Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis: Whitey Pays all the Taxes, Let's Make Them Pay More!!!

Middle-class blacks (read: government employees) are fleeing the city of Chicago, leaving behind William Julius Wilson’s ‘disadvantaged class’ and the type of communities they create for the entire world to see.

The Chicago Public System is less than eight percent white (it requires a massive allocation of monetary resources for security purposes to ensure student/teacher/administrator safety), and with the departure of large numbers of students for safer districts, was forced to close 49 schools.

Karen Lewis, the head of the Chicago Teachers Union, admits that white communities in Chicago provide the bulk of the tax-revenue that fuels the Chicago Public School system (only eight percent white enrollment)

Now, the head of the Chicago Teachers Union has decided to point the proverbial finger of doom in the direction of white people. In her case, it's an excessively meaty finger...[CTU's Lewis rips Emanuel's 'elite' advisers, Chicago Tribune, June 19, 2013]:
In the wake of recent school closings and teacher layoffs, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis took aim Tuesday at the two R’s of her education reform effort — racism and revenue. 
Lewis, speaking to the City Club of Chicago, did not directly criticize Mayor Rahm Emanuel. But she went after his kitchen cabinet of educational advisers as wealthy “elites” from the venture capital and corporate world and questioned what “rich white people” know about what’s in the best educational interests for minority children. 
“Members of the status quo, the people who are running the schools and advising the mayor on how best to run our district, know what good education looks like because they have secured it for their own children in well-resourced public and private institutions,” Lewis said. “When will there be an honest conversation about poverty and racism and inequality that hinders the delivery of an education product in our school system? When will we address the effect that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or education level.” Lewis called for enactment of “progressive taxation” that would tax the wealthier at a greater rate compared to the state’s flat-rate income tax. She also said “bold leadership” would end corporate tax subsidies and loopholes. And she repeated earlier calls for a reform of tax increment financing districts and enactment of a financial transactions tax. 
Asked if the city schools also should boost property taxes, Lewis said, “Yes.” But, she added, ““If you look at a majority of the tax base for property taxes in Chicago, they’re mostly white, who don’t have a real interest in paying for the education of poor black and brown children. We don’t want to say that out loud.” 
Lewis maintained the city’s public schools have made investments in schools closer to downtown at the expense of other neighborhoods. 
She said she feared the announced layoffs last week of 850 workers, including about 500 teachers, as a result of public school closings makes her fear “it’s just the tip of the iceberg” for a system facing a $1 billion deficit. 
“Where will this impact be felt the most?” she asked. “In predominantly African American communities.”
When will there be an honest conversation about how individuals are responsible for the poverty they create, and that inequality is the natural order of life when racial groups of different inherent (collective) intellectual abilities inhabit the same city?

Funny, Karen Lewis is able to understand property values and economics, correctly noting that white people provide the majority of the tax base (because white individuals are collectively capable of creating communities where high social capital flourishes, meaning high appraisals for greater millage rates), so she is at least cognizant of racial differences.

But only when those differences benefit her peoples bottom-line.

Of course, the whole Chicago Public School strike of 2012 was largely about the silent acquiescence to the reality of racial differences, which also affected her peoples bottom-line, or more importantly, their pocket book.

But racial differences that explain why blacks (and brown people) are impoverished and why their communities in Chicago are so blighted – and incapable of producing tax-revenue to support a 1st world civilization – isn’t allowed as evidence in the court of public opinion.

But the reverse of this is true, when blaming white people and segregation for all the ills in the black (and brown) community of Chicago. No one is allowed to point out that, perhaps, the ills found in the black (and brown) community of Chicago is the primary driving force behind white people’s desire to create their own enclaves…

At least in a public forum, that is.
"Strong schools and strong neighborhoods" don't look anything like this...

But Lewis is free to blame whitey without fear of any blowback, for the calamitous situation the CPS system finds itself in can’t be the fault of non-whites.

It just can’t. [Lewis Points Finger At ‘Rich White People’ For School Problems, CBS Chicago, June 19, 2013]:
WBBM Newsradio’s Nancy Harty reports, at a luncheon on education reform, Lewis told members of the City Club that Chicago is the most segregated city in America. 
Lewis said minority neighborhoods are disproportionately disinvested by the city, and see more foreclosures and school closures.“It’s as if there were a concerted effort to make sure that these are not walkable, thriving, healthy communities,” she said.
No, it’s apparent black people in not just Chicago, but the nation over, actively engage and participate in the collective action of making their neighborhoods and communities in any way, shape, or form of being described as ‘healthy’…

Walkable, thriving, or healthy are not adjectives any sane person would use to describe a black neighborhood/community, and it is because of the inhabitants of these black neighborhoods/communities that such a verdict can made.

But in the rules of etiquette governing Black-Run America (BRA), the conditions of black communities/neighborhoods must always be blamed on some pernicious white supremacist conspiracy attempting to hold back all non-whites for nebulous, undefined reasons.

You would think that white people would be doing everything possible to utilize the public schools their tax-dollars go disproportionately to support and fund (as Lewis noted), by trying to remove the impediments to a safe, productive environment for education – namely the black and brown kids whose presence requires police-state measures to control.

Instead, white people are taxed in Chicago and then pay private school tuition on top of this, for this form of education is the only way to ensure their students don’t require the Chicago Fire Department to escort their children to and from class [FIREMEN ON PATROL TO FIGHT CHICAGO GANGS: Police officer lashes out at 'demented morality' where government must 'raise children', WND, 5-28-13]:
The city of Chicago has ordered its firefighters to provide security for public school students walking to and from class through the city’s gang turf, according to an official memo from the Chicago Fire Department that WND obtained. 
“[I]t is critical that CFD assist in providing the children with reassurance during their travels,” the memo reads. “This will be accomplished through our public presence, being good ambassadors to the children of Chicago and providing support when and if they require it.” 
But a Chicago police officer who insisted on anonymity said, “If the parents are so concerned about their children’s security they should be walking their own kids to school. 
“Let the reverends organize the parents to walk their kids to school but don’t waste the precious resources of a police officer or fireman to do what parents should be doing,” he said. 
That officer believes that there is little hope of high-crime urban communities acting together for their own good. 
“As far as police wondering where parents, churches, local leaders or community organizers are we know where they are. They are taking care of enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayers while they rely on the city and the police to raise their children. 
“These communities do not know shame,” he said, and their “demented morality” wreaks devastation. 
As part of the effort to protect students going to and from school, the Chicago school system began a Safe Passage program. However, community leaders are not satisfied, and they have directed their ire at Mayor Rahm Emanuel. 
“He says that he wants to turn around the city of Chicago, make a new Chicago. Does that new Chicago mean no black folks?” one asked.
A stunning indictment of the type of communities black and brown create in Chicago, the antithesis of walkable and healthy.
Karen Lewis is the perfect image for Black-Run America. Perfect. 

Whereas fire fighters get cats out of trees in white communities of Chicago, they escort black and brown children to school in… black and brown communities.

Turning Chicago around, making a “new” Chicago, means just returning to the demographics found in Chicago only four score ago. Chicago was 91 percent white in 1940, an era when the collective activities of individual white people created an economic engine of activity in the Windy City that attracted blacks from all across the south.

Chicago in 2013, save the white families who have insulated themselves in safe enclaves (whose tranquil communities provide ample tax revenue via high property valuations, which black and brown communities can’t replicate), is a city on the verge of collapse.

Courtesy of the descendants of the Great Migration.

Or what we have dubbed, Manifest Destruction.

Say it with us again: white America owes black America nothing. 



Haywire Dude said...

White America owes Black America nothing. Amen, Brother.

Big Bill said...

Didn't they try this "Get Whitey" stuff in Detroit under Coleman Young?

It sounds like they may have finally hit the tipping point in Chicago.

There are plenty of places outside Chicago to which the white businesses can move.

And then its Detroit all over again. When will the Negroes ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Why does any white fall for the shakedown so submissively.


Ex Bridgeporter said...

The demographics have changed on the Southside of Chicago. There are three black neighborhoods in Chicago that were middle class and relatively crime free and well maintained and these were Avalon Park, Chatham and South Shore. Chatham has lost 16.8% of its population from the 2010 Census and Avalon Park has lost 8.6% of its population with South Shore losing 19.2% of its population. . Crime in Chatham is higher than its ever been and older residents tell me they are moving out. Some of this has to do with the projects being dismantled with crime coming to these areas from former gangs from these projects. A black property owner whose family who has been in the rental business told me that the people in the neighborhood were not the same as even ten years ago with high level of non payment of rent in an area that once had extremely low collection loss. The black community was also socked with high property taxes, in the bubble a property values went to unrealistic value, and are still high as the assessor has slowly lowered them. There are lots of areas on the South and West Sides that have large swaths of abandoned homes and vacant lots. Miss Lewis should look at the demographics to see the population loss. I know she is trying to save black middle class jobs and I commend her for doing it though the City of Chicago is broke and cuts have to be made. Also taxing property owners will not help as you have areas that are rebating taxes both property and sales to new development in the suburban areas. Chicago used to have one of the lowest tax levies for schools as a lot families will pay $5,000 to $10,000 for grade school tuition at a catholic or Lutheran school.

D-FENS said...

I love it when the negro turns on one of TWMNBN.

So CAL Snowman said...

My favorite part of this whole insane charade we call America is the constant refrain of "progress" from the Pravda media and psychotic liberals. Every year things are getting noticeably worse, not better. Even the black and brown hordes are squealing about how bad things are, and yet they continue to call the changing political and social landscape "progressive." This "nation" is falling apart in front of our eyes and the liberal establishment just keeps gushing about how we are moving forward.

I mean look at this article from Yahoo! News entitled : Nation Should Welcome Darkening Demographic. We have been conditioned to accept WHITE GENOCIDE as synonymous with a "progressive" society that is "moving forward." It's funny, you never hear the liberals or the Non-Whites referring to Mexican or African or Muslim societies as "progressive." No only White societies that insist on rubbing themselves out of existence are considered progressive.

These crazy africans like Karen Lewis never cease to amaze me with their own special, unique brand of african hypocrisy. She says :

"When will we address the fact that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African-Americans and Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or education level?"

I think we tried this before, it was called SEGREGATION! Blacks were left all by themselves to develop their school systems and communities as they saw fit. As a result of having to rely only on themselves for their education these same Africans MARCHED IN THE STREETS to have their children's education dictated by rich White people! You have to admire/be horrified by the african's ability to completely detach themselves from reality. It's quite a feat to be mentally retarded, completely delusional AND narcissistic at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Is the fat trough feeding government sow pointing towards the welfare office in that picture of the vibrant neighborhood? Those out of touch elites probably couldn't do a worse job but Rahmy the Commie is too busy in his pink tutu and tights to care.

So CAL Snowman said...

Who controls the inner cities of Chicago? -Liberals

Who controls the Chicago school boards? -Liberals

Who controls the Chicago teacher's union? - Liberals

Who runs Chicago? - Liberals

Who is to blame for the current state of Chicago and its crappy public schools? - Rich White Non-Liberals!

Can you liberals and black people just ONCE, just ONCE take responsibility for this mess that YOU have created? Rich White people pay for services they don't even use and they are to blame for black failure? FUCK YOU BLACK AMERICA, take some god damned responsibility for yourselves you chickenshit liars.

Anonymous said...

Karen Lewis is *butt ugly*. If I looked like her I wouldn't be very happy either.

Anonymous said...

Blacks and proportionality. They always twist their stats to gain sympathy and of course, money. Because they constantly fail, fuck up, cheat, scam, etc., they are "disproportionately" represented in the criminal justice system. Because of this disproportionality they seek more funds and attention to change what cannot be changed, yet whites will continue to shovel money at them to assuage their guilt.

D-FENS said...

OT: Can anyone recommend a relatively negro free area of Charlotte NC? Isthere such a place?

Anonymous said...

School doesn't impart intelligence.

This kid is proof.

Anonymous said...

Ms Lewis looks 3/4 White.

obongo in Germany...
200,000 then, 5000 in crowd now..haha

Dashiell Bennett 9:33 AM ET

Barack Obama returned to Berlin today, almost five years to the day from when he delivered his famous "Victory Column" speech that cemented his reputation as an international rockstar. Unfortunately, his reception this time was a lot different.

An estimated 200,000 people turned out in July 2008 to see then Candidate Obama deliver an address in front of one of Germany's most notable landmarks..
crowd in 2013 was 5000.

Anonymous said...

Who runs the school system in Shitcongo? Blacks. Who should accept their responsibility for educating their offspring? Blacks. I see whites as owing nothing to the blacks.

Harry in Pa. said...

Your commentary on this post Paul is as biting and trenchant as any I can think of by you. Negroes can and have for decades now been free to voice the most vicious, hateful sentiments that a "depraved morality" can create against whites who are in turn bless and sanctify our melanin-enriched counter-parts.

rjp said...

She is probably one of the most nastiest looking women I have ever seen (and in Chicago, there are lots of nasties).

The first time I saw her in person, I thought of Mr. Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Anonymous said...

jeez, i didn't know jabba the hutt is black.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even have to read this, I knew what it said without even skimming it

Karen Lewis:

"Banta Pudu!
Skinny Jedi!
Ho - hohohohohoho"

Salacious Crumb:
"Eeeh - hehehehehehehe!"

Californian said...

PK, once again you must be congratulated for providing an intelligent rebuttal to BRA's agitprop, as well as a cutting analysis. All part of the struggle.

So CAL Snowman said... Can you liberals and black people just ONCE, just ONCE take responsibility for this mess that YOU have created?

Apparently they can not. What they have is one giant excuse machine which blames everything on YT.

This lack of responsibility is one of the core elements of BRA. It's as if you are dealing with children who, after committing a misdeed, giggle (as Flip Wilson used to put it) "the devil made me do it!"

Just about any type of havoc which is wrecked, whether the trashing of a school system or mass murder in Africa is blamed on the legacy of slavery-segregation-colonialism-apartheid-disparate-impact, sing it bruthas and sistahs!

Heaven help us if BRA's spokesmen/women were to come forth and say, "Blacks are responisble." At that point, one might see riding over the horizon the Four Horsemen.

Be interesting to get inside BRA's collective mind and see if they really believe what they are saying. Is it just one big race hustle? Or do they not understand the concept of cause-and-effect?

Regardless, who can run a civilization like this?

D-FENS said...

A most fascinating and revealing article/video about Ms. Lewis. I strongly recommend everyone read it and watch both videos.

Abyssal Slide Observer said...

"Strong schools and strong neighborhoods" don't look anything like this...

Karen Lewis is the perfect image for Black-Run America. Perfect.

PK, those two captions were absolutely priceless, and filled with more truth than can be stated in mere words.

Anonymous said...

They could double spending in the Chicago school system and it wouldn't improve things one bit. People like Karen Lewis would shove most of the money in their pockets.

D-FENS said...

"Heaven help us if BRA's spokesmen/women were to come forth and say, "Blacks are responisble." At that point, one might see riding over the horizon the Four Horsemen."

Didn't Bill Cosby make statements that pointed fingers at the negroes themselves? Didn't he get a ration of sh!t for doing so?

I think they actually believe what they are saying. I don't believe they have the intelligence to think of this scam on their own and sustain it.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......It seems that the freak show just gets bigger by the day. It is like a giant circus. The problem is that the wild animals are not very well trained.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says Karen Lewis is a former high school chemistry teacher. Can you even imagine that ignorant sow teaching any useful chemistry except maybe making crack? And I see I'm not the only one that noticed how light-skinned she is - seems like the less black they are, the more trouble they cause.

Last YT out of Chicago gets to pay ALL the taxes!

TheNorman said...

Hey D-Fens, if you want to live in the white part of Charlotte, you need to move to the Ballantyne/South Charlotte area or one of the neighboring suburbs like Matthews or Mint Hill. Or better yet, move to neighboring Union County. Its taxes are lower and you won't have to deal with a city government run by blacks like in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Dashiell Bennett 9:33 AM ET

Barack Obama returned to Berlin today, almost five years to the day from when he delivered his famous "Victory Column" speech that cemented his reputation as an international rockstar. Unfortunately, his reception this time was a lot different.

An estimated 200,000 people turned out in July 2008 to see then Candidate Obama deliver an address in front of one of Germany's most notable landmarks..
crowd in 2013 was 5000.

NO! GODDAMN IT!!! NOOOOOO!!! 200,000 people did NOT show up to see that goddamn fraud. They showed up for a free rock concert and Obongo pulled a "kanye west".

Don't re-write history.

The Engineer

Gwinnett Gladiator said...

Greetings, Those Who Can See. I am hopelessly behind on my SBPDL reading due to my recent trip to IN, but I’m catching up and working my way through the backlog of postings and comments. This article was biting and stinging and brilliant – vintage PK. Nonetheless, I have some eye-popping observations to share from my journey.

First, I saw very little of Indianapolis, proper. My travels didn’t take me inside of 465, but to Avon and points west. From what I already know via SBPDL and its commenters, the city is a negro cesspool on the brink. In fact, I visited the town of my birth, which, according to the 2010 census, is 96.8% white. OMFG, it was unreal! I saw like 3 negroes the entire time I was there. I saw no disorder, no chaos, no TNB. The complete antithesis of the ATHell, even including my whitopia suburb, which is 67.4% white, at best.

There where white people EVERYWHERE. A public park with multiple baseball games, a swimming pool full of white children, families on picnics and enjoying the outdoors. Kids riding their bikes on safe neighborhood streets, playing in their yards. Nuclear, white families were present everywhere I looked. It was literally like stepping back in time, with the decay we all know so well never having taken root. Back in the reality of the ATHell, it almost seems like a dream that couldn’t possibly be true.

The adage of the percentage of black population percentage tipping point is objective reality (as if anyone here needed convincing). However, there is a glaring problem with what I observed that must also be understood.

Ex New Yorker has enlightened us many times with his blunt observations about the degree of wakefulness of whites in his area. As usual, he is 100% bull’s eye, dead-on in his assessment. I observed the exact same thing, only 1000 miles away. The white people I interacted with, many of which were family that have lived in the area for generations, are completely clueless about BRA and their being marked for extinction by their government. They’re too busy going to Bible study and ignoring the news because it’s too negative and anything based on reality that is the slightest bit unpleasant.

It’s beyond their wildest dreams that the negro chaos and violence of Indianapolis could ever affect them. They don’t understand the Section 8 cancer, haven’t been subjected to hard-core TNB, or been a victim of negro violence. Gary, IN is perceived as being in another country – not just an hour or two away. Feetsball and bakkaball are what matters.

Many of them are lower to lower-middle class white people, too. The county is historically very poor, with agriculture once thriving, but now dying as subsequent generations pass on inheriting the family farm. Still others commute to Indianapolis, not unlike people commute to Atlanta from as far away as eastern Alabama and South Carolina so as to permit their white children to be raised away from the black undertow, even if it means epic financial and personal sacrifice to do so.

Gwinnett Gladiator said...


These people are also extremely conservative. However, if you dared suggest that negroes are anything other than model citizens, with identical IQs, your condemnation (likely with Biblical references) would be swift and severe. It’s completely disgusting because they are so isolated that they have no concept of either the rarity or value of their environment.

Since this was a family gathering, many stories were told. One of my favorites was my dad discussing my maternal grandfather’s role in the community. In additional to being a farmer, he was active in the county government as a Trustee, which involved the seemingly forgotten concept of citizen governance. Among his duties were administering welfare funds to county residents. However, this system permitted great latitude, and he took full advantage.

He would often have lazy people who refused to work come to his house, which is where the county business was conducted, asking for money for coal to heat their homes. Although he had the authority to disperse the funds, he took a different approach, particularly if he was looking at a healthy, able-bodied person. Instead of money for coal, he offered them use of an axe and saw, and directed them to the nearby grove of locust trees, where they were invited to cut as much wood as they needed to heat their homes. Strangely, there were never any takers, so they left with nothing. The truly needy were treated firmly but fairly, with an eye toward getting them back on their feet as soon as possible.

Other people asked for money for clothing for their families. Although he had the authority to hand out cash, instead, he set up an account at a local store which carried essentials. Rather than give them money, he wrote a note for them to give to the store manager that they were permitted to have one pair of gloves, one pair of shoes, one pair of pants, etc., for which he would reimburse the store directly. Can you imagine if the local welfare office pulled something like that on the typical negress sow? A Cat 5 chimp-out would erupt in seconds with cries of rayciss!!

I’m honestly still trying to come to terms with what I saw and make sense of it, because it was just that shocking. Part of me wants to pick up and move, but as the phrase goes, better the hell you know. It just seems too good to be true…


bob1313 said...

60 or 70 years ago this large water buffalo would have been hanging from a tree branch somewhere out in the Mississippi Delta, better known as an extreme plus sized "Mississippi Windchime"......regardless she'll be dead soon from diabetes, heart disease, aids, HIV, smoking crack, chittlins, licking other womens lady parts and a variety of other fat niggardly actions......

JB said...


Gobsmackingly stunning output of late. Wow. How do you do it? Hard-hitting stuff.

And your commentators are as astute and stunning and funny and sad and mad and smart and hurt angry as ever.

Lot's of new handles. Good.

But I'd like to get something off of my chest. After much research, I think the proffered phrases should be stated as:



"Sail Foam"

It bugs me when people don't get it right.

Best as always.

D-FENS said...

Thanks TheNorman, for pointing me in the White direction.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....I will admit that I like it when a bunch of blacks be all upset in sheeit. The more they complain about gittin mo gibs, the more people will start waking up to their bullshit. Now at least we know what class of white people are causing the problem. It is those damn STATUS QUO RICH WHITE PEOPLE. I thought it was those "white red neck trailer trash" that were the bad guys. Finally the truth come out.

I would again like to quote the great mystic Georges Gurdjieff "The last thing a man will let go of is his suffering."

Also a quote from George Carlin "I love to see people suffer."

The two things blacks enjoy the most are suffering and killing each other. They are the fattest poor people in the world and have taken the VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS to a whole new level. The big parade of victims marching in the streets so the TV cameras can record their misery for all to see. Bitch and moan. Boo Hoo. Play the blame game. I love this kind of shit. Cry me a river monkey lips.

Anonymous said...

It must be sweet to be a high yella negro like Karen Lewis.

Blacks look up to you as some sort of messiah, and whites treat you like some kind of beloved pet - The Nice Black Person I Can Show Off To My Friends. "See! I'm hip! I Haz A Black Friend!"

I'll bet it pays well, too; Ms. Lewis certainly looks well-fed.

Anonymous said...

@Gwinnett Gladiator Shhh...those whitopias don't want any migrating gibsmedat tribes and the black hand of economics!

Anonymous said...

@ Gwinnett Gladiator I'm from that region you speak of, and many of the younger men who commute to Indy are "awake". I was never around black people growing up, and didn't have my first experiences with them until I served in the army in Georgia. I picked Georgia because I wanted to be close to the good weather in Florida...what a mistake that first day down there I was approached by a crack head begging for cash...and it only got worse from there. I will never return to the east coast again. All those cities are complete shit. Anyways I have shared this blog with many of my friends and it has pushed most of them off the fence...thanks PK!!!

Melanie said...

To All-

Read the saga of the Kansas City School District, in which a liberal judge ordered the (white) taxpayers to pony up millions of dollars to "fix the schools", build new ones, and supply them with world-class amenities, such as an Olympic-size pool with underwater viewing area, and field trips to Africa.

They even offered free taxi rides to whites students in an effort to get them to enroll.

None of this worked, as the white parents understood it's not the buildings which make a good school, it's the students, and sending their precious children to try to learn amongst the distraction and violence of the die-versity would be sacrificing their children's future (possibly even literally).

Well, the district turned out to have low scores and high drop-out rates (guess that Olympic-sized swimming pool didn't instill either the ability or the desire to learn in our black honuh stoo-ints).

So, a ton of white taxpayer money was wasted for exactly-nothing (except to line the pockets of the blacks running the gibme scheme).

I believe that PK has an article on SBPDL about the fiasco, do a search for it, it's a fascinating read. The Cato Institute also has a paper about it (of course, they put their neo-con spin on it-the little negros just need to made aware of the wonders of self-reliance--this would true of any other group, but first of all, other groups don't need to be told this, and secondly, other races have at least some minimal capacity to learn or at least not be a "looks at me" distraction so other kids can learn).

r said...

Karen Lewis is a money grubbing fat assed whore who knows nothing of how the world prospers without her "ilk" attached to it like a leech. She cant see passed the hand outs she thinks she played a part in getting. Her life here wont be much longer carrying the weight of a car on here maple bacon clogged arteries.

Anonymous said...

I check the link to clip at huffpost...what a waste of taxpayers $$$


City resident said...

She pretty well let the cat out of the bag with that one. Less than a third of the population, the white part, pays the bill for the rest of them as well as having to support themselves. Average salary for teachers is $75,000 along with benefits. Not bad considering most of the black teachers would be getting paid half as much if they had to work in some other field. The constant racial politics, the incessant agitation, protests, demonstrations over the years by blacks and their allies since the 60's drove out the whites from the public schools. They pay for what they can't even use. The amount spent on education for the meager results we get is way too much. They ruined it, they should pay their own way. They owe us mucho peso for all the damage they've done.

D-FENS said...

The Christians have the fish, the gays have the rainbow flag and the "equals' sign. The DWLs have the "coexist" sign. Do we need a sign?

Bogolyubski said...


jeez, i didn't know jabba the hutt is black.

She be Jabba's baby sister - much in the way that Moochelle is King Kong's baby sister.

Anonymous said...

CryHavoc here
K "raise my taxes" Lewis salaried at $300k - $400k + perks (I'm guessing) has nothing in common with the groids (socially) her thug union is charged with edjumact'n.
Iss not bout da chilluns! Iss bout how much her union can squeeze outta YT.
Sooner, not later YT is going to stop payin' those high taxes and move out.
Simply too many nigahs to keeps under "school arrest".
Mandatory k-12 education is a dumb idea. Let the monkeys get their street education and graduate to County Jail then Stateville. Though that system is also overburdened but keeps a lot of coons legitimately employed as guards and baliffs. The C(h)ity murder rate is too low to make any kind of dent in BRChitcongo and don't look now butt da Hisspanics gonna push dems out.
My beautiful Chicago is but a memory now.
Thanks to open housing and block-busting.
YT needs to wake da phuc up!

Anonymous said...

They should ask Lewis what she thinks about the TIF. This is complicated to explain. Under the TIF program money from taxes for the schools are put in a fund for "Community Improvement." The reality is that the mayor has a private slush fund to spend however he likes. If the TIF did not exist we would have more than enough money to keep open half used schools and our taxes would be cut in half.
To critise this program, you have to critise Richard Michael Daley. No black leader would do that. Their money would be cut off.

Californian said...

GG said...They don’t understand the Section 8 cancer...

A bit of serendipity: "Section 8" here means government provided housing whose denizens often trash a neighborhood. But it used to be a military term for a type of discharge from the service for reasons of mental or moral unfitness.

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of places outside Chicago to which the white businesses can move.

They had better move far outside, then. Why else do you think Obama is pushing regionalism? Read Spreading the Wealth, by Stanley Kurtz. According to the author, Obama wants super-regional governments, larger than counties, so they can tax the suburbs (which are largely white) and redistribute that tax money to the black and hispanic city core.

Atlanta is already very publicly trying to do that to the white counties surrounding it, partly in retaliation for their voting down public transit from Atlanta into their counties.

rjp said...

Anonymous said...

They could double spending in the Chicago school system and it wouldn't improve things one bit. People like Karen Lewis would shove most of the money in their pockets.

Karin Lewis shoves $100k in he face yearly. Calling her a "disgusting pig" is being kind. That young "Teach For Americas" rally around her is even more disgusting. They are not even getting CPS scale wages.

Andrea Ostrov Letania said...

I think half the education budget went to her food bill.

AnalogMan said...

“This will be accomplished through our public presence, being good ambassadors to the children of Chicago and providing support when and if they require it.”

Ambassadors? To children? Providing support?

An ambassador is someone you send to a sovereign country, to represent your interests.

But we're not allowed to have interests any more. Our place is to serve their interests.

Enough of this BS.

Anonymous said...

Oh that poor starving government / union hack! It looks like her meager civil servant's salary has caused her to miss a lot of meals.


I just wonder if fat ass bertha the white people hater herself lives in a gated white community?

also it's incredible that in this day and age she can admit that the white tax-payers pay most of the schools funding and get pissed cause those same white people that are paying actually have the nerve to want o dictate how their money is being used. hey aunt jemima fuck you fat black bitch. after all honey child it's their money!

so inclosing this fat union thug is pissed cause they aren't bending over backwards in stopping her fat sisters from losing their jobs in the other school closings. fat girl do a better job not just for the BLACK children but for all fucking children of all RACES!

I can't wait till all real whites move the fuck outside the city and you fat ass k. lewis (got to be making over $100,000.00) and your ngr people actually pay for something on your own. as you lib-rats always say PAY IT FORWARD FAT ASS KAREN UNION PIG! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!


thank god i'm not a ngr! but saying that wouldn't you think it would be smart to have these so-called rich white people run the fucking program. gee, fat Karen haven't been missing any meals lately. but think about what you just said fat-ass "rich white people" so these evil whites are rich? that means they usually are smart too. well fatty karenbuckle if they are smart also then you would think they would know a lot more than karen lewis about how to really make it in this country. it's not like they live next to your peeps honey child think about it. but you have and out of spite your ok with letting dumb black people like yourself fat-ass run the show. yea those lil ngr's will really get ahead in your world won't they fat-fucker!!! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!


get this one people. that fat queer chris mathews on the all-barry channel nbc or whatever they call it said this. "it was the setting sun that ruined the big finish on his speech today". he said that cause the 1/2white president couldn't use the tele-prompters and had to read from notes. can you believe they will do and say anything to save his image. so when he looks like an average stupid black guy they start digging for those excuses. GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Blacks are born of a more r selective gene pool. Greater numbers reproduced is favored over higher IQed cerebrum produced.

Blacks, everywhere in the white man's higher culture of civilization fail to fit in because their IQ is not up to the level of civilization, the white man's province.

Nowhere is this more evident than in schooling. The average American black graduates High School with the equivalent of a white's 8th grade education.

Blacks do not belong in High School as their cerebrum has at that point achieved it's pinicle. There are no Einsteins nor Rembrandts in the Negro world.

With the white liberal ideology doctrine of the white man's burden, Negros are being given the time and opportunity to meld their loser gene pool to our white, winner gene pool.

Therefore to preserve for our white posterity, what we ourselves inherited, we must separate out and away from white liberals and their lower IQed allies the blacks, Hispanic/browns and Islamics.

White liberals, the immature and insane, prefer to commit apostasy to our white gene pool rather than embrace their personal responsibility to mature. Horrendously, it is our children and their children forevermore who suffer the consequences of such abominable ideology and behavior.

Secession is the answer, the only answer. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Whites should pay 8% of the taxes.
This snake-haired Gabba the Nut needs to thank white people and her quadroon ancestry for allowing her to even form a sentence. Negroes are nothing new, and the downward spiral of every society in which they are allowed to flourish is all to familiar.

Anonymous said...

Let the liberals breed with the negro, and let the Whites continue to select their mates until they become more and more precious. Adam and eve starting to make sense? There were PLENTY of negores around when Adam and eve met - dummies.
Someday there will be nothing but Kanye-Kimoid hybrids, with a handful of pure whites adapting to some climate somewhere the nigger can't survive. That's how it has always worked.

Anonymous said...

The TIF program has been a sluch-fund ponzi scheme used exclusively by a handful of developer to build more condos with the prospect thay they will pay taxes and replenish the fund.....BUT, what is really happening? Developers get tif money, which subsidizes their construction eforts, for which there is NO MARKET. When the project is completed, half of it is rented to section 8, while half is populated with actual taxpayers. So, the scam is that the buyers of these condoes are financing a greater population of people who are NOT contributing. Like the CHA housing projects of the 1960's, these are built and funded by the taxpayer who is integrated into the MIXED INCOME DEVELOPMENT.

Anonymous said...

I conversed with a lib professor who wrote an article about how former public housing residents are still segregated. She didn't like the fact that the former project residents ended up in black neighborhoods.

I asked if that's their preference what the big deal?

Anonymous said...

Negroes will always scream for handouts, always blame everyone else for their self created problems and shout "gibsme!" Yet, at the same time, they will do NOTHING to change the situation that created their own condition.
The nigger is a giant baby with a shit filled diaper wailing that "sumbody gots to change dis!" all the while continuing to copiously shit on itself. All it wants is more free food and more free diapers so the cycle can repeat itself endlessly and that is NOT going to change.
Face it. What the nigger wants is to live in a mansion, drive a fancy car, have a swimming pool, fine clothes and a well stocked kitchen and have all that supplied free of charge by others~ the ultimate nanny state for niggers. Everything they wail about is because they don't have it and everything they complain about is oriented towards ultimately acheiving it.
They're like the niggers in Kenya were before the Brits were kicked out. It was a common belief amoung the nigggers there that once the Brits were kicked out, they'd all be living in big houses, driving fancy cars etc. Ditto for Rhodesia/Zimbabwe~ all da niggers dat got the big farms formerly owned by da ebbil whitey's all thought they were going to be livin' large. The only problem was they all thought like that and there was no one to work the farms or to competently run them.
American niggers are no different except they want whitey to stick around (at a distance) to fund it all while dey all be livin' large.
Niggerthink is the same the world over and that's not going to change either.
What needs to change is for all whites to stand up and with one voice say, "Fuck you, nigger!"

D-FENS said...

"I conversed with a lib professor who wrote an article about how former public housing residents are still segregated. She didn't like the fact that the former project residents ended up in black neighborhoods."

That would be my soul mate. We met in the faculty lounge and exchanged stories about the McGovern campaign. We later exchanged partnership vows at a commune in Vermont.

Harrison Limprist, PhD.


So the fat pig says this:

"When will we address the effect that rich white people think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African Americans and Latinos, "

Now, is she saying non-white kids are DIFFERENT? Huh? Is there a difference between White children and black/brown children? My, my. Dat be rayciss.

We here are intelligent. We know there is a significant difference and this fat pig needs to be questioned more about her statement. She needs to explicitly acknowledge there is a RACE BASED (genetic) difference which results in RACE BASED (genetic) behavior and ability.

This nonsense must stop. This is pure insanity. If White people are around, then our presence causes racism which causes black failure. If we are not around, our absence is a sign or racism and this makes blacks fail.

Which one is it? They believe it is both since Directive One states that all problems with the black race are due to Whites people, regardless.

Somebody, like Jared Taylor, needs to debate this cow. It would be extremely easy, yet when she begins to lose the "argument" within 30 seconds into the discussion, she will chimp out and stomp off the stage yelling....DAT BE RAYCISS.

Please, can not somebody start this "meaningful dialogue on race?"

Anonymous said...

Esteemed party member comrade "my people" Holder, the high yellow flim flam, says we are too cowardly to have that discussion Centurion. If that discussion gets started it might upsight the poor downtrodden victims of da slabery gravy train.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gwinnett Gladiator: I live in Indianapolis. The county whites here crack me up.

If you want to see what is moving to West IN, check out the Lafayette SQ. Mall area. Just had two shootings there last week. Both negroes.

I prefer the hipsters because living in the city, they ARE race realists and they ARE having babies.

County whites in IN are clueless. I can't stand talking to them. BRA is coming their way and fast. I checked the 2010 Census by race and zip code, and those areas are experiencing MASSIVE growth. Black in Indianapolis LOVE Avon, and there are lots of apartment complexes and housing tracts there where housing vouchers can be used.

Clay County is 97% white still. I think they have it nailed down for now. But Hendricks County shows +500% black increase and growing.

I know of a black real estate agent in Avon who is actively importing blacks to buy or lease foreclosures. The black percentages are up by 1000% or more in some cases, even though the pop is still only 3-4% black.

RINO talk show host Greg Garrison @WIBC radio is a negrophile and a good representative of these county whites. He works diligently to prove he is not a racist. He chides county whites who call in and complain about crime and the Black Expo.

He lives in rural whitey McWhiteville near Avon/Brownsburg area and calls himself "a white bread county boy" who only has a "white bread existence". He plays the slackjaw routine, downplays his intelligence, and grovels to blacks.

He loves him some noble black people and our RINO mayor, Greg Ballard.

He once said that the "sweet black preacher cadence" of Herman Cain literally hypnotizes him. Thursdays he talks to race hustler and community activist Bob Woodard about the special needs of the "Black Community"; he supported Ben Carson for President, and the many blacks who call into his show regularly.

You can hear his podcasts on

He calls Obama "Kid" which implies innocence. He is the epitome of the Indiana rural white Christian Conservative, a DWL full of white guilt, self-hatred, and pandering to minorities.

He represents the Western county whites and Greenwood on the South Side perfectly. They are sleeping, watching basketball and eating hot wings. They don't know what is coming, hard and fast.

Mr. Clean said...

Big Bill saidIt sounds like they may have finally hit the tipping point in Chicago.

The tipping point occurs when there is not enough to go around and real (brutal, even) competition ensues.

In lean times, predators and scavengers will fight fiercely over a kill/carcass.

Several times I have been employed in places where things slow down and the layoff ax begins to fall. Things can get nasty.

We are now in a mode where the tipping point (in many places such as Chicago, and also as a nation) has passed some time ago. We are just temporarily obscuring it with budgetary numbers games and unsustainable borrowing. But the day of reckoning will come, I don't see any way out of it. It might not be a bad thing... reality checks are painful, but also can be very beneficial. Maybe the whites will wake up.

Big Bill saidThere are plenty of places outside Chicago to which the white businesses can move.

I believe that IL as state is known to have a hostile business environment, but the point of your comment still stands.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous June 19, 2013 at 6:47 PM said: Wikipedia says Karen Lewis is a former high school chemistry teacher. Can you even imagine that ignorant sow teaching any useful chemistry except maybe making crack?

She also taught Advanced Placement Chemistry as well. But oddly, according to this profile/interview for her alma mater's (Dartmouth) alumni magazine, it does not appear she has a degree in a hard science or engineering:

"Education: A.B., sociology and music; University of Illinois Medical School, 1985-87; M.A., education, Northeastern Illinois University, 1993; M.F.A., Columbia College, Chicago, 2002"

(The above listing is confusing. I assume her A.B degree was from Dartmouth. It does not list what she got her M.F.A. in, but then again, I am not too familiar with that degree).

Read her words in the interview section of my link above, it is revealing of her mindset.

Douglas said...

I wonder if she would really like to hear an honest discussion on race from this southern white man.
The finger pointing seems to be getting old even for some liberals in the Chicago political machine.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Chicago and all the DW Liberals that made it the Hell Hole that it is today! May they enjoy their rotten fruit as they reap what they have sewn. After electing as Mayor that rat faced asshole, Rahm Emanuel, they deserve to suffer the ceaseless gibs-me-dat rants of garbage like Karen Lewis.

Sam said...

Check out the comments to the article at the site below. Looks like "N" fatigue is growing by leaps and bounds.

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hi, in France, a school of Orleans has asked tecahers to judge students on 24 instead on 20 to higher the reputation of the school. The director says he asked it because the immigrants put low the level of the school...
I hoipe you understand what i say but it looks like what you live, it's incredible.
France's level is 25 on 33 coutries in OCDE and it's the fault of African people.
Paris is the detroit of the East, the Johannesburg of the North...


You can get to an article about this, from Chicago, by clicking on the link over at AMREN.

The comments are mostly in our favor !!!! They seem to be leaving them up. WOW, maybe the real Americans are waking up and not taking this crap any longer.


I posted a milder version of a comment I wrote here over at AMREN and it was deleted.

Thank Odin we have this blog to spea the real truth.

Anonymous said...

You act as if they are capable of learning. This is not a group that is long on abstract reasoning skill.

Anonymous said...

Guilt...whites have these pesky consciences. We all pretty much know that nature dealt the groids a bad hand and at the same time most whites believe in this sense of "fairness" instead of the unvarnished tribalism of all other ethnic groups.

Evolution commands that we compete or die and pursue the extinction of rival species. If any species won't do that, it's history. Evolution doesn't care if whites vanish and the future is a sea of subsistence brown morass. Nature is going to eventually blow the sun up anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Did she name him? Or did she let him do what shit like Tim wise do? She points her finger and says rich white, not rich semites

10mm AUTO said...

One of my pet peeves is when someone says, "America is falling behind in Math and Science."

This is total BS.

The White segment of the population is 1st in science and 3rd in the World in Math (I think Japan, with their after school "cram school" is first).

However, entire cities like Detroit are illiterate. Just for a second, think about that. An entire American city filled with a foreign people (niggers) who can't calculate the diameter of a circle or who don't understand the concept of a lightyear or antibotics, who have never read a book or struggled with a Philosophical concept like "Is an Aristocracy better than a Democracy?".

They are a totally different species, where only the very highest of their kind can understand the society they live in. All they know is hate and loathing of those who are different. We can not live with them in the same society. But (and here comes the bad part) these issues were also hammered about in South Africa and Rhodesia, to no avail or conclusion. The USA is just another South Africa trying to assimilate two different types of peoples. The negro, who does not assimilate in any country I have ever seen, but destroys it, and the Mexican, who changes any Country it enters into another Mexico and in a pinch will return to Mexico the way it came.

We know the answers here, they must be expelled, but it can not be said. Lincoln said it, Jefferson said it, but now, Hell it can't even be hinted at as long as the DWL powers as in place.

The only hope I see is the Northwest American Republic. Preserve our people and our ways without contact with the black or the brown.

Good Luck all.

10mm AUTO said...

In the picture at the Chicago link, they took the shot overexposed to make her look a lot Whiter and she is wearing a non-confrontational blue tent instead of her communist red agitation shirt.

Anonymous said...

Indiana: He lures young white girls online, asks them to send nude photos, then blackmales them to meet with him, then he rapes them.

Truy sick.

Anonymous said...

OT: Another day, another "Most Dangerous City" list.

Let the "It's YT's fault!" blame game begin.

Anonymous said...

Look at K.Lewis' last picture.She is in hog heaven,a pig in shit ! ''Looks at all 'da trouble I be causin'' ! Look at her she thinks the whole thing is for her 'Big Beautiful Ebony Princess' ass ! They have plenty of time for this bullshit, no time to clean up after themselves. It feels good to vent and truth be told this site probably saves black lives ! LOL !

Anonymous said...

Actually it is administrators, school officials and the school contractors (food, supplies, cleaning) that would make more money.
Chicago schools are BRA institutions with black boards etc. So which rich white people is she speaking off?
Black parents with Lewis's attitude that "education is a white run game that does not benefit blacks" is the exact problem! The kids don't care and don't go and when they do it's all bullshit dumbed down so theys can grag u ate!

Anonymous said...

So her point is black and brown children are equal to whites but must be educated differently? Didn't Brown vs BOE say the opposite?
Lewis has been in education for decades yet has no solutions.

Jim said...

Re: Def-ens June 19, 2013 at 5:56 PM:

I watched the K. Lewis video on the Huffington Post site.

However, once that disgusting woman started talking her fat butt sitting on that little toilet in a jail cell, I had to do an emergency delete.

I now feel nauseous and Iwill probably have difficulty sleeping tonight.

I can imagine what was going through the minds of some of the teachers in the audience. For example "I pay union dues to this sheboon, and this is what I get....

Well, you get what you deserve, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Check out this post on educationrealist blog.
Boston Charter School Study: What “Improved Scores” Look Like
Folks have no idea of what it is like to teach in one of these "educational institutions". I taught for 1 year at East High School ( now closed) in Cleveland, Ohio. Paul, If you are looking for a new book project how about "Retired Teachers Speak Out"!

Anonymous said...

We should get a karen lewis is dead pool going. But im sure it would be too tempting for someone to cheat.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

This article is excellent Paul.

Anonymous said...

No amount of money will ever close the intelligence/IQ gap.

SKIP said...

"OT: Can anyone recommend a relatively negro free area of Charlotte NC? Isthere such a place?

NO! there is no such place and now Myrtle Beach is ate up with the fuckin niggers.

SKIP said...

A story related by an immigration official while interviewing a Somali immigrant asked him why he wanted to come to America, reply: he wanted to be where poor people are fat!!! fuckin truth in that nugget of information.

SKIP said...

" "Blacks are responisble." At that point, one might see riding over the horizon the Four Horsemen.

The horsemen are coming, they are all black and they are all in Black-a-lacks! (my take on escalades)

SKIP said...

"posted a milder version of a comment I wrote here over at AMREN and it was deleted.

HA! i was thrown off of American Thinker and blocked on AMREN! The niggers got hold of someone there and the usual threats ensued no doubt.

Anonymous said...

So Jabba the Hutt, speaks again. Who has held the reins for the CPSS? What race are they? So blacks teach and administer the Shitcongo schools and the black union thuggess whines about not enough money flowing from productive citizens to the non productive citizens.

This should be black heaven on earth. After all the black teachers have the ability to teach black yoots in a way that turns the yoots into productive members of society. What's that? They aren't productive? Come on now. They've got to be producing doctors, lawyers and engineers from those schools. What's that? They produce gangsters, pimps, whores, and druggies? Sounds like the black education is worse than no education.

Anonymous said...

I believe she does prefer the ladies, her choice. She is obviously an out of control sort of person with her out if control thoughts, food habits and I would guess health.
Blame blame. What are the special needs of the children you speak of? My guess us they need parents who value education...CPS has been majority black for decades and suddenly this is a major issue? Yeah it is called the decent folks moved out ir sent thier kids to catholic school on the the garbage are left and thier parents guardians don't care what they bees doin

Anonymous said...

The few "white schools" have seen cuts in gym, recess, art etc. CPS has a class problem. Like in "Soul Plane", it's majority low class all lined up for thier FEMA SNAP supplement hanging on the bus loops or foced to sit in line w full police riot control

Anonymous said...

Often? Try every time! Building is trashed then the surtounding hood.

Boarding schoools may be the answer? But then how to handle the protests of oh my babies! They took em

Anonymous said...

There is no place to go to avoid. They will drive, bus or train right to your new hood once there are new stores, festivals and shopping. Then they start filling up all the cheap apartments, then they start standing around. Every corner, every gas station, every park. Then the crime, break-ins and petty stuff like there was a hair in my soup and ill call police if u dont give me cash for my return and then the violence. I kill you bitch for cutting me off, honking at me as I walk down the middle of the sreet or dont take my returns of stolen merchandise! I'll fall out in the gricery line if I don't like the wait or if you don't let me push past you!
It only takes ONE sec 8 Apartment complex to destroy a whole town.

Californian said...

10mm AUTO said...However, entire cities like Detroit are illiterate. Just for a second, think about that.

It is worth thinking about. The situation in various American cities is reverting to an internal Dark Ages: Lack of learning. Endemic violence. Disintegration of infrastructure. Depopulation. Rule of what's left by strongmen and demagogs.

The difference is that the European Dark Ages could still produce men like Charles Martel, Henry the Fowler and Gregory of Tours.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:05 6/20/13 ;
Geez I went to Cleveland Public Schools (on the West side,of course LOL)in the early 1970's.Luckily,we moved to a lovely White suburb just before 'bussing' started. Suddenly Whites could no longer attend the school right across the street from their house,they had to be bussed across town to the Shitty Eastside schools. The toads now went to the schools in the White neighborhoods,and in short order destroyed them.Many White kids ended up dropping out,White families that could afford it moved, and Cleveland,which in the 1950's was the 5th largest city in the US,became an abandoned wasteland.From what I am learning this was the general pattern for many US cities.My elementary school had 1200 students,2 (two) of which were black. Ah,the good old days.I could probably talk to you all day,teacher ! Signed, R

Anonymous said...

Thank You commentors for being here. Thank You all. You and others like you I rely upon for sanity in times I want to either rage or weep. Mea Effing Culpa. My generation is to blame. We truly never believed the radicals could take control.

Harry in Pa. said...

A little stream of consciousness for you. I was just out fertilizing my lawn. (Whitey White out fertilizing his lawn - another reason for the leftist flesh-eaters to hate me - but I digress). Mind working sinuously, remembering all the good feelings, sentiments, and other psychological intangibles that flowed to me as a young child and further on that derived from the culture that once was the American and Western culture generally. The loveliness of the received values, the the gratifying nature of those things accounted universally as the good and the beautiful, the healthfulness to my young mind that took in the breadth of a sublimely civil and Christian culture as if breathing a nosegay of all that was hopeful and forward looking about the culture and nation that my forbears bequeathed to me. But that, as I say, were sentiments recollected. As I write this...I am now subsisting in BRA. What has been lost, if he has any concept of the lovely in his soul, would make a strong man weep.


Harry in PA, you speak my language.

As a child in Miami, I and my brother rode our bikes all over the place. We were kids. We were innocent and we never feared. Neither did my parents.

Every face I saw was White. Every adult was White. My elementary school was White. No fences. No police. No loud noises. It was so calm I don't remember anything....

My brother and I used to fish up and down Snapper Creek. We used to collect used soda pop bottles at housing construction sites. Winn Dixie Quick Check grocery store gave us 2 cents apiece. Every guy working the construction job was a White man.

WE did well without diversity. We did well with vibrancy. We did well as a racists, White ass, redneck, hillbilly, cracka country.

My children and grandchildren will live a nightmare. And to think my father's generation died on the fields of Europe so we would not have to speak German.

My grandkids have to learn Spanish or they will never get a job in the nation their Great Grandparents died for so we would not have to speak German? I prefer German.

I will go so far to state that I would prefer to live under Nazi Germany than BRA any day.

Anonymous said...

Globba the Glut!

Anonymous said...

Good old Bill Cosby caused quite a stir many years back(early 1990's) with his plain talk about ghetto kids with $200 tennis shoes and many other ridiculous aspects of black dysfunction.He was almost universally ripped apart by all the race hustlers,etc.,but stuck to his story.I have to admit it was surprising and pretty brave of him.He definitely told the truth and it was also pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Layoffs bee wayciss:

Big Bear said...

10mm Auto: I have been reading numerous articles and books about Peak Oil, and that may be our hope up in the Northwest. America is a vast land mass and the PNW is isolated, and will become much more so when he planes and cars no longer run.

We are seeing the manifestations of Peak Oil. The global recession of 2008 sprang from a realization that current growth is not sustainable, based on our dwindling resources. Now, the poorer countries with little resources to trade for precious oil are in turmoil (Egypt, Syria) and this will only spread as the Age of Opulence ends.

By 2030, things will be much different. The collapse of the Amurkan Empire will be enjoyable to watch from afar in the Redoubt.

Anonymous said...

Peak Oil is one of those memes like Global Warming that have been deliberately created to rob and enslave us. BRA is another example.

Anonymous said...

Peak Oil is a hoax. Hydrocarbons are naturally occurring and the planet is stuffed full of them. Inflation adjusted, the late 1990s saw the cheapest gasoline ever. We're due for another downswing in gasoline price before much longer.

AnalogMan said...


Harry in PA, you speak my language.

As a child in Miami, I and my brother rode our bikes all over the place. We were kids. We were innocent and we never feared. Neither did my parents.

In South Africa, it was the same. The only rule was, "Be home before the streetlights come on". My parents mostly didn't know where I was. Didn't matter, it was all safe.

The past is literally another country. Note also, as Bemused Stare points out elsewhere, that this was a country that was 90%+ black. The White man was in charge. That's really all that has changed. It can change again.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Peak Oil is a hoax. Hydrocarbons are naturally occurring and the planet is stuffed full of them.

Well, now, I'm not so sure about that. I've read about abiotic oil, and it's very interesting, but it doesn't mean oil is ubiquitous or accessible.

Once, oil was so plentiful that we could confine our drilling to land. Now we have to drill in ever-deeper water. Abiotic oil theory says that there's still plenty of oil, we just need to drill deeper. This may be true, or not. The problem is that recovering oil from greater depths becomes progressively more difficult, and so more expensive. Not just paper dollar-expensive, but energy-expensive.

It does us no good knowing that there's unlimited oil down there (which, even by abiotic theory, is replaced far too slowly to make a dent in our consumption), if it takes two gallons of oil to pump one gallon.

I know you said hydrocarbons, not oil, but the principle applies. The wells, the mines, they all get exhausted, then we have to find another, less convenient source.

I'm not dogmatically wedded to the peak oil theory. I remember the oil crisis in the 1970s. I worked for an oil company at the time, and they were saying that known reserves would run out in the mid-1980s. They lied, of course. Still, it's hard to let go of that intuitive feeling that nothing lasts forever.

Mr. Rational said...

I worked for an oil company at the time, and they were saying that known reserves would run out in the mid-1980s. They lied, of course.

They weren't lying; lots of oil has been discovered since the 1970's, and if we hadn't found it consumption would have crashed decades ago due to lack of (cheap enough) supply.

We are currently pumping about 3 barrels of oil for every barrel we discover.  The USA was an oil exporter through 1948, and peak US oil was in 1970.  There's a very gentle uptick in US oil pumping, but it took hundred-dollar oil to get even that much.  We will never see 9 million barrels a day from the USA ever again.

I know you said hydrocarbons, not oil, but the principle applies. The wells, the mines, they all get exhausted, then we have to find another, less convenient source.

The USA is sitting on centuries of energy in the form of depleted uranium.  The UCS, Greenpeace and the other anti-human groups are afraid we'll figure this out, but Russia, India and China are going full speed ahead.

Getting back to the topic, none of Karen Lewis' charges are going to unlock that energy for us.  To do nuclear engineering, you have to be able to read, write and calculate at a high level, and not chimp out when you hit petty frustrations.  The South-siders and beaners flunked out of those classes at conception.

Anonymous said...

She is not hurting for money.
I wonder if moochellie is talking to her on how FAT she is and NOT setting the example that moochellie wants set?
Stupid north american ground aps.

Californian said...

In South Africa, it was the same. The only rule was, "Be home before the streetlights come on". My parents mostly didn't know where I was. Didn't matter, it was all safe.

The past is literally another country. Note also, as Bemused Stare points out elsewhere, that this [SA] was a country that was 90%+ black. The White man was in charge. That's really all that has changed. It can change again.

There was order in South Africa when I was there, way back when apartheid was in force. It wasn't so much that crime rates were lower than today (though they were), there was a sense of respect, even among demographics which hated each other. Little hassle on the streets, trains ran efficiently, hotels were quiet, streets were clean.

This was so even in Rhodesia despite the war. You saw few sworn officers on the street, though there were some armed civilians. Yet there never was the sense of menace you see in many American cities these days.

When white people respect themselves and exert their authority, other groups fall into line. I think this is one reason why the USA today has to use increasingly paramilitary and draconian means of policing to ensure a minimum of public order. It's difficult for other demographics to respect the white man's law when white people do not respect themselves.

This also shows that regardless of the numbers, if white people get their act together they can salvage their civilization.

Californian said...

Mr. Rational said...Getting back to the topic, none of Karen Lewis' charges are going to unlock that energy for us.

Here's a question I would posit for Ms Lewis and the educational bureaucracy: "What programs, curricula or budgets would you require in the public schools to produce graduates who could provide us with STEM innovations to make America a leader in future technology?"

(Perhaps any trolls on this board might want to answer that one?)

It seems hard enough to get her charges to graduate with basic literacy, let alone the skills to get into university STEM courses. Of course, it just may be that what the public schools do is largely irrelevant. What is creating the education "gap" are external factors rooted in culture and genetics.

So what's the future other than an increasingly downward spiral?

Anonymous said...

You can always tell someone who had little experience with blacks before working retail. I feel your pain, friend.

Anonymous said...

word has it Karen Lewis is a huge hit with the ladies, because her moles are just like big nipples and all over her body - hundreds of them.