40% of illegals accepted amnesty back in the 1980s

And amnesty is meaningless, the illegals will still be here even if we don't pass it. According to the letter of the bill it would take ten years for illegals to apply for citizenship.

The only thing citizenship grants over permanent residency is voting rights- there is a reason why many immigrants in America have permanent residency but not citizenship. It costs thousands of dollars to take all the tests for citizenship and illegals do not want to be Americans, they just want our money. It would be foolish for a person with their mind on money to apply for citizenship under such circumstances. One also needs to have a mastery of English to apply for citizenship.

Rather than opposing amnesty what we should oppose are liberal attempts to water down citizenship requirements.

In the late 2020s when many of these immigrants will be eligible to begin applying for citizenship I can forsee liberals creating some kind of movement to either water down citizenship to make it easy for non-English speaking former illegals to get citizenship without having to speak English.

The liberals will also likely have campaigns to donate money to the illegals who want to become citizens thus removing the financial disincentive. Liberals will likely have funds to cover days when illegals can't work due to taking citizenship tests and filing the forms needed to become citizens.

Finally the liberals will PUSH HARD in the ex-illegal community to make them view American citizenship as a good thing rather than as a big hassle for the sake of being able to vote. Liberals will desperately want that illegal vote in 13 years time and will work hard to make illegals think they want citizenship even though citizenship is more trouble than it is worth for a person who just came to the USA to earn a few dollars.

Burn this post into your memory, liberals will do one or all of these things. Liberals may also do other things like attempting to give the vote to permanent residents.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately liberals HAVE to do these things because the white liberal median age is 45 and rising while the white conservative median age is only 39. Only 2/3 of white liberal women have children while more than 9/10 of conservative women have children. The Republican birthrate and the Democratic birthrate are EQUAL to each other despite claims of Democratic superiority due to illegals and blacks.

Liberals are living as a party on borrowed time, the only way those graying hippies who are still living the 1960s can keep their party going is to import third worlders who are used to doing the bidding of slavemasters for the sake of a dollar.

However even this may not save them. Blacks and Browns hate gays, hate feminism and white liberals teach them to hate whites- what happens when white liberals fall from the current 60% majority of Democrats now to less than 50% in the next few decades? Why should the black and brown politicians keep taking orders from a white Democrat elite when the Democrats need the minorities more than minorities need Democrats? The white liberals will cry that their supremacist system has backfired, that black and brown congressmen will vote to ban all things gay and effeminate and institute prayer in schools.

And that won't even be the end of it because even the browns and blacks are having fewer and fewer children as the younger generations become enthused by feminism and liberal effeminacy. Liberals are screwed. Things will look darkest in the late 2020s and early 2030s because that will be when the generation currently being born ("the years when snow didn't fall" I guess for the years when white children were a minority) begins coming of age but the overall long term trend is in favor of a declining non-white population and a rising white population.

By the 2040s and 2050s the kids born in 2030 will be coming of age- the majority of these kids will be white because black and brown women are increasingly becoming like liberal white women are refusing to have children. It will just take a little more time.

Conservatives who maintain their pro-family values will dominate the country, the "non-white utopia" liberals dream of will not come about because blacks and browns will become too much like the liberals- anti family and anti child- and their birthing matrix will collapse.

Mexico is headed for negative birthrates in the next 20 years, there won't be any more illegals who can come especially since our borders have become fortresses.

Things YOU can do as a conservative involve moving out of liberal states and moving to states like Texas and Virginia and Florida which are under threat of becoming purple states permanently. There are 5 million Republicans in California who voted in the last election- why? Why not move to Texas? 25 million Texans would become 30 million and all of those Republicans are white so Texas would have a white population of 18 million out of 30 million while California would drop from 15 million to 10 million whites. California would fall from 40 million down to 35 million- reducing the impact they can have on our lawmaking.

Conservatives must create a fortress- drain our votes from liberal states while bulking up the voting power of conservative states and we can have a conservative and white dominated nation and prevent Democratic attempts to increase immigration.

Anonymous said...

Also Nordic Caucasoid you are a fucking moron. Latinos are not a "kind". Rubio is white, descended entirely and only from Spanish Cubans.

Anonymous said...



countenance said...


Soon, PK will have to create a second blog, SHPDL.

Anonymous said...

All so oligarchs can have cheap labor and dynastic wealth

Anonymous said...

And you figured all this out by what, looking at who founded and runs the NAACP?

Black people neither freed themselves nor built the civil rights machine

Don M said...

Apologies to the ardent proponents of the "Let's FIGHT amnesty! CALL your congresscritters!" tactic, but I have grown apathetic.

Even a victory for us on this issue will simply be a holding action.

The international left and our treasonous elites will never stop, EVER. Eventually, they will get their amnesty and complete the transformation of Amerika from a republic into a racial-socialist democracy.

Perhaps, if they get it now, the orgy of antiwhite legislation that follows will turn the heat up enough to cause the honky-frog in the pot to jump out. Probably not, but even so what does it matter? Boiled now or boiled later, the result is the same.

I'm tired of the skirmishes. If the left wants to mass their dusky hordes for the final frontal assault on us, let it be now...

None of us are getting younger and its not as if our ranks stand to swell the longer the "slow coup" drags on.

Mark J said...

OT Do the benefits of diversity ever end

Anonymous said...

Outdoorsman here:

Even with the prodigious negroid birth rate, the elites have been unable to assemble a big enough demographic that would support the imposition of Marxism on the country. They are now on the verge of solving that problem by importing and incorporating a huge pro-Marxist constituency, complete with Che Guevara tee-shirts and chant of "El pueblo, unido, jamas sera vencido."

Once these hordes of newly-minted loud, covetous, adobo- and pine cleaner scented "Americans" are given the vote, they will determine the composition of the Senate and Congress that will vote to forcibly disarm all whites (formerly called "Americans") and seize middle class wealth. That's why the smirk has never departed from the ratlike face of immigration "reformer" Senator Charles Schumer, the champion of amnesty, civilian disarmament and the "Amerikan" police state, even after the legislative failure of the Feinstein gun ban version 2.0.

The dusky aristocracy of BRA support Mestizo amnesty, as they instinctively know that it is a dagger pointed not only at the empty concept of "Amerika," but more importantly, at the hated white race. They hold this view even thought they know that it is primarily the low-IQ denizens of the hood who are displaced from menial jobs by these invading hordes.

The dissolution of Amerika is the only solution.

Anonymous said...

Don M that is incorrect

The younger generation of whites voted for the Republicans for the first time ever and the vast majority of white children being born are born to Republicans

While the Republican elite will never say it out loud they are increasingly aware that they can never win the non-white votes and they can only rely on whites to win.

This amnesty is a move by the Republicans to try and get back to the George W. Bush years in terms of Hispanics. The Republicans only need 66% of whites to win the presidency but only got 59%, but if they can go from 27% of Hispanics to 45% of Hispanics then they are certain they can win in 2016.

You can bet once they win in 2016 they will begin making it difficult for any of these illegals to ever gain citizenship. With the "amnesty" issue died down among Hispanic citizens no one will notice if increasingly byzantine requirements for these amnestied illegals to become permanent residents and citizens begin gumming up the works.

Have you heard of the white guy who founded the White Student Union at that one university? He is the first of many young whites who are responding to the reality that young browns and blacks are competition and feel entitled to deny rights to young whites on the basis of their skin color due to what happened in this country 50 years ago.

The long term is that the Republicans simply have to play keep away with the Democrats to prevent the illegals for gaining citizenship in large numbers and they will lose any advantages they had as older whites become increasingly race realistic and younger non-whites give in to hedonism and shun childbearing.

In order to hasten this brown baby bust we must fight poverty in non-white communities. For someone who is desperately poor having ten kids and getting hundreds of dollars from the government for them sounds good, but for the new generation of Black Barbies/Latina Ladies who are increasingly enamored with their own looks destroying themselves for the sake of a few thousand dollars is not a valid strategy. The wealthier non-whites become the less likely they will become Shaniquas with 8 kids.

On the other hand whites must do what Quiverfull is doing, what the Mormons are doing, what the Hasidic Jews, what the Opus Dei-type Catholics are doing. They must become "soldiers of the white race" and reproduce prolifically and with purpose. 100,000 people having 10 children over 20 years will result in a million children in 20 years, 1 million children having 10 children over 20 more years would be 10 million and the third phase would result in 100 million descendants.

There are 500k whites involved in groups such as the Klan and the Nazis
There are 180k Hasidic Jews
There are likely more than a million white Christians of various sects who are actually reproducing at that rate for the sake of a Christian country.

1% of the white population- 2 million people- could easily become 20 million and then 200 million in just forty years time- by 2053 when whites are SUPPOSED to become a minority.

SwampThizzle said...

Stuff Orange/Brown People Don't Like?

Az long as "la raza" is ethnically cleansing "diverse" ghettos, then they can go right ahead and reclaim "Aztlan." At least until we come along and expel them at the end of a bayonet. We have plenty of illiterate unskilled peasants here in America to serve as beasts of burden.

Mr.Ken said...

BRA and HRA are the same thing. During the early 1970's, hairstyles became popular for men that marginalized the difference between black and white. Barber shops are a tradition in black life because; A. you can spend an hour or two during the workday while you are getting paid $50.00 per hour instead of driving the bus, and B.,Can you imagine if N*ggers getting haircuts was prohibited? The difference between our species would become apparent in only weeks- even to DWL's. Their mane, uncropped is the most telling of all. And this applies to HRA, too. We are NOT all the same. Not even close.

Ms.Sippy said...

The Gov. absolutely descended on Boston a few weeks ago. We saw thousands upon thousands of local police, state police, NG, FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, DEA. A huge city was on lockdown, it was amazing. Yet the same Gov. claims it is helpless to deport the illegals. Bulls*it! I too have given up, resistance is futile. The war on white people started back in the 60s when thousands of armed soldiers, tanks, etc. were sent to quash the resistance in Little Rock, Oxford, and Montgomery. This country is all but OVER, and opening the door even wider for all of the dark savage 3 worlders just speeds up the process.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Some years back I had read in a couple local newspapers about some people starting local TEA PARTY groups. I called them on the phone and talked to them for awhile. These folks were dumber than shit about how things work. Not a clue about the real world. They were still hung up on such bullshit as PRAYER IN SCHOOL.

So now all the news is about them being harassed by the IRS. Now picture this. You are starting a group that is apposed to paying higher taxes. You contact the IRS about getting yourself a "non-profit tax free organization"
that is against government corruption. Talk about being fucking stupid. That is like contacting the NAACP and telling them you want advice on starting an organization called "No welfare for black people".

People amaze me. Am I the only one that thinks Americans are dumber than a box of turnips.

Anonymous said...

OT: Fed spending $800,000 white people's money to teach responsible fatherhood to low-income minorities:


Not my government. I want my money back.

Anonymous said...

OT: Chitcongo - White people funding PSA showing pregnant teen males to discourage baby daddyhood.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....said, "People amaze me. Am I the only one that thinks Americans are dumber than a box of turnips?"

I'm right there with you, Some people are so sheltered from reality its sickening. how they view the world around them is amazing. How they survive at all is a miracle.

Jim said...

Re: Comment at 11:25 AM.

I totally agree that tea party folks are in a time-warp. Forget prayer in school, gay marriage, burning the flag...these are wedge issues used to take our minds off the real-world stuff happening.

Speaking of dumb, ever listen to KKK idiots speak on the news.

Speaking of dumber, look who the Republicans ran for President. Of course, the MSM had a lot of influence in that cluster-f**k. The only one of the lot who made any sense to me was Jon Huntsman, Jr., but the MSM completely ignored him. What were they afraid of?

Apparently, the dems are a lot smarter than the rest of us. I attribute that to Those With 112 Average IQ.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Remember when you were in high school or college there were those nerds and computer geeks that couldn't get laid. Now they are all have jobs working for the NSA. As "Joe Sixpack" is paying for phone sex with ugly fat girls the geeks are recording his conversations to protect him from THE MEAN OLD TERRORIST.

Anonymous said...

off topic
ambrose kane:

Orlando Shaw, a 33-year-old black man from Nashville, is having to face the judge after fathering 22 kids with 13 different women. Shaw is unemployed and hasn’t made any child support payments. He said he originally wanted 50 kids, but he admits now “I don’t want no mo.”

The county Shaw resides in has been paying approximately $7,524 a month in child support payments to all his ‘baby mommas.’ It’s all so typical when it comes to black irresponsibility. But Shaw’s attitude about the whole thing is also typical. A few things to note:

1. Shaw’s stupid enough to allow himself to be publicly interviewed by a news reporter. You’d think he would keep a low-profile so that his name and face wouldn’t be so easily recognized, but he’s got no common-sense and his pride won’t allow him to lay low.

2. Listen how Shaw answers the reporter’s questions. He’s got no shame, no remorse, no guilt over any of what he’s done. He’s as proud as a peacock

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha! A mariachi band. Hilarious. Kinda like Bladerunner showing all those Chinese signs maybe the producers sat in on the globalist meetings. Comrade Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) sat in on the meetings and knew what was coming back in the late 1940s.

Anonymous said...

@Gayla La Raza rat Rubio thought the presidency was going to be his after amnesty. He got pwned by both the republicants and the democRATS.

Lorraine said...

Right on.

Do that, buy guns, and get ready!

White Mom in VA

Dfens said...

anonymous @9:37 AM
"There are 500k whites involved in groups such as the Klan and the Nazis
There are 180k Hasidic Jews
There are likely more than a million white Christians of various sects who are actually reproducing at that rate for the sake of a Christian country."

I vote TROLL!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at June 12, 2013 at 9:37 AM:

There are already too many people in this country. We don't need a reproductive war. We don't need more congestion, more pollution, more roads, more houses, more energy use, more sprawl, more loss of open space and natural habitats.

Absent immigration, we would be very close to zero population growth, and would begin to gently decline to saner population levels over a long period of time. That would be ideal.

Of course the welfare state Ponzi scheme will collapse without infinite growth, but infinite growth in a finite space is impossible anyway. We have to face that fact and reform, replace or abolish these transfer programs.

As for the demographics, we keep it majority white by expelling the Mexican invaders back to their homeland, including those improperly granted citizenship simply by being born on our soil. Misinterpretations of the Constitution are not laws of nature and can be changed by men of character. Finding them in our decadent, deracinated population is the challenge.

Anonymous said...

I found a video on Youtube with 2 hours of CBS TV starting at 1:30pm Nov. 22, 1963, the day JFK was assassinated. When they finally go to Walter Cronkite, at some point he tells of a "right winger" hitting the UN ambassador on the head with a sign during a "US Out of the UN" protest. This tells me that even 50 years ago the MSM was Leftist, and didn't always hide it very well. It also tells me that the Right has been fighting for the SAME ISSUES for 50 YEARS with absolutely NO PROGRESS, while the Left has gotten everything they asked for. Make of it what you will.

Dfens said...

Read Cronkite's autobiography. He was a screaming leftist from the get go. He was also a longstanding member of the World Federalist Association, agitating for a world government.

Many in the early days of the mass media came out of the OSS (predecessor of the CIA) information warfare efforts.

Discard said...

Hat tip to Paul Kersey for remembering President James K. Polk. Recommended book: A Country of Vast Designs, by Robert W. Merry. Close to 500 pages, but a good read. Polk not only secured the Southwest for us, he settled the Oregon question with England too.