Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crossing the Chasm

There's a book, written about the marketing of high tech products, that has a tremendous amount to tell us about the current epoch we find ourselves living through. 
What will it take for the chasm to be crossed?

Published in 1990, Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm" discusses the differences between technology entrepreneurs and those who embrace the latest innovations in the marketplace. 

He breaks them down as:

  • Innovators 
  • Early Adopters
  • Early Majority 
  • Late Majority
  • Laggards
It is between 'innovators' and 'early adopters' that the "chasm" exists; those visionaries who understand the dynamics involved in this idea/way of doing business and the pragmatists (early adopters) that must be convinced this is the way forward

Hence the term, 'crossing the chasm'. 

If you are reading this, understand you have dared to become - in the parlance of Moore - an 'innovator'. 

You have embraced what is a dangerous idea at this time -- sedition in the age of Black-Run America (BRA). 

That's what reading SBPDL truly represents -- sedition. 

As an individual, hoping to one day see a collective form to publicly oppose BRA, you are undoubtedly waiting for that moment to take place within other individuals enabling them to cross a much different type of chasm. 

You never know what will provide the evidence - securing the epiphany in the individual, which helps them cross the chasm - but, nevertheless, it's imperative to engage in a war of ideas. 

But as you read this, let it be known you are an innovator who must continue to be a catalyst for change; a craftsman engaging in the erection of the bridge that will inevitably provide safe passage across the chasm. 
Only one other city quantifies the reality of black crime better than Milwaukee... stay tuned for the answer

How about a story from Milwaukee to provide some building material for that bridge? 

As she stood Wednesday morning in front of the microphone in the basement of Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Pamela Collins was struggling to maintain her composure.

In September 2010, her daughter, Rosalind Ross, 30, was shot and killed in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant near N. 62nd St. and W. Silver Spring Drive.

Ross was a skilled basketball player who starred at Milwaukee Tech and the University of Oklahoma.
Collins was speaking to faith leaders from around the city. The pastors, ministers, priests and other religious leaders had gathered at the church, 3022 W. Wisconsin Ave., to talk about gun violence and to hear from Mayor Tom Barrett, Police Chief Edward Flynn and County Executive Chris Abele.
But it was Collins who got their attention.
As a mayoral aide stood next to her for support, Collins urged the ministers to advocate for sensible gun laws.
She said her daughter was murdered in a "senseless act that changed me and my family's lives."
"She was a very spiritual woman," Collins said of her daughter. "I miss her and love her so much."
And then Collins closed with a succinct Bible verse: Hebrews 13:1: "Let there be brotherly love. Let it continue."
Mayor calls meeting
Barrett brought the ministers together to urge them to talk about nonviolence this Sunday at their pulpits. Barrett spoke of hope, but he also spoke of the reality of homicide in Milwaukee.
So far this year, he said, there have been 26 homicides in the city. Of those 26 victims, 20 were African-American. Three were white, and three were Latino.
He said there had been 145 nonfatal shootings so far — 132 of them involving African-Americans.
Records maintained by the city's Homicide Review Commission are slightly different than what the mayor indicated. They show 25 homicides in the city through Tuesday, down eight from the same point last year. The records also indicate there have been 146 nonfatal shootings this year through Tuesday, down one from last year.
Barrett called on the ministers and pastors to work with police and community groups to reduce violence.
"I am convinced we can have those numbers go down," Barrett said.
Barrett calls his appeal to pastors his "Ceasefire Sabbath." He said it was his hope that faith communities around the city will get involved in violence prevention activities throughout this weekend and for the remainder of the year.
"We can do this," he said. "More important, we have to do this."
Of the 145 nonfatal shootings in Milwaukee in 2013, 132 have involved blacks. 

That's 91 percent. 

So, how'd that Ceasefire Sabbath (a direct pitch to black clergy to tend to their flock) work out? [Police respond to three shooting incidents on “Ceasefire Sabbath”, Fox 6 Milwaukee, June 10, 2013]:
Hours after Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett teamed up with church leaders to preach a message of peace for the annual “Ceasefire Sabbath,” Milwaukee police responded to three shootings.

One of Mayor Barrett’s stops Sunday was the Mason Temple near 35th and Florist. Pastor Osie Tatum Jr. reacted Monday to news of three shootings on the Ceasefire Sabbath.

“It hurts me deeply to know that in the very same hour that we’re here talking about ceasefire, talking about peace, that we’ve yet got people out in the community doing violent things,” Tatum Jr. said.
Truly, a black sabbath. 
Though police in Milwaukee know where the bulk of the shootings are transpiring (the 98 percent black zip code of 53206), they are deploying ShotSpotter to provide another resource in ensuring a Ceasefire Sabbath comes sooner than later [ShotSpotter gets Milwaukee cops to crime scenes quickly, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 10, 2013]:   

The ShotSpotter technology is, like Jimmy John's, freaky fast. When a shot is fired, the sensor sends the information to Newark, Calif., where ShotSpotter has its headquarters. Analysts working around the clock listen and make a determination in seconds. The information is forwarded to police communications and squad cars equipped with ShotSpotter software.

Police can get to the scene within minutes. And the technology is accurate to a radius of 85 feet.

Officer Matt Staedler, who works days, recalled one time ShotSpotter alerted him to an address where gunfire was detected.
"I showed up and the guy was still shooting," Staedler said.
Other officers swear they can get to the scene and still smell the gunpowder in the air.
"When you get the address, you are almost certain to encounter an armed gunman," Officer Michael Driscoll said.
In one incident he was involved in, a drunken man was shooting out of his home. Children were in the same room where he was shooting.
"The technology took us right to him," he said. "He was just shooting out the window. It was intense to say the least."
The department this year budgeted $140,000 for the ShotSpotter program; it covers a 3-square-mile area. Police do not disclose where the sensors are.
Remember: 91 percent of the nonfatal shootings this year have involved blacks. Wouldn't ShotSpotter's placement - obviously in a majority-black zip code - violate some disparate impact law? 

For those paying attention, the odds are a lot of people in the greater Milwaukee area are candidates for crossing the chasm soon. 


Paul's Biggest Fan said...

"Black Sabbath." Priceless, Paul. I think that will stick.

Anonymous said...

We've had Shotspotter in Minneapolis for years, and after great political hype of the reduction in gun crime, that would surely follow, there has been little, to no effect. I cannot recall one (1) story of how this technology has reduced crime. North Minneapolis is a groid cesspool, and short of just leveling that are of our city, there is little hope. I am so tired of having to associate with the groids, we need our own area. Period. -JSF-

Anonymous said...

Good to know I'm not the only one in Minneapolis who visits this site. All of the current mayoral candidates are pandering heavily to da norfsife vote.

Maybe soon we'll need to settle down up north to escape the Milwaukeens moving in over north.

Anonymous said...

Chicago has shot detection too. Hmmmmm

So CAL Snowman said...

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." -Buddha

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be" -Lao Tzu

Anonymous said...

@ Jassi:

Move "up north".......have you seen what has happened to Duluth in the last thirty (30) years? The groids have ruined that city as well. They have flooded in from northern Michigan, Milwaukee and Chicago. They have also infested St. cloud. Sadly, we are going to have to reclaim these cities in the upcoming struggle.The same situation is being played out across our nation. Personally, I wish it would commence NOW.

Anonymous said...

off topic...from Yahoo leftist noos

Did you notice the article basically hides the fact they were found guilty of other charges?
If you believe these women that this was one big happy family and these pimps were just nice guys then I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge it was a multi million dollar business I am sure these guys only considered these women their property the women were threatened that is why they testified in favor of the pimps once the trial is over and if these guys are found guilty and if these women had testified against them their lives would have been short lived,,,
A judge who heard prostitutes testify that a father-and-son pimp team made them feel like family cleared the two men of sex trafficking charges Wednesday.

The men's supporters in the Manhattan courtroom cheered the verdict, but the gallery fell silent when Judge Ruth Pickholtz announced convictions against Vincent George Sr. and Vincent George Jr. on charges they laundered millions of dollars through music recording and car service businesses. The pair showed no emotion aside from slight smiles as they were led back to jail in handcuffs.

connect said...

United states foreign affairs office issued warning about south african crime levels to its citizens visiting SA

Of particular note its warned about "townships"- groid infested shanty shitholes like the favelas of rio de janeiro. The government thugs are none too pleased about this warning, see that marxist mascot obama is going to SA to "connect" with his roots ala oprah

A pity they don't connect with their roots in lagos, or liberia, how about haiti? If the want to go gorian and reduce their carbon footprint, they could connect with their roots in any number of groid destroyed cities in the US

make it rain TRUTH said...

What fkn good is "shot spotter" or more police, at stopping crime? They are only REactions to an action.

For the love of all gods, why waste money on such useless programs?

We ALL know who is causin' all this.

Anonymous said...

And then Collins closed with a succinct Bible verse: Hebrews 13:1: "Let there be brotherly love."

There's your solution: Sit back and wait for "the brothers" to trip over a rock, and discover "brotherly love". We should send this broad to the U.N. to broker peace treaties.

Anonymous said...

Shotspotter in vibrant diverse zipcode? Why that be rayciss.

Anonymous said...

This tells them only where a nigger shot another nigger.

The only way to prevent crime is apartheid and even that cannot stop it completely

Anonymous said...

These Zulus are west African. They only go to RSA because it still has major whiteness remnants.

Anonymous said...

Why when I watch "how it's made," I don't see them featuring stuff made in factories in Africa? I smell raycism and the turble legacy ob de slabery

Anonymous said...

"I am so tired of having to associate with the groids, we need our own area. Period."

Then simply work very hard, delay having children, and save up enough money to move into a decent burbclave that lacks all but the most numerically insignificant population of Huxtable blacks.

And then simply maintain a state of readiness to flee yet again if the Feds start pumping too many section 8 recipients into your area.

It's called white flight for a reason, eh? It a trail that has been blazed by a millions upon millions of white folks over the past fifty years or so, and as a migratory pattern is one one that I tend to seriously doubt will abate any time soon.

- Speaks a guy who was born and raised in Detroit and yet oddly enough no longer lives within that particular city. What a tremendous shock, right?

rjp said...

Shotspotter is literally a joke. Some scumbag made a lot of money selling cities this shit.It is ridiculously priced and works no better than a neighbor hearing the shots and calling the 911 as it is almost impossible to identify negroes on camera from a distance and in the dark.

SKIP said...

We MUST do something to improve the accuracy of black shooting blacks! 132 non fatal shootings of blacks is simply unacceptable!!

Anonymous said...

This is your best post ever. Crossing the Chasm was a great book and that's exactly the situation we're in right now.

By the way, please start accepting donations by Bitcoin!

Anonymous said...

Wow, guns are scary ... Always jumping up off tables and killing people - especially black people!

We must outlaw all guns now. The sooner we do this, the sooner we'll all be farting rainbows and riding unicorns.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure "regular" people--people who don't read websites like this--get the connection between demographics and urban decline.

As a kid in Wisconsin, my parents always talked about how bad Milwaukee and Gary, Indiana were, but they never said why. Relatively apolitical liberals, they must have known deep down what was going on, but they really seemed able to block it out of their conscious minds. Same with a lot of "regular" people.

The brainwashing from the general culture--schools, TV stations--seems to be working. It's pretty depressing.

You might hope that there's a "tipping point" coming from the internet, but when I talk to people unfamiliar with the "race realist subculture", I don't see any signs of impending change. Got to keep trying with websites like this, I suppose.


off topic- barry soetoro said in Belfast, Ireland the other day about religious segregation in their country. what I took from the speech was he and the democrats are going to try to shut down the catholic schools and other religious schools except of course islamics schools(go figure)on the basis of segregation. cause he & democrats say this is a form of segregation from blacks. it doesn't matter to this closet muslim that this is a form of a real religion. they say that the school maps in any American islamic hate schools have no Israel on their maps! yet that is not a real legit problem for our gov't.! SBPDL they are now trying to stop us whites from even schooling our children the way we want. the balls of this asshole and those asshole democrats. obummer doesn't like the fact that whites don't want their kids around the likes of his kids. and that has to be stopped in his mind too! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't hate them, they have the intellect of children.

Their brains are limited.

They exhibit poor impulse control, limited language skills, have no future-time orientation. They are like children put in charge of the candy store. What do you expect? Does it make sense now?

Don't expect more from blacks. They will NEVER behave like white people. They will never build civilization. They will never be good parents. They are unable to be reasonable and mature.

And unless you are willing to erect a society based upon white supremacy and black suppression like the good old days, you will change nothing. Blacks will stomp and cry for all of the attention like children do.

The problem will only get worse. Find a way to survive, avoid them completely and bond with your own people for change. Vote for like-minded individuals or push for secession and legal segregation. Challenge things in court. That is the only answer.

Beth said...

I've crossed the chasm of awareness of the reality of BRA, but how exactly would "white America" (European, Asian, others who can live and contribute constructively in a white ordered society) secede from BRA?

What would you do with the blacks and browns who can't live constructively within that society? Effectively wall them off in a section of a city? All gang bangers should be locked up period. How can gang bangers be freely walking around anywhere? Disincentives for black woman having babies out of wedlock?

What would secession look like from public policy perspective?

Anonymous said...

It's very upsetting when I see people who behave in race realist ways (essentially not dealing with black people in any way possible) but when you try to talk about this stuff with them they just parrot the liberal propaganda like robots, it's so frustrating trying to wake these people completely up!

Where I live there are a bit more race realists than in other areas but they keep stupidly voting for people who enable all the scum blacks that invade here, WTF!

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

The American Negro does indeed contribute to America, and they are the best at what they do. For example; thuggery, muggery, stealing, robbing, raping and murdering.

The American Negro may not be much at giving wealth to America, but that same American Negro can sure take wealth from America.

The American Negro is parasitizing our white gene pool, through miscegenation and rape of our white women, hoping to preserve the loser Negro gene pool by melding to our white gene pool.

Secession is looking better all the time. Thank you.

Lorraine said...

The last few days I have been networking and getting into action. I am in the very beginnings of organizing a group of women who want to learn how to use firearms.

I reflect back on my life and I think about how I got to this point. Never in a million years did I think I would be buying a gun and learning how to shoot, but here I am in Amurkistan doing just that because vibrant diversity just can't keep its god darn hands to itself.

I went to the Tea Party rally on the Mall. Some people here may think the Tea Party is BS, maybe done if it is, but I think it is important that younger whites in the Gen X and Gen Y groups get involved. The older whites there saw me and said 'we need younger people'- I agree.

It strikes me how the covetous, covert commies that are composed of squids, groids, and turds are so entrenched. Here the last two decades I have been working and going to school and working and going to school and having kids and raising them...- living a productive life, but these losers, line big Bertha Franklin in the last thread with boobs to her knees are busy plotting about how they are going to take MY money that I earned.

I have become more vocal with other whites. Yesterday I spoke to another white mother, an admitted reformed libtard. As we were talking, I noticed the assorted turds around us were watching. Interesting that when whites unite and talk, this is noticed among the turd masses. I pointed this out to her as I engaged in race realism talk with her.

The more of us that awaken to the scam that is Amurkistan, the more the turds will take notice. These covetous commie puppets know they are stealing from us and they know we are on to them. The media knows and major media networks are losing money and new blogs are coming up each week. This woman 'sees'.... She noted to me how the blogosphere is undermining the media. We talked of getting the money out if the banks, of white women needing to produce more kids.

The squid mayors of the big cities want to disarm us. The government is spying on us. The IRS is claiming people owe them money ( I've talked to a number of people about this...) and they are auditing anyone who has an opinion. It is all intimidation.

Per GG's post on the last thread, people in the Mid West must wake up.

Ironically, I feel more alive now than I have ever did in my prior years. I don't know if this is good or bad, but I can say this that this white woman is truly negro fatigued, commie fatigued, and just fed up.

This is MY country and no I do not welcome die-versity. Diversity is code for whitey pays. Um, no... I am taking if my own and I have no apologies for that.

White Mom in VA


No gun has ever killed anyone

Anonymous said...

OT: Haha. Jim Goad, funny race realism story.

Scenes from a Nashville Convenience Store

"I thought I’d see red-and-white checkered shirts, cowboy hats, and hoop skirts. What I saw were dreadlocks, sideways baseball caps, and stained sweatpants."

Anonymous said...

Some good advice from another comment section:

"Put away your video games, your internet, and other distractions. Join an organization in your community that brings civic minded people together. Whites need to start getting motivated at a grass roots level, in their own communities.

Vote out section 8 housing in your town. Recall any local politician that condones third world settlers into your neighborhoods.

Boycott businesses that embrace 'diversity'. Reject any religious organization that wants to import third world parasites by the gross. Write to your local newspaper about any transgressions--political or otherwise--by members of your community pushing for Marxist makeovers.

Have exclusive men's organizations, where feminist rhetoric and Marxist dystopia is censored. You need to organize the way that your grandfathers did. Men need to take charge of their communities."

Anonymous said...

More good advice:

"If there's one thing the feminists, minorities, hippies etc have right, it's the claim that it is the White man's fault. It certainly is. They can all see it, but we White men can't. Like when a husband is cuckolded and everyone knows it but him.

The remedy to all our problems is: Start assuming leadership!

For the rest of your life, go to bed each night and ask yourself the following question;

Have I been a good leader today? Towards myself, my woman, my kids, my community?

The answer will, in most cases, be no. Therefore a followup question is needed."

Anonymous said...

I feel a stirring inside.

The European is the Opposed Principal:

"They do not commit crimes for their designs; but they form designs that they may commit crimes. It is not their necessity, but their nature, that impels them. They are modern philosophers, which when you say of them, you express every thing that is ignoble, savage, and hard-hearted."

Anonymous said...

Preaching and marching for peace.
Then going home to vegetate in front of the magic negro box and slop up junk food while your daughters spread their legs for every punk in the neighborhood.

The little sub-Saharan african mind just can't figure out what's at the root of their problems.

Anonymous said...

"Teen fatally stabbed over a piece of chicken"


10mm AUTO said...

Anon Said.

"Put away your video games, your internet, and other distractions. Join an organization in your community that brings civic minded people together. Whites need to start getting motivated at a grass roots level, in their own communities.

Vote out section 8 housing in your town. Recall any local politician that condones third world settlers into your neighborhoods.

Boycott businesses that embrace 'diversity'. Reject any religious organization that wants to import third world parasites by the gross. Write to your local newspaper about any transgressions--political or otherwise--by members of your community pushing for Marxist makeovers.

Have exclusive men's organizations, where feminist rhetoric and Marxist dystopia is censored. You need to organize the way that your grandfathers did. Men need to take charge of their communities."

Look, Whites have tried this, over and over. The Federal Government says that we are going to be integrated, and damn it, we will!" We can recall all the Politicians we want, but when the Dept of Race and Resettlement decides we need 6000 Somalia negros and their goats, guess what? Our grandfathers organized and stood in the doorways of schools so that the little thugs would not get in and they got shot, beaten and bruised by the Feds.

Resistance this time is going to have to take a more serious and definitive tone. We can't lose this time and our "leaders" are filled with hubris from past successes. We are not getting out of this problem with a nasty letter to the Editor and a sharp letter to our congresscritter.

Anonymous said...

"...a nasty letter to the Editor..."

goes into the round file or it is sent to the FBI

BCBG said...

Tried to leave a comment on your blog but no anon users allowed

I tried...

Anonymous said...

Why drag the name of a pioneering White band into this?Tony Iommi is puking right now. Jus' sayin'!

POST MFers said...

sedition is the only otion remaining, UNLESS, a political party takees up the cause of ending affirmative action laws. Sedition will place Libs in complete control of a portion of the former US. They go under < 5 years. They see riots and revolt. The white libes remaining will see, up close and personal, the produt of their labors. Their wives & daughters raped and likely killed. Their streets lawless. Think New Orleans after Katrina everywhere. The CHinese will call their loans. It gets complicated here - do the Chinese then take over Democrat America?

Pat Boyle said...

I was at some management conference a dozen or so years ago. I can't remember who I worked for or even if I was still in government or in private industry. But there I was, and there was Geoffrey Moore on stage talking about "Crossing the Chasm".

He was a boffo speaker - maybe the best I had ever heard at one of these kind of affairs. He was hawking his next book - the name of which I also can't recall.

I read "Crossing the Chasm" but it didn't seem to help me in my subsequent high tech ventures. But I can hardly blame him for my shortcomings as an entrepreneur.

One thing you should realize is that Moore gets the math wrong. Like Deffeyes in "Hubbert's Peak" he mistakenly thinks the normal curve is a times series distribution rather than a frequency distribution. So the many conclusions that Moore makes based on the shape of the normal curve are probably wrong or at least not guaranteed to be right.

Another problem with the 'early adopter' analysis is that nothing in Paul Kersey's approach is really new. So maybe marketing analogies aren't relevant.

The belief that blacks are less talented and more violent is as old as the Portuguese voyages of discovery in the fifteenth century. Zheng He was simultaneously visiting East Africa while the Portuguese were visiting West Africa. These early explorers had difficulty distinguishing black men from gorillas. Both seemed sub-human to them. They were deeply shocked at the blacks level of civilization - or rather their lack of it.

No European for the next few centuries thought black Africans were anything but primitive and violent. Even while the Quakers and Methodists were organizing to abolish slavery, they never thought that the negroes were the equal of whites.

Many of the Founding Fathers were active in anti-slavery organizations but none of them thought that blacks had the capacity to be full citizens.

So the idea that blacks have inherent limitations is hardly a new idea. It is the notion that race is only skin deep and that we are all basically the same that is the new idea. And of course it is a very wrongheaded idea.

That's why I'm always optimistic. The myth of black equality is simply contrary to the evidence. It cannot long endure. That doesn't mean we should be passive but it does mean that time is on our side.



There is something that needs to be discussed that 99% of all blogs refuse to discuss:

Is there an organization behind all this? We use the term "1%", and "Squid" and "International Bankers", etc. We even go so far as to call this BRA, as in Black Ruled America, while many of us see the "Black" as the tool of something else that rules America.

I see this as "X Ruled America" where "x", an unkown, is really in charge. Conspiracy? Yes. A small group of secretive men whom we will never really know? Yes.

If this is true, then all of our ranting and raving against the "negro" or the Mexican, etc is a waste of time. They are not the ones in control and they are not the ones doing this to us of there is a secret society in charge.

Follow up questions are: Is our paranoia of the extinction of the White race real and intentional OR just a side effect of "diversity". Diversity may just be a way to gain World Power but not an intentional extermination. There is a slight difference.

IS this secret control World wide or just the European Nations + America?

What I am getting at is until we define and know the enemy, we will fight the wrong enemy and never end this.

Or, is this all just random human actions resulting in what we see? If there is no secret hidden society directing all this, then the future is unpredictable and we DO have a real chance to fight. Since, in a real fight, we will win. There is no way the Negro nor the Mexican can defeat us in an armed conflict, but if our government is really ruled, behind the scenes, by a small secret organization, then these men have to power to nuke us, poison use or import millions of 3rd world troop into the Northwest hold-out of our race and effectively kill all of us. They win.

And, if the secret group exists, they WILL exterminate us since we are their historic enemy and the only race that can challenge them.

Help me out here, folks.

Anonymous said...

@ Jassi & Anonymous

Don't bother moving south. They are flooding into Mankato and bringing their crimes along with them.

Shootings, murder, prostitution and drug dealing.

Ask any where they are from and they will answer, "Chicago."

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

CENTURION: @11:47:

In my humble opinion, the people behind the conspiracies, or perhaps more poignantly, the people behind the machinations navigating the direction and course of our white cultures, the world over is, liberalism, and liberal ideology.

Liberals are the immature and insane, and they are in control and giving the orders.

From their perspective, they control all and no one may escape.

Therefore I call for secession, a separating out and away from white liberals and the comrades of the alliance, the blacks, the Hispanic/browns and Islamics.

Getting off the merry-go-round will be tough, but the alternative is subjugation of our white posterity to tyranny, poverty and misery in culture and mulattoism in gene pool and genes.

America and all the white man's cultures the world over are now controlled by liberalism, therefore we are in our death throes as a culture of liberty, wealth and happiness.

The bad guys won, time to abandon ship and find our own space, outlawing liberalism from ever entering our land again. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"We are not getting out of this problem with a nasty letter to the Editor and a sharp letter to our congresscritter."

Who died and left you in charge??

My letters and protests have worked magic and changed a few minds. Speak for yourself, grouch.

Anonymous said...

whites need to get dual citizenship from a european country as a safety valve exit option, even when whites are a minority in BRA they will still be demonized and blamed for inequality, BRA views whites as an enemy to be crushed, why be loyal to a government that views you like that?

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Rand Paul is the wrong kind of white. An evil dreaded redneck "White Suremacist!!"

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...

Then going home to vegetate in front of the magic negro box

Nice, the magic negro box. That's literally what it is, a box containing electronic components, the purpose of which is to send an uninterrupted stream of images of trustworthy, smart, likable, honest negroes into your home.

Bemused stare said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whites need to get dual citizenship from a european country as a safety valve exit option, even when whites are a minority in BRA they will still be demonized and blamed for inequality, BRA views whites as an enemy to be crushed, why be loyal to a government that views you like that?

June 21, 2013 at 12:54 PM

Utter rubbish.

Consider this, whites are still more than 70% of the US population at this time. At 10% of the population, whites ruled South Africa, despite being a pariah state with enemies backed overtly by one superpower and tacitly by the other for almost the last 3 decades since Reagan left. Grow a pair! Fix the problem while you still have the numbers!

Point two, Europe for the most part is way deeper in the crap than the US. There TWMNBN, openly admit that they are flooding their countries with shitskins. They don't even hide it anymore.

Mr. Rational said...

time to abandon ship and find our own space, outlawing liberalism from ever entering our land again.

If you've read anything about the concentration of power during the New Deal, you'd realize that laws cannot stop liberalism.  It is accomplished through law.

"Definitely, it meant the overthrow of government by force; and nothing like that could happen here. We had passed a law against it.

"Well, certainly nothing like that was going to happen here. That it probably could not happen, and that everybody was so sure it couldn't made everything easier for what did happen."

Anonymous said...

Blogger POST MFers said...
chinese takeover:
The Chinese leaders living with me the year Madame Mao was arrested told me, once they figured out how money works and how foreign powers own the US, they would eventually lure the US corporations into China and then buy up these corporations and control the US.
And I warned the US about these plans which the Chinese, themselves, call ‘The 50 Year Plan’ and this plan is now 25 years old and wildly successful.
Via ‘American White History Month’
Let me share that which was related to me via one international business interest with strong ties to the nations highlighted in the following scenario: According to this source, President Obama had a mid-level U.S. official meet with a Chinese officer in 2011 to find out if the Chinese were open to a land and resource swap for debt forgiveness.
The upshot of this is that the Chinese are now engaging in experimental “farming” and “scientific” studies in several locations in the U.S. (in various states). The personnel involved are all Chinese military, and the plan is to use these as the base for the expansion of “land settlements” in payment of the U.S. debt to China
we finance blacks with chinese debt..uhoh

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....For Centurion. What we are dealing with is a Global Control System. The conspiracy writers like to talk about SECRET SOCIETIES that rule the world (Masons, Bilderburg, etc), but it goes deeper than that. If a person can join a secret society than it is no longer secret. A bunch of lawyers and used car salesmen wearing funny little hats or aprons are not the problem. You must search elsewhere.

We are living inside a global control system that has been here for thousands of years. A kind of prison filled with slaves that are willing to butcher each other for their favorite cause or god. Your secret hidden rulers have the human mind and psych so figured out that the people will massacre each other in the name of freedom and liberty. The ancient gods invented this game and everyone is a willing pawn being moved around on a cosmic chess board.

How does it feel to be a player in someones VIRTUAL REALITY GAME. You have different collectives who use humans as cannon fodder in their turf wars. These turf wars can be a few niggers fighting over a street corner or massive armies slaughtering each other in a holy war.

I spent 20 years fighting in a street war. I finally had enough. My soul is in peace. I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER.

Mooondoggie said...


You are on the right track. To solve the race issue one must confront and eliminate or correct the root cause. The root cause is as I have commented on before, the "elites" desire one world government. The 3rd world hordes are being used against white civilization to eliminate the white upper class, middle, and lower or working class. The pattern is the same in all western countries. In other words they are all working on the plan to "elect" a new people that they think they can control in the end.

The question becomes how do we stop this. When we have roughly half or more of the white population in these western countries basically supporting their own demise, not much we can do at the ballot box. The elite fear us, that is why they want to bring us to our knees. WE are the only entity capable of stopping the march to one world rule.

I think this will end up as traveling down 2 potential roads, either the majority of whites wake up and buck up to change the political landscape or armed conflict will be inevitable for some of us.

I have faith that at some point the needed majority of whites will wake up. I think you will see this first in Europe. Once it starts somewhere it will spread to the other western countries like a wildfire. I am dreaming of that day. More people than we all know are hoping for that day also. Including many politically correct liberals too afraid to step out.

The Root Cause of seemingly all of the problems are the elite. Fix the root cause and the rest will fall into place. And once this starts, these elites, no matter if they are politicians, super wealthy, media, entertainment, etc must be treated as traitors to our race with punishment severe and harsh with no mercy.

Do not be afraid to speak what you feel to others. It gives them courage start speaking out also. Many want to speak out but are hesitant. People like us must be at the forefront of non-political correctness. We must have the courage to lead the others even if we do get the disgusted looks or catcalls. I am to the point I don't care what the liberals or other races think about what I say. I am saying it. If they don't like that is their problem.

In the end we will win this battle because common sense and right will prevail as nature intended to be.

10mm AUTO said...

"My letters and protests have worked magic and changed a few minds. Speak for yourself, grouch.

June 21, 2013 at 12:52 PM"

REALLY? Have they sent one Mexican back over the border? Have they stopped one attack on a White by Jamal and D'Ashwan? Has you letters and efforts lifted one White college student up with a Whites only scholarship fund or Grant? Has it lifted one aspect of Affirmative Action so that BMW doesn't have to hire black felons OVER White workers? Has any of your letters opened the State parks that are now closed to Americans because the Mexicans grow Pot in those parks and will kill and bury American hikers who stumble on their operation?

Tell me of you successes, Milady.

Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your comments. But I am willing to fight for what is mine.
Succession is tempting but they will never let it happen. No my friend, we should not give up or give in what is already ours. Give an inch, they take a mile. give a mile, they take 100. As Pat has mentioned, in the end the black man can't survive. Presently they have no usefulness to future civilization.

So CAL Snowman said...

The liberals and all of their supporters must be put to the sword. There is no other way. It truly is US or THEM.

Anonymous said...

@White Mom be careful she may have been a double agent infiltrator who will report back to the comrades at the rainbow collective.

Anonymous said...

All groups are subverted and infiltrated no matter how noble their intentions were upon startup. Don't join anything have wolfish ways don't be a sheep.

Anonymous said...

OT and I'm sorry but I have to rant,

So I'm sitting here at the local drive-in, a nice lily white summer activity round here, and for the first time I've ever seen, black people- parked right f'n next to us! They're invading everything!! Just a few minutes ago I actually heard the female say 'ain't nobody got time for dat' she actually said that. On the way to the snack stand I saw about 3 'youfs' or teeeeens with a couple of ugly coal burning white trash girls. I wish I could charge those bitches with something like 'Reckless endangerment by introducing a dangerous invasive species', rant over for now :/

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting in a Japanese restaurant and a group of them sat at the table next to them eat with chopsticks...they have no business in here...they just left, there were 6 of them and they left a $7 tip for all their stuff....they need to reinstate segregation I'm sick of these turds....

Anonymous said...

Haha. So true. I will point that out to my family next time we watch it.

Anonymous said...

How did blacks in America gain such political control and financial support as they have managed?

Bueller, anyone?

Why they did that with violence and the threat of violence. The Kerner commission got the ball rolling, answering the question of what must be done to curb and control potential black violence.

And that's how America works.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Ex New Yorker here....For Centurion. What we are dealing with is a Global Control System...

...We are living inside a global control system that has been here for thousands of years.

Wow, and to think three days ago you explained it was all Reagan's fault. You must have taken a serious blow to the head one night on second avenue.

Anonymous said...

bemused stare whites in usa are held guilty of da slabery by blacks and 'stealing the land' by mexicans back in europe we are the indigenous people, what right does BRA have to live there???? the feds and BRA are the enemy separation can only occur if the system collapses, bleed the beast apply for welfare and live in europe

AnalogMan said...

Who died and left you in charge??

You forgot "Your (sic) an old poopy-head."

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 12:34 said

whites in usa are held guilty of da slabery by blacks and 'stealing the land' by mexicans

All true, and so what? Why should we apologise for winning the struggle for resources that is life?

To paraphrase Shakespeare: The fault is not in the negroes and mexicans bitching at us, but in ourselves, that we care. To hell with them. To hell with guilt. Collectively, we owe nobody anything. Individually, we owe allegiance only to our own.

Anonymous said...

Especially hipocritical when you throw in that Obama never went to public schools, if he did he would have never made it to where he is at now. He was handed everything on a silver platter, but he wants to make sure most others dont have this oportunity. Another way of keeping the masses dumbed down so they will continue to vote for the same sewer rats over and over.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

At this time the negro gene pool is doing just fine, there are more of them every day. This is of course because we have created an enviroment that allows them to thrive. Imagine a ship at sea full of grain but no humans. There are a handfull of rats to begin with, but as long as the grain holds out the rats thrive reproducing at a phenomenal rates until there are millions of them. Then eventually the grain runs out the population of rats will begin feeding on there own and eventually they all die out. All living things need a source of fuel to survive. Rightt now taxpayers are providing the fuel for the ghettos to thrive, as their population grows they will need more and more resources to maintain the population. I am no mathematical genius but a fifth grader could put two and two together and know it wont come out six. Soon the tipping point will arrive when there are more resources being used than are produced then the population of non producers will begin to decline, but before that they will get very hungry. This is going to be the time to be ready to protect whats yours, those who are not ready will be swallowed up by the hoardes of hungry non producers. Those who live in the cities have a slim chance of surviving unless they have a safe place to run to. The best place to survive will be small rural communities populated with like minded people. A few years ago I purchased a home on a small private lake there is only one way in and one way out. There are maybe a hundred other people living on the lake and we have regular meetings to discuss lour plans for security when the tipping point arrives.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Money will not do you any good when TSHTF. I woild suggest converting as much cash as possible into useable resources. Tell no one about it, if people know you have a stash they will try to take it. I have encouraged my brother to be prepared but I get a response of I am a paranoid kook. This is the way that Obama has labled we who are prepared "Paranoid people holding on to their guns and religion" people who should be ridiculed. But I have more confidence in myself and things I can touch than I do in empty government promises. Good luck with your firearms training and remember a gun isnt much good without ammunition, stock up and remember tell no one what you have if the havenots dont get it the gov will because the president will take control of all resources in the event of a national emergencey.

Mich Mike