Sunday, June 9, 2013

Viva La France: 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic of Equality' Marches Down the Champs-Élysées

In light of all the NSA revelations, let's go back a few years. 

Remember when we learned from WikiLeaks that the then US Ambassador to France, Craig Stapleton, was sending cables to Washington lamenting the failure of the French to integrate racial minorities?

It was only two years later we learn from WikilLeaks that the American government had set up the Minority Engagement Strategy in its French Embassy to ensure the government and the people of France finally implement their "egalitarian ideals" once and for all:
Classified By: Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin, Reasons 1.4(b),(d).1. (C/NF)
SUMMARY: In keeping with France’s unique history and circumstances, Embassy Paris has created a Minority Engagement Strategy that encompasses, among other groups, the French Muslim population and responds to the goals outlined in reftel A. Our aim is to engage the French population at all levels in order to amplify France’s efforts to realize its own egalitarian ideals, thereby advancing U.S. national interests. While France is justifiably proud of its leading role in conceiving democratic ideals and championing human rights and the rule of law, French institutions have not proven themselves flexible enough to adjust to an increasingly heterodox demography. We believe that if France, over the long run, does not successfully increase opportunity and provide genuine political representation for its minority populations, France could become a weaker, more divided country, perhaps more crisis-prone and inward-looking, and consequently a less capable ally. To support French efforts to provide equal opportunity for minority populations, we will engage in positive discourse; set a strong example; implement an aggressive youth outreach strategy; encourage moderate voices; propagate best practices; and deepen our understanding of the underlying causes of inequality in France. We will also integrate the efforts of various Embassy sections, target influential leaders among our primary audiences, and evaluate both tangible and intangible indicators of the success of our strategy. END SUMMARY.
But it is another part of the WikiLeaks, describing the American governments official tactic in France to finally ensure 'liberty, equality, fraternity' is adhered to, that we see - in action - the Battle Hymn of the Republic of Equality being played loudly and proudly:
 TACTIC 2: SET A STRONG EXAMPLE------------------------------¶6. (C/NF) Second, we will employ the tool of example. We will continue and expand our efforts to bring minority leaders from the U.S. to France, working with these American leaders to convey an honest sense of their experience to French minority and non-minority leaders alike. When we send French leaders to America, we will include, as often as possible, a component of their trip that focuses on equal opportunity. In the Embassy, we will continue to invite abroad spectrum of French society to our events, and avoid, as appropriate, hosting white-only events, or minority-only events. We will be inclusive, working in this way to breakdown barriers, facilitate communication, and expand networks.By bringing together groups who would not otherwise interact together, the Embassy will continue to use its cachet to create networking opportunities that cut through traditional cultural and social barriers in France. 

"Cut through traditional cultural and social barriers in France."

The official policy of the American government for all European nations (not just France), especially the former American nation.

If the tactics of the Minority Engagement Strategy in France fail, there's always the possibility an endless sortie of Predator Drones to hammer home the point of "Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality" will be deployed instead.


So CAL Snowman said...


Genocide : "the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group"

-Miriam Webster Dictionary

"France not only has a problem with integration or immigration; it also needs to act to give Muslims a sense of French identity," the U.S. embassy in Paris said in a secret diplomatic cable to Washington dated Aug. 17, 2005"

Muslims need a sense of French identity? Maybe they should, I don't know, STOP PRACTICING ISLAM!

"The real problem is the failure of white Christian France to view its dark-skinned and Muslim compatriots as citizens in their own right," the U.S. embassy told Washington in a cable dated Nov. 9, 2005"

I wonder how many White Christians there are in dark-skinned Muslim countries.

Sam said...

France should tell the US government to mind its own business. These libtards know EXACTLY what they are doing when they push the multiculti agenda. They are out to DESTROY, not improve.

Anonymous said...

Sam (6/9/13 at 6:43 pm):

Sad face: the "libtards" often have precious little idea of what they do. William Appleman Williams wrote in "The Tragedy of American Diplomacy" (1959) that, all too often, American ideals tend to explode in our faces when we forget that "self-determination" often means that the people that end up determining a foreign power's fate don't necessarily agree with the US or its methods. The tragedy occurs when our encouragement to democracy yields something that isn't American.

Those "minority" voices in France tend to not like the US all that much. I think that history is getting ready to become current events.

Bogolyubski said...

The true axis of evil of the entire planet is the regime headquartered in Sodom-on-Potomac run at the behest of the genocidal squids who pull all its levers. Every time I think about all these white guys who sign up to go and fight wars to make the ummah safe for feminism I just want to puke. If they had a grain of understanding they'd turn their weapons upon those who issue the orders and slaughter every single one of them. That would be an act of real patriotism. Needless to say, don't hold your breath. The movie Idiocracy was not about the future.

Anonymous said...

Found this here..
check the first street thug, at about 50 seconds
black DNA all da USA 2

Lily White said...

Notice how the multicultists only bemoan "lack of diversity" in majority white countries?

I don't recall ever hearing that they think Mexico, China, or Zimbabwe need to be more "diverse." But America, France, Great Britain, etc.? Too white! Must diversify!

Anonymous said...

When they say they want to break down the barriers that stand in the way of integration, many people will see this as an attempt to rob the French of their own identity and culture so the muslims will not feel discriminated against because we all know that muslims wont conform they will expect their host country to conform to their ideals. This is exactly how their religious leaders say they will conquer the USA.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said... think other countries might be pissed off about being spied on.

Captain Obvious

Lorraine said...

Ok, a belated response to GG and Californian re: getting the message out to the masses.,,

I think GG you hit the approach intuitively when you referenced Rocky.

Our message needs to 'punch'. It needs to 'knock sense' into people. Time is slipping away and the elites and King Turd want us to waste time.

Here's a message: Blacks and immigrants are being aided and abetted by the US Government and its financiers to commit White Genocide!

Is that clear and concise? Does that one sentence not sum up what is happening.

Look, we don't ask questions. We 'see' the truth. We know the truth. We tell the truth. It is that simple.

These are tyrannical times. It is all or nothing.

Take that message, print it one side if card a d then on the other just list all the unpublicized murders that have been 'overlooked' by the media. Or include the definition of genocide that SoCal just posted

A one sentence punch

No time for politeness or subtleties

White Mom in VA

Anonymous said...

"Blah blah blah blah blah...and avoid, as appropriate, hosting white-only events, or minority-only events."

Read that little "out" clause again-

"as appropriate"

Placing that phrase in there was deliberately done to justify hosting minority-only events, and denying any "White-only" events.

Because, you know, it will be always be found "appropriate" to do so.

F*cking word weasels.

HaroldC said...

Is there any doubt that the United States, that 'America', is the heart and soul of the anti-White system intent on the end of all White people everywhere? 'America' must be destroyed root and branch if Western civilisation and Whites are to be saved.

Anonymous said...

when not if the USA economy and standard of living collapses because of BRA the libs will do everything do deny fake statistics make huge propaganda but wealthy people will do what is necessary vote with their feet, deep down french want muslims to leave they would rather partition the country than 'integrate' with muslims


this is a social agenda paper and France should burn that paper and throw the ashes in the Americans face. hey France be on the look out for some ngr/muslims with staple guns and a bull horn. do they have a word in the French dictionary for community organizer? I sure hope that these French people don't give in but I think it's already to late for them. p.s. I don't like the way our gov't is treating the white race in our white-man founded country. stick your melting pot in your ass! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is any correlation between this minority "outreach" program and the rioting in France? Not that minorities aren't troublesome on their own but perhaps one of the chess players in our government (which loves us and protects us by the way - hear that NSA?) see's some kind of advantage in inciting riots in France.

Anonymous said...

We are about to import more muslims (from Syria):,0,6484601.story

Invade the world, invite the world.

Anonymous said...



Nigers contribute nothing. They damage White culture, White society and White existence.

The Niger is such a disease that they can only destroy. Themselves and virtually every other culture they come in contact with.

The Niger achieved nothing in Africa over a 100,000 year period, but from about 3,00 BC to present, the White race created the modern world.

Not only can the Niger not achieve nor create anything more than disjointed "jazz" and 3 chord redundant "blues", they destroy what other superior cultures create.

And they do so with joy.

The Niger is a disease and a threat to the very existence of humanity (Asians and Whites).

Don M said...

So, it is the official, albeit secret policy of the U.S. to fuxxate even non-hostile, white, European countries with groids and mudslimes?

Google Ambassador Rivkin. There might be something there that jumps out at you. Lets just say that he and Barbara Lerner Spectre have more in common than just ideology.

Not sayin', just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Remember when Whorehouse Harry Reid said Romney evaded his taxes? Hmm...wonder where he got that info. Not that globalist traitor shill Romney would have changed anything but it might have bought us some time. Also did you see over the weekend esteemed party member comrade Romney had a big pow wow in Utah and sobama's brain David Axeldouche showed up. Also in attendance were Chrissy Krispy Kreme of the people's republik of New Jersey. Just two wings of the corporate war party who don't give a rat's ass about any race not just whites. There is no right or left just a fifth column of globalist traitors. P.S. the whorehouse Harry comment comes from an actual story related on the Jerry Doyle radio show where comrade Reid said he learned to swim in a whorehouse swimming pool during pimp approved Friday swimming parties for the chilrens. Ummm Hmm nothing like swimming in the human dna broth of a whorehouse swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

You know, I used to be mindful of the muslim problem in Europe until I realized not long ago that it's over: Europe is done. I've given up. That ship is going down no matter what, so stop with the buckets of water and abandon her if you can.

They are already raping your women (Sweden, United Kingdom), raping your system, using all of your laws against you... Hell, I thought this would be sometime between 2025 and 2030, but in this decade, this one, they will make their move and try to impose sharia in their conquest. They'll have conquered Europe without a peep from the "men" over there. Might as well get your burkas and tunics now while the demand is relatively low, because you Euros are going to be rocking them soon, mark my word.

Your wives, daughters, and sisters? Well, they can kiss their freedoms goodbye. Gentlemen, throw out your razors. You won't need those anymore, not for shaving, not for self-defense.

Orient your prayer rugs toward Mecca because this shit is over. You have passed the point of no return.

You had a good run though. It was fun while it lasted. Farewell.

Anonymous said...

"Notice how the multi cultists only bemoan "lack of diversity" in majority white countries?"

TV commercials usually have a
negro inserted into every gathering of Whites but negro commercials are all negro.

Californian said...

Anon said...I wonder if there is any correlation between this minority "outreach" program and the rioting in France? Not that minorities aren't troublesome on their own but perhaps one of the chess players in our government (which loves us and protects us by the way - hear that NSA?) see's some kind of advantage in inciting riots in France.

Normally I wouldn't get into conspiracy theory, are raising an interesting question. Look at how the US government has supported various uprisings throughout the Islamic world in recent years. And as noted, the US government has a de facto policy of invade-the-world-invite-the-world. All part of globalization.

The US government topples strong national regimes in Egypt, Libya, etc., and replaces them with Islamicist street mobs which can be manipulated via infowar and economic shenanigans. Why do not the same for European countries? They've already opened their frontiers to third world mass migration, creating the base for anti-national uprisings. The US government pushes a few buttons and plays off the third worlders against the Europeans. You turn Europe into another morass of competing ethnic groups, whose governments no longer represent their original peoples. National based resistance to globalization is further undermined.

This bears more examination...

Anonymous said...

"Our aim is to engage the French population at all levels in order to amplify France’s efforts to realize its own egalitarian ideals, thereby advancing U.S. national interests."

WOW oh WOW! What has America become?
Is this what we fought WW1 and WW2 for? Only a financial collapse will stop this.
It almost seems as if all the Bolsheviks left Russia for greener pastures!

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

So France Has the Honor of the USA, thank your governement but tell it we dont want to have a Barack Obama, we want Marine Le PEN, Marine LE PEN! I love this word LE PEN, it's our JEanne D'aRC, she has today 25% of voting if an election takes place now! In 4 years she will get 35% maybe more if the USA excite more our monkeys! Tell them we are racists, they deserve more and they have to burn more to get it as in Detroit, tell them to make riots in Paris to put MArine LE PEN, apartheid, civil war if needed to make White people proud and free!

Tell them we were ugly in slavrism, tell them we were bad in colonization, tell them that they stink as animals!

IQ of 70, no haplogroup M, no white skin, no blue eyes we are different since 60000 years and we will be always different!

10mm AUTO said...

To those who write off Europe, the world wrote off Europe before till 732AD when Charles Martel lead a battle against the Muslim invaders at the Battle of Tours and began the drive that reversed the invading Muslim horde.

Also, in my musings, I have been thinking that (brace yourselves) it would have been far better if Hitler had won WWII. As bad as the Nazi's were, they loved the White man and sought to preserve and elevate Western Culture. They had a strong sense of race and a strong sense of what it meant to be a superior being. Would it have been worse? The other European countries would have had to pay homage and tribute to Germany, it is true; but Germany was not trying to wipe the people from the earth. Nazi's wanted to rule Europe, not kill or convert everyone in France to Islam, Kill or convert their men and cut their women's privates and force them to wear bags.

Further, these terrible wars are all Whites against Whites. We need to stop fighting against ourselves and focus on the preservation of our race.

It was once said that for 700 years Spartan women had never seen the fires of the enemy camp from the walls of Sparta. Our White women should never see the groids or their in-country military units (Gangs), but they do. This needs to change.

Anonymous said...

"After we win this election, it's our turn.
Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don't forget.
The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve.
There is going to be hell to pay.
Congress won't be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go."

Valerie Jarrett, October 2012

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that so many of these posts are so stupid.

Europe is 96% white. The EU is 94% white. France is 85% white and the only way to get citizenship is to "submit" to the French republic over everything else. For muslims this means putting a secular government over Allah which means getting thrown into Hell on the Day of Judgement. There is a reason why Algeria was an integral part of France for 130 years but less than 10% of the Muslims became French citizens.

Talking about Algeria I know people here have this weird idea that all people in Algeria are magically black (because Africa is a black continent right?) but in fact Maghrebi peoples are very similar physically to southern Europeans, with minorities of darker skinned peoples who are from the ancient indigenous Berbers who lived there before the nearly millennium long colonization of North Africa by the Romans. There are also northern European minorities who are descended from the Vandals.

Historically the Maghreb did not have much contact with the Arab world in terms of movement of peoples as it had been in the Roman empire due to the fact that the Arab empire only ruled North Africa for a hundred or so years before losing that region to independent kings.

Morocco is the most "negrofied" region of North Africa due to the Moroccan sultanate using black slaves from south of the Sahara.

Back to the main point. Muslims who refuse to submit to French secular rule are not given citizenship. There are generations of muslims who have lived in France since the 1960s who do not have citizenship because repeated generations refuse to place France over Allah.

France can deport the majority of the Muslim and Black populations at any time as a result. France is not Sweden, France is not in a position where it could possibly be overrun by non-whites. Being that Eastern Europeans are gearing up to flood Western Europe and Britain is preparing to halt that flood I'd say France will become whiter due to the flood of Slavic immigrants, and possibly whiter still due to Slavs making blacks and muslims "feel unwelcome" enough that they leave France.

Sweden and Britain will never have non-white majorities, though whether the Swedes and British will remain the majority of the populations of both nations is up for grabs. Same with the Netherlands and Belgium.

Oh and I forgot to mention the crisis of unemployment gripping Southern Europe and Spain especially that will likely cause massive numbers of Spanish youth to flood into Northern Europe for jobs.

Of course if you're a nazi then you probably believe Spanish people breeding with Germans is equally abhorrent as Africans breeding with Norwegians, but who really cares what nazis think?

Don in PA said...

From: 10 mm AUTO: "To those who write off Europe, the world wrote off Europe before till 732AD when Charles Martel lead a battle against the Muslim invaders at the Battle of Tours and began the drive that reversed the invading Muslim horde"

Well, the major difference is, is that was an invading army. Now these nations have allowed themselves to be inundated by millions of Muslim immigrants, who have permeated every aspect of their societies. Also, France had MEN in those days. Not the pitiful, effete cowards that pass as men today.

Proof is in the pudding. France has a huge "antifascist" rally over the killing of an antifa dirtbag but des not raise a peep over the countless "honor killings" and gang rapes committed by the muzzies in their country.

France is gone. As is Britain & Sweden. The abject moral cowardess displayed by the, ahem "men" in these countries is proof that they are not fit for survival. I'm quite ashamed that I have a genetic relation to such people.. It kills me to say that, but they are no longer men & if they do no protect even their own women & their own children's futures, then they deserve death... My gods. It's to painful to see what you have become. Once great nations. Beacons of pride for the white race. Now?. If you are to perish go down as MEN at least, so wherever your descendants are centuries from now they could look back with pride in you instead of shame!.

Can it turn around?.. I hope so. Gods I hope so. But so far every indication shows that they will go down without a fight, hell, with encouragement! (look at prince Charles' adoration of the muzzies).

I hold out hope for some of the other European nations, but France, Britain & Sweden if they do not change RADICALLY & immediately, DESERVE to be relegated to the dust bin of history..

Anonymous said...

These idiots don't realise that immigrants don't want to integrate - they want to take over.

Kevin Berger said...

"Anonymous said...
I'm surprised that so many of these posts are so stupid."

Anon, I'm French, and actual agree to the gist of your comment - to a degree. Still, I do believe that you really under-estimate the "rot" at the heart of the French political and technocratic power, as well as the same "rot" at the heart of the same European and "Western" powers.
It's not that there is NO solution, it's more like there is no solution, in the current order, with no change in view... and, so, no hope for the time being.
What wil happen eventually, I have no idea, though in all likelihood History will march on, and be as brutal and uncaring it ever has been.

In any case, the despair porn so favored by a certain fringe is just self-defeating and absurd.

As for "Don in PA", please... feel free to either give me some proof that the Mighty, Barrel-chested He-Men of the US of A are NOT being steamrolled and racially despoiled, as much as, if not more than the Euro-wimps... or, by all means, do take your manhood issues with you, and go check with some manosphere blog.
If you would just stand back a little and look at it, all of the "sissification" you see as so blatant in Europe has its root in the USA; the shit is spilling from the USA to Europe and the rest of the world, not the other way around, sorry to break it to you.
Your guns will help you if/when the SHTF, no doubt, but as far as I'm concerned an Italian or Greek people with no (or rather, much less) weapons is far more threatening to its rulers than any US "Patriots". The French power is and always has been wary if not afraid of its people, with good reason. Can the same be said of Washington, DC? I doubt it.

Lastly, and it tie with an another notion, IE that the USA see the world through an US prism (no pun intended) and is IMNSHO very ill-suited to make informed comments (not always, though), I'd just like to point out that :

- It's "Viva Espana!"


- It's "VivE la France!".

Decades of Pepe Le Pew to the contrary.

City resident said...

It's obvious the US is intent on spreading this disease, thus contaminating the world. Good thing Wikileaks exposed this evil plot for all to see.
"Gee, why do they hate us, we're so wonderful" asks the typical clueless person. This is but one example.
The US used to be much whiter so at that time nobody was alarmed or took care to keep it that way. Now we're in danger of being engulfed. We serve as a warning to the Europeans that things can shift badly unless they get a handle on things before they get out of control.

Don in PA said...

@Kevin Berger

Ummm, the article was about France, ergo I responded about the situation in France (& Europe)

Do I fret about the situation in America?.. Hell yes I do!. I am disgusted by my fellow Americans in what they have allowed to happen to to their country..

Why I despair so deeply about Europe (as do many americans) is THAT is our ancestral homeland. France is the land of the FRENCH. England, the homeland of the ENGLISH.. Deutschland the land of the GERMANS!!.. Get it?!.

America is not an ethnicity but an IDEA. If America where to break apart, we could recreate that idea elsewhere.. But Europe, to many whites, it is SACRED land. The homeland of the white race. The fact that our brothers across the pond are giving it away. Lock, stock & two smoking barrels with nary a peep is beyond comprehension!!,

That my ancestors came fom that land. 45,000 years of struggle, courage, accomplishment. To go down in the span of say, two generations?!.. HOW can this happen?.

All the wars, all the struggle, all the effort, all the art, science, architecture, literature, music, philosophy et al.. ALL of it for NAUGHT!. To be handed over to those who DESPISE you???!. (& who WILL destroy it ALL)... There is no greater shame than living as a slave on your knees.

Also, remember.. Americans are ARMED TO THE TEETH.. If the SHTF. I know I & MANY of my countrymen will NOT go down without a fight. Will we die?, probably. But die as men we will..

Mr. Rational said...

America is not an ethnicity but an IDEA.

That meme is part of the poison that's killing us.  America was founded "to secure the blessings of liberty for us and our posterity".  It is the political expression of a nation as in a particular people, not whoever can find a way to get here.

All you have to do is look at the economic slothfulness and political corruption which reign wherever Blacks or Indios/Mestizos dominate the economy and politics, and you will see that America does not exist there.  It does not even exist as an idea, because those people are unable to hold it in their minds.  America must rid itself of them, or perish.

Anonymous said...

People saying the French men are weak are idiots. Just as in the USA the majority of whites are against immigration but in both France and the USA the minority who hate "whiteness" have the support of immigrant voters who also hate whiteness.