Friday, June 21, 2013

World War B -- What Happens if George Zimmerman is Acquitted

What's going to happen? 

It's a question that must asked at this point. 
World War B (the city above is Philadelphia): Like in the movie, a different type of zombie could wage destruction if George Zimmerman is acquitted in the murder trial of Trayvon Martin

What will happen if George Zimmerman is acquitted in his murder trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin? 

We already know leaders of Organized Blackness, such as Al Sharpton, have blasted the jury selection - not enough blacks to ensure 'equal justice' - setting the stage for a massive, zombie-style outbreak of Spontaneous Blackness if Mr. Zimmerman is found not-guilty. 

Many of the figure heads of Conservatism Inc. still call this type of thinking 'race baiting', without understanding that since the black uprisings of the 1960s (when Newark, Camden, Detroit, Washington D.C., Watts, Chicago, Rochester, and other American cities burned during black riots) a kind of detente has been established -- continue transferring wealth from the white tax-payers to the black community and the leaders of Organized Blackness won't unleash the hell. 

That George Zimmerman utilized self-defense (the Stand Your Ground Law) in the shooting death of Martin is beyond contest, but to an incensed, racial loyal black community, the act was a declaration of war. 

Upon the entire black community. 

By a "white" Hispanic. 

And just like zombie films, with the virus rapidly spreading from those infected to a formerly healthy body (instantly turning them into zombie), the hypothetical acquittal of George Zimmerman will send the black community into a form of hysteria. 

It's already a contingency the police in Miami are preparing for (which speaks volumes for the level of self-control in the black community) [County gets set for Trayvon verdict, South Florida Times, April 4, 2013]:
With the murder trial for George Zimmerman, accused of killing Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford in 2012, due to begin in just over two months in Seminole County, officials in Miami-Dade County are preparing for possible trouble in the event that a not-guilty verdict is handed down.

As part of the preparation, the Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board (CRB) and Miami-Dade Youth Commission hosted a youth summit March 28 to “promote non-violence.”  
Held in the chambers of the Miami-Dade Commission in the Stephen P. Clark Government Center in downtown Miami, the meeting’s goal was “taking action to empower and protect our youth and our community in response to the Trayvon Martin court case.”  
The organizers scree-ned news footage of the 1980 upheaval that greeted the not-guilty verdicts handed down in a Tampa courtroom against four county police officers accused of manslaughter and evidence tampering following the beating death of Arthur McDuffie.
“We don’t need Miami rioting regardless of the outcome of this trial,” said the Rev. Dr. Walter Richardson, chairman of the CRB. He co-chaired the meeting with Jude Bruno, chairman of the Youth Commission.
Attorney Ed Shohat, a panelist along with Richardson and Bruno and other members of the Youth Commission, discussed judicial proceedings in a criminal trial. He said the primary focus of the criminal justice system is protection of law-abiding citizens.
“We’d rather have the guilty go free than the innocent go to prison,” Shohat said.
Officials in Miami-Dade County are already preparing for World War B
County Commissioner Xavier Saurez said rumor control is paramount and he encouraged the community to “get accurate facts” about the trial, set to begin on June 10, and its outcome.
Suarez, a former mayor of Miami, acknowledged that “there’s always a level of community unrest and dissatisfaction” but added that many of the causes, such as high youth unemployment among African Americans, can be addressed through Miami-Dade’s financial resources which include a $6.2 billion annual capital operating budget.
Delma Noel-Pratt, chief of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s North Operations Division, said her department’s action plan includes an “Incident Management Team.”
The Miami-Dade Police Department has been communicating with counterparts in Seminole County, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, she said.  The “interdepartmental exchange of information” has included discussions about strategies and tactics and has led to officials in Seminole County creating their own Community Relations Board.
The county police action plan has involved training sessions and identifying “areas of concern” or potential areas of protest, Noel-Pratt said.  
The department, she said, is most concerned about both North Miami-Dade and South Miami-Dade but, she added, “we can’t really narrow down or identify one particular place so the Plan of Action is for both ends of the county.”  
That means, she said, that there will be command posts in both the northern and southern ends of the county, with a “visible” presence of uniformed officers, as well as an unspecified number of “undercover officers.”
Noel-Pratt said the main purpose for and guiding principle of her department’s planning related to the Zimmerman trial “is to have peace.”
“We’re hoping that, no matter the verdict, there will be peace,” she said.
Nannette Badger, a Miami-Dade County Public Schools officer, said her agency’s planning includes the fact that schools will be on vacation when the trial starts June 10 so no student demonstrations are anticipated.  
Lina Rojas of the Youth Commission had a plea to law enforcement agencies as they plan for the aftermath of the trial and call for peace.   “We ask that the police lead by example,” Rojas said, adding that many times the line between peace and heavy-handedness “gets blurred.”  
Noel-Pratt responded by emphasizing that the Miami-Dade Police Department’s action plan puts priority on “interpersonal skills.”
Shohat said the summit’s purpose was to promote nonviolence, “not to repeat the mistakes of the past.”
 Ladies and gentlemen, understand the soon-to-be commencing George Zimmerman trial represents a domino.

The police in Miami (and you can bet in other heavily black cities, similar conversations are on-going in the police department) are already preparing for one contingency: acquittal, followed by black riots.

The domino is pushed, with the after-effects unknown.

World War B is one such scenario.

Don't laugh.

The police in Miami are preparing for it.

So should you.


Anonymous said...

What will happen if George Zimmerman is acquitted is that blacks will quench their thirst for social justice by stealing anything that isn't nailed down, burning down their own neighborhoods, and generally raping and pillaging.

Anonymous said...

What will happen is those pallets of ammo will finally get put to use and BRA will go belly up in a Wagnerian cloud of blood fire and death. The stand your ground law is also under attack here. Way off topic but have you seen the whole Paula Deen uproar? It's not like she called someone a frisbee lip mooncricket on her show. She said nagra one time and is run off some worthless cable network that only old grannies on ssi watch.

rex freeway said...

Ive been telling everyone who will listen to be prepared. If the verdict is not guilty the Negro communities in every big city will riot. If found guilty they will party in the streets, rob and pillage the towns they live in. Then blame whitey for everything.

Mr. Mossberg said...

They aren't going to do jack in my neighborhood no matter how the trial comes out.

Don M said...

"What will happen is those pallets of ammo will finally get put to use and BRA will go belly up in a Wagnerian cloud of blood fire and death."

Dude what are you smoking? That ordnance is for us.

The gleeful armed enforcers of Amurkistan aren't going to fire one single round at the "aggrieved petitioners for social justice" if Z is acquitted.

Anonymous said...

When ... not if ... the black pops in urban enclaves across the nation go active, they'll be doing so with the full implicit blessing of Obongo

Ditto for any multiple-city terrorist attack of his fellow Muzz

This next two years are extremely dangerous, since both the ghetto hiphopthugchimp culcha and the Faithful will operate with full Federal dispensation.

FedGov resources will move to protect the Infectious Agents, the whiteguilt lib Progtards will answer the bells like the good little Eloi they are, and it will be epic

Prepare Accordingly

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....In my yearly Winter trips to South Florida over the last 10 to 12 years I have noticed that the Jungle Man is greatly out numbered by Cubans. Most of the Cubans are not on the dole like the Mexicans. They believe in the American dream and have jobs and own their own businesses. There is not much love for the lazy black population.

As you may recall, because of all the black crime Florida became a conceal carry state. The people are well armed, including the Cubans. The blacks are out gunned and out numbered.

There are a lot of very wealthy people in South Florida and I don't think they will let rioters burn down their yacht clubs and fancy hotels. It won't be like South L. A. during the Rodney King burnings. Disneyland will be well protected.

If rioting takes place on a national level who knows what will happen. I know that Al and Jesse will be pouring gasoline on the fire like they usually do. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. One of the features of this trial is that the supposed victim, Trayvon Martin, is treated as if he was the defendant. For example, Martin's drug use, school suspensions, etc are off limits, exactly as they would be if Martin had succeeded in beating George Zimmerman to death and was on trial for Zimmerman's murder.

Anonymous said...

So basically what we have here is the concept that blacks think they can use the threat of rioting, bloodshed and mayhem to affect the outcome of a trial-that if they don't get their way, they'll have an atomic hissy fit, rampage through the streets and inflict untold damage everywhere.
Even the concept is abhorrent and suitable only to the mentally deficient, histrionic denizens of a third world shithole.
It would do wonders for the morale of the country if the authorities would simply say that justice will be served and if you don't like the outcome and choose to riot in the streets and be violent and destructive, we will unleash our own violence and destructive force upon your retarded black asses. Shoot to kill orders will be given vis a vis rioters and looters.
Game on, black bitches!

Anonymous said...

"World War B." Mr. Kersey, you never disappoint!

Anonymous said...

It's never about the truth with these black monkeys. It's only about getting what they want.

I was in college when OJ simpson was aquitted of murdering nicole (white woman) simpson..

when the verdict was read, all the black monkeys were going apeshit, ESPECIALLY the female ones..

the filthy black female brutes were going apeshit because they know how much the black males like white women over black females, and it seemed like they were SO happy that the white woman got murdered and that OJ got away with it.

black people disgust me.

Anonymous said...

In PBS's 9 part series: "The Civil War", toward the end of episode 8, as the narrator spoke, the background was an 1865 newspaper article describing blacks. I paused the screen so I could read it. Darned if I didn't think I was reading a SBPDL article. It was absolutely amazing. The southerners who lived with blacks for 250 years were just as accurate as this site. Good Job SBPDL !!!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the national guard,but everyone is busy in the middle east.Regardless of the verdict,we cannot cave in to the sinister threats of Sharpton, Jackson,and other assholes like them that have made a career out of stirring up toads and claiming to speak for them.As Perry Mason says,the only sure way of dealing with a blackmailer is to kill them.Evacuate the white people,give them S.Florida,and dig a canal between st.Pete and Daytona.Let them chimp out and starve.

whydibuy said...

Nothing but isolated pockets of violence and mayhem in BRA areas.

Riots really can't get a foothold on the populace when the populace is prepared.
Even negros understand Napoleon's axiom that you never attack a man in a prepared position. Have no doubt, all positions will be prepared. Thus it will be a whimper except for a few BRA hoods.

james wilson said...

The Zimmerman persecution was a strategically stupid thing to do. Florida is trending Democrat bit by bit, but a Chimp-out will set that eventuality back considerably. Sharpton and company will be made to see the light.

That, and the fact that Floridians are armed to the teeth and don't mind using it.

Anonymous said...

Listen to the video - no video, just audio.

Listen to the way these boons talk.

"Equa' jussiss ... dey prey dat it didn't fell dem ... jussiss fer dere chowd ... dat's da sturriotaps dat we haff too obercum ... certainly no one's calt fer rioting ..."


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about trial stuff, but how long is this trial expected to last?

I'm just asking because I want to find some high ground in advance, so as to watch the flames of what used to be St. Petersburg, Florida from a safe distance.


rjp said...

Anonymous said...

... we will unleash our own violence and destructive force upon your retarded black asses. Shoot to kill orders will be given vis a vis rioters and looters.
Game on, black bitches!

I agree, it is time.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about trial stuff, but how long is this trial expected to last?

I'm just asking because I want to find some high ground in advance, ....

This trial is probably going to last a few to five months. At this point Mark O'Meara is not just being a lawyer, he is being a million dollar lawyer. So anybody that ever responded to Traycoon on Twitter or FB is going to be examined.

Tracy Martin was asleep in the courtroom in the picture on CofCC. His mom, who threw his worthless gang-banging ass out, was bug eye-ing somebody. Nobody better get in front of their gravy train.

If GZ isn't found guilty, this case is likely to go to the SCOTUS.


if Jorge(George) is acquitted and these less than educated blacks decide to pull the chimp-out of the new century it will only help our race-realist cause! just try to keep our whites from getting killed or hurt. and if any lib-rat that is so fucking proud of their diversity should go to the nearest black community and just wait till the verdict comes down while holding hands with their black pets. then they can see them coons like us race realists see them all the time. jungle bunnies comes to mind. will we see liberal/progressives whites taking my dare? not!!! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

phil g said...

Time to build more prisons. Every black who participates in riot should be locked up. If law abiding citizens were serious, there would be and should a lot more black males in prison than currently are and should stay there much longer than they currently do.

Anonymous said...

what about a hung jury? they could retry him but will the groids riot if jury is hung? they should have charged him with manslaughter much easier conviction, seriously a mass chimp out would be fun to watch!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey p.k. royal oak dude here i can tell your readers that the cities around detroit are armed ,ready & waiting we do not give a s**t if they burn what left of detroit to the ground this is NOT 1967 AND WE WILL NOT ALLOW THESE BAMANITES TO RUIN OUR CITIES, i pray they come to the suburbs looking for trouble i assure you they will get more than they bargained for,i have awakened many p.k. have no doubt folks this is war if we lose we die,its as simple as that!!!

Anonymous said...

If the country is "black-run",
why would Zimmerman be acquitted?


Anonymous said...

-Fireforce- here.

I suspect that any riots that occur in response to a Zimmerman aquital will be limited to the area of Florida were the trial is occuring. Recall the Rodney King riot. There was as much pre-trial publicity in egards to that case and as much feigned outrage amongst the blacks back then as well. Yet the riots never spread outside of L.A. Thus my prediction is that we may see protests and lots of whining, wailing, and rending of garments in other reigons of the country. But actual riots will be restricted to Florida.

That being said, I could always be wrong so it is best to be prepared. The recent ammo shortage has really cut in to my own stockpile. As it turned out, I spent all day at the shooting range with some friends right before the Sandy Hook shooting and thus put a serious dent in what ammunition I had on hand at the time. Since then I have not been able to build up my ammunition supply to nearly the level I am commfortable with.

But I do have enough ammunition to fill several maagzines for both my FN-FAL and Ar-15 as well as several handguns. Be armed. Be prepared. As the old saying goes: prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

10mm AUTO said...

My hope is that Whites will take the opportunity (As I intend to do) and document the depravity in every way possible. Make it Katrina II. Break BRA.

As to what I will be doing, hell it will be Urban Safari time! Photo catalog the beasts and save the rifles for, if necessary, firing to stop the ones that charge the Humvee's.

Anonymous said...

Racial Equality = Black Skin Privilege.

What I wrote above is insane and is the operating DWL definition of Racial Equality.

If a short chubby black neighborhood watchman had been viciously attacked by a 6'2" 17 year old White trash punk and the black guy had killed the punk in self defense then all the sympathy would be with the neighborhood volunteer.
DWLs and the black race hustlers have a completely hypocritical double standard.

If justice prevails and Zimmerman is acquitted, there may not be riots, but there will be an escalation of black-on-White violence. Muggings and armed robberies will turn into murders, they'll be more mysterious disappearances of Whites, more Whites in public schools will be victims of bullying and sexual harassment, etc.

Anonymous said...

@Don M I'm talking about my pallets there Sparky.

D-FENS said...

"If the country is "black-run",
why would Zimmerman be acquitted?"

Random outbreak of logic, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Be armed. Be prepared. As the old saying goes: prepare for the worst and aim for center mass.

"Hope" isn't strategy, even less a tactic.

Brute said...

Admit nothing, deny everything, make counteraccusations. Do what needs to be done.

Pat Boyle said...

First let me remind everyone that you really can't predict the future. Nobody knows what will happen after the Zimmerman verdict.

There are some tendencies for certain types of actions to take place, but they are only tendencies - not certainties.

It may very well happen that blacks will riot as they did in LA after the verdict for the cops in the Rodney King Case. But in the more recent Field Hockey Rape Case there was no riot.

A lot will depend on what comes out in the trial. Trayvon Martin was not an innocent black child just looking for some candy. It's not sure still just who he was, but he seems to have been a large black late teen with a history of violence, gang affiliation, drug trafficking and use, and possibly burglary. In the Field Hockey case every few days more evidence leaked out about who the supposed victim really was and public sympathy faded. That could happen again.

I read that Skittles is not just a candy but also an ingredient in some drug concoction. Martin certainly fit the profile of black thug - high school drop out, 17, black, and a record of assaults. The prosecution is trying to keep all that quiet but it may get out. There may be yet more.

So far there have been well organized efforts to besmirch Zimmerman's motives and background while Martin's character and history have been largely kept hidden. That could change with a public trial. So there's a good chance that the powers that be, will just let it drop. They may just wait for another white man kills black child case, in which the black victim isn't so compromised.

OTOH there could well be a riot. Presumably such a riot would follow the established patterns for recent American race riots.

Prior to the sixties race riots in America were always started by whites who took to the streets over some real or imagined black transgression. Since the Civil Rights revolution our race riots have always been initiated by blacks. Generally there are only a few deaths but lots of property damage. The Rodney King festivities had the largest body count of any race riot at 53.

The Loma Prieto quake in the Bay Area that took place a few years later killed 63. That was not much of a disaster as such things go. The recent Haiti quake killed 220,000. So even the most serious race riots only kill a relatively few people. They make for good TV. But they are not much of a threat to life and limb.

My guess would be the largest probable post Zimmerman verdict riot would only kill about 20 people and almost all of them would be local blacks caught in the crossfire.

That's only about the body count of a long weekend in Chicago or Detroit. If you happen to live in that Florida neighborhood it might be wise to take a mini-vacation when the verdict is due. Perhaps you might want to drive down to the Keys that week.

Hurricanes are seen coming by satellite. Earthquakes aren't seen at all. But race riots after trial verdicts occur on very strict schedules. If FEMA was really wise it would provide white folks with motel rooms outside the area until the black folks were finished.

There is no good reason why any white in the area should be in the area. After all of these modern race riots, the blacks burn down their neighborhoods. That means that for a decade or more afterwards there are no corner grocery stores. Black mothers have to get groceries from far away from a store in a white neighborhood on a bus line. Whites only have to pay for the reconstruction.

There is not much to fear from a post verdict race riot.


Californian said...

If the country is "black-run",
why would Zimmerman be acquitted?

Look at the Rodney King fracas. The LAPD officers were acquitted in the first trial. After blacks initiated rioting, the government violated their right against double jeopardy by rigging up a second trial.

Melanie said...

@ Anonymous June 22, 2013 at 6:26 AM-

If this wasn't a black-run country, Zimmerman wouldn't even be on trial in the first place, jackazz, for defending himself against a physically full-grown man pounding his head into a cement sidewalk.

Imagine this exact scenario with the races reversed, and try to make yourself believe that a black man who was having his head pounded into the sidewalk by a 17 yo white boy with the same physical build, and shot him in self-defense, would ever go to trial for it.

Not only would he not go to trial, the dead white boy would be excoriated with all kinds of alleged ties to the KKK etc, by the mainstream media, and we'd have more calls for "honest dialogue" (lectures to whites) about the original sin of racism of which we're all guilty.

Nobody, especially not Dear Leader, would be saying of the dead white boy, "he could have been my son".

The black man would be hailed as a hero in the "fight for civil rights", even though black-on-white crime far exceeds the reverse.

That's why it's perfectly true that we live in BRA, and why you're a jackazz for pretending to not know all of this already.

Melanie said...

Oh, and Anonymous June 22, 2013 at 6:26 AM-

Whites would not be threatening to riot (loot) over the verdict, and community leaders would not be having to have LE on stand-by in case of the potential for riots (looting).

Also, no white person representing a hypothetical New White Panthers could ever go before mainstream media cameras and call for death to black babies. He not only wouldn't get the media attention (the MSM never allows whites to speak for ourselves unless it's against ourselves, otherwise they put the words in our mouths), he'd be at the least harrassed by the IRS for the rest of his life, if not thrown in jail (like the guy who made the anti-Islam video which was used as the first trumped-up "cause" for the Benghazi murders) on some spurious charge.

Anonymous said...

Stand-your-ground has nothing to do with this case and was specifically rejected by the defense. It's straight-up self-defense.

Anonymous said...

The very fact that the threat of social unrest is inevitable in the event of not guilty verdict brings up the qustion of how fair of a trial Zimmerman can recieve in such an enviroment. Im sure that the jury will have the threat of a riot connstantly on their minds. If he is found guilty it will bring in the relevance of Floridas stand your ground law, or for that fact any laws intended to allow a person the right potect ones self against emminet danger. But have no fear potential rioters, you may not have to riot becauce I am sure that Obama will pull the ever popular charge of violating Martins civil rights into play and start a federal case to insure that the right punshment is doled out to Zimmrman. From talking to people and reading comment in both liberal and conservative parts of the media I know that guilty would not be the popular verdict among the people of the US, but among those people that count in the BRA it is the only one acceptable. So, in order to keep the DWL safe from having to use the stand your ground law , wich I am sure most all of DWL would just roll over and take it, George Zmmerman's goose is cooked.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Boycott the puke network? I wouldn't watch that crap if they paid by the hour and sent over the food that was being cooked up.

Mr.Ken said...

Regardless of the verdict, it is coming. This summer the realization that we will no longer pay for BRA, cutbacks in money for chimp education, entire cities going broke. Anyone who runs a household knows you can't keep spending and spending with no money coming in. The lights are going out, and the coons will be pissed. It's coming, and you better be ready to fight, or move away to a safe(er) place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:59-You give them too much credit. If George Zimmerman is acquitted, blacks will quench their thirst for plasma TV's and white women and violence by burning down their own neighborhood and generally raping and pillaging. It's just an excuse to do what they want to do..."social justice" is just the fig leaf they put on it.

Big Bear said...

Note the "White Hispanic" spin that the Ministry of Propaganda is putting on the incident. Zimmerman is not only White, but also Hispanic. Blacks and Hispanics famously don't get along. When I lived in LA, they were always killing each other, especially in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood down the hill from my apartment. We nicknamed it "Gunfire Gulch". Although we were far enough up the hill not to be awakened by gunshots, there were nights when we would here the faint "pop-pop-pop" followed by sirens. A reminder as we sipped our wine and stared out over the city lights.

The Zimmerman riots will likely involve a lot of Black on Hispanic as well as Black on White. Of course, most of the victims will be Blacks as, despite their apparent unity over an acquittal, Blacks will kill Blacks because that is what they always do.

Also, these riots have a new medium. Few have heard of the 1945 Detroit riots, although newspapers at the time carried bylines. By 1967, the riots were televised; a five-minute blurb by the patriarchal Walter Cronkhite. The 1992 LA riots (another trial, another verdict) were the Cable Riots. 24/7. Still, the media was able to selectively edit the footage and spin the story.

Welcome to 2013 and the Streaming Riots. Uploaded images. Citizen journalism. Uncut, unedited, and unpleasant. Instead of spin, the debate will rage in social networks.

Is this the moment when the shift begins? The rioting won't be contained to the cities this time, but also the suburbs and smaller towns (clustered around Section 8 housing) where the Negro has infiltrated. In the light of atrocities the MSM cannot hide or spin, the "isms" of the Excuse-Making Gang will wither like Dracula. Their unicorns-farting-rainbows denial will be exposed.

I'll be attending a pool party today with plenty of beer and sunshine, but also some folks from the Seattle area who are Kollecktivists. I'll send out some feelers--nothing to get too heated, I'm out to enjoy myself at the start of another summer--but I'll try to sense the general mood. It's hard to get people in Idaho too interested in the Zimmerman outcome since we are immune from it in our 0.4% black state.

el zopilote said...

We're reaping the rewards of slavery.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Treehouse has good Zimmerman updates.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the drug addict,
Rodney King and LA riots - these
riots did extend to Atlanta that
I know as I was on my way to work
at a downtown hosp and I-75 was
completely car-less. The hosp was
on lock-down. The coons were doing
their usual - rioting downtown.
Realistically, Zimmerman should not
even be on trial. And where are
the Hispanics speaking-up for
Zimmerman. Yet, this sub-species
can kill Whites with the knock-out
"game" and I have yet to hear
about a trial for the murders.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the burned out city Paul. Hoping for the worst. Praying for the worst. Clarity needs to be delivered to the country. It is that or the reprehensible hustlers like Jesse and the asshole from NYC that aided and abetted murder and now has a gig on msnbc or that POS crump fella who smells a big lawyerly payday, or even the parents of the thug hoping for the same. These people are the vilest and worst that humanity has to offer, no wonder they trash everything they touch.

Anonymous said...

Never let a crisis go to waste. A series of riots following the verdict would provide excellent cover for removing Section 8 housing in our own areas. In the general confusion black and white set fires will burn un-fought and un-investigated.

Jim said...

Re: Big Bear @ 12:09 PM

O.4% black population!!!

Something needs to be done about this outrage. You need more diversity.

I need to make some calls. Anyone out there know Obama's phone number?

Anonymous said...

why was Z the 'white hispanic' and not the 'jewish hispanic' ?

Anonymous said...

As the Niagra say "y'all ain't going to bust a grape". We whites will not stand together as the blacks do and that's what the problem is now. We stand back and let them run over us and step aside for them to pass us by. We want to blame Jackson & Sharpton for our failure as a race to stand up for ourselves and for what's right. Oh, you can bet that George Zimmerman will be convicted because if he isn't the black have threatned riots and violence, and the whites are shaking inn their proverbial boots at the thought. Jackson & Sharpton threatened boycotts if the Confederate Battle Flag wasn't taken off the GA state flag & Gov Roy Barnes bowed to their demands. What I'm saying is either pull together and act like your proud of your race or lay down and get run over.

Anonymous said...

How is it that Negros can threaten this and no one on the internet attacks them or the post (Facebook, to be specific), but let a white person EVEN elude to it and WHAP! They get suspended from FB or critized everywhere by everyone??? What does this tell us about our society???

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

what about a hung jury? they could retry him but will the groids riot if jury is hung? they should have charged him with manslaughter much easier conviction, seriously a mass chimp out would be fun to watch!!:) (Emphasis added.)

June 22, 2013 at 5:12 AM

Pardon me, but that's bullshit. They shouldn't have charged him with anything except littering (for not picking up his expended shell casing).

Anonymous said...

Please do not call Zimmerman a white Hispanic. Zimmerman has never identified as white and is only half-white, a mestizo. White Hispanics are people from Latin America who are descended from European colonists and immigrants, over 40 million of whom went to Latin America in the past 500 years.

Anonymous said...

guilty or NOT GUILTY ( lol) the "blacks" are going to loot and riot and rape so what does it matter? if you didn't know that little punk kid personally why the hell does it matter? personally if the black community want to trash their neighborhoods and live in filth let them, but don't spend a dime of tax payers money to clean up the mess they make. when the neighborhood gets to nasty to live in to Damn bad make them stay and deal with their mess,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Mossberg!! What are you doing away from Weasel Zippers ??


Anonymous said...

Why do we continue to put up with and support BRA? Have we all gone mad?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why do we continue to put up with and support BRA? Have we all gone mad?

June 23, 2013 at 1:36 PM

I don't feel posts like this are constructive. "BRA" has existed since the 1960s as a result of the civil rights movement and whites choosing to simply give ground to blacks instead of using our superior numbers to punish them and due to traitorous groups within our ranks who actually believe that whites have done more harm than good to blacks (90% of the blacks alive today wouldn't be if not for the direct intervention of whites)

All of this has created a kind of lopsided Apartheid where blacks are both arrested at higher rates and the law is used to disenfranchise them especially in the South while at the same time the blacks use their influence to whine and bitch and cause small scale damage to whites in the form of theft and homicide as well as organizing to elect candidates who proceed to transfer wealth from whites to blacks.

Ultimately BRA is as bad for blacks as it is whites because of their continuous low-intensity race war against whites leaving both sides damaged but ultimately it isn't as bad as it could be since the blacks are not our outright overlords.

Anonymous said...

BRA is BAD here in Georgia (USA), being finally retired, I'm currently researching areas that are more than 98% White. Although I'm from the south by birth, I'm willing to move anywhere to get far, far away from these feral beasts.

I can't even go through a drive-through without repeating my order seven times, then I imagine how many times a groid has scratched itself before handling my food. Every trip to the grocery store I see blacks paying for high dollar cuts of meat, processed food, chips, soda, then simply swipe their EBT and walk out, on my dime.

The government will never stop welfare/food stamps, Section Ape, etc, out of fear of riots and burnings of biblical proportions from coast to coast.

Anonymous said...

How is this different than any other day?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8:08:


Bemused stare said...

One thing I suspect will happen, is that we will find out which of our people had the brains to take measures in preparation.

Mutant Swarm said...

Guilty or not guilty, there will be a riot in the local area. If Zimmerman is found guilty, it may only be on the level of a "street celebration" that gets out of hand and degenerates into TNB. This will probably not spread.

If he is acquitted, however, then the real problems start. There has been some discussion in various quarters about whether Zimmerman is White, Hispanic or Jewish; it's irrelevant. In the eyes of the dumbed-down public, Zimmerman is White. This nasty little bit of psychological warfare (otherwise know as "preparing the battlespace," among other terms,) has been accomplished by the propaganda organs, and the majority of both sides of the future combatants have accepted it. When the black hear that "White-TAY got away wit' it," all hell will break loose, and not just in the area of the trial.

The "leaders," as well as members, of the black communities will be watching this Soviet-style "show trial" very closely. If it goes badly for them (meaning Zimmerman walks, or even a hung jury or a mistrial, which to them will mean the same thing), people had best be prepared to repel boarders.

I had a real ugly thought just now. I just realized that where I live, FIRE, not gunfire, is going to be the real threat. A carload of groids could cause unstoppable havoc with a couple of beer bottles with gasoline and rags and a cigarette lighter (or even just regular traffic flares). We live in a wooded canyon within easy driving distance of a 'hood. I've seen a small number of well-to-do blacks in the town square nearby; it's rumored that even a famous black movie star has a house in the general area. I wonder how he'll feel about things if a carload of the brothas try to drive up the canyon roads, blasting AK's out the windows and throwing lit traffic flares or Molotov cocktails into the brush.

Albertosaurus, I bet you can figure out what area I'm talking about. There's a Lucky's and a Safeway within walking distance of each other.

Anonymous said...

I will just be another excuse for the neegroids to have massive chimpouts and blame the white race for more of their problems. They will revert to their ape-like ways and start flinging poo at anyone that does not have frisbee lips and is not the color of feces. Face it moon crickets...if it wasn't for the white liberals feeding and clothing you, you would starve and die.

Anonymous said...

"If the country is "black-run",
why would Zimmerman be acquitted?"

Because he is innocent...

Anonymous said...

It is going to be a tipping point. The big mouth "community leaders" should have left this one alone.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly, we live in an era where the court rules. By the definition of such,guilt or innocence should prevail. Now, if a group of folks, who disagrees with an acquittal decides to become a mob...then ,they are simply proving his innocence..and his actions. go ahead, give folks a reason to dirtnap a pile of people.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I live off the bus line

Anonymous said...

time for whites in big cities to lock and load and look out for each other. single ladies be careful, blacks will be looking for you in the parking lots and out in public. same goes for young white males as blacks love to rape younger white males. go everywhere in groups. keep weapons on you at all times as you never know where this can breakout. you may want to avoid public transit for awhile and definitely stay out of black town. any white person going through black town not armed will only be asking for trouble. whjite people with black friends, good luck to you as i won't lifft a finger to come to your aid as you should have known better.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

Wow. Happened to flip to HLN (CNN sister network). The Zimmerman trial is the topic, host is Nancy Grace. This woman is THE DEVIL, period. In her mind Mr. Zimmerman is guilty. She is a JOKE of a journalist. What a joke.

Baloo said...

You inspired this — Graphically, it was neater to turn the "Z" into an "N":

Anonymous said...

These post are a joke,mean while terrorist are saving the resources letting american do all the work......terrorist don't like neither of you.

Anonymous said...

sad and unfortunate you assume that. you must be truly a genius

Anonymous said...

So where's all the OUTRAGE for thousands of blacks being killed each year by...other blacks? I guess they get a pass. Rick USA

Anonymous said...

For all of you "supremacists" referring to black people as monkeys, apes, etc. When the white man was burning down homes, blowing up churches, murdering young children, I guess that was acceptable? Now, I am NOT in favor of ANY riots, looting, etc. But, I don't concur with the deliberate show of contempt by you either. By jumping on boards and posting comments, only reveals me that you LOOK for places online to post your ill-bred comments. This does not make you any better than so-called “monkeys". Go read a book and learn how to comprehend the Bible as God wants us to. I'm sure He is so proud of KKK, Aryans, Skinheads and child murderers. Blacks and Whites need to cut the crap and just stop the ignorance. This world will end soon and for all of you claiming that God doesn't like any race except whites; I want to be right there when you stand before Him and try to rationalize your hatred. This goes for blacks as well. All of you need to sit down one day and ask yourself, "Does God really want me to murder and hate people or does He want us to love one another?" Don't talk...Think!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Judge Nifong-in-Drag wants a conviction so badly that she is doing handstands to engineer it. It looked to me like she was doing everything imaginable to intimidate Zimmerman into testifying.

The fact that she allowed the prosecution to add voluntary manslaughter to the charges indicates to me that the prosecution got to ambitious when it came to Zimmerman and failed to prove their case.

IMO, there is a lot more to labeling Zimmerman a "white" Hispanic than meets the eye. Relabeling Zimmerman "white" is TMFIIC's way of deflecting from the internecine Negro-Mestizo race war going on at a time when they are trying to amnesty over 30 million Mestizos.

I wish we could get a recording of what was actually said IF Tray-VAAAHN actually was talking to that odd-looking black girl on his cell phone. I seriously doubt that "crazy ass cracka" is what he called him.

When Jesse Jackass and Al Sharpster were agitating for an arrest, I smelt a rat, because there was no doubt in my mind that a White shooter would have been arrested on the spot and charged with something to keep him locked up. Instead, the district attorney's office dragged its heels. IMO, TPTB were hoping that little Georgie Porgie would take the hint and vamanos his happy little brown behind back to Mamacita's homeland until the head died down.

Only a "crazy ass cracka" would be following a tall, athletic "No Limit Nigga" at all, gun or no gun. No sane White man would tangle with that thug in the hoodie unless he was on his property, for fear of setting off exactly this kind of shit-storm.

I am predicting the best thing we can ALL hope for, which is a mistrial. Zimmerman will remain locked behind bars until his next trial which will be delayed for several months. Probably, by then, both sides will negotiate some kind of involuntary manslaughter plea which will amount to time serve plus a year so that he will be freed by the end of Obama's term in office.

I am sure by then that someone will convince the Martins that there is more to be gained by suing Zimmerman for wrongful death after he has sued the crap out the various media outlets for railroading him into prison.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that OJ got away with murder when he killed Nicole (she was white) and all of the Africans were rejoicing, but if OJ had been white and Nicole black, all of the Africans would have been rioting, stealing and looting. Zimmerman is Hispanic and deserved his day in court, finally found Not Guilty, but this is not enough for Africans. President Obama should not have interfered in the Zimmerman case. Is it because he is black and has a chip on his shoulder like all of the blacks. The first thing they pull is the Race Card. I feel sorry for their mentally.