Saturday, June 22, 2013

Paula Deen - A Black Man Puts a Gun to Her Head in 1986, and She's the Guilty One...

Begging for forgiveness. 

Groveling like a dog. 

Sobbing like a baby. 
All white people in Savannah are well-aware of the threat black people pose to the peace and stability of the city... Paula Deen had a gun held to her head in 1986 by a black criminal, and now she's political enemy number one for daring to have referred to this cretin as a nigger

All this for, while undergoing a deposition under oath, admitting she used The-Word-That-Must-Not-Be-Named after having a black man put a gun to her head during a hold-up. 

In 1986 [Paula Deen fired from Food Network despite video statement apologizing for racial slur, NY Daily News, June 21, 2013]:

Sorry, Paula Deen. No amount of butter is going to fix this.
The celebrity chef was fired by Food Network on Friday, executives confirmed to the Daily News.
Officials at the channel elected not to renew her contract, which expires at the end of the month.

Deen, 66, and her brother Bubba Hiers were sued by former employee Lisa Jackson, who alleged sexual harassment and a hostile work environment at Deen and Hiers' restaurant, Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House.

In the deposition, on May 17, the Queen of Southern cooking was asked if she had ever used the N-word. "Yes, of course," Deen replied. When asked to give an example of the last time she used the epithet, Deen referred back to an incident in 1986 when she was held at gunpoint. Well, it was probably when a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head," she said. "Things have changed since the '60s in the South," Deen later clarified. "And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior. As well as I do."
 Having a gun pointed at your head is a cruel and mean behavior.

Calling the individual who did this - back in 1986 - a 'nigger' is not cruel or unusual.

Deen was being deposed because one of her former employees sued for 'racial discrimination', which virtually guarantees an out-of-court settlement for the plaintiff in our judicial system.

We do live under the tyranny of Black-Run America (BRA).

The discovery process is now used to find the truly unforgivable sin -- white racism in the face of a malicious black act [Deen says she used slur but doesn't tolerate hate, Atlanta Journal Constitution, June 21, 2013]:
The 66-year-old Food Network star and Savannah restaurant owner was peppered with questions about her racial attitudes in a May 17 deposition by a lawyer for Lisa Jackson, a former manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House. Deen and her brother, Bubba Hiers, own the restaurant. Jackson sued them last year, saying she was sexually harassed and worked in a hostile environment rife with innuendo and racial slurs.
According to a transcript of the deposition, filed Monday in U.S. District Court, an attorney for Jackson asked Deen if she has ever used the N-word.
"Yes, of course," Deen replied, though she added: "It's been a very long time."
Asked to give an example, Deen recalled the time she worked as a bank teller in southwest Georgia in the 1980s and was held at gunpoint by a robber. The gunman was a black man, Deen told the attorney, and she thought she used the slur when talking about him after the holdup. "Probably in telling my husband," she said.
 By the way, this is Savannah, Georgia we are talking about -- a city undergoing dramatic racial changes that (in a democracy, where racial loyalty ultimately rules) ensures black will rule white.

But, Savannah is a city, like you'll soon learn about Indianapolis and one, as-of-yet-unnamed city, where black crime is almost the only type of crime happening. Remember what we learned from the nonfiction work Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, which  provides a look at the racial dynamics of Savannah in ways no establishment media Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) could be expected to write? It seems to vindicate Paula Deen:
The story of blacks in Savannah was, of course, a very different one from that of whites. Slavery was forbidden in Georgia in 1733 (Oglethorpe called it “a horrid crime”), but in 1749 the colony’s Trustees gave into pressure form the settlers and legalized it. Despite a long history of oppression, the 1960s civil rights movement in Savannah was almost entirely nonviolent. Civil rights leaders staged sit-ins at lunch counters, swim-ins at the beach, kneel-ins in churches, and a fifteen-month boycott of segregated stores. Tensions rose, but peace prevailed, largely because of the tireless efforts of a forward-thinking mayor, Malcolm Maclean, and a nonviolent strategy adopted by black leaders, notably W.W Law, the head of the local branch of the NAACP. In 1964, Martin Luther King declared Savannah “the most desegregated city in the South.” In 1980, the population of Savannah was half white and half black. (p.41)
 Interesting history, but what was the reason such so-called "oppression" existed in Savannah and elsewhere when the two racial groups encountered one another and white men (using history and the behavior patterns of blacks as their guide) created laws to protect their life, liberty, property, and posterity? Berendt provides the reason for this on p.332-333:
While Savannah had grown accustomed to receiving compliments for its good looks, the city was thoroughly unprepared for a shockingly negative piece of news about itself that came howling out of the FBI in Washington and resounded around the world. 
 Savannah had achieved the highest per-capita murder rate in the United States the previous year – 54 murders, or 22.6 murders per 100,000 people. Savannah had become the murder capital of America! A stunned Mayor John Rousakis looked at the figures and complained that Savannah had been the victim of a statistical fluke. The numbers reflected murder rates in the metropolitan areas. Unlike most cities, Savannah did not have vast outlying suburbs with thousands of untroubled suburbanites to dilute its murder rate. When the murder rate was confined to actual city limits, Savannah ranked fifteenth in the nation, which was still a troubling distinction for a city that was not even among the country’s hundred largest cities. 
 Intending the clarify the matter, the city manager, Don Mendosa, announced that a breakdown of police showed crime in Savannah “is a black problem.” Nearly half of Savannah’s population was black, he said, but 91 percent of the murderers were black, and 85 percent of the victims were also black. The same was true for rape (89 percent of the offenders and 87 percent of the victims were black). Ninety-four percent of assaults and 95 percent of the robberies involved black offenders. The city manager was not a racist. He expressed compassionate concern for dealing with the root causes – 12. 1 percent unemployment among blacks, compared with 4.7 for whites, and similar disparities in school-dropout rates, teenage pregnancies, unwed mothers, and family income.
 This is the world responsible business owners must exist in, in the city of Savannah. They must employ black people from a feral community, who are virtually incapable of succeeding in our 21st Century economy without state intervention, affirmative action, diversity decrees, federal mandated quotas in contracts, or the threat of a lawsuit by Jesse Jackson for some vague notion of 'discrimination'.

White people in America are political prisoners to their own lying eyes.

If the black population were to be removed from Savannah, with it - as Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil notes - so goes virtually all crime. 

Save for the high caloric meals cooks like Paula Deen would serve to the throng of tourists from across the world flocking to Savannah, knowing that every square inch of the city is now safe for traversing.


Anonymous said...

Who is familiar with "ice cube, the fat black actor in many terrible movirs, including thosr produced by DISNEY.

Ice Cube came out with a song called Cave Bitch, the basis of which was that white women evolved in caves as subhuman mutants and that white women are inferior to black women. in the refrain of the song he repeats "Dirty little cave bitch".

not only was he never asked to apologize, but went on to star in movies with George Clooney, Disney movies, etc..

but Paula Deen says "nigger" in her PERSONAL LIFE, after having a GUN put to her head, and she is CRUCIFIED PUBLICLY.


Anonymous said...

Paula Deen never should've apologized. Doing so will only bring us closer to a version of society reminiscent of 1984.

She should've stood her ground and said "SO WHAT. Let the first amongst you who have never uttered a racial slur step forth".

rjp said...

I got to Chicago too late to hit the jackpot.

Although I have only seen her show a few time, had I gotten here a few years earlier and made a bundle I wouldn't think twice about backing her partially in a private endeavor. I am so tired of this crap.

My god, somebody is suing because she heard her say the word nigger in the 80s?

How petty are these worthless niggers that walk among us?

Next thing we will be hearing is "He/She called me a faggot" in the 70s.

Then it will be spic, wetback, dirty little squat monster ......

Maybe 7.62 or .357 is a better investment than anything else. Because it is going to come.

As for Savannah Georgia. .... It is close enough to the Sea Islands that makes this relevant.

The freed slaves were given land. They did nothing on it other than planting small vegetable gardens. I am pretty sure I still have the book on it back at my father's house. Point is, they were given very valuable land, but instead of using it as it was previously used to create wealth, they grew small patches of vegetables and sat on their porches.

Anonymous said...

The only people that get problems for saying 'nigger' are White people.Very strange.It is only a word-sticks and stones?

Anonymous said...

Had never heard about this woman until today, when I saw the link on drudge. Then I watch her 'mea culpa' video clip, which was pathetic. It's over for her. In BRA, once you wear the scarlet 'R' around your neck, you are forever guilty.
She would have been better off taking Derb's road. No apology, not now, not ever.

Anonymous said...

At least she has enough cash stowed away ( I certainly hope at least! ) to just forget worrying about what zealous fools think of her language. After visiting Savannah on business I definitely can tell you it has plenty of niglets running about displaying their horrid 'culture'.

Anonymous said...

You SICKENING, spineless woman....what are you worth, $100 million or so, how much more do you need? You defiled your race, slither off and grovel till you (and we) puke!

Anonymous said...

The crime rates are not associated or linked in any way to employment rates. If they were then America should have been awash in blood during the great depression. We weren't. A nig is going to nig.

Murdering someone over a piece of chicken is stupid, but it recently happened to a black kid. Does that make fried chicken dangerous to your health? It might if blacks are invited to dinner and you're serving fried chicken. Wonder where Bloomberg stands on banning fried chicken from black communities as it would halt the chicken killers in their tracks. Oh, well, if it wasn't chicken it would be pork chops.


dear Paula,

what in the hell were you thinking darling? when anyone ever asks you especially when your a rich white woman if you ever used the nigger word you say no I haven't! I think now you will take our advice. Paula, what do you and Dwayne "dog" Chapman now have in common you both are looked at bye your fellow whites as FOOLS! for crying and tearing up for the niggers who call themselves niggers by the way and begging for forgiveness to a race that could care less if you up and died. oh I forgot Don Imus to the sorry list!

Paula, Dog, and Don please do yourself a favor and never cry again for using or have used that N-word(NIGGER) cause do you think in your wildest dreams that those same niggers that you beg for forgiveness to never called you a honkey, cracker, and woodpecker(ngr jail term)and to boot all three of your sorry asses used to be proud whites till your on t.v. out of your element cooking, bullshiting, and chasing them same ngr's dog chapman. with all this said I want you three to say sorry to all the white people you three let down!!! GODSPEED/SEGREGATION NOW!!

Abyssal Slide Observer said...

Nearly half of Savannah’s population was black, he said, but 91 percent of the murderers were black, and 85 percent of the victims were also black. The same was true for rape (89 percent of the offenders and 87 percent of the victims were black). Ninety-four percent of assaults and 95 percent of the robberies involved black offenders. The city manager was not a racist. He expressed compassionate concern for dealing with the root causes – 12. 1 percent unemployment among blacks, compared with 4.7 for whites, and similar disparities in school-dropout rates, teenage pregnancies, unwed mothers, and family income.

Although I loved reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, John Berendt is clearly a DWL (hint he's from NY). I have been unemployed a couple of times since age 14, when I started working. In none of those times did I desire to murder, rob or rape. But then I'm white, so my crimes would never be justified by anyone due to unemployment, oppression, racism, or any other abstraction.

Anonymous said...

Any chance Jesse Jackson's group won't find any "evidence of discrimination"?
It's high time whites consider 'Going Galt'. Remove your money, mind, talent, and endorsement from BRA.

Haywire Dude said...

Savannah is a truly beautiful city, rich with history, architecture and culture...if you tune out the Blackistan all around you. It's a shame so much of historic Americana is going Black and cannot recover.

It makes all-White enclaves more and more attractive. Places like Julian, CA or Santa Fe, NM; little out of the way places where you may have to lock your doors, but Blackistan is far away and never comes to mind (unless you watch Cops or The First 48).

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this site for over a year now and it is spot on everytime. This is a far more informative source then any news agency.

Anonymous said...





Not too well for Paula Deen. Da Fewd Netwerkz done tolerated her out of a job. There's no room in their diversity program for an old white woman with a southern accent who can actually cook and say cool rapper words like "nigger". She'll now be forced into an obligatory grovelling tour with PC media outlets, some re-education training, and cash payments to ....somebody. Shakedown time, pay up Paula.

You see, Paula believed she had escaped that black man pointing a gun at her head 27 years ago. But really, that gun has been there all along, ....right up against her head a 1000 more subtle and pernicious ways. Paula's been forced to submit, and most likely so have you. It's the result of a long captivity.

And therein lies the ultimate goal of political correctness: SUBMISSION
You will submit ...or be destroyed.

Paula Deen didn't make an apology video.....
SHE MADE A PRISONER OF WAR VIDEO. This lady is pleading for her life. She's not crying and blubbering because she's sorry for speaking some stupid word ...but because SHE'S SCARED.
She's a prisoner on display now, cutoff from all hope of rescue. There will be no marches, no protests ...nothing. No one is coming to save or help her. Paula's only hope for survival is to cooperate with her captors. The only thing missing is her decapitation at the end by some black jihadist like Sharpton and Jackson.

Anyone still remember that oppressive racist white guy who who said, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" ??? Put this childishness away....

If you want to survive in Black Run America, you must adhere to this Proverb from the White Liberal Bible:


Anonymous said...

In 1986, Ronald Reagan was President.

Certainly NOT "black-run"...

Anonymous said...

The idea that nigger is a "bad word" is pure brainwashing, intended to ingrain in white people a sense of servitude and guilt. All of these "politically incorrect", "racist", "bigoted" words you will notice only apply when spoken by white people.

Nigger literally just means black. That's it. There's nothing even inherently derogatory about it.

No one throws a shit fit over the words "cracker" or "honky". No one bats an eyelash at calling someone "pale" or "white" as an insult. But if you say "look at that nigger's ashy skin." Oh shit, cracka, you gon done it now!

Fuck all that shit. Say nigger a thousand times a day. As an act of rebellion if nothing else.

Lorraine said...

Exactly. All whites should boycott all media period. Get off Facebook. Stop reading the newspapers.

You have your senses for a reason. Trust what you see, hear, etc.

We all know we are being lied to and that the media is distorting reality at every turn.

Turn off the TV. Major news networks are losing money - the blogs are killing them.

Keep up the fight, keep up the resistance!

White Mom in VA


I think this blog raced through the Zimmerman article (previous one) too fast. I know, I know, this ain't my blog, but the Zimmerman trial is going to be critical.

Thus, I wish to comment here about South Florida (where I live) and the trial outcome:

I have read/heard much from lawyer call-in-shows to have a good feeling Zimmerman will NOT be found guilty. To find somebody guilty of murder (first or second degree) is a serious charge and needs serious evidence. The prosecution just does not have it while the defense has much defense.

Anyway (I'm not an attorney but I did stay at the Venetian in Vegas one weekend), the Negroes are going to "riot" regardless of the outcome. They will come out in droves simply to find a way to loot and express their hatred for White people. IF Z is guilty, they will "riot" with joy. If Z is not guilty they will just riot longer and harder.

They want, and will find, a reason to loot. That is what they want and any "demonstration" that creates a critical mass (larger than the police can stop) is all they need. The Trial is just an excuse to leave the house and congregate until they have this critical mass which will spontaneously "riot" and loot.

It is not the "riot" they want. They want to outnumber law enforcement so they can loot. Negroes are too stupid and disorganized to form this critical mass on their own (flash mobs are a learning experience but they are mostly young tech youths who think looting a few Air Jordan,s is a good evening). The negro is also a coward and needs a LARGE mass to get the nerve to attack the White man.

The older more experienced career Negroes want the "riot" scene to haul off the real prizes: TV, jewelry, cars, boxes of electronics. They are the ones who will do the looting and do not care about the outcome of the trial. They have even cased the stores they intend to hit. They know where the iPods, etc are. I am sure gangs have already marked their territory and means of getting to and from the stores. They are too stupid to hold down a job, but not too stupid to perform "spontaneous" shop-lifting when the cops are busy across town.

I hope there is extreme violence. BUT, the media will hide it so other Whites don't wake up. The Media will concentrate on why a black man can't get justice in rayciss America....same old shit from the Media.

More on this to come............

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but, after Paula Deen sucked up to Michelle Oblamma on one of her cooking shows, I lost all respect for her.

Lorraine said...

More intimidation.

This is what the powers that be do.... parade a pretty white woman around and make her feel sorry for using the word nigger.

I think people are forgetting that there is a First Amendment called the Freedom of Speech. Use it or lose it people.

This is the elites way of threatening us, those people that can see, whose numbers are growing in number. By showing this wealthy woman crying about saying nigger, they are transmitting a message to us:

'Don't you dare say it, think it believe it etc'

'If someone holds a gun to your head, don't fight back, don't you dare call that person nigger, wetback, etc.'

'You worthless white person, you deserve this'

Don't believe the hype. Resist this psy op.

White Mom in VA

City resident said...

Begging and apologizing never works. They only kick you all the more for doing so. Blacks are not only unapologetic about their race hate but they are proud about it.
Never pay attention to what they think, want or say. It's irrelevant.

10mm AUTO said...

Anonymous NORDIC CAUCASOID said..

You never admit to it"

EXACTLY! Look, you are screwed either way. If you are accused of it, admitting it just makes your firing simple. The Company looks sensitive and righteous by firing you and you are scorned. If you deny it, even if someone is accusing you directly, you deny it, because then they have to defend their accusation. I would even counter-sue for slander.

I agree that we should be able to say nigger whenever we want to, but we live it evil times, where a false face is presented to the world. A woman like this, running a cooking show, is probably honest as the day is long and when in Court, she really believed the whole, "the truth shall set you free" stuff. At 77, she has seen the very best of this Country, but did not realize how far it had really slid down the crapper. The DWL and TWMNBN use the superficial media as a mob, as when Zimmerman was first accused as a "White Hispanic" and they threw the photo's of him out there as a child. Once the Beast got rolling, even the big networks like CBS got in on it with the false tapes and never showing the head wound photos.

Same with this woman, she cooks non-politically correct food anyway and in the stories I read never mentioned the man with the gun to her head. It was a perfect opportunity to whip up negro anger, like throwing bloody chum to piranha fish. negros know that they use the word nigger all the time, that they say the most vile and hateful things imaginable in their rap "songs" about raping and shooting and killing Whites, but they are being manipulated just like they are animals, which they are.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 0121hrs. Yes I've heard about Oshea Jackson aka Ice Cube he is just another "street" (c)rapper who is actually a studio gangster. He got his drafting degree from the Phoenix Institute just in case the hard gangster pose act didn't pan out. There are even some memes made by the kids that make fun of him. He is a poseur sell out like most (c)rappers who make the record companies owned by those who shall not be named rich. These rough "street" rappers read their ghost written scripts while hanging out with the man by the champagne fountain. Luckily kids don't buy cd's anymore and download for free well at least until all that was ended with the Megaupload shutdown under sobama's watch. All the other file hosters started blocking American IP addresses and eventually they all shutdown. Most techie nerds love sobama even as he tightens control of the internet for his string pulling globalist masters. Anon @ 0517hrs thread winner so far.

Anonymous said...

If Paula Deen was going to be adult enough to admit to saying "nigger" then she needed to be adult enough to own it. Instead, she turned into a rich, white, weak, sobbing mess for everyone to see. Her actions make all whites a little less safe by reinforcing the idea that whites won't fight. I'm not surprised to hear she's a liberal since she asked like such an idiot in this whole deal. Let the nigs and DWLs all fight each other.

Anonymous said...

The Food Network is owned by The Tribune which is based in Chicagoland. Smells like an orchestrated hit on PD ala the head muslim and jj.


Basically, I feel she is your typical "Hollywood" liberal who thinks her honest answer, during this "meaningful dialogue on race" would be understood by all her "open minded", tolerant, friends...........yep.

She has learned a valuable lesson that we all had to learn. There is a war on WHITES. All of us. I hope she has her Awakening. Somebody needs to get this blog site to her so she can catch up to the rest of us.

She will never work "Hollywood" again and I am sure her squid lawyer is both smiling and rejoicing that anther dumb goyin is down. Now they can give her show to a deserving black woman who can say NIGGER all she wants back in the hood.

NEVER ever admit to using ANY racial slur. Now, 100% of us have used such words but NEVER admit it. Everybody knows you are lying, but that will be accepted and glossed over and nobody will remember. Once you admit it, you are dead meat, until we have a Whites Only nation where we can talk freely once more.

Blacks must be laughing their blackasses off all day at us.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Deen, she most likely is not a racial realist. She might be waking up slowly now.

Avoid the 'groid. It is all you can do.

Anonymous said...

if ya text/tweet and have a 'following'...pls let them know:


Sheila said...

While I never particulary liked Paula Deen, I used to watch "Iron Chef" and "Chopped" at the Food Network. Then they started pushing Obama and the White House "garden" and the wookie's push of "healthy" food (to blacks who never eat the same) and I watched less. Then it became prominently evident who, precisely, ran the Food Network and made the decisions (watch "The Next Iron Chef) - TWMNBN. Note all the new winners and shows over the past few years have been non-White. This is a subversive network camouflaged under something innocuous and enjoyable like cooking. Don't wase your time or money!!

Same goes for the network that shows "Househunters" (another show I used to enjoy occasionally). It got to be every other couple was mixed race or gay. Again, there's a prominent agenda there for anyone who cares to notice. Since that was just about all I watched on those relatively rare occasions I watched television, I generally stopped watching at all.

I will admit, recently, to watching "Top Shot" with my husband. I do enjoy watching White men demonstrate their proficiency with firearms.

NEVER apologize for being a race realist. NEVER apologize for supporting your race and culture. Paul, your posts are getting more spot-on and hard-hitting by the day. This - "White people in America are prisoners to their own lying eyes" is perfect and priceless.

Anonymous said...

Say nigga Glaivester it's how the homies in the hood say it gnomesayin?
Back to my MC Crackpipe and DJ EBT disc so I can be down. Damn where are my saggy baggy pants and my made in Taiwan for 35cents 200$ pair of Nikes.


I once gave the advise to stay away from Negroes. No matter the event, cause or reason, stay away from them.

I need to add to that advise. Never speak of them to anybody. Behave like you are living in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. Everybody you meet must be suspect and must be considered an agent of the State Thought Gestapo-Stazi.

Whenever the issue of Negroes comes up, especially in a court of law, you must play dumb and innocent. You are being interrogate to find out how you think.

We live in a police state. There is no doubt about it. The purpose of asking this White lady if she ever used the N word is to find her guilty of thought crimes even if they occurred 30 years ago. That is the point of the questioning but since she is too "understanding" and too nice, she gets shot in the head.

WARNING: Have nothing to do with Negroes in any way. Avoid everything dealing with them. Keep your distance at all times. Watch them at all times. Never make eye contact. Never look at them. Don't enter a room they are in. Nothing.

And never discuss anything about them to an agent of the State.

Anonymous said...

More sickening white guilt in Baltimore:

Anonymous said...

Although I see where you are comming from Lorraine, encouraging people to not pay attention to the media would do much harm to our cause. We need inteligent people to be aware of the goings on of our country and the world. Inteligent people will people will be able to read between lines. However I see no redeeming value in watching the NFL or the NBA.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

I've seen Paula's show a lot, she has black chef guests on all the time, which she slobbers all over; she also speaks of her adoration of Jimmy Carter and makes sexually suggestive remarks to the male guests - she's a typical liberal loon. I enjoy seeing Progressives devour each other.

I believe both of her sons also have shows on the Food Network, I wonder if they will throw mama to the wolves and stay on or be loyal.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Years ago one of my ideas to make money was to start a new TV channel called THE APOLOGY CHANNEL. The show would consist of people grovelling for forgiveness from any one who were offended by what they had said or done.

The show of course would have your normal list of offended victims like blacks, Mexicans, fags, dykes, fat people, midgets, cripples and people with hemorrhoids.

The people who were offended could suffer live on camera during the prime time slot called THE PITY POT SHOW. The offenders seeking forgiveness would be on such high rated shows as THE GROVEL HOUR, PLEASE FORGIVE ME and I WANT TO KISS YOUR ASS.

The APOLOGY CHANNEL would be a real money maker and the sponsors would be pharmaceutical companies selling anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

First and foremost, let us non-liberal whites both remember and not forget, that white liberals and liberal ideology is in control and giving the orders. Further they are doing so with a gestapo like backup from the LMSM, headhunting anyone they can possible imply has trespassed against the ideology that they may initiate a public tar and feathering spectacle.

I think it is time for non-liberal whites to begin applauding individuals who, in public, call a spade a spade. Paula obviously call the Negro a nigger because the Negro's own behavior bespoke himself to be a nigger.

Secession away from liberal ideology and those who ally themselves with white liberals, the Negros, Hispanics, both white and brown and the Islamics, as these anti American, anti white groups are parasitizing us, not the other way around.

I have watched my country, race and gene pool be both besmirched and transmogrified by the immature and the low IQ long enough, too long in fact, and I no longer wish to remain a Union with those anti-white, anti-Founding Fathers America any more.

"Give me liberty, or give me death", Patrick Henry, American Patriot, and Founding Father. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"I want a true Southern -plantation style wedding.  Well what I would really like is a bunch of little niggers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around.  Now that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn't it?"

Anonymous said...

saying the word 'nigger' is liberating yourself from mental slavery...when you are driving and see a black person, just exclaim,. wow, look at that nasty nigger! it is deprogramming at its finest:)

Anonymous said...

When will we ever get pass race in this country that was built on Christianity. I so believe that so many of the USA's racial problems stem from economic and social inequality that has gone on for generations. If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and blinders over your eyes it's hard to feel compassion for others. When people are given hope and opportunities crime is very low. So many who express disgust for others so openly on the internet are so often our neighbors, co-workers and friends who would never say this to a person's face. What makes some think one race is better than another. People please relax. Blacks are not trying to take over the country. Everyone is just trying to survive. Let's work together to solve the problems in America. I guarantee you the majority of blacks in America hate crime also. This is not a racial issue it's a human issue. Let stop being so harsh to one another a.d start showing love,respect and empathy to our sisters and brothers of all races. We're in this together. WORLD PEACE PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Here's the kicker...the woman going after Deen is white.

Anonymous said...

Come on. .
Why are you as I suppose a white blogger spreading hatred by suggesting what black people don't like. What if untruths were started about what white people don't like. Spread good instead of bad. Don't group all people into one category. When you look at the big picture most blacks and whites value the same things. Most people of all races are good HUMAN BEINGS. Please stop this blog.

Anonymous said...

The word nigger is merely a chance for nigerrs to make money. The NAACP has a dept that does nothing but monitor the airwaves for a rich white person making a slip. I am sure that Paula Dean was approached by the extortionists with an offer to save herself but she thought she could get sympathy, no such luck Paula. Thats why I prefer not to be famous. My income has nothing to do with black people approving of me. I actually had tee shits made up that say "I hate every iota of a cracka", but the word cracka is exed out and nigga is printed above it. I have sold hundreds of them. I display them right next to tee shirts that dont have the word cracka exed out. But I dont remember ever selling any of those. Anti black merchandise sells quite well at biker events and the people arent afraid to wear it just as alot of blacks arent afraid of wearing anti white mercandise. The way I figure it why shoul'nt I make money off the word too.

Mich Mike

Jim said...

Shoulda claimed the fifth.

Did she even have an attorney? Apparently not, judging from her mea culpas.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 1146 am:
With all due respect, please fuck off!.
I want nothing to do with black people, and I don't "hate" them, because that would mean at one time I "cared" for them. Just give me a place free of these subhuman's.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

blancdeseinesaintdenis said...

Hi Centurion, everyday I read you and I'm proud of you, I think exactly the same thing, we have surely loive the same things but we are separated from 6000 kms...We have to do the ma ximum for our children...the fight is beginning

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

Anon: @11:46:

Anon please, are you kidding? A Mr. Rogers attitude and pep talk at this late stage of the game is comical.

Some want diversity, white liberals and their allies, some want secession, non-liberal whites. The problem is that if those who want secession secede, those who want diversity crumble.

Therefore those who want diversity, the white liberals, are forced more and more to rule like Joseph Stalin and/or Nikita Khrushchev.

No one will be allowed to leave.

Soon liberal owned America will have to put a wall up to keep non-liberal whites from escaping.

One best skedaddle while the skedaddling is good.

Good grief Charlie Brown, sniff a little reality for a change will you please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's episodes like this that push me more and more into the "Let It Burn" camp. This country is not worth saving.

A parable from the Bible occurred to me the other day. It's the one that points out the difference between a house built on a rock and one built on sand. It applies to countries as well.

A country built on a "rock" is founded on an ethnicity, a common culture, a common language, a definite place with defined borders. "Borders, language, culture" as the saying goes. Such a country ought to endure.

But it is frequently said that "America is founded on an idea". An idea is ephemeral and subject to interpretation by different people at different times. It can also be false to begin with. This is the very definition of a foundation of sand.

Even at the beginning, and not counting blacks, the American colonies had so many differences and disagreements they often fought with each other. Colonies were founded by religious groups that disagreed on fundamentals. Different English and Scottish groups settled different regions. Besides the English there were Dutch in New York, Germans in Pennsylvania and French in Louisiana, so there was no common ethnicity or language. The borders changed constantly as the country expanded westward, and those various wars and conquests brought even more diversity to America. And of course immigration brought in warring tribes from all over the planet.

Such a diverse collection of competing races, ethnicities and values, all attempting to live in one place, is doomed to fail. We can see it happening. And countries like England, France, Australia, etc., which invite diversity through immigration take a jack hammer to their own foundations and will soon collapse, killing their founding peoples. Damn, the stupidity!

Anonymous said...

As the old saying goes: Don't think. if you think, don't speak. if you speak, don't write. If you write, don't sign. And if you think,speak,write, and sign, don't be surprised.

she should not have incriminated herself(if only in the eyes of public opinion), and she should never have groveled after having done so.

Anonymous said...

Pro Tip: Stop using "save" as a synonym for except.

Anonymous said...


There is a silver lining to this Paula Deen revelation. We Whites are all Paul Deans now. Who hasn’t said a pejorative about a particular race of people? I’ll bet Paula didn’t know there was no statute of limitations on saying Nigger. Too bad. She now is thrown on the trash head along with Mark Furman, John Rocker, and others.
I wonder how many blacks she has employed in her life and how much help she has given them such as, but not limited to, lending them money, getting them out of jail, helping their children, etc. Will we see any of these black folk step forward to defend her. I betting on none, because now this is a national issue, and it’s time for the hustlers to get paid in order for Paula to regain her career. She needs to go on Oprah’s show and do a Jimmy Swaggert impression, “I have sinned” and then kiss Opera’s feet. She’ll not be forgiven but it’s a step in the right direction. Paula will know she has done the right thing because all the White women in the audience will boo her when she is introduced, but after the protracted apology they will cheer her. It will be a sight to see.
In the near future when the squat monsters take over this country it will be ruinous to ones career to ever have said beaner or wetback or maybe taco or salsa. Sounds outrageous but I’m betting we haven’t seen anything yet. Remember when the guy in South Carolina, in a financial meeting in some city, said the word niggardly, the blacks went ballistic and he got fired. He got fired because they were too stupid to know what the word meant. What about the Hallmark graduation talking card that said something about a Black Hole and the blacks said it said black hoe. You don’t have to make this stuff up, they see racism everywhere.
When I started this I said there was a silver lining to this Paula Dean thing and we really need more of these episodes so that the fence sitting Whites will realize that the blacks are not White people in black skin. They are not about fair play and they are putting legal pressure (lottery) on anyone who does not toe the PC line. How about the black pressure on the Zimmerman trial? Cities are gearing up for urban warfare if the blacks don’t get the verdict they want. This is a whole race that is ready to disrupt a society they don’t deserve to live in.
There is one easy way to almost guarantee that you won’t be a Paula and that is Never employ, Never associate, and Never be around blacks. Not 100% fool proof but you will be much safer physically and financially.
Unfortunately we will need more Paula Deens before the nonsense is put to rest for good.

Gayle said...

I have nothing but the deepest disgust for Paula Deen. I hope she loses everything. Everything. Not for her original statement, but for her betrayal not just of her race, but of the Truth.

Every time a white person grovels and kneels before the Leftist Abomination, the doorway to freedom shuts that much tighter for the rest of us.

This one cuts deep, because Deen has allowed such a resounding and public victory for the other side.

Anonymous said...

Everyone of you that have commented on this blog, know very well what the word Nigger represents. It is a very degrading word to the African American culture. However for all of you to sit here and condone this nonsense just shows how ignorant you really are. There is a very special place in hell for all of you racist people. No I don't think Paula should have gotten fired, but how dare all of you. As far as I'm concerned Nigger is a word used for an ignorant person and as far as I'm concerned you all foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

"Nigger literally just means black."

Negro means black, as in Rio Negro (Black River). Nigger is a diminutive and basically means "blacky". Still nothing derogatory about it. No different than calling a Scottish man "Scotty" or abbreviating Japanese to "Japs" or calling a doctor "Doc". It's shortening of words for convenience, not an intent to harm. That people have shit fits over this and conduct witch hunts and virtual executions is insane.

Anonymous said...


I have read/heard much from lawyer call-in-shows to have a good feeling Zimmerman will NOT be found guilty.


Doesn't matter. If Z is found not guilty, the Feds will swoop in and charge him with violating civil rights, and he WILL be found guilty. The prohibition against double jeopardy went out with the rest of the rule of law.

Anonymous said...


Blacks are SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST BY DEFAULT. They prove it every day. Gimme Dat and whine for more.

News Flash: The US of A is NOT a socialist country. You are entitled to NOTHING. You will not be GIVEN a job, an "opportunity", a house, good credit, free loans, free food, or anything else you did not work for and procure for yourself. You and your children will starve in the future if you don't work and learn to control your impulses.

STOP SAYING THAT THE RACES ARE EQUAL BECAUSE CLEARLY THEY ARE NOT. You live in an isolated black bubble and you have no IDEA how white people live. Freedom, liberty, rugged individualism, higher IQ, personal responsibility, marriage, problem solving and the list goes on. You have no idea how much better white culture is because you don't LIVE IN IT.

You must learn about SELF-DETERMINATION and personal responsibility. The Negro struggle is INTERNAL not EXTERNAL. You struggle against your low IQ and lack of impulse control in open competition with WHITES. The struggle is not RACISM or HATE from whites. It is the Negro's failed attempt at living as free men.

You struggle with racial limitations and genetics. Low future time orientation, aggressive sexuality, low impulse control, irrational behavior, lower IQ and the list goes on.

We can have peace if we can separate from you. You need us, but we don't need you.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 1146:

With all due respect, please fuck off. I want nothing to to with black people, I don't "hate" them, because that would mean at some point I "cared" for them. I just want to live free of these subhuman's. I think you went to the WRONG site.

-JSF- in Minneapolis

Ante Nigrum said...

Food Network has been going downhill for some time. It's become the Fried Chicken Network, sucking up to the Kenyans and putting on shuck and jive shows.

They don't get my business anymore. If only all thinking people would do the same and make a point of letting them and their advertisers know how we feel.

The best you can do in these situations is take away your money and any other input/support. Let them survive on the thinking of apes and the income Welfare brings.

DearOldDad said...

Paula has NOTHING to apologize for! I don't watch much on food Net but now I will be watching nothing on there. I will miss her show and "Diners Drive-ins, and Dives" but not much else.

D-FENS said...

"...the word Nigger represents. It is a very degrading word to the African American culture."

Why don't you tell this to the (c)rap "artists" that use this in every "song" they perform?

And the Miss Rogers, why don't you create a reality show where you and your other loved ones take up residence in the "hood"? You can broadcast daily installments of your adventures with diversity. You must live there for 1 year, are not allowed any protection other than what you can legally provide yourself and if you survive the year, the advertising revenue from the reality show will be donated to the United Negro College Fund.

Whiskey said...

Paula Deen's audience, like the Food Network as a whole, is White women. That is who watches. Look at the ads. And White women have a skewed relation to race.

Unlike White men, White women face no sexual market penalty for submitting and groveling. A White man who does so becomes basically a eunuch. White women also idealize and worship Blacks, from Oprah to Kanye West and Obama. Obama has currently in polling a ten point lead among White Women vs. White Men in approval ratings. Think: Sandra Fluke. That describes most of White women: single, dependent on government or government allied employment, trendy, hip, a follower.

Kim Kardashian is the idol of millions and millions of White women, for making sex tapes with Black rappers and having a kid by another.

Black rappers can say the word, and pay no penalty, because they are BLACK. That is, Alpha males by definition. Steve Sailer (and Satoshi Kanazawa's research) show the comparative advantage Black men have over Whites: perceived physical superiority (likely on average true) in endowment, lower average IQ, higher average testosterone, darker skin (a turn on for women as it is a turn-off for men in women), greater violence which equates to dominance.

For pure power, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have enormous amounts of it, dwarfing say Kanye West, but the latter is desired as the ideal by White women instead of the former because of the handicap in sexiness by male intelligence and pale skin (see Conan O'Brien's frequent jokes on that regard).

Deen had to go, because social attitudes among her "the Help" watching audience, consuming "Eat Pray Love" and Oprah in equal amounts, dictated that Black as always trumps White.

Yes Black rappers can use that word, while no White woman can. Because power has its privilege.

Anonymous said...

The problem with white people is WE are to goddamn apologetic. God forbid we say nigger, spic, wetback, sand nigger, kike, or whatever. We are so quick to apologize to whomever we've offended. I abhor slavery I always have but this bullshit about white people being made to feel inferior is crap. I'm tired of some worthless lazy nigger bitching about "that white boy gets paid more than I do." Well guess what fuck stain it's only fair that I get paid more than you. After all I have a college degree. I worked by way up the ladder after 15 years. You just started, earn your stripes first. I'm so sick of how twisted America has become. If your Christian you must do so in secret. But if your atheist, Agnostic, Muslim or whatever you can be one in public. Christian prayers are removed from school but Muslim prayers are allowed. How the fuck is that fair. I'm sick of these fucking immigrants coming over here and trying to fundamentally change our country. If you don't like how this country is GET THE FUCK OUT!

Whiskey said...

The question I think is moot. Zimmerman is a slam dunk for conviction. The jury, five White women and one Hispanic woman, will convict of him of anything the prosecution wants.

First, women are obedient to authority far more than men. A man who submits pays a sex market price that a woman does not, in forgone dominance. Women want thugs while men do not want criminal women. So women are more likely to submit to prosecutorial authority.

Second, White women generally detest beta males, and love Alphas. The more Trayvon is shown to be a dangerous, criminal thug, the more the White women and Hispanic woman will sympathize with him and despise beta male, submissive Zimmerman. Who is fat and pudgy and unattractive. In comparison to tatted, thugging it up, Trayvon.

White women did not convict John Edwards for campaign violations. They didn't care he cheated on his wife dying of cancer. They thought he was hot and were flirting with him. White women like Obama ten points more than White men. Women only care about who is the Alpha, not much else. If you look at how White women actually vote, view TV (Oprah, etc.), see movies ("the Help" etc.) no one would bet on Zimmerman being acquitted.

White women cheered OJ's acquittal. I saw that myself. That he murdered a White woman was irrelevant.

White nationalists, it is hard to have anything but contempt mixed with pity for them, they are delusional on the nature of most White women. Omar Thornton, the two Black Nigerian/Muslim converts who beheaded White British Army drummer Lee Rigby, all had White girlfriends who had to know their boyfriend's attitudes towards White men. Heck the White women who approached the two beheaders in London meekly submitted. A White guy gets the Rigby or at best Reginald Denny treatment. White women, figure enough submitting will avoid that most times. That tracks with Satoshi Kanazawa's study showing men of all races preferring Black women the least, and women of all races preferring Black men the MOST (includes White women).

The prosecution will imply that the "proper" herd behavior is to convict Zimmerman for being an un-person, that Trayvon was a real Alpha and Zimmerman a nasty Beta male acting above his station, and play up the race angle for the Eat-Pray-Love, Oprah, Kim Kardashian, "the Help" loving jury.

White guys would be less likely to convict, understanding how the rules are jiggered against them -- but for White women that's not the case.


12;30 poster:

Niggers With Attitude was one of my favorite bands.

I don't understand why niggers have such a hard time with the word niggers. Every single nigger comic I have ever heard uses the word over and over and over.

I guess it is just a bad thing if White people say it. Now dat be rayciss.

R.E. Prindle said...

The Food Channel is a commercial enterprise and businesses are easy to punish for transgressions. Refuse to patronize them and convince like minded friends to do so too. People are noticing and getting fed up it should be easier to get the point across. The results might not be immediate but a loss of 20% of custom will probably put a business in the red, 25% definitely.

Even the worst transgressors can be brought down. Here in Portland the Daily Oregonian newspaper thought they were invulnerable taking a totally Liberal point of view offending those not quite so Liberal. Sales began to taper off then slid off as subscribers cancelled in bunches. Today the Oregonian announced it was going to a four day week and laying off half the staff. Goodbye S.I. Newhouse and good riddance. It won't be long now.

Even the NYTimes is bankrupt, kept afloat by Mexican money at a loss.

The South alone defending its own should be able to bring the Food Channel to its knees begging for forgiveness. An apology won't do. Reinstatement, back wages and a fine of half a mil for pain and suffering won't either, the scab will still show but at least the Channel's 'heart will be in the right place.' Let them do the right thing.

Bring a few of these people down, which should be easy, and the others will shape up. Insult Aryans and you will pay the price.
Spread the attitude.


For any and all Negroes who post here:

Millions of Whites feel as we do here. They just don't know yet about "here".

You walk in a room and some of those Whites you see are sickened. They smile, you think you have "arrived', but deep in your gut (and theirs) there is disgust. But you stay.

Whites keep moving away. You notice. Then, you complain of "White flight" and "institutional racism".....but you follow. You move into a White area and buy a house. You have just destroyed a house. Same as if a nest of termites or rats had moved in. Exact same effect.

You need us. You can't survive without us. Thus, you give us only one choice for those of us who wish to retain and keep our White race.

You have backed us into a corner and I feel real sorry for you (actually I don't). You have the chance to move AWAY, but you want to live with White people. The problem, Sambo, is that White people want to live with White people and your presence destroys White people.

Suitcase or Coffin, Kaffir.

Anonymous said...

If your employer fired you for exercising your first amendment of free speech by saying nigger, I wonder if a good lawyer could sue them for violating your civil rights?

Anonymous said...

"African American" 'culture'.


Now, I'll twerk and rap and rape to that!

Low hanging fruit, EBT niggin' idiot.

Anonymous said...

Totally pathetic. White people
do not owe black creatures anything
and never have. Whites need to
draw the line and say no more.
This could have started with the
Southern Bell, Paula Deen.

Anonymous said...

It might wake some sleepers up:

Anonymous said...


Jay Santos said...

Whiskey said...
The question I think is moot. Zimmerman is a slam dunk for conviction. The jury, five White women and one Hispanic woman, will convict of him of anything the prosecution wants.

I agree, the all female jury seems like a real problem for Zimmerman. This poor guy is going to really become the modern equivalent of the Inca's hurling living people down a mountain in order to placate the "gods". The "gods" in this case being BRA.

As much time as I've spent in my life chasing women, they are a strange blend of intellect and emotion. I was sitting in a Starbucks drive through the other day, which is located next to a lightly traveled two lane road, one in each direction. I noticed they had recently installed these crossing flags on both sides of the street. If you've never seen these things, they are little red flags that you're supposed to pick up and hold as you cross the street. Once across the street, you place them in a flag holder. I saw two fat white women do just this as I was waiting in the drive through. One picked it up and held it high as she crossed the street. There's no traffic on this street. There's no schools within miles.

What man would come up with such an idea, to hold a red flag while you cross a street? It's illustrastive of so much of the nanny state AND the negro adulation that has grown up around us. Hate to admit it, but females are behind it, a lot of it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and just for clarification.... since everyone wants to associate the South with racism and slavery. There were more slave plantations in the North than South. Also when the slaves were freed a majority begged to stay on the Plantation.

quinnotaur said...

"nuff said.....

MuayTyson said...

Ah Nigger, the magic word.It makes blacks rich and Whites poor.

Fuck applogies if anyone asks I tell them, "why yes I am a racist, homophobe, misagynoist,Islamophobe, etc." Tends to end stupid discussions.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bunch of haters on here …it's funny!

That it is. Unfortunately, we don't hate as hate requires an emotional investment that we refuse to make. Avoid the groid. Great life plan.

Yall gon learn today LOL!

Learn what? Learn that most groids are clinically retarded? We already knew that. Learn that you probably are retarded as well? Your writing gave that away. Nice try though.


Okay, tempting fate am I? Sambo, dress up in a plantation outfit. Wear it into work (provided someone pays you for leaching off of them). Get back with us how your day went.


Find what offensive? Suggest getting a refund from your ESL. You were cheated.


No, she's getting railroaded for a common phrase in many black cribs. Her only offense is that she's white. That's what offends you, Sambo.

Hannibal Smith said...

Much like George Zimmerman, Paula Deen was an Obama supporter through and through.

How'd that work out for ya?

You lie with the dogs, don't bitch about picking up fleas.

quinnotaur said...

Anonymous said...

June 22, 2013 at 3:56 PM

Yes my dusky friend, we will learn. That is the fundamental (or do "YAW" prefer fundamintoo?) difference between our species. We learn and you never seem to get it. That's ok though because when I wake up tomorrow I'll still be white and gainfully employed and you, you will still be filthy and black and roundly despised. toodles.
P.S.- see how I have already learned from Paula...

Anonymous said...

Toodles? Yaw a little light in the loafers there Toby?

Anonymous said...

They can call us whatever they want, make fun of us on TV but, we (white people) can't say anything???? Screw that! Screw Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and The Food Network! This is a bunch of Liberal B.S. Call it like you see it!!!

Anonymous said...

SCRERW FOOD NETWORK! and all of the Liberals and GAY's running it!!!

Anonymous said...

If a word "offends" you, How in the hell are you going to make it through life??? Remember the old saying, Stick's and stones.... But, WORDS will NEVER hurt me? I'm sure this word has kept the "Black Man" down. We will NEVER give them enough. If they had everything, they would still find some other reason that the White Man" owes them...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:30 PM
You seem to be able to throw the word out there with no problem or hesitation you even capitalize it. Tsk tsk shame on you. Please enlighten everyone with your interpetation of what it represents. I know what it represents when a famous celebrity says it or an employers says it, somebody goin to get paid am I right mr. sensetive bleeding heart.

Mich Mike

10mm AUTO said...

Hey Quinnotaur, Dress up in a plantation outfit...

See this was a nice White lady who was threatened by blackness, a gun held to her head by a ripe, smelly filthy feral groid, but her social programming held, so she can't say it. She can't utter the word we all know she wants to speak. So, Like Soubati for Conan, I will say the word for her.


Anonymous said...

Another anonymous bad ass. Probably the same kind that would throw a baby in front of cops to slow them down while you make your escape. I bet you are already in your plantation outfit aka your mcdonald uniform. Yaza gonna learn.


10mm AUTO said...

Quinnotar, I did not mean you, I meant the groid you quoted...sorry. No offense intended.

Anonymous said...

My Mother taught my brother and I that "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1230PM degrading word? Is that why it appears 300 times on every rap album?

Anonymous said...

That is typical.You, come to a site, you KNOW is pro white separation, and you get your panties all twisted up. That, in and of itself, shows how you follow us (whites), but just really is a classical example of just how stupid you people truly are.

-JSF- Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Go live with them and send your kid to there schools 4 a year and come back to us

Jay Santos said...

PK commenters - Why do you respond to negroes or negro supporters? They are taunting you. Why do you respond?

The value of what PK does here is to:
1. further define the negro problem
2. give you a place to comment on it
3. provide a place to think about and talk about a solution.

Why would you waste your time in responding to an illiterate negro? Makes no sense.

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Come on...

Why are you as I suppose a white blogger spreading hatred by suggesting what black people don't like. What if untruths were started about what white people don't like. Spread good instead of bad. Don't group all people into one category. When you look at the big picture most blacks and whites value the same things. Most people of all races are good HUMAN BEINGS. Please stop this blog.

June 22, 2013 at 11:55 AM

FOAD, target. Yeah, target. Because that's all you are. The groid targets you because you swallow their bullshit hook, line, and sinker. And when they get bored, they target you for entertainment, a la Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.

We consider you the enemy. That makes you a target in a different sense.

Bogolyubski said...

Anon notes:

The Food Network is owned by The Tribune which is based in Chicagoland. Smells like an orchestrated hit on PD ala the head muslim and jj.

I thought I noticed the putrid whiff of cephalopod. I agree with the notion of putting these asshats out of business, but do keep in mind that connected organizations such as the Trib, the New Duranty Times, etc. don't actually have to make money to keep going. When you have access (and only certain folks do) to Uncle Bennie's trash-for-cash drive-thru discount window, you could go on for as long as the bogus bucks they fart out on a daily basis are accepted as payment. Haven't you ever wondered why there is literally no one on our side who has any significant level of wealth? There is a reason for it.

Anonymous said...

"Calling the individual who [put a gun to Deen's head] back in 1986 - a 'nigger' is not cruel or unusual."

Last year, a white guy was telling me and my brother about the time he was playing on the sidewalk at his grandmother's house (in South Central L.A., circa 1970), and was approached by a pair of "gentlemen", who cracked his skull open with a brick. I asked him, "So, were these 'gentlemen' wearing top hats, or riding horseback on their way to a foxhunt?" He just chuckled and said "Welll, you know."
As I told him, and everyone else I repeated the story to: If anyone has the right to use the word "nigger", in whatever manner he chooses, it's him. What happened to him was much worse than Paula Deen's incident. Her nigger was at least trying to get money out of his crime; my guy's niggers were just vicious fucking animals who had learned how to swing a blunt object at arm's length to break a child's head open.
And, no, his stupid cunt grandmother never moved from her Seren-getme homestead until she died. After the brick attack, there was a new rule: if you play outside, stay within the fence.

Anonymous said...

re: Zimmerman, and this topic

It's rumored that Zimmerman wants to testify in his trial, which is always a mistake when the prosecution has no evidence against you. But especially in this case, he will expose himself to the F.Lee Bailey tactics used against the Det. Fuhrman in the OJ trial: "Have you, Mr. Zimmerman, ever used the word...'nigger'?"
"Oh, no, never. I have many black friends. I would never do that. I despise that word."
And then the surprise witnesses come forward, telling of the time he said "Nigga please!" to his white friend during a baksketball game, or you name it. That guy better follow his counsel.

Miss Lee said...

Paula Deen is a race traitor with her apologetic slobbering. She should have just said "so what." I have to add that at work recently a black negroid woman called her white supervisor a "white bitch." Was she fired??? NOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

black males revel in their reputation for 'violoence' of course if you defend yourself against them like george zimmerman then they start whining, 'dominance' my ass they threaten but if you fight back and kick their ass they whine
i saw in rome so many alpha mae africans begging and sleeping on teh street begging europeans for food to prevent them from starving, yes macho indeed

Anonymous said...

Lorraine at 7:28 AM Thank you.Essential blogs. Financial- Zerohedge. Race realism- SPBDL, Amren, Vdare. Ufo's conspiracies-Jeff Rense. Avoid listening to the MSM. It's is like opening attachments to emails from unknown people. You just get you mind infected from Iluminati stuff.

quinnotaur said...

10mm AUTO said...
Quinnotar, I did not mean you, I meant the groid you quoted...sorry. No offense intended.

June 22, 2013 at 7:15 PM

None taken. :)

Semi-employed White Guy said...


What you can't seem to fathom is that all white women are not like the ones you have in LA. I live in Central Florida. There is a much better chance of Zimmerman walking (as he should) than he would with an all LA-woman jury.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 12:30 -

As far as I'm concerned Nigger is a word used for (sic) an ignorant person and as far as I'm concerned you all foot (sic) the bill.

You've come to the wrong place, sweetie. Nobody here is buying what you're selling. We're not the ones who are ignorant; you are. We can see the truth.

"African-American culture" is degraded, for sure, but it's not the dreaded N-WORD's fault.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 12:57 pm,
Evidently you are the one who lives in a bubble if you classify all blacks in one category. I am a black female from a 2 parent family, who grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood where the majority of it's youth are now employed, professionals who are married and not on welfare.
You fail to realize there are some people including whites who do not live as 'privileged' as you in your 'Ivory Tower'. Whites like you are the reason this country.has so many problems. You sit there as supposedly judges over everyone else. You enjoy your privileges because of the sweat of others who worked sooooooo hard but were never appreciated. This is not our only life. God is THE TRUE JUDGE.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 1:00
I didn't go to the wrong site. Just didn't think your comment was worth replying to. If you think I'm a subhuman than you must hate God who created me.

D-FENS said...

"I am a black female from a 2 parent family, who grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood where the majority of it's youth are now employed, professionals who are married and not on welfare."

In other words, a one percenter. Tell us, where is this Shangri La? Do you ride unicorns to work? Are benefits for government workers as generous as rumored?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 1:00
I didn't go to the wrong site. Just didn't think your comment was worth replying to. If you think I'm a subhuman than you must hate God who created me.

June 23, 2013 at 6:51 AM"

G_d made jackals, hyenas, ticks and other vermin too. That doesn't mean that I want to associate in any way, shape or form with them. I find a few black people worthy, but many more are a drain on civilization (aka niggers). Suggest going to a site that panders to your beliefs (such as WSHH).

Melanie said...

Robert Byrd was a Grand Dragon of the KKK! and undoubtedly said "nigger" more than once in those years of his life. But because he had political clout, the Left gave him a pass and even hailed him as the "conscience of the Senate". Even after he used the word "nigger" in speaking of a white person, calling them a "white nigger" in one of his later years.

Byrd got a pass because he had real power and was seen to advance the left's agenda, including BRA. His southernness was "forgiven" because he made himself a symbol of the Reconstructed South, not the real South.

He was never, not once, called to step down from any committee or even his Senate position for having been a leader in the Klan.

So, the left knows perfectly well that it picks and chooses who, how, and when to punish for saying nigger and who gets a pass. Byrd got a pass for much, much more than Paula Deen has ever done because of his power in advancing the agenda.

Unknown said...

I think it's ironic that, had Deen been the one who had committed the armed robbery back in 1986, instead of the victim thereof, she'd still have her job.

The Oblama administration has castigated BMW and others for using criminal records in hiring and firing decisions. So that's now sacrosanct- you can't fire the felons. But say one word, as the victim of those felons, and you're toast.

Anonymous said...

This is -JSF- from Minneapolis. You are subhuman, and "God" made you that way. I just prefer not to have to deal with your kind. Peace, true peace will only come when we (whites) and you toads have our own areas. Simple as that. Gee, think your "area", after 180 days would look different from ours?.....

Peter said...
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gekko said...

Black people love fried chicken

Mr.Ken said...

"This is not a racial issue it's a human issue."...ok, Humans do not shoot one year old babies in the face. How do you explain these actions? Just because it walks upright on two legs does not make it human. Any creature that would do that to an infant-for any reason is SUB-HUMAN.

Anonymous said...

"There is a very special place in hell for all of you racist people." - Well as long as they don't throw us really bad people in with the misunderstood murderers, the rapists, and other thugs.

Anonymous said...

To J
YOU ARE SO IGNORANT and not worthy of my time. Just glad you're not the judge, only Jesus Christ is worthy to judge. You and your harden heart will burn in hell. I'm sure you profess to be a Christian so read Matthew 1:6-11. Don't bother respondbecause I won't see it. I'm signing off of this mean spirited, satan inspired, hateful blog.

Mr. Rational said...

I'm signing off of this mean spirited, satan inspired, hateful blog.

Thank heaven for small favors, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Ante Nigrum said...

These negroid comments are like the ooking of that Williams beast. She bashed PD for having no class and being stupid. Really? What would a negroid know about either? That anyone would listen to Williams shows how far we have plunged. Why not ask a negroid about what it means to be a good person--since they are not capable of being either.

The opinion of a negroid is worthless. It's only the hoots and yelps of a savage beast. I'd sooner debate a parrot.

Niggers destroy; it's all they do. Even birthing a niglet is an act of destruction.

Name me one time in all of history where adding niggers to the mix improved things? And fake Nigger Mythstory Month tales do not count.

Anonymous said...

-JSF- in Minneapolis.

Wow! If it was only THAT easy to get them to go back where they came from?.... lol. Somehow this site is already that much better, with the simian gone.

Anonymous said...

" Let's work together to solve the problems in America."

Things white people have done to solve black problems:
1. Abolishing slavery.
2. Civil Rights Act
3. School busing.
4. Affirmative Action
5. Racial set-asides
6. Welfare
7. Section 8
8. EBT/Food stamps
9. College scholarships

Things black people have done to solve black problems:
1. Having 70% of babies out of wedlock
2. Accusing white people of racism

Things black people have done to solve white problems:

So, remind us again what the point of your post was?

Anonymous said...

I trust you have contacted every rap artist and every on-air personality at MSNBC and made the same request?

Mr. Rational said...

Name me one time in all of history where adding niggers to the mix improved things?

When labor was needed which could handle high temperatures and tropical diseases.  The southeast of the USA was not going to be owned by anyone who had to leave the land idle, so under the conditions of 1600-19xx it was either Black slaves/sharecroppers or nothing.

The slaves and sharecroppers lived better than their distant cousins still in Africa, so we owe them nothing on that account.  Those services were paid for when incurred, and there is no remaining debt to anyone, much less those whose distant ancestors may or may not have been (or owned) Black slaves.

Anonymous said...

hate breeds hate, no matter your views of me ill love you and pray for you

Anonymous said...

apparently the allegations are pretty damning.


Paula Deen, while planning her brother's wedding in 2007, was asked what look the wedding should have. She replied, "I want a true southern plantation-style wedding." When asked what type of uniforms the servers should wear, Paula stated, "well what I would really like is a bunch of little n*ggers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around;

Black staff had to use the back entrance to enter and leave restaurant;

Black staff could only use one bathroom;

Black staff couldn’t work the front of the restaurants;

Brother Bubba stated his wishes: “ I wish I could put all those n*ggers in the kitchen on a boat to Africa”;

Bubba asked a black driver and security guard "don’t you wish you could rub all the black off you and be like me? You just look dirty; I bet you wish you could." The guy told Bubba he was fine as is;

Bubba on President Obama: they should send him to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, so he could n*gger-rig it;

He shook an employee (Black again) and said” F your civil rights…you work for me and my sister Paula Deen;

Paula’s son Jaime's best friend managed the Lady & Sons restaurant. He threatened to fire all the 'Monkeys' in the kitchen. When Paula found out…she slapped him on the wrist and suggested that the employee visited Paula's $13,000,000 mansion so he felt special and could be massaged.

I feel Paula Deen, her brother and anyone who treats people poorly should not be given a free pass. I wonder if Paula is truly sorry that she used the "N" word or that she was reported by someone who looks just like her. I appreciate the lady having the courage to report Paula Deen. It's people like her and the videographer who leaked the 47% comments made by Mitt Romney who should be receiving the attention, not Paula Deen.
- See more at:

Anonymous said...

Geez...are y'all kidding me?? What are you going to say when God asks why you spewed all this hatred out???

Anonymous said...

All of you are a bunch of rascist idiots ... Never will white people rule the world ... GO BLACK PEOPLE ,GO ASIAN , GO MUSLIMS ,GO JEWS, GO LATINOS ,GO EVERYONE THAT IS DIFFERENT!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

It's not a black person suing her. Furthermore, there are plent of worthful blacks in this country. You speak of lies and distorted truths that the media puts out, but its people like you that are liars. We all know that crime is higher in poverished areas. There are plenty of white men that put guns to old women head in an attempt to rob them or even rap them. One thing that I do know and that you whites are upset about, is that the world knows that you are liars, cheaters, warmongers, rapist and devilish. Your power has been broken!

William Wallace said...

@Charles Jones:
Define "plent".
Sure I know some good blacks. But just check the FBI stats. Your chance of being killed by a black is an order of magnitude higher than that of being killed by a White. That's with blacks being a mere 12% of the population.
If poverty caused crime, as you assert, the Great Depression would have brought an explosion of crime. It didn't.
If poverty caused crime, Appalachia would be a hotbed of crime. It's not.
Whites are the creators of civilization.
So far, blacks have been the destroyers of same. See, Detroit, Gary, Birmingham, Newark, Atlanta, Chicago, etc., etc., etc.
Whites build.
Blacks, left to their own devices, destroy.
It has always been thus.
We're still waiting and hoping for some real change.