Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The University of Alabama at Birmingham's Football Team Reinstated: All Because the Program was too Black to Cancel

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB): the federally-funded university keeping the 73 percent black city of Birmingham artificially afloat. 

It's a university proving the Iron Rule of Black Empowerment in Black-Run America (BRA) is stronger than ever: Any decision or action negatively impacting black people will inevitably be reversed. 
Deemed "not sustainable" to continue, the University of Alabama at Birmingham football program was resurrected on June 1: though it won't be stated publicly, one of the reasons it was brought back was because the school's black male enrollment suffered a huge drop, as it's artificially supported by the football team

You see, UAB officials recently decided to cancel the football program because the sport was "not sustainable."

This was in late 2014; only two days ago, the president of UAB, Ray Watts, announced the football program would be resurrected

What might be one of the reasons UAB brought back its football program? 

If you guessed, "Because canceling the football program had a disproportionate impact on blacks," you'd be right. [African-American male population at UAB plummets amid loss of football,, 5-19-15]:
When UAB president Ray Watts announced the demise of football, rifle and bowling last December, he dramatically changed the racial composition of the Birmingham school's student body. 
There were 89 African-Americans on the Blazers' 105-player football roster last season, according to the College Sports Solutions report issued last week to the Athletic Assessment Task Force. They and their teammates were told that if they wanted to keep playing football, they'd have to do so elsewhere. Those 89 students represented nearly 12 percent of the total male full-time African-American undergraduate enrollment of 759 in 2014, according to UAB enrollment data. The majority decided to continue their college careers elsewhere, with less than 30 choosing to stay at UAB. 
Teams are allotted 85 full college football scholarships. If UAB doesn't reinstate football, numerous opportunities for young men, many of poor socioeconomic situations, to receive a free education at a quality academic institution may be lost forever. 
"One consideration of this change is the loss of football scholarships that are disproportionally supporting low-income kids," said Stephen Black, the director of the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility at the University of Alabama. "It's on UAB to make sure that gap is at least filled, and hopefully more so, in low-income kids to have large scholarships to the university." 
Black would like to see UAB use the funds allotted for football scholarships to developing merit-based scholarships for low-income students. 
That African-American male population might not be easily replaceable, however. The school denied only 289 male applicants for enrollment for the fall 2014 admission cycle, according to the CSS report. Among full-time African-American undergraduates, nearly 65 percent is female. 
Jim Bakken, a university spokesman, said "diversity is a core strength at UAB" and noted that UAB was recognized by the Princeton Review as "one of the most diverse universities in the nation." 
Football emphasized recruiting within the state. Fifty-four members of the 2014 Blazers were from Alabama; 24 players from the Birmingham metro area"It's a blow to student-athletes, not just in football, but it will probably spiral and affect every sport," Daphne coach Glenn Vickery told  "It closes a door of opportunity to stay in-state and get an education."
With 84 percent of the UAB football team being black, it's hard to take seriously Bakken's claim of "diversity" being a core strength of the school (or, for that matter, the nearly all-black football being that successful, posting a combined record of 18-42 since 2010).  

It should be noted UAB has long been trying to get rid of any representation by white males, notably abandoning its Viking mascot in 1993 because
 The University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers recently abandoned their mascot-a viking like character named Blaze-for being too male and too Caucasian, and because he was intimidating to children.
Or, as the Associated Press reported [UAB to dump controversial mascot, 1993]:
The University of Alabama at Birmingham has dropped Blaze, the mascot for its athletic teams, which are called the Blazers. Blaze, who was a big, rough-and-tumble Norseman, drew fire for being too mean, too masculine, and too white. Grant Shingleton, sports information director for the university, explained that poor Blaze was, “I hate to use the word — too Aryan.”  
Though the Nordic character Blaze was too white and "too Aryan" for UAB, the football program ended up being too black to cancel.

Remember: Any decision or action negatively impacting black people will inevitably be reversed. 


PNW Realist said...

With the drop in black male enrollment, did a drop in crime and rise in student academic performance follow?

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of 89 extra-large and violent black males should be a welcomed development for any university and would result in an immediate reduction in campus crime.

Julie said...

Here's a suggestion. End all EBT, TANF, WIC, Section 8, BPC, AA, STQ1, IIN(a), WPF and WPS programs aimed at negroes. Instead create a nationwide fighting league, hundreds of thousands of teams. All negroes, regardless of age would be required to register for a team in their locale. They would be paid to battle one another in huge coliseums instead of these welfare programs. The most successful fighting teams would then be hired by various corporations as spokespeople or given jobs on the evening news.

It would be a great money maker, would keep the negroes busy training and battling and it would be something that they could enjoy. They're violent, so give me them all employment in violence.

So CAL Snowman said...

We have reached the point where simply saying "no" to a black person is tantamount to racism. We are rapidly reaching a tipping point here in the Former United States of America where either you toe (not tow goddammit) the SJW establishment line or you become an anti-establishment fascist, there are no other alternatives. The days of "conservative" Republican candidates are long past, as even "conservatives" who waddle somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum are being cast out by their party. To paraphrase one of the 21st centuries most endearing political minds, "You are either with us (Whites) or you are against us." There is no longer any middle ground. History has proven time and again that ALL societies based on democratic principles all inevitably fail and lead to ruin. The supposed "Land of the Free" will have a 2016 presidential "election" featuring a bull dyke, anti-White open borders feminist and an open borders, fat White guy with a mexican wife. Like I said, there is no middle ground anymore. You are either a SJW or you are a fascist, your choice.

Anonymous said...

Blaze was too Aryan for UAB! If that is not a racist statement, then I don’t know what one is!

How about we say something about the mascot being too Negro? How would that work out? We would see the president of the United States inserting in his biased opinion since he is half Negro.

PK, this is a prime example of how STUPID our politically correct nation has become. WHY are blacks more important than anyone else? Why doesn’t the UAB care more about whites, Asians, Hispanics, or anyone else? What is it about those goddamned Negroes we have to care so much about? Can those Negroes wipe their own goddamned asses without assistance? I am so tired of their stupidity I could throw up.

If something needs to be shut down, then shut it down. Fuck the blacks and their moaning! They can get a scholarship like anyone else: study for it! We need to pull the plug on these dumb, stupid, black coons.

What that guy said about Blaze was racist! Yet…the school shows the only ones who matters are the coons and their feelings. Nothing else matters but that the number of coons not go down by one coon.

I hate blacks more with each passing day! Diversity means “BLACKS” so they just need to speak fucking English and stop beating about the bush!

Anonymous said...

Every college should cancel every sport.

College should be about education, not playing children's games.

Anonymous said...

When did "diversity" come to mean "mostly black?"

A room with 10 people, and 8 of them are black is NOT a diverse group.

It's a black group.

Diversity would be 2 whites, 2 latino, 2 asians, 2 arabs, and 2 blacks.

Anonymous said...

Related to education - my son attends an elite private high school in San Diego and my family recently attended the graduation ceremony. The entire event was proper and formal as the @175 graduates conducted themselves with very good manners and humility as the senior names were called they walked on stage to receive their diploma. Everyone displayed class and decorum - except for the three AA students who chose to act much differently by dancing, gyrating and posing on stage as their names were called. They just can't assimilate and act civilized even for a couple hours. Negroes ruin everything - except the football games!

think about it said...

Just say no to all organized sports, be it college or pro. It really will be ok.

I was once one of those weekend sports devotees, religiously watching my cherished team and spending my time and attention thusly.

Sometime around 1985 I let it go and have never looked back.

I did take my son to a major league baseball game a few years back and it was most enjoyable, but only the one time.

All things in moderation...except perhaps negroes.

D-FENS said...

OT but interesting.

The LA Times recently had an article lambasting Elon Musk for depending on government subsidies for his three major businesses, Tesla, SolarCity and Spacex.

We all know of corporations go out of their way to trumpet how much they value diversity. Many even have a Chief Diversity Officer.

I looked at Spacex's website. They don't seem to mention diversity until you get to specific job postings. In their job posting they say:

"SpaceX is an Equal Opportunity Employer; employment with SpaceX is governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, color, religion, gender, national origin/ethnicity, veteran status, disability status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, mental or physical disability or any other legally protected status."

It seems to be a clever way to give lip service to diversity (after all, the Federal government is one of their largest customers) and then go on to say you will still only hire the best.

SolarCity, unfortunately, proclaims that it is an affirmative action company and features several negroes in it's web site. I did not find Tesla's diversity policy.

PNW Realist said...

98 young men will be denied a free education at a quality institution of higher learning?

Good Lord, this first assumes these apes are educable (they're not), and if they were, they'd actually enroll in a real major (they won't), something less ridiculous than negro studies. Then, as an institution that caters to blacks, it certainly can't be considered a quality institution.

Anonymous said...


"Blaze" and "blacks"? Coincidence? Maybe, but it sure is a good description of black behavior.

"Burn this bitch down!"

Pat Boyle said...

My father played for Alabama - indeed he got his undergraduate degree on a full football scholarship. All I remember about his sports accomplishments was that he used to tear telephone books in two to impress my little friends. Their fathers couldn't do that. Interior linemen tend to be big strong guys.

Except for that, I don't really give a damn what happens to the Alabama football team. College sports is a corruption of what should be an academic institution. The players are professional entertainers brought in from the outside. They should be paid more commensurate with their talent but not attend classes.

I wonder how long college football will continue. As I remember in 1960 the reason all schools outlawed boxing was because of the head injuries. That could happen to college football too. I was on my college basketball team and although basketball is supposed to be a safe non-contact sport - not the way we played it. I was always injuring someone or being injured. I've been limping today from the bad right foot I got in a game after I was too old to be on the court but still susceptible to competitive urges. That was more than thirty years ago and it still hurts. If my sport had been football - I shudder to think what would be left of my body.

Someone is going to do a study someday soon using the latest fMRI machines. The study will report terrible permanent brain injuries from the gridiron. And college football will be banned. I'm not in favor of that personally. I'm the guy after all who recommends MMA matches be to the death, but there is a kind of creeping wussification of society that I have to recognize even if I don't approve.

By 2050 we may all be reduced to playing soccer. Ugh!


Anonymous said...

Terrible idea, last thing we need to do is refine their fighting capabilities.

If anything, we're strategically better off letting them turn into welfare zombies, that way when things go bang, they won't have a clue how to take care of themselves.

Better for us


Anonymous said...

And in our pussified pc country, 2 white, blacks, latino, asians will pissed themselves when the Arabs come through the door.

Anonymous said...

Blaze is too Aryan? Are they kidding? They are so stupid that they can't even hide their racism when they're complaining aboit racism.

And why are AA men so heavily dependant in sports for a future? What percentage actually "make it"? Like 1%? Hardly the foindation for a solid future.

Still, can't be expecting forward planning abilities from people with a low double-digit IQ.

Now, i just sit and wait, over in America the sheen doesn't seem to have been broken yet, but over here in Europe it's gone past that. People don't even care about being called racist anymore, so there is hope yet.

Just keep up the pressure


Anonymous said...

It seems blacks (especially black males) fail to understand the cause & effect of education i.e. you go to school to get a degree in order to land a job in the field of your choosing. Too often, academic institutions and corporations must roll out the red carpet in order to meet their quotas because of lack of motivation to even apply.

Too many blacks will walk into a professional place of business, look around, and (as I once heard) say "how come there are no black people working here". As if there is a conspiracy in this day and age, with government monitoring diversity numbers. These simpletons can't grasp that just anyone can't walk in and get a job with no education or experience. In the health care field that I work in, despite the city being 45% black, I can count on my hand the number of black males (and the job duties of 2 of those include holding a mop). Why? Because in order to work there, you must have either a degree or certification. Which requires a modicum of planning & effort.

We see similar low IQ thinking in regards to school suspensions and police arrests. Their simple minds can't understand that if you commit certain actions, you will be suspended or arrested. These people usually live in high crime black areas...they see the dysfunction first hand. Yet they're still too dumb to understand the correlation. Instead, all they see is racism. Like I read one commenter say..if a black person crapped in their own pants, they would look around and brazenly say "somebody get rid of that stank in here".

Anonymous said...

My gut says government subsidies=Middle eastern decent hired at a lower wage but still taking the jobs from the American worker. Nasa is now a middle eastern corporation. Monsanto is right down the street. I live right next kumar and akbar central. Roughly 19 months until election day. May GOD bless the U.S.A

Anonymous said...

Soccer just sucks!!

Anonymous said...

Academia should not be whoring out for profit and social engineering.

Julie: Great comment. A win/win situation.

Injun Jimmy Swaggart

BunkerDown in TN said...

Where in the world is still considered a safe zone for YT? It seems nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the follow-up post detailing UAB football team's graduation rate. Just how many of those black players received their degrees? So, the University president restored football....what is the end result besides black kids getting a free ride to play ball?

SC Native said...

Not sustainable, if their ever was a way to describe BRA this sums it up. Apparently they don't bring enough revenue in to pay for the full rides.

Like many other here I played feetsball when I was younger and now get to enjoy the old injuries from that time. I hope my sons don't want to play, I'll certainly be against it. You pay for it down the road and when you're young you can't see that. Thankfully I have a few years before it's an issue and Mrs SC Native will quash the idea, hopefully she won't have to pull out all the stops and "go all to pieces".

Changing the mascot is par for the course, look at Ol Miss for another good example. I'm sure some of the folks in northern AL have had a few interesting conversations about that having been to that area. I think somone asked about nog free areas and several counties in north AL would qualify. I don't know about Mississippi but it's possible a few counties there are nog free too, both are big states. I know Tennessee has some areas like that, Crossville comes to mind. It was a sundown town last time I was there a few years ago and the state has several towns and counties like that I've been told. I would bet Pulaski is one or something close to it. I know to some folks the idea of non infested areas might seem like a pipe dream but for somone who has traveled a good bit I can tell you they're real places and sometimes in areas you would think are nothing but gnats and ni@@ers like the Mississippi Delta. If you want to see country nogs in action there and the lowcountry of SC are great places for a safari.

At one time the lowcountry of SC had much more in common with say the Bahamas or Barbados than other areas of this country. Of course that was before all of the development on the coast that brought in folks "from off".

Somebody asked earlier, I think it was the last post, about failing schools in SC and the "locals" being more dim than average. To answer that first I would say you're correct and those schools will be concentrated in the Pee Dee and Lowcountry of the state. The lowcountry outside of Charleston would be the worst. Many counties are 80-90% black with very little mixture, you won't see too many light skinned blacks there. No these are pure Africans and primitive is an understatement. You'll see coal black negroes that look exactly like any picture in National Geographic right here in the states. Strangely they do a pretty good job of keeping crime to themselves as hard as that might be to believe. I've had plenty of contact with them from my youth up visiting relatives that live in those areas. You would think YT would be a sitting duck in those areas but that's not the case. I have several elderly female relatives that live alone around Georgetown and Kingstree with no problems. I think old customs have survived there longer than in other places. If you want to see failing schools those areas (kingstree is the seat of Williamsburg Co) would be good places to look. On a map anything south of 95 or near it and east of 95 for the Pee Dee will help you find what you're looking for, which are pure Africans, the classic blue gum variety. South Georgia would be a good place to look as well, it's similar in many ways but different in others. Eastern NC is not nearly as dark as you would think. This is probably because there weren't many large plantations compared to SC and GA. If you were to look at the richest counties in the south in 1850 you'll find your failing schools today, wealth then means poor now.

Anonymous said...

BunkerDown in TN said ”Where in the world is still considered a safe zone for YT? It seems nowhere. “

YT can create safe zones anywhere they choose. Perhaps a better question is to ask why YT won't create safe zones. The first safe zone on the list should be the entire US.

Anonymous said...

The mascot for a male football team is "too male, too masculine".

Maybe make the Viking's have fake dreds coming out of their helmets- they can look just as ridiculous and girly as the "men" who do so in real life.

I'm sure the female black population is always larger than the black male population in any given university, even after football and basketball "scholarships". These grievance study "empowered" "females" are what we are often up against when we choose to engage these "people" online. Just like when they was keeds, it is a black women doing everything for them, fighting all their battles because they are too stupid and dimwitted to successfully do so themselves. Reading and writing at a 3rd-grade level has its consequences, Shitavious. On top of this, black "female" students don't have the same ability to rape fellow co-eds like black males do- keeps more of them on the campuses, learning Basketball American studies and such. These are the people slandering the white race online because their male counterparts are too inept to write a sentence that doesn't fall apart under it's ebonical weight and overuse of expletives.

I don't allow authors to get away easily when they attempt to slander the race that has given them all the advantages that they clearly don't deserve. I call them on it until I get banned or I link them here so my fellow whites can run circles around them intellectually as well.

I wait for the day that Shitavious and D'Marquis can formulate their own arguments without tripping over their over-sized lips and undersized brains, and can do so without a sherilla holding their hands and burping them.

Anonymous said...

Likewise. I attended my cousins MBA graduation a few weeks back. Lots of asians, whites and a few from India. You could tell when one of the 2 or 3 groids names were called in the auditorium because there would be an obnoxious racket from the Fambly in attendance. "Looks, Liqmyfeeta dun reeel goot! Ooook Eeekk.

PNW realist said...

So Blaze was too masculine, too Aryan?

Then why not replace him with a representative of black womanhood: a 300 pound ghetto mama withy saggy breasts or a ghetto queen surrounded by six to eight bastard children, each sired by a different sperm donor?

Truth Corps said...

When you realize that sports are a tool to keep Whites from thinking or acting you'll throw them away like so many of us have. In a twist, trending on Facebook right now is a backlash about ESPN awarding Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner the Arthur Ashe award. How many of those alpha males bitching & posting memes are going to be fed up enough to cancel their cable or satellite before football season starts? Not enough. I followed sports for years, but when I woke three years ago, the light melted all the scales from my eyes. It'll take things really getting bad for some to pull the plug. Don't wait, you could use that cable money for ammunition. You're going to need it, I promise.

Plaga Negra said...

Truth! Fascism really is the default state of government (regardless of what commies will tell you). Look at any sporting event. You have throngs of people solidified in an identity (Gator nation in my neck of the woods) rallying behind a charismatic player or coach, and they even have their own colors and salutes. Sports fans are Fascists without even realizing it because it comes so naturally to them.
All roads lead to Fascism. Even after America won its independence it tried the whole libertarian conservative small government route with the Articles of Confederation. This should make sense considering they were on a freedom kick until reality bit them in the ass.
Now for the socialism hysterics. For me, the issue is not about how much power the government has. The real issue is is the populace tightly knit and live and die by their racial/ethnic identity as strongly as they live and die by being fans of a certain team. Prosperity can abound in both limited and tyrannical governments, but what matters most is the people are bound to each other as brothers and sisters in racial nation.

10mm AUTO said...

More important, any symbol of "Aryans" (White people) is unacceptable. Especially if it reflects "badly" on negros. From desecration of White War graves to "Knock Out King" to "Beat Whitey Night" to Flash Mobbing to rape stats to school discipline (and on and on) any memory, any symbol, any comparison, any song, any Art, ANYTHING that speaks to the White past must be cleansed.

As Farrakhan said: "The Purging is at last at hand. Day of Doom is here. All that is evil, all their allies; White Police, White leaders; those who would call themselves your judges, the White filth who lie and corrupt the Earth, they shall all be cleansed. You, my children, are the water that will wash away all that has gone before. In your hand, you hold my light, the gleam in the eye of Set. This flame will burn away the darkness, burn you the way to paradise!"

Negros: Doom!

CNN reports that Farrakhan's "controversial" words in this video were "taken out of context and don't reflect his commitment to "inclusion and diversity".



I'll bet the RAPE numbers just skyrocketed in the last four days.


Anonymous said...

The blacks are constantly brainwashed into thinking they're something special and that if they are not allowed to make everything all about them then all they have to is scream racism and all will be made right. Then there's the cowardly white morons who will do whatever it takes to keep everything running smooth without any regard to what effect their fear of angering BRA will have on their children's and grandchildrens future.
The world economy is within a year of total collapse but let us not think about that, lets make sure that illiterate niggers are able to go to college on a football scholarship when in reality they shouldn't have been allowed to graduate high-school.
It's all so ridiculous that I can't wrap my mind around it. Why should blacks even have to attend college unless they are going to play football. They should just print out college degrees and hand them out at the same time they graduate high school then they can go straight to whatever job the government has waiting for them.

Mich. Mike

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:00:

Such data is easily found.

Looks like the 6-year graduation rate for black men is under 30%, but it's higher for affleets.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but was having an interesting thought...

It concerns allegiances.

In one instance, there in Pharell Williams a black male (technically half-Asian, but like whites, it gets completely overridden into 100% negro to give them an invisible boost in achievement, but I digress) who had the audacity to put 3 light-skinned women on one of his latest album covers. Got a ton of flack for it, even though one fit the rule I just described above. Even though he is a successful and adored black male, he was publicly shamed for doing wrong for not co towing to the demands of the negress. He can't argue, in BRA he has done wrong and needs to atone. That black girl he dances with in his "Happy" video is just one of the tributes he has to make to please his black female overlords. MSM will be against a black male almost every time when it is him up against a black woman.

Next we come to Bruce... er... Caitlen Jenner. Basically the same deal as the emperor riding naked through town- everyone is supposed to hold their tongue and think of it as completely normal, something to even be encouraged. Bizzaro indeed.

Anyway, once again, black males are not immune from the claws of BRA. Snoop-Dog, the elderly rapper of immense fame and social power, tweeted about Katie Jenner being a science experiment. Was just saying what was on many people's minds... but he got flak for it, and was told to cease his aggression against the ABCDEFG community... OR ELSE.

BRA seems to get a lot of its power through financial and social shaming, that way even the mightiest of elites are kept in check. When you think of it, it is a system/monster that no one is individually in control of... no one is immune to its bite if they go off the proscribed societal narrative.

You can see the narrative in t.v. commercials as people have pointed out here before- the only time a black guy can look stupid/bad/lazy/selfish/usual is if there is a counterpart black "spouse" (haha) to shame him and put him in his place.

I would love to see a mapping out of different allegiances and match-ups on paper, so we can see in which situations who is immune to who and which side is automatically afforded the upper-hand and authority in a given situation. Kind of like an advanced rock paper scissors, if you will.

On another note, I gotta say that Paul's posting today and all the comments are raising the bar for this site. Laughing and learning through the whole thread. I appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...

PNW- Your talk of negro studies actually gave me a shuddering wake up call-

They get to attend all events on the college campus like they are one with the actual students, but while the other students are busting their ass completing chemistry/biology/stem field course work (you can't bullsh@t your way through those, go ahead and try it) they are busy hearing how victimized they are by white supremacy and white privilege and how they are the victims that can do and say no wrong. They are taught the narrative, told to "read" non-academic grievance studies "literature", and discuss how bad white people are and how nothing is their fault for the rest of the semester. Not that blackie probably shows up to class all that much. This leaves the negress who is teaching the Africana-"studies" course (Brittany Cooper I'm looking at you) to bark at and shame the white males and females in the class while discussing all the evils that they have done and how black males could never ever do wrong enough to pay them back, even if they wanted to.

Welcome to BRA, and you even get to pay for it at private institutions now. Whites are told to repeat the narrative or shut up, and to be side-kick assisting characters for the real upcoming leaders.

So they end up with a false degree that is on par with other undergraduate degrees, which is complete bullshit. On top of this utter lie is the fact that the blacks with said degrees are now taught and indoctrinated on how to bitch and blame whitey more and with greater effect. Bravo. Thanks BRA. Seriously, go @#$% yourself.

Anonymous said...

Bred for decades to be dumb and strong. And now in college with our daughters...


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but for any Europeans reading this, how did you guys start to turn the tide? I know neither of us are anywhere close where we need to be, but I keep seeing news of your elections, and country after country it seems to be the same pattern: we're sick of this diversity crap and want our countries back. If I was still a liberal I would be aghast, but now I cheer these voters on like a beleaguered boxer coming back from the ropes. It's time to stop defending ourselves against the same old worn out excuses (it be whitey's fault) and going on the offensive. I am seeing the tide changing and it's a tidal wave.

Fatigued (but planning) in Minneapolis said...

re: Is there no safe place left to go? --Their ancestors are primal jungle simians of course, but I'm convinced certain aspects of the genome have been bred out of'm since Reconstruction, and particularly since generational cradle-to-grave urban dependency took root 50 years ago; but, I spend a lot of time in our national parks and national wilderness areas, and it's impossible (for a race realist) not to notice, that today's negro, is just not comfortable whatsoever in a world without pavement and concrete (and other nogs and misfortunate unlucky human beings with which to incessantly *meddle*). I'm 55 years old; and my plan is to take the Social Security at 62, and spend the rest of my life living and hiking and camping and climbing in our national parks and wilderness areas, Triple Crown hiking trails, and climbing mountains in the Rockies (homey don't go above 10,000 feet friends, let alone 5280').. Everything I do now: all of my money, resources and work-life choices.. are geared toward making this become a reality. And please don't make this general public knowledge you guys; keep this a secret!; there *IS* a place you can still go (for the foreseeable future anyway) that they're not (now naturally) inclined to completely show up and fucking ruin.. Beyond that; the kind of people you meet in our national parks?.. are from all over the world, friendly, intelligent, compromising, cooperative, communicative, patient.. actual first-world human beings!.. It's wonderful; The contrast from say, Grand Canyon national Park?.. to downtown Minneapolis..? is just mind-blowing! Want to enjoy a negro-free life-experience this summer?.. Visit a national Park! You won't regret it..

Anonymous said...

This is to the person in the other editorial that wanted people to use a small “n” when spelling the word “negro.” OK…just for you…I will do that! I was the one notorious for using the capitol “N”. When PK starts using the older version of the word negro, I will follow suit. My grandmother did not call them negroes. She used the other word.

Believe me, I have no respect for these apes, but when we use the “n” word it just doesn’t sound as intelligent – to me – as using the word negro. The only time I use that word is in anger; otherwise, they are just plain old negroes. Other good terms are chimps, groids, coons, jigaboos, sheboons, and so forth! All those are excellent ways to describe negroes.

This editorial today is excellent in that it clearly shows the problem with so-called diversity: there isn’t any diversity! The only thing that matters is that some coon doesn’t get his/her feelings hurt, or they get in the top schools, or are the leaders of companies. We all know that negroes do not deserve any of these benefits. They should be ridiculed for bad behavior and failing to conform to civilization.

A sheboon can have a baby out of wedlock, and not know who the father is, but is given MORE money to produce even more babies. Where is the logic in that?

Social security and welfare are humanitarian ways to help people who cannot help themselves for whatever reason. Negroes are notoriously bad for taking that which does not belong to them, and they abuse the humanitarian systems we have in our country.

However, who is the bigger fool, the black sow who pumps out coon children, or the taxpayers who puts up with it? Young black males rob white people on the street, and young black females rob taxpayers by pumping out more babies for white people to support. We lose money by falling real estate values, crime, education, and police protection. Blacks bump up the price for all those things. The only solution is to get rid of the black hoard of locusts!

If there were a true race war, then some thinning of their ranks would occur. However, beyond that we need to stop supporting bad behavior in blacks. Giving blacks a scholarship to play football has to go! College sports should be played by those worthy to play the game; not illiterate apes. If blacks cannot maintain their GPA, then out they go! Sheboons should not be paid MORE when they have another baby; they should be punished. Prison should be made harder for blacks so that it will be PUNISHMENT to them and not a holiday.

How much more will white people take of this fucking bullshit? I don’t look at negroes as human, but more like a varmints to get rid of like rats.

Anonymous said...

The new mascot could be a pimp decked out in a leopard print coat and cape, black hat with fuzzy pink trim, lime green pants, orange shirt and standing in front of a purple caddy with zebra stripe interior. Let's not forget the gold chains, gold teef grill too and there must be a stank ho stretched out on the hood of the caddy.
We be representin'!
Oh forget it! A negro in a dunce cap would be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

The new mascot will be a dancing EBT card.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 2:05 AM

With regards to your "grievance matchup" mapping, we did see several black athletes (predictably) make homophobic tweets in wake of the Mantei Teo and Jason Williams coming out as gay hoopla. Those black athletes were quickly shunned by all via social media.

Also, black athletes (most notably Ray Rice) are also getting thrown under the bus by their white liberal enablers when it comes to domestic abuse (mostly in preparation for Hillary's run for president). They universally threw Adrian Peterson under the bus for whipping his kid, as well as any black pundit who attempted to claim this was part of "black culture". Same thing with Mike Vick and the dogfighting enterprise, any who defended him and claimed his punishment was too great and that he was engaging in "normal black behavior" being subjected to the "white judicial system" was shut up.

Anonymous said...

Good points made by many of you regarding the word "diversity". With all the white liberal pundits out there sniffing out racial "dog whistles", it's no surprise that one of their own go-to words, "diversity", is one as well. Today, the word "diversity" simply means how many BLACKS are involved in a given enterprise. The more blacks there are, the more "diverse" something is.

Let's go through some examples. The department in which I work is about 45% white, 45% Asian (Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese), with a handful of Hispanics and others. This department is not diverse at all. The transportation department in my city is probably 75%+ staffed by blacks. Even though blacks represent the vast majority of employees, it is always referred to as a "highly diverse team". I suppose peak diversity would be found in a historically black college basketball team where the entire roster and coaching staff are black. Liberia would be considered one of the most highly diverse countries.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Sir, I quit watching NFL years ago when all the celebrating Congo dancing started, baskeetbaw was never a option, sports in general are a waste of time and money considering the path our country is going down. Ammo is better buy for sure.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one for you all, OT, but typical college PC, it's getting worse by the day.
SLU removed statue of Jesuit Priest, students want MB commemorative.

Anonymous said...

Rock on!!

Anonymous said...

Point is, the negroe gets a pass in life. When I was in the army, back in the late 60s, I would hear from negroes. The black man is always last, on jobs last one hired, first one fired. We just want a chance to show what we can do.

Back then we were asked to call them negroes. As the years passed, what we were told to call them changed every 5 years or so. To me they are negroes, and always will be.

So they have had there chance, turned out not so good. Matter of fact its a disaster.


Anonymous said...

Ok, on topic this time:

UNCW's first ever Chief Diversity Officer says he's focused on cultural competence, open dialogue and understanding.

Dr. W. Kent Guion arrived to campus in April. The North Carolina native reports directly to the Chancellor in a position that was recommended by the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

“I think it's important for the campus to have long term goals and strategies. I also believe it is important for us to be more culturally competent as individuals, but also as an organization,” Guion noted.

He says his goals for the school will involve building UNCW's campus to be a melting pot of people with various backgrounds and experiences.

“The good news is that the racial and ethnic student population has been increasing over time and it actually has been increasing more than a lot of the schools in the system, and I think that's exciting,” Guion went on to explain. “I think it's important for us to be prepared for students and their needs, and I think that's part of what I hope to accomplish here.”

Although eager for growth, the university has had some racial issues, with reports of students being called racial slurs. And although the track and field programs are saved for now, many people questioned the university's commitment to diversity when they were going to cut a sport that had a lot of it.

"If there are teams that have a predominant proportion of students of color, or different ethnic backgrounds, I think that's important to take that into consideration," Guion explained.

Here's a thought everybody. Maybe hiring Uncle Remus is the reason you can't afford to keep your athletic programs. I wonder how badly one has to screw up to actually get fired from a nebulous position such as this? How is success or failure measured. Let me guess, it can't and he is now guaranteed a cushy make work job for life.

As a bonus read the comments at the bottom. At the time of this posting they were all negative. Crazy thing is I was reading an article on Yahoo! last night and there were over three-thousand comments in a matter of hours.;_ylt=AwrXnCBgXnBVqyEAwwXQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

The crazy thing is that every post (even the replies) were staunchly race-realist in nature. There were actually multiple quotes that I have posted here posted in people's responses, with no punches being pulled as to the reason behind these problems. I didn't see a single (not one) post that was pro-black in nature. I figured it must be too good to be true and that there must be robo-posters, but the time frames of all the postings were different, and the writing styles/arguments differed substantially with not a lot of repeats. Is Yahoo! news a race-realist haven now? Have we passed the tipping point in people buying BRA's bullsh@t? Don't believe me? Read through the comments yourself. I stopped after about 300 or so.

Mutant Swarm said...

D-FENS said...

"...I looked at Spacex's website. They don't seem to mention diversity until you get to specific job postings. In their job posting they say:

"SpaceX is an Equal Opportunity Employer; employment with SpaceX is governed on the basis of merit, competence and qualifications and will not be influenced in any manner by race, color, religion, gender, national origin/ethnicity, veteran status, disability status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, mental or physical disability or any other legally protected status." (Emphasis added.)

It seems to be a clever way to give lip service to diversity (after all, the Federal government is one of their largest customers) and then go on to say you will still only hire the best..."


My first reaction was, "Lawsuit abatement language; that's all that is." Then I reread it, when I realized that I had missed the sentence fragment "and will not be influenced in any manner." This company had better have friends in low places, or they'll get sued out of existence faster than you can say Solyndra.

Anonymous said...

This is a fact: negroes live longer in jail, than on the streets in their negrohoods. Makes perfect sense, since in jail they are supervised and their true nature is kept somewhat in check.

So we need to change that; jail needs to be a deterrent, not a pleasant time out while they regain energy and focus for their next rampage through White civilization.

Hard labor; meager rations; brutal discipline. Offshore penal colonies would be ideal; no conjugal visits to get the next wave of niglets in the pipeline.

Also, negroes prey on other races, so segregation a must. Otherwise it is "cruel and unusual punishment" and therefore un Constitutional. A White boy being raped in the ass in his jail cell is pretty cruel and unusual if you ask me. Seriously, cut that shit out right now.

OK, let's get er done!

Anonymous said...

The brainwashed masses who are congratulating Bruce Jenner's mental illness, are many of the same who love negroes and want them to live amongst us and date our daughters. These people must be isolated and removed from any decision making positions.

Bruce Jenner is mentally ill. He is not a woman. Cheering him on with his actions is the same as supporting a skinny teen girl who is anorexic and thinks she's fat. "Yeah sweetie, keep starving yourself, you're huge!!"

"Yea, Bruce, chop that dick off and wear lingerie! Pump those hormones into your system! You GO girl!!"

Sick fucking country, man...

Men, time to take it back.

Anonymous said...

Funny story I picked up from the comments in a Baltimore-related article. Off topic but funny, nonetheless:

A white man walks into a store, sees a golden rat, thinks it's cool. The price tag says $12. "Is this really $12?" he asks the owner.

"Yes, $12 for the statue, but $500 for the story."

The man sees the sales ploy, ignores it, and says "No story, I just want the rat." So he buys it and leaves the store.

Soon, he hears noises behind him, and he turns around to see a rat following him. Soon, more rats begin following him. He speeds up, so do the rats. More rats come out of the drains, the sewers, the alleys, and from everywhere.

The man freaks out and starts to run. Every rat in town is behind him. He runs as fast as he can until he reaches the shoreline, runs out on a pier, and hurls the Golden Rat as far out to sea as he can. Every rat in town follows the statue out to sea and drowns.

So he goes back to the store. The owner smiles at him and nods knowingly. "Ah, now you want the story, don't you?"

"No," the man replies. "I want a Golden Negro."

paul marchand said...

But never any concern about the horrendous * disparate impact * on whites due to public school integration............

Anonymous said...

Their mascot should be a dancing watermelon doin the Dindu Shuffle. That, or a troop of fried chicken pieces.

Anonymous said...

Plaga Negra, your "Sports fans are Fascists" post was brilliant! One of the best I've read.

Anonymous said...


Vibrant Diversity is the goal of BRA

Mix White and Black, Brown results.

Someday, everybody is brown.

Celebrate Diversity!

Anonymous said...

Touché to those who wrote at 7:32 AM and 7:40 AM!

First to comment on 7:32AM: blacks do not look at prison time as a time of shame and drudgery. It is a time of training and transitioning for them. To them they are undergoing a rite of passage from a boyhood to manhood – a type of metamorphosis into their ultimate imago of manhood! Thus…this is the twisted thinking of a group with IQ’s hovering around 80! Should we be surprised? I mentioned Devil’s Island as a prototype for us to manage our penal system. You would see very hard labor and punishment! This would not be a prison to start a riot in! Deadly force would be allowed…and indeed encouraged. Blacks are like Chimpanzees…monkey see, monkey do! If they are shown the punishment for bad behavior, they will think next time they rob, kill, or rape a white person. Since blacks have such useless small brains, a good demonstration of who is in charge would be necessary. I also agree with your comment of TOTAL segregation from all other people. Blacks are violent dangerous animals and should be treated as such!

To the storyteller at 7:40…dude…that was brilliant! Yes…if we could all only have a golden negro and lead them to the edge of a cliff! HA HA.

Anonymous said...

I went to the UAB football roster website and wanted to share with the sbpdl gang some of the names of these "Student Athletes":


dude, you can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

We've all heard about "Jim Crow" laws... but what exactly were they? Where can we get a copy? Was it different in each state, or was it a universal code?

When found, can somebody post here? (Maybe you, PK?)

Can we then go through each one, line by line, and imagine how life would be different RIGHT NOW if each one were enforced?

Make sure to imagine what it would be like for the negroes too; would so many of them be slaughtered each day?

This might be something for a candidate to run on... no joke... might make perfect sense.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

American "jails" for Basketball Americans are like Outward Bound programs for Whites.

They see it as an exciting challenge; something that will be looked upon with reverence and awe by their community members; a rite of passage and survival.

A MASSIVE overhaul is necessary. First, different jails for negroes. There they must have punishments that actually DETER their criminal ways; maybe look at vicious dog trainers for technique ideas.

The latest in pharmaceutical and mind control techniques must be examined to actually release a groid completely opposite to the one entered into the system; they must be permanently transformed. We chemically castrate serial rapists, what would be the equivalent for a serial shooter or robber or orc stick up kid?

People, use that high White IQ to fix this problem; reclaim your birthright.

Anonymous said...

"...Everyone displayed class and decorum - except for the three AA students who chose to act much differently by dancing, gyrating and posing on stage as their names were called. They just can't assimilate and act civilized even for a couple hours. Negroes ruin everything..."


Africans have this delusion that everyone wants to see them act stupid or grab their crotch. We don't. Go back to Africa, assholes.

Anonymous said...

The university as originally envisioned by the Ancient Greeks was a place where great minds would come together to share ideas, philosophies and theories. This aggregation of talented thinkers would produce research and scholarship that would benefit society as a whole. As the system evolved, it began to accept gifted young men into its fold to educate them and prepare them for a life in academia, and in more recent centuries, universities began to train not only future academics but those requiring training to enter the learned professions. Fast forward to 2015 Alabama and there is a "university" clamoring to hold on to 90 violent, low-IQ blacks who are barely literate and at best functioning academically at a grade school level and whose only contribution to the institution is to provide circus by running around with a ball.... and we think we have advanced as a species?

Unknown said...

Best Alabama mascot ever - combine all three:

A dancing EBT card, carrying a watermelon with a KFC bucket hat.

If anyone is attending a graduation ceremony, be sure to bring a can of Pringles.

Shake it in the air when "Debris" or it's sister Rhee-sep-ta-kull's name is called.

Cue up some circus music discreetly on a bluetooth speaker while it is on stage.

Stand up, do the Cabbage Patch dance and scream HALLELUJAH! for extra bonus points.

Remember, Helen "Mama" Boucher says: Foos-ball is the devil!!!

Bobby Boucher: Everything is the devil to you, Mama!

Anonymous said...

Breaking news on the Baltimore 3-ring circus:

Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby plans to seek a protective order that would block the release of Freddie Gray's autopsy report and other "sensitive" documents as she prosecutes the six police officers involved in his arrest.

Mosby told The Baltimore Sun that prosecutors "have a duty to ensure a fair and impartial process for all parties involved" and "will not be baited into litigating this case through the media."

But an attorney for one of the officers said the effort shows that "there is something in that autopsy report that they are trying to hide."

"Mrs. Mosby is the one who did an announcement discussing what she said the evidence was in a nationally televised speech," said Ivan Bates, who represents Sgt. Alicia White. "Now that it is time to turn over the evidence, to ask for a protective order is beyond disingenuous.

"It's as if she wants to do everything to make sure our clients do not get a fair trial."

Anonymous said...

One would think since they want to be so different than humans naming their gibsmedat guarantee that they would want to live away from us. Yeah that's right....move where YT is. Check.. Destroy YT area check. Whites move out that can and that are smart check. Orcs are left and blame YT for all that is wrong and crime. Double fucking check!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost - in - Miami here,

Miami celebrates 25% diversity well Nigeria celebrates 99% diversity. It's quite simple actually.

Anonymous said...

That's why I prefer hockey, lacrosse and rugby over the black dominated sports. Here are a bunch of world class athletes, who for the most part act professional on and off the field/ice, which is quite revealing of the particular race of each teams rosters-non blacks. Considering the amount of contact there is in each sport, you'd think there would be a brawl each and every game? Could you imagine the shit that would go down if a hockey team consisted of all blacks? LMAO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the poster at 8:50 AM! After I laughed my ass off at the roster of negroid names, I copied them so that when I ridicule coons, I will use their names to make my point.

Woodsy in NYc, yep…I think that should be the new Mascot: a dancing EBT card with watermelon and a bucket of KFC for a hat. This would be a great mascot for:


Let me guess…all are majoring in Black Studies, and minoring in gibsmedats!

Anonymous said...

Their tiny brains can't compute the skills, education and hard work one needs to complete in order to get a decent paying job. Thank god they don't hand out jobs in the health care profession like they do in law enforcement and firefighting otherwise you'd get some black showing up to a house fire and claim he's afraid of fires! Lmao!!!

Detroit Refugee said...

Another good description I've been hearing for decades around Metro Detroit is " Chiboonies".

Gnome Sane said...

I went to the UAB football roster website and wanted to share with the sbpdl gang some of the names of these "Student Athletes":


Sounds like characters in a black Greek tragedy.

When these affleeps get to college, some will hyphenate their last names so mummuh can get her name on the back of the jersey...soaz sheez kin seez itz on da teebeez.

Anonymous said...

College is an absolute racket unless you're going for some specific, in-demand knowledge. Doctor, nurse, engineer, chemist, etc. Better to let your kid learn and earn at a low-level job than spend a dime on a theater or -studies degree. I even heard a doctor tell his daughter to just get a nursing degree and work up to nurse practitioner because 0bamacare was making a full medical degree not worth the effort and money.

Anytime somebody yaps about integration and diversity I always ask when white people are going to be subsidized to move into all-black neighborhoods and when will preferential hiring start for getting more whites into city hall jobs. Not one person has had a comeback which I think is pitiful. Come on DWL's, study up and be prepared to defend your beliefs.

Californian said...

PK, this is a prime example of how STUPID our politically correct nation has become. WHY are blacks more important than anyone else? ... What is it about those goddamned Negroes we have to care so much about?

There's a weird psychology going on here.

White liberals appear to see blacks as the dominant species in their eco-niche. Liberals kowtow to blacks because blacks are ...more prone to violence (higher on the feeding chain)? ...more likely to dominate common spaces (via their swaggering and flashmobbing)? ...more sexually aggressive (or at least are perceived that way)...more in tune with nature (blacks have "soul")?

For white liberals, blacks are the ultimate "noble savage." Blacks show the true humanity, untouched by civilization while at the same time being totally oppressed by YT. Just look at the white worship of a cynical demagog (MLK, jr.), convicted terrorist (Mandela), or lowlife thug (Michael Brown). Liberals turn them into virtual demigods who can teach us all we need to know about equality, liberation and lives mattering. And by so learning, America shall one day reach the utopia of Equality.

It gets back to the basically irrational nature of post-modern liberalism.

It matters not that liberal policies towards blacks fail and fail miserably. De-segregation, war on poverty, anti-apartheid, hope & change...none of it works. Blacks become increasingly dysfunctional. And drag down the rest of society with them.

Equality is impossible because blacks are not (collectively) equal to whites for genetic reasons well known among race realists. Which means an increasing cycle of failed programs to find that magic equality. It's an objective which can never be reached and the downward spiral continues until you reach Detroit, Port au Prince or Monrovia.

Meantime, white liberals continue to bow down before their perceived black betters.

I am so tired of [black] stupidity I could throw up.

More people are feeling this way, which is a healthy sign. Ultimately, this needs to be translated into pro-white political action.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Ymmacula

Anonymous said...

Just say no to all organized sports, be it college or pro. It really will be ok.

I was once one of those weekend sports devotees, religiously watching my cherished team and spending my time and attention thusly.

I could understand going to see a college team if the athletes were drawn from the general student population, thus representing something about the school. But when you are talking specially recruited "athletes" -- especially those from an otherwise academically unqualified demographic -- it's just a fraud, another example of how BRA is one big Potemkin village.

PNW Realist said...

Re: what is so important about the negro?

Absolutely nothing. But for over fifty years now we and our children and grandchildren have been spoonfed the bullshit about civil rights and St. Martin Luther King and never allowed to objectively question the crap that's now pawned off as knowledge. After years of indoctrination only a relatively small percentage recognize that black criminality and dysfunction are the caused by poor impulse control, born of genetic determinism and not the consequence of "da bicious, bicious slabery.

Happily, with the internet and discoveries in science that negro misbehavior is just part of who they are is becoming more widely accepted.

Enlightenator said...

They don't call it the University of Asians and Blacks for nothing!

UAB '05

Anonymous said...

UAB White undergrad enrollment is double that of negroes, quadruple for graduate and almost ten times for professional. Of course those numbers won't surprise anyone aware of the subhuman ability of blacks. But with enrollment numbers like that it does seem perfectly appropriate to have a White mascot. It also seems appropriate to have a masculine mascot as opposed to a metrosexual or effeminate mascot, unless we're talking about a gay men's choir. Thank goodness we can still watch hockey, golf and tennis without too many coloreds.

P.S. Thanks for the ridiculous and pathetic roster of names. Key & Peele need a copy. A friend and I keep a list of girl's basketball names. Equally unfortunate. A recent set of twins named Quanisha and Timmisha. What is it with the "isha" crap?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to address Californian if PK will allow:

Californian, I admire your posts. I feel my literacy in race issues is above-average, and that yours is as well.

Your post at 10:55 AM takes note of the Liberal psychology. When can we pin down its origin? How can we diagnose its etiology? How can we inoculate future generations against it?

If you go back to antebellum Abolitionist thought in England and especially America, it's clear there were trace-elements of Puritanism in the mix. There was a palpably religious sense of sin at work in the South, and at some point, the William Lloyd Garrisons of the movement seemed to be working out their own salvation, and it was intimately tied to the Negro (I will still capitalize this word, not from esteem for the black, but in the interests of literacy). For the truly pathological exponent of this mind-set, see John Brown.

Fast-forward to the 1930's. The White liberals ("Progressives") took up causes like the "Scottsboro Boys" and "lynching in the South" with a true sense of entitled enlightenment and thinly disguised dislike or hatred for rural Whites. The Northern White Liberal mentality elevated blacks to a folk-hero status, while feeling infinitely superior to the common White folk of the South and Mid-West.

The 1950's saw actors like Sidney Poitier portraying heroic blacks, sometimes in incarnations like a doctor struggling to save the life of a White man, even though the White man be racist and contemptuous of him.

The 1960's saw a kind of soft-glow reverence for blacks set in, as if they were somehow more true to life and its lessons than the alienated, materialistic and neurotic White folks.

Today, the best symptom of the White Liberal love of blacks can be seen in the collected film work of Morgan Freeman. He moves with a saint-like profundity through his roles, dispensing wisdom to benighted White folks in a lovingly unpretentious manner. White liberals can't seem to get enough of these kinds of images.

My question to you is: where did this mental illness get started? We know the Saturday People have some role in this; but where did the true and real love of the White Liberal for the black begin? Was it in the Abolitionist era? The 1930's?

What is needed is a full account of this pathology. We know it is not a pose; is not feigned on their part. We know it is highly satisfying to those who believe in it; they are easily brought to tears with sentimental tales of heroic blacks.

We further know it is highly resistant to evidence of its own failings as a belief system to accurately predict behavior and dynamic social outcomes. We know it acts much as fanatical faith or delusion in the minds of its adherents, needing no proofs. We know it results in behaviors that are highly altruistic, even suicidal.

But I don't think we know enough about how it first took root in our midst. A full etiology is required to enable us to inoculate future generations against this most dangerous of delusions.

Unknown said...

The 1971 film THX 1138 portrays Blacks as only entertainment figures viewable only via media, rather than in real time actuality and/or close proximity;segregated out of and away from a 25th Century Hellhole "civilization".
The two examples featured were a gyrating porno negress,only on video,and a piece of escaped "sports" equipment derived from obsolete farm equipment(futuristic runaway slave?)that was shown,accurately,to be completely out of place in what passed for "civilization", dumber than a box of rocks, and totally ignorant of technology to the point that it died in fire when it attempted to drive a vehicle away from...?
Was George Lucas trying to tell us something?
If one has the misfortune of viewing Ameribabwe BRA TeeVee, it's not too much of a stretch to realize that EVERY Black not in jail,employed in some Ball Throwing Around enterprise,"working" in a Gubbamint "job" or posing as a corporate/institutional token...
is picking cotton or Shuckin' an' Jivin' in TeeVee advertising or programming...
in Hollyweird cinematic garbage production...
in acoustic cultural horror noise manufacturing, accompanied by garishly dressed hopping up and down.
Visiting Europeans, after exposure to Ameribabwe BRA TeeVee, often are surprised to learn that Blacks comprise only 13%ish of the USSA general population; NOT the approximately 50% shown in TeeVee Land...where ALL Whites have at least one Black at their backyard Bar-B-Ques, if the Whites are not portrayed as fools, nerds and losers.
As to "Why This Is?"...
take a good look at EXACTLY who it is that owns and runs TeeVee, Hollyweird and the "music" business...not to mention our various Gubbamints.
All is proceeding to their filthy nation wrecking plan.
I can hardly wait for the Balkan Style breakup of Da USSA.
The resulting White human states, however few, should be fairly pleasant, safe and productive.
The others?
Let them eat each other in Nouveau Haiti, North Jamaica and West, flaming,stinking,murderous Hell On Earth waking nightmare dystopias.

Mr. Rational said...

OT:  Some TNs engage in TNB at a high-school graduation ceremony before which they were explicitly instructed to remain quiet until the end, get charged with disturbing the peace, can't understand why:

This is the incompatibility issue in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how blacks can be the majority and minority at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I love to fuck with libtards' heads. Good way is when you're discussing the state of the world at the office, and some libtard says something about the answer to 'inner city crime' is to legalize drugs, rip into them immediately as RACIST!!

How DARE they suggest taking away one of the only ways negroes can make money in this country?! What are they thinking?! They want to stop a multi-billion dollar enterprise that puts dollars in paws and food in snouts all across the negrohoods of the good ole USA?! Shame on you, you RACIST!!

And it's illegal drug dealing that inspires their hip-hop music... they want to stop the flow of creativity going into that as well!!?? How dare they!? Insensitive meanies! What next, ban basketball?!

Watch them crawl under a rock. So funny.

ps. then go graffiti in your office bathroom stalls

Anonymous said...

If you look at the planet we live on, and make an accounting of the number of members of the different races, Whites are a very small minority. Blacks greatly outnumber them.

Look it up.

Think Global, Act Local. Vote to have negroes returned to Africa.

Remember for your next libtard debate.

ps, how do I turn off spellcheck in this comment box?! 'Groid' keeps becoming 'grid'!!

Anonymous said...

"Don't hate the playa, hate the game".

Words of Ebonic wisdom from our simian parasites.

Yet they are right... the negro raping your wife, stabbing your son, and sponging up trillions in your tax dollars is just the tip of the spear; the shock troop sent in first to soften up the target for the big guns coming in behind.

So, who's holding the spear? Very, very often a member of TWMNBN. Look at a dysfunctional groid occurrence, or awful orc-loving piece of media and do some research.

For example, who is the money behind the anti-White abomination "Django Unchained"? Do some research; read the credits.

Mormons? Catholics? Guess again... and why was it released on Christmas Day?

Look closer....

Anonymous said...

Fatigued in Minneapolis: "Want to enjoy a negro-free life-experience this summer?.. Visit a national Park!"
I'd recommend the less-travelled parks. Yosemite is too close to the left coast metropolises, which inevitably draws in packs of urban youths, bussed in by schools or churches to expand their muddy minds. Consequently, there are signs posted at the main trailhead, begging the First World visitors to please remove any graffiti they may find. Not spray-paint tagging, but the shitheads have been carving their tomes into trees, or scraping away the moss on large rocks. The spray paint, so far, is limited to the state parks closer to LA, where the beaners can recreate in less travel time or maybe make a daytrip.

Anonymous said...

Is there ANY talented tenth orc out there writing about HBD and saying negroes must publicly accept the genetic case against them if they want to even come close to coexisting with non-orcs?


If not, the spot is available for a Negro Moses to appear. Can't go wrong with the Truth.

ps. HBD is Human BioDiversity i.e. blacks' genetics keep them from fully assimilating with higher IQ species. Allele frequency differences, etc.

Anonymous said...

Oingo Boingo "I can hardly wait for the Balkan Style breakup of Da USSA.
The resulting White human states, however few, should be fairly pleasant, safe and productive.
The others?
Let them eat each other in Nouveau Haiti, North Jamaica and West, flaming,stinking,murderous Hell On Earth waking nightmare dystopias. "

Well & hilariously stated....I'm with you, of Novo Afrique "Mogadishu DC" ??? Nope, that's the capital of the US.

Here's to balkanization of occupied territory of north america !!!

US out of USA

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

Very important!

Can we all share the media images etc that have softened up the White masses for the negro invasion? I'm 50 and have firm memories of what did it for me, before I awakened. I'll start a list; please add yours:

1) Roots. TV miniseries. Whites running through jungle catching poor little defenseless negroes with nets. Not the way it happened! Negroes captured competing tribes and sold for valuables. Negroes fully responsible for slavery; in fact, they enslaved the most negroes - after capture it was just transferal of property.

2) Different Strokes. Tv show with lovable orphaned orcs living just fine with rich YT. Made it all seem so natural. Rich whites have to take care of negroes.

3) Sesame Street. Kids show with negroes playing happily along with Whites. Total brainwash. Look at its history, by the way.

4) Every movie with a hero cop who's boss is a grumpy, but lovable, orc. Negroes in charge is normal! Get it!!

5) Endless tv/film product only showing black slavery and evil whites to blame. No mention of all the other countries with slavery; no mention that orcs enslave fellow orcs RIGHT NOW! In AFRICA! Whites are the first race who STOPPED IT!

6) your memories...

Anonymous said...

TNB. Ridiculous. When I graduated from high school there was no " you did it !" I had every intention of "doing it" and my family was not surprised, although I nice dinner out that evening with them was a show of affection but the next steps were to come and I was guided and supported, albeit quietly, through those steps. College courses , jobs , my first car, marriage, etc etc. No loudness or "waiving" sic. Of towels. Just affection and warmth. Quiet reminders of civilized behaviour. Good lord. You did it baby ! High school is not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

OT - Was checked out by a black girl at the Costco this week. Very rare. Receipts are always accurate. Not this time. I purchased 6 huge (42 lb) sacks of cat litter. She rang up 9! Sigh. Should have known to check my receipt this time. Probably an "AA college graduate", but apparently this job is too much for her.

PB said...

"purchased 6 huge (42 lb) sacks of cat litter. She rang up 9! Sigh"

six, nine, practically the same really, I mean, who'd know? Its just a skool thang.

Anonymous said...

Live and learn, anon at 1:05pm. You must especially watch any black cashier anywhere because they will always try to overcharge you. Funny how the mistakes are never in your favor but it's been true for a long time now. They also can't hand back correct change on even a small cash transaction when the cash register is telling them how much change to give you. They don't know the money pieces very well. I've seen 37 cents befuddle one of them - I finally told her what pieces of money to give me and I probably could have said 3 quarters, 2 dimes and 3 pennies and she'd have done it. I think I'll try that next time. Gotta keep a sense of humor nowadays.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous June 4, 2015 at 12:38 PM said...Fatigued in Minneapolis: "Want to enjoy a negro-free life-experience this summer?.. Visit a national Park!" I'd recommend the less-travelled parks. Yosemite is too close to the left coast metropolises, which inevitably draws in packs of urban youths, bussed in by schools or churches to expand their muddy minds.

+1 on National Parks as a great negro-free getaway, if you like camping, etc. Use the more primitive, rural campgrounds (and trails) if you wish to get away from the touristy, city-slicker types of the other races.

I was in Yosemite in late summer 2012. Four days in the mountains, three in the Valley. NO negros in the mountains. I saw exactly one negro couple in all of the Valley, and one negro (AA hire?) concession employee. Lots of white foreign tourists when I was there....

WW3 said...

I have never; and will never pay to see a negro football league game, a major negro league baseball game; or a "bakkabole" game. If I wish to see a bunch of primates running up and down, I will go to the zoo.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on point #1. After reading, from all angles, histories of the famed Dr. Livingstone. Of I Presume ? Notoriety. It bears out the fact that he encountered tribe after tribe of Africans marching fellow Africans to be traded to Arab slave traders. Where did we get jumbled up in the mix ? Sure we showed up and transported some. But not by force. They were handed over. They weren't wanted. If only we could give them back. Nobody wants them. But they follow YT everywhere from continent to continent. There's no place else for us to run to. It's outrageous. Frightening. They petrify me. Worse than any nightmare I could ever conjure.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 12:51 re media crap that successfully had us bamboozled until we got wise. Yours are right on! Here's mine:

Mammy and Big Sam in "Gone With The Wind"

Nat King Cole recordings; Motown music

The Little Rascals

Annie the maid in "It's a Wonderful Life"

The Black man singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah in Disney's animated "Song of the South"

"The Color Purple" until I grew to despise that fat mouth Oprah (whom I NEVER watched)

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous WW3 said...I have never; and will never pay to see .....a major negro league baseball game.... If I wish to see a bunch of primates running up and down, I will go to the zoo.

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but... the last I checked, negros are less than 10% of MLB players, which is somewhat less than their proportion of the general population. Good deal.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous June 4, 2015 at 2:46 PM said...Annie the maid in "It's a Wonderful Life"

I usually watch that movie on Christmas Eve, and always chuckle (and perhaps roll my eyes) when Annie PUTS INTO the pot at the end.

Anonymous said...

Alert! CBS News is airing a "death test". A bunch of questions developed by British scientists aimed at people ages 40-70. Your answers supposedly predict your likelihood to die prematurely. We all know that the first question should be "what is the amount and duration of your exposure to Blacks?" but I don't think it's on the test. Renders it worthless to me.

Anonymous said...

"1) Roots. TV miniseries."

I watched it backwards and loved it. It had a happy ending.

think about it said...

I suppose you might say that the UAB football program was "too black to fail".

I want to thank the commenter for the tale of the golden rat...its always good to start the day with a laugh.

Be well my friends...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

[white guilt and obsession with the state of negroes].....

My question to you is: where did this mental illness get started? We know the Saturday People have some role in this; but where did the true and real love of the White Liberal for the black begin? Was it in the Abolitionist era? The 1930's?

Yes. The Saturday People. You characters with your Jew obsession never cease to entertain me. The abolitionist movement that became such a driving factor in public opinion that allowed Lincoln to wage war on his fellow countrymen, originated from that deep Jewish stronghold of protestant New England. Or to put it more simply for you, Christianity, both old style and the current Che Guevara style is the source of the white man's soft spot for the negro. Blame the Jews for the federal reserve or something, this one's not their creation.

Anonymous said...

#1 Roots - didn't fool my dad. I had to watch it for a high school history class but my dad refused to "watch that crap" so I ended up watching it on a tiny portable TV. After hours of it I agreed with his assessment.

SC Native said...

I think it was state by state but some were probably universal.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clean: "Not sure if I understand you correctly, but... the last I checked, negros are less than 10% of MLB players"
Those numbers omit the Caribbeans and other Latrinos. If they speak Spanish, they don't count as Affen Americans. So for future reference, if you want to gentrify a black neighborhood, all you need is to teach them Spanish.

bernicegreenbaum said...

The new mascot will be a dancing EBT card

That there was mighty funny, Anony! :D

Anonymous said...

It happened during the 60's when the great society began. When LBJ realized that he could get negros voting democrat for generations, with welfare handouts.

It was a brilliant political move. But a very deadly one. But to answer your question about, when did liberal democrats be come so obessed with the negro? When the great society was inplemented for political gain. And of coarse the sheepish liberals bought the political indoctrination hook line and sinker.

Mickey NY

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous June 4, 2015 at 4:11 PM said...Those numbers omit the Caribbeans and other Latrinos. If they speak Spanish, they don't count as Affen Americans. So for future reference, if you want to gentrify a black neighborhood, all you need is to teach them Spanish.

Yes, you are right, the roughly 9% negro number in MLB is, I believe, attributed to "African Americans". Those identifying themselves as Hispanic/Latinos are at about 28%, whatever you want to make of that. Even if you were to add those two groups completely together, you are still at a rate roughly half the negro rate of the NFL and the NBA.

Anonymous said...

1) Almost all commercials nowadays have at least one minority, usually an orc.

2) Movies that show negroes as the boss or in an intellectual/leadership role.

3) Romanticism of the "Civil Rights" movement.

Slightly off topic, but last night I was watching O'Reilly. He had on this militant, negro "intellectual". O was practically groveling, practically begging for said negro to say anything negative about black dysfunction. As usual, the negro refused to accept any responsibility and blamed everything on YT.

I'm so sick of these shitstains.

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

6) your memories...

Funny you should ask. I was just remembering today something I hadn't thought about for years.

Growing up a young Mormon boy in South Africa in the 1960s, there was a government censor board that had to approve all publications - movies, magazines, books. Newspapers were allowed to publish without prior approval on the understanding that all future editions could be banned if they misbehaved.

The kind of things that got banned were anything vaguely erotic, communist or anti-racist propaganda, basically anything that our moral guardians considered we were better off not knowing. Of course, the board couldn't actually read all the stuff publishers wanted to import, so we had ridiculous things like the time they banned Black Beauty, a children's story about a black horse. The title was subversive.

One time they banned a pantihose packet because the illustration looked like a woman's naked butt. When the company protested that it wasn't even a woman, but a plaster dummy, they relented and allowed it on the grounds that the clear plastic wrapper, which had not been submitted with the original application, would reflect enough light to make it acceptable. Yes, even then, South African bureaucrats were in a special class of stupid.

Anyway, one day the Mormon church announced that it had obtained a copy of the banned film, To Sir, With Love, and would hold a private screening in the church hall (which was legal). Of course, I was happy to attend a free movie, and curious to see what the forbidden fruit looked like. Back then, South Africa didn't have television, and entertainment was rare.

The film, about a wise, compassionate black teacher (Sidney Poitier) who gives up the hopeless task of teaching "teens" (mostly White, of course) anything academic, and instead prepares them for "Life" by teaching them basic cookery and so on, left me bemused. What was the point?

In retrospect, of course, it's obvious that that was one of the early shots in the cultural war against Apartheid, probably softening us up for the coming "revelation" that negroes are people too, and now worthy of holding the priesthood in the LDS church, just like regular folks.

Of course, it's been all downhill since then. I haven't been in a church, except for weddings and funerals, for going on forty years, and I've watched the Mormon church, like all of them, surrender its moral authority and slide leftward year by year. I hold them also responsible for the state of South Africa today. And they're working on doing the same for America.

Anonymous said...

Christianity, both old style and the current Che Guevara style is the source of the white man's soft spot for the negro.

Blacks are the "noble savage" incarnate to DWLs. It would be interesting to trace the rise of abolitionism and then the agitation of Northerners for civil war to the growth of Enlightenment era ideas of the "noble savage." This continues through to today. No matter how much the last 150 years have demonstrated that blacks can not assimilate into white civilization, DWLs must perforce insist on their great big experiment to equalize humanity.

Even when their cities are burned down around them.

Anonymous said...

"It happened during the 60's when the great society began. When LBJ realized that he could get negros voting democrat for generations, with welfare handouts."

This is more symptom than cause of the current state of affairs. I would suggest reading up on the "Frankfurt School". Most,if not all egalitarianism today can be traced to that school of "thought".

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Re Anon at 3:44 comments about Jewish people.

I'm fairly new to this blog and don't have any complete theory or explanation as to why Blacks are such a protected class while being the most vile life form on earth. Blatantly, obviously! Yet people pretend they don't see it or that it's not their fault. The pathology is beyond me and makes me furious every day. I read all comments religiously and give them a lot of thought. I just don't see how Jews are behind this any more than Christians (I'm Catholic). Liberals of any religion are a scourge. But to my way of thinking, Jews would abhor Blacks for being the exact opposite of them - lazy, stupid, uneducable, poor moral character, violent, no respect for marriage and children, no honorable traditions, etc., etc. My sense is Jews can't stand Blacks any more than Christisns can and for the same reasons we can't. Am I missing something? Why would Jews wan't to see this life form continue to exist?

Perplexed Woman in NJ

Anonymous said...

My sense is Jews can't stand Blacks any more than Christisns can and for the same reasons we can't. Am I missing something?

Blacks (and mestizos, and S. Asians, and...) are easily controlled, whereas White Christians are independent and have a history of reacting against TWMNBN usury and other sharp practices.  Solution:  use hostile minorities against Whites.

Californian said...

What is needed is a full account of this pathology [liberal egalitarianism]. We know it is not a pose; is not feigned on their part. We know it is highly satisfying to those who believe in it; they are easily brought to tears with sentimental tales of heroic blacks.

In its current, early 21st century form, I'd sum up a major underlying motivation behind liberal egalitarianism in one word:


Liberals are afraid of blacks. They are afraid of black gangbangers and black militants and black child-soldiers and black looters and black people calling them names. So liberals come up with all sorts of rationalizations to make blacks appear not as aggressors but as victims. It's the Stockholm Syndrome writ civilization-wide.

Up until the civil rights revolution (1950s-60s) liberals could argue that black pathologies were the result of oppression (slavery-segregation-colonialism-whatever). The liberal solution was (1) remove the oppression (i.e., de-segregate, de-colonialize); and (2) provide blacks with social services (EO, welfare, "good" schools, tons of foreign aid). The result was expected to be equality.

Well, all this was tried -- and failed. Epic fail. We can see the failure whether in Detroit or Zimbabwe. And everywhere you get that African Mean of mindless violence, massive corruption, gangbanging-warlordism, and Big Man rule.

This is one reason for the "positive" images of blacks on the telescreens. Liberals can tune in and turn on a virtual world in which the aggressor is converted into a protector.

Same as in the Stockholm Syndrome.

Californian said...


Politics is often the expression of underlying psychological factors. Per my last post, FEAR is a primary motivation of today's liberalism.

From a rational point of view, as blacks become more pathological (whether in Baltimore or Zimbabwe) whites ought to start waking up and start defending themselves. But the way it works is that as blacks get more pathological, the more liberals will rationalize away their aggression and promote the delusion. The reality is that there are fewer and fewer places for white people to be “safe” in the world: not in southern Africa; not in major American cities; not even in London or Malmo.

So the liberalism ramps up.

From a rational standpoint, the black flashmobs, the black driveby shootings, the black riots in Malmo and London and Baltimore, the black farm attacks in South Africa, the black slaughter of Amy Biehl, etc., etc., ad nauseam, would wake up more liberals.

But we are not dealing with rationality. The way liberal psychology works is that these atrocities create an increasing belief in the delusion. If they had to face the reality, liberals would have to realize they were in a world of hurt.

We further know [liberalism] is highly resistant to evidence of its own failings as a belief system to accurately predict behavior and dynamic social outcomes. We know it acts much as fanatical faith or delusion in the minds of its adherents, needing no proofs. We know it results in behaviors that are highly altruistic, even suicidal.

I'll make my usual plug for James Burnham's "Suicide of the West." He wrote this back in the early 1960s as an analysis of the liberal syndrome and is something of a classic, at least among oldline conservatives. Burnham dissects liberal ideology, liberal guilt and liberal inanity better than just about anyone else out there.

Burnham's point was that liberalism had developed into an ideology to rationalize away the Decline of Western Civilization. e.g., liberals reinterpreted the Communist seizure of power in China as the overthrow of a "corrupt" Nationalist regime; the French loss of Algeria as a victory for "democracy;" the increased use of violence by the civil rights movement as evidence that blacks were reaching their final goal of equality. He was really ahead of his time in seeing where this was all going.

Again, it's that Stockholm Syndrome. The aggressor becomes the protector. Those who tell the truth about the threat are ostracized as heretics.

A full etiology is required to enable us to inoculate future generations against this most dangerous of delusions.

Indeed. If we had to tell future generations how to avoid the catastrophe in which the white world currently finds itself, what would we say?

What the psychological aspect suggest is that Race Realists/White Nationalists/the Alternative Right/etc., need to stand up and provide leadership when it comes to race. Regardless of the politics, a man or woman who shows strength will eventually rally followers. Right now we are in the first stage of this. Websites like SBPDL are useful for hammering out a political line. Eventually, it will have to be taken to a movement which can get out into the streets and into office. There are such movements now getting active in Europe.

White people in America need to learn from them.

Awake in Seattle said...

Kennard, Khaled and Tamar are normal names. Kennard is an old (but uncommon) English name, Khaled is a widely-used Arabic/Muslim name, and Tamar is a traditional Hebrew biblical name... for a female. Wonder if Tamar's momma knew she was giving her kid the equivalent of A Boy Named Sue?

But Uneik? Seriously, who names their kid a misspelled Unique? You just know that he was raised to be a self-centred egotistical monster with a name like that. Even more so than the average negro.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. The names. How could a teacher even begin to teach ? The names alone are intolerable.

Anonymous said...

Having posted the original query to Californian I would like to thank him for his excellent response at June 5, 10:47 a.m.

I shall put "Suicide of the West" on my reading list.

I do believe "Stockholm Syndrome" is probably the best currently available classification for the black-loving pathology-especially as it presents from the mid-20th century forward.

There is, I also believe, (especially at its 19th century) inception a certain admixture of the "messiah" syndrome (perhaps still seen today in an Amy Biehl).

In the case of the early advocates for blacks who first began championing them, I think they felt a thrill of self-righteousness, a thrill that flattered their self image of themselves as heroes of the downtrodden. Some of these luminaries were only average in the company of their New-England peers. Of average intellectual gifts. But they strode as Gods amongst the blacks dispensing ideas (Liberty, brotherhood, equality, et al) and literacy.

This acted in much the way a powerful drug does. They became addicted to being human saints and demi-gods.

Unfortunately, they saddled their country with a Civil War and apparently endless obligation to the black.

Thanks again, Californian, for your valued posts!

Anonymous said...

Too black to fail.

AnalogMan said...

Perplexed Woman in NJ:

That's the third rail, here. I'm surprised that your question got published, and sure that a proper answer to it would not be published.

Paul has made it clear that this is Stuff Black People Don't Like, a single-focus blog. We had a regular poster who tried to make it Stuff Black People and Muslims Don't Like. I think he must have been censored so often that he eventually lost heart and went to Gates of Vienna instead.

However, your question is absolutely essential to understanding the predicament we are in. You should research it further. Paul unfortunately censors links to some racialist blogs, a sad weakness of the "movement" (what Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent refers to as a "stuckment") being division and in-fighting. So, rather than try to give you a suggested reading list here, I'll post individual recommendations in subsequent comments, and Paul can allow those he sees fit to allow.

Look out for your handle in my comments in the current days' threads. Good luck in your quest.

Anonymous said...

Wow 11:50 am. I love you Please give us a name to follow.
You hit home with me. So thankful you are here.


A native Californian girl who can never go home again. Home was invaded and occupied. Lost. Forever. Oh my fucking God. How chould we whites let them take it without a fight. "What have you done?" It's heart breaking.

Riverside,CA. 1958.

D-FENS said...

"Why would Jews wan't to see this life form continue to exist?"

Social psychologist Kevin MacDonald hypothesizes that this is a group survival strategy. Remember that judaism is also an ethnicity and has a matriarchal lineage.

A notable strategy is to disrupt the established orthodoxy. This causes conflict between competing groups. This disruption is useful in the hard sciences which weed out bad ideas by logic and empirical testing before they can do much harm. (String theory may be an exception). In the social sciences it has been devastating (Feminism, Marxism, Multiculturalism, Freudism etc).

By setting everyone else at each other's throats, they elevate their relative strength.

You will note that they usually shun the medicine that they prescribe for others. However, this is not entirely possible and there are signs of blowback as in the threats from muslims that were imported during previously advocated immigration in surges.

I suspect that this post will not get posted.

Mr. Rational said...

This acted in much the way a powerful drug does. They became addicted to being human saints and demi-gods.

The only man who wasn't irredeemably ruined by being lionized was a certain Hebrew named Daniel.

AnalogMan said...

Riverside,CA. 1958

How could we whites let them take it without a fight.

Welcome to my world. My country, South Africa, is gone, too.

The answer, of course, is that we never recognised the enemy. While they were pumping our heads full of mush like "a better life" and "diversity is our strength" and "tolerance" and "equality" and "Jesus loves everybody", we never realised that they were our deadly enemies, intent on our destruction. They looked like us, they spoke our language, but they were not us.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero