Friday, June 5, 2015

Tourist Attractions Empty in 65 Percent Black Baltimore; How Long Until Baltimore is Devoid of Any White People?

Tourist attractions in 65 percent black Baltimore are empty. [City attractions struggle to regain footing in riot's aftermath, Baltimore Sun, 6-5-15]
The black violence in Baltimore is keeping white people from visiting the city's attractions, while black elected officials are blaming the police for failing to interrupt blacks from killing one another. [In Baltimore, allegations of police doing less as drugs are rampant,, 6-5-15]:
City Council member Carl Stokes said Thursday he does not entirely agree that the crime in Baltimore can be blamed on the proliferation of drug dealing. 
“It is not simply a matter of more prescription drugs on the streets,” he said. 
“Baltimore has always had a very high homicide rate for many years.” 
The law enforcement official agreed, telling CNN that while some of the violence is a byproduct of the looting, it is by no means all-inclusive. 
Two members of the Bloods gang in Baltimore told CNN they are being unfairly blamed by police for the violence. 
“What they’re trying to do is take the fire and heat off of them,” said one gang member, who goes by Bones. 
Stokes said the problem is more complex. 
“There’s more opportunity for the criminals in this city to do what they’re doing because leadership is failing and, frankly, because the Fraternal Order of Police — if they didn’t order it they have given some, again, not an order, but to say to their rank and file you don’t have to work as hard as you should be working, you don’t have to live up to your oath to serve and protect. … I think we have a horrible situation going on in this town,” Stokes said. 
He added that neighborhoods that are wracked with crime are now facing an even tougher situation. 
“I know that the police officers have lost confidence and respect for their commander,” Stokes said, adding that he believes the majority of Baltimore residents have respect for and confidence in the police. 
Stokes said he’s troubled by stories he’s heard from residents who he said have told him in the past few days that police in their neighborhoods are doing less. 
“Unfortunately and crazily, police officers are actually telling average citizens, ‘We’re not doing all of the extra things that we used to do, we’re not doing it and we’re not doing it because we’re upset with our leadership.'” 
Stokes offered to bring those residents who’ve told him this on CNN’s air. 
“What I would welcome is that we had a leader, a commander, who knew what the hell was going on with his troops,” said Stokes. “Because he has lost the confidence and respect of the police officers on the streets. He has lost the streets entirely in terms of the criminals out there.”
So Baltimore's tourist attractions (tax-producing businesses) are empty, while black Baltimore elected officials continue to throw the Baltimore Police Department under the bus for failing to keep blacks from killing one another... all the while an executive for Under Armour is planning to fund a program ensuring every officer of the Baltimore Police Department spends time with black city youth in a "team-building" program. [Under Armour executive funds program to create police-youth ties, Baltimore Sun, 6-3-15]:
Every Baltimore police officer will spend a day with city youths through an expanded “team-building” program to be funded by a top Under Armour executive. 
“To me, this is the positive story out of the riots,” said Ginger Mihalik, executive director of the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School. “‘A business leader in Baltimore is stepping up.” 
The contribution of Kip Fulks, Under Armour’s president of footwear and innovation, will allow the Outward Bound school’s Police and Youth Program to grow significantly.In recent years, the one-day program - held at the school's Leakin Park campus - has been limited to about 160 police cadets.  
With Fulks’ contribution, “it’s going to go to 3,000 officers – the entire force,” Mihalik said. Under the program, about 30 officers and 30 youths spend a day together.“We play name games where they have to learn each other’s names.  Then we start to break down the barriers,” Mihalik said. 
“The whole point is to create a safer Baltimore. You want the kids trusting the cops and the cops trusting the kids.”It is expected to take two years for all of the officers to cycle through the program.
Tourist attractions in 65 percent black Baltimore are empty.

Black elected officials, like Councilman Stokes, continue to promote the interests of their black constituents and find fault in the police for failing to restrain black people from showcasing their lack of impulse control and future time-orientation (i.e., stop them from killing one another).

How long until Baltimore is completely empty of any white people?


Anonymous said...


off topic,
"Medic Bear said... I want any DWL or lefty to explain to me how any homo species - or anything resembling a human being - could and would do something like this.'

LA Times, today, Black kills gal pal and baby, hands dead baby to his own mother.
[algernon reiux is his name --hows that for a fancy french handle?].

But for a bizarre disinformation--In the same days LA T is a big color pic [macys ad--they luv blacks in their ads]for Fathers day, color pic of black dad and tot [page 7].

But a sad or sadder story is old- from LA Times. Black gal and her man lived in car.
10? year old daughter begged in front of supermarket.
one day moom found her man messin in car w child and killed child.
yelled at girl, 'leave mine alone'. they buried her in a yard or lot, but were caught.I read that in the 1990s - if I recall.

Anonymous said...

“We play name games where they have to learn each other’s names.  Then we start to break down the barriers,” Mihalik said. 
Where does the insanity end for Christ's sake!? Are the police going to be forced to participate in this nonsense? What a bunch of detestable morons. If this doesn't prove that blacks aren't capable of living like civilized human beings then nothing will. They bitch about evil racist police, then they bitch some more when the evil racist police are absent! The mental ability of children on full display. Enjoy!
When will enough be ENOUGH!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

"Hey kids, want to go to Baltimore today"?
" Gosh, dad, could we, could we really"?
Yeah, me neither. It doesn't matter how nice or fair a person you are, you're going to encounter a group of "signifying" assholes who hate you because you're white. That's it, that's the situation in any major city in the U.S. today.
The mayor of Baltimore is an affirmative action bimbo operating at a level so far above her limited intelligence and skill set its painful to watch her string together a line of cliche buzz words and phrases into what she hopes is an acceptable answer. The press conferences during the riots had me seriously wondering if she was high on drugs, or really so incredibly stupid. I still don't know.
God have mercy on, and protect our police officers. Maybe if these buffoons would get off their backs and let them do their job,our cities would be liveable again. Maybe if repeat offenders were not immediately released back into society, none of this would have happened.
One thing is apparent, many of these people are irredeemable, they will never, never be productive members of society, and as such they must be isolated for the good of society as a whole. The longer the problem goes unaddressed, the worse it becomes.
I wish them luck with their slogans, and marches, and touchy feely programs, I really do. But I know they're doomed to failure. I know it, and so do you. And once again it will be our fault, because we want to keep the black man down. It's the same story globally, everywhere it's the white mans fault the blacks fail to thrive in an industrial age. Thus it's our fault they're impulsive, violent, drug using failures.
The jobs are not coming back. At least, jobs as we have known them in the past. Now, more than ever,education is needed, along with the ability to get along with, and work with others. From my experience, few urban blacks are able to do that, few even desire to do that. Who in their right mind would want to associate with that mentality? You lose I.q.points just being around them. You risk your life trying to police them, and keep them from harming themselves and others. Day in and day out,dear God it's got to have an affect on you. Just try to make it home alive everyday, and think about retirement up here on the north woods.



Will the last White-Man leaving Balti-more Checks, Md. Please turn out the lights!
That city as it was died 40 years ago! It just took another negro looting party to show the rest of the country that it was over for real this time. Shoot you think you negroes were living in filthy conditions(all of which were made by blacks)before that little let's show the rest of the country how us po-black folk support our local heroin dealer! You negroes haven't even begun to think that poor strategy out. Now have ya? Hey B-more checks, it's your Hell-Hole now good luck! You lowly common negroes are going to make Liberia look safe!


Anonymous said...

“I know that the police officers have lost confidence and respect for their commander,” Stokes said, adding that he believes the majority of Baltimore residents have respect for and confidence in the police."

And the band played, 'Believe It If You Like'. . . Of course to Stokes it has to be the fault of the White police commander, not the Black elected officials (enablers/race hustlers) such as Mosby & Rawlings-Blake who left the Baltimore police force totally impotent & in a no-win situation when ordering the police to 'stand down'& give the feral Black 'thugs' space to destroy - and destroy they certainly did. Cultural Marxism has these feral Blacks so wedded to Lies that they don't even know any more what the Truth is. Now these incompetent Black 'officials' are attempting to absolve themselves of all blame for the destruction & death their stupid pro-criminal policies have reaped. Too late a------s, White people are awakening & your manufactured lies are now being scattered to the wind. Let's see how these Blacks fare when left to their own devices.

salvage sam

icr said...

I wonder if this white liberal has abandoned Baltimore yet?:

Anonymous said...

When Bones McLawabidingcitizen spoke of taking the fire off, it made me think of those firemen and women rushing to the scene, setting up their hoses and getting to work. Defending themselves from projectiles, fists, and feet, that is. Wonder how much it costs the city for each cut and ruptured fire hose? Do black gang-related businesses get the gov. rebuilding contracts for all these conveniently burned out buildings? I wonder if rioting helped a lot of young people in Baltimore find themselves, getting out needed aggression that whites take for granted when paying for and attending therapy by yelling at the local cops who never even set eyes upon the local heroin peddler. His novel of a rap sheet usually just lists narcotics, so it is hard to always pinpoint the actions of ol' Pepper.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Ah, responsibility. Just who is to blame? YT is the correct answer.

It is in the civilization YT carved out of the backwater wilderness of Northwestern Europe a thousand years ago, and then again on the North American continent six hundred years later. It is not compatible with sub-saharan hominids.

So what needs to be done? Nothing. Soon we'll all be a light brown, perfect for ruling over. No worries guys, take your pill and stare at the screen. It won't hurt a bit.

Cause and effect. Consequences for actions. Who cares, when all is good? The status quo will last forever. Until it ends.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

Oh, no, no, no and no! Let Baldiemutte experience nothing but total white flight until it's one crockpot of black insanity. Then, a perfect example of everything you've spoken out on, sir. Allow the world to see yet another shining example of blacks in control....of a toilet.

Anonymous said...

“What I would welcome is that we had a leader, a commander, who knew what the hell was going on with his troops,” said Stokes. “Because he has lost the confidence and respect of the police officers on the streets. He has lost the streets entirely in terms of the criminals out there.”

Right, the person at the top. The one who ordered the troops to let them loot, let them set the city ablaze, let them slash fire hoses and hurl bricks at the firemen and the cops.

That would be the mayor, wouldn't it, Mr. Stokes?

- Man in Florida

Anonymous said...

This one is aimed at Pat or anyone who is scholarly enough to have read and understood all the relevant literature:

Have the roles of the amygdala and the hypothalamus been studied extensively for their variations across the species? If IQ can be mapped, it seems like they could study different regions of their brain to see what makes up the bulk of certain behaviors. If they can't help their behavior and everyone is going to have to keep paying for its much much less than desirable results, why not fully understand it? Reminds me of a study related to morality:

I was told a story/scenario related to this research, where they tried to illustrate a point:

2 women are at work. One hates the other with a passion, and now has decided that now is the time to strike. She puts just enough fatal poison in her co-worker's coffee to do her in. Somehow the women takes the wrong coffee, it doesn't go as planned and the coffee ends up being thrown out.

The second alternative in this scenario is that the first woman accidentally and without any malice ends up killing her co-worker but inadvertently lacing her coffee with industrial waste product or something of that matter, almost instantaneously killing her.

As humans, we would be morally swayed by the second situation not being as evil, as there was no evil or malicious intent in her actions. But to someone who has these magnets run over their heads, their moral decision-making process would favor the one who didn't end up doing any actual damage. Her mind may have been completely predatory but because in the end no one got hurt and no property was damaged, what is the big diff? This is also how a computer without emotion or empathy programmed into their AI would perceive things.

Would love to hear more about specific brain research as it relates to the issues discussed on this site.

Also am wondering if you can make a robot that hates N@ggers.

Anonymous said...

Get your March Madness-style choices ready, Long Beach just threw theirs into the pot:

If you are enough of a liar you can feign anger and 'I can't take this @#$% anymore' attitude long enough, yes, you can have your very own riot and batch of non-black commuters late for work. Only takes 1 thug, one suspicious and strange acting yoot who is uncooperative, uncivil, and shady in all of his actions. Speaking clearly and being straight forward really seems to be a strength (maybe even privilege) when speaking to cops. Might want to try it sometime. Play a game to see if it will be you or Malarquis who can talk coherently without any swearing whatsoever. While you're at it, play a game with each other as to who can be quiter the longest. Or just try to find out who can hold their breath the longest.

Next I'm going to read up on their superstitions and see how they can be used to help avoid the groid in some aspect or another. Maybe some good stock phrases and quotes that they won't be able to forget at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to know you're actions are never responsible for the many problems you face. Not so nice is realizing, if and when you ever do, that those problems almost never get solved!

Anonymous said...

Condolences to the white people of Baltimore , yet another formerly great city falling to the government sponsored black undertow. When you live in an area where business owners need to be protected by plexiglass in order to not be murdered by their customers you know you are enjoying the benefits of diversity and of course diversity is our strength ! You can run but diversity will always follow after diversity has destroyed whatever unfortunate area it is currently infesting.

Anonymous said...

What a crock! Learn each others names?!

"DaVonte', this is officer Smith"

Reminds me of a scene I'd imagine when early explorers first discovered negro tribes in the deepest African jungles; leaders would gather and trade names and greetings in their native tongues.

What will the click-talking peoples of Baltimorgue say to the explorers dressed as police?

Just another side show on our way down the rabbit hole. Baltimore must be BOYCOTTED immediately by Whites. let the blacks show what they truly are without any intervention. Let Mosby and the Mayor negress strut their stuff and show us how they can lead.

When the last fire goes out, and the vultures are full, Humans can reenter and rebuild. Except this time... NO NEGROES!!!

Anonymous said...

“We play name games".

OhhhhKay. Pick a response:

1. The yoofs will have an unfair advantage: they have to learn "Frank", and Frank has to learn De'Endrea and Uneikk.

2. What, no "tag" or "Red Rover"?

3. If they do Valentine's day next year, do the boys have to give the other boys Valentine cards?

4. I predict this will end in....*major hugging*! (happy face).

5. After the day spent wif' yoof', what if the yoof starts calling me "Daddy"?

6. The whole thing will be secretly taped and then show up on "SNL" as a skit.

Anonymous said...

Black people always make me laugh; they never look in their own pants to see where that horrible smell is coming from!

Tourism is down in Baltimore; that also means that business is down in Baltimore along with tax revenue. What, Mr. Stokes, could be the cause of the downturn? I swear, sir, I haven’t a clue.

Surely it is the guns killing all the young black men!

So sir, are you saying if I (a white man) went into a black neighborhood with an Uzi and blasted away, then it was the Uzi that did the bad deed? You say NOT!

Oh…OK…you would say that would be murder and not the fault of the Uzi!

However, if a black kills someone with a gun, it is the fault of the gun and not the black person behind the gun? Is that correct? OK…that is correct! A black man cannot kill another with a gun…it is the gun that kills! Is it also correct that if a black man rapes a white woman it was the negro’s dick and not the negro that committed the rape?

OK…that is correct, the negro did not rape in that case!

However, if a black woman is raped by a white man, then the white man committed the rape? OK…you say that is also correct: white men rape, but black men don’t because it was their dick that raped the woman.

I’m just trying to understand the logic of BRA!

I am starting to understand now! It is not the negro abusing the drugs, but the drugs abusing the negros (except with whites the reasoning is reversed!)

There are lots of pharmaceutical drugs on the street sold illegally, but the sudden spate of drugs on the street were not caused by the looting, and the looting was not caused by the leaders of Baltimore giving the rioters and looters space to do what they did, and the current violence in Baltimore was not caused by the leaders offering up their police as scapegoats to the violent mobs? Frankly, sir, I am as baffled as you as to what is causing the problem!

I should think you would be happy, Mr. Stokes, that the City Council and the major and the attorney general have been given what they want: they now have less police action on the good people of Baltimore. Although murders spiked in recent weeks to break records, none of this has to do with blacks or the way the city is being run by blacks…right?

However, I am confused, now you say the police are not doing their job, and some people (who you did not give the names of) have told you that the police told them they were not doing their jobs for fear of the city turning on them like they did for their fellow officers. Why would the officers feel that way? Heavens…I haven’t a clue!

It seems this happens in all areas with large concentrations of negros. However, as PK and many others cannot fathom, why is this only happening only in black communities? Surely it is connected with white privilege!

WHEN in the fucking HELL will these DUMBASSES and DWL’s pull their GODDAMBED heads out of their ASSES?

ragman said...

Good! They surely hate YT but not his money. Let 'em shrivel up and die on their vines of hatred and racism. Any White person that goes to Baltimore deserves what he/she gets and they certainly won't be welcomed with open arms.

Mutant Swarm said...

"Officer! Officer" Dat man just stole ma caa ("car")!"

"Whatchoo mean? He dindu nuffin."

"Dem punks on the corner, dey always slangin' and bangin', tell 'em to stop!"

"Whatchoo mean? They dindu nuffin."

"Dat Girrul, she be sellin' it to whoever want it! Do something!"

"Whatchoo mean? She dindu nuffin."

And in other news...

"Every Baltimore police officer will spend a day with city youths through an expanded 'team-building' program to be funded by a top Under Armour executive.

“ 'To me, this is the positive story out of the riots,' said Ginger Mihalik, executive director of the Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School. “ ‘A business leader in Baltimore is stepping up.' ”

So some kid gets some free Under Armour gibs, the cop get to have one of his days off wasted (which will SURELY make him want to embrace the mud puppy with open arms), and Under Armour gets a tax break.

Where's the damn reset button on this country, anyway?

Anonymous said...

With a population that's 65% black, I'm surprised anyone wants to go to Baltimore (due to the safety issues) even before the riots. If there was a way into the city that didn't force visitors to travel through the "hood" to reach safe, developed areas that are civilized that would be different. Then, of course, once having reached those areas, it would be necessary for a heavy police presence to keep the negroes too uncomfortable to feel free to target the area to commit their crimes.
My mid sized city hs only about a 10% negro infestation and, of course, crime maps show that the area they live in is a high crime area. It's rather close to downtown but heavy police presence stops the red dots on the crime map from spreading to the downtown area. And luckily, there are many routes into the downtown that one can take so no one has to travel through the black area.
65% black for me is a 100% no go area.

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that gang members are given one ounce of credibility by MSM(CNN), what a total joke. The folks who run 65% black Baltimore are as stupid as they get, it's over.


Anonymous said...

I was the one who gave updates on Sharpnot's whereabouts the other day. Out of curiosity I did the same with Jesse "Love Child" Jackson. Barbarian hordes are at the gates!

So if tech just pays Jackson off will he go away, or is Lamont going to be taking up a corner office and giving the rest of the gang all his work?

I'd love to see him learn some coding, put his money where his mouth is.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why there are any non-black people still living in Baltimore. If the past few months there don't make the writing on the wall clear enough, I don't know what will.

Anonymous said...

I saw a few reporters on CNN (interestingly enough it was a white male and female), both who seemed skeptical and were trying to understand if using federal troops would be a long term solution. Councilman Carl Stokes flicks his nose and rambles a bit before go for a full blame assault on the police commissioner Anthony Batts. At least they are starting to blame each other now as they circle around the drain. And speaking of water, not sure if any of you have heard how even with efforts to continue to clean up the harbor, it will not be safe to swim there until sometime after 2020. Is earning an F grade atm, another tribute to black ingenuity and resolve.

All I learn from watching Stokes talk is that any of us could indeed be a Baltimore city council member- I think a consistent pulse is required, but that's about it at this point.

Virginian said...

Baltimore is the gift that keeps giving for the benefit of the realist. It has given many fence sitters the opportunity to speak and ask questions about what is considered a taboo subject. It's hard to deny the basketball Americans propensity for violence when it is broadcast on the telescreen. All those Dr. Huxtables going buck wild, ya' know!
On a personal note my family and I moved to a 95% white county ( the closest thing to Mayberry modern America has to offer) last year. We were burglarized this week, the suspects are of the Dindu tribe that were seen in the area. Moving to the country and locking your doors isn't enough. Know how to use a firearm and keep it at the ready. I'm looking into guard dogs now, my sooner probably didn't even bark at the coons, he is used to wildlife. Replace wooden doors (ours was kicked in) with steel. Reinforce windows, put up fence, gates etc. Don't make it easy for the Dindus.
BRA has made violence against whitey the norm, it's only going to get worse. Like PK says our job is to survive.

Anonymous said...

Police stop black violence= police bad

Police allow black violence= police bad

Any white person with a brain would pack up and get out NOW.

ATL Born said...

Maybe the First Tranny in the White House should bitch and complain about blicks not going to tourist attractions since they don't feel welcome.

I took my kids to 6 Flags, in Ga., earlier this week, and I have to say the orcs didn't seem unwelcome. We arrived at 10:30am when it opened, it was very nice up until maybe 3pm. Then the nigs were everywhere, hanging out in big tribes all over the damn park. I had one sheboon behind me in line, she smelled so bad. My girls had no issue with me when at about 4pm I said we had to leave since it was getting to dieverse for me.

ATL Born said...

So this is horrible and hilarious at the same time. I went to dinner in Conyers,Ga last week and took my kids along with my mom. We walked in the restaurant and they walked up to the woman to discuss seating. I on the other hand, noticed in the corner of the entrance a table set up with a nig behind it. I shit you not it was a STOP THE VIOLENCE campaign. Rubber bracelets and all. I couldn't stop making fun of it. When would these chimps ever stop being violent??

As for the Baltimore domestic terrorists, I recently heard a report that stated they stole enough pharmaceutical drugs to keep the entire city high for about a year. I honestly hope they burn the entire damn city to the ground in some negro chimpout while killing eachother off in the process. Maybe they could do the same in multiple nog cities, just burn and destroy. I figure if enough cities get leveled then maybe more YT's will wake up!!

ATL Born said...

So another story when the kids and I were at 6 Flags this past week. We were waiting in line for a ride and I joked with my daughters we should invent a new toy, the Burn Batlimore Down Model Set. It would be a model set of actual Baltimore and you would have to piece it together. Then when you were done you could use the special match set that comes with the toy to burn down the buildings you feel like destroying. As my kids laughed about the idea, I told them the sales pitch could be right from the sheboon Mayor's mouth, 'now with the Burn Baltimore Burn toy everyone can have room to loot and destroy'!! The kids and I laughed and laughed. The look on the teenage white girl's face in front of us was priceless!! I think she was either shocked or horrified that I would say that. Or maybe she was surprised anyone would say that stuff out loud. Regardless, I really don't give a damn anymore. At one point we saw some nig with his pants down, he was maybe 15-20 feet in front of us, I told my kids, look at this nigg3r!! They just laughed.

I've been considering a relocation to maybe the Oregon coast or Colorado, those areas seem pretty free of the freeloading nigs. Just not sure I can continue to deal with so many of them here in Ga.!!

Anonymous said...

I like the museum.All the paintings are of the creators of civilization.

Anonymous said...

Murdamore won't be "safe" for afriqcaine's until any yt dog who dares show it'z (yes, it'z) face in the highly touted Harbor area is beat down & turned into a yt whipped dog.

The mindless, racist & sick violence (note: it's not senseless violence as it's well thought out) against yt dawgs 'n azn yappers is way too low in temperature & the vicious black racist heat needs cracked up to full burn to solve the huge problem that any human presents to the african species.

Every white & asian senorito needs beat bad. Every white & asian senorita needs to be used for pleasure sport by prime He gorilla's. Elderly yt & asians need to be put to work keepin' house & cookin' for the new master race.

Of course, the yt & azn's are easy to defeat & kill the millions of meskin's flooding into the country (formerly known as usa) present a tougher nut to crack for the african's. Meskin's already been successful doing their own bit of "ethnic cleansing" in LA.

Probably will boil down to which group the social fascist regime in Mogadishu DC prefers the most: africans or mexicans? Since, africans & mexicans can't co-exist, fedz will have to pick a "winner". My money is on the Mexican's as they are the skin-tone that social fascists want the whole country (indeed, the whole world) to be

/H hypie out H\

rex freeway said...

Baltimore has to have the dumbest gaggle of groids in America. How can you have a PA that arrests police for doing their jobs And a police commissioner who sided with the Mayor and the criminals who burned and looted the city. Then turn around and blame the police for not doing their job and threaten them with their jobs. Real Einsteins.

Anonymous said...

Amazing farce that gets you into the mind of a DWL:

Worth 7 minutes of your day.

Anonymous said...

I'm certain that the photo on Thursday's post is a good representation of the "city youths" and "kids" the cops are to meet with. Yup, the police playing "name games" (Shirley, Shirley, Bo Birley) is going to turn things right around. That, and the black thugs behaving like humans and not committing crimes 24/7. How this dimwit moron has the nerve to imply that the leadership of the police are at fault is beyond me. The blame rests squarely on the pathetic negro leadership of Baltimore and the 65% negro population of primitive animals. God Bless the Baltimore Police, Firefighters and EMTs.

Check out more TNB in D.C. where 14 "youths" are wanted in the shooting death of a black woman last week. She was used as a human shield and killed by a violent gun. These youths are racing ATVs down streets taunting police, knowing the police are not allowed to pursue ATVs. Who the hell could watch that and not see them for what they are. Revolting filth.

David In TN said...

Again, the total lack among black people of any sense of irony is on full display.

Anonymous said...

"...where they have to learn each other's names". I feel sorry for the cops having to waste their time learning these ridiculous pseudo-african bullshit names. The comical farce of Baltimore is never ending. Just kill it with fire already.

Anonymous said...

What happened in Baltimore and in Ferguson with the peaceful looters reminds me of my black Labrador retriever. As much as she thinks she's a human she is just a dog, she digs in the dirt, craps in the yard, drags up garbage, barks, hates baths and if she wasn't fixed would pop out a litter every chance she could.

Anonymous said...

Inability to take responsibility ensures failure to change behavior. I don't see an endpoint to Baltimore other than collapse and martial law.

Dr. Donald M. Epstein said...

Here we see the damaging effects of latent white racism combined with unregulated social media, namely blogs like Mr. Kersey's. Blogs like this amplify and exaggerate negative stereotypes about African Americans and cause genuine economic harm to majority minority communities. This is why "Net Neutrality" is necessary. Thus, my organization, the Committee for Responsible Urban Development will be lobbying the DNC vigorously for regulation of Internet blogs!

Anonymous said...

"Stokes said the problem is more complex."

Yeah, complex. Good word.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to the area later this year. I have family in the Baltimore burbs- John's Hopkins employee types. We plan to do a lot of running around with the kids, doing touristy stuff. We have decided to give Baltimore a wide berth.

bernicegreenbaum said...

They say that television took the heat out of movie theatre attendance starting in the late 1940's. I'm much too young to remember that, however the ensuing years of my youth most notably occurred watching several events, virtually requiring the assistance of a television image. JFK, MLK, assassinations, World Trade Center explosions, most notably, were the original frames of reference most of us under 70 people know and understand to be true, given what was presented to us.

What I'm getting at is, people believe what they see on the television. Right or wrong, what they see is what "is". So, given that fact, most of your everyday would be tourists are seeing the chimpout in Baltimore are deciding, "Well, yeah, maybe not...this year...". Look folks, I'm about as middle class as it gits, and I'm tellin' ya'll like it is. Ain't nobody going to Baltimore (willingly) any mo. Also, that twenty dollah bill in yo pocket ain't gonna buy you no steak at the Harris Teeter no mo. In the words of Peter, Paul, and Mary, The Times (they be)they are' a changin'. Cue harmonica, cue, "I'd like to buy the world a coke.. ,cue pretty blonde white go-go dancers, peace signs, smiley faces"

The party is over. We need to accept that. We had some good times (1950's through 2000), but it's now time to leave. Having attended many parties in my life, (probably more to being good looking than being fascinating) I can attest that the true goal is always knowing how to exit gracefully.

It's OVER. Officially. Put a stamp on it. Stick a fork in it. It is OVER. DONE. I'd like to say I have some answers, but I don't. Here's the trick...people tell me, "Hey, Bernice, you say that cause you just don't like black people!", to which I say, "Yeah, it is because I don't like black people. I don't like what they do. I don't like how they act." And I end it right THERE. Nothing further. I've stated my case, I don't wish to argue (cuz I'd win and I'd take an eternity getting there - not worth the effort).

To you younger folks, look, we did the best we could. We f*cked up. We were lazy, opportunistic, and self-centered. We are truly sorry. I know that's not enough, but that's all we got right now. It's a mess. I don't envy you your task on making things right, only, I know that you will. People disparage you and even mock you. You will rise to the occasion. You will demand, yes, DEMAND better for your children. The future is in your hands. Make the most of it!

Anonymous said...

OT - TNB at poor Beau Biden's funeral by - drum roll - POTUS! He has been speaking for OVER A HALF HOUR!!! Good God, he's still rambling on!! I think he'll reach an hour! What the hell is wrong with him??? It's always about him - not the sad grieving family, not the poor young children trapped in the pews. Disgusting. In the first minutes he managed to mention "bullying and bigotry". What the hell does that have to do with eulogizing Beau?? He just takes every opportunity to wave the race flag, no matter how inappropriate and reprehensible

FYI - A negro choir sang at the mass. I'm a 61-year-old Catholic and I've NEVER seen a negro choir at a mass. Guess Barry insisted on it.

Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: "Ha, ha!"

You thought Baltimore was a city, didn't you?

And once it was.

Today, Baltimore is a reservation for gangbangers, corrupt politicos, finger pointers, and "youths." Let's not forget the youths. All they need to do is team up with a cop, mentorship shall follow and lo, a new city shall arise upon the ashes of the riot.

There's a joke in here somewhere.

"Ha, ha!"

Pat Boyle said...

I'm not sure the Baltimore tourist hit from the recent riots matters much. White people don't go to American cities where there are a lot of blacks. The number one least desirable tourist location in America is Detroit. There are a number of web sites that list American cities by their appeal to tourists. Detroit is always the least attractive and the others are ranked by the size of their black population.

So if Baltimore is already two thirds black it is never going to attract many tourists.

There are three types of tourist: white Americans, foreigners and black Americans. Many of the foreign tourists are Orientals - mostly Japanese but increasingly Chinese and Koreans. Orientals are even more eager to avoid blacks than are whites. Black Americans are hardly ever tourists themselves for several reasons.

First of all blacks are not interested - as has been noted here recently - in museums and cultural offerings. Blacks watch a lot of TV. They do not visit art galleries. Also blacks tend to spend their money quickly. They do not save up for vacation trips. Blacks tend to spend a great deal on beauty products and very little on books. Blacks also don't go very much to scenic sites or national parks. So in the San Francisco Bay area you won't see blacks at the famous City Lights Bookstore, or at Muir Woods, or China town. Much less the War Memorial Opera House, the de Young Museum, the Academy of Sciences, or the Japanese Tea Garden.

You don't see blacks sailing on the Bay or hiking on the seashores. People from all over the world love San Francisco and San Francisco works hard at being loveable and invests a lot in enhancing its attractions. But blacks don't much care.

The only spot in America that has been a legitimate tourist attraction for its local black culture is probably Basin Street in New Orleans. Some of the bloom is off the rose in New Orleans tourist industry I understand now after Katrina.

So I would venture to say that presence of blacks anywhere in America is a consistent liability for the tourist industry. I'm sure that if they thought that they could get away with it travels agents would advertise attractive tourist locations as negro-free.


Anonymous said...

Ill take Dumbass Crackas for 200 Alex....

How long before Baltimore is empty of white people? ( insert jeopardy music here) ..... Hmmm ....... 2 years Alex. Buzz ...

No that is wrong Mr. McVolkswagenburner , the answer we were looking for is "who cares because any whites still there are dumbass crackas"

Ricky in Cali said...

Why wouldn't white people want to spend their money at a tourist attraction with a good chance of being robbed, beaten or murdered in Baltimore? That sounds like paradise to a DWL!

There was a comment board a year ago about how during Black Biker Week all the motorcycle riders would come through the city and all the business owners knew that none of the Negros tip, they're rude, they're disrespectful, they're Negros who already feel they are owed something and they are in numbers so it's dangerous. The surrounding restaurants and businesses after awhile then started taking "vacations" with their families EXACTLY the same week as Black Biker Week and closed down to leave the city. Now no one was there to service the Negros anymore.

Of course, the ACLU cried discrimination and that that they would file a lawsuit that Blacks had no accommodations and the sissy businesses stayed open now. Just to get disrespected, looted, lose money and basically shit on again when the Negros come through.

This is a sign of things to come just like Atlanta. They'll try to sue when white flight happens because mysteriously "all the whites took the good jobs and schools with them" and left da poor Negro with nothing

Anonymous said...

Here's the liberal mentality:

The liberals think they're rational actors and that almost everyone else is a rational actor. The blacks are included in the list of rational actors. (Racists and religious fundamentalists are exceptions to this, because they're driven by emotions and supernatural motivations.)

White people are rational actors, so if they do something bad, they're either crying out for help or they're crazy/on drugs.

If little Ashley gets caught shoplifting, it's because she's testing her boundaries/crying out of help/giving in to peer pressure. If little Hunter drops out of school, it's because the school isn't meeting his needs. If little Charlie convinces the other white kids to go murder a house full of people, it's because little Charlie is crazy.

Because the blacks are also rational actors, if they're not obviously crazy or on drugs, everything they do must also have some logic behind it.

If little Debris is stealing cars, it must be because he is oppressed by a racist system that offers him no way to earn a living within the system. If little Shitiqua is dropping out of school to have kids and get welfare, it must be because the school system is racist and doesn't reflect her values and her culture. If little If little Cra'pandre shoots little Debris over a 40 oz of malt liquor, it must be because he feels hopeless.

Liberalism is a worldview that generally works until it doesn't.

10mm AUTO said...

I think the real story here is the Bizarre (TWMNBN) headlines. Let me take them one at a time and I'll illustrate my point:

"City Attractions Struggle to Regain Footing after Riots Aftermath".

Actually, the attractions are not "struggling" because they are just the same as they were before the riots. In fact they have become more attractive because the weather has gotten better. Further, they are inanimate objects or Businesses, owned and operated by either the city (parks) or business owners (restaurants, tours, etc.) Trustees (museums). Also, the fact that the city "leaders" would align with the gangs denotes gross incompetence, further exacerbated by the anti-White hatred is what is really effecting the gross receipts of Baltimore.

A far more accurate Headline would be "Negros out of their Cages: Negro Violence/Gang Support breaks Trust in Government with Humans.".

The second headline is just as weird: "[In Baltimore, allegations of police doing less as drugs are rampant." What?!

The drugs are not "rampant", any more than than guns can be violent or SUV's can "run over" people in a high speed chase. They are objects, controlled by people or Orcs. The increased drug supply and distribution is a direct result of negros looting pharmacies and being able to move and sell all their products openly as Mosby has blunted the police and aligned with the gangs. Every negro and police officer knows that they just need to resist and "Monkey" Mosby is on their side. TWMNBN has gone full on passive voice to cover for the Orcs.

This would be more descriptive, more correct: "Out amongst Negros: "What do we want? Dead Cops!" In: "Cops be Lazy and Sheet!" as Baltimore embraces Crime syndicate rule."

See, perfect. Both now sum up the problem and the reader knows who the moving parties are in this drama.

Words mean things.

Anonymous said...

Fed up:
We owe them nothing...Let them suffer. Eat there own shit. Who cares. Now there bitching about the detention Ctr. 90 % black Kids . It has rats . As a kid we did not want to go to jail. You'd be surrounded by them.. a deterrent ! What did they do with the 1.5 billon $$$ ? We paid for.

Anonymous said...


off topic

I glanced at a TV [and yahoo].
The latest black muslim terrorist in boston--- his Uncle? ios a 'prominent' sheik.
or cleric or whatever its calleed---Imam.

Anonymous said...

No, Sir, they are 35% full!

riptapart said...

Bernice, that was the comment of the year. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Drug-addled aging hippies have destroyed America.

Their love for the groid has signed the death sentence on all our inner cities where orcs are present.

Take whatever is left of your country away from the freaks.

They had their chance; they fucked up.

Anonymous said...

O/T: Jewish teens taken on bus trip for some of that good old Civil Rights history served up hot and fresh! Mazel tov!

Orange Peel said...

"The black violence in Baltimore is keeping white people from visiting the city's attractions, while black elected officials are blaming the police for failing to interrupt blacks from killing one another."

But you can't have it both ways. Police crack down, they are chastised and torn to shreds by the citizens of Baltimore for being overzealous.

SKIP said...

I want the future to be in my hands and those that think like me because I don't want my grand children to grow up as slaves or food for coons! Read "Farnham's Freehold" OR go look close at Africa, where else in the world are there international warrants for national black "leaders" for fuckin cannibalism!!!! WTF! Also, ""black leaders"" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA a fuckin misnomer if there ever was one, military intelligence becomes a succinct statement after that.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why tourist attractions would be empty because white people aren't there. Isn't this the opportunity the "minorities" have been waiting for? They can enjoy the usually YT infested sights without YT bothering them. Where are all those well-paid middle class blacks I see on TV, like the Huxtables.

As to the cops playing games with little hoodrats, learning each other's names might take more time than you'd think. Office Bob Smith or Office Dave Jones might sound foreign to Da'jaquanious Jamalicious Green.

About 30 years ago I asked a woman about the "unusual" names in the projects and she told me that the moms made up beautiful names for the babies because they were poor and didn't have anything else to give them. That's the God's honest truth.

Anonymous said...

From one list of top-rated Baltimore attractions, most seemed to be museums.

Walters Art Gallery
American Visionary Art Museum
Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Baltimore Museum of Art
Fell's Point (restored waterfront)
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum
Johns Hopkins University
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Baltimore Museum of Industry
National Aquarium
Harborplace (the mall you shopped at in relative saftey if you have visited Baltimore pre-riot)
Maryland Science Center
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Washington Monument

So basically a bunch of stuff only white people care about is being held hostage in the city once known as Baltimore. The things Baltimore has and used to represent are lost on these orcs. It's like allowing someone who doesn't care about art to own a Ming vase.

Anonymous said...

Just read an article on Amren about 4 Philadelphia sheboons terrorizing a local neighborhood. Do any white men still live in Philadelphia? This is pretty disgraceful, TNB unchecked and whitey backing down to placate that which will never be satisfied:

A South Philadelphia community has had enough of its neighbors being attacked.

150 to 200 people gathered at 4th and Wolf to protest a rash of what they claim are racial attacks at the hands of four black women who live nearby.

“These females have been terrorizing the neighborhood; they have robbed, attacked and beat others in our neighborhood,” event organizer Jack Owens said.

A man who did not want to be identified says he and his 10-year-old son were among the victims.

“I was attacked while sitting on my door step, basically for no reason at all,” the man said.

Another woman who also did not want to be identified says the women attacked her inside her home calling her racial epithets when she tried to intervene.

“Next thing I know, I hear, ‘white [expletive] we’re gonna [expletive] you up!'” the woman said. “Next thing I know they’re inside spitting at me, pounding at my face, beating me.”

The victims further claim responding officers from the 3rd district did not even take a report or make any arrests.

A criminal complaint has been filed with the district attorney’s office on the four women said to be involved in the attacks, but so far no charges have been filed.

Anonymous said...

It looks like ethnic intimidation is the new name of justice for white people.

A Pleasant Ridge man was arrested Wednesday afternoon, several weeks after police said he shoved a female jogger into oncoming traffic, brandished a knife and told her that “he hates white people,” according to court documents.

Rodney Arnold, 34, of Pleasant Ridge, was arrested and charged with ethnic intimidation, aggravated menacing, assault and carrying concealed weapons.

On May 11, a woman was jogging in the 5900 block of Montgomery Road when a man shoved her into the street and caused her to fall in front of oncoming traffic, according to an affidavit in Hamilton County court records.

The woman was able to flee the scene.

Anonymous said...

Non American here, Baltimore has been scratched of our visit list this year. Afraid of cops? No, maurading chimps, bloods and crips even doing CNN interviews. Sorry white brothers, no soul circus fom my family and I , I think Mogadishu might be safer.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Bernice. There are moments in days when I can hardly get a breath. It seems like 2001 was the death knell for America as we knew it. Watching the ruination of Detroit my whole life. One block at a time. One building after another. One neighborhood after another. One school. One business. Restaurants gone. Department stores closed. Beautiful houses turned to rubble. Now watching this same destruction go nationwide is almost too much to tolerate. Watching a country importing more trouble on a daily bases when we couldn't fix the problems that we already faced is unbearable. I don't see how we fix this. If anyone out there has an answer " I'm listening".

Documented Citizen said...

"bernicegreenbaum said...


In the words of Peter, Paul, and Mary, The Times (they be)they are' a changin'.


June 6, 2015 at 9:21 AM"

Sounds more like Zimmerman to me. Not the "White Hispanic", mind you, but Bob Dylan.

Anonymous said...

This just might work. Youth getting to know the officers and interacting with them.

Here, in Seattle, we have just installed a PING PONG table in one of the parks to distract the spirited youth from intimidating, knocking out,and,occasionally, killing people. We're hoping the rambunctious teens will find ping pong a fun way to put all that youthful energy to more constructive use.

The initial cost should be under a million and the projected savings, in the cost of dealing with violence, may be a whopping 190 million over the course of 5 years!

Injun Jimmy Swaggart

Anonymous said...

“Unfortunately and crazily, police officers are actually telling average citizens, ‘We’re not doing all of the extra things that we used to do, we’re not doing it and we’re not doing it because we’re upset with our leadership.'”


Wrong! They're not doing it because if were to do their jobs they would be putting their lives, their careers, their pensions, their jobs on the line.

Documented Citizen said...

"Tourist Attractions Empty in 65 Percent Black Baltimore; How Long Until Baltimore is Devoid of Any White People?"

Speaking of tourism, some of my relatives are (for reasons I cannot fathom) planning to travel to Florida this summer. Paying to go to the USA (Useless Shambles of Apathy) voluntarily. Can you believe it? USA, for the love of pizza! Probably one of the most hated countries in the world, and, if so, for good reason. I don't think I would go there if I was paid to.

More to the point, I'm more than a bit worried they might become victims of "bored teens" playing "knock-out game" or "polar bear hunting". Or any other crime. Not to mention terrorism. Why not a Latino doing the drunk driving Americans won't do. A simple robbery w/o physical harm would be bad enough. Or TSA approved groping.

At least the locals, I think, know which areas to stay away from. Except for the stupidest of them. But when it comes to tourists... I keep thinking of, for instance, that poor Australian athlete (Christopher Lane, murdered in Duncan, Oklahoma in 2013).

Worse, one member of the mentioned family, my 20 y/o cousin (master race, blue eyed, female and definitively not ugly) are planning to go to California to study for a year. I wonder how many of them are going to make it back unscathed. Or, for that matter, even alive. May God have mercy.

Anonymous said...


awakened white said...

actually the party hasn't even started yet. O.T.

Best show of explicit White unity in awhile that I've seen.

2 Miute Alpha said...

Reap what you sow. There was a time I would have compassion for the decent ones, no more, I've learned they hate me just as much as any black panther/nation of islam racist so let them all burn. It is sad, I guess there are a few who could get along, would want to get along, but I don't have the time to figure out which is which, only takes one shot after all so I'll pass, let them all rot for all I care. I spose we'll be bailing out Baltimore in 3 years. Has there ever been a more useless pathetic breed?
People are fed up with them.

Anonymous said...

And so it continues.

You would think the collapse of the local economy would greatly concern the "mayor" (warlord) who runs baltimore, however she is more concerned with running ludicrous programs which shall show no discernible improvement in the local situation.

And remember things are relatively localised for now, but how much would it really take to set off the lower class blacks? Not much I reckon.

Segratation, followed swiftly by phased deportation of all non-whites from the West is the only logical solution. Deportations would have to be phased. It would be crazy to try shift them all at once. Just too many.


Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....There already is a program where blacks and police mingle with each other on a first name bases. It has been around for years. It is called jail and for the really hip cops and blacks it's called prison.

Anonymous said...

Talk about adding insult to injury. First the cops are demonized, persecuted and sacrificed for the black mob. Now they have to play kootchie koo with the little black thugs.
How much humiliation can be heaped on the cops? C'mon they are only human.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many of the cops are going to say "fuck it" another sensitivity training course and just hang em up?

Anonymous said...

"We play name games where they have to learn each other’s names. "

Why not work together to crochet an arrangement of roses that spell "diveristy be pece"? Man, some people have clearly overdosed on Disney cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Do they learn their "names"
or what they "go by"?

Anonymous said...

Since the normal tourist attractions are empty, the city needs a few newer tourist attractions like:

#1. A trip to darkest Africa without leaving the US.

#2. A Jane Goodall tour where you can see a real chimpout.

#3. A tour of the burned out areas with a running commentary on where the first arson occurred in the last riot.

#4. A Diane Fossey tour where tourists can see real gorillas in their midst.

#5. An exhibit having the EBT cards of the looters on display.

#6. A NRA tour where tourists are left on the street,(in the blackest part of town), and when the tour bus returns for the tourist four hours later, the tourists then understand and appreciate the second amendment.

#7. A museum of ghetto negroe culture featuring bastard children's birth certificates, section 8 housing vouchers, head start programs that did not help the negroe children.........

Anonymous said...

Recommended fashion accessories for tourist entering a negroefied city:

Kevlar body armor, with a can of pepper spray to accessorize, a matching glock or intratec pistol in 45 caliber, night vision goggles, a good attack German Sheppard,
and to round out this fashion statement, a small but elegant tear gas grenade.
This is what the well dressed tourist will be wearing for this season in the negroe areas of our great cities.

Anonymous said...

The bus is coming, I can see it. So, to everyone here, and across the world, either get in and hold on, or throw your ass under it

Nursing My Black Wounds

Anonymous said...

That's not necessarily a bad thing. When blacks get priced out of their nests, they spread bringing their section 8 shooting loitering drug dealing stealing culture with them to the suburbs more and more. If they're kept in their destroyed ruins, it at least gives the rest of us a buffer. Remove the buffer and they spread out looking for a new parasitic hook. If Baltimore and cities like them want to stay Mini-Africa, let them. I'm sure the surrounding white areas would rather they stay there then come looking for "low income" housing and other freebies outside it. Until welfare and gibs end, keep them segregated in whatever way possible.

R_Moreland said...

Law enforcement needs to look at the new stage this country is entering. The politicians are actively hostile to the police. The politicians are forming de facto alliances with radicals and criminal gangs. And it is not going to get any better. The trend is for politicians to railroad police officers for killing suspects, regardless of evidence. The federal Department of Justice is not any better.

Law enforcements needs to consider who will back them up. It was not white nationalists who were burning down cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, or sniping at cops. The real enemy is on two fronts: the rioters in the streets who are openly challenging law & order; and the politicians who are attacking law enforcement from within the system. Behind the politicians are the globalist financiers, much of the media, and the network of professional activists.

This puts law enforcement between two fires.

On the other hand, there is room for an alliance between law enforcement and those Americans who see the system as hostile to its traditional citizenry. Together, they could bring down the corruption which has taken hold of too much of the country.

It's something to think about as cops and citizens ponder the Long Hot Summer of 2015.

Anonymous said...

Come on...3 replies! You usually have over one hundred by now. I commented twice, but none have made it on. Pk...are you giving up on this blog? Please let me know if that is the case! I will stop coming here.

I know it takes time for you to do a good job and make these editorials, but have some consideration for your readers. Believe it or not, I put some thought into what I say (most of the time).

I comment and participate on your blog quite a bit, and most gets on withut any problem.' However, some things don't...I understand, but you need some rules so people can understand what and what not you like to print, and when and when not you are on this blog. I assume you take Saturdays off for personal reasons, but if it were my blog, which it isn't, I would tell people that on Saturdays SBPDL will be on standby. In that way, they won't be on here to see if anything new is happening in the world of SBPDL.

You have a great blog and I wish you much success. Believe me, we are on the same side. Any suggestions I made here is just for you, but you can print this if you want.

You could be suffering from what many of us call Negro fatigue. Maybe you need a vaction from Negroes! HA HA! Hang in their guy! I hope everything is alright with you.

cornz said...

Quite simply, the black community is reaping what they have sown.
Cant have it both ways...Oh, hang on, they believe they can.....Error...

Johnny said...

I get so tired of this business of assigning abstract motives to explain why people do what they do. In the long run people gravitate to self interest, and except for transitory situations self interest dominates. And so, fix it so it is in the self interest of cops to be slackers and guess what? They will be slackers. Hell, a lot of cops end up that way even without encouragement. You get what you have chosen to reward Baltimore, and now you get to live with it.

And then there is this whole strange business of wanting the cop to be your friend. I doubt it can be done, but if it can all that it will produce is cops who are friendly slackers and perhaps even less effective at law enforcement.

PNW Realist said...

Surely all those black doctors, attorneys and rocket scientists TV is always showing us are flocking to Bantumore to see the tourist attractions. Watching Hollywood present all those fictional black geniuses reminds me of when people would dress up animals, usually dogs or chimps, and behave as if they were human.

FSR said...

Off topic (not really) - Portlandia Oregon (6% black) is having a serious problem with blacks! Oh what will the white-guilt "progressives" of Portland ever do?!?!? Maybe they will have a "check your privilege" struggle session!

1. "Teen indicted in Last Thursday shooting is grandson of Portland's youth violence prevention director" [- can't make this stuff up!!!] - June 5, 2015

Antoinette Edwards, director of Portland's Office of Youth Violence Prevention, was attending a Black United Front planning meeting on Northeast Alberta Street last week to recognize black students when gunshots rang out about 13 blocks away.

She didn't hear the gunfire, but got a text message that there had been a shooting.

It wasn't until the next morning when she was in her city office next to the police bureau's North Precinct that she learned the 16-year-old alleged gunman who fired into the crowd at the Last Thursday street fair was her grandson, Turon Lamont Walker Jr.


The 16-year-old is accused of firing up to five shots and wounding three people, including two 15-year-old boys and a 25-year-old woman, at the May 28 event. He told police he was firing at someone who was "eyeing'' him.

But Walker did not hit the person he was intending to shoot, said Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Glen Banfield. The young teens he hit he considers close friends, Turon's lawyer said.

[much longer article full of the usual bs at link above]


2. Portland gang violence explodes in May - June 1, 2015

SOUTHEAST PORTLAND, Ore. – "It's unacceptable that we have bullets flying around the community,” Portland Mayor Charlie Hales told KATU regarding an explosion of gang violence in the city.

Last month, Portland saw the highest number of suspected gang-related shootings of any month in at least 16 years, according to police.


It was the 25th suspected gang-related shooting in the month of May.

So far this year, there have been 67 gang-related shootings or stabbings. That’s up from around 50 at the same time last year.


3. Police: Man fires several shots at passing car in Downtown Portland - June 6, 2105

PORTLAND, Ore. – Gang members may be behind a shooting in Downtown Portland early Saturday morning.


Initial reports say the shooter was a black man with average build and height. At the time he was wearing an orange polo shirt.

Anonymous said...

Zooming from the Macro to the micro.

negros are incompetent at any level. While much is made of the National scandals of Obama, the various AG and sycophants of Obama, the shenanigans of Federal Officers, congressmen, Senators, etc or at the State level with various cites like Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc., we should not avert our eyes from the low level antics of the magic thinking individual negro. To get out of a crime, just get rid of da Po Po.

Here is a sheboon who has far more power than us, but she is convinced if she can 'gets da votes'. Notice she is an Obese, head shaking, intimidating, screamer.

Anonymous said...

PK, your doing a great job, at times 2 articles in one day. Of course we all need time off now and then.

Dont listen to the negative. We need this voice in the wilderness.


former liberal said...

Many blacks are terrified of ghosts. When I had to live in a housing complex that became full of degenerate, entitled blacks, I spread around rumours that my apartment was haunted. Therefore, no one ever tried to break in.

10mm AUTO said...

Another White child falls to horrific Orc violence. This one is the now commonplace negro/White child "clearing of the nest". This one was bitten to death (!)

D-FENS said...

"Initial reports say the shooter was a black man with average build and height. At the time he was wearing an orange polo shirt."

Are they sure it was a polo shirt and not a prison jumpsuit?

Anonymous said...

"Stokes said the problem is more complex."

Yeah, complex. Good word.

"Complex." The new word for "blacks."

Californian said...

You would think the collapse of the local economy would greatly concern the "mayor" (warlord) who runs baltimore, however she is more concerned with running ludicrous programs which shall show no discernible improvement in the local situation.

It's the African model. Better for the Big Man/Woman to build prestige projects than actually improve the country's infrastructure or economy. Build the biggest cathedral in the world, build highways going to nowhere, build golden thrones for coronation as emperor, build piles of skulls of your enemies.

And in the long run, find some YT to pay for it all.

Anonymous said...

#6. A NRA tour where tourists are left on the street,(in the blackest part of town), and when the tour bus returns for the tourist four hours later, the tourists then understand and appreciate the second amendment.

This should be mandatory for all DWL.

Anonymous said...

Eyeballs gone wrong:

The 16-year-old is accused of firing up to five shots and wounding three people, including two 15-year-old boys and a 25-year-old woman, at the May 28 event. He told police he was firing at someone who was "eyeing'' him.


Being "eyed."

I guess he was being victimized by a "micro-aggression." So he had to respond with a macro-aggression. Is some university going to conduct "sensitivity" training for young blacks and inform them that shooting people because you are being eyed is not the polite thing to do?

But Walker did not hit the person he was intending to shoot, said Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Glen Banfield.

Given the nature of 'hood marksmanship, if it comes to a shooting war YT is going to have a big edge.

The young teens he hit he considers close friends, Turon's lawyer said.

Hmmm. Well, now, he must have been on a first name basis with the victims. Why didn't that prevent the shooting? What does this say to cops who will now have to be on a first name basis with the Turons of Baltimore?

Better load and lock. It's going to be a looooooong summer.

Anonymous said...

Here we see the damaging effects of latent white racism combined with unregulated social media, namely blogs like Mr. Kersey's. Blogs like this amplify and exaggerate negative stereotypes about African Americans and cause genuine economic harm to majority minority communities. This is why "Net Neutrality" is necessary. Thus, my organization, the Committee for Responsible Urban Development will be lobbying the DNC vigorously for regulation of Internet blogs!

I am sooooooo in agreement with the Committee for Responsible Urban Development. My Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies program collectively decided that the best way to promote tolerance, diversity and inclusion is to permit only those websites which promote tolerance, diversity and inclusion to be accessed from the department's computers. Any website which does not promote tolerance, diversity and inclusion will be banned! How else can we have tolerance, diversity and inclusion unless everyone is on the same sheet of music?

Now excuse, me, I am off to the campus internet fair trade coffee house collective for a program of tolerance, diversity and inclusion where we will hear spoken word and poetry from a Liberal, a Marxist and a Communist.

I. M. Klewless, MFA
Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

PNW Realist said...

OT, I know, but I just wondered if we could uplift the America negro if we translated the great works of Western Civilization into Dindu.

"Romeo, Romeo, whe'fo' ard dow Romeo? Deny die fadduh an' refuz die name o' be bu' sworn muh lub, an' I no longah be a Capoolet."

The people who brought you Shakespeare in The Park can now bring you Shakespeah' in da'hood.

Anonymous said...

If they held a craft beer fest at the corner of North & Pennsylvania, Ground Zero for the riots, how many whites would show up? Sadly, many more than you'd think. Mostly clueless males under 40 in khaki shorts and polo shirts, who would enter a cave full of hungry bears if there were craft beer tables set up inside. This tunnel vision among those who should know better makes me shake my head. Nothing wrong with beer fests, but in the right setting. Walking around intoxicated in a city full of an angry, empowered black underclass that hates whites & is looking to cause trouble, AND that just broke a 40 year murder record, AND that has a police force that has been castrated by the local politicians is foolish.

The fact that it is in an area untouched by the April riots is irrelevant. Without a moat to keep troublemakers at bay, why would any sane person go to an outdoor fest in a violent black city?

SKIP said...

" I think Mogadishu might be safer."

I agree! I honestly can say that I have shopped in open local markets in Fallujah, Ar Ramadi, Baghdad, Al Sadr city in Iraq and in Bagram, Kandahar and Kabul among others in Afghanistan without my armor and weapon!! NO ONE in their right fuckin mind would do that in a negro infested U.S. city, NO ONE!

Anonymous said...

re: the Portland Negro Problem: I would like to suggest that the city of Portland take actions to get more blacks living in their township. You could pay relocation costs, offer Gov jobs-anything, really, that would increase the population of blacks.

Why will this help? I think the good liberals of Portland already know the answer, but let me explain: the general population of black people are so good, wise, and gentle, (as all good liberals know), that these local blacks who are acting up will soon be flooded (if you take my advice) with excellent role-models and mentors. These wise elders will get the youngsters straightened out in no time.

I think Baltimore may have a few very desirable black citizens available, if the offer is attractive enough. Get cracking, Libs! You will not only be enhancing your own diversity (a bit overdue, isn't it?), but you will be giving the pitifully small portion of your current population who are black an opportunity to network with knowledgeable and seasoned peers and role-models who "speak their language".

Anonymous said...

Can a microchip be implanted in a groid's neck that measures adrenaline level? When there is a sudden spike - as the orc prepares to rob, rape or kill - a radio alert goes to the cops with its location. Also can alert nearby Humans with the right app.

Know when they're about to strike...

Anonymous said...

Boycott Baltimore until Mayor and Mosby are gone. And White replacements!

PB said...

"It seems like 2001 was the death knell for America as we knew it."

It was. It was the day the Occupation by those you fear to offend by naming went from covert to overt.

Anonymous said...

"We play name games where they have to learn each other's names."
I have a feeling that after failing to learn how to spell or pronounce all the made-up, bullshit *avious and *ishas and *trelles, the cops will just return to the good old days when all of them (male and female) had the same two-syllable name.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the police are very much in control, the angle they are using is priceless. The police are utilizing the weapon of TRUTH to prove coloreds are socially retarded feces species. They have no ability to keep order, and dwl's only make them look 'stupidder'. Good job BPD, let the savages savage.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "Given the nature of 'hood marksmanship, if it comes to a shooting war YT is going to have a big edge."
Something else just dawned on me. Since almost none of them have ever hit their target, if they actually do kill the intended victim, can they even be prosecuted for 1st degree murder? Any time they shoot, if it results in death (bystander, or target) it almost certainly had to be an accident.
I can't wait for the next Alan Douchewitz or Flea Bailey to try selling this to a jury.

PNW Realist said...

@anonymous 3:48

Truth is a powerful weapon. Leftists fear it and rightly so. It is impossible to honestly observe dysfunctional negro behavior and not conclude that biology has made them and us two entirely different species.

Pat Boyle said...

The anonymous at 4:24 yesterday asked me specifically if I would comment on some issues about subcortical structures in the brain. He also asked the more general question - "Also am wondering if you can make a robot that hates N@ggers".

I'll try to address the first question later this week but the second questions I'll will take on right now.

Kurzweil the famous futurist is on record as saying that some robot mind will surpass human ability by 2050. I've never met Kurzweil personally, but I did know his long term girlfriend quiet well. She was not the kind of woman who makes you respect her boyfriend more. If she had been my woman I would have gone for the operation that Bruce Jenner is now contemplating. But maybe I shouldn't judge his ideas by his lousy taste in women.

The issue of smart robots has become a hot topic. Last year I read "Race Against the Machine" by Brynjolfsson and McAfee. A deeply disturbing book. I just ordered from Amazon a similar book by Bostrom - "Superintelligence"

I would not like machines to become smarter than people in just a few years but it certainly seems likely. So the question might be - what will be the attitude of the overlord robot intelligence to human races? I think a machine intelligence may choose to simply exterminate all the Africans and African descended people. Of course it may choose to exterminate all humans of every race. But there is no point in worrying about that. If the machine intelligence that rules the world of our children wants to preserve humans, it seems likely that they will see no need to preserve the more primitive races.

But of course this is all speculation. I'm a little too old to make it to 2050 but most of the "Stuff Black People Don't Like" readership should live long enough to see how this turns out.

Or maybe none of this happens.


BunkerDown in TN said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Go live with the people you want to help for a year and see if your opinion changes. Boo hoo, they didn't do nuffin...shoot their own's the yt mans fault...have 6 kids with 5 different guys...blame yty...they need more programs...even though Baltimore spends $15k per student per year. At some point people need to be responsible for their actions, and I personally don't give a fuck about people in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Reading the article linked by 10mm has put me in a pretty sour mood.

What a complete degenerate. What could have happened in that persons life to make her so effed up? That baby reminds me of my kids. The story makes me ill. I don't know the whole story but I'll bet dollars to donuts dad had full custody, but was ordered to let "mom" get him on every other weekend. Under threat of losing custody and possible jail time.

The law cannot apply to blacks as it does to whites. They are not evolved enough to play by our rules. Even with the addition of YT genes. I have to agree with the commentary that does not blame the negro. It can't help it, and doesn't understand what it did wrong. The mother on the other hand should be severely punished. I'm thinking along the same lines as the poster who mentioned Inquisition. Disgusting

Anonymous said...

Yes, Washington and New York are the Two Towers. Washington, D.C., the District of Criminals, is Mordor on the Potomac and New York is Isengard. The blacks and the other 3rd World Hordes are the Orcs used to drive out decent White folks so that the Orc handlers can control the politics and, more importantly, the juries in these localities. Tolekin always denied it but Lord of the Rings is a freightenly accurate parable of our modern times. Will the King and the Men of the West return?

Anonymous said...

1.Dogs don't burn buildings. 2. when dogs bite we euthanize them. 3. Dogs are welcome at my home, negros are not!

what can you say said...

Wow this person in the article is blaming the leadership of the police for increased crime. I am done with these people.

AnalogMan said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

I have to agree with the commentary that does not blame the negro. It can't help it, and doesn't understand what it did wrong.

That's why it needs to be put down. The woman, too.

Anonymous said...

Any sane white person would leave the city the same day black mayor gets elected.

Anonymous said...

Dindu is not a language, it is a religion. You are thinking of Dindi, the native tongue of Dindustan.

Anonymous said...

Dindus worship the sacred cow Moobama, whom they consider to be the Moossiah.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Dindus worship the sacred cow Moobama, whom they consider to be the Moossiah.


Anonymous said...

"I can't understand why tourist attractions would be empty because white people aren't there. Isn't this the opportunity the "minorities" have been waiting for? They can enjoy the usually YT infested sights without YT bothering them. Where are all those well-paid middle class blacks I see on TV, like the Huxtables".

It's simple, really: genuinely Middle Class blacks (IKAGOs) are more afraid of the feral negros than most non-negros. "Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable" would keep his wife and kids far from any Morlock infested areas. Feral negros attack these IKAGOs more readily than they'll attack whites. Doing well in school is a death warrant in Morlock infested schools.