Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anti-Violence March in Cincinnati Interrupted by [Predictable] Black Violence


Small "foreshock" rumbles may precede the big quake, the one people always feared would occur.

In Cincinnati (as in many places across America), these "foreshocks" can be felt if you only know the signs;

With homicides and non-fatal shootings increasing in Cincinnati (almost every one courtesy of a black suspect), today seemed as good as any for a march against violence. [Anti-violence march marred by 2 shootings, Cincinnati.com, June 23, 2015]:
 A march aiming to stop violence in Cincinnati nearly collided with a fatal gunfight Monday night. As Bishop Bobby Hilton and about 100 men turned a corner in Over-the-Rhine near Findlay Market, three men began shooting at Findlay Playground. 
When one of the men was hit, he ran from the park and collapsed on Race Street – about half a block from the march's leaders, Cincinnati police spokeswoman Lt. Danita Pettis said. Police have identified the deceased as 18-year-old Justin Crutchfield. 
The shooting comes a day after it was announced that Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell's plan to reduce crime in the city would be postponed due to the Friday slaying of Officer Sonny Kim in Madisonville. 
Crutchfield was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he later died, police said. State Sen. Cecil Thomas, a former Cincinnati police officer and city councilman, was in the march and speaking to community members about turning things around when the shots rang out. He immediately ran to the teen. 
"The first thing was to try to administer some form of aid to him by talking to him, making sure he didn't move, and trying to figure out where he was shot," Thomas said. 
"There was a lot of blood coming from the side of his body. "I walked these streets," Thomas said. "The majority of the folks down here don't want to be in this kind of situation, but there are a handful that we need to root out of here and that's what law enforcement's role should be."
Another unsuccessful anti-violence march.  

The black community of Cincinnati is genetically unqualified with participating in or sustaining western civilization, thus the standards of civility must constantly be lowered to what they can maintain. And there's no end in sight to where these standards will fall too... 
They come as shootings in Cincinnati are at a 10-year high. 
A 90-day plan to try to quell the violence was to begin Sunday, but it was postponed after a veteran Cincinnati police officer was shot and killed in an ambush Friday on a Madisonville street.

In a city where black criminality is high, it is a near absolute a police officer will interact with the wrong black criminal and thus set in motion a series of unfortunate events all because he is tasked with trying to keep alive law and order. 

Eventually these "foreshocks" will be the catalyst for the big one.  Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV





Blacks killing blacks in not news. The News Media expects this and is bored by it. Even black people don't care. Only when a White person can be blamed will this become news since it is so uncommon for a White person to do such a thing, while it happens hundreds of times a week between the negro males.

Nobody cares if a negro kills another negro since there is no loss of life. Negro life is cheap. There is no money in it either, or fame, since the media won't cover the story and no Saturday attorney will take the case. Even if the one negro HATED the other, it is not a hate crime since the negro can not commit a hate crime. Only a White person can do that.

Anonymous said...

he dindo nuffin, he was a gut boy, he was turning his life aroun.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second, surely no one is actually named Quandavier? That has to be one of of these names like Shitavious that commenters on this site make up to mock black n'er do wells.


The Africans are demanding statues be taken down that they find insulting, hmmm.

What are they going to do about the Albert Pike statue in D.C.? Nobody can have that removed. Nobody.

I would bet the average negro has no idea who he is and why he is so important.

Jeff in Palm Springs said...

Insightful reference to Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. Cheers.

Achebe ironically didn't realize his own condemnation of human nature (Black African human nature). The problem was the individual not yielding to the collectives imperatives or (you guessed it) White missionaries.

Now we have cities in the West full of Black Africans; individuals all...lashing out at Black society with bullets, lashing out at White missionaries, er..White cops and White laws.

Achebe's statement about the frailty of good human character is really a valid indictment of Blacks in general. The irony....all of this predicted and explained by an African.

Anonymous said...

The news report in the first video is great. An anti-violence march is interrupted by a nearby murder. Then, while the police are investigating at the crime scene, another shooting takes place a few blocks away and they drop what they are doing to run to the next scene.

It's out of control.

Anonymous said...

Blatant failure and black dysfunction.

Things will surely improve now that so many companies will no longer be selling items emblazoned with the Confederate Battle Flag.

Let's pay attention and calibrate the rate of improvement, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Shitavious is not made up. Google "Shitavious Cook."

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the shooting. Another story that never makes any mainstream media. My main concern and burning question is " don't any of these people no how to operate a lawnmower?????

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Solid post.

I hate to think what Obama is going to say at the eulogy of the victim in Charleston. I forecast a lip service "we're all Americans" but an emphasis on "Black lives matter."

As we say here in Texas, PK: 'preciate ya.

Neanderthal Girl said...

OT: (but it helps me smile some).

Make an ok sign. Notice it's three fingers in the shape ok a W.

I'm going to flash my new "gang" sign any time I can. A great big ...it's OK. A wide spread W.

White sign! 'Nom Im sayin

Anonymous said...


A "stop the violence" rally in Boston got shot up be negroes this week as well. Irony is completely lost on these 80 IQ primitives.

Anonymous said...

So which flag do we ban now?

Anonymous said...

Twelve people shot at a Detroit block party. One dead. No one is talking. Party was organized by a known drug dealer. Party was a big thank you to the neighborhood for not snitching. Can't make this insanity up. Sooo tired!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that the media rodents used the term 'gunfight'. I was expecting them to refer to it as a 'scuffle' or a 'disturbance' or a 'fracas' or something.

I guess the rug they've been sweeping all that TNB under is all full!

SC Native said...

Well the brouhaha in SC is heating up and it looks like the fire will be too hot to stand. I'd be suprised if the flag didn't come down after what I've seen the last few days. This whole thing is just too clean, something is not right here.

Recently monuments are being vandalized and I'm sure that's the next step. The vandalizing has really made some powerful YT mad for reasons negroes will never understand. Many of the monuments in this state and others were paid for by widows and children, they are memorials to the dead. Many were paid for by raising money penny by penny, sometimes over 30-40 years. In YT generations this wasn't too long ago, my grandparents knew many of the people that raised these pennies and my 36 year old self knew a few too. YT might be filling to tolerate the bitching over a flag that somehow hurts the negroes but memorials to the dead are something different. Vandalizing them is like desecration of a tomb to native YT because for many this is the only monument they'll ever have.

I cringe at the idea of ohomo giving a pep talk at this funeral. Everytime he says something it adds gas to the fire and I'm sure he and his kind are furious there hasn't been a chimpout here. We'll see what happens.

Apparently negroes are hurt by cloth and symbolism, should we tell them YT doesn't practice voodoo? Perhaps YT needs to practice his special voodoo by cutting entitlements over destruction of historic memorials. Now that's magic.

Medic Bear said...

This truly is stranger than fiction: multiple shootings at anti-violence rallies.


If only they had the intellect to even glimpse, let alone understand the depth of - the irony.

But they don't. And the DWL/White guilt crowd just look for another useless gesture like banning flags (1st Amendment, anyone?), guns, burning taxpayer money on midnight basketball, etc., etc.

It would be a joke if it was funny.

Detroit Refugee said...

Yes they do these type of things in the 'hood. 10-15 yrs ago, rival drug dealers held a drag race to settle a score. Fort St. @ Outer Dr., Border of S.W.Detroit & Lincoln Park.
Hundreds turned out, even the suburban cops were present to stop any spillover. The cops caught shit for blasting hip hop over their units P.A. System to placate the mob of "teens".
Anyway, big exciting event resulting in one Dindu's car crashing into people, and a female was killed. When her locked fist was forced open, she finally let go of her crack pipe. Unreal. But true.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. I don't think anyone here is surprised? Disgusted and appalled, but surprised, no.
Truly the definition of insanity, to keep repeating the same b.s. motions and expecting a different result. How many ridiculous marches have we witnessed now? The main point is this: in the sixties the marches brought attention to the plight of the negro to the bleeding heart liberals,who twisted the arms of white america to give them "civil rights". They did not fight to get equality by marching, destroying property, and attacking the weak and vulnerable members of society, rather it was given to them by well meaning but misguided politicians.Now they're still stuck on that idea, the way to get what you want is to march, riot, and steal. What the heck, it sure beats studying, working, and obeying the law, right?
I tell you truthfully, I'm burnt out on this. I'm tired of white guilt, and the myth of " white privilege ". That's a luxury reserved for the elite. A lot of other people just like me are too. We know damn well we have no privilege, we work hard, we get no breaks to get anything in life. That's the inconvenient truth here. Obama doesn't represent us, hell, he doesn't even grasp how hard life is for a working class white person. What do you expect from a bozo who cuts in on his dope smoking circle and says " interception ", so he gets another puff of pot at his friends expense. That's from one of his Choom Club friends, google it. So no wonder he thinks a successful business owner didn't build his success, he judges others by his values, which are sadly, no pathetically lacking.
Like everybody here, I have to agree, it's going to be a long hot summer. Download Scanner app for your smart phone, or go to Broadcastify, select top 50, you're gonna see the major black population centers come up every time. Tune in, and you hear the same thing every night;shooting, shots fired, black male, blah blah blah. You can march till the cows come home, and you won't change this. Also there's the stabbings, the beatings, the domestic disturbances.
Keep marching, because at this point I no longer give a sh*t.

Ricky in Cali said...

I just spit my water I was drinking all over my bed!! I damn near chocked I was scrolling down on my phone drinking out of a water bottle and I had no idea there was really a Shitaveous!!! LMAOO!!! I also thought it was just a name we used to mock Negros, shame on me I should have known better

Anonymous said...

Sorry PK but you're off base on this story. This wasn't TNB, they aren't to blame at all. This was just the city of Cincinnati gone wrong or anti-violence march gone wrong. Negroes are NEVER, EVER to blame for violence, they are too busy being scientists, doctors, engineers etc. like on TV.

Contribution comin' at ya next week via U.S. Post Office.

Keep it up, you are the lonely voice of sanity in an insane, crumbling nation.

non-DWL from NE

make it rain TRUTH said...

Don't worry, gentlemen. The drive-by media are on the case.

I happened to see the evening national news doing a story on a white guy who was sorry he used to be into nazi skinhead stuff and now he's all repentant and willing to self-flagellate in front of a video camera for the drive-bys. It's tied into the white nutjob that shot that church up last week, and how that white nutjob said he was finding the impetus for his "racism" from the interwebs.

Apparently the interwebs is making lots of skinheads and KKKers. These newly created haters MUST be who is behind all this black death and carnage. Otherwise why would the drive-bys feel the need to do this story? My Dick Wolf television programs have been sounding the alarms to this problem for the past 25 years. Black lives don't matter to the skinheads and KKKers. Or anybody that is displaying a Confederate Flag. Or anybody that can read crime statistics.

The drive-bys are onto 'em, so you can sleep soundly tonight. Unless the section 8 fambly next door plays their music loud all night. But then that's your fault since you get up to go to a job in the morning like a dummy instead of joining the party.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that the media rodents used the term 'gunfight'. I was expecting them to refer to it as a 'scuffle' or a 'disturbance' or a 'fracas' or something.

I guess the rug they've been sweeping all that TNB under is all full!

June 23, 2015 at 8:16 PM

Howabout a 'rumpus'
a 'skirmish'
a 'hullabaloo'
a 'commotion'
a 'donnybrook'
or my favorite a 'foofaraw'

Why those young rapscallions! Their rambunctious hijinks are good wholesome fun, YT! It's fun for the whole fambily!

Whiskey said...

Figure Cincy as the place where a Black person or persons conducts a retaliatory killing of Whites over Charlestown?

rex freeway said...

It boggles my mind that common sense and truth mean absolutely nothing to Negros and Liberals. If common sense and truth doesn't work, what direction do you take now? People who cannot comprehend logic should not be able to walk free in society.

If you cannot control yourself emotionally and intellectually, and others have to do it for you, then you have lost your right to be apart of an open civilized society.

No society can endure the mentally insane and the habitually violent to run free. We became the greatest country ever by not allowing this behavior. And in a few short years the liberal mindset has set them free to run the streets committing crimes against humanity.

This must be reversed or America is done for.

Anonymous said...

The Ferguson commission wants to rewrite state law now. Hillary killary cankles came to tell us equality and it's policy is coming. Change needs to be felt by all. Oh. Hell. No. Kmov local news msm has a story cops,corruption, profiling (st.louis news) check it out. So sick of B.R.A.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Why does it seem that when a white person does a crime it always seems like a case of a lone wolf?, you never hear stories of a group of whites were assaulting/robbing people, whereas so many of crimes by blacks seem to be done in groups? Is their any studies on why this is?

In my opinion it is far worse when it is done as a group, because when 1 person does it by himself it could just be one bad apple or one nut, with groups lets say there is 5 or 10 you pick the number, all it takes is for 1 member of the group to have good judgement and say lets not do it. June 23, 2015 at 5:53 PM

Anon, a commentator here gave us a wonderful insight into this group-attack behavior a few months back. Remember the live cattle truck that overturned in S. Africa? Negros swarmed the cattle, hacking off pieces of meat from the animals without even bothering to kill them first, in a scene straight out of "The Negro in Negroland" (spend a few milliseconds and search it). The attack on Steve Utash was the same dynamic, and there are lots of other examples.

The Negro never evolved past the Stone Age; he had no advanced weapons that could take down the large animals in Africa. So he relied on group attacks, swarming an injured animal and using sticks and rocks to kill it. A disabled motor vehicle is, to the Negro, just like a wounded animal, like a hippo or wildebeest.

This is a genetic, instinctual behavior of the Negro. It is pre-programmed and has nothing to do with the behavior of any other race/species of hominids.

Beyond Hatred

Anonymous said...

"...The majority of the folks down here don't want to be in this kind of situation, but there are a handful that we need to root out of here and that's what law enforcement's role should be"

Yeah, right. You be sure to tell law enforcement how to do their job. The minute police (of whatever color) attempt to find the "handful," they get blocked by screams of racism.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the majority of interracial violence in South Carolina committed by negroes?

If so, why are we talking about the flag being removed?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really care about negro upon negro violence? I think not. It's clear the negroes don't care since they continually indulge in such violence and even non-involved negroes refuse to "snitch." They only care if it affects them personally-otherwise, they couldn't care less. However, they want every non negro to care, to feel sympathetic and shower them with money, programs, initiatives and attention- all of which have no effect on the problems they create.
Another useless march to end the violence. Another parade of fools and attention whores. In their neighborhoods, they KNOW who the culprits are just as any neighborhood knows who the bad elements are. Yet they do nothing to rid themselves of that element or confront them en masse in person or turn them in. All they do is march and whine while seeking gibsmedat. After all, no negro wants to see another negro held accountable and thus anger the family and friends of the guilty negro by making them look bad or anger the community by "betraying da community" to "da man."
And so, they march and whine and seek to be showered with gibsmedat and magical solutions as the body counts keep rising. Maybe another midnight bakkaball program will work or maybe another five million dollar recreation center that becomes the location of more violence, drug dealing and other crimes will do the trick?
You can't help people who won't help themselves and there's no use in trying.
Listening to negroes whine about da violence and the effect on da community is like listening to an alcoholic whine about his 5th DUI arrest while his family whines and defends the miscreant even though they do nothing to stop him from driving drunk. Everybody else is supposed to do something. Everybody else is supposed to "helps us!" But don't you dare call the popo when you see the besotted fool stagger to his car, get in and take off down the road! Besides, it ain't his fault or their fault- it's da liquor store's fault what sells da liquor! But you called the po-po and now you has done caused all kinds of trouble! You the problem!
Don't expect negroes to make any sense or do anything realistic or constructive to solve their own problems. It isn't going to happen. And it's all your fault anyway.

Anonymous said...

Senseless black violence on "Race Street"? Sometimes you just can't make these things up!!!



Since they have taken the pledge of allegiance out of public schools due to the GOD part now we must see to it that MLK is taken out of the public schools. Separation of church and state is the belly aching we've heard about for many years now. And since the "good reverend" is a man of the cloth his pictures and name need to be removed from all public schools. And then what about that brandy new statue in D.C. is that not on State and Federal Lands. Again the church and state issue is what we should insist. Eye for an eye. They want our hero's gone then we want theirs gone. Rev. Martin Luther King statue needs to be booted from the mall in D.C.


Anonymous said...

That's too much like slavery.

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

Black violence? Wanton killings? Brutal savagery? Rapes and gratuitous killing of white women? Home invasions and slaughter of white families?

"Joe, say it ain't so?"

How can this be when all we see with our own eyes,, ALL we see on television and hear from our scared shit elected representatives is just the opposite?

We are indeed now living in two earthly parallel worlds - one WE, the People, the "Lumpen Proletarat" experience with ever-increasing horror and disgust and the one our state-controlled media merrily depicts with the collusion of our "school system" and which our incipient Nazi government endorses.


“When one with honeyed words but evil mind
Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”
― Euripides, Orestes

Southron said...

How about an anti-violence rally anti-violence rally? Or what if they try marching backwards down the street? Maybe that'll undo the bad juju that plagued their beleaguered zip codes of violence.

Seriously though, they've managed to get some mileage for "da skruggle" on the Confederate flag. Walmart and other retailers have already banned it. They keep saying that it doesn't belong on public property, and should only be displayed on private property. How long do you think that will keep them happy?

Since the flag has office been declared racist, it will be open season on anyone who has it displayed on their house or vehicle. Even with first amendment protection, you can be killed, assaulted, have your property vandalized, or be harassed at your place of work for the cause of "social justice" because you dared display it.

South Africa is here.

Anonymous said...

There was no way to predict this. How could an anti-violence march possibly turn into violence?

Anonymous said...

its funny why blacks are not aware of the violence they reap upon society. Somehow the person was a "good boy" and "turning his life around". Yes somehow he greeted police with a loaded gun, ready to shoot.

Anonymous said...

I live in the district Sonny Kim was killed in I have the last words he ever spoke recorded on tape, he was a good man positive........I get choked up even typing this I knew him a little such a good person and great cop.

His character and the police chief being incompetent are what got him killed a chief who has no clue how to command men and a cop who wanted to protect life and safety who
was shot because he should have shot the asshole in front of his worthless mother.

He was ambushed and then his service weapon was taken from him and used against the other cop who killed the black criminal feral asshole.

Anonymous said...

Dylan Roof and all of you are delusional. This site promotes false propaganda. Let me debunk all your irrational fear. Dylan says that he did it because blacks are killing whites at a higher rate. Clearly you rednecks don't know statistics.

704 whites killed by blacks, as a percentage of the white population in 2010 (196.8 million) was a whopping 3.6 ten-thousandths of one percent (0.00036) of all whites who were killed by a black person that year. This comes out to about 1 white person out of every 277,000 who were killed by a black person in 2010. Quite the risk, that. Clearly sufficient to justify a generalized fear of being interracially murdered by a black person… Sarcasm.
Oh, except, here’s the problem: any given black person is far more likely to be interracially murdered by a white person than that. 413 blacks killed by whites, as a percentage of the black population in 2010 (42 million) was 1 one-thousandths of a percent (0.001) of all blacks who were killed by a white person that year. This equates to about 1 black person out of every 100,000 who were killed by a white person in 2010.
In other words, although interracial homicides are incredibly rare in either direction, any given black person in the United States is about 2.8 times more likely to be killed by a white person than any given white person is to be murdered by a black person.

So WHITES are KILLING blacks at a higher rate than Blacks are Killing Whites. My job here is done :)

Anonymous said...

KMOV is a liberal cesspool, and it's not ever a NBC affiliate.

Anonymous said...


I guess we all have to forget the Civil War ever happened, let's erase history, let's build MB statues, Caityn Jenner Parks, P Diddy Stadiums.......oh gosh I'm getting sick.

Pat Boyle said...

In one of my favorite memories of childhood I saw the movie 'Og Son of Fire'. Our hero Og the caveman has just discovered fire. He has a burning torch which he accidentally stuck in the nearby stream. He is not happy when it goes out - so he sticks it back in the water to make it reignite.

We all laugh at the ignorant primitive.

So why don't stand up comedians do jokes about these anti-violence marches? If you think about it the notion of walking down the street as a means of avoiding gunfire is pretty funny. Or as I wrote a week ago its a whacky superstition like the Indians ' Ghost Dance'. Here in California I keep expecting to read about our environmentally sensitive neighbors engaging in 'Rain Dances' as the drought lengthens. Take off your shirt and beat some drums. That's the ticket.

The anti-violence march is taken much too seriously. The news anchors report the latest march with solemnity and quasi-religious respect. Why don't they break into big smiles on the nightly news and report the latest march with a jaunty 'there they go again' attitude?


Anonymous said...

How far was this from the town Marvin Lucifer King Blvd? Every MLK Blvd is a magnet for the feces species' penchant for killing each udders.

Anonymous said...

Withdrawing from the onslaught of negronics and it's idiocracy is a wise solution. Much of the tough talking (or typing) has panned out miserably, and has shown that no one person will spark the righting of the ship. Self destructive Whites and the communist ANC run American media are positioning the West for free hots and cots for turd world-ers, along with violence against Whites as a common practice. Hunker down, keep your circles of associates small, be aware and be prepared.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 8:00am - Oh honey, I assume you're black, so your confusion with numbers is completely understandable and expected. Here's how the numbers really work.

From http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/10shrtbl06.xls we see that in 2010, 447 whites were murdered by blacks, while 218 blacks were murdered by whites, for a total of 665 inter-racial murders.

Given that blacks are 12.6% of US population, and whites are 72.4% of US population, the population ratio is .174 to 1 black to white.

If the interracial murder rates were the same for both, we would expect 115 out of the 665 murders to be murders of whites by blacks. But the number was 447, which is 388% of the expected rate by populations.

There, my work is done (assuming you can understand this, which is a real longshot).

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:00 is unintentionally correct in that the flight of white people from all major metropolitain areas and section 8 housing accomodations has successfully helped keep them alive and safe from black violence. Still, the ugly disparity in violent tendencies exists.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8 am. Do your white on black killings include white police officers killing a black in the line of duty? Not sure where you got your statistics but I can guarantee you that a black would be much safer walking down the street of my white neighborhood than I would be in an urban black neighborhood! Check your bigotry elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 6:59 - I believe lawn mowing, or any form of property maintenance, is a foreign concept to negroes. They prefer to keep their surroundings natural, like the jungle, due to their reverence for nature and all the beauty therein. Plus, they are very busy marching for a stop to all the violence while dodging bullets.

Anonymous said...

@make it rain TRUTH


how about "shenanigans, tomfoolery, monkey business (!), skylarking" (our old navy term)

"those boisterous youths engaging in their monkey business & tomfoolery are obstreperous, repugnant & truculent - yet oddly entertaining - as long as one doesn't catch a stray bullet (i.e. as long as one isn't in the wrong place at the wrong time)."

Sheila said...

Go to Amazon Customer Service (don't use email or online chat; opt for an immediate return phone call) and let them know (courteously but firmly) that unless/until they return to selling Confederate flag-themed merchandise, you will cease shopping there. I already did so, and I think they're getting a lot of similar feedback. The rep was careful to say that although the items are not presently for sale, they have not yet made a final decision as to whether/when it might be for sale again.

Put your money where your mouth is.

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

Funny how you failed yo provide ANY sources for your 'facts'. Obviously you're a WHITE troll, you stated 'my job here is done'....thus ruling out a Negro, they don't work.

Anonymous said...

UK - in Rotherham, over 300 suspects have been identified in the child grooming scandal.


Let's do some numbers folks.

Population of Rotherham is 109,691 (2011 Census)
'Asian' population is 3.47% - 3806 (hint - they are all Pakistani/Bangladeshi muslims, NOT Koreans!)
Of that 3806, half is male so - 1903
Of them half - maybe less as population is young - are 16-60, so 951.

It looks like almost one third of Rotherham's male muslims of age are in on the fun. Don't let it happen on your side of the pond.

Anonymous said...

"So WHITES are KILLING blacks at a higher rate than Blacks are Killing Whites. My job here is done :)"

His point was that the media largely ignores black on white violence regardless of the circumstances, but glorifies and magnifies white on black violence even when the violence is a white person defending his life against a black attacker.

chattanooga gal said...

quite frankly, I don't even need to hear various people's statistics on black crime. All I need to do is look with my own eyes. Just about every white person I know who has had a violent crime, or burglary or purse snatched, etc. it was done by a black male. I have never met anyone, white, who burglarized, mugged etc a black person.

Mr. Rational, the Black lesbian said...

Dylan says that he did it because blacks are killing whites at a higher rate. Clearly you rednecks don't know statistics.

The Social Justice Warrior gets things exactly backwards.  In 2013, there were 409 Black-on-White murders to a mere 189 White-on-Black murders.  Given the disparity in population sizes, a given Black was almost 15 times as likely to murder a White as vice versa; Blacks accounted for almost 35% of all crimes against persons.

This would be funny, except leftards really believe this shit.

Anonymous said...

I know you're all secretly dying for Obama's Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing to place numerous negroes in your neighborhood. Just think! You too could have troops of marvelous, magical, marching negroes parading up and down your streets! Only their presence and their marches are what keeps the violence from increasing. Without their efforts, imagine how violent all your streets would be! It is only their vibrant African spirit which keeps the bad juju of evil zip codes and streets from fully manifesting themselves in orgies of mayhem and destruction!
Oh....wait. Your streets aren't violent? You don't need marches? Your zip code is safe?
White privilege! Disparate impact! Unequal outcomes! Racism! Unfair advantage!
Don't you understand? It's your fault that negroes are forced to live in areas with bad juju in da streets and zip codes. It's just hateful that you want to keep them there and not let them escape to your area.
Where's the compassion? You even trap them in schools that give off mind numbing magical vapors which prevent negro chilluns from being able to learn. Worse yet, you leave them in accursed housing which causes their momma's to spread their legs every time the wind blows and causes them to have multiple fatherless babies they can't support!
It's just hateful, I tell you! Just hateful!
Social justice NOW!

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 8a.m. is obviously a middle class white male from a sheltered environment. Probably smokes marijuana, and lives in a nice neighborhood with his parents. Listens to rap music in his late model car, and has a black friend.
Did I mention that statistically, he is 2/3 Chinese? It's gotta be, statistics prove it.
As someone once said the map is not the territory, you don't know till you have boots on the ground. I cordially invite you to go live with your homies in the hood, then decide who's delusional.
By the way, are the hordes of rampaging black youth flash mobs delusional? The knockout game thugs? Are you?Funny thing about delusional, it doesn't recognize itself as such.
Most people on this site are working class whites who are forced to be around blacks and have seen first hand their b.s. This isn't prejudice, this is M.L.K.'s dream, where they are judged by the content of their character. Ever notice how a dream can turn into a nightmare?

Unknown said...

I wonder when we can ban Mexican flags and cinco de mayo celebrations. Can we ban that red black and green abomination of a flag the negroes are carrying around?
Previous poster said blacks aren't into home improvement, or something similar. I have noticed at my local home depot the only negroes I see work there.

Mutant Swarm said...

Southron said...

"How about an anti-violence rally anti-violence rally? Or what if they try marching backwards down the street? (Emphasis added.) Maybe that'll undo the bad juju that plagued their beleaguered zip codes of violence..."

For those of us with vivid imaginations, the image this evokes is just priceless. Can you imagine a bunch of NBPPs, all butched up in their black berets and fatigues, with their fists in the air while facing the wrong way (kinda sums them up, doesn't it)?

Saturday Night Live hasn't been that funny in years!


Here is some JuJu / Cargo-cult remedies to the violence that seems to break out when the brathas and sistahs march:

1) March in a White zip-code

2) Accept $1,000 per negro NOT to march

3) Make a White Woman march beside each negro male. He will be far far far to busy hitting on the White chic and won't have an interest in guns, etc.

4) Make them march to country songs.

5) Make them follow Confederate Flags

6) Make the march begin at 8:00 AM.

7) Promise free Malt Liquor at the END of the March if they leave their guns IN their pants.

8) Have the march on the last day of the month when the ETB cards are reloaded. They surely don't want to die before that event happens.

Anonymous said...

PK, here's something for you to sink your teeth into... listen to this POS orc call for the murder of Whites. Just happened in Charleston; wow.

Hot Summer, as ordered.


Anonymous said...


comment at NYT link,

Ask yourself why there are so many blacks murdered by blacks. Hatred for so many years and generations by whites has been internalized to the point that they themselves feel their lives don't matter. This is why "Black Lives Matter" is so important and it is time white people accept their responsibility for having sown the seeds of despair for the many years of slavery and racism that clearly communicated to blacks that they did not/ do not matter. Yes, it is time for white liberals to become radical and accept our responsibility to value black people and to actively pursue all the subtle dog whistles of racism that are used to demean the lives of these people.

Anonymous said...

They don't want whites to forget the Civil War ever happened. They just want all whites to go to re-education camp about it and learn that they should bow down to the mighty Dindu using every ounce of their newfound white guilt to shows respect and empty their pockets in reparations to them.

Flags and monuments will not be enough. This crap is settings us up for Obama's last big goal before leaving office. Reparations fo da darkies soes da can lib and play all da lib long day!

Anonymous said...

If we are forced to go to the re-education camps for white privilege and white guilt and all, who is going to work and provide the tax money for the EBT cards BRA is so dependent upon???

Anonymous said...

Comment for the Statistician on the site.
As is typical of the left, your arithmetic is correct, your application is wrong.

Using your numbers - 704 whites killed by blacks (42M population) versus 413 blacks killed by whites (197M population) - for simplicity let me take that each of the those killings is committed by different individuals.

The values that indicate there are 17 killer blacks per 10,000 population versus 2 killer whites per 10,000 of that population.

An that is what the issue is, not how the numbers work out for our safety as if blacks killing whites is like lightening strikes, but how dangerous it is for whites to be around blacks, when they are 8.5 times as likely to be a murderous piece of excrement than whites are collectively separated from blacks.

Nate Higgers, FL

Anonymous said...

OK anonymous at 8 AM. Using your numbers, this is the way I look at the problem:

You said that 413 blacks were interracially killed by whites. If I take 413/196,800,000, I get the proportion of blacks killed by whites which comes to 2.0986 times 10^-6. Now, the number of whites killed by blacks is 704/42,000,000 which comes to 1.6762 times 10^-5. Since the bottom number is larger than the top number, blacks must be killing whites at a proportion higher than white are killing blacks (using your data if it is true.) When I divide the larger proportion (blacks killing whites) by the smaller proportion (whites killing blacks), I get 7.9873 (about 8 times the rate of whites killing blacks proportionately.)

Now…why did the whites kill the blacks? Fucking answer that question JACK ASS!

I bet the VAST majority did it in self-defense or trying to avoid a rape. Blacks are fucking animals! Read the fucking newspapers you illiterate ape!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:46 said, "If the interracial murder rates were the same for both, we would expect 115 out of the 665 murders to be murders of whites by blacks. But the number was 447, which is 388% of the expected rate by populations.

There, my work is done (assuming you can understand this, which is a real longshot).

Dear poster, while you're certainly on the right track and fully grasp comparative statistical analysis, it's actually far worse than what you suggest. While blacks as a whole are only 12.6% of the population, those black murders (as a statistical grouping) are committed by a much smaller percentage of vicious Mau Maus than the entire racial group taken as a whole.

Given that the overwhelming majority of black murders are committed by black males between the ages of 16 and 45, this small segment of the overall black population cannot be much more than 1.5 to 2%, tops. So, the ratio then becomes roughly one-sixth of the entire black population committing all these the murders. So, by simple extrapolation the percentage of blacks committing murders as against the white male population is closer to 2,400% greater - or 24 times more likely to murder than a white man in the same age grouping.

But it gets even worse. This same astonishingly tiny portion of the population statistically commits roughly 45% of all the country’s violent felonies and physical assaults. And if this isn’t frightening enough, black adolescents and men who are about 2.5% of the overall population, commit over 94% of ALL the interracial rapes (black on white and other races/ethnicities) rapes in America. Digest that one!

Our work is done here, Dashawn! Go back to your looting and pillaging.

Anonymous said...

You just made excuses for murder. You are dismissed. Thanks for proving that you will excuse any VILE behavior from negroes and make excuses for it.

Btw, how many negroes live in your neighborhood? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

White people feel the "disparate impact" of being murdered by negroes.

Unknown said...

I have a question for the liberal trolls here:

Why are black males the only ones to rape elderly women?

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

One more thing I forgot to mention above is that given the horrendous violence and murders routinely committed by street apes on innocent white people, if we whites retaliated in kind there WOULD BE NO racial problems in this country, They'd all be in cemeteries or paraplegics due to vicious beatings with bats, pipes, concrete blocks and 48“ pipe wrenches.

"The real negative effect is actually black on white violent attacks is off the charts and has been during much of our tremendous civil rights progress. Rather than acknowledge and honor the victims, and have a national campaign to stop the slaughter…the victims, solely because they are white, have been flushed down the toilet."

Taken from Heart of Darkness – Black on White Crime in America, VETERANS TODAY
Posted by Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on January 17, 2014

Anonymous said...

Staggering info. Libtards, can any of you refute this? If not, let's agree you should be on the same Africa-bound ship as the orcs.

Given that the overwhelming majority of black murders are committed by black males between the ages of 16 and 45, this small segment of the overall black population cannot be much more than 1.5 to 2%, tops. So, the ratio then becomes roughly one-sixth of the entire black population committing all these the murders. So, by simple extrapolation the percentage of blacks committing murders as against the white male population is closer to 2,400% greater - or 24 times more likely to murder than a white man in the same age grouping.

But it gets even worse. This same astonishingly tiny portion of the population statistically commits roughly 45% of all the country’s violent felonies and physical assaults. And if this isn’t frightening enough, black adolescents and men who are about 2.5% of the overall population, commit over 94% of ALL the interracial rapes (black on white and other races/ethnicities) rapes in America. Digest that one!

Anonymous said...

Poster at 1:18…I didn’t think about the fact that MOST of the murders are being done by young black males (monkeys) who constitute maybe 3% of the population, but commit the majority of violent crimes.

HEY Dashawn…you f*ing n****r loving idiot…how many white men raped black women this year? Shall I count them on one hand you stupid putz? Blacks rape white women at the rate of about 100 per day! How many whites robbed blacks this year? Blacks rob at very high rates while whites are very low. If it weren’t for the 3% of YOUR f*ing population people could walk the streets again. We need to separate ourselves from you damned stinking apes!

Anonymous said...

Before his encounter with the Knockout Game, Paul Lane was "a lefty. As left as you can get," he said. He supported Obama. Intends to vote for Hillary. Or at least he did.

That was before November 7, 2013. The day everything changed for Paul. The day Kenneth Johnson walked into the Contra Costa library and played the Knockout Game with the New York Times-reading, liberal-loving, Obama-voting, brie-eating, white wine-drinking, Northern California librarian.

"It was 2:49 in the afternoon," said Lane. "And this black guy, I wont say he is a kid, he was 21 years old, comes into the room in the library. I was helping a 67-year old guy with history and old movies, because I know that stuff. He was smiling as if he knew the guy I was helping. Then he -Johnson- walks up to the patron and hits him on the side of the head as hard as he can."


Anonymous said...

To SC native;

Writing from the Boston area I can tell you that the Civil War also devastated many families throughout New England. There are Civil War monuments to the dead in just about every small town, casualties were horrendous. All the monuments commemorate the dead and give thanks to God for the return of peace, none of them express any rancor against the South. That war cast a long shadow over the country.

I have yet to hear anyone approve of removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the Capitol or the banning of the flag. Vandalism of Confederate graves or war memorials has been condemned and has outraged people, many have moved from indifference over Obama's actions to outright hostility towards him, a welcome change. I don't travel in the circles of the rich or the genius, college professor types so I'm sure they still have the U.S. Government approved opinions.

The point I'm making is that support for white people in S. Carolina and Dixie in general can be found in some very surprising places if you know where to look, the South is far from alone in this cultural attack upon it. I wish there were more we can do but people here have started buying Dixie memorabilia now before it's illegal.

Don't give up, you are far from alone.

An observer from Boston.

Chuck Hammer said...

Anonymous at 8:00AM
In other words, although interracial homicides are incredibly rare in either direction, any given black person in the United States is about 2.8 times more likely to be killed by a white person than any given white person is to be murdered by a black person…..So WHITES are KILLING blacks at a higher rate than Blacks are Killing Whites. My job here is done :)

Tim Wise has built an entire career on this one deceptive statistic.

Some time ago I watched a video of one of his talks and this concluding point brought the audience to rapturous applause. Yes! Whites are the violent interracial killers, not blacks. We so wanted it to be!

Alas, we live in an innumerate age when not one person in a hundred can grasp the reality behind this deliberate deception. This number is an artefact of the difference in population sizes.

So, yes, taking the FBI statistics at face value (more on this shortly), in 2010 any given black was 2.8 times more likely to be killed by a white than vice versa.

Let’s deconstruct this statistic using your numbers, shall we?

First, let’s flip it on its head:

White interracial killers - 413
White population - 196,800,000
White interracial killers per million population – 2.1

Black interracial killers - 704
Black population - 42,000,000
Black interracial killers per million population – 16.8

Ooooooh, gasp the crowd, as Anonymous goes down hard. Using Anonymous’ own numbers, we can see that any given black is 8 times more likely to be an interracial killer than any given white.

But wait, there’s more. A lot more. Given the intense media focus on this issue, does anyone really believe that more than 400 blacks are randomly murdered by racist whites in a year? I don’t. The FBI intentionally muddies the waters by reporting Hispanic killers as white. So how many of those 413 “white” killers weren’t really white at all? Also, how many of those white killers were acting in self defense? I’m going to guess half the “white” killers were Hispanic and half the rest were provoked killings. So let’s say 103 blacks were murdered by racist whites for no reason. Still way too high I think, but let’s stop there.

Now, 704 whites murdered by blacks? Let's be charitable and say again, some of those will be misidentifications and some will be defensive killings. Based on my own informal media survey I think at least one white person is murdered by a black every day. So let’s reduce that 704 number to 500.

Now we have:

White interracial killers - 103
White population - 196,800,000
White interracial killers per million population – 0.5

Black interracial killers - 500
Black population - 42,000,000
Black interracial killers per million population – 11.9

Anonymous is out cold and down for the count. The adjusted numbers tell us a black is 23 times more likely to be an interracial killer than a white. Given that blacks commit violent crimes at almost 50 times the rate of whites I’d say a black to white killer ratio of 23 to 1 is plausible.

Judfsdfsfs said...

Oh but there is a Shitavious. You think we have to make stuff up to mock black malfeasance?


Truth Corps said...

Huge win for BRA here.The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in a decision announced Thursday that proof of intentional discrimination against minorities is not needed to allow housing bias lawsuits to proceed.

Still think we're voting our way out of this?

Got ammo?

Anonymous said...

It won't end with the flag. Thanks to the foolish reaction of these cowards to Dylann Roof, all it will now take is one lone wolf Christian "terrorist" – indeed, one who no one even knows – to shoot up a "gay pride parade" or event for the same people who run the media to launch a similar campaign now that this dangerous precedent has been set. Christians will be condemned as homophobic and full of hate. The Social Justice Warriors will be coming for Jesus, the Bible and the target will shift within days to Christianity.

Anonymous said...

". . . Christians will be condemned as homophobic and full of hate. The Social Justice Warriors will be coming for Jesus, the Bible and the target will shift within days to Christianity. . . "

My guess is the opening attack will be the denial of tax exempt status to churches that don't perform "gay" marriages(sic). After that will be denial of state recognition to marriages performed by priests/ministers who personally refuse to perform such marriages leaving truly married Christian couples in the anomalous position of being considered illegitimate by the state while gay "marriages" will be recognized as legitimate by the state. Already there have been cases where minor governmental officials have been forced to perform gay "marriages" or lose their governmental offices.

These religious types have worshipped nogs for decades, they were an essential part of the communists' so called "civil rights" campaigns of the 1950s - 1960s, the ultimate "useful idiots". It is inconceivable to these morons that the master they have so faithfully served all these years as their congregations have dwindled to nothing will now turn on them. They deserve everything they get, I don't have an ounce of sympathy for these religious hypocrite types.

In a way this is a good thing as it will definitely separate the "sheep from the goats" as the men of the cloth will be forced to choose a master, God or Caesar. Many of those hypocrites will be shocked that BRA, which they have faithfully worshipped for decades is now breathing down their necks on a matter of faith and morals. If they think gay "marriage" is bad they are going to love polygamy when some Moslem scumbag wins a court case claiming religious discrimination because polygamy is still illegal. That's in our future too as we celebrate the joys of diversity.

non-DWL from NE


The right to be free is the right to discriminate.

That is what freedom is.

The right to choose is freedom. When you can't choose, you have no freedom.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to take a minute to give thanks for the great contributions the Black community have made to our society. First off is their peaceful and generous nature that make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture we know. I might add also their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. And lest we forget about the real estate values that are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring, kind and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be much poorer as a nation.

The negro can not live peacefully within any social environment. They believe to be descendants of the rulers of Egypt and are royalty. Negros have been "re-writing" their own history to please their ego. Truth be told they are ALL violent soulless savages. They consume then destroy their own environment then move on. Over the millennia these mongrels have never contributed anything to this earth but death mayhem and chaos. They deserve nothing but a ride back to the Dark Continent where they belong.

Presently enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind., Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA,Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Ferguson MO, Baltimore MD, Camden NJ, and let's not forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the world!!
Pants UP, Don't Loot!

Anonymous said...

Rebel here.

Does anyone remember my 15 Steps to the Collapse of a City (or something like that)? Paul did an article on it at one point.

One of the steps was the city caving to black demands to hire a black Police Chief to get the racist police under control and have someone who "looks like us" (black) in a position of authority to protect the rights of the community.

The next step is the complete collapse of law and order as blacks run wild and the black-run police do nothing to stop it. We're seeing that in South Africa, we're seeing it in Baltimore and we're now seeing it in Indianapolis.


Indy now has the highest per-capita murder rate in America. But, so what? What's interesting about this is that Indy was having a terrible crime problem in the ghetto a few years back and hired a black Police Chief. From Baltimore, no less. And no ordinary Baltimore policeman. He was the head of the angry black policemen's society, or whatever they call it. His job was to root out grievances of black police officers and get them fixed. He was a professional black police agitator. And Indy decided to make him the Chief.

On his first visit to Indianapolis he sought out and met with the local group of angry black ministers about what the black community needed. He then - even before he started work - testified for a sentence reduction for a sex offender. And most of us have heard how Indy has spiraled into anarchy under his leadership until it is now the Murder Capital of America and whites are fleeing the city.

One more step. The destruction of another American city is closer to completion.

Keep your powder dry.


Anonymous said...

This is all coming from your typical libtarded democrap.

Here's the thing that debunks your whole
pathetic reasoning of YT killin mo' negros.

You simply cannot use them types of statistics because....wait for it.....


You have to include that the majority of white folks don't carry the same mentality as black folk. We're no way
near as dangerous as them, EVER.


You are truly one of the few delusional
ppl that come to this website and still have your head up your ass. That's EXACTLY where they want you to have it!

Obviously you don't live "down the way"
to see it for yourself. Come down from your illy white suburbia neighbors to da ghetto and spend a couple of weeks there.

Phuck, I'm done with that delusional clown. Some ppl are just too simple minded to even try to wake em up.
Keep your blinders on lil fella, but never
say you weren't warned....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I used to wonder how the Russians allowed a tiny group to take over their country, kill their leader, and then massacre 100 million people. They all apparently just went along with it. They meekly just went along to the gulags. This used to mystify me.

I'm now starting to see how this could happen.