Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Deus Ex Machina

Worth mentioning is the fact people in positions of power are floating the idea of paying blacks in 65% black Baltimore NOT to kill one another. In essence, the incentivizing of good behavior via cash payments is now being pitched as a solution to the violence in Baltimore. [Should Baltimore pay people to not kill each-other?, Baltimore Sun, June 2, 2015]:
However, the Washington Post offered a potential solution to the violence today: pay people to not kill each-other. 
The post article cites the case of Richmond, Calif., and Devone Boggan. Boggan is a former criminal who ran with gangs in Richmond, and is now a community activist.  
He was asked by the city of Richmond to help its violence problem during a time when the city held the 11th-highest murder rate in the country. He founded the Office of Neighborhood Safety in 2000, and identified the 50 men in the community who were most likely to kill, and be killed. 
Speaking with mentors hardened on the streets, the 50 men sought counseling and joined an 18-month program that helped them develop life skills, take anger management classes, and get paid while doing so—up to $1,000 a month.
Pay people to behave.

What a novel concept: Reward people with monetary handouts for their successful participation in civilization.

Well, at least it beats asking for divine intervention to halt the bloodshed... (below is a press release SBPDL received for a multicultural prayer march this upcoming Saturday in Baltimore):

BALTIMORE–June 15, 2015–On June 20th, city pastors, community leaders and police facing the highest murder rate in 40 years will engage in a unity and prayer rally. The rally has been organized by the Multi-Cultural Prayer Movement of Baltimore: 400 participating churches in the Mid-Atlantic Region. In strategic community engagement, the allied churches will address root causes of poverty and unrest in Baltimore and all of Maryland. 

All Baltimore residents are invited to join Lt. Col. Melvin Russell, chief of Community Partnerships Baltimore Police, and a host of faith leaders from across Baltimore in a Bless Baltimore Prayer Motorcade to some of the city’s most intense sites of violence.  Faith leaders include:
  • Bishop Angel Nunez (Bilingual Christian Church)
  • Bishop Clifford Johnson/Pastor Darryl Brace (Mt. Pleasant Church)
  • Bishop Willard Saunders (Created For So Much More)
  • Bishop Mike McDermott (Life Source Int’l)

WHO: Bishop Angel Nunez (Bilingual Christian Church), Bishop Marcus Johnson (New Harvest Ministries), Bishop Clifford Johnson/ Pastor Darryl Brace (Mt. Pleasant Church), Bishop Willard Saunders (Created For So Much More), Pastor Matt Stevens (Somebody Cares), Lt. Col. Melvin Russell (Chief, Community Partnerships Baltimore Police), Bishop Harry Jackson (The Reconciled Church), Rev. Derek McCoy (C.U.R.E./Maryland Family Alliance), Bishop Mike McDermott (Life Source Int’l), Bishop Monroe Saunders (Transformation Church), Pastor Toni Draper (Freedom Temple AME Zion), Bishop Abel Palomo (House of Prayer), Pastor Benjun Uybengkee (River of Life Int’l), Rev. Dr. Harold Carter, Jr., (New Shiloh Baptist), Rev. Dr. Errol Gilliard (Greater Harvest/President, Baptist Ministers Conference) 

“Together--and together only--can we begin to change our city.” Bishop Angel Nunez, president of the Multicultural Prayer Movement.
“Together--and together only--can we begin to change our city.” Bishop Angel Nunez, president of the Multicultural Prayer Movement. 
"The police department needs the help of grassroots partners to ensure community safety. Once again, we call on the church to help lead the way to Baltimore’s peace and reconciliation."Lt. Col. Melvin Russell said. 

“In Baltimore’s unprecedented spiritual crisis Church and community, united, will invoke Baltimore’s highest power, its surest hope. We’ll find value in the crisis,” Bishop Willard Saunders said. 

"After prayer, churches across Maryland will work together to create a greater sense of peace and reconciliation on the streets of our communities, ”Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. of The Reconciled Church Movement   (thereconciledchurch.org) 

WHAT: “Bless Baltimore Prayer Motorcade” of city leaders and residents www.mc-pm.net  

It's hard to determine whether or not 2015 America is a tragedy or a comedy. 


Anonymous said...

The Left will never, ever stop pushing. They will take everything we have if we don't stop them - it's no joke and its no exaggeration. Talking has failed. Reasoning has failed. Bargaining has failed. And voting has failed. We are just about out of options here. Pretty soon boat-groids will be arriving on OUR shores en masse. What are you going to do, white man?

Anonymous said...

They should be paid for voluntary sterilization. The earlier, the better.

countenance said...

A given Baltimore black gets paid a grand a month not to murder people, and he ends up murdering someone. Can whoever funded this program sue them to get their money back? Yeah, I know, bwahahahahahaha.

Note that this idea comes from some Oakland, Calif.-area "former" gang banger turned community activist. That's the kind of idea that a con artist like that would dream up. Needless to say, I am very suspicious of this cottage industry of "former" gang bangers turned anti-gang consultants slash speakers slash community activists slash role models. I'd rather get my advice on how not to get in a gang from someone who never did.

Anonymous said...

I was sitting behind some giant SUV-thing at a light today. Amidst all the stupid zombie stick family and Bark Life stickers on the back of it, right dead in the middle was not one but TWO of those 'Run, Ben, Run!' stickers. We are soooo screwed .....

Anonymous said...

Right idea, wrong application. We should be paying them to kill each other even more. If Planned Parenthood can create a new fund for this, I'll cut them a check right away. They can have my credit card too.

Anonymous said...


She is a plagiarist?

Rachel Dolezal, huff po story on plagiarism. 'stolen art'.

Anonymous said...

to see a black gal w no man and 4 kids is common.
saw that today.

Anonymous said...

A Anon 7:37 -

Awww, come on! Just give Ol' Uncle Ben a chance! After all we can't judge all black presidents just because we got one bad one. Ben Carson is a True Rock-Ribbed Conservative - I heard Sean Hannity say so!

/extreme sarc

Anonymous said...

What happens if they gets their gibs den dey kilts sum bodies?
Do we get a refund?


Anonymous said...

So we have completely given up on throwing them basketballs now, and are giving them cash payments not to hurt anybody instead?

You know $1000 won't be enough, or as lucrative for them anyway, or won't pay out fast enough to meet their lofty desires. Then comes the day they ask for a raise, say an even $2000 or else. Anyone else see where this is going?

-Trigger Lover

Hocus POTUS said...

Africans should only receive money in the form of a boat ticket bound for repatriation--not for reparations, and certainly not for mimicking Homo sapiens behavioral characteristics.
Hell, I'd even spring for cots so they wouldn't have to plank like their ancestral cargo. All aboard!

Detroit Refugee said...

Swim out and attach something below the water line. What else can one do when you're already backed up against the river? Flee to Canada maybe?

Anonymous said...

How about we pay them to move to and stay in africa

Anonymous said...

The Multicultural Superhighway is being run directly through our gene pool. We have been slated for demolition.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Fed Up

I say it a lot...
I want to puke !!!

Daniel said...

Texas here:

PK: I really, really like your "participate in civilization" refrain.

Why do we need rallies to stop killing? Why do we need to bribe thugs?

If everyone would "participate in civilization," all would be well.

Else, we might be destroyed:


Anonymous said...

What this country needs is wanted dead or alive again.Enough of this revolving door in and out of prison for repeat offenders. This is barbaric and society destroying behavior, and it cannot be allowed to continue for the sake of our country.
I propose a round up and swift trial for these offenders, and a public hanging of those guilty of capital crimes, and incarceration with hard labor for the others, no appeal, no constitutional rights, which they themselves ignore anyway.
Furthermore, every execution would require mandatory attendance by all local elected officials from the guilty parties home district.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....At first the CIRCUS MIDGETS that run the government BORROWED MONEY from the bankers. Then they gave it away free to dumb black unwed mothers to have fatherless children. Now they want to BORROW MORE MONEY to give to these fatherless children so they don't MURDER AND BUTCHER each other.

How much will they pay for not raping, beating or mugging someone. Will there be any kind of bonus if the people THAT WEREN'T KILLED are black or white. To prevent "racism" I think a flat rate should apply that is not based on skin color. When they receive their monthly or weekly pay check I think a list of the people that they didn't kill or rape should be presented. This will prevent fraud among those trying to rip off the system. A Walmart or debit card would be the best payment method.

What worries me is they might start forming unions for the NON-KILLING and NON-RAPING members. What would happen if they went on strike for higher pay. Whole cities could be held hostage with the threat of an over night crime wave. It should be made clear that unions are forbidden.

TIME FOR A PARABLE. I had a pad on lower 4th Avenue near the Bowery. A couple winos always panhandled me for wine money. I was flat broke so I BORROWED MONEY from my bank and gave them FREE MONEY thinking they would go away. Two days later there were more winos so I borrowed more money to give away. After awhile the whole block was filled with panhandling winos and all I could do was keep borrowing more and more money. I spent hours each day walking up and down the block giving out free money. I was now in debt up to my eyebrows and was getting worried. I still BELIEVED IN EQUALITY but what bothered me the most was that no matter how much free money I gave away they would still PISS, SHIT AND VOMIT IN MY DOORWAY.

make it rain TRUTH said...

Typical immature solution to a problem; throw money at it.

Perhaps if we got the government completely out of the game of paying citizens at all, we could find our way out of this.

There was a time, before government welfare programs, when bad behaviors were discouraged and marginalized by immutable Natural Law. Sowing and reaping, if I may. Good behaviors reaped better results than bad behaviors. Parents were tasked with teaching their child in the "way he should go" so that when he was an adult he would not turn from it. And if they failed to teach them good behaviors, Natural Law was ready and able to teach it for them. Much more painfully and forcibly than even the strictest parent could have.

Instead, government welfare has interceded and broken these laws of sowing and reaping. So we have derelict and bad behaviors run amok, especially in segments of society where government welfare is greatest. All sorts of damaging social maladies. From illegitimacy, rampant adultery, selfishness, cheating, lying, stealing, murdering...perverted senses of right and wrong across the board.

In a prior time, these sorts of behaviors would be strangled in the cradle. Instead, they persist well into late adulthood.

Before some zealot rabidly misunderstands this as typical "blame liberalism" commentary; I will say this does not discount black peoples' racial failings being part of the problem. I simply look at it like this: Government welfare is wreaking havoc by interfering with Natural Law any where it is involved. It's worse with blacks because blacks' racial failings are like a magnifying glass that intensifies these problems. Look at Africa for an example. In those cases, it's not government welfare as much as it's whitey welfare (from 1st world countries) that is doing the job of interfering with Natural Law.

Philadelphia Mike said...

We pay our kids at the end of each report card period for each "A" they get.

And the negroes want to be paid not to murder each other.

We are NOT the same species. Period.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

People probably think that this is a new idea. No, this is a very old idea. It is called paying tribute to barbarian hordes to keep them from looting, raping, plundering, and murdering. Of course this is a reversal of the doctrine that states that we will not negotiate with terrorists. This reinforces the felonious behavior. We've hit rock bottom.

Anonymous said...

The United Negro Murder Fund. White man pays us not to slay.

Kind of catchy.

How about paying them to be sterilized? That would be money very well spent.

Anonymous said...

What'll they think of next?

Imagine, being paid NOT to kill.

This country just gets more surrealistic with each new day.

Julie said...

It's a great idea. Negroes kill because they do not have enough money. This has been well documented by a variety of studies. When negroes are interviewed, they are very clear that their lust for blood is driven by a lack of "benjamins" as they call cash money. Negroes are very fond of money. You can find many photos on the internet where negroes are holding a big roll of cash in their mouth. This is similar to the way a dog will proudly hold a bone. Once negroes have money, then they can buy bakaball shoes, weaves, rims for the car, jewery or "bling" as they call it.

We keep talking about how difficult life is in the Afro-american community. Well there is a simple solution to this terrible problem. Why can't we give the Afro-american community money? We have plenty of it. Let's stop being so mean to the black community and just give them some of the money that we have?

The one thing I know about the Afro-american community is this. They are extremely appreciative and thankful for anything you might give them. We can pay all black teens maybe $35,000 a year if they stay out of trouble. If you arrest, send them to the courtroom and later to prison, it will cost much more. Let's be honest with ourselves. The African-american community gives so much to this nation, why not pay them not to kill people? It's a win-win.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't that the 5th commandment that God gave to Moses?

Thou shalt not kill because thou shalt be paid each full moon not to do so.

I could swear that's how I learned it in Catechism class.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
The Left will never, ever stop pushing. They will take everything we have if we don't stop them - it's no joke and its no exaggeration. Talking has failed. Reasoning has failed. Bargaining has failed. And voting has failed. We are just about out of options here. Pretty soon boat-groids will be arriving on OUR shores en masse. What are you going to do, white man?

Boats full of Africans are just around the corner. There is a limit to how many Africans the refugee church rackets can bring in, paper work and all. The next step is certainly Camp of the Saints style amphibious landings by Africans. Stand up or die.

Medic Bear said...

What an absolute crock of crap ! Paying for people to obey the law !
Oh, that's right, they're NOT people, they're orcs.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Our country is so screwed. It will take change of massive proportions to pry BRA and it's DWL, multicultural diversity insanity supporters out of power.

Civil war, revolution, whatever. Let's get it started so we can get it over with and take back the country, if for no one else but our White children.

Know Blacks, No Peace.
No Blacks, Know Peace.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Ya'll! Don't you realize that with enough intervention, enough rehab, enough coddling, pampering and petting and enough rewards, you can turn a hyena into a family friendly dog? This is the message of the libtard and since the hyena's benefit greatly from it, they're all howling for it. Please ignore that the hyena remains a hyena and is by nature a skulking, opportunistic, feral beast.
Every time a dog wags it's tail, chases a ball or protects a family, these are all microaggressions against hyena's and designed to put them down, make them feel bad and look bad by comparison.
What?! You don't want wild assed hyena's running through your neighborhood and want to keep them out? MACRO aggression! You horrid person! If only hyena's are given the opportunity to live in a friendly environment with access to everything you give to dogs, they'll stop being hyena's and become like dogs! You just don't want them to be happy or to succeed! It's all your fault they continue to be hyena's and act like hyena's!
You need to pray! Now, drop to your knees and pray for the hyena's and pray for them to stop being hyena's and behaving like hyena's.
I'd lecture you horrid people some more and enlighten you but my TV is broken so I'm going to go sit on the floor in front of it and pray for it to get better! IF I pray hard enough, not only will it start working again but it will magically transform from a 32" screen into an 80" screen! Just like how a hyena can turn into a dog! But before I go, how about a rousing sing along? We can all sing "We Are The World" and "Kumbaya!"
NO? You horrible, evil, wicked people!

Anonymous said...

OKAY, DWL leanings aside, (please don't be snarky towards her), you have got to feel bad for McKinney pool Mom. The video of her speaking, linked below, is heartbreaking. She did not ask to go through the hell she is enduring.

This is a woman who seems to have really tried hard to be a good, Godly, person. She has been employed for 17 years at the same place, has kids, and friends. And, her life has been turned upside down without any regard to facts.

I do like the way she says 'teens and young adults.' The media will only say 'teens.' And, I like her resentment about media spreading lies about her.

I hope her testimony makes people wonder if such a thing could happen to them. I hope that her pleading that she has the right to have an orderly pool to relax in makes people think about civilization and barbarism.





White people get the hell out of Balti-more checks, MD. You are obviously not wanted anymore. You will be killed by a black man who is getting paid monthly not to show up for your soon to be ex-job! Run too the hills, run for your life!
Cause making a stand in that hell-hole is not worth it. There are some areas where you will be wanted and needed. But Balti-more checks, MD. is not one of them.


Anonymous said...

So...it's gone from paying them to attend school to paying them not to kill each other.
The money would be better invested in getting rid of them altogether.

Anonymous said...

O..... M.....G.......more handouts, more incentive to not work a normal job, reproduce more scum.

Guess who gets to pay for orcs to sit and do nothing? Yep the racist White.

Hell, I am fighting for measley disability and unemployed murderers are going to be paid more than I can get, IF I get anything, and I WORKED an honest job.

Every one who is not an orc should protest this lunacy!

Anonymous said...

Great way to piss off your groid co-workers at the water cooler is to fully support Rachel Dolezal - the wannabe magic negress. You can say how she really understands the black experience, etc. Nigs will FREAK when they hear that. Good way to sound all progressive, yet piss off the nigs no end.

Anonymous said...

Re your last line PK , viewed from afar 2015 America is definitely a tradgedy. If ever there was a classic example of opportunity cost , the US is it. How great might the US been had not billions upon billions not been poured into the negro toilet?

rex freeway said...

So we should monetarily reward a group of people for not living a life of crime. Hmmmm. How about no. You could never supply enough money because more and more would want in on this golden ticket. And if you turned one down they would commit crimes and murder then say "if you would have payed me".... The real problem is Liberal progtards and sentencing guidelines. Quit letting career criminals out. Take that money they want to waste and build more prisons. If you feel you need to reward someone then have a lottery to pay someones utilities for a year.

PNW Realist said...

40 ounces of Olde English and a watermelon says that at least two people are shot at the peace[piece] rally.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Well, why not? I mean, in the movie, The Godfather, you heard Don Corlion say, "I made him an offah he couldn't refuse." So yeah, just like paying tribute to the would be invaders of a country, Baltimore should pay some cash to keep the negroes at bay. We couldn't ax or expect them to behave themselves now, could we? No, that would be like expecting the chillen in school to actually read and study. Not doable, so let's bribe them.

I was reading two articles in our daily fish wrap about how the poor chillen in the coonmunity fall behind during the summer cuz deys no books in dare house. Now, I've been to flea markets, thrift stores, discount retailers such as Walmart, and I've found books that were under two or three dollars each. And there is always the public library. But no, not in our town. Our town has to keep the schools open for the summer to (bribe) keep the chillens from "acting out". My gawd, we have created an uncontrollable monster and its name is "The Negro". An expensive habit for any First World country to acquire. At least cigarettes will eventually kill you. With blacks, a new stock is replenished every 13 years or so as a new crop of LaJaybeeuses and Laqueefahs get their groove thang on in under the bleachers in Junior High School. Also, there be those turbul, turbul, food deserts, so we're fixing that to the tune of a city grant, building them a brand new food co-op, which will supply the coonmunity with fresh fruits and veggies. When did blacks ever start caring about those, anyway?

Anonymous said...

How about Stuff Black People HATE!?

1) White people
2) First World levels of civilization
3) Being a negro (but that's a secret, ssshhhhh)
4) Working
5) Not getting their drink, swerve, etc "on".
6) Being called a negro (so do it! Often!)
7) Not raping White women.
8) Not talking about the endless oppression their ancestors suffered that makes them utterly dysfunctional right now.
9) ... your ideas...?

Anonymous said...

OT: An open letter to Donald Trump.

Mr Trump, it is with great interest that I see you have announced your intention to run for President of the USA. Good luck sir.

May I suggest you make one effort in particular that, I guarantee, will add an enormous amount of support to your campaign: be the one candidate who ruthlessly calls out the dysfunctional blacks in America and their lunatic racist leaders (incl. Obama).

If you step up and call a spade a spade, you will tap into the nationwide negro fatigue that is afflicting all other races everywhere; they want a warrior on their side to put the negroes in their place.

Mr Trump, you are the man for this. You know that negroes are destroying the country; fight back. We'll reward you with an enormous wave of support.

Go for it!!

Earl Turner said...

Well hey. Black people asking black people to stop acting like black people didn't work. Maybe paying black people to stop acting like black people will work.

Why is everybody laughing?

Unknown said...

How does paying people to behave beat praying for divine intervention?
I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

I believe they need a snappier name for the program...and it has to be one that rhymes. I'd suggest the "Pay Not To Slay Giveaway"!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Dominicans found their collective sack and are repatriating their groids. We should take heed; it CAN be done:


Anonymous said...

In a completely unrelated (?) train of thought, I wonder how progress is coming along on that Starbuck's in Ferguson?

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo sick of the left and their pretend world, they went God free in 93 so that they could worship negroes instead!

Southron said...

The proponents of civil rights back in the 1960's swore that what we are experiencing now would never happen.

We were told that the black man would spread his wings, and soar like an eagle to take his place in America as an equal. Instead, the black man turned out to be a pigeon that did nothing but shit all over everything.

Talking about any of this is career and social suicide, so the solution we're down to is paying them not to murder everything within reach.

The "shining city on a hill" has turned into an open air dysfunctional negro asylum.

Anonymous said...

Coming soon to a negro town you!


Anonymous said...

Reporting again from northwestern lower Michigan, no doubt just a stone's throw from Ex-Detroiter...

The local free weekly newspaper "Northern Express" publishes a "Crime & Rescue" column.  This is NOT available on the website (http://northernexpress.com/), it's only in the paper edition.  Are there things that the DWLs do not want "on the record"?  But I digress...

Kalkaska is a little hick town about half an hour ENE of Traverse City.  It is white as white can be, with some folk who look like backwoods hillbillies (toothless faces and all), yet in the June 15 edition I found this gem:

"Stranger knocks, attacks
"Two women who saw a man walking up their driveway thought the stranger was a salesman and answered the door.
"The suspect, 22-year-old Detroit resident Tevin Rashee Coney, charged the women with a knife and demanded money, Kalkaska County Sheriff's deputies said.
"As a 32-year-old woman was assaulted in the doorway, the other woman fled the house and called police.
"The suspect demanded money and the woman gave him her purse...."

A "Detroit resident", with a ghetto name, attacks two women too naive to see him as a threat.  WTF was Mr. ghetto-name doing in Kalkaska in the first place?  "Staying" with a coal-burner is the likely explanation.

Our women are the ones selling us out.  We must ostracize the ones allowing the forces of darkness to make inroads.

Anonymous said...

The thing that disturbs me the most is that they are being paid NOT to do something. It's like an adult game of trick or treat. Isn't that just another name for extortion? Pay us and we'll be sure nothing bad happens to you.

These thugs are not being paid to paint some sh@tty mural or to "mentor" black youth. They are being paid to do absolutely nothing. So useless that they now there is now a way to measure the costs that they occur on society. For $1000 a month you can be guaranteed that Shitavious will not kill anyone. Take THAT starving child in Africa ad!

Why pay anyone to do things when we can pay everyone not to do things! Incredible insight oh wise former gang member! Maybe we can all start delivering tribute to local gangs to keep them happy and to show how much we appreciate them. Thank you OH SO MUCH for not killing anyone lately. How gentlemanly of you. Maybe my son can grow up to be an upstanding pillar of the community like you someday.

Maybe as Countenance was saying, we should seek advice from anyone who was/is NOT involved in gangs and someone who isn't a proven hustler of the worst sort.

Anonymous said...

$1000 won't be nearly enough. That's just the program launch #. Figure more like 10k per month which won't be enuf either

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the outcry if someone paid bounties (payable to prison commissary accounts) for any groid who killed a pregnant sow, or did in a sow and at least 3 niglets? Once THAT word got out, boy howdy! Talk about addressing the problem at the source.

Anonymous said...


off topic

Online the ads are sooo black.

Wall St Journal
Alarms for home


can anyone add to list?

Anonymous said...

Detroit resident",oh yes, those Detroiters, gotta watch em.

Anonymous said...

" In strategic community engagement, the allied churches will address root causes of poverty and unrest in Baltimore and all of Maryland."

Ya think? These folks probably couldn't, and most definitely wouldn't if they could, address the root cause.

I'll guess the real root cause will never be faced, mentioned, or even hinted at.

SC Native said...

Wait, pay them not to kill each other? I'm confused, what good does that accomplish? A pavement ape hasn't been worth anything near that since 1860, of course this comes from the Post. We all know who owns the Post now don't we?

A much better way to utilize the federal reserve notes would be a one way ticket to Liberia.

Anonymous said...

I've a better idea they can pay us to not kill them and burn their shit down!

Anonymous said...

It's surely a money problem, this black violence. How do I know?

Well, look at your successful "rapper". Now, we may not like their music, but the disposable income they achieve lifts them out of the cycle of vio-; ...-well, they aren't a good example. Let me start over.

Look at well-paid Negro sports figures. Football teams, for example, pay quite well for Negro talent, and once those players are self-sufficient monetarily, we don't hear anything about viol-; ...- dammit, I did it again! OK, third time is going to be the charm!

Look at black kids raised by White families; their needs have been met materially, and you never hear about them resorting to viol-;... aw fuck it, never mind!

chattanooga gal said...

" the Dominicans "
they may be the smartest country in the world right now.

Philadelphia Mike said...

Aren't they already being paid?...Haven't they been paid for almost 50 years now?

It's called welfare, race quotas, affirmative action, free cell phones, utility assistance, etc., etc., etc.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

What's sad about this story is that while many people, including our Republican friends, will balk at actually paying MONEY to ghetto hoods for refraining from murder (the whole concept sounds like a parody of BRA), most will be afraid to question the goal instead of the means. I come, not to criticize the means, but to bury the goal.

Biggest long-term problem: not keeping more "young black men" (how they love that phrase!) alive, but how the hell to assimilate them into a functioning democracy.

Let's say prayers are answered, and black violence/murders radically drop. "Death Takes a Holiday", if you will, for black folk. (Hey, what an idea for a movie: an update of DTAH with only black deaths being suspended-then watch the dysfunction exponentially increase- a "disaster film" of the first water!). But as I often do, I digress.

Back to the business at hand: thought experiment: black deaths radically decline. Those precious "young black men"(tm) are alive and living large in the USA! What results?

More rape of White women. More (many more) black babies. More robbery and drug dealing. More Welfare payments. More trash in the streets and more black asses peeking out of low-slung trousers.

For those praying for an end to black violence, the mere survival of more human bags of offal is the desired result in and of itself! Who gives a shit what they DO? Who cares if they contribute, or make this country a better place to live (we know that they have the opposite effect).

But most Whites, and ALL Republicans (our old friends) will stand up and shout that they (of course!) want the killing to stop. "Well, yes, of course!". "Every death is a tragedy!". "Gone to(sic) soon".

It's hard truth, but these lives DON'T matter. These people contribute NOTHING. They are a drain on the system. They barely register human cognition. Maybe 5% of black "men" amount to passable citizens, and those aren't the ones being shot anyway.

Our churches (and Christianity in the abstract) have left us with this legacy: that all life is precious. "Fill the bag for the Haitian children".

"Fill the bag for the Haitian children". No.

Anonymous said...

Yes! its a lot of fun and if you really want to put the icing on the cake just inform them that its no different then the transgenders feeling trapped in the wrong body. Lol have fun.

Californian said...

Southron said... The proponents of civil rights back in the 1960's swore that what we are experiencing now would never happen.

We were told that the black man would spread his wings, and soar like an eagle to take his place in America as an equal.

The liberals of the 19th century said the same thing about Liberia, Jamaica and other enclaves of black freedom. Remove the heavy hand of the white oppressor, and blacks would produce great works of art, science and righteous living. How did that work out? Then in the mid-20th century, liberals said the same thing about Africa. Remove the heavy hand of the colonial oppressor and democracy would spread from the Gold Coast to Cape Town. How did that work out?

There is a 200 year record of black failure to adopt to modern civilization. And we also have a 200 year record of white liberal failure to understand this reality. We have seen this play out in the USA since the Civil Rights Revolution.

And in Europe they are trying the same experiment with African "refugees" (invaders). And coming to the same outcome: black violence, black welfare dependency, black rioting.

Here's the obvious question: where are all those black da Vincis and Einsteins we are told are out there, somewhere on the veldt and savannah, just waiting for that opportunity to soar? We gotta know because the clock is ticking on civilization.

Californian said...

People probably think that this is a new idea. No, this is a very old idea. It is called paying tribute to barbarian hordes to keep them from looting, raping, plundering, and murdering.

I was thinking the same thing. It's like the USA is some great decadent empire paying off the barbarians to stay clear of the frontiers. Meantime, the plebes are kept in line with bread & circuses (welfare & telescreens). We march armies off for campaigns in Mesopotamia while the hordes pillage cities at home. And old timers scratch their heads and ask, "Where has the Republic gone?"

PNW Realist said...

Gib dem mo' money an' da bruthas gonna hab eben mo' reason ta robs an' steals from each othuh, gnome sane?

Good God,just how stupid do you have to be to a public " servant"?

Anonymous said...

Liberals seem to take a lot of pride in misdirecting by mislabeling and we shouldn't tolerate it anymore.
The Domincans aren't "creating" the crisis they're preventing one! Its not nor should it ever be acceptable to risk the health and welfare of your Country and to deplete your resources on those that invade your Country and demand support for doing so.
The invaders or "refugees" are the ones that are creating the crisis and if the Liberals really cared about these "refugees" they would address the problem before the people left their Country of origin rather than wait for a Country to be invaded and then get pissy because a Country defends itself, the citizens and their resources.

10mm AUTO said...

Let's assume, just for a second, that this program adds one year to the life of the top tier, most violent, nasty gang bangers. Not your simpering wannabe, but a Homo Africanus with several murders under his belt (that he was never caught for), many Armed Robberies, very many burglaries, rip offs and Drug Deals and thousands of petty crimes.

What are they going to do instead of carry on their regularly scheduled mayhem?

They are going to Breed. A mature buck can seed 4 or 5

That means that in 12 years we will have another passel of new, extremely violent spawn of Satan rising up through the ranks of negrodom. 250 new, genetically endowed super orcs (Urk-Hi), combining the parenting skills of the Homo Africanus with the aggressive genetic endowment of the top fifty most violent.

Does anyone else see that this is a really crappy idea.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember, but it is either PetSmart or Pet Co. which actually has a TV commercial with a Groid man (science fiction version in khakis, sweater vest , speaks English) and white women couple talking and shopping about their dog and no he is part of their family. I would be more likely to shop there if they had the white woman coupled with the dog as her life partner more then the propaganda of the lily white blonde lady and the sh*t colored Dindu being portrayed as the happy animal loving couple caring so much for their pet. Clearly, we get the fact she loves animals by showing her as part of a couple with a well dressed chimp!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nature intended negros to be in africa they were made for each other in every way.

Anonymous said...

Not to enable the negro, but maybe they could use their equally capable minds to come up with a tiered pricing system. Might go something like this:

For every time you or someone else walks by and I don't glare at you and mutter the words "bitch", that is $5 for me. Controlling impulses be hard. That is money earned.

I promise to not harm your animals for a minimum of say 10, no make that 20, I know how much yous love your pets an all.

Don't want your house burglarized this month while you are at work or on a much needed vacation? That be 200 a month, and for an extra 150 you can direct me to someone's house that deserves a visit. Gno what I'm sayin'?

I won't harass your girlfriend and look at her like a piece of meat in front of you- FOR 50 DOLLA'S DAT EEZ! HA HA HA

Man, a selfish groid could be roused to come up with an entire list that would soon be known to all local tenants, money earned for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Instead of a space program we just burned the money instead. Maybe we can pay the negro to not advance society in any way as well. They are great at that!

Anonymous said...

So if you start paying the male negroe not to kill, the female will want some of that free money also. So lets just say that we will start paying all negroes 1G more per month.

Sounds logical to me..


PNW Realist said...

It might be cheaper to pay them $5,000 to not not kill each other. Rather than a year's pay out of $12,000, it would only be for $5,000 for a single month as da brothahs did each other in.

Or, post on social media how one of da brothuz in a certain neighborhood ( no names, just keep them guessing) just won the lottery and watch as they pick each other off.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it would be labeled "cruel and unusual" if we put up a chart in local communities of which demographics were failing the worst in which areas. In a more sane society, people could be shamed for being irresponsible and thoughtless, and they would actually EXPERIENCE shame for impeding on other peoples' lives, liberty, and happiness.

I would also say maybe cut their vocal cords for certain offenses, won't have to hear their ear-polluting ebonics at 100+ decibels, and they won't be able to lie and shuck and jive their way through life. They would naturally slide towards just straight theft and killing, but that would put them out in the open and then people could be on guard and realists in public. The majority that comes out of their mouth that is not self-aggrandizement is bullsh@t to fleece someone of something that is rightfully theirs anyway (be it their possessions or their time).

Maybe they would all become amazing signers like South Africa's Thamsanqa Jantjie and would have no need for rapping anymore!

PNW Realist said...

1,000 years ago the English paid the Danegeld. Today we're paying the coongeld.

It's time to take a lesson from history. The English learned that giving in to extortion only encouraged more extortion and that savagely fighting back was the only solution. When negroes act like savages, mow them down and to hell with the critics who claim that would be cruel. What's cruel is to let good and innocent people suffer at the hands of criminals. If the negroes don't like a law- and-order America, let them knuckle-walk back to Afreaka.

Anonymous said...

Once word gets out that every negro male youth is (maybe) packing $1,000 cash around on them (for at least an hour anyway), watch the robbery and murder rates soar on the day the check comes.

SKIP said...

"can anyone add to list?"

Dating sites
Cheerios commercials
Banking ads
High tech schools/training facilities
Auto dealerships
The U.S. Military
ALL colleges
LEO recruiters
New TV programs
Middle and high school thuggery
Someone else take over, I'm fatigued.

Ricky in Cali said...

Love your posts Julie!

Ricky in Cali said...

Home Depot commercial just came on (imagine the Home Depot beat in your mind) while the guy talks in the background as the pictures change to different scenarios

"This Father's Day, get Dad something he can enjoy like this all-in-one paint pro that can keep him busy for weeks on end"

And as the man is speaking in the background and the beat is playing - OF COURSE - there is a smiling white couple in Home Depot asking questions about this paint-pro to who? To whooooo???? The smart working Negro man! I mean where do I start?

Negros dont work
Negros dont OWN homes
He's in a FATHERS DAY commercial and doesn't even know his own kids

I could point these things out all day. Liberals try so hard to make these animals out to be human but it's comical


Uh, this is nothing new.

It is called "Protection". The Costra Nostra (Mafia) did this in many areas.

Who is really behind all this?

Anonymous said...

NEW pool fracas involving America's Most Favored Race:


Anonymous said...

Black Americans see race relations as biggest problem:


"While only 3 percent of black Americans ranked race relations as the most important problem facing the U.S. when asked at the beginning of 2014, by the end of the calendar year, that number had reached 15 percent..."

To Yahoo! and the MSM: Good work!

To DWLs who voted for Obama to placate blacks: Didn't work.

Anonymous said...

PK, must watch video, this is what the LOU is full of.


Anonymous said...

I have been digging your posts!

Maria From California said...

I wonder how they verify this. Do they stand on the corner of MLK and Murder Boulevard to see if Deeyontay and Taevon kill anyone? Do participants in the program have ballistics done on their hands and weapons at daybreak each and every morning?

They are literally feral. There’s no domesticating them.

In other news, there’s yet another pool party fiasco complete with screaming sheboons. Blindfold me and allow only the audio to assault me and I wouldn’t know if these were caged chimps tearing each others limbs off. I watched the video and caught myself staring at it in the way I would if I suddenly found shit on the bottom of my shoe. I find myself with that look a lot more these days.


What can you even do anymore? I’d pay them $1,000 a month and unlimited ammo to keep on doin’ whut theys do.

Anonymous said...

F@ck you Trump you toothless bastard!

Orca Winfrey as VP?!? Are you out of your mind?

A while back I thought that Chris Christie's only chance in Hell was to go full throttle on legalizing pot in this country. He is obese, part of the GOP, and could swing a ton of voters. Not much chance, but that would have been his shot. What does he do? Goes full throttle AGAINST it. Good luck on that one moron, getting the tide to turn against pot at this point would be harder than re-implementing segregation across the entire U.S.

Not that we don't naturally segregate ourselves by our races, values, and lifestyles already, and in many more ways than just economic.

Being able to discriminate based on physical and behavioral differences were useful abilities when considering whitey's evolution for survival. This whole "hurt feelings" b.s. has gotten so out of hand that people will fix situations to seem more "equitable" when no one ever complained in the first place.

Would you want to go to Europe, have a class party where everyone had to dress like a cowboy/cowgirl for the day to commemorate U.S. culture while we all ate grilled hamburgers with all the condiments? You know how degrading and insulting that would be? But we want you to feel welcome. We thought about your situation and what might help other people get to know and understand you more. You never asked, but we feel if that we were in your situation you would want an abundance of around the clock assistance, because we are unconsciously trying to tell you that we think you're incapable.

But then again, with future leaders like Julie in the trenches, I'm sure she and fellow hipster pioneers can tame and turn around the cities that have fallen to the rapturous undertow! One March Away! Yes We Can!

james wilson said...

The fact is, they have been paying them to behave since The Great Society, which, not coincidentally, was followed by nationwide riots, which expanded the welfare allowance, which created an even more stupid and sizable underclass. The Prog solution to a Prog disaster is to double down again.

Anonymous said...

The Dominican Republic is primarily a Black country, their people has on the average of 30% Sub Sahara African admixture.
The people who post here are very intelligent, better than the Amren, with that said, I have a few suggestion about paying people not to murder each other. First of all, it's a lost cause. I suggest making people who receive welfare, work for their check or EBT card, such as cleaning their neighborhoods. Give them a broom and a rake to clean the vacant lots in their neighborhoods. The $1,000.00 dollars should go the Daycare for their children and after school programs to teach them to be responsible adults. Ah shucks that's not going to work either, just give the $1,000.00 to Plan Parenthood.

Anonymous said...

Ricky that image was priceless, I'm so glad I only had to envision and not watch the sh@t-eating grins on the white couple's (and of course Bantu-A.A. employee's) smiles from the commercial.

It's so fun to watch how blacks (particularly children) portray themselves as quiet, respectful and well-behaved members of the group, being polite just to be polite. Taking turns and not asking for anything, particularly nothing unreasonable. You might even see them allow the white stranger behind them to go in front of them in line, because he/she looked like they were in a hurry.

Always that wise black female friend that knows so much about middle and upper class life and problems, as well as experiences. And the lead looks so wholesome and accepting, always having a 100%morally supportive black sidekick at their beck and call for every conflict.

Black actors have been getting flat characters that no one ends up caring about for years because they are not allowed to have negative attributes or qualities. That new actress that never ran a day in her life and speaks in full ebonics, complete with bleeped out obscenities? Make her the head of the city police department. The black guy that Jesse Jackson et. al forced onto the big-screen? Make him a big city judge, revered by all. His street hot-dog sales experience coupled with his off the books dealings would make him a natural justice.

Might as well just take a page from the book of the former Oakland gang-member and pay individual blacks to just act like dey and demselves, just record it on video like the first 48, but with more of a celebrity status and following to make sure they keep up the looksatmuh to disgusting levels.

There would be entire episodes devoted to people paying one final tribute and hour of looksatmuh for those who were ultimately made good. Former rivals could act like they care and get all sentimental and sh@t, even break out with a spoken word rap that they are all so naturally good at and fond of.

I think I have just found a positive use for reality t.v.!

Anonymous said...

Being paid not to kill? So, the negro will have to do something (not kill) and for his efforts he will get paid? This will never happen, sounds too much like work.

Anonymous said...

I thought that what we are already doing,i.e.welfare,food stamps,section 8pe,free housing,free edumucation,free water,freedom to destroy,AA. I mean isn't that what they are paid already to not kill and be placated.Guess not.

Anonymous said...


' Californian said...

Southron said... The proponents of civil rights back in the 1960's swore that what we are experiencing now would never happen.

We were told that the black man would spread his wings, and soar like an eagle to take his place in America as an equal.

The liberals of the 19th century said the same thing about Liberia, Jamaica and other enclaves of black freedom. Remove the heavy hand of the white oppressor, and blacks would produce great works of art, science and righteous living. '///////

Brilliant. Looking at reality, not 'lies, promises and ah havuh dreammmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

Anonymous said...

does anyone look at you tube sites and get the ad for 'the Cloud, tech ad' with the young trayvon voice-over?

'promise of the cloud'.

Yaspar Kyashred said...

"Anonymous said...against hyena's and designed to put them down, make them feel bad and look bad by comparison.
What?! You don't want wild assed hyena's running through your neighborhood and want to keep them out? MACRO aggression! You horrid person! If only hyena's are given the opportunity to live in a friendly environment with access to everything you give to dogs, they'll stop being hyena's and become like dogs! You just don't want them to be happy or to succeed! It's all your fault they continue to be hyena's and act like hyena's!
You need to pray! Now, drop to your knees and pray for the hyena's and pray for them to stop being hyena's and behaving like hyena's." Etc, etc.
June 17, 2015 at 12:20 AM

The plural of hyena is hyenas, not hyena's. The apostrophe is for possessives and contractions only.

Anonymous said...

An acquaintance just returned from a business trip to Chicago. She said Chicago was a shit hole. She witnessed crime right in front of her and her group. She had no idea. She also went to Wisconsin which, she said, was great.
I told her to read this site.

Anonymous said...

Yaspar is spelled "Jasper" as in "Jasper's Frame" of Woodstock fame.


Donald Trump is going to be on HANNITY, tonight (Wednesday, July 17). If he really thinks Oprah should be his VP then he is an idiot and believes in the paint-job-theory.

Another anti-White white person.

Anonymous said...

Bernicegreenbaum.. I read you piece about those poor nappy headed chillen with no books and I thought I might share a local story. BTW I like your reports about your experiences with the melanin monsters.
In my Tampa Tribune this morning there was another article about the ongoing meetings the Hillsborough County School Board had to find solutions to the ubiquitous behavioral problems that our nappy headed students are having, and I think this time they are making progress. At least they say they are. One solution that has come up is for the student to have either legal or parental representation before little Detritus Jamal Dindue’Noothin can be questioned about his unruly conduct at school. On the surface this looks like a good way to keep Detritus from being railroaded by the racist teachers and administrators that are out to get our little scholar. But, what happens with his 300 pound mammy can’t be located. I can only guess that Detritus will get a public defender to plead his case and who may you ask is going to pay his fee? Why you are mister taxpayer, ain’t it grand. Just think if we can save just one child from the racist school system it will all be worth it. In fact I’m betting that the public defender will do a superb job of getting our nappy headed scholar back into the classroom so the merry-go-round can start all over again. I predict once the word gets out those public defenders will be kept real busy. Being in the legal field is as good as having a license to steal.

Anonymous said...

@Yaspar Kyashred-

If you're going to repost someone's writing just to point out a single spelling grammatical mistake, at least say something constructive about the essence of his/her post.


Covers contractions as well as many words that posters should know how to use correctly. If you make a simple mistake people will feel free to disregard and mock your entire message, and you will end up being silenced in one form or another. Highlight a word and right click on it if you are not sure how to spell it. Before I figured that out I would just open another page in my web browser and google my closest approximation of the word. There are only so many conventions to learn, and once you have them memorized and sorted out you won't make the same mistakes again.

I care about ideas first, especially if someone has a knack for describing the black comedy that is now enveloping our once proud cities. I love it when some of you invoke your storytelling chops to bring home a lesson to everyone. Hearing other people's experiences, on their terms, can be incredibly powerful. Particularly if they aren't black and have at least a high-school education. I shudder when I think of "keedz" lounging with their feet up in class in Oakland highschools, ignoring the teacher and playing with their phone the entire time. I wonder if they share their preferred music a lot with total strangers. Always friendly in that way, keeping things real and such.

And you have heard the saying about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar- save your vinegar for blacks and not fellow whites.

Anonymous said...

They will pay the negroes not to kill, yet killing will go up because each boog will know that each other boog has a pile of cash!

Anonymous said...

Eenny, meeney, miney, moe,
Catch a negra by the toe,
If he hollers make him pay,
Fifty dollars every day.

Sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...

Canada has fewer nigs, but it is even more P.c. than America.

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing, isn't it? Negroes have SHAMED and EMBARRASSED America for at least 150 years.

That's what causes me to hate them more than anything.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost - in - Miami here,

OT: Just watched Restrepo and Hornets Nest, two awesome documentaries about the conflict in Afghanistan. It seems the recruiting posters are all Blacks and minorities but the front lines are mostly White people. Go figure.

Californian said...

In my Tampa Tribune this morning there was another article about the ongoing meetings the Hillsborough County School Board had to find solutions to the ubiquitous [black] behavioral problems...

OK, but wasn't Brown vs Board of Education supposed to solve that problem by de-segregating schools? And the war on poverty by removing the socio-economic conditions which led to black dysfunction? And court ordered busing by placing white students next to blacks? And affirmative action by overcoming the terrible-legacy-of-segregation-slavery(tm)? And a Department of Education by bringing the full power of the federal government to "solve" the "problem?" And black "history" month by showing African-Americans their great heritage? And free (i.e., taxpayer supported) school lunches (and breakfasts and probably dinners next year) so they could be equally nutritioned? And "diversity" indoctrination so teachers could understand the "teens?" And positive role models on the telescreen? And a black man in the Teleprompter-in-Chief chair at the Oval Office? And...

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to view the mobile sight on my PC? Sorry, I'm not terribly tech savy. I can see responses to comments on moblie but not on PC.

Anonymous said...

OK, this entire "Pay blacks not to kill people" is one more reason they used to have Segregation in this country. And Apartheid in South Africa. And why whites in Africa referred to the natives as "savages" and kept them in line with Maxim Guns.

Everyone get it?

Especially any liberals who may be trolling SBPDL.

PB said...

Sounds like one way to get rid of excess dollars before the Reserve currency status dies and you get drowned in unwanted greenbacks and mega-percent inflation.

Anonymous said...

This is a fiction story I'm reading right? Well it could be, only negroes make demands so absurd humans are shocked they can put sentences like that together, mimicking human behavior, like a parrot?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you allowed this post PK

Anonymous said...

I've been a good white boy all my life. Never killed nobody. So i figure since age 18 ...if they paid me 1000 dollars a month....they owe me around 450 thousand dollars. Where do I collect...? Oh shit.......I'm white. What a privilege.

Anonymous said...

Use Google search old newspaper archives for the opinion/editorial pages on integration.
Priceless wisdom.

Anonymous said...

On a upbeat note..... If you want a good laugh, take a look at the mop this honor student has on his head, he was arrested for assaulting a nurse at a HOSPITAL !, fractured her nose and elbow, this Freak of nature should be nowhere near civilization.


Maybe we can have a "Dew" of the week contest for the wackiest hairdo.


Anonymous said...

I like it Californian!!

Anonymous said...

Yaspar: I've been corrected before as to the usage of the apostrophe yet late at night (in the wee hours of the morning), I often just type what I'm thinking and the rules tend to go out the window. However, I never take offense at such positive criticism.
However, since we're all originally from Afreeka, I will now access my ancient Afreekan (simian proto-humanoid) inner self.
Yo' Muthafucka! Why you puttin' me down and tryin' to make me looks bad! Sheeit, dawg! Imma gonna pop a cap on yo' ass! Dis disrespek gots to stop, fool! I ain't takin' no sheeit off'n you, bitch! I gonna pimp slap you into next week! Where you at?

riptapart said...

Prayer and marching. Prayer and marching. Prayer and marching. Prayer and marching. At least paying the slugs to try to behave is creative (for Blacks civilization), when all I thought they believed in was prayer and marching, and when really trying to make change for the better, rioting and looting. I can't imagine though how they are going to count the bills without the aide of a very simple drumb beat, or dancing like monkeys meth.

So this "logic" is so enlightening. Give Blacks people the incentive to get on a list of the most violent, at risk gentlemen in town, so as to get paid for their efforts legally. This is ingenious.

riptapart said...

You isn't have read the memo. Poverty is the cause of all this horrible behavior, not genetics or upbringing. Crime is just as bad in poor Appalachia wherever whit........................ oh wait, never mind. No it isn't

riptapart said...

I personally, with all that has been done, cannot formulate much hate for Black people. Reading about, genetics, evolution, and nature vs. nurture left me very little hatred for Blacks. My hate lies with the white people who used them to destroy our national identity, and western culture. Blacks are only doing what nature dictates. White people in power, and in order to maintain or gain power, have used "diversity" to destroy what was once the greatest country the world had ever seen.

Anonymous said...

You could just say your black like Rachel "Sideshow Bob" Boneinnose!!!

Anonymous said...

The inmates are truly running the asylum (known as the USA). The most violent and dysfunctional group of people on the planet - Negroes - are worshipped at every turn and forcibly inserted into every facet of our lives by the government. Complete and utter insanity!

That's like the doctor injecting you with cancer cells at each checkup.

Wake up people!! This is your entire civilization we're talking about!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Donald... Oprah!!?? You gotta be fucking kidding us!

How about Trey Gowdy?

You need a White VP with balls.

riptapart said...

But, instead of being angry, she spouts of about how she loves Black people just after having her life uprooted and her children traumatized. And I am sure she will giver her children the standard talk about how, "we must treat everyone as individuals and that there are good and bad in all colors." She does seem genuinely nice and very naive. And I am sure she still would never defend white people and their desires to be white. Guaranteed socialist, which is how all this garbage began and our nation fell from grace.

Anonymous said...

iIf it's common knowledge who the top candidates to commit murder are.
I say fuck our laws of due process. Why not exterminate these worthless unproductive drains on our society?
They don't want to obey our laws so why should they applied when dealing with them?

riptapart said...

I can only imagine in a few hundred years how the fall of the once great U.S.A. will be explained and taught to young children? For us middle-aged whites, try to imagine one of your elementary school history teachers telling you that a once great society was paying their own lowest common denominator money to obey the most basic of laws. We would not have believed the teacher.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thousand dollars.... Take it to Detroit and make sure you stay south of eight mile. To the guy in northwestern Michigan. I know the whiteness of kalkaska mi. If I saw a black guy coming up the driveway ... But officer, I really thought it was a bear.

AnalogMan said...

make it rain TRUTH said...

There was a time, before government welfare programs, when bad behaviors were discouraged and marginalized by immutable Natural Law. Sowing and reaping, if I may. Good behaviors reaped better results than bad behaviors. Parents were tasked with teaching their child in the "way he should go" so that when he was an adult he would not turn from it. And if they failed to teach them good behaviors, Natural Law was ready and able to teach it for them. Much more painfully and forcibly than even the strictest parent could have.

Well said. What you call Natural Law, Kipling called the Copybook Headings. You quoted him just the other day, but excuse me if I plug this poem yet again. Read it, people, it's pure gold.

As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race,
I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man —
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began: —
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool's bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

As you say, immutable. It won't be easy, or comfortable, but reality will not be denied forever.

AnalogMan said...

Boggan is a former criminal who ran with gangs in Richmond, and is now a community activist.

What he meant to say, of course, is

"Boggan is a criminal who formerly ran with gangs in Richmond, and is now a community activist."

Boggan has landed in the butter. He's been given a monopoly government contract to run a protection racket, without the usual overhead of enforcement expenses. The protection money is paid by the government, reliably, every month into his bank account. Sort of like extortion under Section 8.

Al Capone would be green with envy.

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

Um, effectively haven't we been "paying" these inner city pavement apes not to kill, riot, maim, rob, rape and otherwise refrain from "apeish" behavior since the Great Society? How has that worked out for whitey? Isn't this double indemnity so to speak?

"Pardon one offence and you encourage the commission of many."


Anonymous said...

I just typed in "Why do black people stink" and you were the 7th result PK. Almost always first page when I try a new one.

Anonymous said...

I still view the 50k+ a year jobs for non-essential in every sense of the word blacks as the bigger problem.

Sure, giving someone money for basically doing nothing stimulates the economy, but it also pisses people off who work and pay for themselves and who do so honestly. These bloated overpaid do-nothing obsolete paper-pushing jobs with massive benefits are so out of line with similar benefits in the marketplace it makes me sick- politicians need to target these jobs and "to use a liberal phrase, "spread some of that unearned wealth around".

Reading about how they actually have to pay another person alongside A.A. hires to actually complete the work required by the position was chilling. An open admission that even "credentialed" blacks in business attire are just useless diversity tokens.

We need equal representation in gov. jobs for ALL races, not just black people. They are way over-represented and will openly admit that cutting/shutting down the government dis-proportionally effects black people. Yep, and I would assume cutting off the blood source would starve a leech as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another pool incident. This time in Ohio. These poor cops have their hands tied now. I see where this is going. Don't obey the police orders and when he touches you scream bloody murder. Then get a lawyer and sue the crap out of the city. Black payday. This poor country is screwed. Video is tough to watch because you know exactly what they are trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Why would we pay them not to kill each other? :o)

And let's get those Margaret Sanger birth control and abortion clinics up to speed.

Anonymous said...


'anonymous said... Black Americans see race relations as biggest problem' --
ergo, more Whites now see Blacks they way Yellows do? And Blacks are sensing the
punch bowl might be taken away?

riptapart said...

She forgot to mention that her, "chiles dindu nuffins tub deserb all dis sheeit, and da white peoples isn't beezin made tuh lib like dis. Nomesayin."

Yves Vannes said...

During the past 50 years we've spent how many trillions of dollars on trying to turn Bantus into Western Eurasian? How has that worked out? But if we spend just a bit more for a few more years everything will turn out. Peachy.

Anonymous said...

There was a pool in Detroit back in the 1950's called 'crystal pool' . It was ordered to segregate. The owners had it filled in with dirt and called it a day. Now we know why.

Anonymous said...

Ordered to integrate it was segregated.

Anonymous said...

While being gently chastised for errors in using the common apostrophe (guilty as charged) I would like people to also note there is a difference in meaning in the following words: hoard vs horde, affect vs effect. One may hoard and hide valuable coins in the hopes that a horde of barbarians won't find and steal them. The effect of the coins being stolen would affect your quality of life and peace of mind.
On another subject, I told the story of a groid who went into a store, put a gun to the clerks head and force marched her behind the counter during a robbery. Her friend (who was parked outside) saw what was happening, got his gun, went inside and shot the groid dead on the spot. No charges to be filed against the shooter as he was defending someone's life and his own as well under the circumstances.
Mama Boon be saying that she wants to sue the shooter but the cops say the case is cut and dried. Case closed. She has no case. She's upset too because she said things was getting better with her son...........despite his being only 18 years of age and having a rap sheet a mile long with the last arrest happening just a few months before his 18th birfday. Just another case of "he wuz turnin' his life around" except now the new excuse is "things wuz gettin' better."
You see? If evil whitey would pay such groids a few thousand bucks per month to not commit crimes, he could have been a brain surgeon astronaut instead of a corpse! It's all yo' fault! If'n he had da money, he wouldn't hab goned into dat store to rob it! You caused it!
Yes. Yes. I see it now. It all makes perfect sense.......if you're insane or a groid.

Anonymous said...

Respectfully, YOU, sir, seem to have missed the memo.

To summarize:

It YT'S fault. ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

There are many names to call the women that are destroying our gene pool. I can't even think of a word strong enough to communicate my reaction when I see white women fawning all over blacks. Lay the blame on the media and our diversity training we get from cradle to grave. America is no more, the dream now is to get public assistance.
Ohio born

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 8:25 - Thank you for repeating this story. I enjoy it just as much as the first time. If I had grandchildren, I would read it to them at bedtime. It has such a nice ending.

Anonymous said...

Black officials are saying there is no room in this country for violence like the church shooting.
Yet blacks can loot and burn down cities and beat the crap out of Whites, attack officers and firemen, and even kill Whites, and there is silence!!!!!!!!- I am not justifying the church shooting. Just pointing out the hypocrisy and double standards between Whites and blacks.
Whites are screwed.

Where were the black officials decrying the Sandy Hook shootings? The Denver area theater shooting? Blacks never speak out about Whites committing attrocious acts against Whites. Not even White officials.

Mr. Rational, the Black lesbian said...

Sure, giving someone money for basically doing nothing stimulates the economy

Not really.  It gives more buying power to the do-nothing, but it doesn't increase the supply of goods and services.  The lost productivity must be made up elsewhere, if it's made up at all.

I would dearly love to see a reform governor, like Scott Walker, working on a re-organization of a state government.  All employees would be rated as to performance by productivity.  Those rated low to unsatisfactory would be ineligible to apply for jobs in the new departments which take over the functions of the old departments.

Imagine how much cost you could get rid of, especially future pension costs from the Babuntus sent back to the private sector before they got vested?  You might even be able to tempt them to move to Liberia for the low cost of living.


An effective way to rid our previous white nation of non-whites is:

If they are on public assistance, they must move to Mexico to receive it. The ETB would go further and we get rid of them. Or, we can fly them to Africa and send them their welfare checks. Again, they would get more for the dollar.