Sunday, June 14, 2015

Not Exactly the "300" Who Fought to Hold the Hot Gates...

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Recall the black insurrection in 65% black Baltimore began on April 28. 

Recall the black elected leaders of 65% black Baltimore held a symposium to highlight the scourge of black on black violence in March of 2015
From April 17 in Baltimore... not two weeks later blacks would unite in the insurrection of 2015 in the 65 percent black city

As city leaders in Baltimore debate whether or not they should pay black people not to kill one another (yes, that's actually a consideration to stop the violence: pay people not to kill), it's important to recall a rally that took place in mid-April 2015... before the black insurrection in the name of the heroin dealer Freddie Gray ever happened. [Street-corner rally appeals for residents to 'stop killing each other', Baltimore Sun, April 17, 2015]: 

 As drums beat and horns honked, dozens of men — and some women — stood quietly on a busy Northwest Baltimore street corner Friday night. Each held aloft a black-and-white sign with a stark message to passing motorists and pedestrians: "We must stop killing each other." 
It wasn't a protest, but an appeal for residents to take the corner of Pennsylvania and North avenues — and the rest of the city — back from the violence that has cost so many lives and disrupted so many neighborhoods. 
"Occupy the Corner," as it was called, was the opening salvo in another year of community outreach arranged by the anti-violence group known as 300 Men March. As they have for the past two years, members plan to gather every Friday evening into the fall to walk the streets as a group and engage residents young and old in an effort to make neighborhoods safer. 
"It's great to have conferences and things like that at hotels and rec centers, but we want to take the energy right to the corners, to send a message that people do care about their communities, are frustrated by the high level of violence," said Munir Bahar, the group's organizer. 
But Bahar, 33, a tax accountant who also runs a health and fitness business, said the 300 Men March was focused on people taking personal responsibility for what happens in their community, not looking to blame or rely on anyone else. "There are a lot of people who want to do something about the violence but don't necessarily have the outlet," Bahar said before Friday's event. 
"That's why we created 'Occupy the Corner' — to give people an outlet, not against police violence but more specifically the day-to-day violence happening in the communities, of young folks gunning other folks down." City Councilman Brandon Scott joined the sign-wavers, saying he hopes it will help reclaim the Penn North neighborhood from drug dealing. 
"When we are engaged in our communities, we have less violence," Scott said. Last year, the group focused its efforts in the Belair-Edison community in Northeast Baltimore, Scott said, because there had been a spate of homicides there. 
During the months of activity there, he added, the number of killings dropped. Scott also drew a distinction between the anti-violence efforts of 300 Men March and the protests against police violence. 
"Both issues are valid," he said, adding that he may very well join the rally Saturday, too. But complaints about police misconduct are no excuse, he added, for failing to take personal responsibility for what goes on in the community. But Janet Carter, 50, said she thought violence in the community may be worse as a result of police abuse. 
Still, she said, she was drawn by the losses she's seen among families at the school where she works to join the 300 Men March event for the first time. "It's very important for us to get together as a community, a people, a city — black, white, all lives matter," she said. 
On one corner stood a clutch of older, red-jacketed sign-wavers, members of the Arch Social Club. The club, founded more than a century ago, has embraced the 300 Men March, and club members join in the neighborhood walks. "In the old days, when we were out there, we would have a fistfight," said Van Anderson, 61, the club's president. 
"But things have escalated." Wanda Smith, 54, happened upon the sign-wavers, most clad in black T-shirts, as she was coming to pick up something to eat on the corner. "I love it," she said. "It looks so much better." 
Lou Fields welcomed the rally, too, but suggested it wouldn't be enough by itself to lead to permanent improvement. What's really needed, he said, is concentrated investment in the community, job training and political leadership. 
"This is very good, but it's only symbolic,'' said Field, 63, who leads African-American heritage tours. "As soon as the 300 crowd came, the evil folk left," he said. But he added that "five minutes after they leave, it's going to be a drug corner."
After five minutes it might have been a drug corner, but State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby sure was determined to make sure they weren't going to be corners where death was peddled with the ease of a Coca Cola. [Baltimore prosecutor asked police to target area where Freddie Gray was arrested, Baltimore Sun, 6-9-15]
By the way, "Stop Killing Each other," means end the black-on-black violence in the city. 
Look at the date again from the article quoted above: it was published on April 17 by the Baltimore Sun. Not two weeks later would black people unite in looting/rioting/ransacking the city in the name of a heroin dealer...
When you understand what a joke the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement represents, you understand the tragedy of life in 2015 America. 


PNW Realist said...

Wouldn't 300 " man" knuckle walk be more precise?

Anonymous said...

Tree hunit? Sheeeeeeeit. We gots a millyun man martch up in he'yuh. You wun talk bout tree hunit, we gone talk bout TREE HUNIT YEEUZH, gnome eeen?

We should give them lump sum payments to sterilize. Most would settle for $1,000 worth of crack or H. It's even worth $10,000 a head given their ultimate cost on society.

Mac said...

I remember just last week the Caucasian uprising to protest all the Caucasian killing of the Caucasian's by Caucasians.

Truth Corps said...

Brilliant work lately PK.

I think you & your readers would enjoy this piece as well from Ol Remus.

2015. The year of peak negro fatigue.

SC Native said...

You're right PK, this 300 man march should be known as the tree fiddy.

Really all of this is just a sham to get mo money fo dem programs, but that won't do anything but further rob the taxpayer and line a reh run's pockets.

All these marches, protests, and programs really are is a way to fleece money and a feeble attempt to do something a negro has never been able to accomplish. Face it darkies civilization is just not for you. You can't create it and you can't even maintain it.

ATL Born said...

I don't even know where to begin on some of these anymore. I was born in the early 70's and each passing day seems like the USA feeds on itself more and more to morph into what could be more impossible than the day before. This nation has truely become the worst possible Jerry Springer or reality tv show you could ever dream of.

Let me see, we have the border issues, for that I say wall it up and fire upon 'anyone' trying to get in. We should also hire, create jobs, to track down as many of them already here as possible. Once found, put a chip in them or a tattoo that can be tracked with some bar code transmission. Then strike the law on any rug rat born here is a citizen.

Then we have the gays and the 'I think I am's'. I personally don't care what they do in their bedroom. However, this is not a cibil rights issue. This is not a race or ethnic group. These fooligans seem to want everyone to embrace their perverted sex beliefs and that's where my disdain comes from. These wack jobs actually have become the token's from the 70's & 80's. It makes me sick. And to have the nerve to tell me or anyone else to accept all this shit or be sued, or threatened, well F@CK that! Russia has a really good policy we could follow on this area.

The issue with the orcs and DWL's, that is the biggest of the problems. I liked many of the offered solutions from the previous thread, really liked the picking cotton and rice fram punishments. Spot on!! Maybe the bottom falls out of the FED finances?? I mean the country is beyond flat broke. Maybe I can't see far enough ahead due to the trees in the forest, but, I believe it is going to take some major chimpouts to have YT jump into an all out ECAR RAW. One of my concerns is there will not be enough of us to accomplish what needs to be done compared to the huge numbers of DWL's and orcs. Maybe the truth really is that we just have to survive. Waiting on the train to derail on the shitty gibsmedat line is becoming tiresome. I want the besotches & bro's to get the show on the road. Lets see where it all ends up. Or, we just allow art to become life; 1984, Brave New World, Lord of the Flies, Atlas Shrugged, etc. Oh the negroe fatigue!!

Oh, and don't forget we have a Muslim president, who attended a nig nog church that would love to see BRA kill YT off, along with blick run cities that still want more and then we have lovely loon, Rachel, the poster child of things gone wrong in our wonderful world of Springerish trash!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Tax Base said.

Well I see that the marchers really helped to stop the killing. The month of May could have really been a bloody mess if not for all that hard work trying to stop the little buggers from their killing frenzy. I already forgot the body count for May. Who gives a shit. Does it really matter.

This is all some kind of cosmic cruel joke. Welfare leeches, bastard children, junkies, crack heads, hookers, jail birds, hustlers, school drop outs, thugs, gang bangers, winos, thieves, car jackers, muggers, rapist, drug dealers, arsonist, looters, pimps, cold blooded killers and dumb fucks carrying signs. But all of this will change over night if there were more INVESTMENT IN THE COMMUNITY. The crime and daily slaughter will come to an end if there were more JOB TRAINING. Baltimore will become filled with peace and happiness with no more death and dying once they have better POLITICAL LEADERSHIP. Who are these people and where do they come up with this crap.

50 years and a quad-zillion bucks worth of gibs poured into these urban cesspools and rat infested ghettos. Nothing ever changes. No improvement after all that time and all that wasted money. The squandering of billions and all you get is more misery, death, crime and the breeding of bastard children. There is no end in sight with these wasted and useless lives. The more money that is spent the worst it gets. It is way to late for marches and speeches. I'm glad the cops are staying out of the kill zones.

Mr. Rational said...

When you understand what a joke the whole #BlackLivesMatter movement represents, you understand the tragedy of life in 2015 America.

Indeed.  The joke is that BRA asks White America to value Black lives that Blacks could not care less about.  "No snitching", "ghetto lobsters", all of that is YT GET YO FACE OUTTA OUR BIZNEZ IT AIN'T NONE OF URZ!

This will continue until YT insists that everyone "act White" to be allowed the privilege of the benefits of White society.  All others, back where you cane from!

Mr. Rational said...


I hate recognizing a typo one second too late.

Anonymous said...

These old, tired, worn out negro circus acts (otherwise known as displays of negro "looksatme" behavior) via "blacklivesmatter, end the violence and we need to stop killing each other" are so utterly pointless. Just more garbage to pile on the garbage heap of other failed negro "programs." They're all as useless and ineffective as children chanting "Rain rain go away and come again another day."
Sorry, negroes. Your magical chanting isn't going to accomplish anything-not ever.
But that's not really the purpose is it? The real purpose is "looksatme" and trying to seem relevant, concerned and involved. Then, after the circus parade ends and you feel all self important and sheeit, it's back to business as usual~ killing, robbing, raping, stealing, playing the race card, screaming about white privilege, racism and white oppression etc.
Yes, you successfully fool idiotic libtards but the rest of humanity knows exactly how full of shit you are and how useless and meaningless. You know it too and that's what's really eating you alive.
As the song says, "despite all your rage, you're still just a rat in a cage." The cage is your low IQ and your DNA and that isn't going to change.

Ricky in Cali said...

I stumbled across this gem of a website because one day I was so fatigued with Negroes that I just started jotting stuff in Google and a link here posted up. That was my story and I've been on daily ever since

Today, there are 1000s of commenters on Yahoo who are so fatigued and have no where else to turn. If they knew about this place, the numbers would sky rocket! Please stay around for a long time PK!

So many liberally slanted websites like Yahoo, Vox, Huffington Post and other shit sites censor comments or in some cases will make a bold claim in their headline like:

"White hate against Blacks is on the rise and here is how to stop it"
(That is fake but an example)

And then some Liberal asshole writer will spew his garbage and CLOSE the comments!! If you are your average daily zombie reading the headlines you would think that all Whites hate Black people and there's nothing we can say to change it

But amidst all the censoring, all the Liberal slanting, you can not stop the people from speaking their minds. People are awakening, they post thousands of comments like we do and don't think the numbers are few or dwindling. And not just whites I might add, the whole damn world sees the Negros for what they are! At one point or another the shit is going to hit the proverbial fan my friends

Jennifer said...

The sub 80 IQ of the negro is on full display in that photo. I'm surprised the one on front has managed to stay alive this long.

Anonymous said...

"As drums beat ..."

Can these dummies do ANYTHING without a crude rhythmic musical accompaniment?

SKIP said...

lolololololol if 3 blacks gather for any reason, one of them will shoot or stab one of the other two and the third dinseenuffin!

Anonymous said...

"We Must Stop Killing Each Other"

Great! Now let's work on some other issues ...

-"We Must Stop Breeding Like Rabbits At Others' Expense"

-"We Must Stop Throwing Tantrums Every Time We Don't Get Our Way"

-"We Must Stop Blaring Our Shitty Music All The Time Just To Annoy People"

-"We Must Stop Eating Nothing But Fried Food And Snacks"

-"We Must Stop Blaming Whitey For Everything"

Anonymous said...

"What's really needed, he said, is concentrated investment in the community, job training and political leadership." = Sinnus mo munny, it be goan werk dis tam.

Has any other race ever had such a rally? Yet we are all the same.....pure lunacy.

BRA, the investment that never pays off.

bernicegreenbaum said...

It wasn't a protest, but an appeal for residents to take the corner of Pennsylvania and North avenues — and the rest of the city — back from the violence that has cost so many lives and disrupted so many neighborhoods.


It's that evil corner again. And those mean skreets. Dey bees bad, gnome sane? We gots to takes get rid ob duh evil corners and mean skreets cuz dey be duh cause ob duh problems black folk be habin.

Brooklyn born said...

More pool party hijinks:

Imagine America without black people. Has anyone done a nationwide crime analysis showing the disparate impact blacks have on our quality of life?

Anonymous said...

300 negroes marching!! Call the SWAT team! Sound like the #dimepiecegirls have organized another invade-Whitey pool party!!

ps. hey PK, you loving the Texas pool party story?! Wow, a lot of material there for you.

Was a party being organized as a promotion for a negro orgy party (Make It Clap), negro boys cop pulled gun on were known to local police as thugs; could easily have been armed. All sorts of comic negro fail surrounding that story. Groids invading the burbs; we knew it was coming...

Anonymous said...

What was the negro weekend body count between Baltimore and Chicago?

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes to solve a problem you need to make it bigger".

As a White person, you should be fully supporting #blacklivesmatter.

OK, sounds crazy right? But hear me out...

The negroes are digging their own graves with their protests against police; yet it is the police who are the only ones trying to prevent the relentless negro bloodshed. So, to truly let the blacks massacre each other and wake this country up, we need to pull back the police presence and let the bongo party go into Cat 5. So, don't 'support the cops', agree with the protestors and let's force the cops to back off, and let the monkeys destroy themselves - both literally and in the domain of public debate.

Police, don't get us wrong, we love you, we just don't want you where you're not welcomed - negro areas. Don't risk your jobs and lives; negroes really aren't worth it. Stop patrolling the black areas; the tribal warfare will cull the herd of the troublemakers better than your intervention can.

#blacklivesmatter.... so let the blacks take care of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Piss off a n*gga today, ask it what tribe it's ancestors are from.

Offer suggestions... Luo like Obongo? Kikuyu? Bantu?

Oh yes negro, probably Bantu since that is where most slaves were from. Blacks liked to capture and sell Bantus for profit.

Or maybe negro, you are from a tribe that caught and sold negroes for profit? Good chance you are. Can you pay reparations please? Your ancestors profited from the slave trade.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

In Britain, there was a time when heroin was legal. Then, the number of addicts was estimated at 1500. Since the drug was made illegal the number has of course soared exponentially. There simply is no way around it: drugs which have powerful psycho-physical effects must be legally available and medically regulated. If addicts can legally intoxicate themselves, the costs to themselves and society will be minimized. The so-called gangs are actually employees of the Mexican and Colmbian cartels. They have no other source of income other than brute force crimes and welfare fraud.
This point has to be driven home repeatedly.
The corruption of the legal profession due to the intractable drug problem is evident in the Mosby case. There would be no need for charlatans in the legal system if there was no essential dishonesty harbored there.
Simply make the opioids legal, medically controlled and distributed. Police would not have to risk their lives trying to prevent addicts from using or buying. What works for Colorado can work for opioids in Maryland. After a few generations of professional control via the drug administration process, the underclass crime issue will abate.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the 300 has been dropped to 137 because of random shooting!! Heroin dealing gone bad!!


Anonymous said...

When the negroes are caught and sent to prison it's just a big party for them. Look at this video! Live broadcast catches a groid attaching a bag to a rope and sending contraband into prison!! Unbelievable. Negroes are partying on your dime!!

chattanooga gal said...

their whole idea of taking responsibility for themselves consists of standing on a street corner with a sign promoting love, peace, and happiness. nothing that involves an actual action.

Anonymous said...

"Lou Fields welcomed the rally, too, but suggested it wouldn't be enough by itself to lead to permanent improvement. What's really needed, he said, is concentrated investment in the community..."

Second verse, same as the first.

I begin to think black baby's first words are "investment in the community". It sure ain't "da-da".

Fatigued in Minneapolis said...

Incompatible. With. Western. Civilization.

Anonymous said...

Old Guard here;
Detroit has a troop of congoloids that call themselves the Detroit 300, they are a vigilante type interfering group. They hog the news cameras along with Black Panties Party ilk whenever some colored rape-o goes ape or some early release chimp starts "diggin' the scene. They hang around gas stations staring each other down, and pushing up on female customers who they think might be a potential crime victim. The DWL news cowards don't expose the turds for what they really are, predators and self glorifiers. They actually harrass neighborhoods claiming to "be on da lookouts" for suspects the police are capable of handling. They haven't really caught any suspects, but when the news cambras be around, the idiots show up, chests all sticking out, talking smack, looking like 1 o'clock half struck. Congoloids at their pinnacle of ghettotude.

Anonymous said...


remember Napolitano and Jeh?

Monroe said...

I like #3. Sunday I was at a stoplight next to an SUV As it rattled and blared hop hop. the two occupants were screaming at each other, and I expected the mean street below them to erupt in violence at any moment.

Then I witnessed something odd: They didn't look angry. With a serene look on his face, he would scream at her, and she would wait politely until he finished. Then she'd shriek back at him, while displaying an equally calm visage. This went on for 3 minutes until the light changed and they turned off and Dopplered out of earshot.

I turned to my companion, puzzled, and she said, with a knowing smile on her face: "Don't you get it? It never occurred to them to turn down the radio."

Anonymous said...

20% of blacks employed by gov?

You pester us with the "civil rights movement" of fifty years ago as though it happened last week, with tedious 1960s footage and cloying voice-overs, in an endless loop, like Groundhog Day, decade after decade. It's understandable, you haven't met any real resistance since those days. Breaking news: none of it matters any more, it all devolved into just another swindle, an extortion racket, "pay up or we'll make a stink—and the bad optics are on you".

Schools now teach something called White Privilege, which claims no overt act is necessary for us to be racist, in fact, absence of such acts is said to be direct evidence. It's the "original sin" concept in a different wrapper, meaning our putative racism is bone deep and can't be discharged by good works. Even so, they say we must atone in perpetuity for being white. They suggest we devote our lives in selfless service to you. No. Sorry. Whatever white privilege there may be, it isn't enough. In fact, being subjected to White Privilege prattle is worth a couple of privileges.

Speaking of privilege, 60% of your college grads—and 20% of all of you—are employed by government. The intent is to create an artificial middle class of course, hence the trivial positions with imaginative titles and weighty salaries. In the lower reaches it's the quota hires, typically unqualified. It's a great offer. You pretend you're doing something useful and we pretend to believe you. The rest of your grads are largely diversity directors, window dressing, teachers of dubious "studies" and improbable "histories", and similar warehousing schemes for the otherwise unemployable. It's as good as it's ever going to get, except for those on the skinny end of the bell curve—for whom we have genuine, i.e., earned respect. You'd be a fool to leave it on the table, for as long as it lasts.

Anonymous said...


I looked at the signs in photo.


end 'no snitch'.
get married before sex-pregnancy.
stay in school.

ways to end tha killin

Medic Bear said...

As annoying as these orcs are - and humorous, in a pathetic yet dangerous sort of way, I say they should keep it up! The level of negro fatigue is rising with each day - even some of the DWLs I know are starting to come around (not the hardcore ones, mind you, but even some of those are at least starting to notice).

Some, day, really soon, I hope, there will be a critical mass of Whites who have had enough and of that set, a large enough percentage that truly don't give a damn about being called "racist" or whatever BS epithet thrown at them - to say "Enough!" and actually either do something ourselves or make the government do something.

As many have mentioned, we may be on the brink economically anyway, or some outside event(s) will force the current governmental hand - who knows. All I know is this crap HAS TO END. The gibs, the AA, the 'separate but more equal' - all of it. Either from the top down or from the grass roots level.

They ARE NOT the same as us and never will be. They are genetically & biologically incapable of co-existing with civilization - with the emphasis on 'civil' and NEVER WILL BE. They are worse than animals - at least animals CAN BE TRAINED. They are good for nothing except slave labor or fertilizer.


Know Blacks, No Peace.
No Blacks, Know Peace.

Anonymous said...

Pools are dangerous!!! Another good boy taken by the mean ole pool party, he was a aspiring bassetball playa & rappa too!!

awakened white said...

@ Fatigued, with ANY civilization. much less OURS.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just look at their earnest negro faces. And they're holding their signs right side up! It's enough to make mammy's heart burst with pride. Assume these vibrant folk are on their lunch hours.

Anonymous said...

That's insane

Anonymous said...

Rick in Cali - that's exactly how I found SBPDL back in April.

Skip - so funny, so true.

Can we please stop using the word "march". We all know they only shuffle.

Anonymous said...

Negroes are a waste of time, energy and resources.
They're nothing like other races and all other races knows it.
The time is fast approaching when we the people of all other races on planet earth will have to admit that there is no other place better suited to negroes than Africa that negroes are indeed the most primitive race of all races.
Negroes don't assimilate because they're not like the rest of us nor do we the rest of humanity assimilate to them to do so is regressive, unnatural, inhumane, expensive, destructive and deadly to say the very least they simply don't belong with the rest of humanity either send them home to Africa which is where nature intended them to be or put them on reservations where they won't bother the rest of civilation.

Anonymous said...

All other races on this planet have found within themselves the collective ability to create something that is of lasting value to the human race; negroes get together and knuckle-shuffle. I would pity them if I didn’t find them to be so thoroughly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

So sometime a while back, Baltimore recieved 1.6 BILLION dollars. Used for a bunch of programs already funded, plenty of money for YT, but never enough for the negroes. Now the mayor is seeking more money to pay for the destruction causes by the negroe.

It never ever stops, one dumb ass program after another. It will only stop when whites say enough and mean it. Yahoo news is a good place to read comments, to see first hand the awakening .


Anonymous said...

The negress Dolezal case is utterly fascinating. Truly a living example of the fable The Emperor's New Clothes.

"Yes, your Negress, you look very black, an ebony princess, darker than midnight.."

Can you believe she pulled that shit and got away with it?! Not until the little kid said " Hey, you're WHITE"!

Wow, just wow.

Pat Boyle said...

The terms have changed meaning now but the original Sun Dance that the Indians did had many similarities to all the current black peace marches.

The Indians (Amerindians) had had a long disastrous history of opposing the invasion of their lands by white men. They had tried violence and they had tried treaties. Nothing worked. Every year there were more and more white settlers.

Eventually the spirit of the Indians broke. They adopted this mystical belief in the Sun Dance that was somehow going to wipeout all the white men and return the continent to them.

A some point when all rational means have failed a broken people turn to superstition. That's what's happening among the blacks with these lunatic marches to plead to the heavens for them to stop killing each other.

Blacks have come to the end of their rope. They were seduced by the Marxists into believing that they were equal to the white man and for more than a half century they have tied to integrate themselves into white society. The government has tried hard to convince everyone hat integration is working. Everyday on TV we all see commercials in which the black actor is the smart one and black and white couples socialize together seamlessly. But rather than making Americans everyone believe that integration is working, it has just made everyone distrust the government more.

It always used to be the case that being smarter than those around you was good for your job prospects. So it use to be that if you were talented, while everyone else was a machinist, you as the smartest guy on the shop floor would be the Master Machinist. You would make a few bucks more and maybe be in line for a promotion. But now the smart guys are likely to be the computer programmers and the not so smart guys are simply unemployed. The changes in the economy brought about by mechanization have made the job market less equal. The modern world needs blacks or any slower guy less than ever before.

Blacks know this. They can feel it. When they go to an integrated public school they notice who are quick students and who aren't. They look around themselves and see that they have no future. They despair - which makes hem vulnerable to race hustlers who encourage them to riot, burn and loot. It also means they no longer value the lives of the blacks round them. If some other black guy is rude to you, you might as well just shoot him. He wasn't going to end up being important anyway.

The slogan 'Black Lives Matter' is a retreat to magic like the Sun Dance.


Anonymous said...

Medic Bear said:

"Some, day, really soon, I hope, there will be a critical mass of Whites who have had enough and of that set, a large enough percentage that truly don't give a damn about being called "racist" or whatever BS epithet thrown at them..."

Ya know, I think White folks are starting to get a little bit thicker skinned on being called "racist". It's been used as a bald-faced "shut-up" tactic so often it is beginning to suffer from phrase inflation.

But you know where they still have us by the balls: our jobs and livelihoods. Witness the prompt firings of a couple of Whites who dared defend the Pool Party cop.

They can get us fired so damn easily, that we usually remain silent. As the signs said, "White Silence = White Consent".

Our biggest problem is we are so plugged into the debt economy. If you don't owe, you're hard to "own". Most of us, in a quest for a good and comfortable life for ourselves and family, have a huge mortgage, a car payment, etc. Those payments are scraped together by our wages, and BRA can cut our wages off at a moment's notice.

Further down the road-White folks would have to be much more motivated than they are today- we might revamp the old 1960's "commune" idea. Get some land, invite White allies and their families in to *work* the land, build what we need, etc. A group of Whites like that would stand some chance, absent an IRS or ATF trumped-up assault ala' Waco. We would still face a hostile BRA, but wouldn't have to worry about losing "jobs", only because we would be working for ourselves.

It's not a NBA play-offs and big-screen and friends and beer kind of future, but we would get some autonomy back. We'll have to get more negro fatigue before it happens.

Anonymous said...

Pat @ 8:55 AM: are you sure you don't mean "Ghost Dance"?

Anonymous said...

DWL insight of the day: there is a lot of hate for their fellow Whites in their hearts. They disguise this hate as love for the downtrodden black. A re-valuation of an inadmissible value. White hatred of fellow Whites reimagined and dressed up as "love of ALL mankind".

Anonymous said...

Uh, how many negroes has the KKK killed in the last 25 years?

Uh, how many negroes have negroes killed in the last 25 years?

Uh, OK, who's the problem....?

SC Native said...

That just shows how stupid negroes really are, and notice it took a YT of probably average intelligence to be very successful in the coonmunity. What does that say about the Orcs?

Anonymous said...

You couldn't be more correct. It's also true how the rest of the world sees it, except for the Democrypts.

Anonymous said...

Rachel im black but look white, has made it to the British news department. Daily mail online, has a article claming Rachel has stepped down as NAACP director.

Poor Rachel, I guess all those terrible racist sending her hate mail, and all the break in cause by YTS must be lies, just like she is.


Anonymous said...

There does seem to be a mass awakening, or it's the rest of the planet who are commenting on groid and not the US.

Anonymous said...

Lol!!! Great story! Reminds me of that viral video of Shaniqua dressed in her graduation robes(probably middle school) walking towards the podium at the schools football field with these ridiculous, over sized platform shoes which barely fit her. Once she got to the grass section, she started slipping and sliding like a deer on a frozen lake. After about 30 seconds of that, she finally flew head first into the crowd! People had to help her up so she could get her stupid diploma, but you'd think she would take the damn shoes OFF? Nope, she continued on looking like a retarded boon, slipping and sliding all over again! They're simply incapable of any logic or reason.

Anonymous said...

Texas here:

"We Must Stop Killing Each Other."

Aim high!

Anonymous said...

Imagine your standard white liberal father meeting his daughter's black boyfriend for the first time.

White liberal dad: "So son, what do you do for a living?"

Negro: "The city be paying me not to kill no one. I gets $1,000 a month if I don't be killin no other niggas."

White liberal dad: "Well that is great work Shavontilious. There's a big future in not killing people. I've very proud of you and you will make my daughter very happy"

Negro: "Aight."

America's future sure does look bright.

Anonymous said...

O/T but Rachel (?-black) Dolezal just quit her job at the NAACP. What 'she' should have done was to have a bone inserted through her nose and lip plates installed to create the total African experience.

Mr Turner said...

Truly Africans in America. AFHMP and HUD will see weaponized negroes spread everywhere.If here, why not anywhere? Columbus Ohio has been gifted with die-versity from the somalis.....coming to your neck of the woods soon....unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Uh, how many negroes has the KKK killed in the last 25 years?

Uh, how many negroes have negroes killed in the last 25 years?

Uh, OK, who's the problem....?"

Hi Anon, I'm going to try to find the answers on the Internet shortly but in case I don't manage, don't you think that the patriots on this website & elsewhere deserve to be informed of this potentially very important statistic. Let's spread the word.

salvage sam

June 15, 2015 at 9:28 AM

Anonymous said...

"As drums beat ..."

Can these dummies do ANYTHING without a crude rhythmic musical accompaniment?"

Music is at a low ebb. Admirable tunists, and no mean tunists, the people betray their incapacity for improvement by remaining contented with the simplest and the most monotonous combinations of sounds. As in everything else, so in this art, creative talent is wanting. A higher development would have produced other results ; yet it is impossible not to remark the delight which they take in harmony. The fisherman will accompany his paddle, the porter his trudge, and the housewife her task of shelling grain, with a song; and for long hours at night the peasants will sit in a ring repeating, with a zest that never flags, the same few notes, and the same unmeaning line." — Burton's Africa, page 468.

Everything you ever wanted to know about TNB was described over a century ago. Much of it compiled in the book "Negroes in Negroland".

As to the body count in Baltimore this weekend, I'm not sure, but this is a fun site for the kill count in Chicongo:

Anonymous said...

To reiterate on SC Native's point, Dolezal's artwork (much of which seems to have been plagiarized from the works of white artists) had been universally praised, even exhibited at the UN. If she was considered a "white" artist when she produced these works, not only would they have been critiqued as amateurish, someone would have likely quickly exposed them as near-copies of other more famous works.

But as it stood, the Bigotry of Low Expectations caused white liberal elites to gush over her "art", just as they talk about a painted African wooden mask in the same company as a Rodin sculpture.

A below-average white artist is exhibited as a modern master if they pass themselves off as black.

chattanooga gal said...

Great! Now let's work on some other issues ...

we must shut up, stay still and listen to the teacher in school
we must actually make SOME attempt to do the nice government job we have been given
we must actually put our trash in garbage receptacles
we must recognize that other people don't want to see our asses hanging out of our droopy pants

Anonymous said...

That photo looks like it's from a zombie movie; utterly chilling. Truly a dead set of soulless eyes.

But hey!, that's our friendly neighborhood ground ape!

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 10:22 - Thank you for that charming vignette. I particularly love your use of the ubiquitous black "aight". It takes too much energy for them to pronounce the "l" and the "r".

May I note that INSECT COLONIES are more intelligent, enterprising, industrious, beneficial and attractive than any colony of negroes. Bees and ants immediately come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Congratz to PK on release of Bell Curve City !!!!

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...

"May I note that INSECT COLONIES are more intelligent, enterprising, industrious, beneficial and attractive than any colony of negroes."

I'm trying to think of another living organism that makes it's own life worse as a natural act. Pigs lay in shit because they like it.....hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I hear and see it everywhere. Black lives matter and stop killing each other. What you don't hear is just stop killing.

If they're not killing each other then who is it their going to kill to release all that pent up black rage for being repressed for a million years.

Think hard on this one people. I know it's a tough one to figure out.

Julie said...

Anonymous said...

May I note that INSECT COLONIES are more intelligent, enterprising, industrious, beneficial and attractive than any colony of negroes. Bees and ants immediately come to mind.

Bees and ants don't have to endure the terrible, terrible legacy of slavery. Throughout the Atlantic ocean, along the old slaving routes, there are to this day, sharks that congregate in those areas. 500 years of slave ships throwing injured or sick slaves overboard has created this behavior in our Atlantic ocean sharks. This is one of the awful legacies of slavery that Rachel Dolezar was talking about before all the white people began attacking her. The scars of slavery still exist today. In many ways the inhumane treatment of African-americas is worse than it has ever been.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here...

Most upper and middle class white people have a special ceremony they go through so their children will not ever have to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. At a certain age they are sent to indoctrination centers called colleges and universities. While enrolled in these centers they are allowed to stay drunk, get stoned and learn about WHITE GUILT. This special type of education teaches them that they are nothing but vile pieces of shit because they were born white. This sense of victimhood and self pity is instilled into their liberal booze and pot soaked brains. To receive this poison and toxic EDUCATION they borrow digital money called STUDENT LOANS. The brain dead parents will even CO-SIGN ON THE LOANS so when little Connor and Jennifer are out of school they are at least $50,000 in debt plus interest.

The African negro also go to these MIND WARP INSTITUTIONS where they have a mind control course called BLACK STUDIES. The negro is taught that they also are vile pieces of shit and will amount to nothing in life because the EVIL WHITE DEVILS are holding them down and keeping them oppressed. Once the glorious ideas of hate, anger and VICTIMHOOD settles into their AA sponsored brains they are let loose on the public. The ones that can read and write at third grade level become teachers and the victim consciousness is passed on to the next generation. The victim state of mind is thus kept alive for the next breed of losers. The rest get jobs working for the government. To insure the black student is kept demoralized the First Lady (or what ever IT is) will make speeches about the horrible disgusting society ruled over by the racist white man. The long suffering black people are MARTYRS in the struggle for freedom and justice. Of course these black martyrs don't owe any money because the evil white racist tax payers paid their bill.

These ETERNAL VICTIMS are everywhere. There is no "pursuit of happiness" for this army of losers. Being content and happy may interfere with their never ending search to find someone to blame for their, pitiful, empty and angry lives. Black victims and white guilt. For this our founding fathers fought in a revolution.

Anonymous said...

I am White but can play basketball pretty good, been kicked out of school more than a few times, been arrested 7 times, may be time I trace my 'racial' identity like Rachel Dolezar is doing....

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle @ 8:55 makes a good point. The reason the message of race realist are not resonating with the general White population, because we live among Asian, Blacks and Hispanics and we don't see the behavior that most are commenting about. I lived 35 miles west of the city of Chicago in the suburbs, my Black and Hispanic neighbors assimilate well with the rest of our community. Yes the west side and south side of Chicago are hell holes, Yes, we know many of them have an IQ less than 85 and they act like apes. So what's new here!

Anonymous said...

Just think poor old Rachel's parents ruined her gravy train. How could they have done that??? They were asked and spoke the truth is how!!! Their veracity speaks volumes whereas their idiotic, worthless daughter's damning lie is shameful and criminal!

The parents probably did the best they could with this thing that called herself black. If Rachel would have not pretended to be black and fought for a cause she believed it.... Her business, but to fraudulenty lie and put this several year act deserves punishment!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope people are waking up. It's going to get worse before it is better. How much more will humans be able to stand is up in the air at this point. What is abundantly clear is blacks are doing a tremendous job waking the clueless up.

Unknown said...


Well, you've given us some excellent "food for thought." It's nice to know that this elasmobranch disposal infrastructure is still in place.

As for the "inhumane treatment" of "African-americas (sic)"-- I think the fact that Ms. Dole-is-all chose to "pass", and the fact that so many blacks are upset with her for doing it, shows that there is no "inhumane treatment." In fact, Ms. Dole-is-all had to invent 8 separate incidents of "inhumane treatment" in order to get attention.

Yeah, I still like your idea about the sharks. Sending them ALL THE WAY back to Africa would be very expensive.



Pat Boyle said...

It has been pointed out to me that I meant Ghost Dance not the Sun Dance.



Anonymous said...

only solution
Permanent Geographic Separation (PGS)

Anonymous said...

Thank god for Obama and Baltimore. We are at the end of the beginning for change. White people might finally start to wake up and turn off ESPN now that the police who have protected them are standing down and the Obama administration is planning to diversify wealthy neighborhoods. Now maybe some of the gated coomunitarians who preach diversity will get some of what they force on everyone else.

It's good that these things are happening now. Whites are still a the overwhelming majority of the population. We can still change this. Give it 25 more years and there would be nothing we could do.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I took my family to a friends' backyard birthday party. It was my 41 yr old friend, his 9 yr old son, and 12 yr old daugher all celebrating their birthdays at one party, since they're all a few weeks apart.

Out of 26 people, there was ONE black "family" 2 black grandparents (in their early 40's) and their 2 yr old black granddaughter.

Everyone else was white.

Of the 7 children at the party guess which was a CONSTANT problem? Yep, the black one.

Inside of 2 minutes at the party the niglet appeoached my 1 yr old son and SMACKED a ball out of his hands, not long after the niglet flipped over the table with the birthday cake on it, she dumped a cup of water on the radio, she kicked my friends' dog, she kept SNATCHING toys from the other kids, and the entire time the adults kept being VERY polite and tried to explain to the feral niglet that her behavior was unacceptable. They may as well have been talking to a retarded monkey.

The entire time the feral niglet was terrorizing the other kids and damaging property her fat grandparents ignored these events entirely, they just sat together near the food table and stuffed their fat faces. I tried politely suggesting that their granddaughter needed supervision and they just shrugged and grunted while they ate free food.

After nearly an hour and watching my son try to manage the nonstop bullying from the niglet (and she was shoving all of the kids around, spitting, and some of these kids were 6-7) I finally told my friend that we were leaving because I was about to slap the shit out of the niglet and punch her grandfather. I made it VERY clear that in the future if he was inviting blacks to parties My family would turn around and leave immediately. He apologized but we still left.

This is the 4th time my 1 yr old son has been in social settings with black toddlers and EVERY time this is how they behave. They shove him, snatch toys from him, slap him, and I have consistently had to intervene to put a stop to this. Some of these niglets have been 4-5 yrs old. Their single mothers just ignore me when I complain to them about how their keeds are misbehaving. They say "DEY OK DATS JUS HOW DEY DO."

I am seriously considering moving to the middle of the whitest State I can find. i cant imagine sending my son to school with these wild savages.

My son LOVES playing with other kids, and he's always very social and friendly and offers his toys to boys and girls of every age so he can play with them. Watching black kids mistreat him makes me furious and actually sick to my stomach.

I have tried my best to keep an open mind, and not be prejudiced about my son being around black toddlers and yound kids, but I just cannot stand it any longer. EVERY time he gets around black kids the black kids try to abuse him and I have to rush in. NO other kids act this way. We have hispanic, asian, arab, white, kids at our neighborhood parks and ONLY the black kids act like this. Every other kid plays together peacefully, as soon as the blacks show up they start abusing the other kids and fighting spitting, pushing, kicking and generally bullying the other kids.

Im fed up. I dont care who calls me "racist" anymore, I am keeping my son as far from blacks as I can afford to.

So CAL Snowman said...

It just keeps getting better with this Rachel Dolezal person, she really is the gift that keeps on giving. Apparently this crazy chick sued Howard University in 2002 for racial discrimination against her because she is WHITE!!!

Rachel Dolezal Sued Howard University for Discrimination

Anonymous said...

I would pity them if I didn’t find them to be so thoroughly disgusting.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Anonymous said...

Feds to New York for negro control!!

Ricky in Cali said...

Pat, immediately when I see your Avatar I read every word you type. Please stick around for a long time and continue with the great wording!

make it rain TRUTH said...

Some of you posters need a wakeup call. The idea that someday the problems negroes cause will reach a saturation point and whiteys will collectively say "NO MORE" is fantasy thinking.

Look at Africa in general and South Africa in particular. It can't get more clearer that blacks are incapable of organizing, building, or even simply maintaining a standard of Western Civilization. The minor remaining vestiges of WC that do exist in the Dark Continent are only through the misplaced efforts of whiteys.

Yet it isn't discussed in mainstream society. Never critically judged. Because the spectre of racism is too great a bogeyman.

As PK is fond of saying, your job is to survive. This isn't going to be fixed until the cold hard hand of reality fixes it. Mostly by the collapse of the currency.

So stop wasting your time waiting for Superman to save the day. Stop wasting time waiting for whiteys to collectively stop this foolishness. Stop wasting time coming up with 'solutions' that aren't really solutions at all but simply are BIGGER Government interfering with our lives. If you think things like cutting off benefits, chipping people for tracking, implanting birth control etc are actions BRA government will take against blacks but NOT whites? You really are muddle-brained and blind.

Anonymous said...

I just saw fox news, even Rachel Dolezal parents thinks shes nuts.


Anonymous said...

I am proud to be called a racist.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 4:20 - absolutely right. Do not allow your precious child around negro children. If even one is at a gathering, your child must be closely watched. Keep him safe from them them and educate him when he is old enough to understand.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, PK, do a story on the CNN colored girl AA hire and her comments on the Dallas police HQ attack. It's pure gold.

joshrandall said...

Re Dolezal,you know them blacks ain't gonna allow that NegroMoney to go to a YT?.And the black woman?? Please.All dem bucks loving that white chick? No she gotta go.Bye bye Whitey.

Anonymous said...

After visiting the comments at for some time, this website is far superior. The commenters here a far more educated than the average commenter there. And far less creepy than a certain participant there!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Oh please, PK, do a story on the CNN colored girl AA hire and her comments on the Dallas police HQ attack. It's pure gold.


Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to be white.
We don't need parade to tell us not to kill.
Our criminal rates on western Europe level, black American ghetto rates are the highest
in the world.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comment. This, and others like it are helping me to wake the others.

Anonymous said...

Killing themselves and their communities both slowly and quickly, that is the negro way. The way that I was able to let go of a lot of my anger and hostility towards them is the true realization that a nig is gonna nig. The only reason it is so exciting to talk about it this way is that we are told in 300 different ways that this isn't so. Who are you going to believe, BRA or your own eyes?

Do they actually think that their holding of manufactured signs equates with a real answer and/or effort? Wow, you're aware of your collective predatory and dishonest behavior. That must be amazing to make that first step- again and again- and then taking no real action (or serious planning) to actually stop what is ailing you. When you really care about something, it shows. If you want to see passion put a white parent's children at risk in front of them. You will see a gentle push-over turn into a bear with a vengeance once you cross that line. Why doesn't whitey put up with/have this kind of killing in their neighborhood? Why does violence and deceit follow groups of black people around like a clouds of sh@t?

Why does it come to snuffing someone out of existence due to a few words or an unpleasant look? Everything they ever were or could have been. Gone. And to think of the clearance rates in some of these black hellholes. Black lives matter indeed. Do they even have cemeteries for their loved ones, or is that too much effort and a white people thing? Maybe playing the ghetto lottery is a tribute to them and how they done good by gettin demselves kilt.

Their culture really is like Africa to me, or even something from another world. Definitely not human. I don't see trust, compassion, warmth, consideration, or intelligent thought in anything they say or do. Why would anyone want to live near anyone devoid of those attributes? There is your answer blackie, since you have been asking for it oh so very sincerely. You lack of the social values and qualities that the rest of us feel are mandatory for living in a functional and happy society. You don't care. You will admit this 1000 times over, on every concern or subject. You don't care. Nobody can make you. You are held down by phantom racism, so even though you are prickly, vulgar and untrustworthy we are all supposed to put that aside and embrace you like family. And put up with you and smile all the while like we like it. You are hated, if that is what you want to hear. You don't need to ask us anymore either, the truth is out there whether you care to explain it all away or not. It's all over the web, and it is a good time not to be black. You guys just keep digging yourself deeper, becoming more repulsive and unsettling as people grow numb to the black people/police narrative. It's always black people, never any other race, over and over again. Maybe it is you. You ever stop to consider that?

But that would be too much. It is easier for all of us to just keep lying to ourselves and make up a false reality in which to cope. Thanks for forcing us all to live in this fantasy make believe we are all equal world, it is fun feeling like you are living in bizzaro dream-world when you are actually awake.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell have you been???? I found this shit out early in elm school almost 38 years ago to be exact. When the first black appeared and others followed. They were trouble makers, aggressive and didn't play well with others.

Their behavior is instilled in them because of shitty DNA. Sorry it took you so long to learn their true nature.

The grandparents of the little nog Orc were doing what almost all of them do: suck off the free shit and bad behavior to them has to be way above the pale to even raise an eyebrow.

Moving to the whitest state sounds like heaven, does it not? I would love to never see another Orc in my lifetime. Growing up around them in the south it has been easy to be fatigued of them.

Anonymous said...

Was gone for a few days, this Rachel Dolezal fiasco is funny, is it not? The fact that blacks want someone who looks like them, who has their features to succeed so badly that they throw any litmus test to race out the window.

Half-white and raised by your white side among whites (cough, Obama)? No problem, full-skinned black.

They must be the only race that gladly pollutes the purity of its stock knowing full well that a mix with any other race will be a full on improvement for them.

No other race is like this. They need all the hope that they can get and they know it.

When playing the race card becomes so lucrative and a way out of criticism what dishonest person wouldn't use it? I think the whole thing is hilarious and it shows what happens when you lower standards (even racial ones) to pathetic levels.

I hate to break it to black people, but it is going to take a lot more than one great black person to solve any of the problems that you are always crying about. But then again, as Paul pointed out, your leaders want you dysfunctional so it's not like you aren't screwed anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here......The states with very few blacks are Western Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. These are states I've traveled in. The states I have not been in but hear good stuff about are Montana and Idaho. Western South Dakota and Northern Wyoming are getting trashed by the oil companies. The Mexicans are coming into the smaller towns in Colorado where the rents are cheap. One or two will rent the house and two weeks later 20 will move in.

AnalogMan said...

make it rain TRUTH said...

Some of you posters need a wakeup call. The idea that someday the problems negroes cause will reach a saturation point and whiteys will collectively say "NO MORE" is fantasy thinking.

Look at Africa in general and South Africa in particular.

Sadly, that's the truth. A comment by Flanders on the Irish Savant blog today quotes an article by one of our prominent writers whom I'm not sure if I may name here. An extract:

"What has taken place in the Congo and Rhodesia is frightening not so much because it proves that some Whites are willing to crawl for their supper — we’ve known that to be the case for a long time — but for two other reasons: First, as our member observed during his year in Zaire, the Whites there are not just pretending to have forgotten their Whiteness and to have cut themselves off from their race; they have actually done it. Approaching them on the basis of shared blood and a common heritage not only frightens them, it also offends their new sensibilities. They want nothing to do now with anything which smacks of “racism.” Their conversion is complete. They have become White niggers.

Second, the phenomenon reveals a general characteristic of man’s nature. What has already happened in Kinshasa and is well underway in Salisbury is also beginning to happen in Johannesburg — and in every city in America as well. Americans who were adults during the 1960s and who have kept their equilibrium since then are aware of the enormous shift in White public opinion which has taken place in the United States in the past two decades."

Read the rest at the link.

Anonymous said...

The only people who have ever put hands on me or family members in an act of criminal assault and robbery have been black negroes.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to address nigs as "Black African Americans" when discussing the problem with DWLs at work, or groids themselves. Sounds like you're PC, but also seems weird. They'll ask, then explain that Africa is a large continent with Arabs up North who are technically Caucasian, so add the 'Black' identifier to pinpoint the race you're trying to define. Makes them nuts, but they can't argue! ;)

Anonymous said...

:-) we try to help where we can

Mr. Rational said...

Why does it come to snuffing someone out of existence due to a few words or an unpleasant look? Everything they ever were or could have been. Gone.

"Everything they could have been" in many cases is an unemployable lout prone to hair-trigger violence, useful only as a sperm donor for making more of the same.  At some level I think they know it, which is one reason they're so angry all the time.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 7:44 - whatever % negro she is, it's enough to make her an ignorant, White-hating, chip-on-her-shoulder colored girl.

riptapart said...

Having manicured grass is part of white culture. It is yet another example of white privilege that we are accustomed to knowing how to walk on a green lawn. Dat grazz beez rayciss an sheet. Nomesayin. Planting grass where Blacks might have to walk in heels is a microaggressions.

riptapart said...

"Bu bu bu bu but, bu bu but what bouts dat B B B Ben Carson? He da nummer one ikago."

Anonymous said...

Glad I came across this blog. I honestly dont give two fucks at all what these liberal pieces of shit are talking about, to me their just another entity abusing rights for a cause that is ineviable.

Anonymous said...

Well, as usual the negro is a wordy beast, but I think you can ignore most of the flim flam that spans across multiple paragraphs into one:

"When thugs and murderers control our neighborhoods from jail and our mothers, grandmothers and children are afraid to walk down the streets in their own communities for fear of being robbed, hurt, and or intimidated by gangs, we are failing in every sense of the word."

The above quote should be under her image in everyone's new avatar.

So when you fail to stand up to gangs you are failing in every sense of the word?

Don't you think you're being a bit hard on yourself, Mosby the esquire?

I didn't think so either.

-Trigger Lover

Anonymous said...

1. Public pools=drain pools fill them with books. Book to gibs is equal to kryptonite to superman.

Anonymous said...

Whites are too hesitant to organize proactive measures to counter the feces species' takeover. Being a realist that survives means one has to have a small nucleus of like minded ones around that can handle being aware and being prepared. Whites have been mentally abused by the self hate propaganda systems in public schools, media, entertainment, negro worship encased mantras, and traitors who spread the lies. Be aware and be prepared, cultivate intestinal fortitude to protect and defend YOU.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ex,

I always enjoy your comments, but you're WAY off the mark on this one.

Third grade level? Respectfully, second grade is a reach!