Thursday, June 27, 2013

Why Does St. Louis Need Drones to Patrol High-Crime Areas? Two Words: Black People

Why does the city of St. Louis need to use drones to patrol 'high-crime areas'? Probably because placing officers in these 'high-crime areas' is a danger to not only the police officers, but also a huge risk of potentially instigating a riot. 
Yes, the drones will be flying over those majority black neighborhoods in blue, where the overwhelmingly majority of crime transpires in St. Louis

The shooting of a crime suspect is tantamount to a police officer gunning down a school bus full of innocent black children, to a black community that believes all actions against black criminals by the police is some form of abuse and unnecessary force. 

In St. Louis, crime is the avocation of black people (as this illustration shows, murder is an exclusive past-time of the black community in St. Louis). 

And though St. Louis is 48 percent black and 43 percent white, the drones utilized by the police will primarily fly over the areas of Concentrated Blackness in the city [St. Louis police chief wants drones to monitor city from the sky, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 23, 2013]:
In Chief Sam Dotson’s vision of modern policing, a drone would circle Busch Stadium to watch for terrorists, or silently pursue a criminal who thought the chase was over when the officer in the car behind him turned off its red lights and siren.

And Dotson is working to make it happen.

“Criminals believe, and with some truth, that if they flee from police officers, officers will not pursue and they will ultimately elude capture,” Dotson wrote in a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration. It was a preliminary step toward seeking approval for unmanned — and unarmed — flight.
 We already know the NSA is listening to all of our phone calls (if you had read Jim Bovard, you knew this already); we already know our e-mail is read; we already know the government is actively making life harder for right-wing individuals (even those as milquetoast as Tea Party groups being targeted by the IRS).

But your Alex Jones-types can't believe the police of a dying city would dare utilize technology to make their lives safer (and improve the overall health of the community) by flying drones over 'high-crime areas.'

Never mind that with black violence increasing in St. Louis, a recent surge - yes, like in a war - of police to combat the violence almost claimed the life of one of the top ranking rankings officers in force 
[St. Louis police commander survives ambush while on special patrol, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, June 12, 2013]:  

Police Major Joseph Spiess was among department brass who hit the streets after a particularly violent night this week, to help look for trouble.

He found some, and it almost killed him.

Spiess was among about a dozen top commanders helping supplement patrols Tuesday night after 19 people were wounded in eight incidents the night before.
Now, the St. Louis Police Association Business Manager has pointed out that the police need to carry larger caliber weaponry in the 'urban' setting the city offers, which, really is just a replication of the conditions of Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the middle of the heartland of America [St. Louis Police Consider Carrying Shotguns, Assault Rifles, CBS St. Louis, June 24, 2013]: 
Fighting crime from the sky in St. Louis could soon be performed with unmanned drones if Police Chief Sam Dotson has his way but more immediately, police officers want to make sure they are not outgunned by criminals while fighting crime on the ground.

St. Louis Police Association Business Manager Jeff Roorda says many departments nationwide have already moved to arming police officers with 40 or 45 caliber firearms. St. Louis Police still carry a 9mm Beretta.

“It seems to be the opinion of at least our members that we need more stopping power. Not more firepower but more stopping power,” he said. “The larger caliber provides that in an urban setting like this.”
So, why does St. Louis need drones? 

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department puts out an annual report every year, going to great detail to include the racial breakdown of all crimes committed. We decided to take screenshots of this graph for the years 2004 - 2011 so you can ascertain for yourself the reality of how bad the black crime problem is in a city that is 48 percent black and 43 percent white. 

It's a city under-seige, where a special police squad and separate prosecutor were assigned to investigate the Knock-Out game (black people attack whites, an upgrade from your friendly neighborhood game of Kick the Can or Hide-and-Go-Seek). 

Well, here's your screen-shots. 

2011 Report

2010 report

2009 Report

2008 Report

2006 Report

2005 Report

2004 Report

Do we need to provide any more data? Remember, the city is 48 percent black and 43 percent white. 

The heartland of America is St. Louis. 

Once the heart goes, there is no nation left. 

As we see with St. Louis, it's a city where blacks engage in a Knock-Out Game against non-whites, and the police do what they can to protect the remaining tax-payers and businesses from the depravations of the black community.

Why Does St. Louis Need Drones to Patrol High-Crime Areas? 

Two Words: Black People.

But your Alex Jones-types, libertarians, members of Conservatism Inc., and Tea Partiers can't be bothered with this simple fact. 

More to the point, there is no need to worry anymore about a heart transplant. 


Anonymous said...

blacks need something visible & tangible to prevent them from crime. drones may help catch a few, but drones won't scare 'em "straight" -- unless we tells dem dat drones be gibs dem da HIV from da sky! -- bs

countenance said...

St. Louis is where Knockout Martin Luther King ("Knockout Game") was born:

I approve of drones for observational purposes in our fair city. St. Louis is the kind of place where the copper chopper has to be flown frequently. If flying drones means fewer noisy helicopter flights circling overhead at midnight, then that's fine by me.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....In the world of URBAN SETTINGS, AT-RISK YOUTHS and OLDER TEENS there are certain ways these people live. The number one rule is this....

You are NOT A MAN until you make a life and take a life.

This is a known as street code. So when you knock up Lateesha Fishlips you now have to go kill somebody. These are the rules. When you have been shot or done time in the slammer that gives you status on the street by your peers.

I agree one hundred percent with this lifestyle and have no objections on how black people want to live. The only part I am opposed to is the part where Lateesha is being used for breeding. There seems to be more breeding taking place than killing. We should find some way to turn this around so that the kill rate goes up. Lets be real. What good is the hood without a bigger body count.

Security cameras on the streets and buses have not done any good in decreasing crime. High tech drones won't help either, but they will provide jobs so the computer geeks can pay off their student loans. FUCK ALEX JONES and the snake he crawled in on.

countenance said...

I want to put something else to bed, too.

I had a conversation with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about such matters several days ago. Turns out the use of armed drones on American territory for law enforcement purposes is already illegal because of the Posse Comitatus Act.

Therefore, Rand Paul's filibuster was all useless bluster over a non-issue. Meanwhile, not long after that, V-Dare exposed that he had to trade what little soul he had to the RINO-liberal Stupid Party establishment that he supposedly hates to do that filibuster. What he had to give up was any pretense of immigration patriotism he might have had, and come out as full fledged amnesty and open borders. Sure, he voted against Gang Bangers of Eight today, but he said it himself multiple times that the reason he voted no is because the GBof8 bill didn't grant enough work permits to illegal beaners and squat monsters quickly enough.

O.Y.T. said...

Why are we going with unarmed drones? Maybe after the first 1964 Impala with spinning rims and hydraulic shocks is blown to pieces by a Hellfire missile, blacks will start to catch on.

Don M said...

I dunno guys.

Ultimately, I think these drones are for us. For the last 40 years (at least) nigger crime has been the excuse for increasing police expenditures and capabilities.

In this time period, has nigger crime decreased? Has any progress been made? Was that even a goal?

Everywhere I go, I see police armed with AR-15s and wearing blue "BDU" type uniforms.

These guys perform all kinds of "public service" like shaking down citizens at sobriety checkpoints and stopping drivers for expired safety/tax decals.

Yet, flash mobs, beatings, and home invasions (as we just witnessed in NJ) proliferate.

I don't think the gleeful armed enforcers of BRA need anymore toys.

Anonymous said...

This could be a good revenue enhancer for the city if they set it up like a call of duty game.

The Other North

Anonymous said...

I'm a St. Louisan, living near downtown in a neighborhood called McKinley Heights. It's close to one of the most architecturally beautiful areas called Lafayette Square - anyway...

An interesting tidbit about STL, like most cities, is that whenever there is a drop in murders, which is infrequent, the city throws a party. Meanwhile the population continues to decline and the northern suburbs (North County) is where those "left over" murders have gone to.

So in reality the metropolitan area is always as dangerous from one year to the next, incrementally growing more dangerous, even though some murders in the city may fall from one year to the next, they actually are displaced to the north country area.

At the metrolink stations there are roaming bands of youfs that litter the sidewalks with their mere presence and mope about the place like stray cats looking for scraps, or to scrap. Rarely do you see any younger black male by himself, such a thing is as rare as a hello from a stranger. And when you do see one, they always seem to know another group that was already there. I think they know how to piss and mark territory and attract other blacks - it's almost like a black twitter.

I'm moving north of Austin this weekend - finally escaping the jigson's wrath. Hooray for me!

-focal joker-

countenance said...

Focal Joker:

You're not too far from my mother and my old boyhood home in Benton Park.

Earl Turner said...

Heads up: interfere in a "spontaneous blackness" robbery and your kid will get shot:

So CAL Snowman said...

Yes drones are the answer, because they have been SO effective in curbing sectarian violence in the middle east and Afghanistan/Pakistan. Are the drones somehow going to magically change the african's DNA? If not, then I would say you are shit out of luck with this idea. The image of flying drones on the Telescreen might be a comforting one, a sort of psychological thing, but come on it won't do a damn thing to curb black crime and violence. So a flying drone catches Markevious and Demon'spawn engaged in a drive by with Quar'an and Bingo-Shit. It alerts law enforcement and they come rushing to the scene. So what? The crime has already been committed! The drone is more of a reactionary tool than a stopping measure, it won't prevent crime at all.

I'm curious as to what you think the drones will accomplish? How exactly will they do ANYTHING to prevent or stop crime? As countenance stated above, law enforcement regularly flies "ghetto birds" (helicopters) over the black ghettos all night. Even with police helicopters circling overhead, the black ghettos are still violent and blacks still commit crimes. I don't understand why you think drones would be effective UNLESS (as stated above) they are able to unleash hellfire missiles upon Hanta'virus and Treyvon as they are in the midst of committing a violent crime. And IF the drones were allowed to unleash their payload of instant death, what do you think the "civil rights" response would be from the left?

Anonymous said...

Did you see the star witness in the Zimmerman trial? She must go to the same barber as Donald Trump.

countenance said...

So Cal Snowman:

They won't solve anything. They'll show us what we already know, that Bellcurvius is violent.

What they will be is quieter.

Anonymous said...

I say give them more arms and legal justice powers. I obey the law and I've never had a problem with any Police Officers anywhere in my travels. They have an extremely difficult job and I cannot fathom where they conjure up the willpower to deal with mahogany thugs.

HaroldC said...

Africans, Civilisation or Freedom. Choose two.

Looks like freedom is out. It wasn't what I would have chosen to eliminate.

Anonymous said...


Yea, just a few blocks from Benton. Nice homes there too, but nearby the infestation lies dormant, waiting to strike.

As far as drones go, just more wasted money. It's all in vein, we all know it is. Hard core swat units breaking down doors, destroying children, shattering families lives, is the only way something can make a dent.

Anonymous said...

@Ex New Yorker they can't hit the broad side of a barn with a sawed off double barrel at point blank range. No need to teach them marksmanship so it can turned on us.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1704hrs I did see that North American Silverback Sheboon. Laughed my ass off over her twatter feed about gettin' hare and nailz done for the trail.

countenance said...

@Anonymous 6/27 5:43 PM:

You'll enjoy. Heck, your house might be somewhere in this collage, I have a few shots from McK Hts:

Anonymous said...

What White People Don't Understand About Rachel Jeantel: The Noble Savage

"A predominantly white jury is not going to like Rachel Jeantel. Let's just be real here."


"Rachel was raw, emotional, aggressive and hostile, and she was unapologetically herself."

Sddm said...

Negresses beating white man in DC and negro crowd laughing

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what technology the police have because if they catch and arrest these wild Negroes at a higher rate the courts won't prosecute or punish them anymore than they do now. I think in Chicago, Negeros that shoot someone have a 5% chance of being caught, convicted, and put in prision. And even then prison is hardly punishment. Its 3 hots and a cot, no worries about money or bills, and all the on-the-down-low sex and drugs they can handle. And if these drones do lead to more arrests and convictions there will be never ending howls of Rasicm! for targeting these poor underserved young black males. Our judical system was designed to handle civilized men not jungle savages.

Anonymous said...

Drones orbiting over a black neighborhood sounds good to me, as long as they're armed and have FLIR. Fleet footed Negroes hop in a hoopty, get lit up on infrared, followed, and then taken out by a Hellfire. Just like a carload of Taliban. It writes itself.

rjp said...

So CAL Snowman said...

The image of flying drones on the Telescreen ... won't do a damn thing to curb black crime and violence. .... It alerts law enforcement .... The crime has already been committed! ... it won't prevent crime at all.

So Cal Snowman is correct. The chances of these drones stumbling on a crime are slim. The Blue Light cameras in Chicago didn't work and they are continually taking pictures in problem areas. blacks can not be identified in the dark by photography. Image recognition software fails with regard to blacks. This will be the new Blue Light camera and cities will get hundreds of billions in federal grants to implement it and it will do nothing. It's "bread and circus" technology.

I will agree with countenance on one thing, they would be quieter. But do I not necessarily want to be able to know when something is happening a few blocks away from me on Michigan Avenue? As for the ghettos, yes at night when they are shooting it up, it would be cheaper than helicoptering.

The University of North Dakota has a major in unmanned flight.

Anonymous said...

If they harass blacks its a federal outcry from Activists! Parking tickets, possession, moving violations are also considered racist march worthy YT keepin us down acts

rjp said...

For the 2011 numbers, am I seriously supposed to believe these statistics?

Blacks kill 81
Blacks rape 74

Whites kill 5
Whites rape 12

Blacks rape less than they kill in SL, but whites rape more than they kill?

The numbers are seriously being played with ...

The only other discrepancy is in DUIs. But then maybe the officer was overcome by the marijuana smoke coming out of drunk blacks' vehicles and forgot why he pulled them over.

Anonymous said...

"Where are the drones for the white neighborhoods?" will be the outcry. And for the sake of 'equailty' BRA will oblige.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
... Our judical system was designed to handle civilized men not jungle savages.

Hugely important point. The prison system has no impact on negroes. There is no shame in it and on the contrary, it's a reputation enhancer. They are fed regularly. They have heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer. Their clothes are washed for them. They have any and all medical care they might need. Drugs and alcohol are available. And since negroes are not discriminating with regard to where their dicks go, there is sex. No worries about rent. They are generally protected from their street enemies. They've got bakaball and other recreational activities and they watch the magic negroes on TV. Really importantly, they can engage in the kind of tribal behavior that is so natural to them. There are no complicated situations to navigate, nothing they are asked to learn. American prisons are in the most literal sense, paradise for negroes.

We could change this by requiring real work, chain gang rock breaking for 12 hours a day. Food and upkeep would be the responsibilities of their families, not the taxpayer. Any violence they might engage in is met with triple the level of physical pain in punishment. This would be a deterrent for negroes, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

It is a conspiracy!!!!!

“And if you’re trying to smear individuals, why are all those individuals people of color?” he asked. “It’s a conspiracy.”

Anonymous said...

Man I hope it never comes to that! I LOVE Chevy ! Richard Cranium

Anonymous said...

But your Alex Jones-types can't believe the police of a dying city would dare utilize technology to make their lives safer (and improve the overall health of the community) by flying drones over 'high-crime areas.'

Where I live, the growing proliferation of red-light cameras, speed cameras, license-plate scanners, and DUI checkpoints are used primarily to hand out fines to working- and middle-class White motorists.

At DUI checkpoints, for example, local police routinely demand to see drivers' licenses, registration documents, and proof of insurance. A White found to be driving without a valid license can expect to be arrested, booked, fined heavily, and to have their vehicle impounded. Any self-identified illegal alien is, OTOH, granted thirty minutes to find someone to pick-up their car at the checkpoint; the police are also strongly “encouraged” to let them off with a warning.

As drones proliferate, they will be used to impose fines on middle-class White homeowners, renters, and motorists, not to address inner-city crime. To revenue-strapped communities, there is far more money in scanning middle-class neighborhoods for parking and zoning violations than there is in busting petty criminals in the ghetto.

Anonymous said...

A thought I had, while reading the comments here: What if crime video footage from drones (either the crime, or the arrest videos) gives the criminals notoriety, which then creates more brazen public crimes with niggers hoping get posted on YoofTube? There seemed to be a similar increase in high-speed car chases, after the OJ "chase", and news stations went nuts covering them all.

Anonymous said...

More nannycams? or should they be called YTcams so as to not unduly insult the destructive creatures known as bellcurvis?

Anonymous said...

Lowenda Oda Belcurvious.

Anonymous said...

Not only that in the name of equity and non discrimination they would be flying them over whiteopias too for no effect. Just like they want to take the guns away from lawful whites.

Anonymous said...

Bingo! MLK Drive runs straight through SL's Wells Goodfellow district.

The advice holds good about avoiding any street named after the "good doctor".

Mr.Ken said...

I think giving LE what they need to do the job is great. But I also think that making jail and punishment less attractive or tolerable to the bumperlips is the key. The answer; MAKE THEM WORK while in jail. digging ditches, picking up trash...breaking big rocks into little rocks. Hard labor is a sentence that is used by the military, why not for offenders in the civilian world?

Anonymous said...

I think the more likely scenario for drone use in St Louis will be something along the lines of the following. Drones will be used to little effect catching blacks in the hood much less preventing crime in any meaningful way. In order to recoup the costs of the drones, and to further justify their use, the drones will be used to monitor traffic. I foresee lots of tickets being mailed out to speeders in the St Louis area.

Anonymous said...

I remember my grandaddy telling me about prison farms, where the inmates had to grow their own food. If they didn't, they didn't eat. The stuff that was leftover was given to the poor or sold to the community to help pay the expenses of the prison. Why did this stop? Was earning your keep considered cruel & unusual punishment?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:15 posted the link:

from the article:
-- “People have asked me directly, and that question is: Are we in fact targeting particular communities? Are we in fact looking to hold certain politicians to a higher standard than others?” Ms. Lynch said in a speech last month to a civic group in Marine Park, Brooklyn.
“The view that you should not steal someone else’s money is not a higher standard,” she added. “It should be everyone’s standard. It’s not an impossible goal to meet.”--

Interestingly, Ms. Lynch is a black prosecutor who was nominated by Barry and whose boss is Holder.

countenance said...


Black rape largely flies under the radar in black cities because a lot of black on black rapes aren't reported, because everyone considers them just a fact of life and not a crime. It's why a lot of statutory rape that happens in Bell Curve City doesn't make the official stat books.

If STL gets drones, what they'll be used for at first is to follow car chases and blacks running from the cops. But I do think their use will be anarcho-tyrannically extended to looking for piddly code violations. STL already has lots of red light cams, and the state supreme court just found them constitutional.

rjp said...


But do I not necessarily want to be able to know when something is happening a few blocks away from me on Michigan Avenue?

But do I not necessarily want to be able to NOT know when something is happening a few blocks away from me on Michigan Avenue?

... there is far more money in scanning middle-class neighborhoods for parking and zoning violations than there is in busting petty criminals in the ghetto.

The ghetto class doesn't pay fines, and putting them in jail instead only costs money and doesn't dissuade them from further criminal activity. So I agree with Jay Santos that the only deterrent is chain gang style labor, and having to live in conditions similar to Fort Douglas in Chicago during the Civil War.

I am a big fan of red light cams and don't understand how they are unconstitutional. There is almost zero enforcement of traffic laws in Chicago. Fear is the only deterrent to crime.

countenance said...


First off, I don't know if you know this, but True News USA, the successor blog of the old Detective Shaved Longcock, both Chicago-based, is pushing Second City Confidential.

Second, you seem to be taking so much interest in The STL lately that I'm starting to wonder if a Paul Kersey-authored book about my fair burg isn't in your immediate future. If it is, and if you think you might need a little help with this or that, contact me: at gmail dot com

I don't have book-length material in me, BTW.

Ante Nigrum said...

Information. Facts. Not the crap that gets pushed in the big cover-up.

That's what makes this site tops. It really needs to be bigger and more secure. This stuff must remain available. People need to spread the word.

Of all the honesty sites I've visited, this is one of the best.

Patrick said...

You have to love St. Louis:

One could pretty much blog about it's problems every day, and it's not that big of a city.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my wonderful neighborhood. Everywhere I have lived in the city I was eventually chased out by black crime. There is nothing that pisses me off more than to have finally moved "far enough" away from black crime then to have some a-hole at HUD start moving in thugs to my neighborhood with housing subsidies.

My beautiful home in Benton Park is now a few bricks, and whatever bits of steel plumbing they didn't steal. That was quite a lovely 2 1/2 story with French turrets and a copper roof.

That being said, camera drones will not be used very often for the things that will actually benefit us. They will end up doing traffic enforcement, and circling the occasional hostage standoff.

Anonymous said...

What if black on black murder was legalized? It would not be a racist solution (ie pitting races against each other) but it would leave them to their devices....