Friday, June 12, 2015

" I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin' on the porch with my family, singin' and dancin' down in Mississippi."

There are episodes from modern America that school children in the future will learn about and never quite comprehend how society could have devolved to a point where these moments could possibly occur.

But they must be told of what we lived through and endured, to understand how close western civilization came to collapsing.

Those truly talented children will immediately realize the image of an empty stadium Major League Baseball (MLB) game depicts the consequences of believing race is merely a social construct (whites can survive the negative ramifications of any political system, but they cannot survive the folly of following a color-blind ideology); the exceptional children will roar with laughter at the sight of a white woman who earned a position of respect and authority by pretending to be a black women...

But then the laughter will die down and melancholy will fill the room as the kids realize the utter insanity of what was once considered civilized society and who exactly was once allowed to shape public opinion...

Rachel Dolezal, whose works of 'art' have been featured at the United Nation and was "appointed by the Mayor of Spokane to serve as a police commissioner for the Office of the Police Ombudsman, to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement," represents Black-Run America (BRA) better than any individual who has ever lived. [A Civil Rights Leader Has Disguised Herself As Black For Years, Her Parents Say, BuzzFeed News, 6-11-15]:
When reached by BuzzFeed News late Thursday, Rachel Dolezal’s father, Larry Dolezal, said that he and her mother are both white. 
“She’s our birth daughter and we’re both of European descent,” he said, adding, “we’re puzzled and it’s very sad.” 
According to her staff biography, Dolezal received her master’s degree from Howard University, an historically black university in Washington, D.C. 
“Her passion for civil rights is influenced by her years in Mississippi, where she advocated for equal rights and participated in community development,” the bio states.
Claiming she grew up in a teepee and hunted for food with a bow and arrows, the absurdity of modernity is simply illustrated by the colorful story of Dolezal, who garnered power, fame, and legitimacy as a leader by shedding her natural whiteness and embracing an artificial blackness.
Her resume is worth reading to see just exactly who is allotted a position of authority in modern America (courtesy of Spokane NAACP): 
Rachel Dolezal holds her terminal degree from Howard University and is a professor in the Africana Studies Program at Eastern Washington University. Doležal teaches African and African American Art History, African History, African American Culture, Early African American History, Introduction to Race & Culture, The Black Woman’s Struggle, and Intro to Africana Studies at EWU. Her scholarly research focuses on the intersection of race, gender and class in the contemporary African Diaspora with a specific emphasis on Black women in visual culture. Her passion for civil rights is influenced by her years in Mississippi, where she advocated for equal rights and was a leader in community development. She is the former Director of Education at the Human Rights Education Institute, a licensed Diversity Trainer and a Consultant for human rights education and inclusivity in regional schools. During her experience as the Director for the Human Rights Education Institute, Doležal developed programs and curriculum that expanded the annual audience from 3,000 per year to 23,000 per year and integrated Black history into K-12 curriculum. She created world-class exhibits, coordinated cultural events, scheduled keynote speakers, organized panel discussions and began the Young Advocates for Human Rights summer training program. Her efforts were met with opposition by North Idaho white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Aryan Nations, and at least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her residency in North Idaho and Spokane.
In addition to her role as an educator, Doležal has fourteen years of experience as an exhibiting artist and has taught K-12 & college art lessons in public, private, and non-traditional school settings. Her works have been featured in The Artist’s Magazine, shown in 13 states and displayed at the United Nations’ Headquarters in New York. Doležal began teaching private & group art lessons in 1994 and synthesizes art history, cultural studies, & the creative process when teaching. She believes that the creative process is part of what makes us human and unifies our self-identity with the world around us. Doležal was an instructor in the Art Departments at North Idaho College from 2005-2013 and has taught at Eastern Washington University since 2007. 
Most recently, Rachel Doležal has been appointed by the Mayor of Spokane to serve as a police commissioner for the Office of the Police Ombudsman, to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement. She was elected Chair of this commission in December by unanimous vote. Rachel writes weekly for The Inlander as a social commentator and recently contributed an important chapter to a textbook, “The War on Poverty: A Retrospective,” which was published this summer. Doležal was elected President of the Spokane NAACP in November and began her two-year term of service on January 1. 
Her other experiences include work in a community law office as a legal secretary for a civil rights attorney, African dance, culinary arts, ethnic hair styling, modeling, managing political campaigns, and mothering two sons. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, gardening & cooking.
Funny Ms. Dolezal: my passion for the promotion of western civilization and for preserving the racial integrity of the only people capable of keeping it going is based upon what blacks have done to large parts of Mississippi, most notably Jackson.

Is the United States of America still a serious country and a superpower, when people such as Dolezal are promoted to position of power and respect?

Of course not.

Her entire career as a fake black woman and the type of ideas she promoted are based upon the incompatibility of black people with western civilization, which can only be explained as racism by the latter; the desire of blacks and their white enablers to promulgate a worldview where race doesn't matter for white people but it's all that matters to non-whites; and, well, an undiagnosed mental illness fueling her racial transformation beautifully capturing the mentality of the degenerates in charge of BRA.

In times like this, you must understand laughter is a weapon far more powerful, deadly, and one cutting far shaper than any knife.

Rachel Dolezal is the face of BRA and her life/lies prove Jefferson was wrong: All men aren't created equal until they pretend to be black, whereas they then transcend equality. 


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Anonymous said...

Every parent's worst nightmare has been that their daughter might marry a black. Nothing could be worse, they thought, until they heard the plight of Rachel "Ray-Doe" Dolezal, who has actually turned black. "Once you turn black, you can never go back", it is said. But with all those AA job opportunities, who'd want to turn back?
All kidding aside, folks, please keep Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dolezal in your prayers. What happened to them, you would never wish upon your worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome PK! Right on top of it, as usual. Well done with just a few hours turnaround.

That woman is beyond a disgrace; I hope every comedy show does a bit on her. If they don't, if Jon Stewart (Leibovitz-whatever) doesn't hammer her relentlessly, then you're watching the media do its usual routine of covering for negroes and their enablers. But this one is too big, and too funny. I'll bet they let the mask slide for a moment to mock her - especially since it makes Whites look bad.

Please people, the NAACP should be SHUT DOWN! They want equality, but they organize around skin color and separate themselves. Negroes are a very special mixture of stupid and violent. That's really, really annoying.

Appalachian Struggler said...

The real crime here is fake hate crimes that she claims were targeted against her. She should be prosecuted on so many different levels.

When she ran off she left her purse and keys behind. She was in a real panic.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel! You are beyond a ridiculous joke.

What, you see this movie and get the idea?:

Anonymous said...

Did this ape-lover marry a negro and drop a few groidlets? What is her family story?

Gotta dig deep and expose this traitor.

Grab her Facebook, Twitter etc before she scrubs it; gonna be some comedy gold right there.

Video of her at any Ferguson type demonstrations? Let's see our Ebony Warrior Princess at battle on the front lines facing down Whiteys fire hoses and police dogs!

Oh man, if ever you need an example to explain "Truth is stranger than fiction" just relate this story.

Anonymous said...

If she had a white husband, and produced a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby with him, would he feel disappointed? Would he accuse her of cheating on him? Or him on her? Would she nervously explain the "birf defect" as a recessive trait, passed down from a white great grandfather who raped his slave?
"Her other experiences include...culinary arts"
MackDonalds or KFC?


While reading her "resume" I was changing every word "black" with the word "white".

WOW, she is a racist. EVERYTHING she does, or cares about, is RACIAL. RACE is everything to here.


Unknown said...

OH MY G*D!!!!!!
And yet, it does make sense in a way. Black females hate being black and do everything to "look White" (skin bleach, hair straightening and extensions, "blonde" hair). Ms. Dolezal hates being White, therefore the frizzy perm and black dye job. She has also gamed the system by changing her race. I'm sure she was excepted at Howard U (daamn, lookit dees scores!) and, with minimum effort passed all her classes. She obviously has some mental "issue", but at the same time she's very shrewd to get in on all the Government gibs.

Anonymous said...

" least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her residency in North Idaho and Spokane. "

The whole resume, this woman's entire life is such unbelievable garbage, but that little victimization credential was the cherry on top of the outlandish fraud.

This country has lost its mind. The woman has been in a position to influence young minds for many years and paid handsomely to twist those minds. This woman is a certified lunatic and so is every person who went along with this fraud, from the colleges to primary schools to the police.

Never forget that it was in Spokane, where the chief of police (Straub I think) defended the killers of Mr. Belson by claiming they were good basketball players. He said that after the two negro teens beat an elderly man to death with flashlights. Negroes are a religious experience for certain white people.

D-FENS said...

Where are the "Race is just a social construct" people when you need them?

Sam said...

Just what is a "licensed Diversity Trainer"? That must be about as valuable as used toilet paper in the REAL job market, not some government-created or government-mandated position. What a joke! This shows just how stupid libtards are if they bought the line she is black. She shows no facial characteristics of even partial black blood. No pictures of her kids, so is it safe to assume she has mated with black males? And, now that the cat is out of the bag, will she have to forfeit all the Affirmative Action handout benefits she has received claiming to be black? Fraud can result in some serious prison time. Maybe she deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Im sure many here remember the Steve Martin movie the idiot. He was born a poor black boy.

Oh well she does dance and cook.



Anonymous said...

Did you hear the one about the white woman who became a negro? She raised the average i.q. of both races!
Two images come to mind: One is Marlon Brando lying on the floor of a jungle hut sweating bullets and saying "the horror, the horror".
The other is the screaming goat on YouTube.
Cue the screaming goat!

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda thinking that this is a genuinelky "teachable moment" for white people. We could truly throw this entire race-pimping game into utter chaos by simply emulating this nog loving psycho piece of white thrash. We could all of us start pretending we're black or mullatto and listing same on ALL documents, generating false resumes, lying like crazy about everything and anything racial and maybe even doing some blackface shit in public. IOW, start playing their "gimmee" gaqme and torching a few cities ourselves. Let's see what these black mayors running nogvilles all over the country would do.

Talk about the pavement apes eek eeking like insane chimps on meth or something. I think I am on to something here!


Actually, the daughter is brilliant. She knows what is coming and who is the protected class. Look at the money and status she got. Brilliant.

Being White is stupid. As a White Woman she would not have the "advantages", fame, glory or ass-kissing she gets now.

Like I've said many a time: I wish I was a black man so I could have a white woman an easy job, live with white people, work with white people, never be fired, scholarships, never be sued, etc. Damn, it ain't easy being a white man.


OK, I just went and read the link to Buzzfeed (provided in the post). What a race-traitor bitch. I looked at her parents, who are more White looking than my own, and could not believe how they could have raised this moronic white hating idiot.

I hope this story goes totally viral and lasts weeks at the top of the news. Nothing shows the stupidity of a "white" wigger than this idiot. Sadly it is a "white" female that we lost to the enemy, but maybe it will wake some others up.

She needs attention BADLY. I'm no psychiatrist, but this woman has problems. Self hating white. Self hating female. What ever.

I'm going to find her facebook page and see if I can insult her there.

Anonymous said...

Right on Centurion, we should all dress in black face, and gets all the gibs


Pat Boyle said...

This really isn't too surprising. The NAACP was founded by white people. Apparently the founder of the Nation of Islam (Black Panthers) was also white although this isn't completely clear.

Black people don't found many business or organizations of any kind so no one should be surprised that organizations to promote blacks are often established by whites.

One reason this surprises people may be because they underestimate the effect of the white-black IQ gap. Consider the effect of lead poisoning on the brain. Lead poisoning is known to lower IQ and increase criminality. In the sixties researchers liked to think that the effects of LSD were what they called a "model psychosis." They were wrong it turned out but lead poisoning results is a similar kind of " model" of the defects of the negro brain - lower IQ, increased ADHD, poorer impulse control.

Lead poisoning from tetra ethyl lead in gasoline is commonly now believed to account for the bump in criminal behavior experienced in the US from 1960 to 1990. When lead was banned as a gas additive crime dropped. Most experts are more convinced by the evidence of lead banning than they are by any of the other explanations for the crime decline.

But doubling a child's lead exposure (100 mg/l to 200) only lowers the IQ of the child by one or two points. The 15 point difference between blacks and whites is huge. Yet the IQ and personality deficits of lead led to tremendous crime increases.



Ah, but notice, it took a White person to pull off this amazing fraud of being black...........

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what exactly goes on in an "African studies" course.

Do they just talk about how "dey bez buildin pyramidz n sheeeit"? Or is it just wall-to-wall 'blame whitey'? Maybe they just spend all day coming up with black invention myths, like blacks invented the wheel first, but den whitey stole it, and blacks went to the moon but there's a giant conspiracy to cover up this achievement.

Anonymous said...

hasnt scrubbed yet

Anonymous said...

In Australia you can get your snout in the government trough if you are 1/16 black. So the white black person is not that unusual. Cant talk about it though.

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

re: "the incompatibility of black people with western civilization.." - These few words really do express perfectly the reality of the situation. DWL humans (as yet) just cannot possibly collectively fathom the difficult (or really not all that difficult) notion of just letting go and accepting reality.. can they..

Unknown said...

There is nothing more useless than an African Studies department at a university except an Aftican Womens Studies department. This faux-Shaniqua is cashing in on the scam. I'd say there's a lesson in that for all of us. I'm getting a 'fro and going to get me some gubmint grants to study Modern African Art or some other bullshit! GIBSMEDAT!!!

Anonymous said...

lots of nice afro art you can buy from
rachel or rachelniqua whatever her name really is
on her blog
give her a call and tell her how much you appreciate her work too

Unknown said...

From the link PK provided:

Her efforts were met with opposition by North Idaho white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Aryan Nations, and at least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her residency in North Idaho.

I guess they weren't "hate crimes" if she's white.

Anonymous said...

her parents adopted several black boys to grow up with her and are basically social justice warriors. Probably a large portion of the blame for this goes to the "enlightened" parents.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Elizabeth Warren found her VP. And that is how this article struck me, this is not so much about race or color, but about the state of mind of those entrenched in academia. They live in liberal heaven. Where reality is what you make it, and nothing is a lie, if in your heart you hold it dear and tell yourself "well this is how it aught to be". She is just another fruity professor living in their world, cocooned from the everyday dullard that spends his time trying to make a living. People with tenure do not concern themselves with such barbaric notions as "reality". No, if Ms. Warren wants to be and indian, so be it. Same with Ward Churchill. This lady has clearly transformed herself AND you MUST accept her as such. We learned this from the delicate Caitlyn Jenner. Reality = Hate


Sorry, but I can't let this story go. It has soooo much "to say". Pure Irony. Pure "poetic justice".

We have here some very clever white girl, who wants to be black, who fakes it so well that Authentic Blacks are fooled. You go gurl. She can fake the walk, fake the "down with the struggle" and fake the accent? Hey, Oprah, what do you think?

Has she had an audience with Obama, who also hates White people?

Maybe she is also a Muslim.

I love the anti-White hate comments she makes. What a pig. She mails herself hate letters and threats and then blames us White people. Deep down inside, I think she has some psycho-sexual thing going for the Black Jungle Experience and probably feels if she is "black" then banging black guys is not so guilt ridden.

This self hating white race traitor would make an excellent case study for a psych grad.

awakened white said...

shouldn't be In the YT gene pool anyway.

Anonymous said...

I dont, get it.... She should be frontpage news .... A laughing stock to both whites and blacks .... Indians ( dot and feather) ... Asians ... Jews. This is so freakishly wierd that im at a loss for words.

Cops are basically being tarred and feathered and losing their entire careers for doing their job .... But a complete charlatain keeps her job and is lauded by an article. WTF!

How is this no different than Brian Williams or any other full of shit wierdo that makes up an entire alternate persona. I just cant compute. These people would have been labeled "pathological liars" and institutionalized not so long ago and now they are "lauded by the media"

I remember an SNL skit one time where Christopher Walken was a CEO of a company and met one of his employees (Pat the androgenous person) and he just couldnt compute what he / she was so he just jumped out the window because he was so confused. It was pretty funny at the time but now ..... Its starting to make sense.


Anonymous said...

OK, multiple choice time again:

Responses to this story:

1. I think Hillary just found her VP. They can tour the Southern States and Hilldog can do the fake accent and Rachel can do the fake hair.

2. So *this* is what "passing" means in the 21st Century.

3. Rachel found a way to be the smartest person in the room at all her work meetings.

4. "Hey, this one is pink on the outside too!!"

5. Diversity Training, what does it mean? It means Rachel trains you to look and act like a black gal. The more White women that think and act like they're black, the more diversified stuff iz. Makes sense.

6. What did Rachel say when the farmer checked on his chicken coop in the night? "Ain't nobody in heah ceptin' us chickens and black folks!".

7. Rachel's autobiography will be entitled: "To be Young, Gifted, and Black-ish".

Pissed off in PA said...

So this coalburner wants the full monty?

Anonymous said...

After Rachel reported receiving hate mail and death threats (that she had penned herself), the investigating officer asked her "and you think it was a White person who sent you these?"

Rachel: "I know it was".

Anonymous said...

I’m a bit confused by this editorial: Rachel Dolezal has a Masters Degree from Howard University in some kind of African Studies, but yet lives in the United States? I believe her best research could be conducted from Monrovia, Liberia; or perhaps in forests of the Congo. She could be living in some of the most peaceful areas on Earth, but decides to settle in Washington State...and isn’t the art from the Congo some of the best on Earth?

I would think she would be right in the middle of Baltimore right now. She could be sitting by Robert Mugabe’s side and learn from a true mentor the worth of black leadership. He could show her what he has done for Zimbabwe since the white (racist) farmers were murdered and kicked out of the country.

In her learned studies, surely she has seen the rate of murder and rape of white people by blacks; what would be her reply? She could say these murders and rapes are isolated, but they aren’t! Blacks are the most violent people on Earth!

I would love to sit with this deluded woman and see how much she really knows about Africa. I would like to know where she gets her information concerning race in America (maybe just the NAACP?)

I feel for her parents! They seem to be saying that they are not a part of her affinity to everything African. They don’t seem to be proud of their daughter of European decent. I think Rachel is a very sick person. Many times brilliant people become deluded and aloof from reality! This could also be hate on the part of Rachel for her white parents. She is doing what her parents hate just to punish them for some wrong they did to her.

So CAL Snowman said...

Now THAT'S cultural appropriation, I don't think the ebonic plague is going to react well to this news.

I've used this quote before but it seems more appropriate this time.

"A fire broke out backstage in a theatre. The clown came out to warn the public; they thought it was a joke and applauded. He repeated it; the acclaim was even greater. I think that’s just how the world will come to an end: to general applause from wits who believe it’s a joke.”


Anonymous said...

I wonder during her schooling years if she took any grant or scholarship money that was earmarked for an actual black? Sounds like fraud to me.

Julie said...

Has she ever been shot, tazed or beaten by a white cop? If not, she's not black.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link above showing Steve Martin in The Jerk. There's the scene of him dancing and trying to keep time by clapping with the music produced by those oh-so-wonderful, musical black folk with their flawless, inborn sense of rhythm and melody. And then there's this doofus white guy, a typical representative of his sorry race, uncoordinated, awkward, out of step, lacking both a sense of rhythm and melody.

Thank heavens we had black people around to compose Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, his Fifth Piano Concerto, Bach's Brandenburg Concertos and Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Without black guidance we white trash would never have known what real music sounded like.

Anonymous said...

you didnt post the picture of her with the baltimore attorney general mosby. would have been funny. we should not condemn this woman at all. we should celebrate her. the first, one of the first, truly transracial people. she deserves her own magazine cover like bruce "caitlyn" jenner. welcome to the future folks.

SC Native said...

This is beyond words, I think we've found the face of BRA!

I'm just at a loss for words over this, it goes against everything I was taught and believe. The idea of anybody wanting to be an Orc is so repulsive it must due to mental illness.

Of course once the shock passes it's just pain funny. What a coalburner, wow.

Anonymous said...


North Floridian.

Anonymous said...

I get the typical look forward Omar the egalitarian, elitist, socialist whites, the look suggesting their intellect is much greater than mine, every time I say, "There are so many more opportunities economically for Blacks than for whites." Often a Black needs to be only half as qualified as a white person to receive a job, an education, an award, or a political office. And yet the Perpetual Victim Company™ continues to flourish as elitist whites still see themselves as being on top of the poor, deprived Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:



Thank you.

(Solid super-fast post, PK!)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch this nugget in her linked EWU bio:

"Doležal also entertains an interest in the medical field and has begun pre-medical studies, working toward an MD and a residency in trauma surgery."

Could this be the ultimate "Soul Man"-style long con pulled off by a mediocre white student in order to gain admission to Harvard Med School? Throwing aside grades/test scores (which can be done when it involves a black applicant), think of how phenomenal her med school application would look to a liberal elite admissions director.

Black. Check.

Native American. Check.

Master's from Howard. Check.

Exhibiting artist with work displayed at the UN. Check.

Professor of African and African American Art History, African History, African American Culture, The Black Woman's Struggle, and Intro to Africana Studies. Check, check, check, check, and check.

Director for the "Human Rights Education Institute". Check.

Appointed by Spokane mayor to post of "police commissioner for the Office of the Police Ombudsman, to oversee fairness and equity in law enforcement". Check.

Magazine columnist. Check.

Model. Check.

Law office work. Check.

African dance instructor. Check.

Chef. Check.

Hair stylist. Check.

Mother of two. Check.

Political campaign manager. Check.

NAACP regional president. Check.

And last but not least...

Work actively opposed by white supremacists, Klu Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis and has been the VICTIM of EIGHT documented hate crimes. CHECK!!!

My God, do you think any med school in the country would even require her to take the MCAT?

PB said...

Australia is in the grip of an epidemic of White Aboriginals just now. Its all to do with what you call "gibs". It's also very trendy in the cities and its never to be questioned for fear of offending their apparent heritage. It gets you arts grants, passes for poor quality work in tertiary learning institutions, and even TV/Media time to talk about your tragic life. Extra points if you can claim to have been "stolen" at birth (which was really removal by the Social Services of the day from abusive drunken households and placed with foster parents). Proof of such a life isn't needed because of the offense you would suffer that your story should be doubted.

Anonymous said...

This throws a "monkey" wrench in the whole "race is a social construct" argument.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...


Julie said...
"Has she ever been shot, tazed or beaten by a white cop?"

Not yet, but she has been threatened by dozens of neo-Nazi groups that want to kill six million people.

Scot Irish

Maria From California said...

Rachel Dolezal didn't even pop up on my radar more than two hours ago. My first thought was that I can't wait to see SBPDL's article on it.

And here it is. Is it my birthday!?

Time to get myself a tall iced tea, put my feet up and enjoy what I'm sure is another great read!

Anonymous said...

Now this takes coalburning to a new level. I guess this is AIDS pocket impersonation.

Anonymous said...

Wow a real "Black Like Me" story. Do anyone remember the Black Like Me movie? You have to admire her achievement in the Black community, it is telling of white achievement in a Black organization. It goes to tell you that IQ matters not in a negative way, but positive. She took full advantage of the system. She's not a traiter, but an expert on Black folks in America. She can use that knowledge to help white society deal with the negro. Look it from the positive side!:)

bernicegreenbaum said...

This might start a discussion, and that's not necessarily bad. Hear me out. If people squawk about a white girl pretending to be black, why not suggest that all of us should be able to "identify" with whatever we want. In other words, I can racially identify myself as "black" (1/100th, 1/10th, 1/5th, whatever) and I should be able to qualify for every "gibs" AA job posting out there. Seriously. From now on, I consider myself "black". Don't tell ME my famous ancestor, Thomas Jefferson, didn't pork some of those nigra slave girls 'roun he plantation, mo fo! (Bernice snaps finger, wags head, glares, and then axes fo dah ployment application.)

AnalogMan said...

The video is gone, already. See it here.

Anonymous said...

So the question I have is. Did she obtain her high status due to white priveldge or being black.

Also if the NAACP dismisses her wouldn't that be reverse discrimination?

Anonymous said...

She's a fraud and habitual liar that's been rewarded for her criminality.
Negroes worship and makes saints of criminals they really do need to be put on reservations so that they can run their own show and grow without ruining everything for the rest of us in this melting pot, it would be for the greater good of all including blacks.

Anonymous said...

@ Julie

"Has she ever been shot, tazed or beaten by a white cop? If not, she's not black." Has she ever threatened, berated, and attacked a white cop? If not, she's not black:)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm seriously laughing my ass off right now. This is like the episode of South Park where Kyle decides to get a plastic surgeon to perform a negroplasty on him so he can be black and play bakkabawl.
Up next, just like South Park, some idiot will claim they're trans-species.
Anyone up for a dolphinectomy?

Anonymous said...


let her do blackface.
Id like her to run NAACP-worldwide.


Anonymous said...


I dont have a donor card.

Blacks need organ donors,

from web,
'Comedian Gina Yashere is actively involved in promoting donation within ethnic communities.

"There are a lot of black and Asian people out there who desperately need help, and they can’t get it from anyone else but their own communities. It’s something we’ve all got to consider, because we're the only ones who can help each other,” she explains.

Gina is a proud donor herself. “Fortunately, I’ve not been directly affected by someone close to me needing a transplant, but I’ve donated blood.”
Why black or Asian donors are needed:
The lack of minority donors is not an individual problem. It's a situation that affects whole communities. Body tissues have racially specific characteristics, which means that transfusions and transplants are far more likely to be successful when the donor and recipient are of a similar ethnic background. If you're black, your best tissue match will usually be black. If you're Asian and need a transplant, you’ll probably need an Asian donor.'

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of an idea I had a few months ago:

1) Incorporate a company, filling some minor need for the government. Maybe procuring office supplies?

2) Have the legal entity of the corporation hire me to run things, with a contractual 'bonus' of ~80-95% of the profits.

3) Sell the company to some black woman too dumb to understand what she has.

4) Cash in on the way that the .gov is required to favor businesses owned by minorities.

I haven't done it, though. Not sure if it's because of laziness, or being to proud to eat at the trough and tongue BRA's ass.

Anonymous said...

The movie Soul Man comes to mind. But seriously though, this shit is fucking hillarious. Get a bad perm and slather on the self tanner - Shazam! America rewards liars, cheats, and scumbags. Congratulations, it's official, We Suck!

Anonymous said...

What's funny about the Baltimore and Chicago groid massacres is that the nigs aren't the ones complaining! It's the Libtard media wringing their hands over it. Nogs know it's just business as usual in the jungle; they don't see a real problem.

So let them have it. Let them have their areas with their laws and behaviors.

Let this uppity sow be their queen.

Unknown said...

That Heinlein was truly prescient when it came to the future. I have to read Starship Troopers again to truly appreciate how important it is in the Science Fiction predicts the future category. His professor talking about youths committing crimes openly in the streets during the day on old ladies, its like a page from Drudge Report Today. These are the Bad Times, when people had stupid beliefs about Freedom and Democracy. If you want citizenship then you have to earn it, by joining the Military and fighting against soulless parasitic bugs that lay in wait like spiders for the innocent.
The World has Gone Mad. The inmates have taken over the Asylum. Whom Gods Destroy they first drive Mad, they say. Maybe the Sword of Damocles will soon descend on these Mad Fools and their Utopian Dreams of Collective Farms and Communal Sex Orgies. Part Animal Farm and half Playboy gangbang party.
These crazy lunatics really believe in Magic. They want a Superman to rescue them from their own stupidity. An Alien Superman that hates White people obviously. They imagine themselves as gods you know. From the perch of the penthouses in Lower Manhattan, they peer down at the people below and they seem as small and insignificant as ants. Like the buffoons in that 1970s Sci-Fi movie with Sean Connery, called Zardoz, they wish for all the mere mortals at the ground floor to worship them and pay homage to them like they were Olympian Gods with the power to smite them with lightning from their fingertips. You should see how that movie ends. I imagine America will probably end the same way. I always imagined myself in the Connery role. A cocky self assured barbarian disgusted by the effete metrosexual pleasantries of overweened manchildren pretending to be Real Men.

Anonymous said...

And the reason we will never again put a man on the moon is because the load of horseshit which passes for this lunatic's resume is what is considered an "education" in the universities today. You can bet your bottom dollar that our taxes pay for people to "learn" this anti white rubbish.

bernicegreenbaum said...

I'm usually not off-color, and I don't intend to be right now, but this afternoon at my local Food Lion, a negro boy sliced some cold cuts for me and promptly sneezed over it. I have no idea whether it was intentional or not, but I won't be shopping there anymore. Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

This woman is proof positive that liberalism is a destructive mental condition and I don't believe any sort of deprogramming or violent experience(s) with her pets will awaken her. She's a fake black with a whole host of non-achievements. Her parents adopted three American blacks and one critter from Haiti. She no longer speaks to her parents, who told the DailyMailUK that she started to 'talk like an African American' on the phone a few years ago. One of her adopted 'brothers' has moved in with her (guess why?) and he too has broken off contact with the parents. She's a delusional dingbat and he is a typical ingrate. Wonder if we will be hearing of a 'brother-sister relationship gone wrong' soon?

Mac said...

4. "Hey, this one is pink on the outside too!!"

Anonymous said...

PK, if you knew Photoshop I'd expect this from you!

Anonymous said...

==In other words, I can racially identify myself as "black" (1/100th, 1/10th, 1/5th, whatever) and I should be able to qualify for every "gibs" AA job posting out there.==

I'm part Sicilian, I'm way ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn born said...

Anon @404:

"She's not a traitor, but an expert on Black folks in America. She can use that knowledge to help white society deal with the negro. Look it from the positive side!:)"

Like a "White Hat" Hacker? Lol...I love it.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back at the Texas Pool Party, here's some in-depth background:

Anonymous said...

Wow anon @ 5:40 PM, can't believe PK let that go through...

Brooklyn born said...

BTW...I have been posting Link-backs to this blog all over the place.

Plaga Negra said...

"We at the NAACP prefer our professional victims to have at least some semblance of credibility."

Pat Boyle said...

There is some good news here.

Let's start with Bruce Jenner. I remember when he won the Decathlon. He certainly looked like a man. But now Bruce says he feels like a woman. Is he?

Well he has all the normal male sexual equipment and he has the typical male shoulders and jaw line. But it's deeper than that. Every cell in his body has an XY chromosome. If he were a real woman every cell would have a Barr body. But he has no Barr bodies. He is all man except for a tiny developmental anomaly in his brain. He had a mishap in his mother's womb. He got too much (or too little) testosterone at a critical time. This left him with a female pattern in his Bed nucleus of the Stria Terminalis (BNST). One thing that this does is that it make you 'feel' like a woman.

Something similar happens to a man if he has a reversed pattern in the INAH3 nucleus of his hypothalamus - that makes you want to have sex with men. I don't know about Bruce and homosexuality.

The point is the BNST anomaly makes you look like a man but feel like you are a woman. So what is Bruce really? Apparently the public and the the coursts care more about how you feel than how you look.

So now we have this white woman who tells us she ' feels' black. Of course there is no neurological issue in this case. But still many people are willing to grant her black status because she ' feels' black inside - no matter what the color of her skin or the state of her genome.

Good news.

Formerly white people were always in danger of not getting into a certain college or not getting a promotion at the Fire Department because they were the wrong race or sex. No more.

Now you are whatever you feel. Just tell them that you feel like a black woman inside. If they don't give you preference - sue their asses.


Anonymous said...

I am from Spokane. When I was in school back in the 60's Spokane was around 98% white people, 2% black or Natives. I never even saw a black person until the 4th grade. There was one black in my school out of 700 kids and he was an albino! I always wondered why he had such big lips until I saw his parents at graduation!
I am guessing this woman got away with this because of the dwl's wanting to feel good about having some diversity in town. Ha! Such a joke!

chattanooga gal said...

" Body tissues have racially specific characteristics, which means that transfusions and transplants are far more likely to be successful when the donor and recipient are of a similar ethnic background. If you're black, your best tissue match will usually be black"
doesn't this sort of PROVE that we are not the same?

Anonymous said...

I say let's put blackface on and some fugly colored folk hair wigs, join the NAACP, and undermine the whores. What idiots, to beleive this mudshark, posed as a redbone breezer, no questions axted, just saw some redbone piece of ass and allowed it to leadership roles. Speaks volumes for colored idiocracy. Let's join up, they ain't paying attention, and sink the NAACP turd parade.


So, let me get this straight....the smartest black in college was a ....white....

Truth Corps said...

Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Of Course! When you find an exemplary example of a Black- she's really White.

I have seen it all now.

The cleansing fire that will consume the (former) Nation that I used to love can't come soon enough.


SwampThizzle said...

Fucking Steve Martin ROFL.

cecilhenry said...

Anti-white self-hatred is sick and vindictive.

This is beyond disgusting.

Freedom from Diversity is necessary for full freedom.

Chuck Hammer said...

OK, I just went and read the link to Buzzfeed (provided in the post). What a race-traitor bitch. I looked at her parents, who are more White looking than my own, and could not believe how they could have raised this moronic white hating idiot.

I'll make the case that her parents did this to her. ALL her adopted siblings - and there are four or five of them - are black. So her dopey SJW DWL parents had ONE natural white child and then surrounded the poor kid with Africans.

So a helpless and easily influenced girl was surrounded by blackness and had idiot parents to boot. Are you surprised she now identifies as black? I feel sorry for her.

My other takeaway is how extremely effective she was in her role of professional black victim. The reason, of course, is her European intelligence and capacity for abstract thought.

rex freeway said...

The Watermelon Woman......

Not one degree she has on her wall of shame is useful for anyone, anywhere.
Hopefully every place she goes there is a reporter asking her what race she is and the race of her parents. It doesn't look like she likes that question.

Anonymous said...

Once you go black you never go back? I thought it was once you go black your parents never talk to you again!!!!

SwampThizzle said...

This is one story that even blacks and everybody else who pretty much avoids them could agree on. Whose first two impressions of this story weren't:
- "Whoa, that bitch is crazy"?
- "This is pretty funny"?

SwampThizzle said...

"What happened to them, you would never wish upon your worst enemy."

Not because I'm particularly merciful. I only *wish* I were that creative. This shit is like that old C. Thomas Howell movie, only way funnier.

Chuck Hammer said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
lots of nice afro art you can buy from
rachel or rachelniqua whatever her name really is
on her blog
give her a call and tell her how much you appreciate her work too

Just looked at her web site. She's actually quite a good artist. It takes a white person to make a truly talented black person.

Whatever her motivation she's pulled off some of the most epic trollery of all time. We can learn a lot from Rachel. I beez African 'n sheeit. Where be da gibs?

Medic Bear said...

I wish I could believe this seriously mentally-ill woman was committing fraud to out-fox the orcs and feast at the trough of AA but I truly think she is bat-shit crazy and has been deluded by her paint-theory parents and upbringing but then pathologized the whole idea of oppression et al and gone stark raving mad.

I do have to wonder where Al Sharpton, Jess Jackson and all the other race pimps are and why they're not calling for her head - I think commenters have it sussed: they need to be very strategic in how they react to this. If they go full cat 5 on her, they risk admitting their own lies and myths. If they let it go, it's almost worse. I think this whole thing is hilarious !

Lastly, I agree with the comment(s) that someone needs to investigate just how many gibs this fraudulent POS has sucked-down and pressure some jurisdiction to research if any charges can be brought. Just when we all thought the orcs couldn't figure out a new way to scam, along comes a fake orc !

Mac said...

It appears her nuttiness has no bounds

Mr. Rational said...

a negro boy sliced some cold cuts for me and promptly sneezed over it.

Did you leave them at the service desk and explain what happened?  Such a pity you weren't running video.  This is the sort of thing that can get even an AA hire dismissed immediately.

Anonymous said...

How will BRA spin this to serve their purposes? Oh, they'll disown her, painting Dolezal as a white opportunist attempting to use black oppression to her own advantage. Oh yes, Dolezal is not a race traitor playing the role of black agitator, but actually just another privileged white person seeking to exploit poor blacks. She IS really white, you evil white devil. Though on that point...this may be a case of SBPDL readers and BRA seeing eye to eye for once. She is basically a woman without a race. Perhaps she can change her name to Rachel Dolezagez and pretend to be a fine Latina woman.

Detroit Refugee said...

And you got the germs from inside young Jamal's chest! Oh how disgusting. Defiantly time for a new deli/market.

OT, but worth sharing. I think I've steered a young woman here. She works as a hostess at my favorite Italian joint while attending classes in Metro Detroit. She's full on race realist, sick of TNB & my comments plus a quick glimpse of this site all sort of clicked. She knows my handle & I told her to pick something Mi. related. This one is young and can offer some interesting views from the SJW/DWL angle.
Gonna continue steering this young woman to SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

As much contempt as I have for this woman, actions like hers could bring down BRA if repeated.

Think about it. What if literally every American decided to identify as black? Affirmative action no longer works. And there are too many people for the amount of gibs available.

DNA testing might be attempted, but once you let that genie out of the bottle... I'm not sure even DWLs would be able to avoid becoming race realists.

The only problem is that we'd almost certainly wreck our nation in the process. I don't think we're that desperate. Yet.

Anonymous said...

Did she "turn" black because she knew that being a black woman would get her places and advantages Whites can't get?

I honestly thought of changing my last name to something Mexican or Spanish, because Whites can't get help, not even poor ones like me.
Whites do not have privilege, and this White woman who faked being black proved that......she also proved the privilege is given to blacks.

Anonymous said...

Whites should be up in arms over this. Remember just a few months ago an Eastern Indian put that he was black to get into medical school. He had crappy grades and got in. No one questioned him. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Please remember that all of her black siblings were adopted by her parents. I don't feel sorry for the parents. They asked for it.

ATL Born said...

Too funny some of you had the same first thought I did, The Jerk. good old Steve Martin playing Navin Johnson. He was jus' a poor ole white guy thinkins he's a negro. A movie like that couldn't be made today in the BRA.

This story reminds me of many years ago. I was maybe about 11 years old. For some reason at Halloween we were going to my Grandma's in Dekalb county. So I decided to put shoe polish on my face and panty hose over that. To top it off I carried a BB gun. People asked me what I was supposed to be?? I told them I was a mugger! Back then all the people in Dekalb were mostly YT so they laughed at the thought and creativity. Good times!!

Before I typed this I read the update on the pyscho, seems there may be evidence to show she actually sent the KKK threats herself. I give her maybe a week or 10 days at most.

And for you guys in the Northwest Front, how long does it take to get an email response from your website??

Anonymous said...


AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

She needs an immediate infusion of lead into her warped cranium...

DOJ stirs free-speech fight after demanding libertarian site turn over info on commenters.

Federal prosecutors are demanding libertarian news outlet Reason help track down six readers who made threatening comments about a judge in response to an online article...

In response, one commenter on Reason’s site wrote, “Its (sic) judges like these that should be taken out back and shot.”

Another chimed in, “Why waste the ammunition? Wood chippers get the message across clearly. Especially if you feed them in feet first.”

Reading the article, it seems the DOJ is overreaching. Which doesn't mean they won't try it again. Whether they win or lose, you lose.

bubo said...

The look on her face when she knew she was busted was priceless. Muh sides!!

Someone made a good point though, there's so few black people in Spokane that even they don't know what blacks look like.

This will be great to watch though. I love leftist SJW's tearing themselves apart.

Anonymous said...

I so much want to be black. I am sure I can teach African studies. I love the idea of black privilege and the whole victimhood thing. I hate to work. I'm really slow, kind of dumb. I get real angry about all sorts of things (stuff black people don't like) and I'm pretty violent. I'll have sex with anything. I smoke lots of dope and all sorts of other drugs like crack are pretty awesome. I like to write poetry and I think of myself as a "warrior poet". My hair is frizzy and my nose is broad. I guess I could get lip injections. I have a deep desire to destroy things, because of my innate anger and resentment. I did get 12 on the SAT test, but it was totally slanted to white culture and I rejected that long ago.

I've been arrested a bunch of times. Mostly drug sales and burglary and some assaults and gun charges. I'm just real angry. I don't like white people at all. They are racist and in the KKK.

I think that black is the future. Black people are so cool. I mean, could white people come up with the term "dimepiece"? No. Let's all move over to the cool Afro lifestyle. Peace out.

Ricky in Cali said...

Whites ridiculing her for being a sell out (rightfully so), Blacks ridiculing her for trying to lie about who she is. The embarrassment alone is enough to never hear from this idiot again

Ricky in Cali said...

Wonderful post! I put myself in their shoes and imagined myself in class. Who is the teacher? What are they teaching? What exactly am I learning and how will I apply this to real world situations? LOL!

Great post, what a joke that whole thing is

bubo said...

Her brother said that she was fairly normal before she went to Howard University where she would complain to him about her second class status as a white person.

This would normally make you dislike the culture that treated you this way, but it had the opposite effect. Her brother said after her time at Howard she hated white people.

This woman was absolutely brainwashed into hating herself by attending a black college.

Liberal/social justice agenda parents + black fetish + black bullying and degradation of her white identity + industrial strength cognitive dissonance = this broken human

10mm AUTO said...

The video says it all and frankly it is kind of sad.

I really think this is not a scam, like the TWMNBN "helping" to create the NAACP, but truly a sick individual. Instead of being like Amy Biel who tried to "mother" blacks and lost her life dong it because she was deluded or those poor people who go into the Peace Corps and end up being raped or feeling exploited because they didn't know better; this is a true case of "wanting to be black".

This is straight up mental disease.

Anonymous said...

Lends new meaning to the term...."Twisted Sister".

Anonymous said...

Saw this in the comments section from the article about this:

“She claimed her parents moved them to Montana and they lived in tepees and hunted with bow and arrows.” Without missing a beat, Marcie said,

And her Indian name is Dances on Soul Train

Anonymous said...

What I found interesting was what the City of Spokane's spokesperson said about her acceptance to the Minority Citizen's Police Oversight Committee.

"We don't vigorously check individual applications. We thus avoid having to confront applicants' criminal pasts".

If I wasn't living it; I wouldn't believe it.

Anonymous said...

Her mental illness is there for all to see.
All except her.
Sadly, being confronted with it and being rejected by "her race", may well push her over the edge.
A very twisted life indeed.

PNW Realist said...

Ms. Dolezal has but a one word solution for her outright fraud: sepuku.

Allow me to sound harsh. Sometimes suicide is the right thing.

Anonymous said...

That list of courses she taught was almost a damn parody of African-American Studies, etc. I burst out laughing when I saw that one of the courses she taught was "The Black Woman's Struggle". That's comedy gold.

Although coverage of this utter freak show sure is conveniently timed to completely obscure the fact that the ChiComs have hacked sensitive information about ALL government workers, which should be a big f'ing deal instead of FauxGro.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood will surely make a movie about this.

Lies in the Hood

Malcom XCrement

Red Tall Tails

Do the Wrong Thing

A Time To Fib

Proxy Brown

Salmonella (Sequel to Selma)

12 Years A Spiv

Anonymous said...

This woman is a complete nutjob, straight jacket, rubber room and electro shock therapy needed. As a white woman she was unattractive at best with mediocre intelligence, as a black woman she is a Rockstar with a hi IQ.
Ohio Born

Anonymous said...

What happens to all her "artwork" now? It sounds like it was universally praised by elite white and black critics alike.

We know how the bigotry of low expectations applies to black "art", equating primitive carved and painted wooden masks as achievements comparable to the works of Da Vinci. So do these same critics who once praised her, now look at her "art" in a different light when the artist is white? Do pieces that were described as "powerful", "visionary", and "profound" ten years ago now get dismissed as "childish", "trite", and "uninspired"?

Like the n-word, is she no longer allowed to create "black art" or teach "black studies", even though she has been highly praised for such work in the past 15 years?

Anonymous said...

Bernicegreenbaum: Don't feel bad. I once stopped at a fast food restaurant with a friend. I ordered coffee. The negro behind the counter thought he was being slick as he kept his back to me while pouring the coffee but I was standing to the side and saw him surreptiously spit in the cup. I never went back to that restaurant ever again. Had no proof so complaining to a manager would have just caused the negro to start screeching "racist!" However, I did give the negro a hard look of contempt and disgust and made a display of dropping the coffee into the trash bin. He knew he'd been caught and had a scared look on his face.
Best thing- avoid the groid in all situations. Spare yourself.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope that sherilla is mocked into oblivion. A wannabe negress is below the lowest of the low.

America's negro problem. Wow, up Shit Creek without a paddle!

It's like this: imagine you have a horrific tumor growing off your right side; an enormous bulge extending a foot off your body. It's disgusting, painful, disfiguring, and is keeping you from fastening your pants correctly. And, it's growing ever larger.

The doctor says it's cancer. That your liver is fatally stricken with this terrible condition and that it is life threatening. He says you have two options: immediate surgery to remove the mass, then chemotherapy; or... ignore the growth, accept your imminent death, and just buy a bigger pair of pants.

So, what are we doing about the cancerous mass growing on our side America?

Looks like we're just shopping for a bigger pair of pants...

Sad. I remember you when you were a pretty terrific country.

Anonymous said...

Saw this earlier : I am a black lesbian in a white man's body.
I am 1/2 white and 1/2 halfrican
Source: Read the Drudge article from this morning ,6-13

Anonymous said...

I completely understand. One of my vices is fast food. Ohhhhh how I love me Big Mac. So it's always nice to find a McDonald's somewhere nice and white (although I'm non-white) where the floors aren't sticky, there's no graffiti and it isn't a greasy yellow-eyed drooling groid handling my fries. As far as dead-end fast food jobs go, I have much respect for the fresh-faced 20 year old girl working the grill who tells me she's paying her way through college, and I'd rather support her than Shitavious who cashes his paycheck for his monthly weed fix.

Anonymous said...

For a girl with so very many "qualifications", she seemed awfully confused by the simple questions from the reporter. Perhaps her exposure to the 4 black boys her (obviously wacko) parents adopted affected her development. She used a picture of one of those "brothers" as one of her 2 black children to show to her 8-week fiancé. I read some of the "poetry" he wrote to her, then got dry-heaves and had to stop. Maya Angelou affected me the same way.

P.S. I agree with the poster who noted that she teaches African Studies but has never stepped foot on the dark continent.

Anonymous said...

Here's the interview where she claims to have been born in a teepee and hunted for food with a bow and arrow:

Anonymous said...

Please note that while Rachel wanted to "pass", she sure as hell didn't want to really look black. She could have had her nose broadened, gained 200 lbs., had fanny implants and installed a few gold teeth. She did not. She me be a loon, but she's not that far gone.

Anonymous said...

To the black/white lesiban, it would be interesting to hear your views on the articles PK writes. Whats your view on the white girl, living a black life?


Anonymous said...

This "tan in a can" lying liberal whore is a definite shoe in for Hillary's running mate.

Anonymous said...

To Bernice - that is a horrifying story. Please tell me you left the soiled cold cuts, reported this to the store manager and notified the Board of Health. Don't let that store get away with that. Make them suffer. I'd also notify the Food Lion corporate HQ and post your experience on YELP, etc.

Anonymous said...

She can always take a trip to E. St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit, ETC. and when attacked she can holler...."Hey, stop it Bro's, I's bees one of you".

Anonymous said...

Could this be the compassionate Oregonian ?

Anonymous said...

I completely understand. One of my vices is fast food. Ohhhhh how I love me Big Mac. So it's always nice to find a McDonald's somewhere nice and white (although I'm non-white) where the floors aren't sticky, there's no graffiti and it isn't a greasy yellow-eyed drooling groid handling my fries.

I used to go to this McDonald's out in the boonies that was entirely staffed by Von Trapp looking high school girls. The place was always spotless and everything was cooked perfectly. I would drive 30 minutes out of the way just to go there.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to have fun with this sordid story (I have been), but there may be a darker (no pun intended) origin behind this. If her family did adopt blacks, the adopted "siblings" may have sexually abused her as a child, in which case this woman may be an extreme example of Stockholm Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:

"Proxy Brown"

hahahahahha! Love it!

Anonymous said...

It's like lib students who do a year of college in Britain and then come back with a bit of a fake British accent. That pathetic sow hung wit da nigs at Howard U. and started to absorb the orc qualities that surrounded her. She tried to fit in by copying jig mannerisms etc; in her fantasy life she was a negro sow. Straight up mentally ill; someone needs to smack this bitch upside da head.

Girl, you a White nigga! Face it.

Yet another reason to outlaw "historically black" universities!

And n*ggas! America is a "historically White" country (wasn't USA when Indians were here). So get your shine boxes and into the back of the bus, you apes!

Anonymous said...

Bubo said:

"This woman was absolutely brainwashed into hating herself by attending a black college."

Remember, she was a grad student at Howard (for a Masters). For her to want to attend Howard after graduating college, she must have already been brainwashed to some extent during her undergraduate years, and likely already plotting her "transformation". Getting a degree from Howard was likely step one in legitimizing her black persona.

Anonymous said...

You know, the more you think about this story, the more profound the ramifications.

At first, it's hard to see past the comedic elements. At second glance the laughter becomes nervous laughter, as we feel we are in the presence of a truly disturbed and broken individual.

But looking at the bigger, wide-screen lens picture, what a subject for a book this would make. It could be a great book, esp. if a good writer got some interviews/access to the woman.

She is us. This is America, circa-2015: White guilt writ larger-than-life; an academic system with educational criteria so misty they threaten to dissipate in the sunlight; a governmental system that is corrupt to the very core; a population of DWL's who are shockingly gullible; an ignorant population of blacks who still, after all these years can't do anything without White assistance.

This topic has so many resonances that it will serve quite well as a microcosm of all our ills and pathologies. This story needs to be placed in a time-capsule. Will explain a lot to future archaeologists, if there are any.

10mm AUTO said...

Look on the bright side! Spokane has so few negros they need a White woman to "stand-in" for an Authentic Black(TM).

A little more dye and she would pass the paper bag test. Love the Hair "Black weave 'do" look.

God, her parent must be heartbroken. She is one of those people who would be a human shield for Orcs. Aragorn would be approaching the black gate and there she would be, tied to the gate yelling "Black Lives Matter! Orcs Are Human Too! Give Sauron a Chance! Gondor is the Oppressor! One persons Urk-hi are another persons Patriot!".

At least till someone put an arrow in her gob.

Anonymous said...

I remember an old joke about Michael Jackson; Let him that hath understanding hear it:

"America is a great country. It's the only country in the world where you can be born a poor black boy, and grow up to be a rich White woman."

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this has been going to far left whackjob webites like Fark and watching the liberals struggle to find a response to this issue so they can still sound and feel morally and intellectually superior without coming across as giant hypocrites.

My favorite comments have been along the lines of:

"only racists think non-blacks can't represent blacks."

"Ummm....that's not the issue. She lied about being black."



Right. With liberals, nothing that exposes their nonsense matters. If it makes them look foolish, and/or exposes their idiocy it "doesn't matter"

So, can my white kids start "identitying as black" when it comes to start applying to universities?

Anonymous said...

I'll make the case that her parents did this to her. ALL her adopted siblings - and there are four or five of them - are black. So her dopey SJW DWL parents had ONE natural white child and then surrounded the poor kid with Africans.

So a helpless and easily influenced girl was surrounded by blackness and had idiot parents to boot. Are you surprised she now identifies as black? I feel sorry for her.

Some of the blame is definitely with the parents. I don't give anyone over 25 a pass but they clearly confused her.

A major problem with raising black and white kids together is that racial differences in intelligence will be painfully obvious at a young age. The kids are of course taught that "race doesn't exist" and thus something else must be holding those black kids back. A white kid in that environment could easily become convinced that society or the parents are harming the black children.

What I find funny in all this is how ironic it is that an anti-white liberal woman faked being black for financial gain. She teaches that blacks are denied opportunities and yet chose to become black for opportunities.

The harsh reality is that there is a lack of intelligent blacks which is what intelligence tests have been showing for decades. Thus a white woman with average (white) intelligence is able to become an NAACP chapter president and college professor by pretending to be black.

Anonymous said...

Want to meet some truly miserable people? Find someone that has adopted blacks.

I once worked with a guy who had a gaggle of them for what I assumed was an infertility problem. The guy always seemed about 30 seconds from a heart attack.

Sure the state will give you cash for black kids but you are better off having dogs if you can't have your own.

Adopting in general is a bad idea because of genetics. You're playing a dice roll of getting some career criminal's offspring.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Thanks to the posters for your comments about my disgusting story. I am bringing the deli stuff back to the Food Lion today. I'll keep ya'll posted about how this all ends. My husband asked me, "Why the hell didn't you leave it there?" I was exhausted after a very long week at work. That is my pitiful excuse. I let my guard down around the negro and it bit me in the ass.

Funny thing is, I avoid this store because it's usually dirty and filled with groids. It was convenient so I dropped by after work. I was wearing an expensive diamond ring which I reversed on my finger so it would appear as nothing more than a gold ring. I don't think I can count more than two instances in my life that directly involved negroes that didn't end up in disaster.

Back to the topic, I hope you young(er) people are taking note of this story. Start filling in "black" or at least "bi-racial" on your job applications, etc. It's probably too late for me and others like me to reap the Affirmative Action benefits out there, but don't let anyone tell you that you cannot be African because you look "white". Sue the bejeezus out of anyone who doesn't take you at your word when you claim to be negro. Get your gibs, mo fos!

Anonymous said...

She was basically starring in her own version of the movie "Avatar".

Anonymous said...

Here's a teaser for you:

"Jermaine McBean decided one summer day in 2013 to walk to a pawn shop, buy a pellet gun that looked a lot like a real rifle and stroll down a busy street back to his apartment complex with the gun in plain view. He was likely listening to music through earbud headphones, something he did a lot.

Alarmed by the gun, several motorists dialed 911, worried that the 33-year-old McBean seemed to be acting strangely. Some noted there were children around."

Hmm. How might this story end?

Anonymous said...

She needs to look up Michael Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray, he knows how to handle these cases.

Anonymous said...

>>It's easy to have fun with this sordid story (I have been), but there may be a darker (no pun intended) origin behind this. If her family did adopt blacks, the adopted "siblings" may have sexually abused her as a child, in which case this woman may be an extreme example of Stockholm Syndrome.<<

Holey crap, this could be it. Think about it. She is a young pretty white girl and her "brothers and sisters" are all black. The first thing that she notices (maybe even sub-consciously) is that her black brothers and sisters are getting all of the positive attention and support from mom and dad. Then she hits puberty and one of (all of?) her "brothers" starts to molest her. But, she notes, her sisters go untouched. Maybe, at some point, she even asks "why me and not them" and she is frankly (and truthfully) told, "because your white".

She grows up feeling that her whiteness left her unnoticed, uncared for and eventually abused. Stockholm syndrome takes over and she wants to shed the identity that has caused her so much pain.

This woman might be a living metaphor for our entire culture.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get other site links that promote racial reality from other realists! Here is a little gem of a white family being attacked by blacks while yelling racist slurs. One might ask? Where is the NAACP, or the President of the United States? Had this been a black family attacked by whites, the din of OOKS and EEKS wouldn't die down for years. A monument to the family would be placed there with white taxpayer money; but since the family was white, they don't matter!

I wonder what Rachel Dolezal would say about this family being attacked by a pack of peaceful Negroes. (Just to let everyone know, I have to monitor my own language here so that PK will print this, BUT please don’t think for a second that I think of the attackers as Negroes…just to make that f*cking clear!)

Yes…Ms. Dolezal…it is your peaceful NEGROES who are doing the attacking; yet dipshits like you stick your white heads up your ass and refuse to see reality of the war these apes are perpetrating on white people everyday of the week.

I also read that your reports of the KKK threatening you was bullshit as well! Burn in hell you white traitor with the NEGROES you love so much!

(PS...I enjoy your stories, Bernice, keep up the good job. I would have turned the coon in for spiting in my food. He needed to be taken out of the kitchen for that kind of behaviour. You know he will do it again and again!)

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

"My God, do you think any med school in the country would even require her to take the MCAT?"

June 12, 2015 at 3:13 PM

I don't know about that, but there's no way in hell I'd let her near me with a knife in her hands. A guy might wind up beating "Caitlyn" to the finish line, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

They had to get a white person to be their "Spokesperson" I do not know whether to laugh or cry. Tell this black wanna be bitch to come to Detroit and use her "Blackness" to change the negroes who have destroyed the "Paris of the Midwest" when white people abandoned it to the negroes. These sub humans ran the water department into the ground and racked up 25-50 million worth of debt from negroes not paying their water bills (they say water is a basic human right, as long as the white person pays for it) so now the surrounding suburbs of Detroit are saddled with the debt of the negroes in Detroit and Highland Park because they did not pay their bills and the negroes run water department did not enforce collection policies on its negroe inhabitants. Another chapter in the demise of Detroit. Yes I am anonymous because these black sub-humans live around me and I do not want to be killed in a fit of rage, you know they have no self control.

Anonymous said...

There are photos of their daughter marrying a negro. The parents are in the picture with their arms draped over the torsos of the negro's already - produced offspring, smiling happily. These parents were complicit at least by ambivalence. Maybe more. Save your prayers for someone more deserving.

Californian said...

Two images come to mind: One is Marlon Brando lying on the floor of a jungle hut sweating bullets and saying "the horror, the horror".

BRA really is in an Apocalypse, Now situation. A figurative and literal heart of darkness.

The thing is to get enough white people to realize this for political action.


Let us show tolerance and understanding. Let us not be so closed minded, bigoted nor full of hate. This fine lady has a point and a lesson to teach us.

We are NOT to judge somebody by the color of their skin. That is a State Truth. We are toojudge by the CONTENT of their minds, right? Well, in the contents of her mind, she is Black. That makes her black.

Bruce Jenner had a penis. Are we to judge him by the color of his penis or accept what is in his MIND and recognize and accept him as a woman? If we can do that for one person, we can do that for another.

She is BLACK and anyone can be trans-racial and become BLACK as well. Think of all the free goodies one can get by becoming "BLACK". Only intolerant, bigoted and closed minded people would resent her and Jenner.

Anonymous said...

I am OK with identifying as a "senior", as revolting as the phrase is. I refuse to be ashamed of my age (61, but looking pretty good). You do get a few tiny discounts. But it would be a cold day in hell before I ever identified as any % black, for any reason.

Anonymous said...

This whole mess is pure COMEDY GOLD.
But no...this country is in serious, serious trouble.

Californian said...

This topic has so many resonances that it will serve quite well as a microcosm of all our ills and pathologies.

There's the economic dimension: a white woman pretending to be black for career advancement. There's the social dimension: her status being raised because she is perceived of as black. There's the political dimension: she's betraying the interests of her own people to advance those of another.

This story needs to be placed in a time-capsule.


Think of how today historians debate the Fall of Rome, the end of the Mayas, and any other number of civilizational collapse.

All of this needs to be recorded so centuries from now, future historians will understand the Causes of the Collapse, aka BRA.

Anonymous said...

Utterly ridiculous sow! Wow, this really encapsulates the DWL's we're up against. She WORSHIPPED n@ggas and did everything she could to be around them, lead them, become one...

She must be locked away in a cell and told who she really is via massive therapy/drug sessions.

Was thinking: if Anthony Burgess had written "A Clockwork Orange" in 2015 America, he would have titles it "A Clockwork Watermelon".

And enough with the negro worship via pro-sports. Enough! They're everywhere being worshipped for their unnatural groid abilities. Bred by slavemasters to be huge, now they are worshipped and bred to play sports. Gotta cut that shit out. Boycott.

Anonymous said...

We need a Conservative outlet to do a documentary on this bitch's life and ridiculous claim to fame. Let's expose and savor every libtarded morsel!

Roll sound!

NY Girl said...

No, those were the adopted children of Rachel's parents. Methinks young Rachel saw these underprivileged darkies invade her family home and proceed to usurp all of Mommy and Daddy's attention. "Hey!" She thought to herself, "They're getting attention because they're underprivileged darkies! I, too, want attention! Therefore, I myself will become an underprivileged darkie!" And when her parents didn't react as she'd hoped, she just took the show on the road.

And she got away with it because up until a couple days ago, no one DARED question a Strong Black Woman.

NY Girl said...

Oh, dear God, no! The NAACP is freakin' HILARIOUS! The last few national leaders have been whiter than I am, and I get a third-degree sunburn just walking to the mailbox. Let's keep that clown car riding!

Anonymous said...

This seems fairly simple to me. Self-serving adoptions of nogs in need by DWL parents, all of whom compete with the one real daughter for the attention and love of the idiot parents, and because they're nogs and need more attention in general she feels inferior to them. So in her mind she concludes she'd be better off black and off she goes down that path. Along the way she gets the full anti-white indoctrination to reinforce how she feels. End result full on daddy (and mommy) issues and the end of that genetic line.

Probably some congratulations are in order since she out nogged the nogs at their own game. Granted it's not hard to outwit the average nog, but she doesn't look particularly black. And blacks are all about appearances and attention.

And the best comment is the one pointing out she faked being black for financial gain and used opportunities offered to blacks, to then teach that blacks are denied opportunities. That may be the biggest point that should be stressed in this whole deal, because it illustrates the hypocrisy of entire groups like the NAACP.

Dan said...

The Huns under Attila were aparently rogue Romans who rejected Christianity and civilized life. Mostly Equites. The Huns in a sense were barbarian lovers.

Anonymous said...

I have told my children to NOT put White on anything they fill out. I told them to put Other. Seriously. I am French, Native American, German, Swiss, Armenian. I am medium skin tone but get very dark from sun, dark hair, dark eyes. I told the kids to use the Armenian angle, as my maiden name IS Armenian and my kids have my maiden name as part of their names.

I realize for medical purposes race matters, but once the doctor sees them/me the doctor can see they look Caucasian.

What White privileges? A White man is screwed in this country, a White woman hardly fares better.

Because this Dolezal fraud acted black and some blacks are defending her nothing will happen to her, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

If Dolezal's adopted black brother said Dolezal was harassed for being White while at Howard college it proves blacks are more racist than Whites, they don't want Whites around them, just want Whites to support them.

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle: "[Bruce Jenner] is all man except for a tiny developmental anomaly in his brain. He had a mishap in his mother's womb. He got too much (or too little) testosterone at a critical time. This left him with a female pattern in his Bed nucleus of the Stria Terminalis (BNST)."

Science is great and all, but maybe he was simply traumatized by seeing his wife pour coal down her daughters' throats (and his daughters, too, once they turned 15) in exchange for money and fame. That should be enough to drive any man crazy. The fact that he was the best all-around athlete in the world in 1976, belies the Insufficient Testosterone theory.

I only hope that, after he completes his transmutation by chopping his dick off, he steals all his daughters' boyfriends, and "leaks" a videotape of it. That train isn't fully wrecked yet.

Anyway, it's doubtful this woman had any intracranial birth defects, either. She probably went crazy because her parents poured coal down her throat, and all around her.


When it comes to "fast food" ONLY go to Chik-fillet. You will notice 90% of their staff is WHITE and the few negroes are forced to act white. The place is spotless. WHY? It is a WHITE CHRISTIAN company and they really know how to pick their managers. It is the only fast food I will eat.

There are also no gays working there. Imagine how that would be........


This entire story would make one hell of a movie. Seriously. If she really is a smart white woman, she can make a fortune off the story and give the money to poor black chillins.

Anonymous said...

If there is a kind and loving God, Prof. Crunk will shit out a column on this.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we aren’t even remotely close to real and honest race discussions in this country. Speak out at your own peril. It is maddening to see that the only race not allowed to speak the truth is the only race aware of what the truth is. This teacher is just another victim of the ever growing influence of BRA.

N.Ga said...

MAD magazine has to do a mock on this one. Hope they pick up on it. It does show however, any con or scheme with a black label profits.

We owe these clowns nothing!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....At this point the poor little white girl who is "down with the struggle" only has a few career moves left.
She can have her own reality show.
She can become a new member of the cast on "The View".
Or she can pose nude for Playboy.

But she will have to wait until she is over 50 before she can do any exorcise videos.

Anonymous said...

John Wilkes Booth's Timing Was Off By 5 Years And 600,000 Wasted White Lives said:

"chattanooga gal said...

" Body tissues have racially specific characteristics, which means that transfusions and transplants are far more likely to be successful when the donor and recipient are of a similar ethnic background. If you're black, your best tissue match will usually be black"
doesn't this sort of PROVE that we are not the same?"

Of course it does - no doubt about it. However, the patently demonstrable fact that fully 99.99% of these pavement apes are dumber than a rusty pail of nails, would sell their "mutha" for a 9MM Glock, murder, rape pillage, destroy and burn down their own pig pens just for the hell of it says it even better.

Anonymous said...

How about this story for MS. Rachel Dolezal? Yes…Rachel…your PEACEFUL NEGROES killed a 75 year old white woman for the fun of it! You Rachel are a FOOL!

Here is the story of Mary Alice Stutts who was killed by three black orcs:

The grandmother had the audacity to be kind to them on a hot day and let them refresh themselves with a drink from her spigot, and they killed her for it!

Here is the moral of the story: whenever an orc comes up to you asking for a phone, a glass of water, or ANYTHING, it is a precursor to being robbed or assaulted or killed.

This is why I don’t like dealing with orcs at all! If they come on MY property, I should be able to tell them to get their f’ing black asses off my property. If they get uppity…I should be able to protect myself from them.

This is why we need segregation from the goddamned bastards! They are dangerous animals and should be treated as such!

Stuff that in your pipe, MS. RACHEL DOLEZAL, and smoke it!

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....Not only do I have Negro Fatigue but for the last few years I have been getting a bad case of Stupid White People Fatigue. What do I do now. I truly am starting to believe that a vast majority of white people are becoming nearly hopeless. The POD PEOPLE are taking over.

Anonymous said...

Very O/T but I'll throw it out to the few holdout Republicans who might lurk around here.

Obama just lost a vote on another one of those "let's give the store away" foreign trade-bills. You folks here probably know all about it. A Pacific rim version of NAFTA...anyway...guess who was in Obama's corner on this, begging their folks to "back the President on this important legislation"? Paul Ryan and John Boehner.

And guess who shut the Soul Train down? Nancy Pelosi. Now, I wouldn't piss on Pelosi if she was on fire, as a friend of mine used to say to signal disdain, but you have to wonder how Republican voters can stomach their boys John and Paul in cheerleader outfits chanting gimme an "O".....gimme a "B".....

And there's your weekly "why I am not a Republican" moment.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Anonymous sez...
I am OK with identifying as a "senior", as revolting as the phrase is. I refuse to be ashamed of my age (61, but looking pretty good). You do get a few tiny discounts. But it would be a cold day in hell before I ever identified as any % black, for any reason.

With all due respect, I believe you're missing the point. I understand what you're saying, and I'm somewhat on board with your views about claiming any percentage of negrocidy, but I believe we can bring this system down if whites all claim we "feel" black. Look, we want our "gibs". How about a nice Affirmative Action job for your grandchild? People used to say "I'm feeling kinda blue." Well, now it's "I'm feeling kind black." And as we all know, you get handsomely rewarded in this country for being negro. Heck, you can burn down entire cities and be given "your space" to vent your anger. Welfare not paying enough? Here's a free pass to go looting. Have at it, LaJayveeus! Horny, Luthah? Go rape Whitney, the young, white, college co-ed. It's okay, cause you be oppressed and Shiite.

As others have pointed out, this woman was (in my opinion)of very average attractiveness as a white woman. Painted up as a negress, she looks gorgeous! And any "negress" who can process a thought while chewing gum at the same time is an absolute genius. This woman is to be admired, not mocked. All white young people need to pay f*cking attention and follow her example. Look, you don't like the system? Yeah, me either! B*tching about it here might be therapeutic, but it ain't gonna get Shiite done. Whites claiming their "gibs". Watch this sucka go down, like real quick. This very well may be the crack that opens up the floodgates.

AnalogMan said...

Medic Bear said

I agree with the comment(s) that someone needs to investigate just how many gibs this fraudulent POS has sucked-down and pressure some jurisdiction to research if any charges can be brought.

No, I disagree. You basically want to legitimize the gibs-for-darkies system. She's showing up the absurdity of the system. More power to her, say I.

"Burn this bitch down."

bernicegreenbaum said...

I played cards with a friend of mine today and he asked if I knew about the white woman who was trying to pass for black. I told him that we all have some negro in us and should therefore claim to be black. He, being a young DWL, only laughed. He then asked me about the cop who tackled a black girl in a bikini in Texas. After listeningto his tirades about how abusive the cops are toward blacks, I simply said, "What was that girl doing in that neighborhood on private property, particularly after being told to leave by not only the owners, but security as well?" *****silence*******

bernicegreenbaum said...

Post script to the above mentioned conversation with my young, DWL friend. He sighs and says, "You don't like black people very much, do you, Bernice?" To which I said, "No, I don't. And apparently you don't either, because you and your wife live in one of the whitest neighborhoods around this city."

Anonymous said...

OT - watching TV video of gang of colored youts beating a 15-year-old colored boy in the Bronx. Lovely. This followed a story about another police shooting in NYC by, you guessed it, another colored boy. Summer in the city!

Mr. Rational said...

I've been struggling for years and have to finally come out of the closet now:

I am actually a Black lesbian, though born in a White man's body.

#WrongSkin #WrongGender

Which way to the gibs?

SC Native said...

Bernice, I hope you get a chance to tell Sambo what he is and what he's worth. These savages have no concept of hygiene.

On topic, in the past a high yellow would "pass" into the white community. So in this modern BRA world I guess you now "flush" into the black coonmunity.

I'm still in total shock that anybody would actually want to be black.

SKIP said...

"1970s Sci-Fi movie with Sean Connery, called Zardoz,"

GREAT, I use that film as a reference often relative to the conduct of White people supporting, enabling and kissing black ass thinking they will be liked....LOL In the end, all is as it should be, the crocodile, as predicted, EATS THEM.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bernice you have to be insane to allow a negro to prepare or serve you food.

You KNOW they HATE us.

Anonymous said...

Here's where our focus is a little bit off on this "Dolezal Affair": we are treating this woman as an anomaly, staring in wonder at the freak that she is. But this desire certain Whites have to be black is not so unusual; in fact is so prevalent in the U.S. that there is even a name for them: "wiggers".

Just the other day I saw a trio of seventeen-ish looking boys walking along the street- two black "yoofs" and a White boy. He had adopted their swagger and general body-language. All three were shirtless.

Not too long ago a White foreign visitor was killed in Oklahoma in a thrill-kill scenario by a similar unholy alliance of White and Black teen boys- so bored they decided to spice up their summer with a random murder.

Of course, Dolezal fascinates us by inadvertently exposing the pretenses of our officially endorsed reverence for the "black experience"(tm); she intrigues us because she almost brings the unspeakable into the realm of the undeniable.

But the story of bored, vacuous, ignorant White young people being swallowed by the Moloch of black worship plays out in less spectacular fashion thousands of times a day in this country. Every time you see a White kid blaring rap music and imitating cocky black thugs, you are witnessing the dying of the light of Western culture. A little bit at a time.

Mac said...

I wonder what Rachel had to say about this. It happened in Spokane when she was in charge of the Negroes.

Another thrill kill: 88-year-old WW2 vet beaten to death by black teenagers

Anonymous said...


off topic

if you check this --I thought the one on the left was a guy--thats a chick!!!

Anonymous said...

In total shock that someone would to be black! Really now? OMG... get a life!

Anonymous said...

To Bernice - I'm not missing the point. Totally get the point. Still could never pretend to be even a " smidgen" black. Too disgusting. Too repulsive. I need more wine. I saw black people on TV today.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Philadelphia Mike, here.

When the time comes for my boys to apply for college, should we have them apply for scholarships as black?

They have sandy colored hair...two with blue with green with hazel/brown eyes.

How will we be able to pass them off as black?

You guys have given me an idea, though. If the BRA wants us Europeans to fall for the "race is a social construct" jargon, well then...let's give them what they've been asking for. For purposes of getting a piece of the hand-out pie let it be a social construct...and if my boys say they're black when it's time to get scholarships...well then, let them be black.

We've got to fight fire with fire.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

Re Pat Boyle's comment on leaded gasoline
Haven't heard this spelled out quite so precisely befor, but lead does definitely affect IQ. Also, radioactive fallout exerte a very insidious effect on IQ. I refer any interested readers to Ernest Sternglass MD, in his piece on this issue. Search for "the minds of the children" + his name. In short, radioactive fallout is considered the chief culprit in the calamitous drop in SAT scores in the 1970's, according to him. By the way, the SAT scores have never recovered.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

I believe in the "Out of Africa" theory. Thus, I should be able to select "African American" as my race on gubmint gibs forms.

What exactly do you need to be in order to identify as African American? Nobody seems to know since race is a social construct.

I've taken some heat for doing this by the HR sowpotomous, but this story should shut her up once and for all.


Anonymous said...

A quick check of the 2014 US Census shows that all of Spokane County is only 1.9% a white interloper posing as black is a safe bet in Spokane. I bet if this YT-wannabe-uh-sista tried to pull this stunt in, oh, St.Louis, Baltimore or any other city with a majority melanin complexion, a real sheboon would jump out the trees and jerk her fake extension right out of her european scalp!

Anonymous said...

To SC Native - I, too, am totally in shock that anyone would want to be black, or pretend to be black. I don't believe anyone REALLY does, not even blacks. However, there are wacko women losers in this world. White women who like black men, who have black men's children, who correspond with and marry convicts, who marry and stay with men who abuse them. These women have no sense of self, no pride, no loyalty to their family and their own kind. They are as worthless as blacks. This wacko Rachel is one of those women. I have no sympathy for her or her jackass parents. We are all responsible for our choices.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... what a sociopathic white woman! She is really a mental case! What people need to do is look into her family tree and see where they let her ancestry out of the mental hospital when they closed them in the US back in the 70's. As far as I'm concerned FIRE HER! Leave her on her @ss!

Anonymous said...

I thought it odd that a white man would want to be a sixty five year old woman. Bruce Jenner did. But this woman passing as blac... priceless. Idiots all!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Sambo... there used to be a restaurant franchise here called Sambo's. A long time ago. Denny's took it over because it was part of the new PC world. I am so sick of this new PC world that has gone on here for the last 50 yrs. Time to turn back time and take control of these out of control nogs!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh. I remember Sambos. The restaurant. And still have a vintage book. " Little a Black Sambo ". I'm not PC. I read it to grand kids. Too young to yet have been exposed. They love it. Another book I have is The Inheritance of Loss. Wonderful author Kiran Desai. Novel parallels what the U s is going through completely. Horrifying country we now live in. All lost.

SKIP said...

I'm watching "Blazing Saddles" that movie just never gets old.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL - let's forget this worthless White lunatic black wanna-be woman and celebrate a White icon, Frank Sinatra. It would have been his 100th birthday!

Anonymous said...

'To SC Native - I, too, am totally in shock that anyone would want to be black, or pretend to be black.'

she was raised w 4 -5 blacks that were 'adopted' by her lib parents.
need I post more? stockholm syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this, Bernice - I had a similar, albeit somewhat less disgusting, experience at my local (and quite upscale) Publix this week. After grabbing Hubby some fried chicken I decided I would get their ham sandwich special for myself. Well, some woman kept the nice white man at the sandwich counter tied up with some large order so I got stuck waiting - until the only colored boy working back there (whom I've never seen there before, and I'm a regular) noticed me and wanted to take my order. I slightly panicked - I didn't want him making my sandwich because I'd seen him EATING(!) behind the counter! I've never ever seen a Publix employee do that, and the (white female) manager was standing right there. And he did it more than once, too. So I politely asked if the ham sammich was a hot one, and he said yes. So I thanked him and said I'll be back when I'm done shopping, and I made sure to get someone else to fix my stupid sammich on my next attempt.

Unfortunately my trip to the dreaded Walmart (optical) the next day wasn't much better. Headed out of the building towards me was a filthy mud shark (a skinny, middle-aged blonde) hanging all over her prize pavement ape, who was almost twice her height. As if that wasn't repulsive enough, she starts pulling on her groid, and made him bend almost in half to give her a big ole smooch right there in the parking lot as they passed me! I wanted to vomit right there and probably had the same look on my face. I'm terribly sorry, but I honestly had visions of men in white sheets horse whipping that nasty old hag - disgusting!

Simple shopping trips for deli meats and contact lens are becoming simply unbearable. My negro fatigue is at an all-time high (heavy sigh).
---White Camellia

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