Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Once Dying, Birmingham, Alabama is... Suddenly Dying Again: Birmingham Police Chief Laments "The concern of my people"

 If you haven't picked up a copy of The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013, do so immediately. 

Then read this piece.

Only days ago, every newspaper in America published some version of this Associated Press article, which claimed the 74 percent black city was on the verge of a comeback [Once dying, Birmingham, Alabama is suddenly hot, The Republican, June 23, 2013].

"Once dying Birmingham, Alabama is suddenly hot."
"You say Birmingham is coming back, do you?"

Why was Birmingham dying? Why is it now suddenly hot?

There's no doubt your local paper carried some variation of this story, for the opportunity to claim Birmingham is on the up-and-up is too great a story to not promote to the heavens.

The only problem is a careful reading of the story showcases an uncomfortable truth: in spite of the 74 percent black population of the city, Birmingham is showing some signs of progress. Here's the meat of the story the AP produced:
Birmingham's culinary scene is a jewel, with nationally known chefs and restaurants, and decades of white flight are giving way to people moving into flats and condominiums with bare brick walls in once-vacant downtown buildings. The tables are full at trendy bars and bistros nestled in old brick mercantile buildings.
The city's minor league baseball team relocated this season from the suburbs and is drawing big crowds to a new downtown stadium that opens to Birmingham's skyline.
It's across the street from an urban park built on what was an unsightly lot strewn with weeds and gravel along railroad lines.
Combine all that with a thriving nightclub scene, new craft breweries and an entertainment district that has started opening, and suddenly Birmingham is becoming a hot spot for residents and visitors alike.
 Craft beers? Trendy bars and bistros? Flats and condominiums? All code words for gentrification and the creation of a small slice of whiteness in a sea of blight and cultural depravity -- the latter an unpleasant reminder of the Visible Black Hand of Economics, the former courtesy of gentrification.

Birmingham should be one of America's crown jewels, a city renowned the world over and a desired location for international tourism. White flight from Birmingham resulted in thriving suburbs Over The Mountain (OTM), while the increasingly black city partied like it was 1865, electing a string of ineffective black mayors (though it didn't matter the results they produced; the mayor was black... long live democracy!).

Recently rated the 7th most dangerous city in America (white people can create trendy bars and bistros, but they can't work miracles), the 74 percent black city of Birmingham is in the midst of a violent crime wave. A reminder that the AP article crowing about the resurrection of Birmingham was devoid of the critical component as to why it had to be brought back from the dead in the first place: it being one of America's blackest cities. [Seven violent deaths in the last eight days: Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper issues statement, Birmingham News, June 24, 2013]:
Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper today released a statement following a rash of homicides in recent days.
At least seven people have died violent deaths over the past eight days, five of them since Friday. Two people were killed today in separate incidents, two Saturday, one Friday, one Wednesday and one Sunday, June 16. 
"We are extremely concerned about this recent rash of homicides. It's unconscionable that we could go 10 days without a single homicide and then experience so many over the last week,'' Roper said. "We examine each incident for commonalities and variables. However, these recent cases appear to have no connections in any manner."
"For the most part, they do appear to be acquaintance-based which makes them more difficult to prevent,'' Roper said. "In fact, several occurred inside residences or away from public view. "
 This is why white flight happened in the first place, for just as a rising percentage of white residents in the city of Birmingham restores hope and offers a "comeback" opportunity, the black population of the Magic City continues to provide the negative statistics that drive away business investments and erode property value.

As we have shown at SBPDL, crime in Birmingham is almost an exclusive black avocation/activity.

And Police Chief Roper can be forgiven for lamenting the melancholy world 'his people' have created in Birmingham, they continue to be the great impediment to the true restoration of the metropolis Vulcan lords over [Police are on the scene of a fatal shooting in South East Lake, Birmingham News, June 25, 2013]:
Birmingham police are questioning a woman in connection with a fatal shooting in South East Lake this afternoon.
Police Chief A.C. Roper went to the scene, and became emotional while giving a statement to the press. "Although we realize the police department has only so much influence,  I see the concern of my people,'' Roper said and, with tears in his eyes, abruptly ended the press conference.
Today's shooting happened shortly after 2 p.m. inside a home at 636 84th Street South. Roper said a male victim was found fatally shot in the rear of the home.  Authorities have not released his identity.
A woman and two children were inside the house when the gunfire erupted. The woman was taken to police headquarters for questioning. The children were turned over to family members, the chief said. 
It was the third fatal shooting in Birmingham today, and the 6th since Friday. At least eight people have died violent deaths over the past eight days, and police are investigating a ninth possible homicide that has not yet been formally ruled as such.
With a tear in my eye, I lament the state of 2013 Birmingham, a 74 percent black city whose only economic growth/salvation can be measured in an AP article which highlights what gentrification (Stuff White People Like - SWPL - whites) is bringing to a city; one whose city council had to ban new payday/title pawn/check cashing stores, since that's the only economic activity a 74 percent black city could support...

The seventh most dangerous city in America, a reflection of the type of community its 74 percent black population creates, will come back.

In spite of its black population, which has regressed large portions of the city to a small scale version of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Birmingham will come back.

As you can see, the news of micro-breweries and bistros, flats and condominiums, and trendy bars represent the type of community amenities unique to white people; the violence Police Chief Roper is lamenting is unique to the black community.

No, Birmingham (the Birmingham created after 1963) is still dying, despite the attempts of resuscitation by those valiant pioneers attempting to breathe new life into the city.


Anonymous said...

You know what? Maybe what Birmingham needs is a BLACK mayor; someone who speaks the unique language of the residents ...

What? The mayor IS black? Shit ....

Oh well, let's just throw more money at it, see if that works ...

rjp said...

Birmingham's culinary scene is a jewel, with nationally known chefs and restaurants, and decades of white flight are giving way to people moving into flats and condominiums with bare brick walls in once-vacant downtown buildings.

What is it with DWLs and bare brick walls? They sell these places as being "Green" in Chicago.

How can a fucking apartment with no damn insulation be fucking "Green"?

"Green" is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in NJ:


Paul's Biggest Fan said...

"Craft beers? Trendy bars and bistros? Flats and condominiums? All code words for gentrification and the creation of a small slice of whiteness in a sea of blight and cultural depravity . . . "

You left out "baseball" as a code word. As a group, Negroes do not seem to like sports with a ball smaller than their hands.

Anonymous said...

Blacks will be blacks. Their monkeyshines never ceases to amaze me.

Silent Running said...

Check out the pictures in the Republican article. Not a black to be seen.

OT: George "Red Tails" Lucas just married a member of his favorite race.

Anonymous said...

Call Chrissy Tingles of MSLSD before he gets canned next month, we have some new code words.

Anonymous said...

According to the Associated Press article, the city is rebounding in spite of White Flight. Sounds like White Flight isn't such a bad thing after all, and communities will bounce back wherever whitey flees. I encourage White Flight as a catalyst for change that will open the door for true Vibrant Diversity!

Anonymous said...

Focal Joker - I be that

I think it's kind of these DWL's to move closer to the racial perpetrators, with gas prices being so damned high, blacks can rape away, free from OPEC price gouging. All these whites are always young, single and without children. Once they have kids they either move away again or send them to a private school/ homeschool. Then again, some may want to force the diversification of violence onto their next generation. That's a hard core lib for ya.

Jay Santos said...

This is America in 2013. The Drudge Report, which of course simply aggregates news stories from around the county and usually displays some 30 to 40 stories, has the following:

A female negro emergency medical technician who refused to assist someone dying because the technician was on a coffee break

The George Zimmerman trial, a case of an individual shooting a 17 year old negro

A story about a negro witness in the Zimmerman trial and her tweeting about getting her nails done for the trial

There's a story, with video, of a negro beating a mother in front of her child after a home invasion

There's a story of a LA elementary school where a negro male raped another negro

A story of a negro who killed his wife when he decided he was gay and wanted insurance money is featured

Barack Obama is featured, a negro who is decimating the country is featured in several stories

Supreme court judge Clarence Thomas is part of a story regarding the court's action on voting "rights"

There's a story on Jesse Jackson's reaction to the court's voting "rights" decision

This pattern is repeated almost daily. Negroes in the news, again and again. It's never "negro saves drowning man" or "negro invents cure for disease". My point is that 12 to 13% of the population can't possibly produce this much dysfunction and crime. These things are 30% or more of the population, otherwise there's no explaining their impact on our society.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham already looks like the inside of the Superdome after Katrina.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Randy Newman:

'Birmingham, Birmingham

Crappiest city in Alabam'

You can travel 'cross this entire land

There ain't no place like Birmingham* ...'

*Except Detroit, Newark, Camden, Philly, New Orleans, Gary, Chicago, St. Louis, East St. Louis, Atlanta, Oakland, etc.

Anonymous said...

Earlier today I was on the cnn website, and the top story for that time was about "when teen drama turns violent", and they had a picture of a WHITE GIRL.

They had an interview with her in the article where she said that when she sees an altercation escalating she tries to mediate the situation..

This article, along with almost EVERY news story about social or behavioral problems, avoids the ELEHANT IN THE ROOM.

In fact, it goes beyond avoidance. It presents an utterly fictional reality reminiscent of The Ministry of Information in 1984.

ANYONE with blacks in their school KNOWS what it means when teen drama escalates into violence - BLACKS, and inparticular BLACK FEMALES.

And that white girl would be the last to intervene, lest she should be clubbed by a future black lesbian named Shanikwa...

Everytime you see a story about jumping people, teen drama, rape, gangrape, HIV, hate crimes, street beating caught on tape, carjacking, etc.. etc.., it will immediately make you think it is black people involved, yet that is never discussed by the media in any way, shape, or form.

Anonymous said...

City X, with a 70% black population, that is high in crime, stds, welfare, rape, unemployment, highschool dropouts, obesity, etc etc, is suddenly making a turn around!!

That's right folks, things are shaping up because of the Vegan restaurants, hemp stands, math clubs, origami competitions, and expresso shops!!!

And you thought a 70% black city wasn't eclectic..


off topic that N.J. home invasion should be shown on all T.V. networks so those fucking cunt liberal/progressive whores can watch that ngr do what he did. instead abc with diane sawyer shows little trevon photos from years back. you want to tell the people the truth you liberal rats. still cannot believe how dumb these blacks are bye calling Zimmerman a white guy? it's coming so don't get caught bye the ngr hoard that will want their revenge for a theif ngr they never even knew. or tried to fight and kill any other time. they showed the hoodie on camera last night. oh the fucking drama. our country is being led into agenda 21 and all the spooks see is money and bling. GODSPEED?SEGREGATION NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Shithole city like most cities. They infest like parasites killing the host amd then looking for new hosts. Free abortions for blacks and other minority groups

Anonymous said...

In South Broadripple, Indianapolis, we now have the "Gourmet Ghetto".

It is a gentrified intersection with a hipster bar, a fancy hot sauce tasting room, a $60 per plate Slow Foods restaurant serving locally sourced organic food and grass fed Osso Bucco, an animal hospital, a new dry cleaners, etc.

One single shiny, thriving, civilized intersection nestled in a pocket of pure shit.

Across the street from this scene are two rentals full of poor blacks, who park on the lawn and hang out all over the porch. They grill out and have parties on the weekends. These rental properties are a mess, the grass is high, they have pit-bull puppies running loose, and there is an adjacent abandoned building which gets tagged with gang graffiti every few days and then painted over again.

An old black prostitute works the corner nearby.

It is as if two separate realms are operating at the exact same time, never to intersect. It is almost surreal.

Anonymous said...

White Supremacy, the "underbelly" of the amnesty opposition movement, should NOT be a reason to oppose Amnesty for illegals, says a self-hating white man in Op-Ed:


"Clearly there is a sense among some anti-immigration reform proponents that whites are genetically superior, and thus, uniquely suited to living in a free society."

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...


The liberal agenda born of liberal ideology is practiced by the LMSM. Obviously they could care less about the truth of reality, and only care about liberal ideology.

Not only was Trayvon the Negro not a child as the white liberals and Negros pretend they believe, but, since the 17 year old Tray was a Negro, born of the more r selective gene pool of Negros, he was in fact, a full grown, adult Negro male.

I worry about poor innocent George. The LMSM, liberal ideology and the American Negro all wish and want George sacrificed to further and bolster their illusion: if only the evil whitey, the blue eyed devil, would stop persecuting poor blackie, said blackie could be just as good as whitey; and this even though George looks more like a brown Hispanic.

Unfortunately, either George gets railroaded through the kangaroo court only to be put away for life, or the American Negro will once again summon up his hate for his own loser self, project it onto whitey and go on the rampage against whites and everything white.

Thankfully we non-liberal whites have places such as Paul's SBPDL blog to congregate at. We non-liberals genuinely need to begin coming together or we will lose our white gene pool/race/culture and land.

Think about secession my friends, think about secession. Thank you.

SteppedInWhat? said...

My daughter lives in Birmingham, no, I take that back, she lives in Mountain Brook. The Birmingham area is coming back, due to the fact that segregation has developed into an art form. People have learned the various techniques for keeping black animals away. When I was a child, my family lived briefly in Westchester County, New York. In our small town, "For Sale" signs were not allowed. In order to find a home that was for sale, you had to go to the one real estate office that was allowed to operate in the town. If you weren't the right color, or had a funny sounding last name, there weren't any houses for sale. I know of several small towns in Texas who use variations of this technique. Hopefully, after the revolution, these practices won't be necessary.

Anonymous said...

Gentrification is good and it's really the only way to restore cities. Hipsters are good, despite their silliness, because they are almost all White and have money to spend.Very few Blacks have the money to live in places that are gentrified and Welfare has a limit on what it will cover. So the Blacks will be pushed out and spread out to empty rural locations where they can't do much damage and where they're a small minority.They are also much better behaved when they live in areas where 9 out of 10 people are White and they have no control over anything.
The reason that NYC isn't as bad as other cities is due to gentrification and the cost of living.Blacks can't even afford to live in formerly crappy Black areas and must move out.

Anonymous said...

How can a fucking apartment with no damn insulation be fucking "Green"?

Those office buildings and former warehouses were really solid with thick walls and floors. You don't need insulation.

Anonymous said...

You left out "baseball" as a code word. As a group, Negroes do not seem to like sports with a ball smaller than their hands.

Then why are there so many Blacks in baseball? They may not be US blacks but they're still black from the islands etc

Anonymous said...

These gentrified areas are no more than Eloi enclaves. What will they do when the sirens blow?

Unknown said...


"Party like it's 1865."

Funniest line ever. I will steal that one for sure; attribution not guaranteed, but I will know where it came from.



Anonymous said...

More 'teens' using social media to cause a ruckus (not a white face amongst them):


Chimpouts are becoming tiresome.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing isn't it? Blacks move into an area and "slummify" it but whites move into a slummified area and gentrify/restore it.
The whole problem with the process is the negro that is driven out has to go somewhere and no one in their right mind wants the slummification they bring with them coming into their area.
There was a very valid reason during segregation for having what was called "nigger town." It was to keep their destructiveness and the rot they bring with them contained lest it contaminate the entire city.
In that regard (on one level) section 8 seems to be a way of trying to break up the capacity of the nigger to utterly destroy entire swathes of a city. Additionaly, separating the apes also may help to prevent nigger packs from forming and roaming the streets like wild animals. However, since the powers that be still attempt to maintain large projects full of niggers and only attempt to build nice looking houses for them to infest while making the community look like a normal environment on the surface....well, that blows that theory to hell as every section 8 type nigger i've ever encountered always runs back to da hood to hang wid da homies. The section 8 nigger nests are just the place where dey sleeps.

Bear Flag said...

So Ripple and Colt 45 are considered craft beers now. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

I just can't take it anymore--I'm way beyond negro fatigue. The revolution can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

While we are sick of hearing about TNB, it is crucial that we continue to read articals on the net that the MSM sweeps under the rug. They remind the nigro that this is a lesson for those with eyes to see.

It is a lesson not so much about TNB, but about the way that the nigro is frightened that we might keep our courage up. That's why they try so hard to prevent whistleblowers (like our very own P.K. ) from reporting that blacks make a ham-handed effort to show they are innocent as newborn lambs. I'm tickled to death, people are starting to realize that such claims are a distortion of the truth and that we desperately need to combat these lies by showing principle, gumption, and nerve. Thanks again P.K.!

Anonymous said...

It takes only 1 sec. 8 apartment building to destroy a neighborhood!

eah said...

One can imagine that with such a high percentage of Blacks, virtually the entire place is a ghetto. Or nearly so. I mean, seriously? What kind of 'comeback' is possible in a city with such a huge black population? Have the people who write this crap ever seen a ghetto? Take the train from NYC to Washington, DC, and look out the window when passing thru Baltimore; it's like you're in the third world. So as suggested, the only thing that would help is 'gentrification', which absolutely does mean getting rid of the Blacks...one way or another.

Paul's Biggest Fan said...

To Anon at June 26, 2013 at 6:50 AM:

I go to baseball games because the stands are full of white people. I do not go to NBA/NFL events because the inverse is true.

You left out Serena Williams and Tiger Woods in your statement - the players are not necessarily the same as the fans. I'd go to a golf or tennis tournament for the same reason - it's a Clorox crowd. Therefore, I see the use of "baseball" as a code word for whiteness as well.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Negros excel at run fast, jump high athleticism. This is why they have taken over basketball, this is why they are good in football, but why they are not so dominate in baseball.

Run fast, jump high athleticism is not all that valuable in baseball.

I should also note that large physical size is needed for lineman in football and Negros have their share of large people.

Also, if one cares to note, there are few, if any Negro centers in football. I believe this occurs because the center must both snap the ball and protect the QB simultaneously, and this 2 tier effort is more than the lower IQed Negro can handle.

Negros are naturally drawn to run fast, jump high athletic sports. So it is there they gravitate to.

I take delight in watching the mulatto Negro Tiger Woods fail, as I see the liberals and Negros fawn over the philandering, white woman chasing, narcissistic mulatto Negro who cheats at every venue in his life.

I hope he never catches the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus and Jacks 18 Majors victories. Jack, a white man, had class. Thanks.


for rjp: In the south, it is so hot, you don't need insulation. So, brick wall are fine.

Also, insulation in these apartments are just a great place for rats and roaches to live. So, they rip OFF the insulation and studs to help keep our the insects.

Bed bugs love the insulation.

Gentrification: A bunch of gays move in. Oh, wow. That is progress. AND you will notice that they all live in the same area. They don't venture far into Negroville and have an unaware need to keep together. Notice that? It is only one small block in a city of Negroes.


Does anyone have a good website - blog for the Zimmerman trial? One that tells the truth?

eah said...

Does anyone have a good website - blog for the Zimmerman trial?

The Last Refuge

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Zimmerman trial the prosecution put up the most non-credible witness ever. Their case is turning into mush before our eyes. MSNBC was reduced to calling the defense team "mean" that's how bad it was for the prosecution.

Mr. Rational said...

MSNBC was reduced to calling the defense team "mean" that's how bad it was for the prosecution.

How DARE they stand up for a Politically Incorrect man?  He's guilty of thinking a Black "yoof" might be up to no good, and "snitching" to the cops!  Then when the yoof tried to give him a beat-down, look what he did in "self-defense"!

I hope the irony in this opens more than a few eyes, but as Vox Day is wont to write, MPAI.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a good website - blog for the Zimmerman trial? One that tells the truth?