Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Hate Crime in Charleston, South Carolina

Allison Griffor. 

It's a name you aren't supposed to know. 

It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear. 

She was five years old. 
Five-year-old Allison Griffor, gunned down on October 25, 2011 as she slept in her Charleston, South Carolina home. Police dubbed it a "botched home invasion" 

She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister. 

Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina. 

October 25, 2011 was her last conscious day on earth. [Why did gunmen target little Allison? Girl, 5, dies after being blasted with shotgun in her own bed during mystery home invasion, Daily Mail, 10-28-2011]:
A five-year-old girl shot in the head during a suspected home invasion has died three days later. 
Allison Griffor was sleeping in her bed at her family’s home in Charleston, South Carolina, early on Tuesday when a bullet from a shotgun fired through the front door hit her and lodged in her brain. 
The four black males who participated in the "botched home invasion" in Charleston, South Carolina
Her father William had gone to the front door when he heard it being kicked, but before he could open it shots were fired through and he was also hit. His daughter was sleeping in the front room. 
Allison, a pupil at Drayton Hall Elementary School, had her life support machine turned off on Thursday after doctors could not find any activity in her brain scans. Her organs have been donated. 
It all began when Mr Griffor heard a loud banging on the front door and went to investigate, but as he reached for the lock there was a blast, reported WCBD. He told all the children to get under the bed.‘I went to the room to tell the kids and wife “we’re safe” and turned on the light to find our daughter would not respond,’ he told WCBD. ‘My wife turned her and she was laying in a pool of blood. 
‘The bullets had went through the door, through the wall, shooting her in the head as she lay sleeping in her safe bed… I was injured in the incident, but our daughter was critically injured.’ 
Mr Griffor said he was shocked by the shooting, because his ‘hard-working loving Christian’ family have no links to drugs or guns and ‘no enemies’. There have been no arrests made yet. 
The family are planning to sell a truck and boat to help fund huge medical bills since the incident, their spokesman Richard Douglas told the Charleston Post and Courier.
It would be years until a lead on the case would break, but not before the Charleston media would publish multiple, heart wrenching stories of the suffering her surviving family endured (particularly this October 25, 2012 piece).

But once the case broke, a picture developed of Griffor's murderers that few in the media outside Charleston would allow to disseminate. [Deputies: 4 suspects ID’d in shooting that killed 5-year-old Allison Griffor, Post and Courier, June 5, 2015]:
Charleston County sheriff’s deputies on Friday came closer than ever to filing murder charges in the 2011 slaying of 5-year-old Allison Griffor when they identified four men suspected in her death. 
During a news conference, Sheriff Al Cannon identified the suspects in the ongoing homicide investigation as Shyrome Jaquane Johnson, 25, of Mosstree Road in North Charleston; Philip Moses, 26, of Ashley Hall Plantation in Charleston; Franklin Glover, 30, of Cedar Petal Lane in Charleston; and Levell Leonard Grant, 27, of North Jupiter Hill Road in Adams Run. 
Each of the men had been in and out of jail in the years since Allison’s death, Cannon said. 
Warrants for murder have not been filed, though that is the office’s intention, Cannon said. 
Griffor was fatally wounded by a shotgun blast around 1 a.m. Oct. 25, 2011, at her family’s home on Pierpont Avenue. 
Cannon referred to the incident as a “botched home invasion” as investigators believe the shooter targeted the wrong house.
Allison Griffor. 

It's a name you aren't supposed to know. 

It's a name you were never supposed to read or hear. 

She was five years old. 

She was a beautiful white girl. A daughter. And a sister. 

Griffor was a resident of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Her murderers were four black males in a "botched home invasion"... 

Had she lived and the "botched home invasion" been downgraded to just a "home invasion," odds are high she'd develop a (healthy) fear of black people that a black judge would one day scold her for having...

Our job was never to Take America Back; Our job was always to survive the breaking of America. 

WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 - Charleston News, Sports, Weather


Anonymous said...

He should have worn an African National Congress flag on his jacket. Shooting up churches is more of their thing (St James Church Massacre - 25 July 1993)

Anonymous said...

We all know little Allison Griffor was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her death was random and the result of a robbery gone wrong. We all know the media and police brass language and there's nothing we can do about it, but to disbelieve everything they say in these cases.

Anonymous said...

I have NO sympathy of any kind for the negro race. The negro race has no sympathy of any kind for the white race. Did scott pelly cry on the cbs evening news when this little white girl was murdered ? Was it even mentioned when it happened ? I watched him cry on the evening news in Charleston SC today. It was sickening. It was derogatory.

Anonymous said...

As far as the other news from SC this week... Could Hollywood have scripted a better anti-gun anti-white event?

That whole thing screams MK-Ultra. For the love of God, fellow whites, don't let them take your guns!

Anonymous said...

Whoa Whoa Whoa..... These people had a truck and a boat!!! They had this comin to em for being so damn selfish and materialistic.

Those truck and boat payments coulda helped the urban league build more community centers and midnight basketball programs which would have completely eliminated the possibilty that these four totally harmless underserved gentlemen would have needed to perform a home invasion in the first place.

They are no better than that selfish hispanic family in Tulsa that dared to parade and flaunt thieir extreme wealth and priviledge by towing a trailer full of four wheelers down the Gilcrease Expressway.

rent slave said...

4 hours vs 4 years.

The former is the amount of time it took to apprehend the church shooter after he was identified.

The latter is the time to even have a contemplation of charges brought against these deadly ditsoons.

Pat Boyle said...

This incident is quite different from the shooting in the black church earlier today. Some people will see the killing by the white guy as worse and others will see this killing as worse.

I predicted earlier today that the white killer in the AME church would turn out to have been schizophrenic and well known to local authorities. That prediction seems to have been wrong but we will see. He may have been politically motivated.

This killing appears to be a simple case of typical bestial, brutal black home invasion. As such it is much less interesting to the media although it may become more interesting through the good work of this web site and that of Colin Flaherty.

Crazy drugged up white fools like the guy who killed all the black church goers is not much of a problem. Black home invaders is. The Pew trust study on reasons why people now owned guns makes clear that whites fear blacks breaking in the door. They do not arm themselves for hunting, target shooting, or safety at church.

But the media every year celebrates 'Shark Week'. Last year in America we lost from one hundred to two hundred humans because of deer. I don't think an American has been killed by a shark in years. But shark attacks make good copy and deer don't.

The American media and Barrack Obama have a news story in their minds. You know how it goes: blacks are oppressed, blacks are victims, whites are racists. They are not really interested in stories that don't fit that menatal template.


Anonymous said...

This little girl is worth more than 900 AME members.

Extropico said...

The murder of the lovely Allison Griffor is just one example of so many interracial HATE crimes from Blacks that the MSM has swept under the rug to the best of their ability.

What a shame that the churchgoers in South Carolina have recently experienced a random robbery gone wrong. Funny, nothing was stolen. The would-be thief must have been in a rush.

Oh, yeah, that falderal about the crime being random wasn't used by the MSM in this case.

Their inconsistency demonstrates their lack of virtue and universal precepts.

Anonymous said...

I have never been a conspiracy theory person, I have always considered myself to be level headed and pragmatic. But I swear this is being being perpetrated by BRA, it's just to convenient. It's like watching a movie you have already seen, you know something way bigger than this will go down before the end of August.

Johnny See said...

Thank you for the introduction to dearly departed Miss Allison, Paul. Thank you very much. That is all I can say. Beyond that, I am speechless... and very, very angry.

Anonymous said...

I wondered how you would respond . Class . Right on. I did not want what that person did. Now we have to listen to Al. The unwrapped Mummy. Someone else said that here. Set us back. I think. But I'll wait for much smarter people on here.

Medic Bear said...

And not a peep out of the MSM about this or the far too common "[insert crime] gone wrong" Black on White savagery, atrocity & evil. And the DWLs are all drooling in thier fervor to cry, moanand rend thier clothes in greif. Give me a f'ing break ! Knoxsville Horror, anyone ? Wichita Mightmare ? Innumerable Black atrocities ?

Anonymous said...

I am asking everyone to refrain from saying "where is al sharpton (deliberately in lower case) and jes se jackson?"

It means nothing and is very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Bible Study gone wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am asking everyone to refrain from saying "where is al sharpton"
I second this, and propose a compromise: If you guys refrain from "where's al", we'll humor your 200 "where's daddy" jokes on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I'm just all out of empathy and sympathy for blacks.

Time after time for decades I have seen that blacks are either indifferent or hostile towards violence and death of whites. How many blacks were publicly weeping over the Sandy Hook shootings?


So while I can't say I support the psychopath that shot up the black church I'm certainly not crying about it either.

Anonymous said...

Nick A. Pinny said:

Something about this "incident" in Charleston reeks of a well-choreographed event. What that shooter is supposed to have said just does not ring right and sounds out of time, out of joint and rather rehearsed, but not by him, but FOR him. And if in fact he even DID say he was doing this to avenge the "raping of our women." that type of comment would not normally come from some deranged punk, but it WOULD come from a political plant executing as carefully-planned event. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that comment was dreamed up by a died-in-the-wool, leftist political operative. And the killing was also done by a less swloganeering-inclined, died-in-the-wool, leftist political operative.

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

PB said...

This event has some chilling political and media echoes of Port Arthur in Tasmania back in 1996, which was a demonstrable false-flag.

Sheila said...

Thank you for this post, Paul. This is the only sort of shooting I care to hear about, the only "hate crime" that affects me. As for the other, highly-publicized case today, I'm going to use a line from another website and another cause" "I DON'T CARE."

Philadelphia Mike said...

Whether it's Black on White or White on Black, I do not and never will...never ever...condone domestic terrorism of any kind...period.

As we all know and have discussed time and time again, by the hands of the media and our corrupt politicians for the past 5 decades, we have a seriously flawed and dysfunctional socio-political system.

And the situation seems to worsen with each day.

The day may come when I finally decide that preserving European culture in this nation is no longer worth the risk...and I will take my family...and get the hell out of Dodge.

New Zealand, anyone?

I would like some advice, please. For all practical purposes, do you guys believe that a move to the state of Washington is really the answer? It would be a whole lot easier than relocating almost my entire European White extended family to another nation.

Philadelphia Mike

awakened white said...

amen 3:59pm, it def. weird that the psycho just happened to get a gun for 'birthday'. and was on mind drugs...right.

If White people had their own country this wouldn't be happening, literally.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no condoning this violence. Any psychopath who would enter a church and kill 9 people, whether he's black, white, yellow or green needs to fry. I gotta be consistent...I can't begrudge black savagery without doing the same about this. Anyone this unhinged wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone on this board.

With that said, I couldn't help wonder if it WAS a black killer who killed 9 in an all-white European Episcopal church, would the media make the issue of a "segregated" all-white European-centric church a crime in itself (to some, worse than a shooting)? Sure they would.

But thanks to this prick, we have another "Selma", another "Montgomery", another "Ferguson" that will be brought up forever. But more importantly, will be used as justification to go after "hate-speech" all over, including online. I just hope that SOB didn't have SBPDL in his computer history. Another reason for all to be very careful about not promoting violence of any kind anywhere on the internet.

quinnotaur said...

Africans are the most populous people on the planet.
Africa has half the world's natural resources.
Africans have the most productive piece of farmland the world has ever known,africa.
Africans have 50+ countries.
They live with me as a minority, I AM a minority.
There's not much more I can do for them than make them president...

Anonymous said...

"PB said...
This event has some chilling political and media echoes of Port Arthur in Tasmania back in 1996, which was a demonstrable false-flag."

Agree. Black ops done by government mercenaries choose a patsy to blame. During a surprise shooting people are too shocked to actually see anybody except the patsy waving a gun around and trying to duck under cover, while the real shooters keep out of sight; then quickly leave. The agenda in Tasmania was gun-grabbing, same here in America. But also outright race condemnation and stripping YTs of their rights while enabling Blacks to have legal powers--such as the New Black Panthers and Sharpton as Obama's Army. Roof is the psycho patsy at the church. He had to reload his gun more than once witness says, but nobody tried to stop him. Very likely because the real shooters were still shooting real bullets at people, while he likely had blanks. Probably there are some people who would like to have him silenced by death, and not just angry Blacks. AME church Marxists hate YTs and have been supporting all the recent Black protests and riots all the way. The DWLs are playing right into the Communist agenda's Charleston political ops.

Anonymous said...

"But thanks to this prick, we have another "Selma", another "Montgomery", another "Ferguson" that will be brought up forever."
They will keep throwing it at you, as long as you catch it, and play ball with them. The buck starts here. If anyone mentions those events to me, I will answer, "I don't care." If they persist, I may even raise it to "Fuck em." If they get me drunk, I might even tell them what I really think. (I don't get drunk.)
What you do with your buck, is up to you. If your reflex response is, "That was a terrible tragedy, and I hope he burns," then you will be giving that answer for the rest of your life. And it won't just be you, they'll throw it in everyone's face, and everyone will have to "answer" the charge. Why are people still "answering" for slavery today? Sure, most people say "That was 200 years ago; I wasn't alive then; they aren't alive now." Instead, the real answer should be, simply, "Fuck off." But it isn't "Fuck off" because enough people keep giving a reasoned answer to a question that deserves none.
You're worried about losing your hate speech? They can never end it. Hateful speech does not provoke hateful acts; the acts beget the speech. We gather here because of Allison Griffor, not for that kid with the bowl cut. When they stop assaulting, robbing, raping and killing us, we will stop talking about it. Until then, I don't give a damn what happens to them.

SC Native said...

Pat it seems he was on some kind of meds. It's probably going to come out it was a mental issue and political. I'm sure the pollitical will be the official story.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another massacre by someone on prescription antidepressant such as these people......
Mother in Texas drowns her 3 kids in bathtub. Became a big story in the news.
Black guy down South killed his family one at a time when they came home. Laid them side by side in the basement after giving them clean clothes and a bath.
Woman on Prozac was talking to Jesus who asked her to prove her faith by letting him drive the car. She took her hands off the wheel and closed her eyes causing a 3 car pile up.
Retired Army General shots his whole family after playing golf.
White guy in Texas shot a bunch of people in church. Was hearing voices and poured cement into his toilet where the voices were coming from.
Mother in California smothered her children to death by wrapping their heads in duck tape and then swallowed a can of Drano.
Police officer shots his wife and kids and drowns himself in neighbors swimming pool.
Two kids set off a fire alarm in an elementary school. While hiding in the woods they shoot the kids coming out of the school.
A friend of my wife drown herself in the ocean. Another friend hug himself from a balcony in a house he was house sitting. Both were on Prozac.
A school nurse gave my friends daughter Prozac. She started hearing voices and was cutting herself. It cost him over $100,000 for treatment and 2 years for her to go through with drawl.

This kind of gruesome shit has been going on for years. Nobody talks about it. it is the big taboo.

Some years ago a book came out and I think it was called PROZAC NATION. If you want to read more about this madness go to the web sight called SSRI STORIES. Thousands of people have been killed by users of these drugs. A lot were family members. Homicide detectives now check the medicine cabinet when called to a crime scene where someone has killed their family. They want to see what kind of wonder drugs the killer was on.

Sheila said...

Anonymous at 8:07PM: Preach. Stand with and for your own people. Anyone here who claims they're colorblind when it comes to violence is a mushy moderate taking cheap potshots at his own side. One White shooter (whether false flag or legit) does not indict all Whites nor require all Whites to apologize on his behalf. I apologize to blacks for NOTHING. I owe them NOTHING. I don't care.

Mr. Rational, the Black lesbian said...

I'm afraid this has been mis-categorized.

The murder of Allison Griffor wasn't a hate crime.  The Black criminals weren't shooting at anyone in particular; they couldn't see her, they were just shooting.  Her murder was an act of wild animals, who should never have been allowed to run free.

This is why we need separation from Blacks.  Africa is enough separation.

Anonymous said...


The Charleston shooter has been identified as a White Nationalists. The evidence almost certainly is that he viewed White Nationalist sites. I don't know how 'White Nationalist site' would be defined, but SBPDL might qualify.

As such, as part of the investigation, it is not unreasonable to suspect that this site's present and past comments might be monitored. It is even reasonable to suspect that people's ISP's might be searched.

My question: What are the implications of these possibilities?

Some possibilities: Might the site be charged as an instigator? Might comments be deemed 'like shouting 'fire in a crowded theater'? Should we moderate our speech to not implicate PK? Is it too late for that? Am I being paranoid?

Anyhow, I would expect this site's readership to rise and diversify as a result of the Charleston killing - if it doesn't just blow over. Right?

PK, given the situation, I would expect agent provocateurs to post here. That is, parties might make incendiary remarks to establish this sites' complicity is fomenting racially motivated violence. If I were you, PK, I would monitor comments more carefully than usual.

Last question; Are my safety-for-posters concerns and PK suggestions taking the discussion in the wrong direction?


quinnotaur said...

It was just "a random shooting through the door gone wrong". I mean, how could those Africans POSSIBLY known what could go wrong?

RIP Allison....

Anonymous said...

One thing I am curious about is white criminals usually do a crime by themselves like Dylan Roof he had no accomplices which is almost always the case, white people rarely have accomplices, whereas blacks seem to often if not usually do crimes with accomplices as in this case 4 blacks were doing a home invasion.

I would argue it is far worse when a crime is done as a group, when a person does a crime by himself it can be just 1 crazy, but when there is 4 people if one of them suggest's lets do a crime at least 1 of the other 3 should have the sense to say no way, don't be stupid try to talk the others out of it, and if they still want to do it, do what you can to stop them.

Are there any studies that blacks tend to do crimes in groups as opposed to whites who rarely have accomplices?

And when a crime is done as a group like these 4 why is there not one that has sense and says hey lets not do this.

I think if a crime is committed as a group there should be a major enhancement, example if a particular crime is 10 years if there is an accomplice it would be 20 years 2 accomplices would be 30 years, 3 accomplices means each person involved in the crime get 40 years etc.

Anonymous said...

The church shooter was on the drug Suboxone which causes extreme violent behavior.

Anonymous said...


The legal category of 'hate crime' is more marxist bs.

Every crime that has a victim is a 'hate crime'.

Ms rational, 'Africa is enough separation'. You are irrational. Africans are spreading like a plague of locusts across Eu etc.

Unknown said...

To Anon @ 8:07pm

Ditto and amen!

Anonymous said...


SSRI, meds, prozac.

book 'PROZAC NATION'. There is a dreadful bestseller 'Listening to Prozac'.
I read it. Its a bunch o bs about 'giving wimmen speed' [prozac is like meth].

SC Native said...

What a cute little girl, she looks like one of my nieces. I wonder where life would have led her if these bastards had stayed away from her home? Yet the MSM is silent on these crimes, I guess to them she doesn't matter. Well she matters to me and many others out there. It's an innocent face like hers that I remember every time somebody brings up the plight of the negro.

I listened to the MSM praise the history of the church and want to point out a few lies:

First of all the "leader" that was killed by YT back in the 1820's was Denmark Vesey who was planning a slave revolt to kill YT all over the city. Another black ratted him out and he was hung for his crime. The church was burned down because around 30 of the members were part of the plot. This was a time when YT knew how to deal with a problem.

Interesting how they can turn something around and with "newspeak" to stir up the strife.

Anonymous said...

Not wrong place at the wrong time. Sleeping in her home. That is until vile savage beasts arrived.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the racists assHolder and Oblowmo this is not a hate crime.

I am crying so must go.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones already has run a story claiming this guy was on some kind of pyschotic drug.

I don't have a lot of sympathy for the victims, but I can't condone behaving more or less the same way they do. Shooting them when they're not already attacking you only hurts the cause.

A lot of things about this incident are too convenient to be true, probably time to start looking into these victims and determine who even really exists.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. I am so upset. What a beautiful girl!

I have been reading about the church shooting and White bloggers are bringing up White guilt, that it is legitimate and blacks have a right to hate Whites. WTF!? Some Whites are never going to get the black violence problem.

Whiskey said...

Elliot Rodgers. Adam Lanza, Cho Seung Hui. Jared Lee Loughner. James Holmes. White guys on meds with mental health problems kill people, plus one Asian (the VT shooter Cho). Now: Chris Dorner, Aaron Alexis, Andre Turner (the City of Industry SCE shooter), Ismayl Abdullah Brimsley (the NYC cop killer), Omar Thornton (the CT shooter at the Beer Distributor), the NorCal Quarry Shooter I'm too lazy to Google, and old favorite Nkosi Thandiwe (the Atlanta office building shooter and killer of Britney Watts). That's leaving aside part-robbery, part-murder settings of the Carr Brothers (11 slain in Kansas), the Knoxville Horror, the murder of the 18 month old White baby boy in his stroller by two Black "youths" and the murders of the WWII Vets and Octogenerians in Mississippi and Seattle by beating by (each case) two Black "teens" and Tyler Woodfork (if Obama had a son he'd look like Tyler Woodfork) of Bob and Nancy Strait, ages 91 and 86 respectively. Bob was a WWII vet also.

So by my counting in the past five years we've had four White guys plus one Asian before this, only the latest Roof targeting Blacks. Meanwhile we have SEVEN Black shooters specifically targeting Whites and Asians and EXCLUDING Blacks.

Given that Whites make up the majority of the population and Blacks only 12.5% there is a HUGE problem with Black people. Black men in particular. The ratio should be roughly five to one, that is five White shooters for every one Black mass shooter. We should see at most ONE Black shooter, and instead we seven times as many Black mass shooters as we should see.

BLACK MEN ARE SEVEN TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE MASS SHOOTERS THAN WHITES. In other words. Going by the data I can think of off the top of my head.

MAYBE there are a whole mass of secret White male shootings suppressed by the media, which loves loves loves White males and does everything to suppress unflattering things about them in commercials and newscasts and entertainment. But that's as likely as me being Emperor Norton the Fifteenth.

This leaves the whole other issue quite likely ...

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
As far as the other news from SC this week... Could Hollywood have scripted a better anti-gun anti-white event?

That whole thing screams MK-Ultra. For the love of God, fellow whites, don't let them take your guns!"

White, drugged psycho Roof told a "friend" several months ago that he was going to do a shooting massacre, that is what this friend has told the police. Critics ask why the friend didn't tell anyone about the psycho's crazy plan. It could be because "said friend" is an FBI plant whose purpose was to "plant" ideas of violence, then encourage and incite the drugged patsy (Roof) to do it. So now the "friend" is following the script to ensure Roof's guilt. The FBI has been doing this for years, and has been getting caught at it many times. There is no attack, or attempted attack, that we hear about that does not have that very real possibility of being another FBI/CIA/MK-Ultra set-up. This attack has apparently been successful, because "they" did get a reputable Black killed this time to be a revered martyr. This is what the BGI/AME wanted!! Clementa Pinckney's murder is now their rallying hero for their cause. They are NOT grieving for these persons killed. They are celebrating the continuing success of the Marxist subversion of America, especially under the leadership of Obamanation rule. Compassion is NOT incorporated into Marxist ideology. Hatred is.

Anonymous said...

This event demonstrates why human children should never be bused into the negroe ghetto to achieve integration. After being attacked by negroes during his school years this guy had enough and lost it. Time for neighbor hood schools to make a come back.

Whiskey said...

Cont'd ...

Which is the absolute certainty of Black retaliation, quite likely posted to WorldStarHipHop with shouts of "Whirlstar!" of some unlucky White person or persons being killed, to shouts and laughter, of Black killers and a crowd egging them on.

Ismayl Abdullah Brinsley was so enraged by accounts of Michael Brown and Eric Garner's death while fighting cops, the former trying to murder one, that he traveled to NYC after shooting his girlfriend in the stomach, to kill two random cops. The Obama voters are not exactly rocket scientists.

IT is imperative that readers stay aware and safe. Don't go out unless necessary, keep eyes and heads on swivels, be ready to bail out at any opportunity. My guess is a soft target like what Roof picked will be chosen, some unaware White hipster(s) in Georgetown, or Manhattan, or Brooklyn, or Seattle, or San Francisco.

Already Ministers are urging "youths" and "teens" not go out and kill some random White person, likely to absolute futility. Don't be Semir Begich, beaten to death by hammers by a Black mob, still unidentified and uncharged, in retaliation for Michael Brown.

Iphones plus WorldStar plus low IQ Blacks riled up to kill, equals an atrocity waiting to be posted. Perhaps several. Don't be the next Begich. The Civil Rights Movement depended on absolute control of the media and images, by CBS/NBC/ABC, and that is as dead now as Walter Cronkite. But don't be a victim.

My guess is that Roof is a modern day Gavrilo Princep, in that the counters to his murders will likely echo across history. Rather than just another mass shooter forgotten next Tuesday like Elliot Rodgers. Roof himself seems another low IQ mentally ill lunatic who should have been locked up years ago but hasn't because abrogating his rights would mean locking a not insignificant number of Black (voters) with similar mental illnesses.

Remember that Black Men are seven times over represented as Mass Shooters (and all targeted only Whites/Asians save Dorner who killed the Black fiancee of his Asian female target) compared to White men.

Californian said...

Following is a very good point:

Why are people still "answering" for slavery today? Sure, most people say "That was 200 years ago; I wasn't alive then; they aren't alive now." Instead, the real answer should be, simply, "Fuck off." But it isn't "Fuck off" because enough people keep giving a reasoned answer to a question that deserves none.

On one level, blacks could really care less about slavery. After all, their ancestors engaged in slavery. And were it not for slavery, blacks would never have made it to America. And for that matter, black Africans engage in slavery today.

"Slavery" is an agitprop tool to guilt-trip gullible whites, and to provide a sense of moral self-righteousness to a race whose primary accomplishment has been trashing every city and country which they have gained control of.

The same thing about the church shooting. Truth is, most blacks could care less, given their propensity for mayhem in their own communities. The Charleston Massacre takes its place alongside L'affaire Trayvon, the Ferguson Fracas and Baltimore Bash. It is an agitprop tool used by BRA (government, mainstream media, their paid stooges) to rouse some rabble in the 'hood and use the bruthas and sistuhs as cannon fodder against YT.

Anonymous said...

Well as a white man in Cleveland, Ohio, I know exactly what it's like
to live America's nightmare for I live it each and every day I awake.

My grandparents got to live anything that was considered the American dream.

I get to live everything that is considered America's nightmare.

I wake up to section ape negroes each and every day I awake until I
can muster up enough finances to get the hell out of here. In the
meantime I watch the value of my house plummet as I wonder why and
who is causing that. But then before I even get a chance to ask that
question all I have to do is look out the window of my house and I
know EXACTLY why my house isn't worth shht.

With that being said, even though I admit I don't condone any type of
domestic terrorism, that with the war that has been placed against us
YT's, I've already been submitted to a war that I never wanted to be a
part of to begin with, but I am through no fault of my own.

Just as many of you express your hatred towards negroes, this white boy
just happened to take it a step further. Is he crazy? Sure. But what
made him go crazy ? One doesn't have to look too far to figure out the
answer to that. I, for one, don't EVER want to live anywhere in the
proximity of negroes. I go to work everyday wondering when the day is
going to come when my house is burglarized, and if it does ever happen
I think I'll have an EXACT idea who did it. Not too many YT's left where
I live. I missed the bandwagon out of here, and this here has turned into
nothing more than a living HELL. A living hell surrounded by downright
ugly vile disgusting negroes.

Whatever the case may be or whatever many of you think about what just
took place goes to show you how fed up we've truly become with the
terrorist that we're now surrounded by. Negroes are terrorists, period!

By the way, there is NO hate crime law in South Carolina. How can this
white man be charged in a hate crime that isn't even a law in the state
of which he lived and where the incident took place? But yeah, we already
know the drill, anything that happens against this "protected species"
from a white man will always be considered a hate crime, but not the
latter ? Ha, well I got 2 words for this protected species that is
NOTHING like me. FUCK OFF !!!

Then we get to hear the retarded POTUS on the tee vee talk about gun control.
There goes the gun debate again. So the dude took it a step further than what
most of you speak about on here and actually went out and killed some of these
unwanted unworthy domestic terrorists. Now honestly, can you really blame the
dude ? It's all we see on tee-vee, it's all we see causing trouble in our once
lily white neighborhoods. There has been a war wagered against us YT's.
Someone acts upon that war against us. Is he not a hero ? Back in the day he
would have been considered a hero. But not the case today, and why ? Because
he attacked a protected race here in Ameerika? Come on now. We're surrounded
by these feral savages. What else are WE to do to rid ourselves from this
disgusting species ?

Anonymous said...

white-on-black crime is a statistical rarity. According to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), an estimated 320,082 whites were victims of black violence in 2013, while 62,593 blacks were victims of white violence. That same year, according to the Census Bureau, the white and black populations in the U.S. were 201,817,552 and 37,685,848, respectively. Whites therefore committed acts of interracial violence at a rate of 32 per 100,000, while the black rate was 849 per 100,000. In other words, the “average” black was statistically 26.5 times more likely to commit criminal violence against a white, than vice versa. Moreover, blacks who committed violent crimes chose white victims 47.7% of the time, whereas whites who committed violent crimes targeted black victims only 3.9% of the time.

For many years and for a wide variety of crimes, this pattern has been among the most consistent findings of criminal-justice research. Nationwide in 2013, there were approximately 67,755 black-on-white aggravated asaults, as compared to just 1,748 white-on-black crimes of the same description. Thus, blacks committed acts of interracial aggravated assault at a rate of 181 per 100,000—fully 201 times higher than the white rate of 0.9 per 100,000. Moreover, blacks guilty of aggravated assault chose white victims 44.1% of the time, while whites who committed aggravated assault selected black victims only six-tenths of 1% of the time.

Also in 2013, there were approximately 13,463 black-on-white rapes and 38,744 black-on-white robberies. Blacks guilty of rape chose white victims 50.2% of the time, and blacks who committed robbery chose white victims 48% of the time. By contrast, the number of white-on-black rapes and robberies reported in the NCVS surveys were so infinitesimal, that in each case whites were estimated to have accounted for 0.0% of all rapes and robberies committed against black victims in the United States.



The church shooter said this... You negroes are raping our women and taking over the country. So true, so true! Can't wait till O'bammy goes down to the funeral.
I can see the coverage going way out of control for this ape-cluster crime. In no way do I condone killing blacks for the sake of making this church a shrine for all the blacks to say "look at what those White folk did to our peoples." This country has way too many of those places already. We just need to find a way to segregate our selves from them. And in the end just let those negroes kill each other. Tired of seeing young White children like the one in your article dying daily at the hands of these negroes.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who said that if a black person went into a white church and shot and killed people, the story would immediately receive the spin doctor treatment. The shooter would be painted as terribly upset by the legacy of slavery, discrimination, Jim Crow and other issues and he struck out in the only way he knew how: at an evil, diabolical, segregated white church that made him feel downtrodden, excluded and oppressed.
If such happened, blacks wouldn't care about the "whitey's that got wasted" and many would view it as justified, deserved and a matter of "getting even."
Did black leaders or the black community speak out and condemn the Knoxville Horror, the Wichita Massacre or any other atrocity committed by blacks? Do I hear crickets chirping?
In any case, if there is an attack on a white church as a result of this incident in Charleston, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be reported as an understandable albeit terrible act of revenge by blacks who "just couldn't take the oppression anymore and felt they had to lash out." It will be termed a "cry for help" and an indication that much more money and resources need to be poured into the black community. Never let an opportunity to go for the gibsmedat go to waste.
Most likely though, this will just result in a huge spike in attacks upon random whites in the street for revenge.
Watch your backs!

Anonymous said...

Carolina Cicero:

So glad to see others agree. The mind boggles: when was the last time anyone was caught within record-setting time for a crime committed? To my memory?

Yet, it took how long to find this child's killers, pray tell? Mmmm?

Yep, this does smell very bad.....

AnalogMan said...

awakened white said...

If White people had their own country this wouldn't be happening, literally.

I love that mantra. It combines anger at the present situation and hope for a concrete solution. Just one small request, please.

Instead of saying "their own country", say "a country of our own". I think that makes a huge difference. It becomes more than an academic statement; it becomes personal. It draws the person you're talking to into the vision. It's his country, too.

Try it out, and see which inspires you more.

Anonymous said...

How do we get separation from blacks, you ask ?

Do we just keep waiting for some fairy tale to come separate them from us, us from them ?

If this is your answer, then it's no wonder why YT is simply doomed, done, EXTINCT !!

Keep sitting and waiting for that fairy tale to come save your pansy ass.

It's never going to happen.

YT is simply the ones on the endangered species list !!! Do YOU understand that ???

Read it again, understand it word for word. You, YT, are on the brink of extinction!

And who's running to save YOU from being on that list ? Anybody ?? Unless you
actually mustered up enough balls to say YOURSELF, more than just the mere survival
of it all, cause I hate to break it to you, survival in itself is NOT going to win
this war that has been wagered against you, YT !!

But yeah, let's continue on with the label that we've been given, and when one of
our very own has had enough and acts upon it, that once the words end and the
actions begin, NONE of you are to be seen. It doesn't take rocket science to
figure out why YT is losing this war. Hell, we've already lost it........

I simply have to LOL at the whole survival outlook of it all.

In that case I might as well just place a white flag right in front of my house !!


Anonymous said...

He sat and listened to political rederick, not any Bible based topics. This church is a political and activist nest, it is a black party headquarter and this White man realized he had discovered the truth about black churches. Black churches preach political agenda, taking over White Americana, systematically raping Whites, stealing the American monetary system, using organized terrorist/marching/ signs/t-shirt slogans, and so on. This is the "prayer meeting" he heard and reacted on it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Juneteenth everybody

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

Quick, somebody post the black on white murders for the year/decade.

When asked about the Charleston story, don't use emotion, use hard numbers.

Also, if pressed if you think what happened in Charleston is a tragedy after you use the numbers, you will be totally justified in telling them to f**k off.

False flag or not, lets use this to our advantage. Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste

Anonymous said...

Platinum EBT Cardholder:

2012 seems to be the last FBI data available according to my google "black on white murder 2014". Can anybody do better with more current info?

431 blacks killed YT while 193 YT's killed blacks.

Whats YT's percentage of the US pop. again? How about the bantus?

Anonymous said...

@June 18, 2015 at 8:20 PM

Ok this is what is wrong with SSRI's. They take a couple of weeks before kicking in and when they do the effect is that of a stimulant. However, the 1/2 life of the drug is 10 days in a young person which means that if you began to have side effects and stopped the drug half would still be in your body 10 days later. I think that it is that constant low level stimulant effect and lack of normal sleep is what drives people insane. The other stimulants can be dangerous too. Cocaine and amphetamine though a shorter acting but if someone takes an overdose of cocaine for example as long as they're conscious and breathing there is no treatment because it will wear off in an 1-2 hr and then the patient just 'crashes' and goes to sleep. Same with amphetamine even though the duration of the drug is longer. But with SSRI's it's that lack of normal sleep that is constant and even if the patient seems to be sleeping it is not normal sleep.Lack of normal sleep leads to these sorts of psychoses and in some people violence.There's also a problem with kids being given amphetamine and Ritalin.

Anonymous said...

As I can recall this is the first time that a white person has committed a spree-killing-style mass-shooting of black people in this country. There have been plenty in the other direction (e.g.: Colin Ferguson, in 1993, shot to death 6 and wounded 19 white folks; and, Omar Thornton, in 2010, shot to death 8 white folks).You know Omar right,the black guy I posted about from CT.Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmmm"

Anonymous said...

Fun way to mess with orc heads at work is to comment that the shootings were because of his SSRI meds, not racism; he had black friends.

Watch for fuzzy splodey head reactions.

Then ask worker groid what the boy said. He mentioned the raping of white women. Ask orc if they know that FBI stats back that up; that interracial rape is almost always done by a negro. Ask if that could have contributed to the boy's anger. Let's have the 'conversation'.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I'm just all out of empathy and sympathy for blacks.

I'm in that line right beside you. I have become numb to them. I am also not going to let YT guilt bother me. Negro fatigue has caused me to be this way.

Anonymous said...

I think every preacher should conceal and carry and practice. The church is where people are encouraged to "hear voices".
The church is where you go when you need to repeat calming phrases over and over to, well, stay calm. With that kind of atmosphere, the preacher has to figure that at least one out of ten people showing up are craaazy. And if they take psych drugs for out. gibsmedat for the black church, just have the preacher conceal and carry.

Anonymous said...

This Summer won't turn out well if we can't go one week without some crazy media incident. It's like throwing buckets of gasoline on an already burning fire. Won't be visiting the National Aquarium in Baltimore anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

@Pat Boyle

Mike Smith who maintain the blog Mike Smith's political commentary posted a interesting blog post about the killing at the black church.

Long Island Guido said...

Anyone notice how blacks forget or ignore their daily rapings, beatings, muggings, murder of white folks..but when a white person goes off once in a blue moon you hear "WHITE PEOPLE ARE EVIL TERRORISTS, THEY KILLIN US ERYDAY!!"

I find that hypocrisy astonishing but not a suprising one bit.

Fatigued and befuddled in Minneapolis said...

So I'm walkin around downtown this morning and I'm thinkin; Are there 3 black guys in this whole city that don't have donned a baseball cap, hoody.. or the doo-rag? Ever notice that?; what is it about the *head*..? I don't get it.. (the female version of this is the incessant hair-straightening ($1 billion annual industry by the way); something about the hair/head; they're just not comfortable with who they is.. nome say'n?)..

Anonymous said...

Just thing, the hundreds and hundreds of black-on-white attacks and murders inspired by this moron's actions will now be considered "justified" by the media as they cite his actions.

Anonymous said...

Re Quinnotaur: yes Africa is a prize piece of real estate. The day will dawn when Chinese power comes to town. To feed their people better and certainly to get access to the mineral wealth Africa will be recolonialized, and this time around the promise to grant self-government won't exist. The whole question of governance will be bypassed. China was impoverished by imperialism and its evil cousin, drugs, and isn't the least sentimental. They also have a tradition of staying out of oth countries' political issues, so it will be strictly business. Pay off the local chieftains and go to town.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that segregation is possible but reservations such as what Native Americans have is a possibility since such already exists.

PNW Realist said...

Never forget Antonio Santiago, the less than two year old child shot in his stroller by a couple of 12 and 13 year old niglets because his mother wasn't fast enough with the cash during their robbery attempt.

Blacks aren't like us. We owe them only one-way tickets back to Afreaka.

Anonymous said...

I've listened to their hate preach a few times, its an eye opener for those that aren't fully awake.

Anonymous said...

This young White male did a terrible thing. We need to understand what drove him to do this and how the system failed him and his family. He is no more accountable for this act than a black youth would be if he shot up a White church. He needs to be treated with all the care with which a young negro male would be treated.

This beautiful little angel, Allison, is another innocent soul to carry in our hearts and memories when we think of all the atrocities committed by blacks against Whites.

I will devote as much sadness to this episode of "gun violence" as blacks did to the shooting of Allison by those 4 disgusting negro thugs.

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn born said...

How many innocent WHITE men and women died or were seriously injured from being "Knocked out"

The White victims from the Knockout Game were minding their own business as well.

................WHITE LIVES MATTER!!!!....................

10mm AUTO said...

"Instead of saying "their own country", say "a country of our own". I think that makes a huge difference. It becomes more than an academic statement; it becomes personal. It draws the person you're talking to into the vision. It's his country, too.

Try it out, and see which inspires you more.

June 19, 2015 at 1:01 AM"

Excellent AnalogMan!

White Homeland! Northwest Front!

Pat Boyle said...

Whiskey seems to be current on his mass shootings statistics. But as I'm sure he realizes, these incidents will not be resolved by facts and analysis. I hope he's wrong about the white guy in the AME Zion church precipitating another round of riots, but in a sense it doesn't matter. I and others have been expecting another major black riot before fall somewhere in America. Blacks commit a lot of crimes and so they are going to be confronted by cops usually white cops somewhere when the heat rises.

I saw 'It Came From Outer Space' on TV the other night. The sheriff says 'I read somewhere that you get more murders at exactly 92 degrees. Above that temperature people are too hot to move but at exactly 92 degrees they start to kill one another'. You can learn a lot from cheesy fifties Sci-Fi movies.

Here in California we are having a cool summer but I remember summer in the American south. Somewhere in the south or mid-America it's going to be 92 degrees in the next few months.

There is some dispute about his drugs and drug usage. He doesn't seem to have been taking anti-psychotics. He seems to have been taking an anti-opiate drug. That drug is itself an opiate. This isn't unusual. My cousin Willie who spent decades suffering from a back injury took Methadone for most of his adult life. Methadone is a opiate introduced help wean addicts off Heroin. But we tend to forget that Heroin (the hero drug) was also introduced to try to get people off Morphine. The Suboxone that Roof was using you would expect indicates chronic pain not psychosis. But who knows?

Roof may be the poster boy for 'white supremacy' by the left but his murderous views and actions are not characteristic of people like those who read this blog. No one here calls for the murder of black people. Most commenters here advocate some sort of segregation. I personally have written dozens of comments proposing all sorts of segregation strategies. The white Roof should not have been lurking in the back of that all black church. I myself have been the only white in an all black AME church, but that was fifty years ago. I wouldn't go into a black church today. I imagine that white churches around the nation will be suspicious now of black men who show up for services. Racial animosity and suspicion in Obama's America has reached a new high.


Anonymous said...

Whites do not approve of this crime. Blacks CELEBRATE this type of crime when committed on Whites. When committed on blacks, they just enjoy the opportunity to shuffle around, hold signs and wreak havoc. We are not the same.

Anonymous said...

Maybe families should wear flack and Kevlar all day long, considering blacks feel the risk vrs reward equation favors them. Give me Norman Rockwell any day over this shit. They wont let us segregate. We can't ship them to Liberia. Their numbers are kept from exploding though abortion and thug culture. Maybe Hollywood, the record industry, and the MSM is a good immediate goal.

Anonymous said...

I just cant watch the news any more, all 3 stations with the same slant racism. How many whites must die before the price, the stain has been removed from the white race. Answer. NEVER.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. This kid looks like the Sandy hook shooter does he not? Too creepy. This is crass and disgusting what I'm about to say...where are the bodies. I have not seen them. The coroner/ m.e. just faces that could be crisis actors. This screams an orchestrated false flag Newtown thing. Deception. This about gun control. Period. Ohomo didn't get his trade deal passed that would kill 60 % of the profits and 40% of the jobs in five years. Poof a false flag shooting. This does not pass the smell test.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lost- in-Miami here,

and what a coincidence today just happens to be the day of Faith and Freedom conference. PSY-OP, PSY-OP, PSY-OP!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks to Nick A. Pinny for getting a comment through that I couldn't.

Let me try again: let's look at just a few facts and trends of recent months:

The MSM tried to lionize Trayvon, picturing him as an innocent young angel of nine years old. When more facts leaked out, YT stopped feeling so bad about Trayvon.

The MSM tried to lionize Michael Brown as a "high school graduate". When more facts leaked out, YT stopped feeling so bad about him.

The MSM tried to lionize Freddie Gray. When more facts leaked out, YT stopped feeling so bad about him.

Same with the cigarette vendor who couldn't breathe.

The Texas Pool Party had no fatalities, and ended up in a state of more or less ambivalence, as the broad White populace still respects private property and free association.

Problem for BRA: None of these black martyrs are really that sympathetic.

That's the timing piece. Now, let's look at the place of the Charleston shooting, a black church. Victims here would surely tug on poor old YT's heart. Good, God-fearing, church-going blacks, the kind Whites are used to seeing and loving in the movies.

Now, let's look at motive: black rape of White women. Even though there are stats that make this concern legitimate, this is one of the old "White fears" leftists used to lampoon endlessly. Look back at the 1960's Civil Rights marches era, and you will see that black rape of White women was very much on the minds of White men, and the Left never got tired of suggesting this fear was the result of sexual diffidence and all kinds of unpleasant White phobias, insecurities and obsessions.

So, after a string of failed black martyrs, thugs and drug dealers and such, we get a young White kid talking like he just stepped in here from 1955, and attacking a *church*.

I won't go further, in hopes PK will have mercy on me and post this message. Just ask yourself if all this adds up, or if maybe we aren't missing a critical piece of the puzzle.

moe said...

Suboxone does not cause "violent behavior" as someone stated below. It's a sublingual strip that goes under the tongue & dissolves. It's used to help detox from opiates like vicodin & percocet. It isn't mind altering. If anything, it would sedate him.

Anonymous said...

Re: Comment from Pat Boyle - "Racial animosity and suspicion in Obama's America has reached a new high."

Absolutely. That has been his goal from the get-go. It is obvious. He waves the race flag virtually every time he speaks, even when it has nothing to do with the topic he is addressing. THAT wil be his "legacy". He has accomplished nothing of value. Rather, he has set our country back in every possible way. As a devout member of an extremist Muslim church, that was his aim all along. (His strapping black wife too.). And stupid Whites voted for him.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if the shooting in Charleston sparks revenge attacks from blacks. I'm in St. Louis, on the edge of north city (currently saving money to move the hell out of here), and things have actually been quieter than usual since yesterday morning.

Far fewer police sirens. The sirens had dropped by about half since the Baltimore riots, maybe from reduced police response, but yesterday was a marked reduction.

There were also fewer "boom cars" blasting loud rap music at the intersection outside yesterday, but that seems to have picked up a bit this morning.

The black church down the street apparently held some sort of outdoor event, complete with microphones and speakers, that could be heard from two blocks away until about 10 o'clock last night. Sounded like a few blacks were getting rowdy outside towards the end of it. Fortunately no riot erupted.

Black people around here also acted markedly more polite, even nice, yesterday.

Are many black people scared straight for the moment? Will it last? Maybe this is just the calm before the storm. Over the coming weeks, the liberal media is no doubt going to fan the flames of black fury as much as it can.

PNW Realist said...

Fourteen years ago Chris Kime was kicked to death by a pack of ni**ers at a Fat Tuesday celebration while trying to rescue a girl being sexually assaulted, yet none of those ni**ers were ever charged with committing a hate crime. That good kid lies dead in the ground, instead of enjoying his life, having productive white children and contributing to society. The ni**ers who murdered him will sire out of wedlock babies by at least a half a dozen baby mommies, thus continuing to pull down society, the country and the world.

How I have come to detest blacks, but how I have come to detest their left-wing owners more.

PNW Realist said...

When people mention Charleston, ask them about the Wichita massacre. Ask them about the 'groid who tortured and murdered that family recently in DC. the MSM has already thrown that one down the memory hole, but let us not be silent.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one to have noted that the pastor of this church was also a Democratic party state senator? What about separation of church & state? What was he preaching?

AzDesertRat said...

New Zealand is hardly a bastion of white/European culture. In the last 50 years the white population has dropped from 92% to 74% and is still falling. The NZ government celebrates that fact. They are hardcore multiculturalism advocates, especially in the larger metro areas where most of the jobs are. I looked into emigrating there a few years ago and was put off by how the NZ government gives "bonus" points to non-whites seeking to emigrate there. Also, very strict weapons laws that make firearm ownership a state granted privilege.
Overall, i would say most of the old British Empire nations are lost causes, although occasionally Australia shows flashes of hope.

Bogolyubski said...

Analog Man:
I love that mantra. It combines anger at the present situation and hope for a concrete solution. Just one small request, please.

Instead of saying "their own country", say "a country of our own". I think that makes a huge difference. It becomes more than an academic statement; it becomes personal. It draws the person you're talking to into the vision. It's his country, too.

Try it out, and see which inspires you more.

You're dead on right, AM: Here's the phrase....

If White people had a country of their own this wouldn't be happening.

That really sums it up very nicely. I don't know if you saw my hat-tip from a while ago, but kudos for proving Voltaire's dictum right here on SBPDL. For those who still rely upon their public edumacation, I suggest you look up the term if you cannot understand it. There's not much to like about the old Frenchman, but that remark was right on target.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

One of the terrible side effects of denying voice to a group is that eventually they will feel the only recourse that they have is physical violence. These kinds of explanations were used in the wake of both Ferguson and Baltimore. How many times did you hear explanations posited about "the voiceless" in communities that had been "ignored" and were now (in rioting) "finally being heard" in the media coverage of those events?

So, ironically, by mass media refusing to approach the kinds of topics that we discuss on this board every day, and casting them to the outer darkness and taboo categories of "racist/white supremacism/extremist/nazi/etc..." rather than an open forum, "conversation on race" as it were, they are giving people such as this guy Roof, no realistic outlet for his frustrations. And let's be honest, there are a lot of down and out folks out there with no future and nothing to lose. You throw in a toxic cocktail of mind-bending drugs and low IQ to begin with ...... you are going to get things like this that happen in a nation of 350 million people.

How many guys across the country are like this Roof guy? 10? 100? 1000? 10,000?

And none of this is to excuse or condone the actions of the shooter. They are despicable and tragic. I feel truly sad for the families of the victims.

But as long as no conversation is permitted regarding white advocacy in the political arena or mass culture, expect these kinds of periodic outbursts from the fringe characters.

Anonymous said...


And they are rewarded by their masters.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 8:32 - I think that's happiness you're seeing. They love occurrences like the "Charleston gun violence happening" because it reinforces their persecution complex. So happy to be victims. Keeps that chip on their shoulders firmly in place. They should have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

As for "Now, let's look at motive: black rape of White women"

Tactic of "corrective rape" is a direct import from South Africa. Imported by alinskyite social fascist for political reasons but greatly enjoyed by the dumb, ignorant primate Perps

/H hypie out H\

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Police officer just killed in Cincinnatti dont have any more info yet.....Odds anyone?

Bogolyubski said...

And none of this is to excuse or condone the actions of the shooter. They are despicable and tragic. I feel truly sad for the families of the victims.

Why? Every one of them was an enemy devoted to the extermination of whites. Every one of them excused the killers of Allison Griffor and worked for their release to continue the slaughter of whites. I refuse to mourn them or have any sympathy for their families. It's obvious that what increasingly appears to be a false-flag operation by the Banana Empire regime achieved its intended objective even upon you, who reads SBPDL and knows better than the average white about reality.

Assuming for a minute the shooter was acting out a desire for revenge, the only tragedy was his moronically poor choice of target which played perfectly into the Banana Empire's hands - hence the widespread stench of false-flag op. The "opposition" party gave the Chicago Jeezus fast-track authority yesterday while most whites were stupidly mourning people who were probably praying for their extinction. Treaties are how they're planning to disarm YT once and for all. Treaties trump all state and federal laws apart from the constitution itself, which they are legally equal to. All it takes is a blackrobe's decree once they're signed - not even ratified any more. Most of the Tea-Party Patriotards will meekly hand in the guns when the treaty becomes law. The Oath-Keepers, whose only real oath is to a Bankstein's empty promise of a pension, will kill those who resist.

Californian said...

Anonymous Gwoobus Harmon said...

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

One of the terrible side effects of denying voice to a group is that eventually they will feel the only recourse that they have is physical violence. These kinds of explanations were used in the wake of both Ferguson and Baltimore. How many times did you hear explanations posited about "the voiceless" in communities that had been "ignored" and were now (in rioting) "finally being heard" in the media coverage of those events?

Excellent point here. The liberal agitprop machine will provide any number of rationalizations for violence when the perpetrators are from a designated "victim" group. Thus, blacks can burn down a couple of cities in 2015 and this gets converted into "space for protest." We can also note the general sound of crickets when the topic of black-on-white home invasions, farm attacks and torture-murders comes up.

Consider the violence which exploded in the wake of the Ferguson Fracas and Baltimore Bash. There never was any widespread DWL condemnation of the assaults and arsons, nor of the increase in murders in their wake (owing to the cops pulling back enforcement). If DWLs can rationalize away all that violence--including killings--then why not the Charleston Massacre? Why the double standard?

But of course, it's not a double standard. It's a single standard--Get YT!

The dilemma is that most white people (or at least white people in opinion making positions) do not recognize this reality, i.e., that they are in a race war. Bear in mind that blacks are the cannon fodder (the tactical or lesser enemy). But a race war it is, whether it is black flash mobs pummeling white strollers or the demonization of so-called "white privilege."

What may have happened is that this young man lacked other means to articulate his disgust with what we term "Black Run America." He lacked a white studies program, a white student association, a national organization to advance white interests. And obviously his clergy, politicians and other white "leaders" are useless. So he started pulling the trigger.

Something to think about in the Long Hot Summer of 2015.

Brooklyn born said...

"Police officer just killed in Cincinnatti dont have any more info yet.....Odds anyone?"

Quandavier Hicks

chattanooga gal said...

"The White victims from the Knockout Game were minding their own business as well."
and if whites did it to blacks, no way it would EVER be called a "game"
by the way, has anyone noticed, although the s. c church shooter was about 18, no one has described him as a teen or youth?

Anonymous said...

Now this event and we Obama talking about gun control, or rather a way to take guns away from majority white population. Most of negroe on negroe murders in Detroit this year and last were with stolen guns, guns they either stole from a law abiding citizen or from the negroe that stole them. Do people not realize that criminals by definition do not follow the law? the only thing restrictive gun laws do is keep guns out of hands of people that would legally buy them. Is this event going to give government pretext to confiscate majority white Americans guns? If that happens then there really will be a war, I can not see NRA members or their Congressional allies letting a bill like that move forward so it would have to be a martial law type of event. A event like this makes me wonder about those internet stories of Walmarts being turned into detention camps is real. Will U.S. Military fire on citizens? Is the SHTF scenario unfolding before our eyes? Just going out today I have seen negroes looking at me in a different way, fuck them. I lived with and worked with them as a employee of City of Detroit and saw first hand the effects of affirmative action, the hiring of un-qualified, un-skilled, 3rd grade education negroes into city government and how the black negroe politicians looted the City of Detroit. John Conyers, a career Democrat from Detroit, his wife Monica Conyers was elected to Detroit City Council and was caught taking a $5000.00 bribe for pushing though a, now get this, a $1,000,000,000.00. That is right, a billion with a "B" Water & Sewer contract to haul sludge. That clearly shows stupidity of race, and they had her on tape asking "where's my loot?". This from a sitting black congressman's ( the longest serving minority ) wife. And MSM never covered it, she got 2 years Federal time and is now back in news for suing Mcdonalds franchise at Detroit Metro Airport for cutting her finger on a table on her way to Washington D.C. for her husbands swearing in ceremony. This is Blacks in America today. My family came here from Germany in 1902, yet I am constantly reminded that I must atone for 400 years worth of slavery, even though it was their fellow black African negroes that sold them into slavery. How about we have a vote in this country where everyone with a job and who pays taxes on whether to allow these negroes to stay or deport them all, lock, stock and whoever thinks they are black( insert the name of white woman from Spokane here ) back to Africa?


Just another example of the white girl being in the wrong place (her own home) at the wrong time (sleeping at night).

Let us study this phrase: "...his ‘hard-working loving Christian’ family have no links to drugs or guns and ‘no enemies’. There have been no arrests made yet."

This statement gives multiple reasons for why they have "enemies". 1) Hard working. That implies White Privilege and the negro class hates anybody who works. 2) "Christian". Need I say more. 3) No drugs? What an u-hip boring family 4) no Guns? Well, well well. He goes to the door without carrying a gun? He doesn't look out the window to see who is out there? He "trusts" whomever is at the door? He has no racial awareness?.

This White Family has many enemies and maybe, just maybe, he and the rest of his family might have their Awakening.

I hope they read this blog and wake up to the reality of the Anti-White Race war going on.

Anonymous said...

Negroes starting to feel Negro Fatigue
Heh, welcome to our world. Now go back to yours.

Anonymous said...

My comments never get posted but I'll try again.

They're going to try and take our guns over this. Of course, we should be eagerly and willingly handing them over because some blacks got murdered in church. We didn't do it when a bunch of little white kids in CT were killed (in another false flag shooting), but since we worship blacks in this country, we'll definitely do it this time!

I agree with the other commenters who say they just don't care. I feel the same, they never care when whites get killed by blacks so why should I care about blacks being killed by whites, or each other, or by anything, really? I only care because we'll have to hear the whining, wailing, gnashing of teeth and nonstop "Evil rayciss whitey" rhetoric for an eternity. So sick of it all.

Anonymous said...


*standing ovation* Beautifully put and so true, thank you. Glad you're back.


Nothing pisses me off more than a botched home invasion. Let me inform all negro males the PROPER WAY, damn it.

1) Don't knock. Just bash in the door.

2) Kill every white male you see in the house.

3) F*ck every white female in the house

4) Back up your sub-prime loan truck and haul everything out.

5) Take all the booze.

6) Torch the house.

Please, stop botching a Home Invasion. You make it look bad. Also, learn to do a rape correctly, a robbery correctly or even shooting a cop correctly. Nothing is worse and more insulting than a "job" gone wrong. Makes your people look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:37-

Notice how there's no comments. Typical.

Here's another site posting the same garbage, be sure to check out the comments.

Gwoobus Harmon said...

Bogolyubski said...
Why? ..... the Banana Empire regime achieved its intended objective even upon you, who reads SBPDL and knows better than the average white about reality.

Sorry, couldn't disagree more. A bunch of defenseless elderly black church ladies doing a bible study on a wednesday night = fair/justified target for murder?? No way. They didn't deserve that, their mourning families are victims too. No justification for what this punk did. ZERO. "False flag" or not.

Are you really trying to LITERALLY embody the stereotype (put out there by "the Banana Empire" and TWMNBN by the way) of the psychotic, callous, "kill em all" cartoony white supremacist? .... Cheering the murder of a bible study group because of their race?

Sheeseh, with allies like that, who needs enemies...


Why don't they just call this a "Church Invasion Gone Wrong"?

Mutant Swarm said...

Just came from one of my favorite "III%er" websites. They're still arguing about IKAGOs, whether or not they'd fight for/against .gov, etc. No offense to any USMC personnel here, but they still seem to believe in that "light green Marine" and "dark green Marine" business.

What really sucks is that there are some very lethal individuals in that camp, but their blindness is going to get them killed. And we don't have enough White warriors to waste on that kind of self delusion.

Of course, if White people had a country of OUR OWN, this wouldn't be happening.


Anonymous said...

Gwoobus, no matter what whites do, they'll portray us in a negative light. Blacks never ever mourn for white victims of black crime and they don't care about the victims here, it's only useful to them as a way to get mo free stuff from whitey. Maybe if blacks ever showed the slightest bit of gratitude, respect, or concern for whites, people like Bogolyubski would be more inclined to show some in return. But the nonstop hatred of whites and celebration of crimes on whites of all ages, by blacks, makes a lot of us less likely to care. Right or wrong, it is what it is and I am frankly sick of being expected to fake sympathy and outrage whenever something happens to them. Sympathy equals weakness to them, and I'm not interested in furthering their opinions of whites as weak, simpering future targets. Sorry.

Bogolyubski, I am not trying to speak for you but I completely understand your feelings and agree 100%.

Truth Corps said...

This is the dream event the left has been looking for for decades! Mark my words, this will herald new gun control legislation. If you haven't armed up by now, do so, DO NOT WAIT!
Guns and ammo are about to quadruple in price, by Monday expect a doubling at least. Max out the credit card if you must, but whatever you do- buy firearms and ammo as soon as possible! An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a serf. We're not going to win the War that is coming with witty banter on the internet blogs.

Anonymous said...

Writing comments here and talking about this stuff I feel like a passenger on the Titanic having animated discussions with my fellow passengers about the dangers of icebergs when sailing in a metal vessel. We know this whole shitshow is going down around us, that the worst is yet to come, and that there's nothing we can do about it. Well, maybe get over to a lifeboat before the crowds rush them...

Anonymous said...

Agree with both of you

Anonymous said...

Old Guard here;
When I was a corrections officer in Detroit, several colored corrections staff bragged how they are armed security at their churches. How these dildos were allowed to carry off duty boggles the mind, threatening White staff to dare show up at their churches.

Anonymous said...

Now the blacks are calling the church shooting
"racist terrorism".

The home invasion, by using the blacks definition of racist terrorism, was black racist terrorism against Whites.

It is a damn shame no one took the guy more seriously, the one who quit the justice department and exposed Holders racism against Whites. Congress ignored him. He had proof! He had the backbone to stand up for injustice and everyone yawned.

Anonymous said...

In honor of Trayvon's memory, attend a gun show in your area. A mass influx of Whites to gun shows will make the news and send a strong message to the orcs, and to BRA's leaders.

Do not mess with us...

Anonymous said...

Pat Boyle: "I wouldn't go into a black church today. I imagine that white churches around the nation will be suspicious now of black men who show up for services."
I wish that were the case. Most likely, if they see a black man walk through their doors, they will wish they were sinners, so they could fall on their knees and beg forgiveness in the most degrading manner to absolve their white, white guilt. Instead, they may still drop to their knees, but only kiss his feet.
"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of MLK."

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 10:37 - I read that hideously one-sided, White-hating, truth-obliterating piece of trash article. Jesse Holland, "race and ethnicity writer" at AP, is a supreme moron and, surprise, a negro! Do you, or anyone on this blog, know how to post comments? I'm hoping that someone more tech-savvy than I can post the photos of the 4 negro thugs who murdered poor little Allison, or at least write about her.

Medic said...

So I posted this on the site listed above (thanks to the OP!):
Good Lord, those people (the majority of posters) are scary.

I doubt it will stay up long as I'm sure the lefty blogger will think this is written by the KKK. This is my approach to these DWL zombies and anyone I think will listen to anything close to reason.

The data, genetic & biological research DO NOT LIE.

"Blah, blah, blah. Dispute statistics all you want. Your alternate reality isn't even supported by God's gift to the American Black - the Obama administration. The DoJ tries to obfuscate and manipulate the stats but can't, as if they did, they would be called on it. Answer these questions to yourself honestly, I could care less what you say to me or others: who commits the vast majority of violent crimes in the US ? Who commits the most rapes, attempted murders and homicides ? Who commits the majority of child abuse, specifically child sexual assault ?

If you can be honest with yourself, you'll understand in an instant why many people - of all colors - are beyond sick and tired of this worn-out BS. There is a problem in this country which is getting worse each day and has markedly worsened in the past 6 years. Answer yourself as to why. I'll give you a hint, though, it's not due to the "terrible legacy of slavery" (don't you just love that term ? Goebbels couldn't have invented a better piece of propaganda), White privilege, institutional racism or any other White sin.

Lastly, take a peek at the current research in genetics, especially the differences between what we consider "races" - it will never come out in the Western world, due to the commandment against anything that can be perceived as not supporting the myth that "we're all the same" but be on the lookout for China or Russia or some country that could give a damn to release proof of the drastic differences in mainstream Black and White genetics and physiologic function. And the functional MRI data supports the observed brain differences and reactions as well.

Dismiss all this as racist, as I'm sure you will, at the peril of your own objective knowledge. These are facts and this is the truth."

I seriously doubt the poster I replied to will even read past the first sentence but I hope as long as the comment does stand, maybe someone will see it and think "Wow, I'm not the only one whopt hinks this" and be comforted.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Rolling Stone magazine is going to give a glamor cover to Dylann Roof the way they did the Boston Bomber?

Medic Bear said...

"CENTURION said...
Why don't they just call this a "Church Invasion Gone Wrong"?"

BRILLIANT! I am going to borrow this, if I may!

On another note: I printed some business cards with the Wikipedia address for both the Knoxville Horror (the torture and murders of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom on one side and the Wichita Massacre on the other and hand them out (judiciously) to anyone I feel might be open to the truth and might be able to see through this latest BS attempt to derail the real discussion and the actual reality: Blacks are many-fold more likely to murder (and assault, rape, eat, etc.) Whites than the other way around. And it happens EACH AND EVERY DAY.
The church setting is just more DWL BS for them to use for sympathy.

Anyone - please feel free to use the ideas and please share others you use to try to spear the word to others.


About 10 years ago I was on Prozac for about 6 months: Here is my story:

A young family member died by accident. Since I was getting older, even then, it caused a Major Depression episode (thinking too much about life, love, children, meaning, etc.).

I went to a psychologist (who can't give meds) who referred me to a psychiatrist (who can) and I ended up on Prozac.

The stuff is evil. I takes away your ability to cry since I was finding myself crying to the slightest reason. It works. BUT, it leaves you in an unnatural state since crying is normal, healthy and necessary. Prozac is an "anti-depressant" so it takes away the "depression" emotions (crying, etc.)

It leaves you frustrated, agitated and edgy. The perfect emotions for any unstable, intelligent, teen boy. This is why they going on "killing" sprees since their human emotions have been blocked

In addition. These things block the re-uptake of serotonin. This is a natural drug that you produce from the precursors you get in your food IF YOU EAT THE RIGHT FOOD. Today's "food" (candy) lacks the proper nutrients. So what happens is that you body naturally depletes itself of Serotonin (bad diet)over time, and the Prozac stops working. It really doesn't stop. It just has nothing to act upon.

So, over time you take a stronger and stronger dose. This inhibits even MORE of your emotions of caring, compassion, etc.

Turns you into the perfect killing machine. This is why Prozac comes with a WARNING that it can INCREASE suicide...Nice.

Our over-stressed life style, our garbage "food", our political brainwashing and the addition of Suicidal drugs all add up to cause this type of behaviour ESPECIALLY in White male teens.

Medic Bear said...

What happened in SC is beyond tragic and numbingly sad but the light-speed at which everyone, including the Fed/DoJ jumped to this being a racial hate crime is whiplash-inducing.

I wager despite both of these groups of killers admitting they targeted their victims due to them being White, no one even thought about these being investigated by the fed or prosecuted as racial hate crimes: and

I guess it's more of that "White privilege" thing, huh ?

I'm not sure this country will survive two more years of this race-pimp administration and the effect it has on the Black masses.

Anonymous said...

Sonny Kim is the Cincinnati police officer shot and killed by, you already know it, a negro thug - Trepierre Hummons. At least the negro shooter is dead. Poor Mr. Kim is a highly decorated 27-year veteran who immigrated from South Korea. My sympathy goes to Mr. Kim and his family. Yet another black murder of a non-black. My disgust and outrage goes to the blacks. Our people have suffered too much at the hands of blacks. Wonder if Jesse Holland will write about this for AP.

It seems like this was a deliberate shooting of a LEO. Should be recorded as a Hate Crimr.

Neanderthal Girl (blue eyed and red haired, and pissed off" said...

This is my comment I posted on the Washington Post's article
- She pissed me off. What a bunch of stale vomit, some ol' same ol' crap.

"to: Karen Attiah is the Washington Post's Opinions Deputy Digital Editor

You seemed to have majored in Critical Race Theory. You have typed for the Washington Post every trite, brainwashed bit of risible garage ever taught in your classic liberal collages. The canards are stale, and we no longer care about your...
Terrible Legacy of Slavery (TM) This type of tripe is boring now. Note to all you typists for the media. It's not working anymore, please call me a (oooo insert "R' word here) Heck, I will own it, and one up you. I have now graduated from a life of observation and education to a full blown "Species-ist"

Anonymous said...

If you let them take your Confederate Flag away you're done; you're toast. That's an early sign of genocide. They're targeting you specifically; taking away your rights. Keep an eye on this issue as BRA will use this crisis to ban it as a symbol of "hate".

Mark my words.... battle lines are drawn.

Anonymous said...

If a black walks into a White gathering, be careful; the revenge killings are about to begin. The Black Panthers and Islamic Groids are plotting. They want to create their "White 9/11".

Countdown has begun...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Fun way to mess with orc heads at work is to comment that the shootings were because of his SSRI meds, not racism; he had black friends.

Watch for fuzzy splodey head reactions.

Then ask worker groid what the boy said. He mentioned the raping of white women. Ask orc if they know that FBI stats back that up; that interracial rape is almost always done by a negro. Ask if that could have contributed to the boy's anger. Let's have the 'conversation'.


I've got my mantra (psy-op or not): The boy was on psycho-drugs he can't be held accountable . . . and maybe it is time to have a national conversation about Black's raping Whites.

If this doesn't cause an immediate DWL head explosion I'll follow it up with; Black men rape 100 white women a day!

Then I'll swoop in with this fact about civil rights hero Eldrige Cleaver: During his incarceration, Cleaver began to develop his own political philosophy. After his release in 1957, he raped an unknown number of women, both black and white. He felt that his rapes of white women were "insurrectionary" rapes, justified by what African Americans had suffered under a system dominated by whites (

Now take some COSBY M-F'er!!!!

A sucker punch of insincerity with an insensitivity uppercut . . . I'M READY!

Anonymous said...

No... half if Africa is a desert. Then nice farmlands in Africa, are mostly taken by white people (the Afrikkaners)). We are the minority. Don't ask for sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Obongo's drivel:

"In this moment of grief, there’s a measure of practical comfort to be taken from the warning of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Nigga please!

"Brothers" are from the same family, the same race. Negroes are NOT our brothers. Hell, they can't even live peacefully with other negroes; constant butchery and horrific rapes and violence.

You're being conned. Separate now, or die.

Anonymous said...

What is this "Wichita massacre" many of you are referring to? Mind you, given that these events are glossed over and ignored by the liberal media, some of us might not be informed about every black on white crime that goes down.

Anonymous said...

South Florida here...
The confederate flag is a symbol of our history. Saving southern heritage is not a hate crime. Negro fatigued here since Zimmerman case. Notice how I don't mention skittle ridden big thugs name? He doesn't deserve the recognition. If you could only see the ignorance that goes on here by the nogs. Some 19 yr old female called 911 on her drug dealer because he took her $5.00 and didn't give her the drugs. The 911 call was so funny, telling the dispatcher I just want my drugs!!! They found flakka in her pocket and arrested her. Flakka is killing them here 16 dead in the last week. I say go to the ghetto and hand out free flakka! Population control for sure!

Californian said...

What is this "Wichita massacre" many of you are referring to? Mind you, given that these events are glossed over and ignored by the liberal media, some of us might not be informed about every black on white crime that goes down.

You might also want to look at farm attacks in the new rainbow nation of South Africa for more black on white crime which does not get reported in the mainstream media:


Gwoobus: Allow me to complaint your excellent analysis:

Until we are ALLOWED to have White Only areas, for people like the "shooter" and ME, there will never be peace between people.

We need freedom. Free to live in association with those you want.

the final countdown said...

This church incident will define this country for the remainder of its existence. And that will not be long.

Free speech restrictions and major gun control executive orders coming by and on 1/20/2017.

This is the story the media types have always wanted. They are not going to squander this. This will define us.

Anonymous said...

Take people like the church shooter and isolate them. Create areas where only Whites can live. Punish them this way.

How about pick countries that their ancestors founded, and make them live there without other races. That'll teach them! The bastards!

tradcon said...

Yesterday, at 1:51 p.m., I posted that the Charleston shooting was, as far as I could recall, the first spree-type-killing mass-shooting of black people by a white person in the last 50 years or so, while there have been many in the opposite direction (Omar Thornton and Colin Ferguson, just to name two). I requested that if anyone had any information to the contrary, then please post it. I have read every subsequent comment on that post and every comment on this post, but no one has posted any information regarding any other white-on-black spree-type-killing mass-shooting. Is this one really the only one in over 50 years? I don't want to make that claim if it's not true. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

There's not one media person who will acknowledge the horror of this crime but also point out that White-on-black crimes are a minuscule percentage of black-on-White crimes, a rarity. No one will say that this clearly disturbed boy may have been acting on a sense of outrage and hopelessness at the widespread, long ongoing black murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, and vandalism perpetrated on Whites.

Anonymous said...

OK, Brothers in SBPDL Comment land, let's stick together!

We have nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of. Most of us here advocate for segregation. There is nothing cruel about segregation. We get to live with our own people, and they get to live with theirs.

Ideally, the segregation would be a continental or state arrangement; but we'll certainly take segregated independent cities, or even "sides of town" as a vast improvement over BRA, won't we?

So, we advocate here for segregation. Not murder; not even mild violence. Segregation would have prevented the church shooting. Yes, it would have prevented it from ever occurring.

The sooner blacks and Whites realize segregation is the solution, and admit the last 50 years have done nothing but bring misery and heartache upon both peoples, the better.

Now, we will see some of the DWLs and "neutrals" who were starting to come our way timidly creep back to safe ground in the wake of this. We will hear 24/7 about acceptance and equality and progress and dreams. Some will decide this church shooting business is so nasty they just can't be associated with any outspoken race-realists.

We may even lose a few of our own race-realists with understandable aversions to suffering in any form.

But we never preached this kind of approach (shooting church-goers) in the first place! We believe in segregation; blacks would be happier among their own kind, instead of constantly seething about White privilege or racism. We would certainly be happier, for too many reasons to enumerate.

Stand up for peaceful re-segregation of our populations, and don't be shutdown by the post-church shooting hysteria. We only want to live our own lives in our own way in our own territory.

The Solution Is Segregation!

Royal oak dude said said...

P.k. this is only the beginning of the end of the U.S. as we know it,before long the fighting will be in our neighborhood,with this agitator in the white house for almost two more years things will begin to accelerate,I'm a decent man but if anybody tries to harm me and mine there will be blood,if they try to illegally take my guns I will fight back,I hope and pray it never comes to that.

Whiskey said...

Steve Sailers latest reminds me. I forgot about One Goh, the 2014 shooter. So my numbers are off some.

I'm wondering if all Charlestown Roof all the time will produce a Kardashian sized backlash. People are sick of the hype and just want to relax.

Anonymous said...

dear PK: in answer to tradcon at 3:17PM above, please relay this:

Tulsa, OK
April 2012
"Random" shooter investigated as hate crime
3 dead, 2 injured.

google from there.

Only other one I know of.

Anonymous said...

The killing of Christians in churches is political tradition of Communist governments--usually burning people alive while shooting those who try to flee. Obama's lifetime handlers have been Marxist/Communists and his administration is staffed with Black Marxists. The DOJ is a powerful controller with the Marxist AG ruling all. The FBI has been staging false "terrorist" attacks for years, and is now under Communist direction. Obama left D.C. for CA because his handlers were running the script in Charleston. The shooting at the church fits the Communist agenda and the FBI has taken charge to control the whole situation, obviously from the start to the federally planned finish. For anyone not believing the feds could conceive of and carry out such malicious violence, check out the Columbine massacre . The FBI covered up all incriminating information by threatening and even silencing witnesses. The alleged killers were white teens, but spirited out of the school was the also the guilty son of the local lead FBI agent. The Marxist Obama agenda is internal aggression/warfare. The Marxists are pushing very hard in America to achieve that. Can bet they have something even worse to happen soon , as there seems to be a set timing involved, like Jade Helm to be activated.

Anonymous said...

tradcon: "Is this one really the only [white-on-black spree killing] in over 50 years?"
If you want an answer to that, you might have to ask around on DWL or SJW or black sites. I don't presume to speak for everyone here, but whatever the answer might be, I don't know and I don't care. That might explain the crickets you've been hearing since 1:51pm. If I had to guess, I'd say it's never happened; because if it had, they'd whine about it every time they mentioned the name of Emmitt Till (PBUH).

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen it mentioned here but apparently the New York Post reported that the reverend was a political activist and close friend of Obama's. The Reverend was holding an after hours meeting. The whole thing either smells fishy or the target has been drawing ire for awhile.

Anonymous said...

So where is the media/academe/goverment complex concern over "backlash" that they always display when some Muslim commits an atrocity? Where are the calls for people to join in solidarity to prevent "backlash" against innocent whites? Evidently the MAG complex wants people to believe that only YT is prone to committing "backlash." The double standard has become so glaring that it is almost self-parody.

As to whether this was a false-flag/psyop or simply a disturbed young man who became violent, we may never know. The timing does seem very convenient, but our would-be rulers are experts at fomenting and exploiting crises for their own ends, and they have been working overtime stoking the fires of racial tension. I wouldn't put a "Manchurian Candidate" scenario past them, but I'd have to see some pretty convincing proof.

AnalogMan said...


About 10 years ago I was on Prozac for about 6 months: Here is my story:

Interesting, thank you. It vindicates my decision to pass on anti-depressants.

About 15 years ago I had surgery for a benign brain tumour. Checked into the hospital Thursday afternoon, operated on that evening, discharged Sunday morning. I felt great! Spring back in my step, spent the week doing errands around town. Friday, the day they removed the clips in my head, the bus hit me, figuratively speaking. I was smashed.

At the follow-up consultation with the surgeon, he told me that I should expect depression, which is normal following head trauma. He offered to prescribe anti-depressants, and told me that I had had drugs for the first week post-op. So that's what it was!

Damn, that drug was good!

But I'm one of those uptight people who don't want to lose control. Didn't want to risk addiction, so I declined. Glad I did, now.

Dan said...

The ANC did it in 1993 to an Anglican Church.

Anonymous said...

I read the transcript of the interview in 2012. Once again I see parents apologize for their daughters killers. "They didnt mean to kill her they just wanted to scare us" the mom says. Well did it work? Are you scared? What kind of sheeple are we raising here?

Mich. Mike

AnalogMan said...


No, you missed my point. That's

If White people had a country of our own this wouldn't be happening.

I saw your hat tip about Voltaire, thanks. The odd thing about that exchange was, I know who may not be criticised here, so I was most careful not to be critical; but I got censored anyway. When I posted a similar comment about negroes, several people kind of looked at me sideways and said (more or less) what's that about? Why are you giving the darkies a free pass?

That's life. Some people you may not criticise. Some others, you are expected, and even encouraged to criticise. So, who is really running BRA?

Paul, like Jared Taylor, has picked his battle. Some people regard that as a litmus test. They call Taylor "controlled opposition" because his only comment on "The Question" is "They look White to me". Well, Bruce Jenner looks female to me, but only if I don't look too closely. And, as Rachel Dolezal has taught us, you're not White if you don't "identify" as White.

Be that as it may, it's the only game in town. Controlled opposition is better than no opposition at all. Both SBPDL and Amren have their purpose. The first step in diagnosis is recognition of the symptoms. For those who are ready for the next step, I recommend you check the links I posted in the previous few threads. Maybe I should expand the glossary by adding a blogroll. Yes, I think I'll do that. Soon as I work out how to do it.

By the way, Paul, the blogger who must not be named has reposted this article on his blog that may not be linked. He seems to be a fan of your work. Why don't you two get together and talk over your differences? A house divided against itself can not stand. You can be an evangelist for White unity.

PS: I watched Death Wish again last night. Paul Kersey, you are the man! What struck me, after all these years, was how White New York muggers are. Still, one woman says, "I'll tell you one thing, he's a racist. He kills more black muggers than White ones". Her companion replies, "Well, there are more black muggers than White ones. You want us to recruit more White muggers so we can have racial equality?" Good movie. Watch it if you haven't seen it yet. Watch it, anyway.

Anonymous said...


It affects people differently, just like alcohol or any other drug.

I was on it for years, the only side effect was I wasn't angry at evrtything all the time.

During that time, no voices were heard, no one was killed, etc.

Trust me on this one, kids. I've seen it, done it AND got the anti-depressant T-shirt.

tradcon said...

Thank you to Anonymous @ 4:51 p.m. for your response. But the Tulsa example you reference ultimately turned out, if my recollection is correct, to be an Amerindian revenge killing of gang members who murdered his father. Thank you also to Anonymous @ 5:33 for your response. I have to agree completely.
On another note, I am surprised that there have been no revenge killings so far. Maybe church services tomorrow will prove too tempting of a target for the blacktivists. By the way, I always carry in church, but then it's not illegal in Florida, like it is in South Carolina (unless one has express permission from the church).

Anonymous said...

All SSRIs are not the same, and they affect everyone differently. The dosage is critical. You have to watch how you feel. I've been taking Paxil at the losest dose (10) for over 10 years. I tried, on a lark, not taking it last year for 6 months. Not good. I went back to being super anxious, very wired and extremely angry. I went back on my regular dose and soon I was feeling better. I knew from pasr tries that the next dose level (20) made me feel a bit slow, hazy. I could tell I was on it. I can't tell with the 10 dose, just feel calmer. You have to really monitor your own reaction.

Robert said...

More evidence that the post 1960s american experiment has failed. Obviously we can't get along and are not all the same. What would America be like today if the last 50 years had been different, instead of bowing to the uncivil rights era leaders and their judea masters, we simply relocated them outside the nation of our forefathers.

The time is here where we must have a public discussion on what direction we choose to take as a people and a nation (whats left of it), we all know the choices. We do nothing and our economy continues to collapse resulting in a genocidal civil war, or will we be honest with ourselves and begin talking about how we send everyone back home and then reorient our nation. The choice is yours white America. Do not be fooled into believing this one incident in south Carolina is not a sign of things to come and the riots and ethnic violence will just go away, things will get much much worse.

Anonymous said...

The only thing out of place is is that the shooter is still alive. If it was choreographed the director would call for suicide, death by cop or car chase accident or something.

Mich Mike

Anonymous said...

The climate in Australia is something to be concerned with. It is turning to desert. When the rain comes it comes all at once. Then there are those pesky cane toads.

Mich Mike

PB said...

The climate in Australia is something to be concerned with. It is turning to desert. When the rain comes it comes all at once. Then there are those pesky cane toads.

Its no more desert now than its ever been in the past, but the Cane Toads! Horrible ugly things, and, especially after our winter....everywhere, destructive to native wildlife and spreading like crazy. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Resisting arrest is violent crime.
Violent black criminal not charged, three whites lost jobs for nothing.
If you throw a brick at human, never mind fully uniformed police officer is assolt with deadly weapon at least or attempte murder.
How come none of those punks ever charged.
I still love you America, but bra makes it so hard to swallow.
Can it really just go away like a bad dream after 18 month tops?
Sure hope so.
NY tri st

Anonymous said...

He was black, was because fourtunaly he was killed as well and we don't have to spend any more money on this pos.
It was 6/19 , today 6/20 negro criminal cuffed behind his back In the back seat of police car under arerest managed to get his hands forward , got po gun and shot and killed his so called brother black po.
Car crashed and now criminal is at large. None of this everyday day horror shows get any attention from media.
Welcome to bra.
Ny tri st

Poupon Marx said...

The old West system of "Wanted Dead or Alive" bounty system needs to me revived.