Saturday, June 27, 2015

The End Is The Beginning Is The End

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Is it bright where you are?  Have the people changed?  Does it make you happy you're so strange.  And in your darkest hour, I hold secrets flame.  You can watch the world devoured in it's pain.
- Smashing Pumpkins

No words here. 

President Obama is keen to introduce tough new laws which will force the KKK and other extreme right-wing groups to disclose the identities of their members, Daily Mail Online can disclose. 
It won't be long now... and the public execution of white males will be cheered by the masses
The President discussed the possibility of the new measures when he telephoned Charleston mayor Joe Riley following last week's massacre. 
Riley, who is into his 40th year as mayor of the city where nine people were murdered by a self-proclaimed white supremacist down in the AME church massacre, said he and the President talked about how best to set up a national council to act as a watchdog to monitor and report on race hate. 
Among the ideas being looked at is legislation forcing extreme right wings groups and violent organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan to provide identities of supporters and members. 
Riley, in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail online, said: 'I have spoken with the President and the Vice President about this. And I have talked to the White House too.'One of the things we need to do is for the national government to give resources to expose these hate groups. 
'In America we worship the first amendment and any body can say anything they want.'But we need to shine the spotlight on them (racist organizations), so at least we know where they are among the public. 
'Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot. So there is a lot of work to do.' 
He said many self styled racists such as alleged gunman Dylann Roof built their evil beliefs after 'being fed by the internet' and new legislation to marshal racial material on the web is set to be brought in. 
'We need a national council on these hate groups. The President is talking about that. We have just got a lot more work to do,' he said. 
Roof, 21, revealed in his manifesto after the shootings that he had researched black on white crime on the internet and this had led him to believe he needed to act.

Is it bright where you are?


countenance said...

So the KKK will have to name all the FBI informants and SPLC moles that belong to it?

Anonymous said...

If I want to hate that's my own business. What's next any group could be forced to disclose its members. This roof guy wasn't a member to any organization so this argument doesn't hold water.
It's a power grab.
The first amendment isn't there for speech everyone likes its to protect speech that most people don't like and I for one am thankful for that.

If Roof wanted to kill all he would have to do is anger the pavement ape and when it enviably chimps out on him use his 2nd amendment right to put the animal down.

Anonymous said...

Well I've heard everything now! I demand that whenever a new neighbor moves in , the government will provide the neighborhood with a complete dossier of the new tenant. I also want to know every person ever affiliated with any and all black activist groups. This includes the southern poverty law groups, any and all black Muslim groups. I also want a list of every Hispanic gang member from New York to Los Angeles. Please let us know if any Irish immigrants were ever affiliated with the I.R.A. Or a Protestant antagonist group. This country is so full of shit at the moment maybe they can provide us with some Imodium a d. oh yeah, i once belonged to a girls only club We had a tree house and hated boys. Put that in my file!!!! Idiots.

Hopeless In Craplanta said...

"Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot."

So privacy will become illegal then.Our "neighbors" will have the right to know everything about us and do anything to us as well I suppose.

Medic Bear said...

Amazing. Especially to think this is a real possibility in 2015. We obviously learned nothing from the "Red scare" of the 50's.

And you know damn well their targets will not include the New Black Panthers and other Black hate groups.

How the hell can this administration get away with this ? Why is no one challenging this obvious discrimination in the courts ?

There seems to be no end to the sadness and rage this administration causes in the name of blatant anti-White discrimination and overtly pro-Black actions.

When will this insanity end ?

y'ello said...

-hopeless in crapatlanta

Until I see the masses of asses demand all .gov and .corp leaders be subjected to a battery of psychological tests and the results released to the public; I am going to go with Texas Arcane and agree we are all Manboons, Cattle-Apes.

Anonymous said...

It will end when we inevitably collapse inward which is slowly but surely happening as we speak.

10mm AUTO said...

Now we see the reason Obama/Marxists/TWMNBN have been provoking Whites with burnings (Ferguson) Riots (Ferguson, Baltimore) Beatings (Flash Mobbing, Polar Bear Hunting, Knockout Game) and The Trayvon/Brown/Grey police takedown with 33 million from Soros and covering negro crime as "***** gone wrong".

The Hood Shooting is now the tiny spark necessary to start the burning. "Proof" that Whites are "racist" and the boot of Government will pin them down with fines, penalties and "re-education". Anyone who resists loses their job.

Welcome to the revolution.

Obama is going to force every Right Wing group; whether Tea Party, White Churches, 2nd Amendment groups or Secessionist movements like the Northwest Front, Kentucky Redoubt or Texas Republic; business groups, liberty movements, all to be "monitored" and individuals who donate will be placed on a list. They will all be on the list of "unreliable" citizens. We are to be broken.

La Raza, MS-13, Sandoval, New Africa and Nation of Islam, et all., will not be touched.

We are going forward in the Soviet/Mao/Cambodian model rather than the British/French/Swedish model of Socialism.

White Homeland! Northwest Front!
Ex Gladio Libertas!

Anonymous said...

"Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot."

And WHO decides what constitutes a bigot? And even if they were a "bigot", so what if they harm no one? According to this regime, non PC race opinions are more toxic than the heroin Freddie Gray peddled to adults and kids alike. This is beyond comical now. The best thing anyone can do is nothing. Except sit back, grab the popcorn, and laugh. These dictatorial ass clowns will do THEMSELVES in.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the neighborhood on Pennsylvania ave in D.C. Didn't know what kind of neighbors they were getting. Maybe they would have thought twice before pulling that lever. My dad fought in the pacific during ww2. Sure glad he's not here to see this mega shit show. Very sad indeed. If anyone sees a giant moving van pull up in your neighborhood in about 18 months, with D.C. plates... Run for the hills. Your property value will really sink on that one.

Jassi said...

There is no turning around. USA is finished. A year ago I'd have laughed at the thought that this much damage would happen so fast. Now I wouldn't be surprised one bit if there were no elections in 2016.

PK is correct. Survival is the goal at this point until greater organizational measures are taken and we're prepared to fight back. Too few are at that stage yet.

Anonymous said...

"Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot. So there is a lot of work to do."

Read that sentence as many times as you would like. The Charleston killer, and that's what he was, did discover the scope of negro violence against all other races. He noticed.

Disparate housing outcomes will now be addressed by the federal government. The federal government creates nothing, no money, no product, absolutely nothing of value. They exist only on the wealth they extract from you at the point of a gun, or jail time. If you object to any of this they will catalog your name and they will destroy you. Never have we faced the danger in front of us now. Not from the Germans, the Japanese Imperial Army, the Soviet Union and certainly not from Islamists.

What you are seeing developing in front of you, in your own country is the greatest threat to your life and liberty we as a nation have ever faced.

Independence day is just around the corner.

The Man said...

Because it's an all out assault of the white heterosexual male.

Anonymous said...

Citizen's votes are no longer needed for any law or ruling or regulation the government elite want. When popular votes are taken and the outcome is not what they want, they simply take it through the court system to circumvent the will of the people. If this hasn't been clear in the last 40 years, the recent gay marriage ruling from SCOTUS should put it in bass relief for everyone. Your vote/opinion no longer counts. If you can't be manipulated to vote they way they want (to provide cover for what they do) then your opinions will be isolated/humiliated/targeted/outlawed, etc. All this leads to only one place: extermination. Get your houses in order. The next station is the end of the line and we're 5 minutes from it.

PB said...

Thus does the real agenda unfold. This is Port Arthur rebooted to include race. America is an occupied Nation, but everyone remains to scared to name the occupiers for fear of causing offence.

Anonymous said...

So, regardless of anything else, white people must love black people! They can rape, rob, and murder us, but we have no recourse but to extol their virtues. This isn’t going to happen.

I was hoping for a national discussion on race that Eric (New Black Party) Holder wanted to have. So where is the discussion? What is causing crime in the inner cities? Is it white people?

Someone please tell me where white people are raping and killing black people on a daily basis? Black on white crimes happen on a daily basis; so when are the president and the black leadership coming to our aid? Are they going to monitor the black hate of the New Black Panther Party which advocates the killing of white children?

This is really not so much about hate as protecting oneself and one’s family from black thugs. Some may say that the black thug in the video above is an anomaly, but I say his bigotry and hate are real and is pandemic in the black community. Just the other day, a young 20 year old black woman claimed on this site that white people are the cause of black rage. Why are we causing her rage? Is it because we want segregation from her violent brothers? Is it because PK reports the facts from liberal based newspapers? All PK does is put the articles on page one of his blog instead of burying them on the last page of the newspaper!

A white family in Kentucky was terrorized by black thugs in a home invasion, and a black racist judge scolded the white family because their daughter was terrified of blacks.

We are forced to co-exist among them; yet blacks kill, rape and rob us. This is not conjecture on my part; this is fact! Blacks complain about the shitty smell around them, but fail to look in their own pants. They continue to blame white people for their own failures; yet do noting to better themselves. They continue to want Affirmative Action, section 8 housing, and special treatment from the Federal and State governments, but spit in the face of the white people who now work and slave for them with their tax dollars.

Yes…why don’t we start a national discussion Mr. President instead of another of your racist witch hunts? Oh…by the way…you talk of transparency, can we see your grade transcripts please? Why not open “all” your records for public scrutiny like all other presidents have done? Do you have something to hide? It sure seems like you do!

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Nice. Thank the gods. We have the right to know if our neighbor is a total bigot.

Everybody needs to untwist their panties over the SCOTUS rulings. We knew it was coming.

I like the PUTT ideal, but taxes are higher for singles. The attack on women who stay at home to raise children is our biggest threat. Women are biologically programmed to make babies and choose mates that will support her and said babies. TeeVee tells women they need high powered six figure careers and shouldn't bother with lame housewife duties or depend on a man.

It's confusing for them, and with the offshoring of well paying jobs that could support a family alone, it's often necessary for them to join the workforce to pay for the kiddos.

This war on biology we've been waging for the last 60 years is a fools errand. At some point it will go back to what we've been biologically programmed to do. Industrialization unshackled the woman from the kitchen, but it is an insignificant blip in our history and cannot be maintained forever. Clusterfuck Nation is a funny doom and gloom blog. His timing is off but the things he talks about are very real.

When we can no longer afford make work jobs that I currently hold along with 90% mud, the negro will be in trouble. I know other real skills, while the mud in my office don't even know how to do the pretend things they are getting paid for. Learn something useful such as carpentry, masonry, botany, engineering, etc... Libraries are still free and the internet is full of info. Use your YT privilege aka thinking.

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

Well! Got to go shop, then, get me some brown shirts!!

chattanooga gal said...

Then, I think I should be able to know about the 15 page criminal history of the section 8 recipients they move in next to me.

chattanooga gal said...

"The first amendment isn't there for speech everyone likes its to protect speech that most people don't like "
exactly. this is what most people seem to have forgotten, unless they are talking about a black guy going down the road yelling " kill the white guy" just before a gang of them pull some guy from his car and beat him to death with hammers. THAT's protected.

chattanooga gal said...

off comment, but has anyone noticed how quickly they identified Dylan Roof from the surveilance video,and yet they have never been able to identify ANY of the looters and arsonists in Fergusen and Baltimore, irregardless of many, many videos?

Anonymous said...

Obongo lights up the WHITE HOUSE in the gay colored flag!!??

WTF is going on in this country?! It's insane! He's treating it like it's his Facebook page with childish graphic updates.

It truly is "their" country now; no adults left.

What the hell kind of precedent does this set?

How, in God's name, do we effectively push back and start undoing this madness?!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to meet a member of TWMNBN who doesn't completely "support" blacks. They believe they are both minorities who need to stick together to fight Christian Whitey. They also are at the control levers of our media (they admit it) and that's where the battle is being fought; there are the front lines. TV/movies, commercials, etc that show acceptable orcs have worn our defenses down.

The problem isn't the groid hordes at the castle walls, it's the traitor inside letting down the drawbridge.

Remember. Prepare. Defend.

ms sippy said...

Please Google " Memphis Mayor wants to dig up Confederate General". Similar crap in NOLA to remove Robert E. Lee statue. The "Purge" is on!

rex freeway said...

I've been desensitized to the Marxist behavior of capt. Idiot. Nothing he does surprises me. It what Washington does that bothers me. Republicans and Democrats are one in the same. Now that we are left with only one party, whats next?

GuamanianPie said...

I'm not looking forward to my name being on any of these lists but if it happens, big deal and so what? I don't have a job they can take anymore, anyway. And by the way, my neighbor doesn't care for nigros either, so no one can scare me. (How many more months of Obongo are left?)

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Facts be Racist

Johnny See said...

Yep, the inmates are in charge of the asylum! Yes we can!...
Keep your cool; this shit is indeed maddening. As I have said before, that which has been seen cannot be unseen, and that which is unsustainable shall not be sustained.
The shit has hit the fan, but we are watching it in slo-mo. The shit has hit the leading edge of the blade, slowly slid across, and has now left the blade, airborne, in your direction. The only remaining questions are what is the velocity of the shit and what is the distance to target? Its a lot of shit, moving slowly. Scan the horizon regularly: You should be able to get a visual on it in time to duck!
Oh, yes, stock up on toilet paper in the meantime...

Anonymous said...


The problem is NOT that blacks are committing crime in HUGE numbers, the problem is that people are starting to notice and discuss the crime.

Instead of focusing on how to stop the black crime, we are going to focus on how to stop the discussion of it.

The problem is not the problem, discussion of the problem is the problem.

Correct me it I'm wrong, but Dylann wasn't in the KKK, was he? He just found a web site that linked to News reports on black crime. How does reading News reports equate belonging to the KKK? Are they going to BAN News reports from covering black crime now?

And since we're discussing "hate" groups (even though a "hate" group had nothing to do with the SC shootings) what about the black panthers and la raza? No mention of them?

It really is amazing that so many people have agreed to play along in this STUPID charade.

Anonymous said...

We have no allies. We are the target and any WHM who resists BRA is an enemy of the state. The potus has just made being a white heterosexual man who hasn't bought the PC paint job theory a criminal.
Ohio born

-JSF- in Minneapolis said...

That's because of the 'no snitching' mantra that culture follows. It took a race traitor (white female) to turn in Mr. Roof.

bernicegreenbaum said...

We are indeed sowing the seeds of our own destruction. No, it isn't the "commies", it isn't the Chinese, it isn't even Isis. It centers around TWMNBN, their dim witted followers, the negro pets, and the thieves and traitorous politicians who have destroyed this country. Many on this thread are asking, "Where does it all end?" Aunt Bernice has some answers. You might not like what she has to say, however. But the truth hurts.

It all ends when the petrodollar loses its value. Everything you see now, paved roads, schools, stocked grocery stores, all of it will cease to be when whatever value those Benjamins in your wallet are worth less than the paper found in your bathroom dispenser. Hard for us to imagine, but all of this tax supported nonsense will soon come to an abrupt end when the negro pets no longer can feed at the public trough. What that means for those of us who are awake and alive when all this comes down is very hard, grueling work. Work, as in digging up ground, planting vegetables, scrounging around for whatever's left will be our daily existence. Those who are dependent upon drugs for their health will sadly be departing from this earth. The insulin dependent will no longer have the option of staying alive. Living beyond the age of 50 will be rare. People in the not so distant future will marvel at images of the 300 pound negress selling her EBT card for half value. In twenty short years, nobody will believe that we allowed America to be taken over by thieves and thugs. That which cannot be sustained will not be sustained. It's a matter of arithmetic. You can't fight arithmetic. You might not like it, but it governs our world. By killing the white man, they have killed the golden goose. You want to talk about some Shiite black people don't like, beeyatch? The ones I know don't like starving or being homeless. They think they've got it hard now? Just wait, bitchez! A world of hurt and depravation is waiting in the wings. It will make the nonsense over "gay marriage" look like a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Hong Kong back in the 70's, I got to talk to a number of refugees from mainland China who had fled the communist government. One thing they told me was that in China, you had to watch everything you said. If you said something "politically incorrect" as regards the government or social issues and were overheard, there was always some scurvy little rat bastard waiting to scurry down a dark alley and report you to the authorities. Neighbors and even extended family members who'd been brainwashed and conditioned to tow the party line could not be trusted. Once you were reported, the government, local party officials and the residents of the neighborhood would turn against you and seek to punish you in various ways. Many because they'd swallowed the party line hook, line and sinker and others because they were scared to death of becoming a target themselves. The reported became lepers in their own communities- ostracized, demonized and shunned. And that was just the beginning of their punishment.
Now, today in America, we see that the government itself wants to be the scurvy little rat bastard except they want to report you to your neighbors for having "politically incorrect" thoughts, feelings, and opinions. And to use your neighbors (and even extended family members)against you- to have you treated like lepers and for you to be ostracized, demonized and shunned. And that will be just the beginning of your punishment as well. No doubt the intention will also be to report you to employers to get you fired and even to businesses with which you have dealings so they will drop you as a customer to whom they provide services.
You aren't being good little communists. You aren't towing and crowing the party line. You therefore must be crushed. You are a counter revolutionary who is against the cultural revolution. If punishment and re-education doesn't work so that you confess your crimes, renounce your evil ways and reaffirm your loyalty to the party and its ideals....well, there are other ways of hammering you down into submission or oblivion as an "enemy of the people."
Of course, using the violence committed by one individual (Roof) is just the excuse they use to cover up their real intent by coaching it in terms of "public safety and awareness."
It would not surprise me if they develop a website (to list all of us) much in the same way that there are websites that people can go to in order to find out about sex offenders who may be living in their neigborhoods.
The sad thing to me is that there are tens of millions of idiots who will march in lockstep with such a program and never realize they're Maoists. They'll think they're "patriots," "doing what's good for the country," and "being upstanding citizens" as they succumb to the brainwashing and sing about the "land of the free and the home of the brave." They'll wave American flags when they should be waving the flag of Maoist China. Pathetic!

Anonymous said...

"Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot."

Do you think a Section 8 voucher holder, when confronted with the revelation of their bigoted white neighbors, would move elsewhere? Of course not.

This information would be used to facilitate Section 8. Not only would the government shoehorn blacks into white neighborhoods, they could forcibly evict known white bigots to make ready-made dwellings for the Section 8 recipients.

Anonymous said...

With each passing day, President Obama exhibits more belligerent racist attitudes towards white people! The young man who shot up the black church in Charleston did not belong to any so-called white hate groups; he was a lone wolf. Please Mr. President and BRA, expose all the killings the KKK has done this year! How many black women were raped by right wing radicals? Show us what the violent right wing radicals are doing to our peace loving Negro neighbors! Please…put their faces on page one of the papers so their images can burn inside our minds and we will know them. Mr. President and all black people out there…you kill more of your own kind than the KKK did in its entire history! Think about that! Yes…how MANY BLACK MEN HAVE BEEN KILLED BY THE KKK THIS YEAR…ANSWER THE F*ING QUESTION!! THE ANSWER IS NONE YOU GODDAMNED STUPID APES!!

The young white man snapped as many blacks do everyday of the week, but “they” get no national news coverage. The one exception I have seen in these hate crimes is that blacks usually attack in groups rather than as lone wolfs.

Now to my point, I will use the article that PK featured just the other day of the white family in Akron; they were attacked for no other reason than they were white and the Negro youths who attacked them hated white people. It was a form of polar bear hunting so widely spoken of!

If PK will allow, I will quote some of the article and then comment:

“Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family. The Marshalls, who are white, say the crowd of teens who attacked them and two friends June 27 on Girard Street numbered close to 50. The teens were all black.'' This was almost like being a terrorist act,'' Marshall said. ''And we allow this to go on in our neighborhoods?''

They said it started when one teen, without any words or warning, blindsided and assaulted Marshall's friend as he stood outside with the others.

When Marshall, 39, jumped in, he found himself being attacked by the growing group of teens.
His daughter, Rachel, 15, who weighs about 90 pounds, tried to come to his rescue. The teens pushed her to the ground.

His wife, Yvonne, pushed their son, Donald, 14, into bushes to keep him protected.
''My thing is,'' Marshall said, ''I didn't want this, but I was in fear for my wife, my kids and my friends. I felt I had to stay out there to protect them, because those guys were just jumping, swinging fists and everything. “

Ladies and Gentlemen, how can anyone read the above passage and say the attack was nothing short of racism against the white family? If the 20 year old black woman is still with us: what do you think would happen if dozens of white kids did this to a black family? Where was the national news on this story? Yet…thugs get shot in Florida or Missouri and the Negroes make saints of them! If a Negro thug gets shot, the president himself will deliver the eulogy and a shrine will be placed in his honor to block traffic! Does anyone other than me see this as an upside down world of the Planet of the Apes? Law and order don’t matter anymore when the victims are white; only if they are black does the government and media get involved. If the above story had happened to blacks, does anyone think the black community would have taken this lying down? The time for non-action is over! White people have earned their anger!!! Segregation from blacks, NOW! We don’t want to live under the duress of their violence, hate and bigotry anymore! Blacks do nothing to civilization other than destroy it! Look at Liberia, Haiti, the Congo….or Detroit, St. Louis, and Selma, Alabama; blacks are the cock roaches of the world!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the magnifying glass turn inwards on the white liberal elites making these demands. How many of their number are actually the "absolute bigots" they hope to expose on the Right? I would guess a not insignificant percentage.

Anonymous said...

'Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot. So there is a lot of work to do.'

So it'll be like a sex offender list but for "racists"? This should be a great witch hunt. Trotsky would be so proud.

Also I'm very confident that the KKK is probably 25% feds, informants, or other spies and agent provocateurs. You'd be insane to join that group in this day and age.

Anonymous said...


Californian said...

If anything, this affair demonstrates that the ruling class is running scared. Despite decades of civil rights legislation, social engineering, indoctrination, surveillance and etc., there are people out there who are thinking in racial terms. So now the government is getting out a big hammer. It indicates that their control is slipping.

Excellent comments on this topic, by the way. e.g:

The problem is NOT that blacks are committing crime in HUGE numbers, the problem is that people are starting to notice and discuss the crime.


Kudos to the Internet for waking people up.

Instead of focusing on how to stop the black crime, we are going to focus on how to stop the discussion of it.

This is so. And goes back to the point that the system is running scared. They have been unable to control black criminality, despite (because of?) the legislation, social engineering, etc., etc. For a system to work, it must show it can maintain a modicum of law and order. BRA can not do these things, so its legitimacy is going out the window.

The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore are overt manifestations of loss of control (and, apparently, not examples of "racial hate"). No matter how the system's media spins it, more Americans are waking up.

The problem is not the problem, discussion of the problem is the problem.

Nicely summed up.

Because if people discussed the problem, the problem would come down to BRA and the system itself.

Correct me it I'm wrong, but Dylann wasn't in the KKK, was he? He just found a web site that linked to News reports on black crime. How does reading News reports equate belonging to the KKK?

I suppose the government is looking at this the same way they look at Al Qaeda and ISIS and other insurgent movements which organize via the Internet. In the information era, you do not need to go to a meeting in the real world to join an organization. Insurgent movements organize in the virtual world, and action is often taken by individuals or small groups via networking.

Interesting thing is that the system has created much of the problem via its insane policies over the last half century.

chattanooga gal said...

"Instead of focusing on how to stop the black crime, we are going to focus on how to stop the discussion of it."
hasn't that been all they have ever done concerning ANY of the black disfunction?

Anonymous said...

As soon as the last violent black criminal is forced to finish snitching on his accomplices, then we can begin enacting a law like this.

Anonymous said...

The "Incipient" Enemy of Whites Is Now The Government" said:

Boys and girls, I have lived a very long time on this earth and know the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and our country's history as well, if not better, than most historians and Constitutional "scholars."

We (the middle class Caucasians) are now the deliberate target of our very own government, and both parties are in on the game. This would also include the UN and the super wealthy moneyed classes around the world. They know that in order to destroy our Constitution, and hence the republic, they first have to neutralize every white voter in this country with an IQ of over 65. They are getting closer and closer. Just look at television if you don't believe me. Just visit Yahoo. Just study the revisionist "history" now abundant in all these search internet engines - it not just Google, and it's truly Orwellian.

Anyway, you should also be advised that the NSA and many other three letter quasi-Nazi agencies are monitoring these conservative websites like shit flies on cow paddies. The time is soon coming when most local internet ISPs in this country will know the jack-booted NSA, FBI, CIA, and the BTF thugs better than their own relatives. A word to the wise, my friends.

If you do not know how to use TOR to connect to sites similar to this one, you had better start learning. Study TOR backwards and forwards and truly discipline your browsing habits. Start with Firefox using NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere. As for emails, don't say shit about anything in them unless you know how to encrypt them end to end. The NSA now monitors every single personal email in the country, and they have easy access to just about every email client I know of. As I say, just a word to the wise. It is getting THIS bad.

For my part, even though I try to cover my tracks, I am at an age to where if one of these "gubmint" thugs knocked on my door I'd spit in his face. But you guys and gals are all much younger and have far more to lose. Like the man said, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Take the time to make it as hard as possible for these pricks to track your every movement on the internet. I stress TOR because VPNs by their very nature know your REAL IP and most of them in this country and Europe would hand over their logs in a split second, and without so much as a court note written on a brown paper bag with a blue crayon. And keep your powder dry.

“Terrorism will never cease in a country where the so-called leaders are criminals and terrorists in disguise.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

Anonymous said...

And this is why it's now best to quietly go about your business. I'm willing to bet there aren't more than a dozen true KKK members in the whole U.S. I've always imagined most groups of that sort are filled with undercover idiots on the payroll of our hundreds of alphabet agencies. There is no rule of law, just the rule of the rulers.

bernice is right about when this all tumbles down. But even in the nearer future, imagine what would happen if everyone stopped giving to food pantries or any charity.

Anonymous said...

Well, here we are at the level of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

If your neighbor doesn't like you, all he has to do is claim you're a racist bigot and notify the dept of "Just-Us" to come kick in your door and haul you away to Obozo's version of Dachau.

Anonymous said...

Correct me it I'm wrong, but Dylann wasn't in the KKK, was he? He just found a web site that linked to News reports on black crime. How does reading News reports equate belonging to the KKK? Are they going to BAN News reports from covering black crime now?

No, they will just keep on doing what they do already - remove all racial aspects from news stories about black criminals all while they make sure to include racial aspects in news stories about white criminals.

I currently reside in Burlington County, New Jersey. I subscribe to a rather left-leaning local newspaper called the Burlington County Times. I have the Sunday June 28th edition - today's paper- right in front of me here as I type this. On page A7 of today's paper is a perfect illustration of just how anti-white and pro-black the Burlington County Times is now.

First, at the top right of page A7 is this headline:

Teen charged with sneaking into concert

There is a picture of an 18-year-old white male's mugshot right beneath the headline. The story tells us about a white teenage boy by the name of Sam Moeller of Moorestown, Burlington County, New Jersey. It seems that Sam Moeller made a Youtube video about how he sneaked into the Firefly Music Festival down in nearby Delaware without paying the $199 admission fee, which in turn led to Sam Moeller turning himself into the police on the charge of second degree criminal trespass. Sam Moeller the white teenage boy was then released on bond.

Next on page A7, to the left and below the news story about Sam Moeller, the white teenage boy who stands accused of sneaking into a concert without paying the $199 admission fee, and who was only caught by the police after he put a video on Youtube about his nefarious deed, is this headline:

Man charged with wounding Walgreens employee

No mugshot picture at all appears with this Burlington County Times story. This is a story about a man named Alihamza Taylor, age 20, and how he was arrested on multiple charges in relation to a knifepoint robbery of a Walgreens store in the same Burlington County town (Willingboro) where he also resides. It seems that Alihamza Taylor went into this Walgreens store and waited in line at the checkout counter. Then Alihamza Taylor reportedly pulled on a black ski mask, went behind the checkout counter, pulled a knife on the female employee by placing the blade at her throat, and demanded money from the register. The female employee apparently was unable to comply with this demand by Alihamza Taylor, so he then cut her on her hand with his knife and fled the store without any of the register proceeds. Alihamza Taylor was then arrested shortly afterwards by a local police officer while he was still in possession of his knife and black ski mask.

(While I was unable to locate any mugshot pictures for Alihamza Taylor online, I was able to confirm that he is indeed black by searching for his name on the New Jersey VINELink website.)

Detroit Refugee said...

Chilling vision of the future.
I'm surrounded by a large deer population, and some of the worlds
best fishing.
So I'm returning from the woods & river with bounty, only to face an ambush? This is the wrong era to
exist in!

Anonymous said...

Burlington County Times slanted and anti-white news coverage, continued

Next on page A7, just below the news story about Alihamza Taylor, the violent, knife-wielding, and failed black drug store robber, is this headline:

Pemberton Township man gets 5 years for drug charge

Just like the story about the arrest of Alihamza Taylor, no mugshot appears with this Burlington County Times story. This is a story about a man named Theodore J. Dickerson, age 39, who was sentenced to five years in prison for possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute. Theodore J. Dickerson was also given a one year prison sentence to be served concurrently for failing to report an address change as required by Megan's Law "for a previous incident". (In other words, Theodore J. Dickerson is a convicted sex offender, but the Burlington County Times seemingly would prefer not to just mention this outright - you have to already know what Megan's Law is about to ascertain this part of the story.) The story then also mentions that Theodore J. Dickerson has previous charges for drug and weapon offenses, presumably also in New Jersey.

(While I was unable to locate any mugshot pictures for Theodore J. Dickerson online, I was able to confirm that he is indeed black by searching for his name on the New Jersey VINELink website.)

Next on page A7, just to the right of the story about Theodore J. Dickerson, the black convicted cocaine dealer and sex offender, is this headline:

Woman reports being groped mall

No picture appears with this story just like the other two about the black male criminals/moral reprobates. This is a short story about a woman from Cherry Hill, New Jersey who was walking to her car parked outside of the Moorestown Mall in Moorestown, Burlington County, New Jersey. She was suddenly grabbed around her waist and and groped by a man. Another man in the parking lot witnessed this and approached the woman to ask her if he could be of any help, and this was when the groping suspect fled the scene. Rather than publishing any type of police composite sketch of the groping suspect (Does anybody remember seeing those in the news? I do.) The Burlington County Times just gives us the following information about him:

The victim described the suspect as a male, with short braided hair, wearing a red baseball-style hat.

The story then encourages the reader to contact the Moorestown Township police detectives if he or she has any additional information. (With a description of the groping suspect like the Burlington County Times gives us, I'm sure that the groper has to be black, because that's how they usually roll when they report stories like this one - vague descriptions...unless the suspect is white, however.)

So, there you have it...four crime stories on just one page of The Burlington County Times...and the only crime story which actually shows a mugshot, or an police forensic artist's sketch of a criminal suspect still at large, is the story about the 18-year-old white male who sneaked into the music festival without paying the entry fee and then got caught because he made a Youtube video about it. What about the black violent drug store robber who cut up the store employee? Nope, showing a mugshot of him would be racist, I guess. The same goes for the convicted black drug dealer and registered sex offender who failed to report his recent address change. And let's consider how racist it could be if this newspaper were to mention that the police are looking for a black male suspect who fondled a woman in the parking lot of a shopping they just mention details about the color of his hat, and the style of his hair.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few comments the last couple of articles along these lines (I paraphrase):

"Now that all 50 states must recognize same-sex marriage, all 50 must also recognize the individual's right to be armed! HA HA HA!"

"If we are going to get our names put on a public list for looking at 'racist' web-sites, the section 8 renters will have to have their criminal associations made public!"

Anyone who isn't just saying these things rhetorically, i.e., who actually believes them, isn't paying proper attention. That isn't how this system works.

The Supremes will ratify and codify and make Law of the things BRA wishes to make Law. The Congress will do the will of the elite. The elite will protect their most favored race. I can point to fifty (and more) solid years of American History to back up my argument. What can be adduced for the opposing viewpoint?

Anonymous said...

re: the post at 8:57 AM about internet secrecy, etc. One thing you can do, if you are like me and don't feel we are doing anything wrong here, is keep your comments civilized.

PK helps us (and himself) by not publishing the more incendiary diatribes. Think about it: angry calls to implicit violence are essentially meaningless on the internet-without immediate context or even possibility of execution. The same with some of the more colorful names, and name-calling in general. Who does this help? Will it win over the curious visiting the site for the first time? Will it hurt any blacks reading over our shoulders?

I believe segregation would be a sensible tactic in response to an obvious failure to assimilate the black population in a satisfactory manner. This puts me out of step with about 80% of the US population, but it is my belief. I don't come on here to advocate for violence. That call may have it's place, in a 3-dimensional event or situation you find yourself in at some point (i.e., as self-defense), but as I said, is without constructive meaning on a discussion board.

This board is a good place to discuss the problems White people face under a hostile, to all appearances, Government. It is a good place to discuss the failures in the past to make assimilation either desirable or practical. It is a good place to register the many, many outrages of black on White crime, so minimized by the MSM.

I feel we need to have the courage of our convictions when we post here, but we also need to use sensible language. Don't hand your enemy more rope than he's already holding.

D-FENS said...

If my neighbor has the right to know if I am a "bigot", then I have the right to know if any of my neighbors are on psychotropic meds.

Anonymous said...

If Fedzilla launches full scale genocidal death campaign against YT then revenues will really fall off.

I suggest putting these new public executions on in large Football stadia & also broad-cast them via Pay-Per-View. Those 2 measures would generate lots of revenue to distribute to the most favored of all racial groups - the sub-saharan who can not survive in a world without whites to serve as their parasitic prey hosts.

It will come too late but Africans will realize at some point that killing off yt world-wide was not a good move. May feel wonderful to slaughter ytz but the price will be paid in loss of lots of freebies & gibz.

When we'z yt'z beez gone, our New Master class will regret not keeping us around as slaves. Enslaving not as fun as killing but it's still pretty darned good. Why do you think that the sub-saharan's established the slave trade in Africa & ran it for so long (until some self righteous yt'z stopped it) - slavery is a fun business & a very profitable business. Slavery & drug dealing are the only business that sub-saharan's have been successful at....well, sanging'n'dancing too :) Credit where credit is due

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

The attitude and claim that white people and white people alone are always suspect is extreme and genocidal racism. The most influential violent racist organization in the country is Obama's cabinet. The next most violent racist organizations are those of blacks. Also, white "liberal" organizations are extremely racist. White liberals are probably the most integrity challenged people in the country. Obama and his cabinet are radical anti-White racists and criminals. They should have been impeached for their crimes concerning Benghazi, among others. Obama's cabinet is infamous for openly practicing anti-White racism and Zimbabwe style politics. Blacks are extremely racist and very violent in large numbers, disproportionately responsible for violent crimes and racist crimes of violence. Blacks have admitted in polls that even they are aware that they are the most racist group. Whites are now the objects of discrimination and violence on an immense scale.

The Emperor has no clothes. We are under occupation by an illegitimate criminal and communist regime. This regime does not have the consent of the governed. Illegitimate usurper Obama deserves absolutely no respect. Neither do the anti-White racists, especially those Caucasians dedicated to attacking their own race. The people of whom I speak are extreme and violent anti-White racists, this includes the cowardly White liberals who enlist government forces to attack Whites.

These hysterical totalitarian measures are unwarranted but must be applied evenly if illegally and Unconstitutionally implemented, which is the only implementation possible. The actions of this one individual pale compared to the disproportionately immense Black on White and Black on every other race crime which is a fact of life in America and which is listed in the FBI crime statistics. Those who are hysterical about the recent incident are dishonest or at least innumerate and ignorant. The violent racist attacks by Blacks on Whites are of immense proportions. This megalomaniacal, narcissistic, power-hungry dictator must not be allowed to implement this anti-White racism, this totalitarianism. Obama and much of his cabinet are criminals. The only reason that they have not been impeached is that the Republicans are cowards and complicit and the Demorats are too party-oriented to have any integrity whatsoever.

If this totalitarian dictator's order is put into effect, it must also include the names of all ANTIFA members (ANTIFA is a violent, fascist organization) and meeting places, all ADL members, all JDL members, all members of the SPLC, all members of the NAACP, all members of Black and Mexican gangs, all members of the New Black Panther Party, etc.

The political correctness witch hunts are anti-White racism in its vilest totalitarian communist form. It is well-known that the term and the actual persecution known as Political Correctness has its origins among the Communists (vicious totalitarians). This is not a myth, this is a fact. All who believe in our Republic must abide by their oath regarding the Constitution. They must refuse to obey illegal, unconstitutional orders.

SC Native said...

Bernice is spot on in her assessment, I would add that I think the phase she talks about would last 5-10 years. By that time those who are capable would have began to pick up the pieces. Then a backlash of biblical proportions would begin. What she is talking about is hitting rock bottom and I think she's correct. That phase would be brutal but it's the next phase that interests me and I can't stress this enough, if you can move to a rural area. Your chances are better and people out here still remember basic survival skills that living in a city for a few generations will wipe from your memory. For those that aren't outdoor types get a book or two on the subject plenty exist.

I think in the rural areas the biggest problem for a year or two will be protection from the hoards but that's also easier out here because you can see them comming. I've seen a few city orcs out here and it's downright comical. They don't know what high beams are on a car and they are so noisy you can hear them a half mile away.

I know we see a lot of doom and gloom but I always try and look for a ray of hope and I see one at the end of the tunnel. By the way, has anybody noticed the similarities between the US today and the Weimar Republic of almost a century ago? It's chilling but we all know what happened after that don't we? I guess I was fated to be born in an interesting time. My prayer is it will be straightend out by the time my generation is checking out in the next 50 years. I think that's possible but I also think detailed plans need to be left to keep this from happening again. There is one ingredient that has been needed to make this happen time and time again throughout history. Well actually two, one is becoming multicultural and the other is well you know the answer.

Truth Corps said...

'Neighbors should be able to know that the person living next to them is an absolute bigot. So there is a lot of work to do.'
-Charleston Mayor Joe Riley

Yeah, I know what kind of “work” Joe.

Isolate. Demonize. Exterminate.

You can bet your last dollar that when they've "identified" you, the last step will be extermination.

Progressives are just that. They're no longer satisfied by getting "racists" fired, by shuttering your white business, for public shaming... they want blood.

And they'll be coming for it.

Turn off the g**damned TV and arm up. You are going to need it.

Those gay friends and neighbors that you think are so adorable are going to point right to your front door when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

I think the first step in a more peaceable USA, and let's get clear that is a good thing, is to recast the conflict. Let's quit using the word "racist" altogether. Racism was a nineteenth century concept which wedded the imperialism of the day to anthropology. We don't have an internal imperialism in this country, and we don't want one. Unlimited imperial power is possible only with unlimited central government; the federal government is now very powerful and further additions to its power will happen if "racism" keeps goading it.
What we have in the USA is ethnic strife. It is a common condition in the world. Huge imperial solutions won't help solve it. An endless back and forth tug of war over "racism" will be the result; charged dialogue about sinister murderous motives will escalate to intolerable levels. I don't want to live in South Africa.
I think the best way to deal with ethnic strife is to deal with it locally and small scale. In Minneapolis, we have lots of Somalis, who don't get along with AA's, and Mexicans who don't like either, and Hmong who don't like any of the previous. It's life. Pushing the race button simultaneously pushes the genocide button which brings out the artillery. It is in all of our interest to de-escalate the verbal battle and insist on ethnic respect for all. To that end we have to insist the term "racism" be junked. Political figures who continue to use it have to be punished.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but now we've entered the era of forced liking and must learn and master the art of being insincere and giving atleast so so lip service.
Welcome to the pretend world where its all about appearances and the most important skill is acting in Utopia.

PNW Realist said...

This is the burning of the Reichstag.

If you don't know it, look it up.

quinnotaur said...

Africans are the most populous people on the planet.
Africans have 50 + countries in the world.
Africa has half the world's natural resources.
Africans have the greatest piece of farmland the world has ever known, africa.
They live with me as a minority, I AM a minority.
There's not much more I can do for them than make them president.

Anonymous said...

In todays world its more about appearances than being genuine so I wouldn't be surprized if we've a few good actors in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Can I go a little ot here?
While we witness the destruction of america by the socialist agenda, can I call attention to something troubling?
Several other posters called attention to the medias shaping peoples perceptions and altering historical perspective, I am reminded of stallinst Russia's "disappearing" of people in photographs and documents.
Now, we're all aware of the attempt to hide the misdeeds of the black "martyrs" and hero's. It exists on all levels, i.e., Obama's sketchy history, and empty resume, holders armed takeover of a campus R.O.T.C. to make a lounge for black students, travon martins vandalism bust in school that revealed stolen jewelry from a burglary in his backpack, Michael browns hidden criminal record, on and on ad nauseum.
What's bugging me lately is this: where has all the video that reveals Hillary's true nature gone.
Item 1: The t.v. show where the stage light fell, and she totally panicked. She screamed like the incompetent poser she is, starting out of her chair, and sobbing for several seconds afterwards. Unusual behavior for someone who flies into a danger zone and dodges sniper fire, wouldn't you say. If anybody has this video, or a link to it, it needs to be reposted to show again the true mettle of one who would assume the role of commander in chief. Apparently, it's been removed from YouTube, and all mention scrubbed from google, and other search engines. The power of money in action. Anybody believe the pearls of wisdom coming from the mouths of that dog and pony show is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? It's influence peddling, pure and simple. Without Hillary in office again, the influence grows weaker every day, they need this win to continue their abberant lifestyle. Please stop this abomination from happening.
Item 2. Hillary knocks over the American flag, and instead of being horrified, and immediately correcting her mistake and getting it off the floor, angrily shifts the blame, and complains about "too many flags". Seriously? Yep, too many laws regarding official state department communiques also? Just knock em down and go on.
What we all need is the courage of our convictions. Either we all hang together, or we all hang separately. Believe it, we're all guilty of thought crime on this page now. Even the words of the great patriots who built this country, all white males, I might add, are suspect today. I believe in Patrick Henry, not the pretender to the throne in chief. Give me liberty, or give me death.

Anonymous said...

This is a pretend Country where its only about appearances and acting skills matter.
We smile at the liberals face while inwardly thinking what a piece of shit they are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, however this could also be a point of segregation because the list can be used for advertising and we can do business with each other, I think that there's more of us then they want us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Too damned many, its not just him though the indoctrination centers have been busy.

Unknown said...

"I would rather fight the coming war NOW, so my children won't have to."
I don't remember who said it, I think most readers here would agree.

Anonymous said...

Its called ethnic cleansing.
The English did the same damned thing to the Gaels they banned their bagpipes, Clan Tartans, disarmed them, and through them off their ancestoral lands, they even sold them into slavery in the Caribbean as well as indentured them. This was the "transformation" they endured in the name of "progress" the monied class wanted to make room for sheep only here in America the sheep are the illegals that are crossing our so called borders consuming our resources and displacing us much as the sheep did the Highlanders of Scotland. There's plenty to read on the subject in 2009 the English finally admitted that the Highland Clearance indeed happened until that time they kept denying it. This can be found on

Anonymous said...

The msm is the biggest culprit and the best one to address that issue is TRUMP! He's not affraid of them!

Anonymous said...

Yep, plus we should be informed if they're bigots that frequent extreme leftist sites that don't like white people.

chattanooga gal said...

"Africans will realize at some point that killing off yt world-wide was not a good move"
unfortunately, they are too dumb to realize it until the last yt has been exterminated. they are like a germ that kills it's host and then promptly dies, itself, shortly there after.

bernicegreenbaum said...

Its called ethnic cleansing.

****That's correct, Anony. I just read something remarkably similar in RT a few minutes ago. TWMNBN have a classic strategy. Get your enemy (YT) to fight another villain (the negro) whilst you steal anything and everything that isn't nailed down. And if you, by chance, get caught with your hands in the family silverware drawer, scream ANTISEMITISM!

And you guys are worried about gay marriage??? Hint....THAT is a DISTRACTION you FELL FOR, left for you like a dog turd on the sidewalk to walk on. Don't fall for their distractions!

In conclusion, the sage commenter here who said something to the effect of "Who you gonna get mad at, the snakes or the guy who dumps the snakes in your backyard?" deserves a round of applause and gratitude.

Anonymous said...

A poster above said, "I feel we need to have the courage of our convictions when we post here, but we also need to use sensible language. Don't hand your enemy more rope than he's already holding.

Sir, many of our forefathers tried just that with King George and the little English pricks occupying this land who deliberately set the savage native indians on the colonialists, quartered troops in private homes, murdered and abused our people, insuled and molested our women, held our citizens for ransom on the high seas and tried to tax us into oblivion. Most of our forefathers even wrote editorials under nom de plumes to avoid being murdered.

I would also remind you that none of this worked, and that over half the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were hunted down and killed under the direct orders of King George. The colonialists found out in one big hurry just how well their sweet talk was working - they got more of the sasme, but in spades! Read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety, and digest it well. It's all there. You don't win a knife fight when your adversary brings a 45 Colt revolver.

“We are not to expect to be translated from despotism to liberty in a featherbed.”
Thomas Jefferson

quinnotaur said...

# whitegenocide

Anonymous said...

It just wouldn't be right if someone didn't blame the Jews for this too. Unbelievable how a mere 13 million people can so utterly confound over 7 billion. But you gotta blame someone, right?

tradcon said...

Thomas Paine often quoted as having said: "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may know peace."

His Majesty said...

Some of you well intentioned folks who still insist on coupling "Nazi Germany" with Soviet communism:

My God, what the hell will it take before it dawns on you that you were lied to about "Nazi Germany", along with just about everything else?

Unknown said...

All this because of one deranged young psychopath. Meanwhile,do you need a license to hunt polar bears? I need to know if any live in my town (Atlanta).

Anonymous said...

By Obama's reasoning the feds should have gone after the New Black Panther Party long ago.

Anonymous said...

What really needs to be done is a study on how every single black run city is a financial black hole and has massive murderous no go zones- I would love to see the devious under-handed racist causes that lead to a basically 100% fail rate for these black-run areas that are nearly 100% black.

Maybe a more math-inclined individual can come up with an equation that explains how when blacks get in concentrated numbers, destruction increases at an exponential rate.

We have all the labels for social decay: lack of reciprocation, trust, and social norms. The golden rule violently stripped of its shiny exterior and sold at a mere fraction of its value to meet present-day desires. A complete lack of understanding of noise pollution and how other races don't feel the need to yell at each other incessantly. Neglect of responsibility and ignoring any opportunity for improvement. Kids getting beat up for making the honor roll. Matriarchies instead of male-lead families, often times with a grandmother (no man in her house either) taking care of her adult children's children. A complete lack of shame, compassion, or thought towards another human being without thinking of what the other person can do for them.

They are poison, like terrible fried food that you never were in the mood for anyway. Stay away, don't acknowledge their looks-at-muh, don't honor their lies with a straight face or your time. Whatever you do, DON'T back down. They are cowards that don't need to have cops finding out about their warrants and other issues that haven't caught up with them yet. Dishonesty breeds dishonesty, you do not need to waste your time and resources entertaining these morons. Be proud and stop being afraid.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 9:46 am - I agree with you completely. We need to remain civilized in our quest to voice our displeasure with and defend ourselves against the rampant hatred and violence that blacks have directed toward Whites for decades - while we have been throwing our hard earned money at them hand over fist. Black racism is a very real and obvious threat.

NJ Woman

D-FENS said...

"It just wouldn't be right if someone didn't blame the Jews for this too. Unbelievable how a mere 13 million people can so utterly confound over 7 billion. But you gotta blame someone, right?"

Amazing how 2% of the population can dominate media/entertainment, finance and make up 33% of the Supreme Court. Or that their homeland gets the bulk of US foreign aid.

Must be the skills honed while confined to the ghetto.

t said...

Simeon Adams, then 16 now 18 years old, urderer of Nathan Trapuzzano in Indianapolis sentenced in plead deal to 55 years, twenty less than maximum; family unhappy but say best that can be done in "broken system."

Anonymous said...

The end result will be a few select power players on top with the people who protect them. Everyone else will be poor, controlled and engaged in non-stop ethnic/cultural strife. Looks like the elite have succeeded in putting us in chains.

Vote Democrat and Vote Often.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

The "How Did You Become A Realist?" thread should be linked from the front page. Anyone who comes to this blog should see it and read it.

The blacks and their lobby have done an excellent job of putting forth the narrative that racists just don't know enough blacks, and that if the racists just got to know more blacks, they'd become enlightened and stop being racist.

While this narrative may be true for some groups, it's not true for blacks. We know enough of them to make a judgement call, and we prefer not to spend time around them.

I didn't start out being "racist," it was only after years of exposure to inner-city blacks that I decided that they are members of a depraved culture and that I was better off not associating with them. And that even the IKAGO blacks are unwilling/unable to address the depravity in their own ranks.

If someone calls you out for being a racist, instead of ducking your head and acting sheepish that you got "found out," go on the offensive.


"Would you want your daughter to date Michael Brown? Trayvon Martin? Freddie Gray?"

"If you got a good job in the area, would you be willing to move your family to Detroit and live there for a year? Would you be willing to move to Harlan County and live there for a year even though the poverty level there is the same?"

"Would you send your kid to a school that was 90% black?"

"Do you believe that IQ tests give an accurate assessment of intelligence? If so, then why hasn't anyone managed to come up with a test where blacks perform as well as whites and Asians?"

"Name one majority black country that is safe and has a functional government. If it's all the legacy of colonialism, then why are there many relatively safe and functional post-colonial Asian and Latin American countries?

"Do you know what the interracial homicide, rape, and assault figures show?"

"Why is the national black high school graduation rate under 70% while the white rate is 86%? Is it because high school is too difficult for many black students? If it's not too difficult, then why do so many of them just give up? Or do you just think that teachers who work with black kids are mostly racists?"

"Do you think there should be one set of laws, rules, and standards for black people and another set for everyone else? If the 'white' laws, rules, and standards were enforced equally, then would black incarceration, graduation, and employment rates be the same as the white rates or not?"

"Where should the line be drawn between providing equality of opportunity and 'enforcing' equality of outcome?"


"What makes you think that black people and white people AS POPULATIONS are intellectually equal? Is this something you have personally observed, or were you told this when you were growing up and nobody ever challenged it?"


Most people on this blog can confidently ask and respond to these questions.

DWLs think the facts are on their side. They just haven't been exposed to an alternate perspective. Because the alternate perspective is racist.

Anonymous said...

While we're shining lights on violent extremism, why not use those bright lights of justice to fix the broken clearance rates in inner city U.S.A.?

The feds have plenty of resources at hand, why not use drones, cameras, and the complete big-brother apparatus to keep the negro safe from himself and others? There would be no need to snitch, and there would be plenty of cameras for looks at muh/World Star activity, and we could pin-point blame on individuals and not the community. What do you say Mr. Lameduck "I'm Just Beginning to Pick up Steam" President? I'm sure you'll attempt the age-old Jessie Jackson perfected shake down of private industry after you're out of office, in a misguided effort to shovel more money at the least deserving and those most apt to just piss it all away anyway.

Sandtown, Baltimore ring a bell?

Somehow this is supposed to be your legacy. Kinda helping out the downtrodden teen and co. population when you feel like getting around to it. Watching you ineffectively try to reason with a heckler that you should have had ejected without uttering a single word was a national embarrassment. I can't believe that that was considered good news for you.

And one final thing:

If you don't want to worry about black people having to worry if a bigot lives next door, then STOP FORCING US TO LIVE AMONG THESE PEOPLE. It's like visiting the neighbor who doesn't like you and wondering why he's always such an @sshole. Whites don't want to be around people who don't like them, why can't you get a clue? Why do you want the attention of those who despise you? Just take our money and go away for f@cksakes!

Anonymous said...

North America without Negroes: Canada.

North America with Negroes: USA

Who is more peaceful and civilized?

Anonymous said...

Remember those Black Panther members who were standing outside polling booths a few years ago? Did any legal consequences befall them?

You have a very chilling visceral threat at the supposedly sacred polling booth. Obviously "racist" in motivation. Let's recall that when we get questioned by Big Brother. It might avail us nothing, but legalese got us here, maybe some legalese will help us too. Though I have grave doubts on the matter.

Whiskey said...

Stupidity has its price. Elites are very, very short sighted in pursuing anti-White measures not the least of which is there is no more money in a White minority country, to support the Nomenklatura, the ENARCHs, the HYPS, the Oxbridge people who took over government, media, NGOs etc as a hereditary elite.

But they have been enabled by a populace that has not been smart enough to see the obvious. It is NOT "TWMNBN" not the least of which is that populace does not like living in Haiti, Lagos, or Egypt. Rather it is the organic, easily understood Sam Francis "Managerial Elite" that like most corporate leadership throws itself a big fun party at the expense of stock holders.

According to News Reports it is widely feared in the Obama Administration that ISIS will stage a Fourth of July mass casualty attack.

The easiest way to defeat these measures is to "agree and amplify." Demand that NOT JUST THE KKK BUT MUSLIMS be identified in the wake of whatever mass murder happens on the Fourth. Obama is trying to create a moral panic to Get Whitey. That appeals to the Managerial Elite who fear and hate the stock holders, the ordinary White Americans who they are screwing over so the elite can throw a massive party. BUT ... he can't afford to tick off his Muslim pals.

The Managerial Elite can't afford fractures in their gay, Black, Hispanic, Trans, Upper Middle Class and Upper Class White women, coalition. They are weak because they are a coalition. As Ike wrote in "Crusade in Europe," Napoleon's status fell when people realized he faced coalition forces most of the time. As Ike relates, he spent much of his time as Supreme Commander keeping his forces together, instead of squabbling.

The easiest play is not to adopt the failed policies of Kenneth Mars in Springtime for Hitler, but force Obama to choose between getting Whitey and ticking off Muslims, or Blacks, or Upper Middle Class White women.

Anonymous said...

No, they will just keep on doing what they do already - remove all racial aspects from news stories about black criminals all while they make sure to include racial aspects in news stories about white criminals.

I currently reside in Burlington County, New Jersey. I subscribe to a rather left-leaning local newspaper called the Burlington County Times.

Cancel your subscription, send the money to SBPDL instead.

Anonymous said...

". . . The Supremes will ratify and codify and make Law of the things BRA wishes to make Law. The Congress will do the will of the elite. The elite will protect their most favored race. I can point to fifty (and more) solid years of American History to back up my argument. What can be adduced for the opposing viewpoint?

June 28, 2015 at 9:32 AM

Q: "I can point to fifty (and more) solid years of American History to back up my argument. What can be adduced for the opposing viewpoint?"

A: Zero. You have summed up the legal theory operating in BRA for at least the last 50 years.

non-DWL from NE

Jassi said...

A few minutes ago I read yet another report about a gay pride event being disrupted by other leftists who deemed it to be not enough. Gays are stealing the limelight and blacks are sick of it.

I tend to flip flop on how to deal with these issues,but possibly patience is the main key to survival. The left must and will eat itself alive again. They are not unified in anything meaningful and at some point will self destruct. Resisting them may only delay their impending doom.

Anonymous said...

"I've said it before and I'll say it again:

The "How Did You Become A Realist?" thread should be linked from the front page. Anyone who comes to this blog should see it and read it."

I second that motion. It is what binds us, what brings us here to cope and for affirmation that we have not gone insane- the black emperor wears no clothes, smells, is incompetent, and doesn't care. It's time to wake up, if nothing else.

I say Paul opens up another round and then provides links to the old one and the new one(s). I love to hear stories of how we all arrived at the same destination. The lies of BRA provide a map for what questions we should be regularly asking in regards to race and social capital.

I for one have never had to live around them in large numbers, but I have to see their disproportionate representation in all media as well, particularly since the internet is swarming with video advertising now. Luckily I have the volume turned off as a default and look away for 10-15 seconds every time a magical black (or any other person/image) pops into view. There is something about television that makes ad avoidance nearly impossible, even with the use of a mute button. Throw away your t.v., get your series through Netflix/Amazon or some other company and be done with commercials and most other Jesse Jackson-approved advertising.

It will change your life.

It's like cutting out a cancer, taking part of the boot off of your neck.

Share your personal reasons for coming here, especially if Paul asks for your full story. Besides laughs I learn valuable survival stories and tales from the underbellies of everything public.

We need an open dialog on race, unfortunately for BRA it will be 2-way from now on.

Anonymous said...

One thing that seems like a small thing in the wake of all that's happening, but it is fundamental in our uphill battle, is that White people are energized by upbeat encounters with blacks.

Now, hear me out. I'm not preaching multiculturalism, I'm trying to isolate an insidious aspect of it.

I'm a people watcher. Have been all my life. At a gathering, I'll be the one over to the side, watching the others. The phenomena I will describe here is most prevalent among friendly, up-scale White women, but is far from rare among White men, especially sport fans.

You will see these brief encounters all around you. They are often the by-product of some small commercial transaction. Among men, they most often occur at work.

It goes like this: let's take the Ladies first: the encounter unfolds along polite lines of money given, money paid for a service or small purchase, etc. Pleasantries are exchanged, and our lovely and gracious White ladies never fail to beam with happiness after the brief business is concluded. A smiling Negro wishing them a good day literally lifts them up above the ground for a bit; a co-worker showing some brief solidarity of purpose makes them (our Lady) feel like they just cured cancer. Don't take my word; just watch. You will see this behavior, and it is evident that the White lady walks away feeling a glow of goodness and mercy and well-being. Problem: try preaching sensible segregation to the good woman.

For the men, it could be a brief, manly assessment of some sporting event, and one team or athletes distuinguishing themselves in either a good or bad, but remarkable, way. The male-bonding and testosterone go wild. Even "guy talk" about "hot women" (of course a White man should never lower himself to an equal of the Negro in encouraging black lust, esp. for White women) will leave a grinning and glowing White male in it's wake.

Now, I'm talking about people so "far gone" or liberal as would invite a Negro into their home. I'm talking about "regular" White men and (again, especially) women.

We have to see that this feeling of moral rectitude on the level you used to have to sit through a whole church service to get; this obvious joy that isn't unrelated to an innate (but forbidden) feeling of superiority, these things are impediments to White awakening, and they lay pretty deep in the White psyche.

Anonymous said...

I have never thought about how coalitions weaken things, but it seems intuitive and is a great descriptor of how things are currently held together in the grievance industry.

Recently there have been talks of the new racially-inclusive (because it is oh so important to them, even if it serves no rational purpose) term intersection, where rich white and lesbian women have to co tow to the needs and bitches of the melanin-enhanced. Especially to blacks at all times, and to Muslims/anyone who even looks Arab, since they are the ones who have been under deep suspicion (understandably) since the turn of the century. It is as if the U.S. needed a new enemy after the Cold War ended and looked to the billions of Muslims as the next opportunity to keep the war games going.

Bush put the boots on the ground, but Obama really needs to explain how ISIS materialized as if out of thin air and why overwhelming forces surrendered and left all of their weapons and technology for them. That was never addressed, just kind of "happened" I guess.

These fanatics adhere to all kinds of OCD-type rituals throughout the day as well as in facial hair and conversation, so it's not like they are hard to spot. But just as in BRA, the pattern can not be pointed out for fear of hurt feelings being put above the loss of real lives.

These white women don't want to fit the sterotype of rich and elitist, so they are made to gib and gib, but unfortunately all of their passion, energy, and thus money goes towards generic women's and gay rights issues. They really could care less about any males if they are of the non-gay variety, regardless of skin color even if they act like they do. These white women like to talk about social justice, but when pressed by the minority contingent (black basically) they have to claim to care and begin to use fancy words like intersectionality.

Many of them, particularly the man hating dykes, love to drive wedges between the sexes. They are committing microaggressions while doing this though, as they admit that their focus is on WHITE males, any harm to any "minority" males was unintentional, we are sorry. Now let's get whitey and take his stuff!

I don't know why white liberals yearn for social justice and unending resources for the unappreciative black underclass, when as I just stated, they are completely unappreciative and pay nothing forward. A lot of social norms that most of us take for granted in the areas in which we live are like calculus to them. They will never grasp it and never care to.

They are an anchor that these white liberals have us all drag around for their amusement and satisfaction- a routine scratching with other people's money to relieve that constant stream of white guilt.

You can see with actions how much these white people really want to be around black people- it's called white flight and gentrification. Whites, unless they are of the trashier variety, don't like to live in squalor and among our own garbage and litter. There are standards of cleanliness and social conduct that are floors that you really shouldn't go below. If you have to ask where they are then maybe you are part of the problem.

Why these rich segregated whites can't find a cause in helping animals or the environment I don't know, unless is is really just lip service to all causes from behind a computer screen. They can shuck and jive with the best of them when asked for their "black-friendly" credentials, particularly when it comes to what direct actions that they have taken to help the black community.

And bashing the white man online and inconveniencing him in public don't count.

Anonymous said...

What a novel idea. This will create thousands more government jobs black people who find it repulsive to actually work for a living.

Mich Mike

Philadelphia Mike said...

We are a victimized group. We are melanin challenged.

Philadelphia Mike

Anonymous said...

The worst danger to our country and the worst bigot in the country lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Obama is by far the worst "President" that this country has ever had and he is probably the worst one it will ever have. Of course, it is unlikely that the country as we know it will even exist in 20 years. Thanks a lot foreigners, leftist scum, and dindus!

Anonymous said...

I just came accross this article in the comment station of a article.

The title is: "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

Here's the link:

Here's the first sentence: "The Supreme Court’s blatant disregard of the Constitution and other events this week reveal that our helm is pointing in the direction of eventual Civil War."

Anyways, I read it and it completely blew my mind. Everything on SBPDL fits absolutely perfectly within the view expressed by the author. I don't know what you could do with it but his analysis is spot on and it made me see things in a way I never did before. It connected the all the dots and gave a birds-eye-view of what has just happened, is happening and is going to happen.

Look, I think his view would work great with waking conservatives up and bringing them to recognize the realty of BRA. So, read it and if you like it, just spread the word on social media, or pass on the link. I don't know, but I think it will help waking up the conservative whites. We gotta do something before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Hey U.S. Government, how about a list of everyone on welfare? We want to know who is getting welfare benefits and exactly what those benefits are. Section eight housing? Bridge card with grocery money? Heat and electric subsidy? Check for child with hyper activity? An Obama phone loaded with minutes for texting and talking? A car from charity motors? Food from a food pantry? Shit, why stop with one group? We want to know everyone's business... especially when we are the ones paying for it. Idiots all !!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing that seems like a small thing in the wake of all that's happening, but it is fundamental in our uphill battle, is that White people are energized by upbeat encounters with blacks.

I see that phenomenon as a fear reaction. Whites are happy when they aren't attacked or insulted as racists. A positive interaction with a Negro means you've passed your "racism test" for the day. As long as a Negro isn't attacking you personally or calling you out for some micro-imaginary-whatever, it's a win! You should be happy and move on.

It's like having pit bulls around. Everyone swears they are the happiest, goofiest dogs with great personalities. They are really safe if you are watchful for mood changes and keep aware. However, pit bulls know fear and weakness and look for easy prey...which happens on impulse because they have an aggressive/stupid side as well as a happy/goofy side.

Don't worry, the massive influx of Chinese and Hispanics will deal with the Blacks for us. Things will improve in some ways, get worse in others (more Muslims and Africans), but African Americans are going to get hit hardest by the new immigrants.

Hispanics and Orientals will gentrify and push out the Negroes.

Somalis and Syrians have no patience for Shitavious and his monkey shines.

It will be interesting to watch our dazzling urbanites deal with Ackmed, Chang and Rodriguez. None of the newcomers are PC idiots like American Whites, and they will be our buffer against the Blacks.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is part of the distraction game or not, but have you noticed how overplayed those two escaped cons in NY have been? The populace is prostrating itself in thanks that these two meanies have been stopped. Their White faces have taken up most of my computer screen for the last several days on every news site I visit.

Since when are two escaped cons the Story of the Century? Is this as big as 9/11? You'd almost think so...

So with all the silly and societally dangerous stuff happening, the big story/tension/fear/relief/release scenario is two White guys hiding in the woods.

Does it add up? Make any sense? Am I reading too much into it?

bernicegreenbaum said...

I grew up around and live among the rich, upper middle class, white bitchez who consider themselves SJWs. They don't necessarily approve of Gloria Steinum, but boy do they love Marlo (Thomas). The volunteer for Birthright and condemn abortion, but freely allow negresses to give birth annually to a new spawn of welfare loving, "free chillens". You're paying for these multiple births, folks! And it's been going on, courtesy of the Catholic (my) Church for almost 50 years. I've seen it. It's happening. They've been sponsoring our replacement (brown) population for 40 years. Yeah. I'm not kidding. I grew up in metro D.C. The PTB have been flooding the country with blacks and browns since '75.

Odd thing is, you keep voting "Republican" as though they are really different than the situation we have going on right now. Okay then, keep voting "Republican". Sure, Rubio means what he's saying. And that guy Cruz, yeah, he's looking out for YT. Yeah. Sure. Keep pulling that lever. I hear there's a treat if you pull that lever fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:20-

I have noticed this behavior and remember reading about it in a college intro to psych book decades ago.

It was regarded as the other extreme where you go out of your way to champion and compliment every one of their achievements as if they were God's gift- basically being backhandedly racist by showing that you have such low expectations of them. Unspoken expectations that non-blacks regularly have to adhere to are championed like miracles of the human spirit when the black man follows through on them. The sh@t eating congratulatory grin and full audience for looks at muh is how you can spot it. I know exactly what you're talking about.

People act like going above and beyond to make black people feel special and appreciated as if it was some form of paid community service.

The fact that black people eat it up is what makes me even more sick. You can see the "please don't hurt me, I'm not like the others" look in these DWL eyes as they pay tribute to their black masters.

The bar has been repeatedly lowered to accommodate black dysfunction. This is not something to be celebrated.

Anonymous said...

Burlington County Times slanted and anti-white news coverage, continued

I would also like to point out another how another crime story was reported in today's edition of The Burlington County Times, my left-leaning, anti-white, pro-black, local rag of a newspaper. This story appears on page A3 of this newspaper, and this is the headline:

Man sentenced in viokent purse snatching of elderly woman

This crime story prominently features two mugshots of the two convicted criminals in this case - Joshua McFarland, a 36-yearo-old white man, and Misty Riddle, a 33-year-old white woman. The story tells us about Joshua McFarland being sentenced to 11.5 years in prison and Misty Riddle being sentenced to five years in prison for seriously injuring a 75-year-old woman in August of 2014 during their violent purse snatching of her in Evesham, Burlington County, New Jersey.

So this is how the violent crime was reported in The Burlington County Times for today...Sunday, June 28th, 2015. The violent white criminals who were sentenced to prison for their violent purse snatching of a 75-year-old woman were identified by both their names and their mugshots on page A3. The violent and sexually deviant black criminals were identified just by their names on page A7.

Also on page A7, the story about the music-concert-sneak-in white teenage boy was published at the top of the page, above the violent and sexually deviant black criminal's stories. The mug shot of the Delaware-music-concert-sneak-in white teenage boy was published prominently above his own pertinent news story. In stark contrast to the story on page A7 about the arrest of the white teenage boy, no mug shots, nor artist's forensic sketches for the story about the mall groping suspect, were published for any of the other three crime stories about the black suspects were published on page A7.

No matter how you slice it, the faces of black criminals in at least three separate crime stories were shielded from public view by the editorial staff of The Burlington County Times in their Sunday, June 28th, 2015 edition. So why is that? Your guess is as good as mine. Black lives matter...more...I guess...or whatever.

Anonymous said...

It looks like our beloved Mosby is scrambling for a conviction now, but is attempting to try 2 of the police officers separately. She didn't have time to answer most questions on the case, but she has made time to speak to multiple fashion magazines-

She told Vogue that “The unrest had nothing to do with my decision to charge. I just followed where the facts led. This is not something that was fast, or in a hurry."

She has been heralded as the second coming after she showed her super human powers of meeting deadlines for the case last Friday.

The two police officers names are Lt. Brian Rice and William Porter, who have both been charged with reckless endangerment, misconduct in office, second-degree assault and manslaughter.

She charged them all together so let's hope that she gets denied again in another one of her endless requests.

She can personally claim responsibility for all the lowering of police activity nationwide. No snitch + no cops must = a lot of fun and opportunity, right?

Maybe I'll reframe it all as a big game to see if the negro can be taught the basics (and applications) of cause and effect- we win when the negro is able to gaze at hisself in the mirror and see clearly that he is the root of all of his problems. Probably fighting against DNA here, but worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

The Wal-Mart grocery store near my home has it's back lot FILLED with identical, unmarked containers. ALl the same size. Bout 25 of them. They have written on them:
"Maximum Security" but nothing else.

Any know about this?

Anonymous said...

The red terror may be beginning.

Anonymous said...

What has been happening for the last week or so is an extended version of the TWO MINUTE HATE. The hate filled liberals must always have someone or something to release their pent up rage. The FLAG is now full filling that need. In the future the two minutes can be turned into a HALF AN HOUR OF HATE and will take place after eating dinner. What better way to help digest a late night JUNK FOOD DINNER than yelling and screaming at the SIX FOOT LONG TELESCREEN.

Detroit Refugee said...

Great comment. I also believe the thread should remain front & center.
New readers need to find confirmation regarding realism & how others arrived at this site.
And the 2-way talk about race? Absolutely! 3-4 months ago a black female in her mid 40's tried the lecture on me at work. She shut up when it was my turn at bat! She just wasn't ready for my delivery on black crime stats & black dysfunction .

Anonymous said...

Regarding Africa - the continent - versus Africans; yes it is remarkable how poor the Africans are in their wealthy continent. I think sooner or later Asians will take over the continent and depopulate it of natives in favor of themselves. There may be loud protests but what could Europe or America do? Nothing really. The action will be sold as being done for the good of humanity and the earth. Who knows- it could be happening now. Biowarfare is always conducted secretly. The few black intellectuals who voice concern about depopulation are ridiculed but it is more likely with each passing decade of publicized widespread suffering in Africa and official despair over solving it.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought it couldn't get more Orwellian. The two minutes of hate will become a week. Just like 1984.

Anonymous said...


'Black lives matter...more...I guess...or whatever.'

Yr local news is involved in disinformation.
Trying to spin crime so it looks 'equal across the race line'.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, if this shooter had been moose limb, the MSM (Ministry of Truth) and Obama would have been going out of their way to talk about how he was a lone wolf and we can't hate moose limbs. Our world is so 1984 that it is hard to believe the book was a best seller.

General J.O. Shelby said...

Regarding Africa, anon. said;
"The action will be sold as being done for the good of humanity and the earth. Who knows- it could be happening now."
Yes it is. I recently received junk mail from an organization called Pathfinders International. It was signed by an Indian woman named Purnima Mane. They were asking for money to supply birth control in Africa, for the 'mother's health'. I googled Mane. She worked with the UN. That fund's been in existence since 1969.

SKIP said...

" (even though a "hate" group had nothing to do with the SC shootings) what about the black panthers and la raza? No mention of them?"

You need to add the U.S. government in the hate groups!

General J.O. Shelby said...

"It just wouldn't be right if someone didn't blame the Jews for this too. Unbelievable how a mere 13 million people can so utterly confound over 7 billion. But you gotta blame someone, right?"
Remove the 3 from the Supreme Court and neither decision passed. That's 3 out of 310 million making the law!

Anonymous said...

It will end when the rich celebrities start becoming inconvienenced. Lets throw some section eights in Carmel Valley or Beverly Hills. Poverty shouldn't preclude one from living on all the prime real estate. Oh and of these nieghborhoods that have these rules about keeping the property maintained uh uh that's racist.

Whiskey said...

KKK supporters and members are likely 98% FBI, State Police, and DOJ informants milking the system. There isn't any KKK independent of informants gaining money and immunity for various crimes. There is no KKK slate in elected officials. There is no KKK rallies. There is no KKK fundraisers. KKK "Officials" live in what amounts to poverty, many on food stamps. There is no money in the KKK save for informants and officials investigating the corpse of a failed, dead social movement.

The overwhelming majority of White people, especially race realists, don't hate Blacks. They just want Black people to act better. No, Black people will **NEVER** approach the behavior of SPWL Hipsters in Portlandia, with that level of violence and safety. Shootings don't break out at Feminist Bookstores. But Black people **CAN** act better than they do. Historically, they have.

Black people today, from Rappers like Kanye "Ima let you finish, but Beyonce had the best video of all time!" to Baltimore's Mosby are a giant minstrel show. Buffonos gibbering on stage as an embarrassment to humanity.

Publicizing the paucity of actual real KKK members, nearly all of them federal or state informants, would be embarrassing to the Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

Now you know what and who the rx84 camps are for.

Anonymous said...

People are waking up. I found this blog about two months ago. I never bookmark it and I have to google the name to find it each time I want a read. Two months ago googling "Stuff Black People Don't Like" would show up several entries down. Now typing "Stuff B" already brings this site up in the auto search. The last year has just seen so many events that have made even relatively 'left leaning' live-and-let-live people like myself come down with foosh fatigue. I do a lot of global travel for my work and interestingly enough, my foreign collegues are unsually the ones to initiate the conversation on the general disfunction of the pavement ape.

PB said...

"Bush put the boots on the ground, but Obama really needs to explain how ISIS materialized as if out of thin air and why overwhelming forces surrendered and left all of their weapons and technology for them. That was never addressed, just kind of "happened" I guess."

Possibly the most important question of the millennium thus far. Trained, equipped and paid for by someone, somewhere. Just appeared, fully formed, armed, logistic support, the lot. Could only be done with the resources of a Nation State or States. Part of the answer lies in something called the Yinon Plan.

Anonymous said...

13 million? Maybe not. A few who command billions of dollars in assets and resources might want to do some tinkering, however.

Bloomberg and Soros are the first two to come to mind who are allegedly heavily invested in the racial grievance industry in this country.

Anonymous said...

chattanooga gal said ”off comment, but has anyone noticed how quickly they identified Dylan Roof from the surveilance video,and yet they have never been able to identify ANY of the looters and arsonists in Fergusen and Baltimore, irregardless of many, many videos? “

Well, in all fairness, those folks in Ferguson and Baltimore all look alike.

Race said...

American Zimbabwe coming to a country very close to you

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

It will be interesting to watch our dazzling urbanites deal with Ackmed, Chang and Rodriguez. None of the newcomers are PC idiots like American Whites, and they will be our buffer against the Blacks.

I read this kind of thing all the time here, and it really scares me.

I've linked over and over to Kipling's poem, The Gods of the Copybook Headings, but may I once again draw your attention to the line:

And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "Stick to the Devil you know."

Ask PB about cane toads in Australia; another "solution" that turned out to be worse than the problem.

Mr. Rational said...

I suggest putting these new public executions on in large Football stadia & also broad-cast them via Pay-Per-View.

That won't happen without a lot refusing to let themselves be taken alive.  Any sort of mass arrests will kick that off.  Part and parcel of that is some amount of attrition of the arresting forces.  How long could they continue?

It just wouldn't be right if someone didn't blame the Jews for this too. Unbelievable how a mere 13 million people can so utterly confound over 7 billion. But you gotta blame someone, right?

When they own or control most of the hostile media and academia, it doesn't matter how small a fraction they are.  What matters is their power and agenda.

Luke said...

Two points. First BRA leader Obama said he wanted "legislation." That won't happen, even with the certified brank of Grade-A Pussy that calls itself the Republican Party caving with the Dems on other issues.

That said, it would be a no-brainer for him to issue another dictatoral, executive order to do this. This is actually what he will probably end up doing, disguised as another "community safety improvement" crapola edict.