Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Before the entire city became an armed camp or was burned to the ground" -- The Reason Six Baltimore Police Were Charged in the Death of the Heroin Dealer

There comes a point in every saga when the winds shift. 

Many don't notice it at first, but the shifting of the winds signals a new course of direction far, far different then the one previously existing. 

In but a blink of an eye, a change of the winds results in the resurrection of a previously long dead and buried hope, for the now supplanted paradigm provided nothing more than doom and gloom. 

And more doom and gloom. 
Sacrificial lambs to appease the black mob she calls "voters"

But for those who remained steady and weathered the tumult of yesterday, the finality of tomorrow will be your reward. 

Because the winds have shifted. 


Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby - who admitted to Cosmopolitan her law school degree is nothing more than an affirmative action handout and who hopes the death of Freddie Gray the heroin dealer will create a "movement" - has only delayed what so few know and so many more are soon to find out. [Prosecutors take credit for restoring order in Baltimore after riot, Baltimore Sun, 6-24-15]:

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's announcement of charges against six officers in connection with the arrest and death of Freddie Gray restored order to Baltimore "before the entire city became an armed camp or was burned to the ground," her office argued in a new court filing. 
Michael Schatzow, Mosby's top deputy, asked a judge this week to deny a motion by attorneys for the officers asking that the charges against their clients be thrown out because of missteps they say Mosby made. 
The winds of change... "no justice, no peace" > actually administering the law
The defense lawyers argued that by publicly announcing the charges against the six officers involved in Gray's April 12 arrest, Mosby unforgivably biased potential jurors against their clients. 
But Schatzow said seeking to restore calm was a legitimate move. "Speaking in the middle of an ongoing riot, Mrs. Mosby was trying to calm the crowd, not incite it," Schatzow wrote. 
"Her repeated pleas for peace while the criminal justice system does its work served a legitimate law enforcement function." 
When Mosby made the announcement of charges on May 1, there had been no violent protesting for a number of days, but National Guard troops and squads of police remained on city streets. Her announcement was met with jubilation through the city. 
Schatzow also dismissed arguments from defense lawyers that a single press conference could have an outsized impact on the case. The early stages of the case have been marked by vociferous court filings on both sides. 
Defense lawyers have questioned Mosby's conduct, and in addition to asking a judge to throw out the charges, they have asked for her office to be removed from the case. Prosecutors asked a judge to deny that request last week. The defense team has also sought to have the case moved out of Baltimore. Mosby's office has yet to file a response.

Throwing Baltimore police officers to the wolves of the black uprising restored calm and order (influencing an outbreak of celebrations and a "Victory Rally") to the city, and this is something Mosby's office is proud to highlight as a major accomplishment. 

But wasn't it the black mayor of Baltimore who gave those black people "space to destroy," allowing the city to become an armed camp and potentially be burned to the ground? 

See, Baltimore is a black-run city, whose inept black police commissioner (whose only qualification for the job is his blackness) even dubbed it an "African-American city."

Or, as Mosby told Baltimore magazine in January 2015, the criminal justice system is broken because too many blacks get arrested:
Q. When you say barriers of distrust prevent convictions, do you mean that African-American juries sympathize with defendants because they suspect police bias?  

AEssentially, yes. But I'm not going to say it's just based on racial lines. It's far more systemic than that. But I can say that there is a distrust for the criminal justice system, and sometimes rightfully so. They look at an individual and they will oftentimes look like their son, their nephew, their neighbor, and they're going to relate more to that individual than they do to you. As the administrator of the criminal justice system, it's incumbent on me to break down those barriers. That means I'm not going to come in and essentially fire community liaisons, which are the faces of the African-American community. That's what was done, so there has been an exacerbation of distrust because there's no longer any visibility and presence in various communities throughout Baltimore.
The inevitable has only been delayed.  

The winds have shifted for good. 

The April 29th game at Camden Yards between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox - that fans weren't allowed to attend - was the moment hurricane-force gusts could be felt by those willing to admit what an empty stadium represented.

Briefly, they've died down, but in so doing they'll only return stronger.



PK, you are correct. We have passed the Event Horizon.

Anonymous said...

I am so hoping the affirmative action super-woman has the guts to lead and act as prosecutor in this...And that the Defense rips her into tiny pieces.

Janee of Stormwind

Anonymous said...

Justice for Freddie Gray! End police brutality! End structural racism! The Bell Curve is based on incomplete and sloppy scholarship, and is essentially pseudoscience.

Anonymous said...

The TPP passed. The twits on the left were distracted while the right ignored all appeals. This is the beginning of the end. Our job is to survive.


It is going to be fun to watch a Chimp-5 riot when these 6 cops are set free. This may be the moment we are all waiting for. The moment when the sleeping White majority "sees" the destruction and uselessness of the negro in America. With their free "sail foams" the word will spread to every hood in the country and if we are lucky we will have massive, violent, deadly riots in every US city.

One can only hope and pray for massive fires and destruction. When CVS, Wal-Mart and McSambo's lose hundreds of locations in arson fires, then perhaps they will realize what we here know: You can't do business with the African.

The vast majority of people learn through pain. The average blind White person has not had enough pain. We can only hope the Negro Pets attack the White hand that feeds them.

Anonymous said...

O/T, but if you will indulge me Paul, I would like to share a true story:

John Bannon moved to Baton Rouge from his native Indiana so he could be close to his beloved LSU Tigers football team.

And his Harley too: He kept it in his living room because he did not have a garage. Can't do much Harley-riding in Indiana in the winter.

It was 9:30 on a Friday night in early February. Bannon was a few blocks from his home when witnesses say he encountered the 19-year old Windall Lavel Herring and a 15-year old accomplice. They punched him in the face. His head hit the ground. He lingered for a few weeks then died.

Like lots of other victims of black on white crime, Bannon had a family. And yes, they are trying to figure out why their grandfather, father, brother, uncle and friend is dead. Like most victims of black on white crime, they have no idea that BLACK ON WHITE MURDER HAPPENS 50 TIMES MORE OFTEN THAN WHITE ON BLACK.

Anonymous said...

White Guilt 101 said.

After all these years I still find it amazing how easy it is for the leftist controlled media to manipulate the thinking of the hive mind. A massive population that will believe any kind of lie their told. Sometimes it almost seems unreal what the herd will believe. I've been watching this take place for years and I am still in shock at what I see. We live with a large percent of androids and sheep who long ago lost the ability to think. Welcome to the new America.

The left wing extremist are so filled with hate and anger that at this point the NEW ENEMY is now a FLAG. A Confederate Flag blowing in the wind is the new target for their wrath. Mindless robots who are filled with hate and vengeance. That hate needs a release. Now their intolerance and contempt is directed towards a flag. Protesting and carrying signs because it helps fill up their empty and hollow lives. The left wingers gave away their freedom years age and now want to take away ours. These hopeless creatures should be at home hugging their children or planting a garden, but instead they are defacing memorials and rallying against a flag. The Southerner is now the new evil bad guy. Something in America is not working when it becomes that easy to MIND CONTROL the majority of the population.

Anonymous said...

The photo really says it all. That's what blacks do. That's how they behave. That's what they like to do. That's all they're capable of.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting so fed up with the absolute blind eye this country and its citizenry give to this horrible behavior by African blacks living in America.. Do blacks and DWLs not see what is going on? I am starting to believe that they are so ignorant that they really don't see this. Crime has no color to these people unless whitey steps out of line. Excuse after excuse. A Detroit reverend just gave a statement pretty much saying they just can't help their behavior. Blamed the schools and urban life. No personal responsibility at all. I don't know who's going to lead this country out of this quagmire but I'm beginning to think it will have to be God Himself. I for one am out of ideas. So tired!

Anonymous said...

Another good read.
Today while I was out working, on the roof, in the 90°F + Sun, I was thinking about all this racial stuff. Most everyone on this site would admit to being a race realist, maybe even a real racist.
Those on the other side have no problem calling all of us racists. That's okay, I don't care. They go to extremes to show they are not evil racists, but in their self righteous mindsets, they become victims of those they accuse us of being racist against.
The only difference between US is, we're not victims, we protect our property, we haven't been raped and we're still alive and breathing.
Because we are not like them, they prove US right every day because they are not like US. It's a vicious circle. They stand with the Africans against racism, and the Africans kill them.
Is this too difficult for them to understand? I reckon so.


Anonymous said...

That damned old Confederate flag causing so much hate. Walmart stopped selling them so we can safely shop there now. eBay quit selling Confederate related memorable but they are still pushing Nazi flags and the like.I guess hitler didn't have a lot of black slaves, but I smell a cover up. They need to send some activists over to Germany. There might some black man working for the betterment of arians and he isn't even aware of it.

Anyway I gather that Mosby was complaining about her not being able to get any convictions due to jury nullification (Back jurors sympathize with black defendants ). But this should be one she can win, b lack judge, black jury, and cops on trial that everybody hates. It will be kangaroo court at its finest. The transcripts will read like a comic book. I can't wait.

Mich Mike

Medic Bear said...

"Anonymous said...
I'm getting so fed up with the absolute blind eye this country and its citizenry give to this horrible behavior by African blacks living in America.. Do blacks and DWLs not see what is going on?"

Sadly, they DO see what's going on and celebrate it ! To too many Blacks and DWLs, this is payback for "da turible legamacy o' da slabery", etc. It's part of the reparations package. It's their due.

I have managed to verbally corner a couple DWL morons I know into becoming so frustrated with facts and data that they end-up admitting they're OK with CAT 5 chimpouts daily because "They're owed it" !

THAT to me is the scariest part of this whole thing. Blacks are feral, evil, barbaric animals by nature and nothing will change that. But DWL's should KNOW better.

The circus in B'more is beyond sad and I so hope it blows-up when the LEOs are acquired or a mistrial is declared. And as others have mentioned, that widespread rioting spreads to other urban areas. The sooner the SHTF, the sooner we can clean up the mess caused by 50 years of multicultural PC bullshit.

"They're just like us" my ass. They're a plague anywhere and everywhere they exist.

Anonymous said...

As we all know the Ferguson riots were lead by professional outsider agitators (both black and white) and agent provocateurs who had no connections to Ferguson other than race. Troublemakers brought in from outside. Same with Baltimore but in Ferguson there was more time to plan their operations. As I recall there were gray haired old Commies from the 60's protesting in other cities. These people were not in hiding. They carried their banners for all to see.

The 33 million bucks that was spent by George Soros may seem like a lot of money to people like us, but to him 33 mill is just "chump change". Power brokers like Soros BUY AND SELL other countries as a hobby. This guy is not some altruistic goody two shoes who is interested in social justice or making St. Louis a better place for black people. Mr. Money Bags does not in any way care about blacks because if he did he wouldn't spend 33 million smackers on burning down their neighborhoods.

This whole thing was so weird that it goes beyond THE MAN STANDING BEHIND THE CURTAIN. It is more like the man standing in the back alley. Soros is a "money market man" and 33 mill was not charity. It was an investment. The question I'm asking is what are his plans for a return on that investment. Are there people in this country trying to start a race war so they can buy cheap real estate for pennies on the dollar.

Maria From California said...

Lest we not forget the opening day at the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center just a day ago. A $1.1M facility tossing 500 free meals a day (acquired through grant money...aka tax dollars) of nutritious items like sugar-laden cinnabons to outstretched black hands learning the gibs all too early.

The hourglass has turned and it's merely a matter of time before the children eating free government food under the namesake of a heroin dealer and career criminal burn this building to the ground as well.

Julie said...

The country has passed into a widespread psychosis. Many of you are probably familiar with Yuri Bezmenov. This former KGB agent made very clear what the Soviets had put into action against this country. That the Soviet Union is no longer alive, makes no difference. These efforts were akin to viruses introduced into this nation for the purpose of undermining the structure of the country.

Valerie Jarrett's family were communists. As were the family members of David Axlerod. As was Obama's actual father, Frank Marshall Davis.

We are facing the fruits of Soviet active measures fifty or more years after their instantiation. The American people are weak and the future does not look promising. The country, in the loosest definition, will remain. It will ultimately not resemble anything you knew throughout your life.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
O/T, but if you will indulge me Paul, I would like to share a true story:

John Bannon moved to Baton Rouge from his native Indiana so he could be close to his beloved LSU Tigers football team.

And his Harley too: He kept it in his living room because he did not have a garage. Can't do much Harley-riding in Indiana in the winter.

It was 9:30 on a Friday night in early February. Bannon was a few blocks from his home when witnesses say he encountered the 19-year old Windall Lavel Herring and a 15-year old accomplice. They punched him in the face. His head hit the ground. He lingered for a few weeks then died.

Like lots of other victims of black on white crime, Bannon had a family. And yes, they are trying to figure out why their grandfather, father, brother, uncle and friend is dead. Like most victims of black on white crime, they have no idea that BLACK ON WHITE MURDER HAPPENS 50 TIMES MORE OFTEN THAN WHITE ON BLACK.

A sad story. But he moved to Baton Rouge from his native Indiana so he could be close to his beloved LSU Tigers football team.... Sorry, that's not rational on any level whatsoever. Did he have some special affinity for negro footballers?

Pat Boyle said...

It's surprisingly difficult to figure how well Mosby did in school. We know by her own admission that her LSAT score were not too good.

She got her undergraduate degree at Tuskegee. How much does that mean? That's hard to figure out too. Tuskegee like about half of all colleges uses the SAT rather than the ACT. Good, the stats on the SAT are more complete.

But the SAT recently changed their format to include three tests whereas formerly they used only two. Most colleges now base their entrance requirements on all three. But Tuskegee bases its admissions requirements on only two.

I went to undergraduate school at George Mason. But they don't publish any stats on SAT scores. So I had to use George Washington University where I went to grad school. I used their published SAT admission scores for undergraduates. They gave all three SAT scores but the two old scores (Math and English) seem to be about 1300. Tuskegee is 1000. Harvard is nearly 1600. This means that Tuskegee is about one and a half standard deviations below a typical US white college and maybe four SDs below the best schools.

That means that Tuskegee has much lower admissions standards that the average US college. So Mosby the product of a lower tier school was surprised when she tried to compete with non-blacks.




Imagine sitting in a jail cell knowing that some community organizer prosecutor has got you in their payback sights. Imagine knowing that you are sitting in that cell for doing your job. Imagine we now live in a society that protects a neighborhood heroin dealer and not you a big city police officer. Who by the way is paid to keep those drug pushing killers off of those same big city streets among many other job duties. And the worst part about this policeman's nightmare situation is a negro woman who admittedly is not as qualified for the position she holds just because she is the same color as that heroin dealer.

So in our newly "Fundamentally Transformed America" your affirmative action community organizer prosecutor is only there because they are black and not as smart as the many other lawyers that were overlooked because of their race and higher test scores. What were they thinking by allowing Affirmative Action to come into play? Hell you can now call Affirmative Action a hate crime now-a-day's!


Anonymous said...

* A black man has an 89% chance of spending a night in jail before the age of 30.
* A black woman has a 70% chance of having a child outside of wedlock.
*A black person is seven times more likely to go to prison than a white person.
* A black person has about a 45% chance of dropping out of high school.
* Black on white crime happens 45% of the time while white on black crime is 3%.
* Black on white robberies are 139 times more likely than white on black.
* Black on white rapes are 100 times more likely than white on black.
* Blacks score 15% to 30% lower, compared to whites, on standard IQ tests.
* Black women are 5 times more likely to get an abortion than white women.
* In 2009, Black household net worth was $2,170, compared to $97,860 for white. (That's incredible!)

Blacks hold a disproportionately number of local, state and federal government jobs.
Blacks are 10% of the U.S. civilian work force but hold:

25% of the jobs at U.S. Treasury,
25% at the Veterans,
31% at the State Department,
37% at the Department of Education,
38% at the Housing and Urban Development,
42% at the Equal Opportunity Commission,
44% at Fannie Mae,
50% at Freddie Mac,
55% at the Government Printing Office and
82% at the Court Services/Offender Agency.

The average government employee earns $123,000 per year, compared to $61,000 in the private sector.
Question: How are blacks "held back" given all that wealth?

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here....In your typical Negropolitan city hospital a 16 year old black girl is in the maternity ward giving birth to her second fatherless child. Her nervous welfare mother is pacing the hallway thinking of a name for the new baby. Meanwhile downstairs in the emergency room doctors are trying to save a 15 year old black kid with two bullet holes in his chest. His mother is in the waiting room rolling around on the floor crying and screaming about her "baby done git shot". What is wrong with this picture and how much longer will it keep happening.

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Heroin dealers are small business owners. The foundation of our free enterprise system.

Do you know how hard a junkie works to get enough money for the next fix?

Freddie Gray was a job creator. Making less than a part time Mickey D's employee no less. How's that for innovative?

If YT flees negro neighbors due to irrational fear, do negroes seek YT neighbors out due to irrational love?

Certain flags, like certain t-shirt colors, cause negroes to die from gun violence. Scientists have yet to comment on the reason guns become violent towards negroes due to dyes and symbols. They do however, believe asphalt plays a large role in determining how much violence the guns will cause.

dondiego said...

A.N.Z.U.S ally with an O/T:

Howdy friends and neighbors, this hate directed at the Confederate flag just inspired me to $pend-up large at Craaazy Cooter Davenport's shop.

The Dukes of Hazzard was and still is my all time favorite. I bought a flag, towel, lighter, belt buckle, and a General Lee [the car] t-shirt.

Since I had to update my paypal and the feds know my other real name from a donation maybe a year ago I'm now obligated to support this blog that MUST keep going...

(Esp if that evil TPP has gone through, as anon above says)

P.K- I'll send an email tomorrow or this weekend to try and tie a book or two in with the donation business. Thanks for doing what you do~

nokangaroos said...

Throwing six innocents to the wolves was the worst thing to do. It ruins morale and does nothing to protect the city. It´s the classic fallacy of handing a bone back to your lapdog because you find its growling "cute". Next time the little shit is going to cost you a finger.

So: Send in a company of hunter-killers with zero-tolerance orders; the "riot" will be over in two hours max - and the next will not start first time nighttime temps top 90°. Some here have aired ideas incompatible with the rule of law - and Homeland Security is NOT our friend. The proper way around posse comitatus is through the Fourteenth Amendment; it was never properly ratified (under duress and by an insufficient number of states) and is therefore null and void, together with all attendant "civil rights" legislation. That may sound farfetched but is not in obvious breach. It means blacks are not properly citizens and therefore to be treated as a hostile occupying force. Wouldn´t you like to see the armed forces act in accordance with Art.I Sect.8 USC for a change? Just once? Pretty please?

-The jury system was designed as a layer of protection from wanton punishment; do not get me wrong - I do regard jury nullification as a fundamental right - the right to declare a decree or its application UNJUST! But if the system is to survive, blacks and females must not be allowed to serve on juries. The stats are clear: They are fundamentally incapable of the ethical universalism they demand from everyone else.

By extension, the same goes for judges, admin and lawmakers ;b

Anonymous said...

If you are White, and in any way expose yourself to a negro in a way that makes you vulnerable, expect an attack. You must remove yourself physically or all bets are off; they are in full-on attack mode.

Euro American said...

"Something in America is not working when it becomes that easy to MIND CONTROL the majority of the population."

I don't know about easy...CNN, movies, they all work very diligently to brainwash us daily. I had a relative who was concerned that I did not go to mass DAILY, that I was not getting enough Church indoctrination.

Indoctrination needs to start in childhood, of course, and must be steadily reinforced.

Every day I peek in at CNN because I find my brainwashing comforting. I was just there...Ah! "Walmart, bad, sells guns...Looted drugs in Baltimore forcing blacks to get high, blacks good, need the DEA to protect them...WE need to fix muslim genital mutilation because America has moral authority, oooh something about Taylor Swift."

Then I go to race realist websites because I need to know what is actually going on to try and protect my family's finances and health.


Scientists say that we neanderthals create a different type of fat for our brain than the rest of them. Neanderthal DNA apparently give us a unique way to metabolize lipids and our brain is made up of lipids. Now I am going to guess that since Neanderthals had been surviving in cold Europe for so many generations that the Neanderthal brain was forward thinking. Anyway, won't be reading much at CNN about how white brains are different than black brains at the cellular level.

Anonymous said...

Dear PK;
Thank you for your in depth, truth bearing site. We are in for a chuck hole filled ride. Being aware and awake is a gift in this day, keep up the extraordinary work. Your friend,
Old Guard

VariedSort said...

Mosby, would your cousin be alive if the school/police had identified the 17 yo opportunity youth that kilt your cousin been thrown under the jail and key thrown away after his first few brushes with the law? You keep letting out repeat offenders and they wind up dead or killing someone and you pavement apes lack the reasoning ability to connect the dots that letting criminals free winds up with more deaths.

Nick A. Pinny said...

“Another tendency, which is extremely natural to democratic nations and extremely dangerous, is that which leads them to despise and undervalue the rights of private persons. The attachment which men feel to a right, and the respect which they display for it, is generally proportioned to its importance, or to the length of time during which they have enjoyed it. The rights of private persons amongst democratic nations are commonly of small importance, of recent growth, and extremely precarious; the consequence is that they are often sacrificed without regret, and almost always violated without remorse.”


J.J.: I like what you wrote"

"Race Realist = Real Racist"

It is perfectly logical. Anyone who is realistic about racial issues will, by default and "liberal" definition, be a "racists". To me, racism is GOOD. It is natural, normal, intelligent, rational and correct. It is also the only way to live, survive and find peace between "the nations". Racism and Segregation are the only paths to peace. Hey, Africans? Want to "stop the violence"? Bring back Segregation.

That needs to go into the SBPDL Glossary.

Anonymous said...

To nokangeroos - As a woman I am curious about your belief that women should not serve on juries. Too emotional? Too tender-hearted? Too weak to mete out justice? I plead guilty to the first two, but only with regard to animals, the elderly, children stricken with terrible diseases, or true victims who need our help. On the other hand, I strongly believe in an eye for an eye, the death penalty swiftly administered, and most importantly, that people are 100% are responsible for their own actions - period. Also fully support stop & frisk and profiling.

When I look at the number of idiot women who support the teletubby in a pantsuit, I really have to wonder. Young women, in particular, are incredibly ignorant and sanctimonious. If an appreciable number of women really are incapable of (or unwilling to) convict criminals, then I'd be OK with only men on juries. I just want criminals in jail, whatever color, though obviously the majority are negro. Are there any studies on this?

P.S. Just got a jury summons yesterday!

Anonymous said...

When the body has an infection, it creates the conditions we call a fever to rid itself of the invading cells.

A group of cells make up a body, a group of bodies make up a race, a race makes up a country... the dynamics apply all along the chain.

When you give a fever patient a drug like Tylenol it artificially lowers the temperature and makes the fever appear to have retreated, but the underlying infection is still there.

Our country has an infection; the fever began to rise in the 5os and 60's; but a drug was given to decrease the symptoms. Civil Rights legislation etc temporarily reversed the growing heat, but that has now worn off; the fever is back.

The only permanent cure for the patient is to provide rest and water and let the fever run its course, no matter the high temperature. To do the same healthy thing for our country we need to let the fever burn. It will happen this Summer....


Anonymous said...

DA Mosby will win her case. The 6 officers will have some of the charges against them stick. Why, because a all or mostly negroe jury will convict, the hell with law and justice. The negroe needs a conviction, and they will get one.




There is much the Defense can do. Also, the odds of all 6 being convicted are slim.

This trial will open more White eyes and if every cop in the US has any brains, they will surely see what they are really up against. If this doesn't wake up every WHITE COP in America, then those who keep on "sleeping" will deserve what is coming.

If you are a WHITE POLICE OFFICER, get the f*ck away from any duty/detail that puts you anywhere near the negro.

Anonymous said...


Pat, yes the SATs are dumbed down.
It is also 'said' that the SATs are an IQ Test, but not called so.

Is it legal to give IQ test to job applicants? No.

standard deviation--pls explain.

Lets say White IQ averages 100 --- what is that on an SAT Verbal test? 500? 400?
not 600.

Harvard etc wants 800 on Verbal. That is IQ 130? 140?
what percent of Whites have such IQs?
What percent of whites have IQ 90? 80? 70? and what are the standard deviations/

Anonymous said...


Pat, also think about what you posted,

how well Mosby did in school. /end quote.

Maybe she was the smartest in her class.
But you pointed out how low class was her school.

She may have done very well at the school BUT the schools standard wasnt that of 'an average or elite school'. Right?

ever hear the saying 'big fish, small pond'?

chattanooga gal said...

" the odds of all 6 being convicted are slim. "
I suspect they will only convict the WHITE officers.

Anonymous said...


Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center



Freddie Gray Heroin Empowerment Center.


Bruce Jenner Boys Club

Michael Jackson Tanning Salon

Sam said...

Today as I logged on Yahoo News came up with a link to an article about a black female St. Louis cop, on suspension since February, getting arrested by FBI for dealing guns and heroin. The feds found heroin residue on paraphernalia used in processing and distributing heroin in her home, along with guns. Another of St. Louis' finest. Black and female, can't get much more AA than that. Wonder how long before the race card gets thrown down.

Medic Bear posted above "'They're just like us' my ass. They're a plague anywhere and everywhere they exist." Last night I watched a program on PBS that pushed the idea that all the population of the world originated in Africa, and that we are all alike, while showing primitive African natives of today. I watched this alternating between laughing and swearing at the television. Libtards are truly mentally defective.

Anonymous said...

To help offset all the Kill YT rhetoric out there may I suggest you put on your social media the link to the liveleak video of the young negress pulling the White girl to the ground and beating her mercilessly. The White drops a baby and the negress's male companion does a monkey dance around her while she beats the White. This just happened; the nog said she wanted to beat a cracker. Spread this video far and wide.

Has to be seen to be believed...

FlowerBell said...

Still reading the articles by PK and the comments written by the good people on this site. Even though I am burned out on this hopeless diversity mess I am still worried about your safety.

With the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare its now official, we're living under a tyrant. Words only mean what the government decides they mean, laws can be upheld or ignored depending how they feel that day and our country's borders have been rendered non-existent. Without these things in place we are no longer a country. The coming years will be a living hell.
Please flee the cities while you can before its too late.

Anonymous said...

BRA will continue only as long as its money remains good. Right now the Euro is on its last legs and the Greek bankruptcy is only a symptom, not the cause of the Euro troubles. Greece amounts to nothing in the greater scheme of things regarding the Euro, it's economically too small to be important. The issue for Europe is really the precedent that debt reduction for Greece would set for other bankrupt nations, the failure of the ruling class Greece leaving the Euro represents but most importantly the systemic risk to the European, especially German banking system.

There are massive, interlocking debt contracts (derivatives) secured by sovereign bonds, supposedly riskless that are collateral for massive loans made by the European Central Bank (ECB) and other banks to the Greek and other national central banks. If the "riskless" collateral i.e. sovereign bonds were marked down from %100 to their true (much lower) market value i.e. "price discovery" the loans backed by these bonds would immediately be impaired causing a cascade of bank failures across Europe then a Euro currency failure. That would be the end of the European equivalent of BRA and the true reason that various Greek governments have received bailouts, not to save Greece from financial failure but to save the European banks and ultimately the Euro from failure.

This is extremely important to us because BRA is in a different version of the same predicament. U.S. banks are probably insolvent because of bad collateral that BRA allows U.S banks to keep marked to book value rather than true market value and more importantly because U.S. banks are entangled with their European counterparts in complex derivative trades. When these derivatives go bad the cascading failure will affect the worldwide financial system causing it to seize up like 2008 with the Lehman Bros. failure.

Ultimately BRA depends upon money for its daily existence, it dies without lots of money to spend every day on its pets keeping them somewhat docile and buying the loyalty or passivity of millions of others not naturally inclined to support BRA. When BRA's money goes bad its pets will be off the leash immediately and much worse than Baltimore. Confidence in BRA will also be shattered by the money going bad; it's inherent contradictions, frailty, corruption and gross incompetence will be undeniable at that point. The only reason BRA has not suffered financial failure yet, it has come within inches several times, is because the Federal Reserve can and does print money at will giving BRA all the money it needs. The Fed can print money all the time but it cannot guarantee its purchasing power, that's where it will eventually fail.

non-DWL from NE

Anonymous said...

This is priceless. A Youth Empowerment Center (what does that even mean?) named after a gigantic, primitive negro brute who terrorized his community for years, beat up storekeepers, robbed storekeepers and attacked police officers. Only in Negroville. Infuriating, but also, oddly, pathetic and sad. Yet another story that proves our point.

ATL Born said...

I've made a couple of comments in the last two days yet nothing is going through. The comments have decreased and I was wondering if it's the same thing, just not getting approved or what?? It seems we have had some trolls getting under the bridge though!! Geez

Anonymous said...

Mature people discuss the elements of a topic in the proper order. Regarding black dysfunction/inequality in America, the proper order is:

1) Genetic differences that apply to IQ levels and behaviors e.g. impulse control, future time-orientation, violence threshold, etc.

To discuss ANY aspect of the issue before that item is fully examined and settled with hard data, is a complete waste of our time.

Start with a solid base, then build.


ATL: Not all of my posts/comments get through. Don't feel so bad. I can even guess, as I write them, which ones won't get through.

As for trolls? I think the gate-keeper here KNOWS when a troll is submitting a comment, but lets it go through since it is just too valuable.

Some of the dribble from trolls, and those few africans who can write, is priceless and it educates us to the level of stupidity of our "enemies" even though our real enemies have the highest IQ among groups.

Anonymous said...

Reparations are on the way.

Make no mistake, you will pay. $70K per black household for "housing" allowances.

This ties in with your HUD/Ferguson section 8 story.

Anonymous said...

Blacks make the shitty ghettoes.

Not "poor people." Not failing schools, Not lack of jobs and opportunity. Not "low income."

It's all about RACE.

Anonymous said...

Good posts, we Blacks know we commit more crime, and we know our IQ scores are lower than other populations. So everyone here is preaching to the chorus. We need new solutions to the problems facing our inner cities. Please not the same ole back to Africa thing, because that's not realistic. Come up with some good ideas! By the way the confederate flag issue is a distraction, the congress passed the TPP during that hype.

Anonymous said...

To non-DWL from NE: excellent economics post!

To ATL Born: I've also noted lower comment counts and many of my posts of the last few days have not gone through as well, only one of which I had "that feeling" about when I sent it (that feeling you'll never see it again).

I suspect PK is busy with book-related business, tho' he hasn't confirmed this.

With the trifecta of Confederate Flag lowering, TPP, and now SCOTUScare being saved, there is certainly enough to rate comment increases, not decreases.

Anonymous said...

Fred on Everything

"I find Cornel West, a black professor, complaining of White Supremacy, which he believes our black President needs to remedy. Obama, he says, is “niggerized.”

“A niggerized black person is a black person who is afraid and scared and intimidated when it comes to putting a spotlight on white supremacy and fighting against white supremacy,” West said.

I would like to explain to Professor West a few things about this dread supremacy:

We have White Supremacy, Professor, because for 2500 years we, whites, have produced the best minds on the planet, the greatest flourishing of the arts and sciences ever seen, the most complex and organized societies. We have White Supremacy, whatever exactly it may be, because we have been the earth’s most successful race. No other has come close. Deal with it.

We put probes on Mars and invented the thousands of technologies needed to do it. We developed the symphony orchestra, the highest form of musical expression. We invented the airplane, the computer, the internet, and tennis shoes. Putting it compactly, we invented the modern world. A degree of privilege, however you may conceive it, goes with the territory."

Pat Boyle said...

Some anonymous commenter asked me about the SATs and what a Standard Deviation was.

Mosby failed the entrance requirements to Law School because she had low LSAT scores. This is an issue because so many newscasters have suggested that she doesn't seem to be much of a lawyer. So I briefly looked into her academic record at Tuskegee University.

Tuskegee is a private black school started by Booker T. Washington. Tuskegee appears to have very low academic requirements.

The SAT entrance requirements at Tuskegee are only 1000 for the two test version. I went average US colleges (George Mason American University, San Francisco State, and George Washington). For schools like these they usually require a two SAT score of about 1300. The most selective schools like Harvard or Yale require about 1600.

The SAT which is given to high school seniors was originally set up to have a mean score of 500 and a Standard Deviation of 100 (two tests). This is derived from a convention called standard test scores were the scores were standardized to a men of 50 and an SD of 10. In fact standard tests are not common in aptitude testing. The two most common tests are SATs, GREs, and IQ tests. SATS and GREs have means of 500 and SDs of 100. IQs which are roughly comparable have a mean of 100 and a SD of 15.

This means that if you take an aptitude test that has for example 124 questions and the average person gets 72 correct and you get 72 correct then you will have an SAT score of 500, or a GRE score of 500 and an IQ of 100. You are average.

SATs can be transformed in IQ score (a slightly controversial procedure) but there is another difference. IQ tests like the WAIS of the Stanford Binet give one single unified score even though they are made of several different subtests. But the SAT and GRE have always until recently been reported as two test both of which had a mean of 500 and a SD of 100. So the mean of an SAT test is usually reported as 1000 with a SD of 200. The SAT recently added a third test so sometimes now people report the scores of all three giving an average score of 1500.

Over the years the SAT and GRE have been dumbed down as another commenter mentioned. So its hard to compare SAT score unless you know the version year.

There is one last widely used test administered to high school seniors - The National Merit Scholarship test. This test aims at only high achievers. It identifies students in the 98th or 99th percentile. That's roughly two SDs above the mean or about an IQ of 130 or a SAT score of 1400. Hillary Clinton was a Merit Scholar. Barrack Obama wasn't. This is also approximately the level needed to get into Mensa. But Mensa is 'High IQ' society with the lowest standards.

A normal curve normally has about six Standard Deviations - three above the mean and three below. In theory the tails stretch out to infinity but in limited populations there aren't many at the tails. Most scores are bunched around the middle.

Another complication is that IQ scores are for all people but a SAT test is given to high school seniors and the GRE test is given to college seniors. So getting an average score on a SAT or GRE means more than does an average IQ score.

That's enough for now. I've skipped some of the subtleties and simplified some things but the main point is simply that Mosby went to a poor black college with a not very bright student body. She couldn't meet normal Law School admission standards and only got into Law School because the normal entrance requirements were waived because of her race. She's a poor lawyer because she isn't very bright.


Anonymous said...

PK.. knock, knock.... PK... knock, knock!
Thanks for this website. I was going through life feeling like a BB rolling around alone in a big box car on a train. Once I found this site it gave me a place to feel at home and that I am not alone. Many are awake and feel the same as I do. Thanks P.K.!!
South Florida here!

europeasant said...

Ever since obama got elected the Africans within our borders have gone to a new level of entitlement(demand lifelong reimbursement from fate) and service.

The africans within our borders have toxic levels of self-esteem(the regard in which one is held;especially:high regard)but have low levels of IQ and have high levels of testosterone;A dangerous situation in a first world civilizations.

I blame the majority of white women and liberal white male who voted for this POS.

learn the Derbyshire rules

Stay aware and safe.

Anonymous said...


with regards to ---- A Youth Empowerment Center
(what does that even mean?) [answer] THAT YT WILL PAY THE BILL.

It has been noted that Blacks often choose the worst of their race as heroic symbols.

Lovell Mixon, OJ, Trayvon, ad nauseam.
Its a genetic thing.

D-FENS said...

"John Bannon moved to Baton Rouge from his native Indiana so he could be close to his beloved LSU Tigers football team".

Hopefully, he had better reasons than this. If not, well......

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is about to burn again! Waaay too many negroes; very high temps = city burns.

And hey, Bill O'Reilly at Fox News. Here's a quick open letter: analyze the REASONS Dylann did what he did! Go though his manifesto and analyze each topic. He wasn't insane! Each one is fully scientifically supportable.

Play Devil's Advocate and try and dispel each point he made. You get Lib points for trying, and Con points of srpreading the Truth.

Anonymous said...

I read where the Judges have subpoenaed Brietbart demanding that they turn over all information they can get on the people who comments on their site. They don't like the comments that have been posted about what building those judges can jump off.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. "Justice is what love looks like in public." A quote from Cornel West, the "professor". Oh, he's so deep! And so sadly, predictably black. Again, just proves our point.

Anonymous said...

To FlowerBell - I was thinking about you today and am glad to see your post. I don't believe for one minute that blacks will bring down this country. This, too, shall pass. The majority of White people (and even some blacks) know that blacks are responsible for their own mess. The tide will turn. I say this with the life experience of 60 years. Go to sleep tonight in peace.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here this is what the inevitable outcome of Obama's nearsighted economic plans. He thinks that by flooding the country with cheap service labor to take care of his AA black hires and with the taxes from the labor employees he can bring more blacks into the government employment scam. But the third wielders he think will be so grateful for his scrap wages have already seen all the freebies to be had for not working everything will be a bust.
This is why I don't save money. I'm better to spend on things that will have value when money doesn't.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

Sometimes he does not work on the weekend. And often he tires and has to take a break. Running this site will do a number on anyone, more so if that person cares.

Mich. Mike

Anonymous said...

Cold hard facts mean nothing to these types. They will make themselves believe that there is a conspiracy out planting phony info to encourage poor dumb masses to believe racist facts.
I'm sorry,facts can't be racist. They can be true or false, if they're false then they can't be facts. Believe me I have debated many liberals over the cold hard facts. No matter how friendly I try to make the conversation I have never swayed one person to accept the truth.I do believe I have made one or two believe the truth but that is different than accepting it. Those that I think believe it in the end become very very angry. I have been chased out of a bar by a gang of extremely angry lesbians. They smashed the windshield of a truck they thought was mine, I owe that guy an apology

Whiskey said...

The Supremes ruled Blacks or govt may sue under disparate impact on the Fair Housing Act. Translation, if your neighborhood doesn't have at least 13% Trayvons and Michael Browns you will be forced to take em. Unless you live in a snooty rich place where Auntie Zeituni will live courtesy of the govt.

Anonymous said...

NYPD miting about how to hire more blacks was postponed today till next week due to violent crime spike. Couple of days ago school bus was shot twice in Harlem.
Ny tri st

nobody said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks Pat, I will save yr comment.
I was measured [as a child] w IQ 125. What sould my SAT be?

I skipped 10-12 grade and went to college without a 'regular' HS diploma.

My Best SAT [1970s version] was 630 Verbal.

Does this sound right?

Anonymous said...

Mommuh should have mandatory i.u.d. for little doneishia . "Trevon you bring home any little out of wedlock little bastards i will cut it off". May the organized foreigner population that are legal buy out blocks driving up rent. One can dream right.

Anonymous said...

The black officers will have a lesser sentence. The whites will fry. Every U.S. city above 100,000+ will burn if they walk.

Anonymous said...

Yes we can!.......Get our high on at the youf center. It is so sad that the majority of the black community DOES NOT CARE about anything except an EBT check. BHO is President. Black. Fubar yes. Educated by commies but educated. Dr. Ben Carson came from nothing grew up to become one of this countries top surgeon's. Stop fighting amongst ourselves stay in school. No one will hire us if we can not speak clearly! We got no oppuh tonity. Duh!!!! We are honoring a heroin dealer. Our race has reached the lowest of lows. We are the embarrassments of the world. We are the welfare children....what are we going to do as a race when the money is cut off. I'm not talking white people cutting us off. I know the majority of us have no clue that China just hacked our country. We will be encouraged to riot by msm and our corrupt leaders. We must get real to turn this country around for all of us , all colors.

Jacobite said...

Marilyn Mosby and her top deputy Michael Schatzow. That sums up the last 60 years of US history pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Yep. That's what they call racism. Too damn stupid to realize some people are more intelligent than others.


Anonymous said...

Key word in your last sentence is "given".
Wonder how many of those government jobs is only because of the hnic?


Anonymous said...

I don't have the formal education that most on this site has but I do have tons of life experience having travelled all over this Country and learning the history of those areas and its finally occured to me what BRA has much in common with and its the history of many of our own Families here in America for those that don't know the history of the Scottish and Irish peoples I strongly urge you to read about the HIGHLAND CLEARRANCES which was about dispossesion and attempted genocide many were our own kin!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said ”* A black man has an 89% chance of spending a night in jail before the age of 30.
* A black woman has a 70% chance of having a child outside of wedlock. . . .

Blacks hold a disproportionately number of local, state and federal government jobs.
Blacks are 10% of the U.S. civilian work force but hold:

. . . 44% at Fannie Mae,
50% at Freddie Mac,
55% at the Government Printing Office and
82% at the Court Services/Offender Agency.“

Some say that reparations is coming, but it looks to me like it is already here. Where AA reparations falls short is that it does require the recipient of the benefit to show up for work occasionally and not screw up so badly that he/she must be fired. BRA would prefer the simplicity of just mailing out large monthly/annual reparations checks to all of the protected class with no strings attached.

Anonymous said...

Could you cite your sources? I would like to use these statistics when talking to people, but don't want to give my own source as "I read it on the internet". Thanks.

Michigan Jim said...

Anonymous at 5:03 said:
The Bell Curve is based on incomplete and sloppy scholarship, and is essentially pseudoscience.

For example?

Anonymous said...

One error is assuming the girl's mother would bother or be able to show up for the birth.

Anonymous said...

"Avoid the Groid" has a lot more going for it than people may think. I used to frequent a library in a diverse neighboring city because it was close and convenient. After my car was damaged by a careless black driver without insurance (she gave the cop the number of an expired policy) and then broken into a few months later by two blacks, and my car keys were then stolen by an African immigrant when I left them on the printer table for no more than three minutes, I started going to a branch in a lovely white suburb that was twice as far away. I haven't had a single problem since. The difference has literally been that between night and day. No dialogue, no conversations about race, no negotiating, no holding hands and singing folk songs. I just left, and I never went back. And every problem I had with the blacks there immediately disappeared. It was beautiful. I can't recommend Avoiding the Groid enough. Once you try it, you'll never go back.

Anonymous said...

Some NOLA cops formed a bank-robbing gang and were going around doing hits on people a few years back. I think at least one of them eventually got the death penalty. All blacks of course.

Anonymous said...

These alleged protesters(rioters) are an embarrassment to the Negro race. First Saint Louis and now Baltimore. I have watched these animals destroy the lives of many decent folk over the past 11 months and the same thought always comes to mind, "Yeah demolish your own neighborhood! That'll teach Whitey a lesson, won't it? Burn and loot those stores that were minding their business when whatever happened went down,because they should have not just kept to themselves. You sure are showing Whitey who's boss!" * Never mind that you belligerent fools no longer have restaurants,stores,or other commodities. You showed Whitey something ignorant and uncivilized you are! Your forefathers are rolling over in their graves to see your sorry modern state of degeneracy!