Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Four Blacks Rob/Stab 64-year-old White Male as he read a book on a park bench in 65% Black Baltimore

Back in 1989, the first black mayor of Baltimore declared the declining metropolis "The City that Reads." Yes, The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore is a direct play on this hilarious moniker, considering the high rate of illiteracy found among the population of the majority black city. 

However, one person who was not illiterate is the white man who was attacked in broad daylight by four blacks as he merely tried to read a book in a Baltimore park not far from Johns Hopkins University. "The City that Reads" intersects with the "The City that Bleeds" in one story. 
One more thing you can't do in a majority black city in broad daylight: read a book on a park bench

He just didn't have situational awareness.[Man, 64, stabbed, robbed at gunpoint at Wyman Park Dell near Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus, Baltimore Sun, 9-13-16]:
64-year-old man was stabbed twice and robbed at gunpoint by four suspects at Wyman Park Dell near the Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus in North Baltimore Monday, police said. 
The victim told police he had been sitting on a park bench and reading a book about 5 p.m. at the park at East 29th and North Charles streets when one of the suspects sat down next to him and asked if he knew of a place to exchange foreign money, according to a police report. 
As the first suspect asked the question, another pointed a gun to the victim's head, police said. The four suspects surrounded him, the one in front of him holding a small knife, police said. 
The man told the group he didn't know of a place to exchange money, then felt a punch in his back and realized he was being mugged, police said. The man in front of him maced him, and another forced him to hand over his iPhone, $60 in cash from his wallet and black North Face backpack containing an iPad, and the victim's house and car keys. 
During the assault, the victim was stabbed in his right arm and his right lower back, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where his wounds were stapled and he was discharged the same day. 
The victim's name was not released. He is not affiliated with the university, police said. 
Police said officers used the "Find My iPhone" app to recover the phone, which was found nearby. A witness confirmed the attack to police, and said she had seen the suspects running west on 29th Street toward Howard Street, police said. 
The four suspects were described as three black males an 
d one female, ages roughly 16-20. 
Two of the males wore no shirt and were armed with handguns, police said. One had white pants; the other had dark ones. The third suspect wore a dark tank top shirt, dark jeans, and had a knife, police said. The female wore a pink tank top shirt and jeans, police said.
In a city where elected black leaders wear Colin Kaepernick's NFL jersey to city council meetings (you know, the anti-white/anti-police second string quarterback), you'd think the white minority - roughly 28 percent of the city's population - would understand there are some things you just can't do anymore in parks in Baltimore.

Reading a book in broad daylight is one of them.


Anonymous said...

On this evenings Detroit channel 4 newscast there was a story of two home break ins in an affluent suburb. They actually had and gave a description of the car involved but told the audience to go to the Facebook page for a description of the perpetrators. They gave the color of the car but not the color of the two men involved. Of course they were black. It's almost as if they are afraid to say that the criminal is black. If this country doesn't wake up to what is going on, we really are doomed. This was in broad daylight. No fear. I can't imagine what it feels like to have an invader in your home and not have a weapon. Prepare.

Original Ex-Detroiter said...

I'm not blaming the victim here at all. I feel bad for the guy, but you simply have got to be aware of what's going on around you when there are black people in the area.

I hope those students they showed are just saying that they feel safe because they don't want to go on camera appearing "racist" (OMG, the horror!), but I'm afraid they are just that brainwashed and won't realize the danger until it is too late.

On a side note, I've been hearing that the viewing audience for NFL football was way down last weekend. You have to wonder if it's a Kaepernick effect. Maybe America is finally wising up. We can only hope.

Original Ex-Detroiter

Anonymous said...

In Minneapolis some Democratic Party idiots and commie-wannabees are pushing a gun buyback program, now in its embryonic stages. I think the Mpls PD said no thanks and backed off public support. There are a whole lot of concealed carry types in this town. I celebrate everytime I hear of a bullet reaching its target if fired from a righteously concealed pistol. Hard to say, but only widely publicized concealed carry gun downs are going to motivate YT.
We have to cease being victims.

Anonymous said...

You can bet the farm it was a libtard. No great loss, we need to be rid of those imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

The media is complicit in all of this criminal activity. The information is readily available to anybody with a police band scanner or to anyone who chooses to listen in at sites such as broadcastify. Witnesses talk to the dispatchers and responding officers, and the info goes out over the air. There are a number of police and crime related blogs out there. As you might have guessed, Chicago has a couple.

So it isn't a lack of available information that is the problem. The lamestream media is providing cover and advancing the narrative by indulging themselves with lies of omission. The next time some starry-eyed reporter starts spewing about freedom of the press and their sacred charge of informing the public, feel free to beat them to death with a sockful of shit.

This is a list of Chicago area blogs copied from

Second City Cop
Crime In Wrigleyville & Boystown
Southport Corridor News & Events
Crooked City
Uptown Update
The Beachwood Reporter
EveryBlock Chicago
Reddit: CrimeInChicago

Imagine how many blogs there must be out there that are local for YOU, where you could find out everything the local media will NOT talk about and will never cover.

Anonymous said...

Reading a book in a park -- sounds like something Paul Kersey, Sr. would have done in 1970s NYC. At night, though.

Anonymous said...

From my area.


Anonymous said...

Texas here:

Not enough to humiliate an old man and take his things.

The mace; the stabbings.

Sadistic subhumans.

And READING in a PARK; the most civilized of pursuits ruined by those genetically unfit to be on the same continent.

Anonymous said...

A problem with encountering groids in public is that the point in time where lethal force can be lawfully applied doesn't occur until after it is too late to be helpful. Once they are within 10' or so there is almost nothing that a victim can do to avoid injury in an attack. The safest thing to do would be to pull out the .45 the moment groids are within 21', but this would almost certainly result in prosecution unless the groids were flashing weapons. Once they are within a few feet of the victim the victim's reaction time will be slower than the time required for the groids to draw weapons and close the distance. Better situational awareness in this case would probably only have given the victim an opportunity to run from the orcs had he noticed them approaching.

Statistically, a single white person being approached by four groids for no apparent reason is probably in imminent danger of death or great bodily injury justifying lethal force, but it is unlikely that any jury that could be found in Baltimore would agree.

Ex New Yorker said...

One late night in 1977 I had walked into Washington Square Park. I was carrying a vacuum cleaner which I found in a dumpster. It was one of those type with a long metal handle and cloth bag which I use to modify and turn into weapons (home made cattle prod). It was slung over my right shoulder. Also I was holding my camera which was attached to a pistol grip. I entered the park on the South West side by the chess tables and saw FOUR OLDER TEENS coming my way. I knew they wanted to show me their high school diplomas because it appeared like they were looking for jobs.

I saw a copy of the New York Times lying on one of the chess tables and walked over and picked it up. I used two or three pages to cover my camera and held the papers down with my thumb. My camera was now completely hidden from view. The leader and oldest teen came and grabbed me on both shoulders and said "Don't move. I just spent two years lifting weights in prison." He was super strong and I felt like I was in a vice grip. We use to call this "having someone get the drop on you" which meant if you did something stupid you could end up dead.

The four of them sat me on a park bench and started searching me. In my shoulder bag they found two lenses. One of the dumb fuckers (teen) dropped my $100.00 telephoto lens on the cement and busted it. They kept axing me about a camera and I told them the lenses were shit I found in a garbage can. They kept searching me over and over. I gave them the $4.00 I had hidden in my sock. So the weight lifter finally mentions that I seemed to be a little stressed out and offered me a THORAZINE (I kid you not). I turned him down and politely explained that I was stressed because I was being mugged. Somewhere in the middle of all this shit I realized they did not see my camera hidden under the newspapers.

After their big haul of $4.00 and some pocket change (they let me keep my pack of smokes) the leader says to me (I am not bullshitting you folks) "Hey man....Do you play those things." I axed "What things." he replies "The bag pipes play those bagpipes." I explained to him that is was a vacuum cleaner and not a set of bagpipes.

This dumb fuck (excuse me...older teen) thought a vacuum cleaner was a set of bagpipes. So after about a half an hour of being searched we parted ways. I was only $4.00 poorer but these clowns didn't get my camera. I left the park on the North side. As I entered on to Fifth Avenue it all hit me. I jumped in the air and clicked my heels. They didn't get my camera. I had beat them again. I've had so many close calls that I still can't believe I made it out of that Goddamn city alive.

NOBODY EVER TOOK A CAMERA FROM ME ON THE STREET. Never, but many tried. In 1979 they broke into my studio and stole every camera I had. No big deal. I just changed occupations.

Dave said...

Wow, how can white people be so careless. If I lived there, I'd save up my money, buy a piece of land in some rural backwater, sleep in my car, and build a log cabin. I'd rather have black bears as neighbors than black people!

LadyStoneheart said...

From that ABC story:

"The suspects are believed to be teenagers, three males and one female:
Male, 16-20 years old, dark tank top shirt, dark jeans, armed with a knife
Male, 16-20 years old, no shirt, wearing white pants, armed with a hand gun
Male, 16-20 years old, no shirt, wearing dark jeans, armed with a hand gun
Female, 16-20 years of age, pink tank top shirt, blue jean pants"

At least the BALLtimore Sun has some.


Anonymous said...

This sort of thing is going on everyday all over the country. Just go online and look at any news site from any large city in America and you will find stories if multiple blacks beating and robbing elderly whites. I saw one last week out of Cleveland where an elderly deaf couple were beaten and robbed in their own home. Seems that the peeps only lived a few houses down from them. Knowing that they were deaf they made it a week event to break in and steal whatever they could. These kind of predators, that prey on the elderly, are the lowest of low.
If it ever came to be that marshal law was called, these are the types that should be put down on the spot.
There may be nothing we can do about these animals right now, other than stay away from them.
But alas, we know that's not possible. Seems no matter where you go there they are.
I live in a very rural area, the nearest town has a population of less than twelve hundred, other than some stopping for gas and passing through I haven't seen any blacks at all until recently.
My grand son said that there were some who got enrolled in school this year. After some investigating I found out they came from Detroit. Seems some lazy fat bitch found out there is big money in being foster parents. These kids aren't orphans either they are teen criminals who should be in juvenile detention, but the justice system thinks they ate redeemable ha ha ha, so sending them away from the crime ridden cities will rehabilitate them. What a joke. When there is a pandemic you contain it, you don't send the carriers of the disease out to infect other area.
I am starting a pool to bet on when the first break in will happen. Should be interesting

Michigan Mike

The Umpire said...

Speaking of John Hopkins, check this out (Wikipedia): "[Dr. Ben Carson] was the
Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital from 1984 [Hmmm,
1984, the same year that Dr. Heathcliff "Cliff" Huxtable started brainwashing,
er, uh, entertaining the world. Interesting.] to 2013. As a pioneer in
neurosurgery, Carson's achievements include performing the fist and only
successful separation of Siamese twins joined at the head [hmmm], performing
the first neurological procedure of a fetus in the womb [hmmmm], performing
the first [Uh, again?] completely successful separation of type-2 craniopagus
twins [HMMMM], developing new methods to treat brain-stem tumors and reviving
hemesperectomy techniques [What techniques?] for controlling seizures. Carson
became the youngest [Uh, THE youngest?] chief of pediatric neurosurgery in the
country at the age of 33 [Oh, at the age of 33, hmmm.]. He has received more
than 60 honorary doctorate degrees, dozens of merit citations and written over
100 neurosurgical publications. In 2008, he was bestowed the Presidential
Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States."

Okay, now check this out (Dr. Ben Carson): "My own personal theory, is that
Joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain."

Uh, isn't something not quite jivin' here? Okay, let's cut to the chase: Has
"Doctor" Ben Carson actually been a propaganda stunt foisted on the docile,
gullible, unquestioning, fluoride-filled sheeple?

Unknown said...

Ah, the County Fair has just opened and the kids will be out in full force this Friday evening. My husband and I will attend, not to "ride the rides", but to watch the kids having fun. Why? Because we live in an Ozark Mountain community that is blessedly free of diversity. Life here is almost as it was throughout the USA during the 50's. Children can be turned loose while parents enjoy a beer on the periphery. Elders can walk without fear of being mugged. Bicycles lay in a pile just inside the gates and they aren't locked.
"America" still exists in thousands of little towns all over --- we're waiting to welcome you home!
Trump 2016

Bird of Paradise said...

Hate crime assualts that this need to be 50 years in prison No Parole,Time Off,Family visits and No offers from Spike Lee and no clemency,Pardons,Plea Bargins and a hate crime that leads to a murder the Death sentence No Appeals and carried out with a year of conviction

Anonymous said...

Notice the need to stab him? It doesn't sound like he put up a fight, seeing he had a gun to his head and was surrounded by 4 young dindus. They always seem to make it more cruel and violent than it has to be. And why do so many of these cases involve female attackers as well? Are the females of any other race anywhere near as violent (and unattractive) as black females?

I am so ready for whites to start setting up some "bait victims" and let all Hell break loose when some Dindu decides to take what isn't his.

My only consolation is that whites (and other non-blacks) ARE waking up. You have to live under a rock without any access to the internet to not see that blacks have been digging their own graves and pissing away all the "progress" in race relations that their forebears and white liberals have painstakingly built over decades. It's a wonderful thing to watch unfold.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

reading in an area loaded with blacks is considered to be a microaggression. The locals have him some on the spot sensitivity training. Shooting dope or urinating in broad daylight raises no such ire.

PB said...

Imagine knowing that using a weapon will likely render you as the criminal and them the victims.

Brian in Ohio said...

Talk about a situational awareness FAIL. He was alone in a park and he let them get close enough to sit down next to him?! As soon as you SEE four black teens, it should set off your "Spidey Sense".

This dude had to be a DWL SJW type, so no real sympathy here.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

I just wish ONCE we would hear about somebody blasting the hell out of a mugger thug with his/her own concealed weapon, and then escaping so they don't have to face the kick-back from all those who don't believe in self-defense.

OTT: reading about the DC museum built, now open, to celebrate africans in America. The darn thing is FUGLY. Comments in Washington Post are hysterical, one thug-lover even saying it's racist to criticize the building itself. I'm having fun reading, and commenting. Hope others do too and that we see an article devoted to this on "our" blog.

Proudyt said...

They are emboldened and not held accountable,and if they are it's yt?'s fault. It's only going to get worse once this nig is out of office. Be ready.

Anonymous said...

Orcs will be at your door shortly...prepare...they are hungry, and want White blood on their hands, in their mouths, and on their "muh dik"s.

This is an epic battle in the making; a clash of genomes...

Anonymous said...

It took four individuals in their youth, two guns, one knife and a can of mace to culturally enrich an elderly white man. Even though he reminded them of the evil legacy of segregation and slavery, they must feel so proud of themselves in their achievements and accomplishments. Hopefully he gets it now.

Also a day ago in Miami - A homeless man is facing a murder charge after an elderly man took a picture of him begging on a Miami-Dade street. A 71-year old man snapped a picture of him in order to report him to authorities. That’s when Celestin became enraged and followed the elderly man while screaming obscenities at him. It ended with the death of the 71 year old.

It is written: even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

Schwarze manner sind verruckt!!

Anonymous said...

Teacher shot in South End robbery dies; fatally shot man said to be suspect

This was a young female teacher from China with a white guy boyfriend. They had plans to get married and start a family. She was with him and another friend when she was shot. They were all walking back to where their car was parked in a "nice" neighborhood of Charlotte NC where there is a passenger rail station running through it, with trendy bars/restaurants/shops/condominiums all around there too, at about 11:30 PM last Friday night, when a mugger ran up to them and pulled a gun on them.

Despite there being at least two witnesses to the shooting, and six days going by since this shooting, the local media in Charlotte NC never gave us a description or a police sketch of the shooting suspect. Now the teacher from China is dead after being on life support at the hospital since last Friday night, but only now we are being told that the shooting suspect was fatally shot himself last Monday night at a cheap motel elsewhere in Charlotte NC. (Still no picture of him though for us to see.)

The name of this shooting suspect is 40-year-old Louis Henry Fuqua.

"Police said the investigation is ongoing, but have not released a description of a suspect."

Why the hell not?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

As compared to Caucasians, blacks can be big and imposing. In those cases, whites need an equalizer.

It has always been like this with blacks since the Civil Rights era. A friend of mine grew up in Baltimore and worked on the docks. He was a fairly tough guy and people generally didn't mess with him, but one day he found a groid that was bigger than him and demanded his money while standing at a bus stop. He said when he looked in the groid's eyes, all he saw was a blank, soulless stare. There was not a trace of humanity in that beast. Anyway, I think he got roughed up quite a bit, but the groid got nothing.

I am 61 and now speaking from personal experience. I have dealt with blacks all my life. They are bullies that pick on white people when they think they can get by with it. I also fought the blacks (and amazingly mostly won), but the blacks nowadays are worse than ever. Just as my friend told me: they have no soul! I believe those words. I consider them base animals.

Growing up in the coal fields of West Virginia I learned to fight with my fists. I moved temporarily to Dayton, Ohio when I was in high school and was challenged by two blacks at my school. I stood up to them and they left me alone. We're beyond that point now, we need to use guns. Blacks roam in packs like animals. Fists alone are not protection anymore!

I believe in complete segregation from them. I mean put up a sign that tells them to stay out. If they enter, then teach them a lesson. One thing you cannot do with a black is show fear, or back down.

Back to the man who got robbed: first of all, he should have known that Baltimore is not safe for white people. A person of his age should know that blacks are evil predators. Whites should never walk alone in that city. It isn't Mayberry!

Ultimately it is white men who will have to solve the Negro problem. Our fathers heaped this curse on us, but it is the white man who will have to solve it. We can't do this alone either...and neither can we have our women make decisions for us. Our women are altruistic and loving, they try to nurture these filthy animals. They need to let US handle the Negro problem. It is our women who vote democrat that gives these filthy lazy animals our tax dollars. It is their vote that supports lazy Negro sows to lay on their fat asses and pop out sambos. This has to end white people! I respect Jared Taylor, but to save yourself from the Negro requires more than just educated words. I have personally dealt with these animals and understand what it takes to get through to their 70 IQ brains! It takes brute power...and nothing else. They don't understand anything else other than a baseball bat to the side of the skull.

Frankly, I don't see any alternative but to declare war on the Negro. He is killing us, raping our women, robbing our businesses, and many, many other crimes against our people. We need to declare independence from Negroes which means they are our enemies. We need segregation at first, but then they need to understand to leave us alone. We will not indulge them anymore.

CENTURION (a "Sons of Odin" supporter) said...

Notice, the negro youts didn't steal the book................

Paintjob Theory said...

" iPhone, $60 in cash from his wallet and black North Face backpack containing an iPad,"

And today he sits in his local (((Starbucks))) sipping on 8$ worth of warm milk and low quality over-roasted coffee browsing HuffPo for new validation that there are criminals in every color and blacks would get their shit together any time now if it weren't for capitalism or whitey holding them back.

Honestly if you couldn't tell this guy is some delusional liberal douchebag by the fact that he was out in a park where blacks congregate with his guard down and unarmed, he is wearing their uniform to help give you further clues.

At this point virtually every black crime is friendly fire. NOBODY who is truly our ally is putting themselves in those positions. We, the sane, have moved away from blacks and we take reasonable precautions and maintain situational awareness when we do have to be near them or if they wander outside of their nests and approach our safe communities. You will NEVER read a story about me being in the "wrong place at the wrong time" or having some interaction with "teens".

I was at the local (((WalMart))) this weekend (only place within about 60 miles to buy ammo) and saw a couple really feral looking ones shuffling along and noisily talking in their typical loud baby-talk. Rest assured when i see one of these creatures here I know it doesn't belong and my hand goes right to my pocket for a firm grip on my .357 magnum. I do not take my hand off the pistol nor my eyes off the black savage until it is out of sight, and I stay ultra vigilant until I actually see it leave the building or leave myself.

So I'm not sure about the (((WalMart))) stores nationwide, but up here they're having an amazing sale on 250 packs of 9mm parabellum and .40S&W. I don't normally suggest supporting (((our enemies))) by patronizing their stores but they've got to be losing money at the price of those 250 packs so you all should go have a look.

Anonymous said...

It looks like we got another Tamir Rice situation unfolding again in Ohio. ("unarmed" black boy shot by raysiss cracka cop for no reason)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of John Hopkins, check this out (Wikipedia): "[Dr. Ben Carson]

Wikipedia, consider the source.

Carson was the 'doc' studying cells from aborted 'fetuses.'

Anonymous said...

He was probably reading an Ann Coulter book.

In which case he deserved everything he got.

...said a libtard

Anonymous said...

"Silly YT, don'cha know reading be all waycist n sheet." Hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

The Umpire said . . . Okay, now check this out (Dr. Ben Carson): "My own personal theory, is that Joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain."

An above average orc can ride AA to the top of society, but they are still orcs. We can all understand that many teachings originating thousands of years in the past tend to morph and change to suit the times. In the absence of physical evidence it would be reasonable to believe that perhaps someone built very large pyramids to store grain. The problem with Dr. Carson's theory is that we actually have the pyramids to study. I'm pretty sure that they would be hollow if they had been intended to be grain silos. Carson is probably a 1 percenter in the groid world, but he is still a groid.

Anonymous said...

Brian in Ohio said...

Talk about a situational awareness FAIL. He was alone in a park and he let them get close enough to sit down next to him?! As soon as you SEE four black teens, it should set off your "Spidey Sense".

Must've been a helluva book! The only thing I read when I'm in "culturally enriched" areas are the facial expressions and mannerisms of anyone / anything within 20 feet of me. If there's one thing I can thank them for it's my strong "Spidey Sense".


Anonymous said...

Groids run over cops in Phoenix:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree with other writers, the libs will never admit that certain races are prone to violence and you had better beware if you are white, getting tired of reading this common sense stuff. Darwin was right.

The Umpire said...

Hey, Kate Amara! Hey, Detective Silbert! Expound on the word "teen."
I dare y'. I double dare y'.

Unknown said...

Too bad the guy didn't call for a sniper overwatch. Would've been fun to get a few in the scope under circumstances that would justify the result.

Unknown said...

How can you walk around in broad daylight, shirtless carry a gun in your waistband when you pants are around your knees???

Unknown said...

Books are just for hiding money from negroes.
He should of stuffed his wallet between the pages.

Anonymous said...

Some people are just too dumb and have to learn the hard way. Sometimes it takes multiple lessons and even then they still make dumb mistakes. A person I used to know was one such type- he'd first been mugged by negroes while walking around downtown wearing expensive clothing and a gold chain as well as a fancy watch. No situational awareness at all in the presence of negroes. The second time, he gave a groid a ride and got robbed for his efforts at treating all people equally and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Even after these experiences, I was with him one day in a shopping center and, as we walked out of the store, he was handling a large sum of cash and essentially flashing it. I immediately noticed two nearby groids watching him avidly and told him to put the cash away and why. He was utterly oblivious and, if I hadn't been there, I'm sure he'd have gotten a beat down and been robbed.

Yes, he finally learned that blacks are predators and dangerous but, even so, he'd still let his guard down. It's like I'd have to constantly remind him of reality. I don't hang around with him anymore but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if I saw his pic on the news with the heading, "Man killed in robbery" or "Man in coma after downtown mugging."

What can you do? Some people (through their own behavior, stupidity and obliviousness) send out signals that they're prey and might as well be shouting, "Here I am! Come and get me!" As I told him multiple times as per groids, "You may not be watching them but they're damn well watching you! Wise up!"

Unknown said...

Never make the error of anthropomorphizing the sub Saharan

Anonymous said...

But...but....Tyree King is trending....goood boi....he Dindu Nuffins...

Tariq Nasheed
We need to stop using terms like "police brutality" for executions of Black children like #TyreeKing. It is systematic white supremacy

Tariq Nasheed
There are suspected white supremacists on Twitter gleefully justifying the execution of a Black child #TyreeKing. We are n a new Nazi system

Shaun King

Just learned that police in Columbus, Ohio shot & killed a 13 y/o Black boy named #TyreeKing last night.

Youngest since Tamir.

Anonymous said...

Gun is in their front pocket of sagging pants, or in the waistband of their boxer briefs, which are always positioned right at the waist for proper SWAG.

Unknown said...

Hispanic surname

Mr. Rational said...

Michigan Mike:  I also live a short distance from a Whitopia of under 2,000 population.  This summer I witnessed a White girl maybe 12-14 yrs old on the main drag kissing a skinny groid of about the same age and bouncing away in apparent happiness.  I saw neither of them before or since then, so they could have been transients and not locals.  I need to keep my eyes peeled.

I'm beginning to wonder what could be done about the locals.  Hitting their mailbox with memes like "Once you go black, you're a single mom!" and pictures of injured and dead White women labelled "Burn the coal, pay the toll" might get enough controversy going to at least make people take sides.

Anonymous said...

"Be proactive" means be racist. Recognize. Survey and conclude. Be racist.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic but a must-read story those interested in the dysfunctional thinking of negro enablers. GOOGLE Diamond Reynolds and the Washington Post.

Diamond Reynolds is the girlfriend of Philando Castile, who was shot by the police when he reached for a gun during a traffic stop. She became famous when her live video of him dying went viral.

Some faggot at the Washington Post went to see her in Saint Paul and wrote a heart-wrenching piece about her eviction, and how she can't work anymore because Philandro isn't there to watch the kid, and how the police kept Philando's car so she can't get to work anyway and how she is surrounded by criminals in her unsafe hood.

The reporter followed her to her shitty new apartment provided by the government and lamented the poverty of the place place and poor Diamond's hopelessness....

Then, 50 paragraphs into this pity party, the reporter slips in that po' Diamond be libbin' on foodstamps because... wait for it: She doesn't want to spend the $60,000 she banked in donations from a GoFundMe site.

You can't make this shit up.

A couple of points:

1. Most states have a means test for foodstuffs. Someone with $60K in cash is not eligible.

2. This stupid bitch live-streamed herself on Facebook smoking dope in the car with a four-year-old in the back seat. Why wasnt she arrested for child endangerment and the kid put in foster care?


Anonymous said...

What about the negro pastor in Flint MI setting trump up for a power trip? What are the negroes always whining about? Something to do with, Deliberate discrimination? Let’s define that:” When a person is treated less well, in comparison with someone else, because of his or her racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, or sexual orientation.” She did exactly, what I’m sure she has preached to the congregation on many occasions, blaming YT of doing.

When is YT going to make the connection? Blacks want power over whites, plain and simple. The negro race is the most hypocritical race there is. They crave “payback” and only want to rule over YT and covet his things.

On another note.I don’t know how this one flew past me. It was back in March 02, 2016 titled “Crack Dealer Freed Early Under Obama Plan Murders Woman, 2 Kids”

Just some more negro fatigue to go with today’s negro fatigue, and yesterdays, and the day before, and the day before that, and so on, and so forth, et cetera, etc.

The Umpire said...

(10:52): "Some people are just too dumb and have too learn the hard way. Sometimes
it takes multiple lessons and even then they make mistakes."

A long time ago, I worked with this indoctrinated, clueless, four-eyed chick. So
one day, she told me that she'd been mugged at gunpoint. I looked at her in a
smirky manner and said, "Oh really? Wha' did he look like?" She looked back at
me with this stupid, wide-eyed, slack-jawed look on her face and said to me with
a so-what tone of voice, "Black guy." I didn't try to convert her.

So yeah, not every liberal that's been mugged turns into a conservative.

Anonymous said...

Did you racist white crakkkas know that you can simply pedal for peace??

The poleece will even come to your house and gibs you free counesling and connect you to dem gubbermint programs if you've been swept up in the vaaaaahlance.

And this little urban hero please wants the vaaaahlance to stop. Bet he and his single momma are eating on the EBT.

I hate black people.

PB said...

"The suspects are believed to be teenagers, three males and one female:
Male, 16-20 years old, dark tank top shirt, dark jeans, armed with a knife
Male, 16-20 years old, no shirt, wearing white pants, armed with a hand gun
Male, 16-20 years old, no shirt, wearing dark jeans, armed with a hand gun
Female, 16-20 years of age, pink tank top shirt, blue jean pants"

For the ones wearing clothes, if it revolves around something easily changed then it isn't even a description is it.

Anonymous said...

That Diamond sow is a hero in American society. She's pooping out the little ass dumplings that will serve as the shock troops for the coming turf wars. justifying the police state and the open-borders drug trade, AND she and her spawn will break the system with their welfare dependence and crime.

They bred these monsters for a reason.

PB said...

"One late night in 1977 I had walked into Washington Square Park. I was carrying a vacuum cleaner which I found in a dumpster. It was one of those type with a long metal handle and cloth bag which I use to modify and turn into weapons (home made cattle prod)."

Housework must be a barrel of laughs at your place.

Anonymous said... order to get the niggers in Indianapolis to snitch on each other to solve crime and murder cases, the race-cucking whites at the police department is offering door to door visits offering social services to the welfare niggers who are committing all the crime and murder??

And whitey has to pay for this??? What the fuck does it mean to be "struck by violent crime"???

I don't remember giving permission to the police department to go door to door in the ghetto and give single Tomikka and her 6 keeeds more free shit while I am scrapping away trying to feed my own family. What the fuck?

"When they see that we are not here to arrest anyone, and that we are here to help them, then we can build these relationships with the community."
If this is not an outright statement of black inferiority, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but relevant: in another state on vacation. Turned on the news. First three stories involved black males engaging in violent assaults on either cops or white people.

Anonymous said...

Indianapolis: Corporate sponsored Child Advocates speaker series, "Undoing Racism."

Apparently, "racism" and white supremacy are the reasons that there are so many negro children in poverty and in the court system.


FearpornRefugee said...

It is time for some of us with nuts to play dress-up and go walking. I've had this crazy idea to dress up like a homeless guy, arm up, and go strolling down the public sidewalk to see if any dindu's try and cause me serious bodily injury. I know, I know, my moral compass has long been tossed into the garbage can, but it's perfectly legal to carry concealed in the magnolia state. (But you intentionally sought to be victimized in order to engage in an armed confrontation!) I intend to engage in an armed confrontation every time I leave the house; I even carry a gun to the shitter!

My wife and I just registered to vote where we are now living, and our neighborhood consists of upper middle class folk. Our end of the county is 96 percent white, working class, middle class, upper class, good class whatever. We live outside of the city limits, but due to some (((redistricting))), our voting precinct is in the worst ghetto of the damned city! I called our circuit clerk, a very upstanding and respectable white lady, a truly good person that I would endorse every election, and inquired about the precinct locale. I explained to her that I was aware of her position and that I meant no disrespect, but that my wife and I would not be voting in the "hood". She was very sympathetic to my complaint and went on to detail how we can absentee vote in two weeks.

I'm to the point in this life where I would rather fight or die trying, than I would to live and continue dealing with all the niggers, (((chosen people))), cucks, et all. I really love this site, but I have been getting my daily dose of realism from another site owned by a fine comrade named Andrew Anglin. I was skeptical of the stormer for a while, but when the attacks on the Alt-Right gained steam last week, I took a closer look at his site. SBPDL is still my first stop of the morning though!

Be well all! Call out a cuck today and shame them for being race traitors. Spend your money with fellow whites as long as they aren't cucks. Cancel your pay TV service. Watch bootleg movies to hurt the (((tribe))) where it counts. Tell a friend about SBPDL. Tell a friend to tell a friend about SBPDL. Clean your dirty weapons as if your life depends on it. Educate those who you can and don't waste time on those you cannot. If you know anyone that will sincerely tell you, "...but they're not all bad", cut off the friendship. (((They))) are getting very anxious!

Respectfully yours, and at your service,

Fearporn Refugee

Anonymous said...


If you live in the white suburbs, you will be moving soon. Very soon. Trust me. This will never stop, and white people don't have the guts to fight for their own survival. Either move and lose your wealth, or get sued by the Fedgov and lose your wealth. Which is less painful??

Anonymous said...

You forgot true news USA. Best race realist Chicago blog out there!

Anonymous said...

Most whites have their heads too far up their asses. Have NO IDEA what these people are planning.

Can't ever have too many blacks. Can you imagine if someone from government spoke about "increasing white homeownership?"

Anonymous said...

"We’re going to see more Black doctors, more Black architects, more Black educators, and more Black entrepreneurs. We’re going to see a new generation of Black children who’ll be able to live up to their God-given potential because the barriers that their parents and their grandparents faced will finally be torn down.
That’s the charge before us. That’s the challenge we must meet.
Together, we’ll not only help create two million more Black homeowners, but we’ll also help ensure that the promise of America becomes a reality for every community in our nation."

-Julian Castro, HUD Secretary

Anonymous said...

This POC school needs your help to feed the children during fall break.

Anonymous said...

Another commiecrat run shithole dump that hasn't had a republican mayor since the time of my great grandparents.
I wish my 30+ years railroad worker and big three auto company worker grampaws were around, we had have a good laugh over white privilege and call each other waycist!

Eddy Deplorable

Anonymous said...

Missouri state senator Jamilah Nasheed sits out national anthem:

Anonymous said...

Ready for the feel good story of the day?

A University of Houston grad student active in the local Black Lives Matter movement is suddenly all for police patrols in his neighborhood — after he was robbed at gunpoint outside his apartment.

Jerry Ford Jr., described as one the leaders of the BLM movement on campus, tells KTRK that he spotted the young man loitering outside his apartment one evening last week but thought little of it. But when he went to unlock the door, the man pulled a gun and stole Ford’s wallet and cell phone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Potential western movie names:

The Deplorables
The Despicables
The Undesireables
The Irredeemables
The Unmentionables
The Subhuman Vermin Racist Republican Trump Supporter Kulak Nazis (not really)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon/Insanity,

I have an extremely small tiny violin and I am playing Misty for the poor downtrodden noble magic kneegrow.

Anonymous said...

I'm familiar with the area. It is dangerous for white people walking alone. This is especially true for women, older people, or people in any way vulnerable. Blacks will take candy from a baby, or rob a crippled man of his money.

The media more or less buries this information. What I can't seem to understand is how so many whites could be so blind to the problem. Sometimes it surprises me how uniformed most Americans truly are!

Blacks understand how black people are and seek to locate among passive whites. PK illustrates this time and again in his editorials. If they have a choice, they will attack the meeker white victim.

This old man was easy pickings! They didn't need to rough him up so much, but they had to pay his back for slavery. The main stream media says ALL whites are racist. They should all feel white guilt.

It always does me good to read how all those Negroes are killing each other in Chicago.

Brian in Ohio said...

Tyree King was just your average black 13yo...Out coming armed robberies.

Stay alert, stay alive.

NJ Womam said...

I posted an OT yesterday about the newly appointed 14th Librarian of Congress. I can't imagine why it wasn't posted. It dovetails so nicely with this sad story. Check out who was appointed. Amazing coincidence, but I'm certain she was hands-down the best candidate. No AA at play here. No sir.

gkruz said...

Anther clueless liberal who thought he was safe, probably blessed, in the midst of diversity. When will they ever learn? When will they learn it is survival of the fittest, and in BRAmerica, the key to survival is being a it or not!

Anonymous said...

It's almost here folks..


Anonymous said...

If the amount of White on black violent crimes were just 1/10 of the reverse, I could maybe see 'their' beef, but guess what? It ain't even close, Whites should be the ones 'protesting' and DEMANDING action be taken.

Anonymous said...

PB said...
"One late night in 1977 I had walked into Washington Square Park. I was carrying a vacuum cleaner which I found in a dumpster. It was one of those type with a long metal handle and cloth bag which I use to modify and turn into weapons (home made cattle prod)."

Housework must be a barrel of laughs at your place.

Just don't grab the wrong vacuum!!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2:19pm. Oh goody! I know I'm especially looking forward to having an affirmative action Doctor. They recently tried that with me at the university of Michigan health center. I cancelled the appointment after googling the doctor. No thank you ! Everyone deserves a brilliant Doctor, a forgiving priest and a creative accountant. (Schindlers list)

Brian in Ohio said...

gkruz said...
Anther clueless liberal who thought he was safe, probably blessed, in the midst of diversity. When will they ever learn? When will they learn it is survival of the fittest, and in BRAmerica, the key to survival is being a it or not!
September 15, 2016 at 3:37 PM

They might learn, like this fool did, but they would never admit it. Because that would be admitting they were wrong, and their holy paint job theory is bullshit.

Ain`t gonna happen.

The way I look at it is, they are the low hanging fruit. They are in close proximity with their guard down, so when the blacks get riled up and feel the need to do a little Polar Bear hunting, there they`ll be. Easy pickings.

They`re Cannon Fodder. They`ll serve as our early warning system.

Your skin color is your uniform, and no one knows this better than blacks. The DWL agitators and coal burners will be the first to go, no matter how familiar or "down with the struggle" they think they are.

They`ll buy us time to circle the wagons and get locked and loaded. So...I guess they`re not a total waste.

Stay alert, stay alive.