Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taste the Rainbow: Life in Miami-Dade Public School System

Imagine you live in a world devoid of reason, law, or order.

Where few people value the sanctity of life; where a new morality has appeared ensuring a far different evolution for civilization.

A new direction.
Does the absence of whiteness explain why the school system in Miami needs its own dedicated police department?

Or as one of the supposed villains in the Man of Steel movie declares: "The fact that you possess a sense of morality, and we do not, gives us an evolutionary advantage. And if history has proven anything, it is that evolution always wins."

 Thus, let us introduce you to the former police chief of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system, Charles Hurley (yes, the 91 percent non-white school system requires its own police department to keep the peace).

Former Chief Hurley had evolved – politically – to reach his position as the head of babysitter security for Miami-Dade County Schools.

What do we mean by this?

Exhibit A – He instructed officers to reduce the number of arrests of black juveniles [Miami-Dade Schools Police Chief Reassigned, District Says: Police Chief Charles Hurley has been reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation, NBC Miami, May 22, 2013]
The Miami-Dade County Public Schools said Monday that Police Chief Charles Hurley has been reassigned while an investigation is conducted. 
The investigation began after two detectives sent letters to Miami-Dade Superintendent of Schools Alberto Carvalho accusing Hurley of age discrimination, corruption and manipulation of crime statistics. 
Major Gerald Kitchell is serving as acting chief of the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department and district security, schools spokesman John Schuster said in a statement. 
“The school district takes all allegations very seriously. As a result, an investigation was immediately initiated when an allegation was made concerning Miami-Dade Schools Police. The district’s process follows a strict protocol that protects the complainant while ensuring due process for all, and seeks to avoid any distraction from the district’s core function,” Schuster said. “For these reasons, Chief Charles Hurley has been reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation.” 
In one of the letters obtained by NBC 6, a senior detective wrote, "He asked that I reduce the number of arrests I affect of all black juveniles. I told him regardless of the race of an individual; if probable cause existed for an arrest that individual would be arrested. He was not happy with my response to his request." 
That detective also claims Hurley orders officers to send students for psychiatric treatment under the Baker Act as opposed to sending them to juvenile detention. 
The officer says it's an effort to reduce the crime statistics in the district. 
"I firmly believe that the crime statistics in my department are being manipulated to show a reduction in crime," he wrote.

As they are all across the nation (crime statistics) – manipulated by those who have been promoted through the ranks because of their intense loyalty to the ruling ideology known as BRA. It’s a code, an ideology, which if one strictly adheres too, will grant them access to halls of power denied to those lacking proper evolutionary zeal for its tenets.
But the question one must ask is this: why does a school system need its own dedicated police force (read about the history of the department here)?

For those wondering, this is what a school system (under life in wartime rules) requires to keep the peace:  
The Miami-Dade Schools Police Department is currently the seventh largest law enforcement agency in Miami-Dade County with 155 sworn personnel and provides police services to the fourth largest School District in the United States.The department consists of a wide variety of specialty areas including: 
                School Resource Officers 
                Canine Officers 
                Bicycle Officers 
                Special Response Team (S.R.T) 
                Honor Guard Unit  
Aggressive Driving Unit

To paraphrase the line from the Man of Steel:

"The fact that we possess a sense of morality, and they do not, gives them an evolutionary advantage. And if history has proven anything, it is that evolution always wins."

The new amorality has birthed the Miami-Dade Public School System; it has birthed men like Charles Hurley. 

Welcome to Miami. 


Anonymous said...

Just found this at a low information Pravda comrade dear leader messiah loving page so take it with a grain of salt:

countenance said...

I'm surprised the Miami Public Schools P.D. doesn't have a homicide unit.

Anonymous said...

"...doesn't have a homicide unit.'

...a hip hop Chaplain and a chapel with a DJ, a big bell to ring, colors to fly at half mast, a burial team and a 21 gun salute gangsta style.

Mr. Clean said...

Apologies, off-topic, courtesy of Drudge:

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis Points Finger At ‘Rich White People’ For School Problems.

Short version... due to racism and "inequality", whites aren't being being hit with more and higher taxes (aka, "their fair share") to pay the union to run the negro school/kennel system.

Anonymous said...

"...low information Pravda..."

all that and not one mention of race

The FBI is just as duplicitous as Yahoo

You really can't trust anything or any one

Let's just assume everything is BS

Makes life simpler.

So what's the latest with Justin Beiber?

Bemused stare said...

9% white enrollment? Might as well be in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are just not like us or any other non-black race.

Let me say this one thing straight up. I don't hate them for being who they are. They can't help being who they are. It's like hating a chimpanzee for being a primate or hating any wild animal for being a wild animal.

The thing is, I don't want them in my life, near my family or anywhere in my proximity because they ARE feral and dangerous.

The sooner whites get over their ridiculous fear of being called 'racists' and accept the fact that some races are truly beyond help, beyond educating, beyond taming, beyond discipline, beyond hope, the quicker we can have some white self-realization and drop the stupid PC bullshit.

We've bottomed out with trying to deal with these beasts. They have no redeeming qualities. The 'good' ones are rare and barely noteworthy. We need to stop with the smelling salts and pearl clutching and faux outrage when we call these animals what they are. Sure, it's all fun and games when they kill each other, it won't be when they turn on us Katrina style.

Look what happened when we gave them their own country [Liberia]? HOT mess that turned out to be!

Unfortunately, the commie, pinko bastids are loving these animals tearing apart our white country. They are sending in more brown hoards to breed us out and kill us off. This is a feature, not a bug.

There are stalking horses staling, strawmen walking and evil men doing evil things.

The time is nigh.

When the thuglet's EBT card runs dry, you better be armed.


this must be happening everywhere in America! I guess you never know when the first 1/2white president may give you a call. you know to reward one of his underlings. this obumhole presidency will be the biggest joke in history. when we find out what was going on in this country under this man it will be mind blowing to say the least. I could see a day when a warrant goes out for this man's arrest(B.H.O.) for fucking fraud! even if that man dropped dead from chicken grease we are still in for the toughest 20to50yrs of this countries life. at least in the revolutionary war they didn't have so many ngr's running around with guns.(thank god)when the right white man or white woman(but I doubt it) comes along with the get blacky the fuck out of our country it may be ugly but it will have to be done. just wish we could start today! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!!

rjp said...

Need money for school clothes, just sell your Obama phone:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


These comments are getting more and more depressing since the evidence is now overwhelming. Even those of us who SEE just can't take it anymore.

What is happening will happen. You, and I can only observe, write, etc and do a small part. We don't own the Central Banks of the world and thus have no real power.

We only have ourselves and we can and must do what we can. Save ourselves.

I believe that if a critical mass of Whites do not wake up within the next 10 years, 15 max, the White race is going to suffer real hell. The squid and their Mexican & Black armies will have the means and numbers to kill us off.

If we all move to the NorthWest they will have us surrounded. If there are 20 or 30 million of us there, will they nuke us? Yes, if it assures them World Control. Living in a small corner of one continent will not assure our survival. It is just one nice, large, crowded prison.

The final solution to this problem is too horrible to think.

Of course, we know they will be killing themselves off in the long run, but we won't be here to see it.

There is a real war coming. "Sooner"when we have a chance, or "latter" when we don't. It will determine the fate of Humanity. If the Whites are killed off, humanity will revert to 100,000 BC OR the Chinese will make a move. But, do the Squids control China? Will the Chinese get racial and fight back? There are very very few Chinese Squids.

All we can do is "hope". All we can do is keep talking and keep informing others the best we can. Love your children. Get them away from the Negro while they can and hug them and tell them you are sorry for what our fathers and grandfathers did to them.

Maybe, just maybe we have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail has an article on the next Detroit: Gary, Indiana.

Anonymous said...

Centurion did you see any Chinese or Russians at the Bilderberg meeting? BRA will fail, it already has, we have to survive and keep our tribe alive.

Anonymous said...

LOL you guys are too funny.

But I know this is serious for you. such paranoia.

you guys make up 78% of the population. guess you need a hundred percent to feel safe.

bob1313 said...

That final solution isn't too terrible for me, I'm looking forward to it.

How many of these loud, stinky, foul mouthed, lazy azzed, crack smoking, baby daddying, freeloading, thieving, raping, robbing and pillaging dirbags ever picked cotton?

Short answer none and my relatives luckily never owned any negros so I don't give a rats ass about any of the worthless bastards. fuck em all and let lord Obama sort it out.

I pay property taxes plus private school tutition to avoid the groid. I hate the nasty bastards with every fiber of my being and the day this MF'er kicks off I'm thowing a kegger... bring it you braindead low IQ bastards, I want to take out the trash so my young white children can thrive in a caucasian environment that they so rightly deserve.

bubo said...

LOL you guys are too funny.

But I know this is serious for you. such paranoia.

you guys make up 78% of the population. guess you need a hundred percent to feel safe.

I'll just assume you're black.
It should be serious for you, too. Go look at the way blacks live in Central and South America if you want to see your future in this great rainbow nation.

Silly ass YT might have learned to play the race game once we fall to 40 or so percent of the population. You won't even get crums from hispanics. You think Asians fresh off the boat from China and points East give a shit about the plight of the black man?

The way I see it, you should be begging YT to pump out future taxpayers who support the black race.

Anonymous said...

White privilege. Whites deserve
White privilege as Whites had the
fore-site to mold and envision what
America became. Everything which
is America is because of Whites.
Now we have a black & dangerous foe.
Slavery has nothing to do with their
depraved lust; it is all about
jealousy. A nurse in S. Ga told me
yrs. ago, the Blacks have been plotting this thru their churches.
Abe L. stated in one of his addresses, that Whites and Blacks
cannot live together under the same
government as Blacks are physically
too different. In fact, Blacks are
not actually citizens as the 14th
Amendment was never ratified. The
Whites have allowed a dangerous foe
to multiply without restraints by
passing the problem on to the next
person and the next person until
now it is out of control. Blacks
have never achieved anything; look at their mother Africa. Unless something is done very
quickly, America will be another
South Africa. What is presently
being done to Whites behind the
scenes is not being reported.
Currently, Obongo wants to dissolve Catholic and Protestant
schools. The agenda is obvious.
For the most part, Blacks are

AnalogMan said...

Anon @10:57 said

Let me say this one thing straight up. I don't hate them for being who they are. They can't help being who they are.
The time is nigh.

When the thuglet's EBT card runs dry, you better be armed.

Then, bob1313 said...

That final solution isn't too terrible for me, I'm looking forward to it.

... I hate the nasty bastards with every fiber of my being ...

We all know there's no democratic way to fix this. DWLs like to say that "violence doesn't solve anything", but history shows otherwise. Violence is the only way we can resolve this, other than abject surrender and extinction. Those are the only choices. Neither of them guarantees we'll survive, but only one of them guarantees we won't. Which do you choose?

I have not always hated negroes. I do now. I have good and sufficient reason: they destroyed my homeland, South Africa. Soon, now, you will have the same reason. And you can't say you weren't warned.

When the time comes to fight, if you choose to fight, you need to do it wholeheartedly. Forget about fair play, forget about seeing the other side, forget about the "good ones". You're going to have to learn to hate.

Finally, a link to the poem already posted many times here, Rudyard Kipling's Wrath of the Awakened Saxon. He says it so much better than I can. Also read the other poems on that page. Then go and get your head straight.

City resident said...

Manipulating crime statistics is a product of politicians demanding results that can't be achieved. Those further on down the line thus resort to cheating and scheming to fudge the numbers. This goes on everywhere.
In Chicago the mayor and the police superintendent keep getting blasted for their inability to reduce the number of shootings and homicides. But it's an impossible task. No one can change the nature of the perpetrators and they don't know or care who the mayor is. If the black population moved out of the city then the crime numbers would fall but go up elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told- if the negro could take over in America as the negro has done in various countries in Africa that were formerly European colonies, the negro would do so in a heartbeat and with exactly the same results~ disaster.
They would seize all white owned assets, run them into the ground and turn America into a third world african shithole and be celebratin' in the streets while doing so.
Hopefully, America can pluck it's head from it's own ass and deal with the problem before it reaches such a point.

POST MFers said...

Sending them for a mental evaluation will likely lead to the family receiving more money - once the child is diagnosed with one of the "D" disorders: OCD, ADHD, DDT, HDTV, DOA, ETC... Inherently stupid people are paid SSI money - they are (wait for it...) Disabled! SSI pays over $900 bucks @ month for the diagnosis - AND... it removes the child from the calculations used to determine academic success, AND... they are lumped into another column where they are used to arguie for more programs, money, and asst grievances.

POST MFers said...

For those who want to read and learn WHY blacks behave as they do, and come to understand, in scientific terms drawn from peer reviewed scientific research - research with results that remain unchanged from the first assessments - read: "Why Race Matters" - M. Levin. This books contains all you will every need, to comprehend, theorize from your personal experiences, and argue why blacks behave they way they do - AND - why outcomes will never, ever, change/improve. The ONLY solution to this mess is to target affirmative action laws and restore the civil rights of blue-collar white men. That would provide a landslide majority and end Democrat's ability to bribe for votes - at least in part - enough to end the days as a viable party.