Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stand With McKinney Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt

McKinney Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt represents exactly the type of individual you want enforcing the law and trying to keep civilization alive in the face of the encroaching Heart of Darkness

To those who produce the propaganda keeping alive Black-Run America (BRA), and those those who eagerly consume this pablum, Corporal Casebolt is the personification of evil. 

In actuality, he represents the true hero (similar to Officer Darren Wilson). 
Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt did his duty in protecting the taxpayers of McKinney from the type of environment eroding away civilization in Dallas

Having spent much of life enjoying the peaceful serenity of country club, subdivision, or private pools, it must be stated there is nothing quite as enjoyable as a swimming experience free of bandaids floating on the water, unsupervised children screaming, and glass on the bottom of the pool. 

But such is the hallmark of civilization, which requires structures in place to protect it from barbarism (the barbarism of the proletariat, hilariously depicted in the White Trash episode from season six of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

What happened in McKinney, Texas is obvious: a private pool for residences of a particular subdivision (who pay large home owners association fees to maintain said pool) was overrun with black people, who failed to understand what it takes to keep the pool in such pristine, swimmable conditions. 

Police officers were then called to restore order (the question of why white people never try to swim in pools in majority black areas or why whites don't follow black people wherever they move - indeed, the opposite is true - must not be asked). 

Order was restored, with Corporal Casebolt merely requesting the black youth to comply with his demands: those who failed to cooperate with the police were immediately dealt with as anyone who fails to respect the law should. 

Those who found Eric Casebolt's actions inexcusable (namely the mayor of McKinney and the police chief of the city) have sided with the Heart of Darkness currently chipping away at the civilization whites labored for centuries to build out of the wilderness of the North American continent. 

Forced to resign, Casebolt and his family are now in hiding after receiving numerous death threats. 

White Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) in America are in a dangerous position, with the Obama Administration putting a bullseye squarely on their back. It all started with the "acted stupidly" comment in 2009 by President Obama and only grew in intensity during the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown saga, with former Attorney General Eric Holder and Obama both routinely siding (and encouraging) the #BlackLivesMatter mob. 

All white officers must now ask themselves if trying to maintain civilization and upholding the law by arresting a black person is worth the risk of becoming the next Darren Wilson or Eric Casebolt. In so doing, merely asking themselves this question is proof the Heart of Darkness has now taken root in America. 

An America where the rule of law is supplanted by the rule of blackness is one already on display in 65 percent black Baltimore. Why risk your career (or even risk being thrown in jail) by trying to uphold the white man's law, when the only reward is watching civilization continue to decline? [Baltimore police officers break silence on riots, murder spike and Freddie Gray, CNN, June 10, 2015]:
Forty-two people were killed in Baltimore in May, making it the deadliest month there since 1972. 
When asked what's behind that number, a Baltimore police officer gave an alarming answer. Basically, he said, the good guys are letting the bad guys win."The criminal element feels as though that we're not going to run the risk of chasing them if they are armed with a gun, and they're using this opportunity to settle old beefs, or scores, with people that they have conflict with," the officer said. 
"I think the public really, really sees that they asked for a softer, less aggressive police department, and we have given them that, and now they are realizing that their way of thinking does not work." 
He was one of two active Baltimore police officers who spoke to CNN on Tuesday about crime in their city. They also touched on the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man who died in police custody, and the riots that followed. 
The officers were not given permission to speak from their department. Because of that, and in an attempt to allow them to talk candidly, CNN agreed on their condition of anonymity. 
Both said the Baltimore Police Department is simply reacting to events instead of being proactive. They talked about feeling abandoned by their leadership and feeling scared -- not about being hurt, necessarily, but about being charged criminally for doing what they see as their job. Six officers have been charged in Gray's death, which has been ruled a homicide. 
"Ultimately, it does a disservice to the law-abiding citizens. It does a disservice to the business owners. It does a disservice to everybody except the criminal element," the second officer said about operating in reactive mode. 
He denied the existence of a work slowdown but said he couldn't promise proactive policing. 
"Even though you have reasonable suspicion," he said, "nine out of 10 times, that officer is going to keep on driving." 
'They feel betrayed' 
Worry has overtaken a lot of officers, and now morale is low, said Lt. Kenneth Butler, who heads a police union in Baltimore, the Vanguard Justice Society. 
"They feel as though, if I make a mistake -- which we all do make mistakes -- then what is this administration going to do to me?" he told CNN's Miguel Marquez. 
"Am I going to be the next one to be suspended? Am I going to be the next one who is going to be criminally charged?" 
One officer called the union leader to ask if he'd be liable if a suspect he was chasing ran into traffic and got hit by a car, Butler said. He couldn't answer the question, so the officer told Butler he'd stop pursuing suspects on foot for now. 
Normally, officers would do their duty more robustly, Butler said, but they don't feel like their leadership has their back anymore. "A lot of guys ... they feel betrayed," he said.
The feelings of these anonymous Baltimore Police officers are the future for all LEO in America, with the law being cast aside so black people are free to engage in criminal activities without any consequences. 

The "bad guys" in Baltimore are winning because the black community refuses to snitch or identify the black criminals overthrowing white civilization there; such is the future for all of America once LEO has been de-venomized and turned into nothing more than toothless "community outreach" specialists. 

McKinney Texas Police Corporal Eric Casebolt did his job in trying to restore order to a pool party gone wrong. Those who failed to cooperate with his orders were in clear defiance of his authority, and before he drew his gun it was obvious numerous black males were moving in on him to attack. 

As a white police officer, Casebolt was in clear violation of failing to understand this is a black world, one where the rule of law must constantly be written to enforce the reality blacks must never be held accountable for the dysfunction they breed. 

Civilization or Barbarism (as epitomized by the Heart of Darkness): the choice is yours white America. 


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    Anonymous said...

    I for one said it last year, if you're a cop you KNOW what's coming and I have no sympathy for whatever comes your way wearing the uniform of BRA.

    Time to go out and get a real job building or producing something, flee the black plague and defend you and yours.

    Kippling wrote a lovely poem as to the proverbial futility of trying to bring civilization to those who do not wish it. Not only do the negroes not wish to have civilization, but your paymasters don't want it either.

    Anonymous said...

    When I watched the video of officer Casebolt attempting to deal with the screeching kicking orcette while two other orcs attempted to flank him, I couldn't help but think of the scene in “The Omega Man” where Charlton Heston was attempting to pin down an orc-like mutant so it could be given an experimental cure. Heston had some hope of finding a cure for the mutants, but the negro cannot be cured.

    Anonymous said...

    Both the Chief of Police and the Mayor have officially thrown Officer Casebolt AND the community of McKinney to the violence of Black Wolves howling with death threats. Did no one notice that in their press conference together, they both acknowledged that Casebolt deserved the death threats and that the police will no longer enforce lawful conduct that might offend the Black residents of McKinney. It has been stated that professional cops do not exhibit, nor have emotions involved when on the job. That is humanly impossible! That bratty, resisting black girl in the bikini was involved with the planning of the pool party fraud. If this had been a Black male being uncooperative would there have been "sympathy?" It has been proven in a multitude of videos and news stories that Black teen girls are as nasty, aggressive, and violent as males. No doubt Casebolt has encountered both types of criminal thugs on the job. Cops don't sugar coat their language when dealing with thug elements who would try to grab their guns and shoot them. That "innocent" teen girl wasn't any different. Note that male teens sat down when ordered to by Casebolt. She did not, but was trying to influence other kids to resist the cop. Casebolt is the victim, not the trespassing mob of teens which the Mayor and the police Chief have now exonerated from any accountability. Those teens and Blacks have now been given an official free rein to do whatever they want in McKinney, and the police will not hinder them again. The law-abiding residents of McKinney had better rise up and do their own protesting against the mayor and the police chief, or they will be savaged by crime. The media has reported that McKinney is too White and not diverse enough by resisting Section 8 in the higher economic areas. So the real agenda surfaces to expose the probable pre-arranged set-up. Mayor and newly appointed police chief in cahoots with the Fed Plan?

    Anonymous said...

    Interesting link about the rules and regulations covering the property and pool use here:

    Anonymous said...

    Im sure this is going to be said many times. Fine dont police the negroe, let him shoot, murder, rape, whatever they wish to do. But keep the negroe in check around white areas.

    Negroes hate police, whites, asians, hispanics, but hate themselves most of all. F-em, let them kill each other off.


    Anonymous said...

    Sickening. I predicted a couple of days ago this was going to go sour on us. It has. I wonder how the black yoofs intend to celebrate their victory next weekend? Think a *pool party* might make a good victory lap? Let's see, where is a nice pool with plenty of tame, cowed White folks?

    Unknown said...

    Now that the mainstream media (BRA) has declared private property rights null and void....

    I hope that country clubs throughout the nation are treated to dieversity by throngs of "teens"...

    I eagerly await the News @ 10, hopefully with film.

    Anonymous said...

    Has anyone out there read anything about the girl and her mother that started this whole event? Supposedly these 'pool parties' are money making ventures. The Facebook and Twitter accounts of this mom and daughter show they have another party scheduled on June the twentieth. Think it was a fifteen dollar admission. The girl goes by the handle 'dime piece '. Sure her social media sites have been scrubbed. Never heard it reported in this manner. If someone tried to have a black lake party in our subdivision with a fifteen dollar admission and 150 black teens showed up I'm sure the sheriff department would be called. Maybe one of you who is more savvy than I could see if this is indeed what was going on in McKinney Texas.

    Unknown said...

    Please excuse the double post.
    Being a techno-peasant I have no idea how to start a "go fund me" for Officer Casebolt.
    Would someone PLEASE start one and post a link here?
    Thank you.

    Fed up said...

    The country is going to hell in a hand basket. All this is doing is enbolding blacks to go against the law more so than they do already.

    Fed up said...

    The country is going to hell in a hand basket. All the is doing is giving blacks more ammunition to go against the law than they already do. People need to wake up and really start paying attention to all the events happening from coast to coast.

    Anonymous said...

    What is sad is that Officer Casebolt lost his job! Wasn’t he forced to resign? The media jumps on these stories to further rile the easily riled Negroes. The solution to most of our problems is separation of the races. I did not see the video, but I think I read Officer Casebolt had reason to be aggressive, and yes, that means aggressive even when we are talking about uppity n*ggers. These are animals; not human. Another thing that is sad is the uppity n*ggers have LOTS of white friends who enable them.

    I remember a world without many blacks. Most of the places I lived had very few of them. I lived many years in rural communities. I hate cites because they are full of blacks.

    What do whites see in blacks? Seriously what are they good for? They don’t do anything good and destroy everything in their path.

    I guess we are going to have to grow some balls as a people and do like the handful of whites did in Philadelphia (they took a stand against blacks and said we have had ENOUGH!)

    Anytime you white brothers and sisters are ready to take a stand, I will be with you. Eventually, white people need to stand together to survive! Many white minds are twisted into thinking blacks are good people. People like PK turn minds into realists…not racists!

    Some of you have noted that blacks are delusional; they actually think they are right when they commit crimes! The race war is coming folks; we may as well get ready for it, but when America dies in flames, maybe some good will arise. At least we can dispel with the lie that blacks are good, or that blacks lives matter. They are animals and I celebrate when they kill one another. It means we as a people have to take care of one less n*gger.

    Anonymous said...

    Crazy world we live in. Kind of O/T, but not too far off: silly-ass Yahoo! stories (I swear I am gonna quit clicking on them):

    First Silly Story: this one is about a plus-sized model (VERY plus-size guys, which I have no problem with but you've been warned) who used to go as Tess Munster made a remark (after being cat-called by a black man): "black men love me". Now, men, if our wives or girlfriends said this, we'd be appalled, wouldn't we, thinking it was a *pro-black* comment? Almost as if...(shudder)...they liked the black "approbation". But this gal brought the wrath of the DWL's down on herself, getting called "racist trash", and etc. So now, the bar has been set to: no verbal generalizations about blacks, even if they are neutral (or as I fear this one was, positive). So, if you say "all the best bluesmen were black dudes", be prepared for a firestorm, apparently.

    Second Silly Story: Ferguson police, bailiffs, court clerks, judges, the whole damn system is being excoriated for calling "certain segments" of the local fauna- brace yourself for this explosive, incendiary word - "irresponsible". Yep, the dreaded "I" word! "Irresponsible! How dare they! (And I jus' KNOW you be talkin' 'bout mah bruvas, m.f.!") Yes, the whole justice administration of Ferguson is being dismantled because of hurtful, unfounded (O Lordy!) attitudes that implicitly attribute a perceived negative value-judgment on the Most Honored Species!

    I am beginning to think an echoing, Dwight-Frye-style insane laugh is actually the most reasonable response left to us.

    Anonymous said...

    Now a Miami school principal has his job for defending the officer.
    Time to revolt against this fascist crap!

    Earl Turner said...

    The left has seized control of the narrative on this one. Other than the IKAGO internet radio host and the resident who made the viral Facebook post, the other residents of the community in Texas have either gone silent or are having their stories buried. I'm guessing they've gone silent out of fear of reprisals from The System.

    If it's anything like the Warner Robins Snow Day Beating that was featured here on SBPDL, then chances are there has been quite a bit of discrete intimidation behind the scenes, warning people to shut up lest they lose their jobs and those homes they are in debt up to their eyeballs to pay for. And all because the tenant of a Section 8 rental in that community decided to bring Africa to their quiet and peaceful pool and it got out of hand.

    All we are seeing is the brief video of CPL Casebolt subduing a mouthy and violent negress and a quick shaky video of a fight that came before that. We're not seeing any video of the rowdy party, not any video of trespassers jumping the fences, no video of any of the typical black behavior that came after. We have heard stories of the death threats but only from a few internet sources.

    But we know the truth and so do countless other white Americans. Right now across the country, whites are re-evaluating just why they are paying good money to live in gated communities where this is not supposed to ever happen. As Princess Leia said in Star Wars, "the more you tighten your grip, more systems are going to slip through your fingers." People are wondering, "where is the other side of the story?" and "where is the rest of the video?" and they're looking for answers.

    So my post is addressed to residents of that community in Texas. Do not be afraid to come forward. Do not be afraid to speak out. The threat to be silent is a paper tiger you need not be afraid of. Stand with us and we will stand with you.

    Anonymous said...

    They are not animals..amimals live according to their evolutionary instincts...Blacks are a half evolved species of primate with just enough intelligence to be dangerous...If we had left them to natural selection they would have become extinct.

    bernicegreenbaum said...

    What really went down in Texas.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm almost embarrassed to write this but here goes. To all of you young police officers out there who are working in black cities, go in tomorrow and resign. I was married to a police officer in a major urban area. Had to live within the city limits at that time. Trying to raise children around the black undertow was challenging at best. Now years later the city is in bankruptcy and the pension and healthcare that he worked twenty five years for are greatly diminished. Don't short change yourself and your family. Find something else to do. If you are really interested in the law at least do it at the federal level. If you stay you will be putting your mental and physical health in jeopardy. Not to mention the well being of your family. It was not worth it.

    Anonymous said...

    I have yet to hear a single reasonable explanation of what Casebolt did wrong?

    What law did he break? What policy did he break? What exactly did he do that was improper?

    I've heard LOTS of unreasonable explanations:

    1. He was only targeting the black teens, making them leave or sit, NOT the white teens. ANSWER- the white teens were calmly standing in place, and NOT contributing to the chaos the police were attempting to control. The blacks were the ones creating the chaos.

    2. He used excessive force in taking that bikini girl down and kneeling on her. ANSWER- she defied his lawful order to disperse, and then approached the officer in a threatening antagonistic manner all the while LOUDLY rambling incoherently, making it VERY clear that she would continue to contribute to the chaos of the situation thereby putting everyone's safety at risk. He took her to the ground in a very careful slow manner that she resisted every second of the way, and then she kept attempting to escape- requiring him to kneel on her to subdue her. He could have used a variety of martial arts or wrestling maneuvers to take her down but instead gradually took her down by firmly and slowly using leverage on her wrist. Had I taken her down I can assure you it would have been much faster and she would be winded and stunned when she hit the ground. He was far more polite than he was required to be.

    3. He should have never drawn his weapon and/or he should have never pointed his weapon at the children. ANSWER- he was quickly being surrounded by unknown young black males, one of whom was reaching behind his back, possibly for a weapon. Had these young black males assaulted him from behind they could have easily disarmed him and the situation would have likely become a bloodbath. And he never pointed the gun at anyone. Once he drew the gun, the attackers stopped advancing on him and ran, and then he holstered the weapon immediately.

    4. He was cursing at children. ANSWER- these children were intoxicated, teenagers, and several calls to 911 informed the police that they had already attacked other residents at the scene. Officers are trained to control a chaotic scene by using the power of their voice, which can often stop a bad scene from escalating to violence.

    5. He should have been able to control the situation without becoming violent and physical. ANSWER- he did. He never shot anyone, struck anyone, maced anyone, tazed anyone, choked anyone, or injured anyone. Had those black teenagers simply submitted to the authority of the officers and obeyed their lawful commands that would have been the end of this.

    In summary: the problem here is the same problem backs have in EVERY ONE OF THESE MEDIA CIRCUS BLACK VS COP EVENTS. The blacks refuse to submit to the authority of the police, and their actions escalated the situation into a violent one. They fight, they run, they resist, they act wildly and unpredictably and force the police to end the encounter as quickly as they know how.

    This will continue to happen until blacks start teaching their children to respect and obey the police. When they say stop, then stop. When they say you're being arrested, calmly get arrested. When they tell you to walk away, walk away. When they tell you to sit, then sit. DON'T yell at them, cuss at them, threaten them, move towards them, run from them, attack them, pull away from them if they grab you, or otherwise escalate the situation.

    If I were Casebolt I would send my family safely out of town and stay and defend my actions. Force the police to fire me, and then sue them for wrongful termination. Force them to explain exactly what I did wrong. I would be EAGER to plead my case to the media as well as any courtroom. The video that the blacks seem to be sure is DAMNING evidence is actually very good evidence that Casebolt acted properly.

    Anonymous said...

    That was a good article, informative.

    Pat Boyle said...

    Why have we never seen this footage before? Heretofore I have refused to make any conclusions because I only saw the final minutes of the scene after the cop had grabbed the black girl in the bikini. Now that I've seen more of the actions leading up to that moment I feel more comfortable in drawing some conclusions.

    I'm reminded of the famous Rodney King incident. We tend to forget that King was in a car full of black men who were finally stopped after driving at high speed through a residential neighborhood at night. The cops ordered the black men to stay in the car and not resist and they did so. All but Rodney King. He refused to obey and resisted.

    No one remembers the other black guys or what happened to them. The cops got excited and tried to make King submit. he didn't and 54 people died and a billion dollars in property was destroyed.

    This situation looked similar. Obviously all those cops showed up for some reason and they were excited as they tried to get a volatile situation under control Just like in the Rodney King incident most of the blacks submitted calmly to the police instructions. Most sat down and stopped contributing to the chaos. But it only takes one.

    Rodney King was the one before and the girl in the bikini was the one this time. Make no mistake she was the first one at fault just as King had been. But the officer was not without blame. he was insufficiently calm. He seemed over excited. He was yelling. He didn't do anything I saw that was improper but he certainly wasn't efficient.

    He did not contribute to the quick pacification of the disturbance. I think he is a bit to small for beat work. It used to be that the police only hired big guys to walk a beat. When I was in corrections work in the sixties they tried to hire football players and big athletes because they had found that the inmates seem to cause fewer disturbances for the large officers. Smaller men got challenged more.

    I'm sure these remarks will outrage some readers but if we can't be candid here I might as well go over to the Huffington Post.


    festus said...

    Salon uses this as an opportunity to complain that 60% of blacks can't swim, and it's white people's fault!

    Salon is the Face of Hate White.

    Anonymous said...

    Like PK stated, these blacks fail to realize what it takes to maintain and keep the pool we all damn well know they can't do that, the blacks seized a opportunity to overrun the pool and ruin another white privilege, that's all they can think about, how they deserve what whites have. Just analyze their behavior and speech, they are not like us.

    Anonymous said...

    "It all started with the "acted stupidly" comment in 2009 by President Obama"
    I wonder if that officer now regrets how he handled the situation. When Obbama realized his "mistake", and offered an olive branch with a beer attached, the officer should have condemned it as a shameless publicity stunt, and answered with three words. The third one is "yourself".

    Anonymous said...

    Get ready.. some dindu in Dallas is dead after cops had to taser his crazy ass. 4 cops on admin leave pending investigation. Just more rationalization for the Black Death to spread.

    While it's natural to feel for this cop, remember he chose that life. Most of these guys are delusional if they think they're bettering society through their efforts.

    9/11 had a significant impact on us as a society. Let the monkeys make themselves out to be far worse. The best thing for us now is to drink the poison, stop providing police services to black BS (whether in a black OR white area), and let the world witness their pure barbarism. Neighborhoods full of DWL's will suffer, but the rest.. well, I think you know how that will play out for the rabid chimps.

    bernicegreenbaum said...

    The community in Texas appears to be an upscale, DWL, mostly white but somewhat racially mixed area. What happened is the little black beeyatch in the bikini who suffered the take down by the cop tried to create a rap jam of some sort. It's possible she tried to organize it far in advance of the party. There are some screen shots with her ad, inviting scores of people over to the pool, with promises of a DJ.

    Not surprisingly, young bucks descended upon the pool, and openly flipped off security guards whose job it was to keep outsiders out. The negroes scaled the fence! As usually happens when large groups of groids gather together, foul rap started blaring and unruly conduct broke out. When one of the white mothers who lived there questioned the negress behind the party invite, she apparently started to chimp out. That caused a chain reaction, with the young bucks ooking and eeking, in anticipation of watching some violence. By then, Officer Casebolt arrived at the scene and started to direct the outsiders to leave. Well, this really upset our young negress and her DWL teenage friend, who chastised the cop, claiming "He RAYCISS!", as in, "You don't think she belongs here cause she's black!" This undoubtedly encouraged the chimpette to act out even more, ignoring the officers orders to sit down. The rest is what you see on video. My take? The negroes are in full control. No one dare try to stop them from their mission of destruction. Have a real nice summer, ya'll.

    Anonymous said...

    officer Casebolt had an emotional day before he took the call about the pool party, he had a previous call about a suicide. That is very stressful, he did a good job getting control of the situation, yes he made a few mistake. No reason for him to be force to resign and the threats against his family, I hope another agency offer him a position. This isn't about race, the residents didn't want these intruders messing up their common areas, where they pay high HOA fees. The Home Owner Assc should look for some kind of recourse against the homeowner who's daughter cause this mess.

    Anonymous said...

    Today's post really was a gift Paul, thank you. I reread it a few times and wouldn't change a word. The pool scene alone was enough of a visualization of why certain people can't own/access pools. There are reasons that they can't have nice things, let alone anyone they know or spend time around.

    I can, however condense the article into a few words:

    "black people, who failed to understand"


    black people fail to understand

    "Complicated" rules built around moral consideration are beyond them on so many levels. Some were actually serious the other week when they were suggesting gangs police Baltimore instead of the police. What happens when you fall out with a gang, numbnuts? The half-assed and carefree attitude of these people is scary when you think about how they end up effecting their surroundings. They need to be protected from themselves and each other, but must also be given equal respect as that people busting their asses to be respectable and upstanding citizens.

    What is so hard about dropping everything you're doing when an officer (who is carrying a lethal weapon and has jurisdiction to use it) asks for you to stop and listen to him? Why is this so f@cking hard!?! You had to learn this in kindergarten, a place where you were required by law to be and at a time when you might have been able to compete academically with your peers. Laws are pretty straightforward. Don't steal other people's things, don't physically assault people, and don't try lie and manipulate your way through life. It catches up with everybody who does it, it is an incredibly poor long-term strategy, and it is utterly disrespectful to your fellow man.

    I am convinced at this point that you are hopeless, that only moderate gains can be made in your behavior and general outlook which in turn would require an almost endless money spigot to keep forcing a square peg into a round hole. You are incapable as a group, but will never ever admit it as shame and self-reflection do not fit with your arrogant outlook on life.

    Story after story will detail grievance after grievance, and it will always, always, involve black people. Not Asians. Not whites. Not Latinos. Just blacks. Over and over and over again. Complaining about how you are at the wrong end of things, not realizing how you are advertising how incapable you are to the world with a megaphone.

    When you have a problem and attempt to blame it on someone else, you have admitted that you have a problem. Why is it always you? Why is no one else demonstrating this pattern? By now with all the technology and research that we have at our disposal we don't need to settle for tired poor legacy of slavery narratives anymore. We can test all kinds of things that we could never imagine testing before, so we can find answers to why these problems keep occurring. We can conduct studies that control for variables such as poverty; we can find just what is causing your problems so we can stop accusing each other. You up to it?

    I thought not.

    SwampThizzle said...

    So that cop WASN'T out of control? Come on, guys. I am one of you, but this kind of thug cop has no place in America, BRA or otherwise. Back in the day, frivolous wars were started so that guys like Casebolt could be sent to the frontline to be turned into hamburger.

    Anonymous said...

    June 10, 2015 at 5:24 PM said:

    "Now that the mainstream media (BRA) has declared private property rights null and void...."

    Not quite true. The North American Blackimal is big on private property and rights and all'dat.

    Their rights and their property. No one else's

    Let a group of whites borrow their tactics and disrupt a Negro Love you Jeebus gospel brunch to protest black crime, and the "Christian" homies will beat, shoot, stab the living hell out of them with no consequences-then the YT libtards and media will applaud them standing up for their rights.

    It'll be that way-until , finally, it isn't, and we say "Enough!" and have at it. It's long overdue.

    Anonymous said...

    The elephant in the living room is : if white people are so horribly poorly behaved, so obnoxious, racist, etc etc
    WHY did blacks physically demand and clamor to get into this white-populated pool party? What is wrong with their own kind, their own neighborhood, their own pools?
    The whites may have over-reacted but they were not invaders of black "turf". On the contrary they were purely and simply trying to keep the goons out.
    And the black leadership ignores this obvious point. They are too embarrassed to acknowledge the youts were simply party- crashes.

    Anonymous said...

    "He did nothing wrong. He was afraid for his life,"

    "I commend him for his actions."

    -Alberto Iber, (now former) North Miami Senior High School principal

    If anyone questioned the power of BRA at any point in the past, here is your proof that the thought police are now out in full force.

    It's the same concept as Donald Sterling (who had been honored by the NAACP for his ongoing contributions) having his franchise taken from him for "saying" the wrong thing, even in private conversation.

    This principal has lost his job, and his connection to the students that relied on his leadership. Would you, as a principal, think that this would happen to you had you posted the above quote? Not even a warning, but immediately fired? I commend him for his actions was referring to his not putting up with bullsh@t, as an manager would appreciate. He said nothing racist, and you can't pinpoint exactly what he meant. But no. Gone. It's like BRA is taking execution shots on people's livelihoods lately- you say the wrong thing, an in an instant you are separated from your job, your life, what you have poured all of your efforts and energy into. If you are not alarmed you had better wake up. NOW!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Ex New Yorker here.....Our right to Freedom of Speech has been taken away by the PC mind controlled robots that have total control of the media. The big crime in America is WHAT YOU SAY, not what you do. This has been proven over and over again for longer than I can remember. A white person will lose their job by making some two bit comment that a moron left leaning VICTIM will find offensive. Blacks, gays and others can rant and rave with hate filled speech and nobody does anything. When a police officer has to remain anonymous when being interviewed because he fears for his job or death threats against his family something in this country is no longer working. That something is called freedom.

    Millions of people living in fear of losing their job by saying the wrong thing, yet a multi-billionare TV star can say OLD WHITE PEOPLE should die and nothing happens. Those old white people were the ones that made her rich but we can't talk about that. Your called a HATER if you don't want to have sex with your fishing buddy you've known since high school. It seems that anything somebody says may be offensive to the super sensitive turd brain retarded liberals. If you are a member of the Hollywood crowd and you said you don't like Chop Suey and egg roll you have offended the Hunchback Chinese Midget Lesbians Society for Equality (HCMLSE) and will have to spend a whole week groveling on your hands and knees begging and crying for their forgiveness or else your multi-million dollar career might be coming to an end.

    When a cop does his job he loses his job. What is wrong with this picture. A person speaks his mind and the TELESCREEN PRESS PIMPS savagely destroy the person like he was some dirty filthy criminal while the criminals are having statues and memorials built for them. Why in the hell is this shit happening. Everything in America is BASS ACKWORDS and gets worse by the day. The crazy whack jobs have taken over and what use to be called freedom is now called CRIMESPEAK. The controlled media is one big propaganda whore house. The universities are nothing but
    indoctrination mills with all their NEWSSPEAK putrid politically correct bullshit that only a stupid brain dead zombie would buy into. The evil white man is the cause of all the problems and endless suffering by the self righteous victims and their endless struggles.

    Thank you Paul for letting me rant. I do have some good news. I just heard today that the mayor of Bloody Baltimore is moving in lots of Muslims. Fucking a dude, sign me up for some of that. I'm sure that will help make things better.

    Medic Bear said...

    Just when I thought I could no longer be surprised by the DWL/White guilt infrastructure, this happens.

    Undeliverable that the Chief, Mayor and anyone else who could do their own "looks at meez" moment in front of a camera just tossed this LEO under the bus. From the beginning. No admission the orclettes were out of control, no mention the orclet and momma orc likely violated laws, let alone HOA rules. No mention of drugs, assault on the homeowners, disturbing the peace, etc. Nope, the youfs were just swimmin.'

    As others have posted, I just don't understand how anyone could be an LEO under these circumstances (BRA, that is). If things ever got this bad in emergency medicine, I'd either go back to primary care or find some doc-in-the-box and coast until retirement.

    And the fact that charges against the "Youf" were dropped just instantly reinforces, again, that orcs can and will get away with anything. It's almost too bad those two morons didn't assault the LEO and he didn't shoot them dead in response - on camera, even though he'd still be crucified, we'd at least know truly what happened.

    I'm wandering but I guess what I'm trying to say is this may really be it. The moment when orcs see they can do anything with impunity. And it will set-off the Summer no one will forget. All I can say is "Good, bring it on" and advise everyone to make sure you have plenty of ammo and strategies for defense.

    It seems like it's time to get rid of the useless, evil, thieving, parasitic, smelly ass orcs once and for all !

    Long Island Guido said...

    Note to all you corporations and businesses. If you put blacks in your commercials i WILL NEVER GIVE A FUCKING DIME TO YOU!!!

    Take note morons..i know im not the only one

    Anonymous said...

    I keep hearing all the talk about Casebolt pulling a gun on the teens, but I don't see this when watching the video. It appears to me that after the two orcs close in on him while he is dealing with the orcette that he draws his weapon and places it at what I've heard referred to as low ready. The video doesn't show him pointing the firearm at anyone.

    Some also say that Casebolt should have gradually increased his response by accessing pepper spray prior to reaching for his firearm. I'm not familiar with the use of pepper spray, but it seems unlikely that a couple of ounces of pepper spray could be expected to protect a lone officer from a mob. Under the circumstances it seems reasonable for Casebolt to have gone directly to low ready with his firearm rather than fool around with spray.

    If anything, it seems that there is a problem with the departmental policy that placed Casebolt at risk. Any idiot knows that several officers will be necessary anytime a large group of blacks is creating a disturbance. The department should have initially sent 10 officers to control the large number of orcs.

    SC Native said...

    The MSM keeps pushing the Ook Eeek narrative like everybody listening is as dumb as a negro. I say let them, I've talked with several transplant DWL types today who seem to be waking up. Pride goweth before a fall and the supreme arrogance of BRA is making more race realists every day. It might not be happening fast enough but continuing to stir up negroes will only work like this a short while longer.

    Anybody who grew up around negroes knows how emotional they are and what a terrible idea it is to stir the pot. Sure the handlers can control them for a while but eventually they get uppity and think they can handle things from there. Then everything goes off the rail and you have a bunch of ooking and pointing. I think we might be seeing the beginnings of the uppity stage now with the reports of anything being said that's not positive about negroes or generalizations about negroes being a racism of some kind. They seem to be turning on YKW and the DWL's, you've got the silly negro organizations "patrolling" the skreets and dem preachers calling for violence. Well that's a good sign an epic chimpout is not too far off, some burr head is going to do something really stupid that can't be covered up by the MSM. It's also possible a "robbery or assault gone good" will set it off. It's possible it could be worse than riots confined to cities but time will tell.

    Now I've heard some here say this could turn into a full blown ECAR RAW but I don't think that'll happen. By the time it gets to a cat 5 chimpout the handlers will have lost all control. Look to history for answers as to how it'll play out. Remember the only revolt they ever won was in Haiti and that was just by shear numbers and lack of YT who were a very small population on the island. Every slave revolt fizzled and the culprits were rounded up. Sure folks were killed but numbers were small. I would say something like Nat Turner's rebellion on a larger scale is about all they're capable of doing. Would that be bad, damn right it would, but I think DWL's would be the ones to bear the brunt of this. The orcs know who's easy prey and who's not. Something like this senario I think would be the screaming wake up call to YT Q Public, but anything short of that will just wake those who can think critically. I doubt more than <1% of ocrs would participate in the carnage either just like every chimpout in recent memory.

    Use your superior intellect and future time orientation to survive the bad times, any metropolitan area with a significant tribe is a place that will bear the brunt of this. Of course it's also possible that this could simmer back down and die or just continue to simmer for a while. Nobody can or would want to get into the mind of an Orc.

    Anonymous said...

    "This will continue to happen until blacks start teaching their children to respect and obey the police."

    Please don't hold your breath!

    Anonymous said...

    Bernice, I love your longer posts. I know that you have spent a lot of time in the trenches, and your experience makes for good reading.

    Saw something really sad in your link though, and I'm going to have to retype it because it is in a still image. It is Craig Ranch Community Association paying someone who speaks high level BRA-ese to atone for their great sins of existing and having regulations that promote a safe and desirable community:

    "This is a peaceful, increasingly- diverse neighborhood that is growing and thriving because of our differences in background, race, reasons for moving here and in many other ways."

    I'm taking it that all the growing and thriving is mostly do to "many other ways" in this case.

    Anonymous said...

    To Anon at 6:17 PM: great post giving Answers to the witchhunt of Casebolt.

    As far as suggesting he stand pat and demand the system give him a full trial, you never know what's going on in his private life. His wife may have begged him to just resign and get out of town. We'll probably never know.

    My heart goes out to this man who did pretty much exactly what I would have done in the video. The DWLs in McKinney don't deserve a brave and dedicated White officer like him. Wonder what happens next time a pool party goes wrong?

    Anonymous said...

    The people commenting are not "racist" in the demonic/MSM sense. We are merely observant Slavs, Germanic, Nordic, and Anglo-Saxons noting the problem with savages that have benefited from our people. Many in the savage races get this and work to maintain it in a way that strongly suggests desperation. There's nothing wrong with our reaction.

    Anonymous said...

    Now that the HOA rules have been fully "discredited", what will stop yoofs from going over there all the time, daring you to ask them to leave?

    There are a lot of hot weekends coming up McKinney. Are you ready to party?

    I predict the pool will be drained and closed to prevent more "incidents" before Summer is over.

    Hocus POTUS said...

    ["Civilization or Barbarism (as epitomized by the Heart of Darkness): the choice is yours white America."]

    Very rarely do I disagree with you, PK. But how can I honestly agree that the choice is ours, yet still believe you are correct regarding Black Run America? The tipping point has long since passed, so far as our choices are concerned.

    The British are no longer coming, but the jungle is nigh. I'm only here to survive.

    Anonymous said...

    Is there a go fund page for Officer Eric Casebolt?

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous SwampThizzle said...

    So that cop WASN'T out of control? Come on, guys. I am one of you, but this kind of thug cop has no place in America, BRA or otherwise. Back in the day, frivolous wars were started so that guys like Casebolt could be sent to the frontline to be turned into hamburger.

    June 10, 2015 at 7:16 PM

    You sure are not on the same side as most everyone here.If you don't back up White people under attack by blacks,no matter their profession you can go straight to Hell.

    Anonymous said...

    Pat Boyle is on the mark with his mention of big cops being more effective without resorting to violence. My family laughs because we know a great big white Jehovah Witness guy who works at a prison. He's as gentle as can be but anytime a disturbance starts they threaten to send him in. Quiets the inmates down right now and the guy has never laid a hand on an inmate. We need great big cops who look like they could snap you like a twig - they are very calming in volatile situations.

    Slightly OT but I heard a conversation between two black young women. One of them says she gets her pay loaded on a credit card instead of direct deposit because "Sumpin' happened to mah bank account and I don't have it no more." Our white world is really a mystery to them.

    Anonymous said...

    Can't escape the irony of the fact that the family of the girl came from Chicago "to escape the gangs and raise their children's in a better(white) environment. So what do they do? Continue to behave like the ghetto trash that they are. Affirmative action " professionals ", equal opportunity executives, who raise their offspring to be arrogant, obnoxious, thugs with an undeserved sense of importance. Is it any wonder? Since the sixties they've been taught to externalize all their problems, and never take responsibility for their problems. Sure, they're all good deserving people, and if they don't achieve, it's the white mans fault.
    Another irony;the ones who profess a belief in cultural diversity, are some of the most culturally retarded people on the planet. To them cultural diversity means one thing only: more blacks,and more of the lowest black entertainment. Ask one about culture sometime, and you will find they mostly like violent,obscene rap " music", and lewd, lascivious hoochie mamas writhing around and hip thrusting like chimpanzees.
    They have nothing but contempt for true musical artists,and literature? Forget about it, they're hard pressed to read the instructions on their social services forms, let alone grasp abstract or uplifting concepts.
    Is this the kind of society we want forced on us against our will? I think not. You can plant a cockle burr in a rose garden, but it will still grow into a weed.

    Truth Corps said...

    Stand with Tracey Carver-Allbritton, one of the white adults in the video. Tracey has been fired by her employer after a massive social media campaign to identify her and get her fired.
    LINK (You need to be signed into a Facebook account to view link)

    As I've said before, use social media to identify our enemies. Create multiple accounts and infiltrate the anti-racists.

    If Tracey wasn't a race realist before now (and I suspect she was) she sure is now.

    Anonymous said...

    When will all of the officers who patrol this country go blue flu. Let these people waste each other. They hate us call us rayciss let theme wipe each other out. All people of all colors arm yourselves. What will you do when ferguson baltimore comes to your door step.

    Anonymous said...

    -Fireforce- here,

    >>>>So that cop WASN'T out of control? Come on, guys. I am one of you, but this kind of thug cop has no place in America, BRA or otherwise. Back in the day, frivolous wars were started so that guys like Casebolt could be sent to the frontline to be turned into hamburger

    And as we saw with the Wilson/Brown shooting, these sorts of events bring out the worst in our people.

    Stop living down to the stereotype of race realists as anti-cop fringe type characters. Wake up. The police are not the enemy.

    You know who hates law enforcement? Negroes, criminals, leftists, and children who are going through a "it's 'cool' to hate authority figures" stage. You should be better than that.

    Julie said...

    Jeb Bush once famously explained to us that the illegal aliens are "coming for love" of the country. The same is true when we consider the negro's intense desire to live amongst us. They love us. They simply want us to accept them. Accept them for who they are.

    The story of Catlin Jenner has taught us the importance of acceptance. People are different and these differences are the source of our greatest strength as a nation and a culture. Let's stop this reflexive criticism of African-americans. Instead we need to begin to understand that they bring us such gifts; hip-hop, basketball, football, poetry and just the simple vibrancy with which they live their lives. I don't know, that's just the way I'm feeling tonight.

    ATL Born said...

    Dang I had a nice little poem written on the dimdu's but I guess PK felt it was too harsh. Oh well, screw it anyways.

    So one of my points I was trying to make is why were these nigs even at the pool. Most of them can't swim anyways. I'm sure TX has a stand your ground law if these DWL's, I'm guessing they were, felt threatened or feared for their safety why didn't someone smack one of the nogs themselves? And some of you have mentioned the private property issue. So I always thought that if you are on private property without being invited that's called trespassing, right?

    And WTF is up with the cop and his family getting death threats? Again, I'm no attorney but isn't that also considered breaking the law? Where is the justice for that?

    Oh, I forgot, we now consider lawlessness the rule and any laws in place, well, you know, they are meant to be broken. I can't wait for things to heat up and see more nig blood spilled on the streets.

    So I visited the Northwest Front site today as it is seeming more and more like a good idea to leave the good old south. Just wait to see if the glorious 6 in Buntimore go free how many cities get razed!! Afrikans suck!!

    So CAL Snowman said...

    "Those who found Eric Casebolt's actions inexcusable (namely the mayor of McKinney and the police chief of the city) have sided with the Heart of Darkness currently chipping away at the civilization whites labored for centuries to build out of the wilderness of the North American continent"

    At every single level in this country, the system is completely occupied by SJWs. The actions and words of the mayor and police chief of McKinney make them SJWs by default. They will NEVER be on the side of the White man and they will never be on the side of law and order. At this point in time, liberals and blacks have this insane notion that blacks are allowed to be anywhere they want, anytime they want because of "muh freedumb" and "democracy." Private property rights are like crosses made out of garlic to these liberal Draculas. As of the 2010 census, McKinney boasts a population of 131,117 that is 74.8% White and 10.5% black with various other fun time non-White charlies that moved to the area for the sole purpose of being oppressed by the White man. The mayor of McKinney is a White man by the name of Brain Loughmiller and he does nothing to stand up for our people and in fact throws his fellow White man under the bus for simply doing his job and protecting White civilization. That's why I say you are either a SJW or you are a fascist. There is no longer any middle ground. IF you dare speak out in favor of Officer Casebolt you are immediately tarred and feathered like the principal of a certain North Miami High School :

    Miami Dade School Removes Principal After His Post About Police Controversy

    "“He did nothing wrong,” Iber wrote in a comment that showed his Facebook picture, name, school and title. “He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.”

    That's it, that is all he said. That's all it takes for a White man to be crucified in the Former United States. Either you pucker up and kiss black ass or you stand up and say "FUCK YOU" like our White brothers and sisters did in Philly. Fascism or kissing black ass, your choice.

    Anonymous said...

    White people had better learn practical hand to hand combat and weapons handling and had better have firearms. That piece of garbage chicken dropping sellout "Police Chief" is the wave of the future and we are gong to have to protect our own people from the savage hominids with low IQs.

    That the hominids can make death threats against humans and get away with it is completely unacceptable.

    BTW if you have trouble with an orc at the swimming pool throw it in the deep end and deal with it there. Most orcs sink like rocks. These hominids cannot swim as well as humans.

    Anonymous said...

    I did not see a thug cop.. I saw a peace office dealing with a bunch smart ass mouthed Orcs... Not sure what video you watched Oreo! Between criminal orcs and cops... I choose cops! Salon, vox, my times and huff post would love you over there posting... Wake up dumbass!!

    Anonymous said...

    These out-of-control blacks are like guns and too many people keep whining about the gun violence. Listen. If you don't have someone supplying bullets and loading, aiming, and firing the weapon, that gun is just going to sit there.

    This isn't a black-run world, these blacks are being allowed and encouraged to behave like this and they are unwitting players of an agenda for which they are far too stupid to understand. They have the mental capacity of a retarded nine-year old and the emotional stability of Francium.

    There is a much greater evil behind this than a bunch of chimping black teenagers and community leaders. Do you want to stop the symptoms or cure the disease? Yes, blacks are a destructive force, but they are also a useful tool to those who profit from the destruction and chaos and terror. Cui bono?

    Anonymous said...

    Ex New Yorker here.....Fred Reed (fredoneverything) has a great post on crime in California written by a cop. It is post number 633..ETHNICITY IN CALIFORNIA. A great break down on Mexican gangs, crime, drugs and the jail system. Well worth reading. The Mexicans are chasing the blacks out of the neighborhoods and Pedro is moving in.

    rex freeway said...

    AWWWW Are the Negros and Liberals all upset because a policemen done his job correctly? It's time to stop bowing to these insignificant whiners. The re election of Obama is a bigger threat to America's stability than any outside force. He has told all Negro's that they should stand up to police, especially White police regardless of whether they are guilty or not. That they should show no respect for Whites or authority. This will become worse in time. And liberal Whites are no different. And their numbers are growing. I will never cave to either of these parasites and I preach everyday to the demise of both.

    Unknown said...

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

    Unless you're a Negro, then they're the equivalent of a right hook to the jaw.

    Like the commenter a couple of days ago spoke on "hurling" a racial slur. They asked if a racial slur had weight. They asked if you hurled an racial slur at a window, would it break?

    Me thinks that the fight started when the lady approached to girl to ask to shut the party down. Girl felt disrespected, got lippy, words were exchanged, then the black girl got hit in the jaw with a racial slur, and since that is the equivalent of throwing the first punch in a physical fight, TNB occurred.

    Actually, this theory makes really good sense. This idea of that some words and/or a series or words strewn together to form a sentence is, to an African, a form of physical attack. When you consider that Disrespect equates into the attempted, and sometimes successful, murder of a person in the Black community, it makes perfect sense. It's so obvious now:

    Words can physically harm Black People.

    Which would explain why, when the Negroes are arguing, whoever is loudest is most correct. It's like they are beating down other opinions to make their own is the superior one, to hell if it makes any sense or not!

    Which would explain how it's White Privilege© that stops us from feeling any pain from the impact of words across our being.

    Which would explain why the dwls try to limit the amount of words we can say, because of the Disparate Impact© that words have on blacks.

    Which would explain, when a LEO tells a black to stop resisting, they're actually in the throes of pain, as those spoken words must be like getting kicked in the ribs to them.

    Which would explain Black failure to achieve any semblance of civilization. It's the fault of a written language. Every time that they achieved this feat, their society was laid to waste, which would explain the lack of written languages in most parts of Africa.

    I will stand by this former Officer of the Law. Cops are trained to respond to a situation. They were outnumbered. There had been reported violence. All it takes is one person to start a riot.

    He stopped the situation from escalating, exactly what he was trained to do. What would you have done?

    What would have happened if she escaped into the crowd? What would have happened if the throngs of black teens felt inspired to shake loose the Shackles of White Oppression© and a mini-Katrina took place?

    Obviously, they would have held hands and sang "Kumbaya®" together, if not for this Racist Cop©

    beam me up

    The Baron



    love your posts. I'd like to add, if I may, to this one of yours. It's my understanding that Rodney King was heavily drunk, probably on drugs, and started the high-speed chase with the police in the first place because he was on parole for a robbery conviction. Which may be the reason he resisted. I think it had to do with his intelligence. But I'm blinded by my racist hatred, what do I know?

    Well, I do know that everything around a pig's ass is pork.

    Any chance someone can find out if the girl has any arrests?

    Heads up to my fellow Racists, Saturday, June 20th, is when the Juneteenth celebrations take full swing. Look up were they are in your area and avoid them.

    Anonymous said...

    Specific death threats have been made to Casebolt and violence threats have been made to his children on social media by identifiable persons who can be recognized and found by the FBI--they monitor it all. Why is this type of expression not considered terrorism as defined by the DHS, and why does the FBI NOT do SWAT arrests of these persons as they do to persons who are of no threat? If these threats were made against any Black person it would be cited as a criminal offense, a hate crime. The lawlessness of Blacks has become acceptable by a YT hating Black run DOJ/Obamanation government.

    Californian said...

    What do whites see in blacks? Seriously what are they good for? They don’t do anything good and destroy everything in their path.

    All I can say is this: I know quite a few white people who, whenever the topic of blacks comes up, get these stars in their eyes. You can practically hear Burt Bacharach playing "The Look of Love" in the background. These people see blacks as poor widdle children who for the past 500 years have been enslaved, colonized, segregated, lynched, fire-hosed, police-dogged and micro-aggressioned against by YT. And, our DWL feeeeeeeeels: if only we could be really, really nice to the blacks, then they would wuv us in return.



    There is something psycho-sexually going on beyond the politics and ideology. What we call DWLs (disingenuous white liberals) have this contradictory view of blacks. On one hand, they see them as innocent victims who need nurturing to become just like us. This is so whether we are talking missionaries and NGOs for Africa, or civil rights and welfare state in America. In return, they expect that blacks will shower them with affection.

    To give one example: the mania among too many white adults for adopting African children. DWLs see blacks as just that, children who need some nurturing, or education, or an affirmative action job, or an invite to a pool party. Look at the number of movies where a white family adopts a black kid or teen and then through the power of love "civilizes" them.

    Of course, blacks see all this as weakness on the part of YT (not to mention as durned patronizing). They respond with flashmobs, rioting and the not infrequent torture-murder of whites. Which is where the other end of the equation kicks in.

    The Fear.

    Underneath it, DWLs know that they can not deal with black violence. That's what you need cops and curfews and Boer commandos for. But those white guys with guns are being progressively swept away as DWL demonize the police and gunowners. Blacks see the weakness and run ever more amok. As you point out, they "destroy everything in their path." This is so whether we are talking Liberia, South Africa, London, a Paris banlieue, or whatever American burg which blacks decide to pillage this week.

    Now the DWLs really have something to get concerned about. So they ramp up the glorification of blacks via a process similar to that of the Stockholm Syndrome: the psychological tendency to identify with the aggressor in order to avoid the self-perception of being the victim. Give blacks a little more "space" to riot -- I mean "protest -- and they will become scientists and surgeons, just like on the telescreen.

    It becomes a downward spiral.

    At least until enough white people stand up and resist.

    I'll close out with my usual quote: "Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide"--James Burnham.

    Anonymous said...

    You are an idiot

    Anonymous said...

    The Latest on pool incident: Teen's lawyer considers options

    So I guess we're on to part II already: The Shakedown

    It's become an integral part of their actions as model citizens,
    another reason no one wants to be around them. You hear stories and think people are exaggerating, but case in point.

    So she will just hope for a big initial settlement.

    She is uppity and thinks she's hot sh@t so you know like every shameless Basketball American out there she will go for the big spin. Gonna get some media coverage, name recognition, and a piece of what she is entitled to, just like every scammer and vulture we have in our society.

    It's never, "Well I guess you ended up looking bad and embarrassed, that is punishment enough" or "As long as the laws are changed to be more friendly to all races..." nope. Always have to be a unearned, undeserved, appears magically from nowhere payday for someone who was behaving badly. This is such bullsh@t something is going to have to give. I'm not talking about one person snapping, I'm talking more of a wave across the countryside standing resolute for certain values that are mandatory for the society we once lived in.

    F@ck these greedy bastards. So mad I could scream. Thieves and liars, you have once again earned every sterotype!

    Anonymous said...

    The elephant in the living room is : if white people are so horribly poorly behaved, so obnoxious, racist, etc etc
    WHY did blacks physically demand and clamor to get into this white-populated pool party? What is wrong with their own kind, their own neighborhood, their own pools?

    Or for that matter, why do blacks migrate into white majority cities and countries where they will be "oppressed?" Why can't they be happy in their own black majority paradises? But we know the answer: it is because blacks can not sustain a modern civilization.

    As one poster sagely noted, they "destroy everything in their path." It may sound like hyperbole, but they really do have the effect of a pillaging horde of barbarians. This has been so in Haiti and Liberia and Zimbabwe and Baltimore and Birmingham and well you know the laundry list. Seriously, how can any one group wreck a city like Detroit so quickly?

    It gets back to the racial aspect of the thing. The level of civilization depends on the race of the people inhabiting a territory.

    Anonymous said...

    One thing that whitey will always have over blakie is a stable household.

    You have undoubtedly heard all of the Father's Day in Harlem jokes by now.

    The 70-80 out of wedlock statistic isn't news. I'm sure it's worse than that, if you could measure all of the different ways blacks commit pain and suffering on one another (and anyone unlucky enough to be near them) the disparities would be much much worse.

    On the topic of families, in my opinion any parent that allows their child to pass the age of 5 without any consideration to their education and upbringing needs to be put away for child abuse. You are basically creating a retarded child for society to have to deal with. One that appears normal and has urges to rape, fight, and steal things. Children learn like a sponge at those early ages, and if you deny them access to ways to build their brains you are f@cking them over royally. The disparities that I have seen in friend's children vs. local negro are just shocking and devastating. I don't even want to comprehend where these future felons go home to at night to learn by example from an orc with no shame, conscience, or care about anyone else in the world. Yelling and violence as the final answer to just about anything. So incredibly sad.

    As white we always have the option to build our family bonds; our cultures all value strong families. We start there. Then we build networks of same-minded individuals who can work with their families to really get things done. Coordination on a massive scale that is legal within the law and a constant f@ck you to BRA. I see the potential there, but I see it starting with families first rather than strangers. You don't even have to see eye to eye. You just have to care about each other. Something that people of all non-black cultures can understand and appreciate. It's like that moving a mountain pebble by pebble metaphor- be consistent and you will see progress. You have the ability to be consistent. You have the ability to plan. You have the ability to build strong family bonds. These are your "evil white privileges", and I ask that you use them well. And read to your children.

    Anonymous said...


    You just do not get it, do you?!

    White people get privileged swimming pools.

    Black people are assigned swimming pools gone wrong.

    This goes back to the era of slavery where white slavemasters would get the best so-called "swimming holes" while beautiful black persons were forced to swim in the shark infested Mississippi River.

    I can see pool privilege at my university's Olympic sized swimming pool. When it is dominated by white male fraternities and sororities, the water is clean and the lifeguards never blow their whistles. But when the Black Studies beautiful black students get the pool, the water is full of wastes (no doubt dumped by corporation), and lifeguards are constantly impacting on beautiful black behavior which they call "rowdiness." They need to become sensitive to the diversity of diving positions--I mean, who said that the only proper way to dive into a pool is from a "diving board" and not the top floor of the adjoining multicultural center building roof?

    I.M. Klewless, MFA
    Cultural Relativism and Peace Studies

    Anonymous said...

    "As a white police officer, Casebolt was in clear violation of failing to understand this is a black world, one where the rule of law must constantly be written to enforce the reality blacks must never be held accountable for the dysfunction they breed."

    I'm not so sure I agree, Paul.

    I think many cops know whats going on.

    The media, just might, call for execution if they said what they know.

    injun jimmy swaggart

    10mm AUTO said...

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the video of this pool incident was all the people who don't want to move "too far" and are depending on gated communities and fences to keep the Orcs at bay. Well, the IKAGOS were there and you don't see them marching is support of the White Cop, do you?

    Take the Gap and come to the Northwest. There will be so many that never hear the call and will die when the walls fall in their GC's. Paul used the Drifter colonies example so another way of expressing it is: So what are you going to do, go from one drifter colony to another rather than get established in the Northwest? Like jumping from one slab of Polar ice to another to get away from black whale. One day it catches you. It's its nature.

    White Homeland! Northwest Front!



    The Marxist media in this communist soon to be country are going apeshit(pun,pun,pun)over this White police officer "throwing this young female un-armed teen to the ground." First of all commie pigs he escorted her face to the grassy part of the ground. Now you and I now that grass is really soft. Especially in this part of town.(they spend more on this grass than those black kids parent spend on Newports)And don't ya just love how after every defiant word from the orange twerker she slaps her hand? Why do negroes think by doing that it gets their point across better? It will soon be illegal to arrest a negro in any way, shape, or form!
    And as for that police chief Too hell with you BRA boot licker! Can't wait till your boy's in blue don't step up to the plate for you. I also hope this action that you took is your swan song. Same goes for the mayor. Fella's how does that BRA taste in your mouth? It only gets worse when you swallow it down. But I have a suggestion for ya chief. Wash it down with one of those malt liquors that make your PETS so riled up at a moments notice.

    Anonymous said...

    If one of the Orcs had managed to sneak up on the officer, taken his gun, and executed him on the lawn of the subdivision clubhouse, there would be NONE of this mass hysteria by the McKinney leadership nor the race hustlers we have seen from this event. It probably would not have even made the network news. Being white in America 2015 means that you should gleeful give up your life with no resistance if a black feels the need to act on his or her primative urge to commit mayhem or murder upon your person. There was that slabbery thang you know.

    Now THIS officer and his family are in hiding. Welcome to BRA 2015 where the police have to hide from the criminals and not the other way around.

    To all LEOs, including this one who was thrown under the bus: start your own private security companies with your fed up fellow LEOs. You will be needed now and especially in the future. It is apparent that some state and local governments, and definitely the federal one run by the white hating current president will no longer enforce law and order where blacks are concerned. Meaning that white people will be forced to at some point rely on private security firms for their protection and ultimately survival of their families and property.

    Welcome to Zimbabwe West!

    Anonymous said...

    Anonymous said...

    He is not a thug cop you fool and as long as any of you think that then that will be the end.This girl was not a teen she is 20 years old and she was assaulting the white mother of three earlier but they didn't show that part.This thug black ghetto 20 yr old got what she deserved.It was all fun and games when she was trying to pull out the white mother of threes hair and beat her azz yo but when she gets the same it's all racism and brutality.Funny how how these black thugs ,men and woman thugs,have no problem assaulting and infringing on someone elses rights but when they get what they dish out ,oh boy you better not do anything

    Yea and it is about RACE ,The black degenerate thug ghetto rap culture with no respect for authority,since most have no parents to teach them anything,is the root cause of all this violent confrontational BS.Always blacks at the forefront of constantly starting the mob mentality and ready to fight and destroy property .White kids being brainwashed and hanging with black degenerates and emulating black ghetto thug culture makes it even worse.Tell your white kids to stop emulating this black ghetto thug mentality.Blacks stop spreading the lies about mike thug brown and baltimore and trayvon ,it all has been proven to be lies.Enough of your ghetto thug mentality or be prepared to have your azz handed to you once and for all .And P>S> OBAMa this is your fault you sick useless bastard

    Anonymous said...

    We take decent, hardworking, honest men like Casebolt, force them into daily interaction with the savages, and then are surprised when we get an insider's glimpse of what is necessary to control these apes?! For f*cks sake, that's how the sausage is made in BRA, folks. Time to put on your big girl panties and get a grip.

    People, the cops didn't have to chase and secure the White kids because the Whites OBEYED THE COPS; they stood still when ordered and waited. The orcs ran and caused a ruckus; they ignored police orders. Blacks do not belong in a First World Civilization. Period.

    Hey, White cops, time to flex your muscles a bit. Don't take any shit from the groids and libtards. Either do your job and what's necessary to control n*ggers, or let a lib or black do the job. Boycott calls that involve blacks; your job and life aren't worth it.

    Anonymous said...

    Going through security at an airport you get a female to frisk you if you're a female, male if male. Take this logic to n#ggerhoods... if likely a groid crime call, send negro cops. Human, send a human patrol.

    Time to create special negro cop units that respond to negro hoods. Who cares if they're felons; they can get a badge, but it's only valid to deal with negroes. Nig cop can't arrest a White.

    Anonymous said...

    Where is video from the Negro Pool Invasion (party) itself? With all those orcs and all their sail foams, there must be party footage before the cops came. Am sure the orcette who got taken down must be on camera twerking for the inebriated bucks. Any of it on World Star? Anyone...?

    Anonymous said...

    I think police unions nationwide need to see the writing on the wall and organize together. They need to make some behind the scenes preparations, then attack BRA at once, nationwide. Stop patrolling nig areas if they are just going to punish the cops for doing what they have to do.

    It's like telling garbagemen not to wear gloves at work. Sorry libs, if you want Africans controlled in America, you need to use some force... and it ain't pretty.

    bernicegreenbaum said...

    BTW, hafta admit, I love that photo of the negress, lying face down on the grass, unable to open her big trap. And officer YT right there making sure she doesn't. Good times.

    Anonymous said...

    OT: Uppity high yellow orc Lester Holt wants Brian Williams' 10 million dollar salary! Oh man, please, please do what you can to boycott NBC and al their nigloving followers. Look at that beast! A freakish genetic mishmash; a true mystery meat. That escapee from The Island of Dr Moreau is going to become the "trusted face" of the news for middle America!?

    Can someone end this awful chapter in America's history!? ENOUGH with the negro worship!

    Hire a human to replace Williams.

    Boycott NBC; write letters. Make them lose ad dollars.

    nokangaroos said...

    After the army, going into the very hard sciences, I used to work security on and off. I have seen and done things considerably worse than this (usually punch-drunk overweight Whites trying to kill me with a beer bench). Still I have to agree with SwampThizzle - this doesn´t look professional. Good, being blindsided by several bucks would make anyone nervous :)

    But hasn´t anyone else noticed the reek of a STAGED "incident"?
    Maybe the "Rosa Parks Jr." moniker is gonna stick.

    bernicegreenbaum said...

    Anony sez:

    What is so hard about dropping everything you're doing when an officer (who is carrying a lethal weapon and has jurisdiction to use it) asks for you to stop and listen to him? Why is this so f@cking hard!?! You had to learn this in kindergarten, a place where you were required by law to be and at a time when you might have been able to compete academically with your peers.


    Well, maybe I can be of some help, because you genuinely seem to not understand why negroes are the way they are. The best way I can explain their inability to grasp common sense applications to living in the civilized world is to compare your average negro to myself as a high school freshman, struggling to understand Algebra. I had a senior boy attempt, in vain, to try to explain it to me. I knew in his mind he was saying to himself, "Why is this so f*cking hard for you, beeyatch?" Of course, he was much too much of a gentleman to say that, so he dutifully went on, trying to teach me.

    Expecting the negro to understand issues like self-control, manners, responsibility, and discipline is like trying to teach your average 3 year old the meaning of quadratic equations. It just ain't gonna happen. So we need to stop expecting it. It's really not their fault. It's in the genes. You will never, ever, ever see the negro take responsibility for his behavior. It will always be someone else's fault. Oh, and the negro expects to be fed, like your average 3 year old, at regular intervals, say noon (when he wakes), around 6 pm, and then maybe around 10 or 11 pm. In perpetuity. Don't forget about housing and "free" healthcare. The list goes on, but I think you get the general idea.

    Anonymous said...

    Kind of OT, but I guess it's pools in Texas, parks in St. Louis, the 3rd paragraph sums it up nicely.


    Anonymous said...

    More mayhem from the Lou.

    PNW Realist said...

    Find out which of your DWL neighbors have wimming pools, and then post a notice about pool parties at their houses. Even if their pets never make it ino the water, the sight of mobs of them ready to storm their property should put some race realism into at least a few of them.

    Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know the following info?

    The negress and her Mother who organized the party, did they live IN the gated community? The party seems to be outside it, leading to the orcs jumping the fence to get to the pool.

    If they lived in the community, were they paying rent? Was it a government program that put them in there? Section 8 or AFFH?

    Seems like expensive area, how did that sow and her orc daughter get in?

    This could be an opportunity to write an article on the insane housing practices of the FedGov, P.K.

    pnw said...

    I feel badly for Casebolt and for anyone put in a similar situation.

    In future situations that are similar LEOs need to withdraw and wait for instructions from higher-ups. Make them take responsibility for what happens. LEOs need to cover their asses. They need to keep from being sold out by those further up the food chain.

    Anonymous said...

    Where is all this going? Should we just let the unruly yoofs in our homes and garages to take what they want? Is this BRA's idea of reparations. Should we just let the yoofs beat us silly and steal our possessions? Every time YT makes any sort of an attempt to defend our self, family or possessions we are labeled "racist". I have lived in a 99.9% yt community for most of my 48 years. Doors aren't locked guns are loaded and the kids don't mess with my property. I have to travel 40 miles to work and I have to deal with orcs everyday at work. The bucks spend every non productive moment in pursuit of muh dik. The sheboons are absolutely repulsive and have a sense of entitlement that is beyond my grasp. The train wreck is inevitable, plan accordingly realists. Got a shotgun a rifle and a four wheel drive.
    Ohio Born

    Anonymous said...

    It IS a set up and its the community organizers that's behind it and I suspect that they're using assesors as well to target areas that they deem to be too white and too privaleged and if you really think about it its really a form of discrimination and profiling on the dwls and ingrate negroes part and we have reached the point of having no choice but to start tearing their ugly asses down if we burn they'll burn with us! Two wrongs never made a right there's NO room for "favorites" in a Country that's a "melting pot" to play "favorites" is very inflamatory!

    Anonymous said...

    I agree let the negroes have their own police free space its no less than they deserve.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey you just gave me an idea! Everybody look in your Cities for the most exclusive dwl areas with pools and nice accomodations and make certain that they're very diverse and inclusive! Lol what's good for the goose needs be good for the gander as well.
    The problem with dwl is that they're as short sighted as the negroes! So let's have some fun "helping" them see! I'm looking forward to this. LMAO!

    Anonymous said...

    If you haven't taken the time to watch the good Reverend mumble about terrorism, you are missing out.

    "We're going to ask for justice to be duun, and this is rehdiculus that we're continue to fight, these type of issues throughout this country."

    "We just passed on op.. open law here in the state (mumbling at this point)... We're setting the stage for a terroriss attack, in this country, and the group is not gonna be ISIS, it's gonna be us-es, us againsta the justice laws for people continue racism to go in this city."

    I wonder what credentials one needs to be a Reverend, besides be black, a complete blowhard, and an ultimate devotee to BRA? Do a lot of reverends stumble through their speeches like they're drunk? Did he just promise terrorism from a homegrown black source?

    Is this guy the Mosby of reverends?

    Anonymous said...

    This is the reality of Black-Run-America now....

    Whenever so much as even a single black person's feelings get hurt by any white person, especially when the white person is an authority figure, such as a police officer, the story makes the national news...sometimes even international news.

    Whenever a white person, or a even a group of white persons, gets physically attacked, maimed, murdered, etc., by any number of black persons, the story will just make the local news...and the local media will typically not report on the racial aspect of the story...and typically, the police will be "not sure" if a "hate crime" has actually been committed by the black persons despite reports of anti-white slurs being used by the black offender(s).

    Anonymous said...

    You know, I read "The Brigade" by H A Covington when it first came out and thought it was pretty far-fetched. More and more though I'm seeing the sort of stuff that Covington wrote about happening, something I'd never imagined. I believe now that the SJW's definitely have the upper hand for now and it's getting worse by the day.

    I'm starting to believe the kind of scenario Covington wrote about will happen, but in the end it won't just be across the North West, it'll be across all of America. I think that with this kind of crap becoming more and more visible and affecting more and more of us, when the "Enough" moment finally comes it'll make the last Civil War look like a picnic in the park.

    Thank god for the second amendment! Because when push comes to shove, power comes from the barrel of a gun. As our Founding Fathers knew very well.

    Anonymous said...

    Yes, but let's have a little fun with the dwls first, ever notice how the wealthy dwl live? Its anything but diverse and inclusive this is because they're the real racists! So let's make certain that the white liberals get their fair share of diversity by becoming more inclusive.
    We must fight fire with fire and give back a little the dwl are the most racist they just can't see it....yet! Lol let's give those panty ass bitches HELL and convert them into realists! I'm curious to see if they actually call the police for help!

    Gwoobus Harmon said...

    The media obsession with this story is so ludicrous. I mean if you stop and think about it, no one was hurt, and I believe only one person was arrested. It is really and truly a non-event in the grand scheme of things. I suppose the only reason it is interesting to much of anyone is that there exists footage of a white cop yelling at a black teen and using force to subdue her (plus that epic barrel roll lol!).

    If anything this is a measurement of just how ridiculous and out of hand the entire "BLACKLIVESMATTER" and "police brutality" narrative has gotten. I mean this guy is getting death threats, has to hide his family, resigned in disgrace rather than be fired, had his chain of superiors disavow him, was minced and pilloried in the press, and basically had his life ruined for NOTHING!!

    Was the guy overzealous? ... Yeah. Was a lot of that tough guy showmanship unnecessary? ... Yeah. Does any of it rise to the level of "abuse" or "brutality?" .... Not at all!!

    This wouldn't even BE A STORY other than the fact that it involved black kids. If he did the same thing in breaking up a white party, it might have made a local news story .... maybe.

    And that is where we are with these agitators. They have primed the pump to a point with everything that led up to this (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, etc...) where any incident at any time can be the spark to ignite the summer of rage, even when it is something so damn insignificant as a cop breaking up a routine trespassing incident and dealing with a mouthy, non-compliant teenager on the scene. That is all it takes now to become an international incident. The only variables that made this become a story is that the cop was white and the kid was black.

    These are the new witch trials.

    Anonymous said...

    they're like that because the dwl are the most racist people amongst us.
    The dwl have guilt issues and the negroes know this and exploit them.
    The dwl must be converted to realism and the way to do this is by making them live by their own words and deeds in other words if they believe we should be more inclusive then shouldn't they be more inclusive? They get up on their high horses dictating to the rest of America how they think that we should be yet they live far away from the "hood" and their kids go to safe schools with few if any "hood rats" they go out for coffee at starbucks lol how many blacks go to starbucks? Few blacks can afford starbucks gee I wonder why their prices are so high isn't this discrimantion! Lol yah if its good for the goose its good for the gander too!

    Anonymous said...

    No they're nothing like us and they're not as big a problem as the white liberals are they're the real racists not us yet they can't see this...yet. the white liberals are making us realists pay for thier own racist feelings and its pure bullshit!
    The negroes see the white liberals guilt and exploit it for all its worth at expense of everybody else!
    So we have to give the white liberals what they think they want in their own "spaces" we can't allow them to "hide" from reality! We realists have to bring "diversity" to the liberals and force them to be "inclusive" in their own "spaces" there is no teacher better than experience.

    Anonymous said...

    Howard W. Campbell

    For any race realists in McKinney, sell your home and get out of dodge, it is only going to get worse. I bailed out of Indianapolis some time back. This idiocy is not going to get better until we have a crisis that shuts off welfare.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for the person who posted the link on chimps disresectin' property rights. These chimps had been organizing crop raids on farmers who had taken over their former territory.

    "Some females in the videos even had infants clinging to them."

    I wonder if they can measure chimp feelings of remorse or having a moral conscience. Maybe we can study their behaviors for a basic insight into what causes them and then apply said knowledge to our current situation. Really get to the "roots" of the problem.

    Anonymous said...

    Shit.... You best go off grid. You cannot turn anywhere and not see a sub human on TV, magazine or elsewhere. They are definitely over represented!! It took over 50 years to get where we are. I wonder will it take 50 more years to change for the worst or the better??????

    ms sippy said...

    I'm all for "law and order" and civilized behavior. However, when the SHTF and whites dare start standing up for themselves the Government and most Police will side with the blacks. Never forget, the Government made it quite clear in 1962 at Ole Miss they would KILL citizens and govenors who resisted.

    Anonymous said...

    Great point... Now they know the police are neutered.. "Dey gonna be up in dat pool wit da quickness now and YT and po po ain't gonna do shit bout it." Damn it takes effort and thought to type that grammatical mess that they speak!!

    I just love seeing that ignorant asd kid recorded it because of racism.. What a dipshit little bastard.

    Race said...

    This cop has now apologized. Sigh

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious to him. I had to reply to his idiotic post as soon as I saw his idiocy. Yes he can go straight to hell.. I concur!!

    Anonymous said...

    And another brother that totally gets it!!

    Anonymous said...


    'Find out which of your DWL neighbors have wimming pools, and then post a notice about pool parties at their houses. Even if their pets never make it ino the water, the sight of mobs of them ready to storm their property should put some race realism into at least a few of them.'

    And face lawsuit and possible arrest.

    Far as pool party and all go, doesnt the LEO know about cellphones and that Obama has stacked the deck?

    Anonymous said...

    From now on when orcs are trespassing and showing their asses don't bother calling the police. The police may respond if you are lucky and if they do they will be very polite and do nothing. Furthermore, if an Orc is breaking in your to rape, rob and murder you and yours don't worry the police aren't coming because they may mistreat the criminal, I mean the black.

    Gotta love America... Especially BRA!!

    Anonymous said...

    And I bet you never worked around a bunch of orcs!!!! I have and almost 40 years ago I saw orcs moving to the burbs of Atlanta. I knew back then the were different. They were animalistic in nature at best. Yes I wore the uniform in white areas... In black areas. Blacks commit most of the crime bar none!!! Cursing at criminals is not the most professional thing to do, I admit. But if your ass is in a huge Orc mess the niceness is an afterthought.

    Anonymous said...

    "If anything, it seems that there is a problem with the departmental policy that placed Casebolt at risk. Any idiot knows that several officers will be necessary anytime a large group of blacks is creating a disturbance. The department should have initially sent 10 officers to control the large number of orcs."

    This about a million times. If you or I had a S.W.A.T. team pulled on us we would quickly defuse it when we went through the process of calmly following officer orders and showing that we have nothing to hide. Not so with the negro. Always f@cks things up, it is always, always, always the negro in the middle of the situations and never any other race, except for the few unavoidable outliers that are statistically inevitable among ANY race.

    I don't mind a little inconvenience and humiliation if that is what is required of everybody in order to be 'fair' to the negro whilst also keeping everyone else safe from him. It is coming down to that, and the talk of sacrifice is coming to the forefront again. T.V. is a good start, can't go wrong with ditching that. The commercials alone (even without glasses-wearing Leroy taking center stage) are an insult to your time and intelligence. They used to soak you by saying "aren't you worth it" and now they pander openly towards your kids, and the message is "aren't they worth it?"

    Maybe we can convince our homegrown negros to start up those starving and helpless in Africa feed a child a month campaigns so they can be center stage on the television rather than those sub-Saharans. They can talk about how bad they have it and how oppressed they are, with a thorough-stoking of white-guilt aimed particularly at white females.

    Show a beautiful and well meaning white woman who is assisting a negro while he stands there doing nothing other than eyeing her ass and looking creepy and predatory. Maybe, maybe have some speak, but bleep out all of the obscenities and maybe do a voice over with Morgan Freeman or some other prominent black actor to make them sound somewhat intelligent.

    Anyone care to start by overdubbing some footage of American-black in their natural habitat?

    Anonymous said...

    About a year or so back, I use to use my real name when posting. My thinking was why not im retired, I was in my own business for 34 years, what can happen to me. Now im starting to see people loosing there jobs for posting the wrong information (meaning the truth). Whats next, why the thought police.

    They call them FUSION centers, areas where people are in reeducation camps. Good God this is not my country anymore, and hasnt been for at least 20 years.

    Im not going. EX-DETROITER...

    Anonymous said...

    I hope Casebolt got checked out by a "HAZMAT team after the physical contact with that African female.

    Truth Corps said...

    If one thing give me hope for the future it's how public opinion can change on a dime. Disco became unpopular & ridiculed in a span of months. When Rap and hip hop are finally seen for the trash that it is, it will be dropped just as fast.
    Homosexuality and gay marriage have become not only "accepted" but the norm in the span of just one decade, while integration and mixed marriages are still not quite accepted in the mainstream after 60 years. When BRA finally hits the wall- it won't stick and will literally vanish overnight. But first we realists must slog through the trenches. Be glad incidents like the pool party are getting air time, people are waking up left & right. Now go buy some more ammo. You don't have enough. Trust me.

    Anonymous said...

    I am just sure that Casebolt and his partner cop in the car responded to a radio call and once on the scene Casebolt said to the other cop......"Look there's a 14 year old African female just standing there, quick lets go get her".........That would be how Al Sharpton would report it.

    Anonymous said...

    Baltimore, Ferguson, St. Paul, Philadelphia, Indianapolis... this list goes on, and not even a Redtails' flyover could turns things around for them now.

    Keep using the evidence that PK kindly processes for a lot of us (as well as the contributions by posters) to continue, and ultimately sink, the BRA narrative. Words vs. facts. Excuses vs. actions. Recorded for future assessment in each and every instance. Show a trail of irresponsibility and blame-shifting that even a grade schooler could comprehend and do a report on. We don't need to get anything through black people's heads. Experience has shown this to be impossible, and clearly not worth the time and resources which can be used to actually help society move forward and progress. They are like an obsolete anchor that we drag like around and can't find a use for. Don't just use aggregate statistics, but do multiple case-studies that go into depth on some of the subject matter that Paul covers here.

    On top of that it would be nice to have an organized group that followed many of their Facebook and Twitter accounts and saw when they were coordinating flash-mobs and the like. They are stupid enough to be overt about all their anti-social actions, so we might as well start using that to our advantage.

    Keep posting guys, I love when the daily counts are easily passing 100 comments. Sharing your stories and experiences help the rest of us cope and plan for our own encounters with Americanus Basketballus. Happy early weekend to everybody!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm just not seeing any reason why this officer should be reprimanded for his actions.

    Keeping in mind I was not there, everything I have read and seen he acted in a appropriate manner.

    I personally have been in many unruly crowd situations in my career and trust me, the experience can be quite frightening.

    Think about are out numbered, unknown number/type of weapons and you're facing groid yoots that are antagonizing the crowd and disobeying a direct lawful order. You have been called there for a reason and you have just seconds to analyze the situation, identify the threats and deal with a sheboon who clearly is not going to cooperate. Furthermore, while doing all of this and knowing full well you could twist the shebooon into something resembling a charred pretzel, you instead forcibly but safelyly take her to the ground and restrain her from any more movements while cuffing her.

    But now you are vulnerable. You are kneeling and trying to cuff a wild animal who is cursing your very existence. The crowd of diverse "children" is really getting lathered up now. Your back is unprotected and there are groids trying to flank you on all sides yelling in an unintelligible groidian language. Groids whom also would like nothing more than to turn this into little Ferguson. They too deserve to riot and loot and maybe get those Jordans the white man has been keeping them from. Heck, might even get to be on TV wearing that recently purchased bandana (as seen on TV worn exclusively by cool rioters everywhere) covering their face while throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police car...oh the joy! Go sheboon go! F the po po! Let's really get this party started!

    Anonymous said...

    So what do you do? You only have a split second to come up with something. Better be worth the effort because this may be your only opportunity to make a move. Myself and MANY other officers would go for the sidearm in that situation every single time. The crowd is a living, breathing SINGLE entity. Don't miss the forest for the trees. I'm not bringing a knife to a gun fight as the saying goes. This is a very volatile, increasingly dangerous situation and I (should) have the luxury of pulling my weapon if I feel my life is or could potentially be threatened...and guess what? It worked. The groids and DWL spawn safely dispersed without any further incident.

    I am so tired of all the comments crying police brutality from people who have never had the responsibility of being an officer. Are there bad cops? Absolutely. No question. But personally, I do not care one bit about how good you are at your office job or your IQ. Until you have done this job, until you have seen all the horrors this job can bring to your doorstep, the sleepless nights, the emotional disconnect from friends and family, things I will not describe in this forum, all of it, you have no room to judge a split second decision taken by police officer in a volatile environment. I was not there. However I do have experience in volatile crowds and I can tell you a lot of people second guessing this officer would run away. Not this man. He is a sworn police officer. A decorated police officer. He stepped up and did what was right. He protected the innocent, tax paying citizens when they needed it most. I would partner up with this man any day.

    Now, the real tragedy begins to unfold. A decorated officer is forced to resign his post because a worthless black girl who will never amount to anything more than a willing womb for the next generation of homeland terrorists gets to continue taking a free ride on our backs and complain about the ride. Sickening. Get your fifteen minutes and go back to the hole you came from. Hope you are happy.

    The bottom line here is a lesson we all learned at quite a young age about accountability. Something that should be as simple as 2+2. If you screw up, you will be held accountable for your actions. Period. If you have contact with law enforcement, listen to simple instruction and you will be fine. If you listen to instruction and are treated unfairly, then react in a court of law. Not at the scene.

    Unfortunately that is not the case in the black community. Their world is not like ours. They are NOT like us. They are savages only out for themselves bent on ruining all the white man has built.

    Thank you for your time.
    M.O.S. 0321
    " The world owes you nothing, it was here first"

    Race said...

    Lifeguards call them rock fish

    Anonymous said...

    I'm in the "health care" Industry and I know how corrupt and dishonest it is. It got this way with Mega Insurance Companies, Sleazy Politicians and "The Public's" demand for "free health care" (pass the bill to your neighbor or children).

    My job is corrupt and I am corrupt. I "cheat" the government, Medicare and Insurance companies any way and time I can (there are ways that are "legal" but are dishonest). I don't cheat the patient and NEVER hurt a child, but I don't like what "health care" has become.

    Note: This will happen to Law Enforcement. To all White Police: PROTECT yourself and avoid the Negro. Do NOTHING to harm your life or career. Stop. Let them kill each other since that is the best thing you can do for law enforcement. You can't kill the violent negro THUG, but you can stand down and let another negro do the "work" for you. Stand down and let them cull each other. That is the best thing you can do for Law % Order.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey always, great article.

    Cops vs. criminals: The modern guide...
    1. All cops are racist.
    2. Black people should never be arrested. If they are, it's because of rule 1.
    3. When a cop is arresting a black person, there should be a mob of at least 30 people video taping the arrest. This will be used to ensure the cop is using excessive force in the arrest, and was racially motivated. Also, the cop cannot defend himself when the mob turns violent. That is also racist.
    4. If the cop is found not guilty, the case will be immediately pursued by the Departed Of Justice led by the Obama Administration. The media will also have extensive coverage declaring the cop guilty.
    5. If the cop is killed in the line of duty, the media coverage will be minimal with the declaration, "He shouldn't have tried to arrest him anyways. (Criminal's name) was afraid of police and was holding a gun."
    6. If the criminal is killed, the coverage will be front page news across the nation and all news channels. The criminal will be made a martyr; with his family declaring, "(Criminal's name) was a good boy. He didn't do nothing. He was gonna go to college and become an astronaut." The criminal's family will shown crying while holding a picture of the victim at eight years old or graduation. This will always be the case, even if the criminal had an extensive RAP sheet. This includes theft, drug dealing, assault, breaking and entering, grand theft auto, illegal weapons possession, and armed robbery.
    7. Riots will be allowed and unpreventable, no matter how much property damage occurs.
    8. Citizens should not be allowed to protect themselves with firearms. That's what the cops are for.
    9. And finally, everyone should realize that only a few people are actually dangerous. Those few are serial killers or sociopaths like John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson. They are much more dangerous than a thousand gang members in your neighborhood. That should be considered normal; despite the murdering, looting, raping, destruction of private property, drug dealing, assault, and prostitution that has become commonplace in virtually all big cities.

    Anonymous said...

    Well put friend, in as few words, well put!!

    Race said...

    I'm pretty sure this is satire, however it is so close to dwl speech that I actually get nauseous reading it. Please refrain from this type of humor as it is to close to reality. This is what I hear when I turn on the local AM news station. This morning they were gleefully talking about this case and that sodomy marriages will be absolute law in just a few short weeks. Julie... My head is going to explode soon. Please spare me. I cone to this site as a refreshing break from the insanity that is currently reality.
    Thank you

    Anonymous said...

    Anon said:

    "I keep hearing all the talk about Casebolt pulling a gun on the teens, but I don't see this when watching the video..."

    I don't either. In fact, I think he reached for his weapon to keep it out of grabbing range of the circling "teens". If a "teen" had grabbed it, or gotten close to obtaining it, imagine the escalation factor.

    I would ask people criticizing the officer this question: have you ever been surrounded, circled, by a group that is potentially or proven hostile? If you haven't been in at least a *somewhat* similar situation, now might be a good time to STFU.

    Race said...

    There were 12 there and the police department praised the other eleven and threw casebolt to the wolves.

    awakened white said...

    its so funny its sad, the did do nuffins BPP and NOI have arrived, party time

    #White lives matter
    #Private Property matters
    #White unites

    Race said...

    Loved your rant!

    Anonymous said...

    It's funny, "racists" are supposed to be the least intelligent folks around according to the gospel of the YKWs. But I learn a new word or concept or fact on this site almost every day.

    The other day it was Boethius. Yes, I'm White, but I'll admit my education didn't include Boethius. And I'm fairly well-read (I thought) but still the name didn't ring a bell. I went looking to find out who he was and I learned something.

    Today it was Francium - a chemical element I just read up on. Didn't have a clue. Now do.

    Thanks to the *intelligent* race-realists on this site, I am still learning essential (and not-so-essential but still interesting) things.

    Anonymous said...

    white guilt is rooted in racism knowing this should give us some clue as to how to wake them up and could prove to be humerous!
    Give them hell!

    Anonymous said...

    So a question to those schooled in self-defense tactics-

    Is situational awareness the key to keeping safe when in groid-infested locales? Not letting them come up from behind or catch you in a private, out of view area? Travel in groups like gazelles or some other animal prey? Learn a few basic jabs and kicks for close encounters with a muscle-memory honed to perfection?

    I don't want to have to use any of it, but I don't want to have to be afraid and risk my life and property either. And I am talking about inevitable situations when you CAN'T avoid the groid due to past and present obligations.

    Some of you talk about how they will back down just like any garden-variety bully if you show resistance and no fear. You make it obnoxious, uncomfortable, and probably not worth the trouble. Do a lot of perps shoot you no matter if you give in to their demands? What makes them uneasy, what makes them think twice with the limited cognitive capacity they have?

    Anonymous said...

    As many have pointed out, the DWLs are the true villians in the incidents like these. If it weren't for DWLs, we wouldn't be hearing about his incident, the cop would still have a job, and he wouldn't be forced to prostate himself before the entire country.

    The DWLs in the media are the ones who find these relatively rare stories (compared to stories of black on black violence), the ones who edit the cell phone videos in order to create a false narrative, and the ones who start to spin the false narrative until it becomes The Facts. Blacks in the media simply cut and paste their same stale racist rants on the material their white colleagues provide them with.

    Anonymous said...

    Californian said (on the topic of the DWL mindset):

    "There is something psycho-sexually going on beyond the politics and ideology..."

    I believe you are on to something here, Californian. And this is pertinent to my query a week or so back about the etiology of Liberal emotional pathology.

    There is some dark (no pun intended), unfortunate weakness (an evolutionary misstep) in back of all this DWL stage-dressing. Once ferreted out, it should prove to be one of the principle keys to deconstructing the pathology and it's ramifications.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you think that the information requirement to live successfully in today's society is pushing them over the edge? Even before some high-schools were dumbed down to serve as big kid-baby-sitting centers, they were not enough to really support success in the modern world anymore. Some people are natural self-starter and learners, but most of us rely on someone else to provide us with a job, a source of income to meet our personal needs that no one else really cares about because they have their own. It is better to have a solid AA degree in a STEM field or even just volunteer/intern experience in industry than a 4-year and masters in political science and Africana-studies. The latter degrees just show that someone is capable with meeting deadlines and paying school dues.

    Actually having present-level knowledge in any of the STEM fields makes you actually USEFUL, as even with all the labor out there you will still be a stable commodity. And they always need teachers for these fields as well, because they are difficult, complex, and require scientific and professional discipline. There are also useful trade skills that still bring in the big bucks if you have some experience under your belt, not requiring a union support system.

    Everyone seems to want a job but not everyone wants to make themselves useful. Negros sure don't, and you can count on that as a constant. Don't be like the negro. Be useful to those around you, even if it is in less advanced ways than I just mentioned above. Help others build, and do it for other reasons than for yourself. Don't take, but contribute and see what happens when you can work with and openly trust one-another. What results is all the reward you need.

    Don't back down my friends.

    Anonymous said...

    Another good article PK. And thanks to all the people that have much to lose, coming forward with stories of truth. Remember the negroe is a weapon being used to destroy the last remains of our civilization.


    Anonymous said...

    Get real; open your eyes. If you truly can see what's going on around you then this is the conclusion you will reach:

    Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, whatever you want to call them... WANT you to be subservient to negroes; they want you to suffer at their collective hands. They feel you are directly responsible for slavery and Jim Crow (Thanks, 'Merchants'!), and therefore you must now be punished by submitting to orc mayhem.

    If you allow them to make the rules, then prepare to bow down before your negro overlords...

    Anonymous said...

    The second video gives a clearer picture of the chaos and danger. I started crying looking at what those feral negroes did to that neighborhood and what those poor police had to deal with. The female negroes are as bad as the males! They did not disperse when ordered. I noted one waddling across the street wearing what appeared to be a loaded diaper. The big one who the poor officer eventually had to restrain reminded me of the enormous pregnant negro in CA who had to be restrained. They both screeched and bellowed incessantly. My God, they are repulsive. Will that community stand up for that officer? I hope so.

    P.S. And Michelle wonders why coloreds are not welcome at any civilized location. I could see her behaving just like the one restrained - gigantic hind legs and feet, and all.

    Anonymous said...

    "It's not ISIS it's USIS!" What? He sounds like a Little Rascals character.

    Don't you just love that about half the blacks in America are "reverends"? No Divinity School, no degree, no experience. They just start calling themselves "reverend" and preso-chango they is!! Well, today I is the Queen of NJ!! All hail me.

    P.S. Poor limited man had such trouble with the word "ree-dick-ooh-lus". He also called the LEOs "injustice law officers". Television stations, I beg you, please use subtitles whenever blacks are speaking, especially athletes.

    Note: Mistakenly posted on yesterdays's thread.

    Anonymous said...

    You ever see Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino"? Definitely check it out. Some funny orc stuff.

    But, the picture was clearly meant to represent modern America's infestation of n*ggers, and what they are doing to our towns and cities. They conveniently used some sort of Pacific Islander as a stand in for nigs. Pretty laughable, considering the .00000001% of the problem that those islanders cause.

    But that's Hollywood. Can't actually tell the Truth. Gotta protect the little shock troops the Left has created and unleashed amongst us.

    But gotta love Clint for trying. Would LOVE to hear a candid interview with him about that. Did he want nigs as the gang members? Was he shot down in casting by the Merchant studio heads?

    Hey Clint, you're an old man now; you can speak your mind. Time to give a no-holds barred interview; let it ALL out regarding your take on nigs in America. Don't pass away without letting the country know what's really going on. If you're not being called a racist, you're a coward.


    Anonymous said...

    Remember your children at school have been taught to fight for equality. From kindergarten to university. Every university. That a an an army.

    Anonymous said...

    What a look at BRA's future?

    Brooklyn born said...

    Been awhile.............Fer-effen-tigued!

    Meanwhile.....................The Assault on civilization continues:

    So I get to pay 500k for my house while the groid gets it for less than half, then destroys my equity to less than half of what I paid. Zero sum game, equal outcome, a Liberal Utopia.

    Nowhere to run my brothers. Obama and the entire weight of the Federal government say so.

    Well back to cutting trees to try and maintain my property's equity..........and sanity!

    SC Native said...

    True but how many will fight? I doubt many will when rubber meets road. Secular values are good talking points for libs but only that. Even the DWL won't fight with more than words for secular values. Only a few true believers might even consider this and how many of them don't approve of physical violence? How many DWL parents will let their kids go out and participate in this? Nah, anybody here who's been in a combat situation will tell you it's no place for the soft.

    Long Island Guido said...

    Here it is folks...Obama wants "utopian neighborhoods" (no suprise). The evil never ends with this muslim...

    SC Native said...

    I think private security companies are going to be big business in the future too. I also have a feeling they're deal with Orc problems very differently than LE, where Rastus be? I ain't know, I ain't seen him since he said he b goin to dat YT neighborhood to steal some sheet. Nobody heard from Rastus ever again.

    Anonymous said...

    Again, you have to look at incidents like this one and realize this is why they had segregation. Not because whites were "prejudiced" against blacks over the color-of-their-skin(tm). Not because of "bigotry." But because white people back then understood this was a racial struggle. The invasion of a swimming pool and the ensuing riot is one more battle in a war which got started with the Kramer decision and followed through with Brown vs Board of Education, the Civil Rights sit-ins, the Long Hot Summer Riots, and every other black invasion of white territory. This is why the Alabama cops who made their stand at the Edmund Pettus Bridge were defending white freedom.

    The dilemma is that once white people decided that they wanted "equality" with blacks, they morally disarmed themselves. Why? Whites placed themselves in an untenable situation. First of all, blacks have too many genetic differences from whites. We've discussed IQ factors, etc. So "equality" is not going to work.

    More fundamentally, blacks do not want equality. They want dominance. Fact is, wherever blacks have been given any kind of equality, they exploit it to deny white people their lives, liberties and property. This was true in Haiti after slavery ended; in majority rule Zimbabwe and South Africa; in Detroit; and now a small town in Texas.

    Maria From California... said...

    So this is how it’s going to be now, huh? A mudslide of dark faces scaling over fences into private property, ooking and eeking with a prepubescent sheboon confronting authority and being dealt with accordingly while future dindu baby daddies flank the officer on his gun side. This may have been the first time these two future silverbacks had a police officer’s gun pointed at them but it won’t be the last.

    The only thing I didn’t see was this synthetic weave braided orcette getting tagged before being released back into the wild. Would enjoy watching her geo fixes as she goes through life: from the weave store to the crib, underground twerking clubs, to multiple orc cribs, 99 cent store, abortion clinic, section ape apartments, abortion clinic, sideshow, abortion clinic…

    Baltimore’s got it right. Stand down, officers. Whistle into the sky, take the scenic route and drag your feet after being dispatched anywhere where the population has eyes glowing piss yellow in the afternoon sun.

    Makes my skin crawl thinking of all the muddled DNA floating in that pool now. I’d need a Silkwood shower if I came into contact with that water.

    chattanooga gal said...

    "I predict the pool will be drained and closed to prevent more "incidents" before Summer is over."
    I agree with your prediction. It's just like all the 4th of july fireworks shows and outdoor movies or concerts that get canceled because we HAVE to let the orcs go, and they can't behave. So I guess, now, white people won't be allowed to have swimming pools.

    FlowerBell said...


    Well the neighbors on the acreage next to mine have decided to use the area closest to my house to develop an ATV or go-cart type run for their kids and their kids friends. Everyday is filled with the sound of little carts buzzing past, round and round, day in day out. When I asked them to place it somewhere else their uninterested response was "We don't want it near our house", so they placed it on the edge of their property next to mine. I mentioned to them that it was directly effecting my quality of life as there was no peace or quiet anymore, they told me to "Go **** myself". If I were a mean person I would now sell my place to a big family of Negroes that would change their quality of life, turnabout being fair play, but I'm not that mean.

    So it's a "nice" white family who is making me move this time, I give up, I really do.
    This is the last post. I'm done with my futile complaining or trying to make sense of human nature, black, white, red, yellow or brown.

    I wish everyone here all the best. Thanks for the memories.

    Over and out, FlowerBell.

    Californian said...

    "There is something psycho-sexually going on beyond the politics and ideology..."

    I believe you are on to something here, Californian.

    British and American military propagandists in the 20th century called their craft "psychological warfare." This was, in part, because underlying the political ideologies are often unconscious psychological drives and impulses which create attitudes and motivate behaviors. We can see this with DWLs. They engage in a Borg-like level of groupthink. They willingly subordinate themselves to black interests for reasons which are often emotional and irrational. The fact that virtually every black majority rule city and country has disintegrated into fiasco is not allowed to intrude into the delusion.

    A while back, the term "crystal methodism" was used to describe the belief system which DWL buy into. They get a "high" off of worshiping blacks. It's the sort of thing you might see when one group subordinates themselves to another perceived as higher up on the feeding chain.

    All this bears more examination...

    chattanooga gal said...

    "Find out which of your DWL neighbors have wimming pools, and then post a notice about pool parties at their houses. Even if their pets never make it ino the water, the sight of mobs of them ready to storm their property should put some race realism into at least a few of them."
    great idea. if it wouldn't be taking your life in your hands, maybe some people with vans could simply drive a bunch of them over and drop them off. the dwl's should be "welcoming"

    chattanooga gal said...

    "Whenever a white person, or a even a group of white persons, gets physically attacked, maimed, murdered, etc., by any number of black persons, the story will just make the local news...and the local media will typically not report on the racial aspect of the story...and typically, the police will be "not sure" if a "hate crime" has actually been committed by the black persons despite reports of anti-white slurs being used by the black offender(s)."
    so true. we just had a case here in Chattanooga where a white teenage boy was attacked in a publc park where they play frizbee golf. the hoodlums who attacked him admitted that they did so because " he white, he don't belong in this neighborhood" but they won't call it a hate crime.

    Anonymous said...


    chattanooga gal said...

    "Cops vs. criminals: The modern guide..."
    you left out the last rule- the orc will immediately sue someone for a large cash payout.

    Anonymous said...

    Don't mind me, just helping keep the tally:

    Five people, ages 16 to 85, shot in Baltimore

    Grazed the 85 year old woman's leg, will teach her to venture out from her burned out senior center.

    Anonymous said...

    Truth Corps said:

    "Homosexuality and gay marriage have become not only "accepted" but the norm in the span of just one decade, while integration and mixed marriages are still not quite accepted in the mainstream after 60 years..."

    I wish I could agree with you, Truth, but I see interracial couples every time I go to the store. Even more frequently, I see tatted and vacant looking White females with mulatto sprog in tow.

    The interracial couple "Kim and Kanye" are apparently regarded as Gods by many people. Even porn seems to be about 80% black male/White female sex acts, often with multiple "men" and one female. It's a sick society, my friend. Truly ailing in so many fundamental ways. Not just a little bit sick; radically and morbidly ill in taste, standards, and morals.

    Anonymous said...

    Paying for Baltimore

    Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has proposed pulling money from the city's rainy day fund to pay for the extensive property damage as well as workers' compensation claims that have been filed by 169 city employees including police officers, the Baltimore Sun reported. More than 100 police officers were injured during the chaos, the police department reported.

    Bob Cenname, Baltimore's deputy budget director, said the city is estimating a cost of $1.7 million to pay for the injuries, according to the Baltimore Sun.

    They were just people, not property- how does it go again?

    Before I decide to punch an active firefighter in the balls while he attempts to help save the city, should I thank him for his efforts and being able to actually pass an intelligence-based skill test?

    It would be interesting to know how many police and other city officials were harmed by children under the age of 10. You saw your future felons with stones in hand, taking turns throwing debris at officers of the law for a good laugh and burst of adrenaline. The future of Baltimore. Unsupervised children, only know they have gradumacated to more adult-sized bodies. Maybe you can all join the shakedown racket with the artists painting up the sides of people's houses? The key is to create a problem (destroy something) so that services and man hours are needed to fix it all back again. So much room for shuck and jive, too bad it is too late to utilize the 1.8+ billion that Baltimore received over a period of years. That money would have really been helpful rebuilding Sandtown AFTER the riots, rather than BEFORE.

    Maybe they even could have built a swimming pool.

    Anonymous said...

    Long Island Guido posted this link earlier:

    Here's a little teaser:

    “'We have a history of putting affordable housing in poor communities,' said Debby Goldberg, vice president at the National Fair Housing Alliance."

    Wow, why have we been doing that MS.GOLDBERG?

    Why have we been so shortsighted as to put "affordable" housing in a "poor" area; we should have been putting affordable housing right in the middle of the high-rent district all along I guess.

    More: "Children growing up in poor communities have less of a chance of succeeding in life, because they face greater exposure to violence and crime, and less access to quality education and health facilities".

    Yes, that MUST be it...less of a chance of succeeding; greater exposure to crime...less access to health facilities...hmmm, yeah, I guess they covered it. If we just move the poor people right on in with the wealthier people, all these problems should pretty much disappear. OK, I'm sold!

    I am beginning to wonder if this kind of overreach isn't going to cost BRA some DWL true-believer types.

    Coming to a neighborhood near you-maybe even your own-DIVERSITY! (confetti drop)

    Anonymous said...

    "Anonymous said...

    Now that the HOA rules have been fully "discredited", what will stop yoofs from going over there all the time, daring you to ask them to leave?

    There are a lot of hot weekends coming up McKinney. Are you ready to party?

    I predict the pool will be drained and closed to prevent more "incidents" before Summer is over.

    June 10, 2015 at 8:01 PM"

    Very good point.

    Anonymous said...

    I know it does no good, but I emailed several national media outlets. I asked why they only showed Officer Casebolt arresting the defiant teen girl. Asked why they only reported wrong doing of the police and nothing about the out of control kids breaking laws, and no charges being brought against the kids. Asked why they did not get all information before calling the officers racist. And much more.
    I also said because the police can not do what they are trained to do any longer citizens are left to defend themselves. And that is why Baltimore had a high murder rate in one weekend and it is going to get worse, thanks to the media. Thanks to the media for making all non Blacks racists, and when non Blacks speak out and speak truths they lose their jobs, receive death threats, etc. Non Whites are being criminalized and blacks are getting special treatment and know it and using it to their advantage and the media is helping blacks do so. Because of this society will be paying a higher price of black violence. Thanks liberals and liberal media and irresponsible reporting.

    I hope more Whites and other non black races will start to speak out about the media helping blacks burn this country down and increasing violence.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon said, re:Baltimore:

    "More than 100 police officers were injured during the chaos"

    Think about that for a few seconds: more than 100 officers injured while "understandable anger" and "misdirection" reigned.

    Imagine walking down a line made up of these officers, and shaking hands with each one..."more than 100".

    In a better system, these officers could file a class-action suit against Rawlings-Blake herself.

    Anonymous said...

    p.s.-and another thing: I hope the 100 injured officers take every bit of off-time they can get; take every bit of disability, workman's comp or full-or half-pay or WHATEVER money or benefits the pitiful broken black city of Baltimore can be stuck for. Take your time healing up there officers; let's not rush the recuperation process!

    And I mean it, even the black cops; because the corrupt and ill-prepared "leaders" of Baltimore should have to sit and think, as painful and unnatural as that act is for them, about how the hell they are gonna get their pitiful third-world asses through this mess and come out with a viable city budget somewhere on the other side.

    Yeah, I know; they'll "ax" Obama for heps, damn them.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon said....

    ...It's a sick society, my friend. Truly ailing in so many fundamental ways. Not just a little bit sick; radically and morbidly ill in taste, standards, and morals."

    The culture, or at least vast swaths of it, is beyond anything I would have ever imagined as a young person. Thirty or so years ago when I was young, but old enough to be aware, the country seemed a solid, unmovable thing.

    With respect to negroes the trajectory has been this:
    1. segregation - negroes are different, they stay in their areas, not cause trouble when in white areas and white people leave them alone
    2. integration - negroes vill be integrated into white society, BUT they will behave according to the standards of behavior of the white majority
    3. subjugation - negroes will be strongly integrated into white society AND negroes will behave exactly any way they want to behave and the white majority will accept that behavior, support the negroes financially and adapt to negro behavior

    CENTURION said...

    This police officer has no Social Racial skills.

    He was alone. He was being filmed. He is White and they are negro. He should have done nothing but wait for back-up.

    So, in trying to bring White Law & Order to the Jungle, he is made a fool and has no job. Sorry. BUT, I have a strong feeling he and his family have had their Awakening.

    He has paid a huge price to learn the truth.

    Anonymous said...

    a little OT, but pertinent to the overall theme...

    Obama to "Dviersify" wealthy neighborhoods

    "President Obama is pressing forward with regulations to diversify wealthy neighborhoods – and critics of the idea haven’t been shy, calling out the idea as ridiculous and an irrational way of advancing the White House’s own vision of a utopian society.

    The rules, coming from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, could withhold block grants to communities if they don’t build enough so-called affordable housing in wealthy neighborhoods, the Hill reported."


    Anonymous said...

    His religion is Dinduism

    General J.O. Shelby said...

    Pool party was organized by Tatyana Rhodes and her mom, Lashana. They were chargin' $15 a head. Had over a hundred to show($1500). Didn't even reserve the pool and were only allowed 20 guests, if they had. They are from Chicago. So, this was very well a staged event. One of dozens to come.

    ATL Born said...

    I for one will miss your posts FlowerBell. Hope you return soon. Don't give up, don't give in, never surrender!! Run, walk, or crawl, never give up!! If you really are moving, look into the Northwest Front for relocating and all the best!

    Sheila said...

    So many good comments here today. Pool being drained and unused the rest of the summer? Perhaps; but then the RAYCISS screams would really start. I would argue rather that the White residents will stop using it, as the mayor, police chief, AND the damned developer/home owners assoc. have all insisted they value diversity above $$ and White civilization. As I noted earlier, check back in a few months and see how many homes there have changed hands. This is the end of Craig Ranch as a "destination" move for wealthy Whites. Of course, they should have known better (but didn't, as they were all DWLs). I think someone asked if the negress who organized the melee was a resident - yes - she and her progenitress moved from Chicago to get away from the violence. All together now, "Awww...."

    This is all part and parcel of Obama and his Justice Dept.'s strategy to ensure there remain no White communities anywhere to escape to. My own suburb, quite close to McKinney, used to be derided regularly (back when we subscribed to the local rag) as hideously White. No longer, folks. The dindus haven't yet invaded our neighborhood, but it's coming and we know it. What we're NOT looking at - gated communities, high profile wealthy communities, or anything that stands out. I'm amazed how wealthy (and low profiled) a lot of blue collar guys are - hell, I think my electrician, plumber, and lawn company guy all have far larger and nicer homes than I do! The White who owns and runs my lawn company employs Mexicans (he couldn't remain in business here otherwise, sadly) but no blacks - he admitted to me "My customers wouldn't stand for it." UPDATE: I just spoke with him about something else, and he predicted some clever White person would just happen to slip some fecal matter into the pool and call the health dept. and that should take care of unwanted visitors. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Final point - he said there is a go-fund-me page - suggested looking under David Eric Casebolt family. Anyone find it yet?

    Sheila said...

    To Analogue Man (in response to your comment for me on the previous thread) and anyone else - in no way did you ever offend me. I absolutely loved the Covington books! I made a choice long ago not to be offended by the truth or realism. The only thing that's offended me online in the past 5 years or so was someone questioning my race realism/ethnonationalism, suggesting it was a put-on. Sorry, but no. I can't help my genetics, unfortunately; they are what they are. However, as much as I believe in HBD, I do not believe in absolute genetic determinism. I have chosen my political and racial beliefs (I can't claim to have "chosen" to be a Christian - that was all God's work!) as well as those people I want to live amongst and whose standards I believe to be the best the world has yet offered. Could I go back in time, I would absolutely have barred my great-grandparents from coming to the US as not in its best interest. 130 years later, however, I'm afraid they're long dead, and America is the only country I've ever known or wanted. Not a "transformed America," but the old one - that unnecessarily and to its own detriment generously offered my ancestors a home they didn't deserve.

    Anonymous said...

    So, what have we learned? Let's recap:

    Negroes are genetically different in many ways from Whites. This includes skin color and fat deposits on the female buttocks, but also goes inside and affects IQ, future time orientation, impulse control, violence threshold, etc.

    Whites, given an honest choice, do not want to live around negroes, or have anything at all to do with them. Whites do not want to pay for their dysfunction (in a first world country), or be a victim of the Black Undertow, which inevitably follows them.

    Segregation in America was the result of intelligent White men looking at the negro and making the right decision. Jews came into the picture and got everyone feeling sorry for the orcs, and organized media campaigns to 'free' them and 'integrate' them. Groups like the SPLC are run by Jews and agitate for the negroes.

    If a real leader stepped up and just said "Enough, enough with the negroes. I'm going to do something for the country", the masses would rally behind him.

    Any takers? This role could very well be a modern day George Washington-type role maker.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry to hear about the ATV track FlowerBell.

    Hey guys, some smart minds here, let's help FB out. Creative ideas for her to deal with the motocross track next door?!

    Besides selling to an orc horde!

    PB said...

    “'We have a history of putting affordable housing in poor communities,' said Debby Goldberg, vice president at the National Fair Housing Alliance."

    An edict from the Occupation Authority of the conquered North American territories to follow.

    Anonymous said...

    Don't be fooled into thinking all blacks were followers of DR king. Many blacks believed in segregation, aka the thousands of Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey followers. But look at what happened after blacks built their own towns. Google Black Wall Street. Whites burned the city to the ground.

    Anonymous said...

    anon typed...

    "I predict the pool will be drained and closed to prevent more "incidents" before Summer is over."

    at June 10, 2015 at 8:01 PM

    In the good old days White people filled the public pools with concrete and build private pools excluding negroes.

    O/T: I read a column written by an "educated" negro woman last night. The topic was "white privilege" and "institutional racism". I then read the comments and they were the most entertaining part. I thought Kersey himself was responding to all the "educated" negroes and DWLs. This individual exposed the SJW's fraudulent ideas and theories. Each of their points were torn to shreds by statistics and the existence of affirmative action programs. This individual was able to use their own arguments against them. The SJWs ended up using ad hominem attacks to try and combat the facts presented. They failed miserably and it was a wonderful feeling.

    The point? Reading about their views educates me about how they think. If you know their views you can easily destroy their social justice mantra.

    Scot Irish

    AnalogMan said...

    SC Native said...

    Anybody who grew up around negroes knows how emotional they are and what a terrible idea it is to stir the pot. Sure the handlers can control them for a while but eventually they get uppity and think they can handle things from there.

    No, they actually believe they've been handling things from the start. They really are dumber than you can imagine.

    When I was in the army, the standard accusation for anybody who got too big for his boots was "You think you're white?"

    They do. They have no idea.

    Anonymous said...

    I've read about black wall street. White people decided to burn down part of Tulsa one day? Not hardly, if the negro kept his hands off the white girl nothing would have happened.

    Scot Irish

    Anonymous said...

    Private pools are the only way to go. There's been innumerable stories of what happens at public pools in good areas when the negroes invade. Girls being hit on or molested, fighting etc.
    There was a public pool in my hometown that the city shut down and filled with dirt. Didn't matter. Any day in the summer you could drive by and (no joke) you could walk across the pool on top of all the nappy heads and never have to worry about getting your feet wet. Who wants to pay taxes to support something you or your kids can't even use?

    Anonymous said...

    "Hey guys, some smart minds here, let's help FB out. Creative ideas for her to deal with the motocross track next door?!"

    PA system blasting an equally annoying noise, only louder, in their direction.
    Home alarm systems will drive animals and bugs away.

    An EMP generator directed their way should end the fun rather suddenly.

    Complain to your local law enforcement.....disturbing the peace, even in the middle of the day.

    Stop being nice.

    Anonymous said...

    The newspaper who printed the article admitted that their claims were false, as well as the mayor, doctor, and sherrif admitted the woman lied about the incident. So there's that...

    Anonymous said...

    What should happen in McKinney is this: The mayor and police chief need to be thrown out of office, and the Craig Ranch HOA needs to build gates to keep non-members out. (Everyone keeps calling this a "gated community", but I didn't see one gate or guard shack on the satellite imagery.)
    Whether the citizens there have the sense and resolve to take those simple steps, remains to be seen.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon said:

    "If a real leader stepped up and just said "Enough, enough with the negroes. I'm going to do something for the country", the masses would rally behind him."

    Where can I start? Look, brother, I'm sure you are a stand-up guy. I'll bet you would make a hell of a good friend or comrade in arms. But you are so wrong on this I'm not sure there's any way to bridge the gap I feel between us as I re-read your words. Look around you. Check out the White men who are so plugged into sports they obsess over the health of black athletes. You aren't ready for a mass uprising if you are walking around worried about some "athlete's" knee injury.

    Or take a look at your average career-man. He isn't going to rock the boat. He's got it too good. Sure, blacks are aggravating if you care about the health of our cities, the quality of life (mainly in the cities) for those who aren't wealthy enough to seclude themselves away from the black plague, the overwhelming drag of blacks on the economy, the outrageous things "our" FEDGOV does, etc.

    But the DJI is over 18,000. Most White people have cable or satellite. They know about things like "Dancing with the Stars" or "Sons of Anarchy". A lot of them *think* they have black friends-the IKAGO at work who talks bakkaball with them. "March Madness dude!"

    We who read this blog see the world differently. We are awake. Most are not. That's why we will have a head-start on the rest. But this system will fail utterly before any such rallying around a "leader" happens, and even then it might be many leaders in several different enclaves.

    I wish you well, but lets not live in fantasy land here, please.

    Anonymous said...

    FlowerBell - see what your legal options are, if you haven't already. Meanwhile, I will pray for a deadly accident.

    Mr. Rational said...

    If I were a mean person I would now sell my place to a big family of Negroes that would change their quality of life, turnabout being fair play, but I'm not that mean.

    FlowerBell, this is called "creating a nuisance" and you can have it shut down in most places.  You don't have to move.  Video all interactions with these neighbors (get a wearable spy camera if you must).  If they threaten you, get a restraining order and put the onus on THEM to behave.

    If they behave badly enough you may be able to force them to sell and move away from YOU.

    Mr. Rational said...

    I predict the pool will be drained and closed to prevent more "incidents" before Summer is over.

    Not predicting, but I would not be the least bit surprised if something "happens" to the party organizers' house.  The landlord is certainly insured, and if people keep their mouths shut there won't be much BRA could do about it.

    AnalogMan said...

    Anonymous said

    I see the potential there, but I see it starting with families first rather than strangers. ... And read to your children.

    June 10, 2015 at 11:46 PM

    Nice comment.

    I mentioned before, and I'm not sure if anybody besides Californian understood what I was hinting at...

    Tom Chittum, in his book Civil War II, predicts that America will break up when the federal government loses the ability to hold it together. He says that, when central government authority fails, the vacuum will be filled by the gangs, which are already in place, organized and armed. I said, we need to get organized and armed.

    Now, we know that any organized White gang, whether for criminal purposes or not, will be infiltrated by the government. So, whom can you trust, if not your family? It's a model that has had some success in the past.

    But as for reading to your children... that's unfair.

    “I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally,” British academic Adam Swift told ABC’s Joe Gelonesi.

    “Evidence shows that the difference between those who get bedtime stories and those who don’t – the difference in their life chances – is bigger than the difference between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t,” Swift said.

    In his article, Gelonesi added: “This devilish twist of evidence surely leads to a further conclusion that perhaps – in the interests of leveling the playing field – bedtime stories should also be restricted.”

    Anonymous said...

    White communities need to get rid of the Barney Fife security guards and place armed first responders on the ground with signs that read: WE SHOOT TRESPASSERS.

    Anonymous said...

    The cop should have tasered that out of control sheboon.. Negros truly have no respect for anything will destroy anythin good. It is in their genetic makeup.

    Medic Bear said...

    re: Anonymous at 1:48 and Obama's utopian dream-

    Hahahahaha ! OMG ! This serves the DWLs right !

    OK, ya'll, you'd better check to see if your development or neighborhood ever received HUD money - you'd be surprised how widespread that money was and is, and let me know how things go once a Section 8 house or three pops into existence on your block !

    I so wish I could see the faces of those paint-theory DWLs when the new neighbors hold a BBQ complete with 200 db rap music, clouds of blunt smoke and hundreds of energized brotha's and sistas ! It makes me smile just thinking about it ! And then just wait for stuff to start disappearing...and break-ins to mysteriously skyrocket and rapes, assaults, home invasions and the like all start !

    I can hear it now "Daaaad ! Some darkie tried to grab my behind as I got the mail !"

    Hahahahaha !

    SC Native said...

    I guess that's were the old HNIC comes from. As we would say in the south "bless their hearts". On second thought nah curse them.

    Anonymous said...

    I deal with black youth throughout the school year, some are good kids that want to learn and be productive, but most are just out of control and want everything handed to them. This officer controlled the situation as best as can be expected, at first it seems harsh but for these kids that is the only way that you can control them. They don't care about authority, all they care about is how they can get over on society.

    Anonymous said...

    Flower bell...first complain to the cty. Check the decibels. Keep a careful record of when they operate. if there is not a law about unlicensed gocart tracks within 300 feet of neighbors, then ask the city politely to change the rules. Count the number of cars.
    Going to a commercial go-cart track is expensive. Your neighbors have found a way to make their fellow church members owe them--so that they will acquire more business for their bug-spray company.
    The neighbors were nasty to you because YOU are paying for their company's advertising, not them.
    Flower bell, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
    Keep records and become friendly with the city management. Find out how to get the nuisance stopped.
    Do not be shy. You don't want to sell your house to a nice young couple and tell them "this is a great place to live, I am moving because (insert lie)."
    I just googled cost to go to go cart track. They charge by the race. Big bucks. Also, contact every insurance agency in town and explain to them what your neighbors are doing. You will get their insurance cancelled or they will stop. Go cart racing is a huge liability issue that no insurance company would cover. Your neighbors may have committed insurance fraud with the gocart track

    Race said...

    If you are looking up past cases that effected race relations in America, don't forget Griggs vs. Duke Power. PK has done at least one article on this subject for those who would like to refresh their memory or be enlightened.

    Race said...

    Thanks for the gut busting post!

    Race said...

    Don't quit, we enjoy your posts.

    Left Coast White Guy said...

    This is almost all I see out here in southern California

    AnalogMan said...

    Flowerbell, I feel for you. I've been there. There really isn't an easy solution, if you don't have a local authority that can shut down the nuisance. If your house is closer to the boundary than his, you're at a disadvantage.

    In a war, you must be prepared to take casualties. Everybody loses.

    When England was enriched with diversity, the Pakis used to buy a house in a nice quiet street. Then they'd put on some nice Paki music, repeating, loud enough so that the whole street could enjoy it, and go out for the day. Pretty soon, their relatives coming in from Pakistan would get some nice homes near to them, at bargain prices. Before you knew it, the whole street was vibrant.

    I used to live in the country. I found there were basically two types of people living there. The one type, like myself, wanted to get away from the noise of the city. The other type wanted to get away from the restrictions on their noisy activities in the city.

    One of my neighbours - I never even knew which one - would occasionally put on a very loud, very crappy record, repeating the same track endlessly. Then, I assumed, he'd drink himself unconscious, because it went on all night.

    Another was a rally driver. He used to practise on our country roads, made a hell of a racket. I used to fantasize about strewing caltraps in his driveway. (Very easy, two bent nails, sharpened both ends, welded together at the bend). But that would be illegal, and anyway, I'd probably find them in my own driveway shortly after. Not recommended.

    Another had a dog that barked all night long, at nothing. All I could do with him was to bark louder; a shot into the ground, or really loud fireworks, would usually quiet him. Failing which, phone the owner and tell him, "your dog is barking".

    The worst were the bikers, when they came for a weekend in the country, across the road from me. They'd rev their engines all night long; the object being to make the exhaust pipes red hot. Then they'd sit and stare at the pipes glowing in the dark. All night long. Then ride up and down the road, all day long.

    My neighbour used to burn charcoal for a living. When somebody bought the place next to his, the new neighbour objected to the smell, and the law closed him down.

    If you have near neighbours, get together with them.

    If you live in a wild west-type situation, you may have to get creative. These things are a nuisance. In the absence of law, you have to fight nuisance with nuisance.

    A mirror that reflects sunlight down the track might persuade them to move the track.

    Good luck.

    think about it said...

    regarding the go cart situation...

    Once, many years ago, my grandfather had a similar situation develop on his property with motorcycle trail riders. After asking that they curtail their riding on his property to no avail he was forced to take an action.

    He went to a steep hill on the trail where the riders would come roaring down. One night he took a piece of "piano" wire (very thin, but super high tensile strength) and pulled it taut across the trail at about 40 inches above the ground.

    The next day as the first rider came racing down the trail...ka-ziiing! We never found out how badly the rider was injured, but the trail riding ceased from that day forward.

    All for the cost of about $2 of wire.

    Not sure if that would correct the go kart situation, but it worked wonders for our problem.


    Anonymous said...

    So damn painful.

    A blast from my past. The pool.

    My city—today in the middle of the “corridor of pain”--was beautiful and productive for nearly 300 years.

    Then Orcs were brought in en masse from the South in the 1920s and 1930s industrial boom. The industrialists wanted cheaper labor than the local whites.

    In they poured, the older folks said. Suddenly entire sections of the city were no-go areas. All sorts of horrid behaviors sprang up, which is saying something, because port towns are pretty rough to begin with.

    But they stayed in their place in the city, as well as at work. They lived among themselves. They didn’t dare invade other neighborhoods. The more civilized ones moved out quickly, but the orciest Orcs rapidly regressed to their mean, then lower.

    At that time, the white workers’ areas were beautiful. Tidy brick row homes with open porches where you sat on summer evenings to catch the breezes and talk to neighbors. Up on the hill, compact single houses on small lots made of granite block. The neighborhood tap room and hoagie shop. An orderly public life.

    Hard working white families from all over Europe. Common heritage with real diversity (e.g., everyone celebrated Christmas, but in different ways, and shared it all with love, good natured teasing and competition).

    Mature standards of behavior. Crime not tolerated. Trees, tiny little gardens, safe streets, children playing on the sidewalks, nurtured by a community of normal, mature, law abiding, non-stoned people. Everyone saving for some future goal, helping one another. Local thriving businesses.

    It all changed after the Snivel Fights Act. God, so fast.

    I think of the pool.

    It was down closer to the waterfront, a slightly rougher part of town. But still, people knew how to act. They may have driven faster cars and may have drunk a little more beer and gotten a bit more lively than the folks up on the hill. They may have had some sketchy relatives here or there. But they kept their worst members in line. And they worked so hard.

    Everyone tended the public pool with the love and care they tended the public library, museum, volunteer fire department, and schools. None of the houses had AC, so the pool was a place to cool down in our scorching summers, socialize, listen to baseball on the AM radio, talk about plans for Little League or Scout or community or school or firehouse or marching band fund raisers, events, etc. There wasn’t much money to spare…but people always found a way to help.

    After the 1967 race riots, the Orcs demanded access to the pool. Somebody brought in a Snivel Fights lawyer. They were given access. Four or five worked and payed taxes. Thousands didn’t. For them it was negro heaven. Sumpin fo nuffin.

    By the end of the second summer, the clubhouse was trashed. Fencing torn down. Bathroom sinks and toilets plugged. Trash everywhere. They started breaking in to have spontaneous parties in the night. Pumps broke under the stress of ice cream wrappers, watermelon seeds and peels, chicken bones and skin. These creatures couldn’t go two minutes without moving food from paw to maw.

    The orderly people--mostly but not all white--stopped supporting the pool. It got written out of the city budget. It was closed, sat there for many years, abandoned. The Orcs would jump the board fence to fornicate in the scabby concrete ditch that used to hold pure cooling water. They’d go there as a shooting gallery, crouching in the slime.

    The “activists” demanded that whites rebuild the pool for them. This was after the whites had fled that part of town.

    Anonymous said...

    They played the race card. They honked about Doctah Kong. It worked. City money, state money, federal money—i.e., wages skimmed off the paychecks of the orderly and hard working—rebuilt the pool, clubhouse, patio. It was bigger and better. Glossy. Shiny. There was a locker room with showers, toilets, sinks, a Kotex machine. The clubhouse had padded furniture, big windows, a TV, juke box, record player. There was a Pepsi machine.

    I don’t need to say what happened, do I? But it’s worse than you can imagine.

    Yes, after two summers, the clubhouse was trashed.

    TV, record player, poolside furniture stolen. Windows broken, like the juke box, the latter smashed in someone’s failed effort to get the 45s within. Fencing torn down. Sinks and toilets plugged. Sinks, shower fixtures, water fountains broken or stolen. The Pepsi machine pried open, the contents—money and soda—stolen. Even the empty crates waiting to receive empty soda bottles—stolen.

    The parking lots and landscaped areas somehow, in just one summer, turned shabby.

    I had a friend on the next block, 3 or 4 years older than I. White of course. She took lifeguard training at the Y. Her goal was a summer job as a Jersey shore lifeguard the next year, to save money for college. She needed to get X hours of experience, so applied for a lifeguard job at the pool. Her mother was single, but hard working herself and raised a beautiful daughter. She was thrilled when her daughter got hired as a lifeguard at the community pool.

    My father was horrified when he heard this. He told the mother, for god’s sake, don’t let her work there! It isn’t safe for a white girl to work in that neighborhood anymore, especially alone. The mother was horrified at what an awful racist my dad was being. Her daughter would be fine. She’d only be working daytimes. It was part of our city, said mom, who preened about having two black friends there, both involved in Democrat things.

    So off the girl went, thrilled, at 15, to be working on her future.

    The evening of her third day she came by our house, deeply upset. My dad was home from work, my mother was at work at her part time job. My dad invited the friend to talk. “Thank you, Mr. _____. I knew I could talk to you.”

    She was self possessed, very dignified, a lovely young woman, so she kept her composure—barely.

    She talked about how, as soon as she arrived the first day, the black bucks started calling out sexual invitations, comments on her body parts. They started walking past her constantly, thrusting their hips at her, licking their lips lasciviously, telling her to—she whispered this part to my dad, but he told me later when I asked—“come get some mud meat.” They yelled from the pool. “I drownin’, baybee, come save me.” They’d pretend to be going under. Everyone shrieking with chimpy glee. Then the niglets would join in. “I drownin’, I drownin!” The sows would screech, “How come you ain’t savin’ aw baybeez, you no lahfgarr, mah baybee drownin’!”

    This may be why they’re rockfish; they can’t understand what “drowning” actually means, can’t think ahead to it, or how to avoid it.

    She was poised, she’d coax them into stopping this. But it’d start up, or a brawl would, minutes later.

    The rapey behaviors started out one at a time. By the third day, they were approaching her lifeguard chair in groups of three to six. Her boss—a twentysomething city employee—dropped by by chance that very afternoon. They dispersed as one was climbing the tower of her chair making obscene jokes about bananas.

    My father said, “Honey, you can’t go back. It’s not safe. Do you understand?”

    She said, “Mr. _____, I do understand. My mother doesn’t. She thinks they’re misunderstood. But one of them followed me as far as ____ street.” About six blocks away from our street. The Orc ran away when someone shouted from a porch, “What’s your business in this neighborhood, Tyrone?”

    Anonymous said...

    My friend went on to share the things she’d seen in three days.

    Orcs (she said people) fornicating (she said “doing intimate things”) in the shower room. Calling to her to join them.

    An Orc sharing drugs with an 11 year old niglet (she said child) in the parking lot.

    An Orc “doing something very nasty to” a turdling (she said toddler) in the shower room. (I later learned from the brother of the guy who was her boss at the pool—he quit a month later—that it was three Orcs performing oral and manual sex on a three year old…who was apparently enjoying it…as the mother watched and urged the spawn on…since she’d supplied it for this use for a fee.)

    No fewer than three sows (she said women) changing whelps (she said babies) on the edge of the pool, then rinsing the diapers in the pool water. One sent one of its niglets to the bathroom to get some soap. It came back with a dripping double handful, which the sow used on the diaper with pool water.

    Niglets unable to keep their swimsuits/trunks on. A retarded niglet masturbating in full view of everyone. Sows instructing niglets to urinate in the pool. One took her niglet’s trunks off and had him sit on the edge of the pool, ass hanging over the edge, to drop his load in the water. My friend said, with deep distress, “I wondered why I kept having to skim…nasty things out of the water.”

    Two pack frenzies broke out on the second day, started and sustained by sows.

    She found an Orc trying to jimmy a locker open when she went to change at the end of her shift. He looked up at her, looked her up and down, licked his lips, stared awhile, then kept working on the locker instead. She grabbed her stuff and got out as fast as she could. I’m not sure if that was the one who followed her.

    Three. Days.

    This is what happens when Orcs invade an orderly community’s lovingly tended commons. They can do nothing but destroy it. They lack any civilized impulse. They are wild animals.

    This is what the McKinney HOA was standing up against.

    And now people lose their jobs for standing up for the orderly, the civilized, the lovely, good, and innocent. Girls like my friend. Girls like I was. Hated, despised, and thrown in the pit for these Orcs to devour. And the white men who stand up for our decency, reviled and thrown in after. While the white men who join in our destruction are rewarded.

    I’m sorry this is so long. So much is in the news that brings all this stuff back like it was yesterday. It has been going on for so long. We who experienced it in the 1960s and 1970s were silenced. Later ones silenced too. But the news is trying to keep us silent, telling its lies, telling the lies of the powerful. Only people like Mr. Kersey give space to our voices. The memory of our loved ones, our loved places, destroyed by these creatures.

    Anonymous said...

    FB I have a motocross track and I don't think you should have to put up with this everyday. I don't allow riding everyday, and when we ride it's 3 bikes or less and if your exhaust is loud you can't ride on my track. There are noise pollution laws in most states, and EPA laws regulating dust. If they are excessively loud and don't water their track put your foot down.
    Ohio Born

    Anonymous said...

    One thing I absolutely hate about living in the South is the whole subdivision culture. This incident/video validates my contempt. Sure, on the surface, these planned communities seem positively wonderful; the perfectly manicured, cookie-cutter homes, the glorious pool(s) that residents love to boast about, and of course, all the wonderful children and teens that your own children will have the opportunity to grow up with. But it's just a facade. The truth is the well kept homes are under the constant scrutiny of a totalitarian HOA. The pool is to be shared by 100's of families many of them being of the AA variety. And of course the precocious youth that your own children will bond with are often AA spawns or spoiled brat, soon-to-be-hipster, white kids. White America should be avoiding subdivision culture along with cable TV and many organized sports. Subdivision life turns men into wimps and women into catty, shallow Stepford wives. They're tacky and sterile and should be avoided.

    I agree with P Boyle that the cop seems to have overreacted. But I agree with PK more in that we need to support him. This cop would not have lost his cool were it not for the underdeveloped negroes who were agitating him. This is why whites need to stay away from them as much as possible. They are too infuriating to be around and they bring out the worst in us.

    Miss GA

    Anonymous said...

    To Anon at 1:51 AM: Wonderful post, thanks for sharing your memories of social engineering in action.

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